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Heather Pound -DONA, Hypnobirthing, Photography

Mama & Sprout Birth Services

Saint Paul, MN Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 175 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2013
  • ProDoula, April 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Hospitals within a 25 mile radius of St. Paul

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth Centers within a 25 mile radius of Minneapolis

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With attending CNM or LM

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer work with Twin Cities Doula Project; a non-profit, offering services to all families regardless of race, religion and ability to pay.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fees include a zoom interview/meet and greet to discuss what you're looking for and how my services can support your needs. Additionally, two prenatal visits in your home or at a convenient location, labor support before, during and after the birth of your child(ren), one postpartum visit in your home. In addition, once hired, I am on call as needed 24 hours/day to support you in this journey. I look forward to meeting you! Please talk to me about payment plans if needed.

Service Area

Saint Paul, MN Service range 30 miles

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I hired Heather for my second pregnancy & birth, and really wish I would have hired her for my first, as my husband agrees! She is knowledgable, down to earth, open, and honest. She was extremely quick to respond to any text/calls throughout pregnancy and labor. She is supportive of any decision and made sure we were educated and well equipped to make the decisions for us and our baby. Heather was my voice of reason when I was in labor and helped communicate my wishes to practicioners when they were trying to get me to do things that I did not want. My one regret is I didn't have Heather come sooner during labor! She also checked in on me post partum and connected me with resources and support for any questions/challenges I was having. Simply put, Heather is amazing and is the best investment for any mamas! We love Heather! 

Emily Sundsmo


We were working with Heather through MotherRoot and we absolutely loved her!  We only worked with her through our prenatal session, but she was wonderful!  We laughed so much and really connected.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to any mother (partner team) that needs a doula.

Jessi W


Even though women have been giving birth since the beginning of our existence, when I got pregnant, I felt overwhelmed by processes and procedures in the medical system designed to prioritize their for-profit structure, not putting a woman's care first. For our first child, my husband and decided that we would feel more comfortable in a hospital, but also wanted additional support and advocacy from someone with more experience. After doing some research, including a doula (or, in this case, a team of doulas) was the right choice for us.

When I think back on the experience of giving birth, with Heather's help, we were able to create an environment that allowed me to focus on bringing my daughter into this world. Heather's care during labor (and pregnancy) created an empowering, caring, and trust-filled space during one of the most vulnerable and joyous moments of our lives. 



We worked with Heather for the birth of our second child, and what a difference she made!! She was available and attentive throughout my pregnancy and continuing into the postpartum period. She took the time to understand my previous birth experience and what I hoped would go differently this time around, and worked to understand our preferences. During labor and delivery, she was a calming presence in the delivery room -- always seemed to anticapte my needs and be right there, but didn't add to any of the busyness or noise. She felt like a very natural part of our birth experience. Heather is experienced and knowledgable, and very encouraging. We were so very thankful to have her as a part of our team!!

Cassandra Grandahl


Heather was so incredible, it's hard to know where to begin! My birth was a very fast, accidental homebirth, and Heather was one of the only birth workers present. She went above and beyond the usual call of duty for a doula by helping not only me but also keeping the EMTs and my husband calm and staying in touch with the midwives via phone. It was because of her that, despite the unplanned situation, my birth was as I envisioned and I remained in charge (e.g., my choice of position, delayed cord clamping, no hospital transfer.) Her calm presence and unconditional support made a potentially scary and dangerous situation into a beautiful experience that I will cherish forever. 

Heather remained in close contact postpartum, again going above and beyond the usual. As I struggled with postpartum anxiety, she checked in frequently for two weeks and was available anytime for my concerns. She offered the perfect balance of a listening ear, sympathy, reassurance, and useful resources. 

I couldn't have done it without her and can't recommend her enough!! 



This was my first pregnancy and I am so thankful we found Heather to be our doula! From our first initial meeting she made us so comfortable with the whole process. She was able to provide guidance right from the get-go, but always reminded us that this was our journey and we make the ultimate decisions. We knew after our initial meeting that Heather would be a perfect fit for us!

During our prenatal visits it felt like having a friend in our home aiding us on our journey. She was able to walk us through all of the birth terms and some different scenarios that may arise. Heather is extremely knowledgable about the birth process, but is able to describe it in a way that is understandable for first time parents. She was able to show us different positions to help get my body ready for labor, and made sure my husband was comfortable with all of it as well so he could help in the weeks to come. As we neared the end of our pregnancy we had a slight complication and Heather still made herself readily available and shifted her last prenatal visit to meet our specific needs. 

When labor officially started she made sure to stay in constant contact with us to know when to head to the hopsital. During labor Heather helped utilize different relaxation techniques, and labor positions to help baby be in the most optimal position for delivery. My labor progressed very quickly, but her calming and encouraging presence was just what I needed in the room to help relax and to deliver our baby. During our postnatal visit we were able to discuss the birth as a whole and how I felt the experience was. She also prepared us for the weeks to come in terms of my recovery. My husband and I both agreed that having Heather with us was such an important piece of our story and we are so grateful for everything she did for us along the way. We would absolutley recommend Heather to anyone looking for a doula, and hope to be able to use her again in the future!

Jocelyn Sweeney


Heather was the birth photographer at our recent birth. She was our back up photographer as ours was ill so we did not meet until the birth but she had a calm presence and easy going nature so it felt very comfortable having her there. The photos she took are gorgeous and she perfectly captured our son's birth. Would highly recommend!

