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Dawn Oliver CDI(TDA)

Compassionate Care Doula Services, Llc

Beaufort, SC Service range 65 miles Willing to travel


Birth Fee

$1000 to $2100

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Black Doula Indigenous/Aboriginal Doula

Availability Remarks: Long term overnights are my specialty. Helping get your baby on a great sleep schedule, so you can rest. Affirm accepted.

Birth Fee

$1000 to $2100

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 89 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 98 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2014
  • Traditional Childbirth Arts, August 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Placenta Encapsulation Services offered without Birth Services

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Placenta Encapsulation Services offered without Birth Services

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Placenta Encapsulation Services offered even without Birth Services I also offer Birth Pool Rental Services, and BengKung Belly Wrapping

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Henna belly designs
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Special Services
  • Special Services
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Voted Doula of the year 2016, By Long Island Doula Association. Started a Baby Wear and Share program to help with community awareness while providing clothing for infants. Birth Talks/Circles, Supporting moms by listening, discussing and sharing birth stories. Vbac support group.

Fee Details

Each fee depends the packages selected according to clients needs. I offer 4 different birth packages and now 4 postpartum packages..A Budget for every family. Evidence Based Birth Child Birth Education Classes Breastfeeing classes, 4thTrimester classes, older Baby classes for parent grandparents and care givers, Placenta Encapsulation Services,and I have a Birth Pool Rental Service (affordable) I have added Virtual Services. Ask about postpartum belly binding ceremony Packages offered. Add on Specials will be discounted as well. All services are provided with respect and confidentiality. Upscale families accepted,everyones privacy is protected. Servicing all communities. Military add't 10% discount **Ask about easy payment plans!!

Service Area

Beaufort, SC Service range 65 miles Willing to travel

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Client Testimonials for Dawn Oliver CDI(TDA)

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Kenly Uphaus


We were very lucky to have hired Dawn Oliver for postpartum night support for our baby boy. While it's nerve wracking to hand your newborn over to someone for overnight care, Dawn quickly became an irreplaceable part of our postpartum experience. She brought so much warmth into our home, provided expertise for both me and our baby, and went above and beyond on many evenings to even prepare amazing meals for us to enjoy the next day. I truly don't know how she did it all! I can't recommend her highly enough - she cares deeply about her work and is incredible at what she does. 

Shayne Hollander


We hired Dawn to start as our night nurse the day we got home from the hospital until our daughter reached 12 weeks of age.

As first-time parents, her nurturing presence and extensive knowledge transformed what could have been a stressful and overwhelming time into a period of growth, learning, and precious moments with our newborn. She was also instrumental in helping us sleep-train our daughter from the start. Now at 4 months, she is sleeping 12 hours through the night!

Dawn is not just a Doula or a night nurse; she's a baby whisperer who becomes an indispensable part of your family.
We'll be booking her the second I find out I'm pregnant with our second child!

Makesha Williams


My husband and I couldn't say enough great things about Ms.Dawn. She was super knowledgeable and helped us with so many of our concerns. She was a great relief and comfort during my whole pregnancy, during and after birth. We are forever grateful she came into our lives. She is an excellent resource if anyone is considering a doula! 

Alex Ohnstad


Dawn was so helpful during my first pregnancy and birth! My husband and I learned so much during our weekly meetings and as a first time mom she was huge help during birth. She not only taught us about birth, but also how to advocate for ourselves at the hospital. Once I was in labor Dawns coaching and use of different positioning is what got me through to the end. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through pregnancy.

Jasmine Hart


We are truly forever grateful for the care we received during delivery and post-birth from Dawn. She made transitioning into a 2nd time mom easier and less stressful. We could not have asked for better support. 

Alitzel Puerto


Going into my first pregnancy I immediately knew I wanted to hire a doula. I had seen on Instagram how supportive they can be throughout labor/birth. Given this was my first baby I wanted someone besides my partner to be there for me during the process. My search began and I came across Dawn. Our first chat was over Zoom and I remember thinking "wow she's great, I want her!" afterwards. We didn't even have to interview any other doula because we knew she was the one.  Her prenatal classes were a BIG help when it came to deciding what I wished my birth experience to be like. There were so many things I learned and I felt so educated and informed. Any worry or concern, she was there to offer consoling. She was a great person to have through it all: prenatally, during labor/birth and even post partum help. I am truly grateful. 



Dawn helped with overnight care for our newborn twins for four months. She was a lifesaver during the most stressful time in our life.  We always felt 100% at ease with her in the house, and the nights she was here we would be able to get some sleep while she cared for the babies. We are first time parents, so we loved that Dawn was available to offer suggestions on things we could do to help the babies. She would help clean the baby bottles, empty the diaper pail, and keep their nursery tidy so that we could focus on the babies when we woke up in the morning. When the babies got a bit older, she was flexible by offering to watch them for a few hours during the day occassionally so that my husband and I could go on a lunch time date. We loved having her as part of our family and knew our babies loved her. 

