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Christa Duquette CD(DONA), SBD, HCHD

Li'l Apple Doula Services

Olds, AB Service range 75 miles Serving areas Olds, Red Deer and Three Hills.

Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 250 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2012
  • Stillbirthday, July 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births in Hospitals in Olds, Red Deer, Three Hills, Drumheller, Sundre, and Calgary.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I would be happy to attend your home birth as long as a midwife will be present and attending your birth.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am part of the Red Deer Doula Association where I volunteer on the board of executives. I am also a volunteer with the Alberta Health Services Doula Program and the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Center in Red Deer and Olds. I also work with a local volunteer organization called Mamas for Mamas in the Red Deer Branch.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Services included in my fees are described in detail on my website. My fees are flexible and payment plans are available for those in financial limits. Please contact me regarding this. My passion is to ensure that every mother who wants a Doula can have one. I always provide a back up doula for my services. For Moms under 18years of age I offer my services by donation at the discretion of the client to the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Center. Accepted payments: e-transfer,paypal, cash & cheque payments available *payment plans available if needed*

Service Area

Olds, AB Service range 75 miles Serving areas Olds, Red Deer and Three Hills.

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Client Testimonials for Christa Duquette CD(DONA), SBD, HCHD

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Alana Miller


Christa was a continues to be a huge help to us! During the birth she was extremely supportive of myself and my husband, and the care we have received since has been wonderful. Having home visits in the following days was great for any questions or concerns that we had as new parents. The night of the birth Christa made sure that we had extra post partum essentials packed away in our bags and made sure we had everything we needed that night. We also took her birth class that was very in depth and informative! Both my husband and I were glad we took the class and felt super prepared for the big day! We can't recommend Christa enough for a doula, we will definitely be hiring her for baby number 2!

Kara Beggs


Christa is a wonderful doula. Easy to immediately commect with, as a first time doula or as a recurring years later. She ensures the ease of visits by coming to you or meeting wherever is best. Shes an absolute delight to discuss anything with, I never felt that I couldnt talk to her about any of the process. She is immediately calming in the hospital room and was the perfect person to have by my side during the transitions through labor. She is respectful to all in the room and wonderfully accommodating to Mom and Dad. I feel like my labor flows beautifully when she is present. I would recommend and personally have Christa in the room time and time again. 



Christa was wonderful during my labour. We honestly feel like we couldn't have done it without her. Prior to giving birth, she walked through our birth preferences with us, making sure we were making informed decisions and that all three of us (her, my husband, and me) were on the same page with what my birth preferences were. When I went into labour, she was readily available and ensured that we were prepared to head to the hospital when we were ready. Once there, she was supportive beyond words. She helped me find the best position to labour in and assured my husband that everything I was experiencing was normal. Christa allowed my husband to be the support I needed by giving him tips and tricks throughout my labour. After a traumatic delivery, resulting in our baby needing extra support from the medical team, Christa ensured that I was ok and kept us distracted from what was happening with our baby so the doctors could work. She helped us understand what was happening and kept us from panicking. When I was ready to be moved, she helped me get cleaned up and ensured I was comfortable before leaving for the night. She followed up with us after the birth. I am grateful for the support she gave us as we welcomed our son into the world. She was kind, sensitive, compassionate, and supportive. 

Jessica & Thomas


We are so glad that we hired Christa as our doula! She really made our pregnancy, labour and birth such an amazing experience! We had a few meetings with her during my pregnancy and we really valued those. They gave us a chance to get to know her better (and her us), they gave us an opportunity to ask her questions and she shared lots of great information with us. The meetings also helped us feel more comfortable and confident about the whole experience. 

It was so nice to have an extra set of hands at our birth as she helped us with our things, and helped set up for the birth. She guided me through my contractions and through pushing, made sure that I stayed hydrated throughout, and better yet, she used a hand fan to help cool me down (this was the best!). This way, Thomas was able to help me with counter pressure and other support I needed, which was fantastic. 

It depends on how the labour and birth go (and if there's time), but for ours, Christa was able to take pictures during it as well. We didn't really think it was something we'd want/need, but after seeing them, we were very grateful and will definitely cherish those photos. 

Overall, we are so thankful we had Christa there with us and we would highly recommend hiring her! She will only enhance your experience. :) 



My husband and I met Christa through our birth preparation class a couple of months before our due date. We hadn't originally planned on having a doula but during the course, decided that we really liked Christa and were excited to learn she had availability around our due date. 

Fast forward to our birth; we were so fortunate to have secured Christa as our doula. What was supposed to be a home birth turned into just shy of three days of labour before our baby was born. Christa was there with us every step of the way. Our baby was not in a great position and labour was progressing too slowly, so I was ready to accept that I would be having a C-section. Christa encouraged me to labour in different positions and to stay mobile, which at the last minute helped our baby drop and ultimately led to a vaginal delivery. 

I should also mention she was a wonderful support for my husband, helping him help me throughout the whole process. She even caught him when he fainted as I got an epidural!

Although our birth was not as we had planned, it was still an amazing experience and we have a wonderful doula to thank for that. 

Marcee Andrews


I can't say enough good thing about Christa! We experienced a loss of our first child, a son, in 2021. He was 41 weeks and we lost him during an emergency c-section. The hospital staff knew Christa and reached out to her too put us in contact. The healthcare system has almost zero support for parents in our situation and I would have been lost without Christa. Christa's knowledge of bereavement, especially in relation to a baby, made me feel less alone and more understood. She walked with me through my grief journey and helped us welcome our daughter in January 2023. It was so important to have an advocate at the hospital that knew our story and understood my concerns, it wouldn't have been possible without her ??.

Hayley and Marty Foley


From the beginning, Christa was professional and helpful. We weren't even sure what a doula was or how she could support us in Hayley's pregnancy but she answered all of our questions without judgment. We attended her pre-natal classes in Olds and gained a really solid understanding of childbirth and everything leading up to it. She took a complicated subject and made it fun and easy to understand. Christa then came and did 2 home visits. We live on an acreage and it's about an hour from Olds. She didn't even hesitate that she would come see us despite the drive. During the visits she answered any questions we had and made us feel like we were ready for what we were about to embark on. Once we were headed to the hospital to have our baby, we called her at 2 in the morning and she was supportive and encouraging and let us know she was there for us through this whole process. We called her a couple more times throughout the day to consult on how we would bring our baby into the world and she provided evidence based, realistic advice while still allowing us to make our own choices. We ended up having a Caesarian and Christa stayed with Marty and the baby while Hayley went to recovery. She showed Marty how to feed the baby expressed colostrum and supported him through the first few minutes of our baby's life. She helped Hayley breastfeed once she returned from the recovery room. She also took beautiful photos of our family that are irreplaceable and will be cherished forever. Once we had been discharged, she visited once more to our home and has reached out through text and phone calls to make sure we continue to feel supported. Being pregnant and having our first child was overwhelming at times but Christa was there every step of the way. We are so grateful for her and everything she did for us. We will definitely be accessing her services for our next baby.

Carrington and Matthew


Christa came highly recommended to us and we were able to meet with her very early on in our pregnancy. We had a great medical team throughout our pregnancy but it was such a relief to know we would have someone supporting us emotionally and mentally as well.

We both had difficult work schedules and could not make a traditional prenatal group class work with our schedules so we signed up for a private class with Christa and it was so helpful. It really prepared us for all the stages of labour. She helped us consider what we would and would not like to happen ahead of time while still remaining flexible.

