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Kim Turton Palmatary

My Doula Birth

Richmond, BC Service range 14 miles

Birth Fee

$1450 to $1750

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Availability Remarks: I am registered with DAFGP - Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program and available for Birth and Post Partum work

Birth Fee

$1450 to $1750

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

23 years and 910 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

18 years and 65 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2001

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 0 to 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
It can be difficult to get to Lions Gate hospital, but I can attend

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
There are no Birth Centers in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love attending Home Births, and working with amazing Midwives. It is always special having your baby in the comfort of your home

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reiki
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Author of ' What Does a Doula Do?' and 'Pregnancy ~ Four Trimesters' Offered on: Barnes & Noble - Ingram Sparks - Google Play books - KDP Amazon (launching soon)

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

During your prenatal, we talk about your birth wishes. You will receive ‘Birth Tricks' and tips, for a shorter and easier labor. I can give suggestions for a home birth or what to pack for the hospital. During labor I am aware of your physical comfort & mental health and I find a bit of humour and kind care is necessary, to keep you focused during labor. I guide you through each stage of labor, and help your partner (if one), participate fully. I stay until you and baby are settled after delivery. I can take pictures of labor and delivery or not, as you wish (included in the package fee). A post partum visit can include, help with feeding baby, baby's first bath, and lots of time for questions. As an Author, I am publishing my 2nd Birth Book, for more info, please go to

Service Area

Richmond, BC Service range 14 miles

Client Testimonials for Kim Turton Palmatary

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Missy Orozco


Kim was the perfect choice doula for my delivery. She came to our home two nights before I went into labour as we had a false labour alarm. Her trip to our home was so appreciated as we did some helpful baby-dropping exercises. Every day leading up to our birth, she checked in with us and provided some helpful tips and advice on ways to make a natural early induction possible. Finally when we went into actual labour, she arrived to the hospital at the same time as us. She advocated for my wants and needs during my labour and delivery; she helped guide my husband on how to best support me; and she didn't leave until baby was delivered, latching, and mum (me) was happy and comfortable. Her help in getting us familiar with best latching techniques was also hugely helpful. She also took some amazing photos and videos of the birth, which we will cherish forever.

We were so happy with her and grateful to her. Definitely would recommend her as a doula to other moms! 

Robin Anderson


Kim went above and beyond during the birth of my second child.

The birth started and stopped many times over the course of 2 days, probably due to my son’s compound presentation (“Superman hand”) although of course we didn’t know that until he came out. She was quick to respond when birthing started up and ever-patient when it slowed down again. Kim helped us make the most of down time by encouraging us to eat and sleep, and when I was SO DONE with that, she was able to suggest several activities and exercises to get the birth moving again. She probably came to our house 5 or 6 times over those two days, and left us alone when it was needed.

She related beautifully to my husband and to the midwives who were attending our home birth. Everyone really came together as a team to support us. Kim has attended hundreds of births which provided us with a perspective on the progress of our birth which we wouldn’t have had otherwise. The midwives were very busy at times with important medical-type things so it was great to have Kim be fully present for us throughout the experience.

Kim’s energy is maternal, sort of like a cool aunt, which made me feel very safe with her. Her gentle sense of humour kept us laughing between contractions. She showed care in every word and gesture.

Her presence was a big part of why our home birth was such a success, despite several hiccups and challenges.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Kim!

Melissa Kristofferson


We were matched with Kim as part of the South Community Birth Program doula matching. I was planning on attempting a VBAC and Kim's extensive experience and high success rate with VBAC births made her an excellent fit for us. We had so many questions and fears leading up to labor and birth, but she was very confident and reassuring. She is warm, caring and a very lovely presence to have around. My husband and I were so glad to have her in our birth space for support through my long labor. I do not recall a moment when she wasn't there to help, support or lean on, emotionally or physically. She was also kind enough to provide me with a write-up of the timelines and many of the details of my son's birth. I'm thankful to have had Kim as part of my birth team and was able to have a successful VBAC thanks to an amazing birth team that supported me and never once doubted my abilities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone looking for an amazing doula.

Charisse Bobrovitskiy


Kim is a phenomenal doula. Her years of experience helping women and their partners welcome their new babes is so evident in all that she does when the big day comes.

My baby came five weeks early so my partner and I yet had to meet Kim. I went into early labour and gave Kim a call and she was right on board with supporting me starting with my initial call. She put me at ease and told me what I needed to hear amidst the nervousness and anxiety that accompanied my baby’s early arrival. Kim was the first from my support team to arrive when I went into labour (even before my partner). This was the first time we met but because she put me at ease on the phone it felt so natural to have her in the room.

As my labour progressed and the rest of my team arrived I was so grateful and blessed to have Kim with me. Based on previous experience I knew that my waters would be very hard to break. Kim’s experience shined in helping me try all sorts of things (within my comfort zone) to break my water. She even taught my sister a few tricks of the trade so that my sister could help me through my contractions. Kim also had such great practical tips for use of the hospital room and she really interacted with staff so well. Without Kim, I doubt labour would have been as smooth.

If I have anymore children, I definitely know who my doula will be.

Tamara Ballard


It was a pleasure having Kim be a part of my birth experience. She was calm, knowledgeable and sincere and made my first experience with labor much more relaxed. She was there to advocate for me and my partner and was able to explain things before they happened. I feel that doula services are very beneficial for first time parents as there is so much anxiety around the birth process and Kim and Im sure other doulas are there to help guide and keep the process as relaxed as possible. I thank Kim for her time and experience.

