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Powder Springs, GA Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), May 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am comfortable working at all hospitals and with all providers within my service area.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I cannot wait to support families at a birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend all home births where there is also a qualified midwife attending.

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Being a Doula is my passion!. I love to support and empower families in their decisions.I would love to serve you and your family! Ser Doula es mi mayor pasión. Amo empoderar y apoyar familias durante la etapa más especial e importante de sus vidas, la llegada de su bebé! I’m here to serve you! Aquí estoy para servirte!.

Powder Springs, GA Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Melanie Suarez

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Melany sanchez & Victor


Melanie was my doulas and we were blessed to have her, this is our second child after 14 years and it was all like new for us. Melanie provided so much education, company and care. She was supportive in all ways you can imagine. I even had misunderstanding with my doctors and she empowered me and gave me the tools and information about my rights and how to be prepared for a respected labor process. We couldn't be more blessed. She becomes part of your family in a blink of an eye. We could talk to her about anything and everything. She is knowledgeable and open minded. I dont even think she is human!. she is magical, she is a super human lol. She encapsulated my placenta and did balm and tincture, all was shipped on a timely fashion... super fast. She will be with us for prenatal, labor, postpartum including postpartum care and lactation of you decide to breastfeed. I recommend her in a million times and she can work along with woth your midwife or anyone. She is amazing! God Bless her soul. Thank you Melanie, my process was amazing because you were on our side.

Kimberly Winter


My husband and I are so happy we decided to have Melanie as our doula. Her help and support during labor was amazing. She helped us birth at home and keep labor moving along. She also had birth classes with us which helped us prepare for labor so we felt confident when my birthing time began. She helped show my husband how to provide comfort to me during labor which really helped with my back pain during transition. She consistently checked on me before and after the baby was born. Melanie really cares and is passionate about natural labor and birth and keeping mama and baby safe. We love you Melanie! Thank you so much!

Alexandra Febus


Cuando pensé en contactar a una doula siempre tuve la idea de que su apoyo sería para alcanzar unicamente un parto natural. En el ultimo mes de embarazo hubo complicaciones y enfrentamos una cesárea. No tengo palabras para expresar lo preparada que me sentí emocional y fisicamente al llegar a mi cirugia programada. El apoyo de Melanie fue la clave para que lograramos un parto humanizado y respetado, aun siendo cesárea. Me preparó para todo lo que podia enfrentar en sala de parto dandome herramientas que me hicieran sentir ese "tu puedes lograrlo". Le estaré infinitamente agradecida por todo lo que hizo por mi familia durante el embarazo y el post-parto. Tambien encapsuló nuestra placenta y no puedo esperar para ver los resultados de comsumirla. Nos envio fotos y videos del proceso donde notamos su profesionalismo y dedicación al trabajarla. Sus servicios se resumen en amor, paciencia, dedicación, profesionalismo, empatía, trabajo en equipo, y mucho más. Gracias Melanie por permitirnos tener la mejor experiencia dentro de lo inesperado ??



I was given a referral to Melanie's services when I enquired about placenta capsuls. From the very start Melanie was warm, nurturing, informative, and understanding. As a first time mom I had many questions,  concerns, etc. and she did well to answer them all thoroughly. Melanie was available night and day and anytime I needed reassurance. She provided me with her certifications, evidenced based info, and shared informative knowledge about the standards of care and cleanliness practices. She provided me with referral information on newborn photographers, reputable pediatricians, and made sure the I knew how to advocate for myself with my medical team. She showed up to the hospital early and waited 2-hrs for my C-section to be over so that she could receive my placenta as soon as available. She showed me emotional support when I struggled with seeing my Postpartum body as beautiful. She kept up with me during my time in recovery at the hospital and came to my home with flowers, personalized gifts for my newborn twins, and a huge hug. ??You can tell she really loves what she does and has a special gift. I have found for than a doula in her. I have found extended family in her.

Liliana Delgado


I first learned about Melanie throughly my birthing midwife. I knew I wanted to encapsulate my placenta once before I knew I was pregnant. I am sooo blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Melanie! I called her the night after giving birth and she arrived at my home that same night prepared to take my placenta with her! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? By the way I hadn’t even meet her yet I meet her once she came to drop off my encapsulated placenta pills and the goodies she had prepared for me and my baby as a memoriam. Now I only wish I knew her before birth and had her as a support as well! She is very professional, kind and overall a very pleasant person to have around.  She also gave me many tips on breastfeeding and proper posture for breastfeeding because I was suffering from horrible back pain. For sure when I become pregnant again I will definitely be giving here a call in advance! I highly recommend this amazing woman!


