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Shannon Bacus CD(DONA), APPAC

Shannon Bacus Birth Doula Services

Bloomington, IL Service range 45 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

8 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Will attend home births with midwives (CNM), recognized by the state of Illinois.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of Doulas Etc., a Central Illinois doula association whose mission is to provide an ongoing discussion on issues relating to pregnancy, birth and family life; offer information on local resources; and maintain a presence in our community in order to promote the well-being of moms, babies, and families.

Fee Details

Packages are available. Doula Care: $925 || Placenta Only: $250 || Postpartum Wellness: Gentle Belly Binding + Placenta Encapsulation $375 || Birth + Postpartum: Doula Care and Belly Binding $1025 || Holistic Care: Doula/Placenta Encapsulation/Belly Binding: $1250 ||

Bloomington, IL Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Shannon Bacus CD(DONA), APPAC

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Erica Kostoff


Shannon is trustworthy, personable, and professional. She helped keep us calm and focused on our goals during our birth experience. You can tell it’s more than just a job to her and she cares about the overall health and well-being of mom, baby, and dad. She frequently checks in on her patients before and after birth. We didn’t have a doula with our first birth and both my husband and I were happy we chose one (specifically Shannon) this time around. A doula is an advocate for you and Shannon was that for us and more.

Megan Horner



From the first email I exchanged with Shannon I knew that she was genuinely invested in helping women and families have the best birth experience possible. When we first met her we felt an instant connection and I knew she just had to be a part of our birth team! Our plan was originally to meet with her then leave and pray about it BUT booked her that night because we didn't want to miss out on having her with us! She was always accommodating to meeting us and even hosting our childbirth class in our home with another couple and doula. I would highly recommend her class- as someone who had spent a bunch of time researching I walked away with even more knowledge than I thought I would. Plus she showed us pain relieving ideas that we were able to use even before the birth!
We're so grateful for the time she invested in helping us write our birth plan, although I was convinced we wouldn't need it since we were having a home birth. When a week before our due date we had health concerns that resulted in us having to be induced and eventually having a csection, Shannon was a constant in it all. She was ready with calls or texts to encourage and process beforehand and was a sweet perfume of peace in our hospital room. She worked hard to help me stay calm, to help us deny unnecessary interventions, to guide my husband in ways he could help, and talk through all of the big decisions we had to make. She was ready to help establish latching and skin to skin as soon as we were back from surgery. She even helped us connect with a breastmilk donor momma to help fill in the gaps for our little man.

I can guarantee that our birth process would have been drastically different had Shannon not been a part of it. If we decide to have more kids I will most definitely want Shannon by our side again. Shannon will forever hold a special place in our hearts and we're forever grateful for her!

Tyler Ross


I am SO THANKFUL that my wife and I hired Shannon!!

Before meeting Shannon the first time, I didn't even know what a Doula's role was... Shannon explained her role so well and she was incredibly supportive to me personally as the dad. During our meetings, she helped me figure out how to care for my wife during the birth. I'm grateful for Shannon's encouragement and calming presence throughout our pregnancy and birth.

Our birth plan ended up changing a lot when our girl was STILL breach on week 39. Shannon came to the hospital with us during our scheduled C-section. When our daughter needed to go to the NICU a few minutes after being born (which out daughter recovered her breathing amazingly quickly and is thriving in life now!!!) I was nervous and scared to leave my wife to finish the surgery all by herself without me or our baby... this was so not the birth plan we had imagined... Shannon was there to be with Elizabeth during recovery for a few hours. Shannon thought of creative ways for my wife to connect with our child through Facebook Facetime when my wife was in recovery and our baby in the NICU!! this brought so much joy and encouragement to my wife to see our daughter and talk with me. I'm thankful for Shannon's ideas, comfort, and care. Even in a setting that was very different than we were planning, and isn't Shannon's normal setting of care, Shannon's work and care for our family was stellar!!

I highly recommend hiring Shannon!!

Elizabeth Ross


From our first meeting with Shannon we felt heard, supportive, and cared for. She was invaluable at helping us process our needs as a couple, evaluate our options to get our best birth outcome, and encourage us in the moments we doubted if we were making the right decisions. We had planned a natural birth at a birth center and ended up with a scheduled c-section, but despite all our changing needs, Shannon was right there to help us in every way possible. She helped me promote breastfeeding even when I didn't get immediate contact with my daughter after her birth. Her postpartum visit came at the perfect time when we were feeling overwhelmed and scared and she was encouraging and a great listener. Shannon excels at providing education, support, advocacy, and empathy in a non--judgmental and authentic way to her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting help to get their most positive, safe, and empowering birth experience!



