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The Dedicated Doula Team

Tacoma, WA Service range 40 miles Travel fee may apply for certain locations


Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 123 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, March 2012
  • Childbirth International, January 2021

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 3 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
While we are generally happy to support clients wherever they are choosing to birth, there are a handful of providers that we are no longer willing to work with. We will respectfully discuss with potential clients before booking.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

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Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Ramos Center Doula Support & Mentoring Program - Administration

Languages Spoken

  • English

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Every birth is unique and you deserve compassionate, evidence-based support throughout your journey regardless of where you plan to give birth, the type of delivery, or pain medication preferences. Whatever you envision for yourself, I will sincerely & compassionately support your decisions, provide evidence-based education and information, and provide physical comfort measures during labor customized to your preferences. Above all else, my mission is to support you in having a birth in which you feel confident, valued, and empowered. All of my Doula Service Packages include some prenatal and postpartum support as well as birth photography. I also offer additional Placenta Encapsulation and Childbirth Education. Please reach out to me with any questions or to schedule a free, no-obligation Zoom consultation to discuss your birth plans and see if I will be a good fit to join your birth team. I am also an Evidence Based Birth Childbirth instructor.

Service Area

Tacoma, WA Service range 40 miles Travel fee may apply for certain locations

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Claire G


Cari from The Dedicated Doula Team: A Vital Support!

In our experience with The Dedicated Doula Team, Suzanne spearheaded our journey, and Cari, as her steadfast backup, played an integral role in the birth of our second daughter.

Pregnancy Support: Cari's pre-birth house call and her constant availability by phone/text brought an additional layer of support and understanding specifically tailored to the anticipation of our second daughter's arrival. Her personalized attention seamlessly integrated with the overall commitment to exceptional pregnancy support from The Dedicated Doula Team.

Labor Coach: While Suzanne provided support during labor for both pregnancies, having Cari available for texts during the second birth ensured a continuous and reassuring connection. The collaboration between Suzanne and Cari showcased the team's commitment to consistent, high-quality care.

Postpartum Support: Cari's involvement extended beyond labor, offering ongoing support through texts and availability, contributing to a smooth transition into postpartum life after the birth of our second daughter.

Friend's Experience: Our close friends had the privilege of having Cari as their doula, and their exceptional experience made us excited to work with her for our second birth.

In conclusion, Suzanne's unwavering support for both pregnancies, coupled with Cari's dedicated role during our second daughter's birth, made our experience with The Dedicated Doula Team truly exceptional. If you're considering their services, Cari's unique contributions come highly recommended!

Alexis Rockey


I had such a great experience with the DDT. First it was so nice knowing no matter what happens I would know the team helping me through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It was also nice getting information about different hospitals and making an informed decision to switch to Virginia Mason where I had an AMAZING doctor. I had 3 miscarriages before getting pregnant this time & DDT allowed me to talk about my worries throughout my whole pregnancy. Cari was always so sweet & helped me through an irritable uterus & checked in on me when I had the worst stomach flu I've ever experienced. I had Cari and Suzanne as my team and even though Suzanne supported me through my induction and labor it was nice getting to bond with Cari through the pregnancy so that way I wasn’t going into labor not knowing her if she ended up being my birth doula. I am very grateful for everything they did for me even when it was just to listen to me vent. If I ever have another I would choose them again.



Realizing around 36 weeks pregnant that we could use additional birth and labor support in the hospital, we were matched with Cari through a friend's referral. We met Cari at our house to discuss what the next few weeks would look like, including what labor and a vaginal delivery would entail at our chosen hospital (Swedish First Hill). Two weeks later, at 38 weeks, we discovered our son was in a breech position and that we needed a c-section. Cari provided daily, if not hourly, support in what became a whirlwind last week of pregnancy--from being there with us at the hospital for our unsuccessful ECV, to guiding us when labor began a day before the scheduled c-section. Her support on our new, unexpected delivery day was warm, encouraging, thoughtful, and practical. She quickly adapted to our communication style and always had the solutions or options we didn't know we had. Most helpful was Cari's previews and explanations of what delivery day would look like with labor and a c-section. This allowed my husband and I to anticipate what doctors and nurses were going to ask of us in the short time we were given to make important decisions. Cari was invaluable to our delivery experience and thereafter. I highly recommend her! 

Willow Creeksong





Carrie was exactly the support person I needed.

Suzanne and Carrie were supportive and helpful during my pregnancy.

Even though this was my fourth, I knew I needed the support even more.

They rolled with the punches with laughter and ease.

First we were going to do a home birth, then birth center and then at 36 weeks decided we needed a hospital. We found out little dude had a cleft lip. Couldn’t tell if the palate or anything else was affected. To be safe, a hospital birth was what we felt was best.

We have no family or friends to help so we had to bring our toddler with us. This was a huge reason we were thinking a home birth. To be able to bring him to the hospital was a huge help. We didn’t want my husband to miss the birth.

If it was not for them, I would have been so lost. They had the insider scoop for the best hospital, one that was a birth center hospital hybrid as I call it. Plus Seattle children’s was connected with them, huge bonus. As that was where we would be receiving care for his cleft lip. An our toddler could be in the room with us.