Shannon Tulk


Heather was amazing! I couldn't have done it without her. A drug free birth was not on my bucket list, but when I ended up testing positive for COVID 8 days before labor I could no longer use nitrous oxide gas for pain control. Heather was very calm and reassuring that I could do it and she was here to help get me through it. Sure enough with Heather's expertise and encouragement I somehow made it through it all without any pain medication which I never would have thought I could have done. She helped encourage me to try different positions which I think greatly helped me make the progress I made during every cervical check which was a great motivation to keep going. Also very key to the entire laboring/birthing process was the counterpressure she was able to instruct my husband to help with. She knew exactly the right kind of counterpressure for both of them to apply from my legs to my hips was absolutely key to helping reducing the pain and discomfort. This was our second birth and it was a completely different experience for both my husband and I. My husband felt so much more involved, able to be helpful and so much more of an life experience. It was definitely much more of an experience for me as well, a lot less clinical and intervention heavy ("birth just happening to you" as Heather explains) and a lot more of an actual personal experience. Heather was on top of it documenting and photographing everything and making sure the things in my birth plan were followed through which I didn't feel like happened with my first. She is very down to earth and relatable which helped me be completely at ease with her and confident she'd be the amazing doula she was! I definitely could not have done it without her. I would have just thrown in the towel in a panic the moment they told me I couldn't have nitrous oxide gas and gotten an epidural. But instead I made it all the way through labor and delivery with Heather's coaching and expertise drug free.

Sara R


I am a first time mom who had no idea what to expect for labor. Heather throughly explained all labor preference options, demonstrated so many positions for me and my husband to make labor easier, and pros and cons to different induction options when I ended up going over my due date. I felt so prepared going into the big day, and when I finally was in labor Heather came to the hospital and helped me get so far into labor before getting an epidural. She helped me advocate for myself what I wanted my experience to be, and supported me, and my nervous husband, through the entire labor. Her expertise and help was priceless, and she is extremely thoughtful and personable with us as her clients. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone who is nervous about labor and looking for an excellent guide.

Abby Cosby


Heather Pound is an exceptional Doula.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and provides very thorough support for your individual situation/pregnancy.

This was my third pregnancy and third experience with Heather, and while all three were under very different circumstances, Heather's support was paramount each time.

Heather's support begins immediately, but really ramps up in the third trimester as you begin to surmise what your birth plan may look like.  She provides resources and information for the many different situations you may find yourself in.  There are always multiple moving parts and Heather will anticipate them.

Where Heather shines, and is in every way remarkable, is in the delivery room.  She is a calm, steadfast person, who is very focused on getting you through your delivery.  She is professional and courteous to the Hospital staff, she remembers to include/coach/and encourage your partner, all while taking care of your every need without needing to be asked to.  She has a unique ability to assess what you might need at a given moment-to be more comfortable, to stay strong mentally, to endure through the pain-and either offer it to you or simply provide it. 

Heather is an amazing Doula and I highly recommend her.

Stephanie R


This was the first pregnancy for me and my partner. We had moved away from family and we're looking for educational as well as emotional support throughout the birth process. Heather immediately put us at ease about the process and helped us feel like we were in the drivers seat for what we wanted to achieve out of birth experience. While baby girl had a different plan for us all together, Heather made sure I understood and was empowered during everything that was happening with the craziness of labor and delivery. I would recommend Heather if this is your first or fifth child and know we will call her when it's time for number two.



Heather was exactly the doula we were looking for as we prepared for the delivery of our son.  I loved her approach, which was to be very thoughtful and understanding of our wants, and also to be clear and honest about what to expect.  Heather is very knowledgeable about the birth process, giving us a lot of confidence in her advice.  She helped make sure we were educated about the most likely scenarios so we could be prepared with what decisions would be right for us.  She got to know both me and my husband and what our desires and philosophy was around our birth and helped ensure these were honored.  Late in my pregnancy my doctor started talking about a possible induction and Heather provided me with a lot of options to help get things moving. I went into labor a few days before the induction was scheduled to take place.  During labor, Heather was there every step of the way to advocate for our wishes and make sure I was always being taken care of.  She also helped my husband by always letting him know what he could be doing to make sure I felt supported and cared for - as first time parents it was all unknown territory and she really set us both up to be as successful as possible.  She was positive and encouraging throughout the birth and give me a variety of options to keep my labor progressing.  Ultimately, I managed to deliver a 9lbs 14oz baby naturally and without drugs - something I am confident would not have happened without Heather.  I felt safe with Heather and completely trusted her advice, which made all the difference in the delivery room.  

Tricia Dorian


We had an excellent experience with Heather! My husband and I had our first child April 2021. We were young and lived far away from our families. We were looking for additional support and resources regarding pregnancy and childbirth. We took many of the classes offered through our hospital but felt like additional support would put us both more at ease. Heather had excellent ideas and tips for during the end of the pregnancy. Heather was very responsive to all of our questions about symptom relief and was available even at midnight when my water broke! Heather was excellent at offering suggestions and intervening when needed, and also allowing my husband to be my primary support person. She was excellent to be around and supported all of my labor decisions. I especially loved all the pictures she captured of my labor and delivery process and of course my sweet boy and growing family. We will be moving to Kansas City to be closer to family, but we would definitley utilize Heather for our second child if we had the chance!

Beth Paulson


I can't say enough about working with Heather.  We partnered with Heather for the birth of our first child four years ago and it was a great experience.  When pregnant with our second (and last) child, we knew we had to have Heather at our side again.  I didn't think I needed as much support for my second pregnancy since I'd already done it before but it was such a different and sometimes difficult experience the second time and Heather was a wealth of information, kindness and compassion.  In the final weeks of pregnancy, Heather was full of helpful suggestions and tips to help ease discomfort and gently jump start the labor process when my body was ready.   My delivery was FAST and Heather played a crucial part in the process to ensure I was comfortable and that my needs were met in the short time we labored.  After delivering, Heather was very accessible and provided resources and additional support to help ensure I felt comfortable and that I was getting additional help if needed.  I would strongly recommend Heather to anyone looking for pregnancy and delivery support, regardless of if it's your first child or not.  