Alyssa Kendrick


Dawn was such an irreplaceable part of my birthing experience. I came to her with a goal of an unmedicated, intervention free birth of my second baby.  She was there for me for all my questions, concerns, anxieties. She supported me through my roller coaster of emotions. We developed a relationship of trust. Never once did she make me feel like I was a burden or inconvenience to her. When my son decided to come, without hesitation, she started supporting me physically and emotionally. She rubbed my back, squeezed my hips, pulled me back to earth when I started to let a contraction get away from me. I remember her telling me “get back on top of it, you can do this!” She held me as my son made his way earthside. She shared in the most special moment of seeing his face for the first time, hearing him take his first breath, watching me come to the realization that I DID IT!! My birth was a dream. I felt so empowered, so strong, so loved and supported. I could not be happier with my experience. She’s been a listening ear and unlimited encouragement. Dawn’s heart was made for this. She has a true gift. Hiring her as my doula was the best decision I could have made for my birth.



I am so incredibly grateful to have found Dawn for the birth of my baby girl in November '22 and cannot recommend her enough. A couple of weeks after finding out that I was pregnant, I came across an Instagram post of a woman who had a home birth, supported by a midwife and a doula. She spoke about how empowering her experience was and credited both of these women for that. I had heard of doulas before, but I didn't quite know what all they did. I had long decided that I did not want to give birth in a hospital as it's not the atmosphere I saw myself thriving in for the marathon that is childbirth. Now I knew that I wanted to look into having a doula as well. I stumbled upon Dawn of Compassionate Care Doula Services and, after reading all of the information on her website, I reached out to her. After just the first phone call I truly felt so much more at ease. About everything. She even helped me find the birth center that I ultimately delivered at. As for her care, she deserves the world. I'm a rather anxious person and I worry excessively (much to a fault), but throughout my pregnancy and after our baby girl was born, Dawn always made herself available. During labor she was constantly there, somehow aware of every moment that I desperately needed words of encouragement or just gentle guidance. Dawn, you are such a kind, genuine, strong yet gentle soul. You were meant to bless women's lives as a doula and you absolutely blessed mine. I wish I could clearly put into words just how much your support meant to me through such an important time in my life so far from my "village." The postpartum care you gave meant everything to me, especially during those early, incredibly difficult days of breastfeeding. Thank you, thank you for being a part of our Sophia's story and playing such a vital role in my journey of becoming a mommy. <3

Amanda B


We absolutely enjoyed our experience with Dawn! She was extremely helpful in navigating the newborn life and routine. She helped us better understand our daughter's cues and create a schedule that worked for us. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone who is thinking about hiring a doula!



Dawn is so lovely! For my first time giving birth she was calm, comforting, and supportive. We were very happy with our first doula experience.



Giving birth to our sweet baby girl in April was one of the best experiences of my life!

It was definitely challenging and labor is no joke.

Having Dawn as my doula was an incredible blessing!

She coached, supported and guided me before birth, during labor and provided much needed education for postpartum. I successfully gave birth naturally at Charleston Birth Place and ended in the tub for a water birth. Dawn’s support during labor was incredibly empowering. I used the tens unit which did help minimize pain during contractions. She offered mental, emotional and physical support during the hardest parts of labor. She helped my husband in providing physical support also coaching him in different positions and techniques to assist.

Natural labor was the hardest thing I have ever done, but nothing compared to meeting our sweet baby girl. It was all worth it!

I did tear and need some stitches. My postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and healing has been wonderful overall. I appreciated Dawn’s placenta encapsulation services. I believe that the healthy things I practiced and advice followed from her and the midwives helped so much. Our baby is very healthy, happy and well adjusted. We have bonded so well even with the stresses of having multiple older children. I believe a lot of my good health and baby’s good health is because of the care from the midwives at Birth Center and the care from Dawn as my doula, as well as, accepting help from family and friends postpartum per their advice.I would highly recommend Dawn as a midwife for her knowledge, experience, care, support and professionalism. She was so kind and really is with you during the most important time in your life.

Thank you again for all your help and support! I feel like everyone needs a doula no matter how you choose to give birth.

Alexandra Evans


I knew that having a doula would help me, but I never could have imagined how important Dawn would become to my pregnancy journey and birth story. Dawn was the first of four doulas that I interviewed, and I knew immediately that she was the doula for me. Our first meeting was the perfect mix of an interview and a conversation. Her knowledge impressed me from the get go. As my pregnancy progressed, Dawn was there every step of the way and answered every question and quelled every anxiety a first-time expecting mother could possibly have. When I went into labor, Dawn was immediately a calming presence as I promptly forgot everything I learned in birth class under the overwhelming sensations I was having and the reality that I was going to meet my son very soon. Dawn was a tremendous support to both me and my husband especially as my beautiful labor turned into an emergency C-section as my son had other ideas about how he'd like to come into the world. Those moments realizing that my birth story was turning from everything I wanted to everything I didn't want were traumatic, heartbreaking, and overwhelming. Dawn guided both my husband and me through it with grace and strength, and we are forever grateful to her for keeping us both going in the face of that disappointment. And her support didn't end as they wheeled me to the OR. She continued to be a stalwart figure after our son was born and helped us to process our disappointment at hopes unrealized and to reassure me that I had done everything I could. We cannot recommend Dawn highly enough, and we're so grateful that she's a part of our family story!



There are no words to properly express how fantastic Dawn was to work with. Dawn gave me postpartum support for three months after my first child was born. Dawn is incredibly knowledgable, smart and professional. Dawn became an intregal part of our family. Not only was her help invaluable with teaching my husband and I all about our new baby, but her help around the house was amazing. Hiring Dawn was the best decision we made! 