Even though I went into labour three and a half weeks early, with Christa’s support and guidance I was able to labour at home for quite awhile and had a very positive experience with the actual delivery. I felt very prepared for the delivery and felt fully supported during it.  Our January baby ended up being an early Christmas present. Even though it was over the holidays I knew we had Christa’s support and attention throughout the whole experience and could reach out to her any time during our hospital stay and transition home.

The postpartum visit came at the perfect time and it was so nice for us to have someone to relive the day with who had actually been there and to have someone that we could ask some basic questions to. They may have seemed like small and random questions, but they were things we hadn’t thought of before baby came, and being first time parents, we just didn’t know some of the answers.

It also feels very special that we have photos of the whole experience that we can look back on.

We could not imagine this experience without Christa and highly recommend her to any soon to be parents.



My husband and I were really grateful to have had Christa by our side as our doula for our 1st pregnancy & delivery as we did not know exactly what to expect. We wanted to have an unmedicated positive hypnobirthing experience if everything permitted, therefore I knew I needed extra support by my side and someone to advocate for me, and Christa did just that!

The day of my induction I became nervous and scared as it wasn’t what I had originally planned to have, but after Christa had arrived that morning, she gave me reassurance and the confidence I needed to be back in a positive mindset. She made sure I was always comfortable as I could be by guiding me in different positions, reminding me to relax & release tension, helping with my breath work, and made sure I was hydrated/ fed.

She offered a prenatal meeting, 24 hours on call 2 weeks prior to my due date & postpartum for any questions or concerns I had. She also came over to check two weeks after having my daughter to see how we were doing and adjusting to our new life. She answered any questions or concerns we had and gave us confidence that we were doing great.

I highly recommend having Christa as a Doula by your side as someone to advocate and support you during such an amazing experience. She was great, friendly and knowledgeable! Not to mention she was also able to take pictures during labor that I’m grateful to have memories captured of that day. If we choose to add another family member in the near future, I would do it all over again!

Shaley Rodger


Cannot say enough great things about Christa!! She is truly amazing and her passion for her career radiates. As first time parents, Christa was there to help us navigate  through the labour & delivery process. From the moment Christa arrived at the hospital she was respectful of our birth plan and the biggest support system. Even when things took a 180, Christa was helping keep us calm and worry free! We will forever be grateful for the support Christa gave us during our labour & delivery process. 



We were very happy we decided to invite Christa to be our doula. She was very attentive and knowledgeable. She got me through the worst of labor and pushed me when I needed it. She was also so great with my other support people made sure they were both doing OK and offered suggestions for them so they could help me as well. Would definitely recommend her to anyone! 



Christa is AMAZING! Truly impressed with how helpful she's been throughout the entire pregnancy by providing comforting words, answers and support, and then she truly shined during labour and delivery!! She was with us through the entire thing (some 16 hours) and never got tired of reminding me to breathe during contractions both at home and at the hospital. I squeezed her hand so hard so many times I'm sure she's still sore and I'm also pretty sure I bit her once (oops + lol), still, she remained by my side and never took a break. 
It was impressive to see how well she worked with all the doctors and nurses when things got scary for baby's health, she fit right in and altogether they were one well oiled machine! 
I still feel like there aren't enough words to explain how incredibly grateful my husband and I feel to have had her by our side during this crazy ride that is pregnancy and delivery. 
You won't regret hiring her!

Daniela Archer


As my husband put it “I don’t know how first time parents go through childbirth without a Doula”. 

Christa played an essential role during our whole experience, from the first few signs of labour at 3 am two days prior, to the very day we welcomed our baby girl into the world. Walking into the Olds Hospital with Christa by our side, I couldn’t help but notice how many warm hellos and nice to see you agains she received from all the nursing staff. Seeing her walk around the delivery room grabbing things for me as if she worked there was so reassuring and helpful because it meant i was in good hands and she was always focused on me. She had a perfect balance between coaching my husband on how to best support me and helping me through contractions herself, I wouldn’t change a thing. I always felt heard, safe and encouraged; she made sure of that. I think everyone should experience a birth like that.



We had a wonderful experience with Christa. She's very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. It was so nice to have her on our journey with us for our first baby. She's very easy going, yet Kindley assertive when required. The olds hospital staff loves her and she's very welcome in the delivery room. 

Katrina Kammrath-Bartels


Christa was incredible to have as our additional support during labor! We had her meet us at the hospital and she was so helpful as soon as she got there. She was excellent at communicating what was going on and asking questions for me, she helped remind me how to breathe during each contraction to make it less painful, she got me anything that I needed so that my husband could stay with me, and she took photos for us that we will get to look back on and cherish forever. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone! 

Erin Harris


Having Christa attend my birth was everything. Her support is like no other (both before and after baby) she has such a calmness about her and was exactly the extra guidance  both myself and my husband needed. 

If you're considering a Doula, I highly recommend Christa, 1000 times over. 

Caitlin Wilson


Christa was great, she covered all the bases and worked on building trust and relationship with both my partner and I, and although I didn't feel she could be a big part of the labor or before because of Covid (unable to physically be at birth and limited visits prior) and the fact that he arrived early, I definitely felt like she was available and super supportive if I needed it, it was a bit estranged due to the times -


If things change I would 100% hire her again to be with us for the labor and birth and that would be a totally magical and different experience. We feel blessed to have people like her in our birthing community. 

Crystal McCausland


Krista was an amazing support and source of security throughout my pregnancy, labour and postpartum journey. She is highly regarded amongst hospital staff and has great working relationships with all hospital personnel. Prior to the birth of my baby, Krista took the time to get to know me and developed a relationship of trust which helped me feel more comfortable about giving birth. Having her present during my labour made me confident that my needs would be advocated for which was one less stress off my plate. After the birth, Krista remained in contact through text, and even stopped by for a visit to check in with me. She was a great source of information and support before, during and after the birth of my baby. I would highly recommend her services to any of my family or friends. 



When we met Christa for the first time I could have signed the contract right then & there. She took the time to get to know us, like really get to know us & our story. She wasn’t turned off by the fact that I knew nothing, was terrified & thought the idea of giving birth was kind of weird & frankly gross.
Throughout our time together Christa met us where we were at, helping us learn what we needed to learn to be prepared. She went at our pace so that we were comfortable. By the time we were at the end of the pregnancy I felt so ready & empowered to give birth. Christa was an incredible support & answered all our questions throughout the pregnancy.
During L&D Christa was a great support for my husband, making sure he was taken care of while at the same time being a superhero for me.  When I think back to my L&D I feel empowered. I know that I have positive feelings from my L&D because of the support & environment that Christa created for us. She got to know us so well that she not only knew what to say but how to say it. 
We brought our son home at the beginning of the pandemic, so while we did not get the in person support post-partum from Christa we were well supported through phone calls and texts. She stayed in touch with us & was available for questions and concerns.

Christa was an integral part of our team, we are from Olds & delivered with the midwives in Red Deer. Having Christa close by & then come to Red Deer with us for our delivery gave us great confidence in our choice to travel to Red Deer for our sons birth. She was able to guide us through the early stags of labor & then continue that suppport right through to bringing our son back home to Olds.  
My husband & I keep saying there is no way we can have another baby without Christa apart of our team. I highly recommend any expectant moms to get Christa on your team.



Being pregnant this year has brought many uncertainties and more nervousness than normal. Christa was our constant supporter no matter how we felt on any given day. She kept herself and us up to date on the current regulations surrounding Covid protocols and continued to ground us reassuring that everything would work out beautifully in its own way.

