Childbirth Education Classes in Houston

There is one class offered in Houston

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Illuminatal Doula Services

The Birth Class

In The Birth Class, we take a holistic look at birth, learning about the physical process, options for where and how to birth, and exploring comfort measures for labor - all in a fun group with other new parents. With this interactive, hands-on approach, you will be prepared to welcome your baby and all that comes with your baby's birth day. This session meets on 3 Sundays, 4-hours each day with a 1-hour break in the middle. It's a perfect class for busy couples and is hosted in the Heights - right in the middle of it all! Space is limited so register early!

Cost: $250.00

3 classes for a total of 12 hours

Classes meet Sunday from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Classes start September 1 and end September 15

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742 W 20th St, Houston TX 77008