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Stephanie Read, CD(DONA), Ayurvedic Doula, RPYT

Stephanie Read, CD(DONA) & Ayurvedic Doula

Fort Worth, TX Service range 35 miles Happy to travel outside of Tarrant Co at 1.35/mile

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 2 families served

Doula Training

  • Academy of Certified Birth Educators, June 2012
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Ayuvedic Doula, Connected Warriors Instructor, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Baby and Me Yoga Instructor, Partner Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Fee Details

Every woman deserves to have a doula with her during childbirth. Please do not let financial circumstances prevent you from contacting me. I offer discounts, payment plans, and consider barter offers as well. Give yourself the gift of a doula!

Service Area

Fort Worth, TX Service range 35 miles Happy to travel outside of Tarrant Co at 1.35/mile

Client Testimonials for Stephanie Read, CD(DONA), Ayurvedic Doula, RPYT

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Courtney Utter


I cannot imagine my birth without having Stephanie Read to help educate, guide and coach me and my husband. I am so happy with my birth story and know that Stephanie played a big role in making that happen. I absolutely loved my experience with her and will be bringing her along with me in future births.

My husband and I took her education course, and we both learned so much and felt as prepared as we could be. When I started going into labor, my husband and I both knew exactly what to do. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and was there to answer questions for me throughout my entire pregnancy. 

I love how Stephanie put my desires for my birth plan first with her full support. There was never any pressure to go one way medically over the other. It was all about me, my desires and my choices. When we were at the hospital, she ensured that I had everything I needed at any given moment. It was so comforting to have such a good advocate since this was my first birth experience. Stephanie has an incredible calmness about her that will make anyone feel at ease. She is a great cook and always brought me treats and snacks. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Stephanie!!

Ivy Bell


I hired Stephanie to be our doula for my second birth. I had a great doula the first time around, but this time I was looking for something different -a connection, a feeling that she was going to be the perfect doula for us. I wanted someone that I could be completely comfortable and myself with. I immediately felt connected to her energy when we met.

Stephanie's knowledge leading up to labor helped move things along as I got closer to my due date. During labor I could definitely feel her calm presence which was exactly what I needed. I was able to listen to my body and take my time, embracing the experience - laughing, talking, breathing together through it all. She knew exactly what positions to recommend, letting me try them when I was ready, always giving options, making sure my husband was also very much apart of the team. Hip squeezes, fanning my face, giving me sips of water, rubbing my legs, encouraging me - she did all the right things at the right time. She read my face and my body and was extremely in-tune with my needs and worked seamlessly with the midwives and birth assistant. Once I was in the transition phase, Stephanie saw that I was progressing fast and that I needed to focus and stepped back to let me work. Within what felt like minutes, I was pushing and out came baby. Not long after she was right by my side, making sure I was drinking water and feeding me the nourishing food she had prepared for me. Everything was perfect!

In the days afterward, she kept in close touch making sure I was emotionally and physically doing well and recovering. Once settled at home, she came by to visit and talk about my experience and how things had been going and brought by the last meal and snack items.

Stephanie is an amazing doula who I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for someone they can wholeheartedly trust to have in their birth space



Stephanie is Amazing! She was there whenever I needed her during my pregnancy. What was most helpful was her post partem food delivery both in the hospital and once back at home. I dont know how I would have survived nor recovered so quickly without her delicious and nutritious food. Her soups in the hospital were the perfect post partem meals and made the first bowl movement post delivery quick and painless. I still crave her yummy meals. She was extremely accomodating post delivery on customizing meal deliveries to me. Her meals were of the highest quality produce and unbelievable in flavor and taste. I also had one of her post partem body treatments and felt both relaxed and revitalized after. Im so happy she helped me take the time to spend an hour on myself. I can't recommend her enough. She is more than just a doula. She is an advocate, chef and body relaxer. Thank you Stephanie for helping make delivery and post partem a special and positive I hope to do again with you in the not to far off future. 

