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Shamika Matos

Coco’s M’brace Doula Services

Bronx, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Black Doula

Availability Remarks: I am very flexible, I only ask for time to support new births.

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 73 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

0 years and 20 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: None

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I offer prenatal support, labor and birth support, Lactation support during the golden hour, postpartum with extended lactation support, as well as email, text, video support, informative videos and articles for the duration of the contract.

Service Area

Bronx, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

Client Testimonials for Shamika Matos

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Lucie D


Shamika is a warm, down-to-earth professional and I very much enjoyed her presence throughout the whole birth process.

Out of everything she did to make us comfortable during the 36 hour process, the most enjoyable part was a long massage she gave me mid way through the induction process, which put me in an almost meditative state and allowed me to avoid pain medication for much longer than i thought possible.

She was very knowledgeable and allowed us to make the decisions that felt right to us, even though the birth experience ended up being very different from what we had hoped for. I would highly recommend working with Shamika!



Shamika was thoughtful, helpful, and an incredibly warm and calming presence at our birth when we needed her the most. I appreciated that her practice was rooted in her own experiences as a mother, and the resources she shared with us were pragmatic and evidence based. We were very glad to have her help before, during, and after our birth.



As a first time parent, I cannot stress enough how vital Shamika was to me and my wife during labor, recovery, and during the first few weeks back home. She has a wealth of knowledge that she was happy to share. She helped ro both educate us and put our minds at ease. Furthermore, while my wife and child took priority, at no point did she take my wellbeing for granted. If you are considering getting a doula, she is worth it!

Kristin Charron


Shamika’s help was a lifeline during my sister’s labor. After 24 hours with almost no sleep, she intervened when I was too exhausted to effectively support my sister through a difficult labor. When my sister required a c-section under general anesthesia, leaving me unable to enter the room, Shamika stayed by my side, offering comforting hugs and drying my tears. Her main role is to help the new mom, but she is just as invaluable to their support person!



Shamika was absolutely wonderful pre/post birth and we are so thankful for her guidance during our first pregnancy. She’s excellent in answering all of our questions via text, and supported my decision to switch OBs in my third trimester. We found the virtual meetings incredibly valuable as well as the prenatal educational videos and articles that she shared with us.

We had an unexpected precipitous birth at 36 weeks, and we were so relived that she came to the hospital immediately to help us navigate the next steps. A week after the birth, Shamika visited our home and answered any questions we had as new parents, supported in breastfeeding and showed us how to bathe baby.

We’re so happy we had Shamika to help guide us through our whole journey, and I’d highly recommend her expertise to any expecting family!

Barbara and Kevin


We would highly recommend Shamika to any of our friends to serve as their doula! Our baby came 3 weeks earlier than expected, and Shamika was so helpful through our unexpected labor and delivery adventure. She helped navigate conversations with our doctors and nurses and took careful notes so we could have a reference. Most importantly, she was a warm and reassuring presence during one of the most momentous (and at times stressful and scary!) nights of our lives. 

Zolbayar Damdinsuren


Shamika is an amazing doula who helped me and my partner throughout the pregnancy all the way until birth. She will fight for your wants and needs and will find and get you resources and information. She is caring not just for the mother but the whole family and she makes sure the fathers aren't left unheard. 



We recently finished our time with Shamika and she was incredibly helpful to us! She was a great resource to us and was very knowledgeable whenever we had any questions. No question was too big or small, and she often knew the right thing to say when we were overwhelmed or nervous as new parents. Further, she always made herself  available via call or text, which was very helpful whenever we had any random questions that popped up when she was away. She was particularly helpful in our questions around breastfeeding and lactation! We are incredibly thankful we had Shamika as our Doula and would certainly recommend her for any new parents! Thanks, Shamika!



