Dana Oakes-Sand AS, CCE, MCD, NMPP, IPES Photo

Dana Oakes-Sand AS, CCE, MCD, NMPP, IPES

Rushes Doula Service

Winsted, CT Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $2350

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2350

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

20 years and 375 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

12 years and 100 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Newborn Mothers Collective - Postpartum Professional

Doula Training

  • Madriella, August 2016
  • Newborn Mothers Collective (Postpartum), March 2017
  • Nafsa Project School, October 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Check with your hospitals regarding doula support and Covid 19. Virtual support in any hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
So far we have served at two of the three birth centers in CT state, and have greatly enjoyed our time there!

Attends home births? Some Home Births
We ask that you have a Midwife attending your birth. We at Rushes will not attend a Free Birth or Unattended birth due to liability concerns.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sleep educator
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Childbirth education is available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. In addition, I volunteer with Nurturing families as a breastfeeding advocate and lactation troubleshooter. I’m a member of Postpartum Support International, and have volunteered with our local chapter.

Fee Details

$2350 standard fee for labor and birth, Virtual Birth Support is $700, with 2-4 prenatal visits and a postpartum visit. $1200 is the planned cesarean birth fee, which includes two prenatal visits and a postpartum visit. I offer many add on services and offer payment plans with auto billing by Square, as well as accepting HSA, FSA and some insurances. To date, I have attended over 375+ births, have taught hundreds of childbirth class students, wrapping workshops, and our statistics are as follows: 90% VBAC success rate, 3% overall cesarean section birth rate for 2023 (compared to 33% nationwide), 2% instrument delivery rate, 55% epidural/medication/nitrous oxide use in labor (largely due to it be requested in the birth plan), 98% breastfeeding initiation rate and 85% to one year.

Service Area

Winsted, CT Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Dana Oakes-Sand AS, CCE, MCD, NMPP, IPES

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Kimberly Bellefleur


I am going to do my best to keep this short because I can easily write a 2 page review on my experience with Dana. This was my first time experiencing the encapsulation of my placenta and let me tell you, Dana was nothing short of AMAZING!! I had a lot of worries, concerns and questions galore. She never wavered in her professionalism, she was confident in the information she gave me, she was extremely patient with the amount of questions I asked. Dana even allowed me to watch her process of how she preps my placenta for dehydration. My birth was very traumatic for me and sharing my story with her helped me more than she'd ever know. She has such a caring and wonderful spirit, which is super rare to find these days. I appreciate you Dana sooo much!!! Please never change your character, it's refreshing and genuine ????

Amanda Brozman


Dana was heaven sent and we couldn't be more grateful for her. She's very knowledgeable and experienced while also having a great attitude and look on life which put us at ease. She doesn't have any kind of agenda or pass any judgment. I truly felt supported leading up to the birth and confident I could rely on her - which I did. I had a difficult labor and Dana was able to help guide the course of events into what might have otherwise been an experience that wouldn't have been favorable. She gave 100% every minute of every hour. She took great strides into making sure I, and baby, were ok afterward for quite some time and proved to also be a great source of help that I didn't realize I would need. Highly recommend bringing Dana into your life!

Jessica Viggiano


My husband and I are new parents and we worked with Dana during the first week of our daughters life when we were still trying to get the hang of this new parenting thing :). Dana was so responsive and was at our home that same day to help make sure we all were adjusting well. After her initial visit she would check in with us each day and was available at all times through text if we had any questions, we felt like she truly cared and not as if it was a job to her, and she gave excellent advice and support. I highly recommend Dana to any parent for their baby needs!!

Sarah Michaud


My husband and I just welcomed our first child and we honestly could have not done it without the help and guidance from Dana! We took her birthing class which proved to be so helpful- so much information you will not receive from hospital staff, the knowledge from this class makes the process less stressful especially for a first time mom when there’s so much of the “unknown”.
Dana was also there for the birth of our daughter. I was induced, experienced a very fast labor (4 hours) along with hours of pushing and ended in a caesarean. Dana was there for guidance, reassurance and support for both my husband and myself. She also came for home visits to help with breastfeeding- to make sure my daughter and myself were successful.
I would absolutely recommend having Dana as your doula. She was there during my pregnancy, labor and postpartum care for all of our questions,concerns and worries. She was committed to making sure our experience was positive, so happy we found her!

Kathleen Brooks


This is my second birth, third child and Dana was my doula. i was widowed from my first husband of whom my two kids belong to. My new guy and I decided To add a third baby to the mix. This is his first child. Dana proved to be a HUGE support yet again! She helped me advocate for what I wanted and needed, helped guide my guy to assist me in different ways and even made him take a break when he started pacing out of anxiety of seeing me in pain. She recognized he was having a hard time himself and told him to go take a break. He told me later that was what he needed but he didn’t want to just walk out or ask for a break seeing all the hard work I was doing he said he would have felt guilty. Until Dana spoke up! During transition and pushing she encouraged me as if she were my mother. Not at all in a clinical way. A firm, yet sweet way. Just what I needed! Our daughter Melody was born successfully In only a few guided pushes. Dana even checked on her breastfeeding latch for me. Our new daughter is a PRO and I felt so much more confident having had Dana take a peak for me.

I also opted to have my placenta encapsulated. Dana did that as well in a timely fashion and it was delivered in such a beautiful way!

Im planning on stopping at 3 kids. But should we decide on a fourth Dana will be there. She’s a family member at this point.

taylor scagnello


Dana is so amazing, we have recommended her to anyone we know looking for a doula. She did the placenta encapsulation got both of our children as well as a birth class. The birth class made it so much less stressful when the time finally came to deliver. She is so knowledgeable and caring, I would give her a 10/10 for her work both times!

Meredith Anderson


My husband and I could not be happier with the experience of having our first child, and that is immensely thanks to Dana!

She definitely has all the qualities expected of a doula and provides exceptional emotional and physical support in birth, but Dana is SO MUCH MORE! She REALLY knows her stuff and is able to deliver evidence-based information as well as compassionate, merited advice for your unique circumstance and goals. She is incredibly approachable and puts people at ease to ask anything, no matter how big, little, outlandish or embarrassing a question may be. Dana is exceptionally dedicated to her clients, forever!—even months after the birth of my daughter, she still happily answers all my questions as they come up.

We are so pleased with our experience with Dana and will absolutely work with her again as our family grows!

Nicole Ferraz


Dana created an amazing atmosphere for me. My birth was as close to how I envisioned it as it could have been and I owe a lot of that to Dana with her guiding me through it all and reminding me of what to do and different techniques, positions and coping methods to try out. Also her postpartum help is wonderful! She is very present and continuse communication after the birth in order to help with any questions you may have. I'm so beyond happy I went with Dana for all of her extensive knowledge and great personality that is very easy to get along with! I would absolutely reccomend Dana to be your doula!

Greta Lindquist-Merlino


When I first met Dana it was going to be a quick little meeting but that quick meeting turned into over two hours of conversation. She is kind, knowledgeable, passionate and honest. I loved all of those qualities in her and she felt like the perfect match. I was planning a VBAC and needed someone just like her to help guide me through childbirth.