I cannot say enough good things about our opportunity to work with Dawn. We worked with her to prepare for labor and delivery and for five nights of overnight care when we came home from the hospital. We were navigating a move from California to South Carolina for a lot of our pregnancy and she was an absolute saint about helping us to prepare, being flexible with scheduling and making sure we were ready. We felt so much more confident knowing she was going to be with us. As someone who struggled to maintain a pregnancy and was considered a "geriatric pregnancy," having someone so knowledgeable on our side made all the difference in calming our nerves. When my due date came and went, Dawn was supportive and helped us talk through all our options. When I labored for 24 hours (with her CHAMPION support) and only got to 7 centimeters, Dawn was there to listen and guide us. We wound up having an emergency C-section and Dawn was comforting and a pillar of strength when we were incredibly worried. Two days after our son was born, I was finally released from the hospital. I was home for less than 24 hours when I had a series of eclampsia seizures that the doctors had not warned us were a possibility because I had such a healthy pregnancy. I was rushed back to the hospital and was able to have my husband by my side because Dawn and my in-laws were home caring for our newborn son. We had no idea when we contracted with her how crazy this journey would be but she never wavered and made all of it manageable. We still text Dawn updates about our son, as we all consider her part of our extended family. Again, if you have any opportunity to work with her, we cannot recommend it highly enough.



We were so blessed to have Dawn on our journey to becoming parents for the first time. The information provided through the classes she gave us were so important in our decision making on the day of our baby's birth, as everything we had planned changed in a moment and we needed to think quickly. Without her guidance and care i don't know if we would have felt comfortable speaking with doctors and making choices as they came. We recommend Dawn to anyone looking for incredible and loving care during their pregnancy and birth. 

Celina Adams


As 1x parents who moved to SC earlier this year from VA & so far away from family and friends, Dawn was a God send. As a WOC it was imperative to me that I had someone present who looked like me, who I could trust to truly care for me. Dawn was absolutely that person.

From the time my contractions started, to my water breaking, issues with my cervix and then finally welcoming baby girl earth side, she was there every step of the way. Dawn has a mothering calming nurturing presence that is priceless and paired with an amazing "bag of tricks" that reflects her expertise.  The midwives at the birth center were even impressed! My husband even had to leave to close on our home and I was 100% comfortable with that because I had Dawn by my side. 


she helped get me through and we will absolutely call Dawn when it's time for baby #2. I wish all women could have a Doula like Dawn. 



Dawn was a lifesaver and will use again in the future. As new parents with no family within 1,000 miles, Dawn helped us out on our first couple of nights home and taught us things that we needed to know to care for our new little man. We felt completely comfortable having Dawn around the baby and learned so much from her. I would recommend Dawn to any new parent looking for some support!

Tiffany O


Dawn is fantastic and I was so happy to have her part of my birth and postpartum experience.  I had Dawn as both a labor and postpartum doula (for 3 months after the birth of my daughter).  In March I had an emergency c-section.  Dawn was there to comfort me through the process and checked in on my daughter who had to be taken to the NICU.  Once my daughter was home, Dawn helped me out at the house several days a week with the baby and other household things (such as bottle washing, laundry, etc.).  Dawn has such a calming presence and is willing to help out wherever necessary.  She is great with infants, and I completely trusted her with my daughter.  Dawn made the transition from one to two kids as a single mother managable.  I really appriciated her willingess to work with me and my family during COVID and these strange times, and she went above and beyond.  I couldn't have done it without her, and I would HIGHLY recomend her.  I have had other doula experiences, which were very good.  However, Dawn is exceptional. She advocates for her clients and truely loves what she is doing.  Thank you.   

Ashley Walker


Dawn was phenomenal before, during, and after my homebirth! My labor lasted 3 days and she was a gem!! I wouldn’t have made it without her. She is a pro with a bag of tricks to make labor and delivery possible. She even encapsulated my placenta and that has given me a ton of energy!

Dominique Wareham


Hiring Dawn Oliver as our doula was the best decision we made for our pregnancy. We decided to hire a doula because of my anxiety when it came to labor and delivery. Upon meeting Dawn, we felt an instant warmth and connection and we knew she was the right one for us! We started working with Dawn pre-Covid, and were planning on having her with us in the room for delivery. Of course, Covid came along and changed everything! I panicked, but Dawn did not! She instantly presented me with other options to make me feel comfortable. We decided to labor as long as we could at home with Dawn and then have access via facetime while in the hospital. We also had a labor rehearsal where Dawn went over techniques for my husband to remember since she would not be able to be in the room. We didn't end up having time at home (because we made the decision to head directly to the hospital based on how far apart my contractions were), but we did have her on facetime at the hospital and it made all the difference in the world. 

Dawn was available to me EVERY single time i needed her and for every question i had throughout my pregnancy and even now 1.5 months postpartum. Covid may have thrown a wrench in the plans, but having doula, having Dawn, was still one of the most important decisions we made. 



