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Christine Halldorson, CD (DTI), CBE

Seeds of Life Birth Services

Bethlehem, PA Service range 35 miles Serving Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Emmaus, Macungie, Stroudsburg, Clinton, and Hunterdon County

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1800

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1300 to $1800

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 68 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 6 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , March 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 0 to 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: offering birth + postpartum support, private childbirth education and placenta services

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Only home births with a certified midwife present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Currently working towards Breastfeeding Specialist Certification with Lactation Education Resources

Fee Details

I proudly offer a $100 discount to all veterans + active military. Thank you for your service. Price per hour is for singleton care.

Service Area

Bethlehem, PA Service range 35 miles Serving Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Emmaus, Macungie, Stroudsburg, Clinton, and Hunterdon County

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Client Testimonials for Christine Halldorson, CD (DTI), CBE

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Janice Noethiger


I knew after talking to Chrissy for a few minutes that she was the perfect fit for our family. We weren't sure exactly what we needed from her as a doula since this was our second child and second home birth - only that we definitely wanted the extra support.  The way she helped us determine what we needed was really organized and professional, with the perfect outcome. She was fast to arrive once labor started, and helped me tremendously with physical support during contractions. Her presence and calm nature were exactly what I needed to make it through my 4 hour intense labor while my husband supported our older daughter. After the birth, she was invaluable by helping with our older child while we got to know the new baby and recovered a bit from birth.  Although it was the first time she worked alongside our midwife, they worked together seamlessly and we appreciated that so much. As a side note, we are newer to the area so Chrissy also provided us with tons of recommendations for birth professionals, providers and postpartum resources. Our home birth would truly not have been as positive or successful without her help!

Ashley Siedt


A chiropractor told me about her experience with Chrissy as a doula and after some research on what exactly a doula does, I was convinced I wanted the added support. I am convinced that the birth of our first child would have been different had we been more educated and supported.
I apprehensively told my husband that I wanted to hire a doula to support us during labor and delivery. When I explained what a doula did, his shoulders dropped 6 inches in relief! He felt so much better knowing that he would have support in helping me through labor. 
As much as I love our experience with Chrissy- I think my husband loved it more. We were confident in making decisions at the hospital thanks to our consults before labor. She advocated for me during labor- for example, I felt like I was getting too much IV fluid. When I asked a nurse why, I was told it was protocol. When I mentioned it to Chrissy, she was able to use her birth knowledge to explain that it wasn't necessarily protocol and asked our nurse to please stop fluids for a while. 
My husband wanted to support me during labor; but, he didn't want to be "front and center." Chrissy jumped right in and helped encourage me during the second phase of labor. She even captured some very emotional pictures during those first minutes after birth. She arrived at the hospital as they were telling me I was getting close- I actually was 16 hours away. 
She stayed with us even after birth until we were ready to settle in by ourselves. She was in constant communication for about 2 weeks just to check in. We did decide to do placenta encapsulation. I would recommend it to anyone. As soon as I started the pills I felt my emotions level out and my milk increased. I feel so fortunate to have found Chrissy. 
If you are debating on whether or not to hire a doula- do it! If it's a question of the cost, save money elsewhere and get the support you deserve! 

Ashley Schweitzer


My husband and I knew we wanted a doula at our birth after I was advised against a home water birth for a few reasons. We thought a doula in the hospital setting would be the next best thing. I looked on doula match and found Chrissy right away. After a few emails back and forth we set up a virtual consultation and instantly connected. After the call my husband and I both said we felt like she was one of our friends and we got along great together. We immediately knew we wanted her to be our doula. We're so glad we did. My labor was about 34 hours altogether and she was there for every minute once I called her to come to the house to offer support.  Afterwards she said it was the longest labor she's been at, but also so much fun. Her support before, during and after my birth was amazing and means so much. It was everything I was hoping for. She and my husband were there to squeeze my hips during every contraction. Without that alone, I don't know how I could've made it through. Her kind and encouraging words and mellow and thoughtful demeanor throughout everything really made my experience great and less scary than I thought it would be. She was so supportive and reminded me to relax my face and shoulders and keep my sounds low and deep which was really helpful.  I can't recommend Chrissy enough. My husband and I would certainly work with her again and said if I were to get pregnant again we would love to try for the homebirth and have Chrissy here as our doula. If you're thinking of hiring a doula I would encourage you to do it and choose Chrissy. 