Hilary Gray


I’m so thankful to have worked with Stephanie throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. Stephanie helped me manage my anxiety through practicing prenatal yoga, talking through concerns, and getting in a good headspace for labor and delivery. Additionally, Stephanie educated my husband and me on pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The facts provided empowered me to make informed decisions that were best for my baby and me. Not only did she provide support to me during labor but my husband as well. For postpartum care, Stephanie provided support regarding breastfeeding, lactation, and the healing process. Overall, Stephanie has a gift of providing loving care and easing a busy mind. Without Stephanie, my daughter and I would not have had as healthy of a pregnancy as we did. We are forever grateful!

Alexandra South


I would highly recommend Stephanie's Doula services for she is extremely knowledgeable in her field of work and her loving, caring nature would make any mom and baby feel at ease. What I love about Stephanie is that she offers an array of services for supporting mothers and baby on many levels. I attended her prenatal workshop where she shared skills on how to cope with birthing contractions. She provided nourishing food to purify and boost my milk supply when it was low (which it did!) She soothed my baby while he was uncomfortable from gas pains by calming his digestion with an oil massage thus allowing me to get 7hrs of sleep. Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and a big heart to share. She is incredibly professional with a warm, gentle, motherly nature which makes her very special for this type of work.

Tawnya Wilson


Stephanie has been an invaluable part of my team both during delivery and postpartum. She has the knowledge and experience to make you feel confident and informed. She truly supports any decision you make without judgement or bias. She also brings a real calming energy that was especially helpful for me during the more challenging moments. Despite the unexpected events during my labor she was very flexible and went out of her way to keep me supported (even if the hospital prevented her to be by my side due to Covid-19 protocols). She also provided great postpartum care including cooked meals to help with digestion and therapeutic massage for both baby and I. You can tell that what she does comes from a place of love. Thank you Stephanie!

Angela Vale-Feigl


With my second pregnancy I wanted to be more prepared - both physically and mentally. I was looking for someone to be my ally in the room, that would help and support me through all the phases of the latest phase of pregnancy to childbirth - a role a spouse cannot always play for multiple reasons. In my opinion only a woman can really help you leverage your strenghts, will give you unconditional support and never judge you. I found it reassuring to have someone by my side that has seen and helped so many babies come to this world, so I could tap into the wide array of her experience and expertese. Stephanie was my ally, guide and friend in the weeks leading to delivery and all the way until my baby was born. She is a great yoga teacher and that helped me to prepare and build the trust and relationship I needed with her. She was 100% available whenever I had a question or request, and with me all along the way from my first contractions to my first cuddle with our baby. She supported every one of my choices while still offering her advise. She was my ambassador and champion in the hospital, where at my request we arrived as late as possible and with minimal intervention. All I remember from this labor and delivery is that I had a loving presence and guide by my side. I was up and running a few hours later and home within 24h, as everything went so smoothly and with no issues or complications. I believe birthing is a process where the more you let go and trust yourself and your body the easier it will be. And I was able to do that thanks to Stephanie.

Maria McIntyre


I truly cannot put into words what an amazing experience I had with Stephanie. I had an unmedicated birth plan but chose to deliver in a hospital. My birth plan would not have come to fruition had I not engaged Stephanie's services. She has this calming presence that just gets you through the ups an downs of labor and childbirth. She empowers both mom and dad and is with you both every step of the way. She was always responsive to any questions or concerns that we had and proved to be the best advocate for us. If I ever give birth again, Stephanie would be one of the first people that I call. She just has a gift. I would recommend her doula services to anyone as well as her prenatal yoga and child-birth class.