I had the pleasure of working with Shamika this past year as I prepared to give birth to my first child. I wanted to ensure that as a Black woman and a first time mother, I was armed with all the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions and have the safest possible outcome for both me and my baby. Shamika was not only someone who ensured I was well informed about all of my available options, but went out of her way to make me feel like a friend vs. just another client. I'm a realist and asked not to have information sugar coated and Shamika gave it to me straight, though still added in warmth and validated my feelings. Her mantra of "this is temporary" is something I used to deliver my son and something I still use during my current day to day when things might feel too overwhelming. She has a wide network of doulas and will crowd source information from her network to ensure she's sharing the most up to date information with you and will check in regarding even the small details a pregnant person might overlook like ensuring your hospital bag is well stocked with everything you need to feel comfortable. She truly cares about the people she works with and is happy to move along at your pace so you can have the birth experience you want. Overall, I had a great experience working with Shamika!

Chelsea Muratori


Shamika is absolutely incredible! My husband and I are first time parents and we knew we wanted someone to help support those first crucial weeks at home and Shamika absolutely delivered! She not only helped educate us across all areas (feeding, bathing, sleeping etc.) but she helped with other miscellaneous tasks around our apartment and that was such a support during a time that felt like an absolute blur - having someone there took the stress and anxiety off of us.

Shamika is such a fabulous resource of knowledge (always answering any question we have big or small) and is also just an amazing human who is easy to talk to. We could not have gotten through those first weeks without Shamika and highly recommend her services! 



Shamika was amazing throughout the entire journey! As a second-time mom, I thought I knew it all but I was so wrong. With Shamika's guidance, I was able to have a VBAC! I welcomed a very healthy baby boy with Shamika by my side and even through postpartum, she's such a great source of knowledge, wisdom, and uplifting energy. I cannot recommend her enough.

Ruth Edwards


Shamika Matos does exceptional job as an Doula she's attentive and compassionate and a great advocate on how your child birth experience should be according to your needs/wants. in my experience shamika Matos went above and beyond in order to make me feel comfortable so I could have a pleasent time giving birth 

Amanda Elizabeth Chen


Shamika was a source of knowledge, support and strength for us. As new parents living in New York, the experience of giving birth can be overwhelming. Shamika was not only there during the birth, she was a source of knowledge and support before and after the birth. She was an advocate in the hospital with us and gave essential support and knowledge during the labor stages. She gave advice before labor, and she sent educational videos and other materials (including physical exercises to prepare for labor, comfort poses and massage techniques and things to eat and drink to help during and after labor). Her care extended after the birth, when she helped us start our breastfeeding journey with our little one in the hardest days after the birth. We are so grateful for Shamika's help and support and encouragement. She is a gift. 

Crystal Aviles


Hi my name is Crystal and when I first met Shamika in person I knew she was a good fit for me. I first met her on my first day of labor with my son and when I called to tell her I was in labor, she came right away. Anytime I had a question or needed support she was always there. She always tried her best to give tge best advice and made it her business to make sure I was ok emotionally. The only thing that I would say that I'm not happy with is the time I get to spend with her. It's a shame that our time is limited because I want her to continue being my go to person for ever. My experience with her has been awesome and I'm pretty sure the rest of her clients feel the same. I almost wish I was pregnant again so I can have more to with her. Glad that I've got the chance to meet an actual ?? angel. Whoever gets her as a Doula will be blessed...



Shamika, from our first interview to our last postnatal visit, was consistent in her support of our plans, and offered advice for every doubt or question I had. Two months prior to the birth of our son, my mother passed due to breast cancer, and Shamika was, quite honestly, just wonderful. It was an incredibly difficult time for our family, and Shamika helped me prepare for the struggles ahead by becoming a part of my village. She kept me honest with myself and the expectations I had for the entire experience of welcoming our child. Most importantly, Shamika helped me understand how to give myself some grace, especially when my very type A personality became overwhelmed with everything around me. Thank you Shamika!