Every mother hopes for a positive birthing experience, but sadly, few women I know have had one. As a first time (and single) mother, I was looking for someone who would keep me calm throughout the process and help me advocate for myself in the hospital. Dawn truly exceeded all of my expectations as a doula.  She exuded calm and empathy in every interaction I had with her, helped me advocate for myself, but also made sure not to intervene in a way that would upset or alienate the nurses or doctors. Although my birthing experience was not the entirely natural one I had hoped for (I had high blood pressure and had to be induced a few days before my due date), Dawn gave me the guidance I needed to make educated choices during labor. As a result, I was able to achieve my four main goals: making informed decisions about how I was induced, delaying having an epidural so that I could remain mobile during the active stage of labor, having a vaginal delivery, and breastfeeding immediately after giving birth. I am certain that I would have ended up having a C-section had it not been for Dawn's help with my delivery. As others have mentioned, she has a number of effective pain management techniques that helped me through the worst stages of labor, and her suggestion for placing me in an upright seated position (post-epidural) for the final stage helped my son drop into the right position, so that it only took a few rounds of concentrated pushing to get him out. Several of the delivery nurses at MUSC also commented that it was the most positive birthing experience they had ever had with a doula participating. I would recommend Dawn to any expectant mother I know (whether it is their first birth or not), and would definitely use her again if I am lucky enough to have another child of my own. 



We first 'met' Dawn for a quick call to discuss our pregnancy and from the minute we started talking I felt more empowered and at ease.  Dawn is knowledgeable, experienced and open-minded towards YOUR wishes for delivery.  I think this comes from her own experience as a mom, dedication to this field (EBB) and expertise from time spent with couples at any stage of their journey to parenthood.  As we approached delivery, Dawn suggested many techniques to ready my body/mind to induce labor.  When natural induction didn't occur, Dawn sent EBB materials and offered us guidance as we contemplated induction.  We ended up being induced on a Wednesday and had our baby boy (a surprise) that Friday afternoon.  Dawn helped us to manage the ever-changing landscape knowing we were on track no matter how the baby entered the world.  Dawn provided ideas on how to best position ourselves during initial labor and then towards the end helped us to make a pros/cons list if we ended up electing for a c-section.  Ultimately our delivery ended via cesearean, however I felt completely at ease with this path as we tried to labor naturally for days.  The baby's heart had begun to drop as labor progressed so together (Dawn, my husband and myself) decided a c-section was how we would meet our baby.  Dawn went into the OR with us and was amazing at keeping both my husband and myself focused.  As soon as the baby was born Dawn was by my side as everyone else was doting on our baby which was very comforting as I was in shock post-op.  Dawn captured the first few photos of life which is something we will treasure always.  Dawn stayed by our side through the surgery and until the first latch.  Dawn offered postpartum care which allowed us to process our birth story on our terms.  Dawn was a wonderful resource and confidant and we were honored to have her share in our exciting labor journey together.



Thank you again for everything. We can't imagine having gone through this without having you by our side/in our corner throughout it. My sister is expecting in June in NYC, and the first thing we said to her on our first phone call was that she needs to hire a doula. We're now spokespeople for your profession for life. Mum is busy with the baby, but I wanted to write a few things that I found particularly helpful - of course the obvious things, like massaging, tens unit support, etc. were helpful, but I also really appreciated how you helped talk through things with mum - for example when she was debating going off petocin and you very calmly explained that from your point of view, things were progressing, it seemed to be helping, etc. Hearing it from the nurses/doctor were one thing, but it was helpful hearing it from someone who knew our birth preferences, and having a more qualified, thought through opinion than what we ourselves were able to construct in the moment. Also during the final stages I thought you were wonderful at being a little firm, whilst also being incredibly thoughtful and encouraging. I also appreciated that you were available whenever we needed, but gave us our space in the early stages so that we were able to have some alone time before everything changed - having someone aware of personal space (in a situation where there typically isn't much) was very helpful. 

Coming from over seas as we did, we appreciate that you were able to make the time to navigate time differences and technology to Skype with us, and for the support that we received prior to the labour process as well. 

Thank you again for everything, or as we say in Swahili asante sana, tunashukuru.

Anasha Smalls


Dawn is absolutely AMAZING! She is very professional and comforting throughout the entire process from pregnancy to labor and delivery to when baby goes home. She’s always available and more than willing to assist a new Mom with her questions and she gives loving advice. She also ensures that Mommy and Daddy are well educated on want to expect during labor and delivery........ (Thank God- We had NO CLUE!) I will be definitely using her services again for our second baby!!!!!!

Kelsey Blyudzhyus


I chose Dawn Oliver to be my doula for my third natural labor and delivery. I was so impressed with Dawn's professionalism yet her ability to personally connect with me. Her years of experience as a doula shined through as she helped me through each contraction and provided me with evidence based information regarding important decisions for labor and delivery. I felt at ease with her and enjoyed her company during the beginning of my labor and as my contractions intensified, she helped calm me and keep me focused on meeting my sweet baby. I am ever so grateful for her and I know my birth experience would've been very different without her. She was a great support to me and I would choose her again if I ever have another baby!

Stephanie Gosselin


My experience with Dawn as my doula was so amazing, I have had a hard time putting into words (as my son is turning 1 in 2 more weeks!)

From the first time my husband and I met with Dawn for our first consultation all the way through post-partum and helping with breastfeeding, she was amazing and a blessing. I truly feel like I could not have done it without her. Dawn takes the time to get to know you and what you do and do not want as far a labor and delivery “plan”. She was my advocate, my rock and a sense of calm I don’t think my husband could have maintained.

I wanted to have a water birth, however the hospital I delivered in doesn’t allow water births so we modified! We set up the pool in my living room at home for me to labor in before heading to the hospital and I am so grateful I did because I didn’t progress very quickly. With her guidance and different pain management techniques I was able to do most of my laboring at home. I went into the hospital about 1230-1am and had my son at 5:42am.

