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Wise Womban Doula and Lactation Services

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Black Doula

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 250 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 500 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , March 2014

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No Smoking

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have volunteered at a Pregnancy Support Clinic teaching lactation classes. I was the hospitality chair of a national mothers group, Mocha Moms, the Brooklyn Chapter and a birth doula for the Department of Health By My Side Doula Support Program, serving neighborhoods of high infant mortality and low nursing rates. I offered various nursing support groups throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Various packages are offered depending on the needs of the family around birth, postpartum/newborn care and lactation support. I am an also an IBCLC with a team of doulas to tag in as needed. Births have been attended in all settings as well as infant feeding supported through all ages and stages as well as exclusive nursing, pumping and combofeeding. Trainings have been done in rebozo, acupressure and comforting touch.

Service Area

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Client Testimonials for Simone Toomer, CD/CBE(DTI), IBCLC, CBC, LCCE, ISE

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Kia V


Simone is amazing! I absolutely love her, her work and spirit! My daughter responded well to her presence from day one! I call Simone the "baby whisperer", lol! Simone's very knowledgeable and will send and share all information to back up what she's telling. I appreciate that very much, due to having bad anxiety, that helped me feel more comfortable and confident in having her help! I truly enjoy having Simone around! Not only does she help me take care of my daughter, she helps me mentally as well! I'm truly thankful for Simone and would recommend her, the same way she was recommended to me... in a heartbeat! 


Kelsey Hillinger


Where to start?! As first-time parents, my husband and I feel so lucky to have been connected to Simone and grateful that she came into our home and lives just when she did. Simone supported me and my family postpartum via overnight stays throughout the first month of my son's life. It was immediately clear that her expertise, perspective, and demeanor were just what the doctor ordered for that just-home-from-the-hospital, dear-in-the-headlights chapter. While I recovered from a cesarian and my husband transitioned back to work—and with both of families living in other parts of the country—Simone was the bedrock of the "village" we really needed. Her expertise around lactation and breastfeeding as well as general newborn care and development was absolutely invaluable and made all the difference in helping me feel more confident, empowered, and prepared as a new mother. I can't iterate enough how much confidence and peace of mind Simone helped instill in me.

Besides helping my husband and I catch up on some precious sleep, Simone armed us with everything from nursing, baby mobility, and soothing tips to diaper-changing, milk-storing, and baby-wearing hacks. I was super hungry for those pratical morsels of living with this new baby day-to-day! On a maternal care note, Simone kept a close eye on my "baby blues" and truly played a huge role in alleviating my new-parent anxiety. My husband and I were blown away by her above-and-beyond accessibility via text—an invaluable resource during those first weeks when I was questioning so much! Simone set a really fantastic note for our new family, and we truly hope to work with her again in the future. We'd unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking for postpartum support from a super qualified, knowledgeable expert who also keeps the best perspective, doesn't sweat the small stuff, and brings a sense of humor, warmth, and lightness into your home while she's at it.

Lavina Fagan


Simone has been my doula for my last 2 births. I have super fast labors and Simone has always gone above and beyond to support and educate my family as we prepare for our new arrival. This last birth was nothing short of amazing. I experienced a beautiful and serene homebirth surrounded by loved ones. Simone was so In tune with my needs, she knew when to step in and when to give me space. She knew when I needed encountering words and when I needed silence. She is permanently apart and of my family and I'm always so grateful for her support. Book this wise Wombman if you can, she's highly demand. The Maybach of doulas if you will! 

Rachel McClellan


I used Simone as my post-partum doula for my second child after not having a great post-partum/nursing experience with my older son. I wanted this time to be different and could not have been happier with my choice. Simone is kind, caring and so knowledgeable. She really worked with me on nursing my daughter, which was my biggest priority. Not only did she help during our sessions, but was always available for support via texts. She also is the only person who noticed my daughter's tongue tie and was very useful before, during and after the frenectomy procedure. Simone continues to check in, even at 4 months post-partum, and I'm so lucky that she was able to be a part of this experience with me. 

Emily Turner


Simone is an excellent and very knowledgeable postpartum doula. She supported me in person for 6 sessions and was always available with virtual support and resources via text.  After having an emergency C-section, I was so lucky to have Simone to guide me in my first few weeks as a mom. She not only helped me with my daughter and advised and encouraged me with breastfeeding she also cooked and made sure I was taking care of myself when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Whitney M


Simone was an excellent postpartum doula and I highly recommend working with her! She made me and my partner feel confident and comfortable, both things we needed as first-time parents. I looked forward to every visit and was genuinely sad to see her go, even though I knew I'd still be able to text her any time with questions. I was looking for a doula who had a significant amount of experience and also had an open and friendly attitude. I



I can't recommend Simone enough! She helped me after I gave birth to my first child through c-section. I looked forward to her visits to the apartment because I learned so much from her each time. She helped set up comfortable feeding and changing stations around the house. She taught my husband and me about baby wearing. She had great breastfeeding advice and also taught me how to transition to pumping so that I could go back to work. When we weren't working together in person, she would text to check in. I could tell she really cared about me and my baby's well-being. I'm so happy I found Simone and was able to learn so much from her as I began my postpartum journey.

Charlotte G.


I couldn't speak more highly of Simone and the post-partum doula experience. During her visits, she was actively engaged both with me, providing hands-on, informed breastfeeding support, and with my daughter, changing diapers and pitching in to help when I needed a break. What stands out to me about Simone is that she brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance, but was also a calming, reassuring presence; my husband and I felt like we could ask her any question, and she would have a perspective but also tailor it to our specific situation. Simone's support was critical to gettings us through those first months at home with our newborn. 

Yonah Kirschner


Simone was so amazing during my first birth that I couldn’t imagine not having her there for my second. This second birth was 1000x faster and more intense than my first, and words cannot describe how incredible Simone was or how thankful I am for having her supporting me.

Simone is so in tune with what parents need at any given moment--this time during our prenatal sessions it was helping me prepare for a likely faster birth. She also helped us process and reflect on the upcoming expansion of our family, and reminded us of things that we had forgotten since having a newborn for the first time!

The day of the birth, Simone and I were in constant contact throughout the day. When my husband and I left for the hospital, Simone didn’t even go home to get her bag, because she knew it would be fast and didn’t want to miss the birth! I felt so at ease when she arrived. Simone immediately began doing pressure on my back, because I was having back labor with every contraction. She literally did this pressure for every contraction for the entire 2.5 hours I was in labor. Simone was also such a positive, warm, and calm presence. I loved chatting with her between contractions before the intensity picked up. My husband is also so grateful for Simone. He knew that I was so well supported by her, and so, in turn, he was able to support me in other ways. During a super intense five minute-transition, Simone was there right in front of me, calmly telling me I was doing everything right. Her encouragement truly helped me get through that intensity, and I really don’t know what I would have done without her.

Once my baby was born, Simone helped us initiate the first latch and get off to a great start with breastfeeding. She also provided fantastic tips over the first few weeks as I struggled with oversupply and latching issues. Simone is really the most incredible doula, and I could rave about her all day long!!!

Lauren Carleton


Working with Simone was such a great experience. Having my first child during a global pandemic, add a week of snowstorms on top, Simone was there to help us navigate such crazy times. She made herself available virtually and in-person, and helped me through some new, challenging and scary times, assuring me that everything was ok. Since the birth, she has also been an indispensable resource for questions as our sweet girl grows, as she is empathetic, patient and knowledgeable. I am sure she will continue to be an invaluable part of our family as we navigate the future! 

Julia Croon


I decided we needed a postpartum care since we don’t have family nearby. This was my first baby and I thought I had an idea of what to expect with a postpartum doula but Simone provided support that was far beyond what I could have hoped for. She quickly became the sister/mom/friend support I needed. I texted her during my labor, not expecting an immediate reply, and lo and behold she was there with me during my labor via text and in the hospital recovering. I surely would have given up breastfeeding if it weren’t for her middle of the night and early morning replies. When we talk about healthcare workers doing selfless work, we are talking about people like Simone. Another wonderful thing about her is that she has experience in hospital settings and therefore a solid grasp on western medicine as well as more holistic approaches. That balance was very important to me. I am forever grateful and would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is definitely someone my family values beyond words and will be keeping in touch with. Thank you, Simone! We love you.



We had our first baby in the middle of Covid. It was very challenging to be isolated at a time when we had no idea what we were doing. Simone was very flexible, and was able to give feedback and guidance through text, FaceTime, and in person. At every doctor appointment we were told the baby wasn't gaining weight fast enough, but weren't give a path forward to address it. Simone was able to detect a tongue tie and recommend a doctor to resolve it. We were able to get our little one back on track and she is now happy, healthy, and strong at six months.



Simone was a wonderful support to me as a post-partum doula throughout the first few weeks of my baby's life.  She is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and helped me troubleshoot some issues I was having as my son and I got up the learning curve.  It was very helpful to have someone there a few times a week as an extra set of hands, who would make sure I was eating and resting, and who could relate to all of the things I was feeling as a brand new mama.  I highly recommend working with Simone if you are looking for some extra support - especially with breastfeeding - and may not have family nearby.



Simone was extremely responsive and accommodating throughout the unpredictable experience of having a baby in 2020. During my third trimester we left our apartment and moved in with family a few hours away so at the last minute our support shifted from in person to virtual. I gave birth in May 2020 and immediately ran into several breastfeeding challenges. Simone coached us through mastitis, tongue and lip tie, and DMER. In August, we returned to nyc to move our things out of our apartment and were able to get some in person time with Simone. She was a great help while I tried to pack up our apartment with our colicky babe at my side. It was so helpful being able to reach out whenever we had a question in the early days and Simone has such a calm supportive demeanor that I felt at ease just having her around while packing up our apartment. I highly recommend Simone for postpartum doula support. She's extremely valuable especially in those early days. 



Simone worked with our family after our baby was born and was one of the most valuable resources I had in the post-partum period.  Our first meeting was just hours after we got home from the hospital and having extra support heading into that first solo night was just what we needed to help our confidence. Right out of the gate I had some real struggles with breastfeeding, a tounge tie, terrible engorgement, three rounds of mastistis, you name it, and Simone was the best resource I could have asked for.  She not only helped coach us in person, but pointed us to articles, meet-ups in our neighborhood, products I'd never heard of (silverettes forever!), and methods (vibrators have far more uses than I ever imagined) that helped us tremendously and with those tools we made it to a year+ exclusively breast feeding (one of the few benefits of working from home due to the pandemic.)  She also had so much advice on caring for our baby, coaching us through his first bath, baby wearing and more. Simone was also an incredible listener and heard and acknowledged my emotional struggles and felt like one of the only judgement free shoulders I had to lean on when I needed it most.  I am so grateful we found Simone and for her help achieving my breastfeeding goals.