We had an awesome experience with Heather. She is very evidence-based and provided us with information before we had to make any decisions. She did not give advice but presented all our options and gave us time to think about what would be best for us and baby. At the hospital, she was great at directing us to change positions, try different comfort measures, and was very encouraging throughout the whole process. As a first time parent, I'm so grateful that she was at the hospital throughout labor and delivery to help my husband and I figure out what we were doing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Jill Rablin


I have nothing but great things to say about Heather!! It only took a minute into our initial interview for us to decide we wanted to hire Heather as our doula. She is warm and friendly and someone you feel like you've known for a long time. 

As first-time parents, my husband and I wanted to hire a doula to help educate us on what to possibly expect during labor and delivery. We also were looking for someone who was non-judgemental and supported us no matter what. Heather checked all our boxes! We did a few prenatal visits where Heather came over to our house, as well as a few phone calls and several texts leading up to the big day. She is SO responsive, which we always appreciated. Heather armed us with the information we needed in order to write birth preferences for our care team and alleviated so much anxiety about labor and delivery! 

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic prevented Heather from attending the birth in person, but she made herself 100% available virtually. She also did a few postnatal visits with us to talk through everything we were experiencing as new parents including breastfeeding, postpartum healing, etc. It was so nice to touch base with her again to ask her tons of questions!

We can't thank Heather enough for her support and highly recommend her!!

Colton B


Heather was a huge help in the birth of our first child! She did a couple of prentatal visits with us in our home and they were very helpful. She did a great job of walking us through the birth process and helping us know what questions to ask providers and what things to prepare. She was extremely knowledgable on new research and sent us several articles throughout the process. She did a second visit with us where we spent more time learning about different positions that we could start doing right away and some for labor. 

The largest impact Heather had was during labor. She arrived promptly when we needed her and she quickly realized we were further along in the process than we thought. She helped get the nurse and prepare us for the next part of labor. She did an amazing job at helping with breathing and resting through the final stage. 

Heather was also very helpful after the birth in helping with breastfeeding and comforting the new parents. She did a follow-up visit about a week after birth and had a detailed timeline of the birth and helped talk through it all. She was a phenomenal resource and a vital part of our birth team. We would highly recommend her for Mom's and Dad's!



We were lucky enough to have Heather as a doula for two babies within 17 months. 

When we interviewed her, we instantly had a connection. I knew she would be the perfect fit. Although both births were emergency c sections, Heather supported our family in every way possible. She was a calm in the storm in the operating room. Not only for me, but for a worried husband. She was always available for a worried mama text late at night or early in the morning. She is always staying on top of the latest educational courses to better herself. 

We will always consider Heather to be apart of our family. We highly recommend her! Thank you for everything!!

Julie and Mat


After we interviewed Heather, we decided not to interview other duolas because she was kind, experienced, and passionate and knowledgeable.  During our pre-natal visits, she explained terminololgy and stages of labor.  We were instructed in exercises to help open mom pelvis, positioning to faciliate positioning the the baby, and resting positions.  Heather provided resources for evidence based practices which helped us create a birth plan with baby's health as our number one priority.Because of advanced age, mom had to be induced at 39weeks and 6days, which was not part of our birth plan.  I was nervous that my body and my baby were not ready for labor, and what happened would be out of my control at that point, in the hands of the medical professionals.   Heather helped us see that we had choices, gave us the confidence to ask questions and discuss options with the medical team, walked with mom, assisted with positioning before and after epidural, brought dad dinner when he didn't want to leave mom, and overall provided calm to both of us.  During delivery, Heather provided cues (better than the medical tema) to mom on how to pusheffectively.  She also took our phones, as we were not in the right mind at the time, and took tons of pictures of our son's first moments of life.  These are truly priceless.  Once we got home, Heather came over for a post partum visit and gave us tips and assurance on caring for our new son and mom's post-partum recovery-physically, emotionally, and wanted to ensure mom was doing her own self care.  Her service is completely comprehensive.  Even though we had just met, having Heather with us throughout the birth process was like having a really smart friend by your side who you could ask any question to and who really cared for us and our baby.  



I strongly recommend Heather as a doula.  I had a breeched baby and was planning a c-section at 39 weeks.  At 38 weeks, during a regular check-up, I learned the baby had flipped so that I didn't necessarily need surgery (yeah!), but that I had elevated blood pressure.  As a result, I was sent to the hospital immediately and diagnosed with preeclampsia.  Labor was induced medicinally and I was in 4 days of labor with IVs and other unanticipated complications. Heather, partnering with another doula, was present for all the key decisions, active labor, and delivery over the four days, supporting both me and my husband so that we could deliver without surgery.  She was also able to scope questions to help us make informed decisions and reinforce our wishes.  Because my labor was so long, having two doulas partner together meant that one of the doulas was available when needed during the 4 days and no one was overtired and thus unable to support us -- an ideal situation for us.

Additionally, the pre-birth sessions were helpful in clarifying expectations, providing useful exercises to support flipping a breeched baby, and managing labor. Additionally, it was particularly helpful for helping my husband to understand the process and know how to be supportive before, during, and after birth. She was even able to provide resources and answer questions over text.

I would hire Heather, partnering with another doula, again without hesitation. I strongly recommend her for someone who wants a doula who supports evidence-based methods, non-judgmental about the types of decisions made during the labor process, and is a positive presence during the birth process.