Once we were at the hospital, Dawn knew that my goal was to not receive any pain medicine. She helped me with different positions to manage the pain naturally and to encourage my baby to drop into the birth canal. Dawn was my rock with helping me to breathe to stay calm between contractions and during contractions (before pushing). Dawn maintained a level of cool and calm you’d think no one could during this whole process which I believe genuinely helped me stay as calm as possible as well.

I will say that I will NEVER have a baby without Dawn by my side! Weather you have a natural plan, medicated plan or end up having a c-section, the amount of support Dawn gives you cannot be matched. I recommend Dawn to every single woman I know in the Low-country!

Suzanne C


I fell in love with Dawn’s grounded, wise, stable, warm, heart-centered, humorous, and calm Presence from the very start! 

Dawn brings people together! She allowed me to re-unite with my husband and my mom during her birth classes when she held space for my husband’s desire to be less involved and educated my mom about home birthing. 

When I was still pregnant at 42 weeks, Dawn helped me grow an uplifted, Powerful vision of birthing in the hospital. I felt empowered and at ease knowing Dawn would be with me, and hours after checking into the hospital, my  “angel doula” arrived. I’d hired a midwife and another doula in anticipation of a home birth, but the only person I wanted with me was Dawn.

I achieved an unmedicated birth, and I know this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of Dawn (“you CAN do this!”). As labor intensified, she walked the halls with me, made me a bath, and gave me a tens unit. She coached me out of a moment of weakness when I said “I can’t do this.” She even disarmed my mom when my mom became hostile! Dawn ensured that what was most important to me (delayed cord cutting and newborn procedures), came true. When complications arose, Dawn sprang to action with popsicles, cold washcloths, and baggies for my nausea. Her efforts kept me conscious and helped me avoid a blood transfusion. She rallied behind me the entire time! 

 The Memories I have with Dawn will provide me with a Source of Joy for the rest of my Life! 

Dawn was and is a God-send, and I praise the Creator for the life of Dawn Oliver! Needless to say, I highly recommend Dawn. She’s unlike any other in her calm and courage, level of experience, and strength of Heart.

Jessica Z


Dawn is the best! As a second time mom who previously suffered postpartum depression, I knew I needed more support this time around. Dawn helped me through an unmedicated birth (amazing!) and 8 weeks of postpartum care. She was a rock for our family as we adjusted, giving me much needed rest and piece of mind. It takes a special person to blend into your family life at such a vulnerable and chaotic time. Dawn does it seamlessly.

Dawn responds quickly to any communication and has tremendous knowledge. Even though she was located a longer distance from Mount Pleasant, we felt like she lived nearby as she was very reliable. 

We are forever grateful for Dawn for helping us welcome our second baby!



Dawn is an absolutely wonderful Doula. She has a warm and calming demeanor and a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum issues, and newborn care. Having such a supportive and caring person support us in our home after our son was born made the transition into parenthood much easier. 

Jai Barber Dowell


Dawn did an excellent job as our doula and, as first time parents, her advice and expertise were invaluable. Though we hired her a little late in the game, she quickly got us up to speed on labor prep, relaxation techniques, and what to expect on the big day. Dawn helped us throughout the process and when we were worn and tired, she kept us focused. We also purchased the placenta encapsulation package and visited with her postpartum which was a plus for us after. We highly recommend Dawn’s Compassionate Care Services!

Teresa Jacobs


Dawn was an amazing, calming part of our gestational carrier journey! At times I was frustrated with my body and she would send so much info and lend so much support that the frustrations fell away. She also makes the best damn nipple cream I’ve ever used! Makes pumping a breeze! If my husband and I decide to add to our little family, hopefully Dawn will be apart of that ride!

Brianna B


Dawn is awesome! Preparing for birth, early labor, delivery, post partum care, and everything in between, Dawn is the person you'd want by your side.

Her calm voice kept me grounded. Her questions weren't leading questions that manage to judge you, they were informative and built you up.

She respected and supported my instincts as a mother doing what I thought was best for me and my child. And, she involved my husband as much as possible everything we did. Much of her assistance was through my husband, coaching him to help me.

We wanted a doula in case my husband deployed, or was otherwise unavailable due to military obligations. Dawn really set my mind at rest, even with the unknowns of military timing. That means a lot coming from a first time mom half a continent away from family and good friends!

We learned much from her class series, felt comfortable with her during early labor at home, smoothly transitioned to the hospital, she was a source of encouragement as my husband assisted me when I couldn't always verbalize what I needed, she took pictures of our first meeting, quietly left us to bond when she was no longer needed, and to wrap the whole experience up, she left our little family with a full freezer of frozen meals and empty hampers of laundry a month after baby was born.

Dawn's experience really shown through. She has a whole toolbox full of tricks, insights, and comfort. I highly encourage at least interviewing her for being a doula of your birth experience to see for yourself!

Cat Russo


As a first-time mom I felt some anxiety about the labor and delivery process. I was also looking for postpartum care and support. We interviewed Dawn and hired her immediately; Dawn is professional, organized, knowledgeable, gentle, and kind.
Dawn attended my 38 week OB appointment. Turns out that my doctor decided to induce me that afternoon. Neither of us were prepared but Dawn stayed through the delivery of our son early the following morning and we were so thankful for her assistance throughout the process.
Dawn broke-down the everything for us, answered questions, and notified us of what we should expect. While I was in labor, she gently coached my husband in helping me with labor pain relieving methods -- overall we truly felt like she was part of our team. And most importantly, she never pressured her views or opinions upon us and was always supportive of our decisions.
Dawn visited our home shortly after our return from the hospital and provided wonderful care both during the day (she answered questions, did small chores around the house, helped me get organized with baby 'stuff') and overnight such that I could catch up on some sleep.
I highly recommend working with Dawn -- we will hire her again (if) we decide to have another baby.

