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Laura Fortner, CD(DONA)

Voted Best Doula in Collin County

Dallas, TX Service range 33 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 650 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 20 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2013
  • ProDoula, January 2015

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 0 to 6

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend home births with the exception of unassisted births.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

LCCE (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator), Certified Lactation Educator, Rebozo certified, Acupressure trained Extensive lactation knowledge including four IBCLCs on staff, Member IATP: International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Laura is a dual certified birth doula&lactation educator. Though always passionate about supporting women, the doula-assisted birth of her 2nd child helped her to discover her true calling. She believes strongly in a woman's innate ability to give birth & that birth itself is not a medical emergency, but a natural function of a woman’s body that can be both transformative & empowering. Laura has attended over 500 births including many VBACs. She believes in unconditional and non-judgmental support for all families whether they choose an epidural, c-section or unmedicated birth. Laura is deeply honored each time a family asks her to attend the birth of their child and share in this profound, life-changing moment. She was honored to be named Best Doula in Collin County in 2020 as well as the following recognitions for her team at North Dallas Doula Associates: Winner! Best Doulas in Dallas 2013, 2015-2021, Best Childbirth Class & Educator

Service Area

Dallas, TX Service range 33 miles

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Client Testimonials for Laura Fortner, CD(DONA)

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Stacey Guillen Bridges


Choosing Laura as our doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our birthing experience. From the very first meeting, Laura’s warmth and professionalism shone through, immediately putting us at ease. She listened attentively to our wishes and concerns, offering insightful advice and unwavering support throughout the entire process.

Laura’s extensive knowledge and calm demeanor were invaluable during labor. Thanks to her incredible coordination with the birthing team, I was able to have the natural, unmedicated birth I had always envisioned. She helped create a serene and positive environment, guiding us with confidence and compassion. Her presence allowed us to focus on the birth, knowing we were in capable hands.

Laura’s ability to seamlessly work with the medical staff ensured that my birth plan was respected, and her support provided the encouragement and reassurance we needed at every step. We are incredibly grateful for her dedication and would highly recommend her to any expecting parents looking for a dedicated and caring doula.



Laura is a true blessing. As a birthworker myself, I have seen many doulas in action and been present at many births with Laura specifically. She develops a beautiful bond with her clients and is an invaluable prescence at their side throughout. Every birth is different and Laura is an expert at reading the needs and adapting to each individual situation. She was my clear first-choice for my own birth experience and I am so thankful for her. She knew my needs when even I did not recognize them. She was there before I even knew I needed her because she is knowledgeable and experienced enough to read the signs and know the cues. I cherish her more than I can describe. When I look back on my birth now, it is her calming voice, her encouraging words and her therapeutic touch that stand out to me. I feel so lucky to have met this woman and I cherish her guidance and friendship every day. 



Laura was such an essential part of our birth team to our twins! The twins were breach and ended up never turning head down, and Laura was so supportive when we had to pivot to a c-section. She was present for check in and guided me and my partner through the whole surgery. After delivery she stayed in recovery and assisted with breast feeding. I could not imagine going through that intense day without her by my side. Truly a wonderful doula and her passion for this work shines through her energy and presence! Highly recommend getting her on your team. 



Laura was an invaluable asset to our labor team. When she arrived in the delivery room, we felt a calming, positive, confident presence, and she immediately had a productive impact on the labor. My wife chose an unmedicated birth, and Laura was instrumental in helping my wife achieve this goal successfully. If we have another child, we'll absolutely be asking for Laura's services again. 

Rachel F.


It is difficult to even find the words to describe how amazing it was to have Laura as part of our pregnancy and birth experience. Laura was open-minded and supportive of the preferences my husband and I had about how we wanted our birth experience to go. She provided advice and resources throughout my pregnancy. She was informative and provided a steady reassuring presence whenever we needed it! When it came time for delivery, she supported both my husband and myself through the entire experience. I feel lucky to be able to say my first birth experience was a positive one, and feel that Laura played a critical part in ensuring that was the case. I recommend her and NDDA to anyone looking for a doula to support them and am confident you will not regret that decision! I will absolutely be asking for Laura to join us again for any future children. 



I had a medicated and an unmedicated birth with Laura by my side, and both were magical in their own way. I had fun during birth — yes you read that correctly. I look forward to birth and being in the room with her; I feel empowered, supported and safe.

When I decided to get an epidural with my first, there was no shame for deviating from the plan. In my mind prior to delivery, a doula wouldn’t matter much with an epidural but it’s NOT true. Even when you can’t feel as much pain, you still have other complex things going on and it was SO wonderful to have her advocate for me; it created a calm birth experience. She also supported my husband, which helped me focus on what I needed to do. We all laughed and joked in between pushes. It felt like a gathering of friends with a baby showing up at the end.

With my unmedicated birth, we used counter pressure, a birthing comb and massage with oils. This woman is a GODDESS. With every change in position she knew exactly where to apply pressure to help me through contractions. She was my drug… I had moments of wanting meds again but she knew my heart truly wanted to try without. She was key in helping me get back on track. I’m still in disbelief that I did it. She helped me overcome my fears, and I’m forever grateful for her.

Laura was a key support person for me for months leading up to delivery, which isn’t common with all doulas. I could text her with any questions or concerns I had. She is knowledgeable and patient, and knew when to give advice as well as when to direct me to my OB for answers.

She is everything you want in a doula. From empowering and informative birthing classes to consistent support throughout the pregnancies, I can’t picture bringing a life into this world without her. You won’t regret choosing Laura or NDDA for your birthing team. They are a pillar in your birth plan!



Laura was such a gift during my pregancy, labor and delivery! She was very communicative during pregancy and asked great questions to get to know me and my situation. During our delivery planning meeting she helped educate and prepare me for how to better plan if a Hospital transfer was needed during my birth center delivery; things I hadn't thought to even consider.  During labor she was so calm and gentle, while also being firm and assertive to my needs.  She was an amazing support to me physically and emotionally while I labored and was also able to capture some really sweet photos of my birth that I will always cherish! Laura went above and beyond to make sure both me and my husband felt supported during the labor and delivery and was a fantasitc resource. 

Sophie Rohnke


Laura is amazing. She was my doula for two very different births and pregnancies- one long (30h) labor and delivery and one 37 week planned c-section after a super difficult pregnancy and breech baby.  Laura was great in each situation and really adapted to the realities of each, including a highly medicalized pregnancy and delivery.  She's calm and has a wonderful presence and is so helpful both before and during the birth (and after, helping with latching etc).  She also took the most amazing birth photos! She was a huge help for my husband as well, and we loved the birth prep course she taught.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone, no matter the type of delivery you're looking for or expecting! 



Working with Laura and North Dallas Doulas Assoc has been hands down, the best decision for my pregnancy. At our initial meeting, Laura shared positive reviews for OBs and practices because I was unhappy with my current care, OB, and medical practice, and shared hospital delivery locations that favored maternal care. I switched OBs and my birthing hospital and it ended up being such a great decision.

Throughout my pregnancy, Laura was communicative whenever I had questions and we created a birth plan. When we got to the hospital, the birth plan went out the window, but having Laura there helped me feel empowered to continue to make choices best for me and my baby. We had a great delivery and it went well in large part from the prep I did with Laura regarding birthing positions and the online birthing class I took through NDDA. (It truly is a one-stop shop for all things labor, delivery, and postpartum!)

After delivery, Laura followed up with me both in the hospital and several days afterwards and was reassuring when I thought things were not going so well at home (but they were!)

I needed some guidance with lactation support and Laura immediately put me in contact with one of NDDA's IBLBC lactation consultants, Meredith, and she provided very helpful information via phone call and multiple videos.

I don’t know how I would have done it without working with Laura and North Dallas Doulas Assoc. I highly recommend Laura if you're looking for a level-headed doula with years of experience who is able to work well with all sorts of medical professionals, and able to work explain all the options available while allowing me to choose what was best for my and my baby and our health.

Quianna Blakley


Where to begin...Laura was phenomenal and truly had the biggest impact on my birth experience. First off, she was flexible even with pricing because my husband had lost his job but she still wanted to help me with my pregnancy and birth. That meant a lot to my husband and me. She was always kind and made me feel like I had known her forever. She provided tips during my pregnancy to help with labor and always answered my questions. She was always available for me and even when she had her 10 year doula anniversary party she still arrived at my labor and birth. During my labor process, she was extremely proactive and was ahead of the medical team in the sense of helping me have a successful VBAC. When in transition of labor, she was able to be my voice of reason even when I could not think from the pain. She helped my husband help me. And she stayed at the bedside for I think 10 hours. Laura was invaluable! She was advocate and empowered me during birth also took beautiful pictures during my labor experience that I will be able to remember forever! I hope anyone reading this will be able to have an incredible birth experience with the help of Laura!

Kyndal S


Laura supported my husband and I through the birth of our first daughter. Because our goal was a hospital birth with minimal intervention, we wanted to partner with a doula who could support us in advocating, informing, and coaching us through labor and delivery with our goals in mind. We quickly grew to have a deep respect for Laura's perspective and expertise, knowing she has served families in this capacity for 10+ years.

Laura was a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout pregnancy and delivery. She was a ready sounding board and a consistent voice of reason. Her steady and professional presence on several high-stress occasions made all the difference in feeling supported and informed throughout the birthing process and into postpartum. We are so grateful to know her! 

Carrie Rushiti


Laura was a godsend for the birth of our second baby boy. She helped through my pregnancy and was a constant source of knowledge I could depend on. Her strength, confidence, and humor were much appreciated when I was in labor. I couldn't have done it without her. Forever grateful she safely got our son earth side. Can't wait to have her by ny side in future pregnancies! 

Michelle Carlsen


Ive been trying to write this testimonial for a while but just couldnt find the right words for what a perfect experience we had. Laura was a light in a storm - as a first time mom with a history of miscarriage, wanting to do an unmedicated birth, I knew I needed support. Laura was reassuring and informational during my pregnancy, and a rock during my delivery. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her calm supportive presence allowed me to turn off my brain and just do what my body needed to do. I could be an animal in labor, because I knew she would help guide me through each stage and handle any outside challenges as they came. We have a beautiful baby boy now and I would work with Laura again in a heartbeat.

Jessica Carter


Laura came highly recommended to us and hiring her was hands down one of the best decisions we made for our pregnancy/delivery! Having her support and expertise throughout and especially during labor and delivery was so helpful and comforting. It took so much pressure off of us to know we had someone to lean on and guide us. Her and my husband were a great team during my labor and I know having them both there to support me physically and emotionally made the world of a difference in my experience. Without a doubt will be hiring Laura for all of our pregnancies! 

Tiffany Chimal


I highly recommend Laura Fortner as a doula for first-time moms. Laura was my doula for my birth on March 30, 2023. I birthed in a hospital with midwives and Laura's support alongside my midwives and husband was excellent. My husband is from Italy and has never stepped foot inside a U.S. hospital and he felt 100% supported and comfortable with Laura's assistance. I also appreciated Laura's advice during my labor which I believe significantly reduced my labor time from 12-24 hrs to 4 hours. Laura is also an excellent communicator. She responds quickly to text messages and phone calls. I look forward to hopefully working with Laura again!

John L


Laura was a wonderful, supportive coach and guide for my wife and me during the birth of our first child. From the first conversation, she was clear with expectations while also listening to our thoughts and concerns in a supportive way. On the day of, my wife's water broke at 4:45 in the morning, and when we called, as Laura instructed us, picked up the phone right away, asking what was going on and providing guidance for a quickly progressing early labor. Once it was clear we needed to get to the hospital, Laura was there as soon as my wife was admitted, before I could even get to delivery room.

My wife's labor ended up stalling and complications post-delivery lead to a traumatic and adverse experience at the hospital, but Laura was there with us after delivery, and checked in with us every day (at least once a day) until we were discharged and continued to stay in touch for the weeks afterward, checking in and providing recommendations for lactation consultants, pelvic floor therapists, and mental health professionals that specialize in birth trauma and postpartum mood disorders.

I believe that we were vastly more prepared and had a more positive birth experience with Laura's support than we otherwise would have without her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Laura as your doula if you have the opportunity.

Brianne Land


We recently had the privilege of having Laura as our doula for the second time in a row. The first experience was nothing like I wanted or planned, including lots of drugs, an epidural, and a 3 day induction. Laura was there every step of the way and helped us navigate things we were not at all prepared for. She was incredibly supportive through pregnancy and postpartum as well answering all the questions we had making us feel like every question was valid. Our second experience was night and day different and almost ended up having a baby in the car he came so quick. She coached me through my entire pregnancy to try to overcome all my anxieties and stress about having a birth similar to my first. She was the first person I would text anytime I had any worry and was always very supportive. She made it to the hospital right after we did and was able to support me through a 30 minute unmedicated birth exactly like I had planned and worked for. I truly feel like she was one of the main reasons why my birth went so smoothly. I’m so glad she got to be a part of our redemption story. We love you Laura!!!



