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Rachel Burroughs, BAI CD, CCE

Birth in Full Bloom Doula Services

Newark, DE Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$1300 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1300 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 90 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 8 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, June 2014

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am happy to attend home births with a midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Photography - Birth
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am on the board of PSI (Postpartum Support International). I am also a doula and birth companion trainer at Christiana hospital, and I am a certified childbirth educator.

Fee Details

Contact me about my doula packages! I offer a basic doula package, and also a Double Doula package. That way, we can assist families who feel they need extra support!

Service Area

Newark, DE Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Rachel Burroughs, BAI CD, CCE

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HariNarayan Grandy


Rachel is an amazing doula, an amazing human, an amazing teacher, an amazing coach. I had the most intense labor experience that I've ever heard of. It lasted five days, all told. The first four days were prodromal labor, meaning that regardless of my regular, every ten minute contractions over the course of the entire 4 days (and nights), I only progressed to four centimeters. During that time, Rachel was constantly there for us. She gave us encouragement, advice, tips, and lots and lots of love. On the fifth day, I labored at 9 centimeters for five hours before being transferred to the hospital. During that entire last day (which started at 3am and ended at 7pm), Rachel massaged me during every contraction. She put essential oils on cotton balls to help me relax, give me strength, energize me. She held my hand. She supported me while I walked the halls, climbed the stairs, sat in the shower, laid on the bed. She was totally, one hundred percent there for me. It was the hardest labor I could imagine, and I do not know if I could've done it without her gentle, reassuring, supportive presence. Not once did she seem impatient, or distracted. She was fully present withh me. I was transferred to the hospital at the end of the day for an almost-emergency c-section. Not only did she stay next to my bed, holding my hand up until the delivery, but she also waited with my mom for an hour until we were in the recovery room. Then she helped me make the first latch with my new baby, and gave me instruction for how breastfeed successfully. She was with me for every step of that unfathomably long journey. I can't recommend her enough. I will love and appreciate that beautiful woman for the rest of my life!

Anne Leonhardt


I solicited Rachel's services for the birth of my second son, Griffin. Upon first meeting her I felt drawn to her calm demeanor and warm presence. She distributed an educational binder full of materials I found to be more honest and thorough than the information my OB had given me. For example, OB’s won’t distribute a list of medical interventions you may face during a hospital labor, but Rachel did. It was essential information I wish I was armed with during the hospital delivery of my first son.

Emotionally, Rachel was very encouraging when I expressed doubts regarding my ability to tough-out a med-free labor. She helped instill the courage I needed to make the switch from the hospital to my local Birth Center. She helped me believe in myself and saw a strength in me I did not see. Physically, Rachel would have been an enormous help with pain management by providing soothing massage and counter pressure during labor. My labor was mercifully short, however, and I had to rely solely on my husband for pain relief during active labor. He did a great job providing this relief by utilizing the massage and counter pressure techniques that Rachel taught him. Thanks to her guidance, he was able to be an active participant in my labor instead of just a spectator! She was a calming, guiding voice during the pushing stage of my labor and very helpful with my initial breastfeed as well.

Rachel will be all the things you need during the emotionally turbelent time of pregnancy and delivery. She will be a supportive friend, a motherly figure, an educator, an advisor, a listening ear, a guiding voice and a soldier ready to fight for you. She’s a nurturing old soul with a steel backbone. A beautiful doula both inside and out. You can’t go wrong soliciting her services and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I wish I had given myself the gift of a doula through my first labor!

Amanda McKay


My husband and I were so happy with our experience with Rachel. From our 1st phone conversation I knew I wanted to hire her. When she came to our home it was like talking to an old friend, that's how comfortable she made us feel. She is so easy to talk to about anything.  Her knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and post partum care is vast. We were able to text and call her whenever we had a concern or question. We even FaceTimed, she was always available. Her personality is perfect for doula work, she is a naturally warm, caring, kind, and supportive person. She has participated in many different birth experiences so knowing that she's seen it all really reassured me that she would be there to  support and advise on whatever could arrise. I knew that when I decided to have a natural child birth I wanted to have extra encouragemt to stick to my birth plan and she did just that. I'm so happy she was with my husband and I as we brought our son into the world. It was a beautiful moment I with cherish forever. I would and will refer her to anyone considering hiring a doula, she's the BEST! If we decide to have a 3rd child we will definitely be calling our friend Rachel again!