Ashley, Darryl and baby Sunnie 

Rachel Johnson


My experience with Chrissy was absolutely wonderful, and I would highly recommend her!!    I hired Chrissy as my labor doula for the birth of my daughter in April 2022, and was very happy with my choice.  She will support you in the exact way that is right for you, and respect your preferences without ever judging.  

Chrissy was so knowledgeable with answering all my questions prior to the delivery.   She is kind and supportive, checking in regularly to see how the pregnancy was going and meeting with me twice before delivery.  During the actual labor/delivery, she was priceless- I could not have gotten through it without her.  She is very attentive, and anticipated my every need- at times before I even knew what I needed.  Chrissy has a great sense of urgency in the heat of the moment,  and a very calming demeanor.  During the very intense last part of a 22 hour labor, she was invaluable in guiding me through it and helping me to remain as calm as possible.

I also found her pricing to be very reasonable!



Lauren Nowack


Christine was an absolutely wonderful support to have with me in labor. I wanted a doula with experience in a hospital setting to help us navigate that world. She always made wherever we were as comfortable as possible and worked incredibly with both us and the nurses. She helped me make the right choices for ME during the entire labor process and I can honestly say her presence helped make my birth everything it needed to be. From her physical support to her emotional support and simple knowledge of how to work hospital beds and be there for us, Christine was exceptional. Thank you so much for working with us!



I found Chrissy through the Doula Match website, after interviewing a few doulas I felt Chrissy was the best match for me. She was supportive through the prenatal meetings offering support and reviewing my birth prefereces. Once it came time for my birth she was there offering continuous support for myself and my husband. We were so happy to have Chrissy support us through the birth of our babygirl! I recommed her for other expecting mamas! 

Morgan Seibert


First off, wow! My husband and I had an amazing experience from pregnancy support to labor and delivery and beyond. We had no idea what to expect with having a doula, and after we met Christy, we didn't need to interview anyone else. Christy is very informative and you can tell she just LOVES what she does. We felt supported and cared for all along the way. If I didn't reach out first, I would hear from Christy about how I was doing. We were 10 days overdue and I wanted to have a medication- free childbirth and I wanted it to start naturally, but I was beginning to lose hope as contractions were going on for over 24 hours at this time. Christy was there to cheer me on in whatever decision I chose and to give factual information to help lead my decisions. 48 hours of contractions (at home) later we drove to the hospital to meet Christy where I was already 8 cm dilated! NOW we needed the support more than ever as this was our first child and did not know what to expect! My mom was also in the delivery room and both sets of parents came in just hours before pushing to check in and Christy kept her focus on me the whole time. After my water broke at 9.5 cm, that is when the pain really started and through every contraction, Christy was there pushing on my back to relieve some pain and then guiding my husband in how to care for me. As I was pushing I noticed (yes I was aware) how Christy lead my mom up to my head so she could be near me but yet she was still coaching me down by my feet. Watching her take the lead but still care for my husband and mom who wanted to support me was just EXACTLY how I envisioned my labor and I am crying here writing this. I had a hard postpartum with mastitis 6 times and my baby had a lip tie; this was worse than labor. Christy  was messaging me and checking up on me and sending me resources. She truly cared about my baby and our family. She goes above and beyond. I even told her "I can't wait to have you for the next one".