During these times we didn’t know if Christa would be able to be physically present with us. Despite those uncertainties her support didn’t waver. She continued to be able to adapt and create multiple plans dependent on the regulations. Continuing to assure us she would still be there for us however it looked.

She is compassionate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Christa, she did a fantastic job and we wouldn’t have done it any other way!



My experience with Christa was great. I knew right from the beginning of pregnancy that I wanted (needed) a doula so I was recommended one by my friend who had used Christa for both her babies. I had some complications start at about 20 weeks and Christa was extremely helpful with just being an ear and another useful resource I could turn to for some real life facts about what I was going through. Then as we got closer to term (end of May) and we realized with the pandemic issues, that Christa would not be able to accompany my husband and I in delivery. I was panicked about that at first because I really wanted her to be there. Delivery ended up being ok without her but she was only a text or phone call away so her support was still there. What probably meant the most to me though was after my baby was born, Christa came to our house multiple times to help, answer questions and just give me a bit of a break in those early weeks. Christa is extremely kind and has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Highly recommend this girl to anyone seeking out a doula! 

Char And Alan


Hiring Christa as our doula was one of the smartest decisions we made for our pregnancy and birth experience. She was such a wonderful support to my husband and I, we really couldn’t have done it without her! I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her kindness, knowledge, professionalism, and calm. Without a doubt, I would recommend her to anyone having a baby! And if my husband and I have a second child I will not hesitate to hire her again. Thank you so much Christa! You are amazing!



After a traumatic first birth experience (hyperstimulation within 1 hour of induction) that impacted my recovery and feelings about pregnancy and labour in general, when my husband and I got pregnant with our second child we decided more support was needed. That was why we decided to hire a doula. 

Enter Christa Duquette, the amazing doula who listened to the residual fears from my first labour and delivery, helped me to advocate for myself before my labour and worked to keep me calm when a second inducement proved inevitable. 

My second inducement used different methods than my first but eventually still resulted in hyper stimulation when my waters were broken. When my epidural failed to take in time my labour seemed to be kicking up a familiar tune, one of loss of control, excruciating pain from continual contractions and a sense of violation and body betrayal. And yet? woven among the known notes was a new harmony, an additional voice coaching me through every labour pain, being my voice when my own was making noises that I didn't know I could produce.  When I was in too much pain and had too little time between contractions to move from my side to my back she coached me on how to deliver from where I was. Our second child was born less than 2 hours after my waters were broken, with far less damage than I had experienced in my first delivery.I am certain that was due in large part to Christa. 

I am now 9 days postpartum and feeling at peace with my labour and delivery. My second labour went no more to plan than my first, I still experienced hyper stimulation, I still lost control, but I bear the knowledge that we did everything we could to manage the situation, and when I lost control someone else was there who knew what was going on to pick it up for me and keep me moving forward. I was not a victim in my delivery this time, and for that I could not be more thankful for Christa's help.  

Randi Hendrickson


Christa was our guardian angel during my pregnancy and labour. I had a million questions, especially during the last month of my pregnancy. Being a first time mom, I had zero experience or knowledge and Christa filled in all the spaces for us.
Once labour had started, she was the first person I called. My labour started at 3am on a Wednesday and I didnt give birth until 2am on the Friday. I am so grateful to have had the support of a doula during those days, but especially grateful for her help at the end.
She supported me physically and emotionally, while also guiding my husband and offering him help.
It’s impossible to describe how wonderful the experience was with Christa there.
She was a beautiful, positive voice, encouraging me through my pain and exhaustion.
I am convinced she is an actual mind reader. I would be in the middle of a contraction and she would know exactly what I needed after, whether it be rest, a rub on the back or a drink of water. She was there reading my emotions and delivering exactly what my body wanted. It was great having someone there to not only guide me through labour, but direct my husband as well. He found the experience to be stress free and very exciting, and we credit that all to Christa!



Dads Need Doulas! 

Christa was an invaluable asset in the delivery of our son and it would simply not have been the same without her. Before the event, we met with Christa twice to create a birth plan and get know each other. This really helped to ensure we understood each other so that we could work together as a team to reach our goal. In our case, it was for my wife to deliver as natural as possible, without the use of an epidural, and to keep the environment dark and free of distractions. We were successful in achieving our goal because Christa gave me so many tips, helped with decision making, and got my wife to try different labour positions that I would never have thought of. All of her suggestions were so effective that my wife achieved her goal of not using the epidural option. Near the end, I didn’t have enough hands to help out my wife and having Christa there for the final pushes was critical.

Afterwards, she helped us with breastfeeding, moved us to our new room at the hospital and even visited us in our home a week later to make sure we had all the support we needed. At all times, she was only a text or phone call away and ready to provide insightful information. Without a doubt, my wife benefited from having Christa present; but I think that I benefited the same, if not more, by having the guidance to do more than just let my wife squeeze my hand! :) I know that my wife’s labour would have been longer and more painful without Christa’s direction. If you choose her as your doula, you will not be disappointed. Also, if you are willing, she will tastefully photograph the most memorable moments of your labour. 

Thanks again for everything, Christa!

Brenda-Lynne and Alton Farough


Christa was amazing to work with. Highly recommend! We couldn’t have done it without her. 

Megan Den Oudsten


My husband and I would highly recommend Christa if you are considering her doula services.

After having our first doula unable to continue care for our family part way through our pregnancy, my sister, who had Christa as her doula, recommended her and got us in touch with her. Christa graciously welcomed us in as her new clients despite how late in my pregnancy we were. From the first meeting My stress immediately went away as Christa provided calm and encouraging support. Christa taught us a lot of useful tips and tricks to support us during labour during our initial meetings.

During labour, Christa took care of the extras such as talking to nurses, doctors, bringing cold/warm clothes and suggesting different relief methods while my husband and I could focus on one another and our baby. Christa explained and helped us process the different options that were presented to us from the doctors. She created a low stress environment for our unique birth story that would have warranted more stress without her presence.

She was truly phenomenal at providing my husband and I with the support that we needed in those moments. I have no doubt in my mind that she would adapt to any and all unique scenarios providing the care that reflects your situation.

Erin Gutsche


My husband and I would highly recommend Christa to anyone looking for a doula or support person for labour and delivery.

When I first met Christa, I absolutely adored how sweet and caring she is. She is so open, warm, and welcoming... it felt like I was chatting with an old friend. And to top it off, she was a gem with our oldest son (who is 2 years old). It is easy to see how much she loves kids, babies, and what she does.

Christa supported us for the birth of our second child. She came to our house in the wee hours of the morning to ensure she wouldn’t miss anything (due to bad weather and roads), even though our son wasn’t born until much later in the afternoon.

During early labour, Christa was the perfect blend of attentive and present, while still allowing me to focus and have my space. She has an instinct for knowing when to engage you and when to let you have some time to yourself. As things became more intense, Christa was a very calm and reassuring focal point, keeping me focused on my breath and encouraging me each step of the way. She was able to recommend different positions for pain management and to help the labour progress.

By the time we made our way to the hospital, I was already 8cm dilated so quite focused and not able to communicate very well. Christa was able to answer all the questions my husband couldn’t, and helped to facilitate the check-in process. She worked seamlessly with the nurses, physicians, and my husband throughout that time and the remainder of the delivery.

Thanks to Christa’s support, I was able to deliver a healthy 9lb 12oz baby, without any medical interventions. I know that things would not have gone as smoothly without her, and my husband and I are so grateful for her support!



