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Better Idaho Births Doula Services CD(DONA)

Idaho Falls, ID Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 82 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at Mountain View Hospital, Portneuf Hospital, EIRMC and Madison Memorial Hospital. I'm grateful for the continuing relationship development with health care providers and staff in the Idaho Falls area.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have enjoyed my experiences with the midwives at Selah, their professionalism and admire their facility and space.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am happy to assist in a home birth! Delivering in the comfort of a mother's own home instinctively feels the least disruptive and the most natural beginning place for a baby to enter the world. I love to coach a family in their own home providing that there is an attending midwife and that she is licensed and in good standing with the State of Idaho.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a founding member and on the board of directors of Doulas of Eastern Idaho. I am a mother of five fantastic human beings. I love heathy cooking, exercise, clean living, music education, organic gardening, farm animal care, family, community, school and church volunteer work.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm so excited that you're educating yourself on the benefits of birth doula support. Thank you for reading my profile. My services include two in-home prenatal visits, 1 on-call visit with the client's health care provider, assistance in writing the mother's birth preferences, continuous support throughout the entire labor and birth, up to three hours post delivery care for mother and 1 postpartum home visit. I also write the labor and birth story for the family. I would be happy to work with your family to help meet your goal of having a doula assist in your birth. Please don't let the cost of a doula prevent you from seeking one out.

Idaho Falls, ID Service range 50 miles

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Before the birth of my first child, several friends recommended getting a doula, but I thought that a doula would be redundant with my midwife. But despite wanting a natural birth, I was induced, shocked by the pain, and ended up with an epidural. For my second, I wanted to do it differently. Elan was recommended by my midwife, and my husband and I were both instantly comfortable around her; there was no question that she would be the perfect doula for us. In our first meeting, Elan suggested self hypnosis for childbirth. That and working with Elan completely changed my orientation towards childbirth. By my due date, I was looking forward to the birth with excitement. We anticipated that I would need to be induced at 42 weeks, since I had been with my first, and Elan met with me and my midwife to decide on a plan and contingencies. It was so nice to have someone experienced there who knew what questions to ask. I was induced at 42 weeks, and Elan was amazing through the whole birth. She was hands on, using massage and other tools to keep me comfortable. Even better, she guided my husband with suggestions for ways that he could help me so that we were able to share the birth experience together, facilitated by Elan. She was great at suggesting positions and asking if I wanted to use my hypnoscripts, but was also supportive when I had strong feelings about positions or activities. She also knew about hidden tools in the delivery room (when I wanted to labor on my side, she dug out a peanut ball to support that, something we wouldn't have otherwise known about). I was able to have the natural birth of my dreams, even with my 10 lbs, 6 oz baby! I still, 3 months later, daydream about the experience. It was truly the most empowering experience of my life, and I could not have done it without Elan's knowledge and support. She is an exceptional human, and I feel so lucky to have had her help us in this important moment for our family.

Mindy Tinker


Elan is so very incredible, not only as a doula but she's an amazing person as well. She has helped me through both of my vaginal deliveries after having two ceserean deliveries. She never hesitates to answer a phone call or text. While she was with family and out of cell service, she gave me phone numbers for most of her family so that I would be able to reach her. For the second birth she helped us with, she spent the night on my couch helping me through every contraction starting at 3am. Elan helped me though contractions with counter pressure and encouragement and never leaving my side during or after delivery. Even during a particular difficult part of labor, she told me to have faith. I really appreciate her for all she's done for me, my husband and my babies. 

Tiffany Bossert


Elan is hands down AMAZING! 

This beautiful, wonderful woman helped bring my little boy into the world with grace, love, and care. She was very well organized and disciplined, even during our hiring process.

She spent an entire 18 hours with my husband and myself while preparing to go into labor (as I was induced), the start of labor, and until my son had latched in our first attempts to breast feed. During the entire process, she helped find specific ways to soothe, breath, and encourage me. She never left my side and always spoke with confidence and care.

She supported not only myself, but my husband. She helped him keep his composure as he watched his wife go through some of the worst pain imaginable. She gave him words of encouragement and helped him coach me through the birthing process.

Her dedication to us, our child, and her joy of bringing new lives into this world made my birthing experience as pleasent as it could have been. Should I ever be blessed with another child, I wouldnt want any one else besides her on my support team. She is absolutely wonderful!

Meagan Portmann


I knew Elan to be a professional doula developing relationships with all providers in the area. My husband and I both felt confident in hiring her to support us.

This was my 3rd birth and I hoped for it to be unmedicated. Elan amd I spent hours talking about mine and my husband’s needs in the birth. 

Finally, the day came for spontaneous labor. I had a long early labor stage, which she came to assist me into positions to encourage baby to position more comfortably for me. I decided to have her go home for a while as I knew I still had a long wait ahead and just wanted to be home with my husband for the early labor stage.

