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Jennifer Richards CD(DONA), CLD, HCHD, CYBE

Serene Beginnings Birth Services

Wesley Chapel, FL Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 298 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2014

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I attend any and everything birth and breastfeeding related that I can. I've gone to a Breastfeeding and Parenting-Making it work conference, attended the Improve Birth Rally, toured the local hospitals and birth centers. Just to name a few. I am also a Hypnobabies affiliate. If you would like to purchase the Home-Study Course or other materials you can do so from this link. http://www.HYPNOBABIES-STORE.COM/link.cgi?affiliateID=226

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

During the prenatal visits we will go over your previous pregnancies, make a birth plan and work on comfort techniques. At the last prenatal we will hold a birth rehearsal. "Your Birth Experience" private class. A complete step-by-step parents guide to help you envision, prepare and achieve the birth you desire. My full support at your delivery. On the day your baby decides to make his/her arrival I will come to your house or the hospital you are delivering at. I will support you with all the comfort measures we worked on through your pregnancy. I stay with you from the time you need me in labor til a few hours postpartum. I help with the initial breastfeeding. I also take pictures if you would like me too.1 Postpartum Visit. If you are breastfeeding and would like some help I can help you. I've done training through DONA for Breastfeeding as well as training through WIC (Woman Infants and Children). And i have my own person experience of nursing my little one for 2 1/2 years.

Service Area

Wesley Chapel, FL Service range 60 miles

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I worked with Jennifer with the birth of my second baby. I wanted to have a VBAC and knew I couldn't do it alone. There is no doubt in my mind that Jennifer is the main reason I had my baby girl vaginally without medication. I can't imagine ever having another baby without her there by my side! She was my advocate and my calm presence throughout my pregnancy and labor. She is the best and I recommend her to everyone! 

Malayna Torano


Jen was amazing! We interviewed lots of doulas and felt that she understood what we wanted in our birth experience the most. The use of hypnobirthing techniques was one of the most important things to me and Jen being certified in hypnobirthing along with many other areas, is what drew me to her. From day one she was so helpful. She always responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly. She helped me feel informed and prepared going into my birth experience. During my birthing experience she was extremely helpful with her involvement during my painful contractions, conversations with doctors and helped me understand my options throughout my entire experience. She also helped my husband know the best way he could be involved. He wanted to help in all ways he could, but at certain times wasn't sure how to do that. Jen showed exactly where to touch me or what positions for me to get in that would best help bring baby out. I loved being able to have Jen as my doula and she made the entire experience very comfortable.  

Sarah Shannon


It was a pleasure to work with Jen throughout 2021 during my pregnancy and delivery of our daughter born on December 4th. In 2019 my first pregnancy ended in induction and ultimately a cesarean section and I knew that I wanted a different experience for my next birth. I did a ton of research, took a birth education class, and decided I would need a doula to help me acheice a VBAC delivery. I was referred to Jen as being the best for my situation and she most certainly was. 
Jen was there for me through every step of the way, and always available for insight and support after each of my appointments. When induction was suggested by my providers, Jen supported my personal decision to avoid induction and let my body go into labor on it's own and that it did. 
Jen came to our home in the early hours of the morning to help me labor in the tub, and then transitioned with us to the hospital setting. Her techniques and pain management support through 18 hours of labor helped me to avoid an epidural and ultimately have the VBAC I desired.
Our daughter had to go to the NICU shortly after birth and Jen remained with me during recovery while my husband was able to go with the baby. She remained with me for several hours until I was cleared to join my daughter and husband. It was such a comfort to have her and not be alone. 
Jen will forever hold a special place in our hearts and our daughters birth story and we highly recommend her. 

Falon Kendall


As a second time client of Jen’s, I have written a review previously for her amazing service bringing our first child into the world— however as every birth experience is unique, I felt compelled to share my feelings about our time with her for the recent birth of our son. 

I have experienced Jen’s services with a more complicated pregnancy requiring high-risk OB involvement and an induction in the hospital with our first child; as of about a month ago, I also had the chance to benefit from her services in a low risk, uncomplicated birth center experience. Jen has proven her value again and again in a variety of settings. I’m confident that for any kind of birth you end up having, Jen is absolutely the Doula you want at your side. 

I have shared my very warm feelings about Jen in my first review, so without reinventing the wheel, I will simply say that she is the most professional, down to earth, comforting, pleasant, present yet unobtrusive person to serve in this role. She is an expert and was able to provide excellent advice and coping mechanisms to assist me in both of my births, which were natural, unmedicated (and fast!). I’m confident I was able to achieve these goals in great part due to Jen’s involvement. 

Further, I would also like to share that my husband described Jen as “the best money we ever spent“. He felt her presence took significant pressure off of him during the births and allowed him to be there for me emotionally knowing my physical needs (hip squeezes, position suggestions, cool towels on my neck, etc.) were taken care of. 

We have now completed our family, however I sing Jen’s praises to any pregnant friend I can. I boldly say that if you do not at least meet with Jen over coffee as you consider your Doula options, you are doing yourself and your baby a disservice as she truly is incredible. Jen, thank you again for everything!

Andrea F.


After meeting with several Douals, I knew Jen was the perfect match for my husband and I. She was calm, very pleasant, and caring. You could feel her positive energy when talking to her. Jen was so optimistic about being allowed in the hospital during my delivery (COVID times) and right before I delivered, the hospital changed their policy and she was able to be there with me in person. She was so helpful, answering any questions I had with evidence-based information. 

My husband valued having her tremendously throughout this process. She was able to guide him before, during, and after delivery. I had an extremely long labor, so Jen and my husband were able to take turns helping me. It was so nice to have someone there who knew the process so well and could assist with anything we needed. Jen always thought about things that we would not have, since we are first time parents. 

Her calm demeanor, patience, and knowledge were invaluable. I am so thankful that she was a part of our journey and hope she will be there for us in the future. 




I gave birth to my daughter in October with Jennifer by my side -- Everyone questioned my decision about hiring a Doula and why I needed one. And on the day of daughters birth everyone understood and loved having her present!

