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Location: Maryland


Black-Owned Business
Training offered
The Black Doula Training is an independent black-owned training program for aspiring doulas of color. We specialize in training doctors, nurses, and techs how to incoporate doula work into their current practices. We offer Entry Level Doula Training and Doula Training for Medical Professionals
Summary of qualifications
Nikita Johnson is a 1st Yr. Midwife Apprentice, PCT, CNA, Doula Trainer, & Doula in Baltimore, Md. Here is some more about Nikita. 6.5 years of hospital based L&D experience as an OB Surgical Tech. . 9.5 years as a Medical Professional (ER, Med/Surg, Abortion & Fertility Clinics) . 3.5 years as a Professional Doula & Entrepreneur . 2.2 years as a Doula Trainer . Certified about 350+ doulas. . Several doulas trained by Nikita have gone on to be leaders of their community, solo practicing doulas, and/or agency owners.
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