Rebekah Welch


As a first time mom, and as a single mom, I knew I would need postpartum help. I searched for over a month for a local doula and Dawn was the only one who responded to any of my messages or phonecalls! In fact she answered her phone on my first try and took the time to answer all of my questions about her services and charges. We planned a consultation meeting and she was right on time and very organized and professional. I immediately wanted her as my postpartum doula! She is worth every penny and goes above and beyond! She did things I didn't realize I needed, like organize and make me a cup of tea. It's amazing how much of a difference it can make when you're a new mom with no help who is doing everything for your baby at all times to have someone do something for you even for a short amount of time is so relieving. I think every new mommy needs a postpartum doula even if they don't use them for the birth. Even though I didn't use Dawn as my birth doula (I thankfully had my mom there as my coach), she would have been an amazing birth coach!! Her calm demeanor and soothing voice would be great for any mom in labor! She also has many local resources like lactation consultants who she can contact on the spot and ask them questions. If you're looking for a great person and a great doula for your labor or postpartum care, definitely choose Dawn! 

Corinne Bodt


Being a first time Mom and choosing to have a homebirth (no drugs), I knew I needed to find an experienced Doula who could support my husband and I in our desision to have a natural private birth and who could of course support me during labor.  We were truly blessed to have met Dawn Oliver early on in my pregnancy.  At first meeting over the phone I felt very comfortable with Dawn.  I loved how organized an professional she was and how her pricing was clear, upfront, and in writing.  She was always on time to our meetings and had loads of information to share with us.  All of this made my husband and I feel prepared for labor.  My labor started late at night and Dawn got here shortly after my husband called her and told her I needed help.  I was on the bathroom floor when she arrived trying to cope with what seemed like never ending contractions.  They were already very close together and because of the pressure I did not feel I was getting any breaks in between them.  Dawn took control immediately and helped me into the bathtub and coached me to regain control of my breathing and right away I started getting the breaks I needed to maintain my confidence and strength. Dawn stayed with me coaching me calmly the entire time and it was her poor hands I was squeezing when I delivered my son. I had other support people there at my birth but I have to say Dawn was all I needed at that time when it got tough.  I really cannot thank her enough.  I had the birth I wanted and I am not sure I could have done it the way I wanted to without her there to help me through it.

Jazmine Gonzalez


My experience with Dawn was wonderful. She is very encouraging, knowledgeable and dependable. Dawn’s personality is very impressionable and you immediately feel the warmth and trust of her experience to guide through your birthing process. I would recommend her to anyone and wish her the best. Thanks Dawn.

Georgina Silva


This review is from my husband Michael. Michael was with us for all of our meetings, during labor and delivery, as well as postpartum.


“If you’re reading this review, chances are really good it’s because you’re trying to vet Dawn. Trust us when we tell you – you don’t need to look any further. Dawn breathes life into the name of her company, Compassionate Care Doula. I could go on and on with adjectives here like patient, kind, attentive, compassionate (of course), fair, etc, but the reality is that Dawn just “gets it” – completely. She –really- understands what a mother-to-be needs during this sensitive time in all capacities; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. I could literally sit here and write another seven paragraphs about how awesome Dawn is at this job, but I know you won’t read a very long review, so I’m keeping it succinct. Save yourself the time and hire Dawn. You, your wife and your future child will thank you for it for the rest of your lives.”



Georgina Silva


I had the pleasure of working with Dawn in December 2016, she helped me achieve a drug free VBAC. I am proud to say I had that experience! When I first spoke to Dawn I was very intimidated by birth and I wasn’t educated on the topic. Dawn's birth education classes helped me feel confident, informed and excited to birth my baby. She was always available by phone and reassured me on anything that I had questions on. During my labor, Dawn was right there with me. She had compassion and treated me very well. Dawn is a true professional. Her postpartum doula care was wonderful too. She immediately recognized some areas that the baby needed help with and assisted quickly.  Anyone who has Dawn as their doula is very fortunate; I had such a beautiful experience with her. I give my highest recommendation to Dawn.

Jennifer McAdams


From the moment Dawn came into my home for our initial consultation, I knew she would be my doula. She is warm, supportive and truly listens to your needs and concerns. I felt like I’ve known her for years and it was easy to open up to her and discuss my plans for the birth of my first child. She provides so many services which was perfect for me because I didn’t have to search and shop around for other service providers for my placenta encapsulation and tincture. I truly believe I was able to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth with the support of Dawn. Not only was she a source of strength for me but also for my husband. As first time parents, she made my husband feel supported as well and brought a sense of calm while I labored at home before heading to the hospital. She is on call for you and always got back to me quickly, even for my most ridiculous questions! I highly recommend Dawn if you are looking for a fantastic doula who will support you through your birth journey. I hope to have Dawn again for my next child!