Carol Jun


Shamika is such an amazing doula and we highly highly recommend her!  She is so caring, attentive and resourceful.  She listens so well and makes sure she is helpful in any situations.  I had a complicated labor but felt so taken care of because I had Shamika beside me.  She is so knowledgeable but when there was an issue that she hadn't encountered before she consulted with her network of doulas and made sure I had the best information possible which was so helpful.  When I went into labor unexpectedly in the middle of the night, Shamika was on call from the start of the contractions to the moment we arrived at the hospital.  Even when my contractions were running long she stayed with us the WHOLE time and assisted in any way possible.  If you work with Shamika, you will be cared for pre, during and post birth.  We are so excited to work with her again in the future if the opportunity presents!

Laura Bibuld


We felt an instant connection with Shamika on our first zoom call. I knew I needed someone who could advocate for me and ask the tough questions that may be hard for me to think of in that overwhelming process. I had really hoped for a VBAC. Shamika was there the whole way sharing helpful resources regarding food and nutrition, exercises, and also ways in which I could manage pain during the labor process. She also showed my husband ways he can be a great support person. My birth plan became a planned c-section two days prior to delivery. Shamika was there as an an emotional support to help me process my feelings and on the day of she joined us in the OR. She helped me create a birth plan for a natural birth and for c section.She took over 100 photos and allowed us to be in the moment, ensured that I shared skin to skin and had him latch. Shamika communicated with us through out the entire post partum process and checked in regularly. We had Shamika come over to offer post partum support. During that time she helped me figure out where I needed help. She encouraged me to make a list and she kept track of the list throughout the day. Even when I was frazzled she figured out ways to make herself so helpful. Shamika read through my pump instructions for my Spectra and Hands free Momcozy pumps, helped instruct me on set up, cleaned and sanitized pump parts, stored parts. She helped care for baby while I folded laundry and organized all of the clothes while I nursed. She organized my toddler’s toys, swept the floors and did dishes. She also bonded with my active 3-year old and made quite the impression on him. Shamika was organized and helped manage our expectations at every stage of this process from pregnancy to post partum. My baby is now 3 months old and we still keep in touch. Simply put we were blessed to have someone like Shamika come into our lives, care for us and support us in more ways than we can count. 

Jessica DiNapoli


We would highly recommend Shamika. She helped us achieve as close to the birth experience we wanted as possible and there is no way we could have done it without her. I felt like I could be open with Shamika from the first time we interviewed her over Zoom. She guided us through our pregnancy and birth in a non-judgmental, open way that we felt very comfortable with.
Along the way, Shamika gave us information and insight that prepared us for birth and she was available 24/7 for issues and questions that came up. When I needed an unplanned induction, she met us at the hospital and stayed the night, helping me walk around and get into positions with a peanut ball that made contractions bearable. Shamika also provided great support to my husband.
After birth, she showed me how to breastfeed, and at our postpartum visit gave me advice and showed me new positions for feeding that I continue to use. Working with Shamika was one of the best decisions we made in our pregnancy, we’re so glad we did.

Yasmin Tayag


I could not have asked for a more kind, compassionate, capable, and supportive doula than Shamika Matos. Throughout the months leading up to birth, through a difficult labor and delivery, and postpartum, she has been there for me every step of the way, answering even the smallest questions with care and without judgement.

She advised me when I was unsure whether my water broke, then quickly made a plan to meet me at the hospital, where I was induced. I could not have imagined going through my stressful 30+-hour labor and delivery - in which I had to move into a variety of positions for hours in order to reposition the baby - without her. The whole time she was calm, professional, and confident, restoring a sense of control and peace to my partner and me. She worked seamlessly with the rest of my birthing team at the hospital and stayed after my delivery to make sure we were off to a good start.

She visited at two weeks postpartum to check up on the baby's development and offered much needed support when I had difficulty breastfeeding. Now that I am 2 months postpartum she still checks in on how we're doing. Shamika feels like family; on the whole, I can’t recommend her more highly enough for moms-to-be in the New York area!