When I went into labor, Carrie was the one on call. She met us at the hospital and was a huge support. Little things made a huge difference. Like reminding me to drop my shoulders during a contraction. This one is silly, I was fighting to keep the gown on and she reminded me this is my birth and I don’t have to wear it. Phew! Why I thought I had to, no clue.

It was awesome to have pictures of the birth as well. With our other son our previous doula took photos of the north. But Carrie took pictures of the whole process. So glad we have these photos.

If your thinning of hiring this team, I highly recommend you do so.

Hands down the best decision.

Willow Creeksong





Carrie was exactly the support person I needed.

Suzanne and Carrie were supportive and helpful during my pregnancy.

Even though this was my fourth, I knew I needed the support even more.

They rolled with the punches with laughter and ease.

First we were going to do a home birth, then birth center and then at 36 weeks decided we needed a hospital. We found out little dude had a cleft lip. Couldn’t tell if the palate or anything else was affected. To be safe, a hospital birth was what we felt was best.

We have no family or friends to help so we had to bring our toddler with us. This was a huge reason we were thinking a home birth. To be able to bring him to the hospital was a huge help. We didn’t want my husband to miss the birth.

If it was not for them, I would have been so lost. They had the insider scoop for the best hospital, one that was a birth center hospital hybrid as I call it. Plus Seattle children’s was connected with them, huge bonus. As that was where we would be receiving care for his cleft lip. An our toddler could be in the room with us.

When I went into labor, Carrie was the one on call. She met us at the hospital and was a huge support. Little things made a huge difference. Like reminding me to drop my shoulders during a contraction. This one is silly, I was fighting to keep the gown on and she reminded me this is my birth and I don’t have to wear it. Phew! Why I thought I had to, no clue.

It was awesome to have pictures of the birth as well. With our other son our previous doula took photos of the north. But Carrie took pictures of the whole process. So glad we have these photos.

If your thinning of hiring this team, I highly recommend you do so.

Hands down the best decision.

Lisa Huang


Suzanne and Cari from The Dedicated Doula Team are AMAZING!!! Can’t recommend them enough! I had an unmedicated vaginal birth with a 9+ lb baby. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without Suzanne’s knowledge and encouragement along the way. She helped me change positions, communicate my wants and needs to nurses, teach my partner to help and encourage me along the way, breathe through contractions, how to push, etc. The list goes on and on… The team is great with communication leading up to my child’s birth. We felt cared for and safe to ask any questions that arose both before and after the pregnancy. (No questions are too dumb to ask…). Cari came to our home for an in-person birth preparation session. She answered all the questions we had with evidence based information, providing us a sense of relief and readiness. The team also provides postpartum care, lactation consultation, and continues to check on our postpartum mental health! I had a great birth experience because of them and I would hire them again 100x!!! Thank you for being awesome! They truly feel like family that we can turn to and trust! 

Esther Le Grezause


I would select 10 stars if I could! We loved our experience with the Dedicated Doula Team and highly recommend them for evidence based advice, extensive experience, compassion, support, quick answers around the clock, and various photo options to create beautiful memories.
We worked with both Cari and Suzanne for our prenatal chats, consult, and maternity pictures. They were both very responsive, wanted updates from our doctor appointments, were incredibly supportive when I thought I had gestational diabetes and offered helpful diet advice. We talked about birth, navigating the health care system, our options, and transitioning towards postpartum care. 
Suzanne attended the birth of our daughter and did our postnatal session and photographs. She was instrumental in the success of my birth plan and guided us throughout the induction process. Suzanne was really supportive of my goal for an unmedicated birth and I genuinely believe my experience would have been a lot harder without her. I would have likely ended up with an epidural. Her advice set us up for success while making decisions with our OBs throughout the induction process. I fully trusted Suzanne during labor. I let her guide me via breathing, mindfulness, visualization, and various positions. Suzanne helped me visualize each step and prepare me for what would come next. She also helped me cope with postpartum pain during the hemorage and the suturing, which was a lot more challenging than expected. She stayed with us to ensure we were set for success for breastfeeding and gave us helpful postpartum advice. 
They checked in regularly after the birth and continued to support us through kind encouragements and helpful advice. We've been navigating our new life with a lot less stress thanks to their support. Suzanne and Cari are now some of the most important people in our lives and we will always be so thankful for their impact. 



Suzanne and Cari were absolutely phenomenal. Cari essentially held my hand and had the gentlest, most calming voice that encouraged me to relax and keep my noises low-toned. She also really empowered me to lean into what my body was asking for (like getting into the pool) rather than wait for some perfect moment. She reheated pool water on my stove between contractions and really chameleoned herself to the energy I was putting out, which allowed me to totally focus and relax when I could. Here’s a message I sent her shortly after birth:


“Also Cari - just wanted to say I keep telling people how amazing you were. Your calmness and prompts during contractions made everything feel so doable and I also told someone you have the perfect doula hand hold - gentle and firm so I knew someone was there but also so I wasn't trying to squeeze/add tension where I didn't need it. Genuinely could not have asked for a better experience. “


But what blew me away the most was how incredibly responsive and engaged they were in the early days after birth, quickly responding to texts, offering suggestions for questions, providing resources for problems I was having (such as lactation consultants), and connecting me with a postpartum doula on their team who was available THAT night when my husband and I desperately needed some uninterrupted sleep. They even came by my house to give me a crash course in breastfeeding while I waited for lactation consultation availability. They were my lifeline in the early days and I’m so grateful.

