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Linda Seeman, CD(DONA)

Comfort and Care Doula Services

Ballston Spa, NY Service range 60 miles none

518 573-4845

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 53 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
As your doula I would meet with you for at least three prenatal visits so that we can get to know each other and I can become familiar with the kind of birth experience you envision. I stay with you through early labor until well after the birth of your baby. I provide a full range of comfort measures as you desire including relaxation cues, massage, pressure points and suggestions for all other comfort techniques. I will support you through any decisions you make throughout your labor and the birth of your baby. I do a minimum of two to three postpartum visits to make sure you are well and to talk about anything that is on your mind. I am a certified childbirth educator and yoga instructor

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Ballston Spa, NY Service range 60 miles none

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Client Testimonials for Linda Seeman, CD(DONA)

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My experience with Linda was absolutely the best!! I'm so happy I chose to have a doula. I actually used Linda with both of my pregnancies. She was so wonderful the first time (2017) that I called her for my second pregnancy (2020). I was so nervous and anxious about labor and delivery. Linda calmed all my fears. She helped me understand the birthing process and gave full support every step of the way! I wanted to have a natural birth and Linda helped me stay calm and reminded me that my body knows what to do. She was so helpful with different positions and breathing, she made suggestions for my husband so that he could be involved. Her voice is so relaxing too. I felt reassured that everything would be okay. I don't know if I could have gone through that without her! Having her there with me was a blessing and I can't thank her enough! If you are even considering a doula, it's definitely worth it! I wouldn't look any farther either. Linda will be the best choice you could make! 



Linda was such a valuable resource for us. I wanted a doula to assist with relaxation exercises and focus during labor, and to take the pressure off myself and my husband from trying to remember everything we'd read or heard about what might be helpful during labor. She had great suggestions, and she brought a calm, positive energy. Linda listened to us to learn what we were looking for and how best to work with us. I really appreciated having her with us. My husband and I both can't imagine going through the childbirth process without her - he felt that having her there took additional pressure off him so that he could focus on me and on the birth of our son. We were both so happy with our experience of his birth, and Linda was a key part of that. I highly recommend her.

Alissa Rennells


Linda was such a blessing to us to have as our doula for the birth of our son, Liam.  We were in labor for some time and she was with us for nearly all of it after we asked her to join us at the hospital where we had him.  Linda has a peaceful presence that facilitated the best possible experience we could have had.  Her unwavering support and kind and gentle spirit were such a comfort to me even when things got scary.  Ultimately it was decided that we should have a c-section to birth Liam .  This was a tough thing for me but Linda's presence was a deep comfort throughout the whole experience.  

Jackie Sager


I would recommend Linda Seeman as anyone's Doula. I am an experienced mom who delivered 3 babies on my own. My forth child I decided to have naturally so I hired Linda. Like many of you, I was not entirely convinced anyone could help me deal with the worst pain in the world. Boy was I wrong. I had a successful natural birth of my beautiful daughter and I believe I could not have done it without Linda there by my side. Just when you think you go any further, she reminds you of your goals and helps see you through the end.


Thank you Linda!

Meghan Kugel


Linda was so wonderful throughout the pregnancy,labor,delivery and postpartum. She was always attentive and available for us whenever we needed her. She assisted us through labor in the comfort of our own home and then at the hospital. Her support,presence, encouragement and knowledge were truly a blessing. Myself and my husband both benefited greatly from having Linda as our doula and would highly,highly recommend her,she is so amazing! 

Alice Culhane


I couldn't imagine my natural birth without Linda. She was so helpful, from the prenatal visits to the labor itself and follow up. She taught techniques that helped greatly during labor, and set a tone in the delivery room that was conducive to a natural birth. She was very attentive and reassuring, and acted as an advocate for me. She really helped this birth to be a most beautiful experience for me and my husband.

Shweta Mehto


Linda was the doula for our daughter. I did not have my family with me except my husband. I was hoping for a birth with least amount of medication as much as possible since I was unsure about the effects of medication and wanted to try what could be the safest possible option for my daughter. At the same time I was mentally prepared that anything could change any time. Since this was our first baby and we as a couple did not have any experience it made us nervous and we decided to look for help. The moment we met Linda we liked her and decided to taker her help and it was one of the best decision. She is a very gentle and calm person with lot of patience and a smiling pleasant face. I felt her as a part of my own family. She was very helping throughout the entire labor and delivery. She made me relax and guided me wherever necessary. While I was pregnant she visited couple of times and taught me deep relaxation techniques that really felt nice for mind and body. She is also a very friendly and loving person. During my labor she was with me throughout and took long walks with me and did nice conversations which distracted me from the pain. Also when the pain became intolerable she gave me back massage to feel better. Also, she was very encouraging and made me feel good when I almost gave up. She did not interfere between our privacy as a couple and made us feel comfortable.  I also attended her prepared childbirth classes where I learned a lot about what to expect and how to deal with the situation. She also reminded me about little things that helped while I was in labor like taking a warm shower, sitting and doing some postures on yoga ball, listening to soft music, relaxing and also offered me small sips of water.She also came to see my baby couple of times to make sure I and the baby are doing well. She also texted me during and post pregnancy and showed lot of affection. She is an amazing person and a wonderful Doula.I would highly recommend her.