Thank you Melanie for all that you do!

Armando Oliveras


If you are looking for the ultimate experience in home birth and are looking for the best Doula, look no further. Melanie is the most spiritual, loving and kind human being. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. Melanie guided us from the get go. From the exercises, healthy eating, couples empowerment and support. If you have other kids she embraces the fact the the only way to go about this is as a family. Going back to her spirituality, there is something about her that makes everything flow in a way the you know that this is the right thing to do because the is the most natural process of our human behavior. Words don't do her justicia, because I can't say enough about this amazing person. It's like having the best support, with full knowledge and the caring and understanding all in one. Melanie is part of our family and she will become part of yours as well. 

Katie Valencia


I highly recommend Melanie with Birthing with Power Doula Services. With Melanie's support, I was able to successfully achieve a VBAC birthing my daughter. Melanie was unwavering in her faith and confidence in me, helping me to find the confidence in myself to bring my daughter into the world. She helped me trust in my body, and get over my fears of birthing after having a c-section for my first delivery. Melanie provided excellent and informative classes before the birth, and I harnessed that information during the birth to support me especially as I neared the end of labor. During labor, Melanie seemed to know exactly what I needed as far as support and helped my partner to best support me as well. She worked with my midwife and nursing team in a respectful way but also aided them in assisting me in the moments I needed it most. Melanie is an excellent doula, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula.

Kaylyn Jesifers


I knew when I found out I was pregnant with my second I wanted this birth to be different than my first. I knew without a doubt I wanted to go all natural. Melanie made it possible for me to go all natural. She prepares you for birth with exercises, she is such an encourager and has such a positive attitude through out your whole journey with her. I had to be induced with my second and she made sure I had this baby all natural, we were walking and doing all the exercises we did in her class, I can truly say I was VERY WELL PREPARED!!! My husband can not stop talking about how great she was and how positive this birth was compared to the birth of our first. My husband said “Melanie is awesome!” 

Lidia Ruiz de Hiraldo


I originally contacted Melanie for placenta encapsulation. She came highly recommended through a close friend of mine. I honestly have no words to describe how grateful I am that Melanie ended up being an integral part in my labor process. I was at a point where I wasn’t progressing in labor. Thanks to Melanie who not only provided support to myself and my husband we were able to move forward and delivery a healthy baby girl. Thank you Melanie for helping me through the home stretch. We are forever grateful. 

Camila Velandia


Melanie, las palabras que busco no existen, pues mi agradecimiento hacia ti no tiene comparación, eres una persona admirable, tu  labor como doula es fabulosa.  

No tenia mucho conocimiento sobre el tema hasta que te conocí, eres de gran ayuda, y aunque mi parto fue cesaría me ayudaste y apoyaste con tu conocimiento, buenos deseos y esa gracia infinita que te rodea. 

Muchas gracias. 



Irais Bessman


When I found out I was pregnant in May 2018, I knew right away that I wanted to have a natural birth! I started asking my close friends and family if they knew any doulas in the area, I spoke with a few doulas before hearing about Melanie! Once My husband and I spoke to melanie, We knew right away she was the perfect match. She motivated us from the start and taught us so much about childbirth. 

Unfortunately I had to be induced due to high blood pressure that arose the week I was due and for my safety and of the baby we agreed to an induction. Melanie came to the hospital after we realized that the baby was posterior and When the pain got really intense. She helped me find the strength to keep going and worked hand in hand with my husband to help me through. As soon as she walked in, she transformed the room. We had essential oils burning, soft music playing, positive affirmations board and everything that you can think of to help ease labor!! My favorite was the essential oils and the Reboso! Oh that reboso helped so much! After doing some stretches, the baby positioned himself in the correct position for birth! Everything was going ok but Unfortunately after some time due to complications, they had to take me in for a c-section and had to put me completely under. Even though this was the case, Melanie stayed the whole time while this was performed and made sure all was ok. She was our best advocate and I cannot thank her enough. She helped keep my husband calm since he could not be present in the operating room. I don’t know what I would have done without her, she truly is so passionate about what she does and it reflects in her work. She knows how to make you feel comfortable even in the midst of all the pain. I will forever cherish this memory. Her compassion, love and our Christian connection made the experience even more amazing! She is truly the best doula not in just the Atlanta area, but in the WORLD!  ?? ??

