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Doulaing the Doula

Foundations of Doula Practice Coaching Group

Foundations of Doula Practice covers these topics: Week 1: Who Am I? Who Is Supporting Me? Week 2: Getting Out of My Own Way and Who Are My People? Week 3: What is my Vision for My Doula Practice? What is my Purpose? Week 4: How Am I Compensated? What are my Rewards? Week 5: How Will People Know What I’m Doing? Getting the Word Out Week 6: How will I Organize Everything? How Do I Implement my Plan? Week 7: Beginning The Client Relationship Week 8: Doulaing in Times of Grief and Loss Week 9: Creating A Team with Medical Staff; Revisit Your Vision Tamara Thompson has been a doula for eight years, is the mother of seven children and is returning from bereavement leave to spread her wisdom among other doulas! She is a member of Maroon Calabash and is a founder of the Harambee Village Doula Program. Her doula business is Mother Earth Doula Services. Tamara is especially interested in helping Black doulas to be successful. REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 4!

Cost: $500.00

Instructor(s): Tamara Thompson, CLC

This is a live, virtual training event.

This training event meets from April 3 to June 12.

Meets Wednesday from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM Central Standard Time

This training event meets 9 times for a total of 15 hours.