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Denise Bolds MSW, CD(DONA) CLC, CBE

Bold Doula! Placenta Encapsulation, CLC, CBE

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens Also Supporting Hudson Valley AND NORTHERN New Jersey!

Birth Fee

$0 to $5000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$0 to $5000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 287 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 67 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2014
  • Black Women Do VBAC, April 2023
  • National Birth & Postpartum Professionals, August 2023

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No Snakes. Non-Smokers, No Guns. Please adhere to pandemic precautions = Mask wearing and social distance where applicable.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Also supporting Northern New Jersey.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Also Supporting Northern New Jersey

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Perinatal Bereavement Specialist, Black Maternal Health Disparities Awareness. Voted 2014 Hudson Valley Parent Magazine's Favorite Doula 2014. Mid-Hudson Lactation Board Member - Dutchess County (MISN), Same Sex Partner Births and Plus Size Births. Post Partum Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Certified Lactation Counselor. Certified Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Instructor. Breastfeeding Educator. Former DONA International President, TRAINER Black Women Do VBAC - Surgical/VBAC Doulas.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Virtual Childbirth Instruction & Virtual 3- hour Breastfeeding Class, Perinatal Bereavement Counseling Fees discussed during phone interview. Post Partum Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Willing to travel out of state. Upscale clients welcomed. Confidentiality agreement a must.

Service Area

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens Also Supporting Hudson Valley AND NORTHERN New Jersey!

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Client Testimonials for Denise Bolds MSW, CD(DONA) CLC, CBE

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Denise has been an excellent support from our consultation to the delivery of my son. Denise provides helpful classes with information that is not shared or explained from the hospitals or my own OB, which gave me the preparation and ease I needed to journey through my pregnancy. Denise is punctual, professional, caring and kind which are the very characteristics that made the experience amazing and worth while. She is definitely the advocate you need.

Divya C


We hired Denise to be our postpartum overnight doula and couldn’t have had a better person to take care of our baby boy. She was very caring and resourceful in the early days by providing support in not just taking care of the baby but also helping with breastfeeding and pumping. Above all else, she graciously helped us as the birth doula in the last minute. Denise is the main reason I could avoid a C section during the delivery. Her expert guidance in different pushing positions and overall pain management was incredibly helpful for an effective delivery. 

I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! If we decided to have a second child, she will definitely be our doula again!

Hureine Hope


Denise provided excellent resources and ongoing support that helped prepare me and my partner for childbirth. She was attentive to my concerns and centered the type of birth experience I wanted. I was able to successfully give birth the way I desired thanks to the birth plan and physical support Denise gave me. I would highly recommend Denise for anyone seeking a birthing doula! 

Danielle Manning


 I knew once I got pregnant that I wanted to work with a Doula. I spent time researching & interviewing many hoping to find someone that I connected with. When I found Denise I knew I had found someone special.  She was professional and had a very informative website and a structure that appealed us.

Denise taught us all about labor , provided us with extensive resources that we could review on our own time, helped us develop a comprehensive birth plan and made the experience personal with two home visits. She orchestrated a group chat where we could check in with her and ask questions.

Our interactions with Denise prior to being giving birth were wonderful, but they in no way prepared me for how amazing she would be at the hospital. From the time she walked in (suitcases and materials in hand) we knew she meant business. I was striving for an unmedicated birth and Denise did everything in her power to help me achieve my goals.

Denise worked alongside the hospital staff, my husband , and my mother to ensure that all my needs were met. She helped me navigate and breathe through my contractions and advocated on my behalf if there were any issues.During my labor there were times where I was quite restless and Denise assisted me into various positions until I found some level

Of comfort. She coached me through the use of nitrous oxide and communicated with the hospital staff when necessary.

When it was time for me to start pushing Denise was there to lend a helpful hand. Her and the lead nurse held up my legs while by husband supported my back. For 90 minutes the three of them assisted me in my pushing until my beautiful baby girl entered this world.

Throughout my pregnancy, labor, and post partum Denise was a crucial part of my journey. Providing words of encouragement and assistance every way she could.

I am so thankful for her love and support and would highly recommend her



Our family loves Denise!!

I recently had my second birth with Denise. When we found out I was pregnant, emailing Denise to get on her schedule was one the first things I did. I knew I needed her on my team again.

She brings an amazing mix of traits to the table - she listens closely to your preferences and respects them, and she also brings all her experience and confidence to prenatal conversations and the delivery room. I had a hospital birth at NYU, and Denise had a great rapport with my OB and delivery nurse. Even for a second birth, when I knew a little bit of what to expect, it was so reassuring to have someone with me that I knew and trusted. Her comfort techniques were key for my unmedicated birth.

She also offered quick a quick refresher childbirth class pre-delivery and came to our home afterwards for a postnatal visit. From Denise, I finally learned how to burp a baby!

If you're thinking of working with Denise, do yourself a favor and go for it!



Denise is a true angel and an exceptional doula. In preparation for my second birth I came to the conclusion that I needed Denise’s support again (she was there every step of the way with my first pregnancy!) because it was just that important to me and the birth experience. The support she provided is unmatched. Denise helped me navigate induction in my second birth, made me aware of alternative options, helped me manage pain, kept me calm and motivated, and was supportive before/during/ and after the birth of our second son. Denise exudes love and we are so lucky she has been able to be a pillar for us in navigating my “high risk” hospital births. We are grateful to Denise for all that she does and how she makes us feel like family!



Denise has been by side for the c-section delivery of three of my children. After the first time we delivered one of my children together, calling Denise for subsequent babies was an absolute default just like knowing I had to make that first OB appointment  it wasnt an option for me to ever even think about having a baby without her. She has been such an important part of each of these children  coming into the world, and for so many reasons.

From a process perspective, she is organized, punctual, very knowledgeable on everything that could and should be happening, and she is a HUGE advocate. She will know what all of your wishes are, and what your alternative wishes are if anything doesn't go according to plan and she will help you arrive at and articulate those wishes as you prepare ahead of time for the upcoming delivery of your baby.  You can trust that she will walk into your delivery and no matter what happens. She will remember what's important to you, and she will push to make sure that those things are reality.

In terms of soft skills, Denise brings even more to your delivery. In all three of the deliveries that we were part of together, she was texting my husband while she was by my side, making sure that he knew what was going on and if he was OK because he wasn't in the room. She calmed my fears and also ALWAYS gave me a play by play of what was happening from all angles. After the birth during my hospital stays as well as when I got home, she continually checked in on me to make sure I was OK and kept giving me really important or reminders about my own self-care and mental well-being.

We've had very easy deliveries together, and my last one was very hard. She was my calm and my strength in the hard times. I can't imagine having gone through any of it without her. 



As first time parents, we were so grateful for Denise. She provided incredible support throughout our journey from resources via google drive, breastfeeding and childbirth classes to developing our birth preferences and in person home visits. I was even more grateful for her postpartum support as I struggled to breastfeed in the first week of giving birth due low supply and flat nipples. Denise not only provided me with donor milk but she checked in everyday, helped with latch and pumping during postpartum visit, provided me with nipple shield and now 3weeks in, my baby is latching on to my breast without the nipple shield and my supply has picked up significantly. Denise is an amazing doula.

Albali D’Jesus


Denise was incredibly helpful from pregnancy to birth and postpartum! She has a wealth of knowledge which she shared during her childbirth course and breastfeeding class and was always happy to answer any questions that we had. During labor/birth she was a huge advocate for me and helped me understand what was going on so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Her help didn't end there as she also helped with the breastfeeding process and by staying with our baby boy for a few nights when mom and dad needed to catch up on some well needed sleep! We're grateful that we decided to work with Denise for my first birth and very thankful for all of the help and support that Denise has provided in the last several months!!

Karyn Kennedy


From the moment I met Denise, I felt warm and kind energy. As a Black public health professional and first time mom, I had been inundated with statistics about Black maternal and infant mortality rates and was terrified to give birth. Denise provided support to my husband and I throughout my pregnancy including regular breastfeeding classes and a course detailing the labor and delivery process. I felt prepared and extremely knowledgeable about what to expect when it was time to give birth. I was fortunate to have my birth plan go exactly as I had always dreamed and all the things I'd learned from Denise about the labor process helped to make that happen. Having Denise to support and advocate for us was priceless and I am so thankful we had her. I highly recommend Denise as a doula, you will not regret having her on your team.



My husband and I worked with Denise as first-time parents. I was looking for someone who was deeply experienced and certified; could offer practical advice and hands-on delivery help; was familiar with the patient experience at a major hospital; and could meaningfully support all of this for an interracial couple, including a Black mother. We encountered Denise through her website and doula sites like these. By the time I watched the introductory video on her site, I felt like I trusted her, and by the time we had our interview call, I was ready to end the search. Denise had the strengths I was searching for, plus ‘extras’ — our package included a weekly birth class where we learned with other parents-to-be; a great breastfeeding class that we could take multiple times; an in-person visit where we got to connect face-to-face before the birth; and photos of our first moments with our child, which are precious to us. This all came with access to additional resources like research articles, worksheets, course videos, and practice quizzes. The day I delivered, Denise helped me immensely with massage, stretches, and oils that felt amazing for my body. She listened to what I said I was feeling and rallied the hospital staff to come in at the critical time. She helped me to stay focused on my breathing while I pushed, and brought a speaker to help fill the room with the music we had. And she led me into delivery poses that helped my baby come out seamlessly. Before the delivery, Denise was supportive via text by staying in constant communication with my husband about how things were progressing. Even earlier in my pregnancy, if I wanted to gut check something (e.g. a breast pump brand), or to share an FYI about things I was discussing with my OB, Denise was responsive and always followed up about the outcome. We are super grateful to have found and worked with the Bold Doula, and think other parents looking for similar priorities will be too.



My husband and I have worked with Denise for two births, and we have loved working with her both times (2020, 2023). I delivered at Mount Sinai West in NYC. Denise knows the hospital very well which has given me a lot of comfort. At both births, she was my mouthpiece- asking questions; presenting my birth plan; managing nurse's' expectations and care for me; helping me decipher new information in the midst of contractions (not easy to do!). I could not and do not plan to ever give birth without her coaching and supporting my husband and me. 
In terms of her support to my husband and me, it was very professional and warm. For the first birth, we were in "go-mode" from the minute we met at the hospital. Denise jumped into action advising my husband of the plan we had already discussed and keeping him on task with my breathing. When I became delirious and unsure of my decision to have an unmedicated birth, Denise coached me to a better place. I delivered safely without medication or intervention. For the 2nd birth, I was not ready to deliver immediately. Denise was right by my side, sharing jokes and keeping me comfortable. When suggestions were given for induction, she stepped in to request a less invasive approach first. When I started to have the strong contractions, Denise was once again supportive. Very hands on with helping me try different positions; words of affirmation; massage. Then she alerted the nurse to alert the doctor that I was ready to push. In both my births, Denise basically was guiding my birth while hospital staff just focused on getting me water, checking my IV and fetal monitoring. I highly recommend hiring Denise!!

Janeiya & Kevin


Amazing! We could not have delivered our baby boy without Denise being by our side. She was encouraging, super hands on and helpful! She was very knowledgeable of everything happening in the delivery room and was very professional when it came to working with the hospital L&D team! In addition to Denise being our doula, she also hosted birthing and breastfeeding classes, in which allowed us to be more knowledgeable when it came to advocating for the type of birth we wanted to have. Thanks so much Denise!

Janaya Raynor


At first, I was hesitant to hire a Doula, but I am so glad I did as this is my first baby.

Working with Denise made this first time experience as best as I could've hoped and planned for.

She is a great teacher, a great support, and is good at anticipating what you need while you're in active labor without having to ask twice.

my partner was also hesitant to have a doula-- by the end of the delivery he was even hugging Denise .

Denise prepares you for what to expect with pregnancy and childbirth. She is open to whatever your wishes and preferences are --supports your decisions and also helps you to keep an open mind. 

if we plan for another baby we will definitely be calling our Bold Doula - Denise! 



Denise was a fabulous Doula and continues to be such a great support on all the postpartum questions that have come up from breastfeeding help to questions about our baby. She always answers a text or call right away and as new parents we are so greatful. Leading up to our labor we felt very supported and had access to so much helpful information through Denise to make the best informed decisions. Our labor (as so many) did not end the way we expected and had many twists and turns and I don't think it would have been as calm in the end without Denise supporting us in those unexpected shifts. I am happy to say we can look back and still say it was a beautiful experience given the set backs during our labor. 

Rachel Grimmelmann


Denise is an extremely experienced Doula, which was very important to me and my husband during our search. She knew when to distract me and when to help bring me into the present moment. Toward the end of my pushing, the OB said I may need an emergency c-section if I didn't get the baby out within 15 min. It was incredibly stressful, but Denise knew exactly what to say and do to help get me to the endzone. I'm very grateful for her and would recommend her highly to others. 



