The Dedicated Doula Team- Doula + Photo + CBE ++  Photo

The Dedicated Doula Team- Doula + Photo + CBE ++

Tacoma, WA Service range 50 miles Extra charge may apply for distance

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Years in Operation: 4

Type of practice: Collective

Clients per month: 4 to 20 births and 1 to 6 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: An important part of our team philosophy is when you need us, we are there!! Prenatal, postpartum but especially in labor no matter what stage you are in. You hire us for support, as a team we are there to support you! (This includes 31 wk labor, 36 wk labor, only 1cm.

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Are you at the right one for your wishes? Supporting hospital births from Olympia to Lynnwood.

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We will happily join you for your assisted home birth anywhere from Olympia to Lynnwood.

Fee Details

We are a team of doulas dedicated to wrap around you with compassionate, inclusive, evidence-based care during the childbearing years. Our services include childbirth education, birth and postpartum doula support, placenta encapsulation, and photography (including maternity, birth, newborn, and milestone). We promise to be there in labor when YOU need us. Period. No ifs, ands or but you aren’t far enough. We promise to support you postpartum if you need it. When you hire one of us, you get the experience and care of a solid team, plus a doula at your fingertips at all times. We are available from the time you hire us to support you through the entire process, when you need it. We would love to chat with you and learn about your needs, wants, and desires as well as your partner’s! We support all types of birth, all types of families, all types of plans.

Service Area

Tacoma, WA Service range 50 miles Extra charge may apply for distance

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Birth Fee: $2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate: $55 to $65


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Years in practice

Birth Fee: $2100 to $2400


Updated 5/23/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate: $55 to $60


Updated 5/23/2024

Years in practice

Birth Fee: $2400

Postpartum Rate: $60


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Certified Doula
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Birth Fee: $2400 to $2700


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Certified Doula
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Cherish was so wonderful, especially in what ended up being a complicated birth and unplanned hospital visit.  I am so grateful and would highly recommend her!



Dedicated Doulas are the real deal! I knew a doula would be essential to my dream birth of having a natural birth, so my husband and I interviewed several doulas before we settled on Suzanne and Cari. During my labor, Cari anticipated my needs like a true pro. I had some serious back labor, and Cari was there providing counter pressure, massage, vocalizing contractions with me, and also being my cheerleader with words of affirmation. A complete gem of a doula. She fed me honey packets and even got me a smoothie to keep my energy levels up. Cari was always present and never once seemed like she wanted things to hurry along even though it was Christmas. I would highly recommend Dedicated Doulas to anyone looking for a doula. I know they’ll be our go to if we have another child.

Shauna RN


Working with Cherish was such a pleasant experience. The knowledge and support she gave our sweet patient was incredible and she was an important part of the collaborative birth team. It's such a joy to work with doulas who are able to work along side patients, nurses, and providers to care and help acheive the individual goals of the patient. Cherish was so encouraging as she supported our patient through her TOLAC experience and was supportive as the patient's wishes changed throughout her experience and was able to empower her as she made those decisions. It was a really great experience.

Shauna RN


Working with Cherish was such a pleasant experience. The knowledge and support she gave our sweet patient was incredible and she was an important part of the collaborative birth team. It's such a joy to work with doulas who are able to work along side patients, nurses, and providers to care and help acheive the individual goals of the patient. Cherish was so encouraging as she supported our patient through her TOLAC experience and was supportive as the patient's wishes changed throughout her experience and was able to empower her as she made those decisions. It was a really great experience.

Claudia Vazquez


Suzanne was our doula for the birth of our daughter in June 2023 and we cannot recommend her enough! She brings a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and effectiveness to all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Suzanne radiates calm assurance, inspires confidence, and will go to bat for you when you need it. She is so, so good at what she does and I say this not just based on my own experience (which was phenomenal) but also on the objective experience of our labor and delivery nurse: Our nurse was so impressed that she asked Suzanne for her contact information so that she could use her as her own doula when the time came for her to start her family. I can think of no higher praise than that. 

Suzanne, thank you so much for making our birth process an absolutely incredible one. And thank you for the photos that we will cherish forever. The fact that Suzanne can both guide you through labor and take photos during the key moments is icing on the cake. If you're on the fence about getting photos, just do it. You won't regret it. And if you're lucky enough to have Suzanne by your side, congratulations on hiring the simultaneously kindest and fiercest guardian you can have by your side. 



Cherish is awesome. I had an amazing experience with her during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I had a long, unpredictable labor, and she actively helped my spouse and me the whole time. She helped with labor positions, stretches and massage techniques. She also provided support during postpartum and continued to check in on us. I can't imagine going through this without her. She promptly responded to our questions, shared resources, and offered suggestions during pregnancy and postpartum. The resources she provided were to the point, prompt, and saved me a lot of time. She also supported our choices throughout the journey. I would highly recommend her, as labor can involve unpredictable situations for which you can't fully prepare, and you continuously need guidance and support from a trusted person.

Julie Hastings


I could not have imagined going through birth without the amazing support we received through the Dedicated Doula team! Our first meeting with Suzanne and Cari they spent several hours in our home going over the exact questions we had, and didn’t even know we had about birth and post partum. They went over feeding, sleep, special details like how to stay connected as a couple and so much more. It put my husband and I at ease and left us feeling more prepared and better equipped as first time parents.

My birth experience was anything but what I expected. When my water broke suddenly in the middle of the night, we contacted our doulas and Suzanne was in my home within minutes. She gave my husband the tools to help me as we drove to the hospital, as I was almost sure I wasn’t going to make it. When we arrived I was already 9cm dilated and Suzanne helped me to feel in control when things were happening faster than I could keep up. She supported me in helping me to listen to my body and my instincts, as well as guiding the whole process. She also took the most amazing photos, capturing incredible moments I would have otherwise missed in the chaos of it all!

I had no idea how valuable a resource our doulas would be in post partum. Breastfeeding has been a difficult journey with lots of ups and downs. We were guided to all the proper resources, including the best lactation consultants and chiropractors specializing in infants. We were seen in home several times for hands on help. Now 3 months post partum and I’m so grateful we were able to keep with it!

They are still supporting us and are quick to answer all of our questions. It gives us such peace of mind to know someone is in our corner if ever anything comes up. Hiring the Dedicated Doula team was the BEST decision we could have made for our birth and will absolutely be hiring them for all of our future pregnancies!

Laura Ulmer


Working with Suzanne and Cari has been nothing short of a dream! Cari attended my first birth, which did not go as planned and was stressful and somewhat traumatic and she was just the most wonderful support to have. She made me feel taken care of, and safe, despite everything I was going through. She stood by my side and helped me speak up an advocate for myself.  Suzanne attended my second birth which was a Vbac and she was exactly what I needed during the shock and stress of a labor and delivery and flew by in less than 2 hours! Both of my birth experiences were as wildly different as they could possibly be, but Suzanne and Cari offered the right support for both instances, and it was exactly what I needed each time. These ladies never ever wavered in their belief that I could have the birth I wanted. Despite medical professionals trying to dissuade me from attempting a vbac, Suzanne assured me that it was definitely possible if I that's what I wanted. I was so positive I could do it, and when I finally did, and it went so much better than anybody could've expected, Suzanne was there as my biggest cheerleader making me feel so very proud! I cannot recommend this team enough! They feel like a part of your family immediately. They just know how to calm you and give you strength. If you are considering hiring them, do not hesitate! Once you meet them, you will love them forever! The added bonus is that these ladies take some gorgeous, maternity, birth, and postpartum photos of your family, and you will treasure these memories forever! 



Our doulas, Cari and Suzanne were gems. Their warmth and kindness profoundly impacted our birth experience. Working as a team, we found comfort in knowing a familiar face would be with us during labor.

Before the birth, Cari and Suzanne maintained regular contact. Their thoughtful messages and offers for video check-ins reassured us. They guided us in creating a birth plan, drawing from extensive experience.


During labor, Cari and Suzanne were unwavering support. Cari met us at the hospital and collaborated seamlessly with nurses at UW Northwest. I vividly remember the calming ambiance she created in the bathroom—twinkling string lights casting a calming glow as I labored in the tub. Her skilled hands provided pain relief when the epidural fell short. Cari ensured my birth experience aligned with my hopes.

Postpartum, Cari continued to be a lifeline. Her check-ins were invaluable, and her problem-solving skills helped us steal precious moments of extra sleep. Hiring both Suzanne and Cari was undoubtedly worthwhile, and we look forward to having them by our side for future additions to our family.



As a first-time father, I had zero experience being at birth center, let alone being a part of a birth! Many first time father’s might wonder, “why do we need a Doula? Aren’t I enough of a support system?” and I can tell you that having an extra pair of experienced hands makes a world of difference. Having Cari as a third party for questions and explainers was invaluable. She make the chaos of birth much more calm and balanced. Even to have someone sit with my wife while I got some rest was something I didn’t realize we might needed until we were “in it.” I would highly recommend Cari and Suzanne!

Claire G


The Dedicated Doula Team: A Resounding Yes!

Welcoming both of our daughters with Suzanne by our side was an incredible experience, making it easy for me to recommend The Dedicated Doula Team. Here's why:

Pregnancy Support: Suzanne and her team provided constant support during both pregnancies. Regular check-ins, 24/7 availability, and personalized house calls brought unparalleled peace of mind, making the journey much more comfortable.

Labor Coach: Suzanne's role as a labor coach was indispensable. Her guidance through breathing techniques, optimal positioning, and advocacy during critical decisions exceeded any support from hospital staff. Having her there ensured informed decisions and a focused, supported labor experience.

Spousal Support: Suzanne's guidance transformed my husband's role, providing direction and engagement during labor. Her presence ensured we had a knowledgeable advocate to navigate labor and make informed decisions.

Postpartum Support: Suzanne's ongoing support after childbirth, via phone calls, texts, and house visits, offered reassurance and a platform to discuss and process the labor experience. Her guidance was invaluable in navigating postpartum questions.

Plus the photos!: Suzanne's beautifully captured photos of both births have become cherished memories, adding to the numerous benefits of choosing The Dedicated Doula Team.

In conclusion, Suzanne and The Dedicated Doula Team are truly exceptional – a solid 10/10 recommendation!

Rachel Drake


Suzanne is a wealth of knowledge regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the Seattle birthing community. She is always just a text away and very responsive. Regarding my birth, she took over 500 photos that I absolutely love and will always cherish! I can’t wait to share them with my daughter as she grows up. Looking back, Suzanne took initiative throughout my birth - ensuring the tub was a good temperature, providing my toddler with a stool so he could see into the tub, reminding me to hydrate, setting up a fan, and I’m sure many more things that I didn’t notice while in labor land. She came back to visit after baby was here and helped me process my birth, which I find to be so valuable even with a birth that turned out how I wanted it to! She also works with an amazing team, and I was 100% comfortable if her backup, Cari, would have needed to attend my birth. As a bonus, they have built a community of moms with Facebook groups and events (my family had so much fun at their Christmas party with Santa!). Highly recommend working with Suzanne and her team!