This was our second time working with Simone.  We had such a positive experience with her for the birth of our first child we contacted her right away when we found out we were expecting again.  When the hospitals restricted the number of support people to 1 due to COVID in spring 2020, my husband and I both thought that Simone should be the one there.  Fortunately the hospitals came to their senses and allowed partners to come as well, but by that time we had no one to watch our older son, so Simone was my one support person. She was always calm, well-prepared, and I have no idea how she arrived in time to the hospital, my total labor was 4 hours and in that time she managed to get a covid test and arrive in time for the birth.  She stayed with me afterwards, taking photos, and making sure that I was settled in my room with everything arranged.  Her postnatal support was excellent.  She is an easy conversationalist and a great source of good information and advice.  I would absolutely recommend Simone to anyone thinking about hiring a doula.  100% worth it.  

Rachel Kerswell


As a new mom, it took me by suprise that breastfeeding didn't come as easily as I had imagined and by the time my newborn was just four days old, I needed some serious guidance. I called Simone in a panic and she dropped everything and came over that same night. She worked with me and helped troubleshoot through all the issues that had built up over those first few days. She developed a plan that helped set me on a course for one of the most beautiful experiences I have every had. The connection between mom and baby through nursing was so important for me and I am not sure I could have had the success I did without Simone's help.  Simone has also helped me through many other obstacles since then; sleep training, solids and just general questions. I cannot thank her enough for all her help!


Caroline Abelson


Simone was a wonderful resource for us! She was always available and was very knowledgeable and provided great supplemental resources to dive further into topics. We loved working with her! 



Simone is just the best doula ever and amazing listener! She has been more than wonderful with us and honestly she made the whole giving birth in the worst pandemic experience less traumatic and stressful for us! She agreed easily to come home the day we came back from the hospital and was every day the first 2 weeks always there for us! When she wasn't at home, she was always reachable at the cell. She is certified lactation specialist and helped me so much with the nursing that my baby gained very fast not only the lost in the hospital weight but even more! She is also the only one doula we've interviewed that has a professional scale and she weighted our baby almost every day to make sure that he gains enough! That was amazing and gave us ablot of confidence that we are making everything right! She is very experience and also a mom so when i needed tips and recommendetions I knew that i can always trust her! My baby is now 4 months old and we still text and she is still very caring and interested about me and my baby! Again she extended my expectations and made one first time mom feeling more confident and overall better! Thank you Simone!



We’re so lucky to have found Simone. My husband and I reached out to her in a panic about a week before our baby was to arrive, having just learned unexpectedly that delivery would be induced ahead of schedule. Simone was completely unflappable and happy to work with us on short notice and was a reassuring presence with invaluable advice (which breast pump and when, how to dress baby for the trip home) even before our baby’s early arrival. 

Simone has such a lovely, calm and warm presence. When she showed up at our door it felt like Mary Poppins had arrived. She didn’t make me feel inadequate because I knew absolutely nothing about caring for a baby (it turns out there is a technique to changing a diaper) and helped us with everything from streamlining our changing table organization to helping me keep on top of the piles of laundry that babies inevitably produce to starting creating an environment conducive to a good sleep schedule. And her expertise in lactation was critical in helping me with breastfeeding after complications from delivery delayed the arrival of my milk supply. And, maybe best of all, she made me feel very cared for and helped me with my rest and recovery. She focuses on the whole family, not the baby exclusively.

Brian and Alexandra Leavy


A few months before the due date of our twin girls, my husband and i decided to research a post partum doula. We got a glowing recommendation about Simone from a friend in Brooklyn who worked with her, and decided we should contact her. We met Simone at a coffee shop and knew immediately that she was somebody we could trust and that she had the knowledge we were looking for and needed as first time parents. After the first day of Simone being in our home, we realized our initial impressions were spot on. She seamlessly became a part of the family, helped me navigate through breastfeeding and pumping, mentored through all aspects of first time parenting(including bottles,newborn twin schedules and a perfect swaddle), all while remaining calm and reassuring. She even helped with cleaning and organizing, cooking breakfast and would even pick up items from the pharmacy or a coffee if we needed.  Simone was a huge part of my post partum recovery as well. being a first time mother is truly unlike any other experience I can describe and she supported me and gave me the confidence I needed on some very hard days. She was always a person i looked to for advice and guidance during the first weeks, and to this day i would reach out if I had any questions. She still reaches out to us to check in which truly shows her dedication and love to the families she has worked with. She was reliable, trustworthy, respectful and always maintained a positive attitude. as difficult as it was being a first time mother of twins and recovery from surgery, I always looked forward to seeing her at our home each day.  Simone was incredible with our girls. Watching her seamlessly navigate twins was incredible as first time parents, she always seemed to know exactly  what to do. We will never forget all she did for our family during the early months and cannot thank her enough for her guidance and support.

Courtney Lee


Simone gave us our prenatal birthing class and was our post partum doula. She gave us so much useful information and was always quick to respond back if we had any questions leading up to the birth. After our son came, it was very easy to coordinate with her to come over when we needed her. I couldn't imagine not having her as our go to for any questions or concerns we had. He's about 6 months old now and I still reach out to her for advise and she is always so pleasant! I've recommended many friends to her and they all rave about her as well. She's the baby whisperer!



My husband and I hired Simone as a postpartum doula after the birth of my son this past August, and we ended up working with her on and off over the course of four months. I had a challenging delivery as I had an urgent c-section due to severe gestational hypertension, and we knew that we would want support when we got home from the hospital. Simone was flexible with scheduling, easy to talk to, and amazing with our son. It was a relief every time she walked in the door! She supported me the most with breastfeeding and pumping, which was a huge help during an exciting but stressful time. She is quick to follow up over text (for example, walking me through how to clear a clogged duct via text). Interpersonally, she's warm, very encouraging, and so incredibly easy to talk to. I really enjoyed spending time with her. I highly recommend Simone if you're looking for someone to help make the transition to parenthood less overwhelming!



Simone has been a life saver for us from the day we returnef rom the hospital. She truly eased our transition into parenthood with her knowledge and warmth. She was extremely flexible not only with scheduling but also with the way we wanted to parent, and was non judgemental in the way she approached everything from breastfeeding to sleep training. We loved working with her and highly recommend her!!

Chelsea Graham


Simone is an amazing doula ! A complete natural. You can tell that this is her passion.Simone has been there every step of the way. Not only as an educator, but also as a huge support system. She was  always there when I needed her, throughout my pregnancy even until now (4 months postpartum).  She helped sort through the fears we had as new parents and offered advice when needed. Her birthing class that we took during our pregnancy put us at ease and answered all the questions we had about labor and delivery. She was an advocate for me at the hospital making sure I understood all the options I had to help me have a safe and successful delivery. Simone was just as knowledgeable as the nurses and made me feel at ease when it came time to push. She offered lactation support and even recognized my son had a tongue/lip tie which was making nursing difficult for us. After her recommendation we were able to get it fixed, and have been exclusively nursing ever since . I couldn’t have done this without her. I would absolutely recommend that everyone include her in their birth experience. I definitely will next time around and any time after that!



Simone was my doula for the birth of my first child. She met with me and my husband before the birth and provided us with really helpful information on the hospital and what to expect. She was a wonderful support and coach during the birth itself. I also really appreciated her help with breastfeeding and working on getting an early latch. It was so great to have her with us to navigate all of this straight after the birth. Simone also visited us twice at home after we brought our son home. She was able to answer the many questions we had as new parents and again, really helped me to get off on the right foot with breastfeeding. We are very grateful that Simone was there to shepherd us through this incredible experience. She is a pleasure to be around and a wonderful doula. 

Blandine Baudin


I met Simone a few weeks before my due date and I was immediately convinced that she would be the best person to help me on this motherhood journey. She came a few days after my baby’s birth and was so helpful! She helped me give my first bath and taught me so many things while letting me do my own things. She provided me with confort when I cried and gave me the confindence I needed. I am French and she was super open to our ways of doing things so that was amazing! She is such a great support and always available by text. I am thrilled that we shared this journey with Simone! 

Alexis Oliver


My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Simone after the birth of our son in November 2018. From our first conversation with her, we felt completely at ease; Simone is deeply knowledgeable and caring while never being overbearing, and diring those first crazy postpartum weeks she was an absolute lifesaver. I was particularly grateful for her guidance with breastfeeding, and with her help I was able to overcome a number of painful obstacles and come to really love nursing my baby, which I have been able to keep up for the past 10 months. Simone was always reachable and responsive, never intrusive, and just a general source of good vibes. We feel really fortunate to have found her!



From the start Simone was incredibly insightful, helpful and full of knowledge. She was there when I needed her and brought amazing light and love to all of our sessions. During birth Simone was able to ground me through the most intense time of my life. Her ability to stay calm in heightened situations was key, she taught me tips and techniques in preparation for birth, she was definitely my sound board. Postpartum we had sessions once a week for multiple weeks, they were the most rewarding times. As a first time mom I didn’t always know what to do, she was able to ease me through it - teach, listen and help facilitate. Those hours together were very gratifying, and quite memorable. Her softness and love with babies is beautiful, she’s like your (youngest) grandmother stepping in, when she is around — all is ok. I am fortunate to have found her - and grateful for our time together. Love you Simone. 



Simone was highly recommended by our birth doula and served as our post-partum doula for our second child for four weeks. She was incredibly helpful, taking out our laundry and making me snacks. She also was great with the baby while I ran errands or even just showered. She asked a lot of questions to be sure I was comfortable with breastfeeding despite our baby's slight tongue tie, which Simone noticed first. She also asked a lot about sleep patterns to be sure we were doing as well as we could. I would highly recommend Simone's services, and I wish I would have had her for the first child as well.  

Jenny Boyd


As soon as I found out that I was expecting baby #2, I reached out to ensure that Simone was available to support me as she was amazing with my first.  My second labor was much faster than my first.  Simone prepared me for this possibility by talking through options and promising me that she would come running my way as soon as I told her it was "go time."  Throughout my pregnancy, Simone sent affirming messages and checked in on my status.  When it was "go time", she sped over and was by my side in exactly the way that I had requested.  She always shared information in a non-judgemental way that kept me focus on having a healthy baby.  She also supported my breastfeeding which felt like a breeze this time around based on her excellent coaching th first time and her continued support.  I highly recommend Simone for anyone who wants a supportive doula that empowers them throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

Pamela Nieuw


We had a great experience working with Simone! We originally hired her to help our daughter learn to feed from a bottle, as we tried many times and she was unable to. She immediately diagnosed her with a tongue and lip tie and referred us to the best doctor in the city for a revision. We continued to work with Simone for a couple of months after that. She helped with laundry, organizing our cabinets, tidying up, playing with/changing/bathing the baby - basically anything that needed to be done! She has kids of her own and is a wealth of knowledge. Would highly recommend her as a postpartum doula!