Kristin Wilcox


We were so thankful to have Kim as part of our birthing process!  She was a stand-in for us, as our doula was unavailable, so we only met her when we had already been in early labour for over 24 hours.  She did a great job of getting to know us and understanding what we wanted very quickly.  She was the perfect balance of kind and caring, but also clear and directive when needed.  She was a huge support for both mom (suggesting positions, listening, caring, etc) and dad (helping him feel confident, giving him suggestions to support mom, etc).  We ended up having a c-section, and were so thankful Kim was there.  It was so helpful to have one consistent familiar face from labour right through into the recovery room.

Carline Calado


Fantastic. Kim has been my doula for both of my pregnancies - my first pregnancy I met her on a Wednesday night. That next morning (contractions started at 1am) I had my baby. During the first, she was amazing with my husband. I barely noticed her there because she was coaching my husband to be right there for me (which was amazing! my memories from that birth are so sweet because I can still hear my husband coaching me to breath or to relax, etc). She got him ice when he was flush and feeling funny. During the second birth, it was SO fast we were only together for 15 minutes (of horrible pain) until my daughter was born. She was great, relaxing me and letting me know I was okay. She stayed with us until we were comfortable. She was a great doula, always very easy to get a hold of and responded to my messages immediately (even at 5 in the morning!). I felt like I was her only client which I know is definitely not true.

I highly recommend Kim. She is very sweet and relaxing. She encouraged me and really felt like our support net. Always there, just in case. Always supportive and had great ideas during labour/birth. She really looked after my husband and I. As a fantastic bonus, she took great photos that I will forever cherish. I didn't think I wanted pictures until she showed me them. :-)

Kimmi Junk


Kim was great! And a great help for us. it was our first time and ut was Nice to have someone who helped us along the way. My husband especially was grateful for her tips and guidance.

Were very fortunate to have had Kim :)

lenora delaney


Kim supported myself and my husband through the birth of our first child. She brought a calm and confident energy into the room which was exactly what we, as first time (or any time!) parents needed :) We were so happy with the support (and fyi, also her wonderful pictures documenting the experience) that when we were expecting our 2nd child, there was no question that we were going to request her support again. She helped me to focus and motivated me to get the job done ;) Her sense of humor also had me smiling through contractions! If I was to have a 3rd babe, I'd call her...again :) I would very happily and highly recommend Kim to anyone that is looking for a doula.

rj o


We were put in touch with kim through the south community birth program here in Vancouver. Kim was recommended to us as someone who could provide the strong emotional support i needed to believe i could have a successful vbac after a horrible first birthing experience that had ended in an emergency c-section.

Kim came prepared with a bag full of tools and tricks to help me try every labouring position and an infinite well of patience and reassurance she drew upon anytime i needed to know everything was on track and that i COULD do this.

kim supported us through 7 hours of labour and a subsequent hour of pushing to have a beatiful 9lb 8oz baby boy vaginally. In doing so she helped me believe in my body and gave me new confidence in myself as a woman.

From my husband: As the husband, i thought i might be cut out of the picture with a doula there supporting my wife. But kim made it clear that i was the primary support person and she was there to support me and my wife - and she really did. Her knowledge of the hospital and good relationship with staff reassured me that our birth would go smoothly. Most important was her positive attitude - in her mind there was no doubt that my wife and i would have a successful vbac which made us believe it was possible.

We would definitely kim to anyone looking for a doula, and especially if you are hoping for a vbac!

thank you kim!

Vanessa Sa


Kim was an incredible resource for my husband and I from start to finish. She went out of her way to make herself available to us throughout the labour process. This was our first child and we had many questions that Kim was more than happy to help us with. She advocated for what I needed at the hospital before, during and after the birth. It was a long labour and she kept by our side. I would highly recommended Kim for any new and seasoned parents heading into childbirth. It was comfotimg to have a warm and smiling face by our side who provided the right kind of encouragement and expertise all the way through. Thank you Kim! And to all the Doulas out there that do great work ensuring the health of mom and baby are being taken care of first and foremost.



Kim is a very supportive doula and we had a great experience with our second child. She knew exactly what i needed, when i needed it through my labor. She also provided support to my husband as well, which was a big bonus.

Noa Rabin


Kim is a wonderful Doula! We were fortunate enough to have her present for the birth of both our daughters, nearly 4 years apart. She is suppotive and strong, and got me through the most intense experiences of my life. She was also kind enough to write up birth stories for both our daughters, so that we have a record of how my labour progressed and exactly what happed in the delivery room (let's be honest, mom doesn't remember much!).

Thank you Kim for being such a rock for our family!!

Noa , Itay, Maya and baby Luna

Carly Gianakas


My birth experience was an intense one and did not go as planned at all but having Kim as part of my birthing team was the best decision we have ever made!

She was there for me emotionally and physically from the beginning to the postpartum visit. Kim was so knowledgeable, approachable, helpful and positive. She helped my husband keep me at ease while making him feel useful and kept him in the loop. I no at the end of the birthing experience he was so happy we hired her.

We are forever thankful for the support and care of Kim! Im so happy that she was part of our birth story.

Amy Parr


Kim made our birthing experience wonderful! I cannot imagine it without her!