My husband and I experienced a pregnancy loss last year which made becoming pregnant again this year a huge blessing that came with some anxiety. Because of this, we knew we would need a doula to prepare us with all the information we could get before going into labor and meeting our little one. We found Denise after some research and interviews and are so glad we chose her to be a part of our team. From her birthing and breastfeeding classes, to the hospital, and a postpartum at home visit, we learned a lot and felt supported. My induction was stressful but having her as an advocate by our side created comfort that we really needed to get through the process. We would highly recommend Denise especially for BIPOC parents. 

Desiree Baltimore


My experience working with Denise was incredible and exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning, she was very knowledgable and available to address any questions my husband and I had as first time parents. She made us feel comfortable sharing our fears and concerns with her and her expertise and experience really put us at ease. 

When the big day finally arrived, Denise was there every step of the way from me laboring at home, to beinhg a huge advocate for my husband and I when the hospital tried to deviate from my birth plan. She made us feel safe and supported on one of the most important days of our lives and I truly don't know if I would have been able to have an unmedicated natural birth without her by my side. Wokring with Denise was one of the best decisions my husband and I  made, and we are truly grateful for her being by our side througout my pregnancy journey. 



My wife needed more medical care than she would have liked for this pregnancy. We were seeing an MFM. He and his team weren't very personable or compassionate about our situation. We wanted a Black doula to provide some personalized support, compassion, and advocacy.

When we first spoke with Denise, it was instant chemistry. My wife instantly felt comforted and like this was the right doula. Denise is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. She mentioned that she had been a part of over 200 successful deliveries. She also shared her experience working with Black women as their doula and advocate, saying that it has so much meaning to her because she is a Black woman who sees herself in those women. This sealed it for us. It only took a few minutes after our initial call for my wife and me to decide that we wanted to move forward with her. We let her know, and she immediately gave us access to many resources around pregnancy and birthing.

Denise was very supportive and attentive to our questions and concerns. She made herself available for calls and texts throughout the pregnancy. This was so helpful since my wife had a lot more medical care this pregnancy and thus a lot of questions. Denise invited us to her breastfeeding class monthly; I believe we took it four times! And she shared information about an Evidence-Based Birthing course that my wife and I took to learn even more. As we got closer to the due date, she visited us at home and talked to us about everything we could experience in the coming weeks. Denise joined us at the hospital and supported my wife during labor. She also stayed after the baby was born to help my wife with breastfeeding and the initial latch. She was even available for follow-up conversations and a visit after we went home.

Denise made us feel safe, seen, heard, and supported throughout the pregnancy. We would have made it through as well as we did without her. I'm eternally grateful.

Rebecca and Jamie


Simply put, Denise is a dream to work with. She's both rallying coach and compassionate friend. We wanted a doula to be with us on our first journey into parenthood, someone who could guide and support us as we navigated the trimesters, doc appointments and all the preparation that goes into welcoming a baby. We got all of that with Denise, who has supported more than 230 births -- and all different kinds, from high-risk to IVF to emergency c sections. And so we knew that whatever situation we found ourselves in, Denise would support us.

Leading up to our due date, Denise led a number of fantastic classes on breastfeeding and labor and delivery. When it was go time, she was right there with me, offering a number of comfort measures like the TENS machine and bouncing ball to help with dilation. And she was very invested post-birth, too, coming to check up on me and play with our baby. She has since kept in touch.

We were looking for a doula and in Denise, we found that and so much more. We found a lifelong friend.

Chantel & Danielle


Denise was extremely informative and very welcoming. Denise was availble every step of the way during our intra and post partum period. She was also instrumental in guiding us through breastfeeding. As first time parents, we are very grateful to have had her as our doula.

Jess Tyler


Our latest pregnancy experience was a bit different then most as we were navigating a pregnancy after infant loss. Having a doula was something of interest to me to enhance the support needed in all areas. Our experience with Denise was amazing and exceeded my expectations. She was very thorough and made us feel at ease from the moment we had our first consultation. We did interview a few other doula candidates but Denise stood far apart from the others -not only from an expertise aspect but a great sense of connection and sensitivity she had to what we were currently navigating and how she would aid in making sure our experience would be different. Aside from the one on one support, she also offered excellent workshops that provided tons of information that even as a second time pregnancy- I still gained a load of new information and access to resources that I hadn't had before. Denise assisted greatly in making my birthing experience go smoothly and I appreciate her being by my side. Especially being on call and me going into spontaneous labor a few weeks before my actual due date- Denise was the first person to be by my bed side- with all of her bag of "goodies" (essentials for labor) and keeping me at ease! Being pregnant after loss carries alot of sensitivities and stress that unfortunatly hospitals and their staff just do not pay much attention to but Denise definitely made sure to make us feel seen and heard in this process and I couldn't have asked for a better support person who was also a great   advocate. No need to look any further-have Denise be a part of your care team. You won't regret it!!!









Confidence and caring are the words  that come to mind when I think about my experience with Denise. Her confidence put me at ease when I had a question throughout my pregnancy.  In all the uncertainty of labor, she was tremendously helpful. I felt comfortable being my full self with Denise during the labor. She knew what she was doing, how to support and jumped right in. Denise is also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and was supportive throughout the process of me and my baby figuring it out. She checks in often. I sought out a Doula to be a support and to advocate for me and my baby, that is what I got and my family is very appreciative. 



My partner and I are so glad that we had Denise as our doula for the pregnancy and birth of our first child! As a black woman, I started my pregnancy with a lot of anxiety around maternal health outcomes, but having Denise's support and knowledge helped me to feel empowered to have a beautiful and positive birth experience, even when things didn't go exactly as planned. Denise was always available for any questions or concerns we had and supported us in getting adequate medical care from prenatal appointments and labor support, through to some postpartum concerns. The breastfeeding class(es) Denise offers were also extremely helpful for me and my partner to prepare for being able to feed our baby. I would definitely recommend Denise to anyone looking for a doula with extensive knowledge and passion for the birthing experience.

Juana and Rasheem


My husband and I decided to hire a Doula since it was our first child, we wanted to make sure we were as prepared as possible for what was ahead.  We hired Denise Bolds as our Doula and we could not be happier, we were not sure what to expect but Denise prepared us for before, during and after birth.  She is filled with a wealth of knowledge and ensured that we were prepared, she's a phenomenal advocate and it was a blessing to have her in our corner.  Denise really cared for us and our baby and we can not thank her enough! 

Brittany Jefferson


It was an absolute blessing having Denise as my doula. She prepared us immensely for the safe labor and delivery of our baby girl. I felt very educated and empowered to be the master of how I wanted my birth to go. She provided us with many tools that we could use and she was very patient when it came to answering all of our questions. I especially enjoyed the breatfeeding class she held, you could take it as many times as you needed at no extra charge. I am extremely greatly to have had Denise in my corner and couldn't have imagined delivery without her and the knowledge she bestowed upon us. 

Maja A.


Denise is amazing. She is a professional, knowledgeable, and supportive doula. It really put our minds at ease to have her support at the hospital. She walked me and my partner through what to expect every step of the way, and she advocated for us to ensure we were getting the right care. Her coaching really made all the difference. I felt she played a key role throughout the delivery, and I highly recommend her services. Her breastfeeding class is also fantastic!

Laureena Harris


Denise was introduced to me and my husband by my OB/GYN. If you're looking for someone who's responsive, attentive, always remembers to check-in, and an expert in lactation, look no further. In the first couple of days of giving birth (c-section) I was worried I wouldn't be able to develop enough milk for my baby. I've taken the lactation courses several times, but once you put into practice it's a different story. Denise provided an at home visit, but also does hospital visits. She encouraged me and worked with me and baby to latch with special techniques and how to properly pump. 

She is someone I would want to share with the world. She's very knowledgeable and provides a lot of resources and referrals if needed. 

varlene sauveur


Second time around and Denise delivered. I just love her energy and she is just good at what she does. She advocated for me and helped me get to my goal with my birth plan.    I know that I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks so much Denise I would choose you again and again! 

Alexis Jones


Having Denise for the birth of our first child was the greatest gift we could ever ask for. As first time parents we initially felt overwhelmed with all of the things we had to navigate through to prepare for the birth of our son. And as people of color, we had unique obstacles to face medically and Denise prepared us for every and any scenario. She was our coach. She helped me get out of my head and focus on my goals. She did our childbirth education class as well as breastfeeding and lactation support. Her skill set is unmatched. Because of her support I was able to have a safe and stress free labor. My partner and I can't thank her enough. 

Patrick Paul


Working with Denise Bolds and being part of the EBB course was extremely helpful!! As a black man, I was originally skeptical about using a doula or birthing courses. But the reality was that we heard a few horror labor stories from other black couples. After doing a lot of research, we found Denise. Through her private sessions & EBB classes, she was able to not only prepare us for the labor, but postpartum. I’m glad that I listened to my wife because Denise and the EBB classes gave me the knowledge & confidence that I needed to bring our beautiful son into this world!

Canon Paul


Since I found out I was pregnant it was very important to both myself and my husband that we had the support of a doula to guide us through the pregnancy and delivery. Along with all of the other resources provided to us by Denise, we were very excited to attend the Evidence Based Birth class. As a first time Mom and a Black Woman, Black Maternal Health is super important to me. I wanted to make sure that I understood the birthing process, and was educated on all of the options available to me. My goal was to make my birth as smooth and safe as possible for myself and my child.The EBB course was a great resource (along with Denise) for my husband and I to feel more confident at the hospital. I had a few friends ask me if I would take the EBB course again, during my future pregnancies and the answer is “of course!”. You can never be too prepared or educated, and I feel strongly about that when it comes to childbirth!

Lana L


It was one of the best decisions to hire Denise as both birth and postpartum doula. She had been instrumental at altering the course of my pregnancy at the most critical time, which resulted in the best possible outcome for our family. Denise was able to maintain the delicate balance of fostering independence and providing guidance to my husband and me as first time parents. During labor she was by my side and was the only one who could help me get through the pain while effectively collaborating with the rest of the medical team. At the hospital she advocated for non-medical interventions (when appropriate and safe) to minimize chances of complications for me and the baby. She made sure that I understood the options offered by the medical team and asked for clarifications as needed. Overall she provided an assertive and calm presence that tremendously helped with the more challenging parts of labor.

I can’t imagine what this journey would have looked like and felt like if we didn’t have Denise by our side, supporting, guiding and providing constant encouragement. My husband and I loved her positive energy and passion! She is fantastic at supporting partners as well! 


Not to mention that we will forever cherish photos she took of us during the delivery! 




Kristina B.


Working with Denise was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. I absolutely recommend Denise to anyone that is considering hiring a doula, and I will forever sing her praises.

We came across Denise because she was our birthing and breastfeeding class instructor, so we were confident she was well informed with great credentials and experience.

While I was laboring for over 30 hours, Denise was a calming presence, giving me a sense of both calm and strength I needed to get through each stage. And when things took a turn and an emergency c-section was necessary, she once again was there as a voice of wisdom and encouragement. Only someone with as much experience as Denise could have been helpful in that moment. 

Denise was available 24/7 not only leading up to the birth, but also postpartum. She would check in with us, and it was because of her we realized we had a milk supply issue early on. She has also shared resources, tips and tricks to get us through the first month of having a newborn (which have been so helpful as first time parents). 

Denise is the best doula anyone can ask for. You will never regret having Denise as part of your support team. 

Mabinty Youla


If you are even thinking about getting a doula- look no further than Denise Bolds!

Denise came highly recommended by my OBGYN & their affiliated birthing center.  She had the credentials, experience, and professionalism that I wanted as well as the type of personality one tends to gravitate towards.

I must admit that even after I did my research, I still stalled because I knew I wanted a doula but did I need one? Did the value outweigh the cost? After all my husband and I were trying to save for our new baby and move to a bigger place. 

Less than 2 weeks postpartum, I can personally say with every fiber in my being, that Denise Bolds is worth every single penny and more! 

During labor and delivery, when it was too late for epidural, it was Denise & her TENS unit that help allievate some of the pain. Even before then, when my OBGYN thought my son would come before his due date, it was Denise that stopped me from panicking. We did my birth plan and she made a home visit to make sure that I had everything I needed for my newborn. Then when my son passed his due date, it was Denise that suggested ways to help bring on labor so I wouldn't have to get induced.

Postpartum when I was struggling, it was Denise that did a home visit to comfort me. After seeing me she also advised for me to immediately set up a visit with my doctor. If it wasn’t for Denise's suggestion, I never would’ve discovered that I had postpartum preeclampsia a week after having my son. Postpartum preeclampsia is the second leading cause of death after hemorrhaging for women who just gave birth. 

When I was in the hospital, Denise checked on me and my husband and even drove to pick up my pumped breast milk so my son could still breast feed.