Simone was prodessional, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, comforting, and very easy to work with. She was able to adjust my schedule and do whatever I need her to do during a very stressful postpartum period. She frequently checked in on aspects of my postpartum experience that I hadn’t even thought to reflect upon, and offered countless tips and tricks to help with breastfeeding and becoming a new mother in general. I’ve recommended her as a doula and lactation counselor to all of my pregnant friends and will continue to do so! 

Brie Gordon


I feel so lucky to have worked with Simone after my son was born in December. She was WONDERFUL- available, warm, easy to talk to and so knowledgeable about all things post-partum and baby.                    She supported our whole family by giving practical food suggestions, guidance on how to facilitate healthy sibling relationships and answered my husbands safety questions about co-sleeping. 
Simone has so many resources and relationships in the birth community. When we suspected that my son had a tongue tie, I really appreciated how she was able to recommend a lactation group, doctor and chiropractor to address the issue. She gave us lots of useful information but never pushed us one way or another and supported the decisions that we made. Thank you Simone!

Euree Chun


My baby had gotten sick in day 2 postpartum. We had to stay in the NICU for a week. During that time I lost my milk supply, was extremely exhausted, and anxious. Simone was my postpartum doula since our baby was 2mo. She helped me with lactation, breastfeeding, infant sleep, getting a rhythm, and just allowing me to rest. As a first time mom she had the perfect attitude and was always very helpful from the moment she arrived. I did really like that Simone knew how to make herself helpful in our home, our dogs were very comfortable with her, and I trusted her with my baby. Simone was always available by text and answered all my questions very thoughtfully and with a lot of knowledge. Simone will not force anything on you, will take direction, and teach with a lot of grace. I’m so thankful to her and the love that she brought into our family. 



I previously worked with Simone in a post partum doula capacity and had an amazing experience, so when I got pregnant with my second I knew I wanted to work with her again. This time Simone worked with us as a birth doula. She was absolutely wonderful and provided us exactly the type of support we needed. As it was a second birth we didn't need as much education as the first time around, but a refresher was definitely helpful and Simone provided it in a constructive, thoughtful way.  She was a comforting presence throughout the birth process and helped me start breastfeeding almost as soon as our son was out. I couldn't be happier with me decision to work with Simone again and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth or postpartum doula.



Simone was a wonderful support leading up to the birth, during labor and postpartem.  Her calm demeanor was comforting during the birth and she had great techniques for helping me manage pain during labor.  She had lots of resources we needed and stayed in touch throughout to check on us and ensure we had the support and information needed.  She was also very knowledgable and helpful with trouble shooting breast feeding issues in the early weeks.  It was a plus to us that she was experienced with home births as well since we really wanted to work with someone who had experience in that setting.  



Simone is the greatest! Upon meeting her I knew right away she was the kind of calm, positive, supportive energy I wanted to have in our home after the birth of our first child. We, ironically, went into labor a mere five hours after our initial meet and greet (three weeks before due date). Having someone we could immediately call and help walk us through what we needed to do while laboring at home was invaluable. Simone is kind, caring, funny, and has a very big heart. She made our first few weeks of navigating our new life a breeze. Helping set up key stations in the house (bottle/pump washing/changing and diaper bag) and providing hands-on nursing/latching support was the most helpful thing in those first few days at home, and I don't know what I would have done without her. Simone will forever be a part of our lives and our story and we are so grateful for her support, care and continued assistance whenever we have a random question. Highly recommended! 

Emily L


Simone was a calming presence throughout our time working with her. I was nervous about breastfeeding for the first time, so I wanted to know that when I came home with the baby from the hospital I would have support lined up. Simone met us at the apartment the day after coming home and it was such a relief to have her hands on help as I figured out breastfeeding. She checked in on me as the first few weeks went by, and again even months later as I returned to work. She's great. 

Melissa Bukuru


The second we met Simone when we were looking for a post partum doula, I knew that she was the one. She is so relaxed, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. While we did not have a birth doula, Simone was communicating with us by text during my labor and while we were in the hospital. Once we were home, Simone was absolutely instrumental in keeping us sane. She helped me with breastfeeding and troubleshooting when it wasn't working well. She showed me how to pump (when we realized the baby was not latching on properly and I needed to supplement with pumped milk) and I credit her for us not switching to formula when we weren't sure if the baby was feeding properly. She connected me with resources in the areas such as breastfeeding circles and even accompanied me to one and helped me weigh the baby. Now my baby is a happy, healthy, exclusively breastfed baby thanks to Simone. She also connected me to other post-partum resources such as a physical therapist. We had long conversations in my living room about how I felt after giving birth, and prepared delicious snacks that I devoured at 4am feedings.

More importantly than all of this, Simone is an all-around terrific resource for new moms and dads (although I will definitely call her if I have a second baby!) There are so many questions that arise when you bring home a baby for the first time and having someone so helpful and patient to call on is something I wish for every new mom. She helped both my husband and I feel that confident that we were doing a good job. Having a post partum doula is different but absolutely complementary to having helpful family and friends (though I now consider her a friend!) Do not hesitate to recruit Simone on your team if you are expecting! Thank you Simone!

Christine Weiher


Simone was our doula for both of our children.  We happened to find her through various research results for our first child and l appreciated how relatable she was, I liked my level of comfort with her and we discovered that she was very knowledgable about patient options.  We stressed to her that we were looking for someone to advocate for us and articulate to us- various options we had while in the hospital for delivery- including any implications that might stem from it- in a quick manner (if needed).  Simone was happy to oblige and very capable in doing so.

When it was time for our second child's delivery- we were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Simone again.

I say fortunate because this woman had recently had another child herself and I don't beleive she was taking on clients at that time- and she somehow found time for us.

She coached and supported us with the deliveries for both children with skill, warmth and compassion.

Elise Mimura Brandenburg


We hired Simone as a postpartum doula for our first baby because both our families live out of town and we knew we had no idea what we were doing! I am so glad we did. From the initial conversations, she was warm and relaxed (which helped me relax). The first time she came over we happened to be in the middle of a diaper change. Unfazed by our psycho, barking dog, she washed her hands and jumped in to finish up the diaper change. She gently held our baby as if he was her own and I was struck by her warmth and the type of confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing.

Over the course of our time with her, she showed us how to bathe the baby, use the breast pump, bottle feed, and improved the baby’s latch significantly. She answered any and all questions we had and encouraged us to ask more. In our discussions about formula, going back to work, nyc schools, and parenting in general, she offered her experience free from judgement and always held the view of, whatever works for your family.

I will make sure to mention that she has a great sense of humor and a lot of common sense (something I don’t take for granted and things you cannot train for). I will also make sure to add that it’s not easy for me to ask for help, even as incapacitated as I was from the c section. Simone continued to take initiative over and over so I didn’t have to make any akward requests. She seemed to know what I needed when I needed it.

I am so grateful for her help and would recommend her to any family. She is truly wise, knowledgeable, dependable, kind, and intuitive. She has helped me embrace parenthood and I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Lindsay Berman


I'm so happy we decided to get a postpartum doula, and especially grateful we chose Simone. We are first-time parents and anticipated feeling overwhelmed when we got home with our newborn - and we did! Simone jumped right in on her very first visit with us and was there for whatever we needed - there are so many things we would have been clueless about without her. I planned on breastfeeding but was unexpectedly put on a medication that wasn't safe for nursing for the first couple weeks after our baby was born. Simone was amazing about helping to educate and encourage me about keeping my milk supply up so I could nurse once I was off the meds. Truth be told, I was a bad student and had trouble committing to pumping around the clock. Simone regularly checked in with me and adjusted the plan to my needs. And when I ended up deciding I was okay with giving my baby mostly formula and supplementing with breast milk, I never felt judged by her. She was always very supportive, checked in with me all the time, and helped and provided resources with so many things beyond breastfeeding: bathing the baby, swaddling, baby-wearing, sleep and other care tips/tricks, daycare research, sterilizing/washing bottles, etc. We were comfortable with Simone from day one, she was amazing with our baby and with us, and I honestly don't know what we would have done without her.

Jessie Bruah


Simone is a kind & welcoming presence. She exudes the sort of warmth and calm demeanor that you definitely want around you during a birth (or in the chaotic weeks that follow). We used her for 15 hours postpartum work but I would hire her for a birth in a second. She's great with advice both big and small, and she also gave me a great recommendation for a sitter for my 2-month-old.

Chris Roberti


Simone was our doula and helped deliver our baby girl at the end of October at NYU.

From the moment we met Simone, we felt she was the perfect doula for us. She is calm and easy - and thoroughly explained us what we could expect from her during labor.

In the hospital, Simone was truly a fountain of peace and calm.  She quietly would explain to us what was happening in moments of heightened activity, and provided relief for the both of us. She felt like a family member in the room with us. Moments after our daughter was born, Simone gently helped with latching and breastfeeding.

During her postnatal visit, Simone gave us good advice on a great lactation consultant for us to see.

We would reccommend Simone to any parents-to-be. She is warm, generous, kind, and wise and we were glad that she was one of the first people our daughter met.

Sunny Hayer


Simone was more then I could have asked for in a Doula! She helped me through the most difficult and incredible time of my life. I had a difficult pregnancy from the beginning with morning sickness, hormonal lows and placenta previa.  At 34 weeks I suddenly became tremendously ill and was rushed to the hospital. Diagnosed with preecalmpsia, I delivered my son by c section that day. He went straight to the NICU and I was sent up to the ward on magnesium. My son was in the NICU for just over two weeks and a week later I was readmitted to the hospital with post partum preeclampsia. I was seperated from my son a lot and had a hard time producing milk for him. Consequently I suffered with a little depression and had some bonding issues.

Thank goodness for Simone! In many way she saved my sanity and not only helped me with the physical things but was there for me in an emotional and spiritual way.  I had an amazing support sysytem but Simone was the one who kept me grounded and was able to advise me on how to deal with things that were happening to me physically and emotionally. When we left the hospital we checked into a hotel close by so we could be near our son. Simone was there everyday and available whenever I needed her, especially helping me with my issues of pumping and trying to produce milk. The day my son finally came home, she was here to help me with all the practical things as I was so overwhelmed. She was great with my husband too, advising him on how best he could support and what was needed practially. She has a wonderful dispotion, and a care and commitment that is so needed during this time. She is incredibly knowledgable and our family was lucky to have her be there with us. I now have a beautiful one year old and am so happy Simone is still in our lives. Its hard to express on paper how much she did for us. I am eternally grateful.