Having Christa as an additional support person was one of the best decisions during my past delivery. She was firm in communicating my needs during delivery with medical staff when I was too exhausted or in my zone to do so myself. She was a calming voice when needed filled with encouragement for myself and my husband. She was qued in with my needs the entire process. I'm sure that she is the reason  my delivery did not end with me pumped full of meds or a csection which was being encouraged by my delivering Dr. I'm thankful for her and she has been available for me in my post partum health as well. She will be a first call if I carry another baby. Thank you for everything Christa!

Allie McDiarmid


6 months ago today Christa helped my husband and I welcome our beautiful baby girl into the world. The love, warmth, and compassion that Christa provided to us from the day we met until after Quinn was born has been unbelievabl. We knew she was the one for us just after a few short minutes of meeting her. She brought a sense of calm, humour, love, and a whole bunch of knowledge to each meeting, phone call or text message. Looking back now my husband and I do not know how we would’ve done it without her. I am also truly greatful for her finding time between supporting me and my husband to alsk take some beautiful photos and take notes!

Thank you Christa for all the support that day. We look forward to our next baby one day and to hopefully have you there again!

Allie, Justin and Quinn

Dave Djp


My wife and I strongly recommend Christa Duquette to anyone looking for a Doula.

Christa was very professional and knowledgeable.

She provided us with everything we needed to know and it truely helped us in knowing what to expect at the end of my wife's pregnancy and through the birth of the child.

The process for the birth of our son took an unexpected turn and Christa didn't hesitate to come show us support at the Hospital despite the late night hours.

Christa showed her implication and interest even after our baby was born.

We greatly appreciated Christa's services and are also very thankful of the photos she took for us

g e


During my wife’s pregnancy she recommended we get a doula and recommended Christa as she knew her from working at the local hospital. Upon meeting Christa, one notices how genuine and caring she is as she puts you at ease with her approachable and attentive personality. She met with me and my wife before the delivery a few times. As my wife works in the medical community and knew a lot of the stuff Christa was able to explain a lot to me as the men involved in this birthing journey. She had a simple yet professional way explaining often technical jargon. Christa came for our delivery day and was very supportive of those in the room. Asking how they were and if they needed anything. When a person is with her u realize she is a natural encourager and listener. Due to some past trauma some of the birthing experience was hard and fearful. Christa did not appear to judge but simply respond with care, concern and understanding. After the birth she has been a great support in providing post partum care for us as well. I highly recommend Christa and her services u wont be disappointed.

Greg Erikson

Jana-Lee Buchan


Having Christa as our doula was one of the best decisions we ever made! Not only was her professional expertise invaluable at the very difficult birth of our daughter, her personability made us feel so comfortable and we feel like we've not only gained our baby girl, but a trusted friend. I was in labour for 72 long hours and Christa was alongside us all the way, either via text message, phone, or in person. She was so helpful and reasurring and helped give me the confidence I needed to push through until our beautiful daughter was born. She had aspirated meconium and was not breathing when she was born and had to spend 5 days in NICU, but now she is healthy and doing well. Christa was such a support throughout and I knew I could call or text her anytime postpartum and I did so several times. As a new mom it's so comforting having professional guidance with that personal touch. Having her there was such a help to my husband as well. It allowed him to catch a nap occaisionally and be available for me when I needed him most.

We will definitely be using Christa's services again when we're ready to have another baby!

Amanda Holmes


Christa is absolutely fantastic - I’m so happy that we found her! From our very first meeting, straight through to our postpartum visit, I found her vibrant, attentive and knowledgeable. As a first time mom I had no idea what to expect during my birthing experience. I just knew I wanted to experience it full on and was going into it with an ‘I can do anything’ mindset. Christa fostered that whole heartedly and wanted nothing more than to help me have the birth experience I wanted. She asked me the important questions to figure out exactly where my head was at and I felt totally comfortable chatting with her about it - my hopes, my fears and all the little in betweens. More importantly though, she not only asked me, but also my mother and my husband - my team. My mother was especially nervous about me having a midwife and doula, rather than a obstetrician and nurse by my side. Christa eased all her fears. My labour came on very fast and Christa got to us as quickly as she could. As soon as she walked into the delivery room, the whole atmosphere shifted! Although I was in a lot of pain, her positive and calming personality brought me back to where I wanted to be - in the moment, with the experience and not in my head. She brought everyone in the room together and worked alongside my midwife as if they’d worked together regularly. She brought with her a birthing scarf that I don’t know if I could have made it through without. For real, that scarf made all the difference in the world for pushing! She even took photos of my baby girls birth that although I never knew I wanted at the time, couldn’t imagine not having, haha! With three babies of her own, Christa knows what it’s all about! She knew what I was experiencing throughout the delivery and somehow that brought me great piece of mind. I would recommend Christa to anyone!

Becca Field


I cannot express how grateful I am to have had Christa be a part of my birth experience. Early on in my pregnancy I had a ton of anxiety around the whole prospect of child birth and dreaded the day immensely, with growing anxiety towards the end of my third trimester I sought of some support for the big day with a bit of research into Doula services. It was very apparant that she was the go to for the Old's and surrounding area as Christa's name came up everywhere and was highly recommended. When my partner and I met with Christa for the first time we both felt a huge sense of relief as Christa was incredibly knowledgable and had a lot of experience. On the big day Christa was instumental in helping us navigate the stages of labor resulting in being able to be at home comfortable as long as possible. When we were at the hospital Christa worked seamlessly with the hospital staff that knew her well and it was obvious that they had a great working relationship. Christa is highly empowering and helped me to birth with confidence. There are not enough good things I can say about her as she is an amazing lady all around and offers the best service possible.

Frazer Malinowski


Expecting our first child, we wanted all the support and knowledge we could get about pregnancy, labour, & delivery. We arranged to meet with a few doulas, Christa was the first. After meeting, we knew there would be no need to meet with anyone else. Christa is very knowledgable, warm and down to earth. We met on several occasions and developed a trusting relationship where we felt free to text or call with questions, concerns and updates all throughout the pregnancy. As the due date came and went, it was reassuring to be able to discuss and better understand nerves, emotions and late pregnancy procedures. During labour Christa was very helpful, involved, and encouraging - making a great birth team with my husband, nurses and Doctor. I was able to have a safe and natural childbirth which was what we had hoped for- overall it was a positive birthing experience. Christa came to visit once we were settled and brought with her our written birth story, pictures she had captured and a beautiful gift- all things we treasure. Sorry it took so long to write this Christa! Thank you for an amazing experience, you are indredible at what you do.

adrian pedro


When we first became pregnant, I was unsure about hiring a doula; however after going through the experience my opinion has changed and will be utilizing a doula for subsequent pregnancies.  That being said, I would highly recommend Christa as she ensured that we were supported and well informed throughout the pregnancy.  She is highly knowledgable and was able to answer any questions we had, especially given this was our first baby.  Our pregnancy had medical complcations and her support during labour helped us navigate each stage.

Kimberley Pedro


Christa helped create a positive labour experience months before even going into labour. At each meeting she answered questions, soothed worries, and provided my husband and I with tools to prepare us for the big day. Even though our labour didn’t go as planned due to medical complications; Christa had prepared us for the unexpected. I was able to approach each stage of labour calmly and felt I had a voice at the suggestion of each intervention. During and after the labour itself, she support us physically and emotionally. She even found time to take notes and photos for us. Without Christa, our experience would likely have been one of anxiety and confusion especially while dealing with medical interventions.