When my husband and I got pregnant with baby #2 it was a no brainer to have Heather with us again. We had gone through our first birth with her, which is what I %100 contribute a vaginal delivery to. Thank you again Heather! For the second birth, Heather was once again, the perfect definiton of a doula; a birth support. She advocated for me and my needs/desires, and didnt try to press beliefs or ideas of her own on me. I so appreciate that. She taught my husband (and the hospital staff!) the most incredible hip press to do on me while i was in the middle of the contraction; it took away over %50 of the pain! I cant imagaine not having a doula through birth, and not having Heather! And because this is our last baby i never will. Thank you Heather. You are a beautiful soul who I feel so lucky to know. 

Emily Basara


Heather was awesome! I would highly recommend her. She was knowledgeable, caring and respected our family’s wishes for a natural birth. 

Jennifer Restuccia


My husband and I were leary of using a doula, not sure we wanted another (unknown) person in the delivery room with us. However we are so greatful that Heather and Anjela were a part of our birth experience. We had a wonderful delivery and attribute so much of that, and our preparedness for that, to Heather and Anjela. We really appreciated the one on one prenatal visits where Heather explained all of our options and provided great information on the risks and benefits of the options that would be available to us. We loved how open and supportive she was to whatever decision we wanted to make (we felt no pressure to make certain decisons based on their personal beliefs). After our two visits with Heather and Anjela we felt ready for labor! We were confident that we could handle whatever would come our way, and that we would have the support to do so. It really allowed us to enjoy our last weeks just the two of us.

It was a huge comfort to have Heather and Anjela with us during delivery, offering suggestions, making sure our voices were heard and keeping our family in the waiting room updated as well!

We have nothing but positive memories of our birth process and can't thank Heather enough for that!


Katie Olsen


Heather was wonderful to work with! Anytime I had questions following my OB appointments, she was encouraging yet realistic and recommended follow-up questions to discuss with my OB.  I had an unexpected c-section with my first son, and my goal was to have a natural, medication-free VBAC this time around.  Heather talked us through the various ways she would support us during delivery, and I felt confident that she would help me - and my husband! - stay calm and focused.  When we learned our son was breech, Heather helped us with numerous exercises and stretches to encourage him to flip.  Ultimately, my water broke three weeks early and I had a c-section, as baby was still breech.  Heather came to the hospital and provided emotional support prior to the surgery, and she stayed with us in recovery afterwards.  Heather was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy.  I would highly recommend her to any expectant mamas! 

Katie Bisek


My husband and I can not sing enough praises for our experience with Heather during the birth of our daughter. I initially decided I wanted to have a doula at my birth based on the recomendations given by fellow mothers I knew as well after I looked into the exact role of a doula. My husband was skeptical about having a doula but agreed to doing so based on my desire to have one. Heather is very personable and her personality fit well with my husband and mine. Our prenatal visits were helpful in preparing for our birth and getting to know one another. I felt I was able to contact Heather whenever I needed with any questions and/or recommendations for various things while pregnant. During my birth Heather was wonderful at giving suggestions on different things to do to help me cope with my pain (ie shower, positioning of the bed, hip squeezes, and laying on my side using the peanut) as well how my husband could assist me. Between Heather and my husband someone was always there to assist me during a contraction and were great at tag teaming so if one needed a break they were able to do so. When it came to pushing Heather suggested using a grab bar which helped immensely for me to be more effective with my pushing. Throughout the process I felt Heather was an advocate for myself and what I wanted based on my birth plan as well what was best for baby. I feel that I was able to go through labor with minimal pain medication because of Heather which makes me immensely happy since this was my own personal goal. As well if you were to ask my husband he would have Heather as our doula time and time again since he felt she made the process more enjoyable for him. Our post natal visit was great to go over my labor with Heather as well for her to see how we were settling in as a new family. I would recommend Heather to anyone looking for kind hearted, knowledgeable, and passionate doula that has a great calming presence during a birth.

Jessica Weinberger


Working with Heather exceeded our expectations in every way. After experiencing a stillbirth, we knew we needed additional support in the delivery room with our rainbow baby, and she delivered that and more.

Heather worked to thoroughly understand our unique situation leading into labor and delivery and provided a vast toolkit of resources that we tapped into during delivery. She was an amazing support for my husband and encouraged me to try specific positions that helped throughout the process. She worked as a valuable intermediary between us and the medical staff, never telling us what to do but helping us work through the options. Because of her, I was able to accomplish a natural birth - something I didn’t think was possible!

Heather is honest, well-trained and truly gifted with people. She’s someone you want to partner with during your pregnancy and post-partum!

Jessica Yang


I truly believe Heather gave me the best birth experience I could have possibly had. I needed her at 2am and she arrived within 30 min and was ready to go providing full support. She interacted with the health professionals incredibly well and it became obvious to me that she had an abundance of experience to get me through my delivery. My nurse midwife was busy delivering my baby and one next door so she often left me for 10 or more minutes at a time. During those times, Heather did not allow my contractions to go to waste. She suggested different positions to help get the baby out, directed me to push by counting out loud, and encouraged me to do additional pushes. Those tasks sound very simple but believe me, I really needed it at the time. I was so exhausted and felt that her efforts were so critical to the progress of my baby's delivery. Also, my nurse midwife kept saying over and over that the baby isn't doing so well and his heart rate was dropping, which made my husband and I incredibly stressed out and worried. Heather was good with trying to calm me down with those continuous comments so that I can focus on making efficient pushes.

Besides the birth, her at home visits were very useful. I appreciate the exercises she showed my husband and I for us to use during early labor. We did indeed use those exercises. When I went to my 41 week ultrasound, found out that the amniotic fluid was low and that I had to be induced that day because it is not good for the bay. I was very stressed out about that as I was hoping to go into labor naturally. Just talking to Heather on the phone about that and discussing the game plan really relieved my stress.