Christine Zeiger


Shamika was/is absolutely incredible - kind, down to earth and so dedicated to my family. Before having my son I was SO nervous and scared about childbirth. Having Shamika in my corner to offer support before, during and after my labor was invaluable. In particular, this memory stands out: a couple of weeks before my labor I was feeling a tightness in my belly that I thought were signs I was in labor. I called her and she instantly put me at ease. She was exactly what I needed, and other laboring people and their partners are lucky to have her. 




 I had the pleasure of working with    Shamika as my support person during the birth of my fourth child, and I can't recommend her enough. I met Shamika last minute because I wasn't sure of the the outcome of my birth being that we’ve had two previous traumatic pregnancies that ended in loss. 

From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable and heard, and she really took the time to understand what was important to me in my birth experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth, and helped me navigate the process with ease. Being that we met last minute, she was very helpful and worked tirelessly with me. 

During labor, she was an absolute rock for me and my partner. She helped us understand what was happening every step of the way, and provided both physical and emotional support that was invaluable. Her presence was calming and reassuring, and I felt empowered and confident knowing she was in our corner.

After the birth, she gave me virtual support(my request) to check in and provide support as we adjusted to life with our new little one. I truly can't imagine going through this experience without her, and I'm so grateful for the amazing support she provided. 

If you're looking for a doula who is knowledgeable, caring, and truly invested in your birth experience, I can't recommend Shamika enough!




Rosa Zeppenfeldt


Hey my name is Rosa Zeppenfeldt and my husband name is kenny sanchez. When we met our dula named Shamika Matos, for the first time we wondered how things would be when it was time to give birth. Although I was induced I had a smooth delivery. Shamika help me a lot through the pain and help me with my doubts and even after our session was over she been there to help me with my questions about breast feeding and how to make more milk. I enjoy working with Shamika she help me and my husband deal through all the tough moments of pain and the long wait of giving birth. For me I taught giving birth was going to be fast but it took long hours I think about 24 hours or more and we kinda started to feel impatient especially with the pain but Shamika help us go through time and pain smoothly and answer all our questions and help us ask the proper question to the doctor. Me my self could say I was so tired, hungry and in so much pain I wasn't thinking about asking questions I was mostly sleepy and she motivated me to push to help my daughter come to our hands. 

Thank you Shamika Matos for helping us. With love, Rosa Z.



My partner and I just welcomed our first baby into the world and Shamika helped us prepare for her arrival. My partner was initially unsure about having a doula, but Shamika's presence was exactly what we needed, calm and confident. Her energy just clicked with us and she was so easy to talk to. She had helpful questions for us to think about and bring to my midwife so we could be prepared as possible for whatever happened at the delivery. She helped us put together a birth plan, which was tremendously helpful. All we had to do was hand this birth plan to the nurses and not have to answer all of the questions while going through contractions. Shamika was also very flexible. I could only have 2 people in the room with me and I wanted my partner and mother to be those 2 people, but I also wanted a backup in case my mom couldn't make it. Shamika was very helpful in getting us all ready for the day and was also prepared to join us in the delivery room via Zoom. Unfortunately, everything happened so fast at the birth we weren't able to set up Zoom. Shamika was at the phone though and ready for us. Texting us to see how we were doing and jumping on the phone with us. After the birth she checked in daily as we were at the hospital for a couple of days. She came over to us for a postnatal visit to see how we were doing and handled our little dog so well (he does not like strangers). We talked about how the delivery went, breastfeeding and pumping, and signs for postpartum depression, but most importantly giving myself grace as my body just went through a lot. I felt so prepared having Shamika as my doula, which means a lot when you're trying to get ready for something that you have no idea how it's going to go. Shamika is still sending us articles, links and videos to help with the baby. I consider her a new friend in this big city and will definitely have her as my doula again. Thank you Shamika ??