Alexis Rockey


Part 2. Thankfully I made it to my induction date. I was induced due to multiple medical reasons. Before Suzanne got there she still helped me through every step of the way. I loved that I could text her & she would respond through out the whole beginning process. When the doctor was going to break my water Suzanne asked me if I wanted to wait until she got there just in case I had baby faster than expected since she was about 45 minutes away. I did wait until she was able to make it since I definitely wanted her there no matter what. During my labor Suzanne helped me with different positions whether I wanted to be active and off the bed or more calm and on the bed. She helped guide me when I was still iffy on wanting an epidural at the time and suggested different positions and then getting in the bath before fully making the decision to get an epidural (which is exactly the way I wanted things to go should I choose to get an epidural). From the epidural she put me in positions in the bed to make sure I was comfy but to also help guide baby down. Somehow Suzanne and the nurses knew I was almost ready to push before I did which is still so funny to me. After I gave birth Suzanne stayed with me for a couple hours and made sure I felt okay before leaving. She was also great with checking in postpartum and making sure I was doing okay. Overall I had an amazing experience with my doulas and would choose them over again every time!

Alexis Rockey


Part 1.

I had such a great experience with the DDT. First it was so nice knowing no matter what happens I would know the team helping me through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It was also nice getting information about different hospitals and making an informed decision to switch to Virginia Mason where I had an AMAZING doctor. I had 3 miscarriages before getting pregnant this time & DDT allowed me to talk about my worries throughout my whole pregnancy. Cari was always so sweet & helped me through an irritable uterus & checked in on me when I had the worst stomach flu I've ever experienced. Towards the end of my pregnancy I got scary news that I had a hemorrhage under my placenta. Suzanne did everything possible to keep me calm and allowed me to be stressed out but also talk to me about my different options and birthing places and choices I had if I were to have him premature. So while I was stressed out I also knew my informed choices if I were to have to deliver early.



Wholeheartedly recommend!  I think the birth experience can vary widely and it's difficult to navigate on your own.  I think having someone experienced and knowledgeable helps tremendously. My goal was a low intervention, hospital setting for mine.  I realize everyone has different values and felt they listen to what you want and help tailor your care based on your preferences. I think they were also really great at discussing the contrarian view so I understood risks and in a couple cases she helped changed my mind/get persoective. 

Elizabeth Prendergast


I spent a lot of time researching doulas and asking for recommendations from friends and midwives. Suzanne and her team were recommended to me from multiple different people. I am so glad she was available to be my birth doula! I wanted someone known for being extremely experienced, skilled, and comforting. I wanted to be in great hands no matter what happened during my birth.

Suzanne was there for me in every way I needed. She is an amazing professional and expertly and graciously gave me exactly the support I needed during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Suzanne, thank you for both your expertise and your outstanding warmth of heart. I had a beautiful birth and I'll always be grateful to you for your support.



Cari and Suzanne at the Dedicated Doulas were invaluable to my first-time c-section delivery! They pivoted quickly when we realized our son was in a breech position at 38 weeks and provided a strong and supportive guiding light for all the questions and concerns we had! They also had great tips and resources for breastfeeding after birth, which were not only useful, but encouraging and tailored to my personal experience. We highly recommend their services. They provided knowledge we didn't know we needed! 



We cannot recommend Cherish highly enough! She was a wonderful educator and support person ahead of the birth, answering all of our first-time parent questions and supporting me through prodromal labor. She recommended different stretches and exercises which quickly progressed me into actual labor. During a long labor and delivery Cherish’s calm and knowledgeable support made me feel safe and confident, even when things didn’t go as planned. She continued to check in on us postpartum and helped troubleshoot a variety of issues. Looking back, I can’t imagine going through this experience without Cherish. Her support has truly been invaluable!

Lindsay Noteboom


So thankful for the Dedicated Doulas! Suzanne was our doula, and was amazing with education and encouraging us to build a support network. On the day our baby boy was born, she wasn't available so Cari met us at the UW Northwest midwives clinic and was the best. We already knew her from zoom calls we had done with her and Suzanne, and she brought so much peace to our birth experience. Would recommend them 100 times over, and the network of moms connected to them has been awesome since having our baby!

Julie Vukmer


We weren't sure about hiring a doula at first but now are so glad we did! It was great to have the support before, during, and after the birth. Once we found out unexpectedly we'd need an induction, Cherish walked us through what to anticipate and we felt much more reassured and confident with her in our corner. Having her as a resource was comforting as first time parents and we would definitely recommend Cherish as a doula!

Autumn Brown


I wish we had known of Suzanne and the Dedicated Doula Team for our first baby! This is our 2nd doula experience and it has been nothing short of wonderful. My partner and I have felt sincerely cared for and supported through my pregnancy, labor / delivery, and postpartum. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through a particularly difficult natural birth without Suzanne. She was with me every step of the way, from laboring at home to delivering at the birth center. She worked alongside my midwife seamlessly and tirelessly, advocating for me and encouraging me to stay in tuned with and trust my body. I had a beautiful birth experience and she is largely to thank for it. Plus, she’s a great photographer! She took labor / delivery and newborn lifestyle photos for us and doula Jenn was awesome in accommodating our last minute request for a maternity shoot. All sessions turned out amazing. They captured some of the most special moments in my partner and I’s lives to look back on that we will always cherish. I am 4 months postpartum now and Suzanne continues to check in on me and is always responsive when I have questions. I absolutely recommend her and the Dedicated Doula Team!

Amber Greget


The dedicated doula are an amazing team! They are kind and informative. They will support you in whatever decision you make. They are always available for questions both while pregnant and postpartum. I ended up getting induced and it ended up being a long labor. The doulas stayed with me the whole time! I don’t remember how many hours it was but it was definitely more than 24hours. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They were helpful with each contraction and helped advocate for my wants and needs. We also used them for postpartum care. Again I don’t know what I would have done without them. They made sure both me and my husband were doing well and getting sleep. They truly care about the families they work for.

Keiley Ramseur


Hiring Suzanne and Cari from the Dedicated Doula Team was probably the best decision I made throughout my pregnancy journey. The amount of support they provided to my partner and I throughout the whole process was truly above and beyond what was expected. My daughter is 5 months now and I am confident I could still lean on them for support if I needed it. Suzanne answered my (what felt like) 100s of breastfeeding/baby questions in the first few months and I appreciate her so much.

The assistance that my partner and I got during pregnancy and delivery was phenomenal. Suzanne and Cari are SO knowledgeable and supportive I don’t know what I would do without them. If we end up going for baby #2, there is no way I would want to do It without their support!

When my little one was ready to make her appearance in the world, Suzanne was by my side in starting triage but texting endlessly in the days leading up to the big day, helping me to prepare. Suzanne was a calming presence in the delivery room that I needed. She was able to anticipate what might come next and give me a quick rundown of what decisions I might need to soon make. She kept up on helping me with position changes to help little one progress. She also made sure I knew and felt confident in speaking up for myself when those difficult decisions arose.

My birth was such a positive experience because of my whole birth team, Suzanna was an enormous part of that. I have met all of the other doulas with the dedicated doula team and would also trust them in being my support person. I recommend this group of wonderful women over and over and over again!


Willow Creeksong





Carrie was exactly the support person I needed.

Suzanne and Carrie were supportive and helpful during my pregnancy.

Even though this was my fourth, I knew I needed the support even more.

They rolled with the punches with laughter and ease.

First we were going to do a home birth, then birth center and then at 36 weeks decided we needed a hospital. We found out little dude had a cleft lip. Couldn’t tell if the palate or anything else was affected. To be safe, a hospital birth was what we felt was best.

We have no family or friends to help so we had to bring our toddler with us. This was a huge reason we were thinking a home birth. To be able to bring him to the hospital was a huge help. We didn’t want my husband to miss the birth.

If it was not for them, I would have been so lost. They had the insider scoop for the best hospital, one that was a birth center hospital hybrid as I call it. Plus Seattle children’s was connected with them, huge bonus. As that was where we would be receiving care for his cleft lip. An our toddler could be in the room with us.

When I went into labor, Carrie was the one on call. She met us at the hospital and was a huge support. Little things made a huge difference. Like reminding me to drop my shoulders during a contraction. This one is silly, I was fighting to keep the gown on and she reminded me this is my birth and I don’t have to wear it. Phew! Why I thought I had to, no clue.

It was awesome to have pictures of the birth as well. With our other son our previous doula took photos of the north. But Carrie took pictures of the whole process. So glad we have these photos.

If your thinking of hiring this team, I highly recommend you do so.

Hands down the best decision.

Lisa Huang


Suzanne and Cari from The Dedicated Doula Team are AMAZING!!! Can’t recommend them enough! I had an unmedicated vaginal birth with a 9+ lb baby. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without Suzanne’s knowledge and encouragement along the way. She helped me change positions, communicate my wants and needs to nurses, teach my partner to help and encourage me along the way, breathe through contractions, how to push, etc. The list goes on and on… The team is great with communication leading up to my child’s birth. We felt cared for and safe to ask any questions that arose both before and after the pregnancy. (No questions are too dumb to ask…). Cari came to our home for an in-person birth preparation session. She answered all the questions we had with evidence based information, providing us a sense of relief and readiness. The team also provides postpartum care, lactation consultation, and continues to check on our postpartum mental health! I had a great birth experience because of them and I would hire them again 100x!!! Thank you for being awesome! They truly feel like family that we can turn to and trust!

Esther Le Grezause


We loved our experience with the Dedicated Doula Team and highly recommend them for evidence based advice, highly experienced doulas, compassion, support, quick answers around the clock, and various photo options to create beautiful memories. We worked with both Cari and Suzanne for our prenatal chats, consult, and maternity pictures. They were both very responsive, wanted updates from our doctor appointments, were incredibly supportive when I thought I had gestational diabetes and offered helpful diet advice. We talked about birth, navigating the health care system, our options, and transitioning towards postpartum care. 

Suzanne attended the birth of our daughter and did our postnatal session and photographs. She was instrumental in the success of my birth plan and guided us throughout the induction process. Suzanne was really supportive of my goal for an unmedicated birth and I genuinely believe my experience would have been a lot harder without her. I would have likely ended up with an epidural. Her advice set us up for success while making decisions with our OBs throughout the induction process. I fully trusted Suzanne during labor. I let her guide me via breathing, mindfulness, visualization, and various positions. Suzanne helped me visualize each step and prepare me for what would come next. She also helped me cope with postpartum pain during the hemorage and the suturing, which was a lot more challenging than expected. She stayed with us to ensure we were set for success for breastfeeding and gave us helpful postpartum advice. 

They checked in regularly after the birth and continued to support us through kind encouragements and helpful advice. We've been navigating our new life with a lot less stress thanks to their support. 

Suzanne and Cari are now some of the most important people in our lives and we will always be so thankful for their impact. 

Jenn Monnet


I can't say enough good things about Cari and Suzanne. They are incredibly supportive doulas, and they make a rock solid team. I was lucky to get to know them both over a couple months. Since I wanted to know the person I'd labor with (I was due around Christmas 2022), they took turns taking appointments with me. As a second-time mom, I felt pretty prepared but Cari and Suzanne surprised me with new resources and invaluable information that no one had shared before. They were instrumental in helping me stay healthy (before and after pregnancy) and find a delivery hospital and midwife practice that met my needs.