Again and again Denise has gone above and beyond for myself & my family. Hiring her as my doula has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

LaToya Thames


Denise Bolds is a great doula and I would recommend her services for any family thinking about hiring a doula to complete their pregnancy experience.  She is an expert on breastfeeding, she provides an educational class on breastfeeding for her clients, and it is very helpful.  I had a midwife and Denise as my doula and they met for the first time at my delivery, it was amazing.  Denise was so calm, she made me feel more relaxed and focused, which got me through my delivery.  My midwife asked for Denise information because she wants to recommend her services to future clients.  This is one of the many reasons I would recommend Denise for your future doula. 

Jessica and Ali


Denise was a true pleasure to work with! Being 1st time parents being a type 1 diabetic & being considered a high risk pregnancy we did not know what to expect. After being told that we couldnt have the birth experience we had envisioned because of my T1D we really wanted additional support to advocate our birth preferences in the hospital setting & make that experience ours. Throughout the pregnancy she was attentive caring encouraging & a true knowledgeable professional. She made us feel comfortable & ready for birth & parenting she was always available to answer questions & reassured us all along the way. Once we went into labor we had an amazing birthing experience laboring mostly at home as we planned & with her help we had an unmedicated natural birth. She helped us understand each stage & when it was time to take that next step. In the delivery room she helped us create the atmosphere we wanted & captured precious moments. She was a constant calm presence & empowered Ali to be a big part. While pushing she recognized that there were many voices & allowed us to focus & have serenity. It was just the reminder & encouragement needed to bring our son into the world! We cant recommend taking her breastfeeding classes enough. I now consider Ali to be my own personal lactation expert (we sat in on the class together 3 times & took something new away each time!) An ultimate compliment was when we went to the pediatrician & they mentioned that we didnt seem like “first time parents.” This is thanks to her support &care. Our son is happy & healthy & we honestly wouldnt have been as prepared if it wasnt for Denise & her valuable resources! We cant thank or recommend her enough! After this experience we cant wait to expand our family &have her support us again! We couldnt have asked for a better pregnancy labor delivery & postpartum. We have so much love for you Denise!

Jedidah Thesatus


Denise Bolds was a God send! The first trimester of our pregnancy was a bit rocky so when looking for a doula we wanted someone who had experience with possible complications. We also wanted someone who understood the nuances of being a black laboring woman and had methods to combat the medical disparity experienced by women of color. Enter Denise with her wealth of experience and no-nonsense advocacy. She presented options I didn't even know we had, provided support and education before we gave birth and most importantly was there to assist in the delivery of our son via medical induction. The postpartum support was one of the most meaningful parts of her service as the sense of being overwhelmed and unsure were mitigated by her ever calm presence. It takes a special skill to form meaningful relationship over zoom (required due to the pandemic), however Denise has this skill in spades because when she appeared in the doorway during labor it was as if we had known each other forever and I felt immediate relief that she was there.

Denise was also a life saver when it came to her breastfeeding support. As a CLC she supported us both with classes before hand and with hands on assistance in getting our baby was well fed after coming home. We are now well on our way to being successfully through "the fourth trimester" and remain eternally grateful for all Denise's knowledge, education, advocacy and support though this process.

Kelly S.


As first-time parents, we are so happy to have found Denise to help us during our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They say each pregnancy and birth is unique, and that is so true. Denise was instrumental in teaching my husband and me about what to expect, but more importantly, she helped me take charge of my birth experience.

Denise was available 24/7, checking in via text and phone calls, and didn't hesitate to meet us at the hospital when our labor began. Having experienced over 100 births, Denise listened to our needs while also making suggestions for navigating the unknowns and challenges that come with hospital settings. For example, during the night of our labor, Denise pushed the hospital staff to be alert, on time, and to accommodate our birth preferences. She supported me with breathing techniques and coaching me through getting into active labor to minimize interventions.

I strongly recommend Denise, especially for first-time parents.



Working with Denise was a real pleasure! She had a lot of information and resources that were helpful for new parents like us. Some of these resources include a class about breastfeeding and a class for partners/dads/husbands and his they can best support the birthing person. Both of these were incredibly valuable for us. During the birth, she was a comforting and calming presence when I was giving birth at the Birth Center of New Jersey. Thank you Denise for all of your wonderful support. We are forever grateful for what you've done for us!  I highly recommend choosing her as your doula. You will not regret it! 

Shakima & Jason


My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Denise as a doula.

When we first hired her, we could not have predicted all of the challenges that would lie ahead in what had otherwise been a healthy pregnancy. A couple of weeks before my due date, I started experiencing severe flank pain, which as a first time mom, I thought were the beginning of contractions. When the pain became so bad that I could not stand or keep anything down, the doctor recommended that I come in as they believed that I had kidney stones. The next few days were an agonizing blur as the doctors debated whether or not to induce me. By the time they settled on inducement, I was still in severe pain and had spent several days on strong painkillers. The doctors were also still suggesting increasingly invasive procedures based on the kidney stone theory. Needless to say, my husband (who is also a doctor) and I were exhausted both physically and mentally from weighing all the possibilities and trying to make the best decisions to protect both myself and the baby. 

By the time I started labor, the heaviness of all that we had just been through and all that potentially lay ahead was palpable in the room. When Denise arrived, I believe that it was around midnight, but the whole energy of the room changed. She was bright and positive with just the right amount of assertiveness. She had helpful suggestions that I believe progressed the labor more quickly. In the end, I only pushed for under half an hour and I gave birth to a nearly 9 pound healthy baby girl! My husband and I believe that Denise's presence was a game changer not only because of her expertise, but also because of the vibrancy that she brought to the situation. 

I never did pass a kidney stone and thankfully, the mystery kidney pain disappeared after delivery. But, I think that having a doula as an advocate, and especially Denise, made all the difference in the outcome for myself and my family. 

Lori Moran


I wanted a doula because of my history of miscarriages. I was considered high risk due weight and my pcos.

Denise exceeded my expectations. 

From the first conversation i felt safe. she listened and made she was going to be the guide i needed. I felt normal for the first time. She offered a informative breastfeeding class and resources.

I had a smooth induction. She walked me through everything they were going to do. It supposed to be 36 hours but i gave birth less than 24 hours. Once my labor started i was so scared but the moment she walked in i felt safe. She helped me breath through the contractions and listened to me When the doctor wasn't on the same page as me, She took control and got us all in sync. She has a way to help me escape the pain i was in. When she put her hand on my chest she breathed with me the courage to push. Her energy and knowledge of the process made my experience positive. It was life changing. As soon as my son was born, she helped me breastfeedshe cared for my son and even guided my husband  

If i wasn't already impressed she went above and beyond during my postpartum. She did home visits and was on call all day/night to help me shift into mommy mode. I was terrified to sleep and let anyone help me. She talked to me until i was able to trust the help. she helped my mom do simple things like trim his nails and taught us to swaddle the baby. 

i needed last minute donor milk 2 times and she found a way to get it for me in my time of need. Again, i don't know what i would do without her. 

Every mom deserves a doula like Denise. Childbirth and being a first time mother is so difficult and having    her  through it all has prepared me for what's to come. 
She's like the caring aunt that you want around all the time.

Nefertia Bratcher


My experience with Denise was AWESOME! Very attentive, bold, caring, patient. Beautiful spirit! She went above and beyond. Thank you again Denise!! :) Nevaeh and I are very blessed to have you.



Being a first-time mom (with a very type A personality), first-time parents, and with the uncertainty of COVID, we knew we wanted a Doula to help us during pregnancy and as support during delivery. So happy and grateful we went with Denise as our Doula! Her knowledge, support, and genuine compassion really helped me to navigate our unexpected c-section delivery and the first weeks postpartum.

During our prenatal sessions, Denise took the time to learn about us personally, my birth plan goals, and shared a plethora of additional resources for us to read/watch. With significant experience at our delivery hospital, Denise provided realistic expectations as we developed my birth plan. We also took the Evidenced Based Birth course with Denise.

Up until Week 38, I was having an uncomplicated pregnancy. At 38 weeks, I was sent to the hospital with elevated blood pressure. While I was at the hospital being monitored, Denise constantly checked in, and then when the plan was made to be induced, Denise shared insights on what to expect in the coming hours and made a plan to come to support us in the hospital. Things did not progress fast enough, so we began to consider a C-section. During this time Denise was there with strong emotional support, helped me to feel empowered in the decision, and gave my husband & me space when needed.

As I recovered in the hospital, Denise checked in on us daily. The day we were discharged, she came by for a home visit. Because of all the fluid from induction, I was super swollen. She gave tips to navigate breastfeeding being swollen so we didn’t have to supplement. Denise came back a week later for another visit, this time to help to make sure we had the latch down and different holding positions. This really helped me build my confidence in being able to breastfeed.

If you are looking for a Doula, I would highly recommend Denise. As friends start to have babies, she will be the one we recommend!

Emily Kunkel


I cannot recommend Denise highly enough.  She was my doula for the birth of my second child in October of 2020. After a pregnancy during COVID I was especially anxious about my birth. During our phone intro I explained all the ways I felt left behind with my previous birth experience and was met with so much understanding and empathy.  I needed to be induced because of gestational diabetes and Denise walked us through every step of what to expect.  My birth with Denise was so so so different from my first.  From the moment she entered the room I felt so safe and supported.  She was there for ME. She got me up on a peanut ball and shifting positions.  She explained each and every step to me as it happened. She worked with my husband and the nurses to be my constant support as my labor ramped up. Reflecting back, she was the perfect coach for each shifting stage of labor. I felt so SAFE when I looked to her and saw that she was locked in on what was going on.  As I entered transition it was harder and harder to locate the baby's heartbeat.  Denise suggested I get on my hands and knees-- I couldn't wrap my head around doing that but she coaxed me just to try it--my labor progressed so much faster from there.  She was right by me the whole time and I know for sure she was setting the tone for the whole room of doctors--all of them followed her calm, commanding, professionally warm energy.   Truly, my postpartum experience has been so much more positive after this birth and I know it's because I'm not running through the experience in my head over and over- Denise's support helped me heal from my first birth and feel triumphant after my second.  She also encapsulated my placenta and gave me a lactation consult at my postpartum visit- she also brought diapers and a gift for my 2 year old! I am so lucky to have found her and if I have another baby I am calling her FIRST!  



I was back and forth on hiring a doula for my birth and I am SO GLAD that I ended up going with Denise. I met Denise through a childbirth class and immediately was drawn to her positivity and understanding. We worked together on birth preferences and when I was overdue she helped recommend some ways to help naturally induce. When I ended up being induced at the hospital, she was on call and responding quickly via text throughout the entire delivery. She was super once it came to the actual delivery. It was so calming and reassuring to have her next to me. After the birth we kept in touch via phone and text as she was there to support us with any questions we had. We just did our home visit a few weeks since coming home from the hospital and again was impressed with her knowledge and ease as we worked through some breastfeeding positions / tricks and tips. She was always very supportive and helped guide me in making decisions but never pressured me in one direction or another - which is exactly what I was looking for!

I highly recommend Denise as a doula for any mom who is on the fence - you will not regret it!



As we gush over our healthy baby girl, my partner and I could not be more grateful for the amazing experience we had working with Denise. Due to Covid and mixed information about whether we could have a doula or not, we connected with Denise much later in our pregnancy than we would have liked. We immediately clicked with Denise and came to find that she’s professional, straightforward, respectful and has great energy. She took the time to get to know us as a couple so we had a great rapport. 

Our daughter ended up coming 2 1/2 weeks early but we were well prepared to have our minimally invasive, unmedicated vaginal birth thanks to Denise. She took the time to set our expectations and to outline all of the possible scenarios during our prenatal sessions. She was available to us as soon as we realized I was in early labor and she guided me through safely laboring at home for as long as possible. She me feel safe, comfortable and empowered.

She encouraged me through my delivery in her very calming voice. When I physically felt unable, she provided me with the support to push through. As a first time mom, Denise’s level of support and care was invaluable. She was able to capture some intimate photos during the labor and delivery which is priceless. 

Another HUGE benefit is that Denise is a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She explained her process and safety practices in detail so we were very comfortable.  I gave birth to our daughter on the weekend, so the hospital was not able to release our placenta to Denise then. She was back bright and early on Monday to pick it up so that she could get our pills to us in a timely manner. Everything was well packaged with detailed instructions and she even made a beautiful keepsake for our baby book.

As we continue to grow our family, we look forward to working with Denise again. Thank you Denise for making the birth of my first born a truly magical experience.



Denise is so awesome at what she does! The prenatal sessions that my husband and I had with her really established our relationship and set the stage for the unmediated vaginal birth I hoped to have as a first time mother. She helped us understand what to expect whether things went the way we wanted or something unexpected came up.

