Alyson Mancini CD(DONA), BA Birth/Newborn Photographer Photo

Alyson Mancini CD(DONA), BA Birth/Newborn Photographer

Inner Strength Birthing

North Las Vegas, NV Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 172 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 7 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
midwife has to be present at the birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Maternity
  • Photography - Newborn
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA CERTIFIED Birth Doula and DONA TRAINED Postpartum Doula Family/Birth & Newborn photographer belly casting Baker of Choo Choo Lactation Cookies I have been a child care provider for years and have Cared for orphans in South Africa and Jamaica

Fee Details

Hi!! I'm Excited to be along with you on your journey!! I have 25 years of experience in caring for children and their families! I believe all women should have support during the most beautiful experiences of their lives! My birth fee includes 2 prenatal visits, Available by phone/email 24/7. Provide resources to you from the education and training I have. I'm trained in acupressure and different comfort measures. I will be with you during labor and through your birth,help you in postpartum, as well as visit you 5 to 7 days postpartum! I have had experience in c-sections, long labors, short labors, labor with nitrogen oxide, medicated and all natural birth support! I am a wife, mother!! I have a passion for caring for children and their families and I was called by God in being a birth doula!! Thanks for your time and looking forward to helping you with your beautiful birth!!! If there are financial concerns, we can talk about that and work it out to fit your family!!

Service Area

North Las Vegas, NV Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Alyson Mancini CD(DONA), BA Birth/Newborn Photographer

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We hired alyson after our first birth was a bit traumatizing for myself and my husband. She was able to help me figure out what goals I had the second time around. She was always a quick text or email away during my pregnancy for any questions or concerns. When it came time for my labor and delivery- she really shined! She had a huge bag of tricks to help me stay focused on my goals (mainly an unmedicated birth). My husband said she made him feel so empowered during our labor. She was also so helpful advocating for a natural birth in the hospital (while I focused on my surges/contraction's). I can’t recommend her enough. She was everything we needed for a wonderful labor and delivery that carried on into a positive 4th trimester. She has the biggest heart and we are so thankful she was our doula!

Casie Davis


I have had the most positive birthing experience with Alyson by my side. From the moment we met her, she has had such sweet and calm energy (even my 2 year old slow to warm son warmed up to her). During labor her knowledge and expertise really shined. She was very attentive, asked the doctors great questions for clarity, advocated strongly for our desires, and knew many tricks to help me with my pain tolerance. I will say, my absolute favorite part of working with her has to be the photos she took of our whole experience. When I look at these photos, it almost feels like I'm reliving my whole labor and delivery experience in the best way possible. These pictures are so special to me and I will cherish them forever. Thank you so much for everything Alyson! 

Megan Day


Having Alyson as our doula was the greatest decision we made in preparation for delivery. There are truly no words to describe the sincere gratitude we have for Alyson. We appreciate the professionalism, kindness and commitment Alyson gave us before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. I experienced a lot of anxiety leading up to the birth of our daughter and Alyson made me feel heard and supported giving me the confidence I needed to make it those last few weeks. When I was told I would need an emergency induction Alyson knew and recognized my needs and my husband and I will be forever grateful for her support during that time. I get emotional thinking back to it, but Alyson really did play such a large role in us having the incredible birth we dreamed of regardless of needing an induction. I absolutely reccomend Alyson to everyone! 



We knew we wanted a Doula early on in our pregnancy. When we found Alyson, we were so excited! She proved to be a much needed extra support through some challenges in the end of pregnancy and a difficult delivery as well. Thank you! 

Jennifer M


Where to start, Alyson is my family's angel. 

Alyson guided me and my husband through our journey of bringing our first baby into the world. Alyson was a resource who came to our home and educated us along the way about what we should prepare for, and questions to ask our doctor, and she was always available when I would text/call her about questions. When I would be up late checking out things to purchase on Amazon Alyson always had fantastic recommendations on products to purchase, even down to my belly band that I utilized during my pregnancy since I walk a lot at work. 

Alyson shot our maternity photos and new baby photos which all came out beautifully. They are perfect memories for us to hang onto and share with our baby. 

When it was time to bring our new baby into the world Alyson was there with us and coaching me and my husband. We had a very positive experience with her and my husband thanked me for finding her. He needed her during my difficult labor and she was a rock for all of us. Alyson goes above the call of duty and is knowledgeable, available, and so very kind. I could not have dreamed up a better doula experience. Thank you Alyson, we are forever grateful for you coming into our lives. 

Also, her lactation cookies did wonders for my milk supply. 

Lauren O


My husband and I decided that hiring a doula would increase our chances of having the labor and delivery WE wanted… We’d heard horror stories about hospital staff (alongside some good, too), and traumatic birth stories that didn’t align with our vision of what we wanted for myself or our little girls beginning in this world.

I’d reached out to another doula who referred me to Alyson, and before our first meeting with Alyson was even over, my husband and I both knew she was the doula for us. The local healthcare system jerked us around the year leading up to the pregnancy that brought us our little girl, and I’d been filled with anxiety about navigating the hospital system and staff during such an important time in our lives. Not wanting to take the magic away from this experience as first time parents, we knew that having another pair of calm hands and eyes would best assist us during labor and delivery and help us to realize our goals and dreams. Alyson’s energy through the months we worked with her leading up to birth made us feel comforted and confident going into the hospital when the time came. Not only was she the warm, calming presence we were looking for, she provided so much invaluable experience, advice, and encouragement throughout.

