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Ami Rickson CD(DONA), CPE, Spinning Babies, Brava, HypnoDoula

MotherRoot Doula

Saint Paul, MN Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee

$1400 to $1600

Birth Fee

$1400 to $1600

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 400 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2013
  • Hypnobabies, December 2017
  • Commonsense Childbirth Institute, July 2021

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 3 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

My Birth Doula services include childbirth education, birth preferences planning, 24/7 support via phone, text & email, continuous labor support, hands-on comfort measures, Spinning Babies expertise, birth preference advocacy, evidence-based information, immediate postpartum support, initial breastfeeding, and one postpartum meeting. I am available for one complimentary interview to decide if we are a good fit. After signing a contract and making a $800 deposit, I will secure your date on my calendar. The remaining balance of $600-$800 is due 30 days postpartum. I use a sliding fee as I feel it fits the nature of doula services better than a set dollar amount. I look forward to hearing from you, you can contact me through my website at Birth Photography available for a flat rate of $2200. Please check out my portfolio of work here:

Service Area

Saint Paul, MN Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Ami Rickson CD(DONA), CPE, Spinning Babies, Brava, HypnoDoula

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Matt and Chelsea Zimmerman


From the moment we met Ami, her warmth and genuine care put my husband and I at ease.We were so lucky to have Ami attend both of our children’s births.She provided invaluable support, sharing insightful knowledge and guidance that empowered me every step of the way.The meetings beforehand were helpful to solidify my birth preferences and learn what to expect during labor, birth and postpartum.When my first baby was breech, Ami provided me with many resources. When baby didn’t flip, Ami attended the ECV and was a huge reason why I was so at ease during the successful procedure.During both labors, Ami’s calming presence and expertise were instrumental in helping me stay focused and confident.During my first labor, she came to our home until it was time to go to the hospital. As soon as Ami arrived at our house, I immediately felt at ease and was able to calmly get through my surges for several more hours at home.At the hospital, Ami was there to support our birth preferences and gave us the confidence to advocate for what we wanted.She provided many position suggestions, hip squeezes, and encouragement throughout labor. Ami’s calm presence and reminders made me feel safe, relaxed, and empowered even at the toughest times.My husband cannot say enough good things about the support he felt from Ami-she made sure he was able to sustain the labor and birth as well as gave him confidence to support me.She offered both physical and emotional support to us both that made all the difference.Even after the birth, Ami continued to offer support on breastfeeding and postpartum recovery.We always looked forward to our postpartum meeting when Ami came to our home and we revisited our birth story. Ami has a special place in our hearts as she was there to support the births that brought two of our most prized possessions into this world.She truly goes above and beyond, and we are forever grateful for her presence during such a special time in our lives.

Whitney N


We LOVED working with Ami! My husband and I felt so comfortable with her from the very first moment we met her. Ami was so wonderful at communicating with us every step of the way. She helped me in figuring out my birth preferences and helping me to make informed decisions. I felt very prepared and empowered going into my first birth experience. With Ami's help I was able to have the positive birth experience I wanted in having an unmedicated birth and getting to go into labor naturally. Ami was so knowledgeable and supportive and having her there for my pregnancy and birth made a world of difference. I  am so grateful for Ami and hope to have the joy of working with her for any future pregnancies/births I may have! 



We knew for the birth of our second child that one thing we wanted to do differently was to hire a doula, hoping that this would decrease the likelihood of interventions this time and with all our family out of town, we just knew we needed more support.

I met Ami virtually for an interview before hiring her. She was an immediately calming and knowledgeable presence for my husband and I and we knew she would be a great help for us with this birth.

Our in person meeting with Ami in the third trimester was so beneficial to us. She really helped us talk through our first birth, helped us understand our preferences for this second birth, and really educated us on comfort measures. Additionally, she was available for questions via text message which was so helpful for me as I experienced so many pre-labor symptoms.

Our birth occurred very suddenly in the middle of the night. What could have been a frantic scary delivery, was a beautiful calm one instead and a lot of that is credited to Ami's presence. She provided such helpful suggestions for pushing positions and comfort measures and gave the most perfect verbal cues to help me relax and listen to what my body needed. She was also able to provide support to me and my partner in the time following the birth which was so critical in establishing a latch.