My OBGYN actually recommended North Dallas Doula Associates when I mentioned that I wanted to try an un-medicated birth. And I'm so glad she did! Laura had an excellent working relationship with my doctor, which was very reassuring. This was my first pregnancy so I really didn't know what to expect during labor and delivery. I took the birthing class offered by NDDA and while it was very informative, my labor was precipitous and did not follow the normal pattern. Laura helped me navigate my short labor and her wisdom got me to the hospital in time! She was supportive during labor. But she also made me switch pushing positions multiple times, which I was grumpy about. However, my baby was stuck in the birthing canal and changing positions helped me progress. So even though I didn't like it at the time, Laura was using her knowledge and experience to help me!  I know this is rare, but my birth went according to my birth plan and I'm certain that was because of Laura. 

Sandra Hale


Within the first few weeks of hiring Laura she found us the perfect vbac doctor, also one who fit my high risk complications, as well as an amazing chiropractor. Laura took the time to listen to the story of my first birth, she could see and recognize my hurt,she help me find a "healing from a traumatic birth" class and held my hand through the hard process of reliving and facing the trauma of my first birth.From day one She was there to answer questions and connected me to resources I needed. She navigated through my high risk complications and always ensured that me and baby were taken care! She educated me and she gave me the strength I needed to demand what my desires were. With my 2nd delivery she walked me through a 2 day induction, through my repeat gentle C-section she advocated for us and I had my birth playlist, the clear drape to watch my baby being brought out, given that golden hour of skin to skin, I was able to latch right away, not once was my baby taken away from me,and I felt like I was heard. It was a healing, beautiful belly birth,I know we would not have had such a wonderful experience had it not been for Laura!When I developed sever PPD She recognized the signs and found me help. When we later hired her for our third pregnancy she was prepared for everything and encouraged me to do placenta encapsulation.I can 100% say that placenta encapsulation was one of the biggest factors to a better recovery!When it came down for our 4th baby, I found myself being bullied and cornered by hospital staff and with one simple phone call she gave me all the power and courage to speak up and demand I be heard, yet again she gave me the courage to fight for me and baby! Laura has loved on our family and has brought me into a sisterhood of empowering women. She truly is such a beautiful soul and her passion for her work shows in how whole heartedly she does everything and how commited she is to each and every single one of her clients! 

Katie Liestman


Working with NDDA was the best choice we could have made for our hospital birth. Laura walked hand-in-hand with us from start to finish preparing us for every fork in the road decision that makes up a birthing plan. As this was my first biological child and an IVF pregnancy at 38, we knew high risk moments could be part of the process. My preference was a natural, medication-free birth, however with preeclampsia striking late in my pregnancy, this simply wasn't the way my body would progress. Had Laura not been there to answer questions and coach us through the emotional process of navigating these changes in plans, our birth experience would have been full of panic and fear. However, she coached and supported us along the path that was best for my body and baby which ended up in the most peaceful c-section experience complete with Taylor Swift soundtrack and our perfect baby boy. I cannot recommend Laura and NDDA enough - her kindness and strength provided me with peace, resolve, and knowledge so I felt empowered during my labor and delivery. 

Lindsey Ferguson


Where do I begin!? Laura was an amazing support and made my first birth experience much less stressful. She was attentive, available and full of knowledge. She answered endless questions, connected us with other great resources and provided confidence each step of the way. After giving birth my husband and I kept saying how much better the experience was because we had her on our team. If you're considering getting a doula 1) DO IT! and 2) I cannot recommend Laura and sing her praises enough. 

Meaghan Scott


I had a lot of fear from my first birth. Being induced at 37 weeks brought a lot of trauma. I wanted a redemptive birth where I felt in control and the least amount of pain possible with the best recovery possible. Laura knew how I felt and she came alongside me in achieving that goal. From answering all my questions during pregnancy to when I went over my due date. Laura helped walk me through going over my due date. I was so anxious about being induced again and Laura reassured me of how normal it is to go over 40 weeks. She helped me make decisions on how to jump start labor and to stick up for myself when providers maybe didn't see eye to eye with me. When we got to the hospital and I was 6 centimeters dilated and my water hadn't broke yet, I was already so exhausted I started to worry I wouldn't have the strength to push this baby out when they decided to finally come. She comforted me and reminded me how to help my body. When I finally decided to get an epidural she made sure I had everything I needed so I could still push on my side. I got a doula because I needed someone in my corner who knew how to support what I needed and wanted and marry the two perfectly. I loved having Laura by my side. My birth was beautiful and I would not have been so confident in that if Laura hadn't helped with pursing it and walking it out. 


Christa wright


Laura has supported me through two births now. I couldn't recommend her enough to any mother. Laura has been my rock and calmed my fears all during the pregnancy's . And was the only reason I got through so much labor as I did unmediated. Even when the birth plans changes she is a rockstar and knows exactly what to say and do. Laura is such an amazing woman in general. Words can not do her justice. All I can say is I love her and won't be having a third birth without her. 



Laura was my doula for the birth of my second child and I couldn't be more grateful for the calm, confident presence she brought to my birth space. Prior to my birth Laura took the time to address all my concerns and get to know me and my prior birth experience so she could best support me in the individual ways I needed. She knew the perfect balance of when to let my body guide me and when to offer suggestions to help labor progress. It was a bonus that she also captured amazing photos for us as well! I will always be grateful that Laura was a part of my birth team. 

Brittani Travelstead


I have been fortunate enough to bring two children into this world with Laura Fortner. If I could go back in time and tell myself to wake up, it would have been all three.  I am so grateful for her, she is my birth rock! I wouldn't even consider having another child unless I knew she would be by my side.  Laura's demeanor is calm, peaceful, encouraging and supportive.  I knew in any moment of uncertainty all I had to do is look at Laura and she found my eyes and met with the support I needed in the moment.  She is also a wealth of knowledge in all things pregnancy, birth, baby and postpartum.  I've taken all of her recommendations and have been thoroughly impressed. If you need a Doula look no further, Laura is the best of the best!

Maegan Lewis


There are not enough works to explain how amazing Laura is. During both of my pregnancies, during labor and postpartum, SHE WAS A GOD SEND. Late night texting and answering every single question we had. This woman is hands down one of the best people I've ever met and she's forever apart of our family. If you want a bad ass doula, Laura is your girl! 

Teri Mitchell


I am a nurse midwife who serves families who choose to birth at home. I have worked with Laura for several years when she has been the doula for my clients. When my clients tell me they have hired Laura, I am estatic! This means that they will have a ride-or-die doula in their corner! One who is fully committed and passionate. One who is a hard core mother-lover. One who supports all birthing people. One who has the skills to help their baby rotate into the best position. One who will support them regardless of their individual birth plan and goals. She has the experience to know that birth is unpredictable & there's no single "right" way to birth a baby. I wholeheartedly recommend her ??

JoJo Moman


Laura guided me through my pregnancy from as early as 12 weeks. I was a nervous first time mom in my first pregnancy. Talked me through spotting, instantly answered me with tips and tricks for any aches and pains and symptoms. Had excellent resources for learning about my desire for an unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. As a first time mom we all assumed I'd go past the due date but I went into labor at 39.6 and Laura wasn't able to be there but the entire time I was in labor and giving birth I heard her voice in my head saying "your body grows a baby it can birth" (my daughter was 9lbs 2oz) and truly hear her still as I worked through post partum & breastfeeding and motherhood. Laura will always hold such a huge place in my heart. 

Shirine Shelton


Laura's care and attention during my birth experience was beyond expectation. I had developed gestational hypertension and had to be induced. She was available not only to explain every step and but offer options that weren't always suggested by the hospital staff. She put my husband and I at ease, over and over again. She even gave advice and recommendations postpartum to help with lactation. I hope to have her help again if/when I'm expecting the next time. 10/10, would recommend. 

Trish Hatfield


Laura was an incredibly important part of my support system for the birth of our son, and we are so grateful for her! She was wonderful to work with in the months leading up to my delivery, and was always there to answer questions or concerns I had. When my birth plan changed unexpectedly, Laura was there to support us every step of the way. She was a consistent source of reassurance and calm for me,l (which I very much needed!), helping explain options and what to expect. My husband really appreciated how Laura helped provide support and guidance to him on how he can best support me during labor and birth, which was really helpful for us! I am so grateful that she was in the room for our son's birth. Working with Laura was the best decision I made during pregnancy! 



My husband and I cannot recommend Laura more. As first-time parents, we were anxious and needed all the help we could get. Laura guided me through my pregnancy and delivery of our healthy son. Laura was positive, informative and funny. When my birth plan changed, Laura was very supportive and quick to provide alternative strategies. She provided critical advice on when to go to the hospital and effectively communicated what to expect during the early stages of labor. As my contractions got stronger and more painful, I became less capable of making hard decisions. She assisted me in making tough decisions consistent with my birth plan. She was great at communicating with my husband. In fact, my husband was hesitant to hire a doula but won’t stop singing her praises and can’t imagine doing it without her. 

Maegan Holt


The energy, expertise, and care that Laura shared with me before, during and after the birth of my baby was unparalleled. Laura was exactly who I needed with me during my labor & delivery to support my birth plan. I often think about the words of affirmation Laura shared with me to help me along and they now stay with me as core memories. We labored all over that room and I will never forget it. I got the all natural / unmedicated birth that I wanted and so happy to have had Laura as part of that experience. I am so happy to have found Laura as my birth doula and NDDA and would choose them again!



I'm not sure I'm eloquent enough to put into words just how thankful I am for Laura's role in my daughter's birth; but I'll sure try.  I did not have a doula for the birth of my first child and had a traumatic experience (3rd degree tearing and a vacuum assist).  Between the previous experience, our infertility journey (this one was an IVF pregnancy), and being 4 years older, I knew I wanted a doula this time around.  The experience was so completely different than my first, and my healing was infinitely better (both births were epidural free). I couldn't even believe how much better it could be and the impact it had on my postpartum experience!  I was in a panic and a negative headspace because I unexpectedly had to be induced 3 weeks early (I was literally watching the birth class videos in the hospital), and Laura was essential in helping me get it together.  The hands on help at the hospital helped me progress quickly once I was in active labor.  I had a moment during pushing where I started to get flashbacks and fear from my first pregnancy, and she was there with me every step of the way with encouragement.  My husband is also so thankful for her presence, and now highly recommends a doula to anyone who asks.  The cherry on top were some beautiful images she captured when my daughter first made it Earthside.  This birth was healing, empowering and just what I needed for our double rainbow baby. I cannot recommend her enough.   

Helena Arnold


How do you know when someone really, really loves their doula?

A: When they recommend her to a friend and they love them, too? Yes!

B: When they come back to her for their second birth? Yes!

C: When she goes above and beyond and becomes a friend? Yes!

When that doula is Laura Fortner, the answer is all of the above!

My first delivery did not go as expected and Laura was amazing through it. She was a sound of reason helping us make difficult decisions we were not prepared for. My second delivery also did not go as planned (do they ever?) and once again Laura’s guidance and years of experience made for a beautiful delivery. We wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Laura is compassionate beyond measure, thoughtful about all the details, caring in all the best ways, professional with the medical team, personal with the family, will love on you bd encourage you during delivery in ways you didn’t know you needed, she is just an amazing human being and lucky for us she was called to support families during births as their doula.

When you need someone in your birthing corner who will be more than a doula and who will treat you like a life long friend and sister, Laura is that person.



As a first time mom, Laura made everything so much easier and better for me with my pregnancy. She was there for me whenever I needed prior to and after birth, connected me to great specialists when needed, helped me switch OBGYNs when I had a bad experience with my first OB. I am very type A and ask a million questions, and Laura never missed a beat. Without Laura my pregnancy and birth would not have been as smooth as it was. Whenever I needed anything she was my advisor, supporter, confidant, and guide. I can't imagine ever doing this without her.



Laura is absolutely amazing. She was so helpful in our meetings leading up to delivery.  She was so helpful during labor, helping me advocate for my wants as well as guiding us through the process. Labor went absolutely nothing like I had planned and I truly don't know how my husband and I would have survived the day without Laura.

Lindsay Hammond


Laura is a rockstar. Throughout my pregnancy she was thoughtful, kind, and was always available to answer my random questions in a way that told me she cared (and she knew what she was talking about!). An unusual scan at 38 weeks sent me to L&D sooner than expected. I was scared not only for my baby, but I was nervous that I wouldn't get the birth experience I had hoped for. Laura answered my emotional phone call with a calm assurance that my baby and birth plan were in good hands. Her knowledge and experience - along with her unwavering confidence in me - helped guide me to have an unmedicated birth...with an induction! There were several times during labor that I didnt believe I had the strength to go on and Laura was right there reminding me that I am a warrior queen about to meet my baby. With her support, I was able to do it the way I wanted and was blessed to welcome a healthy baby boy. We loved working with Laura and we are so glad she is part of our family's story.

P.S. from Dad: As a husband, the birth planning and labor & delivery process can feel so intimidating. It is hard to know what to do and when to do it. Even more than that, it is hard to know how to encourage your partner as they work through labor. Laura's knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to know what to do when that moment came and she was a guru in the delivery room helping me be in the right spots at the right time to support my wife. Couldn't recommend her more for any family getting ready to welcome a new baby.