Mandy Paine


As my husband and I were planning our daughter's birth, our first child, we chose to attempt a natural unmedicated birth. I read about doulas online but was unsure if it would benefit us.  I can confidently say that hiring Stephanie was THE BEST decision we made during our pregnancy and birth journey. She's friendly, professional and personable. She listened to our wants, needs and concerns and offered resources for guidance, as well as experienced advice to help answer any questions we had. She came to our house one evening (and brought us dinner!) and helped me with tips to relieve 3rd trimester aches & pains. She also showed my husband how he could help me too. When my contractions started she came to our house to help with hip squeezes, to keep me walking and moving and to also offer assurance and comfort that everythng was OK and going as planned. Once we got to the hospital she was a Rock Star! She was our advocate when one nurse was less than helpful. She helped my husband speak up for me and to make sure that our birth and delivery was what we had wanted and hoped for. She was comforting and soothing, while also firm and confident helping me with breathing, moving, keeping me focused. She was the best birth coach! She worked with my husband as a team to help me through contractions.  I had our beautiful baby girl unmedicated, as we had hoped. I could not have done it without her. After delivery our L&D Nurse raved about how awesome our doula was! My husband has been telling all of his expecting friends about her and recommending her right and left! :) I will forever be grateful to her for our beautiful birth experience and helping us welcome our little Charlotte. Thank you, Stephanie! (Oh and don't miss out on her prenatal yoga classes! It was a much needed zen time for me in the final weeks!)

Kara Carmody


From the first meeting I immediately felt comfortable with Stephanie. She was supportive and accepting of my decision, and very knowledgeable of all things pregnancy and birth related. She became more like a friend than just my doula. Through my induction and eventual C Section she was by my side and helping to ease my fears, and I had a lot of them! She was there for me post partum when I had breastfeeding issues and had referalls for anything I may have needed. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through my pregnancy and birth, and even after, without her! I’ll definitely be securing her services for my next pregnancy!!

Kathleen Bausell


Stephanie was amazing!  I wound up having an unplanned C-Section at 35 weeks, and despite the fact that we did not have the birth experience we expected, she was amazing and was right there with us every step of the way.  From bringing food to the hospital to encouragement/advice and to the home visit, she provided a wealth of experience and encouragement when I needed it most.  Stephanie truly has a passion for moms and babies, and it is evident as she works with moms throughout pregnancy, birth, and post-natal as well.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.  I have a very supportive spouse and was unsure at first whether a doula was even right for me, but I wouldn't have traded her for the world.

Kelly Gleason Spain


We absolutely loved Stephanie! When we were pregnant with our first child in 2015, my husband and I had taken a birth bootcamp class but at the closing of the class we felt underwhelmed and still unprepared for what exactly to expect and how to cope. We desperately searched for a doula at 37 weeks so we could have some assistance and fell in love with Stephanie as soon as we met. She has such a warm, calm, and loving presence and offered support and answers to our questions but also tried to make it simply about me and my husband. During my labor, she was comforting and peaceful, quick to make sure my husband felt involved and at ease in helping me cope with the contractions. Even though we had an idea of what to expect when we got pregnant with #2 but we felt Stephanie was an invaluable asset and an essential part of our birth plan. She was incredible again, providing support and guidance whenever I needed help and even brought oils to help with my nauseau and discomfort, and a rebozo to help with my hip and lower back pain during contractions.

Stephanie is a wonderful person and fantastic doula! We would recommend her everytime!! Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, having a doula like Stephanie will help you achieve your best labor possible.

Shevin Michalik


I highly recommend Stephanie and her doula services! She provided wonderful care and education to my family before, during, and after the birth of our baby. Her childbirth education class helped us feel more prepared and at ease as first-time parents. She came to our house in the middle of the night on Christmas day and spent most of her Christmas with us at the hospital as I labored. Stephanie was so positive and supportive that day, even though she was away from her own family! She came to our house the next week for a follow-up visit to make sure baby and I were doing ok. Stephanie is knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about bringing babies into the world!

Amber Whitsett


After expressing to our obgyn that I wanted an unmedicated birth she strongly recommended a doula. After discussing my issues with finding a doula in our area that seemed like they would be a oodles match she suggested Stephanie. I met with her and felt like we immediately clicked. She's funny, positive, down to earth, and very comfortable to be around. I love that she's a good mix of the more holistic side and the traditional medicine side of birth. I knew I would be in good hands and that she would help me achieve my unmedicated goal or help me adjust my goal depending on how my body was reacting to the birth process. We did her childbirth class which my doctor said she preferred over the hospital class. When it came time for the main event I stayed in contact off and on during the day with Stephanie. I was thankful that she was so adamant that mama knows when it's time to go to the hospital. If I had listened to what all the books say our little man may have been born in the truck! We called when we left and she was there as soon as we had a room. She kept me so comfortable and focused throughout labor I don't know if my husband would have been up to the task. It was so wonderful for him to just be able to be there instead of having to coach as well. I honestly don't feel ikea I would have had as wonderful a birth as I did without her guidance and support. We'll be doing it all over again in a couple years and I would want anyone else in there with me!