I was stressed and unsure of what was happening before she arrived but as soon as she got here the whole mood changed to one of assured calmness. Our plan was to labour at home as long as possible then deliver at the hospital - without her help we are sure we would have ended up overwhelmed and stressed checking in to the hospital much sooner than the 8cms we were able to achieve at home with her help. I tried to sleep through my early labour and couldnt sleep a wink - I would wake up at each contraction (every 6 minutes). Within 30 minutes of her being at our home I was able to nap for almost 2 hours. She instantly could see where I was holding tension during contractions and helped me relax better during them so my labour became much less painful and less stressful. She reassured us at each stage of progression so we did not have to worry if everything was going as it should. Her energy and attitude made us feel very comfortable and relaxed while her experience helped me with pain management. Her experience also helped the pace of the labour in general through advice on positions and activities to help with dilation etc.

We had asked her to assist when needed so that my husband could be involved most of the time. She did a great job in demonstrating positions and ways to help like pressure points my husband could target on me while knowing exactly when to step into the background to allow us to have moments together as a couple and to experience the birth without feeling like a stranger was taking over or intruding. When we needed her she was there and when we didn't she knew it and acted appropriately.

We hope we can have her at all of our future children's births! It was a remarkable experience made whole by Kim's part in it!

Ellaine C. Quiambao


Kim was an amazing doula, and we’ll always be grateful to have met her!

She constantly checked on us to make sure that we were doing ok and that if did need her, she’ll be at the hospital immediately. She made sure that my husband and I just focus on delivering the baby safely and not worry about anything else. She pretty much did everything: held the gas, gave me warm towels, took pictures of the whole process, massage my legs every time I had my contractions (she seemed to know exactly when I would be having them), and helped me get into a position where I can properly push the baby out.

But I think the most important thing she did was to let my husband feel more helpful in the whole process. Any partner would feel some level of helplessness when they see the person they love go through that much pain. But she was giving him advice on what he can do so we can cope with the labour together instead of me just going through it alone.

Doulas are absolutely amazing and spectacular people, and I really hope that one day, all moms get to have one at their side when they’re giving birth. Being that emotional support is no easy task, but they do it so well – and in stride.

Thanks for everything, Kim! =)

Raechel John


My husband and I were so thrilled to have Kim as a member of our birth team.   We were trying for a VBAC and the fact that Kim has had a few of her own vaginal births after cesarean helped us feel more optimistic and relaxed about the whole process. Kim was amazing!  She took the time to meet with us and really listen to our hopes and fears surrounding our baby's birth.  She provided a great deal of very useful advice both before and after the birth (e.g. suggested teas to drink, information about placental encapsulation, and advice about post partum care).

Kim had told us that she had one day around our due date when she would be unavailable and that she had arranged back up doula support for us for that time.  Of course labour began the night before that.  Despite Kim having a very important personal engagement the next day, she stayed up all night with us to help us bring our baby into the world and we can't thank her enough for that.

Throughout the labour and birth process, Kim was able to anticipate both my needs and the needs of my husband. She ensured that things were on track and that both of us were taken care of.  It was so reassuring to have her at the hospital with us as I was worried that the hospital environment would impact on my ability to focus on what had to be done.  Kim helped to keep both my husband and I focused and facilitate anything that needed to occur.

Kirby & Ray Croin


My husband and I used Kim as our doula for the birth of our son on May 10th 2015. We were a little hesitant at first to hire a doula as my husband wanted it to be  a meaningful, intimate experience for the two of us and was worried he might be "lost in the shuffle" if we hired a doula. Due to our desire to have a home birth for our first child and feeling a little uneasy about our midwives, we decided to go for it. After meeting with Kim we felt super comfortable and knew we would be in good hands. I'm so thankful that we made the decision to hire Kim as I'm certain I would have ended up in the hospital as a result of fear had I not. She was a constant support for my husband and I, and was never overbearing. She let me know that everything I was experiencing was completely normal, and helped my husband to be the best support that he could be. She helped me to remain calm and determined during one of the most intense experiences of my life. I'm so proud and happy to say that I birthed a healthy son in the comfort of my home without the use of any medication or interventions. We are so thankful to Kim for helping us to achieve the experience that we wanted. I would strongly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula or feeling a little apprehensive about their birth. Also, she has a birth pool you can borrow (which I would highly recommend) which is a huge bonus and saves the time and money of having to rent one!!!

Chloe Tergiman


I cannot convey how grateful I am for all Kim's help during my labor. She was nothing less than amazing. My husband and I wanted to have someone with us that could help us through birthing our first child. Thanks to her my husband and I have nothing but a posiitve memory of the birth and truly feel that it was an amazing day. I was hoping for a fully natural birth and was also hoping to spend most of my labor at home. Kim helped achieve both of those things. My labor was fast (whole thing under 8 hours). Kim helped my husband massage me and comfort me through my contractions, and helped reassure my husband that thigns were normal and progressing as they should. She took a detailed and careful record of what was happening. When she said that we should start to head to the hospital I was a little nervous about it (I really didn't want to spend hours there before delivering). Had I been on my own I think I would have delayed further. Luckily Kim was there and given her experience felt that it was really time to go. She was right: a little over an hour after our arrival at St Pauls, our daughter was born. Kim was the one who rushed to get the nurses and doctors when my water broke and I felt the urge to push. Kim was there to give my husband enough confidence so he could help catch the baby when she "came out" (also here I have to say my doctor was amazing too and open to him helping in that way). Kim was the one to make sure that I was ok and that my husband was an active participant and not left out. Kim was the one to make sure that our wishes were being respected. She was also great with help breastfeeding - much better than the nurses!