When I started having contractions and my water broke, she was available by phone and highly communicative throughout the night and early morning, which was invaluable in helping me stick to the plan of laboring at home for as long as possible.

At the hospital she was instrumental in helping me manage my contractions with different positions, proper breathing, a TENS unit, and massage techniques. She also had a great rapport with the nurses and the doctor, who were pretty hands off until it came time for the final pushes.

All in all, I had an amazing birth experience with Denise’s expert guidance. My husband and I are so happy that we chose Denise as our doula and would definitely do it again.



Denise is amazing!!

I had a wonderful first birth experience and I credit it to working with Denise. Having someone with me that I new and trusted and had built a relationship with was HUGE! The medical staff at the hospital were all great, but they were all basically strangers. I had met my OB for all of 10 minutes before showing up to deliver. (Not to knock my OB practice, but like many in NYC there are several doctors and I just didn't have much of a relationship with any of them.)

For a first pregnancy, it was so helpful to have Denise give guidance and advice when I was showing early signs of labor. She let us know when to stay put at home and when things started getting more serious she came over, helped me with techniques to manage the pain of contractions and let us know when it was time to head to the hospital. She had great rapport with the medical staff and was able to translate jargon and help us answer questions as they came up.

We also took a childbirth class with her, which I would definitely recommend. If you're thinking of working with Denise, do yourself a favor and go for it!



Denise is AMAZING!! She was very professional and checked in with us frequently while I was pregnant. We enjoyed her home visits and all of the written materials/recommendations she shared. She always listened, like when I complained about pelvic/groin pain, she suggested a physical therapist. She knew I wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth and walked me through the plan in a very thorough and stress-free way. I am deeply appreciative of her care for me, my husband, and my baby - particularly as a black woman with fears about childbirth in a hospital. I had a fabulous delivery, and that is because she walked us through everything. She really was a coach! The doctor (my OB was not on call) actually left us to labor together and probably only visited for a total of one hour. Denise knew how to manipulate every part of the hospital bed, and she brought all types of stuff with her to help me labor. If I have another child, I would work with Denise again just for the care she gave. Post delivery, she visted in the hospital and at home. She was very helpful and comforting. 


On another note, she took very intimate photos of our birth which was just beautiful. I am so grateful to have these photos.



Denise joined our birth team under unusual circumstances: 40-41 wks pregnant and hubby became ill. While stressful for us, Denise walked in like a super hero to save the day filled with confidence clarity and warmth.  If a doula  can handle a birth under complicated circumstances they can certainly rise to the occasion under typical circumstances. 

During the birth, Denise provided the perfect mix of space and support. Denise did an awesome job anticipating when to step in. She was also responsive when we communicated our needs. She encouraged me and worked wonderfully with the rest of the team  to provide the nurture and support I needed as a birthing mom. I felt heard respected and seen. 

Denise was truly an answer to our prayers :) We highly recommend her <3

Andrea Donkor


Denise is the ultimate professional who clearly has deep knowledge in this space. However, what strikes me most is the way that Denise demonstrates her care for her clients and their families.

Just two weeks ago I had a very empowering birth experience made possible by Denise listening to my concerns, helping bridge my understanding of the choices truly available to me, and holding space for me to weigh my options as I spoke with medical professionals. This was my second birth and I know just how nerve racking the experience can be when things are not going according to plan. However, Denise was able to help  create the calm space to allow me to reason through my alternatives. And as a result, we welcomed our baby girl into the world via a low stress birthing experience.

I have enjoyed the end-to-end support I have received from Denise and would recommend her hands down to anyone who seeks a doula with deep professional knowledge only matched by their deep care for the families they help support.

Thank you Denise!

Nicole Letizia


Denise Bolds of Bold Doula was a much needed addition to my birth team. 

She is a strong advocate for your wants and needs as a birthing client and person, but also becomes a warm and loved part of your family. 

I hired Denise primarily for her expertise and experience with VBAC births, but it was also extremely important to me to have a black woman on my team who could not only relate to me, but understand the disparities in birth facing our community.

I'm so thankful I had Denise to help me push through and VBAC my son on January 7th, 2020. She helped keep me as focused as possible, and work through and passed the trauma I was holding onto throughout my birth experience. 

Denise is obviously very talented, and knowledgeable in the arena of birth work, and anyone who chooses to hire her is doing themselves a wonderful service!

I also highly recommend her additional services, as I'm extremely satisfied with her work on my placenta and umbilical cord!

Thank you Denise for a memorable experience!

Laura D.


Denise is one of my best decisions!

I’m so grateful I had Denise to help me through my first labor and delivery. She was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable during pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum. She responded to questions via texts and emails quickly, provided meaningful guidance and advice and made me feel more empowered to birth my child.

Most importantly, she was invaluable during delivery. I was struggling to deliver at my hospital and I know if Denise had not been there with suggestions of new birthing positions and breathing techniques I likely would not have birthed the baby the way I wanted. I highly recommend this passionate, kind and knowledgably woman to help you welcome your child.




I can't imagine bringing my baby girl into the world - and in particular in NYC - without a doula. My husband and I are so thankful that we selected and bonded with Denise Bold. Denise is knowledgeable, warm, kind, and firm - four things that are critical during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum experiences. I went into labor exactly two weeks before my due date, and Denise remained "on-call" for us until my actual due date. After delivery, she followed up with us at the hospital and again at our home. She texted us. She called us. She genuinely cared about my postpartum mental and physical well-being as much as she did during labor and delivery. She was a solid source of support for my husband during this time as well, never hesitating to communicate with him directly as she did with me.  Her calming nature and non-judgemental presence were huge sources of support for us. Navigating the medical system can be a daunting task, particularly in NYC. Navigating the medical system can be a daunting task, particularly in NYC.  If you are looking for not only for an advocate during labor, but also a source for empowerment, then Denise is an amazing doula for you.






Maggie Raife


Denise Bolds came highly recommended through a friend and I am so glad we found her! She was absolutely invaluable in our son's birth. Throughout the birthing process she kept my wife and I calm, informed, and supported. I truly don't know how we could have done it without her help. Her calm, caring, and cheerful approach was the perfect fit for us. Moreover, during the preganancy Denise's personal visits with advice, coaching and resources were also super helpful. We liked working with her so much we have also hired her as a night nurse for a few nights to help us with our newborn. I can't recommend Denise highly enough -- she's just the best!!   



Working with Denise was great. She has a wonderful, warm, pragmatic energy, which was evident from our first conversation. Her support, knowledge, and help were so welcome throughout the birth process and immediately after. My pregnancy went from healthy and low-risk to needing the baby out ASAP for medical reasons in a very fast few hours. Initially, I felt blindsided by these events that were completely outside my control, but having Denise there as an advocate and a support person made it feel manageable for both my partner and me. Denise worked alongside my OB and the other doctors and nurses, and I'd absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who knows her way around the medical community (even my OB was impressed and actually said so). Also, as helpful as she was during the birth, Denise was almost more helpful afterwards. Despite our baby being >2 weeks early, she was born large even for an at-term baby and hungry, and my partner and I found the folks in the hospital fairly useless. They were regurgitating hospital policy about breastfeeding without assessing what our baby needed (yes we wanted to breastfeed, but right away, our larger than average baby needed supplemental formula in - surprise! - larger than average quantities). Denise's nondogmatic pragmatism was exactly what both my partner and I needed, because we just wanted a fed, satsified, and growing baby while my body caught up to having given birth so suddenly before it was ready. Also, Denise told us when a lactation consultant was the right person to help us out. We took her advice, and long story short, we're all on track. I'd definitely seek out Denise again and recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.



My husband and I welcomed a daughter one year ago in August. Denise was our birth doula and we cannot say enough good things. She is extremely well-trained, knowledgeable, and an advocate for you, the patient, first and foremost. My reasons for a doula were varying, but specifically that a) I didn't want to take a birthing class, mostly due to some time contraings and I acknowledged that I b) have an unjustified/irrational fear of the what if. My thought was what if something happened to me or to the baby, and my husband or I needed support, we needed someone in the room for US. Although the birth went off fairly easily, we were 4 weeks early. We had just met with Denise the night my water broke and so we ended up seeing her at the hospital later that night much sooner than anticipated. Because our daughter was technically premature and it all happened in a flash, Denise was able to help me and my husband navigate the circumstances and keep david with our daughter while I recovered.

She is straightforward, respectful, and no nonsense. She helped me figure out when it was time for an epidural and told me I'd gotten as far as I could on my own and was a cheerleader. It gave me the strength and rest I needed to get us across the finish line a few hours later. And because we ended up in the NICU, Denise couldn't come home with us and settle us in, but she checked back in and visited us in the hospital. Given that we met, signed contract and then had the baby, all in 24 hours, it was great. We are grateful to her for her support and have already recommended her to other friends. 



Denise was amazing to work with as our doula for our first baby. From the very beginning, she was very responsive and really took the time to walk us through what birth would be like and what her role as the doula would be. She also took time to ensure that her approach to being a doula lined up with our needs as well. She really emphasized that she and my husband would be partners in ensuring that our birth went smoothly, regardless of the kind of birth we would end up having. Denise took the time to understand our preferences and help us craft a birth plan. The day of our birth, Denise was with us for the whole time, even through a false start where we ended up leaving the hospital and all coming back 6-8 hours later. Denise helped us find comfortable positions for labor during the early stages and during our pushing stage she helped the nurses find the right positioning to speed up the process of baby entering the world. Overall Denise was great to work with and helped make our daughters birth a better experience! 

Alea Holman


Denise went above and beyond to support me and my family during the birth of our first child. Nothing went as planned for the delivery due to several complications, and Denise patiently talked me through each decision I had to make. She listened to my concerns and she encouraged me through my fears. I had an extended hospital stay due to the delivery complications, and Denise was kind enough to help my mother, who came up from out of state, with a place to stay. I strongly recommend Denise as a doula. She is knowledgeable, personable, and kind. It’s clear that she cares deeply about her clients. We’re very grateful to have had her support.

Unique Singleton


Denise was the first Doula I spoke with. There was an instant connection. She was very helpful during pregnancy, answering questions, providing information and even recommended a free birthing workshop. She checked in a few times during pregnancy and I updated her on appointments. This worked for us as I didn’t want her asking me weekly how is it going.We had dicsucssed laboring at home, so I did a few hours before calling Denise and my OB. At the hospital she helped keep me comfortable talking me through breathing, massaging my back Etc. I was sent back home and Denise went home as well. This was odd to me as I thought she would come to my home during labor as discussed but I didn’t mention it as I felt I was fine (at least until I got back home and the pain was unbearable). During labor Denise explained the birth plan we created to the nurses ensuring they were meeting my needs/wants. She was very helpful getting me through natural labor. She talked me through the pushes and filled in counting etc.. She kept me calm. She took photos during labor -I absolutely loved that she was able to capture the moment. After delivery the nurses asked if we would be keeping the placenta. Denise said that she would. The next day I asked my partner about this as it wasn’t discussed.  I kept meaning to follow up with her about it but did not until about a week later where she informed us she discarded it. I was disappointed to hear this as we discussed some options of things to do with the placenta but never finalized. She didn’t communicate with us her intentions or that things changed and she would need to discard it. Denise visited us at the hospital the next day, helped with breastfeeding and answered all of our questions and again in our home about a week later. She showed different ways to swaddle. Denise continues to be a resource today. 

- Appreciative FTM 



From a skeptical guy's point of view, I hadn't been in many parenting circles. I knew some friends that hired doulas, but I had thought of them as paid friends to help support a woman during pregnancy.

I couldn’t have been more far from the truth when it came to Denise Bold.

What we paid for is the service of wisdom, experience, and a diverse understanding of childbirth. As a first-time young dad, I had heard the advice from the few dads I knew (all of which were older than me) and was told you want someone in the room that knew what they were doing. I went to the first initial meeting with Denise with my wife fully ready to judge it as a scam and waste of money. Instead she started asking questions that I had no reply to and gave us important information. I felt like I was given a syllabus to a college class that I had no background knowledge in, and all of the sudden I started to realize the importance of the doula.

She helped us create a timeline with goals, flushed out our opinions on how we wanted our child to come into this world. She took the information we gave her and focused on empowering us. Fast forward, to the time of the delivery, she was ready (birthing ball in hand) to help support my wife in her most vulnerable state of being. Telling us stories and having us recount fond memories to distract from the pain, and then preparing us for the big push. Our daughter is alive, healthy and well. We felt confident that with her in the room, giving us guidance and walking us through everything the doctors and nurses were doing.  Denise helped us manifest our birthing plan, then helped us pivot when the plan deviated. Even after the birth, she supported us at home to follow up and deliver my wife's placenta encapsulation to help her recover postpartum. Denise's input and experience is priceless. Truly worth it.  