Nancy E


Pregnancy is such a unique experience for every individual. This wasn't my first rodeo but with such a gap between my firstborn and second it was basically a fresh start and I felt like a spring chicken again. Shamika was very professional, courteous, and kind. She even assisted my first-time Dad, and husband and gave him practical information he was able to utilize prior to, during, and post-birth. Shamika brings a sense of calmness and certainty that everything will be OK. That's how it felt even though my delivery was rough, her care pre and post-natal was truly remarkable. If we have more children, she will be the first person we call. She went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and supported from labor to delivery and after. Even the follow-up aftercare appointments were much needed. Thank You for being a part of our family, easily one of the best Doulas in NYC. She is highly recommended. 

Oksana Zielinski


This was my first pregnancy and I'm very glad that I had Shamika by my side, either physiaclyy or virtually. From the fist interview I found her to be knowldegable about the labor and delivery process,very kind, energetic and person that I'd comfortbale to be around during the most stressful time. She provided me with different resources on how to prepare for  labor and how to induce labor naturally. I appreciate her contacitng me regularly and making sure that I'm doing well. My labor had been very long and exhausting , but Shamika made this process much easier to cope with and her emotinal support really helped me get through this. During the labor she applied different methods , such as massage, touch, breathing exercises to aleviate the pain and I'm very glad for that help. She was my truthful companion who I could trust and rely on during such vulnerable, painful , owervhelming experience. I felt she was my advocate and just and amazing friend overall. If you are considerinh hiring a doula,I highly recommend Shamika as she is the person who'll have your back and be your dedicated advocate.

Akari Voyticky


My labor was days long and if I didn't have Shamika; it would have been a nerve wreaking, horrible experience. She was my advocate throughout my time in the hospital. When doctors or nurses come in to tell me something stressful, she was able to calm me down explain the situation clearly and made sure I had enough time to make a sound decision for myself and my baby. I am super grateful for all that she has done for my birth journey. My path towards a natural birth was set in my mind and I was mentally prepared for the pain of contractions but not prepared for the stress of doctors and nurses. When I got to the hospital I was only 2 cm dilated which was surprising and I was disappointed. Shamika came in right away and put me in a better mind set. She made sure I was comfortable. We labored together from 8am to 2:33am. She put me in all kinds of positions, gave me great tools to distract me from pain, slowed down and asked smart questions when the nurses and doctors wanted to progress my labor in a different way that was not in my birth preference page, explained and gave me time to make my own decisions. Overall, I felt like I would not have been satisfied with how my baby's birth turned out if I was rushed by my doctors. Shamika was able to stop them from making me decide right away and gave me some time to make a decision without pressure. She was there for my golden hour. She taught me how to let my baby latch on and start the processs of feeding. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found her before going into labor. She held my hand through a very long and difficult labor without giving up on me or showing any type of weakness. She left at 5 am when she was sure that my baby and I were well taken care of. Not only do I feel like I made a friend that I can trust with my life, I felt like I met a special person that really cares about what she does for a living and believes in her work!

Catherine Chavez


At the beginning of the 3rd trimester, we decided to look for a doula that could help to ease my anxiety for delivery and to help us advocate for ourselves. We chose Shamika because we knew she would be able to help us with these, as well as bring the energy and comfort we needed. Shamika provided great support tools before delivery via WhatsApp and made sure to check in frequently to ask how I felt and provide guidance. Ultimately, with a medical induction at 40 weeks which included an epidural before the induction process began, labor pain coping skills weren’t needed (at all), but Shamika brought her best game to the pushing phase, for which she brought fresh energy and comforting support. We are so glad she was with us for the delivery of our healthy baby girl and that she was able to provide breastfeeding support afterwards. She helped contribute to a positive induction birth story that I never thought would be possible. Thank you, Shamika!

Levern Williams Jr



Briana Scott-Williams


Shamika and I were introduced around my third trimester and our relationship immediately blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She instantly sprung into action and became a part of my village, as I recently relocated back to the NYC area with little family. From the start, she constantly kept me informed of helpful local programs, support groups and resources-- and still does! We immediately began working on my birth plan and she was persistent on me communicating my wishes with my physicians, as I had a horrible experience with our first son. 