Lizz Brady


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Simone Toomer, who made herself readily available to me and my husband from the night we brought our baby girl home to the entire month thereafter.

We would have gladly paid everything in our bank accounts even just for her first visit, when I was a couple of days post-partum and frantic that breastfeeding wasn't going well and ergo I was a terrible mother, etc.  Simone immediately calmed me down and matter-of-factly parsed a lot of the conflicting info that the hospital lactation consultants had given me, encouraging me to try pumping and to be more patient and experimental when trying to get my baby to latch. Finally I was able to get the process started while coming up with a practical routine and gameplan for future feedings; our peace of mind after that initial visit was priceless.

Aside from being an awesome lactation consultant, in her visits thereafter Simone gave our daughter her first bath, provided helpful sleep and hygenie tips (soo many great tips!!), and also encouraged us to go for our first date night since the baby's birth while she babysat, which we readily took her up on!

Both expectant and new parents will be in kind and fully capable hands with Simone, who is also quick to laugh, empathetic, and very communicative at all stages. Thank you, Simone!!!

Kate Rudish Steele


Hiring Simone as our doula was the best decision we could have made for the birth of our daughter. From the moment we met Simone, we immediately felt comfortable with her and really "clicked." We were impressed by her depth of experience, but more importantly were drawn to her warmth and easy-going personality.

When I went into labor, Simone was a crucial part of our birth team. I had an very long labor that lasted 48 hours, and Simone was with us the whole time. Simone was an extremely hands-on doula, and always seemed to know what to do to ease my discomfort. Her lower back massages were amazing! She kept me and my husband calm throughout the process, which as first time parents, was often intimidating. Simone was there with us the whole time, provided much needed continuity since the nurses and residents kept switching over very frequently. Simone even slept on an uncomfortable chair with a yoga ball as a footrest in the hospital room without complaint!

Once our daughter was finally born, Simone, who is a lactation consultant, was there to help our daughter initiate breastfeeding. I can't underestimate how helpful this was, and I think was essential in setting the foundation for me to be able to successfully breastfeed. Simone was also very helpful during our postpartum visit, and helped us troubleshoot breastfeeding and other issues. It was a huge help knowing I could always text or call with questions during those intense first few weeks with a newborn. As first time parents, just knowing we had an experienced expert to call gave us so much peace of mind. Almost 4 months later, Simone still routinely checks in with us to see how we're doing and answers any questions I have.

I feel so fortunate to have had Simone as our doula - I can't imagine going through the process without her!

E Jean Keating


Simone saved me!! Before Simone, my nipples were cracked and bleeding. I was overwhelmed and unsupported. Despite reading every chance I got, I wasn't internalizing the information I was reading due to exhaustion and stress. Simone gave me useful information in a patient and helpful manner. She fixed my latch issues and offered suggestions on how to improve my latch in the future. She helped with cooking, educated me, and helped me feel more comfortable with my postpartum body. She was a friend, a teacher, a mother, a savior! I couldn't recommend her enough.


Mom to happily breastfeeding 5-month-old boy

Michele Lampach


SImone was our postpartum doula in May of 2017. She was super lovely and helpful. She specifically helped us with setting up the nursery, baby wearing, pumping (and planning around a return from maternity leave and pumping). She calmed us down and made us feel a little bit more organized during those early, early days of new parenthood. She also gave general advise around eating and sleep scheduling and made referrals to other professionasl as needed. We met Simone while she was teaching a breastfeeding class and she advised on those issues as well. I highly reccomend Simone as a postpartum doula to come and offer a calming presence to your newly babied home.

Diana Trautner


Simone was my birth and postpartum doula. I highly recommend her.  I feel so incredibly thankful that she came into my life for the birth of my daughter. Simone was incredibly supportive, reassuring and responsive throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I was very anxious about giving birth and she took so much time to talk to me about my fears and make concrete plans to address each and every area.  She suggested helpful tools to prepare myself for birth that were tailored to my specific needs. She gave me resources and tools to deal with my anxiety and also to learn about all of my options. During the birth...where to begin?  She was phenomenal and I can't imagine going through the birth process without her. She was an incredible support for me and also for my husband. She gave excellent emotional support as she has a calm and soothing demeanor while also being extremely relatable and easy to talk to. She was responsive to my every need and gave me massages, set a tone in the room with lighting/aromatherapy/etc, and talked me through what was happening. When she arrived the tone of the hospital room completely changed and became much more serene and focused on the birth. She made sure that my first nursing session happened seamlessly.  I am so grateful for this as it has served as the foundation for successful breastfeeding. As a postpartum doula she provided whatever support I needed which ranged from breastfeeding support, pumping guidance, light cleaning/organizing and most importantly talking to me about all of the changes that were happening.  Snone continues to provide me with resources and advice.

I highly recommend Simone to anyone who wants a supportive partner in preparing for birth, during birth, and/or during the postpartum period. She is extremely knowledgeable, talented, caring and passionate about her work.

Mila BH


Simone was my postpartum doula. Right after my first chat with her I knew she would be a great person to have around during such an exciting and yet stressful time in my life. As a certified lactation consultant Simone supported me with various breastfeeding issues and continued providing assistance even after our scheduled appointments through text or email. In addition to that it was great having Simone around as a source of knowledge, asking her questions and verifying different things with her helped me be confident that I'm on the right track. Above all I feel that she was a great companion during this challenging time.

Yosra Gamal Moussa Sultan


Simone was a perfect guide for the birth of our first child. She made us feel confident and comfortable from the start and since day one it was as if we had known her for ages. Simone still feels like a beloved friend. Her experience and respect for our preferences were invaluable and made us feel confident going in to our birthing time. She was able to provide great recommendations for an accupuncturist and chiropractor when my baby continued to be breech a few weeks before her due date. I was relieved when Simone promptly met us at the hospital after midnight on a Sunday when my labor started. She proovided supprot for my husband and made me feel  secure and taken care of. For  8 hours of unmedicated labor she helped my husband feel confident and calm and her hands on massage during intense contractions and dimming of the hospital room lights were an absolute life saver for me, not to mention her constant verbal encouragement. She supported me uncondititonally when I wanted to have a natural labor and also when I requested an epidural after 8 hours. Our baby was born a short 4 hours later after only 30 minutes of pushing during which she provided much needed encouragement, good humor, guidance and love. More than all of that her expertise proved invaluable as she kept on eye on the monitor during labor- I honestly don't want to think of how much more complicated our labor might have been if she was not there. Several times she was able to alert the nurses that our baby's heart rate was decelerating, and they were able to give me oxygen and our baby was born healthy and thriving despite the cord being wrapped around her body and neck several times. Simone also stayed to make sure our baby latched on and to guide me through the nursing process. Her advice was invaluable and her follow up visit after we were home helped smooth out any nursing kinks we were experiencing. She continues to check in with us and provide great advice.

Sarah Ramsingh


Let me first start off by saying we have not only found a birth doula, we have found a friend. From our very first phone conversation Simone made me feel at ease and made me feel confident that we could have the birth that we wanted. The night i went into labor Simone was on the phone with me helping me figure out my contractions. She gave me life saving tips. Then once the contractions were too much for me to carry on a conversation she spoke to  my husband through the car ride on the way to the hospital. (We live in Long Island and we’re giving birth in Manhattan We were lucky it was a Sunday evening and there was no traffic. )  when we got to the hospital i was already 7 Cm and moving along quickly. By the time Simone got there i was in a labor and delivery room having contractions every 2 minutes. She came right in and started massaging my back, handed My husband a fan and helped me breathe through each contraction. i had a very quick labor. From  the time we got to the hospital to the time i started pushing was about an hour and a half. Simone held my leg while I pushed for 20 minutes before  our beautiful son Theo came into the world. Simone  stayed for the first hour making sure that he latched after birth. Theo and i didn’t have the easiest time breastfeeding for the first week. Simone checked in on us frequently and suggested I check for tongue and lip tie. Low and behold he had both!  Simone was right In diagnosing his latching issues. it has since been taken care of by an amazing oral surgeon. Simone came for a follow up visit to make sure everything was back on track with Theo’s Latch and feedings. Simone was always there for me those first few weeks through text and was truly a god send. my husband and i plan on having two more children and will have Simone by my side for the rest of them :)

Elsita Sanya


Simone was our postpartum doula. Once we got home from the hospital, she came to see us almost every day for the first week, and then gradually reduced her visits as we became more confident parents. Since we didn't have family with us for the first couple of weeks, it was invaluable to have Simone with us. She has so much knowledge about babies, breastfeeding, and recovery (for both mom and baby). What we probably liked most about her, is that Simone always offers multiple options and viewpoints, without pushing you into one direction or another, but instead left it up to us to decide which way we wanted to go.

Simone is a certified lactation consultant, and without her, I would have probably had a much more difficult breastfeeding experience. She realized right away that our little one had a too short lip and tongue tie. Something that not even our pediatrician had noticed, despite me raising concerns about issues with breastfeeding. Simone recommended an expert that cut our baby’s ties when she was only a couple weeks old. Breastfeeding was a breeze since then. There were other moms waiting to get their baby’s tongue ties cut, who had struggled with breastfeeding for months until finally someone told them it was the tongue tie. We were so lucky we had Simone!

Simone is very approachable, flexible and responsive. Anytime I sent a question (and I sometimes still do), she replies very quickly with helpful tips and advice. Simone was also an invaluable emotional support. She helped to calm us down, encouraged and supported us, helped us gain confidence as new parents, was great with our little one, and sometimes even helped to cook a meal or come up with easy recipes.

Without Simone, our start into parenthood would have probably been much more challenging. We are so glad we had her and if we have a second one, we definitely would want her on this journey with us again.

Katy Bell


My husband and I engaged Simone to assist in the delivery of our first child. From the outset she was gentle, considered and knowledgeable. We looked for a doula quite late in my pregnancy - with 3 weeks to go until due date - as I was unsure of the value of a doula and a little apprehensive of having another person so involved and 'hands-on' in such an intimate process. Initially, I hoped Simone's experience would assist me to remain at home until late-stage labor, and to have an unmedicated birth However, one epidural and a c-section later (!), I see her value even more in the calm consistency she brought to what could have been a traumatizing first-birth experience. I was really impressed with Simone's vigilance - tracking the baby's heart rate when I was resting, and able to pre-empt what the doctors were likely to suggest. She gave us informed recommendations at each stage and, although the birth did not go to 'my plan', her reassurance and ability to draw on a wealth of real experience in a hospital environment meant that my husband and I were quickly able to understand and accept our birth experience and move on to focusing on our beautiful son.