When the baby was two weeks late and I was admitted to hospital for an induction, Cari was there with bags of gummy bears, candles and a day's-worth of stories and exercises to pass the time. I remember that day very fondly (dare I say it, we had fun). Then in the wee hours of the morning, as I began to push, things got scary as the baby got stuck and an emergency OB team was rushed in. It was intense but Cari and my husband were there with me and I felt safe and heard. In the end, my son was safely delivered. In the hours, days, weeks and months that followed, Cari and Suzanne kept in touch to see how we were doing and offer their support. The icing on the cake of a wonderful birth experience was receiving a gallery of the most beautiful photos that Cari had taken that day. They were beyond what I expected, totally amazing. If we ever have another kid, Cari and Suzanne are the team I'd hire again in a heartbeat!!



Suzanne is the doula I wish I had! Let me sister had Suzanne as a doula during her pregnancy and postpartum. I got to see first hand how knowledgable and loving/caring she was. A year later I got pregnant, but because I live in Canada, I needed to hire a doula closer to home.

Having hired someone who wasn't Suzanne, I can say with confidence how great she is at her job. Since my doula wasn't touching base with me and I was having difficulties once the baby was here, my sister encouraged me to video chat with Suzanne. She is beyond knowledgeable and her expertise shows. She has made me feel better about my anxieties and has touched base with me to see how I'm doing on a consistent basis. Just the fact that there is someone around that shows you they care and are willing to help makes this difficult journey that much easier. She has helped normalize what I'm going through, while also providing suggestions. She's got a treasure chest full of suggestions when it comes to my baby.

Last thing I want to say.. Suzanne's personality is so warm, she makes you feel comfortable from the start. She's got a heart of gold. I wish I lived closer so that I could have her as a doula for my whole pregnancy!! If you choose to go with Suzanne, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Tracy Merry


I could not recommend her enough! Suzanne has been the most incredible asset and friend during our pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum journey! We met back in 2021 when I was pregnant with my first. Due to having stage iv endometriosis, I was really anxious about going through pregnancy and labor/birth without someone who would solely advocate for me, and encourage me to advocate for myself. After our initial phone call we decided to move forward. She was the most incredible presence, and we had a great experience with her. Then in 2023 we moved to Central/Eastern Washington, across the pass and became unexpectedly pregnant. It was too far for her traveling, especially as we didn't know if the pass would be open, but nonetheless she was there for us virtually at all times and days! As each pregnancy is different, and as I had suffered a loss between my two children, I found myself reaching out to Suzanne for advice, reassurance, and support throughout the entirety of this pregnancy. She was always available, prompt and reassuring in her responses. If I had to do it again, I'd make sure Suzanne was on my team because she always has her clients' best interests at heart and truly treats you like a friend, a family member, vs a client.



Suzanne and Cari were absolutely phenomenal. Suzanne took the loveliest pregnancy photos and newborn photos and offered a wealth of information pre-pregnancy, including urging me to get a pump which ended up being essential for me. They also provided a TENS unit which kept early labor pain manageable. Cari essentially held my hand and had the gentlest, most calming voice that encouraged me to relax and keep my noises low-toned. She also really empowered me to lean into what my body was asking for (like getting into the pool) rather than wait for some perfect moment. She reheated pool water on my stove between contractions and really chameleoned herself to the energy I was putting out, which allowed me to totally focus and relax when I could.


But what blew me away the most was how incredibly responsive and engaged they were in the early days after birth, quickly responding to texts, offering suggestions for questions, providing resources for problems I was having (such as lactation consultants), and connecting me with a postpartum doula on their team who was available THAT night when my husband and I desperately needed some uninterrupted sleep. They even came by my house to give me a crash course in breastfeeding while I waited for lactation consultation availability and Suzanne brought donor milk and bottles with her. They were my lifeline in the early days and I’m so grateful.

Stephany Wei


If you are on the fence about hiring The Dedicated Doula Team, do it! They are well organized and make it a priority to be available at all hours. On the day of delivery, Cari was with us at the hospital for 18 hours to provide support and gave guidance. She knew exactly what I needed before I knew I needed it. She provided evidence-based information and talked through key decisions to ensure any important choices are properly informed. She helped me cope with pain and made sure I was changing positions while on epidural. She was competent, caring, and made us feel safe the whole time. Also, the pictures… they were BEAUTIFUL. We never thought we would want pictures taken, but in the end, we were so grateful to have them.

Both Suzzane and Cari provided support through pregnancy and postpartum. I feel like I could ask them anything and anytime. They set me up for success when it comes to breastfeeding. When I was still pregnant they made sure I was fitted for the right flange size and practiced pumping. Breastfeeding was so difficult in the beginning. Suzzane gave me suggestions for mitigating pain and recommended a pumping plan so my body could keep up with the demand. Beyond practical advice, their encouragement and emotional support was just as important to keep me going. I think it’s safe to say that these ladies have SAVED my breastfeeding journey.  

These ladies also helped us navigate my baby girl’s tongue tie, gave invaluable suggestions for me and my husband to keep our sanity during the newborn months, and the list goes on….. 100% recommended! If I had a second baby I want to work with them again. 

Liz phrathep


Suzanne has an amazing and unobtrusive presence, knows all the best shots to get and understands the flow of labor so she doesn't intrude or miss many details !
Stayed on call for very long waits and even came back to our next birth ready for the long haul.
We were very glad to have her in our intimate and love the photos!

Leigh McBride


It's hard to put into words what Suzanne's support meant to us. I am a fellow doula in the Seattle area, and had thought long and hard about what I wanted for my birth. You could say I had high standards for what I was looking for in a doula :) Suzanne is amazing. She was available for any questions we had our entire pregnancy, and catered our prenatal appointments to what we were most interested in. When you choose the Dedicated Doulas team, you get to meet your backup doula as well, and learned so much from Cari at our prenatal and postpartum visits. They know everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - about birth and postpartum. I labored for 27 hours, and during all of that time Suzanne was there, encouraging me and giving my husband comfort measures to help me achieve my unmedicated birth. There was a moment where my labor stalled at 8 cm, and Suzanne had me get into all sorts of positions to help baby rotate. I was very close to transferring to the hospital for an epidural and feel confident I would have, if I didn't have Suzanne and her Spinning Babies moves to help jumpstart my labor. She knew exactly what to say to keep me going and not lose hope, and I walked away from the experience feeling like a total badass. Plus, the professional photos she took of us will be treasured forever. My husband and I can't recommend Suzanne enough, and we wouldn't dream of giving birth without her! 



Suzanne Bedletter is my doula, and as a single first time Mom, I don't have enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for her. Towards the end of my pregnancy when she came into my life, she helped influence my decisions to guide me to meet my birth plan goals, and helped me have a smooth pregnancy and birth. My birth experience was so special to me and she was there to help me through it all! She still sacrifices heaps of her time and expertise to me for my health and my baby girl's. She also donated milk while mine was still coming in, she helped keep my baby out of the NICU by closely guiding me along my breastfeeding journey- just 2 weeks into breastfeeding we perfected her latch and it no longer hurts me to feed her & she gets enough to eat each time. Suzanne has been available to me 24/7, day & night, and has even included me in fun activities to meet other new and expecting parents! Suzanne has become a wonderful friend to me, and my mom & brothers adore her. I would recommend her a million times over to anyone who wants to have an beautiful and more manageable birth/postpartum experience, where you can prioritize bonding with child over stressing about things you just haven't learned yet.

Kayla M.


We are so grateful for the team and all of their support. Each of them is deeply empathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable. Suzanne and Cari were phenomenal and eased my anxieties through my pregnancy. For the birth, my nurse told me Cari was the most knowledgeable doula she has ever worked with. Suzanne spent a lot of time with us after the birth as well and helped with feedings and helping me cope with some of the tough emotions that follow a birth. We also got incredible photography before, during, and after the birth. I am so grateful for each of them, and recommend them to anyone! The whole team was just a total dream to work with. Thank you to all of you wonderful humans!!! <3

Daniel Lari


Suzanne and Cari were absolutely essential throughout our pregnancy and labor journey.

We immediately felt a strong connection with them and understood they were providing more than just a service. Their authenticity, care, knowledge, and support exceeded all our expectations. As a newcomer to the world of doulas, I was initially unsure if we needed one. However, it didn't take long for me to realize their true importance and the expertise they brought to this significant life event.

I learned a lot from Suzanne and Cari. We worked together through my wife's pregnancy stages, how to prepare for birth, and how to support my wife during labor. Suzanne was present at the birth of our baby boy, helping every step of the way and sharing this incredible moment and life-changing experience with us.

Following the birth and are taking baby home, we began to encounter challenges with breastfeeding. Suzanne was quick to respond, providing us with valuable tools and guidance by visiting our home, ensuring we gained the confidence and skills needed to successfully breastfeed using the techniques she recommended.

We can't express enough how amazing Suzanne and Cari are, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Jenny Liao


We are grateful to find Suzanne Ledbetter as our birth doula. We wanted VBAC for our 2nd baby since my birth experience with my 1st child was unpleasant and the recovery from C-section was slow and long. We were praying for a redemptive experience for our 2nd baby.

Through Suzanne we learned about the choices that we could have and it's eye opening to know information that I never knew before from my OB. I felt empowered to make decisions about my own delivery. Suzanne recommended Virginia Mason as our provider and delivery hospital. We were so glad that we made the decision to transfer our care to VM during our last two months of pregnancy.

My 2nd birth experience was truly amazing. It was completely natural with no medication. Suzanne played a crucial role to help me with breathing techniques and coaching me with different positions to manage my pain. Within 10 minutes of pushing, our handsome boy was out to see the world!

We highly recommend Suzanne and her team! This redemptive birth journey is worth of every penny!

Neil Scanlon


The Dedicated Doulas are exactly that: dedicated. As a husband of a beautiful wife who was about to give birth, I didn't really have any idea of the role a doula plays, let alone what a doula was! All I knew was that we were having a baby and we were both embarking on that journey together; plain and simple. Well, it was not AT ALL plain and simple. I didn't realize the hormones that are at play with my partner, her anxieties, her apprehensions, her questions about the birthing process etc. Not to mention after you have the baby...The lactation help needed, the chaotic schedule of a newborn..What I have realized as a husband and father is that my role is WAAAAYYYY bigger and if executed properly, makes all the difference! That's where the Dedicated Doulas come into play! The doulas were there every step of the way. They guided my partner through every single question and anxiety. You may not think that's important, but let me tell you, if you can't be there to quell the storm, you better believe the doulas will and you'll come home to a MUCH calmer, happier partner. I found myself trying to help so many times and I had to step back and realize....this is a process that I cannot understand or have never experienced, but the doulas helped support me so I could show up the best way possible. They were there for every question, they were there at the hospital for pre and post labor!!! They have crafted a community that is there 24/7! And trust me, you will wish you had that when you find yourself riddled with questions and not knowing what to do! Let me say this, I asked my wife when we were in the car after everything and I said, "Babe, could you imagine doing all of that without the doulas." My wife started crying and said, "No, I don't think that it would have been possible." There isn't a price tag on the mental well being, support and comfort that the doulas give you. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!


Emily Jamerson


The Dedicated Doula team was a fantastic addition to my pregnancy and birth. This was my first birth experience and I am living across the country from my family so having support from them was incredible. They are always available for questions pre and post birth. I appreciated the extra resources they offer - birthing class, placenta encapsulation, birth photography, postpartum support, and the Facebook group with current and past clients offers great support. I  wouldn't have labored as long as I did, or tried all the laboring positions I did, without having my doula by my side. 

