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Renée Ahmadi MA CD (DONA)

FlexAbility Yoga and Doula Services

Saanich, BC Service range 60 miles No ferries- I will serve families over the Malahat from Feb-Oct but add a travel fee

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1700

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Availability Remarks: attending all births at VGH and all home births

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1700

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 291 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 58 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Most people prefer staying home as long as possible. I help you know when to transfer to the hospital, as well as help you stay calm while we transfer.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
My experience with movement, breath and comfort measures

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • End of life doula services
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Newborn
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am deeply involved in the Victoria community on issues of poverty, health and wellness. I have volunteered with the food security movement, supported employment for adults with barriers to employment, Recreation Integration Victoria, the Human Rights Coalition, Annabelle Society, Smithers General Hospital, Victoria Coalition Against Poverty, the Action Committee of People with Disabilities and I am very passionate about actively creating caring and connected communities. I have over fifteen years of experience working with various non-profit organizations, working in human rights, Inclusive recreation, legal antipoverty advocacy, Food Not Bombs, at risk youth, and children with special needs. I volunteer with a few local organizations such as Best Babies and the Birthing Families Foundation. I am passionate about your autonomy and freedom to prepare, birth and parent in your own way. As your doula my goal is to uphold your wishes, support you physically and emotionally with a combination of focused comfort measures, positioning options and the knowledge and experience I bring. I love building rapport with my clients in my body/birth neutral yoga classes so we can just sink into labour with ease.

Languages Spoken

  • Italian

Fee Details

-For grant programs $1200 -return clients $1300 -New clients and full service $1700. (this now is all inclusive-TENS, birth chair etc)

Service Area

Saanich, BC Service range 60 miles No ferries- I will serve families over the Malahat from Feb-Oct but add a travel fee

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Client Testimonials for Renée Ahmadi MA CD (DONA)

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Mercy Southam


My wife and I worked with Renée for the birth of our first daughter and we absolutely cannot say enough good things about our experience with her. We were planning a home birth and Renée's pre-birth visits were not only so insightful, but they were also so fun. This was one of the things we loved the most about Renée - she brought both earnestness and levity, information and heart. 

I ended up having to get induced, so homebirth was out of the question. It ended up being a long and arduous labor and complicated delivery. Renée was absolutely game changing for both of us and we have said many times that we don't know how we would have done it without her. We will always remember how she ensured we got rest after two nights of almost no sleep during labor, when she found popsicles for us before pushing started, and her consistent humor and tenderness. 

We have already said that if we have another baby we 100% want Renée there for us. 

Hilary Otton


Renée was my doula this past fall to support me through the birth of my first child. She surprised us by arriving 4.5 weeks early, and Renée had already been at the hospital the evening prior for a birth with another client. She joined me and stayed for my birth and was immensely supportive through the whole process. What was most for me was the postnatal support I received from Renée. She was emotionally, physically and mentally, a pillar of strength for me when I was struggling with postpartum anxiety and the new stresses in my life. She was a wealth of knowledge as well and walked me through changes I was experiencing in my mind and body, and how to navigate those trying newborn times. I would recommend Renée over and over again and feel the support I received was above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Renée for everything!

Yazmin and Andy


I can't write or speak highly enough about Renée services. She is a great listener, composionate, empathetic, resourceful and experienced doula. My husband and I do not have any family nearby and my doctor recommended we looked for doula services as there are studies that suggest people with support systems have better health outcomes during pregnancy/birth. Our baby surprised us coming 4 weeks earlier than expected. When Renee arrived to the hospital she supported me and my husband, guiding each of us through the process and suggesting strategies to help each on our role. I can't think of going through labour without her support and calming confidence. If we have another child we will be returning clients:). Perhaps the best endorsement of her amazing services is the fact that the nurse who assisted us in our labour praised and thank Renee for her resourcefulness, respectful, useful and helpful involvement. Her actions showed her experience. she developed great rapport with us and all health professionals involved in our care which was incredibly valuable when you spend 12+ hours in labour with them. She was a great advocate and helped us advocate for the care and birthing experience I wanted. Thank you Renée! Hiring Renee was the best decision we made as part of our pregnancy journey.she is a wealth of knowledge and her recommendation for a lactation consultant has been invaluable in the postpartum period.



Renee was recommended to us by our midwife who spoke very highly of her. As first time parents, we wanted support throughout the birth experience, from prenatal to postpartum.

We are so thankful to have had Renee as our doula - we were able to stay at home until I was 7cm before heading to the hospital. She held space for us, suggested different positions, and offered emotional support. I was able to labour at the hospital with no epidural and feel that was largely because of Renee's support. The sessions leading up to my labour helped me feel less scared, and the sessions after the birth helped me to debrief and unpack the experience.

Leading up to my birth, I had prepared a lot of comfort measures (ice packs, heating pads, aromatherapy, etc), however I had minimal need for these because I had Renee on my team. We will definitely be reaching out to Renee if we have a second.

Mercy Southam


Renee was an absolute dream! She brought such a supportive, calming, empowering energy to my birth experience and knew exactly what to say and do when labour was not going how we expected. I will definitely be using her for any future pregnancies! 



When we initially started making plans for the birth, I wasn’t very well informed about the role of Doulas. I was on the fence about the value of hiring a Doula. I'm very grateful we made the decision to hire Renée, and it made a big difference in my experience of the birth as a dad.

It was invaluable to have someone supporting us who was outside the hospital team and could help clarify choices and communicate with doctors when there were alternatives that better suited our wishes. Renée is experienced, skilled, and has a calm, strong presence that helped guide me in being a supportive partner throughout the birth. In addition to the birth itself, Renée’s process from our first meeting months before leading up to labour felt thorough, efficient and thoughtful. The time she took getting to know us built trust and made working with her at the birth more comfortable. I felt much more relaxed knowing Renée was part of our team, and I think it made a huge difference for both my partner and I in how we felt after the fact. Given how focused the hospital team was on the health of the baby, it felt at times they were not able to pay as much attention to what was actually going on with my partner. Renée was able to anticipate that dynamic, and contribute or guide in decisions around movement, pain relief, monitoring, and other aspects that really helped improve the comfort and dignity of my partner. It made it easier for me to focus on the ways I could support and reduced my uncertainty overall. It is not just having another person skilled and experienced with births, but someone whose relation to us had a blend of familiarity and impartiality that nurses, doctors, midwives and other family members aren’t afforded. I couldn't recommend Renée more strongly.

Florian and Hannah


We had such a wonderful experience with Renee for our first baby!

From the get go, she showed us that she'd be here for us, and support us any way she could. She's kind, gentle, and has so much experience, she makes you feel safe and in good hands no matter the situation. She also knows how to address difficult situations, and will fight for you to be heard. She's strong and reliable; she can physically help as much as mentally or emotionally.

She's a great human :-)

We'll go with her again, for sure! 