Cassandra Passaro-Ruffino


My husband and I were so glad to have stumbled on a reference for Chrissy. We were both anxious for our pregnancy and delivery of our baby so we were hoping to have someone along for our journey that was experienced, compassionate, and accepting of our wishes. In our pre-delivery meetings, Chrissy helped prepare us for the big day by teaching my husband massage techniques and what to expect, and made sure to ask what my preferences were for the delivery. She listened to my wishes and was able to help communicate this while I was in labor and things were getting intense. She was also very understanding that I did not want a specific birth plan because I didn't want expectations for a "perfect" delivery, but I wanted to be realistic about what could happen and things that I absolutely did not want unless medically necessary. She was there while I was in early and active labor and just put us both at ease and was very helpful with massage, breathing, and just keeping a positive aura in the room.  We would both highly recommend Chrissy!



Look no further for a doula! Christine is kind, respectful and wants you to have YOUR ideal birth experience. Due to the pandemic and being unsure of hospital policies for doulas I contacted Christine to see what she may be able to do for us. Christine went the extra mile and prepared a series of zoom birthing classes special for my husband and I. She educated us and tailored information for our concerns. She even delivered a gift bag with comfort measures and free samples for new mamas. She also emphasizes the importance of mental health pre and post partum. I never felt pressured, just supported and informed. Thank you Christine for helping my husband and myself prepare for the birth of our daughter and always leaving your door open to answer any of our questions and concerns!



Chrissy was AMAZING to have for the birth of our baby boy! Her calming presence made the whole experience so much better. Although our plan didn't quite work out, she was there to support us in making quick and tough decisions. Having her by my side for extra support was worth its weight in gold! It took a lot of pressure off my husband and he was so happy to have her there, too! Book your doula services with Chrissy... you will not be disappointed!! 

Jess E.


We were fortunate to have Chrissy's support for both of our kiddo's pregnancies and births. With our first, I wanted to try for a med-free birth so working with a doula just made sense to me. We met with a few who were plenty nice but just didn't click with us. After meeting Chrissy, we knew she'd be an invaluable help in planning for a med-free experience, but also felt she was super supportive and knowledgeable on interventions too. I had two somewhat rough pregnancies and Chrissy was not only a supportive ear but was a wealth of knowledge with resources and connections ranging from chiropractors to acupuncturists to massage therapists. My first labor went incredibly fast and Chrissy is pretty much the only reason he wasn't born at home. While my OB was telling me to stay home, she instantly knew (from a phone call, no less) that I was progressing quickly and encouraged us to go. It was chaotic and somewhat traumatic but Chrissy (who beat us to the hospital!) was a calming & reassuring voice despite it all. With our second, I decided on an elective induction and did get an epidural and she was just as supportive and helpful throughout the both the decision making process and the actual birth experience. She's helpful in those early postpartum days, with breastfeeding questions, and is just overall a sweet person who totally "gets" it when you're feeling like a hormonal mess. If you want an extra person on your side as you navigate pregnancy, labor & delivery, I can't recommend her enough!

Courtney B.


"If she wasn't there, you wouldn't have had the natural childbirth that you wanted.  She supported  you when you thought you couldn't do it anymore"-Kyle, my husband.

It's hard to put into words how amazing it was to have Chrissy as our doula. I am a first-time mom and had plenty of questions leading up to my labor including, is a natural childbirth realistic. She patiently answered all my questions and provided lots of resources.  When the time came, Chrissy was by my side the entire time. Chrissy was hands-on and anticipated our needs.  She saw an opportunity and urged my husband to get something to eat  while she stayed with me.  In addition to being a constant, reassuring presence Chrissy also kept the labor moving along.  She suggested different positions for me to get into that even impressed our seasoned labor nurse!  

I also had my placenta encapsulated. Chrissy was professional, informative, and prompt with all aspects of the process.

Destiny V. Beck


Once I realized my husband and I were expecting twins, I knew I wanted to hire a doula to help me/us through the experience and birth. I met Chrissy at a birthing class event and knew right away she had the kind, warm, and gentle demeanor I'd need during my pregnancy and birth to balance out my anxiety and nerves.