Leading to my birth I met with Jennifer twice and anytime I had questions she would respond quickly and calmed any worries. She knew what I wanted and didn't  push anyones views other than my own. So she made sure I knew excatly what to ask for at every Doctor apointment and in the hopsital.

I ended up needing to be induced and Jennifer showed up to the hospital as soon as I requested her to come. She told me excatly what I should ask for or request until she arrived. Jennifer has a very relaxed and peaceful presence. From the moment she arrived at the hospital she sat by my side like a guardian angel watching over me and my progressing labor. It was a long day and having her there allowed my husband and his Mom the opportunity to step out for air and a grab a bite to eat as they knew I was in good hands with Jennifer by my side. Jennifer snuck me snacks behind the nurses backs and kept me focused. There was a lot she explained to me that I wouldnt have known had I not had her by my side and so many small details where she helped make me as comfortable as possible. For example, during active labor I became very cold (like 103 fever cold, but without the fever) she requested heated blankets and had hand warmers in her bag of tricks. I was so thankful for this.

My labor turned into a C-Section and she kept my Mother in law company while me and my husband were in surgery. Jennifer made it apparent that she was not just there for me, but all of us. No matter what we needed. Whatever we asked. Jennifer was there to serve our family during this special time. And we are so blessed we met Jennifer and she was able to share such a remarkable event in our lives. 

Thank you for everything Doula Jen!

Caitlin W.


I had my first child in October of last year and Jen was such a wonderful resource and a source of comfort. The workbook she gives you walks you thought everything you can expect during your labor and childbirth and has so much information!! There were so many things in that workbook that I didn't know about my hospital stay! I ended up being induced, which was not a part of the plan, but my induction went very smoothly! Jen was there at my birth, holding my leg so that my husband could comfort me, taking pictures as we requested, and providing comfort. She also had a mini fan in her bag of tricks that saved my life during my 3 hours of pushing! She was amazing and worth every penny and more! 



It was highly recommended by a friend of mine who had two natural unmedicated births to have a doula by my side through the birthing process. Hire Jen as your Doula! I was looking for a doula who was Doula DONA  certified, who had lots of experience, and a confident yet had spiritual strength and kindness about herself. When I first met Jen, I knew she was the perfect Doula to help my husband and I bring our first baby into the world. My husband and I already had lots of birthing information under our belts as we were almost done with our Bradley class, but Jen brought additional resources from Evidenced Based Birthing education and brought over 100+ babies into the world. I watched all the EBB videos, printed out articles, went through Jen’s birthing manual and asked all the questions. She had all the answers, checked in with me, attended OB appointments my husband couldn’t make due to work conflicts, and she was a wonderful advocate, and became one of my friends. My goal was to have a natural child birth and she helped me complete my birth plan.  On Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 PM I was put on Cytotec. Most women take between 3 and 4 doses every three hours, I had one dose. It was recommended by Jen to rest after 10 PM. At 10:30 PM my water broke. It was surprising and like a waterfall! Active labor was starting! Everything was moving very quickly for a 1st time mom! My hubby was amazing and did hip squeezes and helped me calm down until Jen came over to be with us and support us both!  Jen helped me focus told me to calm down, it was all going to be OK, and that I was going to do this and my baby girl was almost with us. Jen was encouraging, reassuring, confident, and took beautiful pictures during the birthing process. Gracie was born at 2:23 AM less then 4 hours after my water broke. It was truly a magical experience! Jen will be there for you, answer your every question, and she will become a good friend, too!

Emily Strong


Jen was an amazing resource for me throughout my pregnancy and birth of my baby girl. My birth experience was amazing and because of her I was able to give birth unmedicated, even with having to be induced. She did a wonderful job preparing me for a natural birth, I would not have been able to do it without her! Hiring her was the best decision my husband and I made. 

Tara Murray


I knew from our first meeting with Jen she was the doula for me! On our first meeting, we discussed my two prior births, and how I wanted this birth to be different. I wanted this birth to be an unmedicated birth, in hopes of no complications. She told me about how she supports mamas by suggesting different laboring positions, explaining things the doctors and nurses are telling you and supporting your husband. After our initial meeting Jen came to our house to met with my husband and helped up come up with a birth plan. When I learned my son was breach, Jen did a phenomenal job of suggesting different exercises to try. Unfortunately none of the exercises worked, and the doctors had to flip him. Jen recommend having an epidural, which is evidence based, and the ECV was SUCCESSFUL. When birth day arrived Jen was AMAZING! I texted her around 7am to let her know that my water had started leaking the night before, but labor had not started. Jen suggested ways to get labor into action. We went to the hospital around 9am where Jen met us. We around the labor and delivery area for several hours trying to get my contractions to start. They didn’t kick in so about 4pm, I was administered a low dosage of pitocin and a bag of antibiotics. During labor Jen sat next to me talking me through contractions and keeping me calm. My husband said she did a really great job of keeping me calm because he thought I was going to give up a coiule of times. I went to the bathroom where my water broke and I felt the need to push. Jen was calm and collected I as screamed for help in the bathroom. Within just a few seconds, I had Jen, my midwife, my OB and several nurses by my side. In just two short pushes he was out. Jen and the nurses helped me back to the bed, where Jen talked me through everything my midwife was doing I’m not sure I would have made it through this pregnancy and birth without Jen . Not only did I find a wonderful doula, but I also found an amazing friend.

Kayla Floyd


Finding a doula that shared the same values in birthing was very important to me! I found Jennifer from the evidence based birth website which was a very valuable resource for me during my pregnancy. She was also DONA certified and training in Hypnobabies which I was using for my baby’s birth! I scheduled an appointment with her and knew after meeting her that I wanted her as my doula. She was very organized, helpful in making decisions and preparing you for birth and breastfeeding. I was so happy to have her support and encouragement. Jennifer patiently waited after my son was born to help me establish baby led breastfeeding and it began a beautiful journey for the two of us- I never had any latching or breastfeeding issues and I attribute that completely to Jennifer! I am so thankful for her and would recommend her to other moms searching for their perfect doula. Thank you Jen!