Emily Jamerson


Cari was a wonderful part of my birth team. Being my first birth and living so far away from my family, having her with me throughout my labor was crucial for me being able to cope as well as I did for as long as I did without pain medication. While I ultimately ended up having a c-section, before making that decision Cari helped guide me through all of the labor positions to try and get my little one in position for a vaginal delivery as that was my original birth plan but due to my little ones size, no matter the position we got him in he wasn't able to make his way out. Not only did she help me through more than 30 hours of labor, she stayed with us through my surgery too and throughout the first few hours afterwards to help with my sons latch and ensure we didn't need any further help from her. Throughout the twists and turns of my birth and labor experience, Cari was incredibly supportive and the greatest addition to our birth team. We appreciate all she did for our family!

Jun C


I had an absolutely incredible experience with Suzanne & Cari! From the moment we started working together, they demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and expertise. Throughout my labor process, they were by my side, providing unwavering support and guidance, respecting my birth preferences every step of the way.

Their responsiveness to my questions and concerns was remarkable, making me feel heard and valued. The pre and post labor support they offered was truly invaluable, helping me feel prepared and cared for during every stage of my pregnancy journey.

They are also very resourceful. Whenever I needed recommendations or referrals, they had a wealth of information to share, and their suggestions were consistently spot-on.

I can't thank them enough for being such an essential part of my birthing experience. Their presence made the entire process smoother, more empowering, and truly unforgettable. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, helpful, and caring birth doula, I wholeheartedly recommend them!



I came to the Dedicated Doula Team as a first time mom and also new to doula care, having been referred by my OB provider. I'm so grateful that I hired the Dedicated Doula team.  I knew I wanted a doula team for my birth because I wanted to be able to know who my backup doula would be.  However, I didn't truly understand the benefit of hiring a doula TEAM until I experienced it. I worked with Cari and Suzanne, and while Suzanne ended up being the doula that attended my birth, I wish that I could have had both of them there because Cari is incredible and knowledgeable and I loved working with her as well. She is encouraging and supportive with a touch of humor/sass that I found very helpful. Their team mentality of wrapping around the families they serve in providing prenatal, labor, and postpartum support is palpable, even if the support needed is unexpected. Additionally, the Dedicated Doula Team provides a platform to meet other families for community through their Facebook group and summer picnics, etc, which I love. There is no obligation for involvement but lots of opportunity. 
Thank you Cari for being an amazing doula and human - highly recommend!



Suzanne, Cari, and The Dedicated Doula team were a huge part of why I had an amazing birth! I was nervous about giving birth and felt like I needed someone knowledgeable on our team. My husband and I knew that Suzanne would be an awesome fit after our first consult call with her. At that time, we were trying to make a decision to change hospitals and I was approaching my third trimester. She was so knowledgeable about the details of each local hospital and provided a lot of insight to help us make that decision. I’m so thankful for that conversation and for making the switch. Suzanne and Cari came to our house and spent several hours going over the third trimester of pregnancy, birth prep, post-partum care, baby care, breastfeeding, and answered all of our questions. This really helped put my mind at ease and made me feel more prepared to give birth. We also had another meeting with them to put our birth plan together closer to birth. When I went into labor, my husband and I were in constant communication with Cari. She gave us the advice and tools we needed to labor at home for as long as possible, which was my goal. Suzanne and Cari both came to visit us postpartum as soon as I voiced that we were having issues with breastfeeding. We also have beautiful pictures that Cari took at the hospital and newborn photos done by Suzanne, so special to have those photos because we didn’t take many at the hospital. I am forever thankful that we made the decision to work with The Dedicated Doula team! You will not find people as caring and genuine as this team! They are definitely hired for my future pregnancies!

Austyn Scanlon


Cari was the doula that we interacted with the most on the team and we instantly had a great connection to her. She is so open, honest and just a warm spirit that makes you feel calm and seen. We had all of our birth classes with her and we felt like we could ask any question and feel like we were prepared for our birth experience. I originally planned for a natural birth with labor/birth in the water (no epidural) but I ended up getting a medical induction and had a much longer labor and more painful than I had anticipated. I had to compromise alot of my plan but Cari was so supportive and willing to talk through every scenario with me and made me feel empowered and strong even though I had to make lots of hard decisions in the moment.  She is the main reason I felt like I got through labor and delivery without having a complete meltdown. I would recommend her to anyone! She is such a beautiful person and she genuinely loves her job so much. It's not so much a job as a passion she has for her clients and their little babes she gets to help bring into the world. 