Florian and Hannah (and Angela)



Working with Renée was a blessing. She helped us prepare for early labor, showing us various strategies and techniques that we could use at home. She was patient and took her time to answer our MANY questions. She helped us think about different aspects of the day to help us feel as prepared as we could be.

Renée is a beautiful being, and we could not have imagined going through this journey without her. She was at the hospital with us where she provided exceptional assistance and made us feel safe and heard and encouraged. She was ready for everything, she was knowledgeable and she worked well with our midwife and it was nice to have her presence around. 

Working with Renée made all the difference in the world we would highly recommend her!

Lauren Carr


My partner and I are first time parents and were not entirely sure that we needed a Doula. After speaking with our Midwife, and hearing all of the pro's, we decided to move forward. I felt a pull to Renee instantly. Upon meeting, I shared that I felt so uncomfortable with the idea of giving birth. Being so vulnerable infront of so many people honestly made me feel sick to my stomach. I shared all of my hopes and fears. In return, I was offered assurance that she would be my protector and help to guide my partner through this new and scary experience. She did just that and more. 

Her presence in the delivery room was irreplaceable. It was a constant calm and dependable presence. To be honest, my eyes were closed for the majority of the process, but I could feel her unwavering support.

Listen, I love my partner but he's never assisted and supported somebody through birth. I was very busy doing the actual birthing and was not able to tell him how/where to be to support me. Renee showed him exactly what to do to support me and help with pain management so I didn't have to think about it! This is a big part of why we wanted her there. To guide BOTH of us and help him to feel included. My partner and I do not know how we possibly would have done this without her. 

Renee brought a speaker and played the most hypnotic and centering music. I fell into a complete state of focus. It was so beautiful and primal. Which is something I never knew was possible. This calmnesss allowed my body to do what it needed to do. 

Renee insured that everybody on my birth team asked for consent before touching me. This was really important to me.

All of these wonderful things combined helped me to have an extremly positive birth experience. If you are on the fence about hiring a Doula, DO IT and choose Renee. She will be your protector, advocate, supporter and guide through this beautiful experience. 

Thank you Renee!



We hired Renee as our doula for the birth of our first child. Working with Renee was a pleasure throughout our whole pregnancy, birth, and post-birth. She is knowledgable, reassuring, steady, and brings her authentic self and humour to the whole experience. At our intital meet up she answered all our questions and helped us think about what was important for us. 

It was great to have access to her pre-natal yoga classes. It really helped me in preparing my body, mind, and breath, and also in getting to know Renee and feeling comfortable with her. I also attended one of her in-person pre-natal workshops - and wow, that was a great thing to do. It helped me get in touch with my breath, especially as we moved through positions and phases as practice in a calm and thoughtful way. We also had some incredibly valuable sessions at our house where Renee worked with my partner and I to talk about and practice scenarios and positions. It left me feeing excited and less anxious about what was ahead. My partner also appreciated being able to practice and talk about things before the big event.

At the actual labour and birth, Renee was an important part of our birth team. She worked seamlessly with our midwife and helped us move through it all. We had to make decisions around potential induction and when to go to the hospital, and Renee helped us understand our options and ultimately feel confident with the decisions we made. I was able to have the unmedicated, natural childbirth that I wanted. Even so, it was still nothing like I expected! Having Renee there helped me feel safe and cared for throughout it. She helped my partner feel secure that I was in good hands, while also helping him understand and take charge of his important supporting role. 

In the post-birth world, Renee checked in and debriefed with us and we all continued to feel cared for and supported. If I have another child, I would definitely want Renee in my corner again!

Krista Vaartnou


I cannot recommend Renée highly enough. We weren't really sure if we needed a doula but there's no way I'd go through a second birth without the kind of support Renée provided. Prior to labour, we met with her to get to know one another and Renée got us thinking about not just labour and delivery but the transition to parenthood. At my labour (which was super long and really hard) Renée was a rock. She provided so much comfort and support and was both physically and emotionally the perfect person to have in the room. She was also an absolute godsend for my husband, providing him with gentle direction so he could figure out how he could help and alleviating the stress on him of trying to figure out how to support me best. I really don't have enough words to describe my gratitude to Renée for the help she offered to us and the awesome person she is. Plus she offers yoga for pre- and post-natal mamas and that is awesome! 



I am still riding a high from the birth experience Renée helped us achieve.

After a difficult first birth, my husband and I were determined to write a different story this time. We hired Renée to help leave no stone unturned in hopes of a more positive birth experience.

From the start Renée was on board with our plan and was confident she could be the support we were striving for. With my goal of staying mobile during labour while also allowing for required fetal monitoring - Renée was instrumental in working with our midwife to ensure my desires were met while maintaining monitoring requirements.

Renée made me feel safe when I was scared and asked questions I didn’t think of in the moment. She gave me water before I had to ask for it and gave me encouragement when I didn't think I could continue.

It was such a pleasure working with Renée and we highly recommend her as a part of any birth team. We are sad this chapter of our life is closing as it was truly a blessing to have her with us on our journey.



My husband and I were lucky to have Renée as our doula. Renée brings a grounded, calm energy to the room. Her Zoom yoga classes are a lovely bonus too and so convenient since you don't have to leave the house to get some exercise when you're very pregnant. I'll never forget the support Renee provided during the hardest parts of my labour. While my husband parked the car I was 8 or 9 cms dilated and had to make my way alone up to the labour ward. Renée met me at the entrance with a chair (which I didnt use but having it ready was appreciated) and she then guided me to the labour ward and into my room. I can't imagine having done that by myself. I think I would have froze in the hospital entrance, overwhelmed. When I thought I couldn't keep walking and I started getting overwhelmed, Renée held me and brought me back into my head so I could get through that contraction and keep going. Later, I was around 9 or 10 cm dilated and the midwife, Renée and my husband were gently encouraging me to move from where I was sitting over to the bed. Renée knew exactly how to hold me to let me rest. With the crown of my head pressed into her belly (and soft sweater) and my arms held by her I could completely relax into the contractions. Renee didn't rush me. I didn't ever want to move from that safe cocoon she created! I still feel emotional thinking of that moment. Internally I was doing everything I could to wrap my head around what was happening. Renée gave me the space and time to get to where I needed to be mentally to push my baby out. 

After labour was over Renée stayed with us to help me get colostrum into our very small newborn and I believe Renée teaching me how to harvest colostrum and bringing the baby colostrum in a syringe immediately after she was born kept the baby's bloodsugar up and kept her out of the NICU. I'd love to write more but 2000 characters isn't enough!

Cristina & Jeremy


As we come up on the 1st year since we welcomed our baby, we've been reflecting on our beautiful birthing experience and the integral role played by Renée in helping to guide our baby into the world. 

At our introduction call, Renée suggested we talk to other doulas and then make a decision, but I knew from the first two minutes with her, she was the person we wanted on our team. It was a very challenging time, my mother-in-law had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we were struggling to process this information while also navigating my pregnancy. 