Thomas Crawford


Christa was amazing! This was our first child and Christa helped to ensure our experience was a truely positive one. I let her know ahead of time that I was nervous going into the delivery room with my mother-in-law. Although we get along great, she‘s somewhat of a stress bucket and I was concerned she would stress out my wife. This wasn’t the case! Christa brought a sense of calm, positivity and helped create a “team“ environment so we all had something to do to keep our heads in the game. I highly recommend Christa! ??

Vicki Thompson


Christa is an incredible doula and an amazing person. She helped make our first  labor and delivery experience a very positive and rewarding one. I felt so comfortable and relaxed from the start with Christa as her calm and compassionate nature puts everyone around her at ease. It really felt like she was a member of my family, or a momma bear as I called her, and we felt so confident with her guidance through the birth. She is so passionate and experiencd as a doula that she knew what I needed without me ever asking and she kept me focused and her constant guidance to guide my husband on how he could help me was so much help to us both. I really couldn't of imagined not having her there for the birth of my daughter, she truly is so passionate about her role as a doula and it really shows. She made us feel like she was there for us every step of the way and she stayed with us right till we were settled in the postpartum room a few hours after the birth. I truly would recommend Christa to any couple who needs the extra support for their labor and delivery, she is truly one of a kind in her role as a doula and has a way of making each couple feel so important and fully supported from the prenatal home visits, through the labor and delivery and the post natal home visits.

Tammy de Graaf


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Christa! Even when she wasn't with us yet she was in constant communication  and available for support. When she did arrive she was an important asset  in helping me through the birthing process. She was a coach, a support person, the voice of wisdom, and a friend! Not only did she make the experience manageable but she helped me to understand  and know what was going on through the birthing process! Christa helped me channel my pain into the birth of our beautiful daughter! I would recommend Christa to everyone.

Cassie Dorran


We can't thank you enough for your doula services as we welcomed the birth of our son! Your giant heart, attention to detail, experience and calm personality made the experience before and during the birthing process so perfect. Meeting with us before the birth was most helpful in preparing us for the things that could occur. It was so easy to get to know you and easy to see why so many other couples have trusted your services also. During labor, you arrived just in time to keep both my husband and I calm and concentrated on the arrival of our sweet baby. Once our baby arrived, you helped us settle in and begin breast feeding right away. We can't thank you enough for everything and look forward to having you back should we be so lucky to have another child.

Sloane Frey


I knew from the beginning we wanted a doula this time for the birth of our second child and I am so glad that we got Christa. It was such a relief having someone there who knew exactly what kind of birth I wanted to have. In labor going through the pain I become very introverted trying to concentrate on what I was going through and she really helped be my voice. During the hard moments when I forgot what I wanted and felt like I was ready to give up -Christa would hold my hand get very close to me and remind me what it is that I wanted and why I wanted it ( A drug-free birth etc.) she really helped me stay focused and not to mention the support that she gave my husband. At one point she was literally holding him up so he could support me. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it and the only thing I regret is not having her there for the birth of our first child. I couldn't recommend her more!! She is amazing and I feel so blessed to have had her be a part of one of the most important days of my life.

Jolene Froese


Christa offered us great support during our labour and delivery. Christa helped my husband and I get into different laboring positions that made me more comfortable. She helped my husband better support me and was a support to him as well. Having Christa there allowed us to feel more comfortable expressing our wishes. I would highly recommended having Christa as a Doula and the pictures and notes we have of the birth of our little girl are memories we will cherish forever.

Anni Lygas


Christa was such a good fit for our personalities... she is such an easy going, thoughtful, and calming person. I love her assertiveness in getting right up close to my face during the really tough part and guided me through breathing when I wasn't supposed to push and answered my repeated question of "what did they say.. am I supposed to push now?" very patiently. Her sensitivity in how to guide and involve my support people, her ability to work together with the medical staff and her positive spirit really stuck out to me and makes her come highly recommended in my books. Because of her I have beautiful memories and pictures of the complex experience of birth. Thank you Christa!

Becca Block


She was an amazing support, and very helpful for my husband, so that he was better able to help me! Giving lots of helpful advice, she made a huge difference.

i would definitely get her help & support again if I ever get pregnant again!!

I would defiantly recommend her!!

Jinelle Themig


Christa, Thank You isn't enough to express our gratitude for all you have done for us. From our initial meetings, to the birth of our son Wyatt, and beyond you have been such a great support to our new family. The knowledge and advice you've shared with us is invaluable. It has given us the confidence to have not only a beautiful birth but a wonderful start to our greatest adventure. With Love, The Themig's

Melissa Torres


Hi ladies,

My name is Melissa Torres I have recently had a beautiful daughter on February 24th. If you are considering a doula I highly recommend it! My experience with Christa was nothing less then amazing! Not only was she hugely supportive for me but my mother as well. Here is my story!!

I left sask 4 months pregnant and single.. Didn't expect my pregnancy to go so fast because during it really feels like a slow process. I expected to have baby in maybe 5 weeks and was crapping my pants because I had no support with me. I found christas card (thank god) and called, she set up a meeting with me that week and fit me into her super busy schedule.

I had to be induced early with my baby girl because she wasnt gaining weight. Pretty worried I called christa and she calmed me down as well as explained to me the process in which sounded like gibberish from the doctors. Even when I was bored in the hospital or late at night I called Christa and she always answered and talked! Even offered to bring me snacks :D

Day of delivery! It was a crazy for myself. Christa was acturally in the labour room right next to mine for the birth of another baby. She kept popping in to check if I was alright and I was for the time being, Then the labour pain struck aaaannnnd oh boy did it hit!! Just as I was screaming where the is my doula throwing my phone at my crying panicked mother and telling her to call my damn doula Christa came busting into my room (I like to picture her wearing a cape) saying I'm HERE. Perfect timing. I can't describe how helpful it was to have someone so calm and determined to calm me down and get this baby out. Turns out I had to get an emergency c-section and be put under so she wasn't allowed in but she supported and calmed my mother the entire time!! I laugh now because I like to think my mom stole my doula. She was amazing for both of us! I highly recommend her!!

Dylana Kary


Having Christa as our doula was an awesome experience. Having her there made us feel so much more comfortable. She was a wealth of knowledge and it was so nice to be able to ask her questions about what was going on throughout the labor and delivery. Not only did she have answers to questions, she offered ideas on how to make the process go more smoothly and efficiently.  Christa was a calming presence in the room and the stress of the situation was reduced for both my husband and I due to Christa's support and knowledge. Christa clearly loves doing what she does and it was clear that she genuinely wanted us to have the best experience possible. Christa is clearly so well respected by the doctors and nurses at the Olds hospital and that respect is well deserved. It was a pleasure having Christa be a part of the birth of our son!

Crystal Chalmers


Without christa, let's just say I wouldn't have had the birth experience that I did. Christa is my angel. She was the most  rememberable part if my sons birth, but also the most importan. Holding my hand while I  Concord hell, she was by my side no matter what. With her kind heart she never judged me, but supportEd me and made me know I could do it. i completely trusted her decisions, and why she would  suggest them. When my mind wasn't so right I knew she had made the right choices for me. She never let me give up even in times I thought I couldn't do it. She made me believe in my self and made me a stronger women. I may know what birth feels like now but I would still ask her to be there for the rest of my kids! I love christa, I love the way she loves her job. She is the most wonderful women to do what she does, and help us new moms.

With all my love, thank you christa for being apart of the birth of my son. You truly made a difference in my life for the kindness you shared with me.

Allison Allen


Christa is an absolutely amazing Doula! She was supportive at every stage of my pregnancy and my husband and I found her an invaluable part of our birth team. Christa was able to answer all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable leading up to our delivery day.

