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Childbirth Educator Workshop

Would you like to help birthing parents learn what really matters to have the birth of their dreams? Through BirthWorks, you can help women have more trust and faith in their knowledge that their body already knows how to give birth. This is a unique and innovative approach that through the practice of human values integrates the mind, body, and spirit, helping to increase confidence and decrease fear in birth. This comprehensive, high-quality workshop is part of our certification training program to become a certified BirthWorks Childbirth Educator. If you chose to also do your Certification, the additional fee is $550US, including a home-self study program one-to-one personal mentorship through your training!

Cost: $525.00


This is a live, virtual training event.

This training event meets from October 20 to October 23.

Meets Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

This training event meets 4 times for a total of 20 hours.