Angela Penfold


Laura was amazing!! This was my 3rd baby, but first birth with Laura as my Doula. It happened to be my hardest delivery and I can't imagine having made it through without Laura's calm and knowledgeable support. She was reassuring, positive and immensely helpful. She even dished out some jokes with my husband, as that is what he needed. My husband and I both agreed that she was amazing and were so glad to have her on our team! 



Having Laura was the best decision I've made for my pregnant journey. She's very knowledgeable and supportive along the way. I delivered the baby without epidural and it was super fast and trauma free. I don't think I could do this without Laura. The positions she put me when I was in labor made me give birth to the baby in less than half an hour after I opened 10 cm. Highly recommend for mama to be especially the ones who are going to choose natural birth!



Laura was our doula for our first son's birth and we needed her there for our second son! She again offered great support during my pregnancy and was an awesome help during labor. I felt Laura's presence was so necessary, I prioritized having her there for my induction over my OB. Laura helped manage my pain, gave me instructions on best positioning for my son to move down and held my hand while my son came into the world. I was able to have an unmedicated birth, 4 hours of labor and delivered a hearty 8 pound, 13 ounce boy with no tearing (!!!). 

Nicole Bohannon


One of my friends got to have Laura at both of her births (this friend is the type who demands excellence & would not sing praises for no reason!). When Laura answered my inquiry & said she had room on her calendar for me, I was thrilled. 

I had a zoom call with her at 20 wks to make sure we were a good fit & hired her right away. She made herself available to answer any questions I may have had throughout the rest of my pregnancy. My husband, Tom, & I had a meeting with her in my 3rd trimester to discuss birth preferences. I loved the fact Laura & Tom got face to face time before the big day. It really helped Tom understand her role & his role in the birth & empowered him to be able to advocate for me while in the hospital.

I sent Laura updates from my Dr. appts towards the end & she coached me on when to start red raspberry leaf capsules, the dates, the borage oil, etc. I went into labor on a Friday night & her tips for staying comfortable while laboring at home were essential. When the contractions were 3-1-1, I headed in to the hospital be checked & was ecstatic to already be at a 5-6cm.

Laura came from another birth that night and was a total rockstar! Helping me get into all the positions to progress labor was like an olympic sport & she did not tire! I also got a "bonus doula" during my birth because she was training a new doula. I felt so supported and encouraged. Laura was in the delivery room with us around 4A and by 10:39A our little girl was born. 

To this day, Tom & I are incredibly thankful for Laura & her calm, confident expertise, for Addi & her willingness to hop right in, and to NDDA for the most informative birth class. I got the unmedicated birth I had prayed for & a healthy little miracle baby. If you are on the fence about investing in a doula, my stance on that is to make it a priority & don't view it as a luxury! We love Laura!

Christian Hancock


I cannot say enough praise for Laura! This was our second birth with Laura and she went above and beyond *again* to make the experience more than I could’ve ever imagined. She just knows pregnant bodies so well! Her ability to respond with compassion and encouragement, and also strength and confidence is so reassuring in the most extremely emotional moments. Truly can’t imagine doing it without her. I wish everyone could have Laura's support!



We are so appreciative of Laura and having her on our pregnancy journey! We kept hearing our friends recommend a doula, so we explored this path. We are glad we had Laura to help guide, support, and explain things to us as first time parents. We had to have our little guy earlier than expected and she was a phone call away reassuring me it was going to be okay, and talking me through things that I did not necessarily want with my birth plan. ( Always have to stay open and the safety of your baby is the utmost importance!!) She helped prepare me for all outcomes and had me ask the right questions leading up to birth. The day of his birth, she checked in with me to see my progress and was there shortly after. I'm so glad for her support and position changes during contractions because I was not a fan of staying in that bed if I didn't have to. (back pain + contractions!!) She reminded me of tips and strategies I could refer back to that we had talked about in our birth class. (so glad we did the class!) We continue to check in with her postpartum and she has recommended us looking into some resources, to help address some hurdles we have had. We are grateful for the ongoing support on this journey! Thank you Laura!



We were fortunate enough to have Laura as our doula for the birth of our son. Going into the experience, I knew I wanted a doula not only for support for myself, but also my husband during the birth and to be an extra support person to him in the unlikely but possible event that something should go amiss. Lightening did proverbially strike when an emergency arose, and I am so incredibly grateful that Laura was able to be a calming presence for my husband and help him in the first few hours with my son while I was not able to do so.
In addition to those clutch final moments, It was helpful to have someone to check with along the way as we were making decisions about how to proceed. Our birth was a true rollercoaster, and it was helpful to have moral support along the way. On a practical note, I really appreciate that Laura is open minded and I always felt supported as our plans changed. Thanks, Laura!



Anyone looking for an experienced, researched, facts-based, loving, and calm support person to be with them in their journey to having a child, Laura is your person!
The hardest review I'll ever have to write! There is no way to articulate the talent, professionalism, comfort, and love that Laura brings to our family. We are 5 weeks postpartum and she is still serving us with resources, she truly is a part of our family now.
I was looking for someone who would advocate for me in the delivery room to help me achieve my goal of natural, unmedicated birth. Laura was in full support of my decision, my doctor, my medical choices, and gave me all the tools I needed to feel as prepared as I could for my first childbirth. 
During delivery, we were faced with all the things you can face and Laura was right there, giving us wisdom, encouragement, and space to make my own decisions. 
She has a lot of birthing people who love her and are lucky to have her along their journey, we are blessed to be one of them & would recommend her to anyone looking for support!

Melissa Cortez


Laura was such a godsend during my entire pregnancy/labor/delivery/and the first few days postpartum! From our first meeting, Laura put me at ease. She was super personable and knowledgeable and fostered trust, allowing this type A, first time momma to be more relaxed through pregnancy and during labor and delivery. One thing (of many!) that I love about Laura is that she is solution oriented. I was able to text Laura about any questions that I had and she was always able to offer insight and recommend several options for addressing the issue. She was the same way throughout my labor and delivery. She offered pain management solutions, was able to book me a last minute chiropractic appointment to ease my back labor pain, and offered options for next steps throughout labor to ensure that it kept moving forward--even while in the hospital! She was the one that suggested next steps to make sure I kept making progress and was able to push correctly. She also provided so much relief with different postion ideas and by providing counterpressure for the whole time. Laura was so essential to my labor and delivery that I became more stressed if she had to leave the room than if my husband did! Knowing that I had Laura allowed me to approach labor & delivery without fear. I knew that she would guide me and offer solutions throughout the whole process so I was not nervous or scared. I had a very positive labor and delivery experience and I credit a lot of that to Laura, her knowledge, and her calm but effective approach to the whole process. 

Kate Boswell


My husband and I highly recommend Laura. She was our doula for the recent birth of our first child. I had a difficult pregnancy and Laura was always reassuring, helpful, and available by text. We learned so much from the birth class offered at NDDA and felt prepared and ready for our birth. 

Due to medical complications, we were not able to have the unmedicated birth we planned and instead had an emergency C-section. Laura was amazing and so helpful during this experience. She walked us through all the medical decisions, supported us (including staying with me in the hospital room so my husband could leave to grab a quick meal in the cafeteria), and walked us through each step of the C-section before it started so we would know what was happening. Afterwards, she helped us facilitate skin to skin and got our baby latched and nursing. She was also so helpful at the follow up visit in our home. 

We could not have navigated this difficult and tumultuous experience so gracefully had it not been for Laura. We are so grateful to her and recommend her to anyone considering a doula. You won't regret it.

Laura Courson


Laura is a wonderful person to have on your birth team. She is encouraging and empowering, while also deftly handling hospital staff, family members, and your birth plan. She gives you the right words to say if you are unable to think of them yourself during labor. She is a perfect advocate for a birthing mother and I highly recommend her!



I am so grateful to Laura Fortner!  She was so knowledgeable and experienced in preparing me for childbirth, and supporting me throughout labor and delivery. It was like she knew what would happen before it even happened. Laura was my doula for my second child, which was an unmedicated birth.  The birthing experience I had with my first child, on the other hand, was that of a typical hospital one with an epidural.  From a mother that has experienced both a medicated and unmedicated birth, hands down, unmedicated wins.  I highly recommend a natural birth!  I can say this with confidence only because Laura was so supportive and steadfast in my resolve to have a natural birthing experience.  She believed in me even when I started to doubt the process and I could not have done it without her.  Although our time together was brief, I know that she treats all her clients with the same regard and advocacy.  I am so grateful for trusting in her and will definitely call her again should I be so blessed in the future.

Brianne Land


My husband and I got connected with Laura Fortner and partnered with her through our first pregnancy. She helped me through having Covid at 6 weeks pregnant and all the things that first time moms worry about and go through. I felt so much comfort knowing she was only a text or phone call away. She was extremely kind and helpful through every phase of pregnancy. Obviously, we utilized her most during labor and delivery. My birth plan from the start was to go unmedicated and go into labor on my own. Unfortunately none of that happened, but Laura helped me through every step of the way. I ended up being almost 42 weeks and baby was not anywhere close to coming, so I went in to be induced. The day before the induction, Laura talked us through what the process might look like and calmed my anxiety about the whole thing because that was not something in my plan. After a slow 3 day induction, we all decided an epidural was best and she coached me through my greatest birth fear and was the voice my husband and I both needed when nothing had gone my way. Laura was exactly who we needed as our doula and I can't imagine having anyone else by our side through the process. When my birth plan went out the window she was there to tell me everything would be ok. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, and not only an incredible doula, but an incredible human being. We love you Laura and are forever grateful for everything you did for us to get our angel baby earth side ??

Kirsten Knight


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Laura. During pregnancy, she was my sounding board, a wealth of knowledge, and full of tips and resources. She gave me the tools I needed to prep my body for birth and she connected me with other experts that helped facilitate that. I felt so supported by my team - a team that Laura helped facilitate. I had an extremely long labor and Laura was so present every step of the way. She drew deep into the well to get the birth I had planned, but ultimately helped facilitate the birth that I needed. My husband and I are so grateful for her guidance, expertise, and advocacy during that time. She continued to check in on me postpartum and continued to connect me with the resources I needed to be successful in breastfeeding. It's so valuable to have someone who is completely in your corner during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and Laura far exceeded my expectations in each of those stages. 

Stacey O


We started looking for a doula early in our pregnancy after experiencing a miscarriage and realizing that we wanted extra support since we had just moved. Laura instantly made us feel more comfortable with her knowledge of Baylor, the obgyn practice I was using, and of course, the whole pregnancy journey. She provided even more comfort as COVID regulations at our hospital were set and it became clear that even if family members could travel to help during birth, only my partner and medical personnel (Doulas count) would be allowed. Moreover, Laura was also immensely empathetic and reassuring as we dealt with terminal illness in my immediate family.

Laura was always easy to talk to and available. As much as I loved my doctor, appointments always felt rushed and I often was too distracted to think of all of my questions. I could always approach Laura. 

On the day our baby arrived she was communicative and helped provide relief and advice. It was so lovely having a familiar face in the hospital and someone who could give my partner a break to go get food and assist with the first breastfeeding. 



I cannot speak highly enough of Laura Fortner. While my delivery did not go at all as expected, Laura jumped into action and was there every step of the way to provide emotional and mental support and guidance to both my husband and I. Not only was she was our advocate in the hospital, but she continues to be a sounding board and resource to me in my postpartum journey as well. The birth of our twins could have easily and quickly turned into a terrifying situation, but it felt much more manageable with Laura in our corner. She told us what to expect, helped us navigate our feelings and was glued to my side when my husband and hospital staff couldn't be. So incredibly thankful to have her in my tribe! 



We were Laura's last baby before the lockdown in Spring of 2020. The charge nurse came around at about 7:00 pm and told us that if I didn't deliver before 11:59 pm, Laura would have to leave. She stuck it out with us despite a scary, unprecedented and unpredictable pandemic sweeping the globe. 

We're eternally grateful to her. I delivered naturally, which was what I'd hoped for, despite begging them for the epidural in the last minutes before pushing. She reminded me of why I had chosen to deliver naturally and had the midwives describe just how close we actually were to our baby's arrival. There was light at the end of the tunnel, and sure enough, not minutes later I was pushing (completely involuntarily, amazed at what my body was capable of). Shortly after, our sweet baby girl was on my chest, cheesy skin to skin, doing her best breast crawl. 

We delivered at 9:40 pm, the night the the shelter in place order went into effect. Little did we know a very challenging year lay ahead. We were just grateful to have our little one safely alongside us, and thankful we had Laura there to guide and support us. 

Looking forward to working with her again, should we get the opportunity. 


Daria Kiehne


I am so glad I hired Laura as my doula. She is caring, fun, and very knowledgable. As a first time mom, I didn't know what to expect throughout my 3rd trimester as well as on the day of my baby's birth. Laura was able to support me with key information, oftentimes filling in gaps left by my service providers. Additionally, she was a huge source of support in times of difficult decision making, never pushing a specific idea or agenda onto me but rather helping me make the best decision for myself and my baby. Due to the fact of having a c-section and Laura's role in the operating room being limited by hospital policies, I felt like I didn't get to take advantage of Laura's full range of experience, knowledge & skills. Nonetheless, I felt very supported and cared for throughout my pregnancy and delivery and would recommend Laura in a heartbeat. 