I truly cannot recommend Ami enough for people looking for a knowledgeable and calming presence for their birth journey!



Ami was so incredible, it's hard to know where to begin! My birth was a very fast, accidental homebirth, and Ami was one of the only birth workers present. She remained by my side through the entire birth, calmly and lovingly reminding me to listen to my body and that I was in control. It was because of her that, despite the unplanned situation, my birth was as I envisioned and I remained in charge (e.g., my choice of position, delayed cord clamping, no hospital transfer.) Her calm presence and unconditional support made a potentially scary and dangerous situation into a beautiful experience that I will cherish forever. 

Ami remained in close contact postpartum too. As I struggled with postpartum anxiety, she checked in frequently for two weeks and was available anytime for my concerns. She offered the perfect balance of a listening ear, sympathy, reassurance, and useful resources. 

I couldn't have done it without her and recommend her to any birthing person!

Anna S


We feel very lucky to have found both Ami Rickson and Heather as our birth doulas. From our initial impression, both Ami and Heather were exceptional listeners as we explained what we wanted out of our birth experience. Ami was our initial choice as doula and we had a chance to meet her in person as she explained the typical hospital birthing process as well as some examples of positions that would be comfortable during labor or would help make progress during labor. Unfortunately, Ami fell ill when our labor started, and Heather was her chosen backup.

After a brief FaceTime call to introduce us, we met Heather for the first time in the hospital just as I was entering active labor. Heather continually impressed us with her caring energy throughout the whole process. As she guided us through various birth positions in the bed and shower, she also made a point to check in on my husband’s emotional state as well. Somehow, Heather managed to stay awake all day and all night as she captured copious amounts of notes about every action that took place in the delivery room, including medication doses, positions attempted, doctor’s and nurses comments and advices. She stayed to the very end and helped get the new baby to latch on to my breast right away. All in all, after the entire process she was awake for 36 hrs straight. Both Ami and Heather continued to keep in touch with us after the birth as well, to make sure we were doing ok and to answer those kind of ‘is this normal’ kind of questions postpartum. Overall, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND both Heather and Ami as birth doulas and would certainly use their services again if the situation arises!

Ellen L


This was our second birth with Ami as our doula, and I continue to be in awe of her attention, love, knowledge, and tremendous emotional support. Our second birth was a very different process from our first, but I felt just as powerful, safe, and held this time around. She helped me feel confident walking into an induction as she heard my angst and worries and helped me to craft a plan that was supportive to my family's needs. She was a tremendous ally in the birth, helping me cope with the hardest contractions, and ensuring that I was well informed, and that the direction we were going in was the direction I wanted to go in. I have the great privilege to say that I have never, in either of my births, felt alone or afraid- and I owe that in large part to Ami and my husband, my incredible birth team. Cannot recommend Ami enough. She's cool, down to earth, approachable, smart, communicative, empathic (and oh so much more!). There are many jobs Ami would excel in, but I am forever grateful that she is a doula, and that I have had her support to welcome my two beautiful sons into the world. She is a part of our family's history, and I will never forget that. 



Ami was invaluable during our birthing experience and I'm remiss for not writing a testimonial sooner - my beautiful baby is already over a year old (time flies)! I think back to my birthing time often and I am so grateful Ami was there to support us. My daughter's birth was peaceful and full of so much love and happiness! We could not have done it without Ami's help.

My plan was to have an unmedicated birth at a birthing center and Ami was in full support. Thanks to the tools she shared with us and the partnership she provided, I was able to have the birth experience of my dreams! Whatever we wanted or needed, Ami was there to make it happen. As first-time parents, we had no idea what to expect. Ami helped us feel confident going into my birthing time, and she was also there to support us as new parents. She is full of knowledge and has a calming and peaceful presence, which we felt right away during our first meeting! When I needed Ami to help me along & offer support through gentle touch or suggesting positions to alleviate contractions, she was there. When I needed space to listen to my body and focus without distraction, she respected my space. She did all of this without me having to communicate much; she was simply present and knew how to handle each situation. 