I had a time when I needed to be admitted to the hospital in my 3rd trimester with contractions and my husband could not bring me. She was quick to offer to take me and she did. She picked me up pretty late at night, and brought me to the hospital without hesitation. This really made a positive impact on my emotional state. Her support was something I’ll never forget.

My plans changed however and I went with a repeat csection. Dana was still there, by my side for IV’s, surgery prep, providing essential oils to help during the surgery (which they helped tremendously) and she was there in my recovery even after I came home. She advocated for me when I was uncomfortable and helped me emotionally transition from the operating room into motherhood once again. She helped with my postpartum care and breastfeeding questions in those early days.

if you’re on the fence about hiring a doula, just sit down for a “quick” chat with Dana. She will provide you with all that you need to move forward so that you’re able to have a positive, experience and memory of the most beautiful event of your life; bringing your baby into the world.

Lindsay Zampaglione


We are very pleased to have had Dana with us for our daughter's birth ! It was our first baby and we wanted to make sure we would have a familiar face in the delivery  room.  ( our practice has two doctors and shares being on call with another 3 doctors from a diff practice.  )  We stayed  in touch with Dana while I was in early labor and she came to the hospital to be with us once the labor and contractions got more intense. I ended up needing an epidural and even with the epidural Dana help me breathe through the contractions and even move into different positions to help the birth go more smoothly.  It was nice to meet her early in my pregnancy because I was able to ask questions that came up along the way at our meetings.  It was also so helpful to have her come to the house to visit once I got home from the hospital with our daughter.   I was having some problems with my milk coming in and Deana helped put the breast pump together and taught me how to use it and encourage me to really pump every two hours to help my milk  come I in as soon as possible   She also help me come up with a plan including foods to eat how much water to drink monitoring the babies intake and how many wet diapers and how many poop diapers I should be seeing    Of course you learn all that before but it doesn't really sink in until you have your real baby in front of you with 1 million worries and concerns and emotions.

It was so helpful having her come for the postpartum visit especially because as a first-time mom I didn't really know what to expect In terms of how i would be feeling physically and emotionally.  Giving birth, although the best day of my life, was also overwhelming and exhausting as were the several few days after.

Mareen Imhoff


Being a first time mom and not having my family around as we moved from Germany a couple of month ago knew I would need some extra help postpartum. Dana is a very experienced Doula and she visited us already before the due date so we could get to know each other. My husband and I immediately felt very comfortable with Dana and after delivery she came regularly to help me caring for the baby, giving very good advices about health, breastfeeding, newborns behavior or just giving me some extra hours of sleep while she took care of the baby. I highly recommend Dana because she is very knowleadgeable in what she does and is a great support, I’m glad we chose her!

Jenny s


Dana was so helpful, easily accessible, and provided communication about her services and procedures. I didn't have to worry about anything and she made the process very easy. Friendly and personable. Thank you!!

Jessie Lynn


My fiance and I utilized Dana's services for a private prenatal birthing class. We had a specific set of concerns that Dana and I discussed prior to our class and again went over before starting to make sure we were all in the same page. Dana was very thorough and caring when delivering her wealth of knowledge. We both felt extremely confident that all of our questions and concerns were answered and we were going into our birthing experience armed with what we needed. Her realistic attitude really stuck with us and we used many of the technics she taught us to get through my contractions. She wasn't with us in the delivery room but we knew we had her support the whole time. Any question that popped into my head she was quick to answer and that made me feel super secure. And now postpartum Dana has checked in with us to make sure we're doing well and is available for nursing and baby care concerns. Thank you so much Dana for being so amazing. I truly believe you're a big part of why my delivery went so well! I would recommend Dana to anyone looking for doula services or a more personal approach to prenatal education. Thank you a million times over!

Amy Schwartz


We had Dana come to support us/our baby 3x during postpartum nights of sleep deprivation (and joy!). Having Dana stay overnight helped us catch up on sleep and got needed household tasks done (laundry, dishes) when we weren't otherwise able to attend to those things. If you can afford it, the first 6 weeks are the time to splurge on having some nighttime support! Dana was great - so experienced with babies, very helpful, likes to stay busy working (she cleaned our dishes while the baby slept, etc). I am breastfeeding exclusively, but having Dana change the diaper and feed a pumped bottle while i pumped milk increased my nighttime sleep and allowed my husband to try to sleep through the night.

Jeffrey Owens


My wife and I knew we had made the right choice from the first time meeting Dana. She was professional and full of knowledge not just in her field but in a vast range of medically related topics. We spoke with her about our birth plan and about what we expected our first experience to be like. She explained to us what to really expect and that she would make sure we received the birth experience we wanted. Her experience and sound advice gave us the confidence to change practices and even hospitals when we felt we weren’t getting the care we deserved. She was very responsive to answer my every question via text and especially when it was go time. She met us at our home and we labored right up until she said it was time to go. Her laboring techniques made the process as quick and comfortable as possible (lol, for me anyways). Once we were in the delivery room, Dana was extremely attentive and at our beck and call. My wife wouldn’t stop telling Dana how amazing she was. She was even teaching the nurses a thing or two. We would highly recommend Dana as your next doula and although we never were able to meet her two other associates, we’re sure Dana has trained them right.

Kristen Labbe


Having a baby is one of the most amazing choices my husband and I ever made, also the scariest because we had NO IDEA what to do. So after we had attended some classes we decided to look for a Doula. What we got was so much more than a Doula. Jessica was a friend, a sister, a mother and a blessing. She visited before and after the birth to answer all of our questions and to offer emotional support. These visits were reassuring and comforting and we so enjoyed her company. I went into Labor February 29, 2016. Jess was at the hospital with us about 20 minutes after we arrived. She had literally dropped everything to come be by our sides. I gave birth on 3/2 at 1:10am via C-section and Jess was there throughout. During the labor she was calm and supportive. She constantly reminded me that I was strong, that I could do this and that I would get through it. Labor is like a boat moving with the waves and Jess was our lighthouse guiding us through the storm. She is intelligent, smart, kind and sweet. She is also a lot stronger than she looks both physically and mentally. When my husband needed a break from holding me up she stepped right up to take his place. When my husband was unsure of how to help me she was there to offer ideas. When I felt that I was losing it she helped give me strength. She prayed for me, with us, when I needed strength because I was nervous about the C-section. She supported me when I could no longer take the pain and needed medication even though we planned for all natural. After the C-section my husband needed to stay with me in the operating room, so we asked Jess if she would stay with our son while they were finishing up. She stayed with him until they put him in my arms. She barely slept for all those hours and we basically had to force her to eat because she was so focused on helping us. Jessica was amazing and we will have her there for our second child when that day comes. I am so happy that we had a Jess.

Kelly Sage


Dana is the literal definition of a saint. She went above and beyond what her expectations were and was so flexible with me to suit my needs. 10/10!!! Definitely going to want her for any future doula needs.

Erin Umstead


I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience than the one we had with Dana. My boyfriend and I took birthing classes with her which were incredibly informative and a lot of fun! She was very honest about everything and made sure we understood the answer to any questions we had. This was my first birth and because of Dana, I felt very prepared for it. She made me feel so confident during labor and because of her constant support, I was able to deliver my baby girl completely unmedicated. I chose to have my placenta encapsulated and am so happy I did; I felt great afterwards! Her support didn't end when she dropped off the pills. She continued to check in on me to see how I was feeling and to make sure nursing was going well. I would definitely recommend Dana to anyone looking for a doula or childbirth classes. She is incredible!