Cari, like the rest of the team, is absolutely amazing and understanding. We took the Evidence Based Birth Class from her and it was an amazing class that provided so much information. We had done another birth class already, but the EBB class went so much more in depth and also had a lot of information for the partner which was great and informative for my partner going into the labor. While Cari was not present for our birth she checked in and spent time with us afterwards, reassuring and providing a supportive ear. We are so incredibly happy with our experience with all the doulas and the support they provide! 



Cari was absolutely amazing! We honestly can't imagine going through this process without her. She has been a major support leading up to the birth of our son and continues to be there to answer any question and provide support and knowledge postpartum. On the morning my labor started we texted her at 5am and she was right there and responded immediately. She arrived at the hospital as soon as we needed her, and helped keep me mentally strong through some of the toughest moments of my life. My birth plan changed last minute because I was too far past my due date to have the water birth I'd envisioned. Cari made me feel like no matter what type of birth I had, it would be amazing and I was so incredibly strong and powerful. She held my hand walking the halls, helped get me into different positions to encourage baby to keep progressing and provided tons of support and guidance to my husband on how he could best help me. She explained everything that was happening so well that the nurses would even stop to listen and say how impressed they were. After 14 hours when I eventually asked for an epidural, Cari helped make sure I kept my body moving and changing position as much as possible while I was confined to the bed. She made everything feel so calm and peaceful, and I knew she always had my back with any decision I wanted for myself and my baby. She was 100% in my corner. Baby came out healthy and perfect and we are so so grateful to her. 

Pat + Tina


Cari was such an incredible doula. We met with her and Susan for two prenatal visits where they made me feel understood. They helped us understand what to expect during labor, what our options were, and how we could best be supported. During labor, cari was incredible. She answered a one million questions before we got to the hospital, and when she arrived it was such a calming experience. She advocated for us to the nurses and doctors. She helped me feel safe. She also took pictures that capture all the emotion of the day. Afterwards, her and Susan helped us with breastfeeding and connected us to Cherish to provide postpartum doula support.  We were very nervous about the whole experience but thanks to the amazing team, we had no doubts throughout my pregnancy journey.

We are forever grateful to an amazing team who rallied for us, cheered us on, and educated us through out this journey -- and it's a beautiful one. We will never forget how much love and care we received from the team. 

Thank you so much!



Tina and Patrick

Yaamini Sharma


Having Suzanne, Cari, and Cherish be part of our birthing experience was the best decision my husband and I made. Best part was that we received all the support, during the pregnancy, during birth, and after the delivery, at one place.

As first-time parents, we were scared about labor and birth. From our first interaction with Suzanne, we knew we were in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, competent, and caring. Throughout my pregnancy and after, she regularly checked in on us, encouraged us to ask questions, and sent many helpful resources. She guided us through the experience, giving us the information we needed to make our own decisions without judgment on our choices. Once I was in labor, Cari helped alleviate the back pain I was experiencing, and also helped find the best labor positions that worked for us, staying by our side the entire time. She is extremely conscientious of your partner/support person and personalizes the birthing experience to match your needs. We are so thankful for her and would recommend her over and over.

In addition to Suzanne and Cari, we also had Cherish as our postpartum night doula. We were also extremely impressed with her. Just like Suzanne and Cari, Cherish is knowledgeable and extremely kind. She was there for us during the early postpartum weeks, when we were exhausted and stressed. We felt very safe with her watching our newborn while we rested. She cleaned and baked for us, while easing any concerns we had about our new baby. Cherish is an amazing doula and person we highly recommend.



Choosing the right doula for our birth was an important decision, and we feel incredibly fortunate to work with Cari. Working closely with Suzanne and the Dedicated Doula Team, Cari played a pivotal role in making our birth prep and experience a truly positive and empowering one. From her prompt and attentive communication to her thoroughness in discussing our needs, Cari's support and dedication were invaluable. We are immensely grateful for her guidance throughout this journey. She patiently answered our questions and provided us with evidence-based information, empowering us to make informed decisions about our birth plan. She made us feel like we were her top priority. 

Karli Scott


I feel blessed to have found the Dedicated Doula Team to be my doulas. I don't know what I would have done without them at my birth. They were perfectly supportive throughout my journey during pregnancy, labor and birth and postpardum. I am so thankful for them!

My labor was extremenly difficult, more than I ever expected and we ended up changing our birth plan during it. My doulas support during this change in plans gave me such comfort and strength. It was a very stressful and scary experience that I was able to 100% lean on my doula for her knowledge and experience, which was exactly what my husband and I needed. I cannot express how truly thankful I am that they were by mine and my husbands side.

My doula brought her skills and knowledge to my birth that helped me cope during the pain, that helped both myself and my husband take care of our bodies to keep our strength up. She guided me through the change in my birth plan and helped me physically through each step, I know my birth would have been even more difficult without her. She emotionally supported both my husband and I so perfectly, beyond what words can express.

I would recommend them to anyone!