Selecting Laura as our birth doula was one of the best and most important decisions we made in the birth of our daughter. Before I had even signed a contract or placed a deposit on her services, she was already empowering me to listen to the red flags that I was seeing with my provider. From there, she helped me to find exactly the type of birth team I was looking for and helped eased my worry over switching doctors at 28 weeks pregnant.

Because of COVID, we didn't actually meet Laura in-person until it was go time, but she hopped in and it was like she was an old friend. We spent 3 hours with her trying to naturally induce labor by power and curb walking around the birth center and she helped me to walk through contractions with a firmness that my husband was too worried to give me. When plans had to changed, she supported our decisions without judgement and I felt confident knowing that she would speak up if she felt something was amiss. 

Through pushing and delivery, she was exactly the calming and encouraging presence we were looking for. She helped our baby to latch and establish a good start breastfeeding. On top of it all, she was able to snap some amazing photos throughout labor. 

If another baby is in our future, I definitely want Laura on our birth team and I couldn't recommend her more.


Chelsea Fife


Laura is the BEST! She was my primary contact for EVERYTHING pregnancy/birth/postpartum. I truly can't begin to express how much she helped me. I tell everyone about her. To put it simply: she is AMAZING! 

Laura Putnam


Laura was an amazing doula! She was great at communicating and answering questions during pregnancy and post partum. Although my labor didn't go as planned, she still supported me in many ways especially during the pushing when things got scary with some complications! She also helped me get the baby to latch and and stayed with us immediately after birth. She has kept in touch and checked in on us frequently. She is personable, kind, and supportive and i would highly recommend her!

Rachel B


Like so many others have said in their testimonials, I couldn't have had the birth I wanted without Laura. 
I have a great OB/am a patient at a large practice in Dallas but I knew we would need more support during Covid and to have an unmedicated birth. My husband wasn't allowed to join any doctor appointments and Laura talked with him over the phone more than once. She gave him great book recommendations and we Facetimed with her to talk about how to prepare. I called or texted her after every OB appointment and she would translate doctor jargon and give me more context to what was happening each week of pregnancy. I was experiencing pelvic pain and she recommended an awesome chiropractic practice. 

Of course, the labor. I was very nervous to be induced and she was so encouraging and comforting the days leading up to the big day. When my husband gave her the text saying it was go time, she was in the room 10 minutes later and got us through with ease. Laura advocated for things I didn't know about (wireless monitor, nitrous gas). And she endured me being real bananas (refusing to do positions, crying, saying 'I can't do this' 700 times, I was a dream client)! My labor started at 7 AM and I gave birth at 3 PM without medication, needing only one stitch. So much of this is credited to her. 

The expense of hiring Laura completely paid off, as the hospital bill was as low as possible, recovery was easy and we have a health baby. As it that's not enough, she is a funny, powerful woman with a mother's heart. I recommend Laura to everyone in the family planning stage and will absolutely want her there for any of my future baby's birthdays.

María Gonzalez


How do I even begin...when I first cocntavted Laura, I was 3 months into a VERY UNEXPECTED 5th pregnancy, in the middle of a pandemic shutdown! But Laura was so sweet, so calm. I shared my fears and the other struggles of my pregnancy. She recommended a midwife for me and really without her I would have been completely lost in this pregnancy. I knew after 4 epidural, conventional pregnancies, I wanted to do this one different. Laura was always available for me to talk to, I think I called her more than I did my midwife! The day of delivery, even though it was the first time we met in person, she felt like an old friend. She was calm throughout my labor, offering different methods of working through by contractions, keeping my breathing steady. She showed my husband ways of helping me as well. As the big transition came, she was so calming, keeping me steady and reassuring me every step of the way. I cannot recommend her more highly. Laura you are a God send! Thank you!!!

Jamie Koltun


Hiring Laura as my doula was the best decision I made for my pregnancy, labor, and delivery! This was my first pregnancy, so everything was new and I figured I needed all the help I could get to obtain the positive birth experience I wanted. Little did I know I gained so much more by having Laura with me every step of the way!! Half way through my pregnancy I had to switch providers, Laura was the first one I called and we talked through options- ultimately landing with an AMAZING group of midwives at a new hospital, a decision that ended up making my experience absolutely wonderful from that day on. Laura was quick to respond, knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, and always went above and beyond! During labor, Laura worked so well with my husband to discuss where I was at and the best next steps. To delay going to the hospital as long as possible but remain close by, per my request, Laura invited us to labor with her at her office which really changed the game! Her knowledge of labor shined as she gave me practical things to do specific to my needs in the moment that got baby in a better position and things moving quicker! (Funny part- a bird pooped on me and Laura quickly went and got me a clean new shirt to wear, we ending up matching which I'm sure helped channel our energy and teamwork! Haha). She is wonderful at communicating and noticing needs. She was a soft encouragement and a strong push when I felt like giving up. Without a doubt, having Laura changed everything for me in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum! She continued to checkup on me after baby and provide any resources I needed! My husband and I both felt fully cared for by Laura from the moment we met her. She truly showed the depth that a doula is- an unending support, instant friend and sister! First thing I'll do next time around is call Laura! Do yourself a huge favor and call her too! 



Laura made our birth experience so amazing! She was there to help us every step of the way, from early pregnancy through the birth. For example, early in our pregnancy we decided to switch our OB because she turned out not to be exactly what we were looking for. Laura was quick to give us recommendations that fit with our needs; one of which we loved and chose to be our new OB. Throughout the process, I always felt that my wishes were heard and I never felt pressure to do something a certain way. I felt SO knowledgeable going into our birth because of Laura. Our plan was to do a natural birth, but 30 hours later, I ended up doing a c-section. In the hours that I tried a natural birth, Laura was right by my side and made the process feel easy. Even when we decided to doa c-section, she was nothing but supportive and understanding. After my c-section, she was waiting in the room for us to make sure everything went well. After birth, she followed up with me and supported me when I needed help for my postpartum depression. Two years later, I still feel a connection with Laura. You will not regret choosing Laura as your doula. She is more than amazing at what she does and will absolutely make your pregnancy and birth special. 

Becca Hunt


We LOVED working with Laura! Honestly she was such a godsend when it was so crazy to be pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. We hired her early in pregnancy and she was a great resource the whole way through. She checked in regularly, answered questions when I had them and was always a calm reassuring presence. Birth class with her was an incredible help to prepare for labor. When I was told my baby would be induced, Laura did a thorough job prepping us for what would happen in the hospital which was so helpful as we weren't thrown by surprises we hadn't thought of. Although Laura was unable to be in the room with me for labor (covid restrictions) even over the phone she was an important part of our birth experience and I felt much more confident throughout the journey knowing her and her expertise were with us. Laura cares about you and wants your birth to be what you hope for. She continued to check on us after birth and helped us get breastfeeding started off well. It is always nice to work with people who know their stuff, especially in big life experiences like birth. We would absolutely have Laura again if we have another pregnancy. 

Paige Imhoff


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Laura as our doula and cannot recommend her services enough.  As first time parents, the pregnancy and labor experience was comparable to the blind leading the blind with me and my husband.  Laura acted as our coach, our mentor, and our guiding light through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.  

Laura was readily available through text message and phone calls throughout my entire pregnancy. She never once made me feel silly or like I was an inconvenience for the numerous questions and concerns that I had.  Her knowledge and expertise were a godsend at times when I was anxious about certain feelings or things going on in my body.  

At 37 weeks into my pregnancy my husband and I were confronted with a situation with our OBGYN that did not make us feel comfortable to continue with her as our provider. However, we felt it was too late in the game to make a switch.  Laura empowered and ensured us that it was not too late and because of her guidance, knowledge, and connections, we ended up at a practice that we absolutely love and the type of delivery I wanted to have. 

My husband and I are firm believers that Laura's presence at our delivery is the reason why we were able to have a natural delivery.  She is so knowledgeable and supportive and my husband and I both leaned on her to guide us through the delivery of our little girl. 

I absolutely recommend Laura's services!  You will be in the best hands! :) 



Laura was instrumental in helping me get through my unmedicated hospital induction. Every contraction had a purpose & goal and we used different positions to our advantage. Because of that work, after my water was broken I was holding my baby in my arms in less than three hours. Laura is deeply knowledgeable about the birthing process and supporting someone through it. This was my second time working with Laura & can't recommend her enough!



I'm so grateful that we had Laura with us for the birth of our daughter. Before labor and delivery, Laura offered amazing support during my pregnancy, patiently answering the many questions I had as a first time mom. Her advice not only helped me physically but also emotionally. During my labor, Laura's presence and knowledge continued to be immensly helpful. She helped me remain present and focused, even as my desired birth plan took a few unexpected turns due to my daughter's OP position and the need to be induced at 41 weeks. Throughout my labor, she helped me find positions to manage pain and help my baby move; she also offered great gudience when circumstances required that I make decisions to deivate from 'my plan.' I appreciate that she did so in a way that was so supportive and level-headed. I have no doubt that her prescence and direction allowed me to achieve the vaginal birth I had hoped for and prevented me from needing a C-Section. After my daugherter was born, working with Laura also helped connect me quickly to an LC through NDDA. The ability to connect with the right support team quickly was integral in early breastfeeding success. Having a doula, and espeically Laura, made the birth of my first child a positive and joyful experience.



My husband and I can't thank Laura enough for guiding, supporting, and helping us to have an incredible birth experience. 

While things didn't go as I had "planned" them to go during labor, Laura helped me to be flexible and accept that no matter how things were going this was my birth experience and it was natural and perfect because it is what was giving us our sweet baby boy. She helped me to utilize the tools in our toolbox when I was panicking not knowing how to continue as things were changing and not going as I had imaginged they would. My body was doing what it needed to do and she helped me to flow with it instead of against it. She was there for me every step of the way. She was loving, supportive, and just everything I needed and more. I feel such a deep love and connection for Laura after having her by my side through my pregnancy, labor, and birth. Even before she got to the hospital, I felt her presence there with me. She comforted me in all the ways I needed. We will without a doubt ask Laura to be apart of our next pregnancy and birth as I truly feel like I couldn't have done it without her! 



Laura has helped me birth both of my children. She was an invaluable person in my birth team and I highly recommend her. I would spend my last penny and move mountains to make sure she was present and available for any future births. You cannot replace the love, knowledge, and support she embodies. Book her!!! 

Heather Garcia


The second I found out I was pregnant with my son. I sent Laura a message letting her know and to put me down for a late summer delivery. There was no way I was doing this birth with out her. Through out my entire pregnancy Laura was there for me in more than just pregnancy support. She always answered any questions I had about birth, hospitals, and caregivers. With her amazing wisdom and empowerment I was able to finally get the birth I so desperately wanted/needed. She not only held my hand through it all she held my heart. Laura uplifted me in mind body and spirit and gave me the courage to find the strength with in myself to "keep pushing." I can not stress enough the power a doula can have for you at your birth, especially one as dedicated and caring as Laura. 

Brie Richards


From the first time I talked to Laura I felt an instant connection almost friend-like connection and knew she was the right fit. I had some very hard things going on personally and she was completely understanding and respectful of my situation. Throughout my pregnancy she was always readily available to answer questions, help me make decisions, and navigate the many obstacles that came my way with being pregnant during the Covid-19 pandemic. In what felt like chaos, she was always strong and steady leaving me at peace about my concerns. Her advice and counsel in preparing for birth were extremely valuable in educating and guiding me so I could have the best birth experience possible. She was extremely supportive in my desires for my birth plan and helped me to organize my thoughts and prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. During delivery, she was nothing short of a rockstar. She encouraged me when I needed it, pushed me when I needed to be, and was extremely in tune with what was happening at each stage of labor and how to prepare for what was next. Laura was easily one of, if not, the best investment I made during my pregnancy and I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a wonderful birth experience.



Laura was a fantastic resource and a positive, supportive presence before, during, and after my birth. She brought knowledge, levity, and energy to the labor and delivery room, helped me formulate important questions in the weeks leading to my birth, listened with an open mind to my plans and preferences, and advocated for me in the delivery room. In the days and weeks following my delivery, it was a relief to be able to rely on her words of comfort and wisdom during her frequent check-ins. 



I really cannot say enough great things about Laura. She made my pregnancy and birth truly one of the best experiences of my life. My husband and I were well prepared going into Presbyterian to deliver becuase of the meetings and talks we'd had with Laura, as well as the amazing classes at NDDA. Laura guided us over the phone since covid allowed only one support person in the hospital during delivery. We called her several times thoughout labor, including when I really didn't think I could keep going without drugs, and she guided us to make the best decision for our situation in a supportive and judgement-free way. She had worked with my OBGYN group several times and was even able to provide insight into what to expect from each doctor. There are so many things that come up during pregnancy, and since this was my first baby, having her support and knowledge to guide me through all the unknowns was such a blessing. I wouldn't dream of going through another pregnancy / birth without her. 