The day I went into labor, I was certain it was just Braxton-Hicks and insisted she go into work. She refused and when I realized it was indeed TIME, she met me at the hospital shortly after we arrived and stayed with us a few hours after giving birth- giving all the necessary supports. She never left my side.

I'm glad to say I've GAINED A FRIEND and if we decide to have another child, I don't see myself doing it without her. The universe was indeed aligned when we were linked. ??

Michaela Duncan


I reached out to boober to find a doula literally 1 week before my due date due to apprehension with having a hospital birth and wanting to have the most natural birth possible. Shamika stepped in and literally two days later I went into labor. Prior to that she had me answer a questionnaire about what I would and would not like during my labor process in the hospital and drew up a birth plan that helped in advocating for what I needed in the hospital. She spoke up for me when I was asked about having a resident involved in my care since it didn't follow the birth plan. She provided coaching throughout to help me to keep moving to reach my goal. She provided encouragement when I felt I couldn't do it anymore. She provided acupressure over my back to relieve the intense back labor. She was a God send! So glad she was able to work with me last minute!

Debbie Lefort


I am so happy and filled with so much gratitude for having the birth experience I envisioned come to fruition. I gave birth to my daughter on December 16th 2022 with Shamika Matos by my side as our doula. From our first initial meeting to the natural vaginal delivery of my daughter with no epidural or medical interventions I had a great experience every step of the way. Shamika was passionate, knowledgeable, professional and exuded a "can do" attitude with firmness yet providing the utmost support as a mother, coach and friend. I highly recommend Shamika because her presence is warm, nurturing and intuitive during all the phases of labor. Shamika's expertise is also in breastfeeding and being an exemplary guide post partum. I can't be any happier. She has been available as my guide since the very beginning and during our initial meeting I knew she was the right choice because her knowledge in fulfilling my birth plan was within reason. From that moment on I was also up for the challenge to do all I can in prepping for the big day that I would meet my daughter. Shamika offers her clients the experience of being seen and heard. She even suggested I deliver at Metropolitan Hospital Center and from this recommendation I found an above & beyond midwife practice called Village Maternity that also played a huge role. I will always thank Shamika for this. 



When I first reached out to Meka about being our doula, she instantly responded with enthusiasm, tons of information and a motherly feeling of genuine care and support. I had read a few books, but didn’t really know what to expect and wanted a doula that was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and great with communication. Meka exceeded all of my expectations, and I consider her an essential component of my successful birth experience. Meka is always in touch, whether it is sharing articles, resources, videos, answering my thousands of questions, getting to know my birth preferences and helping to calm my anxiety with suggestions and offering an ear to listen. She not only supported me, but my husband, as well, by making him feel more confident as a support partner, and more prepared for what the hospital might entail. We practiced breathing routines, experimented with the peanut ball, and learned so much about pregnancy, labor and delivery. Meka was nonjudgmental, extremely patient and understanding, calm and sensitive to my fears. Meka is flexible with her communication, whether it be virtual or in person, e-mail, texting, etc. She was the first person I called when I went into labor, and was immediately on the way at 4 am when my water broke, with her adorable doula shirt, of course! Meka was a warm and comforting presence throughout my labor. After coming home from the hospital, Meka constantly stayed in touch with my husband and I, and helped me during the postpartum visit, both physically and emotionally. It was so nice to see her afterwards and I know that we will stay in touch. I absolutely recommend Meka and know she will be an amazing advocate and support for your birth experience!

Carol Cho


I was initially on the fence about whether or not I should hire a doula for my first birth, I am so glad I did. Shamika walked me through every step of the pregnancy from the moment we agreed to work together. The OBs at my group practice were nice but I didn’t feel a warm or strong connection with the clinicians. I worried that my birth plan and preferences would not be fully understood or taken into consideration on the big day. Having Shamika as my doula made me feel more prepared for questions to ask my providers, helped me to solidify my birth plan, and feel secure about what I wanted for this birth.