Christina Bramante


Dawn was recently my doula for my third baby and she was absolutely incredible. It was my first time hiring a doula and now I wish I had hired one for my two previous births! She provided the perfect support and encouragement that I needed for my natural home birth. She's truly talented and definitely made for this career. Her voice is calming and her hip squeezes were perfect. Her oils and massages felt amazing and all of her techniques definitely took the edge off of my labor. Dawn was really incredibly and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat! I can't recommend Dawn enough and I wish I could tell the world just how wonderful of a doula she is!!! -Christina B. 

Alexandria Hiam


Dawn was an amazing Doula. We were preparing to have our first child and we were looking for someone who was going to be kind, calming, super supportive and intuitive of our needs, especially since we did not even know what these would be. Dawn fit all of this criteria and more. We knew we wanted to work with her as soon as we met her. She was friendly, knowledgeable and very personable at our consultation. She made herself available through texts and phone calls and checked in on me often. She was wonderful. During labor she helped with each and every contraction. Since I was having back labor, Dawn used massage techniques to ease the pain and discomfort in my lower back and sacrum. Without this support I'm not sure I would have lasted the nearly 24 hours of labor that I had without an epidural. I also believe her calming presence during labor was so vital for keeping my husband and I calm throughout the whole thing. After the baby was born, Dawn checked in on me to make sure I was doing ok and to see if I had questions, etc. We also had the pleasure of having Dawn come to the house for a 4 hour post partum visit. When we were picking our package we weren't sure that we would need this since my husband is home during the day. Well, I'm so glad we got the package with the post partum visit. Not only did Dawn ask how she could help, she also took it upon herself to find things to do that would be helpful to us. By her coming over, it also gave my husband a chance to get out of the house for a bit and run some errands. Since our last visit Dawn has continued to make herself available through text and email. We are so glad we chose Dawn as our doula and will absolutely want her again when we are ready to have our second child.

Heather Snyder


Dawn was such a vital part of my birth team. Her encouragement, knowledge, and calm presence helped me in many difficult moments during my labor. She is warm, compassionate, intelligent and has a ton of experience with birth. I highly recommend her for anyone wanitng support during birth.

Gina Morin


We were so lucky to have Dawn recommended to us for her doula services. As soon as I met Dawn I could tell she is a true  nurturer. She was made to be a support for laboring women. Dawn was our doula at our Home Birth. She was so sweet and knew exactly how to help me. Her grounded nature made me feel so safe and secure. Her touch was perfect and she was so amazing at knowing what to do and say. Besides being amazing the day of the birth she was so organized, professional, and supportive in the months leading to my birth. She went out of her way to make sure I would have all the tools and comforts available to me the day of the birth. We had the privilege of being with Dawn on her birthday as that is the day our baby decided to be born! Dawn was so amazing about "working" on her birthday. That's because she doesn't view being a doula as work. It's just in her nature to be a support for women.  It's very apparent Dawn is so passionate about her job as a doula. She made our special birthing day/Homebirth so incredibly pleasant, peaceful, and safe. We love Dawn! 

Kristie Lynn


My experience with Dawn was a great one. My husband and I learned so much from her through the birth education course. She was helpful in providing support before birthing my twins at the hospital and really helped me to relax. She was always there to answer all of our questions and was super accommodating. My favorite part about the package I purchased was the postpartum care. It helped me so much to have her there to help after giving birth, especially with two babies. Her prices were also within our budget and we couldn't have been happier. I would recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, dependable, caring person. She's your match!

Meghan Dagger


After my son was born, I knew that if I had any more children, I would like to have a more natural childbirth experience while still giving birth in a hospital. I contacted Dawn a few weeks before my January due date.  She was able to accommodate my husband and me, much to my relief! Dawn came over to discuss my ideas about the birth and to get to know us.  We immediately felt very comfortable with her and knew we'd be in very caring and capable hands.  I ended up having to be induced, but I was determined to avoid an epidural. Dawn was with us every step of the way on the day my daughter was born. With her support, I was able to make it through my daughter's birth without an epidural.  In the days after the birth, I felt much better than I had after the birth of my son. I believe that that and the ease with which my daughter and I took to breastfeeding is due to my avoiding the epidural. And I don't think I could have made it through without Dawn.  If you are looking for someone to support and guide you through a more natural childbirth experience, don't hesitate to contact Dawn!

Lina Osorio


Hiring Dawn was one of the best things I could have done during the birth of my second child. I was planning to have a VBAC and wanted it to be as natural as possible. when dawn came to the hospital, my contractions were staring to get serious. She immediately got to work on my back with massages and essential oils which helped tremendously. After a couple of hours into labor, i found out I needed a c-section. I was very disappointed but having dawn there giving me moral support helped me accept the new plan and  understand that sometimes things happen because they need to happen for a greater good. So I ended up going into the OR without dawn but she couldnt been more helpful during this time, as she stayed with my older son in the waiting room so my husband could go in the OR with me. I recommend dawn to any woman who wants to feel supported and cared for in a very special way during this important time.  

Carri Raffone


I had never met Dawn until the day I went into labor.  My original doula was supporting another client and Dawn was her backup.  Reflecting on that joyous day, I would not have had it any other way.  When Dawn arrived at my home (I had a planned home birth) she completely changed the dynamic of my labor for the better.  Prior to her arrival I was doing the best I could as a first time mom to stay calm and relaxed with the help of just my husband.  Well despite our efforts my body went into fight or flight mode and I was fighting through each surge.  Once Dawn started supporting me through the surges, I was finally able to relax a bit.