Brandi Vad


I was referred to Rachel by my midwife since I had such bad anziety about labor. I was terrified of the pain as well as getting an epidural or an IV since I don't do well with needles. I'd cry thinking about having to deliver my baby and wasn't enjoying my pregnancy because of my anziety.

My husband and I had VERY different views on labor. His answer to everything was. "Get an epidural, you'll be fine." He thought anyone who didn't want an epidural was crazy. He didn't see anything wrong with interventions and thought they were there and you should take full advantage of it. Originally I wasn't against interventions, I was just really scared of them because of the needles. Over the couple months of communicating with Rachel and reading the materials she suggested I decided I wanted to try to have a natural birth. My husband still maintained that his ideal labor would be a scheduled c section. With Rachel's help he finally was on board to give the natural birth a shot, although I'm pretty sure he didn't think it would actually happen. Rachel got through to him about the cycle of epdidural/pitocin and how once you start one intervention it just creates a snowball and odds are, you're getting more.

I went into labor and I labored at home and got to the hospital at 10cm! After 2 hours of pushing, my daughter was born without any interventions!

Rachel gave us the knowledge/tools to be able to labor at home as long as we did. I believe that made all the difference in being able to have a natural delivery. I would have had a VERY different labor if i wasn't for Rachel. At the hosptial she was great! With Rachel by my side I felt as if i could take on anything during labor. My husband is so happy we hired her. He said if we had another baby we'd do it the same way.  She's worth every penny. Her posituve attitude can get you through anything! I think about my labor every day and couldn't be more happy with it!

Nashelli Tavi


I don't know why it took me this long to post a testimonial for Rachel! With her help we achieved the fully natural birth we wanted in a hospital, where statistics about epidural and C-Section are skyrocketing and natural birth is an odd event.

After interviewing a couple of doulas we immediately knew Rachel was the right match for us. Very sweet, with a very positive attitude, knowledgeable and passionate about birth. Rachel supported our plan without hesitation, she gave us the tools we needed to be informed and supported our plan at all times without questioning it, and offer advised only when requested. With Rachel's help I felt empowered and very happy with my birth experience.

The support we received from Rachel before and during labor and delivery was excellent. She made herself available at all times since we started working with her. When my labor started in the middle of the night, we could contact her immediately, she also arrived to the hospital a few minutes after us. Rachel knew how to navigate through he hospital system very well, she was very respectful and nonintrusive with the medical team but at the same time she able to guide us on how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions to achieve our goal.

I could not recommend Rachel more, she is an outstanding doula! Every woman should have a Rachel regardless the type of birth they envision.

Lady V


Where do I begin!? All I can say is Thank God for Rachel! Rachel is professional and well educated on all things pregnancy,  labor and delivery. We planned to have a water birth that would be all natural. We had a very detailed birthing plan but NOTHING went according to plan. We ended up getting induced with the evil evil demon, PITOCIN! Rachel never passed judgment for the decision we made to get induced and even when the pain became unbearable 20 hours in and I couldn't take it anymore, I begged for an epidural and she supported me. We reviewed all of the risks that were associated as she did with everything else. She was very respectful the entire time and would wait for the hospital staff to leave before making any suggestions or reminding me of the associated risks that certain interventions posed. Did I mention that I was I'm labor for 29 hours and she stayed with us the whole time!!! When I was in hard labor before I got the epidural, we practiced all of the breathing techniques we had learned and she used a lot of positive self talk. When I felt like a failure because I couldn't withstand the pain any longer, Rachel reassured me that I was not. Back tracking... when Rachel first arrived she pulled out all of her tools. She had essential oils, she started acupressure, she even had a mini speaker so we could hookup music. We had a party in early labor. The hospital staff was in awe of us. It was a memory I will cherish forever. Did I mention that Rachels a great dancer. Lol (insider). All in all, I largely attribute the success of my vaginal delivery to Rachel. Had it not been for her, I might have ended with a cesarean section. As the nurses were in and out, Rachel remained. Its because of her that I was able to deliver my son in what I call half a push! The doctors couldn't believe it. They had already prepped me for a 2 to 3 hour pushing ordeal. I could go on and on. Rachel is that game changer and security blanket I feel everyone should have.