Renée is not only an incredibly knowledgeable doula (and wonderful human being), her calm strength and compassion create a comforting and safe environment that centres the birthing person. Throughout a very short but intense labour, Renée radiated a quiet confidence that set me at ease. She was able to know when I needed something, at times before I even vocalized it. 

We are so grateful to Renée for all that she has done for our family. We can't imagine going through this experience without her, and continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.



We didn't think we needed a doula for our second pregnancy and thought we would manage just fine on our own. Until two weeks before our due date, when we realized an extra set of experienced hands would be very helpful. Enter Renee.

Renee is everything you want in a doula. Approachable and knowledgeable, calm and confident, patient and present.

I truly believe that our birth story turned out the way it did because of Renee. 

She brought tools I didn't even know I needed (giant inflatable chair), her magic hands made even the most painful contractions feel tolerable and her constant presence by my and my partner's side made us both feel safe and secure.  

 If you are thinking of hiring a doula, I highly recommend Renee.



Neither my husband or I thought we needed a doula until our midwife suggested the idea and we decided on Renée. Renée offered instrumental preparatory sessions at our house. These sessions helped us to talk through what our hopes, worries and priorities were, get to know one another and gave Renée a sense of what spaces and props we had in the house that might be useful for labour.We are both certain that without Renée, my husband would have had one or two strategies for helping me stay comfortable and we would have ended up at the hospital early in labour. With Renée’s help, we stayed in our home much of the evening and used different rooms and props to change positions, keep moving, and to rest in a familiar space. Once at the hospital, Renée was great at getting us settled, keeping the lights low, and communicating with the midwife about what had and had not been working in the process so far. Renée had an amazing ability to anticipate, what I needed, before I knew or could vocalize what that was. She was also attentive to what my husband needed and what might assist him in supporting me best. Renée nailed the fine art of balancing when to be right by my side and when to stand back and attend to whatever came up in the background at all the right moments. Renée is strong, practical, funny and works so well as part of a team. She is a great advocate. Following the birth, Renée provided great support and again seemed to know just what balance to strike for being present for us and for giving us the space we needed as a new family. Renée’s practice of debriefing after the birth was also something I found beneficial and empowering. The continuity of her support through the final stages of pregnancy to life as a new parent was meaningful to us. If you are having doubts about whether you might want or need a doula, err on the side of hiring one, and contact Renée.

Catherine S.


Renée was so comforting and helpful for my first birth that there was no question I needed her as my doula for my second one as well! Her energy is warm and grounded, and she is extremely skilled at providing practical and emotional support at every stage of the birth process. I would not hesitate to recommend Renée to any of my friends or family searching for a doula, so if you’re reading this, please get in touch with her to see if she’s a good fit for your birth team!



Renée was everything we didn’t know we needed. As first time parents we were naive of the difference between our midwife and a doula and so glad our midwife brought up the idea of hiring a doula.

Renée took the time to really get to know our preferences and how she could support myself and my partner during labour.

When labour started in the middle of the night Renée was quick to arrive and helped time my contractions and advised when it was an appropriate time to call the midwife to arrive.

During my labour she helped ensure I was eating and drinking and suggested various positions when labour stalled to get it going again and was even there to physically lean on when contractions hit while I was standing.

Postpartum there were lots of emotions to process and Renée was available by phone or text anytime I needed to talk through those emotions. She also came for multiple home visits after baby arrived to ensure everything was going well.

We feel very fortunate that we found Renée and had her on our team.

Sarah, John & Forest


We interviewed several doulas before selecting Renée. She came highly recommended from close friends. Renée did not shy away from real, honest and tough conversations. She was with us every step of the way for a very complicated birth. What convinced us to invite Renée along our birth journey was her wealth of experience. Now at several months post-partum, we really appreciate her continuity of care, from pre-natal yoga classes, to virtual and in-person meetings, attending the birth at VGH and post-natal yoga mom & baby classes under the willow tree (which Forest loves).

Renée is a birth coach and mentor, who helped us prepare for the labour, experience it, and processing it after. We were in continuous communication with Renée who offered emotional and physical guidance. During the labour, she provided hands-on pain management support, so much so that I (Sarah) did not feel compelled to ask for pain medication. The whole time, Renée was very encouraging and vocal, offering concrete suggestions. At one point, Renée brought sparkling coconut water and strawberries to us in the (cozy!) hospital shower. Then shit hit the fan. The labour room quickly transitioned from a spa-like atmosphere to total chaos. I (Sarah) needed to be put under for the birth and my son was out in under 15 minutes. There was no time for my partner to scrub in and be beside me during the delivery, but Renée stuck with him offering much needed emotional support.

The birth will take time to process. Renée has de-briefed the experience with us and offered avenues to share our story, to contribute to a much needed dialogue about emergency c-sections, informed consent and reproductive mental health. We will never forget the care Renée offered in the lead up to the birth, during it and aftercare. We absolutely recommend her to anyone fortunate enough to connect with her on their birth journeys. 



As a first-time parents Renée was an absolute blessing, we would 100% use her again for future pregnancies.

Prior to birth she ran us through several birth scenarios tempering our anxiety about the unknowns of the entire labour process. She answered our questions or would lead us in the right direction to find the answer if it was something out of her scope.

During labour Renée was knowledgeable, caring and an advocate for us with knowing what questions to ask the hospital staff during different phases of labour. She ensured both my Husband and I understood the plan the hospital had for us. She knew several pressure points to massage that relieve pain during contractions, and she had a popsicle which was the best treat to revive my energy before pushing baby out.

Here follow up appointments were helpful in establishing comfortable breastfeeding and home care. She continuously checked in via text the first few weeks to ensure we were doing well. She recommended several specialists/services we could contact about various issues or concerns we had post birth.

Over all Renee was very flexible helpful and thoughtful, I would recommend her services to anyone expecting, no matter if it is your first or subsequent baby.



We worked with Renee for the preparation and birth of our first. Through our pregnancy, her prenatal yoga sessions were one of my favourite weekly rituals and I loved connecting with other mommas (via zoom) and practicing breathing, birthing poses and being guided by Renees voice.

As FTP we were a bit nervous about what delivery would look like and having Renee walk through scenarios and positions with us was super helpful when mentally preparing. It was also just so comforting knowing that we had a seasoned expert on our team, who is not only skilled but compassionate, calm and strong in her support. 

Her support and touch through our delivery was so helpful and really helped with the delivery of our son. 

In the weeks after our sons arrival Renee checked in often which made us feel very supported. So helpful to have an extra team and support in a period where everything is new. 

If we are lucky enough to have a second, we will definitely be calling Renee again!! 

You won't regret having her on your team. 



We met with Renée before the birth and reviewed different labour positions, and we were able to talk through what was comfortable for me based on my mobility. I'm so glad we had Renée there to support us in labour. She was able to suggest different positions, and reminded me to change positions too. She also reminded and helped me to eat and drink both during and after labour. I was in active labour over the nurses and doctor's shift change, and it was SO helpful to have one consistent voice talking me through contractions and encouraging me on when to push. As first time parents, my husband and I were so grateful to have Renée and her experience there to support us.



