All Upcoming Doula Training Events

Following is a list of all current upcoming doula training events. These events are of interest to prospective doulas as well as current doulas seeking continuing education or recertification.

This list is updated in real time as new events are added. Events are only displayed if the event has not yet started. The start date is indicated on each event's entry on this index.

Please click through on the link for any events of interest to see more information including a detailed description, the event location and cost, and information about the instructors.

This list serves as a comprehensive index of all current training events. You may find our more focused Training Event Lists of more use, as they dynamically present all event information together with filters by location and whether an event is to be conducted in-person as opposed to live, virtual events conducted over the internet.

In-Person Events

United States


Hands-On Body Mechanics for Longevity starts 10/23/2022

TENS Training for Doulas starts 10/23/2022

Great Starts™ Professional Childbirth Educator’s Workshop starts 10/8/2022

Whole Body Pregnancy Postpartum Doula Training starts 5/18/2023


Meager Beginnings Services 3 day Labor & Birth Doula Training starts 3/9/2023

Meager Beginnings Services Postpartum Doula Training starts 11/18/2022

Meager Beginnings Services Natural Childbirth Class starts 10/8/2022

DoulaCon starts 9/30/2022


Doula Training Workshop starts 1/20/2023

Live, Virtual Events

2022 30-Year Anniversary Summit starts 10/28/2022

2022 Lamaze Virtual One-Day Conference starts 10/20/2022

Bereavement Doula Intensive Coaching starts 10/31/2022

BirthWorks International Accelerated Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula Workshop starts 10/14/2022

Childbirth Educator Training starts 10/18/2022

Doula Training, Career & Practice Open House Meeting starts 10/10/2022

ICEA 2022 Annual Conference starts 10/28/2022

Mindfulness for Doulas and Birth Workers starts 10/14/2022

Postpartum Doula Skills Workshop starts 11/3/2022

SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training starts 10/3/2022

SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training starts 12/6/2022

Virtual Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar starts 10/18/2022

Whole Body Pregnancy Postpartum Doula Training starts 10/2/2022