Christa is personable, professional and caring. Her calm demeanour really helped to set the mood the day of our delivery and her gentle nature made me feel so relaxed immediately following the birth of our daughter.

I cannot reccomend Christa enough as a very competent and essential part of making the day of our daughters birth so special and meaningful! Thank you Christa!!

Allison, Buck and Aurelia Allen

Brenda Cox


I have been lucky enough to have Christa as a doula for both of my births. She is patient, calm, knowledgeable and very supportive! My first birth did not go as planned, and we ended up having to transfer to a different hospital and I was in labor for 36 hours, but Christa was there the whole time supporting me and my husband through it all! When I was pregnant with my second baby, I shattered my ankle at 34 weeks, and I was still non weight bearing and in a wheelchair when I went into labor. We had to be very creative with positions, and it was another long birth but we got through it with Christa's help ?? and her birth photos are awesome, I am so glad she had her camera there to capture all the emotions throughout my labors and deliveries and the first moment I met my children. My husband and I now recommend her to everyone who tells us they are expecting! So grateful to have her and a doula and a friend!

Claire Heatherington


I was quite far along in my pregnancy when my friend told me about Christa.  Up until then, we had not really considered hiring a doula as this was our first pregnancy and we did not completely understand the role.  My concern was that my husband would feel that his support was not enough, and I required someone elses.  However, after discussing the role of the doula more with my girlfriend and her husband, I thought I should atleast reach out to her and hear what she had to say.  After our initial meeting, I left feeling excited about labour and the delivery, and raced home to tell my husband all about it.  
As it seemed to be a bit of investment, Christa offered to come meet him and myself so he could ask any questions that he may have.  Needless to say, we went ahead with Christa as we both felt extremely comfortable and felt that she may be a good resource as this was all quite new to us.

Christa checked up on me closer to the due date and kept me informed of her availabilitiy - I thoroughly enjoyed knowing that I could reach out to her with any questions or concerns prior to the day.  What I didn't know, was that I would feel the same way after our daughter was born.  Christa's support during the labour was outstanding.  She was a wealth of knowledge and allowed for my labour to go exactly as I had hoped.  She was encouraging and supportive to both my husband and myself, but even more importantly, she was able to communicate to me how my labour was going and what else I should expect.  She provided great ideas and positions for me to try, which allowed my labour to progress.

Christa went above and beyond what I expected, and made the day go as stress free as possible. The one thing I do recall from that day was walking into our house with our new baby while Christa drove off and saying to my husband...  "She was worth every single penny".

Graham Heatherington


You can't put a price on the knowledge, experience, and peace of mind that Christa brings to one of the most significant and memorable moments of your families lives.  With limited exposure, she seems to have gotten to know both Claire and I very quickly, and seemed to know exactly what to say, do, or suggest while in labor to put our minds at ease, make Claire as comfortable as possible, and help move things along.  She said it when we first met, but backed it up fully; child birth, not just the act of birth, but before and after, is her passion.  To be able to go through nearly the entire labor in the comfort of our home, followed by only a couple hours at the hospital for the birth of our daughter was great.  We didn't have to guess or be worried that we should be making the trip to the hospital, only to be told to go home and wait longer.  It was very helpful being able to leave Claire in her more than capable hands while I got some sleep, not knowing how long labor would last.  We didn't realize it until she came for a visit two weeks postpartum, how many details had been forgotten in the whirl wind of the experience.  To be able to read the notes she jotted down throughout, and look at the photos she took was awesome, and brought back many emotions.  When Claire first mentioned looking into utilizing the help of a doula I was quite skeptical, and possibly naive to think that we would be able to get through this easily by ourselves, after all, many other people have.  Looking back, the decision to work with Christa, along with midwives, made an experience that can often times be scary, stressful and not very positive at all, a happy, nearly stress free, emotional, and extremely memorable one.  To say I highly recommend Christa is an understatement.

Jodi M


This was my second child and I was very unsure about whether a doula would be necessary since we had been through this once already. When I met with Christa a lot of my negative feelings about my first experience came flooding back. Feeling like I had no control and having to argue with my caretakers when I was the most vulnerable. I felt like my wishes didn't matter and my doctor wanted to use interventions only for convenience. My first experience did go very well but I had to fight for it and I didn't want to have to fight the second time. Christa made me feel like my experience was just as important as mine and my daughters well being. I found her to be quite knowledgeable and she stays very calm under pressure. She was always kind and hands on when I needed her to be. My partner even mentioned how he felt a lot less stressed when she got there and she was able to help guide him on how he could help me. Although we had experience and had taken classes a lot of that is forgotten when you are in the moment but Christa was there this time to remind us. With her help I was able to have the most empowering birth I could have imagined. I felt in control and was always informed on what was going on. I went into this expecting a fight but instead I was surrounded by support and I couldn't be more thankful to Christa for making my environment calm and relaxed. - Jodi and Andrew

Krystal Malone


Christa  was absolutely amazing for my entire pregnancy,  and the birth of my daughter. The part that really stood out for me was post partum. Christa went above and beyond for me,checking on me regularly,  even calling (on the phone!) around 3 or 4 weeks pp to let me know that she was going away for the weekend if I needed anything.

At 5:30 am I texted her to say I was crampy, and she asked how far apart my contractions were, and when I told her they were about 7 or 8 minutes but nothing steady,she said she'd head my way immediately.  I told her not to bother yet because I didn't want her to drive that whole way for it to be nothing. She laughed and told me she'd see me soon and headed in. My oldest daughter, I had a great doula but it was much different in maby ways, one being that i was to call her in when I was admitted, and not before (except obviously heads up). She was great, but nothing like Christa.  She was so attentive,  and I don't remember her leaving my side except once when I told everyone to leave me alone. Christa knew exactly egag everyone needed and when, and is amazing at what she does.  I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone as a labour support person, and I'm proud to now call her a friend.

Rachel Andres


So happy to have had Christa as my doula! I wasn't able to make it to pre-natal classes so she gave my husband and I a crash course during our meetings before I went into labor. My husband and I got all of our questions answered, and were given more information that we didn't know we needed.

Through my labor and delivery she was absolutely amazing. I had back labor that came on very suddenly a couple hours after my water broke. Without Christa's direction and guidance, my poor husband would have panicked. And she kept me focused and breathing constructively to keep labor moving along. Christa was a calm presence and my familiarity With her made it possible for me to hear what she was saying. In the midst of labor, it was only her and my husband I could hear. I can definitely see the benefit now of meeting up a few times before baby is born and establishing a rapport and relationship.

On top of all the help she gave us during labor, she managed to take some amazing labor and delivery photos that I will cherish forever.

I would highly recommend Christa and her doula services! We are so happy we got a doula, especially as first time parents. And I won't have any babies without her now. Her services are invaluable.

Jessica Widmer


My husband and I met with Christa hoping to learn more about Doula services and see if it was for us. As soon as we left the meeting me both looked at each other and said, "we need her!" From the very first time meeting it was clear that Christa has a ton of experience and is super knowledgeable, is respectful of your wishes and loves what she does. We looked forward to every time we got to meet with her and asked so many questions, all of which she knew the answer or would look into and get back to us. Both my husband and I felt very confident going into our birth.

Once it was “go time”, Christa was with us the whole way. At no point was I scared or anxious of what was to come. She created a calm atmosphere for all of us and helped us follow our birth plan as much as possible. My baby girls birth was the most amazing experience and Christa made it that much more special with all the little (and big) things she does. She went above and beyond anything we ever expected!!