Daniel Lari


Suzanne and Cari were absolutely essential throughout our pregnancy and labor journey.

We immediately felt a strong connection with them and understood they were providing more than just a service. Their authenticity, care, knowledge, and support exceeded all our expectations. As a newcomer to the world of doulas, I was initially unsure if we needed one. However, it didn't take long for me to realize their true importance and the expertise they brought to this significant life event.

I learned a lot from Suzanne and Cari. We worked together through my wife's pregnancy stages, how to prepare for birth, and how to support my wife during labor. Suzanne was present at the birth of our baby boy, helping every step of the way and sharing this incredible moment and life-changing experience with us.

Following the birth and are taking baby home, we began to encounter challenges with breastfeeding. Suzanne was quick to respond, providing us with valuable tools and guidance by visiting our home, ensuring we gained the confidence and skills needed to successfully breastfeed using the techniques she recommended.

We can't express enough how amazing Suzanne and Cari are, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Jun C


I had an absolutely incredible experience with Suzanne & Cari! From the moment we started working together, they demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and expertise. Throughout my labor process, they were by my side, providing unwavering support and guidance, respecting my birth preferences every step of the way.

Their responsiveness to my questions and concerns was remarkable, making me feel heard and valued. The pre and post labor support they offered was truly invaluable, helping me feel prepared and cared for during every stage of my pregnancy journey.

They are also very resourceful. Whenever I needed recommendations or referrals, they had a wealth of information to share, and their suggestions were consistently spot-on.

I can't thank them enough for being such an essential part of my birthing experience. Their presence made the entire process smoother, more empowering, and truly unforgettable. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, helpful, and caring birth doula, I wholeheartedly recommend them!



I came to the Dedicated Doula Team as a first time mom and also new to doula care, having been referred to Doula Suzanne by my OB provider. I'm so grateful that I hired the Dedicated Doula team.  I knew I wanted a doula team for my birth because I wanted to be able to know who my backup doula would be. However, I didn't truly understand the benefit of hiring a doula TEAM until I experienced it. Cari and Suzanne were both incredible, and their team mentality of wrapping around the families they serve in providing prenatal, labor, and postpartum support is palpable, even if the support needed is unexpected. Additionally, the Dedicated Doula Team provides a platform to meet other families for community through their Facebook group and summer picnics, etc, which I love. There is no obligation for involvement but lots of opportunity. 
Highly recommend!!!



Suzanne, Cari, and The Dedicated Doula team were a huge part of why I had an amazing birth! I was nervous about giving birth and felt like I needed someone knowledgeable on our team. My husband and I knew that Suzanne would be an awesome fit after our first consult call with her. At that time, we were trying to make a decision to change hospitals and I was approaching my third trimester. She was so knowledgeable about the details of each local hospital and provided a lot of insight to help us make that decision. I’m so thankful for that conversation and for making the switch. Suzanne and Cari came to our house and spent several hours going over the third trimester of pregnancy, birth prep, post-partum care, baby care, breastfeeding, and answered all of our questions. This really helped put my mind at ease and made me feel more prepared to give birth. We also had another meeting with them to put our birth plan together closer to birth. When I went into labor, my husband and I were in constant communication with Cari. She gave us the advice and tools we needed to labor at home for as long as possible, which was my goal. Suzanne and Cari both came to visit us postpartum as soon as I voiced that we were having issues with breastfeeding. We also have beautiful pictures that Cari took at the hospital and newborn photos done by Suzanne, so special to have those photos because we didn’t take many at the hospital. I am forever thankful that we made the decision to work with The Dedicated Doula team! You will not find people as caring and genuine as this team! They are definitely hired for my future pregnancies!



My partner and I are so greatful to have Suzanne, Cari and the Dedicated Doula as part of our care team! As first time parents, we were originally debating on whether to move forward with a doula or trying to navigate this expereice on our own. I look back and can't imagine how we would have survived without them! They were lifesavers and an absolute blessing who made our birth experience incredibly positive. From the moment we initially connected with Suzanne, we knew we would be in assertive yet caring hands and we trusted she had a dedicated team beside her. 

We worked closely with both Suzanne and Cari but have gotten to know the whole team through the numerous doula/client picnics they hold each month. Beyond providing doula care and service for birth and pre/postpartum, they have done an incredible job bringing together an amazing and supportive community of individuals going through the same stages in life together. This shows how deeply they care about the families they have touched and how they want to see each one of us in our best light. 

We cannot imagine going through this journey without the Doula Team by our side. Suzanne and Cari were professional and confident through their vast experiecnes and I felt comfortable and at ease every time I was with them.

Austyn Scanlon


The Dedicated Doulas are by the far the best investment we made during our pregnancy/postpartum journey. They were super helpful during pregnancy to keep me level headed and made me less anxious since I knew I could them questions anytime. We also took all our birth classes with Cari which was a fun way to get to know her better and felt comfortable asking questions and felt prepared for birth. Although my birth was not what I planned (medical induction, 5 days in the hospital) they took every call and every text during early labor and Cari ended up staying with me 30+ hours. She walked with me through every hard decision and made me feel empowered and strong even though I had to compromise much of my original plan. She felt like a friend throughout the process and my family adored her. Now in the middle of postpartum I feel so much more confident than I thought I would because they've come to our house for lactation and postpartum support. I think I would be absolute mess without them. I also love that they have so many events and cultivate a community with their clients. If you're considering a doula, you cannot wrong with anyone on their team. Such an amazing experience and they all truly love this job!

Heather Rosewarne


I'm so impressed by Cari's positivity, calm presence and the energy she brings to birth! Her advocacy for clients combined with her grounded experience is remarkable! I work as a hospital L&D nurse and was grateful to work with her to mutually support a birthing mother through a challenging induction. Cari had a beautiful way of holding space for the client's ideals while guiding her through difficulties to have a successful birth. She honors individuals and families and bring a collaborative spirit to the team!



The Dedicated Doula team is amazing pre and postpartum! They keep up with current information/studeis and all bring specific strengths that help with pre and post partum which was invaluable! They help you get an amazing plan and when things change they seamlessly flex.  Nurses don't tell you the full range of option so the doulas were really able to help me advocate for myself the best experience (therepeutic rest!!). They also helped support my spouse so he could be present and not stress. Their encouragement and thoughtfulness makes all the difference.

Postpartum care is typically undervalued but we wouldn't have managed without them. Helping us know what's normal and not, the reassurance that everything is fine, their pooled knowlege to get through every situation, and finally the periodic check up just lessens the stress enormously.

I couldn't imagine a better team and despite knowing how birth goes now I will be 10/10 will be getting them for my next birth.



Katherine Seward


The Dedicated Doula team is what made my birth experience the most amazing experience I've ever had among my 4 kids. Going into the labor I had a lot of concerns and trauma from pass birth experiences and they handed them like a champ. When it came time for me to go into labor which happens multiple times during my pregnancy. They were there every step by the way, and super supportive. In addition they were the backbone I needed when my labor seemed to never go the way I expected every time I was admitted for contractions, but my labor didn't progress. They came every time and stayed with me without complaint and with a smile every visit. When it was actually go time,  they were ready and were so helpful. The pictures they got were stunning. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a doula or even just photography. If I were to ever have a baby again (I'm not, though) I'd chose them every time. 



We had a great experience. We had several meetings before the due date to talk about what we wanted and what our roles would be in the hospital. Suzanne shepherded us through the process and was a good mediator between us and the hospital. She was calm during the more fraught moments and helped us make reasoned decisions.


During the recovery in the hospital she was crucial in making sure the baby had food to eat. She was also available while I was healing and is still available today to answer questions!



Suzanne and her team were truly my lifesavers. I was new to the area,new to being a mom and just overall nervous. They provided endless support and never made me feel ridiculous for any of the questions I had. Suzanne always showed up for me when I needed her the most and would call me if she knew I was having a hard time. Her reassurance and experience was immeasurable. My baby had weight issues and latch problems and she kept me 3 steps ahead of everything. I credit her completely for being able to successfully breastfeed after a long hard battle. I would've had such a hard time without her. Definitely more than just a birth doula, she encompassed everything I needed and helped me navigate this new territory. My husband and I couldn't recommend her more. 



Our experience with the Dedicated Doula Team has been absolutely more than we ever expected. My mother-in-law was the one who suggested that we look into having a doula to help us with the labor and birth process so going into this we didnt have much epxerience with doulas. Really, we were looking for someone who would give me support and help with my anxiety, while also providing support to my husband and helping guide him during the whole labor process. The Dedicated Doula Team was that and more. We are so incredibly thankful for all the support that we have gotten both before, during and after our sons birth. 



Suzanne was my birth doula and as a first time mom I'm very grateful that she was part of my pregnancy and postpartum. She was an incredible support to me at the hospital and validated my emotions postpartum. Suzanne is extremely kind and understanding. She provided us with information, understood our preference and risk tolerance and supported our decisions. She checked on me after birth and it was so helpful to talk to her. I'm sure that Suzanne would be an excellent doula and resource to any person she works with.


Yaamini Sharma


Having Suzanne, Cari, and Cherish be part of our birthing experience was the best decision my husband and I made. Best part was that we received all the support, during the pregnancy, during birth, and after the delivery, at one place.

As first-time parents, we were scared about labor and birth. From our first interaction with Suzanne, we knew we were in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, competent, and caring. Throughout my pregnancy and after, she regularly checked in on us, encouraged us to ask questions, and sent many helpful resources. She guided us through the experience, giving us the information we needed to make our own decisions without judgment on our choices. Once I was in labor, Cari helped alleviate the back pain I was experiencing, and also helped find the best labor positions that worked for us, staying by our side the entire time. She is extremely conscientious of your partner/support person and personalizes the birthing experience to match your needs. We are so thankful for her and would recommend her over and over.

In addition to Suzanne and Cari, we also had Cherish as our postpartum night doula. We were also extremely impressed with her. Just like Suzanne and Cari, Cherish is knowledgeable and extremely kind. She was there for us during the early postpartum weeks, when we were exhausted and stressed. We felt very safe with her watching our newborn while we rested. She cleaned and baked for us, while easing any concerns we had about our new baby. Cherish is an amazing doula and person we highly recommend.



I loved working with Jenn as my doula! I would hire her again in an instant. She is genuinely so kind and empathetic while also being very grounded. I felt comfortable with her from the beginning, like talking to an old friend. Her presence for me during labor was so comforting, especially during some unexpected complications I had during this birth. I felt like it was the perfect balance of intuitive support from her along with gentle, but firm, advocacy. She helped me come back to myself when things got tough and I was struggling.

She is also very knowledgeable about, well, all the things a doula should know and especially about using positioning to support labor progress. With her help I was able to have the shortest labor I've ever had (fourth baby, 4 hours of active labor after having 8-12 hour labors with babies 1-3). All the while she took beautiful photos of my labor and birth. I can't recommend her highly enough. 



My husband and I are so grateful for Cherish. She was our birth doula in February 2023, when we welcomed our baby girl. She seriously carried us through our 33 hour labour!

We were hoping for a birth experience with minimal interventions (unmedicated if possible). When my water broke prematurely, I called Cherish at 1am and she started supporting me via text and helping me through this unexpected event. At the hospital, she used her TENS unit and counter pressure skills to help with my back pains, and kept me and my husband in good spirits. There were some really difficult moments at the hospital and we are both unbelievably thankful to have Cherish with us through it all! Even though the physical and mental strains were immense, instead of having a traumatic experience, I have fond memories of this birth experience largely because of having Cherish and my husband working together by my side.

