Childbirth Education Classes in Edina

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Flutterby Birth Services LLC

HypnoBirthing® - Have A Calm, Confident Birth!

"I recommend HypnoBirthing® (and Flutterby) to all of my patients! I love seeing how women embrace their birth. It allows them to be in control of their bodies, and their partners understand what they are going through without fear!" - Teresa Jarvis, Certified Nurse Midwife A class unlike any other in the Twin Cities, HypnoBirthing® is a fully comprehensive childbirth preparation course that harnesses the power of the mind-body connection. We cut through the messages and myths our culture gives us about birth and get down to the real, honest truth. HypnoBirthing® embraces birth as healthy and normal, and you will learn how to have a more calm, confident experience through the use of techniques such as breathing, visualization, affirmations, deep relaxation, and self-hypnosis (which is a natural state of mind!).

Cost: $295.00

5 classes for a total of 13 hours

Classes meet Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Classes start March 25 and end April 22

Flutterby Birth Services
7801 East Bush Lake Rd, Edina MN 55439