Candice Greene


I could not have done it without Jen!! My birth didn’t go even close to the way I planned it but I didn’t have to worry at all because Jen was there through the whole thing explaining to me my options and giving me peace of mind! She was always available throughout my pregnancy to ease my mind and walk me through anything I was worried about or had an issue with. This was my first birth and I am so thankful to Jen and that I chose her as our Doula! Highly recommended! Thank you Jen for helping us bring our daughter into our family! You will always be so important to us! ??

Falon Blessing


When my husband and I decided to pursue a doula for the birth of our first child, we interviewed multiple and found that Jen was the most prepared, most educated, most professional, and in my personal opinion, most kind-spirited doula of everyone that we met with. Jen was the clear choice, and we were excited to work with her from the beginning—however she ended up being more instrumental in the arrival of our daughter than I ever could have imagined.

Even before the actual birth, Jen offered the support I needed to feel confident in bringing our daughter into the world in the manner I had originally hoped for—naturally, and unmedicated. When a complication with our baby’s umbilical cord was noted at 33 weeks, Jen did not hesitate to offer to join me at my high risk OB appointments while my husband was travelling for work, and assured me that I could still have the birth I had envisioned despite the new plan of being medically induced at 37 weeks versus the spontaneous labor I had hoped for. She was always responsive and kind in regard to my questions and concerns, and offered reassurance when I needed it most.

When my daughter’s birth day came, Jen was a vital member of my birth team. I attribute much of the success of my natural, unmedicated, six hour first-time labor to her emotional and physical support during the most intense experience I have ever had in my life. She was present, yet unobtrusive, and fit in seamlessly with the team of nurses and my midwife, who commented what a pleasure it was to work with her. As an added gift, the photos Jen took upon our daughter’s arrival are images my husband and I will treasure forever.

In summary, Jen was truly a gift and I would encourage anyone seeking the services of a doula to meet with her and discuss further. I feel absolutely confident you will not be disappointed.

Thank you again Jen!

- Falon, Kyle, and Quinn

Daylen Smith


Looked for a doula and found a friend!

I’d like to start off by saying this was my sixth child. The first five children was the same story, late with all of them and induced with pitocin. Knowing that this was our last baby I really searched how to have a different experience. I didn’t know much about doulas but the more I educated myself I knew I wanted one. I found Jennifer on doulamatch. She  was everything I was looking for in a doula. She has such a soft sweet spirit about her. Jen was always a text away for any questions I had, always validating that it was a good question. She is very educated and skilled in her field. I knew with her experience I was going to achieve the birth I’ve dreamed of, and that’s exactly what I got. Jen and my husband worked amazingly together. I would recommend her to all my friends and family in a heart beat. In fact she has inspired me to look into becoming a doula myself. Thank you Jen for everything!!!! Your amazing!!!!!

Elizabeth Beck


We hired Jennifer for our 3rd birth, our 2nd unmedicated birth. She met with us several times before our delivery date and provided a ton of great information to help us and our children prepare. She brought the kids books and coloring activities which they loved. She was on call and ready whenever we had questions and was at the hospital before we were to help us get checked in. Jennifer was absolutely amazing while I was birthing, she explained everything the nurses were doing, helped me through contractions, made sure I was staying hydrated etc. She truly made a difference in all of our lives that day, I can't recommend her enough!!

Candice Bumpus


Jennifer was my doula in February right before she left Okinawa. Originally she wasnt going to take on anymore clients because of her move, but fortunately for my family she decided to extend her doula schedule long enough to take me on as her last client! I cant imagine having a doula other than Jennifer there with us. We had planned on going to a birth center to have a natural, medication free birth but my body had other plans. Thanks to Jennifer's calming presence and amazing hip squeezes I labored at home and ended up having the perfect water birth. She was with me every step of the way and after my daughter was born at home she rode in the ambulance with me to the hospital and stayed until we were examined and comfortable. One amazing thing about Jennifer is that she worked perfectly with my husband. When I was in labor Jen would rub my back, make sure I was hydrating by drinking water, and time my contractions for me when I asked. Any pregnant mom and her family would be so, so fortunate to be able to hire Jen as her doula!

Micah Smith


My wife and I were incredibly thankful to have Jen's support both during the weeks leading up to the our little girl being born and during the labor/delivery. She was an excellent resource to answer any questions we had, even the silly new-parent no-brainers. My wife's laboring did not go as planned, not in the slightest. Through 60+ hours of laboring, we were forced to make tough changes that diverted us away from our birth plan and eventually led us to an unplanned C-section. Watching my wife go through such a tough experience, I felt all but helpless. Jen was as much of a support to me as she was to my wife. She helped me stay strong for my wife who needed all the support she could get. We are so happy to have our little girl in our lives now and I truly feel Jen was a vital part of bringing her into this world.

Madison Alexis Blanton


Jennifer from the first day was amazing. She was so open, honest and comforting. I was completely comfortable with her as soon as we met. My husband was TDY and we wanted someone to be there to help us know what to do, how to help with pain (i wanted to go all natural) and really just extra support for my husband and i since family was not there. Jennifer was quick to respond to any messages of concerns i had, or what was going on with my body since the nurses wouldn't tell me much but take Tylenol. She made my birth experience so great and my family is so blessed we decided to have a doula. Not only was she amazing at being so supportive she's also knows so much evidence based things when it comes to birth and i loved that no matter what question she had an evidence based answer. She came at 1am and stayed until my daughter was born at 5:34am. All in all Jennifer is an amazing doula that i would recommend to any momma!!

David Charron


Having Jennifer as our doula will always be one of the best decisions we could have made for the pregnancy process and birth of our daughter. Jennifer from day one was not only knowledgeable, both with research and tons of experience, but she was and is highly compassionate and easy to talk to like a trusted friend. We interviewed other doulas but Jennifer was the clear and obvious choice, and would follow up after every appointment and was with us throughout our arduous 47 labor! If your on Okinawa and fortunate enough to have her as your doula your in great hands!