Landing as an immigrant in Canada and giving birth without any other family members around can be daunting, especially at the time of the pandemic. I only had my husband and my young daughter which I can't bring to the hospital with me during labour and delivery. The anxiety and worry were too high that I just wanted to get it over with. Luckily, I found Renée and she acted as my partner all throughout my labour and delivery. I had a PROM and she was there at my place in an instant. She knew what to do and also instructed me on how to be calm and practise my breathing exercises. During delivery, her guidance really helped a lot in pushing and giving birth calmly. In between contractions, she was my support person. I can't imagine going through this whole ordeal without any support person, and Renée made sure that I was well taken care of. Her prenatal yoga and other post-natal services were also very helpful for someone who just gave birth! I highly recommend her as a doula, most especially if you are looking for a support person throughout your birth experience.



Renee is a wonderful doula and overall amazing person. Due to Covid, she supported my husband and I throughout the prenatal period with virtual visits on Zoom and FaceTime and was always available by email, phone or text. Her clear communication skills and warm personality made us both feel confident in the birthing process and at ease when it came to asking questions as first-time parents. Renee struck the perfect balance of providing education and knowledge combined with emotional support during the more difficult parts of my pregnancy and labour. Her being a yoga instructor is also an incredible plus that she integrates into her doula work! I highly recommend Renee to any woman or expectant person looking for a holistic and evidence-based approach to labour.



My husband and I met Renée in 2017 at a speed-doula event where we had 8 minutes each with several doulas. We felt immediately like Renée was a good fit for us—with her knowledge, experience, communication style, calm and grounded approach, prenatal yoga training, and focus on breath/tones. She attended both our home births, one in 2018 and one in fall 2020. I had wondered what having a doula would look like during COVID, but with the amazing prenatal yoga sessions she led on zoom throughout my second and third trimesters, I felt confident that even if she couldn’t attend our birth in person, she would be an invaluable resource for our birth. We kept open and honest lines of communication about any possible COVID risks and had regular check-ins to assess the status of the pandemic. When I went into labour, we and she felt comfortable having her physically present for our birth. She wore the appropriate PPE and was very respectful when entering our home. We are so happy and appreciative she was able to be here, because her calm and grounding presence again helped our second birth be a positive experience. She was also a great support for my husband for both births. Her check-ins, support, and debriefs postpartum were also enormously helpful and most appreciated. Thank you Renée!



I had not previously considered hiring a doula until my midwife suggested it.  Once I did some research on doulas, it was an easy decision to go ahead and find one.  Not only is the rate of intervention lower with a doula but also many women claim that the whole labour and birthing process is much less stressful and painful.  That certainly sounded like a good investment to me!  We met with Renee based on a recommendation and her experience, and felt very comfortable right off the bat.  During my labour, it was invaluable having someone there to reassure and guide my husband and I, especially since my labour was very long and atypical.  She provided many tips and tricks, encouragement, breathing guidance, and postures we had not learned in our prenatal classes which helped ease me through the pain of contractions.  She was a calm, strong and reassuring presence and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 



Renée is amazing! I know that my babe would have made it into this world one way or another, but I honestly can't imagine how I would have done it without Renée's help. Things were moving quickly and she kept me focused and grounded. If we were planning on having more babies, I would want Renée by my side every time! Every time. 



Finding someone I could feel open and comfortable with during something so vulnerable as birth felt like a monumental task, but Renée has such a special energy, grounded and empowering and accepting. I’m a profoundly awkward human being, but Renée somehow both kept up a natural flow and held space for me. Her compassion and courage creates these safe, non-judgmental bubbles where I felt I could ask any question or share any fear. As for the birth itself, I am so grateful for Renée’s presence and strength. Renée’s advice helped me work with my body rather than against, her deep respect for my autonomy helped me feel safe enough to welcome my labour and set aside my inhibitions (which sped things up considerably!) and the guidance of her voice when my water broke and the sensations became really powerful helped me transform suffering into power. Renée didn’t just tolerate my big queer family – she embraced and engaged them all. She helped each of us find and celebrate our strengths, and was so sensitive to our needs and emotions. Sometimes being queer means fitting artificially into institutions and experiences designed for conventional families. Renée helped us fully experience our birth as a family without ever making us feel like imposters. Best of all was how she helped us include our 5yo. I thought the birth would be frightening for her, so we’d organized some cake-baking to distract, but she stalwartly refused to leave my side. Renée welcomed her into that calm, safe bubble and treated her like a peer, answering all her questions, explaining what was happening, and even helping her to support me. The experience was so inspiring for her that to this day when she sees someone in pain she still gently places a hand on their back and calmly makes the low, grounding hum that Renée taught her. I am so proud that her first experience of birth was empowering and positive.



Renee has such a warm and reassuring presence. My husband and I so appreciate Renee’s support during our meetings with her, and especially at the birth of our first baby. I cannot describe the relief I felt in having such a caring and experienced doula with us throughout that intense and life changing event. Renee was a reassuring and positive force both before and after the birth. She had great tips for using our space for early labouring at home, was with us for the entire birth process, and saved our sanity with her tips on getting our baby to sleep! We very highly recommend Renee and would love to have her support at our future births.



Sitting down to write this testimonial is overwhelming... because Renee is absolutely the most incredibly solid, present, competent, strong (in all ways!), and compassionate human being and doula. I knew that I wanted a doula at my birth who was trauma-informed, body positive, and who has facility with working with LGBTQI-2+ and BIPOC folx. Renee is that person, in a way that is so easeful, so grounded in her being and practice that it felt like being with (chosen) family.

Reneee was always clear in communication but not directive, she was physically strong with a mind-boggling amount of endurance and so I could LITERALLY lean on/hang on her for hours on end, she was obviously on my team and still gracious with the hospital staff. She is non-judgemental in ways I didn't know possible, and her respect for me and my decisions during birth were unshakable. I don't know how I could have weathered the birth I had without her.

I've never felt so held, so cared for, so calm in the face of a mind-shatteringly challenging and beautiful, life-changing experience. I cannot recommend Renee more. She is a gem.

Ashley Heaslip


Renee was an amazing doula to work with! She helped my partner and I navigate the birth of our first child beautifully.  We thought of her as our calm and present birth choreographer! We would highly recommend her for anyone considering having a doula at the birth of their child and in the weeks of planning leading up to your child's arrival. We also immensely appreciated her checking in on us after our baby was born. She was always creative, thoughtful and evidence-based in her approach to doula care. 

Megan Thom


Renee was the perfect mix of sensitivity and a no-no sense attitude that gets you through. She has expertise not only as a doula but as an experienced pre- and poat-natal yoga teacher. Renee was very generous with her time before and after the birth and she was always available and checking to make sure my partner, baby and I felt supported. Her sense of humour, calmness and experience made me feel comfortable during the new and challenging experience of birth.  