Shannon is both an amazing doula and a caring and gentle spirit. Her coaching and support during my very long labor was helpful beyond words. I was skepical that I needed doula at first but in hindsight I assure that she was irreplacable during the beautiful birth of our daugther. We are so blessed to have worked with Shannon!

Lauren Evelsizer


Hiring Shannon as our doula transformed our labor and delivery experience. She was so helpful and informative throughout our time together! She provided us with resources to aid in making our birth plan and was respectful in our labor and delivery decisions. We had a very quick labor and she made it a priority to be there as soon as possible. She was very much a part of our support team and did an incredible job being our advocate and coach throughout the process. Her presence made all the difference and helped us achieve the birthing experience we hoped to have. I might add - my husband was skeptical at first. He didn't see the value of hiring a doula. But after meeting with Shannon, he agrees that her services were worth the investment. She taught him practical, hands on techniques which empowered and equipped him to be an awesome support during labor! We would hire her again and wish we had her by our side during our first two labor experiences. You will NOT regret hiring her!

Emily & Matt Ehrstein


Hiring Shannon as our doula was the best decision we made with this pregnancy!  After a long labor with our first child that ended with an epidural and forceps, I was on a mission to have an epidural free birth (and was hoping to make it much shorter as well).  I knew my husband needed someone there to help him help me get through birth without an epidural and I am so glad we added Shannon to our team to do exactly that.  Shannon helped us accomplish our goals with ease—an epidural free birth and a much shorter labor! 

She listened to our wants and needs so that she could provide the support that WE wanted during the birth experience.  The moment she joined us during labor she stepped in and provided EXACTLY what I needed to get me through—without me and my husband even knowing what that was!  She is amazing at observing the situation and jumping in without hesitation to provide the support and comfort needed!

This labor was a piece of cake compared to our first and we credit that completely to Shannon’s recommendations, support during labor, and encouragement throughout the whole process.  We will hire her again in a heartbeat if we have another kiddo!

Rob Carroll


Shannon's demeanor and bearing appealed to my wife and me from our very first meeting. She carries herself with such confidence that it's impossible not to feel buoyed up by it when in her presence. She was a delight to work with, so calm and friendly and knowledgeable and supportive. Her presence at the birth of our daughter is a major reason why the entire experience went very smoothly. I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a doula.

Catherine Carroll


Shannon is such an amazing doula! She is the perfect balance of knowledge, support and kindness. Having her in our support team for my first birth was an invaluable experience.

The prenatal appointments felt like meeting with an old friend. She is friendly and welcoming. I appreciated her organization and professionalism but she was also so approachable! I could tell she had done this many times before.

Once it was time for the birth, Shannon met us at The Birth Center and immediately went into my support role - physically, mentally and emotionally. She stayed calm and collected and helped me to do the same. I fully trusted her guidance in the process.  After a few hours my daughter was born. I am so thankful to Shannon, and the entire Birth Center staff, for what I consider an empowered and amazing first birth experience.

After Iris was born, Shannon has continued amazing support. Having her make a house call that first week really helped me as a new mom. Even after her scheduled doula services expired, Shannon continues to reach out and check in on me and Iris. I know she is just a phone call or text away if I ever have any questions or concerns. It’s great to have her as an outlet - as my doula and as another mom!

I would HIGHLY recommend Shannon’s doula services to any woman. I am beyond grateful our paths crossed and she was able to support me through my first pregnancy and birth.

Shelby Deeter


I would tell every expecting mom she needs a doula and if she is able, she needs to have Shannon as her doula. Shannon was so invaluable at the birth of our son and the time leading up to as well as proceeding his arrival. She helped educate us on options available to us and was so supportive of the decisions we made for our family regarding birth. I can't communicate enough what an encouraging support Shannon was. She was gentle and knowledgeable without being pushy or overbearing and didn't just support me as a mom, but supported my husband as well and made sure he was as hands on as possible in our birth. Don't be surprised if you come away wanting to be friends with Shannon, she has an infectious kindness that you just always want to be around and is so comforting whether you're experiencing the fears of prenatal, trenches of childbirth, or the emotions of postpartum.