Michelle Johnson


Denise Bolds was an AMAZING Doula throughout my pregnancy & birth and I highly recommend her to any expecting Mom-To-Be!!! My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner... Denise came in to work with me during my last trimester.

Before Denise, as a first time Mom, throughout my pregnancy I constantly felt unprepared, stressed out, and overwhelmed. When Denise came on as my Doula, she was a kind, supportive, calming presence who made me feel so much better about myself and my pregnancy. 

Denise especially SHINED BRIGHT in the delivery room for my baby's birth. I Thank God that Denise was with me the entire time... She empowered me to demand the highest patient service from the Hospital staff (Doctors & Nurses). And when my baby got stuck coming out, Denise calmly recommended we try the "Tug-O-War" method, which resulted in my beautiful baby finally being born happy & healthy!

Denise even offered some post-partum support, which I truly appreciated and needed. So again, if you or someone you know is looking for a Doula, Denise is absolutely wonderful and worth every penny!!!

Jessie Catana


I didnt have the pregnancy experience that I had always dreamed of. My partner & I were having problems & when I searched for a doula I was a single, pregnant woman. When I met Denise, I immediately felt calm and relief. Denise's sheer presence that afternoon told me that everything would be ok. And it was. Denise understood all of my feelings & tredpidations & made me feel empowered. It was ok that I was single - I now had a strong support system behind me. During my pregnancy Denise answered me promptly and always had a lot to share. When I actually went into labor I felt prepared & calm & knew exactly what to do. Denise met me at the hospital and really made me feel great. My mom & partner ended up being in the room with me but it was Denise that made me feel best. She knew what to say, when to say it, what to do and when to do it without me even asking. I didnt even know that i needed something until she offered it and it was exactly what I needed! After a long and tiring labor I ended up needing an emergency c-section and I chose to have Denise in the OR with me. She was with me when my baby boy was born and I wouldnt have had it any other way.

After my surgery, Denise's post-partum care was equally spectacular. She made sure I was set up comfortably in my room before leaving and when she came back she helped calm those "new mom" jitters immediately. I had 2 hospital staff lactation consultants come visit me while i was there to help me learn to breast feed but neither helped me like Denise. With just a few adjustments she saw what was wrong and we got it! I was admitedly a little scared of breastfeeding because I had heard some horror stories from friends but Denise helped me get the hang of one of my now most enjoyable parts of motherhood. When we were dealing with high bilirubin levels, Denise came to rescue again.

Denise, I couldn't have done this without you & I thank you for everything!

Soraya Depowski


I am SO thankful that we had Denise as our birth doula. Her support before, during, and after my delivery was absolutely invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula.

Before delivery, Denise met with us via FaceTime and in person and gave us a ton of helpful information and resources. She was quick to respond to any questions I texted her and she even dropped off a birthing meditation CD out of the blue one day.

Denise also put together a thoughtful and comprehensive birth preferences/plan for us based on our discussions. As is often the case, my labor took some unexpected turns. I could not have been more happy with the help and peace of mind that Denise provided throughout the entire process. Unfortunately we ended up with a standoff-ish doctor that we really disliked and it was like pulling teeth to get any information on how things were progressing from him or the nurses. Denise was our rock, there with a wealth of information and moral support. She helped us understand what to expect in terms of what should and shouldn’t be happening, as well as things to ask the nurses. She is calm and reassuring, and also knows the appropriate times to be firm (especially when advising us on how to deal with the frustrating staff!). I mean it 100% when I say that it is because of Denise that I will remember my delivery as a positive experience.

After birth, Denise stayed with us, took photos of our precious initial moments as a family, and made sure that we got our “golden hour” with our new baby. Even after our post-natal visit at our apartment, Denise continued to follow up and help with tips and referrals related to breastfeeding, colic, and circumcision. She even stopped by again to give us a product she recommended for our baby.

Overall, Denise is a warm, funny, caring, confident, and knowledgeable person.
I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sabrina Kline


Being a doula myself , I knew exactly what I was looking for when I hired Denise. I already had a firm grasp of childbirth and labor, I needed someone with ancestral wisdom with a heart to match. Denise brought that and so much more. My first birth was conventional in every way but the experience was very traumatic. This time I wanted it to be different. Spiritual even, for a deeper healing.  Denise created a wonderful community Mothers Blessing to help set the tone and get me in the right head space. Words cannot express how something so small and thoughtful became such a grand gesture. It set the foundation for my fully unmedicated home birth. Every step of the way Denise comforted me, reassured me,  cheered me on and supported while giving me the space I needed to birth my daughter. I honestly dont think any testimonial would be sufficient in telling you the Gem that she is. And if you're considering hiring her, I suggest you take the next step in doing so. I'm so grateful that I did. Not only did I have the birth of my dreams because of her but I gained a friend for life.

Suzanne Booher


My husband and I just had our first baby, and are so glad that we found Denise to be our doula. Denise was very supportive at the hospital during our delivery, as well as postpartum. As this was our first pregnancy, we had very little knowledge of what to expect. Denise helped us through the process at the hospital. She has been supportive after we had the baby, giving us advice on feeding and sleeping. She gave great advice about dealing with the emotional swings of postpartum and calming a new baby, and is there to answer any questions that we have. We cannot say thank you enough to Denise for being such a great support!

Sebrena Grant


I absolutely love Denise. She not only helped prepare for my birth, she listened to all my anxieties and worries. She reassured me every time that everything will be ok. I would get caught in the rabbit hole of the internet and with one phone or text Denise talked me off the edge. She made sure to include my husband in every thing which was most important to me. She made sure to find out the exact birthing experience I wanted and did her best to create it. Even though my labor and delivery didnt go as planned Denise was there every step of the way. From my first contraction to when my beautiful son arrived. I labored mostly at home, she talked us through it over the phone until I couldn't do it any more. By time we got to the hospital Denise was walking in with us. Denise and my husband were my source of strength as my labor took a turn for the left. Denise was in the bed with me, as my husband loves to remind me, helping me to get through my contractions and back labor. As we needed to make a decision about medication, she gave me a look that reassured me that it would be beneficial at this time during my labor. I'm so grateful to have Denise as she really helped me get through all the twist and turns my delivery took. It didnt stop there she was sending me help when I called her about the baby not latching in the hospital. She was at our home visiting with us within the first few days of us leaving the hospital. She ccame to make sure i was ok after my labor experience and to make sure I understood how to use my pump. I can say you will not be disappointed if you pick Denise as your doula. I still text her when things dont seem right and send her pictures to keep her updated with the baby. If am blessed with another child, I will be calling Denise again.

Denise Bolds


Ms. Bold's response to Ms. Breeden's testimonial. I am grateful to be able to provide this statement of my doula support to Nicole and her husband Damien. I was referred by another doula; I was excited. Upon meeting the couple we connected with great conversation and it was then Nicole disclosed that she was being evaluated for placenta previa. We moved forwarded with doula support. Working with Nicole and her husband, Damien is like many clients here in NYC: all are working at demanding jobs at hectic paces. Damien was working two jobs while Nicole worked one job with very long hours. This resulted in a challenge in meetings as well as any method of education or resources to empower the couple, but I was always very sure to be able to respond to any calls, emails or texts from them. It was during these communications as well as a prenatal visit I was able to glean knowledge on Nicole & Damien. Nicole did not let me know immediately of her demanding job with 12-14 hour days. With a preliminary rule of placenta previa, I advised Nicole to take things easy until time would reveal if her baby’s placenta moved into a more conducive area for a vaginal birth. Nicole would inform me in her last trimester that she was scheduled for a C-Section as the placenta did not move enough – I felt her disappointment. We discussed what would take place with a surgical birth. Nicole calls again to inform me that she was now slated for a vaginal birth; her baby’s placenta was out of the way of danger. I asked Nicole if she was comfortable with this and she could still discuss birth options with her OB. Nicole also had another issue that came forward – Nicole’s blood pressure was presenting a risk to her and her unborn child. (part 2 continued below)

Denise Bolds


On Nicole’s very last prenatal visit, which was scheduled at 3:45PM, Nicole takes the train alone to the visit. The weekend before, she would move into a new, larger apartment with her husband. Nicole also BUILT two dining room tables. All of these actions were not conducive of a placenta previa and pre-eclampsic pregnancy. Nicole also was not getting enough sleep and working many days until 10 PM, Nicole had very little sleep/rest/recovery to support a healthy outcome. It was at her last prenatal visit Nicole and her husband were advised of having an induction and were instructed to go to the hospital after having one last good meal before the procedure. Both Nicole and Damien would arrive at the hospital at 10:47PM - almost 7 hours later after being instructed by their prenatal provider to have some thing to eat and head over to the hospital. Please keep in mind – I was waiting on stand by all this time. Nicole and Damien did call me before going to the hospital and I admonished them at their delay in getting to the hospital. It would be another 2 hours before the couple would arrive. I explained the procedure to them again and also clarified that a doula normally doesn't come at the beginning of any induction as the procedure takes awhile and that yes, I would be going to bed and resting up for when the induction goes into full affect. Please keep in mind I was on stand by during the 7 hour-long dinner. (part 3 continued below)

Denise Bolds


Two hours into the induction, Nicole’s placenta separates from her womb resulting in a massive hemorrhage and an emergency C-section. Damien called me; I arrived 27 minutes later. Damien was holding his daughter and Nicole was still in surgery. During out wait I took photos of Damien and his new baby keeping him distracted with conversation. It was during this conversation that I would find out of Nicole’s behavior that appears to be driven by untreated anxiety. As her husband Damien explained: “Nicole needs a lot of reassurances with everything.” In my intake with this couple I did ask of any anxiety/depression and I was told “None.” If Nicole had identified her feelings, I could have provided resources to support her. It is a known occurrence in the birth industry when things do not go well, at a birth it is so very easy to blame the doula. Too many times prospective pregnant client’s do not engage in behaviors that would promote low risk vaginal births s many are facing demanding jobs and the ongoing fantasy that having a new home and a ton of new things from baby showers means you are now ready to have a baby. Nothing can be more further from the truth. It is so very difficult to have clients engage in accountability. The OB came out after stabilizing Nicole post surgery and spoke with us; she said “I was asleep and all of a sudden a nurse rushes in and wakes me up.” Yes, even the OB took a sleep break as well. There were so many other actions Nicole and Damien needed to look at, including how Damien went into the recovery room with the promise he would check on Nicole and then let me in as there was another patient sharing the room. There was no other place for me to wait unless it was all the way down in the lobby. Damien ignored my repeated calls and text messages asking when could I come in and support Nicole. When he finally did pick up – I was told: “Come back tomorrow.” (part 4 continued below)

Denise Bolds


Nicole does not mention in her testimonial that I called her as soon as possible and I provided her with a full refund for the placenta encapsulation that could not take place. She also doesn't mention our full conversation or all of what I mention above. Accountability is key to any positive outcome. I am not sure if Nicole’s OB educated her on the risks of high blood pressure and placenta previa. My support and empowerment as a doula was met with objectives that Nicole and her husband had that resulted in long workdays, and extenuating physical activity not supporting calm and healthy outcomes. As much as clients look for testimonials from birth workers, imagine if we the birth worker had a critique of the client. The intake during a new client interview/prenatal is only as good as what the client reveals. It is so much easier to just blame the doula. I send best wishes to Nicole, Damien and their baby daughter and I hope accountability with find them. It’s not even important to me to know if this couple thinks the OB is at fault in any way. This scenario is also another reason why maternal mental health is so very important in pre-conception and prenatal care. Respectfully Submitted. Denise Bolds, MSW CD (DONA)

Nicole Breeden


I recently hired Denise as my doula. As first time parents, my husband and I were excited to be working with her and to have someone advocate for us on the big day. Denise handles multiple clients at a time so often we didn’t feel supported or even remembered. I had to follow up to remind her of my due date a few times and she didnt remember the sex of our baby 4 weeks before i was due. All truly telling signs. The positive experience we had was that we were able to call her whenever we needed, which without the help of google was few and far in between. When it came time for the big day, unfortunately Denise wasn’t there. I was directed by my OB to get induced on a Friday due to my escalating blood pressure. My husband made a call to Denise who told us to let her know as things progressed and that she was “going to bed.“ Immediately we felt again, unsupported in addition to our having tremendous fears of laboring which were expressed to her. Soon after the induction my pregnancy took an ugly turn and we didn’t have Denise there to coach us  during our most terrifying time. We honestly don’t know why we paid what we paid — for phone calls maybe? But overall we had a truly bad and traumatic experience. It would have been helpful if she was able to better communicate her process and pay better attention to the emotional and physical needs of her clients better.

Durand Branch


It's been a couple weeks since baby Dasia was born and I finally have enough rest to write a review without falling asleep mid-type.

