Remote live childbirth education classes

There are 3 live, virtual classes available for enrollment. Classes appear in order of start date.

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Parent Trust for Washington Children - Great Starts Birth and Parenting Education Program

The Lamaze® Birth and Parenting Preparation Series - Kim James, BDT(DONA), ICCE, LCCE

What we do in class: •Practice labor pain coping skills and techniques • Practice position and alignment skills for the most efficient labor and birth • Create birth environments that enhance your ability to cope • Manage fear, stress and anxiety for childbirth and parenting challenges • Practice making shared decisions with our medical care providers • Learn when medical tools and procedures enhance health and well-being and when they do not • Learn how to use pain medications for maximum satisfaction and effectiveness • Discover new skills for postpartum communication and harmony with your partner • Learn breastfeeding skills for easier initiation • Practice skills for calming newborns and getting more sleep

Cost: $315.00

This is a live, virtual class.

This class meets from October 3 to November 21.

Classes meet Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

This class meets 8 times for a total of 16 hours.

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Summit Birth

Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class (Virtual, Accelerated)

The Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is an engaging, interactive four-week course. We'll meet online (through Zoom), so join us from anywhere! This curriculum is comprehensive and will prepare you for birth at a hospital, home, or birth center. With a focus on self-advocacy and evidence-based care, you will be prepared to navigate the inevitable unexpected in your birth experience. You'll also prepare for caring for yourself and your newborn during the postpartum period. Topics we'll explore: *The anatomy and physiology of the process of birth ​*Labor comfort measures *The evidence on pregnancy and birth topics *Interventions offered during birth *Your rights as a birthgiver *Respectful self-advocacy that humanizes everyone in the birth space *Newborn care, lactation, and postpartum care *And more! Class includes 8 hours of in-class time with the instructor (on Zoom), plus about 12 additional hours of videos for you to watch at home in between classes.

Cost: $250.00

This is a live, virtual class.

This class meets from November 2 to November 30.

Classes meet Thursday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

This class meets 4 times for a total of 8 hours.

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September-October Hypnobirthing Class (Virtual)

Learn from the comfort of home with the Upper Midwest's most experienced instructor! Hypnobirthing is a fully-comprehensive childbirth preparation course that harnesses the power of the mind-body connection. Together, we take you from uncertainty to confidence. In addition to learning the ins and outs of the physiology and stages of labor, you will learn how to have a more calm, confident birth experience through the use of techniques such as breathing, visualization, affirmations, deep relaxation, and self-hypnosis (which is a natural state of mind). The benefits of these techniques are supported by medical research. Most importantly, we have fun! Flutterby is inclusive and affirming of birthing people and families of all backgrounds, and is an LGBTQIA+ safe space. Students from all of the 48 contiguous US States are welcome. Class times are in CST.

Cost: $350.00

This is a live, virtual class.

This class meets from November 13 to December 11.

Classes meet Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Central Standard Time

This class meets 5 times for a total of 13 hours.