Shannon also informed me of the benefits of placenta encapsulation and was able to do the process for me and I'm so glad she did! The capsules have proven enormously helpful in my postpartum recovery and I plan on doing it with every birth in the future.

In summary, Shannon is wonderful! She won't just help support you in the birth of your child, but also in the birth of yourself as a mother. I cannot recommend her enough.

Sophie Warner


Shannon has the warmest personality, a wealth of knowledge, and a sympathetic ear. No matter your preferences in birth she is there for YOU and your vision. She also is incredibly kind in her post partum care and checks in on you to see how you're doing. If I ever get pregnant again Shannon will be the first to know!

Ciarra Kent


Shannon was essentail to my labor and delivery experience. We wanted a natural birth at the birth center, but after three days of labor, I had to have a csection. After the transfer, the birth center staff could not stay at the hospital with us, but Shannon could. My labor was long, and although I had to have a surgical delivery, Shannon had prepared us for that possibility.

It was comforting to know we had talked through all the possibilities and Shannon was on our side. We had a great experience thanks to the Birth Center Staff and the OSF staff. Shannon made that experience seamless. Her care before and after my delivery, including a postpartum visit, made me feel that there was someone out there who I could talk to about my experience as she was with me the whole time.


Everyone should have a doula. Shannon is fantastic. I would highly recommend her and hope to use her for another future birth!

Trisha Bowlin


My husband and I both agree that having Shannon as our doula was the best choice we made for our pregnancy and labor. Shannon constantly went the extra mile to care for us in and out of the hospital. When I found out that after many hours of labor I would need a cesarean, Shannon didn't leave but supported us through the whole process. We would wholeheartedly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again if God gives us more children in the future!

Laura Caponigro


My husband and I both agree that hiring Shannon as our doula was the best decision we made for our son's birth. We wanted a natural birth in a hospital setting and Shannon made that possible. We really appreciated the time Shannon made in getting to know us ahead of time, educating us on different decisions and options related to birth. During labor Shannon was so encouraging and helped us remain calm throughout the entire process. She had lots of ideas of how I could labor and help make the contractions more effective. My labor was long and I am so thankful that Shannon never made me feel rushed or begin to feel like anything was wrong. She helped me stay calm and believe that my body was doing what it needed to do. I really wanted to give birth naturally and having Shannon there by my side helped me stay confident and hopeful about that decision. She also did a great job at including my husband and helping him know how to do counter pressure techniques and other ways to support me in labor. I feel so much pride and joy surrounding our son's birth; it is a very happy memory that we'll treasure forever.

Breanna Scovill


Shannon was our doula and as a first time mom, she couldn’t have been more valuable to us. From answering all of our questions during pregnancy, helping me through my 40 hour labor and being a resource for my postpartum questions. She was completely committed to seeing our birth plan through, but gave sound advice when things needed to change. We couldn’t be happier with the services she provided. We definitely plan on using her again for baby #2. 

Mary Ann Zumbahlen


Shannon encapsulation service was simple and convenient. At the last minute we had to change the birth location. With a simple text Shannon was updated and met us at the new location. She made it simple among all the changes to our birth plan.

Eric Scovill


From a dad’s perspective, it is definitely worth it to hire a doula, and we strongly recommend Shannon. I was hesitant if the benefit was really going to be worth the cost, but agreed to it just to support my wife.

Midway through our labor, I laughed at myself for how much I underestimated her importance. By the time we delivered, I viewed Shannon as the hero of our entire birthing process.

Shannon was the rock my wife and I leaned on throughout our 40 hour labor. She was completely committed to seeing our birth plan through, but gave sound advice when things needed to change.

Highly recommended. Can’t thank you enough Shannon.

Samantha Schoenecke


I have given birth at home twice now, and I have been so fortunate to have Shannon's support both times.

During my first labor and birth, Shannon provided such encouragement and helped me to maintain focus when it began to feel too difficult to stay relaxed. She was such a calm and peaceful presence, and I was so thankful to have her by my side, helping me to take one contraction at a time. She also gave the most amazing lower back massages when my husband would step away for a moment and took some beautiful snapshots of our son's birth (at our request).