My perspective of Denise is similar to retaining a lawyer.  Whenever I called her, her experience was enough to answer the questions and more.  Before the birth, Denise assisted me when my wife (love her) didn't make sense and I need to know what to do.  During the birth, she stepped right up, coached me as to what may happen next and was right next to my wife offering assistance based on my wife's wishes.  Note:  there are too many books for expecting fathers, ask her to select the one you need.

Each birth is different and hospitals are incredibly diverse.  It's nice to have someone who knows the ropes and can guide you through the chaos.  Long story short, she also became a liason between the demands at the hospital and keeping my wife calm throughout the trial of pain.  Pain being the "pushy" hospital staff, mental thoughts of what's wrong with my baby, and is this normal?  Normal, what's normal when there are so many variables...just ask Denise.

My total experience of Denise is one who is kind and loving towards everyone.  She'll focus on the positives to get to get you through the storm.

- Durand

Marc Lazar


What an amazing person and Doula!  My wifes only wish was to be able to labor at home as long as possible.  Denise not only made this possible, but i can honestly say that we couldn't have done it without her knowlege, expertise, and general calmness and professionalism.  Without her, I would have brought my wife to the hospital 4hrs earlier.  She kept us calm and on the right track - constantly reassuring us.  After birth she stayed with us as long as we needed, and even visited us a couple of times afterward.  I'd reccomend her for anyone in need of a Doula!  A+

Liz Lazar


Denise got the job done for sure! What I wanted was to labor at home for as long as possible, and avoid an epidural (and pitocin). She allowed me to do just that! We would't have been able to stay home for as long as we did without her - it was essential that we were able to put our trust in her, and know that she would get us there when we absolutely needed to be there.

After the birth, she came and did a post partum meeting that was helpful as a check-in just to make sure things were going well at home, and gave us some pointers on nursing. She even brought some things to help me in recovery and sent us a cute Big Brother shirt for my older son. We also hired her to do an overnight a couple weeks after the birth, and this was extremely helpful for us, having someone we trusted caring for our baby and still supporting our breastfeeding relationship while allowing my husband and I to get a little extra sleep.

Leading up to the birth, I do recommend being explicitly clear in communicating your expectations and wishes. We expected two in-person visits as planned, but Denise suggested only doing one (she had her reasons I believe of keeping my anxiety low, but really it just made me a bit more anxious and I would have liked to have her here in person rather than on Facetime, which was difficult for clear communication due to sub-par cell service in my home). There were also a couple of things we had discussed to do during labor (like using positive affirmations) that she didn't do - I'm not sure if she thought I didn't need it in the moment, but I think it would have been comforting, since I expected it after our discussion.

Overall, I think Denise was the right choice for us in supporting us to achieve the type of birth I wanted to have.  I recommend her services in any birth and after!

Dierdra Oretade-Branch


One thing that can be very unpredictable through pregnancy is the labor and delivery process. My second pregnancy was different than my first pregnancy, 12 years ago. I am older and wiser, made better eating choices (at times), exercised regularly throughout the ENTIRE 40 weeks 3 days of my pregnancy, hired a wonderful Doula, Denise Bolds, and in my mind preparing for a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). However, after 40 weeks and no signs of active labor things moved in a different direction, a scheduled Cesarean (C-Section), a major surgery with a bonus blessing at the end. For this I am most grateful for my Doula, Denise Bolds! Her love, care, education, and support, even for my C-Section Delivery, made an unexpected event a beautiful birth story I hope to share with my daughter one day!

My husband and I were able to utlize Ms. Bolds's services even though we were out of state. She provided frequent phone calls, Facetime appointments, was available by phone/text when needed, provided resources such as safely laboring at home and a sample birth plan. Ms. Bolds's provided support at the hospital pre-C-section, and after the procedure. She encapsulated the placenta and even made a beautiful piece of artwork/keepsake from the umblical cord. Upon our return home, Ms. Bolds was able to provide some postpartum support, which was much appreciated.

If you are looking for a great doula, I highly recommend Denise Bolds's Bold Doula Services.

Alejandra Risquez


I had the pleasure to work with Denise for the birth of my first baby this June (2018). She is an amazing person and a very professional doula who supported me through my journey during pregnancy and played a very important role during the birth of my son. Both my husband and I are very grateful she was with us during my labor - not only to support me throughout the process but also guiding us to make the best desitions.

My labor was very long and Denise was with us the entire time, supporting us and giving us an amazing energy. She also played a very important role in communicating our borth plans to the nursing staff. I ended up having an unplanned c-section and she stayed to make sure the baby and I were okay. She also came to visit the next day and taught me how to breastfeed.

Honestly, I'm not sure I would've been able to do it without her. Her sweet and calming personality, combined with her knowledge of birth were essential to my husband and me. She gave us great tips on how to manage pain, knew different positions that would help the baby descend and overall, set a great vibe in the room that helped me during those long hours. The hospital's staff wasn't very good at communicating but Denisse always knew what was going on and explained the situation to us, guiding us to make the right desitions.

I feel Denisse is part of our family now and are really appreciative of her knowledge and professionalism, how supportive she was and her sweetness. She truly made our birth experience better and we loved having her there during such a special time in our lives. I would recommend her blindly to anyone.

Laura Lynch


Luckily, Denise was available for my due date and I was able to secure her services with only 2 weeks to go! (although I ended up delivering 8 days after due date!!). I had a good feeling after speaking because of her upbeat tone and attitude (which is a must have in terms of support when laboring!). She came to my home to discuss my birthing preferences and then wrote them up and provided them to me for me to get approval on by my doctors/midwives. She even reminded me of the Hep. B vaccine for baby and what my plans were with that, something I totally forgot about (despite being my third child!) and no one else had brought up at that point. Throughout my wait for baby to come or even show signs of coming, Denise was supportive and communicative by checking in with me via text but not harassing me as to why my baby wasn’t coming out yet! (very much appreciated!). When the moment had finally come to be in touch with her for real, she was ready to jump up and get to the hospital at midnight! Once there, Denise was able to provide support my husband’s not trained to do like speaking with the staff about some things, telling them to give me a min. as I was starting another contraction, etc. (although my husband did get right up in the mix with us in my massaging and leaning as things got going through heavier parts of labor!) : ) ). Overall, I most appreciated Denise’s upbeat attitude, patience (I don’t have the quickest labors!), and strength in massaging/providing pain relief techniques to me for my back labor! It was almost as if she had read my mind at one point in terms of going to my hips for the hip squeezes at the exact moment I started to need that instead of a lower back massage! Despite doing this for hours, I felt totally comfortable calling Denise over each time a new contraction started and telling her if I wanted something very specific to be done to me.  And then, I was holding my daughter!! Thank you Denise!

Seth Cohen


"Bold" is just one of myriad adjectives to describe appropriatey the inimitable Denise Bolds. When my wife conveyed her desire to hire a doula, I was immediately skeptical -- it elicited images of midievel times and ancient midwife practices in my mind. I simply didn't see any "need" for such a thing. However, as a newly minted first-time dad--2 days old to be sure--I can say without hesitation that hiring Denise was one of the best decisions we've ever made (other than having the baby, of course!) Frankly, whatever the definition of doula is, Denise eclipses and re-defines it.  Among many other things, she is a coach, caretaker, teacher, friend, expert, and advocate. Ironically, while child-bearing and the birthing process is an age-old experience (the oldest of human experiences by definition), it is also one of the most daunting and unknown paths through which to travel. Denise takes that road and untwists, unpacks and paves it.  While Denise was accessible literally 24/7 after we hired her, I want to focus specifically on labor. My wife wanted an unmedicated natural birth. Unfortunately things didn't go as excpected and she needed to be induced. Denise rolled with every punch, calmed my wife (and me), and took control of the process at the hospital in her savvy way. Nurses are far too busy to provide constant supervision, so having Denise by our side to shift my wife to a new position when the baby's heartrate fell to a dangerous level (only to watch it rise), have my wife sit on a medicine ball and do hip thrusts to get the baby to "drop," among many other intuitive techniques, I am convinced that Denise's techniques prevented a C-Section, and allowed my wife to deliver our son the way she always intended.  Dense is a rock.  She is smart.  She is kind.  She is patient.  And she is BOLD. I am not the kind of person to write a review, but I can't say enough about Denise and hold her in the highest esteem.

Christopher Yowan


My partner and I could not have been happier with our experience with Denise Bolds. Denise was friendly and cordial - we always looked forward to her visits leading up to the day of delivery. She was very informative and understanding. She really made us feel like she was on our side and that we could count on her to look out for us on the day of delivery. Denise already had a great relationship with our OB's (whom we also loved) which just helped to round out an incredible team working to help us get the delivery that we wanted. On the day of the delivery, Denise was an absolute rock star. She took control where needed and laid back and let us connect when necessary. She wasn't afraid to get tough when the going got tough, which we are eternally grateful for. She was as much of a cheerleader as she was a coach. Denise utilized methods that helped move the labor along and increase dilation when it was most important. After having gone through this process with Denise, we consider her a part of the family and come the next pregnancy - Denise would be the first person we called! My partner and I still talk about what a great experience we had on the day our daughter was born and it would not have been that way without the exceptional help of Denise. Denise is a straight shooter and a caring, funny, personable doula that will always have a special place in our hearts. I would 110% recommend Denise to any couple looking for a doula. She is the best!

Olga Akselrod


I recently delivered my second daughter and after having a tough overly medical first labor I knew I wanted my second birth to be more mindful and less medical and if possible a much more centered and peaceful experience. Having a doula was a key to this plan. When I met Denise I immediately felt her positive charisma and her strength as a woman. I was not wrong as during my labor she was invaluable! When things were just winding up with my contractions she gave me an amazing acupressure massage on my feet with aromatherapy, who can ever refuse that!!! I had a plan for a water birth and she had tips and suggestions through out the whole experience which helped me be in better position and help my labor progress. She advocated for me when she felt I needed to be checked for progress. She knew what I needed before I knew my self. I wasn't able to deliver the bath as I hoped and needed an epidural for pain and Pitocin to help regulate my contractions, but this was not a limiting step for Denise. She kept me on the bed moving my positions making sure I was in an optimal setting to keep my labor progressing. She had a bag of magic with her, where she had all sorts of things...bolsters, hand fan...speakers and who knows what! She was packed for an episode of survivor on the set of L and D! lol Overall i have to say, Denise is amazing. In minutes I was comfortable with her like I've known her all my life! If we decide to have a 3rd child, I hope Denise will be there again to help me navigate my labor journey!

Tia Fagan


This is my fourth child, fourth c-section and second birth partnering with Denise Bolds.mHere are some first things I want to make very clear:

1. Doulas are not just for natural births. A doula can make a c-section birth so much better. One example of this that I would like to share was a way that Denise really made my birth way better than it would have been without her. During my third child's csection I was very nauseated and for hours after. Denise remembered this and it was something she brought up during the fourth baby. Because she was able to bring this up and suggest that we use anti nausea medication, it prompted a comprehensive discussion with the anesthesia team which resulted in a WAY better experience for me this time around. I can't tell you what it feels like to need to vomit constantly with a new csection incision..but I was spared that experience because of Denise remembering our last birth and being attentive and assertive.

2. Doulas are not just for first time moms. Every experience will be totally different, and having someone to advoate for you, be a partner in the experience, bring knowledge and compassion allows a new mom the precious time she needs to focus on herself and her new baby. From start to finish there was less for me to remember or worry about because she was there to share in those things.

3. The value of a doula is not just evident in the peace of mind of the mother, but the peace of mind of the father. My husband leaned on Denise and felt so good just knowing she was there. He felt comfortable asking her questions, and she was really attentive to his experience as a new father both last time and more recently with our newest child. Denise was an invaluable part of his experience becoming a father, and he's spoken often and so highly of how much better he felt because he had Denise to talk to. Every time we reflect on the last two births, he always mentions his gratitude for Denise's support.

Venus Nix


I was apprehensive about hiring a doula for the birth of my second child but Denise was recommended to me by a good friend.  Upon meeting her, she was warm and comforting but more importatntly, she seemed to be very knowledgable.  Denise helped me deliver my perfect little boy without any medical interventions. When she arrived to our home, I knew everything would be OK. My labor progressed faster than any of us could have planned and Denise actually ended up catching my baby!

If we ever decide to have more children, I wouldn't consider hiring anyone else!

Benjamin Stein


In short, Denise was amazing. She was curious about our needs, supportive of our decisions, and patient explaining the ins and outs of labor and delivery.

My wife, Nicole and I were origially not going to have a doula, but after our childbirth class we realized how important the role is ensuring a positive birth experience.

We are sooo glad we did, and once we signed the contract with her we instantly felt relieved that someone was there for us through the time leading up to, during and after delivery to answer any questions we had and reassure us through our first birth.

Denise for us was the right mix of confidence, experience (I think we were 77 or 78 birth for her), nuturing, and assertiveness.

