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Katie Edwards

Kindhearted Doula

Issaquah, WA Service range 10 miles I serve the Eastside of King County


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I support families weekdays between 9am-3pm (2-4 hour shifts)

Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 55 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula
  • Northwest Association for Perinatal Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I do not do overnights, but can help you get some naps in during the day :)

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Board Member NAPS Doulas (2019-2021), Newborn Group Facilitator with PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), Parent Mentor with Healthy Start through Youth Eastside Services

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

As a postpartum doula I provide nurturing, practical support and education to families in their home during the “fourth trimester”. I am open to reducing my rate to support those with financial barriers. Please visit my website to learn more about me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Service Area

Issaquah, WA Service range 10 miles I serve the Eastside of King County

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Client Testimonials for Katie Edwards

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Mia Mao


We are very lucky to have Katie with us. The past month is like a roller coaster ride and we definitely underestimate the amount of work and unknowns. My son was one week late and Katie wait for us with full patience. She blended in smoothly from the day we come back from the hospital, actively finding ways to help. She is more like a friend, always thinking for your benefit with tons of science-backed advice. My son also loves her so much, I can tell she definitely has talent with baby!

Thank you again, Katie.

Safa oz


We have worked with Katie as postpartum doula for our first newborn. It was pretty tough for us not having family member to help. Katie did amazing job for both taking care of our newborn and teaching us key details. She take our stress out by supporting us emotionally and physically. She was also very flexible and helpful on scheduling. I definitely recommend Katie to anyone who is looking for a doula service.



Katie was wonderful!  She helped our family during a difficult postpartum phase.  She was patient, kind, a good listener, and even helped us meal prep.  Katie was gentle with our daughter and assisted with introducing a bottle.  We would definitely work with Katie again and would recommend her to other families!  

Mills Family


Katie was an immense resource for our family after we had our twins. Katie visited our home prior to my birth to get acclimated to the commute and also our living set up. Once our twins arrived, she met us at our home to help us get started. Katie went to great lengths each day to make sure my entire family was supported both in and outside of the home. She ran errands, went grocery shopping, prepared support/educational materials, and even delighted us with goodies along the way. She was also very flexible in supporting us amidst a sometimes busy schedule of doctor's visits for me and the twins.

Inside the home, she was very thoughtful of us as new parents. From caring for our apartment, preparing meals, and assisting me on my breastfeeding journey. She is full of knowledge, encouragement, empathy, and first hand experience. Even something as little as conversation, went a long way in making me feel cared for.

Finally, Katie showered our children with warmth. They never cried or felt neglected while with her. At the start of each shift, she scooped our children from our arms and stayed a few minutes past the end of her shift making sure they were settled. She taught my husband and I very important care tips and from Day 1, implemented processes and best practices, enabling us to best care for our newborns. At the end of her shifts, I'd emerge from my bedroom and find that everyone's laundry was folded, the kitchen and living room were tidy, and garbage bins were emptied. This just made me more at ease throughout the day. She made the best use of her time with us, was never on her phone, and was thoughtful/creative in how she provided care.

Overall, working with Katie helped to accelerate our learning curve and made the recovery period a lot smoother for all of us.



This is our first baby and we are glad we hired a post partum doula. Katie is very knowledgeable and helpful to care for our newborn. Katie is resourceful and reliable and made the transition for me and my family lot smoother. She always wore a mask in our home despite being vaccinated which was important for us during this pandemic. Highly recommend Katie for anyone looking to hire a post partum doula. 

Annie Perry


My husband and I hired Katie to come help me out for a few days when he went back to work and I was feeling overwhelmed with a newborn that was fussy and stubborn. Katie was so supportive and helpful, giving me tips and tricks of how to make things easier and making sure I was eating and drinking. I felt totally comfortable with her watching my son while I snuck in a (very glorious) nap. She provided a listening ear when i needed someone to talk to, and helped me identify local resources and support groups. Should there be a second baby in the future, I’ll definitely be contacting her for help!