My second labor and birth were very different from the first and more challenging in many ways. When labor kept starting and stopping in the weeks before my daughter's birth, Shannon provided so much emotional support, checking in with me often to see how I was coping with the disappointment of not progressing. When I thought my very big baby was never ever going to come out, she suggested different ideas for positioning techniques we could try to encourage baby to maneuver down. And when she was finally born, Shannon again took some beautiful snapshots of her birth that we will always treasure!

Shannon is compassionate and thoughtful and soft-spoken, and I would never give birth without her by my side! I cannot recommend her highly enough!!

Emma Recker


Shannon's encapsulation services were simple and very convenient. It wasn't an extra hassle at all while we were enjoying our new baby and adjusting. Shannon is easy to work with and very interested in the well-being of her clients. She checked on me to see how I was doing with taking my placenta and to see if I had any questions.

We did not encapsulate with our oldest son because I did not know much about it. We decided to have Shannon encapsulate for our second baby because I struggled with some PPD after having our oldest. I am currently 12 weeks postpartum with our youngest and I can definitely tell the encapsulation made a great difference! Many of my PPD symptoms (anti-social, moody) that I had with our first son are not present nearly as much this time around. I feel like I am able to be myself and that I have control over my emotions after this delivery.

Thank you Shannon for being attentive and easy to work with! :)

Laura Onton


We are so GRATEFUL we found Shannon before our daughter joined us! Her one on one class was informative, relaxed and empowering. Shannon's guidance helped us (yes, the dad too!!) to have a natural childbirth with confidence and ease. Her handouts for reference, her hands-on teaching and her calm and supportive demeanor all aided in the process. Also the placenta encapsulation was prompt, professional and delivered with great information including dosage and storage.

Shannon's confidence in our abilities for birthing day was reassuring. She went above and beyond with her support for us and we so appreciate her!! We highly recommend Shannon to anyone desiring to have a beautiful birthing experience (this includes you too dads - you're part of it!!).

Sarah Young


I hired Shannon to encapsulate my placenta for my latest birth. I was skeptical about it at first but with her help and research I did it. She was very accommodating and professional handling my placenta. I was glad how she helped and went out of her way to make sure that I could have the capsules as soon as I got home. I have noticed that I am much better and less tears than my previous pregnancies. I am so glad that I was able to use Shannon and her services. She goes above and beyond the call to make sure that you are taken care of. 

My previous pregnancy I used Shannon for my child birth education resource and she was amazing. She answered all the questions that we had. She was much more informative than my previous class. She was willing to make sure that you are comfortable with the choices you make for your birth. 

I highly recommend Shannon as a Doula, educator, and placenta encapsulation professional. 

Allison Beehner


We had a doula for the birth of our first daughter, so it was no question as to if we would have one for our second. We met with Shannon and immediately felt comfortable with her. She is very calm and sweet natured. She asked us lots of questions about the type of labor and birth we hoped to have. She sent us extensive literature to follow up with what we had talked about. When the time came to meet our baby, we called to let her know we were in labor and then later called and asked her to come meet us. From the moment she came, I knew we were in good hands. My labor was much faster and more intense this time around. If it weren't for her calming presence and positive affirmations, I'm not sure I would have made it through. She gave me suggestions to try new positions and ideas during labor.  Not only that, but because I knew she was taking such good care of me, I was able to actually relax and sleep a bit through the last few hours of labor! Shannon is a wonderful person and excellent partner to have during pregnancy and through birth!

Morgan Johnson


My husband and I put a lot of thought into hiring a doula. We did our research (so much research!) and interviewed. We wanted someone that we just clicked with – that was Shannon. My husband was THE most skeptical person when it came to hiring a doula - but after meeting Shannon he was on board! And after delivery he was convinced that working with a doula is the way to go! This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to make sure everyone in the delivery room was supportive of the kind of birth that I desired - a natural hospital birth. Shannon was SO supportive. During labor she reminded me of the desires I had expressed prior to being in labor (without being pushy or judgmental – just sweet, calm reminders). She made sure we understood the information the hospital staff gave us so that we could make informed decisions for each step of the birthing process. She helped me understand everything that was happening to my body during labor. She also knew how and when to encourage my husband to coach me and she knew when to step in and encourage us herself. Shannon also helped me with positions to help relieve the pain naturally. Having Shannon as a doula helped my husband and I stay calm during one of our most emotional days. The photos she took will help us remember those oh so precious first moments with our little lady. We also took the childbirth education course Shannon offers – this course was full of great information. I’m so glad we chose to take a class. I know nothing can fully prepare someone for giving birth the first time, but I felt as prepared as possible going into it – and that was a great feeling. As part of the doula services, Shannon met with us multiple times before the birth to make sure we were informed and to help us develop our birth plan as well as after the birth. I truly believe working with a doula and taking a childbirth education course were huge factors in successfully having the birth that I wanted.