BethAnn Aupperle


When it comes to hiring a doula, Rachel is who you want to take with you on your life changing birth experience. Not only is she knowledgeable and passionate about pregnancy and birth, she is dedicated and wholeheartedly involved with her clients as well. From the prenatal visits, to labor and delivery, to our postpartum visit, and times in between, Rachel always demonstrated a genuine interest in our individual birth experience. During our labor, she partnered tremendously with my husband and provided steadfast care and reinforcement as I labored at the hospital before being admitted, and through my entire labor and delivery. We could have not done it without her. I look forward to having Rachel join us again when we decide to have a second child!

Bryan Youse


Rachel was the birth doula for my wife and I as we welcomed our daughter earlier this month.  Being our first child, we very apprehensive about the labor and delivery process-- that is until we met Rachel.  She had a firm command of all the knowledge necessary to get us through the entire process, from late term of the pregnancy to the first month of our newborn's life.  She gave us the overwhelming confidence to have an incredibly successful natural birth.  And her bag of tricks was endless...

Dads, Rachel Vorhauer will make your life a million times easier!  Money very well spent.  I could not imagine our birth without her.

P.S. If Rachel's not available, look into her partner Katie (she taught our labor class and even stopped in to help on the birth day)-- equally amazing!

Leah Youse


Simply put, Rachel is AMAZING. Rachel came highly recommended by several people, including my midwife. The first time I spoke to her on the phone, I felt an immediate connection to her -- she exuded warmth and encouragement. Both my husband and I were very impressed with her knowledge of all issues surrounding labor and raising a newborn, including (but not limited to) the purpose of pain, what to expect while at the hospital (and how to get the experience you want there), breastfeeding, essential oils, vaccinations, pain relief strategies, babywearing, and nutritious eating. Despite the fact that doulas are not medical professionals, Rachel is very educated on issues surrounding pregnancy and was able to point me in the right direction to research medication and its effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as a rare problem that I experienced in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

My labor experience was fantastic thanks to Rachel's hard work and dedication to seeing that my husband and my labor wishes were realized. She gave my husband very valuable tips on how to help ease my contractions during early labor, and she also worked with me over the phone before it was time to go to the hospital, giving me excellent tips and advice. When she arrived at the hospital, she immediately set to work before we were even admitted to a room, massaging essential oils into my skin, applying counter pressure to my back as I walked the hallways, and helping me focus on breathing strategies.

My husband and I really wanted an all-natural labor in the hospital, and our birth plan reflected our desire for a peaceful environment. Rachel made sure that all of our requests were honored and helped me labor in different positions to make it easier. Honestly, every massage she gave me felt like a shot of morphine! At the pushing stage, she knew exactly what I needed; the essential oil she used was like magic. She even took some pictures! We highly recommend her!

Anne McElwee


Rachel Changed My Life I first met Rachel during a birthing class meeting when she came to talk about Doula services. I had been thinking about hiring a doula but was not entirely sure what they provided. I listened to her talk about the support she can offer to birthing couples, but soon realize I stopped paying attention to what she was saying and instead was transfixed on how she was saying it. She spoke about her job like no one I have ever heard before. She was glowing and smiling just talking about how much she enjoys providing emotional, physical and informational support to parents who are bringing their new love into the world. I knew at that moment I needed her there with me.