Lika Koroliova


I absolutely love Dana. She helped me with both of my births and did  absolutely wonderful job.

I was able to have two natural births, thanks to my doula. I would highly recommended Dana!

Samantha Nebiolo


I cannot possibly praise Dana enough. In preparation for a VBAC, I knew I wanted the support of a doula. After hearing a friend's recent experience with Dana I decided to reach out to her. Upon our first meeting I knew that she was a perfect match and she did not disappoint! We immediately clicked and i felt very much at ease with her right away. Dana is knowledgeable,  level headed, kind, and professional. More than that her experience in guiding mother's in having the birth they desire seems to be unmatched. When I needed her to be the voice of reason, she was available throughout my pregnancy  (and after--even during the holidays!) During labor and delivery,  she was able to help communicate my desires to the medical team, was a support for not only me, but my husband as well, and was the perfect mix of easy going and firm. She did not allow me to give up on myself and encouraged me through to a successful vaginal delivery. My family and I are extremely grateful for her part in bringing my second child into this world. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Autumn Soricelli


Dana has a kind soul. She is honest, corky, smart, motherly and understanding. She speaks the truth, is open, hardworking and knows her place in this world(which I can feel, tell, know...). Thank you Dana for being there for me, with beautiful Harmony, in my time of the unknown. I was able to hold onto her, squeeze with all of my might, almost knock her down as she held me in the most vulnerable experience I have known, possibley will ever know. Dana is a starlet in the world of Duolas. I am blessed to have had her by my side xoxoxox!!!

Sanna Dilawar


Jessica was my doula during the pregnancy and birth of my first child who was born early January of this year. She is a family friend who I have known for most of my life, but started seeing Jess as a doula sometime in my second trimester after much deliberation. Her experience, education, advice, and encouragement brought comfort, and stability through the entire process. She really made the experience of my daughter's birth unforgettable, beautiful, and amazing. I could not imagine experiencing any of it without her. She is so sweet, thoughtful, and present for whatever needs you may have or want. She was such an amazing support and friend during this life changing experience. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering having a doula.

Jennifer Scott


Dana is so great! I found her through a fellow mama friend. We attended her birthing classes and they were awesome. In a way, I missed them when they were over. My husband and I learned so much. We decided to use Dana as our doula. Since I had never experienced birth before, I wanted someone who could really help me through it. Little did I know, my labor would last days (yes, days) and that I would really need the support! The night that my labor began, Dana was just leaving a birth 3 hours away! (She was supporting a friend through her labor.) But she didn't even think twice about driving straight to my house to be there for me. Once she arrived, she helped me labor at home and then at the birth center until midday. We had a feeling that my daughter's head wasn't in the right place because I was having back labor. So she helped me labor in "spinning babies" positions as long as I could stand them. Dana helped me stay focused by remembering to breathe and relax through contractions. She rubbed my back and applied counter pressure for the back labor. We sent Dana home to sleep since she was up all night with me and I was only at 3CM. For the next several hours, I tried putting into practice everything Dana had taught me in our birthing classes. I prayed through laboring and truly felt God tell me, "You can do this, just keep going". The next morning, Dana returned. She stayed with me for the next 14 hours as we waited for me to fully dilate. She put me back into spinning babies positions and even applied some pressure to my baby's head to encourage her to move. Right before I was about to push, I literally felt my baby's head move into place! Spinning babies worked and she was ready! Not long after that, I delivered my beautiful baby girl. It was not the labor I had desired or wished for, but she was born healthy and that's all that mattered! Dana was an amazing support and I highly recommend using her as your doula :)

Bonnie Rose Wrigley


Dana is AMAZING and we are so thankful to have had her as a pivitol part of our birth experience. Here are the times that I was thankful that we found Dana:
1. Before labor
2. During labor
3. Ater labor
4. Forever!
We are truly so thankful to have found Dana and the entire Rushes Childbirth group. The childbirth classes we took were absolutely crucial in our understanding and education in many aspects of the pregnancy, preparing for the labor and birth of our daughter, and for being parents of an infant. My daughter was born recently, luckily healthy and happy and beautiful at 9lbs and I was able to deliver her according to my birthplan with no meds, which I attribute to Dana and her excellent teachings and guidance. She prepared us so well for the labor, and helped me very much in terms of getting to place of strength and knowledge that I felt empowered before the birth. She was priceless and INFINITELY supportive before, during, and after the birth. As a first time mom it was, and still is, indispensable to have the ability to ask questions and receive answers on everything -- often things that doctors don't have time to answer, or assume you already know. Having Dana as our doula and childbirth instructor was the best decision we made, and one I will be thankful for forever. After the birth of our daughter, she continued to check in and answer questions and provide support. I would recommend Dana and Rushes Childbirth to anyone and everyone who is having a baby!! Best decision we ever made. Thank you so much Dana!

Mariah Dice


My fiance and I took child birth classes with Dana and they were great ! She was so informative and everything she taught us really affirmed how we were already feeling. Each class was fun and full of diverse imformaton about everything to do with birth, babys, parenting, and relationships. I was sad to have them end I would love to attend other classes she teachs. I would recommend this class to everyone looking for birth classes!

Kayla Waddell


We did not work with Dana but one of her doulas Jessica. We had Jessica Brown as our doula and she was so helpful. My husband and I were both overwhelmed about being first time parents and going through this with the closest family member being 8 hours away. Jessica came in and really became part of our family through the whole process and we now consider her a friend and not just a service. During my delivery she helped me in ways I didn't even know I needed. The only regret We have about the whole experience is that we didn't get to meet Jessica sooner in our pregnancy. We cannot thank her and Rushes enough!!

Karin Rabatin


I had a wonderful experience with Rushes Childbirth, working with Harmony and Dana. The childbirth classes were fantastic- I felt prepared for everything from childbirth to postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. They were comprehensive and held in an atmosphere that encouraged questions in a judgement free zone. Dana is an amazing teacher! For my labor and delivery, Harmony was truly a Godsend. She was supportive and provided suggestions that allowed me to stay in control of my labor. She made herself available for questions whenever I had them, and talked me through some difficult choices without telling me what to do. After 26 hours of labor, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy without using any interventions. This would not have happened if it wasn't for her constant support. I would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone who is pregnant and considering a doula. It was the best decision we made, and we will be back if we are fortunate enough to have another baby in the future!



During my first pregnancy, I took the childbirth education class offered at my local hospital. I was told I would not need a doula, that “the labor nurse would be my doula.” And they went through the whole “you wanted a medication free birth, but ended up have ALL the interventions, but you have a baby now” thing. I did not effectively advocate for myself, I was frightened during transition and left the hospital feeling that I was pressured into accepting sub par support and unwanted interventions during a normally progressing labor. My second pregnancy was just so, so different. I knew right away I would hire a doula, and ended up hiring Dana. I took her childbirth education class that not only taught me about the birthing process, but also enabled me to advocate for myself with my doctors and hospital staff. It also gave me a different perspective on the purpose and usefulness of pain during labor. I wrote a great “birth preferences” list that was invaluable. While I ended up being induced due to my water breaking and labor not progressing, I did not require any pain medication and the only point I felt I couldn’t go on, was right before Dana told me to “look down!” and I was looking at my baby boy’s head! She helped me be calm during labor and helped my husband be a great coach as well. She remembered some of my preferences that I forgot, and also got along well with the hospital staff. My doula experience was so much more wonderful and my birth went so much better, I don't know how to adequately express it in words. If you are thinking of hiring a doula, get one. If you are looking at Dana’s profile, contact her! It was the best money we ever spent.