While our story didn’t turn out as “planned,” Alyson helped us to make informed decisions at every unexpected turn in the road, provided so many resources in the last months of pregnancy, 36 hours of hands on support in the hospital while I labored and delivered, and gave us the most incredible gift of birth photos and a great birth experience that we will remember forever. And I’ll never forget her chanting “push your girl out” when I felt like I had nothing left in me. We are so thankful for Alyson and everything she has done for us, and 100% look forward to having her by our side for our next pregnancy.

Candace Antoniou


Alyson has an incredibly calming and comforting demeanor. She went above and beyond for us during the birth of our Baby Girl this July. Alyson had thought of all the little details - including calming music, lights, and essential oils. She also was an exceptional advocate in the hospital when they wanted to keep us bound to unnecessary monitors and IV fluids. My birth experience was truly so positive, and it was in large part due to Alyson and her support. 

Beyond the birth - Alyson provided us with pregnancy photos, a consult for birth planning and two postpartum visits. On both postpartum visits she surprised us with gifts - a birth photo album and lactation cookies. The photo album captured moments from our birth - in pictures we didn't even realize Alyson had been taking. These are truly memories that we will keep for a lifetime, and are incredibly grateful, are documented. 

We would emphatically recommend Alyson. ??



Where do I start! Alyson was an absolute angel throughout my entire birth & postpartum. I called, she answered. She was by my side throughout my entire labor, supporting me anyway I needed. From rubbing my back, giving me a pep talk, reminding me how strong I am, to making me a snack. I can't imagine my 48 hour labor without her, a true blessing she was to our family.  I felt and still do feel so supported by Alyson, especially during this postpartum season as a first time mom. She has become a true friend and I am forever grateful ??




We are so thankful we found Alyson for our second birth. Alyson was such a great addition to my birthing team to help me have the natural and positive birthing experience I wanted. She was quick to respond with all communications, assertive, knowledgeable and confident in her doula role and overall genuine and kind as a person. Meetings were never rushed and we enjoyed spending time with her. She also went out of her way to make my older daughter feel seen/included during meetings. I definitely recommend Alyson and look forward to having her be a part of my birthing team next pregnancy if we're blessed with another baby.

Jamie & Jase


Alyson was a huge blessing for our birthing experience! This was our first birth and neither of us knew what we were doing, but we knew what our vision was. Alyson listened to what we wanted and shared a lot of useful information. The day my water broke, she arrived with a warm smile and all her Doula supplies. She supported us exactly how we had invisioned and when it was time to go to the hospital, she never left our side and continued to advocate for our needs and wants during active labor. Our birthing experience was amazing and we contribute it to Alyson. If you are looking for a strong amazing Doula, we highly recommend her without hesitation. 



Alyson was an absolute pleasure to have as a doula. It was incredibly comforting to have a constant presence while going through the laboring process an  through the various changes in nurses - she was there for the entire duration of our labor and delivery stay, and then came to check on us postpartum in the hospital and at our home after we were discharged. Alyson is so kind and supports you in your decisions and wants you to feel empowered. She was always available to answer our questions and offer recommendations. We are very grateful to have had her as our doula!

Anna Z


Alyson is amazing. After a very long first birth that Alyson was our absolute savior for, she came to our house a few days after to check up on us. With her she brought an album of the most amazing birth photos of my husband and myself and us meeting our little girl. Nothing will ever be able to replace how amazing these photos are. We also got newborn photos done as a family and I cannot wait to look back at them forever and always remember our tiny little girl. 



I cannot speak highly enough about Alyson Mancini. Alyson was our doula for the birth of both of our sons, most recently in May 2022. I am confident our labor and birth experiences would not have been nearly as wonderful if we had not had her by our side. Alyson is a calm, soothing, but strong presence during the birthing process. My first labor was extremely fast and if not for Alyson's guidance it's very likely we would have had an accidental home birth. My second labor was much slower and Alyson was there every step of the way providing assistance with changing positions, massage in between contractions, aromatherapy and lighting to keep the birth environment soothing, and deftly getting anything my husband or I could possibly need. She was an advocate for us and swiftly got medical assistance when my second child started descending and crowning without any nurses or doctors in the room yet.  She also provided immense support to my husband to help him be as involved in the birth process as he could, which was very important to us. All of this support amounted to two beautiful, un-medicated, no intervention births that followed our birth vision to a tee. I'm certain we wouldn't have had such a wonderful experience without Alyson by our side and we will be forever grateful she came into our family's life. 

Suzanne Hensley


I chose Alyson to be our doula back in 2017 when I was pregnant with our first son. After reading her profile on here and meeting her in person she seemed like she would be a good fit to help me and my husband welcome our little boy into the world. My husband was against the idea of having and needing a doula as support during birth at first but I convinced him it was a good idea. He agreed after going throu labor and having her there to support us it was definitely worth it and we have used her a total of 3 times now. 

Alyson is a very friendly, kind and gentle person who is great at supporting and encouraging you just when you need it during labor. She will also help comunicate what your wants are to medical staff if needed. She helped make sure I had the best birth experince all 3 times even though each one was different. I knew Alyson was always a call or text away if I ever had any questions or needed someting I knew I could reach out to her no matter what it was about and she always helped me the best she could.

If your looking for a Doula I would Highly recomend Alyson, you wont be disappointed!