In the days and weeks following our delivery, Cherish continued to help me navigate the new challenges that came up. Postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, etc... All these things were quite overwhelming to me as a first time mother. All in all, we are so glad that Cherish supported us and would highly recommend her!

Prashant Prabhu


Pregnancy and giving birth is hard and can get really complex as it's unfolding. As fortunate as we are to have a good health care system in America, it is often difficult if not impossible to get individualized and focused attention on you and your family. In the case of pregnancy and giving birth, this is even more important because there can be so many choices to be made which you may not end up getting compelete visibility into the pros and cons of those choices to be able to make the best informed decision possible. That's where not just any doula but a doula like Suzanne comes into play. It's like having a quote unquote experienced mother in your family who has seen so many births and so many different experiences with pregnancies and births, and at the same time is empathetic yet assertive about things that are too critical to be ignored, both with you and the hospital staff. The most amazing part about it is that she does it all while being extremely gentle and protective with the mother, almost like an experienced mother or older sister. If you are reading this because you are exploring or thinking of getting a doula, I would highly recommend that you try to work with Suzanne and her team because I know that the next time we are having a baby we will definitely be working with Suzanne again. 

Karli Scott


I feel blessed to have found the Dedicated Doula Team to be my doulas. I don't know what I would have done without them at my birth. They were perfectly supportive throughout my journey during pregnancy, labor and birth and postpardum. I am so thankful for them!

My labor was extremenly difficult, more than I ever expected and we ended up changing our birth plan during it. My doulas support during this change in plans gave me such comfort and strength. It was a very stressful and scary experience that I was able to 100% lean on my doula for her knowledge and experience, which was exactly what my husband and I needed. I cannot express how truly thankful I am that they were by mine and my husbands side.

My doula brought her skills and knowledge to my birth that helped me cope during the pain, that helped both myself and my husband take care of our bodies to keep our strength up. She guided me through the change in my birth plan and helped me physically through each step, I know my birth would have been even more difficult without her. She emotionally supported both my husband and I so perfectly, beyond what words can express.

I would recommend them to anyone!



We were nervous, excited, first time parents of twins when we found Cherish around our 24th week of pregnancy. We had only found out we were having twins at our 20 week ultrasound which explains the nervous part. She was an absolute fountain of knowledge for us. Her calmness was grounding as she walked us through the numerous ways our birth could go. She made sure to use our birth plan, that she helped us create using many examples and options and experiences versus dictating what should go on it, as the reference and explained possible deviations from that. We felt heard and understood and confident when we would meet with her. As for the birth it was moving very slowly, we were going to close our eyes to get some rest when all of a sudden I’m being whisked off to have a cesarian, I have anxiety and was feeling overwhelmed and nervous when cherish showed up with lavender soaked tissues to calm my nerves, and then mint tissues to ease the nausea, she got right up in people’s business to get incredible photographs to help me remember the most beautiful, monumental experience I’ve ever had.  She was present and in the forefront when she needed to be and was quietly waiting in the background when she wasn’t. Her intuition of the situations was spot on. She helped both of my boys latch immediately following their birth and stuck around to make sure we were all set and comfortable before parting. She was a bright light throughout pregnancy and an absolute beacon during the birth. We are incredibly grateful to have had her on our journey through pregnancy and delivery. Oh and she makes the best lactation cookies ever.

Prashant Prabhu


Pregnancy and giving birth is hard and can get really complex as it's unfolding. As fortunate as we are to have a good health care system in America, it is often difficult if not impossible to get individualized and focused attention on you and your family. In the case of pregnancy and giving birth, this is even more important because there can be so many choices to be made which you may not end up getting compelete visibility into the pros and cons of those choices to be able to make the best informed decision possible. That's where not just any doula but a doula like Suzanne comes into play. It's like having a quote unquote experienced mother in your family who has seen so many births and so many different experiences with pregnancies and births, and at the same time is empathetic yet assertive about things that are too critical to be ignored, both with you and the hospital staff. The most amazing part about it is that she does it all while being extremely gentle and protective with the mother, almost like an experienced mother or older sister. If you are reading this because you are exploring or thinking of getting a doula, I would highly recommend that you try to work with Suzanne and her team because I know that the next time we are having a baby we will definitely be working with Suzanne again. 



Hiring Suzanne as my doula was one of the best decisions I made. I knew I wanted a unmedicated birth and I was scared my 2nd birth would end up an epidural birth as well if I didn't have the support and encouragement I needed. I truly believe that if Suzanne was not my doula I wouldn't have had an unmedicated birth. She showed up at our house when I thought I was finally going into labor, but by the time she arrived it had fizzled out. I was so discouraged, but Suzanne gave me some stretches and positions to try because she believed that baby was ready but just not in the right position. By early afternoon that same day, I had my sweet baby boy in my arms. She provided much needed encouragement when I was laboring and pushing. Even while I was pushing my son out I kept thinking "I can't do this, I can't do this" but I did and I am so happy I got the birth experience I wanted this time.  I wish I had hired Suzanne for my 1st birth because I am sure it would have been 100% a different experience. I am definitely hiring her for my next pregnancy and because of her I think I will explore the idea of doing either a home birth or birth center insead of a hospital birth. Also even though my son came quick (less than 3 hours from start of labor to delivery) she was still able to get some incredible photos.

Vanessa Williams-Hall


We had such a wonderful experience with Suzanne and her team! They were incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and patient with us as first time parents. Not only were they indispensable during our birth, offering insight and answering questions when our medical team wasn't, but they provided so much useful information and support leading up to it, particularly relative to breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. Truly a godsend in both departments! And the support has continued throughout our postpartum experience--they are always there to answer questions and are very responsive and knowledgeable. I've felt much more confident and less anxious navigating life as a new parent with them in our corner. I would recommend them to anyone seeking doula services, regardless of the type of birth experience you're hoping for (medicated, unmedicated, etc.). They will help set you up for as much success as possible with their extensive experience and open minded/nonjudgmental attitudes. If we have another baby, we will absolutely use them again. 



Hiring Suzanne to be our doula was one of the best decisions and investments we’ve ever made. She provided 24/7 support before, during, and after delivery. A few weeks before my due date, Suzanne and Cari came over to go over all things birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. They spent hours preparing my husband and I for the birth of our first baby, which helped us put together a birth plan and feel less anxious about everything. Suzanne checked in with me frequently leading up to the birth and gave me reminders on prepping my body. I was induced, and the intensity of my contractions increased quickly. Suzanne showed up right away and went into action to make me as comfortable as possible, and provided invaluable support to both of us during the entire labor. She gave my husband and I space when we needed it, chatted with me to take my mind off the pain, repositioned me regularly, whispered much needed encouragement when I pushed, worked seamlessly with the nursing team, and somehow also managed to take beautiful photos of it all. Suzanne supported all of our decisions and tried her best to make sure everything went as close to our birth plan as possible (obviously what actually happens is out of anyone’s control). After going through some trauma during and after the birth, Suzanne offered her support and checked in on us regularly. She truly cares about her clients and she’s basically like family now. I’m so grateful to have Suzanne in our lives and could not recommend her more for your birth journey.



Suzanne Ledbetter was always available for any prenatal questions or concerns. She provided effective manuvers to get my baby into the right position prior to birth. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth and that wouldn't have been possible without Suzanne's help. She provided just the right amount of support without being over powering. She was very prompt with her responses to text or call. When she went on vacation she made sure I had the contact information of her team. She also did newborn photos for our family and they are wonderful! Very reasonably priced and something we will cherish forever. 

Michelle Gross


Suzanne was very responsive when I first contacted her throughout the pregnancy and during the pregnancy. I am thankful that she had and executed in backup plans incase no one could show up fast enough and with my fear of being abandoned again by my previous kids doula. She never made me feel like I was crazy even though I probably was a little. The pictures of the birth were amazing and captured exactly what I desired. I also found it amazing she brought little gift bags to the birthing center for the team. Very thoughtful and sweet. If I were to have another kid I would totally hire Suzanne and her team. 

Amanda Engle


I am so glad we chose Suzanne to be our doula. From the start my experience was awesome. After reaching out to multiple doulas and not hearing back, Suzanne got back to me within 24 hours and we set up a consultation where she made me feel heard. I signed up a bit early so we didn’t have much contact in the beginning, but once the time came, she was on top of it. Answered all my questions, plus gave me advice I didn’t even know I needed! Then came time for labor. She walked me through as everything was happening. She was at the hospital when I was ready and helped me through contractions when my epidural stopped working. She was there for me when pushing had gone on forever and we decided to have a c section. She was comforting when the pain of holding my baby in was unbearable. All while taking photos when she could. Then for the fourth trimester. She has been available to me through text and over the phone, plus offering to come out to our house. Cherish came out twice at a moments notice to help with breast feeding and offered to watch the baby for me to sleep. Overall my experience was great and I highly recommend anyone looking for a doula to reach out to this team.

Amanda Engle


I am so glad we chose Suzanne to be our doula. From the start my experience was awesome. After reaching out to multiple doulas and not hearing back, Suzanne got back to me within 24 hours and we set up a consultation where she made me feel heard. I signed up a bit early so we didn’t have much contact in the beginning, but once the time came, she was on top of it. Answered all my questions, plus gave me advice I didn’t even know I needed! Then came time for labor. She walked me through as everything was happening. She was at the hospital when I was ready and helped me through contractions when my epidural stopped working. She was there for me when pushing had gone on forever and we decided to have a c section. She was comforting when the pain of holding my baby in was unbearable. All while taking photos when she could. Then for the fourth trimester. She has been available to me through text and over the phone, plus offering to come out to our house. Cherish came out twice at a moments notice to help with breast feeding and offered to watch the baby for me to sleep. Overall my experience was great and I highly recommend anyone looking for a doula to reach out to this team.



As a survivor of domestic violence, my pregnancy was very high stress. As a FTM, I worked hard to control every detail of my baby's birth. In retrospect, the planning was an obsessive attempt to take control of my life. I needed an empowering birth experience, to reclaim my power and continue my healing journey.

Part of my prep was hiring Suzanne and Cari. I knew our prenatal appointments would help me feel more confident as I checked to-do's off my list, but I didn't anticipate that they would teach me to surrender to the unknown parts of birthing. Cari and Suzanne instilled in me that I didn't need to know every technique or position out there, because they would be there to guide me. I finally felt safe and mentally strong enough to birth. My daughter arrived just ten days after our last appointment.

During the birth, Suzanne and Cari adjusted to what I needed instantly. They've been through a million different scenarios and so each labor progression was familiar to them. They guided me through the process and calmed me. I felt like I could just let go and go with the flow. I could focus on the sole task at hand: listening to my body. When I needed decision making help, they easily laid out choices and options for me. They pivoted on a dime when I thought I might like to birth at home, instead of traveling to the birth center as planned. They were always supportive of my decisions, never pressuring me one way or the other.

Lastly, as a client of TDDT, you immediately gain access to their network of former clients. It's amazing to be in their community. The TDDT has grown something truly special in the Seattle area.