Janet Hosler DeMumbrum


I must admit that I had not considered hiring a doula when my husband and I became pregnant with our first child.  I was skeptical of the idea of having someone other than my husband attending to me during the labor process.  However,  after attending a class taught by Dana that was extremely informative and at my husband's suggestion we decided that having a doula present would help us to achieve our goal of a natural childbirth.  After our first meeting with Dana I knew that we had made the right decision.  She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise not to mention being a down to earth, caring and warm person.  It is immediately apparent that her main goal is to empower you into having the birthing experience that you desire.

As it would turn out, an emergency prevented Dana from attending to our birth. I must admit that I was disappointed but that faded immediately once Jessica arrived to step in.  Up to that point my labor had been slow so Jessica waited quietly allowing my husband and I to rest up for the big moment.  When the time came she was right there by our sides supporting us.

The postpartum visits were great!  Both Dana and Jessica checked in on us and helped me with my breastfeeding concerns as well as answering all of our new parent questions.  Dana also dropped off the placenta capsules she made for me that helped me with my mood and energy level. She has been readily available to answer any further questions I have had even though Amelia is now 6 months old.

I cannot say enough about both Dana and Jessica.  Both go above and beyond to make sure that the labor and delivery process go exactly as you planned.  If you are uncertain about hiring a doula like I was or are trying to choose one look no further than Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula Service.  They will live up to your expectations and exceed them. Thank you Dana and Jessica!

Katrina Mill


My husband and I just finished Dana's childbirth class and we truly enjoyed the experience. We were able to ask as many questions as we had and have an intimate personal experience. There were some classes that if we had been in a larger class I'm not sure we would have felt comfortable enough to participate. Dana's class covers more than just the birth, it gives perspective on postpartum and she shares her own experiences to show how different everyones experience can be.

I would recommend Dana's class to new parents because it covers a large range of material that I believe some classes may just skip over because they just don't have the time. My husband and I had a very hard time working the class into our schedule and Dana was able to rearrange the schedule to make it possible for my husband and I to take these classes. We really appreciated it and feel as prepared as we can be for our little one!

Michelle Gaeta


Dana was an amazing resource throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. As first time parents and both a gestational diabetes and group b strep diagnosis, my husband and I had a ton of questions which Dana had no problem answering without judgement. We also took her childbirth class, which we found very helpful in preparing for the birth, breastfeeding and childcare.

Dana was so amazing during my labor. She gave me the confidence and strength to give birth as I wanted, without pain medication or other interventions. She definitely will be my first call when I get pregnant again, I can't imagine going through labor without her.

Her care did not end at the birth, she continued to follow up with me in the weeks after the birth to make sure I was feeling well and breastfeeding was working. I really appreciated the time and care Dana provided.

I highly recommend hiring Dana.

Stephanie Nicol


There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for having Dana as my doula. I honestly never thought I would even be able to afford her services, but with her help we created a doula registry. Through many generous people we were gifted this amazing service. She was so understanding and helpful throughout the entire experience. Even though this was my second pregnancy it almost felt like my first,  they are almost 6 years apart. At the end of my pregnancy I went into labor a week early but because I did not progress enough according to the doctor I was sent home bring treated extremely rudely and made to feel stupid. The next day with Dana's support I switched to a new practice and my beautiful baby girl arrived 2 weeks later.  She helped me reach my goal of a natural birth despite the fact that I had to be induced. She always knew exactly what to say at the right moment to get me through the contractions. She is a wonderful partner and I highly recommend her, if I should be lucky enough to get pregnant again,  she will be my first call,  besides my husband of course. Thank you Dana for your amazing work.

Pamela Lind


I could not be happier with my experience with Dana. I took her birthing classes and they were incredibly informative! Then during my labor, she was the rock and confidence I needed. She made sure my labor was everything I asked for and she kept me on my desired path. I also had my placenta encapsulated by Dana. They have been so helpful in keeping away any extreme feelings of baby blues and I have been feeling much more energized. I highly recommend Dana for her doula services and if we decide to have any more children, I will definitely ask her to be a part of it.

Shawn Chasse


My wife and I would like to share our positive experience with Dana throughout the birth of our beautiful new baby, Phoebe. Prior to the birth, Dana helped us create our birth plan and become more knowledgable in the many aspects of labor and delivery. During Phoebe's birth she lovingly helped us carry out our plan, provide comfort with pain relief techniques and encourage us to continue to work through the difficulties. In the end she was a tremendous aid in creating a positive environment for the birth.

Jaclyn Origoni


After not finding a doula in my area (upstate NY), Dana was referred to me through a friend. She was gracious and willing to travel to me to help make my desire for a natural hospital birth a reality. She went above and beyond to get to know me, my family and our desires for our birth before the big day, through calls, face times, and coming to my home.  While in labor Dana helped keep me focused and I attribute my successful delivery on her strong support. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my labor and delivery and I am so grateful and appreciative for my experience with such an amazing doula!!

Jenny Fickes


Dana and Jessica are both amazing! Super knowledgeable and helpful through out my pregnancy and birth. During my birth the nurse had asked me several times to put on a hospital gown, I choose a hospital where it was not required that I do so, verified with my mid wife beforehand and it was written in birth plan that I did not have to wear one. I had done a great job saying no until the nurse asked me while I was transitioning from the tub to the bed and in the process of pushing, I was tired from my labor but my baby was finally on his way out I would have said yes to anything... just as I replyed to the nurse "I guess so" Jess looked at me and said "you didn't want that and you don't have to." she helped give me the strength to say no when I had none left. Sick people wear hospital gowns, giving birth is battle your body has been training for since your own birth, you are not sick you are a warrior.

Rachel Goldfarb



Dana had me moving into various positions that allowed me to work with the contractions. She reminded me to breathe deeply and that each contraction was one that was bringing me closer to my baby. For about an hour I would lean into Harmony as each contraction would arrive, using her incredibly sturdy (and pregnant!) body to support me physically and emotionally.
As I began to push, Dana stood over me with the rest of my support team guiding me into the most optimal positions. Every time I lost my breath she would remind me to inhale and exhale deeply, bringing me back into the present moment. There was no way I could have made it through the physically and emotionally draining process of labor so successfully without my wonderful Doula (and her apprentice). Both of these women were born to be doulas!

Rachel Goldfarb



On January 7th I gave birth to a healthy little girl. This is a simple sentence but the process itself was long and difficult and began the day my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. We were understandably nervous about raising a child and, more pressingly, going through pregnancy and childbirth. On the suggestion of a friend we decided to look into hiring a doula who would guide us through pregnancy and labor. After meeting with Dana for the first time in our home my husband and I knew that she would be the perfect support person. Our monthly meetings with Dana allowed us to ask our “silly” first timer questions and have reassurance that a medication free labor, which was what I wanted, was achievable. My husband was admittedly apprehensive about the idea of a labor without pain medications. However, knowing that Dana would be in the delivery room with us turned him around to the idea.