Abby Voss


I am not sure where to even begin with our experience with Alyson. As most births, mine did not go according to plan. I went into labor over three weeks early without even meeting Alyson. I called her from the hospital bed in a panic. Right away she reassured me, dropped what she was doing and headed over. Just from our emails back and forth she knew exactly what I needed when she walked through the door. Alyson asked the medical professionals all the questions I didn’t even know to ask. She made sure that I was comfortable, safe, empowered and heard. Alyson was there to help guide me in making decisions. She came prepared with her knowledge and tools to help make my birth as comfortable as possible. She stayed with us through the night and never once left.  Not only did she take care of me, but she took care of my husband as well. Alyson helped teach and guide my husband to help with my labor. There was never a time that he didn’t feel included or that she was taking his “place”. Throughout labor she stayed in contact with my family and kept the updated. I cannot express enough how much having Alyson there meant to our family. After the birth, she came to check on my while I was still in the hospital. Letting me know that she was there for us, which she was as I texted her my questions the weeks after. Alyson also made an over hour drive to our house to do a postpartum check in. During this time, she supplied me with helpful lactation cookies and a gift that I will cherish forever, a photo album of our birth. There are truly not enough words to express how helpful and wonderful Alyson was to us during and after the birth of our boy. I am beyond blessed to have had Alyson as part of my birth team.



When we found out we were pregnant with our second, I immediately started a search for a doula. Despite my best efforts to have a natural birth with my first, I felt very unsupported during the whole experience and a bit traumatized afterwards. After calling 5-6 doulas, I called Alyson and knew she was the one just from talking to her over the phone. She exuded a calmness that made me feel relaxed and safe. We live in a rural area in the Northern Neck, and the long drive to the hospital was a huge source of anxiety for me. Luckily Alyson lives close by, which just the proximity helped to ease my fears, but she also helped me work through my feelings and gave me lots of resources to help me stay mentally and physically healthy throughout the duration of my pregnancy. When it came time for the birth, Alyson was the calming presence everyone needed. She helped in so many aspects, from the small things like simply tying my hair, to giving words of encouragement, and of course helping me labor without medication. And just having that point person to voice your wishes while you are otherwise occupied is invaluable. To put it simply, she was peace of mind, and I truly believe having that from the beginning helped me have the natural birth experience that I always wanted. I felt fully supported and empowered, a completely different experience from the first. I cannot recommend her enough! Oh, and she makes amazing lactation cookies ??

Shelby & Jordan


From the very first day we met Alyson, her nurturing personality stood out to us. Planning for an unmedicated birth with our second little one was something we knew we would need some assistance with, and we can’t be happier that we found this sweet soul! She took the time to ensure we discussed and documented the birth plan we dreamt of as well as educated us along the way. After realizing my contractions weren’t Braxton hicks. I contacted Alyson around 5 am to inform her and she was eagerly packing her bags to come help us labor at home until we were ready to go to the hospital. Unfortunately the contractions progressed quickly and we had to head to the hospital sooner than later, where she actually got there before us! Alyson was such a great advocate for us during labor and delivery, so much that I was able to focus my mind and body rather than build anxiety from all of the questions of the medical professionals. She used aromatherapy and even brought my favorite essential oil! She encouraged different positions and always made sure I was comfortable. We appreciated her sense of humor, too. Her counter pressure techniques during contractions were imperative and were something she was able to teach my partner. The two of them tag teamed comforting me so well. Alyson even stayed after the birth to make sure we had everything we needed in recovery. Throughout labor, she captured snapshots of every sweet moment and presented us with a beautiful photo album days after we got home and settled in. Not only did she come to check on us, she gifted us precious goodies for our new bundle of joy and the yummiest lactation cookies! Alyson was such a blessing and we could not have done this without her!!



Alyson was recommended by our birth center to be our doula. From our first meeting with Alyson we knew she would be a good fit for us. Her energy and demeanor is calm as well as kind. My fiancé insisted we go with her and I'm so glad we did. She was a great addition to our birth team. As first time parents to-be we felt like she was really able to hold space for us by gently guiding and encouraging us through labor. The birth of our baby girl felt peaceful and supported. She also took good pictures of our baby's birthing day, then provided a photo album/thumb-drive of all the picture which was very appreciated. I would definitely recommend Alyson to be a part of a families birth experience. 

- Maddie & Walker

Mary Bryant


Alyson was such an important part of my birth experience. Her warm and friendly personality was instantly clear, and I knew as soon as I met her that she would be the doula for me. She is knowledgeable, has great resources to share, and is happy to research anything that comes up that she doesn't know about. During the prenatal visits, she shared tricks to help me feel comfortable in the last weeks of pregnancy in addition to helping me prepare for birth. During labor and delivery, she was a priceless support for not only me but also my husband. He has said several times he wouldn't trade having her there for anything. She helped keep me comfortable and reminded me about breathing techniques and positions when I started to feel panicky, and walked my husband through the things he could do to help out too. Through all my interactions with Alyson, it was clear that she cares deeply about taking great care of her clients. 

Whitney Thomas


We are so blessed to have had two births with Alyson. We cannot put into words how she put our minds at ease before, during and after having our two babies. We are so grateful for her wisdom, patience and humor. Alyson is the most gentle woman and a strong advocate for the families she works with. She asks all of the right questions and makes you feel well taken care of in the hospital. Her postpartum support was very helpful (especially as a first time mother.) 

We will forever treasure the amazing birth photos she took of both children and appreciate the photo albums more than she will ever know!