Jen Paterson


I've worked with Renee in a number of capacities over the past few years. She has been my yoga instructor as well as my doula for the births of both my babies. She has also supported me during those challenging postpartum days and assisted when I had struggles breast feeding my son. I can not say enough good things about working with Renee, she is extremely knowledgable, kind and cool headed. I truly believe that I would have required c-sections for both my deliveries if Renee hadn't been on my team. In the days leading up to each birth she was always available to keep myself and my husband calm and during labour she was the one we looked to for guidance. I trust Renee completely and would recommend her to any parents-to-be.

Alex Friesen


I can’t begin to explain how glad I am to have Renee during my birth experience. Renee’s warm, calm demeanor and in depth knowledge on movement and techniques to manage contractions were the reasons I wanted her as my doula initially. When I was in labour at home, Renee was able to suggest ways to make my contractions more productive and guided me through breathing techniques to manage the pain. She seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear during each contraction.
My labour progressed very quickly and suddenly, and Renee drove with my partner and I to the birthing cottage providing reassurance and guidance through contractions when I was on all fours in the back of the car. After we got to the birthing cottage, I was in transition and starting to feel the need to push and the midwives were not there yet. Renee allowed my partner and I to remain focused and calm amongst the uncertainty and continued to help me through transition, providing strong counter pressure, massage and positive affirmations.
Post-partum, Renee came over late one night for 2 hours to talk me through some difficulties with breastfeeding when I was feeling anxious and emotional. She showed me helpful techniques and gave me much needed encouragement and reassurance. We also reminisced on my birth, which allowed me view the seemingly chaotic experience in a positive and beautiful light.

Renee was my birth guardian angel, I could not recommend her services more!!

Karalee Boschung


Something that you need to know about Renee is that she has an incredibly accurate intuition about people and what they need in the current moment. This was so evident to me when I first met Renee and got to know her during my prepartum and birth experience. She used this wonderful skill before, during, and after my birth. One of many examples: She walked quietly into the room when I was already in transition, and she knew exactly what I needed without me even asking. The massage she gave me was immediately comforting and reassuring. She also supported my body when I was pushing and really encouraged me to keep going when I was so exhausted and ready to give up. I ended up having a really wonderful birth experience and I know that Renee was a big part of that! Renee also came to visit the morning after we brought our daughter home, and provided some much needed encouragement and information. We are so glad we decided to hire her and would highly recommend her services! 

Candyce McDonald


My husband and I weren't sure at first if we wanted to hire a doula, but our midwife told us no one ever regrets it so we ended up going for it.  I am so so glad we did and that we had the privilege of having Renee as that doula! Our midwives were wonderful too, but it was so amazing having Renee to manage the contractionss. For hours she and my husband physically supported me through contractionss and helped me stay focused and positive. When we finally had to go to the hospital, having someone who knew the way around the hospital was so comforting, as we had hoped for a home birth but things just didn't go as expected. 

Renee also really enabled my husband to be present and calm so that he could give me the support I needed. She was so great at giving just the right amount of space and support.

I feel so grateful to have had such a great support team of family, midwives and our doula Renee. It was a long 23 hours of active labor, but the experience was so positive and empowering because I had such an awesome support team.

Get a doula! You won't regret it! Renee was worth her weight in gold!


Alyssa Carlson


There are no words to adequately describe the positive impact Renee had on our birth story.

This was my first baby and, while I had an idea of what birth would be like, I had no idea what my personal needs would be during that experience. That's is where Renee shon the brightest. She knew what I needed, often before I did. She knew what I needed when I couldn't communicate it and was able to translate those needs to the rest of our team. She supported me, she advocated for me and she listened to what I wanted.

She found ways to include my husband in our birth experience and make him comfortable. She made sure I was nourished and hydrated. She was strong, gentle and professional. She was amazing.

Vanni Smith Heron


Renée was incredible!! This was my second pregnancy/delivery. I was very anxious because I had preclampsia during my first pregnancy, which led to an early delivery via C-section. That experience had left me very nervous and I was worried I would not be able to have a VBAC. I had not enjoyed the delayed post-partum recovery from the surgery and somehow felt I had missed out on an incredible experience, so having a VBAC was very important to me.

I had a very long labour, though most of it was just early labour pains, it was 40 hrs. in total. At the end I was so exhausted, I felt like giving in. I don't think I would have been able to pull through, had it not been for my husband's and Renee's encouragement. Having her there allowed my husband to get some rest, while we waited for things to progress; it allowed me to stay relaxed, and in the end remain focused through the pushing. It really made a big difference!!!

I can't convey the feeling in the room. It was a surreal experience. Thanks to her, my husband and I really connected. She reminded us of our positions, to sinc our breathing; to be with each other. I am infinitly greatful that she was there to help us have a very positive experience. She made me feel strong and confident enough to listen to my body and push through.

Renée was available through out the entire process, to answer any of our questions. She helped us navigate a bit through our emotions and get a clearer picture of what we wanted and what we were willing to give up (because things don't always go as planned). After the birth, it was great to have someone come over, to catch a break, which makes all the difference in the first sleep deprived weeks!!

I really can't say enough or how greatful I am to have had her as our doula. To me, Renée beems with positivity, strength and love and that is what we really wanted and needed with us.

Shannon Collins


Renée and I clicked right away, as I'm sure she does with everyone because she's so lovely. Her expertise and confidence calmed me, both in her yoga classes and doula services. I loved the mental and physical preparation tips she slipped into her yoga classes!

My husband found her home session fun and what she taught us became super helpful when I was in labour, so much so that when the time came, we felt comfortable doing everything we had practised just the two of us at home. Renée was a tall, nurturing, strong body for me to hang off of during contractions. Even if I knew how I would want my lower back to be massaged during the worst contractions, I wouldn't have been able to show my husband how I needed to be touched. But Renée knew just how hard to press and exactly where to do it. It was like she knew my body in labour better than I knew it myself! Also, Renée was awesome at reminding us what we learnt in our Childbirth Classes.

Renée called and visited me during the difficult 5 days of our NICU experience and after we got home. I always felt reassured from our conversations. As we debriefed, I felt more at ease. I never could have imagined the pain I went through, but also I didn't realize how empowered I would feel; I felt SO proud of my body! Renée helped me process my childbirth story and confirm it as a positive and very special memory. At home visits she brought huge containers of two different delicious homemade stews and even babysat for us while we went on a quick gym date!

Having made it through the wild ride of the birth of our sweet boy, I now have a greater appreciation for the statistic that less medical interventions are needed when a doula is coaching you! Renée pampered us every step of the way and I would HIGHLY recommend her.