My active labor lasted for 22 hours, the last two of which were exclusively pushing. Since my water broke before contractions began I went to the hospital and arrived at 3 cm dilated. I was given Pitocin to “get things going”. Slowly but surely my contractions began to ramp up, shifting from being short “not so bad” to very painful. While my husband, parents, and the nurses and doctors were great helps, it was when Dana and her apprentice, Harmony arrived that all of the mindfulness, deep breathing, and inner strength I’d hoped to bring into my labor were truly put into action. As they arrived about halfway through my labor I was in intense pain and was starting to say that I needed an epidural. When I saw their faces I knew that I could move forward with my original plan.

Rachel Goldfarb



Dana’s personality is beyond perfect for her job. You can’t say she has a “bedside manner” as she covers so much more area than that. Besides caring for my daughter, Dana was looking out for my son-in-law, me and thinking about those in the waiting area as well. Until I met Dana that day at the hospital, she was a stranger to me except for what I knew about her through my daughter. By the end of the day, after the 22 hours of labor, I feel that Dana I are connected in such a wonderful way and will always remain connected. After my daughter gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, I couldn’t stop telling her and her husband that I thought one of the best decisions they ever made as a couple was to hire Dana as their doula. She was invaluable to my daughter and her husband on one of the most important days of their lives, and I can’t imagine them having gone through it all without Dana.

I want to add that there was one additional person in the delivery room. We were so fortunate to have had Dana’s apprentice, Harmony, also with us. Harmony was there to observe and learn, but she did far more than that. There were several times during all those hours when my daughter was literally leaning on Harmony for support. Harmony’s personality and caring disposition will certainly make her as wonderful a doula as Dana.

Rachel Goldfarb



I was privileged to be in the labor and delivery room with my daughter when she gave birth. Also in the room, completing my daughter’s team, was her husband, two delivery room nurses, and my daughter’s doula, Dana. My daughter’s labor and delivery was long and hard – 22 hours in total with the last two just about all pushing. From the moment Dana entered the room, she gave the mother-to-be such comfort and care. Through all the hours, Dana was continually guiding her through each phase of labor. Each time when my daughter thought she wasn’t going to make it to the end without any pain relief as had been her plan, Dana was there giving guidance and encouragement to continue on. Her suggestions of different positions, at times when no one else in the room thought my daughter could possibly do it, were incredible and of course the right thing to do. Her continuing advice, support, words of encouragement, wonderful experience and knowledge got my daughter through her difficult delivery.

Stacy Relation


Dana was an amazing doula. I had to be induced and I was scared. I was in horrible pain and both my husband and I were exhausted. I had wanted a natural birth and everything was going differently, until Dana got to the hospital. Once Dana was there I was able to relax and enjoy (yes enjoy) my labor. She reminded me to ride my waves of contractions, not fight them. She was there to rub my back, to allow my husband to rest, when the OB suggested a csection, I looked at Dana. I knew that if she supported the choice it was the right one to make. In a way, I trusted Dana more than my OB, the man I let cut my stomach open, to perform my first surgery and to deliver my son safely. She stayed with my husband while the OB put me under and delivered my son and stayed with us until we were moved into the room I was to stay in. Without Dana's calm reassurance and strength, I wouldn't have been able to find my power. If we have any more children, Dana will be our first call.

kelly kostka


Dana was truly wonderful! My husband and I chose her after interviewing 3 doulas who served our area. From the beginning she was willing to work around our crazy schedules and make sure we got all the preparation we needed. She gave a great in home childbirth class which was perfect for my husband who had no real prior knowledge and was a good review for me since nursing school was awhile ago. She approached our care in a holistic manner - even ensuring our relationship was as ready as it could be when our daughter made her arrival. Her knowledge base was detailed and she did a great job of keeping things fun as well as helpful. Even before labor I called her a few times so she could help me decide if symptoms were normal or something I needed to call the doctor about. My labor progressed so quickly at home that she ended up meeting us at the hospital but she arrived very shortly after I got there and she truly made an impact on my ability to have a wonderful birth experience. Other than IV fluids, I did not require any interventions. My labor progressed pretty quickly and I found that her coaching and instruction of my husband really helped put me at ease and control my discomfort. I couldn't be happier with how things went - even being at the hospital which had made me nervous before we signed up with Dana. After Lilliana was born, she stayed with us until we were settled and she followed up with me by phone the next few days. She continues to be a resource for me - which was particulately great when Lilli got her first cold. She feels more like a friend than anything and I can't recommend her enough! She also provided us with placenta encapsulation, placenta prints and an umbicial cord keepsake which were beautifully done as well. My husband and I are agreed - if we are blessed with another child, Dana will be there with us through the process again!

Kristen Webb


Jessica Brown was my doula. It is hard for me to express how grateful I am for her service. I was hesitant at first to hire a doula, but decided to because it was my first pregnancy and my husband and I wanted to have someone there who knew what was going on. Jessica was absolutely phenomenal from day one. She came for prenatal visits and walked us through our birth plan. She made sure we knew our options, but also was supportive of any decision we made. When I was in labor, she came as soon as I asked, and jumped right in timing contractions, helping me walk around, and using pressure and heat packs on my back (since I had painful lack labor). At the hospital, Jessica was a stronghold for both me and my husband. I had a rough delivery and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Jessica. Her support and encouragement prevented me from having a c-section. My baby almost died right after delivery, but by the way Jessica was acting so calm, I didn’t panic or worry. Jessica stayed until my baby was stable and we got transferred to another hospital. She came to visit us again at the hospital and after we had come home. She also made herself available for any questions I had after delivery (which was plenty!). I highly recommend Jessica to anyone, whether it’s a first pregnancy or not. You will not be disappointed.

Holly de Melo


I found Dana after a long search.  First I searched for every doula who had a substantial number of births and the most awesome testimonials. I was also searching for a doula who new different movements a birthing mother could try to help the baby through the pelvis. I had a very challenging first labor in NY. When I started my interview process I had a miscarriage. Dana was very supportive through this difficult time. She new the right things to say to help me. Two months later I was pregnant again and I repeated my search. In all, I interviewed 8 doulas and I found Dana to be the most knowledgeable, warm and caring.  She could describe many births and a long list of practices to help during labor. My husband and I took a refresher birth class and she was happy to modify the class a little for the second time around.  When I was having trouble visualizing a positive birth, Dana recommended the perfect author. When I asked about practitioners in the area, she always had a list to fit my needs. Dana worked hard to create a trusting relationship with my husband.  I know I can be difficult, I research, I question and I have high expectations and we worked beautifully together. The day of the birth Dana's knowledge, confidence and positive attitude were what I needed to get through the most challenging parts of the labor. She was amazing. She inew when to get to the birthing center and helped me get there. I was having tremendous back labor and the contractions were coming fast. At the birthing center she helped me through countless positions to help my baby down the pelvis. She kept me from pushing for hours, which, as some readers would know, is an all but impossible task. Although she was exhausted from a long labor, she did not leave until I was settled and breast feeding. She called and checked on me frequently and could answer all my questions. During our postpartum visits she helped me to breast feed and feel more confident.