Lastly, her lacation cookies are the best thing going.... 

All of your future clients are SO lucky. We love you so very much, Alyson. 

- Whitney & Will 



Alyson was amazing. She met my husband and I right where we were at and was always available to support us and answer our questions and concerns. She completed my natural birthing experience, cheering me on through labor with my husband and midwives. Thanks to Alyson, I had the safe, positive delivery I hoped for and even an entire photo album of pictures she took to remember it all. 

Nichole Johnson


Alyson was the most perfect doula for me and my family. She was recommended to me from a friend of a friend and I'm SO glad. She was there to answer all of my questions (whether by text or call) through every part of the day. She helped me think through different decisions my husband and I had to make and helped me learn how to advocate for myself. From her coaching and encouragement (and incredible counter pressure), I was able to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby boy into the world naturally even through being induced and having my water broken for me. She's very intimately intertwined into our family now and I'm so grateful for it. 



We are so happy we engaged Alyson as a doula. During the pregnancy she provided invaluable information and support that helped my husband and I to feel more confident about the labor and delivery process. When our son was delivered prematurely by emergency c-section, Alyson came to the hospital immediately and was with us throughout the procedure and recovery in the following hours. Having her as a doula was extremely helpful, and we would recommend her to anyone seeking a kind, caring, and thoughtful person to support the birth experience. 

Heather and Craig


We would highly recommend Alyson Mancini as a doula. We were thrilled to have found her through mutal friends of ours and she was a vital part of our pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. As first time parents there's a lot of information out there and it was overwelming. Alyson outlined all the choices we had and was able to help us craft a birth vision that was right for us. Once we got to the hospital she helped us navigate our options through being induced and ultimately having a c-section. Having Alyson there to share her past experiences with us was so reassuring. Not to metion she brings twinkle lights and amazing essential oils to diffuse which all help provide a relaxing environment. Not only is she an incredible doula, she is an extemely talented photographer. At our postpartum visit she gifted us with a photo album which doumented our entire journey at the hospital including the most stunning photos of the c-section.  She truly captured all the emotions from that moment and those photos are so special and something I will cherish forever. Alyson is the perfect partner to bring with you on your birthing journey and we are blessed to have found her. 



Aly & Dylan


We had the very best birth experience and we owe all the credit to Alyson. She supported us every step of the way. She is passionate about her calling and it shows. (I was induced at 4pm and Alyson stayed by our sides through the night until our daughter was born the next day at 2pm. While I tried to get as much rest as possible the evening before the birth Alyson kept watch in an uncomfortable hospital chair. That is commitment!) She is extremely knowledgeable and you will not have to worry on the big day because she will answer every question and fulfill every need before you even knew you had them. She is caring and gentle but she will be your biggest advocate and speak up for what you need. We can't imagine going through labor without her. We cannot recommend her enough! 

Adriana Dill


As a first time mom with no family in the area and in the middle of a pandemic, Alyson was an answered prayer. She is one of the sweetest persons on earth, is so knowledgeable, is so patient and caring. Here are the reasons of why she makes such a great doula: 

1) She is available 24/7 and is just a text or call away. 
2) She makes you feel so comfortable when sharing your concerns. She also celebrates the positive stuff. 
3) She is with you the whole entire time you are in labor (I had to get induced and it lasted 3 days and she was by our side the whole entire time). 
4) She knows all of the exercises that will help you progress while you are waiting to go into labor and while in labor. 
5) She breaks down all of the scary hospital lingo and makes things easier to understand. She also gives you all of the options available when the hospital might give you just 1. 
6) She takes the best and sweetest pictures while you are delivering your baby. Pictures that are so precious and perfect that you will cherish forever. 
7) She knows exactly what you need and how to help you. 
8) She is a great conversationalist and so fun to have with you.

9) She makes the yummiest lactation cookies (that actually help!).

10) She genuinely cares about you, your baby, and your birth experience. 

Also is the absolute best! Everyone deserves to have an Alyson with them. 

Leah Lecuyer


There are not words to describe how much of a benefit Alyson was to our family. We hired Alyson for the birth of our 4th child. Our goal was a natural, non intervention birth, we wanted to labor at home as long as possible (with our doula) and then go the hospital.  We have 3 other children all natural births and all with doulas.  We have hired and bonded with several different doulas for the births of our other children.  I can honestly say after our experiences with doulas, if I was having another baby I would choose Alyson to be my doula AGAIN without a thought. We contacted Alyson around our 20 week appointment. In meeting Alyson for the first time, you immediately get the sense that she will be there to support you in whatever form you desire. (For us, it was a natural birth plan). But she is okay with whatever you choose-she is simply there to support the mother and family in the process. And she does her homework and knows what she is talking about. She sent us several evidence based practice links when we had concerns. When we went into labor, we were in constant communication with Alyson. The plan was for her to come to our house and labor with us at home, then travel to the hospital together. However, (being the 4th) labor went faster than anticipated. Alyson met us at the hospital (actually she beat us to the hospital).  She immediately went into doula mode with all the fixings... (ice, essential oils, rabozo, camera, etc.). Following the birth, Alyson stayed with us for several hours. She came back the next day to visit and check on us. Several days after we left the hospital, Alyson came by the house and even brought some cookies to help with breast milk production.  This is our 4th and final child.  I was nervous because, a birth is something that you will remember and I wanted to remember a positive experience, and that was something that Alyson provided with an A+ rating.  