In summary, Suzanne and Cari helped me achieve an incredibly empowering and transformative birth experience, setting the tone for my motherhood journey. I attribute my feeling of success, to their expert help. I absolutely hope to be a repeat client of theirs and hold so much appreciation for their entire team.



As a first time mom, I wasn't even sure how I would use a doula, but after working with Suzanne, I'm not sure how I would have survived without her. Suzanne set me up for success from the beginning, from walking me through ways my labor could go, to recommending great labor and postpartum products for recovery and breastfeeding and exercises to support breastfeeding and ease labor, and even holding a child care class for my husband and I to get a little practice and learn what we needed to get started taking care of our baby. My induction ended up takin 3 days and Suzanne's presence in the room was at once a comfort, a source of support, and an invaluable resource. She helped me navigate the various options I had at my disposal and directions my labor could progress, and always helped remind me of my agency and the core of my wishes for my birth. Her coaching helped me encourage labor and manage my pain, and if it wasn't for other issues, I'm confident I would have delivered vaginally on nitrous alone with her support. As difficult as things got, my husband and I could always just turn to Suzanne and feel secure that we weren't alone and that we were making the right decisions at the right time. Suzanne was also discreet in her photography, taking photos at just the right times, and although I didn't initially care much about having photos, they're really wonderful to look through and were expertly done.  Pre and post partum, Suzanne connected me with numerous fantastic resources, including professionals who would help me through my breastfeeding challenges and have a safe and easy bris, or ritual circumcision, for my son. Even now as I recover and learn to care for my baby, I know I can turn to Suzanne for a guiding light or a helping hand, and that makes everything a little easier to navigate. Working with Suzanne was the single best decision I've made for my pregnancy and I can't wait to work with her again!

Ruian Yang


I found Suzanne and her team’s profile on doula match when I was looking for a doula in my second trimester. As first time parents, my husband and I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and taking care of a newborn. From the first time we met, I could tell that Suzanne is very caring and knowledgeable. We decided to hire Suzanne as our doula and it was one of the best decisions we made.

My pregnancy was rather uneventful but when I had any questions or concerns, Suzanne was always quick to respond. She provided us with useful information and encouragement. When my labor started in the middle of night, we contacted Suzanne and she was prepared to come to us and support us. Having her with me during labor made me feel safe and supported. She used different techniques to help me manage the contractions and gave me suggestions on my positions. My labor was progressing very fast. Suzanne was able to help us identify what stage I was in and got us to the birth center in time. Our beautiful baby girl was born 1 hour after we got there and I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted. It was an amazing experience!

Suzanne continued to check in on us and support us after the baby was born. We felt very comfortable with her and reached out  to her with questions regarding feeding and sleeping. I highly recommend having Suzanne as part of birthing experience! 



I had a really positive experience and appreciated that there was a team behind me. I was anxious going into this pregnancy due to difficulty in getting pregnant, a few miscarriages and also the loss of my mom in there. Hiring Suzzane and Cari immediately made me feel more supported and comofrtable with my birth plan. While I ended up having a scheduled c-section, due to high blood pressure, it was still worth it to have a doula. Suzzane was present for me day of and it ended up being more involved and she was really helpful in managing the high stress of the moment. My partner was overwhelmed by the medical system and was not in a spot to be advocating for me. It was such a comfort and help having someone right there with me, looking out for what I wanted and providing wonderful emotional support. Thanks so much Suzaane and Cari for the great support. It was an added bonus to me that I also got beautiful pictures of my son's birth. 



My experience with Suzanne was amazing! She was a god sent for me. My parents were not here at the time for my delivery, however I felt cared for, Suzanne took care of me and helped me channel the pain. I 100% recommend her, I feel lucky somebody referred her to me. Thank you Suzzane for all your help and being there for us to guide us throughout the process??

Lindsey S.


Cari is truly a gem! There aren't enough good things to say about her! From start to finish she was absolutely wonderful! If you are considering a doula on your birth team, hire Cari. You will thank yourself later. Not only was she an incredible support to me but also to my husband. She kept the environment calm, peaceful and nurturing. When I felt the pain was getting too intense she seemed to know just what to say or do. Having Cari in the room with us felt natural, like having a trusted friend we'd known for years. The physical and emotional support she offered was invaluable. She helped me stay focused and as calm as possible to have the unmedicated, natural delivery I hoped for. My husband and I are so grateful to have had her along with us on our journey. We would highly recommend Cari to anyone expecting a baby! I believe every woman in labor needs Cari or someone just like her on their birth team. To top it all off she captured some special pictures of laboring and when our sweet little one was born, we will cherish those pictures forever. Cari is just the best! 

Danielle Sewell


I was skeptical about getting a doula - I wasn’t sure I needed another person “cheering me on” or providing encouraging words. I had no idea a doula could be so much more. Suzanne and her team provided incredible resources around everything from pregnancy nutrition to labor prep to breastfeeding. Many people are caught off guard by the challenges that can emerge after baby comes, but because of the Dedicated Doulas team I ended up feeling way ahead and less stressed as a result. But perhaps the biggest thing was the day of labor - Suzanne had incredible instincts about how to move labor forward, and her suggestions worked. I had an incredible birth and I can’t imagine it without Suzanne!

Kierson Wilfley


Where to begin?! Suzanne is more than a doula to us, she is family. She was there for us with our first born and then went out of her way to make sure she was there for us with our second (and thank goodness because I could not have done it without her support). There was a point where we both thought she may miss my sons birth because he was past due and her flight back to Seattle was quickly approaching. She went out of her way to make sure we had a backup plan. To quote "let's make a backup plan that way we won't need it". And boy was she right, we did not need the backup plan once we had it. 

When you choose Suzanne as your doula, you aren't just choosing someone to support you during your child's birth. You are choosing someone who is there for you every step of the way and in every way possible. And if there is something she can't help with, she guides you to who can. You are choosing someone who immediately feels like family, like a home away from home. Without her, I am not sure I would have made it through the birth of my second son. She helped me process his birth story and helped me see it from a different perspective. She reminded me how beautiful and strong I was and am through it all. For that, I will always be grateful. 

I feel blessed to have her in my life and a part of both of my sons births. 

Ari Z


We chose the Dedicated Doula Team because we really wanted to work with a group, rather than one individual doula, especially in the time of covid. Our initial meeting was with Suzanne and Cherish, and Cherish was our doula for the rest of the time. Both of them were so great, and I felt they were really knowledgeable about birth and especially evidence-based birth practices. Cherish met with us twice at our home before I was due, and then she was there for my entire eternal, complicated induction and birth. She was really helpful during my labor, and stayed in close touch both before my induction, and in the weeks after, as well as coming to our home for at least one visit to see how I was doing and offer support. We also hired her for a couple nights of postpartum doula support, which was awesome. All in all, I can't recommend this crew enough!



As a first time mom I didn’t know what labor was going to be like. Sure, I had taken some virtual classes and read other peoples' birth stories but I didn’t really know how things would be in the heat of the moment especially without medication. The one word I have to describe my experience with Suzanne is grateful. I am so truly grateful that she was with me when I was delivering my baby girl. My wish was to go to the hospital as late as possible to minimize interventions. It seem like a good compromise between a home birth and a hospital birth. And Suzanne helped me to do exactly that. She was responsive when I started getting contractions at 2:30 am, came to my house and helped me get through them with different positions and massages. She also supported me immensly during the hospital portion. Advocating for me and making sure I got the best care possible. On top of all of this, she captured such beautiful photos of the birth that I couldn't believe it. They made for great memories, allowing me to put together missing pieces to make up the whole story. 

I sincerely recommend working with Suzanne for anyone searching for support before, during and after labor. 




I was introduced to the Dedicated Doula team by my doula which is a part of the collective. My husband and I had volunteered to take part in their photo shoot. This group of doulas are fun chat with and very knowledgeable. The entire experience was unexpectedly relaxing for me - we tried out various birth positions and stretches so it felt like a spa day! Most importantly, these ladies helped me realize that I should transition care from an OB to a midwife, and that I am strong enough to give birth without pain medication at the local birthing center. I am so appreciative of our conversations that helped me make that switch - I was able to have my ideal birth! I also love the community this group has built - it was wonderful connecting with other new parents postpartum. I would love to work with them again for my next pregnancy and birth. 



I can't say enough good things about Suzanne, Cari and the entire Dedicated Doula team! As a first-time mom navigating pregnancy in this time when healthcare systems are so overburdened I knew I wanted a calm experienced voice in my corner to provide that extra bit of encouragement, gentleness, and knowledge. Cari ended up being exactly that and more when it came time for my labor. She was able to anticipate my needs (and often my partner's!) before I was aware of them and seemed to know exactly when to offer a snack or to suggest a different position or to direct me to the tub with candles. My labor and birth were more complicated than I had anticipated, and while it was still hard Cari, Suzanne and the entire team's support made me feel cared for and gave me many positive memories and moments to look back on during what could have been an overwhelmingly difficult and traumatic day.

Other ways the team went above and beyond:

- I interviewed a lot of doulas that said that they had a guaranteed backup person, but the Dedicated Doula team were the only ones that actually had me interview the potential backup as part of the initial process. I felt so much better knowing that no matter what it would be someone I knew with me during labor.

- Had many great recommendations for other providers (lactation consultants etc.), but were never pushy with them. I ended up going to two of them and they were both great resources.

- Are very mindful of client privacy, but foster a great sense of community through an opt-in Facebook group. 

- Took wonderful photos. I wasn't sure I wanted photos, but I can't imagine not having them now.

Couldn't recommend them more highly!


Erin McDonald


Working with Dedicated Doula team was a true stress relief and comfort during a rough pregnancy and my first birth. My first intro phone call with Suzanne left me emotional and feeling competent to have the birth I wanted to have. The private childbirth class with Cari was educational, casual and very informative. My labor was too good to be true, texting Cari as soon as contractions were consistent and then when my water broke she rushed up to Seattle and good thing she did. I arrived at UW Northwest fully dilated and Cari arrived just in time to make my last few pushes comfortable. I remember the smallest of tweaks of her pushing my foot and telling my husband how to hold my knee so I could put all my effort into pushing (on my side - highly reccomend). Small but mighty differences and my baby girl was here in 30minutes. She stuck around for a few hours after birth and helped with babies first latch, answered some postpartum questions and in general was a comfort to talk to in the first few hours of motherhood! Thank you Cari and Suzanne for all your support and encouragement <3

Brooke Reinke


We found Cherish and the Dedicated Doula Team on doula match. Immediately we knew she was experienced and aligned with what we were hoping our birth experience to be. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have worked with Cherish and to of had the support of her team had we needed it. We can't recommend Cherish and her team enough. 



If you’re thinking about hiring a Doula just do it! Going through pregnancy with the support of Jenn and her team was so much better than going it alone. I always knew I wanted to work with a doula, and with it being my first baby I knew I needed that extra support.  When I meet Jenn she was so down to earth and relatable. When we talked about my wishes for birth, I never felt judged or silly.  There’s really so much to consider with birth that you probably don’t consider, it can get really medical and technical which can cause some fear or worry and having a Doula to remind you of your strength is priceless. Our doula Jenn was so supportive and knowledgeable through the whole process, plus she included my husband in everything. We met a few times before the big day to talk about whatever I had questions about and we also met to go over and practice different birthing positions and laboring positions. It was nice to practice the positions in person and be able to practice with my husband. Not only do you get Jenn’s support, but you  also get her team and their expertise. I was having trouble breastfeeding because of a stay in the nicu and Jenn suggested I meet with Cherish to help. I was able to start breastfeeding with her help and couldn’t be more thankful. I’m usually a private person but I felt so comfortable around Jenn and Cherish and that helped me with labor and breastfeeding. Even though we are finished working together I feel as though I could reach out to Jenn for anything baby related and still feel supported. I’m so glad to have met Jenn and her team of doulas and would highly recommend Jenn as your birth support—birthing a baby is such a huge life experience and you don’t want to do it alone. 

