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Amanda Lowe

The Baby Lady, Inc

Kansas City, MO Service range 20 miles

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Availability Remarks: Always feel free to check with me and I will offer whatever I can to get you some immediate relief.

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2023

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am a Certified Nurse Assistant, an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, a DONA-trained Postpartum Doula, and an Infant & Toddler Sleep Trainer. I am currently in training to become a Stillbirthday Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula. I specialize in twins, preemies, and sleep training prevention. I usually start with families when babies are about 2 days old. I have experience with many kinds of special needs, medical equipment, and medically fragile infants.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Extensive volunteer work with animal rescue including fostering bottle-fed orphaned newborns (kittens, puppies, and bunnies), and I give complementary newborn consulting to anyone whose partner passed away during pregnancy or childbirth.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Singletons, $30/hr. Twins, $35/hr. Triplets and up, contact me to inquire.

Service Area

Kansas City, MO Service range 20 miles

Client Testimonials for Amanda Lowe

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Deborah Varon


While we didn't get to work with Amanda for very long, our time with her was packed with tons of insight and expertise. Her love of what she does and care for her clients is so apparent and bring a sense of calm to the household -- especially important when entrusting your precious little bundles into someone else's care. Her dedication to her families is evident in every single interaction! She's a gem. 

Lindsey L


After our baby was born, we started with a different doula service that I wasn't super happy with before being referred to Amanda. Once she started, it was a 180 difference and I am so happy to have found her. While it was wonderful knowing my husband and I were get guaranteed sleep 2 nights a week, Amanda also provided invaluable advice that I never would have known as a first time mom that made our lives easier when she wasn't here as well. I am so thankful for her guidance and for loving my baby. We were all so excited for the nights she was with us! I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation and look forward to hopefully being able to using her again someday!



"It's been three years since my daughter was born, and I can still confidently say Amanda was the best caregiver we have had the opportunity to meet. My newborn immediately responded to her calm and caring nature. I was remarkably bettered by her presence. Spend a few minutes with her and you'll know she's the loving presence you and your baby needs. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any family seeking professionalism, knowledge, and kindness."

~Cathy L. 


Amy K


Amanda was an angel, right when we needed her. She'd been recommended by a friend, but I didn't understand how helpful and warm and appreciated she would be. She started the night our tiny preemie twins came home from the hospital at around 5 lbs each. I was recovering from a C-section. We had all sorts of little complications, set backs, and questions, and Amanda solved everything. Every night, she'd come in, assess, advise, calm us down and lift us up, we'd sleep well and recoup, and everything was clean and organized in the morning so we were set up for a relaxing day. We were actually able to enjoy, and remember, the newborn stage, we weren't just frantic and surviving. That gift she gave us will stay with us forever, I can never thank her enough. She was always professional, always bounced in rested and sweet and ready to jump in, and is shockingly knowledgeable. In two months, she never once let us down, she was never sick or late. She is so hygienic, germ-conscious and safety- conscious. And she made us laugh, she's hilarious. I still text her with questions sometimes, and she answers right away, because she cares. She will always be like a part of our family, and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Ashlea MacDonald


I first met Amanda when we both worked at a nanny service in Houston. She was amazing then, so when I had my own little one and was having trouble with newborn sleep and routines I knew exactly who to call! Amanda's kind heart and expertise combined have brought some much needed peace and SLEEP to our home with our now almost 4 month old. I could not recommend her more highly and can think of very few people I'd trust my baby girl with more. 

Rebecca Hadley


Amanda is absolutely incredible!! I would recommend her time and time again. We literally consider her a life saver! Because she has so much experience she has a huge amount of knowledge to offer and has seen it all. She is also detail oriented which leads her to pick up on things and draw conclusions a about our kids I would have totally missed but that make a big impact. She has clever and unique solutions to problems that actually work. On top of that she is so kind loving and fun to talk to. You know that she genuinely cares about your kids and that means the world.”

Megan Ostendorf


I cannot say enough good things about Amanda! She was a night nurse for our family for the first three months after our twins were born and she was truly a gift to us all. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but she's kind and warm and I felt instantly comfortable and safe with her. She took such great care of our boys I credit her for them being the amazing sleepers they are today. I can't recommend her highly enough!


Heidi Gustafson


Amanda was our night nurse for our newborn twin boys. Amanda was extremely professional, very communicative and very knowledgeable. She provided exceptional care for our babies allowing my husband and I to get much needed rest. Amanda always had our well-being in the forefront and was constantly working to help us towards getting our twins to sleep longer stretches and through the night as able through appropriate daytime schedules and feedings. I would recommend Amanda to all families, she was such a  blessing to us! 

Katie Murray


We were incredibly lucky to work with Amanda after the birth of our third kiddo. We had had a wonderful experience with a previous night nanny in California and were worried we wouldn't be able to find someone when we moved. Amanda was fantastic! She was professional and friendly. She set things up so that all I had to do was wake up to pump and then go back to sleep. She washed extra bottles and my pump parts, she provide us with guidance and set us and our son up for success very early on. We love Amanda!



As a first-time mom suffering from post-partum anxiety, Amanda was so amazing at putting my fears and concerns at ease. She took incredible care of our daughter and went above and beyond cleaning, sterilizing and organizing all of the baby gear as well as offering kind, thoughtful advice. She was an invaluable part of our household for those first weeks. 

Kim Embry


Miss Amanda was a huge part of our village the first ten weeks our preemie twins were home, and we are so grateful for her! She helped us tremendously in our transition to life with multiples. She has truly become like family and will always hold a special place in our hearts and with our family. Her love for newborns is just amazing and she is so gifted.