Louise Smith


I highly recommend Alyson as a birth doula!  She most recently supported me in the birth of my third child (also supported my second!) and was incredible before, during, and after the birth.  During the birth my son was "stuck" and a c-section was on the table.  Alyson worked seamlessly with the wonderful nurses at St. Mary's to try countless positions which successfully prevented the c-section.  Her calming presence was particularly valuable to this mom giving birth in a pandemic.  She helped my husband feel useful and involved in the birth, and takes the most beautiful photos of those first precious moments, which I treasure.  Post partum, she checks in to make sure mom, baby, and the rest of the family are adjusting well, and makes amazing lactation cookies, which I order regularly!  Alyson has supported other members of my family as well and we are all huge fans. Happy to serve as a reference for anyone considering hiring Alyson - just request my info from her.  

Trina Vogel


I highly recommend Alyson as a doula. Her calming presence, good nature, and years of experience helped make my birth the experience I had hoped for. She guided me through every step of the birth process and advocated for me, when needed. Both my husband and I are so glad she was with us for the birth of our second child.



Alyson was the greatest blessing throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care. She is calming, kind, knowledgeable and an advocate for expecting mothers. Throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery, Alyson was always available and no questions were off limits.

During my labor and delivery, she followed my birth plan, advocated for me, guided me through my contractions and reminded me what a strong, powerful woman I am. When I went into labor, Alyson called me right away to find out how far apart my contractions were. She then came to the house, walked up and down the street with me, massaged my back and provided counter pressure while I labored in different positions. Once at the hospital, Alyson helped my husband use different techniques to provide counter pressure during my strongest contractions. It is difficult to say what I loved most about my experience with Alyson, but I can never thank her enough for calmy and confidently addressing every question, need and anxiety that I had during labor. She guided us through every step of the process. Additionally, Alyson took the most incredible photographs during my labor and delivery without being intrusive. I will cherish those photos forever as a reminder of how strong and powerful my body is and how indefinite my love for my husband and our first baby is.

Now that we are home from the hospital, my husband and I are forever grateful for Alyson's support. Every day we've said to each other how lucky we were to have Alyson by our sides throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care. Alyson truly is a blessing and I know when we have another baby, I will ask that she is by our sides as our doula again. 

Sarah Gray Innes


Alyson is hands down AMAZING! She helped us with the birth of our son two years ago and helped us just recently with the birth of our daughter. She was with me every step of the way and is one of the most supportive, kind, caring and loving birth doulas.

I feel that she is a part of my family! She supported me through my entire induction process with both kids. She helped and supported me through every decision I made with regards to both births.  She helped educate me and prepared me for the birthing process making it so easy each time once we arrived at the hospital. I would have been lost without her!

I could not have had a more amazing birth experience without her support. And my husband would echo the same thoughts because honestly she was amazing at supporting my husband through the process too.

Finally, the pictures that she took of our family are the most precious memories. I would highly recommend Alyson to any pregnant moms! I will be using her again for any future pregnancies!

Lindsey Johnson


I had Alyson as my doula  in July of 2019, I contacted her when I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy when I was scared and knew I needed more help. My first born was a long traumatic ordeal with minimal support other than from my husband and ended in an emergency csection. I was desperate for a VBAC and after reading reviews I knew Alyson was the one I wanted. With just a couple weeks left I was able to meet and bond with her and when the time came she was there right away to help in any way I needed. I was able to then go in to have a completely natural drug free birth that I truly don't think could have happened without Alyson's added support. And to top it off she was able to capture the most precious moments and make me a photo album that I will cherish forever. I will never be able to show just how much I appreciate her! Thank you Alyson!!!

Suzanne H


Alyson was an amazing foula for us and she made the birthing experience as seamless as possible. We have used Alyson twice now as a doula and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

She was there to answer and questions I had during pregnancy, she even helped me with adjusting to being a mom the first time with postpartum help. During the birth she helped my husband and me stay calm and relaxed when needed. She used various techniques to help with pain management during labor as well. 

Alyson took maternity pictures for us the first pregnancy and they turn out amazing. She also takes pictures during the birth and newborn photos after we were home from the hospital. Having photos from the birth and after is amazing and it is something we we will be able to always look back at.

It was a huge comfort having Alyson be our sides to bring both our sons into the world and if we decided to have any more children we would use her again. I would highly recommend using Alyson!



Giving birth is both physically and emotionally challenging, nonetheless a very special one experience especially with the right support team.  I am glad Alyson was a part of my team!  From the first time my husband and I met her to the wee morning hours after giving birth, she provided the kind, confident and encouraging support my husband and I needed from a doula.  I was induced at 39 weeks and it took 2 days before the baby arrived!  Alyson stayed with us through the entire time.  She also helped create a calming environment in the otherwise very clinical delivery room by bringing string lights and aromatherapy oils/diffuser.  She teamed up with my husband to help me with stretches/walks and needed counter pressures during all types of contractions.  Most importantly, Alyson helped me work-up the much needed courage and mental strength so that I can go through with my desired birth plan.  The “cherries on top” are the photos Alyson took and the delicious choo choo lactation cookies ??.  Thank you for all you did for me and my family, Alyson!  We will never forget this experience with you.