As first-time parents one thing we did not appreciate was the rotating cast of professionals who attend to you over the course of labor and birth - Simone was a point of continuity who enabled us to relax and remain confident in the process. As a new mother, it's been wonderful to have Simone's virtual support post-birth as well - she is responsive and knowledgeable on a range of newborn topics, particularly breastfeeding.

I'd recommend Simone without hesitation for any birth plan - particularly if you are a first-time parent, the value of having someone who has experienced many different scenarios cannot be overestimated and, for us, means we are left with only positive recollections of our son's birth.

Jennifer Boyd


We debated hiring a doula up until our last trimester. Looking back, we are so grateful to Simone and would tell anyone considering a doula to (1) hire one (2) hire Simone. Simone exceeded our expectations as we were determined that the value of doula was to be an advocate for our wishes at every stage of the birthing process. From the moment I met Simone, she conveyed a passion for being a supportive advocate and possessed a wealth of knowledge about everything related to the birth experience. Her balance of enthusiasm to support families with evidence based research, made her an excellent match for my husband and me. Starting at 37 weeks, my body started changing and preparing for birth. Simone was attentive to my many text messages asking for advice and guidance. Then the day of our delivery, she kept us calm and I felt that I had a friend in the room. She was never judgmental and always kept me focused on the goal of having a healthy baby. Simone’s presence was extremely helpful during labor as I made decisions regarding my birth plan. After birth, she continued to be a valuable support as I chose to breastfeed and had a lot to learn about how to breastfeed properly. She spent time with me in-person (which never felt rushed), texted, and sent emails to help support my journey into motherhood. I could go on and on about how her communication comforted me, but beyond comfort her insights truly helped me to be a better mother. I appreciate all the time she spent with our family as we felt deeply cared for. Bottom line, Simone is amazingly talented and any new mother/parents should reach out to her asap to hire her!

Famatta Fallah


We could not have asked for a better doula than Simone. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable from day. During our first meeting, I felt as if I was speaking to a friend.

SImone did an excellent job at preparing my partner and I for the birthing expereince. She was always easily accesable and responded to texts and emails promptly.

My birthing exprience was definitely a comeplete 180 degrees from the natural birth plan we had prepared. I ended up needing a C-section. Simone was by our side the entire time leading up to this decision. She asked physicians and midwives the appropriate questions that were in my best interest based on the plan we had developed. Although I did not have a natural birth, I was thankful to have Simone there advocating for me 100% of the time.

I would definitely recommend Simone to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, profesison, prompt, and extremely personal doula!



My wife and I are extremely happy that Simone was our postpartum doula. While we took many classes to prepare us for childbirth (well, as prepared as one could be anyway!), we were clueless in terms of what to expect when we brought our baby home. We are indebted to Simone for getting us through the first few months. Not only was she helpful and attentive to us and our baby while she was at our home, but she made it clear that she was available via text for any questions/concerns we had at any time (which we definitely took advantage of!). It was a giant comfort knowing that we had someone who we could reach out to with random questions any time we needed.

Our baby did not take to breastfeeding quickly/easily, but we were fortunate enough to have Simone by our side showing us new positions, introducing us to a nipple shield, and making lactation cookies for my wife. After a few weeks of trying, our baby became a lean, mean, breastfeeding machine. There were many times when we thought it would NEVER happen, but Simone's continued help and support got us through it.

Simone is fantastic and we can't thank her enough!

Yonah Kirschner


My husband and I were so impressed with Simone from the first time we met her. She was so friendly, open to our many questions, and also had specific cultural knowledge from her vast experience that really impressed us. I immediately felt comfortable speaking with her about very personal matters. During our prenatal visits Simone was very thorough and went over our entire birth plan with us. When I had questions about specific treatments or aspects of birth, Simone gave us informative answers but also left all the decisions up to us. In the weeks leading up to labor, I was in contact with Simone via phone and text, and she always answered right away, even super early in the morning. When I was actually in labor at the hospital, Simone was wonderful and so supportive with her constant calm presence. She did everything from handing me my water bottle, to spraying water on my back while I was laboring in the shower, to massaging my back when I had bad back labor, to standing right next to me and being a supportive presence while I was pushing. Having her there was also tremendously helpful for my husband. She provided him with reassurance, and he said it was great to have someone knowledgeable about birth there to support him while he was supporting me. After the birth, Simone stayed with us to help me begin breastfeeding. She helped me get the baby latched and showed me a couple different positions to try. During the postpartum visits, Simone was also incredibly helpful. The baby was having trouble latching on one side, so Simone showed me alternative positions, and I was able to feed the baby on that side thanks to her support. I loved those postpartum visits with Simone, not just for the specific help with breastfeeding, but also because she is such a pleasure to be around. She is so easy to talk to and never just felt like a doula; she felt like a close friend or a sister. I highly recommend Simone as a birth and postpartum doula!

Molly McGuiness


My husband and I were looking for a postpartum doula who could help us feel comfortable with all the basics.  We found Simone through DoulaCare and she was incredible.  She was kind, non-judgmental, and an expert in all things newborn.  We hired Simone for 20 hours spread out over several weeks.  In that time, she answered about 10 million questions and got us comfrotable with everything from swaddling to strapping on the baby carrier to giving a bath.   She's also an extremely knowledgable lactation consultant, which was tremedously helpful for me.  Our baby loved her and so did we, I would highly recommend her.  She's a true pro who feels like an old friend just stopping by to help.

Jennifer Gayle


Simone was a wonderful doula. She was hands on, attentive but not pushy. When I had to use the bathroom while I was in labor, she actually followed me to the bathroom door lol. Throughout my entire labor, she communicated the situation to us and had prepared us well prior to the fact. She was willing to go above and beyond. Simone is extremely personable. It has been 6 months since I have given birth and she continues to follow up with me and give advice on the questions I ask her. My husband has recommended her to a couple of workers and they also love her. If she is still a doula when I get pregnant again, I would definitely hire Simone.

Lisa J


We hired Simone after hearing how wonderful she was with a close friend of mine. Glad to say Simone lived up to my expectations. As first time parents, we had many questions which she gladly answered along the way. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and has a great sense of humor coupled with a warm personality. She also provided us with our baby care class prior to delivery. Once I delivered, Simone was available to me with all of my inquires during my extended stay in the hospital. Upon arriving home with our new bundle of joy, Simone provided great support to myself, fiancé, and baby girl. Her coming over as early as 5am so we could get some much needed alone time and rest was an absolute life saver. Even 9 months post-partum, Simone checks in for a friendly chat (along with much needed breastfeeding advice!) with updated pictures of our little one. Simone will always have a special place in our hearts as we expanded our family. - The Chandlers

Lilian Wouters


Simone is wonderful! She came to help me the day after I got home from the hospital (and even though I wasn't able to give her advance notice.) Simone was very patient and helped me with breastfeeding, pumping and baby's bath. I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding but she helped me get through the challenges during the first couple weeks.

I referred Simone to my friends who recently had newborns and their experience has been great too.  Thank you Simone!

Michelle Colacurto


I hired Simone for her postpardum doula services. I knew nothing about having a baby and was so nervous and as soon as I spoke to Simone she put me at ease. She was incredibly responsive and professional and I knew right away I wanted to hire her. She checked on me often and gave me articles and information about labor even though I didn't hire her for her labor and delivery services. She always put me at ease and handled my baby with care. She was very knowledgeable and patient. She helped me with breastfeeding and with the babies first birth. She organized the nursery and made me delicious oatmeal balls for lactation. After our time together, I got sick and needed to see the doctor and had no one to help me. On a whim I text her and she was there for me and cared for my baby since I couldn't care for myself at that point and stayed alone with her so I could visit the doctor. I'm so grateful to have had this experience and would highly recommend and use her again!

Yasmin S


Bottom line:  I'm certain that Simone's quick thinking saved my son's life.

But, let me start from the beginning. I hired Simone after interviewing 4 other doulas in person or on the phone.  I needed someone to be my full support person in the birth experience because I was not going to have a partner in the room with me.  Simone stood out for not only her warmth and knowledge but also for her open minded attitude towards all types of birth plans ranging from home birth to those with lots of medical intervention like mine.

Due to medical complications, I was induced and Simone met me at the hospital  She kept a vigilant watch over me while I slept after finally getting an epidural after many hours of contractions with no progress in my labor.  At some point, the monitors stopped detecting my son's heartbeat.  Before the labor nurse ever noticed, Simone attempted to adjust the monitor, found a very decelerated heartbeat and alerted the nurses.  I was panicking while they gave me oxygen to help my son.  She talked me through my panic and calmed me down.  I was raced to the operating room for an emergency c section.  Simone accompanied me to the OR and had the presence of mind to bring my phone to take pictures.  I was very nervous during the surgery, and she kept me calm and took pictures of my son moments after he was born completely healthy.  She also made sure to gather all my belongings from the labor room and bring them to recovery.  Simone stayed with me and my family until after I was in recovery with my son.  She was warm and thoroughly professional the entire time.

I simply cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Simone in my son's birth and would recommend her to anyone for their birth experience.

Rie M Lang


Simone was attentive, personal, calm and professional. She was great and helped us at the hardest time of my nursing time. It was my first week of nursing and I was absolutely desparate to get help. She helped me with nursing positioning and also taught me a lot of useful information/links that gave me peace of mind. I felt so much better after the session. Moreover, she would answer any questions I had even after the session. My nursing has been going well and I cannot thank Simone more.

Samantha Goldworm


Simone was amazing during the weeks after the birth of my son. Not only was she very supportive and instructive during breastfeeding, she came with me to shop for baby essentials at Buy Buy Baby, picked up food for me, made me lactation cookies and helped/taught me how to use and sterilize my breast pump. Most importantly, Simone was there for emotional support. We spoke about my disappointment in having a C-section (I had planned for a natural birth), my difficulties with childcare and anything else that was on my mind on a daily basis. She had an answer or resource for any question I had about my post baby body or baby! She went for very slow walks with me to get out of my apartment and looked for signs of post-partum depression (especially since I had lost a baby the year before). She is an exceptional woman and an incredible knowledgeable doula. She still contacts me periodically to check-in (my son is 3 months old now). I hope we stay in touch and she will definitely be around for my second baby!