Cari helped me achieve an incredibly empowering and transformative birth experience, setting the tone for my motherhood journey. I fully attribute my feeling of success to her expert help. I absolutely hope to be a repeat client of hers and I hold so much appreciation for her entire TDDT team.

Cari was a warm and lovely presence during each prenatal appointment and at my baby's birth. She made sure my questions were answered and my fears and feelings addressed thoroughly. I know she's a major reason why I finally felt relaxed, safe and prepared enough to go into labor.

One of the most memorable and selfless things Cari did during my birth day was to cater to my relentless need for hydration. I'm talking… after every contraction I needed to drink from my cup and straw. I labored with my eyes closed and was in my own internal world a lot, but I always knew she was right by my side to hold my hand and offer me a drink.

Cari also took beautiful photos throughout my birth, then encapsulated my placenta, which I will treasure forever. Her and the TDDT team are creating a wonderful experience, end to end, for birthing families in the greater Seattle area. From prenatal appointments and photos, to building a client community where we can meet other parent friends and share resources, they have all the bases covered.

T.J. Davis


(continued from previous review from Olivia Knapp, the mom)

When we started on this amazing journey of childbirth we knew we wanted to go with Swedish Midwives and the Swedish Birth Center for our delivery team.  We also planned to have a doula on the team.  At first, as the dad-to-be, I thought, "oh this is mostly for mama-to-be". Direct birthing support, breathing, pain management, what-to-expect with her body, post-partum advice, etc.  From our very first meeting with Cari, however, it became clear that I was going to benefit from having Cari on our team just as much as mama-to-be.  There is SO MUCH information, so many considerations, so many options and tricks of the trade, things for dad to know, etc. that go beyond the standard birthing plan checklist.  Once go time came I felt armed with so much information that I was ready for anything.   That was until our little one had trouble getting started after delivery.   The midwife team had to leave both of use and switch to emergency mode as a  highly choreographed NICU team entered the room and little one was rushed away leaving me grasping to understand what was happening on the other side of the room.  Thankfully Cari was there to calmly explain everything until finally she said "listen, do you hear that? ..that is your baby crying, see her?  she is beautiful"   It was one of the most profound emotional swings I have ever experienced from abject fear to an overwhelming sense of calm and boundless love.  I cant thank Cari enough for providing that bridge.   Thankfully our little Holland is in perfect health and a beautiful and happy baby. 

- T.J. (the dad)

Olivia Knapp


No amount of praise can capture how awesome our experience was with Cari. We wanted to share both of our experiences (had to use 2 reviews due to the character limit): 

The guidance and comfort that Cari provided was more than I could have asked for. Her experience and ability to intuit was priceless. I had a 48-hour labor. I was struggling to dilate. At every moment along the way Cari foresaw what I needed before I did. From the emotional support she provided my husband and I to the “candles”and essential oils in her “go bag”, she did it all. Thanks to Cari, despite some unexpected challenges during my labor and delivery, I have a wonderful birth experience to reflect on. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this incredible doula and gift that she gave our family.

- Olivia (the mom)

(see additional review from dad, T.J.)

Lindsey S.


There aren't enough good things to say about Cari! From start to finish she was absolutely wonderful! If you are considering a doula on your birth team, hire Cari. You will thank yourself later. She truly is a gem. Not only was she an incredible support to me but also to my husband. She kept the environment calm, peaceful and nurturing. When I felt the pain was getting too intense she seemed to know just what to say or do. Having Cari in the room with us felt natural, like having a trusted friend we'd known for years. The physical and emotional support she offered was invaluable. She helped me stay focused to have the unmedicated, natural delivery I hoped for. My husband and I are so grateful to have had her along with us on our journey. We would highly recommend Cari to anyone expecting a baby. I believe every woman in labor needs Cari or someone just like her on their birth team. Cari is just the best!



Cari is absolutly WONDERFUL! My husband and I are first time parents and had no idea what to expect. When searching for a doula we wanted someone that we felt comfortable with and felt had extensive knowledge on all things relating to babies and parenting. I originally found Cari on and we had an instant connection. Cari made us feel comfortable, empowered, and overall safe during pregnancy and labor. We wanted someone who could advocate for us when we were unable to, and she was just the right fit.

We had multiple sessions with Cari to discuss our labor goals and what to expect during, and leading up to, birth. She came to our home and helped us in those first two weeks of postpartum recovery and gave us some wonderful advice on how to care for a newborn - we still use some of her trick’s months later. We loved all the advice and guidance she gave us on our journey and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. We’ll definitely be asking her to join us on our next pregnancy adventure in the future.



Cari was the unexpected MVP of my labor and delivery. I had initially hired a different doula on Cari's team, but they were very up front about the possibility of a backup and had me interview and get to know Cari just in case. They were the only doula team I interviewed who did this. It was a big part of why I decided to hire them. When it came time for labor it turned out that my initially hired doula had just come off of supporting a 48 hour labor at another hospital. Rather than pull a double she called in Cari so I would have someone fresh. This was great as my labor also ended up being a complicated 48 hour affair. Cari was with me the whole time while I labored at home and then through more stalled labor at the hospital and my eventual complicated delivery. She was a rock star – took wonderful photos, was able to anticipate my needs and provide me all these little comforts that made all the difference, and most importantly was a calm, reassuring voice guiding me through what was happening and what I needed to do.