Alyson will forever hold a special place in our hearts for all that she did for us during our birth process. We were on the fence about getting a doula initallly and not really sure what to expect. The first time we met with Alyson we knew her calm, positive, confident vibe was just what we needed to help support my husband and I during the birth of our first child. She made us feel at ease going into the final pregnancy weeks and was always there to answer any questions. I ended up having to be induced and had a very long labor and she was there with us the entire time, even sleeping in the tiniest of chairs in our hospital room! Don't get me wrong the nurses were phenomenal but we would have felt lost without Alyson there supporting us. She did everything from advocating for me to be off the monitor so I could walk the stairs, to constantly filling my water cup, massaging my back, offering different positions to try for pain relief, and providing endless encouragement. As an added bonus she took high quality photos of our newborn and family during/after the birth that we will always cherish. She then comes out to your house postpartum bringing delicious lactation cookies and offering further support. She really should be charging 3 times as much for all that she does! I can't recommend Alyson enough. My husband and I were so pleased to have her on our team during the biggest day of our lives. 



We had a wonderful experience with Alyson as our doula. She helped me to feel prepared and confident leading up to labor. Once my labor started, Alyson helped me feel calm and make decisions such as when to go to the hospital. During labor, Alyson suggested ways to keep contractions progressing and helped me work through them as they became more intense. She explained what was happening with my body and assured me that I had the strength to get through it. Because of her and my husband's support, I was able to achieve the birth goals that I had set for myself. When I had some complications after my son was born, Alyson helped me to stay calm and trust in my medical team. She stayed with us until we were settled in our recovery room and visited us the next day and a few days after. I felt very supported throughout the end of my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and early postpartum period. As a bonus, we have some beautiful photographs to remember the experience. I would recommend Alyson to anyone looking for a birth doula. She was a calming, reassuring support for me and I don't think I would have had the same empowering birth experience without her. 

Kenndra Buyalos


My husband and I will treasure the birth experience we recieved working with Alyson as our doula. She takes plenty of time to discuss your needs leading up to the big day, and she was available to answer all of our questions from the time we contacted her. She has a very calming and nurturing personality, which helped to ease our anxiety as first-timers. During my 30-hour labor, Alyson provided quiet guidance and the encouragement we needed during the trying moments. We are also incredibly grateful for the photos she captured! The birth of a child is already unforgettable, and having the help of Alyson as your doula puts it over the top!

lauren wilson


We had a great experience with Alyson.  Our son came 6 weeks early and Alyson immediately provided support as soon as she got the news.  She was a calming influence and helped us organize our birth plan originally and then adjust it once the pregnancy became high-risk.  We found her knowledge, help, and support invaluable during a labor that had to be MD supported rather than midwife and she worked well as an intermideary to the staff, especially as labor progressed and my ability to advocate for myself diminished.  She and my husband worked as a natural team to help me reposition, give him tiny breaks, provide counterpressure and coach/reasure me when contractions became more intense.  Alyson was also very supportive, flexible, and responsive post-labor, providing support and information as we transitioned to the NICU and then home.  The photos and parting package were very touching as well.  Our experience with Alyson solidified our belief that a doula is an instrumental part of a positive labor experience and we wholeheartedly recommend her. 






Looking back, I know that as a first time mom and nurse practitioner, I had several important values that I brought to the table during the planning process for our sons birth day. I knew that the decisions my husband and I made leading up to childbirth and during the birthing process were very significant for my own health and for the health of our baby. Therefore, we decided the importance of hiring a doula to support us through this amazing journey.

Alyson was everything that we could have ever imagined - caring, supportive, confidant, informative, proactive. She never left my side and gave my husband guidance in supporting my needs during labor. We are so thankful for her assistsnce during this process and will definitely be recommending her to friends and family. If you are looking for an amazing doula to assist your family - stop scrolling and call Alyson right now! 

Audrey Carroll


I cannot say express how grateful I am for Alyson and her work as our doula. I was skeptical about hiring one in the first place but I am so glad we did. I had an emergency c-section with my first child and wanted so badly to have a natural vbac birth. This is my fiance and I's first child together and his first birth experience. Alyson was with me as soon as I was in early labor, up to when I thought I couldn't do it anymore and next to me holding my leg and taking photos of my son being born. She was so supportive of my fiance and how important his role was in my labor as well. She went above and beyond to capture all of the moments you might miss in the midst of everything in her photos. And above all her personality and her genuine care and love for her work speaks for itself. I got my vbac I so badly wanted because she was there with us. I truly 100% believe that.



A friend of mine recommended Alyson after  having her at the birth of her baby. She said we absolutely had to hire Alyson and there was no question that Alyson had made their experience a positive one. The next day I reached out to Alyson and after a brief meeting, my husband and I hired her to help us as well. 

I was lucky enough to have a fairly easy pregnancy without complications but I had no idea how hard the labor and delivery would be for me. Though it was fast, it was extremely painful (even with an epidural) and having Alyson there to help me and comfort my husband and my mom was amazing- I don’t know how I would have managed without her. 

The hospital was short staffed the night my son decided to arrive so having Alyson with us was incredibly helpful. She made sure I was as comfortable as possible and spoke up for me when necessary. She became a huge part of my birth experience and takes the extra step to connect with the families she supports. 

I never thought I would need a doula and really didn’t want to build the extra expense into the baby budget but I can’t explain how glad I am that we did. Alyson is worth every penny and more! I know I would be looking back wishing we had hired her if we hadn’t. She provides a wealth of knowledge, a helping hand, various perspectives, sweet little gifts and will become your friend. 