Looking back I'm amazed at how easily she adapted to me and my family as well as with the midwives attending the birth.  Her calm demeanor and obvious expertise helped my labor progress quickly.  Every time I would stray from being calm, all I heard was her calm voice setting me back on track.  She was so helpful in keeping me physically comfortable too with masssage and warmth when needed.

I would highly suggest that anyone looking for calm and sturdy support during their labor to hire Dawn as their doula.  If and when I'm blessed with another child, I will be using her again but now by choice!

Chevonne Archampong


My experience with Dawn as my doula was amazing! I am a mom of three and I wanted a non-medicated birth this time around. Hiring a doula made a great difference in the birthing atmosphere. I would have not been able to get through the birthing experience without her.
After the initial interview I knew right away that Dawn was the doula I would hire. She was friendly, relatable, down to earth and I felt very comfortable with her. She always drove to my house which made it easier for me because I homeschool my kids. So I didn't have to lug my crew around!
The second meeting Dawn brought a gift bag with anti- nausea candy, sample lotions, soaps, lanolin cream and coupons. She explained the various pain relieving techniques she could use. Her kindness and thoughtfulness was also expressed when she bought Dunkin Donut munchkins for the kids!
The weeks before giving birth Dawn would send me several emails and text messages to check on my well being. She was always available and responded promptly to any questions that I had.
It was very early in the morning when Dawn received a phone call from me stating that it was time. She stayed on the phone with me through several contractions to determine how ready I was. She arrived at the hospital even before me! During the labor and delivery she was able to relieve a lot of pain with back massages. She encouraged me with her positive and calm spirit. With her attentiveness she knew when I was transitioning and when to call in the midwife. The midwives and nurses at the hospital loved her and would like to work with her more frequently. They asked me to include her name on their website. The labor went by so quickly that we didn't get the chance to use other pain relieving techniques. She made my birthing experience smooth and peaceful.
I would highly recommend Dawn Oliver for any doula services that you may consider.

Rebecca Ryan


Working with Dawn was amazing. As soon as I met her, I knew I wanted her as my doula. She was warm and friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Also, I decided I wanted a doula really late in my pregnancy and Dawn was incredibly accommodating and worked with me. While my birth plan did not go as expected and I ended up with a c-section, I was so glad Dawn was with me in the hospital. She was so positive and helpful, and it made me feel so better to have her at my side supporting me. I highly recommend her.

Marianne Ramirez


Dawn was my doula for my son's July birth. I met with several doulas and dawn had more tricks up her sleeve than the others. I knew immediately that she was "the one". The morning of my labor went better than I expected. Dawn knew what I wanted and that was to keep moving thru my contractions and not get an epidural. With her help using different positions I dilated quickly. When I wanted to give up and have the epidural she kept me going thru each subsequent contraction until I delivered. She kept me hydrated and used aromas and massage to help me manage the pain. Without dawn there I would have opted for drugs as soon as labor got intense and I would not have followed the birth plan I wanted. Thank you, dawn!

Evelyn Cabrera


My experience with mrs Dawn was great ! I recommend you girls to choose her she Makes you feel so relax while you in pain with contraction , she stayed with me the whole time with no sleep at all although I felt bad  she was like a mom to me at that point she made me laugh she distracted me she's nice,  caring, & helpful  she has help me  a lot ! Even though I don't remember half of the stuff be cause of the epidural but what she has told me what I said while I was sleeping made me laugh I'll never forget that day <3 

Keila Flores


When I chose to get a doula I had to pick from three. Dawn was the first one that contacted me. The day I met her I felt like she was a friend. Shes so caring nice and smart. After talking to her for just a few minutes I automatically knew I wanted her as my doula.She mad my 13 hour kabor amazing. I don't think I could jave done it without her. She helped me alot with my contractions. She made my labor plan go as I wanted it to go l. She was there with me from the start even though it was christmas eve . I think anyone who chooses Dawn as their doula wont be sorry. She just doesnt do it because its her job but because she loves helping us moms to be. Thank you for everything Dawn. Your amazing 

Mary LaRocco


Dawn is so kind, warm and caring! I felt at ease when I first met her and she really made me feel comfortable, I knew that she would be great to have by my side during my "planned" natural birth. Unfortunately, my pregnancy did not go as planned, and I was required to spend the last five weeks of my pregnancy in the hospital and have a scheduled C-section. Although Dawn was not able to coach me through birth, she was a wonderful support during a difficult time and I am so grateful for all that she did! 

brittany flanagan


The experience of labor was something that I knew I wanted to cherish instead of struggle with,  and when I met Dawn I was immediately confident in her ability to help me discover a less painful,  more natural way to bring new life into the world.  She was both consistently professional and consistently knowledgeable, and she was there to assist with any questions I had before,  during,  and after birth.  I have dawn to thank for helping me achieve my goal: I now have a different story than all the women who stick with the mainstream belief that birth is torturous!  All in all, my expectations were exceeded,  and I believe that all of dawns hard work, effort and positive energy will show throughout all her endeavors.  Needless to say, I would recommend her to anybody!  

Veronica Mazariegos


To all reading this, 

Working with Dawn was delightful! She was always there whenever I needed advice or whenever I had any questions! During my birthing experience she was there to not only help me but guide me in right way! I don't think my experience would've been the same with out her! Thank You Dawn! 

                                                                   Veronica Mazariegos 

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