Amanda Allen


May Jennifer 30th She came over to my house to work on our birth plan before my 37 week appointment. We all guessed my due date and went over a few things about the big day coming up in a few short weeks or so we thought. May 31st I woke up around 6:55am went to the restroom and well my water broke. I quickly called Jen, Everything sounded healthy and normal so I took my time going to the hospital. Once I was there they confirmed it was my water, I asked to go home to let me labor naturally, they really weren't having it. I messaged Jen and she gave me that courage to advocate for myself and there was no reason for them to keep me. Around 1pm they agreed to let me go until 8pm. Once back at the hospital they were shocked I moved to 2cm and was 90%effaced. 1am I felt that my contractions were really starting so we called Jen To come in. I didn't want to know how many centimeters I was until 8cm because I didn't want to give in to the epidural. Once there the nurse told Jen I was at 4.5cm and things were going well. Jen constantly was offering different positions, squat bars, balls, shower, massages, many things to help with the pressure from contractions. Without her and her suggestions I doubt I could have had my natural birth. At 8cm we celebrated and walked more. What I didn't know shortly after is I regressed to 7cm. I made the call to go with pitocin after stalling at what I thought was 8cm. That's when the contractions got hard a lot pressure, a lot of wanting to give up and ask for medicine. Jennifer and my husband kept me going and kept me calm and breathing anytime I thought I couldn't, she was there to tell me I could. I don't think she left me for the whole 14-15hrs of labor.  She was amazing, selfless, encouraging, and just beyond what I could have imagined from a doula. If you're thinking of a doula consider Jen. It was the best investment for myself, my baby, my husband. She did so much for us all and to help me get the birth I desired.

Arielle Santander


From the moment my husband and I met Jennifer, I knew I wanted her to be our Doula. She has such a calm, loving and optimistic presence- she kept me grounded throughout my pregnancy, during childbirth and even after we brought our daughter home. As a Hypnobabies Doula she introduced me to AMAZING tools that I can carry with me throughout my entire life. She impacted our lives in so many ways. Not only did she offer us an incredible wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding; she was truly there for my husband and I every step of the way (and to answer my many first-time mom questions- and I had A LOT!) We learned so much from her. She is a source of comfort and encouragement at a time when you need it most. Being a first-time mom brings about a lot of fear of the unknown but Jennifer managed to remove those fears and helped me find the confidence and strength within myself. She taught me so much about the power of positive thinking. I was able to have a beautiful natural childbirth (I didn’t even know I was fully dilated and ready to push until we got to the hospital!). I owe it all to Jennifer and her Doula tools & tricks for my wonderful pregnancy and childbirth experience. Choosing her to be by our side through the beautiful journey of childbirth was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has forever left a profound impression on my life and I will never ever forget her! I could not recommend Jennifer as a Doula and using Hypnobabies enough! Not only did I have THE BEST doula but I now have someone whom I consider to be a life-long friend.

Heatherly Ahern


I am so pleased with our decision to hire Jennifer.  She was a large component to our positive birth experience.  She came to our labor with me already in pain from a medical condition not related to pregnancy.  She got to work from the beginning. She brought a peanut ball, an aroma therapy diffuser, a ribozo blanket and massage lotion.  I had cramps in my legs, she gave me a massage.  Every contraction I had she and my husbans did a wonderful job of pushing on my hips.  She stayed the whole time, answered our questions, and gave us peace of mind.  My husband was glad we hired her as well and felt like she was respectful of his role at the birth and was glad she was there to remind him Of certain comfort measures he could be offering me.  After our son was born she took pictures for us and stayed until things had calm down.  Our son was having a hard transition and it was scary, she stayed by my side and reassured me of how awesome the care was at our hospital at the NiCCU.  He ended up not needing to go, it was still nice to have that reassurance.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Haley Johnson


Jennifer Richards is SUCH a sweetheart! She has such a calm, level-headed personality that I found to be very relaxing during my labor. I tend to get anxious very easily (especially during situations such as labor) and the fact that she stayed so calm was incredibly comforting and calming to me. She also gave us a ton of very useful and helpful information toward the end of my pregnancy. She came over with her doula bag and showed us everyhting she had available to take to the hosiptal and/or bring to our house prior if we needed her to. She also did a childbirth class with me and my husband in our home to explain how everything happens and the order in which labor progresses as well as what we can expect. I could not be more happy with how helpful she was. She was always just a text or phone call away whenever I had a change, concern or a question and was so helpful to send me encouragment when my baby wanted to bake TWO WEEKS past my due date when frustrutration and anxiety was building. Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge and information and was so great to send me information/facts about procedures and things I had done during my pregnancy so I had all the facts and could make an informed decision on what to do for me and my baby. She is such a caring and kind person and I feel so blessed to have had her by my side during labor.

Hayley Beduhn


I worked with Jen originally as a Labor and Delivery nurse.. her calm attitude and attention to detail made her my first choice when it came time to choose a doula.  I was on the fence about the whole thing--would a doula really be necessary?  I felt like i knew enough about labor, but I had no idea how I would be once I was it was actually happening to me.  When I reached out to Jen, she wasn't pushy at all, instead she asked my reasons for wanting a doula and what my birth preferences would be.  As a labor nurse, she sold me right there--she's incredibly encouraging, open, and flexible.

In the end, I was admitted at 1 cm for my water breaking and was essentially induced.  I am SO glad that I decided on Jen, she was amazing with me and so helpful to mu husband.  My sweet husband has never been in a birth before, and somehow thought it would be encouraging to tell me that then pain was just going to get worse when I was crawling off the bed at 5cm (It didn't get worse than that.  Foley bulbs suck.)  She stayed with me so that he could run home to take care of the pets and get a shower.  When things didn't go as planned and talks turned to C-Section, she understood why I was so exasperated.  Luckily, it didn't come to that, and she also understood my joy at a beautiful uncomplicated vaginal delivery.  She was amazing.  Hire her now!

Bonus points:

-She takes amazing photos, like as good/better than a lot of the birth photography I've seen.

-She knows EVERYTHING about resources here--gym co-ops, abdominal binders, breastfeeding support groups, placental encapsulation, etc etc

-She takes notes on your labor and presents you with a summary of the labor process..this was amazing because I had no concept of time during labor

*I have more to say but it only lets me write 2000 characters :( Jen's the best!!*

Audrie MacKenzie


Thanks to Jen, my husband and I had the best birthing experience considering the circumstances! I do not believe we could have had such a fulfilling experience without her support. I was late in the game getting a doula and honestly getting any information on labor and delivery. Being pregnant and in the military, I found myself constantly exhausted and too tired to endlessly search through all the information out there. However, Jen provided packets, pamphlets, and booklets of evidence based and un-biased research to help us create our birth plan. Not to mention she was willing to take me on with a due date three days before Christmas and her little one’s birthday!