Anne MLD


My partner and I chose Christa almost immediatley after meeting her. We werent quite sure what a Doula could do for us, but after our intial meeting it was clear to us that we wanted a Doula. We learned so much from Christa and started to really feel prepared for birth, if thats even a thing. Although I ended up with a c-section birth, i cant imagine not having Christa there for its entirety. Becuase she is so well known in the area, the surgeon had no problems allowing her in the operating room with my partner. She was very vocal and talked me through everything they were doing. She was allowed to take pictures and she captured some really special moments of our daughters birth. She supported my partner while he bonded with our daughther while i was being sewn back up. Soon after we were joined as a family and again Christa captured it all on camera very discreetly and with tremendous respect. She stayed till we were comfortable and helped nursing begin.

Christa followed up with us about a week or so later and brought us gifts that will be treasured forever. A purple muslin balnket that my daughter totes around with her daily, a beautiful poem recounting the events leading up to the birth and the birth itself and lastly and certainly not least a slide show she created of all the photos she took accomapnied by a beautiful song. All of this was more than what we anticipated when we first met.

Its taken me almost 2 years to write this review becuase she deserves more than what words can provide. Being a Doula is a calling and there is no doubt that this is what Christa was meant to do with her life.

We thank you for being there for us.

Anne, Chris and Zenta.

Sean Garrett


I came into the doula experience skeptical, I wanted to be the only one providing support for my wife in giving birth to our child. Now I couldn't imagine going through that experience without Christa.  She gave me the tools to be a contributor in the birth process, and helped both of us more than I ever would have imagined.  Her knowledge, confidence, kindness and compassion were leaps and bounds above the call of duty.  She is a wonderful person and we both felt so supported through the birth of our daughter.  Her presence, techniques, and demeanour were exactly what my wife needed to get through the toughest parts of labour.  I started off wanting to be the only one and now I am forever grateful that Christa was there to help me take care of my girls.

Martina Kranjcevic


We hired Christa for the birth of our first child. We live in the country so it was great because she held private prenatal classes for us in our own home. When labour started, she was easily reached, and came right away when we decided we were ready. At the hospital, having her there was great because it allows my husband to have a break from supporting me through contractions. The birth ended in a c-section and my husband commented after that he felt Christa was a bigger support to him through the scary process of a tricky epidural and surgery.

Christa also attended our second birth which was a successful VBAC. During the pregnancy she was very supportive of VBAC and took me to a VBAC support group. Because we had already done prenatal classes, Christa went above and beyond by doing a photo shoot for me instead. Again, when the baby came, she was available and prompt. She was supportive of all of our decisions during labour. She stayed until we were settled into our recovery room. She even transported and stored my placenta until I was ready to encapsulate it.

For both births she took photos of labour and delivery and provided detailed timelines/notes on how things happened. She also did a follow up visit and a few phone calls. She is worth every penny! Super friendly, easy to talk to, does not get embarrassed or awkward about any body parts/functions, is matter of fact, and you can tell she loves what she does.

Jylisa Lammiman


We loved our experience with Christa! Having her support helped give us the birth we wanted. I was able to stay at home right up until the last minute and didn't need any intervention. Being my first birth,  l would have not been confident to wait at home for as long as I did if it wasn't for her. Also the doctors love working with her and we're very excited when I told them I had Christa as a doula. I also loved that she took pictures and documented the birth for us.

Dallas Lammiman


We had Christa as our doula for our first child. It was a good first experience with a doula.

i grewal


I’m writing this testimonial as a new dad to give 2 thumbs up to Christa, the most awesome Doula ever!!

As a young couple and this being our first child, we had no idea what to expect and the word Doula came to our dictionary just by chance. However, when we met Christa, we realized what a great help it would be to have her as our support person. The tips, tricks and guidance that she provided before, during and after the delivery is something that is incomparable and worth every penny. Hiring Christa is definitely one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy!

If you’re looking for a Doula, I’m confident your search will be successful the moment you meet Christa!

I recommend Christa hands down to every Dad and Mom-to-be.

S Grewal
New dad and worrying husband ;)

i grewal


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Christa in making the process of giving birth such a wonderful experience. We got the opportunity of meeting Christa after meeting a few other Doulas, but we clicked right away with Christa, thanks to her warm personality and understanding nature.

In the weeks that followed, Christa visited us few times to help us understand the process and what to expect. During these initial visits, Christa provided us with lots of guidance thus helping us make some really great choices for my health and upcoming birth. She showed me some fantastic exercises that helped me during the last few tiring weeks of pregnancy. She was right there beside me, holding my hand when I needed her the most on the big day. The best part of having her as my Doula was that she respected and fully supported our choices during birth. Christa was with me throughout the entire labour and delivery and did not leave till I was all settled in after birth. She also took really amazing birth pictures (especially the black and white ones), and wrote me a beautiful birth story to share with my family.

I highly recommend Christa to every pregnant woman and all the anxious husbands out there. She really is a guardian angel and a great asset to the Doula community.

Kelsy Lonsberry


I didn't think that birth could be beautiful espeically after the first experience I had with my first daughter. But after the birth of my second my opinion has completely changed. I am forever grateful that we had Christa there with us to welcome our second daughter into the world. Having an outside perspective who is on your side makes a huge difference during labor. Knowing that I had someone who was educated and had my best interest in mind helped keep me at ease. this birth has completely changed my view labor and birth and has taken my fear associated with that away. I had a beautiful experience and everything I dreamed of and more. I feel confident that I could do it again if I chose to have another baby.  I would recommend Christa to absolutely everyone who is expecting. Having a christa as my doula helped calm my fears I had durinf my pregnancy allowing me to enjoy more of my pregnancy. She helped educate me on my choices and reminded me that I had support. I even birth my second in the position I had dreamed of doing with my first. This birth helped remove the trauma I had from my first experience. I can't thank Christa enough for supporting me and educating me in my decisions on my birth experience. truly a beautiful experience and if we ever decided to have another this Is the route that I would take. And would be honoured to have her as our doula again

Kelsey Ryan


After having a traumatic first birth, I began to panic that it would happen again with my second. Since I was wanting a natural and completely different experience and recovery I made the decision to hire a Doula.

Christa was great support during my week of false labor and when I went to the hospital with what I thought was still false labor, Christa was promptly there anyways. I ended up having some complications with my labor and was not allowed to leave the bed. Even though I could not get in different positions like I had hoped during the birth, Christa was able to help me with my pain management, my extreme emotions, and help me understand what was happening. Not only did she stay calm and supportive she was able to show my husband and mom how they could help aswell. After an intense labor, I am happy Christa was on top of everything and able to be there with us. I would love to have her with us again next time around!

Dr. Hayley Biederbeck


Christa it was absolutely amazing in helping get me through the most difficult and amazing experiences in my life!! She was so supportive and made sure that I listened to my gut and felt empowered through the whole experience. I have no regrets about my birth, even though it did not go the way I wanted it to. My birth was very long and she was by my side the whole time and never complained or showed signs of exhaustion even though it was a full day and a half that she was there with me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to a Doula or not since my husband is very supportive and we both have medical backgrounds, but there is no way that I would've been as happy with my birth experience and I would have her again in a heartbeat!!  Soooo helpful!! And the pictures she takes are amazing! I treasure them so much and the way she captured our faces when we were there so full of joy is absolutely priceless!!

shannon oneill


We decided to get Christa after not having such a great experience with the health care system in the first month of our pregnancy. This was a first child for both my partner and myself and we did not know what to expect. Having Christa was by far one of the best decisions we made in this pregnancy and we for sure would do it again.