Whatever kind of birthing experience you are looking for, Ami is a wonderful Doula and you'd be lucky to have her by your side! If and when baby #2 comes along, we look forward to working with Ami again! 


Emily Salveson


As first time parents we had no idea what we were in for. Leading up to delivery, Ami acted as our educator and guide. We felt heard when voicing our goals, fears, and questions. However, we had no idea how much we truly needed Ami until the night of delivery.

We went into the hospital around 2am and Ami showed up with bells on. The minute she walked into the room we felt her calm, steadfast presence. Ami was our mediator with the delivery team ensuring that our goals were observed. For example, when the nurse wanted to initiate continuous monitoring, Ami interjected and asked the nurse to ask their superior first; the lead nurse agreed with Ami that continuous monitoring did not need to begin which gave me the freedom to move around the room. During that exchange, my husband was instead able to be face to face with me rather than have a discussion with the delivery team.

Throughout delivery, Ami was our pacecar and kept both myself and my husband grounded and focused. Delivery is a scary process at times but Ami was always present and reassuring. After a successful devliery, Ami helped my new baby boy to latch and breastfeed within minutes. A nice surprise we got weeks afterwards was a timeline she kept throughout the night of delivery as well as wonderful pictures of my husband and me.

If we ever have a second child, Ami will definitely be a part of that journey. I absolutely recommend her and will forever be greatful to her.



My husband and I were having our first child. We didn't know what to expect and how we were going to manage the birth. When we met Ami we knew we were in good hands. From the start we felt at ease with her energy and extensive knowledge from past experience. When putting together our birth plan, she listened to what we wanted and provided input when we asked. And wow did we feel lucky to have her when I finally went into labor. She liased with the nurses to advocate on our behalf, supported me through every contraction, and talked through each decision. After birth, she was available via text and phone and came by the house when we were ready. I would recommend Ami to anyone and everyone! 



I recommend Ami to anyone looking for a doula. Ami is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and caring. I felt like she completely understood what type of birthing experience I wanted and her expertise helped guide me throughout my pregnancy and labor. During labor, her calm demeanor helped to keep the atmosphere nurturing and focused. Ami really listened to me and I truly believe with her support, I was able to have a successful unmedicated VBAC. 

Jessica & Roman


We were planning a VBAC homebirth for our 2nd baby so I knew I needed a doula that could not only support me through labor, but we also wanted someone we truly connected with. Ami was exactly that and so supportive in numerous ways. She understood the traumatic birth I went through with our first child and expressed compassion and confidence in my ability to have a VBAC while also remaining realistic with me about the possibility of a repeat c-section. The day I went into labor she immediately recommended what to do to help speed up contractions which worked perfectly. She was so calm, encouraging & positive throughout the birth and helped establish breastfeeding immediately after. We also hired her for birth photography and I am beyond grateful for the absolutely beautiful images she captured that I'll be able to look back on forever. Ami continued to check in on us after our daughter was born and recapped the entire birth with us afterwards from the notes she took throughout labor. Ami was an incredibly special and integral part of my successful VBAC homebirth and we are so thankful for her!

Lilly Brick


I would recommend Ami to anyone who is looking for a warm, knowledgeable, and excellent doula!! She came to our home for 2 pre-birth meetings to get us all on the same page and ensure we were equipped with as much knowledge as possible about the labor process. She showed us how to perform pain relief techniques like the hip squeeze, which really came in handy!! We felt very comfortable in her presence which was really important -- she didn't judge our choices and was enthusiastic about our birth, and let us lead the way. I was worried about how a doula being present at the birth might somehow usurp my husband and relegate him to the background, but instead Ami and my husband became teammates in my support, and my husband was my primary support person with Ami supporting both of us. 