Kim made all the difference for both me and my husband. I recommend Kim without any reservations whatsoever. She was open to our wishes and I feel that with any couple, she will be respectful of their wishes, supportive and active in helping them materialize, without ever being dogmatic.

Klara Brams


Kim was amazing! My husband & I were so worried about having to deal with over-involved family members (some of whom wanted to be in the room while I gave birth) that we didn't even have a chance to worry about the birth itself, until it was happening. We figured it would be routine, 12 or more hours of labour, & lots of pain-management options. We imagined that Kim would be there to calmly guide us through this slow, painful process with the tens machine, & to advocate on our behalf when we needed it if doctors were pushing unnecessary medical procedures or dealing with our nosy relatives. In reality, my labour happened so fast, there was no time for strong painkillers nor for any of my relatives to get the news before my daughter was born. The laughing gas did not seem to have any effect on me, but Kim was there to encourage me, & talk me through the pain. Kim also made sure my husband was kept in the loop, with reassurances that everything that was happening was completely normal. She even supported him in deciding to catch our daughter, as she was coming out. That's a moment he will never forget.

Justine Brooks


I wanted to take a quick minute to thank Kim for making our Labouring a more manageable and positive experience. I totally under estimated the pain and magic of the entire experience. I will never forget the look in little Colton's eyes looking up at me, making the last two days of suffering disappear. It was the best day of my life.

By coming the night before the real action, Kim was able to calm me down to get enough sleep to endure the day ahead. I know my husband appreciated every little extra second of sleep he got! Having you comfort me in our own space was beyond helpful.

Kim's touch helped sooth the pain and let me know all those feelings were natural. I appreciate your soft guidance and encouraging words.

We are all home and settling in nicely. Colton is starting to feed well and I am starting to come back to earth. :) Kim helped us through the pre-labour, labour, and pre-natal care in every way possible! If we ever have another little one, Kim will be the first on my list to call.


Andrew Morrison


Kim was the most fantastic, reassuring and calming presence at the birth of our son. Within seconds of walking in the door of our house she changed the mood from one of fear and apprehension, to one of focus and determination. She seemed to always be in the right place at the right time for both me and my husband. Obviously childbirth can be a scary, so having someone in your corner as experienced as Kim, for us anyway, was essential. For my husband she gave him the ability to be an active participant, the knowledge to support me when I needed it most, and the confidence to be an involved father right from his son's first seconds. For me, she physically took away some of my pain, and she emotionally comforted me in a way in which I knew I would be alright as long as I followed her instructions and listened to her reassurance. She didnt know this about me but I have struggled with anxiety most of my life, so the fact that I was able to labour naturally was largely because of her support. You are the best doula Kim! We honestly couldn't have done it without you and can't thank you enough.

Love Cath, Andrew, and baby Oscar

Ivana Ilic


We got a recommendation for Kim from an aquitance and we contacted her to be our doula for our twin pregancy.  When we contacted Kim she immediately left an impression of someone who is quite welcoming, but also very knowledgeable.  She arrived to our house a few days after our initial phone conversation and had brought a lot of useful material and information for us to learn and read about.  Throughout our last few months of pregnancy, Kim was initiating conversation about how we can prepare ourselves for what could happen in the delivery room, and how to get ready for the delivery.  She had helped us with the birth plan and gave us a lot information about the hospital and what we can expect when we get there.

At birth, Kim was very helpful to both me and my husband.  I was induced at 38w1d, and Kim was with us from the time i got into the hospital thru next 24 hours of labour and delivery.  My pregnancy was relatively easy and, as they called it in the hosptialy pretty uneventful, but at the delivery, my second placenta bursted and I've lost a lot of blood in avery short timeframe.  At that point Kim was extremely supportive to me and my husband and kept us sane thru the crises.  She stayed with us few hours after the delivery to make sure that I"m OK, and then followed up several time with us in the next few weeks to help with breastfeeding and to ensure that babies and I are doing well.

Overall we've really enjoyed having Kim as our doula.  She was very supportive, knowledgeable, and most of all she knew how to be close to us.  Thank you Kim for all you've done for us.  We really appreciate it.

Nicki Ross


Kim was a great help to us throughout our birth experience. She met with us before baby came to explain what we could expect of her, to answer any questions, and to give us a chance to get to know her beforehand. She was very confident and knowledgeable and we both felt that she would take good care of us. On the day that baby arrived, Kim was the first person we called with our anxious questions and she made us both feel easier right away. She stayed in the hospital with us for the entire labour, encouraging and supporting both of us emotionally and me physically (with pressure points, back rubs, etc.) and made sure we were comfortable before leaving. A couple of weeks afterward she came by our house to check up on us, discuss the experience together, and answer our remaining questions. We are very grateful to Kim for her kindness and confidence which made us feel safe and cared for during a very stressful time, and we would be very pleased to have her help with future births.

Jennifer Heiden


Kim was an experienced and amazingly calm care-giver at our birth. She was a constant positive presence, especially when things started to become more complicated.  I was reassured during my entire labour experience by her support and would have no problem recommending her to anyone I know.  Thanks again for making our experience so good.