Amanda Blick McStravick


I know for certain that the birth of my first daughter would have been very different without Renée by my side, even though I could not have asked more from the medical professionals and my partner who were also there. Although we ended up only using a few of the tools we had “rehearsed”, all the work we had done together made me feel safe and confident, and the few things that got me through were absolutely invaluable. I am so happy that I choose to work with Renée and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced, reliable and wise woman to help guide them through the process of giving birth and caring for babe.

Sarah Mundy


Renée was my doula for my first birth, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. (I have already recommended her to several friends!) She asked the perfect gentle question at the right moment that avoided my having a c-section, which has to count for some kind of doula diamond elite rating. Besides that, Renée brought solid physical skills and calm, wise vibes to the whole experience, from pre-planning, to the birth, to the post-partum visits.

Similarly to what some other folks have noted in testimonials, Renée asked a lot of questions to get to know my partner and I and figure out what kind of support would work for us. I am confident that she could personalize things for a wide range of people. For us, Renée brought a lot of hard physical work supporting me through almost 24 hours of contractions (pushing on my back, holding me up, fetching things) as well as practical tips on transfering from a home birth to the hospital, explanations of what was going on at the hospital, and some great post-partum stretches and breastfeeding help.

My partner and I were both really glad we picked Renée. You deserve a great doula too!

Alex Dragland


Renee is a true gem. Her warmth, openness, and approachability put me at ease from the moment we met. I knew I had found someone I could trust and rely on during this new unknown adventure. I couldn’t have imagined, though, just how much I would lean on her during my all-night labour. She was a rock. Her strength (literally – as I hung off of her and my partner during most contractions) and enduring presence helped me to push through the difficult moments when I didn’t know how to go on. She helped remind me of my own strength. Her calmness helped sustain my confidence and let me give birth without fear. Her and my partner fell into a rhythm of supporting me and holding an atmosphere of love and patience in our dimly lit hospital room. He described it afterwards as a kind of dance, and was also deeply grateful for how flexible and attuned she was. I felt safe knowing she was there regardless of how labour may go. I consider my labour/birth a very challenging but very positive experience. Renee was pivotal in that. Her visits after the birth lifted my spirits and gave great comfort to my frazzled first weeks. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The way she personalizes her services, getting to know you and what kind of support you need, I believe she could help just about anyone. I am profoundly grateful to have had her by my side. She is the real thing.

Romney Porter


Sometimes you feel lucky in life. Like when you order a Blizzard at DQ and you're served by the kid who gives you extra Skor bits instead of too few. Or when you order movie theatre popcorn, and the person before you got the stale dredges and you get the first popped kernels of a new batch. And sometimes you feel really lucky in life. Like when you go jogging in the silent woods on a snowy day, stop to pee, and happen to choose the one tree holding an owl, still as a statue, staring down at you. Or when you look out the BC ferries window and catch a glimpse - that nobody else seemed to catch - of a pod of orcas surfacing between the foggy waves. And then sometimes you feel really REALLY lucky in life. Like when you choose Renee Ahmadi to be your doula.

Admittedly, I was skeptical at first about our ‘need’ for a doula. I thought it would take away from a special experience between my partner and myself, and that I would feel uncomfortable having a ‘stranger’ bear witness to the rawest experience of my life. But having Renee there – having her alleviate some of the very real stresses of childbirth through her strong confidence and knowledge - made it possible for my partner and I to connect more fully, for me to go inwards, dig down and do what needed to be done. And luck would have it (cause it’s hard to truly know until you’re deep into the labour and post-labour experiences!) that we chose not just any doula but someone who we both felt comfortable around, who we could joke with, who I could cry in front of, who I could hang off of in the hospital elevator in the throes of contractions, who I could text – frantic for answers - during the early days with our little one... someone I could be utterly real with.

Sometimes you feel lucky in life; decisions you made turn out to the ‘right’ ones. If you’re trying to decide on a doula, meet with Renee. You might just luck out too.

Charity Sarah


I gave Renee a testamonial for my first birth and can't believe I forgot to write one for my second in 2016!  I think its so important to exmpasize how vital her role was at my second birth, which turned into a hospital instead of a home birth like my first.  I can't recommend Renee enough as a doula and even when you might think "oh, I've done this before. Do I need a doula?" or maybe "I'm going to the hospital, what will my doula find to do?"  For me the answer to those questions were YES and SO MUCH.  She encouraged me to advocate for myself, when my experience at home hadn't prepared me for that kind of situation.  My fears, disappointment and confusion found a safe place in her constant support, ideas and encouragement.  Renee is professional, responsive, and a wonderful person who brings such brightness to birth space.  So highly recommended by me for the second time!

Timothy Shah


Renée played an indispensable role in our home birth experience. From the first day we met her, it was easy to sense her genuine, calm, and collaborative demeanor. These characteristics were immediately palpable when my wife was in labour; Renée was able to work so calmly and effectively with us helping facilitate breathing and different positions to help labour progress, as well as alleviate the pain my wife was feeling from the surges (contractions), and reassure us that we were getting to the finish line!

Renée's presence was so helpful from early labour to delivery. I can't express how grateful I am for her incredibly collaborative and respectful approach, which allowed me (as a birthing partner) to remain calm throughout the delivery and ultimately provide more effective support to my wife during the whole process.

If you're seriously considering a doula, we highly recommend Renée, whose collaborative, positive, and calm approach help make for a more manageable (and enjoyable) birth experience (for both mom and dad).

Lucy Jane Brooks


Everything about our experience with Renée was absolutely amazing - she was such a calm, grounding presence which really helped to make my time labouring at home relaxed and enjoyable. I really had a great day, and I can’t imagine how different it would have been without her there! She was very sensitive to our needs, knew exactly when to head to the hospital, and her and my husband worked together wonderfully as a team to support me through the process. We both said we couldn’t have done it without her! Her support after the birth was fantastic too, it was great to know we could reach out to her in the early days when we were finding our feet as first time parents. We will definitely have Renée as our doula again for any future births!

Amy Clausen


I met Renee at a pre-natal yoga class at 37 weeks pregnant. I had just moved to Victoria and was preparing to deliver my second child, and I knew I wanted another home birth (my first was born on the Mainland with a different birth team). Before that yoga class even ended I knew I wanted Renee to be with me for the birt of my second!

She did a two home visits including a trial-run of labour and birth positions using props and furniture from my home. This really helped me to learn what positions I might take during labour and practice them with my partner. While preparing for my birth, Renee was very attentive, gentle, creative and encouraging. She knows so much about labour and delivery and it was very reassuring to both me and my partner to have her calm and positive energy while we mentally prepared for birth.

When I went into labour, Renee spent the night with us at our home and supported me physically and mentally through the intense process. On top of being creative and positive she is big and strong; she supported my weight in multiple positions through intense contractions when I needed physical pressure, friction or just to be held up. Throughout, she supported my breathing and calm vocalizing so I could re-direct my energy and not lose my voice or become too "in my head". She made excellent use of several yoga postures and flows while I was contracting, helping me use what I already knew in my body to keep moving through the contrqactions and "out the other side"!