During the actual birth, she was absolutely invaluable. I don't remember much of it (lol!) but what I do remember is the sense of relief when she arrived and collapsing into her arms, and her voice constantly telling me I could do it and I was doing really well managed to penetrate the haze. Her encouragement and calmness were a total lifeline that I clung to! My husband was expertly doing the hip squeeze that she showed us before. He said afterward that he could feel my body relax each time Ami talked to me.


She also took excellent notes whenever I occasionally let go of her hand, and right after my baby was born she had a chance to take a bunch of pictures which I treasure to this day. She came to our home a few weeks after the birth to walk us through the birth to help us process, and to share the photos she took, and get some baby snuggles.


I hope Ami is available for any future babies I have, and highly recommend her to anyone else!! She's awesome and I wouldn't have had the birth I wanted without her! 



We were hesitant to use a doula but decided we would see how it went as Covid meant little outside help from family and friends and having someone dedicated to our baby journey was a relief. We are soooo happy we decided to. Ami was amazing and knew exactly what our wants and needs and baby plan was. She educated us throughout our pregnancy and birth and expertly guided us through any bumps in the road. Of all the books, classes, or other things we did to prepare, hiring Ami was the best decision we made. Our experience wouldn't have been as smooth or easy without her. Also post pregnancy breast feeding was hard. Much harder than I was prepared for. Ami was sensitive to our needs and helped to guide us to make the best choices to feed our baby. I'm honestly at a lose for words with how grateful I am for her during this time. Book her now. Don't think about it. It's worth every penny. 

Kelley Lumbard


We have had Ami as our amazing doula for two unmedicated, vaginal hospital births and couldn't have done it without her!! Going into our first birth, we were unsure whether we "needed" a doula or not-I am a prenatal chiropractor and my husband is in his residency, we were taking a hypnobabies class and felt like we had enough experience to "handle it ourselves". We were *so* wrong! I will never forget after the first birth, my husband turned and looked at me and said "Ami was the best, I'm so glad we had her". She gives the perfect calming presence,  suggestions for changes in position, and hands on support with her super strong hands. She was the one offering me water and to smell peppermint after I threw up while my husband was holding my hand. She gave enough space for my husband to still be supportive but I also could not have done it without her! I also am very stubborn and did much better when she gave suggestions (to get out of the tub, to drink some juice, to try this position or that position) versus hearing them from my husband. :-) Both of my babies came at almost 42 weeks so she was a wonderful support person when we were doing the waiting game as well. She's the BEST.

Liz Boyd


My husband and I hired Ami as our doula for the birth of our first child. Utilizing Ami was fundamentally the best decision we made during my pregnancy. As a first-time mother, I had a lot of goals and preferences for my labor but absolutely no idea if or how I would be able to best achieve them. For several reasons, I was hoping to have an unmedicated labor. At our first meeting, Ami told me emphatically that if that was what I was hoping to do, I could probably achieve it. Obviously birth will always involve unknowns and many aspects of it are out of one's control. However, I felt like hiring Ami gave me the best chance of avoiding unncessary negative experiences. Ami provided me with the confidence to approach my labor with a mindset that what I was about to go through was both natural and normal. She made me feel that  my body was meant to endure the process. Her perspective on this made all the difference when I was induced and went into labor. Ami's guidance during labor proved invaluable. Before I was in active labor, Ami was able to make a recommendation via text messaging with my husband that saved me from having to get pitocin. My husband and I felt fortunate to have Ami's guidance avaiable to compliment the care of the RNs at the hospital. The nurses I had were wonderful, but it never hurts to have someone there whose sole role is to advocate for the mother. When I reflect back on my labor, I think of Ami, bent over the tub in what had to be a terribly uncomfortable position (for I don't know how long), providing counter pressure and coaching in the most caring, expertly administered manner I could have hoped for. She was the crucial support in bringing my son into the world in the way I'd always hoped birth would be for me: natural, confidently, and surrounded by people who cared for both myself and our son. Ami was a blessing to us and we are so grateful to her services. 




Nick McVay


Ami was a joy to be with, she answered all of our questions, and made the birth experience that much better. From the get go, she answered all of my wife’s questions, and my questions with professionalism, and a sense of humor to go with it(very important for us).