She wasn’t just there for us during the delivery but she was there for every silly question I had about my pregnancy. When I felt like the doctors were making me feel unsure about certain decisions I had made about my birth plans, she was there to remind me what research and which statistics lead me to that decision in the first place. And I can’t forget the perfectly accurate and witty motivational memes she would send me on my hardest days of pregnancy!

Even though my birth plan was to have a completely natural birth with no medical interventions, I ended up getting an epidural and eventually having a C-Section due to complications (my worst fear since I’ve never had a surgery). Not only did Jen come into the delivery room, but she was so supportive of each decision that was made and kept reassuring me that I had not failed. Birth plans change and she was there to help my husband support me through this stressful (and scary) time. Without Jen, I would have felt like I failed myself, my husband and my precious little baby. Thank you so much Jen, we love you!

Jennifer Frey


I began researching doulas When I found out I was pregnant while living overseas away from family. I wanted the additional support and peace of mind for both me and my husband. I could not be happier that I met Jen. She immediately put me at ease and I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. She also knew everything about birth and babies. Her knowledge and the resources she provided made me feel empowered and confident. Jen helped me develop a detailed birth plan and was always available when I had questions.

To everyone's surprise, as a first time mom I ended up going into labor three weeks early. I messaged Jen at 1am and she wrote back right away. We met at the hospital and she and my husband were by my side for the next 20+ hours. Both my husband and I are so glad that Jen was there. She brought a lot of helpful birthing tools (peanut ball, heating pad, massage tools, etc.) and she also knew many of the nurses and the doctor on call. Whenever I felt discouraged and tempted to deviate from my plan for a natural birth, Jen and my husband kept me focused and encouraged.

For anyone considering a doula, I would highly recommend Jen. Childbirth truly is her passion and, in my opinion, even the most experienced moms could benefit from Jen's knowledge, support and tools.

Sheena Ickes


When my wife first mentioned getting a doula, I had no idea of what she was talking about. Once she explained to me what a doula does, I still had a few reservations. After a little talking Sheena convinced me that having someone to help us through our first pregnancy and birth would be wise. Sheena met Jenn and immediately told me how nice and genuine she was. Soon after I met Jenn and had the same feeling as Sheena. It was her professional demeanor and reassuring tone that impressed me right away. She gave us plenty of educational tools and resources to better educate ourselves. During the labor, she took care of Sheena and made the labor much more manageable for us both. Between massaging Sheena and helping breathe through contractions, Jenn took a lot of pressure off of me to care for Sheena by myself. We were so happy to share the whole experience with Jenn, even though she spent Thanksgiving day with us at the hospital away from her family. She was amazing start to finish and I am so glad we had her expertise and experience to help us.

Sheena Ickes


When I got pregnant, I had several friends ask me if I was going to hire a doula. I wasn’t sure what a doula was or what services they provided. I started to do my research and realized a doula would be perfect to help out with our first birth journey. I found Jen on the Japan Birth Resource Network and decided to set up an interview with her. I loved her within the first few minutes and we ended up meeting for a few hours. Jen ended up being the perfect match for us. She is extremely educated and passionate about the whole birth process and helping us each step of the way. She provided a lot of material for us to look over including books, DVDs, and handouts. We began to feel less stressed because she was informing us of all our possible birth options. Jen was always a phone call or text away when I had questions or concerns. She always made me feel like I was her only client. I felt at ease the day she came over and we created our birth plan. From that day on, I was at ease knowing I was in good hands when the time came to give birth. The day I found out that I was being induced, Jen was by my side getting our room set up according to my birth plan and making me as comfortable as possible. She assisted during the whole labor process from massaging, pain management, helping to understand all the interventions, support for my husband, and calming me when I was feeling discouraged. Even though my birth plan didn’t go as planned, everything worked out because I had all the support and love I needed during the whole labor process. I wouldn’t change anything from the whole birth experience. Jen is amazing and she truly loves what she does. She is forever a part of our family.

Dorothy Bose-Gomez


We had a wonderful birth experience and there were several goals I had for my second and last pregnancy. We wanted to delay cord clamping, bank our cord blood from overseas, have a natural birth, and have our 5 year old involved to whatever extent he was comfortable. We also had several instances where I needed to be monitored for preterm labor signs and she was always very responsive and always made us feel that she would drop everything if we needed her. She responded to me anytime day or night and really made us feel we could trust that she would be there for us no matter what. Our second son was a month early and she arrived at the hospital at the same time as us and never left my side. Jennifer was invaluable to us throughout our pregnancy and during the birth of our second son. My biggest concern was my older son who wanted to stay for the birth and cut the cord but wasn't sure if he wanted to see the actual birth. It turned out that he was fine throughout the entire birth because Jen was there to check on him and talk to him about what was going on while my husband was able to help me through the birth. Jen was also fantastic during the all stages of labor to apply counter pressure and help me with getting into new positions to help with the pain. I very much wanted a natural birth this time and Jen knew exactly how to help me get through the pain so I didn't require and pain medication or epidural. She met with me several time throughout my pregnancy and answered all of my questions. She had a wealth of knowledge and if I had a question about something that she didn't know, she was very quick to find the answers for me. I found her services as a doula very professional and I am so glad to have gotten to know her and to have had her support for the last several months. Our decision to have Jennifer as our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our family during our pregnancy and I would recommend her to anyone considering a doula.