Many people asked me why I'd hire a doula knowing with twins I'd most likely need a c-section, and now I can confidently say that having her by our side during what ended up a very intense c-section story was one of the best decisions we could have made.

When I was 37 weeks and 6 days, I was admitted for preeclampsia and needed a c-section right away. Chrissy dropped everything and headed to the hospital as I went into surgery. While my girls were delivered perfectly, I ended up hemorrhaging and needed emergency surgery and a transfusion while my daughters went to the nursery with my husband. Ultimately, Chrissy's support in recovery for all four of us was beyond invaluable. Luckily our girls were healthy enough to follow me to recovery, so while my husband tended to them, I awoke to Chrissy standing over my bed with comforting words (very angelic, truly) and ice chips. I was in so much pain and never felt such immense thirst in my life. She stayed by my side and fed me ice chips and sips of water until I was transferred to another room for the night. I was at my worst and she made me feel so safe and comforted in those moments.

My husband and I are so grateful to have had Chrissy in our lives through this experience. She is one of the best souls I've ever met and I feel so blessed that her aura and presence surrounded my girls during their first moments of life. I can't even begin to imagine my birth story without her in it.

Sarah Ulshafer


There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have had Chrissy as my doula. My husband and I researched several different doulas but after meeting with Chrissy, we knew we didn't need to set up consultations with anyone else cause she was perfect! During my pregnancy, she was a wealth of knowledge for my husband and I and was incredibly supportive when I went past my due date and had three nights of prodromal labor before the real deal. When I went into labor in the middle of the night, she was there right away. And when our planned home birth didn't go as planned and we needed to transfer to the hospital, Chrissy was truly invaluable. She slept in a chair right next to my hospital bed and helped my very sleep deprived husband and I make decisions about the birth of our daughter. I ended up needing a csection and while my husband and our family were in the nursery with the baby, Chrissy was right by my side in the recovery room. All in all, Chrissy stayed with us for almost 36 hours straight. During my hospital stay, she checked in with me every day to see how the baby and I were doing and gave me a ton of resources for support at our postpartum visit. I honestly can't imagine going through this experience without her. Both my husband and my mom continue to talk about how amazing Chrissy was!

Jodie Fanelli


I hired Christine to encapsulate my placenta after birth of my daughter. After calling different doulas, I could tell just by speaking on the phone with Christine that she was the one I wanted to hire. She was very friendly, attentive, and insightful. Christine answered all my questions and made me feel that this was the right thing for me.

When I gave birth, I texted her right away and within an hour she was there at the hospital to pick up my placenta. I had my pills by the next day! Which she hand delivered to me in my hospital room. I feel energized from the capsules and I'm so happy I made the decision to get it done. I highly recommend Christine!

Laura Creteau


I can't say enough wonderful things about Chrissy! My husband's exact words, "Chrissy was worth every penny! I couldn't imagine going through that without her!" Chrissy is so knowledgeable that it is easy to trust her. She is so quick to respond to any questions or concerns before labor, and during labor she is an ever present comfort and friend! Even after the delivery, she continues to go out of her way to support me in breastfeeding my daughter. I am so glad that we decided to hire Chrissy, her calm and steady demeanor made me feel confident during labor and took away so many of the fears I had. I would recommend her to anyone!

Ana McCaw-Weathers


Hiring Christine as my doula was one of the best choices I made during my pregnancy . For my first child my sister and husband were both there , for my second my family was all to be out of state on my due date . I began to panick that I would end up laboring alone. We decided five days before my due date that we needed to hire a doula. I was a nervous wreck . As soon as Christine walked into my house I felt much more calm . We clicked right away and for the first time in this pregnancy I felt like I could go into labor and everything was going to be alright.