A very long (71 hour) story short, I knew for a fact Rachel being with me was the only reason I did not end up with a c-section. My birth was stalled and she administered every trick and relaxation techneque she had for me and it truly made the pain bearable. Her informational support was extreamly benaficial when the nurses and doctors tried to scare me into a birth that was more convenient for them. Rachel stayed with me, when all others would have left she slept in the window. She never left my side when I needed her, and when I needed my husband's support she gladly stepped back and supported us from across the room. She was the gentle relaxation when I needed it and she was the strong, tough warrior woman who ran across the room, jumped on the bed over me and squeezed me belly (counter uterine pressure) when I was caught off guard by a colossal contraction. She was my advocate and informed me when the doctore made a mistake. I survived PIT with no pain meds!

My husband has said to many people that he was terrified until Rachel came. She supported him when he needed it which made him be able to support me. In the end Rachel changed my life and I now am training to become a doula. We truly love her.

Kristen Abercrombie


We were so lucky to have Rachel as our doula.  She worked with us to help prepare us for the natural birth experience that we wanted.  During our prenatal visits we focused on reducing my anxiety surrounding labor and developed a plan for how to handle early and active labor prior to going to the hospital.  She provided us with extensive information and education,  including audio files for relaxation and birth affirmations.  Her positivity and enthusiasim really helped me believe in myself and the labor process. She also gave my husband valuable skills to help him be an amazing support person during labor.

Once we arrived at the hospital Rachel was there within minutes of our admission.  She and my husband worked so hard for the next several hours massaging me duirng contractions and helping me breath and relax.  I think she really helped my husband keep going throughout the day, offering ideas for different positions and massage techniques.  Together they were my constant cheerleaders, encouraging me every step of the way.

I could not have asked for a better labor.  Having a good support system during labor really helped me be able to relax and trust my body and the labor process.  I think every woman needs a doula.

Thank you to Rachel for such a great experience.

Erica Richardson


I knew from my first conversation with Rachel that she was right doula for us. She is knowledgeable, caring, and calm. I never hesitated to contact her during my pregnancy. She was always prompt in responding to any question or concern. During labor, Rachel met my husband and me at the hospital. She arrived about 15 minutes after us. When she walked into the room, I immediately felt like, "Ah, Rachel is here. I can do this." Her calming presence was so comforting, even though I didn't feel calm myself. We are so grateful that Rachel helped welcome our daughter into this world. I've recommended her several times and if we were going to have another child, Rachel would be a part of that birth, too. Rachel, thank you for empowering me to have the birth experience I desired!

Jennifer Arroyo Lamanna


With my first pregnancy my daughter was breech and I had to have a c-section. When I found out with my second pregnancy my daughter was head down I was thrilled and wanted to do everything possible to have a natural birth. After initially meeting Rachel, I immediately felt comfortable with her and a sense of relief knowing she would be the perfect advocate (I was very anxious about the on call doctor pushing a c-section). She is very knowledgeable, explained things clearly and was easy to reach with questions and concerns. I had contractions every 1-2 hours 4 days prior to giving birth and her support was invaluable, if it wasn't for her I would have gone to the hospital too early and have a completely different outcome. She was incredibly insightful, calm, reassuring and patient with answering all my questions. With Rachel's guidance I successfully had the natural birth (VBAC without any pain medications) I always wanted. It was a added bonus having her there to help with latching and getting breastfeeding off to a good start. We were thrilled and thankful with how well the overall experience went with Rachel and that we have positive memories of that day.



My wife and I had a great experience with Rachel.  My wife's labor was challenging and Rachel balanced reminding and pushing us to stick to our desired birth plan with being understanding so well.  Her support throughout the labor was tremendous.  The suggestions and techniques she had were truly effective.   I doubt we would have been able to stick to our birth plan so well without Rachel.