Ailin portillo


Mis palabras nunca podrán decir lo mucho que significa que siempre tu estuvieras a mi lado para poder dar a luz a mis hermosas princesas, hoy ya son 3 veces consecutivas que siempre elijo tus servicios porque aunq ya no era mi primera ves teniendo un bebé sentía q sin tu ayuda no podría hacerlo sola, gracias una ves más por estar a mi lado Melanie eres un gran ser humano y parte de mi vida e historia, mi generación sabrá que tu exististes cuando ellas llegaron a este mundo !!! Dios te continué bendiciendo y dándote la sabiduría necesaria para que empoderes a más Mujeres!!! Te queremos mucho ...



I was a homebirth transfer and Melanie met us at the hospital. During a time when I needed love and kindness and was very scared she was there for me. She was so incredibly helpful at understanding my needs. Also as someone who had planned a homebirth I didn’t fully understand all the medical things that were being done and she explained things to both me and my husband. She helped us understand our options and advocated for us with the hospital staff. She updated my family in the waiting room and stayed until we were comfortable on our own. I can’t imagine what this experience would have been like without her expertise. She truly has a gift. We are grateful and blessed to have met her. 

Ailin Portillo


Melanie es una gran mujer,noble, llena de fuerza y valor que se refleja en su pasion como doula. Ella me ha asistido en mis 2 partos totalmente naturales. Fue una gran dicha conocerla y poder tenerla junto a nosotros en estos momentos q la mujer necesita toda la fuerza de una mano amiga, con mi esposo siempre hemos sabido q ella a sido pieza clave en nuestros partos a sido un apoyo incondicional, te agradecemos q estuvieras a mi lado en todo momento reafirmandome que yo podía que había sido hecha por un Dios perfecto para poder dar vida. Gracias x Llenar el ambiente de nuestra habitación de paz y de amor. Tus conocimientos y guia nos han ayudado, sobre todo a sentirnos seguros y tranquilos en el nacimiento de nuestras princesas Fue un placer conocerla y tenerla como doula, en nuestras vidas eres una gran bendición de Dios ...

Miktanyela S Barrios


all I can say is AMAZING. My delivery took 2 days, it was my first baby and I was scare. Melanie was there for me all the time providing support and love. She did not leave my side at any time and did not rest at all taking care of me the entire time. I did not go into a c-section when things got complicated thanks to her. Melanie is the best, I recommend her to every pregnant women, specially first time moms. Not only she was there for me, but she was there for my husband and my family, she took control of the entire process and eventhough  I was under the worst pain I ever felt in my life, I can say I had a great birth experience. Thank you so much Melanie you are the best.



Mike Johnson


Melanie is awesome! She provided the perfect environment and support system for me and my wife as first time parents welcoming our son to the planet. She gave us an excellent framework of what to expect for our new life venture. However nothing could have prepared us for an induction and 40+hrs of labor, and she was there every step of the way lending physical, mental and emotional support. Reassuringly confident, Melanie restored our faith when the hours got longer and stress levels in the room had peaked. We had many complications along the way and never had the water birth we had planned but Melanie made sure we were as comfortable as possible while she helped us navigate the twist and turns of an induced labor. She kept spirits high and I personally cannot imagine the level of difficulty we would have been able to endure with out her support throughout our birth. She was there the whole way and she has been there ever since.  Through it all , She helped us Dominate our delivery and she will be the first call we make when we are expecting again. And probably a few in between. 

natalia valderrama


Melanie is such a sweet, genuinely good person. I ended up getting induced because my baby was 2 weeks late. Even though we wanted a natural water birth, the induction ended up complicating things and it became a chain of interventions and complications that led to my son being born 44 hours after i had been admitted to the hospital (no water birth :( )Melanie was such a fundamental part for me, my partner and my mom to keep our sanity during the very long labor. She injected positive thoughts into me when i thought i didnt have the energy to keep going. She guided me and my husband into useful positions to cope with the contractions and made me feel in control and full of  positive thoughts. At one point we were all so stressed out and defeated that Melanie suggested we pray. We all held hands and Melanie gave the most beautiful powerful prayer. It brought back some needed peace and energy to get us through the finish line. At one point i gave up and was about to ask for a c section, but after talking to Melanie, i was convinced to keep trying for a vaginal birth, which i ultimately got. After the whole thing was over both my husband and mother said: thank God you hired that doula, we dont know what we would have done without her. They both agreed they wouldnt have had the tools to help me get through it. There are no words to describe how amazing Melanie was. She stood by me for almost 30 hours! She still checks up on me and baby. I still get in touch with her for any baby questions because she is so knowledgeable and happy to help. Melanie is a beautiful person who genuinely cares for her clients and goes above and beyond what i ever expected from a doula. You cant go wrong with her and if she is your doula, you will be grateful you hired her and will forever remember her as playing a key role on that special day.