After another day of early labor, I suddenly transitioned. My husband rushed me to the hospital and called Elan on the way. She met us in the Labor and Delivery room shortly after we arrived. She was constantly aware of my needs, and reminded me how to work with my body and the contractions so that I could stay focused and confident in my birth plan. 

At one point, my husband needed to step out of the room to go use the restroom. He was able to leave me to have a human moment knowing I was well suported by Elan. While he was gone, I suddenly had the urge to push. That moment was so valuble to me in having Elan there. Had I been alone in that moment, the initial feeling of concern I had would have stuck with me and only would have caused tension and pain for me, but since I had Elan there, she kept me in my positive labor brain and I knew I could do this. She also made sure staff found my husband tight away so he could be there ASAP.

After 5 hours of being admitted into the hospital, I gave birth to my baby girl, exactly the way I had hoped to give birth.

Its been almost 6 months since she was born and I still find myself daydreaming of that day, which always brings me joy. 

Thanks for helping me make this happen, Elan!

Jaidyn Erickson


Elan was the perfect doula for our home birth. She was so in tune with mine and my husbands needs and took such good care of us. She was always calm and was an easy source to tap into when I needed to relax and regr myself. She was supportive of all my requests and was always attentive and peaceful. I would recommend her to anyone, she was absolutely wonderful. 

Kendall Erickson


I'll admit I didn't want my wife to hire a doula for the birth of our 3rd child. Money was tight, and it wasn't something I saw as being necessary. My attitude on that has changed now. Elan was a calming presence from the first time we met her, and made my wife feel like she had made the right decision to have our baby without induction or epidural. When the time came to have the baby, I was impressed how Elan handled everything. She knew the doctor personally, and the doctor allowed her to carry out many things in my wife's birth plan such as having the lights down low, so she could relax. She was very nice to the nurses, but also aware of the birth plan, making sure that I would ask the right questions so that nothing happened that would deviate from the birth plan. She would make sure Chelsi was comfortable and "in the zone" with her hypnobabies techniques, and then she would have me help her squeeze her hips and do things like that, to help with labor. I was also impressed that Elan asked the doctor if Chelsi could labor in non-traditional positions, and she was able to. I think this was more comfortable for my wife, and it was a neat experience. I enjoyed being a "part of the action" during delivery, with our first two children I was usually sitting in the corner of the room, on my phone or computer. But this was a totally different experience for me, getting to actually take part in the delivery, as Elan would coach me. All in all, a very special experience for me, and I appreciated everything Elan did that night for us. The birth plan was very important to Chelsi, and it was carried out about as well as it could have been. I would highly recommend Elan - especially to you skeptical dads who don't want to pay for a doula. Worth every penny and more!

Kendall Erickson

Chelsi Erickson


My situation was a little different, in that I live 2 hours away from my doctor, my hospital of choice, and Elan. She was willing to work with me and came to several of my prenatal appointments since home visits would have been tricky. She still came to my home for 2 postnatal visits though! That's such a sensitive but often overlooked time for moms. I'm so glad she was willing to make the long drive to get to me. I needed and loved those visits.

My daughter's birth started as a very exciting one. We arrived at the hospital in an ambulance after my water broke in the doctor's office. I didn't have my birth plan or my hospital bag! Both were packed away in my car across town. Thankfully, Elan, who went ahead to make sure the hospital was ready for me, had a copy of my birth plan on her phone. She made sure the lights were dim and that it was peaceful and quiet in the delivery room, so I could relax and focus on my hypnosis. (I DID have my headphones. Thank goodness!)

Elan was such a calming presence for me. She had to be exhausted, since she spent a very long time squatting behind me to do the hip-squeeze while while I was on the birthing ball, and in every other position I labored in. It's kind of a blur at this point! (That hip-squeeze is like magic, by the way. Sometimes I couldn't even feel the contractions at all!)

She guided my husband when he wasn't quite sure what to do to help. It made the experience that much more special for us. This was our third baby, but our first that wasn't a scheduled induction. It was a new experience for both of us, and we felt like first-timers in a lot of ways. He got to be involved in a way that he never had been before. It was so great. After it was all said and done he told me he was "team doula!"

Elan is wondeful, and I fully plan on calling her again when we add another baby to our family. After this amazing experience, I'm honestly excited to do it again!

Jocelyn Walters


My husband and I decided we wanted to use a doula after having switched to an OB for prenatal care (previously had worked with CNMs), and Elan came highly recommended to us. We both appreciated her calm and friendly demeanor as well as the wealth of knowledge she offered- we both got a lot out of our prenatal visits as it had been five years since the birth of our last child. Knowing Elan would be there at the birth took a lot of pressure off of my husband which was a huge benefit we didn't have with the births of our older two children.