All in all, Heather is awesome and she should be your doula.

Sarah Von Ruden


Heather wa wonderful to work with during the prenatal, birth and post partum periods.  learned a lot of information and I found it most helpful to go over what to expect when labor starts and what happens when you arrive at the hospital. The most amazing part was the support and advocacy my husband and I received during labor. She was there throughout the whole night for us and it was so nice to have another person there who knew me and my needs and birth wishes. I would not hesitate to hire heather again in the future!

Catie Penning


Heather was an incredible doula, and I am so thankful we hired her. Leading up to the birth of my baby, she was always available to help. I texted and called her with lots of questions...and I did have lots, since this is our first baby :) She was so helpful with suggestions and recommendations, and she also was great about checking in with me every few days. During the delivery, she was an incredible support to me - she looked at my birth plan and talked to the nurses; she coached me on how to breathe; gave me suggestions for positions; brought me cool washcloths and water; fixed my hair. She also took photos and video of my baby being born, which is such a gift to have. She was available to do whatever we needed, and this also helped my husband greatly, as he got to be a part of the birth without feeling the uncertainty of not knowing what to do for me. Heather was a great support to both of us. I am also positive that my birth would not have been so smooth and quick without her help. My labor was a total of about 7 hours from when contractions started to when baby was born, and I was able to deliver vaginally with no medicine. I know that I could not have done that without Heather's help and support. She was invaluable to my husband and me, and we are so grateful! Thank you, Heather!!

Julie Willey


We are thankful for such a knowledgable and helpful Doula. Healther was a joy to work with, and we highly recommend her. If the Lord grants us another child, we will definitely call on her services again. She was the perfect fit for us--knoweldgeable and assertive without being overbearing. She listened well to our wishes and supported them. We really enjoyed the pre- and post-natal visits with her, and she even drove out to our house in snowstorms! She helped us prepare well for labor at home and in the hospital and also offered practical advice after the baby was born. She empowered Ken to support me with confidence. Thank you, Heather!

Emily Amici


My husband and I are so greatful that Heather was a part of the birth of our daughter. I honestly don't think my labor would have been as easy (YES, I said easy) without her support and encouragement.

Heather worked with us in advance of our due date to discuss my birth wishes, help us understand what to expect during labor and coach us on positions and comfort measures. Leading up to my due date, Heather was very proactive in checking in with me to make sure everything was going well. As my due date came and went and our daughter was still not ready to make her arrival, she provided me with positive affirmations and recommendations on how to stay comfortable and naturally try to induce labor.

At 12 days "past due" it was finally time for us to meet our little girl. During labor, Heather was AMAZING. From the hip squeezes she applied during contractions to the massages and great conversation in between, she helped the hours fly by. She also worked well with the nursing staff and provided great support to my husband to ensure this was a positve experience for him as well.

We have nothing but positive memories of the beautiful birth of our daughter and we can't thank Heather enough for contributing to that expeirence. If you are looking for a Doula, I would highly recommend that you include Heather as a part of your birth process!

Abby Cosby


Heather is a wonderful doula! I have had Heather's services for two pregnancies/births and she has been vital to each one. She is very knowledgeable, and has a wide range of expertise: with my first she was helping me physically to get through the delivery, and with my second she was able to help me find streches and means for helping a transverse baby move into the head down position. With both, she was very helpful with the first latching and the beginning of breast feeding.

She is an amazing asset to have in the delivery room, particularly if you have a husband who is a bit squimish! Her methods of discussing the delivery room and possible events that could happen in there and how to handle them made us feel very prepared for the big day.

I would highly recommend Heather to anyone who is having a baby; it's like having a birth guru by your side.

Clair Daley


We are so happy that we hired Heather, and it meant a lot to us to have her as such a close, special person in the birth story of our second son. Heather takes the time to get to know you as a couple and your vision for your birth, and then works out a plan from there - and there is no judgment! I was open to anything from natural to epidural and Heather was completely on board with such a flexible birth plan. When baby was breech at 32w, she talked me down and suggested sets of exercises to get him to flip - and it worked! When I went a week overdue into the holiday week of Thanksgiving, she made sure I knew she was still on hand at any time - and also made sure that I was introduced to her backup team just in case. When baby did finally decide to get going, she was an amazing source of support for me during early labor, and then later for my husband when labor took a turn and we went into an unplanned c-section. The photos she was able to grab for us in the OR of us meeting our son for the first time are priceless! 

Heather is awesome, warm, and incredibly supportive - and we highly recommend having her on your birth team. <3

Rachel Jackelen


Heather was a fantastic part of our pregnancy and birth experience. She provided physical and emotional support throughout the entire process. While she was helpful beyond measure during labor and delivery, I most appreciated the time and support she gave me in the months leading up to delivery. She regularly texted me to check in, and she was always available to talk through questions or concerns. As my due date approached and I faced decisions about inductions, etc., she helped me think and talk through my options and come to decisions that I felt comfortable with. She took the time to learn about my husband and me, and the type of birth we were envisioning. Any time we faced choices, she helped us think through our options specific to how they related to our vision for birth. In the end, I had the VBAC delivery that I was hoping for, and I know in my heart that Heather's encouragement and support helped to make that happen. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Melanie Bakker


Our experience with Heather was everything we hoped it would for having a doula by our side.  Though our labor was fast and furious Heather was invaluable in her support both leading up to the labor and the day of.  I'm so thankful that Heather had met with us ahead of time to give ideas for laboring positions as my husband used those in the initial hours before Heather arrived.  He and my sister both have mentioned multiple times the 'secret' help she gave to them in coaching me in the final hours.  There was so much going on with them that I didn't even know about.  Her cheering me along and added support really helped me in my goal of a natural birth.  And finally a huge thank to her for making sure my sweet girl latched on both sides within an hour after birth.  I can't thank her enough for that incredible service.  I'd hire Heather again in a heart-beat.  