Ileana Rivera


Melanie has been a blessing from the beginning we started working with her thru now! Abraham its my first child so I needed to feel supported mentally and physicly. My pregnancy was not easy, but having her assure me that everything will be fine. She will always be on call, even to answer any silly question I had. Every single class was outstanding. Full of knowledge, cares, and understanding. She made sure that I was comfortable with every decision, and that I knew all the information necessary for me to have a safe and wonderful birth. At the end of my pregnancy at 35wks and 6days I was diagnose with Pre-eclampsia, which put me in the hospital until my induced labor at 37wks. This is when you know you make the best decision by having her on your side! Melanie filled my side table with flowers! Was always on call for any question I had and support. On my labor day the induction was hard before she got there I almost gave up! The pain was not letting me concentrate. As soon as she got to my room, she put my head on her chest hugged me and said "Im here were going to do this together". In that moment I felt such a comfort and peace, that gave me the power to get the control back during those contractions. I got induced, I'm a overweight female, I had Gestational diabeties and Pre-Eclampcia and was able to have a vaginal birth!!!! Thank You sooooo much Melanie for being there for me and my husband!! Without your awsome knowledge I wouldn't be able to make it. Ladies she is worth it!! I couldnt ask for a better Doula thank you for being so passionate in what you do and for never living my side when I needed you


K Morales


Melanie es un gran ser humano noble que se refleja en su pasion como doula. Ella me asistio durante mis horas de labor. Fue un gran apoyo, estuvo a mi lado en todo momento reafirmandome que yo podia. Fue un placer conocerla y tenerla como doula. 

Francy Rojas


From then very first day my  husband and I met you we wanted you as our doula.

My delivery experience was incredible thakns to yous knowledge,tools and relaxation techniques that helped me through out my delivery process. Your spirituality and love you provided to us, we felt we were in the best hands. You were amazing help for our family.

All I can  tell is that Melanie is an incredible Doula, she took care of us on february 6th, 2015 Northside Hospital and thamnks to that experience we had an amazing eperience. We highly recommend Melanie to any woman whose  looking for a Doula.

Thank you Melanie for yur love.

Dsde el dia en que la conocimos mi espo y yo sabiamos que la queriamos como nuestra doula.

Mi experiencia de parto fue increible gracias a los conocimientos, herramientas y tecnicas de relajacion que me ayudaron a concentrarme a lo largo de mis horas de parto. Su espiritualidad y cariño te brindan mucha confianza. Para nuestra familia fue de gran ayuda puedo decir que Melanie es una Doula adsolutamente increible que se encargo de que nosotros el 6 de febrero 2015 vivieramos una experiencia maravillosa.

Que recomieno completamente a cualquier mujer que este planiando contratar una doula y quiera tener una experiencia inolvidable

Gracias Melanie 

Pilar Sarmiento


Fué una bendición haber tenido el apoyo de Melanie durante mi trabajo de parto el 3 de Febrero, 2015. Sus servicios como doula son excelentes.
Llenó el ambiente de nuestra habitación de paz y sobretodo buena energía. Sus conocimientos y guia nos ayudó a sentirnos seguros y tranquilos en el día mas importante de nuestras vidas. Gracias Melanie!
It was a blessing having Melanie's support during my labour on February 3, 2015. Her doula's services are excellent. She filled our room with peace and a great energy. Her knowledge and guidance helped us feel with confidence during the most important day of our lives. Thanks Melanie!


