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Peanut Ball Skills for Birth Workers. Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth Pro. Evidence Based Birth® Comfort Measures for Nurses.
Summary of qualifications
Professional Birth Doula and childbirth educator, 2001-present Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, 2015-present Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer, 2016-present My roles as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer are built on the foundation of years of experience and continuing education. I've been studying birth since 1997, originally pursuing a path to Midwifery then shifting my focus to parent education and support. In my role as a Birth Doula, I have now witnessed more than 370 births. That experience has spanned three states and 20 hospitals, plus birth center and home births. Long before I had any credentials to label me as a trainer, I was mentoring and sharing knowledge with fellow doulas. My attendance at Spinning Babies® professional workshops and my completion of the SB Certified Parent Educator program all influence my Peanut Ball Skills workshop content.
Style of teaching
Since I first began my pursuit of learning all things about birth, one thing has remained constant: I've always wanted to understand the Why... Why do things work a certain way? Why are we doing this? Why didn't that work out how we expected? Whether it's a comfort measure or a labor position or even a medical intervention, I want to know what we're trying to do and how we can know that we've done it effectively (or not). And that is how I focus my teaching. I want to help my students grasp what they are trying to accomplish and have a clear understanding of how to get there. I want them to ask questions and keep on asking questions. I believe that staying open to learning is a key to success as a professional birth worker.
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Heidi has been a wonderful Peanut Ball Trainer in my area.  She is encouraging and shares out of her abundance of knowledge and experience.  I am also fortunate enough to call her a friend. 

Testimonial submitted 6/21/2022

I took Heidi's peanut ball training in 2018.  She has years of experience, not only supporting families as a doula and childbirth educator but also encouraging and teaching fellow birth workers.  Not only would I highly suggest Heidi to expecting couples wanting to hire a doula but I would hope fellow doula collegues take her workshops.  I use the techniques I learned at her workshop with my clients- often!

Testimonial submitted 6/22/2022

As an Evidence Based Birth (EBB) certified trainer and Peanut Ball trainer, Heidi Duncan has been sharing, not only her personal knowledge and experience as a birth worker with expecting families, but also extending that knowledge and information to others in the birth world. She is a skilled communicator and strives to ensure those of us in her trainings understand the material and concepts and will be able to use the new information and skills in our own work. Heidi also has the natural ability to make trainings interesting and engaging. If you want to learn more about evidece-based maternity care and/or the use of Peanut Balls during labor and birth, you can't do better than working with Heidi.

Testimonial submitted 6/26/2022