Chris and Leah Conley


We had such a wonderful experience with Heather!  We're really glad that we found her and chose her to be our doula.  We met with her several times before birth and that was really helpful.  We outlined a birth plan-she was open to every bit of it-and practiced labor positions.  With her help and reminders during labor I was able to stick to my plan!  With her supporting me and my husband I was able to get through labor with as minimal as pain relief measures as I hoped for. There were a few comfort measures we ended up not utilizing that I thought I would because I was so exhausted from a long overnight labor.  She was with us at the hospital within 45 minutes (I think) after we called her to come in the wee hours of the morning.  My husband had to leave for a little bit to take care of something so I was glad she was there with me.  My husband was really thankful to have her too.  He didn't quite know how to help me during labor but they worked together to support me and help me feel a little better. I think her encouragement and emotional support helped me the most! (Not any of my husband's strengths). After our son was born, she stuck around for probably an hour and a half, until my baby had his first feeding. I'm so glad she helped me with that because she was the only one in the hospital for 2 days that gave me guidance on how to do it.  It's one thing to watch videos and read about breastfeeding and another doing it-her help was invaluable!  It was so nice to have her come check on us a week and a half later to see how everyone was doing.  We went over how labor and delivery went and talked about postpartum stuff.  Knowing I had her prenatal and postpartum help, helped me feel like I wasn't alone. You can't get this type of support and service from anyone other than a doula!  And Heather is good at what she does!  So worth every penny and I wouldn't do it any other way!

Amanda Sutherland


Heather was amazing! I had a very fast labor, but felt very prepared as we had met multiple times beforehand to discuss my wishes and the labor/delivery process. My husband was hesitant to hire a doula at firat, but the support and information Heather provided him with, soon changed his mind. Heather definitely made my birth experience everything I had hoped for. I would recommend Heather in a heartbeat. 

Jamie Andycha


From our initial interview through the delivery of our daughter, Heather provided endless amounts of support, expertise, compassion, and positive energy. My labor and delivery process was quite lengthy and a bit complicating. Long story short, my water broke at 2:00 am on Thursday morning (at 36.5 weeks) and active labor did not start until Sunday at 1:00 am with our daughter being born at 8:16am. Heather made herself available to us throughout this time with visits to the hospital and constant support via phone conversations and texts. In addition, Heather reached out on multiple occasions to the broader doula community to gather additional intel regarding some of the rare complications we were facing.

I can’t imagine going through this experience without Heather. She not only provided emotional and physical comfort to me, but also to my husband, encouraging him to eat, sleep, grab a cup of coffee, etc. This made him so much more available to support me. Heather also captured some fabulous photos and videos for us.

I know this is cliché, but the labor and arrival of our first child was the most amazing thing we’ve ever experienced. We will forever have an incredibly special and strong bond with Heather.

Betsy Oakland-Garey


Working with Heather was great. I was planning to have a VBAC, and Heather was very supportive and helpful planning for that. Due to unforseen circumstances, we ended up with a planned, early C-section. Heather was very calming during the planning, the surgery, and the recovery. She checked in frequently by text during the last few weeks of the pregnancy and the first few weeks post-partum. She was a great resource and really helped us transition back into new parents!

Tabitha Kazaglis


We were so glad to have Heather as our doula for the birth of our second daughter. I had a cesarean for our first daughter, so we were attempting a VBAC with Heather's assistance. She was helpful to prepare for the labor, during labor, and helping me process afterwards. She was positive, realistic, supportive, and non-judgmental.

Heather and my husband worked as a team to help me through back labor. She suggested position changes frequently. She supported my husband as he was trying to help make decisions as to next steps. I did have a VBAC and a healthy baby. Without Heather as our doula, I probably would have had a second cesarean. I would definitely ask her to be our doula again if we have another child.

As a side note, my husband and I were probably not the easiest clients. My husband is a physician and I worked in research. We asked a ton of questions. We wanted evidence-based information and to plan for all possible scenarios. Heather was great for us and kept us grounded. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Beth Paulson


Heather is a knowledgeable, kind and personable doula.

My husband and I were a little nervous about the birth of our first child and decided to partner with a doula for additional support.  Heather was recommended to us and we knew from the first meeting that she would a perfect fit.  She was friendly and outgoing with a wealth of knowledge and passion.  Heather provided valuable information and support in the prenatal meetings and was quick to provide a response to any additional questions that came up outside our meetings.  Heather was an amazing coach and support person for my husband and I during labor .   She was quick to offer solutions to help releave pain and exercises to try and turn my sideways baby.  During the pushing phase, Heather provided clear instructions and positive encouragement which resulted in a super quick and relatively easy delivery.  Heather visited our home after the birth of our child to talk through the delivery and discuss any questions or concerns I had and also helped me practice using my Moby wrap.  

I'm so thankful for Heather and her support before, during and after the birth of our child.  I would absolutely recommend Heather and would love to work with her again in the future!!

Jenny Geise


We are SO thankful for Heather! My husband and I agree, her support and services were invaluable! The reasons we wanted a doula: 1. To help support our desire to have a natural/drug-free birth 2. To have someone with us throughout the birth experience that we had an established relationship with (knowing that our OB was likely not going to be on rotation and that the nurses would come and go.) It really meant a lot to us to have someone with experience and support in the hospital room who knew us and advocated for our birth preferences. Heather did that in ways above and beyond what we expected!