Cindy Tsang


Kim was amazing. She was such a reassuring presence for myself and my husband, who were first time parents. She truly knew what to say or do at the right moment, and assisted me during labour with acupressure, massage, reassuring words, reminders to breathe, and explaining the process and what to expect along the way. I would highly recommend Kim. I don't think we could have done it without her!

Cindy, Cory and Isla

Trevor Johnston


Kim is simply awesome. Her knowledge and experience led us through the birthing time together seamlessly. Kim is able to balance being warm and comforting with providing guidance and suggestions, which made my wife and I feel well-supported throughout the labour.

Prior to our daughter's birth, a big concern for my wife and myself was getting to the hospital at the right time, so as to avoid having to return home and make multiple trips. Kim's expertise meant that we were able to spend the majority of the early labour period at our home - which made my wife more comfortable - and allowed us to arrive at the hospital right when active labour was beginning. This saved us the unpleasant experience of multiple trips to the hospital while in labour.

Throughout the birthing time, Kim was able to reassure both my wife and myself that things were progressing normally. As first time parents, this was much-appreciated as it set our minds at ease.

What I appreciated most about Kim was that she helped me to be as involved as possible in the birthing time, suggesting things I could do to make my wife more comfortable.

Kim was an integral part of our daughter's birth and we are so grateful to have had her as our doula. We highly recommend allowing Kim to be a part of your birthing time.

Jocelyn Chase


Kim served as our doula for the birthing time of our first child.  Because of scheduling conflicts with our initially selected doula, Kim stepped in during the week prior to our due date which was a great comfort to us.  She made the time to pay a home visit prior so we could get to know each other and feel comfortable.  We really appreciated her going the extra mile for us last minute, and indeed did need her services on the day we went into labour.

Kim is very experienced and is able to read the needs and wants of her clients very well.  She was able to empower my husband and I to support each of throughout the delivery while she played the role of background coordinator and helper.  When we needed direction and help managing a tough spot she was there to suggest strategies and when we were doing well she allowed us some privacy.  She clearly got along well with the hospital staff and integrated well with the team.  I really felt that her presence there helped us achieve the positive experience we were looking for.

I managed to labour and push without any pain medications, but finally after 3 hours of pushing I required an epidural and forceps delivery which all went smoothly.  It was very important for me to try the natural way and ultimately I was very glad to avoid a csection.

I am a physician and I hold people to a high standard of professionalism.  Kim met my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her strongly.  I hope to have her help again with future pregnancies.

Andrea Maley


Kim is a wonderful and experienced doula!  She was very calm and reassuring throughout my pre and post care and entire (and rather long!) labour.  She knew exactly what I needed when I needed it.  It was as if she could read my mind!  My contractions were so intense that it was hard to verbalize what I needed (I'm not even sure if I even knew what I needed at the time!), but thankfully Kim knew exactly what would make me feel some relief through my contractions.  Whether it was pouring water on my tummy in the tub or massaging my back, Kim had amazing intuition that helped me get through the intensity of labour.  Kim also took notes during my labour and wrote a birth story of our baby boy's entry into this world.  This was a really nice touch, particulary since I was in the "zone" and didn't remember many aspects of my labour and what was going on around me.  The birth story also helped me make sense of decisions that were made during my labour and helped weave a narrative of what actually happened on that very long and beautiful day.  I would highly recommend Kim as a doula.  I really didn't know what to expect from my labour and was very thankful that Kim and her exceptional intuition were there to soothe and reassure me.  What I appreciated most about Kim was that I didn't need to vocalize or even think about what I needed because she anticipated my needs and it turns out that this was exactly what I needed to get through the truly amazing experience of giving birth.

Robyn Emde


Kim was an amazing help and resource to us. Prenatally, she was available to answer questions, she was so open and available to us, giving us the info we needed to make informed decisions.

My birthing time came very quickly and progressed rapidly, when my husband called Kim she reassured him every step of the way and made her way to us rapidly. Kim supported my husband to set up what he needed for our impending home birth and was with me in the other room - keeping me comfortable and reassuring me that I was safe and everything was going wonderfully.

When my water broke and there was meconium in the water, Kim was incredibly calm - she let my husband know and told him to call the midwife with this information. I had no idea at the time, I was able to focus on what I needed to do, while Kim and my husband sorted out the logistics of what needed to happen next. Without Kim there, Dan would have been asking me what to do - I was in no state to answer those sorts of questions!!!!

At the hospital, my husband was not allowed to leave my side - my orders! Kim parked our car and brought in our bags - thank goodness for her. It all went so quick, there was no time for my husband to do that!

I remember being told I was at 9 cm and I wanted to push, but was told to wait. Kim instructed me on how to breathe - instruction I needed regardless of all the prep I had done. It is all so instinctual, you just don't know until you are there! She was also great at reminding me that I was safe and all was going very well. When pushing time came - (didn't take long!) I got more breath cues and pushing cues - again, regardless of prep, I needed that! My baby girl was born after 4 hours of labour and 11 minutes of pushing!

Kim took pictures of moments we would never have captured on film, she also wrote us a birth story. These tokens will all go in our daughter's baby book - we will cherish them forever

Wendy Cheng


My husband and I were fortunate to have Kim as our doula. Her expertise in handling labour using different methods to ease the discomfort was very helpful during my experience. She helped my body to move towards active labour by walking steps and doing lunges on hospital steps was interesting and it really worked! Finally in active labour, Kim was amazing in helping our little boy come into this world. I highly recommend Kim. She respects your requests and provides feedback when you need it. She knows what she's doing!