My son had no intentions of making his debut on anyone's schedule but his own , and for the next 2 weeks  Christine checked on me at least once a day , encouraged me and told me everything was going to be alright and helped me stay strong in my convictions to not have uneccessary pelvic exams, and to not go for an induction right away. She even made arrangements to leave her family vacation should I go into labor during it . When they finally made me schedule an induction she calmed me down, and made me feel good even though I was scared out of my mind . Later that night , I went into labor naturally , and she was there for me every step of the way . Labor was fast and furious and before I really knew what was happening I called her and she told me I was in transition . We asked her to meet us at the hospital, and from then on out she held my hand, fed me ice cubes, mopped off my forehead and told me everything was going to be alright when I had less than ideal labor nurses and doctors . When I was taken out of the room to the OR for a delivery by foreceps she helped both my husband and I focus and be brave. After she captured moments on film that are beautiful and otherwise would have not been documented.

She has a loving heart and a beautiful soul. I am blessed to call her my doula . I am blessed to call her my friend.

Jahnan Derso


Christine was very knowledgeable about the Placenta Encapsulation process. I could tell right away that I wanted to work with her. After my homebirth, my doula dropped my placenta off at her house. Christine worked quickly to transform my placenta so I could begin taking it the next evening. I was so surprised at how fast she processed everything. It was very helpful in my healing process. My endless gratitude to her for putting care and speed into her work. I highly recommend her services.

Kimberly Forino


Chrissy is an excellent excellent doula.  Choosing a doula is such a huge and life altering decision.  You truly want to feel comfortable with your doula and decision.  Hiring Chrissy as my birth doula was one of the smartest decisions I made during my childbirth preparation.  I had a lot of anxiety during my last trimester and having Chrissy as a trusted resource was invaluable for me.  During labor, Chrisst truly did everything to cater to me and my husband.  Having that familiar presence during this challenging time was so important and led me to achieve my goal of giving birth without pain medication.  I will always be so grateful to Chrissy for her support during my pregnancy and childbirth.  She is a trusted and invaluable asset to any birth!  -Kimberly

Alison VanBuskirk Philip


When my husband and I decided we wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our first baby, we knew it was important to both of us to find someone with a calming presence who would be a quiet support during labor and help us through any anxiety that arose. At our first meeting, we immediately felt comfortable with Christine, who offered information and encouragement while listening to us share about our hopes and fears about birth and parenthood.

When signs of prelabor built up slowly in my 38th and 39th weeks of pregnancy, Chrissy checked in regularly to see how I was doing. When real labor started, she arrived at our apartment at 6 am and sat with us until we went to the hospital at noon. She helped my husband support me through contractions, heat up the rice sock (one she'd given us) countless times, and worked hard to keep me comfortable. Her help only continued when we got to the hospital. My labor was long, lasting until the following afternoon (she was with us for more than 30 hours total), and I never felt like I was taking too long or asking too much.

Along with physical support, my husband and I both leaned on her for emotional support in moments when labor didn't go as we hoped or expected. She listened when we needed it and helped us keep things in perspective.

Aided by her presence, our birth story ended with an intense hour of pushing and a healthy baby on my chest. We are incredibly grateful to Chrissy for enduring with us and celebrating with us.

Jen Bzik


Chrissy had a lot to live up to as the doula for the birth of my second child. During my first pregnancy, my best friend was in training to be a doula, and was living with us at the time. She attended the birth of my son in August 2013 as both doula & friend. By the time I was pregnant with my second child, my best friend had moved to Georgia. When it became apparent that I was not going to be able to convince her to move back to New Jersey just to attend my birth, I realized I would have to find another doula. I was immediately drawn to Chrissy after reading her profile on Doula Match. I especially wanted to find someone who was a doula for both birth and postpartum. As she walked to her car after our initial consultation, I turned to my husband and asked if we could just keep her forever. We never bothered to interview anyone else. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She met us as the hospital when we though I was having the baby at 37 weeks. She was great all through the night and really helped keep my spirits up when my contractions stopped and we were sent home the next morning. A week and a half later she was with us for the real thing. When my daughter was born March 9, my husband was holding my right hand, and Chrissy was holding my left. Over the next few weeks, she came to the house to provide postpartum help. She anticipated what I would need and just did it, without being asked. It was amazing. She helped with the new baby, and my toddler, and the house. Most of all she helped me stay sane. When our time together was over, I felt so conflicted. I was so happy that I felt comfortable being on my own with both my newborn and my toddler. At the same time I was so sad knowing that Chrissy would not be around anymore. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to compare to the experience of having my best friend as my doula, but Chrissy was amazing. Every woman should have the support of a doula, and Chrissy is a great one!