She was always available by phone, and answered my texts on odd questions, even if my wife was not wondering the same thing! She is also great with pets, if labor in your home is what you want. My dog doesn’t like people but she got along with Ami just fine!
On baby 's birthday, she was very professional, all smiles, and helped my wife have her natural birth that she wanted. The birth center staff were on a first name basis, which speaks to how much they like her. Couldn’t have done this without her!

Dan LaFontaine


I am so grateful to have had Ami with us throughout my wife's pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience.  She had effectively prepared us for the delivery and she was a wonderful advocate in supporting our birth preferences. In the weeks leading up to the delivery she provided useful information, and prepared us to face a range of different options depending on how the delivery was proceeding. She even provided guidance at 4 AM day of. When we met we got a sense of her nonjudgmental, supportive, and approachable personality, and we appreciated her incredible sense of humor throughout the experience.  On the day of the delivery Ellen felt strong and safe knowing Ami was at her side. Ami was reassuring and was invaluable in helping us process the experience after. As first time parents, we felt a lot of uncertainty early on in pregnancy but as soon as we met Ami we knew we had someone with great experience and skill who could guide us through our hospital birth. We plan to use her for future pregancies and would strongly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula. 

Cassondra Knudson


If you are looking to have an empowered and enjoyable birth experience Ami should be your doula. We worked with Ami from the first trimester through postpartum. She walked us through all of the options available to us and helped us envision all of the scenarios birth could bring. Every time we had a question or worry she was available to help guide us through the process.

Ami was amazing throughout our pregnancy but it was during labor that she shined the brightest. She supported me and my husband and was an advocate for us throughout the delivery process ensuring my preferences of a natural labor and delivery without medical intervention were followed when I couldn’t advocate for myself. With her support, I was able to deliver a healthy, 10 lb and 6 oz baby boy vaginally without pain medication - even after we had to induce labor. Beyond that, every one of the nurses and midwives we worked with told us how awesome she was after our baby was delivered.

After we returned home, she visited us again to help us with breastfeeding and to walk us through the detailed notes she took during our labor.

Ami truly has a gift for supporting mothers and their partners during the biggest moments of their lives. She was truly our birth superhero. We are happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Libby Kessler


Partnering with Ami for the birth of our baby was one of the best decisions that my husband and I made in pregnancy. I cannot say enough good things about Ami. She is incredibly knowledgeable on pregnancy and birth, and she brought us evidence based information to help us make decisions. She spent a lot of time with us, getting to know us, and we learned so much during our two prenatal meetings with her. She was also always available to answer questions that I had. 

Ami brought such a great energy to our birth. She’s very calm, and so kind. She is also a great advocate. She helped both me and my husband through labor. I was so happy to have her there. If we are lucky enough to have another child, I would hire Ami again in a heartbeat! She is an incredible person and a wonderful doula! I would recommend her to anyone!

Scott Dillon


When my wife and I started searching for a doula to assist in the birth of our daughter, Ami was the first person that we met with. We immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that we would be in good hands. We were so blown away by our initial meeting with Ami that we decided then and there that she would be the one we worked with! Ami is amazing in so many ways, but an aspect of her personality and approach that stood out to us the most was her willingness to adapt to whatever we cared about the most during the birthing process to bring our daughter into this world. Since our daughter was our first child, and we were learning as we went, we were very grateful to have Ami's expertise as part of our birth team. In fact, she ended up taking most of the photos after our daughter was born, because it was such a whirlwind! I can't recommend Ami enough, and you will be very grateful that you found her.

Carrie Borgheiinck


I don’t know if I have enough words to describe how great Ami was! My husband and I are first time parents who were having a home birth. Before Ami got to our place I was having severe back labor. My husband and I were trying to get the baby to turn with no sucess. Once Ami showed up my pain went away by 30%. Just seeing her I knew she was going to be able to help me and she did! With some inversions and sideline releases we got the baby turned around and labor was tolerable again! Then my labor took off. Ami ended up catching our baby as our midwives did not think a first time mom was going to go as fast as I did and they hadn’t gotten there yet! She‘s so supportive and encouragin, had a great soothing voice to listen to when you need it most, and knows how to help manage your pain! You will not regret hiring her. She was worth every penny!