Rachel Cook Northway


I had an emergency c-section and my milk production took about 10 days to come in. These days were super stressful and I am so glad we worked with Simone to get on the right track. Minutes after walking into our apartment, Simone had baby and I breastfeeding so seamlessly! It was really amazing, especially after the first week I had with the new baby and my milk slowly coming in. Simone recommended different feeding positions and also examined baby's tongue tie. We decided it was best to get the tongue tie clipped and this really helped with the baby being able to get a deeper latch. Simone has been fantastic with following up with me throughout this first month of baby's life - it was been SO helpful. Simone seriously changed the game for us, I was worried that our baby would not be able to breastfeed successfully. With her help, we've been able to get my milk production up and get baby latched. Now, I spend most of the day nursing the baby and it is so wonderful! Thank you Simone!!!

Candace Pascal


My doula experience was great. My first pregnancy was about nine years ago, and I knew I didn't enjoy my birthing experience. In the hospital I was rushed to diulate quicker, and when I couldn't deal with the pain I took an epidural which I didn't want to do. This pregnancy I was determined to let my body do what it is made for. During this pregnancy I was high risk due to high blood pressure brought on by the pregnancy. Even with my doctors encouraging me to have an induction due to my status as well as the hospital closing I stick to my guns. I  wouldn't have been able to do it without Simone supporting me by coming up with a birthing plan and staying with it no matter what. I starting have contraction on a Wednesday. Even when  I felt to go to the hospital Simone remained me of what I wanted to accomplish and remind me if I go to tge hospital to soon I may not be able to accomplish a natural birth free of drugs. We were in constant communication all Wednesday and Thursday. When I finally went to the hospital Friday I was 7 centimeters. Simone came a while after. She calmed me down and work with Corey on my breathing and helping me through the home stretch of labor. I later wanted to have an epidural because I was tried and couldn't deal with the pain anymore. Simone didn't make me feel bad for my decision. She made me feel comfortable with my decision even though I felt like I was letting myself down. Since having my daughter Simone has answer all my question and has been an extra support that all parents need.

Erin Chong


Choosing Simone was one of the best decisions that we made through our whole prenatal, delivery, and postpartum experience. We chose to hire a doula because both my husband and my parents live out of state. Simone was organized, a strong calming presence, and a wonderful resource through the whole process. During labor she reminded me of the things I had learned in my birthing classes that I had forgotten in the stress of the moment. She was a strong advocate for me in the hospital during a fast and difficult labor. My doctor even praised her for her role in the delivery process. She was always easy to contact and prompt in her answers to questions. Having a baby is a difficult transition, and Simone helped us manage the transition without feeling lost and overwhelmed. I can’t thank her enough.

My wife had an unexpectedly difficult delivery, and we were so grateful to have Simone around to assist us through the process. She was such a helpful and reassuring presence throughout. Simone is extremely patient, and a wonderful listener—and these qualities were especially important to us as first-time parents who had no idea what to expect, or sometimes even what questions to ask. Her pre-birth conversations with us enabled us to feel more prepared, when it was so easy for us to feel overwhelmed by what was coming. And post-birth, she was readily available both in person and by text/phone to answer any queries we had about taking care of our newborn. As a birth partner, I was especially appreciative of Simone’s attention to giving me useful advice on how I could best support my wife during a very stressful time.

Grace Lin


Simone was recommended by my doctor’s office as they had worked with her before and had a positive experience. It was important to me that my physician and doula had a good working relationship so this was a strong vote of confidence from the start. This was my second birth and I was trying for a VBAC. Not only does Simone have experience with VBACs, but she was also familiar with the hospital where I was planning to deliver, all which combined made her a good match for us. This was further reinforced after meeting her in person. Simone exudes a sense of calm. She listens to your concerns and offers advice without judgment. After having the experience of giving birth with and without a doula, both my husband and I would recommend working with a doula like Simone. She is not only skilled, but also simply a lovely human being. We had many hours of laboring and waiting, and my husband and I enjoyed our conversations with Simone about family, world cultures, babies, food and more. She routinely checked in with me, took stock of the room, made sure to reassure me and keep a positive attitude when there were challenges in the birthing process and ultimately helped give me the confidence and support for a successful VBAC.

Mya Nikki


She help me with baby supplies, she went over and beyond. Very nice and professional! She really help me with my labor and delivery, I called her and she came to the hospital right away. Love her! She is amazin!

Deirdre Cruz


Simone was recommended to me by a friend who used her as her doula. I was in search of a postpartum doula. Simone helped me immensely transition into life at home with my newborn. I had questions leading up to my delivery and Simone handled them with grace and care. After Simone's time with me expired she still checked in on the baby and I. She was very caring and helpful. No question was too big or too small. Simone was able to teach me some breastfeeding techniques as well when I was having difficulties working through the initial pain. I am very happy with the care I received from Simone. She is wonderful, very personable, friendly and helpful.

Erika Gorodetsky


I highly recommend Simone as a post-partum doula. She visited us several times during our first two weeks at home. As a first time mom with a son recently out of the NICU, I was very anxious and found Simone to be an incredibly supportive and calming presence. She showed my husband and I the ins and outs of newborn care as neither of us had much experience with babies. I also found her very helpful as I had difficutlty with breastfeeding and needed to supplement with pumped breast milk instead. She was very supportive and never judgmental about my eventual plans to transition to formula before returning to work. Simone was always available outside of our scheduled hours to answer all of my questions and we are so appreciative of everything we have learned from her!

Brielle Davis


I sat in on Simone's breastfeeding class as a certfying doula a couple weeks ago. The class was very relaxed and full of valuable information! She is a great teacher who doesn't just spout information at you. She includes everyone in easeful conversation about the topic which made it easier for me to retain the information given. Highly recomend! Thanks Simone!

Maria Luisa Dangond


Simone is clearly an expert in that field. I found this class to be very useful, practical and fun to follow.

Halle Pease


Simone's teaching style resonated with me. She was direct and precise with her information but in a nurturing way. She was able to get the points across in an easy-to-understand manner. I thouroughly enjoyed my experience with her. If you need help with anything Breastfeeding, Simone is your gal!

Regina Haynes


To take a class with Simone Toomer is an experience any doula and/or caregiver should have. As a doula and a mother of two children, I found her breastfeeding class to be magnificent. She explained everything in detail and in a way for everyone in the class to understand and not be overwhelmed. No question was a stupid question, everyone was free to ask anything they wanted! I came out of this class confident and ready to help my current and future clients. I look foward to many future classes with Simone...go and register for a class with with Simone, you wont be dissapointed!

Jenny Azam


We had a wonderful experience with Simone, start to finish. From the beginning, Simone had such a kind, calming and collaborative demeanor. It was clear she was very knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and I appreciated that she came to this role with both a personal and professional perspective. We enjoyed every opportunity to spend time with her and speak with her about our pregnancy experience, as well as questions, concerns, and hopes for our daughter's birth. I felt confident going into the labor and delivery knowing that she would be available to support us, first at home, and then at the hospital. Simone was skilled at helping my husband and I to remain calm and focused when labor began, and helped to keep me comfortable and at ease as we transitioned from home to the hospital. I appreciated the easy manner in which she engaged hospital staff throughout the course of our admission, as I know some hospital staff are resistant to the presence of a doula. One of my favorite memories of labor was the quiet, early morning hours hanging out with Simone and my husband in our delivery room, just chatting about life, labor, music, and babies, before our daughter arrived. Simone's presence truly helped us to just relax and enjoy each moment of the delivery. I was able to draw on her experience as a lactation consultant when it came time to nurse our daughter, and she was wonderful about checking in with me regularly to ensure I felt her ongoing support after we transitioned home. We are so grateful to her for her availability and support, and highly recommend her services. Thank you Simone!!

With so much gratitude - Jenny, Joe, and Zahra

Jane May


Our experience with Simone was so, so positive! From the moment we spoke on the phone my husband and I knew we wanted to work with her. Everything from start to finish was wonderful from our first meeting to our post partum follow up visit. As first time parents we had a ton of questions and worries and she was always available to answer our questions and help ease our anxieties. Simone is thoughtful, non-judgemental, warm, easy going and funny! She really knows her stuff too, we felt that we were in totally capable hands with Simone. She also checked in and made us feel cared for both leading up to the due date and the crazy first few weeks postpartum. We can't recommend Simone enough!

Emi Young


My fiance and I hired Simone for postpartum support for our first child born in October 2016.  Neither of us had family close who could help out and we knew we would need some extra support those first few days and weeks as we got acclimated to parenthood.  We interviewed Simone together and immediately felt at ease with her.  She answered all of our questions and offered her expertise and shared her experience with us.  Simone visited us several days over the first few weeks for a few hours each visit.  It was such a relief to be able to have her watch the baby while I showered or rested.  She also helped me use the breast pump for the first time which was too overwhelming for me to do by myself.  Having an extra set of hands and some breathing room was so crucial and extremely helpful for us.  I would highly recommend her postpartum services for anyone looking for support after baby arrives.

Kazara Lea


I met Ms. Toomer once or twice before my delivery. I had a great experience with her. She was a great person, a knowledge doula. Ms. Toomer was able to explain to me what the doctors are telling me., helpful to me, and nice. I would recommend her.

Neshemah Beanez-Blackwell


I was about to have my son the summer of 2016 as a single mother.  I knew that I would need additional support and so began the search for a postpartum Doula.  I came in contact with Simone through a website that matched individuals with trained Doulas.  Simone called me and offered to meet at a cafe near my house.  My first impressions were that she was responsive,  polite, kind and nurturing.  I could tell immediately that she would be a big help to me.

Simone gave me a sort of pep talk and explained that her role would be to support me in any way I needed- spend the night, give me lactation advice, help me with household chores while I rested, etc etc.  In fact, I had no idea what I might need and so I wanted a Doula who was adaptable.  Simone was that person.

Simone came over the first week after the baby was born. She showed me how to use the pump, how to nurse, how to fix latching issues and how to make sure that the baby wasn't developing nipple confusion. I had some issues with breastfeeding in the beginning and I'm really glad that she was there with me to help me get through the tough stuff.  In addition, she completely organized my new mom life. She helped organize my house. She set up pumping stations, steralized feeding supplies and helped me make purchases for baby necessities that I was missing or had no idea I needed.  I remember those first moments fondly because she really helped me feel comfortable being a mom by laying down a solid foundation.

Now my needs are less immediate.  I continue to ask her for advice and she helps me get some ME time here and there- which makes me happy.  A happy mom equals a happy baby.

I wholeheartedly recommend Simone to any new mom for pospartum help.  Heck, I'd recommend her for birthing too as I'm positive that she's amazing.