Rob N JoAnna Stevenson


When my husband and I first met with Jenn, we knew immediately that we wanted her to be our doula. This was going to be our second child and Jenn would be our second doula. She was flexible with meeting times, was prepared and knowledgable with the information she presented regarding pregnancy and birth, and asked insightful questions to get to know us and the kind of birth we were hoping to have. Our second daughter was breach at 36 wks and Jenn was available to discuss options and answer my questions. Our daughter's birth was not what we planned. Jenn helped us write a different birth plan for a c-section. She was there during the c-section prep and the following (successful) ECV. Her help during the following induction and birth, helped me cope with the contractions and we all celebrated meeting our daughter at the end of the process. We loved our experience with Jenn. The last month of the pregnancy and the scheduled c-section and following delivery was unexpected and vastly different that what I had imagined happening. Jenn helped stabilize and inform us as we navigated these challenges. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula.

Linsey Ramsey


I don't even know where to begin, but I am so thankful and blessed that Jennifer was brought into my life to help me thru my second pregnancy and help me to have a successful VBAC!!! Towards the end of my first pregnancy I had developed preeclampsia and had to be induced at 39 weeks. My daughter ended up being born by C-section and I knew if I was to ever get pregnant again I would want to try and have a successful VBAC. When I was 11 weeks pregnant with my second child I kept going back and forth about hiring a doula, but once I found out there was a chance my husband might not be here for the birth I knew I was going to need the help, especially living in Okinawa. Jennifer had seen my post on one of the mommy’s page we are both on and reached out to me. We had set up an interview and from day 1 I knew I wanted her by my side and didn’t interview anyone else! Thru out my pregnancy I kept Jennifer updated with all my appointments and she would always help me with my questions or concerns. Jennifer was always supportive of my wants to have a VBAC and never told me I couldn’t and she encouraged me to stay positive and that she believed I was capable of having a VBAC. The day I went into labor, when I got to the hospital to be checked Jennifer and my husband were there with me. The doctor who was on call came in and told me that I only had a 52% chance to have a successful VBAC and recommended me to have a C section, I was crushed! Jennifer told me she would support my decision either way but she believed I could do it. I decided to go for the VBAC and a little over three hours after being admitted, my son was born at 10lbs… I HAD MY VBAC!!! Jennifer is an amazing doula who is very kind, professional, knowledgably and supportive. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for me and I would recommend her to anyone who was thinking about hiring a doula.

Heather McQuillan


I started looking for a doula when I thought my husband would be gone for the birth. I emailed a few, and interviewed with Jenn First. We were an instant match. She got along great with my kids and my husband agreed she was “the one”. We looked no farther. She kept in touch from the first meeting. We met a few different times to go over my birth plan, and get to know each other. She also attended my Dr. Appointments from there on. It was so nice to have someone there since my husband was working and my family is so far away. He ended up not leaving, but I wouldn’t change anything if I did it over again. One of the last times we met was at my house for the birth rehearsal. It was so comforting knowing all the labor techniques she was familiar with and how her and my husband would work together when the time came. She had so much to offer I could not have asked for a better experience. She was available by phone when I went into labor and met me at the hospital as soon as I arrived. She walked with us around the hospital and helped with contractions as they came. She took notes and was by my side the entire time. Jenn was supportive and positive. She brought all sorts of things to make the room more relaxed. The last but maybe most helpful part was the “your birth experience” class she teaches. It helps you to become aware of your thoughts, feeling, and expectations. I learned things about my husband and what his expectations were for the birth. It also helps explain your options so you can plan your ideal birth. (Keeping an open mind that anything can happen). Overall I couldn’t imagine going through this birth without her. We have formed a relationship that will continue long after the baby is born.

Abigail Lozada


It was rather late in pregnancy (my 35th week) when we decided to get a Doula. As a first time mom, I was adamant on having (for me a "stranger") to be my support during birthing time. I was not just looking for someone who is knowledgeable and informative. I was looking for a Doula who is reassuring, flexible to our needs and sincere. I wanted a Doula who does not see us as a "business transaction", rather, treat us like a good friend. When my husband and I met Jen, there was this sense of calmness and positivity in her that made me feel very comfortable and well assured.

On our first week of having our baby, Jen came over late at night after my husband called her & asked for help. I was having a hard time letting my little one latch and he had been crying for an hour. It was her wedding anniversary night but without hesitations, she drove all the way and assisted me. She has so much passion on what she does and goes beyond what is just expected of her. Having her as a Doula was a HUGE blessing! Definitely one of the best and worthwhile decisions we had made during the pregnancy.

I wanted a natural birth without or less interventions/medications and Jen was not just supportive but made it possible for me. I was very interested about Hypnobirthing but because I was so close to my DD, I failed to attend a class/find an instructor. Instead, Jen lent me her Hypnobabies CDs, even her CD player, gave me handouts and emailed me some video links. I absolutely knew that got me through every intense pressure waves. She impressed me on how she's always on top of things. She even made sure to be on every remaining OB appointments we had.

There are no amount of words to express how grateful we are of her. Since we are planning to have our second baby in a year or so, I wish she would still be available to be our Doula. She's amazing and exceptional and I don't think we could find someone else like her.

Abigail Lozada


It was rather late in pregnancy (my 35th week) when we decided to get a Doula. As a first time mom, I was adamant on having (for me a "stranger") to be my support during birthing time. I was not just looking for someone who is knowledgeable and informative. I was looking for a Doula who is reassuring, flexible to our needs and sincere. I wanted a Doula who does not see us as a "business transaction", rather, treat us like a good friend. When my husband and I met Jen, there was this sense of calmness and positivity in her that made me feel very comfortable and well assured.

On our first week of having our baby, Jen came over late at night after my husband called her & asked for help. I was having a hard time letting my little one latch and he had been crying for an hour. It was her wedding anniversary night but without hesitations, she drove all the way and assisted me. She has so much passion on what she does and goes beyond what is just expected of her. Having her as a Doula was a HUGE blessing! Definitely one of the best and worthwhile decisions we had made during the pregnancy.

I wanted a natural birth without or less interventions/medications and Jen was not just supportive but made it possible for me. I was very interested about Hypnobirthing but because I was so close to my DD, I failed to attend a class/find an instructor. Instead, Jen lent me her Hypnobabies CDs, even her CD player, gave me handouts and emailed me some video links. I absolutely knew that got me through every intense pressure waves. She impressed me on how she's always on top of things. She even made sure to be on every remaining OB appointments we had.