Kristin Keller


Shannon was absolutely wonderful. It is obvious that she is passionate about being a doula and advocating for desirable births. We had a great unmedicated, intervention-free hospital birth and were so blessed to have Shannon attend and support us. She is knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth and was very helpful in helping us with our birthplan and offering gentle suggestions during labor. I highly recommend her to anyone in the Central Illinois area who is looking for a caring, reliable, professional doula.

Tara Prevo


Shannon was recommended to us by our doula from our first birth as she could not guarantee availability this time. Shannon slipped into our birth team so seamlessly. We wanted my husband to be my first line of support, and she knew when to watch, when to make suggestions, and when to take a more active role. There were a few times my husband had to leave my side, and she slipped in, holding my hand, or massaging my back. I was so comfortable with her throughout, and I so appreciate that after only meeting a few times. We learned so much from her resources, both in person and on her website. Some of our favorite moments in birth wouldn’t have happened without her! She carries scripture cards for her clients who desire them, which inspired us to write out our own scriptures and meditate on them during pregnancy. My husband was able to read them to me during labor when she suggested it, and the words kept coming back to me when things got hard. A bonus is that we now have amazing pictures from our labor and delivery - a beautiful gift she have given us. Shannon is intuitive, knowledgable, wise and compassionate, and we are thankful for her role in the birth of our son!

NOTE to husbands: My husband was very skeptical about hiring a doula for our first pregnancy. He was unsure because of the cost and because we had taken an in depth class, and he wanted to be very involved. But in both of our births, we realized that there are unexpected moments, and when I needed reassuring, he could reassure me as our doula reassured him while still letting him take the lead. He was completely on board for hiring a doula this time, and now he is convinced and supportive of hiring a doula for any future pregnancies. We’ve been blessed to have 2 natural births, and we attribute a large part of that to the doulas who supported us!

Autumn Lee


I would HIGHLY recommend Sannon as your doula. She was beyond helpful before, during and after the arrival of our baby. Shannon helped my husband and I answer questions we didn't even know we had. She helped us form a birth plan and helped us adjust as that plan changed.  Shannon even checked up on us a couple days and weeks after our little one's arrival.  Not only is Shannon a great doula but a wonderful, supportive person who genuinely cares for all families. 

Ashley Reynolds


Shannon was there for us in ways I didn't know I needed her for my son's birth. She seemed to be able to anticipate my needs during my labor. She knew exactly what to ask the nurses when I was I was too exhausted to speak anymore. Her presence brought peace into the delivery room. There were times I was so overwhelmed with pain and exhaustion that I was wasting energy cyring and screaming, but Shannon was able to gently but firmly help me get a grip and keep going. Shannon was also a huge support for my husband during the birth. Shannon provided direction and encouragement for him when he had no idea what to do to support me. There was a moment early on during my labor that Shannon had to step out of the room to get something, and while she was gone my nurse said, "She's one of the good ones." My nurse went on to tell me she has worked with many doulas, and she has not typically been impressed with other doulas. She found she didn't have much to do because Shannon was doing so much. Even after the delivery nurses commented that Shannon stayed and continued to provide support.

Shannon provided so much support leading up to the day of my son's birth. She had so much information to share to help us make informed decisions about his birth. After his birth she was there for us again. I thought for sure we would be just fine when we went home. We did not get the support we needed from doctors and nurses in order to have a successful breastfeeding relationship. Days after the birth I was desperate to have someone one my side supporting exclusively breastfeedng my child. Shannon came to my house and not only provided sound advice to help me reach my goals, but she helped us gain confidence as parents to advocate for our family with medical professionals.