When it was all done, Renee prepared food, tidied up, and left us with our infant once she was sure we were ready for that. In the following days she was attentive and supportive with breastfeeding and other post-partum issues. She even brought us a delicious lasagna!

She is a spectacular human, and a force of nature and she was exactly the right person for our second home birth! Thanks Renee.

Monika Charlebois


We were so thrilled to have found Renee for the birth of our first baby, she came back for our second! ??With our family across the country we were facing labour alone until a friend opened our minds to the support, guidance and experience that a doula could offer a couple of newbies. From their referral we met Renee and immediately felt confidante with her being our choice. She was warm, friendly but so very attentive, and immediately bonded with my husband! We felt so much better on labour day for having someone that had experience and could support all aspects of the big day, even things we didn’t think about! From walking us into delivery to enduring contractions, I believe her skills made both our labours go fast and flawlessly. ?She was able to get ‘mom’ focused on moving things forward while enduring and pushing through. She helped ‘dad’ know what to do and how to be helpful. ?Our second birth was similar to our first but for complications afterwards. She was able to help other family members deal with the emergency situation and calm the storm. I, and my family are so thankful for having her!

Shanti Wintergate


We couldn't imagine our birth experience WITHOUT Renee.  She is wonderful in so many ways.  Her grounding energy, knowlege, humor and intuitive response to every need helped my husband and I feel so cared for, comfortable and supported throughout our Journey to parenthood.

My husband and I went back and fourth about hiring a doula, because the idea of finding someone that you feel completely comfortable with, to share in the insanely intimate experience of childbirth with felt a little too daunting.  We took Renee's "Yoga for Labor w/Partners" class at Mothering Touch only a couple of months before our due date.  We thouroughly enjoyed the class, and I instatnly felt a resonance with Renee's energy.  She mentioned that she was also a doula and on a whimmm we asked her if she was available during the window of our due date.  Serendipitiously, she had that very window open in her schedule, which is usually booked months and months in advance.

We are so grateful that she was available because our labor and delivery ended up being quite challenging and complex and family ended up not being the kind of support we needed.  She was a rock for us during the entire experience and although our birth didn't end up at all the way we had hoped, we feel good about every choice and every step through the experience.

Renee helped with all aspects of our support.  Emotional, physical, mental and communicated so well with everyone involved - Midwife, nurses, family and us.

Childbirth is one of the most intense experiences I have ever had and nothing can really prepare you for the experience due to all the unknown factors at play.  Renee is an absolute gem of a human being and my husband and I are eternally grateful for her.

I wish everyone could have a Renee in their lives.  The world would be a better place.  :)

Emma Henderson


Renee is AMAZING!  I cannot say enough about how much Renee helped me out.  I had a very difficult pregnancy.  I spent 11 weeks on bed rest, 3 of which were in the hospital.  Renee came to my house to do body work with me while I was on bed rest.  To say that I looked forward to our sessions would be an understatement.  Renee worked with me to stretch and helped me to get some movement in my body in a non-weight bearing way that was safe for me while I was on bed rest.  She helped to sooth the aches and pains of pregnancy and not being mobile while helping to keep me centered mentally. Prior to being on bed rest I also attended prenatal yoga classes with Renee which were also fantastic!  Had I not required a scheduled c-section (for medical reasons) I would have definitely had Renee as a Doula during labour.  If I am fortunate enough to get pregnant again I will be asking Renee to come over again for sessions, even if I have an uncomplicated pregnancy.  Renee is such a calming presence.  She knows how to help your body release the tensions of pregnancy. Highly recommend Renee!

Corey Johnson


My wife and I had arranged a meeting with renee to talk about our plan and our idea of what we envisioned for the birth of our child. What i really liked about Renee was her openness and her ability to listen. We talked for a while about what we wanted and what we were against. After that meeting my wife and I were happy and excited to pick Renee (out of close to 10 doulas). We then met 3 times before the birth talking about updates in our plan, our wants and what we pictured for Renee's role.

Renee really helped to give us information and give us a lot of confidence in the birth process.

During the birth Renee was very hands on, from the first step in the door she was helping my wife with different ways to stay comfortable, keeping her nourished, and always keeping her safe. As we went through the labour Renee was always 1 step ahead!! She helped with cold cloths, with different positions to ease my wife and with all sorts of knowledge and experience to help as well. I would recommend Renee 100% for anyone!! She really takes what you want and allows you the freedom, experience and knowledge to make it a reality!! She was so helpful in the labor and the birth!! Also my wife and I were really wanting to make sure nursing happened the best way possible and right away... she was exceptional in helping with that as well!!

Reka Winslow


Renée is a wonderful doula, we are so glad we decided to work with her! We loved the pre-birth appointments where she prepped us for the intensity of labour and showed us various poses that could alleviate the pain. Both my husband and I loved how hands on she is, from getting us correctly positioned in poses to the awesome massages that she gives! We ended up having a scheduled c-section birth, but she was there with us the whole day and then came and checked on us a number of times after the birth both at home and in the hospital. She is super caring, compassionate, and a wonderful mama-bear. :) Her presence both at the birth and before and after was much welcomed and super soothing and calming, which is exactly what we needed. Thanks Renée for a great birth experience!

Kelsey Desormeaux


I had the pleasure of having renee as my doula for my first child, I couldn't have imagined doing it without her. She was absolutely perfect. It was like she was reading my mind the whole day, she new exactly what I wanted without me having to say a word. She also kept my boyfriend involved with everything, level headed and made him feel supported with directions with out being bossy or controling at all. It all just came so natural to her, she adapted to any energy or situation.

My boyfriend and I both have large and close families and I had worries pre-birth of my delivery room turning into a party.  I felt so confident once I had shared my family dynamic and wishes for the delivery room that renee would keep everything in line and sure enough without making anyone feel excluded she kept everything under control she even knew  at times when I needed everyone out or everyone to stop taking with out me even asking her.

One of my memories I have from that blurry exciting crazy day was when Renee had to leave my side for a few seconds to use the washroom and i simply lifted my head to who ever was in my view and asked where is renee! My mother in law had taken over to help me through my contraction doing a great job following exactly as renee was doing but it just wasnt the same. Renee has a magical touch and a soothing yet confident voice that lifted my contractions away as they finished.

After  the birth I loved having Renee come and visit it was like having a helpful family visitor she never overstayed her welcome and helped changed diapers ! my boyfriend and I both felt like we could ask or tell her anything without any judgment or awkwardness.

i tell everyone about Renee and brag about her often she is a major part of my birth story. My whole family on both sides loves her and enjoyed having her there that day.

I can't wait to have her at my future births !

We love you !