Christa was educated, caring, kind, proffesional and made the birth of our son a very special experience. My partenr was aprehensive about having a Doula, as I am sure many Albertan men are, and he was so incredibly glad that we chose this. She went above and beyond.

In my personal opinion she is not charging enough!! We had multiple home visits and she even met the women in Innisfail with my placenta. If that is not dedication I do not know what is. She answered my million questions and came over and supported me suring the early part of my labour.

Christa LOVES her job and it makes it such a fun experience. We are SO happy we chose Christa as our Doula.

Tanner Stock


Christa was amazing, she was a wealth of knowledge and support for my wife and I. This was our first child and I couldn't imagine going through this experience without her. Her support before, during, and after the birth of our beautiful daughter was outstanding. I can't thank her enough, she truly made our birth experience a positive one!  Thank you Christa!

Kaylee Stock


I can't thank Christa enough for being part of the birth of our daughter Aubrey. From the moment I met Christa I knew she was the perfect doula for us. I was taking the hypnobabies birth course, and Christa had recently completed her hypno-doula training. She attended most of the hypnobabies classes with us, which strengthened our connection. When my birthing time started, Christa came to our house early in the morning, and supported both me and my husband while at home. Her guidance and support was truly amazing, and she was able to help keep me focused during my hypnosis. Christa encouraged me to have the nautral birth that I wanted, and helped communicate this to the nurses at the hospital. Christa took pictures for us during the day, and those are memories I will cherish forever. I had the beautiful, natural hypnobirth that I had invisioned, and it wouldn't have been possible without her support. I would absolutely recommend Christa to anyone having a baby!

Sabrina Nicks Woods


Looking back I honestly can't imagine going through labour & delivery without Christa's help and support!  This was my first pregnancy and I was very anxious and stressed about everything.  I didn't know how I would cope with the pain and such a brand-new and unpredictable experience! My biggest worry was that we wouldn't know when to go to the hospital (or that the baby would come too quickly/be born at home...or on the way to the hospital!). Without Christa we would have gone to the hospital earlier than we needed to, and I know I would not have been as relaxed there.  With Christa I was able to labour at home for quite a long time and was much more relaxed and comfortable.  She knew exactly what to say to help me through each contraction. She was reassuring, comforting, and so calm!  She helped my husband know what to say/do to help me as well, so that it was a very special and intimate experience between us, instead of feeling stressful and crazy.  She didn't "direct" us or tell us what to do, but rather she coached us, supported us, and allowed it to be OUR experience.  Christa affirmed our decision to go to the hospital and she was a huge support on the drive there - I was having bad contractions and it was snowing/icy, so it was pretty intense!  When we got to the unit I was already 8 cm and it was GO time!  Christa helped us feel like we were a part of the birthing team by involving us in conversations, giving us information, and answering our questions.  She was respectful of the hospital staff and it truly felt like everybody involved was working together as a team.  She was a wonderful support after the birth as well - she came to visit/helped with breastfeeding, gave us a timeline of our son's birth (I had forgotten so many details), and gave us a CD with all the pictures.  I didn't think I would want pictures, but she captured some beautiful moments and I will cherish them forever.

Ashley Reindl


Christa is just so wonderful; We clicked right away. That was very important to me because there was a chance my husband would miss the birth Of our second son. He works in a different country (Australia) so when he's gone he is gone, lol!  the length Of Time he leaves is a month. so it was really important to have support incase I needed it. Even though this was my second birth I still was unsure of going through the birthing process; because every birth is so different and unique. Christa was amazing help for my husband. This was the first birth he had witnessed so she was exactly what the doctor ordered, no pun intended. It was amazing how during labour how she just knew what I wanted and didn't want. For Example: small things like a Cold cloth on my forehead at all times, re focusing my breathing, helping my hubby by tell him To try different things . Her calm nature made me more a ease and calm. She worked extremely well with the nurse staff and doctors. Took the most breathtaking pictures of my very first moments with my newest little family member and the reestvof the family . Hands down if we want a third baby I will get Christa to help me no questions ask!!

JustinCarissa Block


Having Christa Duquette as a Doula with both our children was a wonderful experience for us! She is fantastic and helped make the births everything we wanted. My husband and I so appreciate her support. My labours wouldn't have gone as smoothly without her loving caring advice. We would highly recommend Christa, and are so grateful for her help before, during and after birth. She is such a blessing, we are definitely going to be calling on her again if we have more children.

-Justin and Carissa

Chelsea Doula Roberds


Words cannot and never will express what an amazing job this woman did before during and after the birth of my son!! I've never had the honor of being surrounded by someone who is as optimistic well educated and funny (relateable too!!)

We had some scares during our pregnancy this time around and every time I updated her she replied immediately and with the most kind and inspiring things! Every time I had a question she was prompt and knew how to explain things without making it sound like rocket science (haha!)

During the delivery she was outstanding. I asked her to meet us at the hospital and she got there minutes after us... And we live down the street! She wastes no time!

Even my fiancee was blown away by her focus and ability to get me back on track (which can be pretty hard!!). She listened to and communicated with me without pushing me further then i could go but also made me believe i could get the job done (and i did!!). My fiancee 2 days later cant stop talking about how well they bonded without even really talking... I REALLY could go on for hours about her!!

If we decide to have future children :) she'll be my first call!!

Sarah Kolibab


I had always wanted to be a mother but was so scared to actually give birth to a baby, so scared that I had huge anxiety around this throughout my pregnancy until I met Christa when I was about 28 weeks along.  She was the first Doula that I actually had met with in my search and I knew that after spending a short amount of time with her that she would be the one to help me through giving birth (which was fastly approaching).  She listened to all of my fears, responded with kindess and compassion as well as taught me so much around what was going to happen and what I could expect when it was "time", my anxiety levels slowly went down after each meeting with her.  At exactly 38 weeks I was induced on a Saturday morning, I went home and rested and was back at the Hospital by 4pm, things were getting pretty intnese and anxiety levels were high, when Christa showed up a short time later it was like a calm came over the room (my Husband, Sister and close friend will all say the same thing), she knew what to do and we let her lead the way (I had this idea in my head that you had to labour in bed, well I did not get onto the bed until it was time to actually push).  I ended up giving birth very fast and without the epidural that I was so sure I would have, had Christa not been there I am sure that things would not have gone so smoothly.  She took beautiful pictures in the delivery room as soon as he was born, memories that we will be able to look at forever.  Christa stayed until she knew we were okay, gave us time to settle into home and then came to visit us twice bringing with her a birth story and timeline of events from labour (was surprised at how much I had forgotten).  We had the BEST experience with Christa and she will be one of the first people I call when I get pregnant again bc I'll just have to have her with us again.


Nick Allan


Having Christa present at the birth of our child was extremely helpful.  As a dad who has gone through this process twcie before (it has been 5 years since the 6 hour pre-natal class I took) I was relieved to have a doula present so that we could have an ally and expert coach in the delivery room with us.  I found it extremely helpful and reasuring that there was someone there who could help my wife with breathing and labouring techniques and I could focus on being there as my wife's partner and best friend.  I wish we had a doula for our first two kids!

Christa was extremely competent, professional, friendly and was really good at her job.  A true asset.  I was impressed with her interactions with the medical staff.  Very respectful and collaborative.  I was very impressed and would highly recommend Christa to any seaking a doula for their next birth.

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