We plan to hire Shannon as our doula for our future pregnancies, and we would recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula.


Casey C


I am so grateful to have had Shannon as my doula. She far exceeded my expectations to help prepare me for birth.This was my fourth child and first doula but my husband and i both agree that we learned so much from Shannon. She not only increased our knowledge but helped us prepare spiritualy allowing us to keep God at the forefront. During birth Shannon was so calm and reassuring. She helped me to realize the decisions we made were the best for me. I cannot say enough how much of a difference having Shannon as our doula made if you are thinking about it DO IT! 

Megan Schwartz


We had Shannon as our doula somewhat by chance because she was the backup to our hired doula who was out of town when my son arrived. I was nervous about having a doula that I had not met before the birth, but my concerns quickly disappeared after she arrived. Shannon has an amazing demeanor that's calming and peaceful. She spent some time just chatting with me and making sure she knew what I wanted in order to feel supported. During labor she was a huge emotional encouragement. She offered to read me scripture cards (she knew I was religious so that was very special to me). She also praised me on things I was doing well during the process (breathing, moving, relaxing, etc). As I moved to transition and pushing I began to rely on her more for physical support as well. She reminded me to drink, take in fluids, and try optimal positions to keep things progressing. Her physical and emotional support continued even after birth as she kept me comfortable during suturing and establishing breastfeeding. My husband is a great birthing partner and wonderful at "coaching", but having Shannon was extremely valuable; especially since this was our first homebirth. She was able to support me in ways that I think only a female birthing professional could, and she did a wonderful job doing so!

Benjamin Swineford


Shannon was an invaluable part of our first pregnancy experience. Thanks to her help and support, we had a very positive birth experience, and felt prepared for anything. Her guidance throughout the pregnancy and her support in the hours immediately after birth were simply amazing. We learned things from Shannon that several friends did not know, despite already having children themselves. I highly recommend Shannon as a doula!

Karen Swineford


My husband and I were referred to Shannon through a friend. We took her Childbirth Education Classes before having our baby. We loved the classes - we're first time parents so they were extremely informational. I loved getting to know Shannon more personally through the class interaction. 

I wanted a doula for my pregnancy and birth in order to achieve a "natural" birth. Shannon helped me to make that a reality. She answered all of my questions for nine months :) and after delivery. She was instrumental in helping me to feel empowered in having a medication free labor and delivery. I loved that she helped my husband and I to debrief after the delivery in the hospital and that she captured some amazing photos that I wouldn't have otherwise. Having her as a doula ensured that I was informed about the entire process so that I didn't have to worry about decisions in the moment. She is super caring, has a fun laid-back personality, and tells it like it is. I appreciated her honesty and the fact that she didn't sugar coat her classes or the info about delivery. I feel that it helped prepare me to push through labor. I completely plan to have a doula (hopefully her) the next time too since I see the value in having that extra support. 

quinn bartus


Having Shannon at our birth was absolutely the most amazing blessing we could have asked for. Shannon came to us late in my pregnancy after some unforeseen circumstances caused us to switch doulas, and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to be supported by her. This was my second pregnancy and after a less than optimal experience the first time around I wanted someone in our corner. Shannon was everything I could have asked for and more.

I never felt like I was bothering Shannon with any of my questions or concerns and never felt judged. I was GBS positive which changed some of my expectations and hopes for my birth and Shannon was great about helping us through that by providing information and support.

Something that was really important for us was for my husband to stay really involved and be my primary support. During labor Shannon was amazing at supporting me through my husband. She was so calm and supportive, she created an amazingly peaceful environment where I felt confident to make the decisions that I wanted. Shannon was also great at helping me make my wishes known to my birth team throughout the day. I felt that with her looking out for me I could really just relax and do what I needed.

Thinking back on everything while writing this it is so difficult for me to come up with specific examples of what Shannon did that was so amazing because she just seamlessly and effortlessly made herself part of the whole process. I am so thankful that Shannon came into our lives and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula and hope that we have the chance to be supported by her again!