I wanted birth to be something I did, not something that happened to me. And despite many complications and deviations from the plan Cari was the reason that happened. I felt supported and cared for instead of disoriented and confused. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

McKenna Ownby


I was lucky to have Cari and her wonderful talents for my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. 

When I first contacted Cari for a consultation, I was six months pregnant and full of anxiety. I shared the fears I had about giving birth with her and was met with nothing but kindness and encouragement. I hoped that having the support of a doula would relieve not only my nerves, but my husband's, as well, and that's exactly what we received. It was important to me that he had an additional support person to lean on during the birth of our first baby, and on that day, we were so glad we made the decision to hire Cari. She met with us several times, both virtually and in person, in the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth to create a birth plan that reflected our specific desires and expectations, then helped us ensure that all members of our care team were aware and had a copy of our plan during delivery. She also provided postpartum support and resources for us as long as we needed after delivery. Our baby girl was born one week late and at the end of a whirlwind 17 hours of labor on June 17, 2022. Cari was there for us as soon as we told her we needed her and stayed with us until the early hours of the next day until we felt comfortable with baby on our own. She helped me, personally, through more moments than I can count during labor when I felt like giving up. She made me feel confident and calm during my lowest and most stressful moments, and for that, I can't thank her enough! In my husband's words: "Cari was able to help me help my wife in ways I didn't know I'd need to, and having her there made it less stressful because I didn't have to think about what to do, which was so helpful."  

We would recommend Cari without hesitation to any future mamas in our community looking for support during and after pregnancy.

- McKenna, Jon, and Mya Ownby

Leanne Steffke


Cari Aida, of Dedicated Doulas, was truly the best support we could ask for during our son’s delivery. She is experienced, extremely knowledgeable in all things baby, labor and delivery, comforting and encouraging. This was our first baby, so naturally I was quite nervous for the big day! Because we had met with Cari multiple times before our birth, I felt safe, confident and heard knowing that she knew me, my worries, and my preferences. On the day of, I remember feeling so relieved when she got to the hospital! She explained things that came up during labor and delivery and offered lots of ideas and tools for working through labor. Most importantly, she listened to my needs and knew how to support me even when I didn’t have the words (or energy) to know what I needed myself. Cari has an unsurpassed intuition when it comes to supporting mamas during the intensity of labor and delivery. We would, without a second thought, invite Cari to be our doula again, and I will confidently refer her to friends and family. We couldn’t be happier with our first birth experience, and we attribute a lot of that feeling to Cari!

Kiairah Richter


I chose to have a service done encapsulating of my placenta by one of Suzanne's team members name Cari. I was so incredibly thankful she hand delivered them to our house! Last thing I wanted to do was leave the house after coming home from the hospital. Not only did she hand deliver them, she also made a beautiful canvas print of my placenta to keep! She was kind, very knowledgeable, friendly and made the visit short and sweet! I will definitely do it again!


With all my love,

Kiairah Richter

Sarah Paulson and Alex Vondracek


Cari Aida was an amazing Doula. She was attentive, compassionate, and listened to our needs and wishes. She helped us navigate the hospital system and told us how each facility does things a bit differently. Cari is knowledgable and explains things simply, especially when hard decisions need to be made during the birth process. We felt safe and listened to the whole time. Cari advocated for us and our baby and explained why things were happening the way they were. Her calming voice and reassurance throughout the birth helped make the whole experience better. We would recommend Cari to anyone who is in search of a Doula. 

Lauren Deem


I'm incredibly grateful to have had Cari as my birth doula. I knew from our first meeting that she was the right fit for my family and I. Her knowledge, expertise, friendly demeanor, and amiable personality shined through immediately.
My husband and I had an incredibly traumatic first birth experience a few years ago and I was now attempting a VBAC with a medical team that was skeptical and pushing for a repeat cesarean. Cari gave my husband and I the information and confidence we needed to make an informed decision that was right for our family.
Prior to labor, Cari was always easy to get ahold of and was quick to answer my questions. When I went in to labor in the middle of the night, it progressed very quickly. She reassured me over the phone while my husband raced us in the car to the hospital. Once we arrived in triage, we were immediately moved to a birthing suite and Cari met us there. As soon as she arrived, I felt more at ease and she coached me through an incredibly painful labor. When I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, she was there by my side giving me the support and motivation I needed.
I ended up having a successful VBAC and gave birth to a very healthy 9.5 lb baby. I would NEVER have been able to have a successful VBAC if it weren't for Cari's unwavering support. She kept my health and my baby's health as her top priority and allowed for me to have the birth experience I wanted. I'm forever grateful to her and cannot recommend her highly enough!



My husband and I originally were going to wing labor and delivery on our own. We had no plans to work with a doula, and assumed the hospital staff would guide us when it was game time.