She did great encouraging my wife through labor and delivery, and made my life as a support as person so much easier and less stressful. She also empowered me to be more a part of the delivery holding my wife's leg during delivery and getting to witness the miracle of our little Noah enter this world. Even the delivery staffed took to her and loved having her there.

We also had her come for our first night home, and are going to have her back to help my wife with breast pumping.

So hire her, you won't be sorry!

Maia Hyary


Hiring Denise to be our doula was one of the best decisions we made during the pregnancy. In our initial interview, we clicked with her right away and felt that her expertise and support would guide us through the birth that we wanted. She did not disappoint! Without a doubt, I could not have made it through the labor without pain medication without her help. Denise was knowledgeable not only about birth and labor but also about hospital practice. She gave us guidance on what to expect during the birth and how to interact with medical staff and helped explain what was happening when the nurses and doctors were too busy. The peace of mind she provided was invaluable.

Varlene Sauveur


When I first meet Denise, I was highly impressed with her knowledge and flexibility. My Husband I knew during the interview that we were going to choose Denise as our Doula. And we are glad we did.She was always readily available during my pregnancy for questions and was a great resource. She was very meticulous with our birth plan and was so well prepared when it came to the day of our precious little girls birth. Even though things went a little different then planned with her there everything went so smoothly. The staff was impressed with her and really appreciated her being there. Overall I would recommend Denise to any expectant mother.

Chelsea Gregory


Denise is a phenomenal doula, and really went above and beyond to support my very complex 72 hour labor process. It was her support that actually turned the process around, allowing me to deliver vaginally when I may not have been able to otherwise. She combined her knowledge of the physical, medical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and energetic aspects of labor in such a way that she met me exactly where I was, supporting in the ways that were most needed. She was also highly professional, able to navigate a very challenging and complicated situation with great skill. I highly recommend her as a doula, and feel confident that anyone who chooses to work with her will benefit greatly from her support.

Kellen Chiciak


I decided to hire a doula because I wanted to have a natural birth, and I knew I would need someone to coach me through.  I picked Denise not only because of her deep knowledge and experience with birth, but because of her intution and clear ability to adapt to her client's needs.  Denise was attentive and helpful from the beginning, and kept up a positive attitude in the face of my worries that always managed to put me at ease. I finally went into labor at 40 weeks + 6 days, and I experienced exclusively back labor. Denise was with me the whole time, providing counterpressure and encouragement, and helping direct my husband to keep him calm and get everything ready for the hospital.  She kept me laboring at home where I was comfortable, and by the time I got to the hospital I was 10 cm dilated and ready to push!  She counted down the pushes for me and moved me into different positions so I could work the baby out.  In those moments, it was her voice that focused me and concentrated my energy to push.

Without Denise, I believe I would have broken down and gotten an epidural.  Instead, thanks to her, I had the completely drug-free birth that I had long wanted.  She will be one of my first calls when I get pregnant with baby #2. I cannot recommend her more.

Nikki Wiles


Denise was so helpful before, during, and after our son's birth! We had a bit of a traumatic experience (overdue, failed induction, c section, nicu, preeclampsia, tons of specialists to evaluate the baby, 8.5 days in the hospital, etc), and Denise was there every step of the way to calm me down and help strategize (and give me amazing foot massages)! She also made me feel so much better about "decisions" (in quotes because some of them were not really choices) I had to make that were not what I had planned and thus made me feel extremely guilty at first, and was able to help us out by covering a night shift when we needed it. She went above and beyond the package we had with her because she could tell we needed the extra support, and we are so grateful. I would highly recommend her!

Jennifer Krieger


I simply can't say enough positive things about Denise. She was an absolutely integral part of child's entrance into the world and without her guidance, compassion, wisdom and support I know my birth story would have been very different.
  As soon as my husband and I met Denise we knew she was our perfect Doula. I had been anxious about having a hospital-based birth and had heard so many stories of women feeling disempowered in a hospital setting. Denise addressed my concerns with experience and candor and assured me she would support me and partner with my husband in navigating the hospital system, advocating for my birth wishes, so that I would be able to have the safest birth experience possible.
  When she met me at the hospital she proceeded to do just that. She was a constant reassuring presence during early labor and a powerful force as I transitioned into intense labor - grounding me with her hands and her voice, knowing exactly how to keep me from panicking over the pain and exactly how to help my husband in supporting me. When it came time to push she advocated for me to do so in a position that felt right for my body and when the baby began crowning she guided my hand so I could feel her head. When my daughter arrived she was immediately at my breast and Denise was advising how to get the best latch. I credit the fact that my daughter is a champion feeder to that early skin-to-skin contact which Denise made sure the hospital staff allowed us.
  I never once questioned whether I needed pain medication but I know if my labor had gone longer and I had decided I wanted an epidural she would have been completely supportive of that decision too. Not only that she took incredible pictures that I will always cherish, and she visited us after the birth and remained on call. I will always remember my daughter's birth as the most miraculous thing I have ever done and I couldn't have done it without Denise.

Mara McCann


Denise Bolds: wow. We cannot say enough about how magical and transformative she was before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. She executed on the stuff you would expect from a doula – she informed, she coached, she helped us craft birth preferences, she soothed in labor, she advocated in the hospital, she massaged, she kept us sane, she coached (again and again, with empathy and tactical savvy), and – wait for it – she helped me do this wonderful thing without medication and without anxiety, there with me every step of the way. The birth could never have gone so smoothly without her. There’s more: the nurses, my midwives, my husband – everyone was grateful for her presence. When I needed some extra help getting my daughter to breastfeed a few days after the birth, I knew whom to call immediately. I’m so thankful for Aunty Denise!

Joshua Nanes


Denise is an incredible woman and an amazing doula. She is warm, supportive and strong.    She has the ability to make you feel like whatever labor you are going through is okay and that you will be okay no matter what else is going on around you. Denise helped me to focus on what was important...connecting with my husband during the intensity of labor and experiencing the birth of our child together. I am so grateful to Denise for her wisdom and care. I would recommend her to everyone I know in a heartbeat. I know she made my labor and post labor experience a better one than if I did not have her to guide me and support me. Denise even came over after we got home from the hospital to help me rest and give me the strong loving words I needed to hear while going through a bit of "first time mother anxiety". My husband was also so grateful for the support and guidance she gave to him in order to better help me rest and recover after labor. As soon as I am ready to have another child, my first call will be to Denise!

Althea James


Denise is an absolutely AMAZING doula! She is very knowledgeable and encouraging; she will help you get through childbirth like a pro! I delivered my son on 6/8/17 with Denise. My doctor was going to induce me against my desires/ birth preferences and I was so sad. I called Denise and she met me at the hosptial around 9:00AM; I delivered my son with NO INTERVENTIONS at 4:25PM! Denise helped me stay in the zone and make every contraction count! I was able to deliver our baby boy in only 7 hours and 3 pushes!

I know that every labor is different, but I am convinced that Denise had a huge impact on how quickly I was able to deliver. The key is to make every contraction work towards bringing your child closer to you and she helped me do that! There were a few times I didn't think I could continue and Denise encouraged me and reinforced that I was strong enough to get through it, and I did with her reassurance!

My husband and sister were in the room with me for delivery and said I made childbirth look "easy, and nothing like the movies!" I give Denise a lot of credit for keeping me in the zone! I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend her to every single expecting mother I meet! Do yourself a favor and hire Denise!

Miriam Felton-Dansky


I was very happy with my birth experience with Denise and would recommend her. I interviewed four doulas before I hired Denise, and what impressed me at our first meeting was her confidence, positivity, and clear organization. None of the other doulas I spoke to had a checklist of topics to go over with new clients the way Denise did -- this was very important because I was a first time mother and didn't know the right questions to ask! I was also very heartened by the statement of inclusivity on her web site, which stated that she supports mothers of all kinds -- same-sex couples, single mothers, teen mothers, etc. As a single mother, it was important to me that I feel explicitly included by my doula, rather than that my lack of a partner was a problem she had to work with, as other doulas made me feel. She was very thorough and put together a complete birth plan before I went into labor. Once I was in labor, I stayed in touch with Denise by phone until the labor was clearly progressing, and she joined me at my apartment and then drove me to the hospital. I was in a great deal of pain and Denise was firm and kind, helping me through contractions and physically holding me gently but firmly. Denise was exactly the right person to be with me in that moment, maintaining her calm and positive attitude no matter what I said or did! She also followed up with me many times after the birth (more than necessary from her contract) and genuinely remained interested and concerned about my progress and well-being in the weeks after my son was born. I absolutely am glad that I hired Denise and would recommend her with no hesitation to other mothers.

Erika Lisa Fareed


Hiring Denise to be our doula was one of the best choices we made for our first pregnancy and birth. From the moment we hired her, she became a strong support to both my husband and I, but especially to me. Pregnancy comes with so many unknowns and for a person like me, that was unnerving. Denise was always available to calmly help me understand what I was experiencing, without judgement. Each time I spoke with or met with her, it felt like I was with someone I'd known my whole life. My labor process was difficult. I had prodromal labor for a couple of weeks before I delivered and it was nerve-racking. I ended up at the hospital twice with strong contractions that tapered off and was sent home hours later. On top of that, my due date came and went with no signs of baby.  I became terrified that the baby would be too big for me to deliver vaginally and I'd end up having a c-section. Denise tried her best to keep me calm and sane. She came and stayed with us in the final days. She even helped us pack for an upcoming move which is not at all a doula service. She could see how stressed I was and was completely committed to helping me have the delivery I wanted. She was also committed to giving my husband a break so he could refresh and be the best partner he could be. Denise introduced me to a hypnotherapist who helped me find a place of relaxation and peace that I was unable to consciously achieve on my own. That very night my bloody show started and we went to the hospital the following morning. Denise created a warm soothing environment for my delivery which made an intense experience as relaxing as possible. She helped me understand the medical options that were presented to me so that I could make informed decisions for myself and our baby.  Throughout the process, I felt confident and empowered and I owe much of that to Denise. We could not have done this like we did without her support.  We are forever grateful.

Kryst Notaro


When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I knew that I wanted to attempt a VBAC. Labor with my first child was long, hard, and had ended in an emergency cesarean. This time, I wanted to be more prepared because I knew I was going to come up against so much resistance from hospitals, and even my midwife, so my husband and I went on the hunt for a doula. I scoured the internet for local doulas and interviewed several. The first time we met with Denise, I knew I was going to pick her - she was kind, knowledgeable, and I felt a connection immediately. She met with us and our whole family, and she even had a connection with my son! The day of the birth came much sooner than anticipated and I was ready for the long haul - expecting another 28 hour labor. But! This baby had a different idea! We called Denise when my water broke out of nowhere and she made her way to the hospital, getting there about the same time as us. She was calming and helped me through each and every contraction. My husband was happy to have the help because he remembered the previous labor and how exhausting it was for him as well. Denise had honey sticks for energy, my favorite essential oil (lilac) diffused into the room, and she took my concerns into consideration when I stated plainly that I didn't like a particular nurse. (you often say aloud whatever is on your mind when you are in labor LOL!) Denise was there every step of the way and my labor only lasted about 6 hours (hallelulia!) She was my cheerleader when I felt like I couldn't do it, she took pictures (some pretty gross ones too haha), she was my voice when I couldn't speak, and she was just overall comforting and encouraging to not only just me, but to my husband and best friend. Thank you so much, Denise! For working with me on pricing, to helping me bring my little girl into this world. It was incredible!

Kalyca Lindsey


Denise is heaven sent! She is litterally proof doulas are angels. When I first met Denise I felt immediately her passion for helping me get the birth I wanted. I knew I wanted an all natural no intervention birth but Denise educated me on how to achieve that goal. Throughout my pregnancy I was comforted knowing I was  supported by a  knowledgeable  readily available doula. My fiance and mother also found comfort in in the advice given by Denise and  greatful for her support during labor and delivery.  During labor Denise managed my pain through setting a relaxing atmosphere and mentally strengthened me to remain intervention free. Also she excelled at directing my fiancé how to be a birthing partner.  Once the step of delivery started Denise became me and Joaquin  (my son) cheerleader ! She exhibited the best combination of professional  care and tough love,  as I welcomed my son to the world. After delivery Denise helped me breastfeed and her photography was breath taking . My experience was beautiful and most important everything I wanted thanks to Denise.  I definitely  recommend her to first time mothers and  any woman wanting a delivery their  way.