There are no amount of words to express how grateful we are of her. Since we are planning to have our second baby in a year or so, I wish she would still be available to be our Doula. She's amazing and exceptional and I don't think we could find someone else like her.

Mike Lozada


We decided late in the pregnancy to look at the possibility of having a Doula. This was our first child and my wife was unsure if she would feel comfortable having someone that was not family assisting in the birth. When we first met with Jen, we were very comfortable and impressed with her passion, knowledge, professionalism and kindness. Jen was very flexible and provided my wife and me with all the material and on hands instructions to help us in preparation for the birth. She attended our OB appointments and met our mid wife that was going to deliver our child. Jen creates a birth plan with our inputs and provides a print out like no other. Our mid wife and hospital personnel were very impressed in that it was extremely easy to follow according to our wishes and needs during the birth. When we were admitted, she was with us the entire time. She was extremely helpful and was by my wife’s side the entire time providing physical and moral support throughout the process. Later while we were still in the hospital, our mid wife visited us just to see how we were doing. She brought up that she and the hospital staff has seen many doulas during births and that by far was very impressed on the support that Jen gave to my wife and me during the birth. When we got home, I called Jen late at night, not knowing that it was her anniversary (SO SORRY) for advice and help. Without hesitation, she came over to our house which is not near to her and stayed with us until we were comfortable. There are no words to express our appreciation for Jen’s assistance that she so passionately provided. Not only will we never forget what she has done but she will always be considered a family friend. Unfortunately when we decide to have another child, Jen will not be on island to assist once again and we believe it will be very difficult to find another that will match the standards.



Let me start by saying this. I was afraid ....afraid of not knowing what was going to happen. That is what prompted me to seek a Doula. we were having twins and a high risk pregnancy and wanted someone besides ourselves there especially sknce we didn't have family nearby. i found Jennifer and it was so comforting to have her there the entire time with us. She knew what was going on and how to be there for me- I didn't even know what I needed but she did. She was there right next to me for the birth of my boys and stayed until we were all settled. because of this, my first experience with a Doula, Jennifer, I'd definitely recommend especially her to my own family and friends.

Grace Thompson


When I found out the doula that helped me with my first birth would be unavailable to help with my second, I was apprehensive and a little nervous about finding a new one who would do as wonderful of a job as the first. I had already talked with a few doulas before meeting with Jennifer, but within minutes of meeting her at Starbucks for the first time I knew she was the perfect person to help me bring my next baby into the world.  I really appreciate our connection as military spouses and think that even someone without that connection would benefit from the strength and patience that she expresses because of it.  I wanted a doula who would be a calm, supportive, physically and mentally strong presence and Jennifer is all of that and beyond. She was a constant support during the difficult last several weeks of my pregnancy and I couldn't have asked for her to have done a better job during the delivery, reading my cues, anticipating my needs, and providing much needed physical and emotional support all the way through. I am proud to say that I delivered a healthy, nine and a half pound baby boy after eight very hard hours of natural labor and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Jennifer there by my side.

Maria Douglass


We were on the fence throughout my recent pregnancy about hiring a doula. We finally chose Jenn as our doula at 33 weeks, which is rather late in the pregnancy.  I immediately was at peace with the decision, most likely because Jenn radiates peace and continually reassured us that she is there to help out in anyway that was needed-- whether with me emotionally and physically or with our toddler---- which was a huge stress/question mark in our birth plan: what would we do with him? when would I go into labor? would it be in the middle of the night? what if he just wants me? etc. etc. etc.

The birth was incredible. I am so grateful that Jenn was apart of our birth team. Although I managed things well by myself, it was lovely to have someone to talk to during the short 2 hour labor and then the care that occurred after.  But the best part was the next day, my husband (who isn't one to open his heart) shared with me that he was extremely grateful that Jenn was there. He said that it truly put him at ease knowing she was available to either be with me while he was with our eldest or that he could be with me and not be concerned about our son.  That says a lot.

I am so grateful that we randomly met a few months back and that we made the decision to hire Jenn. I know she is first on my list when we have another little one.

Roxy Nicodemo


My experience with Jennifer as out doula was amazing. We didn't know what to except but she went above and beyond in her duty to making sure my husband and I were prepared for the wonderful and challenging experience of our daughter's  birth. She came to every doctors visit when my husband was unable to. During our birthing time she came early in the morning helping me through every contraction giving me reassurance I am a strong women that can do what us women are made to do.  As I labored for 6 hours at home Jennifer made me feel as comfortable as possible and gave me great advice on what to do to manage the discomfort!!! She did a great jobkeeping me focused. While doubting myself severe times Jennifer kept me from giving up and kept me calm as possible. I can't express how much she has done for my family and I, and so happy we made the decision in choosing Jennifer as our doula.

Kathleen Eardley


Jennifer is very knowledgable about childbirth and is more than willing to not only be supportive during birth, but during your pregnancy as well. Jennifer was eager to attend appointments with my care providers prior to delivery. She willingly researched hospital protocols and typical procedures in order to determine how closely aligned the "typical" procedures aligned with my birth plan. Jennifer shared her knowledge of how to help baby get into the optimal position for delivery while pregnant. Jennifer was very supportive during labor itself and came prepared with a variety of strategies to create a calm, supportive environment to labor in.

Caroline Hubble


For all of you who wanted to know what a Birth Doula is and why we hired one... Here it goes!

She loved on our entire family, respected our wishes, empowered us, checked in on us before and after delivery, full of amazing resources, invited us to many events surrounding our interests as parents, and genuinely cared for all of us as if we were her family.

She attended two prenatal appointments with our midwives, was with us during labor/delivery at our home and Birth Center, assisted us with nursing (still checking in on us and inviting us to a meeting with other mommas), came to our home after to check up with us and to bring us my encapsulated placenta (yes, you read that correctly), and took pictures after he was born.

Also, after birth we had an unexpected situation/procedure and she kept us feeling safe as did everyone else. She helped us to focus on nursing Baby H which was so, so, so important for his body, my body and the healing which was about to occur. We are so proud of him latching on all by himself! Many of them can do, and it is beautiful!

She had a "Mary Poppins'" bag full of comfort tools to assist during labor. She supported my Hubbs in his role as Husband of the Millennia!!! Kept me loose and limp!!! So, so, so important!