Leanne Steffke


Cari Aida, of Dedicated Doulas, was truly the best support we could ask for during our son’s delivery. She is experienced, extremely knowledgeable in all things baby, labor and delivery, comforting and encouraging. This was our first baby, so naturally I was quite nervous for the big day! Because we had met with Cari multiple times before our birth, I felt safe, confident and heard knowing that she knew me, my worries, and my preferences. On the day of, I remember feeling so relieved when she got to the hospital! She explained things that came up during labor and delivery and offered lots of ideas and tools for working through labor. Most importantly, she listened to my needs and knew how to support me even when I didn’t have the words (or energy) to know what I needed myself. Cari has an unsurpassed intuition when it comes to supporting mamas during the intensity of labor and delivery. We would, without a second thought, invite Cari to be our doula again, and I will confidently refer her to friends and family. We couldn’t be happier with our first birth experience, and we attribute a lot of that feeling to Cari!

Tanya Garg


Suzzane was my doula for my boy Veer born on the August 23, 2022. Veer is my first born. We got to know about Suzanne from our friends referral as well as facebook groups. She was one of the most highly recommended doulas. After speaking to her entire team of dedicated doulas, something in me clicked with Suzzane and we made our final choice. I’m so glad that we made that choice, it couldn’t have been better!

She had been simply AMAZING throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I had marginal cord insertion and my baby was on the lower percentile curve in the anatomy scan. Suzanne’s direct and specific guidance on diet and delivery exercise helped me deliver a healthy baby via vaginal delivery. She was not only available whenever I tried to reach her but out of genuine care and concern she checked on me multiple times on her own. It felt to me that she just didn’t take me as a client but as a friend whom she really cared for. Her persistence made me persistent in working towards a healthy delivery.

My entire labor and delivery was a blissful journey because I had Suzzane by my side. She was there each step of the way. It was only her voice that I could hear in the delivery room. I knew I could lean on her and she gave the most genuine advice possible at all times. This gave me immense confidence in the entire process and I felt empowered and in control. Suzanne’s constant belief in me made my breastfeeding journey possible. There were times I almost gave up, but she never gave up her faith in me. Her postpartum visit was everything I needed in that postpartum time.

Can’t recommend Suzzane enough to anyone whose on the journey to parenthood. Hiring her as a doula is one decision you’ll never regret. The bond with her continues beyond this journey into something that’s priceless and to be cherished for lifetime.

Lisa Thomsen


We were introduced to Suzanne and the Dedicated Doula team just over a month before our little girl was due, when our previous doula had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Suzanne immediately jumped in to help us as we prepared for our upcoming labor and birth experience. She spent several hours on Zoom and in-person, answering all of our questions and providing guidance for the big day. Her knowledge and experience was absolutely invaluable during labor and birth, both for my husband and myself. She was prepared every step of the way and helped us through each phase of labor, birth and postpartum. We can't thank her enough for helping us have a positive birth experience and for helping us navigate this new chapter in our lives! 

Laura Curtis


I have given birth 4 times; two were without a doula and two with. I can say from experience that having a doula is a positive experience. It is like having a friend who has been through or witnessed what you’ve gone through and is taking their lessons learned over the years and supporting you. I wish I had a doula for my first two birthing experiences and I’m incredibly thankful Suzanne was there for my second two.

Suzanne was my doula for two of my pregnancies (3rd and 4th) and I’d highly recommend her for anyone having a baby. If this is your first or you feel like a pro and have had one or more already, you should consider hiring Suzanne and her team. There is so much they offer… a listening ear, moral support, they are an advocate for your wants and needs during your birthing experience, and I feel that they most importantly help you stay informed during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.  An added bonus is the photography Suzanne took during both my deliveries were incredibly intimate and special.

Even if you think you don’t need a doula, you should consider hiring Suzanne and her team…it was the best decision I made during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies.

Kiairah Richter


Where do I even begin? I can't preach enough amazing things about Suzanne and her team. I was fully expecting to hire Suzanne as a birth photographer rather than a doula. Boy did my mind completely change when I was in labor! I was incredibly grateful for Suzanne, her knowledge, her readiness, her communication, the way she respected my boundaries, the way she comforted me and didn't leave out my significant other even with her helping so much. She was a perfect balance of everything I needed and wanted before, during and after having our son. She made the entire process feel like a breeze. I can't thank her enough with the beautiful pictures she captured delivering our son. I was a little hesitant at first having pictures so up close and personal but she makes the pictures look elegant and beautiful. Suzanne didn't feel like someone I hired but more of a long time family friend I could pour my trust into at such a vulnerable time of my life!

I also had encapsulation of my placenta done by one of Suzanne's team members name Cari. I was so incredibly thankful she hand delivered them to our house! Last thing I wanted to do was leave the house after coming home from the hospital. Not only did she hand deliver them, she also made a beautiful canvas print of my placenta to keep! 

With all my love,

Kiairah Richter

Krystal Mead


My 2019 birth was hard and long. My plan was unmedicated. My truth was epidural, acynclitic and forceps after 6hrs of pushing. My second was fear based induction, epidural and 4 hrs and I realized I wanted something different.

For my third I wanted different. I ditch the hospital, go to a birth center & hired Suzanne. The next 5 months of my pregnancy she was available to answer all questions and mostly tell me I could do this. She provided stretches, research, supplements, emotional support, positive affirmations & more. This truly was a marathon of believing in myself that I CAN do this. 10 days past my due date & a castor oil shake sends me into labor at 2pm. She was immediately on the phone with me guiding me on next steps. We decide to go to birth center, she is there waiting for me. I have a fast and furious 2 hours and my daughter was born. Over those two hours, she provided relief in many ways:
-tens unit
-hip and back pressure
-pouring water on belly
-constant affirmations
-positionally changing me to speed up labor while explaining to me why she’s doing what she’s doing
- feeding me and giving hydration
-guided my husband on support in the moment
-ice cold towel and fan
-a comb to squeeze

Truly her warm, & encouraging presence made me believe in myself. In addition to all of these supports, she took the most beautiful photos of my birth that I can treasure forever. I cannot thank her enough for giving me this redemptive, beautiful, unmedicated birth experience

Pavla Stephens


We hired Suzanne as our doula because I was quite afraid of going through labor, and it was the best decision ever. I felt very safe knowing that Suzanne was in my corner and looking out for me. She is an incredibly caring and understanding person, who will always be respectful of your wishes, and she will support you through any birthing experience. 

Our first child, a beautiful daughter, was two weeks late and decided to make an appearance when Suzanne was out of town. Before leaving, Suzanne made sure to introduce us to one of her teammates (just in case:), and we had a really good experience with her friend Kayla as well.

We welcomed our second baby, a cute boy, 16 months later. This time Suzanne was able to be there with us, and I am incredibly grateful for it. I didn't have time to get an epidural this time, and I felt quite abandoned by the hospital staff. They left me, my husband and Suzanne in the room and returned just barely in time to catch the baby. Giving birth is such an intimate, painful, and confusing experience. Suzanne was there for me the whole time. She was helping me to focus, trying to calm me down, offering various ways of pain relief and applying counter pressure to my lower back. She was my lighthouse in the darkness and kept my panic under control. I think having a doula was absolutely essential for my mental health, and I wish every birthing parent would have one too.

Long story short, we have two amazing children, and we're happy to call Suzanne our friend. She is also an amazing lifestyle photographer, so she's been documenting our family literally from the start.

Thank you for everything, Suzanne!

Isaac S.


We hired Suzanne as our doula for both of our kids. She is kind and caring, and not afraid to take calls or texts at any hour because you're freaked out about this and/or that. The first pregnancy had so many questions and fears. She held our hands, metaphorically and actually, through every single one. Unfortunately she had a family emergency to deal with and was not available to  be there for the birth. Her backup doula, who we met just in case, was also wonderful and made us feel comfortable about this insane new adventure we had gotten ourselves into. The postpartum care was a mixture of both Suzanne and the backup. It was immensely beneficial to all of us.

For the second pregnancy Suzanne vowed not to miss it. She was there the entire pregnancy to answer questions, agian, and was by my wife's side all way from labor, through the birth, all the way until we were finally settled in our postpartum room. Someone else review said "Suzanne is wise", and I support that 100%. She has a vast mental database of Dr's and birthing staffs, locations, pregnancy exercises, pressure and stress relief techniques to draw from. Birth is a truly beautiful hurricane of chaos. Having someone so wise there to guide you through it is a real blessi g. I'm sure there are many great doulas in the area, but I only want Suzanne Ledbetter, or whomever she recommends, to be our doula.


Anj Rai


I came across Suzanne and her team randomly while scrolling through Facebook. I decided to give her a chance bc I needed a doula and wanted one fast. Immediately upon talking to Suzanne on the phone, I felt very comfortable and confident that she was someone I could work with. I didn't expect Suzanne to have the type of impact she had on my pregnancy and postpartum but I am here now with my 3 week old feeling extremely grateful we chose to work with Suzanne and not anyone else. 

To put it simply, Suzanne is wise, generous and extremely good at what she does. It's rare to meet people who are not only passionate but also meant to do what they do. Suzanne is caring beyond belief and makes sure to proactively reach out to us and make sure we are ok. She has great advice to give and doesnt believe in forcing opinions on anyone. She listens to your concerns and helps educate you on what your options are without judgment on what you decide to do. 

Best of all, she will be the exact support and team you need during labor and delivery. I quite honestly don't know what I would have done without Suzanne by my side during my labor and delivery. Whether it was passing me snacks, helping me with smelling peppermint oil when I felt nauseous to making sure she held my hand during my c section and helping me breathe through contractions, Suzanne was exactly what I needed to help me get through it all. 

In postpartum, Suzanne helped my husband and I navigate challenges with breastfeeding and even communication in our high anxiety states. She completed multiple visits to our home to check on us and baby and even made sure we had enough donor milk and a baby scale to help through the initial difficult time. 

Im honored to have had Suzanne as my doula and to consider her now a friend. You will not be disappointed in your choice when selecting Suzanne and her team. I am so glad I did! 

Maribeth Lysen


Working with Suzanne has been such a wonderful experience. When I was looking for a doula, I loved that Suzanne has a team to support the birth process since we all know how unpredictable giving birth can be and having a team made me feel safe and secure that I’d have someone available whenever I gave birth. Suzanne (or another member of the team) is there every step of the way, from before you give birth, walking you through the process in detail so you know what to expect, all the way to postpartum support. For the first 3 weeks after I gave birth, we used their night doula services to help support us and I can’t imagine how we would have done it without both Suzanne and Cherish. After our son was born, Suzanne was an invaluable resource for questions and for referrals. She helped us find an amazing lactation consultant and practitioners to help with my son’s tongue tie. Another huge perk that I love is they provide photography services. In addition to birth photos, Suzanne took maternity photos and photos later, after the birth, at our home with his big brother. I’m delighted with how they turned out. I can’t recommend the team highly enough.