Jillian Wu


My husband and I first met Rachel at a birthing class, and decided that hiring a doula was something that seemed to make sense for us.  We did a little more research and looked into other doulas in the area, but ultimately decided that Rachel would be the best fit.  We met with her a couple weeks later, and knew instantly that we made the right choice.  She was patient and reassuring as I went through 2 weeks of prodromal labor before giving birth, and we have no doubt that without her guidance during that time, we probably would have had a much different birthing experience - one that we would have regretted.  She was able to keep me calm and grounded and gave me amazing emotional support throughout the weeks of prodromal labor and active labor in the hospital.  Her experience was able to get me through a short period at the end of my labor where I was instructed to NOT PUSH in order to allow my cervix to fully recede.  It was the worst part of my labor, and the toughest to get through mentally, but Rachel stayed in my left ear as my husband was in my right to keep me focused. She made sure to relay my birth plan wishes to the nurses and medical staff, and helped me make additional decisions as they came up during my laboring process.  My husband and I both sing her praises to everyone we talk to about our doula experience, and have often asked each other what we would have done without her.  In fact, my midwife was also so impressed with Rachel that she requested her business cards to have available in the office for future patients.  In the end I was able to have a natural vaginal birthing experience, and I have Rachel to thank for getting me through it all!

Nikol Medo


Rachel made such a big difference during my pregnancy and delivery.  She was always one phone call/text away.  She explained all the pros and cons of every procedure they perform in the hospital.  She supported us no matter what we chose to do in our situation.  I had to be induced one week early and it changed our birth plan a lot.  She gave me all other options and stood by me through the whole thing.  Every time we had a concern she sent us research articles on the subject,  She is so compassionate and I can tell she really loves her job as a doula.  I feared going into labor at first but she took a lot of my worries away and I just felt at ease going into this.  

During my labor Rachel knew exactly how to take charge and try different things to ease my pain and explain exactly what is happening.  She massaged me, used aroma therapy and made many helpful suggestions to distract me from the pain I was feeling.  She also gave direction to my boyfriend and my nurses on how they could help me out.  My boyfriend and I both feel that it would of been much more difficult without Rachel being there with us.  She gave me the reassurance I needed to get through my painful contractions.  I am so happy and thankful I was able to have Rachel as my doula. 

Sara Levin Stevenson


Rachel came to the rescue a few days before we delivered when one of our doulas became sick and couldn't make it. She made immediate efforts to get to know my husband and me before the big day. We met for the first time at the hospital when I was in active labor and I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that I could trust her.

Rachel was amazing during labor. She and our other doula worked to help me have a completely natural birth at Christiana Hospital. She massaged me through my contractions and used counter pressure for hours to help pain mngment. Rachel also helped me with positioning through transition period and pushing.

It's amazing to me that we literally met hours before my daughter was born. I felt instantly like I knew Rachel well. she is caring and strong and comforting. She put me at ease and I know that I could not have had such a wonderful birth experience without her.

Katherine Brown


Rachel attended the births of my last two children, both of which were early inductions for cholestasis.  As a doula myself, I knew I wanted as natural a birth as possible, but that it could be a difficult prospect facing a medical induction in the hospital.  Rachel provided unwavering physical and emotional support throughout the entirety of both labors!  With her help I was able to have not one, but two pitocin inductions without epidurals.  She listened carefully to my wishes during prenatal consults, and did not flinch when I started asking for an epidural!  She knew that I wanted to avoid one at all costs and she did not cave even when I was yelling at her.  Rachel is very well educated in both the physiology of normal birth, and in labor support techniques!  I would never have gotten through without her tireless 'shaking the apples' (also known as chunging) during every contraction. At the birth of my son she was pregnant and still provided unceasing counterpressure and emotional support throughout the night.  She is naturally so warm and friendly that you cannot help but feel comfortable around her.  In addition she has this amazing way of increasing the confidence of pregnant and laboring women!  When I felt like I could not take any more she somehow made me feel that I could do it.  She comes to the birth with an arsenal of essential oils, massage oils, books, massage tools, compresses, anything you might need!  But most important is her loving nature, her knowledge, and her physical strength to 'chung' all night!  Rachel has a natural gift as a birth doula.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their birth experience, whether in a hospital, birthing center, or at home.  She's amazing!

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