In our two prenatal meetings Heather listened to our desires and gave helpful hands on pain-management techniques. When we were in the hospital, these techniques proved to be invaluable in making it through each contraction - especially the "hip squeezes" and the many different labor positions she showed us to help manage pain and support our baby to drop. She empowered my husband to be very hands on in his help. She knew just what to say/do in the moment to help me focus and encourage me to persevere. She never got in the way of my husband's coaching/support but complimented him so seamlessly and encouraged him as well. She anticipated needs I would have as labor progressed and worked harmoniously with the OB and nurses. 

In the last 6 weeks of pregnancy we had some complications. I was so grateful for how quick Heather was to respond every time I gave updates or had questions for her. She was very reliable, supportive and gave excellent advice to support our preferences, even when we had to be induced. She educated me on different options and questions to ask my OB before being induced. We were both impressed with how knowledgeable she was about so many aspects of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum. Areas she didn't know, she sought out answers for us. We were so grateful for her support and could not have done it without her!

Sabrina Josephson


Heather was amazing once again as my doula! This is the second time I used her so you know she was good the first time! I had many times where I needed to call or text Heather leading up to my due date trying to figure out if I was in real labor or not. She was always available to talk and knew what to ask and help determine when it was time to go to the hospital. My labor went very fast once I was at the hospital. She was there to help me through the nonstop contractions during pushing. My husband had been working a very long shift before I went into labor so it was incredibly helpful to have Heather there!  I would recommend her to anyone!

Mary Podvin


Prenatal interactions with this Doula: Heather met with us initially for an interview to layout her services and to answer any initial questions we had. After securing her as our doula, she made two in-home visits. During these visits she spent time getting to know our birth preferences, shared comfort techniques, and got to know us personally. We also discussed when and how to reach out to her once Mary went into labor. Heather was also corresponding with us via text during the last few weeks of pregnancy. She checked in regarding doctor visits, ultrasounds and how Mary was feeling.

Our experience while in labor: Heather was our second call after Mary’s water broke (first call was to the hospital nurse line). She remained in contact with us via text and phone as we worked through the initial stage of labor and got admitted to the hospital. These conversations mainly surrounded Mary’s labor process and how we were coping with pain. Given we were admitted at 9PM at night we decided to let Heather sleep a bit before calling her in around 4AM (around the time the labor was really progressing). From 4AM until the birth (12:18PM) Heather was a huge resource. She helped provide comfort techniques and was a labor coach. She helped with hip squeezes, suggested position changes, and gave great feedback to Mary during the pushing process. She was also a great resource to Jon by letting him get some breakfast and provided light conversation while Mary slept after her epidural. After the birth she stayed around to take pictures, help with latching, and ensure we were comfortable. After the labor she texted Mary occasionally and also provided an in-home postpartum visit to recap the labor and share some tips on taking care of baby. Heather was great and far exceeded our expectations. She was very personable and understood our needs. She was never pushy and worked extremely well with the Midwife and nurses.

Anna Bohlinger


Heather was incredibly kind, available, and nonjudgmental. Her support was a big part of what made the birth of my youngest healing for me. I was also able to make my goal of having a birth without pain medication with her support. We recommend her to friends and wholeheartedly believe we could not have made a better decision.

Colin Cavanaugh-Johnston


I interviewed a few doulas and found Heather to be the best fit because she's confident, outgoing, knowledgable, and communicative. She's the type of person who would stand up for what I wanted, not be afraid to tell me what to do, and who could help make my husband feel more comfortable and coach him through the birth. Heather is a wealth of information, resources and helpful anecdotes that put me at ease and saved me the anxiety of spending countless hours researching things like "how to cloth diaper" and "best birthing positions," etc. I was looking for someone with a strong personality and lots of exoperience and I found those with Heather!

One of the things Heather couldn't stress enough was that no matter how well we planned the birth, it may not happen the way we hoped. And boy was she right! We had planned a natural birth at a birthing center with aromatherapy and water labor and when I went into labor at 32 weeks the whole plan changed and Heather was right there to roll with the punches. Though I didn't get to really "enjoy" labor with Heather and my midwife because it happened so fast, I found Heather to be an excellent support figure for me during labor. She helped coach me with breathing and gave me the positive enforcement I needed.

She was beyond excellent in the pre and post labor visits. She visited me in the hospital when I was on bed rest prior to having my baby and brought essential oils and snacks. After I had the baby, he had to stay in NICU for a couple weeks and she visited us in the hospital just to check in. She continues to interact with us now, 7 months later. I can't wait to use her again with our next baby if we are so lucky (and hopefully we can have the "fun" natural birth I hoped for next time!).

Danielle Johnson


We met Heather at a Starbucks and knew we loved her within the first 5 minutes! She is so down to earth and just made us feel so good especially since we had the first time parents jitters. She had the answer to everything we asked and was very non judgemental on any decisions we wanted to do. I knew going into our birth plan that I wanted an epidural. Heather was kind enough to come out to our house a couple times prior to having our little one and once I started having contractions - we contacted Heather right away and she came to the hospital once everything started. It lasted 14 hours of not too much excitement and we ended up having to have a cesarean which she was so awesome helping me through all of it and taking video/pics during the whole thing. After everything was said and done she came to visit us at our house A week after just to check on us And she was such a great support i know who I'm going to call once the next kiddo is on his/her way!!! 