Laura is such a wonderful doula. She was available to answer questions leading up to delivery. Our meeting with Laura was thorough and she asked questions my husband and I hadn't thought of. She always has helpful advice. We had an unmedicated, vaginal delivery with a midwife at a hospital and the team worked seemlessly together. My husband had been hurt and couldn't do as much of the coaching as we had hoped. Laura was able to help in that area and also helped support my husband during delivery. Laura was extremely essential to our birthing team. I would not have been able to deliver our 11+lb baby without her!! 

Brittany Reinhart


Laura has been an incredible source of knowledge and support from the very beginning. She is very communicative about how and when to reach her, and I always feel as though she's happy to provide me with her best advice and help me find information. During labor Laura was unable to be there physically due to the hospital's coronavirus precautions, but she supported me throughout the entire process and I am so grateful for her! I would recommend her services to anyone preparing for childbirth. 

Jennifer Mooney


Laura provided wonderful support from the moment I met her. During my pregnancy, our primary method of communication was through text. She responded to all of my questions and regularly checked in to ask how I was doing. I loved that Laura was so familiar with Baylor University Medical Center, where my daughter was born. Due to the shelter in place order that went into effect only a few days before I gave birth, Laura was not allowed to be physically present at the birth. She called me personally to tell me, and I could hear in her voice that it hurt her just as much as it hurt me. Laura was able to provide virtual support while I was in labor and she sent us reference materials to review before my due date. She was able to give my husband ideas for how to help me while I labored at home. When I arrived at the hospital and checked in, my husband called Laura to give her an upate. Knowing that we could still have her expert advice and opinion gave us a lot of peace and confidence that we were making the right decisions. I would absolutely recommend Laura to any other mama to be who needs an experienced doula to support her through pregnancy and birth. She was a wonderful part of our birth team and I am so glad that we chose her! 



We recently partnered with Laura and NDDA for the birth of our first baby, and hiring Laura was without a doubt one of the best decisions we made throughout my pregnancy.  From the initial consultation to supporting our change in provider, developing our birth plan and weekly check-ins, she provided incredible advice that helped my husband and I prepare for birth. She was always prompt to respond and thorough with her communication. 

When our son's birth day came, she coached us through our lengthy labor over text and over the phone before joining us in person for active labor.  Throughout our experience, she guided my husband on how to physically support me through contractions, always one step ahead and anticipating my needs.  She was an incredibly encouraging coach who led us through the process with kindness, calm and unwavering strength.  She also helped us navigate through a few unexpected decisions that had to be made on the fly, and was a true advocate for our family.  She was the consistent presence for us at the hospital between rotating nurses and a reliable resource that I knew had our best interests, and safety, at heart. 

Post birth, she checked in regularly over text and came to visit us at home within a week for a postpartum visit.  She also connected me with a lactation consultant to help me through some early breast feeding challenges.  Laura was an invaluable part of our birth story and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering a doula for their birth experience! 

Alyssa Lee


Laura was my doula for my first birth. I knew immediately when interviewing with her that her calm, compassionate, and wise presence was exactly what I wanted to have while in labor. Laura checked in often in the months leading up to birth, giving many recommendations for the symptoms and anxieties on my mind.

When I went into labor, Laura was in consistent contact, making suggestions to slow down labor during the night and get some rest. When it was time to go, we didn’t even have to reach out to my midwives, Laura had called them and was already at the hospital when I arrived. Having done many births with DMA and at Baylor, she knew every professional and worked seamlessly with them. I was open to have a medicated or unmedicated labor and Laura was very supportive of both options. I surprised myself by not getting an epidural and I know 100% this would not have been possible without Laura. She had a consistent plan for positioning and progressions based on baby’s position and always I loved her clear direction and support. She gave reassurance to my constant stream of consciousness babbling and hardly left my side. Her hip squeezes were from heaven, and as I told my husband loudly, much better than his. One of the best things was the direction she gave to my husband for supporting me and the confidence she gave him in such a new situation.

 After my baby was born, she helped her to latch and gently advocated for the nurses to delay measurements until we had good skin to skin. I did not know that birth could be such a wonderful and powerful event and I am so grateful to Laura for being such a big part of that.

After my daughter was born, Laura checked in often and even came over on Christmas Eve to help me with breastfeeding when it was not going well. Her care for her clients is genuine and even just knowing I could reach out made me feel supported postpartum. I can’t imagine giving birth again without Laura!



As a first time mom, having a doula just a text message away to answer all my random questions is such a relieve. It seems like Laura has an answer for everything :D

Laura helped me make a very comprehensive birth plan. Her template really contained everything! However, babies have their own plan. I ended up with a sudden diagnosis of severe preeclampis and was asked to induce the baby right away. I had to get magnesium injection through IV, which has weakened ALL my muscles, including my eyelids. A vaginal birth is out of the question for me. HOWEVER,  not for Laura! She put me in so many different positions to help me push. I ended up getting the baby out in 1.5 hours with 0 external tearing. 




As a first time mom, having a doula just a text message away to answer all my random questions is such a relieve. It seems like Laura has an answer for everything :D

Laura helped me make a very comprehensive birth plan. Her template really contained everything! However, babies have their own plan. I ended up with a sudden diagnosis of severe preeclampis and was asked to induce the baby right away. I had to get magnesium injection through IV, which has weakened ALL my muscles, including my eyelids. A vaginal birth is out of the question for me. HOWEVER,  not for Laura! She put me in so many different positions to help me push. I ended up getting the baby out in 1.5 hours with 0 external tearing. 




Laura is absolutely amazing! Laura attended the birth of my second child after the birth of my first child resulted in a traumatic c-section. Laura helped me come up with a birth plan that represented the birth I had dreamed about. I ended up being induced and Laura kept in contact with me to ahead of time to prepare. She is very knowledgeable and helped me get into different positions for my baby to get in a more optimal birthing position. When labor became painful she helped me through each contraction and I ended up achieving an unmedicated vbac. Without Laura I could not have achieved the birth I wanted. I’m not sure if more kids are in my future but if they are I would want to have Laura as my doula again.

Natalie Odom


Laura Fortner was a wonderful and inspirational coach for my husband and I during the birth of our first child. She was supportive, motivating and was prepared for each stage of our labor. Laura was present from the moment we needed her. Things did not go accordingly to my "plan" and she helped guide us to the best options possible to meet our son. We couldn't have more loving things to say about Laura. We look forward to having her be a part of our new family and there when we decide to have another child. 

Jarrod & Misty Ausborne


Where do we begin, so our story is a little crazy because we decided the week before our due date that we wanted to hire a doula and OMG Laura was so amazing. We got so lucky to get her. We ended up meeting with her and two days later we went unto labor and Laura had another delivery going on at Baylor hospital. While that other amazing momma was in labor Laura made sure to stay in constant with us also to see how far along we were. After that delivery she rushed over to us at Medical City and made sure we were ok. She gave us the ins and outs on the hospital we were delivering at as well as the doctor that was in call and what to expect during delivery. She was there with us every step of the way. Honestly I don't know how we could have done it with out her. She was EXTREMELY patient with us, this being our first child we are very grateful for her. I think what impressed us the most is the 2 week visit. Giving is enough time to get acclimated at home and still being there for us whenever we needed her. Our son was having trouble latching on correctly and she made sure to put us in contact with a great lactation consultant that was able to come out that same day to help us. All in all Laura is hands down the best thing that happened to us during the pregnancy. Laura is like family to us now and we most definitely are going to hire her again. 

Christian Hancock


Laura was truly an essential part of my VBAC delivery success. We are infinitely grateful for her support and encouragement. She was exactly the advocate I needed to make confident and evidence-based decisions regarding the labor I wanted and ultimately had. She guided me through changing doctors and hospitals in the third trimester when I didn’t feel comfortable with my prenatal care, and was available to patiently answer every single question I had throughout. She was an excellent partner with my nurses and doctors. She gave game-changing hands-on support during active labor so my husband could focus on supporting me emotionally. I cannot speak highly enough about Laura and NDDA and thank them from the bottom of my heart!



I have known and worked alongside Laura Fortner for about 5 years now as a Certified Nurse-Midwife. I love having the privilege to serve women and families with Laura. Laura is in the top echelon of doulas. She understands and trusts the birth process. As a midwife working with women, when they choose Laura I know they will receive excellent care and support. I trust her so much as a doula, that I asked her to be a part of the birth of my second son.  She provides amazing labor support, and I have first-hand knowledge of how wonderful her hip squeezes are. Laura is great at preparing your mind, body and family (husband, siblings, etc) for birth. She understands what your desires for birth are and is right alongside you through labor to help fulfill your desires. She will be there saying “yes you can” when you feel like you can’t. She is such a help to husbands/partners too. She shows them how to provide support and involves them as much as possible. Laura is also great at helping you navigate all the overwhelming options in maternity care i.e. choosing a chiropractor, lactation consultant, pediatrician, etc. Choosing Laura to be part of your birth team will make your pregnancy, birth and postpartum an even better experience.

Ashley Spaulding


When I decided to have a midwife-attended birth in a hospital setting, I brought up the idea of hiring a doula to my husband and honestly, he was pretty skeptical. He wondered why we needed to hire someone else to support me during labor because he was under the impression my midwife would be there with me the whole time in addition to himself. Laura was recommended to me by my midwife and after meeting with her for the first time, he was the one who realized how much we needed her (how could he coach me through something he had never been through?) and after having her with us through pregnancy, labor and postpartum, now even encourages our friends to hire doulas for their births since we had such a wonderful experience and he could focus on being with me in the moment instead of stressing! 

Laura is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and SO experienced! She knows ALL the "tricks" to make labor a better experience and is open and supportive to achieving your best birthing experience. I had a really long and physically demanding labor since my baby was OP and having her there, guiding me through labor positions, working in perfect tandem with my midwife, and encouraging me through tough decisions and intense contractions made such a difference in my labor experience! I really could not recommend Laura more highly and she is 100% part of my forever birth team. 

Kayla Guthrie


I am so thankful for Laura Fortner and North Dallas Doulas Associates! I had to switch care at the beginning of my second trimester and was so scared because I had already planned out my care provider and hopsital and I had been seeing them for weeks! I had to switch care due to insurance and my fear was that my choices would be limited and I would not get to have the natural friendly hospital birth that I had always wanted. I thought having a midwife was out of the question, and that none of the hospitals in my area would understand my wants and desires or tolerate a natural birth. My insurance gave me a list of providers and hospitals that I could go to but I had no idea what reputations they had or what their names meant, so I decided to go onto Facebook. Someone had suggested I join the "DFW Birth Options" Facebook page and I am so glad I did! After writing a post explaining my situation Dallas Doulas Assocaites responded that they could help me and I gladly took them up on it! When I met with Laura she was very clear, kind, understood my needs, answered ALL of my questions and even took the time to pull up all of 3 lists of providers and went down the line. She was able to recognize some names and highly recommended two OB's and a hospital that she knew personally. If she hadnt persisted on looking at the third list, she would have never seen a familiar midwife's name, found her hospital, or had been able to recommend her! "THAT'S who I recommend!" She exclaimed. She explained that I would have an all natural birth in a hospital setting, and that the hospital was all for natural brith/low intervention, and that it was an amazing midwife group under a few OB's. Which was EXACTLY what I was wanting and thought was out of the question! I am so thankful for Laura because I was able to leave the meeting with three amazing options and I was able to find the care that I have so longed and desired.

Melanie Thomas


Laura is great! She made us feel comfortable through the entire pregnancy. Our birth did not go as planned, but having her by our side was so reassuring. 



Laura was such an important part of my pregnancy journey! She always answered all of my questions and knew just how to ease my mind when I was worried or anxious. She was inspiring and empowering, always reminding me thst I could and would get through labor. Both my husband and I agree, we don't know how we would've done things without her! Now that my beautiful baby has arrived, Laura remains not only a great resource, but a great friend! I absolutely LOVE  and appreciate her! 

Rachael Wenokur


My husband and I chose to hire Laura as our doula for the birth of our second child since we were attempting to have a successful VBAC.  My first birth was a scheduled c-section and I never once felt a contraction.  My initial interview with Laura led me to cancel all other interviews and I hired her within the week.  From the first phone call I knew she would be the support I needed.  She was informative and had immense knowledge that helped me in my pursuit of a VBAC.  We were in a unique situation because we delivered at a hospital that is not known for being VBAC friendly and Laura informed me of all my options in the DFW area.  When we ultimately decided to stay with my current provider, I will never forget how supportive she was.  I was so nervous to tell her we had decided to stay, even knowing it was the best decision for the health of our family but her response was supportive and I knew she was on my side no matter what.  My husband was unsure about the need for a doula in the beginning but throughout the entire process he was grateful for Laura's wisdom and advice, and we both believe our VBAC would not have been successful without her. She was always easy to contact (especially via text) which was nice when I had a random but simple question.  It was her knowledge about the labor process and what my body was doing that allowed me to advocate for myself and tell a doctor I wasn't ready for a c-section. She knew positions to help me when labor was stalled (after the epidural) and empowered me to believe that my body was doing what it was designed to do just in its own time.  