Maria Buglovsky


My husband and I were so glad to have found Christine to be our doula. This being my first pregnancy, I really didn't know what to expect or how to prepare for the birth of our baby boy. We met with Christine a few times before the birth and came up with a birth plan. She offered guidance and encouraged me to advocate for myself. I really wanted to have a natural birth but had an open mind about plans changing. Christine was very supportive and non judgmental which made me feel very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable about different comforting techniques including acupressure points and aroma therapy. The acupressure points were especially helpful because I had back labor!  Christine's voice was very calming and reassuring during labor. She reminded me to breath, that I was strong, and everything was ok. After our son was born I wasn't able to hold him right away because he swallowed meconium and needed to be evaluated. I'll never forget how comforting Christine was during that time. Days and weeks after the birth Christine was still present and available to help answer any questions or concerns. We are so grateful to have shared this amazing experience with Christine and I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much! 

Dana Goodman


From the moment we met with Chrissy, we knew we had made the right decision in hiring a doula to assist us with our daughter's birth.  Both my husband and myself felt immediately at ease with her warm and calming energy.  She addressed all of our questions and concerns in an extremely hearable and thorough manner.  it was obvious that she truly loves what she does and we couldn't appreciate that dedication more.  She asked a lot of thought provoking questions that helped us think through and prepare for not only the birthing process but for different scenarios so that no matter what happened we had a game plan.  Prior to going into labor she checked in every couple of days to see how I was doing and always had helpful and enjoyable resources for us to review.  During labor she wasted no time preparing our room to make it as calming as possible.  She helped interpret the options the doctor presented to us and allowed us to come to our own conclusions. After every contraction and push, she was there with a cup of ice water, a cold compress and encouraging words.  She took terrific pictures of us immediately after our daughter was born so we could focus on bonding.  She stayed with us after the birth to make sure that we were comfortable and the baby was breastfeeding.  We have also had her come for post partum help and it couldn't have been more helpful in the weeks after our daughter was born. Whether she's helping prep dinner, allowing me to go take a bath or just sitting and talking with me about how I am, she has truly become like a close friend. We will without a doubt be asking her to assist us for the second time around - we couldn't imagine doing it without her!

Lindsay Amato


As my husband and I grew with excitement expecting our first child, we knew that we wanted support to help us through the labor/birth process. When meeting Christine I got an overall feeling that she was very knowledgeable and knew that the pregnancy and birth process was special and unique to each mother experiencing it. While pregnant Christine was always checking in, answering any questions that I had about my pregnancy and birth preparation. When my water broke, Christine was in constant contact and support and joined me at home to support me through my surges and allowed me to labor at home until it was necessary to go to the hospital. Having her at my home really allowed me to stay stress free of wondering when it was the ‘right’ time to go to the hospital. When we go to the hospital, Christine was wonderful in creating a calming atmosphere in my room by dimming the lights and using her essential oil diffuser. As the surges continued and became more intense, there were many times that I did not know if I could continue to handle them. She was always there to encourage and help me see the big picture of what I was working so hard for…my beautiful son. After 22 hours of labor, I gave birth naturally to my son Jase. After giving birth I felt a huge sense of pride, relief, and extreme thankfulness for having such a wonderful support system. I owe this to not just my husband, but Christine as well. Christine’s support continued postpartum as well. She did a fabulous job encapsulating my placenta, which helped tremendously in the first few weeks postpartum. She also helped with postpartum support with things like resources for lactation consultants and oral surgeons for my son’s tongue-tie. I felt that she was truly invested in my well being through my entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She really exceeded any/all expectations I had. Any client would be lucky to have Christine as their doula. ?