Lindsay Prewitt


Shannon is amazing, especially in the most unanticipated of circumstances. I went into labor at 12:45 a.m. Thursday and didn't hold my little girl until 6:55 p.m. on Saturday...that's 66 hours! my support team was my husband, my mom, and Shannon. None of us ever imagined I would be in labor that long. Shannon was so supportive when I was stuck at 2 cm for 41 hours, then stuck at 5 cm for another 23 hours. I particularly appreciated her guidance and positive reinforcement during contractions, and the way she laid out options for us. She was also very helpful when it came to making medical decisions, such as whether or not to use pitocin. She reminded us of the pros and cons so that we could make an informed decision. She was supportive of whatever we chose to do during our entire labor. When it came time to push, I needed all the encouragement I could get and Shannon was right there through it all. I don't know what we would've done without her!

Becky Cowan


I am forever thankful that my husband and I decided to have Shannon be a part of our birth process. I had a very healthy pregnancy and felt very empowered and educated about everything to do with childbirth because Shannon was so knowledgeable and willing to teach everything she knew. I was always able to reach her when I had questions or concerns and the days where I was feeling down, towards the end, she knew exactly what to say and always lifted my spirits. Even though my birth did not go as planned, I was still able to feel good about all of my choices because Shannon was there to guide me and support me. She was also a great help in keeping my husband calm and in good spirits. I would recommend Shannon to anyone in search of a doula. I plan on having her as my doula again for any and all future children! 

Sarah Tierney


I've read the other wonderful testimonials here and wholeheartedly agree with them! I echo those words--patient, caring, calm--they all come to mind when I think of Shannon. I'm not sure I read the following word anywhere, but I'd have to add it to the growing list: professional. Shannon had only been practicing for two years when I hired her, but she was anything but a novice. She was extremely professional in every way, and I always felt like I was "in good hands." Shannon knows what she's doing.

My first birth (without a doula) was truly a traumatic experience. My second birth (with Shannon, my doula) was also quite difficult, but proved to be a very healing time for me. Shannon helped me work through my fears and doubts from the past, she asked questions I never would've thought to ask, she helped us walk through our options when challenges arose. Shannon will let YOU MAKE THE CHOICES. She will give you information, but not pressure you to use it one way or another--I deeply appreciated her respect for my decisions. I will spare you the details of my births, and skip to the results. Both of my births were hard on me. After my first birth, I felt completely broken. But after my second birth, I felt euphoric. Shannon is a big part of the joy I felt and the joy I continue to feel each day. 

In summation, YOU SHOULD HIRE HER! :)

Katie Tanner


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shannon. Before I had my daughter, she made several home visits to learn about our needs, to explain the birthing process, and to tell us our options. She also communicated with me almost daily the last month of my pregnancy. During labor, she explained my options and supported me through every decision I made. She also provided both physical and emotional support during labor that I wouldn't have received from the doctor or nurses. She even took pictures to capture the event. After my daughter was born, Shannon checked on me and baby to see how we were doing. Overall, I highly recommend Shannon! She's a great doula and a great person!

Trina Brucker


I had always wanted to have an unmedicated birth.  My first two pregnancies ended in induction and I had epidurals during labor.  When I found out I was pregnant for the third time I knew I wanted to find a doula to help coach me through labor.  I went to college with Shannon and after hearing that she was a doula I knew that she was a great fit for me.  In our meetings Shannon asked me questions I had never thought about before and she explained the options I had during labor.  In the weeks before I went into labor Shannon would check in with me and encourage me.  

During labor I was able to make my own choices because of Shannon.  She helped coach me through an amazing water birth, and afterward my husband (who originally questioned my need for a doula) said "I am so glad Shannon was there."  I am so thankful for her calm, down-to-earth, and encouraging personality.  I know I could not have had the labor I desired without her support.  

chelsea smith


When I was around 27 weeks pregnant, I started to research all about natural, non-medicated child birth, and quickly realized this is what I desired. So, when I felt that my current care provider did not see eye to eye with me on this started to panic. I was fearful that I would not get the birth that I dreamed about. That is when I found Shannon. I messaged her. Desperate for someone, that knew a lot about birth, to be an advocate and cheerleader for me. The first thing that she responded with was that I most certainly could have the birth that I wanted and no one could make me have an epidural or make me have medical interventions that were not absolutely nessecarily. My boyfriend and I had our first meeting with her and we were very pleased with her knowledge and her attitude towards birth. The best advise she gave my that day was to switch my healthcare provider. She let me know that it is never too late and that it could make a huge difference when you have someone that is backing your desicions 100%. A few days later she gave me the contact information about a few midwives in the area that she felt were very pro natural, non medicated birth. From that point on I was so excited about my birth, and my birth team. This included Shannon, my midwife, boyfriend and mom.  A week before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter I started having real contractions, Shannon made sure to keep in touch with me during this time and to answer any questions I had, or offer up support when I needed it most.This was one of the best parts about her services. I loved having her to talk to about everything that was going on.  When the day came to have my sweet little baby, Shannon was there to help my birth team get me through It. She  was also there to capture the moment on camera, which was absolutely amazing to look back on. Thank you Shannon for being there for Eloise's journey into the world, you really made our experience extra special!