Laura remained by my side through 3 hours of pushing during a severe storm that caused local schools to go into severe weather protocol and almost missed her son's birthday to support me.  We got our successful VBAC and I look forward to the day that I get to labor with her again.  



I met with four doulas including Laura. Not only did I feel most comfortable with Laura, but she knew and had worked closely with my midwife on numerous births. 

She taught the birth class my husband and I attended and helped us work out a plan for birth. She was always upfront about the process and to keep in communication with her. She checked in with me every now & then as well. 

I began labor 3 days after my due date at 1am. At 10:30 I texted her to say I started labor & was having irregular contractions. We then had a call, & she was able to talk me through one. At 12:30, things picked up quickly, & she helped me in getting in contact with my midwife office to get an appointment.

I never made the appointment. My husband texted Laura saying we were going to the hospital. She was there waiting by the time we arrived at the front. As she opened my door, another wave started. She immediately began to support me with counter-pressure, guiding my moans, & giving words of encouragement.

2pm-We arrived to the room after getting examined, & Laura and my husband worked together to do everything to help me through the waves. I arrived to the hospital dilated at 9.5cm and +1 positioning, so things had moved very fast. Just 1.5 hours later, my baby was born.

Although 14 hours long, labor felt very short. When I think back to it, I don’t know what I would’ve done without Laura. I very specifically remember a point during labor saying “I can’t do this,” and Laura replying “You’re already doing it!”  That made me feel powerful! 

I am so grateful to have had Laura as my doula. I would never hesitate to have her as my doula if I am ever pregnant again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Lindsay Hammond


Laura was just the support I needed for my first pregnancy!  She was warm, caring, and available 24/7 to answer all of my "crazy" questions. When I went into labor, I really felt like I had a friend talking me through the craziness and it made all the difference in the world.  Unfortunately, Laura was unable to be at my birth in person because she was battling the flu, but she stayed in contact with me and the doula who took her place through the entire thing!  She checked in on me in the days following and even came out to my house to see me and love on my baby girl.  I hate that circumstances kept her from being in the actual delivery room, but trust me, her presence was felt...that day, during my pregnancy, and the weeks after.  She really went above and beyond.  If you are on the fence about hiring Laura, let me give you a push.  DO IT!  I promise you will not regret it.  



I just want to start off by saying Laura is amazing! I knew I wanted Laura to be my doula after our first phone conversation and I was lucky enough to have her be available during my due date. I love telling my birth story and Laura was an integral part of it. She was so supportive for both me and my husband during the entire birth, her experience, kindness, and patience were irreplaceable. She helped me stick to my birth plan and helped me change into multiple positions while pushing all while snapping some fantastic pictures to cherish that day forever. She's a knowledgeable coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula. My future pregnancies and birth may look different, but I know one thing will be the same and that will be having Laura there.

Anastasia Munoz


I loved having Laura as my doula. I was in labor for 44 hours and Laura was with me through the most trying parts of it above and beyond what ws initially stated in our agreement because she was in it to win it. I felt so much more supported having her in the room. She took care of me and my family. She had such a great repore with the staff at the hospital as well- it felt like a group of friends who were all here to make sure my baby and I were cared for. She has several moms she cares for but my experience with her felt so personal. We even had matching nail polish for the big day. That little gesture made me feel so special. I love her and NDDA. I would highly recommend them to any momma. 



I first met Laura when I was looking for a provider that would support me in going with a VBA2C delivery. She listened to my whole history and thoughtfully provided me with names of doctors and why she recommended each one. In my pregnancy journey I had complications again and even though I did not get that natural delivery I wanted the team I built with her help, helped me experience a birth of my last child that I never would have without her. Things happen out of our control sometimes but I truly believe that you can create a peaceful.birth experience with the right people. And Laura is definitely the right people. 

Megan Lambe


NDDA is a group of Amazing women.  I am beyond blessed to have had Laura and Lauren by my side with the birth of my twins.  If not for their encouragement, support, and expertise (and the help of an amazing midwife, Meagan Whitehurst), I do not believe it would have been possible to have had a vaginal birth for both of my twins (born 4hrs apart!!!!!!) .  “Thank you” doesn’t convey the level of appreciation owed to this amazing woman and the organization she represents 

Kelly Egelston


I can’t say enough about how wonderful Laura Fortner was a a doula for me. I knew from the moment I met her that she was the doula I was looking for. My husband and I live in Texas. Our families are in Minnesota and Florida. It was just us but we wanted and needed some more help. My best friend highly encouraged me to hire a doula. Laura was there from day one supporting me and talking me through every concern and question I had. She was a huge help to me in understanding all my options when I came to my daughter’s birth. She was phenomenal with helping my husband and myself create our birth plan. She helped us stick to our plan and goals. In the delivery room, she was absolutely amazing. She talked me through my contractions and calmed me down. “It’s one step closer to meeting your baby,” she told me. She used different techniques to get me through the contractions and while I was pushing. I felt so confident and comfortable having her there. She was also a huge support for my husband. Having Laura there helped relieve his stress and anxiety.  He could take it all in and enjoy the birth of his daughter instead of worrying more about me. I highly recommend Laura to everyone. Her experience, professionalism, and caring nature is exactly what I needed. 

Michelle Tonnemacher


We have so little control over how our deliveries go- there are unexpected complications every mom worries about. Laura helped me focus on what was achievable for me; keeping focus on bringing my baby boy into this world, chasing the contractions and keeping me on course for natural birth. I was fortunate that his birth was a fairly straightforward event, but getting there with a guiding hand helped me feel confident about my choice and her presence, in my opinion, made all the difference. I would start slipping, panicking over the pain, and she was right there to guide me out to the other side. I can't recommend her enough.

Denisha Carroll


Laura is the best doula ever!! My labor wasn't progressing the way it should have been and laura used every trick in the book to try and get my baby into the right position. It just wasn't in the cards for me to have a narural delivery. Laura stayed with me the entire day and even witnessed my baby be delivered by C-section. Even though she was exhausted she saw my labor all the way through until my baby was in my arms. Even 13 weeks postpartum I can call or text her if I have any concerns or questions. You can tell Laura loves being a doula and has a true passion for helping woman through labor.  

Jessica White


We are so grateful to have Laura as a resource during pregnancy, labor/delivery and after. She provided valuable insight to our hospital experience, and was there for us every step of the way which was great for these first-time parents. We loved working with her to come up with a birth plan and to help get us hooked in to various classes before the birth. It was very comforting having someone in the delivery room who was there to solely advocate for me and the baby. We have continued to work with Laura on a few things in the months since our son's birth including a tongue and lip tie revision, lactation consulting as well as getting us connected with a sleep consultant. Do yourself a favor and get started with Laura and her group!

Natalie Exum


Laura is an excellent doula. I had a very fast and intense birth and Laura knew exactly how to coach and touch me through it. She reminded me to take breaks and let my body relax so that I could take on the next contraction. She squeezed my hips to open them up in just the right way as I worked through a contraction. Her words and encouragement were everything I needed and I recommend her with the highest of praise. 

Lindsay Trull


Everytime I tell my birth story. I say Laura’s name over and over again. (ex: Laura said, Laura suggested, Laura helped) she was such an integral part of my dayghters birth. Her wisdom, experience, perspective, patience, willingness, and presence were irreplacable. She went above and beyond to help my husband and I. She held space for us. She supported me and my husband And really facilitated our close connection through the whole process. My midwife loved working with Laura. My family was impressed with her and I so thankful for her. She helped me remain calm when I was scared and reminded me that I could do hard things when I thought I couldn’t. And on top of all that, she took the most amazing photos of my daughter being born. They take my breath away and captured perfectly a moment in time and deep emotion I’m thankful I get to remember forever. 

Charisse Crenshaw


From the moment I started talking with Laura during our interview, I knew she was an amazingly special woman.  I felt so safe and free to be my authentic self with her.  I come from a background of trauma and she had nothing but encouraging, powerful things to say in connecting to my journey of healing.  She is such an authentic woman who has done a lot of work on herself and fosters freedom in others.  She made calls all around town to get me into a birth center even though I was late in my pregnancy already.  She walked me through the difficult final stages of waiting for a labor that would not start.  She drove like a crazy woman to make it to my bedside before I was wheeled into the OR for my C-section.  She came to visit me during postpartum recovery and helped me stay sane in an environment that was walking all over my boundaries.  She walked me through the difficult beginning stages of my milk coming in.  She diagnosed my son's tongue and upper lip ties; some of the hospital lactation staff were hard to get a hold of and then making me feel like I was just not trying hard enough.  She reassured us that it was the right thing to do to get the laser oral surgery asap on our baby and recommended the most amazing dentist who understood the urgency of our needs.  When I was having a breakdown in the postpartum recovery, she called around to find a postpartum doula for me if I wanted one.  She makes me feel like meeting her was the best thing that has happened to me since moving to dallas. Laura is the epitome of what a doula means.  She is my friend.  My sister.  Laura is the biznas!

Melinda Baxter


Laura took all our fear out of delivering our first child.  We took several classes and read one too many books, but Laura was the best resource we spent our money on.  She was able to answer our questions and help lay out our options based on our specific circumastances, and then allowed us to decide what was best to do for our family.  She was down to earth and allowed me to be myself.  I found that important when going through such a vulnerable moment with someone you just met.  I would highly recommend Laura and will definitely be using her for our next birth when the time comes. 

Laura Lyon


As soon as I got pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted to hire a doula to help and support me during labor and delivery. My previous birth experience was less than ideal, and ended in a csection I felt unprepared for and uneducated about. This time around, I wanted to be sure I understood what the doctors were saying (because it can be very confusing), what my options were during labor, and ultimately have someone in MY corner who had MY best interests in mind...

I was aiming for a VBAC for this birth, but ultimately, I wanted to feel informed about whatever type of birth I ended up having. Laura was amazing... She was patient and informative through all my pre-labor questions and also in the delivery room. I ended up having another csection, but because Laura was there to help me understand my options, I felt much more comfortable going into the OR. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and would HIGHLY recommend Laura to anyone considering a doula. I'll definitely do it again should I have another baby!

Rich Cook


When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she mentioned the idea of using a doula to help with the birth. I was unfamiliar with a doula, but agreed to meet with a few to get a better understanding of what they do. After meeting with Laura at North Texas Doula Associates, I instantly felt at ease and after leaving our introduction I enthusiastically endorsed using a doula, and Laura especially. Even after meeting with a few other doulas, I kept coming back to Laura since I felt more at ease with her than with any others we met.

Thank goodness we did! My wife was due in July, however on the early morning towards the end of May, my wife woke me saying that her water had broken. A trip to the hospital confirmed her suspicions, and we were soon in contact with Laura letting her know what was going on. She helped us instanstanly be at ease on what was a nerve-wracking and stressful period, and even came to sit with my wife in the hospital so that I could take a quick break and run some errands.

My wife ended up staying 5 days in the antepartum department until her contractions grew stronger, to the point where her OB announced that he was going to deliver our baby that evening.

Laura stayed with us all the time while we were back in Labor and Delivery, helping my wife breathe through contractions, and showing her ways to help speed up her dilation. While these methods caused my wife great pain, they did what they were supposed to and she got to 10 cm quickly.

After our son was born and whisked up to the NICU, Laura stayed with us until we were ready to head up to the post-partum department. She was a comforting force for both of us.

All in all I cannot recommend Laura highly enough to anyone thinking about using a doula. My wife and I both agreed that when we are ready to have our next child, we won’t be having it without Laura there too.

Mallory Borino


Afree lots of research and many meetings with Doulas in our area, we chose Laura to help us welcome our baby boy into this world. During my entire pregnancy Laura was there to answer any question, provide some needed reassuranc, and laughs when pregnancy hormones or the other wonderful symptoms kicked in. During my 39 weeks of pregnancy, Laura made me feel empowered and prepared for birth. My son, letting me know from the beginning that he was in charge, decided to come a little early and we ended up with an on-call Doula with Laura’s practice. Alice, Laura’s backup, was wonderful. She was quickly brought up to speed on me thanks to Laura. After birth, Laura was there every step. When those crazy emotions kicked in again Laura listened, provided me with those strong affirmations and gave more great advise and recommendations as I navigated this life as a new mother. I highly recommend Laura and I cannot wait to have her by my side for any future babies we may have. 