After speaking to friends who'd recently had a baby and raved about their doula, we did some digging and scheduled a Zoom call with Cari to see if we'd feel comfortable working with her.

Cari's friendliness, calm and knowledgeable demeanor were evident, and we knew immediately we wanted her on our team. 

Leading up to delivery day, Cari gave us great advice and insight into what to expect (like staying home and getting sleep after my water broke--there was no need to rush to the hospital!). She also made sure she was available to answer questions by text or phone if anything unexpected came up.

Once baby decided she wanted to make an appearance, Cari stayed in constant contact until she joined us at the hospital. Total time from water breaking to delivery was 42 hours (whew!), and Cari supported us for every bit of it. She checked in regularly in the days and weeks afterward, and provided us with a gallery of professional birth photos that were part of her service package.

My husband and I both feel fortunate to have worked with Cari--the birthing experience could've been very different (and far less pleasant and positive) without her there. I can't recommend Cari highly enough.



I couldn’t say enough nice things about our time with Cari. She was always extremely knowledgeable, kind and made us feel comfortable and safe from the moment we met her. My birth went very differently than I anticipated due to my water breaking before contractions started, and Cari was immediately available to guide us through the process. When I had to make some decisions about the delivery, she was full of helpful insight that guided me into making the best decision for myself and my baby. I truly believe having her there helped me have a positive outcome. She has also been so helpful for me postpartum and has provided resources and even helped hook us up with our amazing Postpartum Doula, Cherish, who works alongside Cari and their other partners who were so supportive of me when I was struggling in those first couple weeks. This team of doulas is AMAZING! We would hire Cari again in a heartbeat and hope you’ll do the same!

Surabhi Jain


Cari was our backup birth doula and was such a fantastic support during my entire birth process. When I went into labor she was constantly in touch with us and came over very promptly to help me progress my labor at home. She provided a lot of different positions and brought along a tens unit which was a lifesaver till I got the epidural. Once I got the epridural, Cari was like a family member and provided me liquids, and fed me while my partner got some rest. She provided different positions while pushing and coordinated so well with the hospital staff during the entire process. Her guidance on when and how to push was paramount for a successful natural delivery. Her patience, and high level of understanding people and the situation around her makes her a fantastic birth doula! 



My experience with Cari was nothing short of wonderful. She was very kind and attentive from the start. She answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. I was particularly anxious and fearful throughout my pregnancy, having suffered a previous loss, and Cari was very understanding and patient. 
During labor she was an awesome support! She guided me and helped my husband support me as well. After pushing for hours and ending up with a cesarean, Cari was still exceptionally helpful and a great support. She was beside me every step of the way, through my pain and disappointment when my birth didn't go according to plan, reassuring me and giving me comfort and strength until I was holding my precious baby in my arms. 
I am so very grateful to have had Cari by my side during my entire birthing process. She helped me feel strong and capable throughout, and offered a kind and supportive shoulder when I didn't feel so strong. It was like having a member of the family present! Even though I didn't know her prior to hiring her, it felt like I was talking to an old friend very quickly. 
After the birth Cari continued to followed up and ask how we were doing and scheduled a postpartum visit to check up on everyone in a very timely manner. She worked around our schedules and was easy to communicate and reschedule with when necessary. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Cari as your birth doula! She is amazing and you will feel supported and understood throughout this magical journey of pregnancy and childbirth! She will definitely be around for any future babies that join my family!



Our experience with Cari was really incredible. I generally knew what to expect with a doula, but my husband didn’t know what to expect at all. Cari joined us when I was about 1/2 way through a very long labor and she was with us for almost 27 hours. Her presence changed the whole tenor of my labor. She was helpful explaining things, empathetic and caring, had lots of tools and suggestions to help with labor like a TENS unit, different positions, etc. She made the latter half of labor a much more positive experience overall. I also had a very significant hemorrhage after I delivered my daughter and she never left my side. She kept me focused while the team stopped it and stayed for several hours to make sure we were all okay. It’s hard to describe what’s it’s like to share that kind of intense, once in a lifetime moment with someone you don’t know very well, but all I can say is that I’m just so happy she was there for our family.

Heather Hallman


We had a wonderful experience with Cari for the birth of our daughter. Her care included meeting with us before the birth, making herself available through the full extent of labor, and visiting with us afterward. We ended up having a c-section even though I was determined to have a drug-free birth. Having Cari beside us through that process made it less daunting and made me feel less like a failure for having the c-section and more like a mother who was doing the very best she could for her child.

Cari was a crucial part of our team, and I didn't realize how much we'd need a team. I'm an independent sort and thought the birth would go fine with my husband and I and the available hospital midwives. But after hearing what a doula could offer and understanding that we'd be able to utilize a doula as much or as little as we wished, my husband and I decided that it would make sense to have one around. We ended up needing her more than we'd thought. Her practical expertise and emotional support were gifts when we needed them.

 I highly recommend Cari for the birth of your child.