Thank you, Alyson, for helping me bring my beautiful baby boy into this world and sharing your love with my family!

Sarah Gray Innes


I can’t imagine what our birth would have been like without Alyson. It was a blessing having her by our side throughout my pregnancy and labor.  And the greatest giftshe gave us was the amazing photographs she took during my delivery.  They are something we will cherish forever!

Because I was a first time mom, I had very little knowledge of what decisions I would need to make at the hospital. Before my birth, we met a couple of times.  She walked me through all of the various options and choices that I would soon have to make.  She helped me confidently create a birth plan and was very supportive of every decision we made.

She also guided us seemlessly through the birth once we were at the hospital. What I valued most was that she was there to support every decision I made and be my advocate in the hospital far beyond what the nurses were able to do. She stayed by my side when I was shaking through the epidural and held my leg the entire time while pushing. After my son arrived, I really appreciated her coming to the hospital and our house to check on my postpartum recovery. She is an amazing resource! We will definitely be using Alyson for all of our future births!

Lauren Sweeney


Alyson was an excellent doula. She was knowledgeable, patient with me (first time mom), and helped me through the entire labor and delivery process.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during this phase of life. We’d highly recommend her and her services!

Heather O'Steen


I completely recommend Alyson as a doula. We received our birth photos and im

completely in love. She didn’t miss a detail. This is our second birth we’ve had the joy of having her by our side. She offers the best rapport and is truly a dear friend. We have a great connection and the energy in my birth space always feels safe and protected.

A keeper of space, a true hands on hip squeezing labor comforting essential woman to have for your pregnancy, Labor, birth and beyond.

Alyse Cecil


I contacted Alyson after my husband and I had made the decision to choose an unmedicated birth. This was my fourth baby but was the first time I chose to have an unmedicated birth. To say I was nervous was an understatement. She was the calming influence I needed to keep me focused and stick to my decisio. She was there when I thought I was in labor I swear a million times. The day I was actually in labor she was calling to check on me ever couple of hours to make sure I was doing ok. When the time came that my contractions were finally strong and close enough to convince me I was really in labor she was there. When the hospital told me I wasn’t progred enough to stay she walked with me until I was ready and the hospital said yes I was indeed going to have a baby. She was my voice for me when I couldn’t speak. She made sure all my wishes on my birth plan were met even when it wasn’t what was easiest for the dr. I can’t thank her enough for all her suppor. If I have another baby she will be my first call..... after my husband. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby.

Robin Jones Mayes


I don't know where to begin because Alyson is all around amazing. This was the second pregnancy that I used her services. I say services but Alyson has become a part of our family. She is attentive, helpful, caring, and a wealth of knowledge. Although, this was my 3rd baby, I'm still not an expert and there where some things I wanted to happen this delivery that did not happen during others. This pregnancy was difficult because I had a miscarriage prior to this full term birth and Alyson was a calming force. She advocated when I wasn't able to articulate my wants, she ensured that the time and atmosphere was set for a successful delivery, and she was my biggest cheerleader {next to my husband). I can't sing her praises enough. She was my familiar face in the delivery room in the absence of my mother, mother in law, and my doctor. I love Alyson and highly recommend her to any family looking for birth support.

Belecia Weeks


With my first birth I had no real plan and ended up getting an epidural. I knew with this baby I wanted a natural birth. At the advice of my midwife and many friends, I decided to hire a doula. When I met Alyson I felt a connection right away. She had such a warm and peaceful demeanor and instantly made me feel at ease. Throughout my pregnancy she was always readily available whether I just had a question, needed reassurance, or just to touch base. She was so sincere and full of encouragement and affirmation. When my husband met her at the 2nd prenatal visit he too felt such a peace with her and told me afterwards he was so glad I had chosen her! Throughout my pregnancy she touched base with me often, and as I neared the end she checked in with me daily. I just knew this baby would be born early like my first one (36+6 wks) so starting at 36+6 I was sure each day would be the day haha. With still no signs of labor at 40wks I began to feel anxious and discouraged because I wanted a natural birth so badly and didn't want to have to have medical intervention. Alyson offered incredible support and encouragement and helped me feel confident and at peace. I finally went into labor at 40+6 wks but had such a fast labor (2 hours), I barely made it to the hospital and literally gave birth in the foyer. Lol. Very shortly thereafter Alyson arrived to my L&D room and even though my crazy fast labor didn't allow the opportunity for her support during labor, she brought an immediate sense of calm and peace, and her gentle touch and warm demeanor were so comforting. She also captured the most beautiful photos that will be forever treasured. She was such a blessing as my doula but I also feel that I gained a friend. I can't say enough wonderful things about Alyson!

Mora T


Alyson is absolutely an angel! I was very hestitant to hire a doula but after talking with a coworker I knew I needed to.  I was hoping to acheive a VBAC after a traumatic c-section experience with my son 11 years ago.  I hired Alyson because she was such a gentle soul but so knowledgeable and firm with what the birthing process should be.  Throughout my pregnancy, Alyson shared multiple tips and tricks to help make those pesky 'back-end vein' annoyances more bearable.  She traveled to my home to help with my birth plan and meet my family.