Alyssa Hechavarria


My husband and I had planned on a natural birth even before I was pregnant. Unfortunately, my pelvis had other plans and it’s safe to say things did not work out as we had envisioned. We went through 38 total hours of labor, an epidural after 7cm, pushing for several hours watching baby’s head come in and out, a failed vacuum extraction, and finally an emergency c-section as baby girl had a very large head and asynclitic presentation. Throughout all of this, Laura helped me walk the halls and squat through contractions, used counter pressure and massage, coached my breathing, and positioned me to alleviate the pain. She even stepped out to pick up medication for my husband who happened to come down with an ill-timed virus. Baby ended up in the NICU at another hospital, though we both made it through healthy in the the end. During this experience, Laura was not only essential to me, but to my husband as well. She was there at every turn and never missed an opportunity to coach with her wry sense of humor and she reacted to us in exactly the way we needed her. Surely we could have done it without her as we would have had to, but she took a traumatic situation and made it bearable. We felt safer with every decision knowing she was there as an informed advocate. For those of you reading this, your birth will hopefully go smoother, but we were thankful we had chosen a doula that was a realist who never once passed judgment or flinched when it really counted. To top it all off, during our follow up visit, she was the only one to catch our baby’s lip and tongue tie and referred us to a dentist to have it revised, solving our breastfeeding issues. Thank you Laura! We hope you will be around whenever we attempt a TOLAC for future baby!

Katie Lovitt


We have used Laura for both of our births now. She is fantastic and we would not have been able to accomplish our birth goals without her. During our most recent birth, she was there the entire time, working with our midwife to determine next steps and how to best care for us. She directed my husband so he would know how to support me best- which I loved. She was a quiet force of support in the room, while still allowing my husband and I to feel private and comfortable. If we have a third child, we will use Laura as our doula again, and look forward to that birth experience as well!

Laudina Rodenhiser


There are some that are born with a special gift to serve people and Laura is one of them. Laura is authentic, compassionate, loving, and assertive in all the right ways. She is an expert in her practice and is very in touch with knowing the physical and emotional needs of the families she serves.

Laura was my doula for the birth of my second child, I was referred to her by her partner at North Dallas Doula Associates who delivered my first child. I had moved farther west and so I needed a different birth team the second time around. From the very beginning I knew I could trust in Laura completely and I felt super comfortable going to her for any concerns I had throughout my pregnancy, labor and even in weeks following delivery. She inquired after every checkup throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimesters and helped guide me through any concerns and through every ache and pain as my due date approached.

Laura helped me to compose my birth plan, and address things that did or didn’t go as planned with my first so that I could have better results the second time. Her support helped me make informed decisions, and though my confidence in myself wavered, her support kept me on track and in the end I had the most amazing birth experience I could ask for.

My husband is grateful that I had someone who knew what I needed when he didn’t, and that he had her there to guide him during labor as well. EVERY family should have a someone like Laura by their side during their births. We will forever be grateful to Laura and NDDA for the support and love showed to our family. We feel very connected to Laura, she is more than just our doula to us she is like family. Thank you Laura, from the bottom of my heart! I love you sister.

Heather Peacock


We were so happy that we hired Laura for our birth. She was an amazing support person for both me and my husband. Even though our birth didnt quite goes as planned (what birth actually does) I was greatful to have her there holding my hand and reassuring me everything was going to be alright. Throughout my whole pregnancy she supported me and uplifted me, and supplied me with a surplus of knowledge. While for my future pregnancies and birth may look different, I know one thing will be the same and that will be having Laura there with me holding my hand. 

Elaine Cochran


Laura exceeded all my expectations and I am forever grateful that I partnered with her for doula services. As a FTM overwhelmed by all the information and "advice" that clogs the pregnancy/birthing airwaves, I needed someone to help me find a sensible, customized way but could handle my independent streak. Signing on with Laura was one of the best pregnancy decisions that I made; she brought compassion, assurance, and won my trust in a heartbeat (not an easy task as I can be a reserved and private person).

I might not have ever considered a doula had I not attended a Medical City Dallas Birth Class / Hospital Tour that was taught by Laura. Her humor and insight and knowledge about everything related to pregnancy, L&D - including the most messy and "TMI" topics - made me realize how much I would benefit from her guidance. And her doula services made for an incredible experience. Laura was a listening ear, counselor, cheerleader, and encyclopedia all rolled into one package. Thanks to Laura, I felt more prepared, educated, and confident in my pregancy and birth than many experienced moms. She helped me navigate tricky OB/GYN conversations and create a birth plan based on flexibility and realistic expectations. Laura also helped my husband feel comfortable and knowledgeable, empowering him to give me the right support while feeling included throughout the process. 

There is no doubt that my experiences with pregnancy, L&D, and postpartum support were made immensely better with Laura by my side. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an exceptional doula! 

Natalie V Doria


Where do I begin? I went into prenatal care and the birth planning process with the Dr. Elizabeth Newsom and Doula Laura Fortner powerhouse duo. How did I get so lucky? I am not even from this area and landed this deal ;-) At 41+ weeks pregnant, I finally went into labor! After Laura had been up for almost 40 hours in another birth, I called her letting her know around midnight I was headed to BUMC because of the frequent contractions and the possibility that this was finally labor. Laura was unsure if she could make it due to her lack of sleep. I felt so bad! About an hour after getting checked in to BUMC, she shows up to my delivery room with a big smile on her face. At that point I am just checked in and 5cm dilated and so thankful for her presence and great timing.

In my opinion, labor and delivery wouldn't have been so quick and productive without this doula. She pushed me to walk the halls, squat, lay on my side with the peanut ball, labor on the toilet in the dark bathroom, and even just swaying with my husband in the room alone. Oh yea... "Relax your face and shoulders, Natalie." I needed to hear that more than a few times. I wouldn’t have thought of these things without her. She knows what she’s doing, folks. Despite her sleep deprivation, she powered through all the way until baby was born 6 hours later. She even sent me pictures that she captured of us catching our baby. I received these a few hours after she had left into the next day and it was such a gift. We didn't have a birth photographer, so this is something we will always cherish. I love that she visited baby and I 2 weeks after the birth. I wish other cities had the resources of Dallas, TX. I unfortunately won't be living here long term, so this will be a sad thing to walk away from foro future labor and deliveries.

Maegan Lewis


There are not enough words to explain how amazing Laura was during my pregnancy AND labor. I truthfully think my husband and I could not have made it thru the process without her. She was always a text away, answering ALL of my crazy 1st time mom questions. When it came to going into labor, I know hands down it would’ve been a DIASTER without her. Not only dlid she keep my husband calm and help get me as comfortable as possible, Laura did the part of what a birthing assistant would do because the assistant did not get the the birthing center quick enough. Laura stayed by my side, helping me with breathing exercises, captured Beautiful photos of our bundle of joy. She did EVERYTHING and more. You rock Laura, thanks for being YOU! 

K John


My husband, daughter and I all had an AMAZING birth experience and Laura was a huge part of ensuring that would happen.  I selected her early in my pregnancy when I knew that we would deliver at a hospital and not a birth center and I therefore wanted security in knowing that I had a great team to help me achieve my dreams of a natural birth.  Moreover, I knew that I wanted my husband to have an amazing birth experience as well, but that we may be feeling different things throughout the birth experience.  I needed Laura to help manage the environment with me, so that my husband and I could both experience our daughter's birth in a way that suited us.

From the very beginning Laura was a godsend. She is extremely knowledgable, relatable, funny, compassionate, and has all the right connections to get you the answers/service you want.  I found Laura to be super responsive to any questions I had.  One morning early on, I accidentally FaceTimed her at 6:30am or some strage hour and she FaceTimed right back.  Between her knowledge, her responsiveness, and her positive, but practical attitude, I felt much more secure and relaxed about my labor experience.  I highly recommend Laura!!

Johanis Sáez Colón


When I found Laura I was having a hard time with my doctor and my pregnancy because I needed to have my baby in 4 hours or less or he was going to do a c-section. I was stressed out and he didn’t share the idea of a doula either! I wanted one but my boyfriend wasn’t sure about needed one... I decided to emailed all the doulas I saw in this online page and the only person who replied back was Laura! We talked and I felt this instant connection with her that I went to tell my boyfriend. We met, she told me about this great doctor that was specialized in natural birth so I decided to look her up! After we talked, my boyfriend hired her! I was so happy! I was having my baby just with my boyfriend, my family wasn’t here so I was nervious, stressed out, scared... but I had my doula! And we changed the doctor! After meeting these two amazing women, the adventure started! Baby was breech so we gave her time to turn herself but she didn’t so we did the conversion and she decided to stayed But... she kept herself comfortable in there and the day we were waiting came 4 days earlier! Baby was ready to come out on her way... after everything I did, my contractions were to strong and we were tired. After 24 hrs of labor, I got a c-section. Baby was ok but her heartbeats were in the point of not mess with them. So we did it! We have Jolyse at 4:52 am on August 6th ??
Laura was with us the whole time, she supported me with the c-section, she was next to my boyfriend and me! That moment was magic, even when that wasn’t my plan, I’m glad my baby was healthy and beautiful. After this, my baby started to breastfeed and Laura was there, being supportive. Any question I had, she was there. Even today, if I need her, she is there for us!
This lady is amazing, I love her so much and I’m so glad she replied to that email. After everything we went through, she was a light in our path. I thank God every second for Laura!

Lauren Little


Listen. You need Laura. The end.

But seriously. 

The first thing I learned about Laura was that she was deeply connected within Medical City Las Colinas, which is where our OBGYN is. Everyone thought we (in East Dallas) were crazy for birthing there (far away from East Dallas), but MCLC is right next to my office, and Dr. Ellis is life itself, so I wasn't going anywhere. Anyway, Laura and Dr. Ellis' team are tight, and that was not only a huge draw, but turned out to be a giant blessing when it came time for our (unexpected) delivery.

I was admittedly a little nervous that Laura might not be as "available," considering her managerial role within NDDA. Her actions quickly put those concerns to bed. She is consistently lightning fast to respond to text messages about anything and everything. And have you seen her participation on the NDDA Facebook page(s)? She. Is. On. It. She was also very forthright not only about her availability, but also her boundaries, which I also respected (ex: have a middle-of-the-night emergency? Call, don't text, because despite being a doula, she's also a human being who requires sleep and might miss a subtle ding of a cell phone. Also, we may need to meet somewhere in the middle to get together because she has kids and a life and those things are important. Things like that).

Laura has a master's in real talk. She was definitely a secret weapon for my husband when we went into labor/delivery early and our doctor was out of the country (shout out to Johanna Congleton - midwife extraordinaire!). Laura talked him through everything, checked in on him/us routinely, and worked behind the scenes directly with Johanna and Dr. Ellis (all the way in Italy - that's how much they care!) to keep them in the loop with what was going on. 

If you're on the hunt for someone who is responsive, real and on your team, Laura's your girl. We're so glad she was on our side!

Catherine Dianne


I was referred to NDDA from my OBGYN. I was looking for a birth doula to compliment by great healthcare team. I got in touch with Laura and she did an amazing job walking me through the entire process. A few weeks later she met me for lunch just to get to know each other. After having been through several pregnancy losses, I was a very anxious expectant mother. Laura helped calm my anxiety and answered any and all questions I asked of her. Whether it was going through what to expect during delivery, or what to pack for the hospital, she was a wealth of knowledge.

Finally, delivery day came and Laura was there to help me breath through it. I had a high-risk pregnancy and a tough induced delivery, and it helped so much to know I had an advocate and expert at my side. Laura arrived when I was about 5cm dilated, and despite having opted for an epidural, I could not imagine getting through the rest of the delivery without her. She talked me through pushing and held my hand as our little boy came screaming into the world. When he had issues breathing and needed to be taken for an evaluation, Laura stayed with me, allowing my husband to stay with the baby. The comfort she provided in that scary time is immeasurable.

Even after delivery, Laura has remained a great help. She came for our postpartum visit and provided great insight into breastfeeding. Most than anything she provided encouragement to continue on in those early weeks. She is forever a part of our family now, having played such an important and intimate part of our experience.

I could not imagine going through this experience without her and would recommend her and NDDA to any woman seeking assistance.

Thank you, Laura, for all you've done for us!


Denisse Marely Espinoza


Where do I even begin?... 

Laura is incredibly sweet, the first time I met her I just knew I had found someone who could handle my personality- she's full of energy and really takes the time to get to know YOU so that she can better serve your needs. She asked me a million and one questions about my previous pregnancy and listened to every suggestion and request I had- she really took value in the vision I had for this baby. She wrote everything down, she checked up on me throughout the whole pregnancy and any little question I had she was quick to respond. The day of my labor she stayed in contact with me until I needed her, we arrived at the hospital pretty much at the same time and didn't leave my sight until I had my daughter in my arms. During active labor she made me do as much as I was comfortable doing- we walked, we squatted, we laughed, and I don't think I could've asked for a better partner! im not a very touchy feely person, but when it was time to push I didnt let go of her- I hugged her the whole and she helped me though my contractions by breathing and reminding me that I had everything under control. The kind of peace she gave me can never be replaced- she will always have a special place in my heart. And even after the baby, she visited and made sure we were doing okay, an absolutely amazing doula and friend. 