Nathalie S


We had such a wonderful experience with Kim. This was our second baby and an attempted vbac so we were excited to have Kim on our side as she has had lots of experience with vbac clients. She met us at the hospital and stayed with us the entire time. During each phase of labor and delivery, she offered support, reassurance and comfort. We also appreciated her willingness to take many pictures for us. It has been lovely to be able to look back at them and be able to tell the story of our baby girl's birth in a meaningful way. This was especially important for me because my first labor and delivery were much longer and ended in emergency c-section.

the birth of our daughter was a successful vbac and a restorative experience. Kim was so kind and took good care of me throughout the entire labor and delivery. She was respectful, and helped instill confidence in me when I needed it. She also had many suggestions for coping with contractions. She had a positive, calm energy that made my husband and I feel valued and cared for. I am so grateful for her presence at our baby girl's birth!

thank you Kim!!

Jackie W


Kim is an extremely warm and professional doula. It was such a blessing to have her assist me in the delivery of our daughter. She was very calm and comforting during my labor and was very experienced. She played a crucial role in keeping me focused and breathing during labor. Thanks again for helping me follow through on my natural birth!

Merima Kostecki


I was paired up with Kim as a part of a VBAC research study for my second baby. My first labour was not a positive experience, after a prolonged and exhausting go at it, my first baby was delivered by a Cesarean. Although I was a good candidate for a VBAC this time, I was a little skeptical that I could actually deliver vaginally. Kim was organized and in control of the situation from the moment we were paired up one week before my due date. She gave me exercises to help properly position the baby, met with me to discuss my delivery, and on Christmas day assisted delivering a healthy baby boy. I was impressed with Kim's dedication and skill. She was very supportive and encouraging and knew what to say to help me cope. Breathing control and massage helped me out tremendously, and unlike the first time, I felt empowered and confident that I could give birth vaginally. I am so happy to have been paired up with Kim, without her I don't know if I would have had the strenght to deliver vaginally and without an epidural. Thanks Kim!

Saida Pillay


Kim is an amazing doula. We were lucky enough to be paired up with her through our birthing clinic. As first time parents, not having any clue about what's happening when labour starts, a doula is someone every first time parent should have by their side. Kim was with my husband and I from the start of labour til the very end. Never intrusive but instead beside us, talking to us, guiding us, cheering us on, it was amazing. We had no clue if certain pains were normal or not and she could sense the worry and would immediately tell us it was normal and it would calm us down.  Giving birth is an exciting time but also very scary for both mom and dad, so if anyone is having any fears of the birthing process, labour etc, call Kim. She's amazing! And if you bring your cameras, she'll takes video and pictures too so dad can be at moms side.

Kimberley Hofer-Klassen


My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with Kim. From the first home visit we both felt cared for and that we would be in good hands during our birth. During our birth Kim was so much help. She was not only there for me but she was also there for my husband both at the hospital  and when we were at home. I went into labor and progressed very fast and Kim was available by phone to give us guidance. During the labour she was so kind and calm and created a safe space for me. It was so wonderful to have someone at my birth who could be with us the entire time and help guide us thought the process. The other thing that I so appreciated was the little touches that Kim brings to the experience. I especially loved that Kim was taking pictures of the experience and she was able to capture some very special moments that we would not have if we were taking our own photos. This allowed my husband to be fully present for the experience rather than trying to experience it through a camera lens. After the birth Kim guided me in my first breast feeding experience which was so special for me. About a week after the birth Kim came to our home to visit and we revisited the experience. Having Kim be part of our birth experience made the experience so much more special and I would not hesitate to recommend Kim as a doula to anyone. Kim is truely a wonderful person and I will treasure my experience with her for the rest of my life.

Aman B


Kim is an amazing doula! Her presence and knowledge during the birth of my second baby (vbac) was a tremendous help. I was in labor for almost 24 hours and having Kim there was very beneficial for me. Her suggestions on how to deal with the labor pain was so helpful. She also used accupressure to relieve the pain with every contraction. Kim was helpful in educating my husband and myself on what to expect with a vbac. She was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. I needed someone who could guide my husband and be there for him as well as for me, and Kim did that (on limited sleep too!). She also provided soothing music and massage to help me relax and even sleep for a bit during the labor at Women's Hospital. In the end I got my vbac and was so proud of myself. I couldn't have done it without Kim. She gave me the confidence to get through it and I am so happy with how it all turned out. Thanks Kim!

Lynda Markwell


Kim was referred to be my a colleague at work, and immediately on talking with her I felt at ease in her company. Kim took a large amount of the stress and anxiety away from me that I was feeling about the prospect of giving birth.

My job is extremely busy and I was stressed that I was not mentally prepared to have a baby, and I had not had the time to read any books, I didnt feel prepared. By meeting Kim twice before going in to labor she was able to provide me hints and tips and things I could be doing before labor to help the process. Knowing Kim was going to be there in the delivery room was very reassuring.

On the day Kim was with us each step of the way, she gave my husband hints and tips on things he could do to make my labor easier, and she was permanently reassuring me when I got anxious. We were extremely pleased that Kim was with us through the whole process.