Katie Dunn


I am so glad that Linda was there to help us with the birth of our first child. I'm a squeamish person with some anxiety about medical matters, but Linda helped me approach labor and birth calmly and with confidence.

We felt a great connection with Linda from the beginning. We chose to work with her because of her warm, calm manner and because she showed a real respect for our choices for the birth. Linda was encouraging and confident that I could give birth without pain medication if I wanted, but she was realistic about the pain of childbirth, and was supportive of me wanting to keep medication as an option.

The meetings we had with Linda before the birth helped us to think through our options and strategies for labor, and helped me sort out my feelings about giving birth. As a result of our work with Linda, when I went into labor, I was able to trust that my body was doing the work it needed to do. I felt pain, but not panic. I was relaxed and confident enough to complete much of my labor at home with my husband, while trusting that I would know when it was time to call my doctor and head to the hospital.

I was especially glad to have Linda there through the tough final stages of labor and birth. She worked well with my husband and the medical staff, and was supportive without being intrusive. She held my hand, encouraged me, and reminded me to breathe. She was also very helpful in making sure I had plenty of water and cool washcloths, which allowed my husband to remain by my side. Her calm encouragement was a comfort to both me and my husband.

Linda's visits after our baby was born helped me make the mental transition to motherhood. Talking with her helped me to organize my memories of the birth and clarify some fuzzy parts. The visits brought closure to a very positive birth experience. I am so glad that we were able to work with Linda and would absolutely want her there if we have another child.


Emily (Crockett) Matthews


Our experience with Linda was wonderful! We decided to use a doula late in my pregnancy but that was no problem, Linda  caught us right up to speed, making us confident we could have the delivery we desired. 

In the delivery room Linda was so attentive and caring, talking us through each step of the way. Of course you can never know exactly how things will happen once you are in labor so having Linda with me to help make decisions and help us to navigate my delivery was very comforting. She knew exactly when to step in and lend a hand, or suggest a new position that might be more comfortable and when to give my husband and me a moment alone to enjoy the experience. 

Linda is wonderful and I highly recommend her!!!

Beth LaBella


We had Linda for our second birth and she was amazing.  She was our hypnobirthing instructor as well as doula.  I am so happy with our decision to have a natural childbirth as well as a doula.  I can honestly say that I would not have made it through without Linda.  

My husband and I felt very comfortable with Linda.  She is warm, soothing and calm.  In labor she was excellent.  She knew our preferences and supported us 100%.  She was great navigating the hospital staff and the dr.s.  if we needed anything she got it for us and she instinctively knew what we would need.  She got me a large birthing ball (I'm tall), lots of water, plenty of warm towels and I'm sure even more if I could remember it all.  She was great with managing the surges.  She helped with a lot of counter pressure and reassured me with her calm voice.  

If we were to have another baby I would hire Linda in a second.  She truly loves what she does and desires every woman to have the birth that they want.  She will always be a part of our life and I will always be forever grateful for her knowledge and expertise.  

Caitlin Reed


Having a doula was very beneficial to us, especially since it was my first pregnancy. Linda put so much into working with us. She was willing to meet with me as many times as I needed prior to the birth of my son. I was planning on a natural birth and was doing so using the Hypnobabies method. Linda is a Hypnobirthing instructor, so even though she wasn't totally familiar with the method I was using, she was familiar with hypnosis for birth and she was able to give me a lot of the support I was looking for. If you let Linda know what you do have in mind, she will do her best to support you the way you need her to, no matter what method you intend to use.

When it came to the actual delivery she made a lot of positive impact. She was familiar with the hospital, and she was able to help us with things that might have taken my husband a while to figure out. She got me items I needed, such as a birthing ball. When the one I was given was too small she took care of getting me a bigger one, which allowed my husband to stay by and support me. When my husband and I had a good grasp on things we had no idea she was even there, but if I needed something (or needed her) boom! There she was.

If I were to re-do my first birth I would without a doubt still want her to be there. It's just so helpful having someone around who is so familiar with it all, especially because no matter how much you prepare, there really is no way to know what it's going to be like. She was wonderful with my husband. Gave him space and even some direction when he looked lost or confused. But it wasn't bossy direction, it was helpful, he was glad to be told what he could do to help and had just genuinely not known.

Overall my birth was smooth and perfect. It put my mind at ease just knowing Linda was there. I knew if anything was going to come up, she was aware of my birth plan and she would do her best to help me keep to it. I loved having Linda as my doula.

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