Susan Hardy


When my hubby and I found out we were pregnant with our 4th child after buying a house, we knew that we wanted a homebirth and a doula.  I wanted to let my body do what it was made to do. My first birth was traumatizing for me.  I remember I promised myself my beautiful babies and I deserved a better birth experience and next time I wanted a midwife.  I did have a midwife for my second birth but I still wanted out of the hospital.  3rd birth was at a birthing center, a big step to what I envisioned but I still felt I was on someone else's terms and clock.  For my 4th birth, we had the house and privacy I wanted for a homebirth.  We hired Dana early in the pregnancy.  I felt comfortable with her for so many reasons, 2 of them being a shared faith and "large" families.  She would come to the house and we would chat about everything.  3 my births were 41+ weeks.  Dana was so knowledgeable and helpful, bringing over different things to help get my labor going when my body was ready.  She came over as soon as I needed her in labor and was there with me for every single contraction.  I have always had back labor and she was magnificent with counter pressure to relief my back pain.  She had every kind of comfort I needed and knew what I needed even more than I did.  When labor got intense and I couldn't talk, she somehow arleady knew and was there for me with encouragement, praise, relief and strength.  She knew that I wanted my daughter, 6, with me for some of the labor and in the room when the baby was born.  She taught my daughter how to help with the counter pressure.  That was such a meaningful moment for me.  She came over postpartum many times too.  She is the reason I was able to have the birth I envisioned.  She is fabulous.  If we should have more children, she will most definately be there with us.

Kevin Dee


Part 3/3

My wife and I often reflect on the birth of our daughter and how amazed we are that our "just in case" plan became so beneficial to providing a memorable and happy experience while bring our wonderful little girl into this world. Jessica and Dana superbly fill the void that exists between patient and provider in healthcare today, we will most definitely use their services again ,and highly recommend Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula Service to anyone who is expecting.


Kevin Dee


Part 2/3

Jessica arrived immediately after we called and quickly made herself useful gathering supplies, timing contractions, getting water, and standing in for bathroom breaks. Jessica and I worked seamlessly to keep my wife fed, hydrated, and relaxed during the early stages of labor. When my wife finally said it was time to go to the hospital we were already to roll thanks to Jessica's efforts. Once we got to the hospital the intensity of my wife's labor increased and it was quickly apparent that the nursing staff, although diligent and hard working, was only interested in supporting one type of birth experience (the one most convenient for them). As my wife toiled our birth experience was slowly being hijacked by hospital policy and it became more about what the nurses and doctor wanted and not what my wife wanted. That is until Jessica's support and experience gave me the strength and backbone to stand up for my wife and what she wanted for her labor and our daughter. Jessica was vital to us taking back our birth story and going down the path that we knew was best for us. I completely underestimated how much support I would need during this difficult process and when Jessica would say to me, "That isn't you're only option" or "Everything is ok" I was able to take the reins and put them back into my wife's hands.
After my daughter was born Jessica quickly and stealthy (this was discussed during our earlier visits) took the most priceless photos of our first moments with our new baby. After the dust settled and we were moved into the post partum room, Jessica left us to bond with our baby. Jessica came to visit us again after we were home for a week just to make sure we were adjusting well and to offer any assistance if we happened to need it.

Kevin Dee


Part 1/3

When my wife and I initially sought out the services of a doula we initially viewed it as an insurance policy, but after our daughter was born we both agreed that Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula Service was the best investment we ever could have made. Having a job that could have prevented me from being at the birth of our daughter, I wanted to guarantee that my wife was going to be supported on her terms throughout the labor and delivery process, little did I know how much support I would need during that time as well.
Jessica was diligent in meeting with us and truly getting to know what my wife and I wanted out of our birth experience, she took this time to ask questions and present options without ever pushing any particular strategy or ideology. After our first two visits it was apparent that we had more of a relationship with Jessica than with any doctor we had been with up to that point. We also attended the childbirth education classes that were mainly taught by Dana and we felt that experience was so much more beneficial to our understanding than any classes we had previously taken or conversations we had had with my wife's obstetrician. Dana's classes were both informative and engaging, we got to ask questions and were never pressured into following any method or ideology, the core message that was given to us was: "Have the birth experience that YOU want to have."
As my daughter's due date came and went Jessica supported and reassured us the whole way, she recommended different activities to spur things along and even brewed some labor tea for us. Finally my wife's labor began, then stalled , then began again, then stalled, then began again for real (my wife says it was real the whole time).

Amie Patrick


Dana and I have been friends for many many years. So naturally when I got pregnant for the first time dana sort of rescued me. I have helped raise kids my whole life but have never gave birth to one. Dana was there for every question I had. When it was time to go to the hospital she never left my side. She was calm and passionate and made me feel safe and relaxed and I actually never really had to much pain with the contractions. Mostly we laughed through them.  For my second baby... I decoded to have a home birth. Dana recommended a great midwife service but of course I knew I wanted dana there again. Yes I have had a baby all ready and yes I COULD have done it without her. But I didn't want to. I knew I would be anxious and in pain and I knew with dana that she could relax me like no one else. And her friend jess who is also a doula joined us for the birth and she as well was great! I don't plan to have any more babies but even if I had 10 more (hahah yeah right) I would very much need dana at everyone to help relax me and help everything run smoothly and make me feel like I'm a superstar !

Melanie H


Where do I even begin?  How about I start with the words that pop into my head when I think of Dana; passionate, warm, knowledgeable, understanding, confident, beautiful, mindful etc...She is a woman that continues to amaze me in all that she does, whether it's raising (and birthing) 5 children of her own, running her own Doula business and oh, she also finds time to manage a CSA-all wholeheartedly and with such great love.  When Dana and I met at our first Doula meeting, I instantly felt connected to her, for lack of better terms, she just "got me." This was my second baby, boy do I wish I had her by my side the first time around.  I had a c-section with my first and was really hoping to have a natural birth with my second.  She was in full support of my desire to VBAC (she VBAC'd herself) and I can say with confidence, that she is one of many reasons that I was able to VBAC.  She helped me believe that not only could I do it, but that I could do it naturally (without intervention).  I was excited to call her when I went into labor, especially being 9 days late, which she reminded me during that time that a due date was not an expiration date.  We met her at Yale around 6am and she was literally cheerful and you could see the excitment in her face that it was time, which I found comforting.  Not knowing it at the time, she was an even bigger help to my husband (which he would attest to).  She helped guide him in ways to support me, there was one point where we were all reciting the vowels through each contraction and I swear this is what go me through the last stage of labor. She was holding my hand while I pushed and right before the last push she said, you can do this, let's get this baby out and I turned to her and said, "okay, let's do this" and that's when my beautiful baby girl came into the world. Thank you Dana, we love you! We HIGHLY recommend Dana! We had an incredible experience and birth with her!



I wanted a doula because I had had a previous traumatic experience with childbirth. I was looking for someone to help me with an upcoming hospital birth. I needed someone knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, and committed to critical thinking (not obstetric dogma), to help me figure out the best birth plan for my specific situation. I also wanted someone to advocate for me during my labor, and another pair of eyes monitoring the labor process. Dana was wonderful for all of this. We discussed all aspects of my birth plan, and Dana was great with both the intellectual and emotional parts of that. In the hospital she watched everything like a hawk, and when it was time to advocate, she spoke up for both my husband and me when we were too stressed and exhausted to do it. I would absolutely use her again because she was everything I needed.