Tanya Thompson


I am so proud to say that Renee was a doula for the birth of both of our sons! We could never have imagined our second home birth without her beautiful energy and incredible guidance and support that was so important to us during the birth of our first son. Once again she brought a plethora of tools to help me thru a day of labour at home. She helped me thru contractions with whatever I seemed to need in the moment; yoga, massage, music, snacks, laughter and even a tarot reading to inspire me during it all! Her words of encouragement provided much needed support at all the right moments and she somehow managed to capture many tasteful and lovely photos of the entire experience. My husband and I feel completely honoured to have had Renee as our doula!

April Iverson


Our experience with Renee was awesome. I first met Renee at a prenatal yoga class she was teaching. Upon discovering she was a doula, I knew I wanted her to attend the birth of my baby. She has incredible energy and a positive spirit that is contagious. This was going to be our first child and having heard many unpleasant things about birth and labor I did not want to go into delivery of my baby being afraid. Seeing as my partner/husband and I were going to be in a long distance relationship at the time of the birth, we did not know if he would make it time or the event and I wanted someone to rally for me and support me. Renee definitely lived up to my expectations. She is incredibly strong and was always ready with suggestions. Despite the outcome of the birth of our baby girl being by c-section, Renee stayed right until the end, even accompanying me into the operating room. She took pictures of the procedure and after. She worked with me during the surgery to help me stay calm and focused. Even though I was disappointed I did not have the birth experience I expected, she helped me stay positive. Without judgement she allowed me to grieve the loss of not getting to have the birth I thought was important to me. Because of her we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and a wonderful memory of the birth experience. Renee also provided post partum doula services by bringing a meal to the house, providing a listening ear that helped me process the birth and also watching the baby for a few hours when I had to focus on filling out immigration forms. Renee is an awesome doula and she will always hold a special place in our lives in helping to bring our little girl to us and complete our little family.

Tanya Erik


Our experience with Renee was incredible from start to finish. I first met Renee during a pre-natal yoga class and by the second class my instincts told me she would be our Doula. I did not need to interview any one else, after our first "interview" it was clear to us that she possessed all the qualities we needed in a doula. Renee is a strong intelligent maternal woman with a vibrant positive energy. She was able to read us so well in our meetings that at the time of my labour she was able to take charge in exactly the way that worked for us. Leading up to the home birth of our son she lent me books and yoga equipment and we reviewed positions and strategies to prepare for birth and ease labour pains. With Renees help I felt much more prepared to have our baby at home. On the morning I went into labour, Renee arrived early and helped my labour progress with a number of tools; massage, yoga, scented lotion, walking. She prepared snacks for my husband and I and ensured we were both hydrated at all times. As my contractions progressed she guided Erik through helping me and she remained respectful of our wishes throughout. She was very encouraging to us both and seemed to do just what was needed at the exact right time. She helped make our home a warm welcoming environment for our son, playing music and keeping the fire going as I had requested. Renees insiteful words ultimately taught me just how to push and our son was born on our couch that evening. Renee brought me post-labour snacks and helped me take a shower and de-compress before joining my new family in bed. Thanks to Renee we have some beautiful photos of the event and when it was all over our home was clean. Her follow up calls, texts and visits were timely and thoughtful. I can honestly say that without Renee there were times we would have been completely lost. Any family would be incredibly lucky to have Renee as their doula as we would certainly love to have her for our next birth experience.

Mike Wills


We first met Renee about 2 months before babv was due. From the get go we were impressed with her openness and her flexibility in giving us the care we needed. She helped us understand what ways she could support us: helping Mum-to-be in a hands-on way (massage), coaching the Dad-to-be with what to say/do, going out to buy groceries, practicing different positions….many things we had not even imagined a doula would do! I worried I would get irritated and annoyed with her during the labour. She said, no problem! She could handle it. I had a hospital birth planned and already knew I would need pain medications due to dealing with previous health issues. Renee never once made me feel lesser for not having a “natural birth.” She respected my choices. The baby decided to come early. It was 4:30 in the morning when dad-to-be called Renee. She came to sit with me on the bed for a bit and helped me breathe through the contractions. Her presence magically made them slow for a while and we all had some rest. It was a big help having Renee in the car with me on the way to the hospital. This let dad focus on the driving and know mama was in good hands. Renee stayed at the hospital with us, supporting us throughout. I unexpectedly had had a transfer of care from my midwives to a doctor I did not know just a few days previous and so my husband and Renee were the only familiar faces, I was so glad we had a doula at that moment! I had a tough labour which required a great deal of coaching. We experienced a significant turnover of nursing staff. Renee provided consistency throughout which helped me deal with having six different nurses in 8 hours. After the baby was born Renee was very helpful visiting us at home and providing assistance on everything from dealing with post labour pains to how to wear different baby carriers. Renee was an invaluable part of  son’s birth and I would not hesitate to use or refer her services again.

Eva Opetz


Renée was amazing! She was confident and knowledgeable, full of suggestions and always positive. She was so encouraging and seemed to know exactly what was needed without anyone having to ask. Being a doula seems to come so naturally to her, and it was evident the entire time that she enjoyed her role and appreciated being able to share our experience. She was also extremely professional, came to meetings preparEd and always punctual. Although ours was only her second birth and she was not charging us for her services, she still organized a backup doula and even arranged a meeting with her.  She is 100% reliable. She made sure during our meetings before the birth that she understood what type of people we are and what would be helpful to us. She is one of those people who really seems to listen and absorb what you say. During labour and delivery she was so supportive, anticipating every need and offering suggestions.  I cannot say enough good things, we had such a positive experience. If we decided to have another baby, I would love to have Renée there again, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Charity Sarah


In those days after the 'due date' (which I was determined wouldn't affect me but it did)  waiting for labour to start really took its toll and I became anxious and weary.  We did some relaxation and yoga stretches to determine what I best responded to for labour.  We texted each other that week constantly with my "is this it?"  type of questions.  It felt great to have someone to just ask questions without the feeling of nagging my midwives with false alarms.  I was impatient, but never worried.

Renee helped me labour at home through the night while my husband slept for a few hours to conserve his energy.  As a first time mom, we had no idea how long this would be!  Renee kept me on a schedule of peeing, drinking and eating to keep my energy up. Not just the food itself, but the act of having 'something to do' other than just waiting for more contractions... it was fantastic.  I felt I was taking the offensive, rather than just desperately grasping at some form of defense against this monster of labour.

We found what worked for me (the shower) and worked it hard.  Everything was absolutely my choice... but she was there to offer me advice and options without asking stupid questions like "what is your pain like? Rate it on a scale of one to ten."  She is smart enough to know what I looked like and sounded like and made those judgements herself.(Have I mentioned I LOVE doulas?)

I laboured for over 8 hours with virtually no dilation to show for it and still ended up giving birth to my daughter in the water in my home just a few short hours after that.  Without Renee I would have surely given up on home birth due to exhaustion and discouragement.

Renee was the first face my sweet baby saw and as the midwives were taking care of us she cut the cord (my man is a little squeamish ;)

Next time I'm knocked up, I'm calling Renee.  She is the best.

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