Pilar, Ivan & Baby Max

Adama Hawa Diallo


Words cant describe how wonderful Melanie is. From the day we met her My husband and I knew we wanted her to become our doula. She was there from day one until today. She always calls and texts asking how im doing and being supportive. She is not just a doula she is a friend , a counselor and i now consider her part of my family. She did not just come to the classes and attend my birth. We went hospital nag shopping together. We went to my childbirth class together and we also attended other classes. She is truly an angel. Even when I do not reply to her text messages because i ve been pretty busy lately that doesn't stop her from ALWAYS asking how im doing and being present. During the birth She stayed on her feet till the end reassuring encouraging and telling me how great i was doing that motivated me a lot. She also explained what was going on to my husband and showed him how to better assist me. I would recommend her to every pregnant women and if i ever become pregnant again God willing I would choose Melanie over everyone. I love you chica ?????? im sorry its taking me so long i couldnt come up with the right words to even start describing how much of an incredible blessing you were to both my hubby & I. You are the most wonderful person i ever met ????

s liggon


Melanie you rock! I could n't have done this without you. There were no dulas around the last time I had a child. For my third pregnancy you would think that I was a pro. Seeing as though I haven't had a baby in 13yrs you can understand my need for assistance. Melanie followed my birth plan perfectly and she made sure that everyone in the room respected that plan. She is fully knowledgeable of her craft. She is full of passion and loves what she does. Melanie was physically, and mentally supportive throughout the process. She is very hands on and goes the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable. Not only did she impress me but Kennestone Hospital Staff raved about her the entire time I was there. They said "we have seen a lot of Dulas come through this hospital, but Melanie is by far the best we've ever seen." I could have lost control many times, but it was Melanie's constant reassurance and reminders that made this delivery a success. If you want quality care during your pregnancy and a support system that is solid and secure, choose Melanie Suarez.

whitney glover


First and foremost, I would like to start with what an amazing birth experience I had with Melanie as our doula. I truly believe that without her reassurance and knowledge, that things would not have gone so smoothly nor have been so enjoyable. My birth wasn't the easiest since my bag started to leak before my beautiful daughter, Amirah was ready to come, but I was fortunate to have Melanie there as a support system that encouraged me that I can do it and that everything will be ok . Not only was she there for me before and during my delivery, but she even met up with us a few days later at home for a follow up, because with me being a new parent had so many questions and concerns, but she made sure I knew all the answers to put my mind at ease. She had really made my first baby experience a smooth and easy one, and everything I asked for in my birth plan was followed. I could not have asked for more. Melanie was and still is a wonderful person inside and out and passionate at what she does. I have been so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get to know her and have her apart of such an important time in my life. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone that's considering to have a natural birth !!!! She's Amazing !!!!


Kate Decker


Melanie was so comforting and encouraging to me every step of the way. I was in constant contact with her for about a week leading up to the birth of my son. I knew that she would come support me no matter what time it was. She answered all my questions about every little thing and cheered me on the many times i got discouraged and felt like the baby just wasn't coming. She came to my house at 1:30 in the morning when i thought i was going into labor. She stayed with me and helped me try different positions and techniques while having contractions. The contractions spaced out by 5:30 in the morning, and Melanie would have stayed longer if i wanted her to, but i could tell baby wasn't coming that night. I had 4 other nights of contractions that were very strong and timeable giving me false hope and completely exhausting me. The contractions would go away by day and i would get so discouraged, but Melanie stayed positive and helped me get back to positive over and over. On my actual delivery day Melanie rushed to the hospital and supported me from noon until about 1 in the morning when my son was born. During my contractions Melanie constantly coached me, supported me, and encouraged me. I experienced extreme pain in my lower back and she provided counter pressure for most of my laboring. She had to have been tired, but she never complained. I reached my "breaking point" and gave up many times during my labor but Melanie never did. With melanie's unwavering support i was able to have the vbac that i wanted. I got to push my baby out with my own strength and hold him skin to skin as soon as he was born. That was something i had wanted so badly with my first son but because of things that happened that were out of my control my birth experience with my first was missing much of what i wanted. Melanie helped give me that control back. She helped give me the confidence to take it back and achieve the birthing experience i wanted and deserved. 

Caroline Enright


Melanie helped us deliver our son in June at Northside Hospital. She empowered us with the tools to have the natural birth we wanted. The exercises and relaxation techniques she showed me really helped me work through labor and allowed me to focus on myself and my breathing. Throughout my 18 hours of labor she was always ready with encouragement and reassurance and that really helped me get through. I can't say enough wonderful things about her and it's hard to describe how grateful we feel for having her by our side during one of the best days of our lives. We will have Melanie as our doula in the future as our family grows.

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