When I went into labor unexpectedly at 38 weeks, Elan's backup doula helped us for the first part of our 36 hour labor until she herself arrived. After that, we were lucky enough to have them working together trying everything they could to help me progress my labor when I was having a very difficult time. I felt incredibly supported and  Elan kept me informed about all of my options. Even though things weren't going as I thought they would it made a world of difference in helping me not feel defeated when I decided on interventions that weren't in my original birth plan.  By the time the baby was born, my husband and I felt very bonded to our team and we wished we had had a doula with our previous births. Even though this birth was much more stressful in terms of how long it was and different challenges we faced, it was a truly amazing experience that I would not trade for anything. Elan was really excellent at  keeping me and the rest of my support team focused where it needed to be througout the labor. She was absolutely dedicated to making sure I was satisfied with how the birth experience as a whole turned out and we are so very grateful for that. Highly highly recommend Elan to any families interested in a doula for their birth-if we decide to have another baby we will definitely be giving her a call :)


Rachel Allred


I have known Elan for 17 years and was thrilled to finally get to have her as my doula when I gave birth to my first baby a few months ago.  She was such an important part of the team for first-time parents.  She was warm, supportive, and someone with whom you can be safe and vulnerable.  Elan is great about supporting a mom's birth desires and not pushing any agenda of her own.  I had planned to give birth without medication.  She encouraged and supported both when I wanted to pick up the pace of labor and when I needed to lay down and rest.  She was a great support to my husband: he was able to help me better because she was there to guide him.  There were some rough moments and she was able to let him know what was normal and support him when he struggled to watch me in pain.  He was glad she was there with us.  Elan will be supportive of your birth--however it goes.  After a long, difficult labor I received an epidural.  I worried she would be disappointed, but she trusted my decision and my knowledge of my strength without question.  Elan continued to provide needed help and support to us both through birth and the baby's first breastfeeding.  I'm so grateful that she was there with, and for, us that day.  

Chelsea Hiland


My experience with Elan has been incredible. She has a very calm demeanor and is a very sincere woman who was able to support me in ways I needed that I hadn't even voiced. She is very intuitive when it comes to finding how to best help those she works with and was able to get me through my crazy birth in ways that best helped me personally. She made sure that I had the support I needed and knows how important support is for every stage of birth and the stages a woman experiences after birth, at home are. She's a very compassionate person and knows the importance of helping someone feel validated with whatever concerns they have. My experience with her has been healing in many ways. She knows the importance of having a great birth experience, no matter the method the mother takes in having her child. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an awesome doula!

Rebecca Robison


My husband and I loved having a doula. Elan was so good at helping us both feel ready for our baby and have the natural delievery we wanted. She provided positive affermations for me to listen to, rubbed my feet, listened when I was just wanting to "have the baby" and was a text away during those moment I thought our son might come.

She provided peace and assurance and helped direct my husband to what I needed as I labored.

My favorite things about having a doula has been the abundance of knowledge and love she gave to our family. I can't imagaine any other way to deliver a baby! My husband now tells everyone he knows to get a doula. It is so worth it!

Samantha Hanny


With my first birth in 2010, I had an epidural and my daughter was 5 weeks premature. For my second baby, I wanted an unmedicated natural birth and to go full term. I am so blessed to have had Elan as my doula! Right away she was hands on and helping me through contractions. It was like she was reading my mind and she gave me the exact comfort measures that I needed right when I needed them. She helped me to relax and I felt very safe and comfortable with her. Elan helped me to feel like I was in control through the worst of the contractions. A lot of people said that I was very calm during labor and that I must have a high pain tolerance, but I would disagree with that. I truly believe that if it were not for Elan and my husband helping me through, and with meditation and prayer, I would have not had the unmedicated, natural birth that I had planned. I am so pleased with my birth experience with Elan and I will definitely be calling her if there are any more babies in my future! 

Heidi Gillmore


Elan was an incredible support during pregnancy, labor and post partum. She has a gentle, calm and caring nature and presence which was essential to me during labor. I had the goal of a natural home birth and Elan helped me get there. She had lots of tricks which helped to get labor going and helped to ease the process as well. She was always by my side reassuring and calming me. I was well taken care of during labor and after by Elan! Having Elan as part of my birth team was the best because of her support and comfort. She was absolutely essential. I highly recommend Elan!