My experience having Cari as our doula was phenomenal to say the least. During our original virtual meet and greet, I knew instantly she was who I wanted to work with. Cari was the perfect combination of knowledgeable, resourceful, personal, and truly cared about my experience before, during, and after delivery. She provided wonderful resources to help me navigate building a birth plan including being mindful of any potential situations that could arise and her support to my husband was incredible. During our two in person prenatal visits, I felt heard and supported about my wishes for a trauma free birth experience and all of the other random things I hoped to happen during labor. Once I went into labor, Cari picked up the phone in the middle of the night and was ready to offer my husband and I support. She came over quickly once I started progressing and felt that I wanted more assistance and she coached us both through laboring at home. Her demeanor was calm which helped me relax and attempt to breathe through my contractions. I originally planned on delivering unmedicated at a birthing center, but my labor prolonged and I made the decision to go to the hospital and get an epidural. Cari was there every step of the way when we were admitted and helped me get into various laboring positions, cheered on my husband, and was a presence I was beyond grateful to have. I am also so thankful she is a fantastic photographer because the pictures she captured are memories I will cherish forever. Seeing the photos from the look on my husband's face as he met our daughter - truly priceless. I also opted to get my placenta encapsulated which Cari explained the process and science behind it and delivered them in person to check on my baby and see how we were both doing and recovering. Overall, I highly encourage anyone seeking a doula to connect with Cari and I know she is who I will want by my side for all my future childbirths.

Wes Flowers


As a dad (and budget holder for the family), I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggled with the decision to shell out the extra money for a doula. In fact I was very much against it at first. But i have to say, after having Cari doula for the birth of our first-born, she was worth every dollar. To those dads out there that need convincing, rest assured that you will be happy with this investment. Not only do I recommend having a doula... I wholeheartedly endorse Cari. My wife labored for over 36 hrs after her water broke, and still managed to have a vaginal birth. I can say with certainty that without Cari's guidance, support and encouragement we would've had a c-section long beforehand. Hiring Cari as our doula was easily our #1 best investment out of all our birth expenses (followed by a super comfy rocking chair). 



Cari was an invaluable member of our birth team! A year and a half ago I experienced a very traumatic birth with the arrival of my daughter. Not only was I a first time mom, but our country had just gone into lockdown, and my baby was born 3 weeks early  via emergency csection. When we found out that we were expecting baby #2 just 8 months later, we knew that we had to get extra support for this birth, not only for the physical aspect of birth but also for the metal and emotional aspect that I was understandably nervous about. We heard of Cari through another Doula who reached out on our behalf when we found out we'd be moving across the country before our delivery, and we are oh so grateful to have met her! Cari was extremely supportive before during and after birth. Although we had wanted a VBAC we, with our medical team, had to pivot and do an elective csection. Cari was 100% supportive thoughtout this process which made a huge difference for me and being able to have a positive and trauma free birth! 



I can't express enough my appreciation and gratitude for Cari! She's an incredible doula and supportive presence to both mother and partner. She's incredibly knowledgeable and available to answer a variety of questions both small and large. I'm so thankful we were able to work with her! I would recommend her over and over again!!



I highly recommend working with Cari. She was so well informed about all prenatal concerns, hospital interventions, postpartum care, and lactation; I can't say enough how impressed I was with her wealth of knowledge. She was also a lot of fun to work with, we had many great conversations and she skillfully stayed present with us while in labor.  She kept me motivated to keep my body moving and had lots of suggestions for positioning while in labor. I would not have wanted to go through labor without her there and would ask her one hundred times over to be my doula again -except that's a lot of labor! But seriously, pick Cari, we love her!!!



I was pregnant with my first this past year and originally I had Suzanne as my doula but as you all know, things don't always go as planned in your birthing plan. Cari was the back up doula the day I went into labor and I am extremely thankful it was her! My partner and I had NO idea what to expect throughout the entire process as it was a first for both of us. Cari was very knowledgeable about everything and answered all questions we had with more than what we expected for an answer! We could tell she was experienced and just an all around genuine person. She made us feel so comfortable from start to finish and I am so happy she was in the delivery room that day to welcome our baby boy :) she also got some amazing photos that I will cherish forever. I highly recommend her as a doula! 



Cari helped to bring our little baby into the world. She came to us that the day of our baby's birth as our doula was in another birth, but the second Cari arrived, I felt instantly comforted to have her as a part of our birth team. She was very comforting and made our birth experience exceptional. We were very grateful to have her support and compassion that day. 



Cari has encapsulated three placentas for me. Her timeliness, patience with questions and care is definitely what brought me back each time. I appreciate her knowledge and she would be my first choice if ever I needed another placenta encapsulated. 



I chose Cari because of her knowledge and focus on evidence based birth, she brought that and so much more to our birthing experience. She was nurturing, compassionate and focused. She stuck by my side for the entire 36 hour birth including time at our home, the birth center, a hospital transfer and into the OR for an unplanned cesarean. Throughout the entire birth she stayed positive, kind and present. She was intuitive of our needs, provided clear and educated explanations and expertly guided me through the pain. And as an added bonus, she provided us with beautiful photos to remind us of the special moments.

We feel lucky that we found Cari and highly recommend her to others.

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