Rachel Rachel


I was a first time mother who wanted all the best for my child and delivery. My goal was to have a natural birth with no interventions. After much research I learned that having a Doula greatly increased my chances of reaching that goal, so I set out to hire one and became quickly overwhelmed. I had a zillion brochures from the midwife's office, and even more websites to go through. For most I had to spend time filling out a profile and wait for them to email me , then email back, etc just to meet them. It became very tedious. With Dana, I just called the number and she answered right away. It was a breath of fresh air. Just from our initial phone call I knew she would be the one. When my husband and I met her in person for the first time we hired her on the spot and cancelled the other interviews.  Dana's experience, knowledge, and passion for what she does is unmatched.

We also hired her for our birthing classes and we are so fortunate that we did. She is extremely flexible and understanding. The classes are small so I felt very comfortable asking those embarrassing questions. She really helped not only me but my husband to understand what the actual labor process is all about, and what to expect. The knowledge about labor and also what I learned about myself and how to deal with pain was extremely useful on the big day!

I would absolutely recommend Dana as a doula for any birth. She is a wealth of information and a great advocate for her clients. She has kept in close contact with me following the birth, beginning with her post pardum visit and continuing with phone calls and texts to make sure we are still doing ok. I had new parent struggles with everything from breastfeeding to pediatrician issues. Dana calmed my nerves and explained everything to me. She is always reachable. I feel like even now I can come to her for any questions I may have as a new mom.

Jessica Lynn


My full testimony can be found on the Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula service facebook page in the "reviews" section. Simply put, Dana was an essential source of knowledge, support and guidence through during and after the birth of our second son. We were attempting a VBAC and though we ultimately choose a repeat cesarean, it was a perfect, beautiful, sacred birth. Through this journey I was able to heal from and honor the birth of my first son, learn so much about birth as a whole, and gain a deeper understanding and love for myself and my husband. None of this would have been possible without Dana, who knew exactly how and when to support us through every single step. Highly reccomend her to any family. She has been such a blessing.

Samantha Hám


Dana's care throughout our pregnancy, delivery and post-partum was above and beyond what we expected. Dana has a strong understanding and knowledge of what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy and an empowered delivery. My husband was especially grateful for Dana's help in preparing him to support me during labor & delivery into his life as a father with a new baby. As a first time mom, Dana helped me to feel confident in my decisions by talking about pros and cons without any judgment. One of Dana's biggest attributes as a doula is that she truly does care about each client and about empowering women to have a beautiful birth. Dana's approach is really all encompassing and helped us feel very prepared.  I recommend her without any hesitation to anyone and everyone who is looking for a doula who will truly elevate their birth experience.

April Pepin


Jessica Brown as my doula was a great choice for me and my family. She met my needs and exceeded my expectations at every turn before and after delivery. She made my pregnancy issues her own when I felt I was being under-served and she often went above and beyond her specified services. She was attentive to both me and my partner during my labor and extremely supportive when our wishes on my birth plan became unfeasible due to complications. I really don't know what we would have done without her.

Tabitha Oates


We hired Dana as our doula for our third child. I was determined to have minimal, if any, interventions with my third birth and discovered the rate of natural births was higher with a doula. Dana met with us many times during my pregnancy and got to know my entire family. She was very knowledgeable and available to answer any questions that arose. When I went into labor Dana arrived promptly at my home and stayed with me as I rested in the bath, she monitored contractions and knew when it was time for us to head to the hospital. At the hospital birthing center Dana was a tremendous asset in helping me manage pain through applying counter-pressure. My sons birth was completely intervention free, into water, very peaceful and serene. Having a doula gave  me the knowledge and confidence in my body to let nature take its course. After the delivery Dana stayed to  make sure we were settled and doing well. Postpartum care was provided approximately 48 hours after birth in my home, Dana checked in  to make sure that both baby and I were doing fine. This doula / expectant mother relationship blossomed into a friendship we still share today. I would recommend Dana to anyone who is expecting a baby, whether it is their first or fifth.

Cindy Lou Struzinski Burgess


I have taken Dana C.B.E. class. I found the series to be very informative, relaxed & fun.

Cynthia Cole


Dana was everything my husband, daughter, and I needed for our birth story.  She was fabulous during the induction process, utilizing natural remedies.  She was soothing, calming, and peaceful at all times.  She was able to keep us calm.  Dana has a very positive attitude and knows the paths your birthing experience can take.  With that information, the 3 of us were able to make the best decisions for that part of our journey.

Dana was always only a phone call, text, or email away and was very informative, making decisions a lot easier.  She also suggested getting my placenta encapsulate and I agree was a great idea.  My husband became very comfortable with Dana and would ask her many questions also.  Now, whenever someone asks what to do for their pregnancy, he always suggests getting a doula.  It's so wonderful to have someone so positive and experienced in our corner to help advocate for us when the doctors want to make decisions.

As a post partum doula she's been great, giving visits and phone calls.  Making sure everyone is happy and healthy has been her primary goal, one that she surely excelled!

Kelly Defalco


My partner and I hired Dana Oakes-Sand for the birth of our son. She was invaluable during the labor and delivery process. Her knowledge and expertise were incredibly helpful before, during and after his birth. When we think back to the experience, we both say that we would not know what we would've done if she wasn't there to support and encourage both of us. It was one of the best decisions we made preparing for and during labor. She is well educated, friendly, incredibly supportive and was a great coach through the entire experience. We highly recommend her if you are looking for a doula!

Alex Parisi


During my pregnancy I found that everyone, very generously, wanted to give my partner and I advice. It was overwhelming to say the least. Our solution was to find one person who could guide us...

Dana was great! We instantly felt at ease! She came to our home so we were very comfortable. Every time a worry would arise, Dana was just a phone call away. She used personal experience to relate to us and came with a warm openness to each visit. She familiarized us with what to expect during our birth. She prepared us to be accepting of the inevitable changes to our "birth plan" that were bound to happen.

When we ended up in a hospital, rather than the birthing center, she came to be our advocate.  She was very positive and held a strong space in the room. She was there for each contraction!

We just love Dana and would highly recommend her Doula services and birthing classes!

Tiffany Marsh


I don't even know where to start in leaving a testimony for Dana Oakes-Sand of Rushes Childbirth Education and Birthing Services..I had such a great experience! I have known Dana for several years now through mutual friends and she has always been very knowledgeable in everything baby. I decided to take her birthing classes she offered this Summer as I was due to have my 3rd baby in late September. My first 2 babies were born after my labor started, then seemingly stopped, only to be induced with pitocin and an epidural. While my experiences were great, I always felt cheated and wished for an opportunity to try and have my 3rd baby naturally. Attending Dana's classes was just what I needed! The information she provided at each class was so helpful to me, although I'd already had 2 babies, I learned so much! The best thing I took away from these classes though was a new level of confidence. Dana has a great way of teaching what she knows in a very straight-forward yet extremely encouraging manner. In her classes she gave us materials to take home, movies to watch, books to read and purchase, and even let me borrow one of her personal books. I really looked forward to class each week. I came home and told my husband what I had learned and for the first time, I felt like I had a driven purpose with this pregnancy. When I finally did go into labor, it wasn't how I hoped it would be (never really is), but each time I seemed to hit a bump Dana was encouraging and showed me all the options I still had available, she even came to my home to help me several times and visited me in the hospital as well. I had an awesome birth experience! I was able to achieve what I wanted and when my baby was born, I was ecstatic and very proud of myself! I am so thankful to Dana for helping me achieve that. If you are thinking of taking her classes or looking for a doula, I highly recommend her!