Alejandra Murillo


All I wanted was to have a beautiful and empowered birth and having Suzanne as support allow me to do it. Birth is very unpredictable and my doula support me in all the decisions and provide me with tools to cope mentally and physically to be able to welcome my baby to the world. Me and my family are so grateful for all the support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I'm happy to know the dedicated doulas team will be there to support my journey to motherhood.

David Pan


We are so glad to have hired Suzanne to be part of our birth journey. Suzanne came recommended from a friend who also hired her. Suzanne is friendly and shared a wealth of knowledge ahead of the birth that was very helpful. She had my wife start hand expressing breastmilk and trying out the pumps ahead of the birth which really helped with the milk coming in post partum. 

My wife had a long and complicated labor - 55 hours of total labor including over 4 hours of pushing. Initially we texted Suzanne to let her know about the labor and she checked in with us every couple of hours. As the labor dragged on she asked to come over that's when we really got to see Suzanne's magic and expertise in action. She was really helpful in finding ways to help my wife relieve pain such as using our bathroom and bringing over a TENS device to reduce pain. 

At the hospital, Suzanne guided us through options that the doctor / nurse presented us and we observed her push back when appropriate. Watching her push back on the medical team was important later in our labor as my wife and I were empowered to push back on the OB when the OB suggested using forceps. We pushed back on the doctor to give us more time. 

Our labor was taking a long time because baby was nose up and was coming down crooked. Suzanne was key in positioning my wife in an all fours position that rotated the baby nose down so that she could make it further down the birth canal to a point where the OB could use a vacuum assist instead of forceps - a much safer procedure. 

I truly believe that without Suzanne, my wife would have ended up with a C-section but we were ultimately able to avoid it because of Suzanne's expertise. 

After the birth, Suzanne's lactation consultation was also very helpful and the photos she captured during labor were magical. 

Momma and baby are doing great and we are so grateful for Suzanne. 



I am so glad that I had Suzanne with me for my birth! My husband and I found her to be an invaluable partner for our entire birth experience and she helped make it an amazing experience. I highly recommend her and her entire team. She was a strong advocate for me during the entire process, and helped in so many ways that I didn’t even know I needed. Suzanne worked really well with the nurses and doctor, and we could tell that they also valued her experience. Suzanne helped make my entire labor exactly what I wanted and I will forever cherish the amazing memories that she helped create. In the months postpartum, she has been available for questions and support whenever I’ve needed it and follows up to check in and see how things are going. I really can’t stay enough good things about Suzanne, she was amazing. 



My husband and I originally were going to wing labor and delivery on our own. We had no plans to work with a doula, and assumed the hospital staff would guide us when it was game time.

After speaking to friends who'd recently had a baby and raved about their doula, we did some digging and scheduled a Zoom call with Cari Aida (from The Dedicated Doula Team) to see if we'd feel comfortable working with her.

Cari's friendliness, calm and knowledgeable demeanor were evident, and we knew immediately we wanted her on our team. 

Leading up to delivery day, Cari gave us great advice and insight into what to expect (like staying home and getting sleep after my water broke--there was no need to rush to the hospital!). She also made sure she was available to answer questions by text or phone if anything unexpected came up.

Once baby decided she wanted to make an appearance, Cari stayed in constant contact until she joined us at the hospital. Total time from water breaking to delivery was 42 hours (whew!), and Cari supported us for every bit of it. She checked in regularly in the days and weeks afterward, and provided us with a gallery of professional birth photos that were part of her service package.

My husband and I both feel fortunate to have worked with Cari--the birthing experience could've been very different (and far less pleasant and positive) without her there. I can't recommend Cari highly enough.

Surabhi Jain


We worked with Suzanne and Cari in this team both of whom were simply outstanding. The team is empathetic, caring and extremely responsive. Suzanne was a fantastic birth doula. She provided us amazing tips during pregnancy on what to eat, how to prepare for breastfeeding and a lot of handy advice on how to manage birth at the hospital. She provided us ample time to help us understand the birth process and what choices were available to us. While Suzanne was not available on the day for our birth, her partner Cari was equally fantastic and provided us such amazing and quality support throughout the birth process. Postpartum, Suzanne has been such a great support providing us guidance through breastfeeding, advice on day to day issues with the baby, going out of the way to help us in anyway possible. She and Cari have also provided us birth and lifestyle photos which will always be such a great memory for us. Suzanne is irreplaceable and has been such a pillar of support during this entire process! Her knowledge along with her high emotional quotient to understand people and the situation makes her a very strong doula! 
Cari was our backup birth doula and was such a fantastic support during my entire birth process. When I went into labor she was constantly in touch with us and came over very promptly to help me progress my labor at home. She provided a lot of different positions and brought along a tens unit which was a lifesaver till I got the epidural. Once I got the epridural, Cari was like a family member and provided me liquids, and fed me while my partner got some rest. She provided different positions while pushing and coordinated so well with the hospital staff during the entire process. Her guidance on when and how to push was paramount for a successful natural delivery. Her patience, and high level of understanding people and the situation around her makes her a fantastic birth doula! 

Alisha Tidball


Suzanne and her team are amazing! They are extremely communicative and quick to reply via email, text, or phone. We were able to meet with a backup doula just in case, but in the end we were able to have Suzanne (business owner) at our birth. It was a much-appreciated lifeline to have had her available for the birth, newborn care, and even emotional support as new parents. Suzanne was able to offer a wide range of expertise and could suggestions/resources for lactation, gassiness, sleep routines, supplements, relationship advice, and recovery.  Bonus- Suzanne is a photographer too so you can get great memories of your special day!



I just can't say enough positive things about this team. Suzanne was my doula, but warned me early on that I could deliver during a long planned vacation, so Cari was integrated into everything we did seamlessly. That worked out fantastic because Suzanne was out of town when I was induced and Cari was able to step in and I was just as comfortable with her as I was Suzanne.

My experience with Cari was one to remember! I had a very long induction and unfortunately had a very serious hemorrhage right after birth. It will always get me emotional to talk about that time as a reminder of just how fragile life is. Cari stood by my side throughout it all with our baby telling me everything that was happening and that I just needed to focus on her and our daughter while the team took care of the hemorrhage.  She ended up staying with us for almost 27 hours and I imagined that our experience would've been much more challenging if she hadn't of been there. Despite the long labor and the hemorrhage, I would still say that our experience overall was a really wonderful one because we got our baby girl.  

Suzanne was fantastic at helping prepare for labor and also after labor with lots of tips for the baby and also support as I navigated breastfeeding and pumping challenges. With every twist and turn, she was there to answer questions and provide pro-tips! And we got amazing maternity and newborn pics to boot!

All in all, we're just so thankful for Suzanne and Cari!

Alisia Fui


I highly recommend booking with this doula team as I've had interactions with both Suzanne and Cari. Suzanne was my doula I had booked but being as busy as she is (just shows how amazing she is) she was already in another birth when my water broke! But I trusted that she had a great back up to be there for us which was true!!! Cari was there for my partner and I from start to finish and we couldn't have had a better experience! With it being our first pregnancy, we had no idea what to expect but Cari did a pretty great job painting that picture for us and explaining everything to us in detail while also answering every little question we had! She definitely helped make the experience a little less stressful. Thank you Suzanne for having such a great back up and thank you Cari for being an AMAZING birth doula for us. Memories I will always remember and cherish! Suzanne was so amazing with the weeks leading up to my labor - answering every question I had with any symptom I felt and was a great reassurance on it all!!!! Suzanne also did my maternity pictures which, turned out amazing!!!! And she was there for me postpartum (still is) whenever I needed/need her. Thank you so much Suzanne & Cari! I'm blessed to have met/know you both :) 

Catherine Kwan


Our doula Suzanne was personally recommended by our midwife at Virginia Mason, and having her by our side throughout pregnancy and after birth has been our most important source of support and expertise. Having gone through IVF, a high-risk pregnancy (placenta previa), and a cesarean, we had an amazing team of reproductive endocrinologists, midwives, and OBs along the way, and still, Suzanne gave us advice on nutrition, baby/hospital prep, personal care, and newborn care that we didn't receive anywhere else. Other than first-trimester nausea (don't miss that!), I felt so great during pregnancy and have had an awesome recovery because of the custom care plan Suzanne created for us. Simple but important recommendations like specific water-intake and protein requirements because of IVF made a huge difference instantly (and none of our other care providers mentioned any of these!) Leg cramps disappeared, I slept gloriously up until delivery, and we got a MAJOR headstart on breastfeeding and encouraging my supply to come in. All my girlfriends have remarked that they wished they had gotten her advice to jumpstart their breastfeeding journeys. 

Having Suzanne by our side in the OR was amazing, and my partner appreciated her support there the most. Suzanne kept us comfortable and calm, engaged my husband in the birthing experience, and was our greatest advocate immediately after birth, staying by my side while he went with baby for vitals check and then bringing baby straight to me for skin-to-skin. In the days and weeks post-partum, she has been there for every panicked question and "Am I doing this right?" moment. Even with as much support as we have at home, my parents regularly say "Text Suzanne! Ask Suzanne!" 

Ally Studee


I could not imagine going through labor without the support of a doula. It was invaluable to have someone by my side coaching me on my breathing, position changes, and belief in myself. Suzanne is such a wonderful coach who is respectful of your boundaries and your wishes. I feel blessed that I was able to find her and work with her; not to mention my doctors and nurses proceeded to tell me how great she was even after she had left the Hospital. She has always been there when I had a question or concern, both in pregnancy and post partum. And as a bonus, she did my maternity, labor and newborn photos. She was patient with my outfit changes (for me and for baby) and allowed me to be myself. It was soo helpful to have these photo sessions scheduled with her as it allowed for us to get to know one another better. I consider Suzanne a great doula, and now a friend. When I hired her, the Doula team was just getting off the ground, but I quickly was comforted that any doula I ended up with for my labor would have been completely educated about my personal situation and birth plan. Look no further, I believe Suzanne and her team will meet your needs! Best wishes. 

Molly Coyle


I cannot recommend Suzanne and the Dedicated Doula team enough to every mom. I read all the books and consulted all the apps during my pregnancy, and questioned whether I needed additional doula support. Connecting with Suzanne was the best decision I made during pregnancy and into postpartum. There is nothing more comforting or affirming than to have another mom by my side who's "been there, done that" and who loves kids so much she makes it her life's work. She cares so much about my family and our baby and answers all of my questions and concerns with information, validation, and kindness. Suzanne saw us through the best and the worst - getting introduced to my beautiful son after a traumatic birth to seeing us through birth and postpartum during the worst of the Omicron COVID spike to helping me troubleshoot breastfeeding while assuring me it would get better (I wish I believed her a lot sooner because it totally did). Even when Suzanne took a much needed vacation in the month following my birth, I had access to the whole team and Cari was also so kind and gracious in answering my questions and supporting me. The other amazing part about this group are the resources, from countless recommendations for other great professionals for all things baby to the Facebook group where I can chat with all of the other moms in the group about any questions or experiences. To sum it up, every pregnant mom out there should have a doula by their side, and I cannot recommend this team enough. Thank you all!

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