Shamika was available when I needed her and was very responsive to any concern I had. And if I had a question she wasn't sure about, she referred to her community for resources to help me.

During labor, she was an advocate, soother, guide, and helped me through the most intense contractions with counter pressure. She also directed my partner to support me in ways I needed during my pregnancy and during labor as well, especially during times when my partner wasn’t sure of what he should be doing (like in the rush and chaos of labor). The hospital where I gave birth did not have peanut balls but thankfully Shamika brought hers and I was able to move even with the epidural which I believe really helped me to avoid further interventions. I had a vaginal birth with minimal interventions (besides an epidural) which was what I’d hoped for.

In our postpartum visit, Shamika came when I was struggling on day 5 with a sudden shift in baby’s feeding. She helped me set up my pump, walked through my feeding routine, and helped me build confidence to hold the baby in different positions to help with digestion. The visit made a big difference for me, my partner, and my baby.

I’m so grateful to Shamika and I would recommend her without reservations to anyone who is expecting in the future.



Shamika gave me and my husband such a positive vibe from our first video call that we immediately wanted to work with her. We liked her energy and passion to help and she made the process much for easier for us.

There was constant help from Shamika during the preparation time. She was checking on us constantly and sending us information whenever we had questions.

When labor started, she guided us with information that could help us make the right decision. My labor lasted for two nights and almost three days and she was at all times by our side. She was never pushy and she always was committed to our goals. Huge plus that Shamika is knowledgeable about breastfeeding and she helped me with tips about latching.

I would highly recommend Shamika as a doula! She is a person you can trust and rely on!



My wife and I were looking for a doula that would make us feel safe on our journey to welcome our little boy when we met Shamika. We clicked from the get-go. She made us feel like we were in good hands. Her positive energy and dedication to our needs were imperative. She eased our fears and comforted us when we were anxious. Shamika stood by my wife when she was having very strong contractions and she offered many techniques to help my wife cope with the pain. We would not have done it without her. Despite the fact that she is beginning her career, Shamika has demonstrated knowledge as a doula. We appreciate her work and would recommend her to other people. 

Rosanna and Amar Somir


We had an amazing experience having Shamika as our doula. She is so down to earth and very knowledgeable. Shamika's passion for this field and her hands on experience as a mom was what sealed the deal for us. If we could do it all over again we'd book her in a heartbeat. The level of advocacy and support she provided to me and my husband was remarkable. Even the little things that were done felt like big things to us. We'll never forget her kindness, compassion, and high level of attentiveness throughout. Our labor and delivery wasn't easy but having Shamika there during and after made all the difference in the world. She respected our wishes and decisions plus she reminded me of our wishes when things got hectic. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a doula you connect with. Shamika is our doula turned family and will forever be a part of our son's birth story. We are beyond grateful for her. So if you're on the fence about booking her, don't hesitate. She is worth it!!!!!

Jeraldin Rosario


Shamika has been such a wonderful support towards the end of my pregnancy, birth process, and postpartum. 

My path crossed with hers when she offered her service for free to soon to be moms on a Facebook group. I thought how wonderful it was that someone would offer that, and due to my financial state I decided to give it a try. 

She helped me with many of my pregnancy questions, worries, and uncertainty. She gave me such useful information to prepare for labor and helped me stay calm as I got closer to my due date. During my labor she was just a short message away and helped me see the positive despite going through a traumatic labor experience. 

Postpartum Shamika was great outlet to go over the details of my labor and ways to cope postpartum. Again she gave useful and thoughtful support specific to my experience and needs.  If given the opportunity I would undoubtedly work with Shamika again to have the best plan in place for my second child. 