Gillian Fears


It was an absolute pleasure working with Katie! She is extremely knowledgeable about newborns and postpartum mothers. She always arrived on time, professional and made sure to ask what things I wanted to get accomplished for the day, and how she could help me. Additionally she was proactive in taking on tasks that I had not necessary mentioned (ie; folding/doing laundry, unloading/loading dishwasher etc.). I enjoyed Katie’s company and soaked up the knowledge that she offered!

Supriya K


Katie looked after my twins for couple of hours during the week when I needed to take a breather. She was very loving and my two month old babies were very happy and often smiled when she took care of them. She was very gentle in her approach and picked up my babies every time they cried. She rocked them gently and was able to pacify them everytime they cried considering that my babies were going through the Purple crying phase during the time she visited us. She introduced us to good gagets like Ergo baby carrier and FisherPrice rocker and told us advantages and disadvantages of lot of baby care products from her prior experience with other families. She gave us great advice about resusable diapers and showed us many ways of folding them. It was very easy to have a conversation with her and we had interesting conversations about healthy eating, growing vegetables in backyard, baby foods and recipes. She gave me great breastfeeding tips and helped me learn different positions for breastfeeding twins. She also would send me messages or get printouts about any useful information she found. She was very adjusting to our day to day activities very easily. I also sppreciate that she was very particular about her schedule of visits and would inform me many days in advance if she was going on vacation. I would highly recommend her as a doula.

Kathy Mileski


Katie is a terrific postpartum doula!  She is warm, friendly, and down to earth - just the kind of person you want in your home.  She came and helped me after the birth of my third child.  She assisted me around the home with care of my daughter, such as bathing and dressing her.  It was great to have someone to hold her while I took a shower!!!  She also helped me keep up on laundry and dishes, and other household chores, which was a great relief.  Katie had great resources for me when I ran into breastfeeding difficulties (my daughter was tongue tied).  Above and beyond any one thing Katie did to help me, she was a positive, radiant person to have in the home.  She developed a warm rapport with my daughter, and was a tremendous listener to me in those overwhelming first months of motherhood.   For me, she was a God-send, as we live across the country from family, and my husband travels a great deal.  I highly recommend you call Katie for help!  You will not be disappointed :)

Daniel Mutch


Katie was a wonderful resource in a tough time. She brought joy and a smile into our home. She was so loving to our child, and patiently instructed us through the learning curve of our first little one.

We don't know how we would've made it without her! We feel like she is part of our family now.

Henrika Stich


Katie was very nice and helpful during quite difficult transitional time for our family. She become our savior!;) with an active toddler Audrey (21 month) and a newborn baby Daniel my hands were full and I, as a new mom, felt quite overwhelmed. Katie helped me to transition into my new role as a mom of 2. She helped with breastfeeding challenges, she gave a lot of useful information about breastfeeding, baby care, new mom diet, health, emotional support and other topics. She he also become a good friend to us as well. Katie is a wonderful, caring and nurturing mom herself.

Our family was very lucky and happy to have Katie as our doula. Thank you!!!!! We will miss you;)

Henrika, Christian, Audrey, Daniel Stich

Yesenia Mendez


I have no words to discribe how amazing and helpful Katie was with me and my two lil Ones. She be sides giving me a big hand around the house she also is a great listener.

i like Katie to cuz she never judged me also she was very respectfully to all my wishes.

i loved the fact that she took the time to stop at the library to get book so she could later read them to her.

thank u Katie for al ur support ,advise,care,and love u gave to my kids will miss u very much:) god bless u in everything you do and once again thank you soooooo very much

Victoria NMB


My partner was out of town for a week, the twins had stopped sleeping through the night, and my older daughter was having a rough time adjusting to life as a big sister. Katie was one of a handfull of Doulas I met in a postpartum doula training who came to "rescue" me during that week. A kindhearted doula, indeed, who drove miles out of her way to come lend me a hand during a really difficult time. She brought books to read with my older daughter while juggling the needs of the twins. If she can handle two 6-months old and a 2.5 year old, I think it's safe to say she can pretty much handle anything! I felt comfortable having her in my home and really appreciated her warm and gentle presence.

Postpartum Availability for Katie Edwards

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