As a first time dad, I couldn't be happier we decided to hire Ami to be our doula. Why you ask? Here are 3 things that really stuck out to me:
1) We hired Ami very late (~37 weeks) yet she was flexible & super easy to work/communicate with. We squeezed in our initial meetings fast, she answered our urgent 2AM text messages quickly, and was at the hospital on super short nice when baby finally arrived.
2) Even as a first time dad - I thought there was no way we'd need or benefit from all of the pre/post birth meetings (after all we felt educated and had seen some friends & family go through the process). I was wrong. Ami did a great job of tailoring our meetings to fit our needs, she helped us ensure we knew what expect, and encouraged discussions on topics we hadn't otherwise considered.
3) She was a great resource for questions (before/during/after) and provided a continuity of care and accessibility that isn't offered in the hospital or from doctors. She's easy to talk to about any/everything and genuinely just a pleasure to work with.

Also -- my wife made me add: "Ami was very neutral in providing info.  It's clear she doens't have an agenda and she wasn't guided by her own opinions/bias/experience - she gave all sides of a decision and helped us make the best choice for our growing family. Her main priority was helping us have the best birth experience possible."

Overall - she was great!  Highly recomended.

Leah Sawyer Baker


One of the best things we did for our pregnancy and labor was to hire Ami as our Doula. Within five minutes of meeting Ami, I knew we would choose her to be with us when our baby was born! Ami is professional, organized, and committed to helping you achieve your birth plan.

Ami was there to let us know when things were progressing as normal and when it was time to head to the birth center. She is experienced and has a gentle confidence about her that put us at ease. With Ami by our side, both my partner and I felt comfortable to focus on the labor and our individual roles and let Ami tend to any outside distractions. My partner did not have to worry that if he left the room for a moment no one would be there to comfort me. As a laboring mother, I knew that I could count on Ami for guidance and encouragement no matter what the labor would bring. Ami said positive birth affirmations during the hours of pushing and allowed me to maintain my motivation to accomplish our birth plan. I really cannot imagine getting through those long hours without her.

Ami is the calm and reassuring voice that you want with you on the happiest day of you life!

Derrick Biggs


Ami was an amazing doula! Having a baby is an exciting and super-personal experience for my wife and me. We decided to deliver at a birth center. Ami was super helpful. From assisting us in creating the birth plan, to helping us understand prenatal care options, to amazing presence and emotional support during the birth, and finally with caring postpartum visits... she was there every step of the way. During the birth, Ami was also a fantastic coach. On delivery day, she and I tag-teamed to make sure my wife was cared for, that our baby arrived safely, and that I stayed rested to be with my wife through the entire birth experience. She‘s a great listener, shows a lot of empathy for her clients, and is a wonderful friend. We would highly recommend her to any expectant parents!

Brian Miller


As a husband and (now) proud father, I can’t recommend Ami enough. If there are any other future dads out there that are unsure of your role or the role of a doula, do yourself a favor and meet with Ami. From the first time we got coffee with her, my wife and I felt an instant connection. Knowledgeable, approachable and confident—she is the person you want with you for these crazy weeks/months. At our early meetings, she worked with us to outline a birth plan that worked for us, helped explain our options, and answered questions that we hadn’t thought about since high school health class. She made herself fully available (even proactively) for phone calls and texts as questions/stressful situations came up.
My wife went from comfortable to full-on labor (and the associated pains) in a very short amount of time. I was caught off guard with it, and my wife couldn’t communicate what she wanted, but Ami just led the way—making my wife more comfortable and helping me to be a better support person. Nurses came and went during the labor, and the doctor showed up minutes before the birth. Ami didn’t take a break. Between contractions (and hip-squeezes/back rubs), she was checking in on me or taking notes/pictures so that we would later be able to remember everything that happened on the day our son was born.
We received so much unsolicited advice from many family members, friends and medical professionals throughout the pregnancy. Instead of contributing to the noise, Ami asked us (repeatedly and sincerely) what we wanted. On more than one occasion, she put on her amateur psychiatrist hat and was able to get to the bottom of the things that were really worrying us.
In summary, you will want Ami with you before, during and after your child is born.