Shamika Matos was amazing as my doula during my experience. I am a first time older mom who was in the market for someone who was respectful towards my experience and knowledgeable in the craft. Not only did I get this with Shamika but she was on top of things such as my appointments. She always had questions for my midwife and provided a plethora of resources to help aid my situation. Not only was she professional but she did so very warmly and for someone who has no family it was very much appreciated not to mention (unbeknownst to me) needed. I STRONGLY recommend her if you're looking for these traits in your doula. 

Nurul Hasanah


We were 1 wk passed the due date and was a bit anxious about the situation. I am the husband and we were hoping for a vbac, but time was against us and the doctors recommended an induction. We ended up cancelling our first induction appointment and decided to wait. After another sonogram appt, the doctor again recommended that we head to the hospital today bc the bio phys didn't score perfect. My wife insisted on waiting. That's when I decided to find a doula to help us. Right away I felt relief bc shamika wasted no time and scheduled a zoom video chat with us. She answered alot of our questions that we had and gave us alot good vibes and reassurance. The next day we planned another zoom chat to formally get all questions answered so that we could hire her. We made a group chat. That's where she continued to assist us with useful tips. She never claimed any knowledge that she didn't know and told us she would confer with more experienced doulas which made us trust her and comfortable enough to use her services.  After getting a bit more acquainted, she was asking my wife some more questions which made me a bit more worried about the situation. The signs were there so I left work and went to my wife, she seemed fine and I asked her if she was happy and she was. We took alot of time just preparing ourselves for the hospital.  Shamika was there assisting as much as she could, but ultimately my wife felt the decision seemed rushed. Already 41 wks and only saw shamika once. We decided to just trust the G-d Almighty.  We are Muslims and shamika was very accommodating. I am certain that if we met shamika earlier we would have used her full service. No doubt she helped us alot with navigating through the burdensome uncertainty that was to come at the hospital.  She gave us the confidence we needed and she still showed us her concerns like a friend would, for that we are grateful. Indeed in the end we got the successful vbac we wanted.  



I can't recommend Shamika enough. I have an 18 month old and she was breastfeed for one year pretty much exclusively pumping! And if you know anything about pumping it's probably the hardest thing ever to do! She helped me with supply issues, equipment, pumping routine, everything! Shamika has also helped me find ways to maintain a breastfeeding relationship with my daughter when she was still a baby when possible/desired -- without any pressure or judgement! She is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond in her time and assistance. And she did this through the kindness of her heart and willingness to share with me. I'm so grateful!!!

Clarice Hassan


Shamika is the BEST!! I'm a first-time mom who recently moved to the Hudson Valleys from NYC, and was struggling to find a birth doula as I literally knew nobody up there. I was able to match with Shamika online and we worked out this virtual doula regime, kinda last minute (I was already 38 weeks+ pregnant when I finally found her!).

Now, I'm a psychotherapist who also provides online/virtual sessions, but I was so very unsure about virtual doula services at first - after all, online doula was still pretty unheard of. But Shamika TOTALLY blew my mind about how accommodating and creative she can be to work around the virtual situation. We had frequent Zoom and FaceTime chats, she was always responsive and resourceful, and she really went out of her way to understand my situation, needs and preferences. I learned so much about breathing, relaxation, birthing positions as well as my options for delivery. As I found her at the very late stage of my pregnancy,  Shamika wasn't able to attend my prenatal visit, however she was present, supportive yet not intrusive at all when I was in labor - just the way I needed! I do want to mention that with her help I prepared a birthing peanut in advance- and that thing was a lifesaver throughout 20 hours of dielation.

I also deeply appreciated and enjoyed Shamika's calm and warm presence. I was having a lot of questions regarding breastfeeding, and a short period of baby blues for 2-3 days (which I expected as a mental health professional myself), and I have found Shamika so helpful- her warm check ins, reassurances, and suggestions really eased the sense of isolation and anxiety, and that has deeply re-anchored me. I full heartily appreciate Shamika and will strongly recommend her to anyone who wants a doula that's knowledgeable, calm, responsive, caring and capable- don't forget virtual is a plus!!

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