Randan Steinhauser


Amanda aka The Baby Lady spent six weeks helping our family at night after we brought our twins home from the NICU. With a 20-month-old also at home, we had our hands full. Hiring overnight newborn help was a financial sacrifice but Amanda made every single penny worth it. She provided our family with so much love and support during one of our most fragile times. Each night when she arrived at our home it was as if a weight was lifted. Her positivity and encouragement brought so much joy to our family, and the love that she provided to our little babies was outstanding. Not to mention the mounds of laundry and piles of bottles and so much more that she did every night. I want to encourage you to connect with Amanda and learn more about her company and the services she offers. I cannot recommend her highly enough for overnights, sleep-training, and all things baby related. We miss you, Amanda!

Laney Thome


Amanda is our saving grace! We were expecting twins and already had a 1.5 year old--we were overwhelmed. When we met Amanda, we instantly felt comfortable with her & it was clear she had incredible experience & vast knowledge of newborn twins. Not to mention she is so kind, positive & approachable. 
Amanda started with us our first night home from the hospital. Her service is a key factor I attribute to a strong recovery from my C-section. Full night sleep, waking up to clean bottles & baby laundry caught up is such a relief. 
Her goal is for everything to be stocked & clean so you can start the day on a calm, enjoyable note with your babies. This support has truly made us better parents & allowed us to thrive; not just survive. 
Amanda is like a part of our family & will always be a big part of our twins newborn story. 

Rebecca Meyer


Amanda is the most wonderful and gifted provider I have worked with! She single handedly got our family through first months with twins as we adjusted to being a family of 6. She's detail oriented, efficient, nurturing, open to feedback, intelligent, kind, engaged, hard working... I honestly only scratched the surface. I would return to her over and over again. And even when we were done working together she stayed in touch and was genuinely invested and supportive of our family. 

Alexandra Garden


Amanda came to our home and was extremely warm and knowledgeable. I knew my newborn son was in good hands due to her extensive knowledge and also because her top concern was making sure he was comfortable. We really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her again!

Amie Sanders


Amanda was such a life saver for myself and my family! She cared for our twins overnight for the first 4 months of their lives. I was able to get peaceful sleep knowing my (not so easy) twins were in safe and caring hands.
Amanda was always on time and was prompt to start taking over care of the twins as soon as she entered our home. My twins both had severe acid reflux and Amanda knew exactly how to care for babies with reflux and she was able to guide us on how to handle babies with reflux.
She always hand washed the babies bottles, did their laundry, took out diaper pail bags, and much more. She did many things outside of her job description just to help us out.
Amanda is very professional and knowledgeable. She respected all of our parenting choices and was able to give us great advice when we were unsure of how to handle some situations. She was also very comfortable to be around and I enjoyed having her around during a very stressful time in my life. I highly recommend Amanda! I would ??% hire her again if we were to have more kids.



Amanda is absolutely fantastic! As a first time mom I had no idea what I was getting into and Amanda was very supportive and informative every step of the way. She provided overnight care from the first day we came home with baby, detailed feeding times, diaper changes, bath time, play time. We worked with Amanda for a little over 2 months and when she transitioned out I felt more confident and prepared due to the information she provided. 

Ali A.


Amanda was my baby nurse for my third baby; she was my favorite of all the wonderful baby nurses I've been lucky enough to work with.  She was/is exactly the kind of woman you wish upon your child (and yourself!) and especially at night.  She was/is extremely professional-- a trained nurse who is always on time and in uniform (scrubs) and ready and rested for the long night ahead (which is not always the case with other nurses who come looking for / needing rest too).  While attentive to detail and exremely organized, she was/is also gentle in nature and loving and gentle towards the baby.  Her experience with and love for babies is evident and she holds them and cares for them as if they were her own.  Amanda also brought her own thermostat and was continually checking the nursery's (room's) temperature, refilling humidifiers, etc.  She was happy to wash bottles while the baby slept (etc.)  She also worked with me to achieve my nursing goals without imposing her own preferences or passing judgement.  Best of all, she gave me the full peace of mind I needed to really get a good night's rest. I would recommend Amanda to a sister or a best friend with a 10/10 glowing recommendation.  



Amanda is absolutely the best with babies. For a new first time mom, she made me feel 100% confident that she would care for my baby as well or better than I could. She brings so much rich and extensive experience with newborns (also toddlers, but she helped with my newborn).  Here’s some of my personal experience with her:

Prior to Amanda meeting my baby, I hired a night nanny from another agency. It was like night and day. The level of expertise, professionalism, care, and love that Amanda gave to my newborn was SO far above and beyond what I got with the other agency.  She’s just such a natural with babies. My baby could be crying and fussy with me, then be asleep in Amanda’s arms 2 minutes later.

I learned so much from her. She’s not someone that only watches your baby while you sleep. She’s extremely helpful and gives all kinds of knowledge and tips to help the baby AND you - tips about her diet, her temperature and clothing, her sleep environment. She shares detailed notes of what went on during the night with your baby and tips of what you can do during the day to get baby sleeping longer stretches at night. She helps out with baby laundry and bottle/pump cleaning and sterilizing while you sleep.

The other night nanny I hired did none of this. I cannot emphasize enough how much peace of mind I had when Amanda was taking care of my baby, and how much better rested I was! She treats all of the babies she cares for like the precious tiny humans they are, with so much love and care, like they were her family. I cannot recommend her enough. I just wish she lived closer to me!

Postpartum Availability for Amanda Lowe

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