Elena Pasik-Lippman


I had a wonderful experience working with Simone post the birth of my baby. As a first time mom, I felt a bit overwhelmed in the first few weeks and wanted to make sure I was taking care of my child properly. Simone was a calm and reassuring presense who made me feel more confident in my skills/insticts as a mom. She showed me how to use my pump and taught me best practices of how to set up a pumping schedule, once I went back to work. She also taught me the rules of milk handling and storage. Simone was instrumental in helping us get our son to take the bottle and educated us on the slow paced bottle feeding method. Finally, she provided some much needed help around the house as well as adult conversation. I would highly recommend Simone as a post-partum doula and would absolutely work with her again.

Kristin Rowe


I highly recommend Simone Toomer as a post-partum doula. We started with 2 weeks and extended our time with her because she was great to have on hand. I did not know what to expect for the days after my delivery, as this was my first baby, and I wasn't sure if I truly needed a post-partum doula, but I am so glad I had Simone in those first few weeks home from the hospital. She provided a voice of reason and support, an ear to listen and understand and an energy and spirit to brighten our groggy days.

Simone did everything from organizing clothes and toys in the nursery to teaching me how to pump and sterilize bottles and pump parts. I was so thankful not to have to read any instructions. She never took a break unless it was to sit and talk to or comfort me. She was also very responsive when we were apart. Simone also made my husband feel more comfortable with changing and eventually bathing our son. Simone was also generous enough to bring me supplies for my recovery from her personal stash, which I really appreciated and felt was above and beyond the call of duty.

She also shared her personal experience with he daughter which helped me look to the future. Her advice wasn't just for those first weeks, but for months down the road. As a further testament to that, she continues to check in with me and offer advice and links to relevant aritcles. It would be remiss to not mention that my baby also took to Simone and enjoyed when she would engage him and spend time with him to give me a break. Finally, on a personal note, I found Simone really easy to talk to and someone who became a friend.

Lauren Collings


Having Simone with us for the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we ever made. With her by our side our birth was an experience we can look back on happily in amazement. We feel so proud that everything went as well as we would have hoped. Simone was kind, calm and very well prepared. Her experience allowed her to always be one step ahead of us, making sure we were well taken care of as labor unfolded. What could have been a scary experience ended up being one of the most beautiful and memorable times of our lives. Thank you Simone!

Lavina Fagan


I just wanted to take the time to share what an amazing experience I had with Simone as my doula. As a single mother of two with no family in New York, I knew in order to get through the intense rite of passage into motherhood I would require a rock solid support team . When I found out I was pregnant with my second I knew I had to have Simone as my doula. Simone Toomer is a phenomenal Doula! For weeks I was experiencing Braxton hicks contractions and seriously had to be the most annoying client but Simone remained patient and supportive with me no matter how many times I called or texted. When my labor actually started it came hard and fast. During this intense time Simone helped me calm my breathing, center myself and encouraged me when I hit that wall. I am so grateful for Her. I felt completely supported and empowered throughout my entire pregnancy and ultimately my birth. Simone is super professional and offers a wealth of knowledge but what makes her extra special is the fact that she is so down to earth and makes you feel like you've known her forever. Life has a funny way of bringing people together and I am so thankful to have had Simone be apart of my birth journey. She has truly become one of my best friends and I will recommend her to any and all moms to be. She's magical

Stacie Sanchez


Simone was my doula for my son, Patrick. I was a nervous first time mom. Simone provided my husband and I with pertinent information that helped me feel prepared for my birth. I was induced and had a long labor and active labor. Simone was by my side throughout the grueling active labor. She was a calm and soothing presence in the delivery room when everything felt chaotic. I credit her with getting me through a long and difficult labor. The post partum visits were a critical service. My son is two months and we continue to seek out her services as a lactation specialist. I wholeheartedly recommend Simone. She was a tremendous asset to me and my family.

Brooke Berry


Simone was a calm and supportive force for the trip through the looking glass that the first few days home with a first baby is. She offered simple solutions for first time breast feeding ailments, kind and thoughtful feedback for first time parental anxieties and a general sense of peace in our home. Beyond her assistance, Simone connected us to her network wherein we found a great babysitter and other resources for our growing little one. We would recommend Simone to any new moms!

Monica Lopez


As a first time mom I struggled with latching but I was lucky to find the most caring, knowledgeable and patient Lactation Consultant in Williamsburg from the Carriage House Birth My sister contacted Simone and she was truly God sent. She answered all my sister's inquiries and was able to conduct a home visit and Lactation session the day after I called her. Simone came fully prepared with a scale and ready to answer all my concerns. She made me feel comfortable and listened without judging my struggles with latching. I must say that she showed the techniques needed to effectively breastfeed my baby. She also followed up via text, emails and phone calls. She genuinely cares and also connected with o wonderful services from the Carriage Birth House. With Simone's caring experience with early babies, she helped baby Salma learn to breastfeed while supporting my milk supply. Within several a weeks and lots of guidance from Simone, Salma was breastfeeding more and more as I became more confident in feeding. Throughout our work together, Simone was always very responsive and spent much time with us as we needed. We never felt rushed during any of our consultations. She is very competent, nurturing, warm, genuine, honest, supportive and  I would recommend her to any mom that struggles with latching or wants to learn better techniques to breastfeed.Thank you Simone for teaching me how to do a correct latch on, recognize hunger cues and address sore nipples and engorgement problems. We are so grateful and relieved that I'm able to breastfeed Salma.

mary spooner


When looking for a doula, my husband and I wanted somebody who could make us feel comfortable in an unfamiliar situation and who we knew we could trust. Simone was that  person as soon as we met her. She is warm, extremely knowledgable and immediately put is at ease. She was also very responsive and has continued to follow up frequently post birth. My labor ended up being longer and more painful than I hoped or expected, and a few times I felt on the edge of defeat. But simone was able to keep me confident and as relaxed as I could be, and this allowed me to ultimately make the rig decisions and remain in control of my labor. I don't think i would have without her. I highly recommend Simone.

Christine Weiher


When looking for a doula my husband and I wanted to make sure we felt comfortable with this person and felt as though the doula would support our wishes, from beginning until the end of the delivery.  Simone Toomer did this perfectly and also offered great advice, a very knowledable base from the perspective of delivery, hospital standards and what we could expect in NYC hospitals and besdies those characteristics was very personable.

This was my first child and while I was surprised at the lack of attention during the early and midpoint labor from the hospital staff, I was so impressed (and thankful that we decided to work with) Simone Toomer.  She met us at our home, travelled to the hospital with us and was with us through the night until mid-day the next day- an hour after my daughter was delivered and already soundly sleeping.

Simone was a huge part of our delivery experience, and made it so much better (and much more smooth) than what it may have been if my husband and I were left to wade through these waters unguided.  She was beyond the scope of what I had expected in a doula and would highly recommend her.

Thank you once again Simone!!!

Christine Weiher

Latoya Scott


I heard about Simone through a friend who was working on becoming a doula. After meeting her i hired her right away for postpartum help with my second child. She was a warm light in the chaos. She came to me 5am-8am nightly over the course of 3 weeks because that was when i was at my breaking point and needed rest and help. i felt so comfortable with her. She's young but knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend Simone for your breastfeeding problems (i had many), postpartum care and advice. Money and time well spent!

tovah robinson


My husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child. We wanted someone who would help with relaxation techniques during labor and someone who would be our advocate at the hospital. Simone did both successfully and so much more. She was there to answer any questions that we had leading up to the day of my delivery. She also made herself available in the postpartum phase. Her easy-going, calm demeanor was exactly what we needed, and she was a pleasure to work with. We were both very happy that we made the decision to hire a doula and that we chose Simone to help us welcome our baby into the world.

Paula Guntaur


I had a wonderful postpartum experience with Simone. Over the course of my first 2 weeks at home, she made 5 visits and got me set up successfully with breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, dry sponge baths, newborn care and baby carrier techniques. Every visit, I had new questions and she would patiently answer them and if possible show me how it's done. Having a great postpartum doula like Simone really boosted my confidence and helped get set up for success. Simone was very flexible and accommodating with her schedule. She was also very practical and didn't try and force and ways of parenting on me. She listened to what I needed and advised accordingly. Simone was also easy to be around and while I was feeding my baby, would keep busy by tidying up the kitchen or helping fold clothes. Basically, she would support me any way that was needed. I would highly recommend her and her organization Doula Care for any new mom that needs a bit of extra help getting set up.

Tammi G.


I always knew I wanted to hire a doula whenever we decided to have a baby, however I had no clue who I was going to hire. After searching many sites for doulas in my area Simone kept coming up in the search results. So I thought hmmm this might be a sign (and it was). After meeting with her I knew she was the perfect fit for me and my fiancé. My fiancé had no clue what a doula was and was a bit skeptical about us hiring someone to coach/support us during childbirth. After meeting Simone he too joined the Simone bandwagon lol. Simone was very attentive and supportive throughout my pregnancy and even postpartum! She is always available when you need her and is very knowledgeable about pregnancy & breastfeeding among other things. Simone also supported our decision to not have an epidural which was very important to me. With her help I labored at home until I was 7cm and delivered a healthy baby girl at the hospital with no pain medication. If you are looking for a knowledgeable & passionate doula to support you Simone Toomer is a great choice. We loved her and I'm sure you will also.

Julieth kennedy yearwood


I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to have a doula provided by the BY MY SIDE program to help assist me during my pregnancy.I was eager to meet my doula, Simone at the first prenatal visit. Immediately after meeting her she was very easy to talk to. I felt comfortable sharing private information regarding my relationship and my health. Although we had to complete survey questions it still felt more like a conversation opposed to an interrogation. Simone was very knowledgeable when asked questions about the pregnancy trimesters. As a mother her first hand experience comforted me in which I was able to ask specific questions about her pregnancy journey.  Simone was very relatable in that she herself had a natural vaginal birth.I too wanted a natural delivery without the epidural. She also breastfeeds her child and I also was interested in breastfeeding. I was so glad that all of the things I wanted she had experienced and was able to better guide me and inform me. In between the weeks Simone kept in contact with me to see how my pregnancy was going. Towards the end of my pregnancy we came up with a birth plan that she 100% supported. But unfortunately around 38 weeks I tripped and fell on the stairs and was in excruciating pain and just wanted my baby girl out.Simone provided great support ranging from advice, natural remedies and even an acupuncturist she knew to help alleviate some pain. She communicated with me daily until the birth date. I changed my mind about not getting the epidural and Simone supported my decision. She still assisted during the labor and delivery by talking to me and asking questions to the midwife and nurse. She really helped advocate My wants and needs. Simone helped hold my legs apart as she coached  through. Now that my little girl is here Simone helps with lactation support because it was challenging for my baby to latch correctly. Simone and I are still in communication. She is Great!