Jessica Peterson


My husband and I weren't sure at first about hirign a doula so we decided to interview EVERY single doula in our area to see if we could find the perfect fit.  Elan struck my husband and I with her calm, and sweet nature from that very first interview.  We decided to hire her, (espcially for her hypno-babies training) and never looked back.  Every prenatal appointment was PERFECT!  She respected my decisions, and supported choices I was making that seemed very controversal to the rest of my family.  (I have a more natural and holistic approach.)  I texted, emailed, and facebooked her often with questions and concerns, that she was always quick to respond to.  She lent me books, and helped me find the reseach sources I craved.  When my son decided to start coming in the middle of the night, Elan was there in thirty minutes.  She quickly and calmly helped me through each pressure wave until it was time to go to the birthing center.  She went with us in our car so she could sit with me in the back seat and apply pressure to my lower back through each pressure wave.  She helped soothe my nerves, and calm my voice.tone, and breathing so I could focus on getting through each wave.  Once we arrived at the birth center she continued to help me in this manner, and also stroked my hair, walked me through all my peace cues, and helped emotionally and phsycologically get through every hard spot.  I honestly cannot say enough to express how truly grateful I am for her.  Even my husband told me that hireing a doula was the best money we spent on the entire birth experience!  She is a true gem, and I will treasure my expeirience with her forever.  If you're not sure about hireing a doula, PLEASE CALL ELAN!  We would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Megan Donnelly


This was my first baby and I really wanted a natural childbirth. Within the first few minutes of meeting Elan I knew I wanted her to be my doula. She was very warm and professional. I immediately felt comfortable around her. My husband and I had taken a Bradley class together as part of our birth preperation. Even though my husband was very educated and an amazing support throughout my labor having A doula was key to my success at having a natural childbirth. My mom and husband were part of the birth team. I had a very fast and intense labor and Élan kept everyone working together and helped me breath through each contraction and stay focused. I had a wonderful birth experience. I don't think I could have had such a great labor without her. She was great support prenatally, during labor and after I had my baby. I will definatley use her services again for my next baby. 

Janell Bettinger Greenwood


Elan was amazing. She listened to the vision we wanted for our birth; she worked hard to help us get there; her support throughout the birthing time was amazing; it was 27 1/2 hours, and she was there for every minute after we called her. Highly recommend her as a doula; she has a maturity to her, and she has taken the time to certify in her field which sets her apart from many.

Ashley Coombs


Elan was my doula for my 3rd bith, 1st unmedicated. It was one of the best decisions I've made! I knew i wanted to try a natural birth, so I started going to a Midwife at Rosemark Women's Center and really liked her, but the fact that she may not be there for sure made me nervous. Also not knowing how long she could be there with me to have constant help was not sitting well with me.  I contacted Elan and we began almost immeditaly with the 1st of the 3 home visits she makes. She has a very calm, relaxing, and gentle way about her that helped put me at ease. When I was 8 days over due and the whole world was making me feel like something was wrong with me or the baby, she kept me grounded and trusting in my body with comforting texts or calls. When we decided to break my water to get the birth going, she was right there, being 20 weeks pregnant herself! She massaged my feet, shoulders, and made sure I was comfortable during early stages of labor. She helped my husband know how to help me which was HUGE. Farther into labor both her and my husband did counter pressure on my hips which practically made my contractions go away! Amazing. It was a beautiful birth and I couldn't have done it without her. She even wrote my birth story and gave it to me a couple weeks later; looking very professional and detailed! I love Elan and would recommend her and use her again!

Shannon Hansen


Elan was a perfect match for me and my family! She met with me and we discussed my birth plan. She was extremely supportive and made an extra effort to come back and visit with me around my husbands school and work schedule; she wanted to talk with him and see how we interact with each other. While she was here with my husband and I she discussed her plans on helping with pain management and showed my husband a few tricks to help relieve pressure, keep me calm and help me relax during labor.

I started labor at 3:30am. My husband text Elan around 5:00 in the morning and told her that I was having contractions 3-5 apart but didn't feel like I "needed" her yet but we wiuld let her know if things changed. (We wanted to give her a heads up.) she said she would come over around 9:00am. Sadly my contractions slowed/stopped and told her not to come. She came anyways. She shared a few tricks with me on how to get th contracts started again. Luckily they worked and by 11:30am I was in active labor. Elan worked side by side with my husband to create a peaceful and calm setting to allow me to relax. She used imagery, message, essential oils. Elan has a clam and soothing voice that brought me comfort and peace. She was supportive of my birth plan and supportive during labor. After my delivery she stayed until she knew everything was ok. I had a few small complications which Elan was calm and collected and knew what to do and how to handle the situation.

Her postpartum visit was amazing. She really took care of me and my family. Made my toddler lunch and did dishes. She has checked in on me a few times following my labor. I can't say enough kind words about her! I would have her attend all my births from here on out if possible! 

Nicole Woffinden


I highly recommend Elan as a doula. Her knowledge, care, and consistency helped me throughout a difficult pregnancy, and during our birth experience which, despite taking a few unexpected turns, ended up being a beautiful experience for everyone involved. I attribute much of that to Elan's help in keeping me calm, relaxed, and focused. If you are looking for a competent doula who puts you and your baby's needs first, Elan is the one!

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