Ila Sheren


I can't possibly recommend Ami enough! We worked with her for the birth of our first child, and from the start, Ami was a knowledgable, caring, and supportive presence on our team. My goal was for a natural, totally unmedicated birth experience, and Ami proved invaluable before, during, and after the birth. She was available via text, phone, and email for any and all questions, helping me navigate medical decisions (should I get rhogam? should I switch to a birth center?) and giving us practical advice for managing early labor.

During my 17-ish hours of labor, Ami was a constant and reassuring presence. I never once wondered where she was - every time I needed her it was as if she magically appeared by the tub or bedside. She brought along her birth ball for the triage room, and she helped to set the atmosphere with little electric tea lights. Ami is also a master of the hip squeeze, and this got me through the worst contractions. My partner and I planned this birth meticulously, using midwives, childbirth hypnosis, and laboring/pushing in water, but I can say with confidence that the best decision we made (of all those) was to go with Ami as our doula. At the end, our son was taken off to the NICU, and my husband was able to go with him while Ami stayed by my side. I was calm and reassured throughout that he would be just fine (and he was).

At our first postpartum visit, she also brought the most delicious food, helped us recount our birth story, and just allowed for us to process everything that had happened. Ami has a deep curiousity about all things birth-related and a natural gift for supporting women (and partners) at this extremely vulnerable time. This makes her a phenomenal doula, and again, I recommend her to anyone, regardless of the kind of birth you are planning.

Mandy Hanson


Ami was amazing in providing me with knowledgeable support! I hired her quite late in my pregnancy after we moved to Minnesota in my third trimester. I strugged with prodromal labor but Ami supported me with tons of options for relief. She kept me mentally strong when I was frustrated about how things were going near the end of my pregnancy. I never felt like I was bothering her when I needed support; she was always quick to respond in a positive manner! When my water started leaking but labor wasn't starting on its own, Ami helped me come up with a plan of action that I was happy with! Once labor finally started and things progressed much faster than expected, Ami kept me calm and comfortable through the delivery of my son. I was on the fence about hiring a doula before hiring Ami but now I  will tell everyone I know the importance of having a doula in your birth space after working with her!

Shira Fox


We were referred to Ami, and found her philosophy on birth aligned with our own. We contacted her only 3 weeks before our due date, but she was nevertheless very accommodating. From the first meeting forward, Ami was a delight to work with. She asked a lot of good questions to find out how she could best help us. For my husband and me, information relieves anxiety, and we told her that. When I thought I was having contractions in the middle of the night, she responded to texts within minutes and was at our house early the following morning. She helped us decide when to head to the hospital. Once we got there, she helped make sure every decision was made with care and thoughtfulness. Our birth experience progressed slowly throughout the entire day and into the next morning. In total, Ami spent almost 24 hours with us. I would recommend Ami to anyone looking for a doula, and we will certainly reach out to her again next time.

Emily Lange


Ami was a great help to our birthing process. She was easy to contact and had stayed in communication as we neared our due date. She familiarized herself with our birthing goals/desires and had a very respectful and helpful attitude to everything we wanted to happen and we quickly felt like we had a real partner. During the birth she had a calming and relaxing presence and was able to help me advocate for the birth decisions I wanted as well as offer advice in a very stressful situation of changing hospitals during the first stage of labor. I highly recommend Ami and hope you choose her to be part of your birthing team!

Heather Pound


Ami was an asset to my brith team. She joined me at the hospital, where she jumped right, providing emotional and physical support. It had felt like she was with me all along. Ami provided the encouragement that I needed, and always said the right thing at the right time. She calmed me down during the epidural and was great to have when pushing, as she was able to direct me and breath with me through my contractions. Ami stayed with me after the birth, to get breastfeeding established and was back to visit me and my new son the next day. I couldn't have asked for a better support person. I would highly recommend Ami as a doula!

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