She is Jennifer! Birth Doula to us. She helped us become a family and for that we are forever greatful and blessed! Every woman/family who wants a doula should have one. She was a constant in our journey and will continue to be. She is our Fairy Godmother; and we will cherish this decision for our entire lives.

We had the most beautiful, gentle, loving experience.

(I post this to encourage women and their significant others to know about this amazing opportunity in utilizing a Birth Doula as a resource to get your experience the way you want it! All pregnancies, labors and deliveries and women are different and should be respected as so.)

Zoe Florence


Jennifer is a beautiful person and an outstanding doula! I connected with her to guide me through the pregnancy and birth of my second child. I was looking for someone to help me navigate through hospital policies and jargon to support my goals for the birth. Jen ended up being so much more than i had ever hoped for! From the initial meeting, she was a fountain of information and comfort. She was incredibly informed and enthusiastic about all things pregnancy, birth and baby related. Any questions i had along the way were answered quickly with reliable sources sited and directions for me to explore more. She attended o.b. appointments and we had a lot of fun and bonded over weekly classes to prepare for the birth. She was always available, helpful, knowledgeable, positive, supportive, encouraging, understanding and confident. With Jen's help, I was able to feel empowered and beautiful through the pregnancy and birth. She was an incredibly nurturing presence for me and my partner during my birthing time and supported all of my decisions and changing needs. My family and i are forever grateful and blessed to have found this wonderful woman!

Ryan Hubble


To any father out there (especially a brand new father like myself) who would question the need or value of a doula, I would say to definitely rethink their logic.   Being brand new to this experience, Jennifer was able to put us at ease throughout the pregnancy, through the birth, and finally postpartem.  She let us know from the beginning that she was there to support us, answer any questions, and completely back us up.  I was so impressed with how much time she was willing to give us, even before the birth.  She spent hours with us going to appointments, visiting us at home, answering questions, giving suggestions, lending us tools, and just overall preparing us for the birth.  We felt from the beginning that Jennifer was a huge part of the process and was going to be a very important figure as we brought our new little guy into the world.  And when labor started, having Jennifer present was a huge relief.  She let us know early on that she would be there whenever we needed her, and she was.  When she arrived at our house while my wife was having very intense contractions at 3am in the morning, it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.  At the point, I knew we'd be supported and had made a right decision to hire a doula (specifically, Jennifer) to help us through this process.  She was awesome and seemed to know exactly what my wife needed during her pain.  And once we were at the Mercy birthing center and my wife was pushing for three hours, Jennifer continued with her awesome support.  Jennifer also provided us the gift of taking some amazing pictures of our brand new baby boy once he finally came into this world.  And postpartem, Jennifer providing some excellent counseling and assurances as my wife was attempting to breastfeed for the first time.  Jennifer was awesome, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for support and a memorable and satisfying birth experience.

Anne Trueman Kunderman


I'm so glad I hired Jen as a doula!  She was so supportive, calming, and positive during my labor.  She was ready to go right away when I texted her at 4:00 in the morning (though I didn't end up going to hospital that early, but she would have gladly gone any time!) when my water broke!  Even though I did a lot of preparation for labor and delivery, things inevitably came up that I didn't plan on during the unpredictable labor and delivery process, and Jen was knowledgable and an asset to my "birth team".  She has a Mary Poppins bag of "tricks" with everything I never thought to bring to the hospital.  Jen came to some of my prenatal appointments, to our house more than once, and is coming back to meet with our family for a postpartum visit.  She also provided me with a lot of helpful information during prenatal period.  She truly loves what she does as a doula, and it shows.  My husband and I were so grateful for her presence during the birth of our daughter.  I wish I would have hired a doula for my first child!

Chelsea Davis


Wow this is going to be difficult putting into words how wonderful my experience with Jennifer was. She made the entire birth experience so amazing. From the moment she was called she was there right away and helping me get through my contractions. She supported me and every decision I made. The room was so comfortable all of the staff loved to be in  there. I cannot imagine having done it without her. Not only was she amazing tits out the birth she was so great during the meetings we had before my daughter was born. She was able to document every moment of the birth in those pictures  mean the world to me. I will forever be greatful to her.

Kari Vetter


Jen was such an amazing doula, and I honestly feel like my birthing time went a thousand times better than I could have ever hoped for thanks to her! Jen checked in with me frequently, following my pregnancy and even attending one of my high risk appointments with me! She was a constant source of joy and positivity during my pregnancy. She was completely supportive of my choices during my birthing time, and was absolutely key to keeping my hospital room calm and quiet and exactly what I needed. She knew what I needed before I did! She even effectively used pressure points and massage to help bring on and strengthen my pressure waves, helping me avoid more interventions and speed up my Birthing time! During the most intense moments, Jen was joyful and excited, and that excitement was a wonderful boost of energy for me! When my little guy finally arrived, she took lots of pictures and her positive words made me feel great :) Ultimately, any mom would be so incredibly blessed to have Jen there to attend her birth! She is the epitome of what a doula should be, and I will forever and ever be so incredibly grateful and thankful for her services during this most wonderful time in my life. Thank you, Jen, for everything :)

Aminata Daramy


My experience  was super  great with Jennifer, I don't  know what I could have done without her, she is D best, she is so patient,  encouraging,  and caring, she really know her job, I will recommended her  to any one, I have no regrets  meeting, and knowing her, she like  d sister I never had, so I just wanna say thank u for ur unconditional  service that u rendered  to me through this pregnancy and d delivered  of my baby boy all thanks to u. I appreciate  everything  you  have  done  for me through this process.

Megan Sidwell


  • I hired Jennifer as my doula to help me through my labor and delivery. After i hired her i went into labor a few days later. To be honest i kinda hesitated to call her at first because I wasnt expecting to go into labor so soon after i met her and we had only met one time. But i called her and to my surprise she came to the hospital very quick and she was so helpful, very attentive to my needs. It was as if we had known each other for awhile. Usually you would feel awkward having someone in the room with you that you dont really know when you are having a baby but that wasn't the case with her. She was so supportive and made me feel really comfortable. She is a great doula.

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