On top of that, Kim took some amazing photographs of my husband and I when our little boy was born. I will treassure (most) of these photographs always. Thank you Kim

Seanna McConnell


As first time parents, we were extremely grateful to have Kim with us through the labour and delivery of our daughter. Knowing that Kim had been through so many births ahead of time, and seeing how she interacted with the hospital staff, so many of whom knew and respected her, and vice versa, gave us tremendous confidence in the advice she gave and as decisions needed to be made by us throughout the process. Kim's presence was solid but not invasive, always there with a steady hand or calming word to push us though to the next stage. She also took a fabulous set of pictures from the early stages here at home though to the actual birth, all tasteful and skilled images that were a great surprise to see after the fact and which remind us of that crazy and beautiful day. We would not hesitate to recommend Kim to others considering hiring a doula, or to having her back with us should we head down the path to parenthood again. She was fantastic and grounding to both of us though the biirth of our daughter and we have difficulty imagining the experience without her in the room.

Veronika Klaptocz


Kim did a fantastic job of being our doula. She came to our home shortly after we called her, and assisted with the labour by suggesting positions and types of massage. We were on the same page when it came to deciding when to go to the hospital. And it was at the hospital that she really came through for us. It was a very busy day with numerous complicated births underway, and with the residents away on a retreat, which meant that the hospital was understaffed. We ended up having a complicated birth ourselves when it turned out I needed an emergency c-section. From the time we got to the hospital to the time the surgery was over, we were seen by 3 midwives, 2 obstetricians, and dozens of different nurses. Kim was the only constant in the equation, who was there for us from the time my active labour started to the time we were wheeled to the postpartum recovery room. She was a huge comfort. And what a wonderful surprise when we started flipping through photos on our camera, and discovered that Kim had taken pictures of the birth of our baby girl in the OR. It was really special to have photos of that moment, and we were obviously way too out of it and stressed out to have thought of it ourselves. Overall, Kim was positive, encouraging, and very present during our experience. She is extremely knowledgeabe and experienced. And she was very reassuring when she paid us a visit a week after the birth to debrief from the labour. We were still emotional about the c-section, and she reassured us that we made the right decision. This was important to our healing process. We highly recommend Kim as a doula.

Bernice Williams


It was my first time to give birth and it was a very stressful one that ended up in an Emergency Cesarean Operation. Having Kim all through the process made it way easier to bear. She is very professional and knows what she is doing, when to step in and when to back out. You can tell her anything and not worry that you will be judged. I recommend her hundred percent to any expecting mom out there who needs a hand during her birth.

Kirsten Baillie


I really enjoyed working with Kim she got a sense of who we are really quickly and so she knew when we needed to laugh and when we needed a hug. I would highly recommend her as a fabulous doula -thank you



I hired Kim for the birth of my first child. I was impressed by her experience and her commitment to helping women during such a momentous event. She appealed to me because of her practical nature but yet she's also spiritual. All of our interactions were professional, something that I didn't get from other doulas I interviewed. I was lucky enough to have pretty much my perfect birth. My daughter was born at home in a birth pool at the very reasonable time of 2:30 in the afternoon. Kim was instrumental in making my experience go smoothly. Her coaching during the pushing stage was exactly what I needed, she was really tuned into my needs. Kim gave me tips while in labour that really helped, both then and with recovery. My husband is hearing impaired and Kim made sure he didn't miss anything and was included in the birth experience. I'm sure he was more involved in the birth than he would have been were Kim not there. That was a great relief for me. Kim also helped me out after the birth with breast feeding. I assumed breast feeding was a lot more natural than it actually is and her support was very beneficial. From before getting pregnant I knew I wanted a doula. Giving birth is such a huge event for both you and your partner and having another person there, who knows your want is a huge help. Everyone deserves a doula! If I have another child I will definitely hire Kim again.

Danielle, Dave, Roland and Elijah Nicholson


When we were expecting our first child we heard about doulas from our midwife and when we heard of the cost, unsure if we really needed one. However, having no family in the province and a planned home birth, we thought the extra support would be a blessing. We decided on Kim for no particular reason that I can remember, we had a chat on the phone and I remember feeling very comfortable and at ease with her. Kim is a very spiritual woman who always made herself available to us and never made us feel like any question was unimportant. I was so happy we decided to go with a doula and even more happy with us choosing Kim. We recently had our second baby and Kim was once again, my tree of support. We have made a wonderful friend in Kim and I hope we can always keep in touch wherever we end up in our lives.

Johanna S (Vancouver)


When we first met Kim before the birth, I was immediately impressed by how warm and caring she is. A fantastic listener, she understood our preferences/concerns for the birth. I called Kim before the birth (How will I know when I have contractions?) and she was  reassuring, telling me to trust myself and also to call her any time I have any concerns or worries.

As it turned out, my labour progressed very fast. I am relieved at how quickly she arrived, having feared we might have to do without her. To quote my husband, her arrival was like "the cavalry had come". Kim provided fantastic support, helping him know what to do and keeping him calm enough to support me. The two of them worked together to move me into different positions a few times. I am still impressed with how she can read a situation, and is able to ascertain what is needed even without input from mom - e.g. she suggested a couple of pushing positions that maximized my efforts and moved the labour along. Her Mary Poppins bag of tricks had very helpful tools and her knowledge of techniques was fantastic - but really what made the big difference for me was her coaching. Kim is reassuring but also clear and firm in her instructions. She is supportive and kind, but not mushy. If it wasn't for her helping me, this birth would have been a completely different experience; I cannot imagine not having had her there. After the birth, she expertly helped with my first breastfeeding experience.