Don Khounvisith


We are a first time parents and very nervous about having our first baby. My doctor recommended Stephanie for prenatal yoga and I attended. I loved her prenatal yoga classes and when she told us she was also a doula, I was very excited. My husband and I are very grateful that we choose Stephanie to be our doula and help make the birth process a memorable experience. We love her sweet spirit and personality. We highly recommend her and will gladly have her as our doula again in the future.

Natalie Parker


Stephanie attended the birth of my first child on 12/22/14. She met me and my husband at home and then followed us to Harris Hospital in downtown Fort Worth. I did not meet Stephanie until I went into labor because she was serving as backup doula, but I am so grateful she was on call! She is calm, poised, and professional.

When she got to our home, she had soothing music and essential oils to help with nausea. She had me bounce and sway on the stability ball to encourage the baby to move down and also helped both my husband and mother provide comfort measures such as squeezing my hips during contractions.

She continued to be supportive at the hospital and stayed with me when my husband followed the baby to be checked out by the NICU team. I know my husband was especially appreciative of her help when we were at home.

Stephanie checked in 12 hours after the birth and later came for a home visit, during which we reviewed the birth. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

Jessica McGlothlin


I dont know how I would've gotten through my birth without her! Stephanie was there for me from start to finish (even stayed stayed with me through Christmas!) with a soothing voice, a bag of comfort tricks, and tons of encouragement. My husband was great, but so glad she was there to aid us in bringing our first son into the world. I would definitely hire her again and recommend her to everyone thinking of having a doula.

Catherine Parks


I knew I wanted to have an all natural, drug free childbirth. Stephanie was great! I was taking her yoga classes (both prenatal and regular) so I was seeing her several times a week, which I liked. It helped us get to know each other better and also she was there to talk to about any concerns that might have come up. I would text her all the time during those 9 months and she was always quick to get back to me. Stephanie has an amazing way of staying positive and not focusing on the bad, scary, or negative - which for me, was extremely helpful. This was my first pregnancy and I was definitely nervous! When the big day came, she was to my house within the hour of being called. She immediately jumped into action helping me relax. She rubbed some oils on me and then was with me for every single contraction I had from then on. I had been laboring for nearly 10 hours before calling her (I wish we had called her sooner looking back!), so it was sweet relief when she showed up knowing exactly what to do. Suddenly my tearful self who was previously laying on the floor begging my husband to take me for an epidural became a distant memory. My contractions were manageable thanks to Stephanie! At the hospital, she continued helping me get through each contraction. She was there to help. Whatever I needed. She knew exactly what I wanted in the delivery room. Peaceful music (which she provided), dim lights, and not being strapped down to the bed. She was seriously amazing. She would tell you it was all me, but trust me, I couldn't have done it without her! She motivated me up until nearly midnight, when I finally delivered my beautiful baby. Happy, healthy, and completely drug free. My husband and I feel so lucky we had her on our side during labor and delivery, and the months leading up to the big day. I can't recommend her enough. If you are someone who is scared and filled with worry or doubt - hire Stephanie! She will calm your nerves!

Jennifer Erickson


Stephanie was a wonderful advocate, teacher, and coach. My husband and I moved to the area mid-pregnancy. We loved the birth plan and team we had established before we moved, and were a bit intimitated to start over. Having Stephanie by our side definitely put us at ease. She is the type of person who really knows how to ask questions and listen. Stephanie's service was above and beyond what we expected. We would highly recommend her personally. Based on the amazing experience we had, we convinced 2 other out-of-state mom's that doulas are a must. I had a natural birth with no epidural and don't think I would have been able to do it without her support and coaching.

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