Kathleen Dziadik


My first birth was a hectic one. This pregnancy I decided to try something new. I attended Dana's birthing class and got to know her over several weeks. I then decided to have her as my doula to try for a better birth experience. oh boy was it great! I had let Dana know that in labor I get mean and complain. She was able to help keep me centered, focused and of all things... Laughing!! I had such a great experience and my husband felt supported too and more calm than with our first. Having a doula somehow made the pain of delivery seem less. Dana even recognized when I might have been ready to push. Asking a nurse to go get the dr. Sure enough I was ready!! I wanted a natural birth and I was able to have it. I had been saying I can't do it and needed the epidural. Dana kept saying I could do and that I am in control. I was able to delivery exactly as natural as I wanted. Without her I would not have been able to have such a great experience. We plan to hire Dana again in about two years.

Samantha Clay


I was given the oppertunity to go to some birthing classes that Dana was hosting tjrough a mutual friend. These classes are excellent. I have learnt so much in just a few short weeks. This is my second child and I wish I had known about Dana's classes before having my first child. Her classes are made fun and very easy to listen to and get involved in. I would highly reccomend her to any new or btdt mother.

Heather McKeon


I really had a great labor experience with Dana as my doula and Jessica her apprentice. They did an amazing job supporting me through my 4th pregnancy, labor and delivery, and offered a lot of emotional support during my very hard recovery. It was my 4th child, and first time having Dana as my doula, undoubtedly if the hubby lets us have a 5th baby I will be using Dana again! Dana has a very great way of listening to your wishes and is extremely knowladgeable about the entire pregnancy and birthing process.

About 5 years before this I had done training to become a doula and attended a handful of births. Then once I had more than one child, I decided to put that passion of mine on hold until they are older. I really want to retrain with Dana once I am ready to again be a doula because of all that knowladge she has and her hands on training! I would trust any doula trained by her over a large corporation that is mainly a reading list and 2 day class.

If anyone is interested in having a doula attend their birth I would highly recommend setting up a meeting with Dana just to have her answer your questions, or even just to find out what a doula is and what they can do for you!

Jasmine Edwards


Dana was a pleasure to work with during my entire pregnancy and labor process. We took pregnancy classes with her and they helped a great deal when the big day arrived. I felt completely comfortable with her and any questions that I had she was more than happy to help and be insightful. I went into labor at 3 am and she made it to the hospital before I did. I experienced a hard labor and her techniques helped make the natural labor bearable. She did not forget about us even after our daughter was born which was a wonderful thing because my questions did not just end because I had the baby. I definitely plan on using Dana's doula services when we have our next baby And overall feel that I had a easier pregnancy because of her and developed a new friend.

Katherin Sonneborn


My first birth experience was slightly traumatic, and I wanted a much better experience the second time. We hired Dana early in my second pregnancy and it was the best decision we made. She helped prepare me, my husband, and our 2 year old for the birth of our second baby. We reviewed relaxation techniques and breathing techniques. But most importanty, we really got to know each other and become comfortable with each other at our monthly meetings.

When I finally went into labor, I utilized all of Dana's techniques for relaxation. I was able to relax during each contraction and let the contraction do all of the work. Worked well because within four hours I was holding a handsome and healthy baby boy.

Thanks again Dana!

Lika Koroliova


I had a wonderful experience with Dana.  She was the reason why  I got to have a birthing experience I wanted.  Dana was a great support  and an awesome coach not only for me, but for my husband as well.  Both, him and I, can't imagine going through child birth without a doula, especially one as skilled  and caring as Dana. I would highly recommend her and would definitely use her services in the future.

Caitlin Cashmore


God gives all of us gifts and He blessed Dana & Jessica with the amazing gift of guiding parents through the birthing process. As we were preparing to welcome our first born into this world, I was hoping to have a calm, medicine free, vaginal delivery.  My husband and I do not have any family near by, and we wanted to have a good support team by our side.  I contacted Dana during my second trimester, I needed someone to help me through the rough pregnancy.  I was diagnosed with HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) at 9 wks. gestational which also lead to bad anxiety for the majority of my pregnancy.  As Dana and Jessica walked me through the darkest parts of my pregnancy, we created a close knit support system. We hired Dana to teach her birthing classes at our home and hired Jessica to be our doula for labor and delivery.  Dana's birthing classes were relaxed, fun, and informative.  Jessica's support and assistance was critical during our 18 hours of labor.  My husband and I are so grateful we were able to achieve a drug free, natural birth.  We truly enjoyed working with Dana & Jessica and have remained in close contact. I highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them both again in the future! - Caitlin

From my point of view as a husband, having Jessica alongside during the birth was a game-changer. We were anxious to get to the hospital after Caitlin had been in labor for several hours, but because of Jessica's expertise, she encouraged Caitlin to continue to labor at home. I'm glad we did because it helped Caitlin remain calm and focused. Our doctor said she would welcome Jessica at every one of her deliveries. We were blessed to have Jessica with us. She prayed with us. Supported us. Loved us. Also, Dana went out of her way to visit us at home to support Caitlin as she attempted to breast-feed. Dana & Jessica went above and beyond. Simply, all we can say is thank you! - Hakem

Jodi Gove


Hiring Dana was one of the best decisions we made in our pregnancy.  We initially used Dana for birth education classes. We were so comfortable with her that we decided to hire her as our doula - for my husband, so she could be there to help guide him through the birth process.  During birth she was suh a great presence in our birthing room, helping my husband help me. However, there came a time when she was instrumental in assisting me personally. I nearly ended up with an ER c-section and she talked me through what I needed to do to ensure I could work through to a vaginal birth. In the end, she helped to turn our son and I was able to continue on with a vaginal birth and the delivery of our healthy son.  Since this experience I have recommended hiring a doula to everyone that I know is pregnant, regardless if it their first or 5th baby. If my husband and I ever decide to have another, Dana will be the first one we will call to once again be our doula. I HIGHLY recommend using her as your doula.  I don't have enough space to continue writing what a great experience we had, so please try her out yourself for a great birthing experience. Peter and Jodi

Sarah Farid


Dana was amazing! After much discussion, my husband and I hired Dana when I was about 34 weeks pregnant. Dana has a wonderful personality and is available to answer any and all questions before delivery and postpartum. She was a great advocate for me at the hospital recognizing that I was ready before the nurses. Not only did she help me, but she also kept my husband calm. She kept both of us in the zone. After delivery, she gave a wonderful leg massage - who knew your leg muscles could tense up so much and stayed with us until we were comfortable. A few days later, she came to our home and helped us give our daughter her first bath! Ever since then, she has stayed in contact with us via phone and email to make sure the three of us were doing well. The only regret I have is that we didn't get in touch with her SOONER! When we're ready for number 2, I know who we're calling first!

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