Michelle Webster


I recently attended one of Shannon's Intensive Christian Childbirth classes. What a pleasure it was! I learned a ton of great information about preparing for birth and labor, while also learning how to use Scripture to remain grounded in Christ. Shannon has a beautiful, down-to-earth spirit that makes you feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns you have about this pregnancy journey. You can also tell that Shannon has gone above and beyond in researching extra outside of the curriculum. I would recommend her class to any Christian pregnant couples I know! 

Samantha Schoenecke


We recently used Shannon as our doula for the home birth of our son, and she exceeded our expectations!  She was readily available via phone calls, texting, email, and Facebook before, during, and after our son's birth.  When she arrived at our house, she quickly went to work massaging my back, suggesting different laboring positions and relaxation techniques, and offering praise and encouragement.  She was a calm and peaceful presence, always using a soft voice and helping me to stay focused on the task at hand.  Shannon definitely has the gift of encouragement!  She was always right by my side telling me how great I was doing and that I was one contraction closer to meeting my baby.  I was so grateful for her affirming words, especially as labor got more intense!  

My husband and I had requested that Shannon take pictures during my labor and particularly as our son was being born, and the pictures she took were fabulous!  Although she is not a professional photographer, she did a wonderful job capturing beautiful images of labor and birth.  We are so grateful to have those moments captured!

We would highly recommend Shannon as a doula and definitely plan to book her again should we be blessed with another baby in the future!

Violeta Cone


When I found out Shannon can be my doula for my second baby, I was excited and grateful.

She started helping me while I was still pregnant: we talked about my preferences, dreams, expectations. When I figured out I had almost completely forgotten whatever I had learned at my Lamaze class with baby number 1, she gave me a whole new refreshing tutorial. My husband was there at one of the meetings, too, so we all knew what to expect of the doula role and I think that made for a great team for us.

Shannon was gentle, patient, very clear in her instructions and highly empathetic, respecting me, my desires and boundaries. She was clearly very knowledgeable and loved what she was doing. Shannon was there for me when we had concerns about the baby and I had gestational diabetes, prayed with me when the stubborn girl turned breech late in pregnancy and rejoiced when she turned again.

In week 43 I followed Shannon’s suggestion (provoked by my impatience) and asked the doctor to “tear the membrane” and separate the bag of water from the cervix. After a night of contractions, when I couldn’t sleep, but was happy and calm, I called Shannon at 6 am. She came in less than 15 minutes. We stayed at home and counted minutes and met “waves” together for about 2 hours, my hubby joining in for the last stretch. Shannon was with us at the hospital the whole time (I really have no idea when she ate or used the bathroom ?), offering support, asking what would make me more comfortable, offering ice cubes, help with the breathing, but most of all, helping me keep focused and offering various solutions for the labor. I’ll never forget the most important dance with my husband, suggested by my doula: little Stella came out 40 minutes or so later! Shannon was a stable, secure base for me, helping me to feel more confident and “owning” my delivery. She is indeed quick to listen and loving in her words.

Rebecca Strait


I have the pleasure of knowing Shannon personally and was blessed to have her as a doula for my son's homebirth in 2012.  Shannon is a kind and caring individual and a passionate doula!  She has a very gentle, comforting spirit and her presence was calming and reassuring throughout.  Having her at our birth allowed my husband to be by my side while Shannon promptly and proficiently assisted the midwife.  Knowing that she is very knowledgeable about the process of labor and birth also gave me a sense of peace and I had confidence that Shannon would have been a valuable advocate had I needed to transfer to the hospital.  Thankfully all went as planned and we had a wonderful homebirth experience which was complemented by Shannon's excellent care!  

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