Abby Warnert


Heather is an incredible doula and we would highly recommend her.  My husband and I were looking for a knowledgable professional to assist us through the birth of our first child and this is exactly what we found in Heather.  She was such an asset and we got so much more than we were hoping for.  We were most interested in finding someone who could provide real support to me during labor: Heather was a wealth of information and ideas about how to do just that.  She is so easy to work with; she had a simple well organized process for us to create a birth plan.  We strategized scenarios, made a few assumptions regarding what we would most likely want given certain situations, and practiced a few labor positions.  She consulted with me regarding what to pack in the labor bag, and being prepared for the first few days after the baby.  When the big day arrived Heather was so great!  We were in constant contact via text or phone call.  In the delivery room she was amazing: she never stopped working, she jumped right in and was always helping.  She situated my husband in the best place for him to be.  She was constantly concerned with my comfort, and always seemed to know just what I needed without me asking: cold compress for my neck, hip squeezes, back massaging.  She even held up limbs to take the burden of weight off of me.  Her vocal prompts and encouragement during labor were spot on, I couldn't image doing this without her.  After delivery she made sure we had a few successful attempts at breast feeding and even took photos of all of us. 

Heather is an exceptional doula and I really feel that hiring her was the best thing we did in preparation for our baby.

Jess Garcia


I highly recommend Heather and can't say enough good things about her. I didn't use a doula with my first delivery and although I didn't have any major concerns that time around, I knew I wanted a more intimate experience with the second. So I looked into hiring a doula and am very glad I found Heather. We only met twice before I delivered (I signed up with her late in my pregnancy), but I feel she had a very good sense of what I wanted and didn't want with my delivery. I loved how she was able to sense what I needed, even when I didn't even know. Somehow when she asked if I wanted something, it always seemed to be just what I needed, whether it was ice chips, cool washcloths, hip squeezes, etc. She had such a calming supportive presence and I will definitely be calling her again with any future pregnancies.

Melanie Lucachick


Heather was a pleasure to work with throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience.  My husband and I were seeking a doula who would be down-to-earth, knowledgeable about comfort measures for labor, non-judgemental about our birth plan decisions, and who would be our advocate during the labor & delivery journey.  We found all of this in Heather, and even though my birth plan came nowhere near reality and I had to have a C section, Heather was supportive of us during that very emotional "change of plans" and quickly helped us to outline our wishes for the hospital OR staff.  She joined us in the OR and remained by my side while my husband stayed with our son, all the way through the recovery period. She even took some incredible photos of the birth for us. I would not hesitate to call Heather again when it's time to have our 2nd! 

Kate Dietz


Some people are afraid of snakes. For me, one of my biggest fears was child birth. I was scared about the pain, and about feeling vulnerable etc. I knew I was going to need some extra support to help me through the process once my husband and I found out we were pregnant. We interviewed a couple different Doulas, but didn't find "the one" until we met Heather. The first time we met her we knew she was going to be perfect for us. Heather has a wonderfully warm energy about her. She had several years of experience helping other women, and my goodness she is so passionate about supporting women through their birthing experience. One of the things I loved about Heather was that she said over and over again that she wanted me to have the birthing experience that I wanted, and didn't try to push any ideas or opinions on me. I knew I wanted an epidural and she was very supportive of that- I never once felt like she was judging me.My husband and I had several questions about the whole process and she was very knowledgeable. When the moment of glory came, Heather proved to be a game changer for us. She taught us hip presses that made the contractions much more manageable, and was able to guide me through a questionable moment while in labor. Because of Heather, I was able to have the vaginal birth (with minimal pain) that I had hoped for. Thank you Heather!!! If we have another baby, your better believe I want Heather by my side!! 





Amanda Andvik


My husband and I found Heather's profile on Doula Match about a year ago. We met up with her shortly after and she was hired! We really liked her right away. She is a very kind, caring and genuine person.

Leading up to, and after the big day she was a great resource. She checked in with me frequently and was always available to answer questions. In the hospital she worked very well with us and the medical staff. She had some ideas for positioning that directly contributed to the successful delivery of my son, and her calm demeanor helped to keep my husband's stress level at bay. We were so greatful to have Heather by our side during the whole process. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is interesting in having a doula to support them in the birth process. 

Katie Gillespie


Heather was an absolute lifesaver! I hired her as my doula for my first birth, and she was with me every step of the way. She was not only an amazing help for me during childbirth, but a wonderful support for my husband as well.  We both agree that it was well worth every penny for her services. Heather was also very approachable, understanding, and knowledgable. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby who is looking to hire a doula!

Sabrina Cooper


My husband and I chose Heather as our doula. My husband wasn't on board at first to have a doula aid us in labor but he liked Heather and agreed to hiring her and we were both so glad we did!  Heather helped me write a birth plan and practice some relaxation techniques.  When I went into labor at home Heather helped me to determine when it was right time to go in. Heather met us at the hospital and was by my side throughout the whole labor and delivery. Heather is extremely passionate about being a doula and was an incredible aid in helping me make my way through my first delivery. We interviewed a few different doulas first, but ended up going with Heather. She has a great positive attitude is very knowledgeable in different techniques to help you through your labor. I would strongly recommend Heather as a doula. 

Ami Rickson


Heather is an amazing doula! My husband called Heather to meet us at the hospital and she came as soon as I needed her. At this point my labor was pretty intense so she jumped right in. I wanted almost constant counter pressure on my hips which I'm sure took a lot of stregth and persiverence on her part. She encouraged me to move around the labor room to help bring the baby down. I was in and out of the tub and on the birthing ball for 4 hours with her help. She gave me such encouragement and support I was able to succeed in having the completely natrual birth that I wanted. She also provded amazing support to my husband, and worked great with my midwife, which was essential in creting a strong labor team. What an amazing experience; I would not have had it without my doula, Heather! 

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