Cesia Daughter


I never knew how important a doula was until i had one. Without simone i dont know how i would have made it through childbirth. The emotional support meant the world to me. From the moment i met her i felt a good vibe and was given strength to make it through my last trimester. Not only did she get me through childbirth but her emotional support after my birth kept me from falling into a deep depression. She was so attentive throughout the whole new mother experience i could not imagine what i would have done without her. I would recommend Simone to any woman in need of a doula her heart is really in her work and i met a friend for life as well. her emotional  support is priceless.

Laura Creighton


Simone Toomer was a life saver! As a new mother, I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Simone came into my home with kindness, warmth and a wide range of postpartum/nursing knowledge that put me completely at ease. She took charge in looking after me and helping in whatever way she could. I looked forward to the days that she was scheduled to visit! I highly recommend!

Nobar Elmi


I highly recommend Simone Toomer. I was fortunate enough to have my mom stay with me for three weeks after the birth of our son. Little did I know that after she left, I'd be desperate for help. I contacted Ruth/Doula Care on a Sunday and on Monday in walked Simone. She instantly put me at ease. Not only did she help care for my son, but she answered my many (and I mean many) questions about breastfeeding. And, she did it all with a genuine smile. Without Simone, I wouldn't have been able to sleep, shower, go to the Dr's office, run errands, and just get back to being me. This extra care was exactly what i needed.

Simone Sandlin


My husband and I hired Simone because we wanted the support and knowledge of a Doula to help us achieve our goal of having a natural, unmedicated birth. We appreciated her calming and pleasant presence. We also liked that she had given birth before and knew what it was like. When I started to go into labor, Simone and I were in contact with each other via text and phone call and she was positive and reassuring. She met us at our apartment to labor at home with us and then helped us to decide when to go to the hospital. She was instrumental in helping me through the different stages of labor. While waiting for the Uber car to arrive, she helped me to stay "in the zone" and not lose my focus. When I was experiencing back pressure, her back massages and the counter pressure she applied were incredibly helpful. When I was doubting whether I could keep going, Simone continued to say motivating and positive things and helped remind me of my goal. She encouraged me to get into different positions during labor and to take a shower which were key in helping speed up my labor.  We are pleased with our experience with Simone and so thankful for her support in the journey of childbirth.

Lauren Luloff


Simone Toomer is an incredibly compassionate, sweet and caring woman. She blends her vast knowledge of women's health with a very down to earth, friendly approach. Her visits felt more like a loving friend coming to check in on me than a distant professional.  Simone is very personal and never seems to be in a rush, which is such a welcome delight in New York City!  The night of my labor I held off calling her over for hours, not knowing how the transition would go from my husband and I being a team to incorporating another person into my labor.  She arrived and immediately started to rub my back to help during my contractions.  Her touch was very confident and calming.  Simone and my husband were a very supportive team during my long and arduous labor, and having the additional support of a doula seemed completely necessary to our staying afloat.  After the birth she has remained in contact, through visits and texts, steadily. Simone is a wise and wonderful person- I feel lucky to have her generous support, even still, 6 weeks after my son's birth.

Mukund Ramachandran


Although I knew that my birth experience would not be anything like I could imagine, I never thought an epic blizzard would be part of the story. Having Simone to help us through labor at home and getting to the hospital was a huge help to me and my husband. We would have been so panicked and scared without her calming presence. Her attention to our needs before, during, and after the birth of our daughter was amazing. Having my daughter was an amazing yet overwhelming experience. I really would have been lost many times without her support - Reena Patel, 1st time Mom, NYC (Wife of Mukund Ramachandran)


"As a first-time Dad, I was very nervous about the process of childbirth. Having somebody to ask questions -- sometimes, the same questions over & over again was helpful. And then, to make things even more exciting, our daughter decided to come during the blizzard of Jan 2016. With Simone's help, we labored at home as much as possible, still keeping in mind that we had to leave for the hospital when it was snowing heavily outside, and then her support through a rough cab ride to the hospital was something that I can't put a value on. Let me put it another way -- hire her, if you are considering a Doula. -- Mukund Ramachandran, 1st Time Dad, NYC.

Meghan Botz


I highly recommend Simone as a birth doula. She is very knowledgeable & supportive. My husband & I interviewed many doulas before choosing Simone. She is very down to earth, polite & kind with a positive attitude.

I had wanted to have a natural birth without any interventions. Unfortunately I needed to be induced but was able go through labor without an epidural with Simone’s help. She has many pain management techniques that help to make labor more tolerable. Her experience as a doula was comforting to my husband & I since we were having our first child & didn’t know what to expect. She helped me to attain the best possible birth experience I could have had. In addition she is able to offer placenta encapsulation. Simone paid a follow up visit to check up on me & is still open to answering questions & texts even weeks after my baby has been born. Simone is a highly skilled doula & a caring person. You will not go wrong hiring her.

Sarah Poiner


A few weeks after the arrival of my baby boy I decided to hire Simone for some post-partum doula assistance at home. This was a wonderful decision. Simone was very kind and gentle and a pleasure to have in my home. She provided assistance and support with everything I wanted to know about infant care, breastfeeding and being a new mom. With no family living close by, it was comforting to have Simone around and I very much enjoyed her company. I highly recommend Simone as a post-partum doula and am very glad that I had her around during those difficult few weeks with a newborn.

Michelle Corpora


Having Simone as my doula for the birth of my daughter was a wonderful experience. She was always very responsive throughout the pregnancy over the phone and with texts, and was a valued source of information whenever issues arose, providing contacts to local acupuncturists, nutritionists, and other providers in the local community. Simone is a nurturing, positive person, and a delight to have around. She was a great help in keeping my older daughter (4 years old) company in the hospital, in addition to helping me as the mother, when we had to rush there in the middle of the night for my delivery. She is also extremely knowledgable as a lactation consultant, which was a great help at the beginning when I was establishing my breastfeeding relationship with my new daughter. I would recommend Simone to anyone looking for a caring, knowledgable, and reliable doula for their upcoming birth.

Melina Campbell


My husband and I chose to have a natural birth at NY Methodist hospital. We would not have been able to do it without Simone's guidance and support. From the first time we met her we felt assured by her calm demeanor and positive outlook on childbirth. When it came time for the birth of our daughter, Simone was invaluable as we traveled to the hospital. She served as our advocate from the moment we stepped in the hospital and guided us through the entire process. Her coaching was the key to us being able to follow through with our birth plan! Since that time she has been such a great resource to us as we have navigated through the first week as parents. Thank you for all of your help Simone!

Jane Farren


When I think back about my labor and birthing experience this September, I have only positive memories. I credit this largely to Simone's calm and supportive presence as a doula. Without her, I'm not sure I woiuld have been able to have a natural birth but she helped me have the confidence to get through it and I am so grateful. If you are considering a doula, I would strongly recommend Simone!

From my first meeting with Simone, I felt secure that someone who has experience with helping women thorugh pregnancy, labor, and the post-partum period would be able to share her insights and advice with me. During pregancy, Simone met with me and my husband to go over what to expect and some pain management techniques. She also contacted me regularly to see how my pregnancy was going.

When I went into labor, Simone was extremely responsive and met us as soon as we asked her to. She was able to tell me what to expect and helped me advocate for measures to make me more comfortable with doctors and nurses. During each contraction, Simone massaged me and helped me relax even though I was scared for what was to come. When my dllation seemed to halt around 4 cm, I felt frustrated and worried that I wouldn't be able to make it much longer without medication. Simone talked me through this and encouraged me to stay in the moment and try other ways to relax like getting in the shower (which worked!). Labor was difficult but the support from Simone helped me work through my fear and made it a really positive experience for me.

Even after giving birth, Simone still regularly checks in to see how my daughter and I are doing. During her post-partum visit to my home she was able to give me some really helpful advice with breastfeeding issues I was having. Simone was wonderful and I greatly appreciate everything she has done for me!

Theodora Fleurant


i've known Simone for several years since our years at Hunter College so when we reconnected I couldn't have been more happier when she told me that she was a doula. Simone was extremely helpful and informative through the process my family and I would endure. She prepared my husband with apps to download to mark my contractions while explaining how he would help me deal with my labor if she wasn't able to come to our home immediately. During my labor and delivery experience, she was readily available to answer ALL of my questions, checked in by the hour, and called to check in on my progress.

When my contractions finally began drawing nearer to each other, Simone encouraged me with natural methods to cope with the pain and to physically and mentally prepare my body. She never left my side and calmed my family down since this is the first grandchild in my family!  I can't thank her enough for her ability to calm me through the entire labor and delivery. From the techniques to contract to advocating on my behalf to avoid medical intervention to my body, my family and I are so grateful. I almost decided to go with an epidural, but she kept telling me to focus and concentrate and that I was in the homestretch. She worked with me towards my goal which was to give birth vaginally with no medical intervention and I'm happy she supported me through it!

Not only has she been supportive through my labor and delivery but also through my post-partum journey. Simone was very encouraging when I expressed my desire to breastfeed my newborn daughter and has provided unending support whether it has been through a home visit, a phone call, suggesting breastfeeding classes to attend, or texting her a few questions here and there.

Simone is patient, fun, encouraging, a professional and really cares about her clients. No expecting mom will go wrong with her. Thank you for everything Simone!

Kimberly Yeh


Choosing Simone to be my doula was the best decision I could have made in regards to my birth plan. I can't imagine how my birth would have been without her there by my side. From the moment I reached out to her she was always professional, proactive and kind. Simone would respond to every email, text and phone call promptly. I never had an issue getting in touch with her. On top of that she is very knowledgeable and would always go above and beyond to assist with obtaining any additional information I needed. When it came down to the actual birth she had a sixth sense where she always knew what I needed without me having to ask her. If she saw that I was unsure of something she was quick to get assistance from a nurse and advocate for me. She would make sure I was comfortable at all times whether she had to rub my back, hold my hand, fill up my water bottle, feed me ice chips, provide me with different aromas to sooth me or just have a conversation with me to keep me calm. On top of that my family fell in love with her kind heart and warming presence. I never felt like she judged me for any decision I made with my birth plan and actual birth. This was my first child and I plan on having her there again for when my husband and I decide to have another one. It was truly a blessing having her there for the experience and I am so grateful to have met her and gained a friendship that I will cherish for life.

Alana Sagin


We chose to deliver at a large Manhattan hospital but wished to avoid over medicalization if possible. Simone, with her positive presence and helpful suggestions allowed us to have the labor that we wanted. She even included a prenatal visit and gave us postnatal lactation advice when we had breast feeding difficulties. We could not be more pleased with our birth or with our Doula and would recommend Simone highly.

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