Nicole Pickens


When I met Christine I instantly felt like we were old friends and I knew I wanted her to be my doula.  Leading up to my delivery Christine provided us with a lot of informative information, great books, and showed us techniques to do together to get through labor.  She was not just a teacher but also a friend checking in on me and encouraging me.  When I finally went into labor with my son, I texted Christine in the morning saying I believe this is the day because I have been up since 2:45 am with contractions.   She said she will start getting ready to head over.  When she arrived she suggested we go for walk.  The walk was great idea and truly helped.  During the walk we just talked, shared stories and laughed.  Whenever I did have a contraction Christine would help me breathe through them and rub my lower back.  After the walk it was time to call my husband and doctors and go to thr hospital.  At the hospital Christine and my husband worked together to help me through my contractions.  During this time she motivated me as well as my husband.  I had tested positive for Strep B so I had to be on antibiotics for four hours.  Unfortunately I was fuly dilated and still had about a little less then an hour to go for the medicine to be done.  This was the hardest part.  I was told I couldn't push till the medicine was done.  I honestly believe Christine and my husband were the reasons I made it through.  She continued to encourage me and put wet wash cloths on my head.  Finally I was allowed to push and had my son in my arms.   While everyone was paying attention to my son and I was being checked Christine stood by my side.  Which was a great feeling not being alone.  I had fears from time to time about going natural but I can honestly say that Christine truly helped me have a wonderful birth experience.  I would ask for her support again.

Casey Guild


As well as my birth doula, Christine was an incredible postpartum doula as well! As a new (first-time) mom, things tend to get hectic and overwhelming and I found myself feeling a little lost when my husband went back to work. Christine came for postpartum care once a week for 4 weeks for 4 hours at a time. She would help me with my daily activities (that were once so simple to accomplish) like cutting my weekly vegetables, vacuuming my house, or folding laundry. Even if I didn't have much to do, she would simply suggest taking a bath and a long nap, and sometimes that was exactly what I needed. Christine definitely has that way about her.. she just knows what you need without you having to ask for anything. I believe this is a special kind of person and Christine definitely is that. You can tell my son even loves her so! She often wears him in my carrier and he happily lays on her chest while she gets things done around the house for me.Now we're at the end of our journey together and our last appointment is coming up. I'm sad to have our time come to an end together but I know when the time comes to have another child, Christine will be there again for me.. and I simply cannot wait for that!

Casey Guild


From the moment I met Christine, I knew she was the right person for my birth experience. I was nervous and unsure about my feelings towards having a natural child birth and Christine made me feel empowered and strong enough to follow through my with my birth plan. After our first meeting and instantly clicking, we set up our two final meetings for later in my pregnancy. This alone was reassuring that she was a strong support system for me and my husband. At both meetings, she explained how she would assist us during my birth and again empowered me even further to follow through with my dreams of a natural child birth. Even beyond these meetings, Christine made me feel I could reach out to her at any time with any questions or concerns I had. When my due date came closer, I frequently would contact Christine with questions, worries, excitement, and concerns and she would always promptly respond. When I went into labor at 12:30 am, I knew I could reach out to Christine and she would respond right away. She came to me quickly and calmly. From this moment on, I can truly say she is one of the biggest reasons I had the labor I worked so hard for. Christine didn't only feel like my doula, but she felt like my best friend and mother all wrapped up in one. I remember making eye contact with her numerous time through painful contractions and her gaze, with or without words, always calmed me and reassured me that I could do this. When it came time to go to the hospital, her presence was even more necessary. In moments of feeling like I couldn't go on, Christine always made me feel like I could be strong and continue on. And I did.. I labored for 21 1/2 hours and pushed for 3. All without any medication or induction methods. Things ran so smoothly and beautifully and I know a big part of that was because of Christine. I will forever be grateful to her for how she helped me have the birth of my dreams.

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