I was determined not to be induced with this pregnancy as I was with my last and I wanted to experience what labor felt like. When I actually went into labor, I was very scared that it wasn't truly the time but Alyson knew it was and beat me to the hospital! This was after I asked her to wait.  As soon as we got together at the hospital, she was a COMFORT! I was having back labor, vomiting, and my contractions were about 2 mins apart.  She encouraged me to use the birth ball, used massage techniques to help minimize the pain (OMG did they work), and used aromatherapy to help relax me.  She showed my husband where to help apply pressure to help me relax and made sure he and I knew when contractions were intensifying and completing.

Ultimately, I chose to get an epidural and having a csection but Alyson was SO helpful in making sure I understood why the csection was necessary.  After the epidural, she made sure I stayed on the peanut ball, adjusted positions, and monitored contractions that I couldn't feel.

After delivery, she made sure I had skin to skin and breastfed as son as possible. At our post partum visit, she brought an album with photos from my birth, lactation cookies, and took photos of our 1 week old.  I couldn't stop the tears of gratefulness.

Lauren Barwood


Alyson is an amazing person and doula. I went through a high risk pregnancy and knew I wanted an advocate on my side when I went into labor. Alyson was so attentive and compassionate to my every need throughout my pregnancy. She was always easily accessible. She helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed and focused my attention on what was really important. She was a calming presence during a potentially chaotic and scary time. She was nothing but supportive and understanding of my needs and birth plan desires. I could always count on her experience and calming spirit. She was one fo the greatest investments we could have ever made during pregnancy. I highly recommend her to anyone who is curious about or considering hiring a doula. There's no way I could have made it through my pregnancy without her. She made everything better. Not only was she a great support to us during pregnancy, she was there for us during labor and post partum. She took photos during the birth of our daughter and gave them to us in an album and digital copies as well. She also came to our house, made me lactation cookies and took photos after birth as well. Alyson was a total godsend and I couldn't be more grateful for her service and devotion to our family.

Louise Smith


I met Alyson while in labor for the first time, as the doula I originally hired (and who also helped me through the delivery of my first child) was unable to attend my second child's birth.  Alyson was her back-up.  She met us at the hospital and immediately put my husband and me at ease despite it being our first time meeting.  She was wonderful - helping with comfort measures and helping my husband know how to best support me.  She has such a calming presence!  I was also thrilled to learn she offers photography as part of her services - we have beautiful photos of my son after his birth, which I didn't expect.  She captured so many beautiful moments that I wouldn't have remembered otherwise!  True treasures.  In summary, Alyson is a wonderful, comforting doula and a talented photographer wrapped up in one!

Rachel McDermott


I'm so thankful to have had Alyson with me during my daughter's birth! After having had a c-section with my first child, I wanted more than anything to have a natural childbirth. It felt like the deck was stacked against me. Alyson's support and advice helped me to reduce the anxiety I was feeling. Her support during my 22 hours of labor were invaluable. With her help and pain relief techniques I was able to stay strong in avoiding pain medications and fulfill my desire of having a natural birth.

Heather O'Steen


It was a joyous time for both my husband and I when we received the confirmation of our growing baby through ultrasound. I knew immediately that this being my second child, that I wanted a completely all natural drug and pain med free birth. With my husband there was great hesitation and a lack of understanding why I had made this choice for not only myself but for our baby. I asked my mother-in-law about a “doula” because I read on the ole so great Google that one was recommended along with a midwife instead of a regular OB/GYN. She quickly recommended Alyson Mancini, knowing her and her field and through Henrico Doctors Hospital. As soon as we met, there was a warming gentleness about her. As the face-to-face meetings came and went she stayed connected through my prenatal appointments asking questions and keeping her updated as possible. When it came down to “the day," she was quick to answer my call. She didn’t skip a beat, she stood strong to my birth plan and didn’t bend or budge. Through contractions she kept me goal focused. She made me feel so comfortable with the entire process. I remember hesitating with movements that felt right and sounds haha because of what I thought the nurse, midwife and my husband would think. She reassured me to ”Do this, do that, do whatever feels right to you. Listen to your body and feel what your baby needs”. Alyson stayed beside me the whole time, even being wheeled into the maternity wing. Alyson came to our home after a few days to see how we were both handling the new changes, gave me a gift of “Mothers Milk” tea, her homemade lactation cookies, a flash drive with all our birth photos amongst other thoughtful items. To this very day, almost 9 months later, she’s still a very dear friend. I am a proud supporter of a birth doula and would highly recommend her. She’s great at what she does and was so comfortable and friendly to work with. We love her.

Brianne Stellfox


Alyson is wonderful and I highly recommend her as a labor doula!
She has a very natural gift of helping women through labor. She's kind, empathetic, intelligent and responsible.
I gave birth in April 2014. Alyson met with me and my husband before I went into labor to provide labor prep. She was also available by phone and email, to answer questions and provide support. She gave us educational materials specific to our needs. I was pretty overwhelmed the couple of weeks prior to my labor and called Alyson a few times to chat. She was so supportive and insightful and helped me to regain a sense of empowerment.
During my labor she was truly awesome. I had an intense portion of labor and Alyson was a steady, calm yet powerful presence as she supported me through every contraction, hour after hour. She continually helped me to tap into my own inner power and intuition, she helped me with positioning, she encouraged me, she rubbed my back and brought me water, she helped support my husband, she continued to remind me of my birth plan and helped me think through different medical options during my labor, etc.
Bottom line, she played a significant part in making my labor be the very positive experience I remember it to be. Without her, I expect my labor would have been overwhelming. If we have another child I am most definitely asking Alyson to be my birth doula again!
Good luck & enjoy the experience!

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