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Community Birth Doula Training & Certification Program

Gain skills to provide physical comfort, emotional support, health education and advocacy for pregnant women and their infants. Increasingly, HMO and PPO plans are including payment for Doula services. As of January 1, 2023, California’s Medi-Cal plan will include Doula support as a covered benefit. Certified Doulas will be able to bill Medi-Cal for their services. ABOUT COMMUNITY DOULAS VS. CONVENTIONAL DOULAS The difference between a community Doula and a “conventional” Doula is that community doulas are usually from the same background as the persons they serve. They may share ethnic and racial similarities, or have common backgrounds, such as being a teenage mother or a refugee or immigrant. They may share similar life experiences, such as being a member of a particular ethnic group or minority, or have shared aspects of culture, such as language. They may integrate specific cultural birthing traditions into their care.


In-Person Event

Cost: $750.00

Instructor(s): Cordelia Hanna, MPH, CHES, ICCE, CLE, CBA and Carla Michael, MSW, CD, CPD, CLE, Student Midwife

This training event meets from September 3 to September 6.

Meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

This training event meets 4 times for a total of 32 hours.

California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities
1000 N. Alameda St, Los Angeles CA 90012
(626) 388 2191