Soyal Smalls


My experience with Denise was everything I imagined and more. Before I had become pregnant it was my desire to have a doula. Hearing some of the stories about my friends' pregnancies and birth went, I felt that in order for my to have the experience I want, I am going to need help. When i became pregnant, being able to sit down and talk to a doula about how I imagined my pregnancy and birth was rewarding in itself. I really felt like I was in control and had a team to support my decisions. It helped me to feel relaxed and competent knowing that I had someone to talk to when I had concerns during pregnancy. Denise provided a lot of pregnancy and birth material which helped me and my partner prepare for the arrival of our baby. She also helped us find a breastfeeding class. My partner had never heard of a doula before meeting Denise, and the day our daughter was born he said to me, "What would we have done without her?" The day I went into labor, Denise was with me through the whole journey was really in sync with my needs. To have someone understand my desires and able to communicate for me when I had difficulty expressing myself was a real blessing. Thank you Bold Doula for helping me and my partner welcome our beautiful daughter into this world.

Cassia Antonio-Nickens


My husband and I are extremely thankful, beyond blessed and honored that we had the privilege to bring our baby boy into this world with Denise by our side. From the beginning of my pregnancy I have had several medical issues, which brought me to believe the day of my actual delivery wouldn't be as smooth... turns out I was right (high blood pressure, borderline preeclampsia, fever and infection) Having Denise there was a true lifesaver. With her soothing music, continuous positive affirmations, frequent massages, breathing techniques in order to ease my contractions were amazing! She also got my blood pressure to go down a ton, but with the fever, it continued to elevate. She was able to relieve my husband of his duties, and allow him peace of mind. All in all, Denise gave a genuine and loving service, didn't seem like she was my doula, but more of a family/friend.

melissa pelino


Our experience with Denise Bolds was phenomenal! She answered all our questions and calmed all our worries the day we met her.  She is professional and concise and i would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula during their pregnancy.  Denise has the necessary equipment to make birthing more comfortable and relaxing such as aromatherapy, back and leg support pillows, music and a calming voice to name a few. Denise answered our questions and concerns any hour of the day or night by email and phone.  During the hospital visit, Denise brought our birth plan and made sure the hospital staff had mine and my family's best interests in mind. She was with us the whole time we were in the hospital.  She coached me through giving birth and reminded me to breathe, to be kind to myself and to stick to my original intention which was to give birth without medication and LO AND BEHOLD!, I did it! We did it! Thank you Denise for your fabulous support and dedication! In the end, we realized we needed a Doula and that it was the smartest thing we'd done for the birth of our daughter.


Melissa and Andrew Morelli

Tara Pollak


We hired Denise for postpartum support. We had a difficult time at the hospital and Denise helped by staying with us the first night we were back in our apartment. She reset the "vibe" from our stressed out hospital stay, gave us a lot of pertinent newborn tips, allowed us to get some very much-needed sleep, and gave us the confidence we needed as new parents -- all in 12 hours! Whether it is providing breastfeeding support, doing a formula run for you when you can't seem to find any in your nearby NYC pharmacies, or teaching you how to correctly bottle-feed/burp your baby -- Denise was there for us! Denise is kind and understanding and anyone would be lucky to have her as a doula.

Rebecca Arndt


Denise Bolds is a very organized and experienced Doula. She was great at communicating with me and my husband before the birth, and connecting us with resources like relaxation CD's, a list of what to bring to the hospital, pre-labor and post partum meal options, and answering any questions we had.

During my labor at home, Denise was able to guide me through my rushes and let me know that my labor was progressing. No one could have foreseen that I would have a very fast labor for a first time mother, and a surprise breech birth. It took us all by surprise including Denise! But when Denise saw merconium when my water broke, she wasted no time, getting me and my husband in our car and to the hopsital. She advocated for me to have a natural birth, but when the Dr. on-call decided it would be safer to perform a cesarian, Denise supported the Dr.'s decision and told me it was the best course of action.

After my sons brith, Denise was there with supportive words, and able to put a positive light on a pretty intense and emotional birth experience. She also created a calm enviroment for me in the hospital, and let me rest and relax.

Overall, I would say that Denise is a highly professional and dedicated doula, and a expectant mother, (especially a first time mom), would be lucky to have her at their side for their labor and delivery.

carolina polanco


For my first pregnancy I knew that I wanted to have a first time labor/birth experience full of support when that time came.  I knew for sure my husband would be there for me; now for the second party present I was unsure whom I would want there with me and him.

After a lot of thought and consideration I decided that a birth doula is what I was missing to hopefully make my experience what I wanted which was an intervention free delivery.  In the end both my husband and I felt that having Denise as our birth doula was essential to our experience as first time parents.  She was able to support me greatly with pain management techniques as well as keep my husband very much included in the process which I am sure he appreciated.  She was also instrumental and keeping us informed of all hospital/nurse/doctor jargon that comes up which as first time parents was all new to us.  And lastly, the entire maternity ward staff loved having her there!

With Denise's guidance and expertise I was able to labor in the comfort of my home and implement many pain management techniques such as a warm bath, certain yoga poses, back massages, aromatherapy and the list goes on.  Once we arrived to the hospital my dilation was far along which ensured that I would not be sent back home which was a great relief.   I was also able to deliver my baby with no interventions whatsoever which is exactlly what I wanted.  I do not think this would have been possible had we not had Denise there guiding us through the process.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a total supportive birth experience.  Denise was very professional from the very first conversation we had and is very organized, 2 things I highly value.  With Denise you are in great hands!

Anna Bierkamper


My husband calls Denise the baby whisperer. I call her my savior and light at the end of a colic baby tunnel.  Where shall I begin: I found Denise through encapsulating my placenta. While I was in labor, which had many complications, she made me feel confident in the decisions I had to make and I instantly felt empowered by doing what I felt what was right for me and my baby. When your in 17 hours of hard labor and you feel exhausted and defeated having someone like Denise is a blessing.  She was so knowledgeable, caring and passionate. From the minute I met her I knew I was in good hands. She helped with breastfeeding while we were in the hospital and gave us a platform of comfort to come to her with any questions or concerns. Her placenta capsules are amazing by the way.  When baby Margot was about 3 weeks old I had been having a horrible time with colic. I hadn't slept in about 4-5 days and felt there was nothing I could do to comfort my child. I called Denise and cried hysterically asking for help. She was only suppose to stay with me for an hour or two, but she did not leave until the job was finished and that mama and baby we're rested and well. She spent about 8 hours with us.  Denise gave us the tools to help calm and comfort our child. She gave me the strength to be the best I can be. She provided us with a bag of tricks to create a calm colic baby. Margot hadn't slept in days, refused to take a pacifier, was cluster feeding and screaming like a feral cat about 12-18 hours a day. With-in 1 hour of Denise being here she had Margot sleeping, sucking on a pacifier and feeding on a actual schedule! Since Denise's home visit we swear our lives have completely changed. Margot feeds on a schedule, has very little colic throughout the day and when she does we have the tools to calm her quickly. Denise calls and checks in with us and I feel confident I could reach out to her anytime for help and she would be there in a heart beat.

YOLANDA ........


I decided to take the Bold One a package offered by Denise.  I was not sure what I was getting into but during the birth Denise made me feel so relaxed at the hospital.  She catered to my every need.  It did not stop there because she assisted me with 10 hours post partum support.  Can I just say amazing.  She was my go to lactation consultant.  She stayed with me and supported me through feedings and changing.  As a new mom you can sometimes get discouraged but she was there to give me positive reinforement.  As your doula Denise becomes part of your family.  She takes pictures you will treasure for the rest of your life.  She dried my placenta and encapsuled them for me which helped with my energy and milk production.  Denise also provided me with care prior to giving birth.  I think she was great because she was someone I could talk to about anything during and after my pregnancy.  Two words, truly amazing.  Thanks Denise, my family will never forget what you did for us.

Erin Dotson


My wife and I are so thankful that we found Denise! From our first meeting, our visits with Denise were relaxed and informative. She patiently answered our many, many questions. She helped us prepare our 2 year old for a sibling and deal with some pregnancy health concerns.

We planned for a natural hospital birth, and ended up with a failed induction and c section. Denise was with us every step of the way. She spent days in the hospital with us, guiding us through a stressful situation expertly and with confidence. She knew so many of our nurses, got along beautifully with our Dr. and filled our hospital room with laughter and stories.

Denise also helped lay the foundation for a great nursing relationship. When we hit a feeding crisis after coming home from the hospital, Denise was at our house within the hour helping us learn how to feed the baby. I don't know what we would have done without her!

Tia Fagan


Denise was my doula for my most recent delivery. I delivered my third child via c-section in June of 2016. I was asked many times actually why I would need a doula for a c-section, or why I would need a doula for a third birth. I want to answer by saying that having a scheduled surgical delivery and being a mom already are not factors that take away the importance, responsibility or weight associated with bringing another human life into the world. My daughter came into the world with parents who were dying for her to be here and very prepared. However, my husband has extreme hospital anxiety and while a wonderful father, he cannot be supportive of me in the operating room. Having a doula gave me the support that I needed. Denise is experienced, compassionate, and most of all empowering. She sat by my head near the operating table while I vomited several times due to the reaction of anesthesia and stroked my head all the while telling me how I was strong and doing a great job. She was there in moments of total vulnerabilty still making me feel strong. She provided great support to my husband as well. The most impressed I was with her was when I learned that he actually told her he was feeling very nervous becuase he doesn't share. Her calming and caring energy is a must-have in any birthing situation no matter how prepared you feel that you are. Birth/delivery of any sort is one of the most vulnerable and one of the most important moments in the lives of any woman, and every woman and child should have someone taking care of as much as possible so that the mother and child can focus on discovering one another and bonding, starting the foundation to a healthy relationship for years to come. Denise offered me not just birthing support or breastfeeding advice, but peace and empowerment and an opportunity to focus on my little girl, and not the logistics of hospitals and delivery. She was an invaluable part of my birth story.

Jannette Merritt


When we found out we were expecting, one of my first thoughts was "I can't believe my dream of becoming a mother is coming true! I want to be sure that I bring this baby into the world in a safe, calm, and cheerful way...that's my number one priority." I began searching for a Doula because I'd read of their effectiveness in providing good techniques for pain management, reduce psychological stress during the birth process, and best of all, be a SOLID partner to the couple as they bring their baby into the world. I'm so happy that my husband and I decided to select Denise (among several other doulas in the area) to partner with us in this experience. She helped us come up with a birth plan based on my wishes to have an empowered birth experience and took the time out to hear my concerns/fears as I drew closer to my due date. When we realized that my baby was VERY comfortable in the womb and doctors recommended that I be induced just shy of 42 weeks, I was devastated that our birth plan had taken a detour. I didn't know how to fully handle that, but Denise was right there to give me support and ease my concerns about the induction process.  After being induced, we deviated from the birth plan again since I opted for morphine, then an epidural to help me manage my contractions as the medication caused them to be more intense that I'd previously experienced. Denise was right by my side again, without judgement or shaming, she supported my decision and reminded me that when it was time to push, if the epidural wore off, I could STILL do it. I could still give birth to my daughter without fear or anxiety, and I could bring her into the world in the safe and calm way that I'd imagined. That's EXACTLY what happened! When I felt that my body wanted/needed to push as the contractions built up, Denise reminded me that my goal was a vaginal birth without fear and minimal pain. That's the exact experience that I had, thanks to her expertise! She's extraordinary.

Marisa Mackey Palmer


Engaging Denise to be our doula was one of the best decisions that we made. She helped us acheive the natural and unmedicated birth we wanted despite being under the clock for an induction due to an overdue baby. She seemlessly integrates the best of holistic approaches to pregnancy and childbirth with a deep understanding of medical processes and procedures. Once we were at the hospital, I was really impressed with how well-respected and well-regarded she was by the doctors, nurses and staff there. They see her as a partner while also advocating for mothers and families to acheive the best outcomes. I only recently delivered, and already she has been extremely helpful with post-partum care, coming by our house at the drop of a hat to coach me to help me establish a breastfeeding relationship with our baby - which I'm discovering can be challenging. She's also a great resource, proving doctor and specialist referrals. Denise is one of a kind.

Amanda Seitz


Denise was my Doula for the birth of my first baby. From the moment I met Denise I knew I wanted her to be my Doula. She knows her baby stuff, wow... I was blown away by all the knowledge she has! I felt so comfertable with her and so did my husband. She helped us through a long birth, and it would not have been the same without her there. You would be LUCKY to have her as your doula! A+++++ Love Denise and Bold Doula!!!!!

Jessica Dolata


Throughout my pregnancy, Denise was available to both my husband and me.  There were times that I'd be having a difficult day and Denise being an e-mail or text away was very comforting to me.  This was my second VBAC and having an empowering birth was very important to me.  This labor and delivery were the most difficult, but the most rewarding and I have Denise to thank for that.  She knew when to jump in and when to step back, she provided emotional support to both my husband and me during the most difficult parts of my labor and delivery.  My husband felt that Denise gave him the support necessary to support me, physically and emotionally.  I can't imagine going through this pregnancy and delivery without Denise - she is a permanent fixture in our lives now!

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