Her postnatal visit allowed me to revisit the experience. With the help of her photos, Kim's respectful recounting of/conversation about what happened that night made me feel empowered; she helped me look back on what could have been a traumatic memory as one of the most beautiful events of my life. If you could use a fiercely loving advocate of a beautiful birth process (and really who can't?), then I would highly recommend Kim.



Kim Turton was my doula during the birth of my second child. I had a different doula for my first birth, and had a terrible birthing experience that I couldn't seem to let go, even though 26 months had already passed. I was terrified of giving birth again, and I knew the role my doula would play would be of crucial importance to how I felt about my birthing experience this time around. The first time I met Kim, I knew she was the doula for me. She was very positive, warm, and supportive, and it was these attributes that gave me the strength to face another birth. She left our home that day having given me the confidence that I could do it. When I arrived at the hospital, she met me right at the entrance door, which was such a relief. She advocated for what she knew I wanted throughout the birth. When I entered transition and then it was time to push, her gentle reassurance kept me going even though I wanted to give up because of the intensity of the pain. She seemed to know exactly what to say, and said it in such a way that I would respond positively. I had the birth that I had always wanted because of Kim's expertise. The emotional pain of my first birth has been replaced by the joy and pride of knowing that I could do it, without any interventions I no longer have tears in my eyes when I speak of my birthing experience. Thank you, Kim, for being there for me during an experience that I will always treasure close to my heart.

Chalane Yung


Kim was my doula matched up by the South Community Birth Program.   I literally did not get to meet her until I went into labour as I was almost 4 weeks early!  I called her at about midnight to let her know I was in labour and she went right to work in asking me some key questions and even helped me through contractions over the phone.  This was my second baby and I was trying for a VBAC, which Kim was very supportive and knowledgeable about.  Her calm and soothing demeanor helped both my husband and I immensely.  Even though I ended up having a C-section due to medical complications, Kim made this labour experience so much better than my first.  She was the first person at my bedside at recovery and she even dropped by for a postpartum visit.  I cannot recommend her enough!

Chris Bataille


Kim Turton was provided for us by the South Main birthing program, and Maggie and I have nothing but incredibly grateful things to say about her. My wife went into labour late in the evening after a long tiring day 3.5 weeks early, and we were both exhausted by the time labour really got started.  Put simply, she took what could have been a horrible birth experience for both of us, and made it one the most amazing expereinces of both our lives.  If you are looking for recommendations, please feel free to email me, Chris, at  

Andrea Holly


Kim was with us for the birth of both of our children, and we were so thankful both times to have her there.  We highly recommend Kim.

With our first, our son Fraser, we didn't know what to expect - from labour, from a Doula, from the nurses, from anything.  Kim was our kind, experienced guide.  She guided my husband with ideas of how to help me (both births were non-C-section).  He wouldn't have really known what to do without her, and I was in no position to coach him with how to coach me.  Kim also called on nurses and took charge in a few instances when we might not have had the gumption to get them in line.

Kim has a great energy.  She is totally there for you, but not in your face in any way.  She is calming but not sappy.  She is knowledgable and reassuring.

So the second time around we figured we knew what we were doing - who needs a doula?  But we thought "just to be safe" we would engage Kim again.  And we were SO glad we did.  Our daughter Holland came quite fast, as many seconds do, but without Kim telling me to let Holly do the work, to relax and just let Holly do the work, the experience would not have been as "enjoyable" as it truly was.  And that is saying something!  Kim made labour enjoyable the second time around.

We would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a doula.

Natasha Greensite


I had an amazing experience with Kim. After having my first 2 children in the UK, the first being a fairly traumatic birth experience and the second being a c-section as suggested by the medical team, I was certain I would just have another section with my 3rd.  I had many discussions with my doctor about the impending birth and was encouraged to try for a VBAC at Vancouver Women's Hospital. I had used a doula once before and loved the idea of having someone with me throughout the labour and the birth, who could provide not only me with the support I needed but would also provide the same for my husband. Kim, provided exactly that from the moment I phoned to tell her I was being admitted, to the moment I was taken into theatre (following a gruelling 12 hour labour). Kim encouraged my husband with advice on how to support me and was a calm and reassuring presence throughout the labour.  As a wonderful gesture a week or so following my daughter's birth, she visited us at home with her beautifully written account of the labour & birth, something I will treasure forever.

Erin Timm


I can't imagine going through the awesome birth experience we had without Kim.  There are so many things to know having your first child, or rather so many things you feel you should know and don't. Kim answered all our questions and kept me focused and clam through the pregnancy and birth process. The birth of our child had some serious complications, (we are all doing wonderful today), for both mother and child and my husband is very grateful that Kim was also there for him! Kim was always available to chat with and was also very respectful and never 'took' over and ensured my husband was my #1 supporter. (but boy he needed her support!) I had a long labour and although the nurses were great at the hospital, they just don't have the time to stay with you and guide you through the 'management' of labour. Thank goodness Kim was there to suggest so many techniques such as breathing and positions to help me through it. When you're in that moment, it is hard to think clearly and remember everything you're supposed to do. As I mentioned we did not have a 'typical' labour and delivery, so my experience was very different than most. And these are things you can't anticipate. We are so happy that we had Kim there with us. Don't know how we would have done it without her. 

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