Brittani Travelstead


Ah, where do i even begin?  Laura was an absolute God send to our family.  Having a fully medicated unnatural first birth; I knew the second time around I wanted the complete opposite.  After attending BirthFit and deciding to go the all natural/ birth center route. In doing so,  I wanted to ensure that we had a strong support system.  After consulting many friends and professionals within the birthing industry I was overwhelmed with how many different people recommended North Dallas Doula Associates, and specifically Laura Fortner.  I reached out to her and she responded to my email within the hour & had a consult on the books within the week.  During our first meeting Laura listened intently and asked all the necessary questions to make sure she had a full understanding of our vision for this pregnancy & delivery.  She was comforting, knowledgable, and sincere.  We instantly felt connected and had no doubt in our minds that she was the perfect fIt.  Laura was extremely personable and checked in on us weekly via text, call or email. She recommended books that fit our needs and wanted to be in the loop with the baby's progression. If I had any questions she was available and responsive 24/7.  When my water broke she checked in almost hourly & gave me tips to progress into active labor.  We ended up at the hospital due to a 35 hour labor and feeling a bit defeated in the moment, Laura swooped in with positivity, reaffirming my faith in God, and a "You got this, girl" attitude.  As I cried for an epidural after being induced Laura was able to calm me and help us put together a plan that kept in mind our original birth plan (no drugs).  Can I say, Laura CAN HIP SQUEEZE!  Move over hubs, let Laura in! She was my number one in the delivery room.  I wouldn't have been able to have the style of birth I intended without her.  If we have a 3rd, she's my 1st call. 

Jayme Ditto


I'll start with, I LOVE LAURA and NDDA. My birth story was definitely not as I expected it but she was there to support me every step of the way. From the moment I met her I knew it'd be the best decision to hire her on. She's always a text/phonecall/email away for anything I need now and needed during my pregnancy. She helped me find ways to get my labor started and gave me tons of ideas to get baby to go from OP to Anterior. Once it was time for baby to come she was literally just around the corner which was great because it was a quick labor. I imagined a slow build into labor and trying to go 100% natural without medication or at the very least get farther than I did. My labor was in hyperspeed, I went from 0-4cm in less than 2 hours and from my first contraction to delivery it was about 8 hours. She was very familiar with my OB and nurses and it felt like one big team helping and cheering me on and having her there really allowed my husband to have intimate moments with me making me feel so comfortable. I was able to talk to him and focus on him and those are moments I'll cherish forever. She also got some great first moment shots of us and those photos are my favorite. Her contacts seem endless especially with help for breastfeeding which was a journey in itself that I needed a lot of support for and she was there. I still feel like she's part of the family even though we haven't seen each other in a while – it's like having that awesome kooky aunt who just gets you and is always there to support you when you need it. We are ever grateful to her. Thanks Laura! <3 


Kelsi Schecht


During my pregnancy, it became apparent that I had some fears surrounding labor, birth, and the general possibility of things not going “according to plan.” It was recommended that I consider hiring a doula.

We met with Laura and knew right away that she was going to be great for us. My husband needed someone there to help guide him on what he could do to best help me during labor. I needed reassurance that I could handle whatever came our way.

I was able to labor at home with confidence as Laura checked in with us over the phone. When we made it to the birth center and the nurse asked us questions during labor and after birth, we were able to talk it over with Laura to make sure we understood our options and pick the best one for us. Her words of encouragement during labor and her straight forward answers to my questions made a huge difference in my experience.

We were fortunate to have a very “according to plan” birth experience. With that being said, we knew that if anything came up, we had Laura by our side to tackle it with us. It was wonderful to go into this life-changing experience with confidence and come out feeling empowered. 

Gennea Squire de Torres


My husband and I interviewed 4 doulas and while we liked all of them, Laura was the one who made the strongest impression. My husband and I are both type A personalities and since we were first time parents, we wanted an expert and Laura was exactly that! Her personality matched well in that she was assertive, factual, and straight forward, which we appreciate very much. I planned on having an epidural free birth and wanted to labor at home as much as possible. I knew that if something were to change from our birth plan, she would be able break it down it in a concise and effective manner. Another thing we had to consider was that my due date was between Christmas and New Year's so there would be a chance we might interrupt one of her holidays.

I ended up going into labor on Christmas Eve, which I didn't realize until noon when my water broke while I was at the gym. I called Laura to confirm that, indeed, my water had broke. We discussed next steps and communicated every hour until I decided to leave for the hospital and asked her to meet me there. We both arrived at the hospital at the same time. As soon as I arrived, we realized that my labor was progressing rapidly and that I had also forgotten to call the birth tub rental company to let them know it was time. I was lucky that there was a tub/shower in my labor room, so as soon as the hospital confirmed I was in labor, Laura immediately prepped the tub so I could continue to labor in water. She was very supportive and the perfect coach. As the nurses switched their shifts midway through my labor, I hardly noticed as she was our constant companion. Laura was able to tell me what was happening with my body and coached me on relief tactics as I progressed through the pain. After 9 hours, I successfully delivered my baby with only one dose of Demerol!

In the end, Laura was the ultimate coach, and I look forward to having her help us again for our next baby!

Gwendolyn Williams


I came to this site a few months ago trying to decide if hiring a doula (for our second birth) was the right thing for me & my husband. I was leaning towards yes, but was on the fence. Let me tell you, having a doula on your team and by your side is 100% worth it! I knew a little bit about NDDA from friends, but didn't know any of the doulas personally. I chatted with Melissa and she connected me with Laura, and after just one meeting, I knew we needed her! Laura is fun (and funny) and spunky and incredibly sweet - AND man does she know her stuff!

During my first pregnancy/birth, I had wanted to try to avoid an epidural but was not successful. I felt like I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn't have the tools or resources to get there once labor started (I had read a few books and talked to a few friends about natural birth, but that was about it). This time around I tried to educate myself more, but I was still worried that history would repeat itself and we'd end up in the same situation. My husband was supportive of the idea of a natural birth, but I knew that when the time came, he wouldn't know anything about how to handle contractions, how to progress labor, etc. This is where Laura came in and why, YES, you need a doula!

Once labor was underway, Laura came to our house and helped me labor at home (another goal for this birth) for a few hours. When it was time to go to the hospital (right after my water broke & contractions sped up to 2 minutes apart!), Laura came with us. We got to the hospital at 425pm and our son was born at 455pm (sans epidural!). The entire time, Laura was on one side holding my hand and my husband was on the other side holding my other hand. I couldn't have gotten through labor & delivery without Laura! She was so cool, calm, and collected during all of it and we were so lucky to have her on our team!

Emilee Terry


Laura made such a huge difference in my entire pregnancy and birth experience. I had my first child in December 2016, and in the months leading up, Laura provided support during frustrating moments with my doctors, a calming influence when I wanted to panic over every little thing, and advice when I experienced PUPPS during the last month of my pregnancy. When I finally started to have contractions, Laura kept in contact with me throughout the day, and when I was ready to go to the hospital, she actually told me which nurse to request on admission! I'm so glad she did because I ended up with the greatest support team I could have asked for - my husband, my nurse, and my amazing doula. Laura stayed up all night and somehow remained energetic (I got to the hospital at 8 pm and had my baby at 3 am). She gave me encouragement, comfort, and when I didn't think I could push anymore, gave me strength. Because of some minor complications during labor, my little boy had to be examined by NICU as soon as he was out. My husband was torn between staying by my side and going to our newborn baby's across the room. Because I had Laura with me, I was completely comfortable sending my husband to be with our child, while Laura stayed with me until I could hold him. She provided great advice after birth as well, and great resources when we needed extra help. I don't know when I'll have another child, but I do know that when I do, I will absolutely have Laura there with me.

Whitney Cook


Laura was incredible from start to finish! She was there for me throughout my entire pregnancy, not just the delivery. This was my second baby and I was hoping for a better experience this time around. I was unhappy with my previous OB and she referred me to an incredible OB who was night and day better than my last. I was able to deliver my daughter naturally and know it was in large part due to Laura. She helped me get through the pain of the contractions and had great techniques to help me progress quicker.
Laura is truly worth her weight in gold, and then some! She is truly an amazing doula and I will definitely be using her again with our next!

Sonya Khosraviani


We hired Laura on our way to the hospital after our carefully planned home birth became a hospital birth due to stalled labor.  I was so thankful when Laura showed up, most of my support team had lost hope that I would be able to deliver my daughter without a c-section or at least and epidural, which were my biggest fears. Laura was able to gracefully step into our space and provide me with the encouragement and support I needed to survive pitocin contractions without any pain medications. She was also able to help my husband support me and protect our new birthspace. With Laura and my husband's support once labor picked up I went from 4 to 10 cm in two hours and the nurse ended up catching my baby because she came too fast for the doctor to get there on time! Without Laura I think our birth story would have been very different and I would have probably been much more upset about not having the home birth that we had planned and prepared for all along.  While I wouldn't recommend waiting till labor to hire a doula, Laura's professionalism and skills made her the best investment we've made according to my husband.  We both agree, next pregnancy we will plan for a home birth again but this time, will be hiring Laura as soon as we find out we are expecting! 

Hilaire Baumgartner


Hiring Laura as my doula was one of the best decisions I made in regards to the birth of my son. From day 1, she was always there for any questions and concerns. Her knowledge and compassion is not only pivotal for first time moms like myself, but for any woman wanting to birth her own way. If I had to do everything over again, I would absolutely choose Laura to be a part of my birth team- she is truly outstanding.

Amanda Lewton


Laura Fortner is phenomenal. She is nurturing, straightforward, humorous, and knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about her clients throughout the entire birthing process.

The day my husband and I met Laura at the North Dallas Doula Associates (NDDA) office, she made us feel at ease immediately, which is hard to do for us Type A introverts. I was 30 weeks pregnant with our second son and couldn’t shake my doubts about the providers we had used before. With our first son, we felt like passive observers having a medical procedure done with no sense of control. Laura showed us all of our options and gave us the courage to follow our gut. Based on Laura’s referrals for trustworthy and knowledgeable providers, I was able to switch to an amazing midwife and a family-centered hospital nearby that made us truly excited for labor and delivery. Laura was always available for any questions or concerns. She reassured us when we worried about my water breaking early, like it did with our first, and again later when I passed my due date. After concerning blood pressure results, I had to be induced. Laura calmed us, walked us through what to expect, and checked in at every step. When she arrived, she immediately got to work and guided me through strong contractions, her calming voice instantly focusing my efforts. We were in good hands, literally and figuratively. She was my cheerleader, showing me I had the strength for one more push, then another, until my husband caught our son in his hands. Her belief in me was the reason I was able to achieve my goal of a non-medicated birth. I am two months postpartum now and I still think fondly of that empowering moment.

Laura is someone you want in your corner when you are, at the same time, at your most vulnerable and at your strongest. She will advocate for you and guide you through the challenging moments and the beautiful ones. Laura will not only be your doula, she will be part of your tribe.

Kathryn Hart


AKA Katie Hart :) 

We are fairly new to the DFW area and our family lives out of state. When we became pregnant with our first baby, I knew I wanted a doula to help me achieve some goals during my childbirth experience and the support was needed due to our family being out of state. I feel blessed to have found Laura and the support system through the North Dallas Doula Association. She was very quick to answer all questions leading up to the birth, including the day I went into labor and made my husband and I both feel comfortable with our birth plan. I was committed to the natural route for labor and ended up not even having a choice because everything moved so quickly. Staying out of the hospital with Laura's support and advice helped to lead me to achieve my goal of a natural experience with labor! She captured the most beautiful pictures during labor for which I would've paid $1,000 just to have! My mom didn't make it to the labor since it all happened so quickly and Laura stayed afterwards to support us and feed me! haha! Postpartum we struggled a bit as baby and I both had some issues to work through. Her support and knowledge as a resource postpartum was more helpful than I can even explain in this testimonial! Having Laura in my life has blessed my entire family, and I highly recommend her for any birthing needs you might have. We hired her as a doula, but gained a friend through this experience. Her knowledge is expansive and heart is gold! Did I mention she is hilarious?  

Dr. Jamie Wuistinger


Laura was an amazing doula for us! She met with us before and answered ALL of our questions, calmed myhusband, and charmed our toddler! Laura kept me same throughout the process of navigating our VBAC - pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She is quick to answer texts and calls - which any pregnant or new mama appreciates, no matter how mnay kids they have! It's amazing the things you forget and want a quick answer on! Seriously, though, Laura was a godsend for our family and an amazing part of our VBAC dream team. I'm beyond glad we know her and love her and I reccomend her services all the time to my friends and patients!

Elizabeth Newsom


I am an OBGYN and met Laura through my many patients who have chosen her to attend their births.   I have always recommended doula services to my patients, especially if they desire natural childbirth.   However my perspective has changed to this being not only recommended but a NECESSITY.  I had Laura supporting me at my birth of my second son.   I hadn't totally committed to a natural birth, but things happened so quickly that was what happened (for which I am very thankful).  The contractions became intense extremely quickly and if I hadn't had Laura there I would have had a great deal more fear.  She was perfect: positioning me, giving me counter pressure and talking me through the pain.  It was like she knew what I needed before I could ask for it ( and I was so in the zone I couldn't really ask for anything).   I loved my OB, who is a dear friend and extremely supportive, but a doula really fulfills another role for your birth experience.  I will obviously continue to send my patients to Laura and recommend her very highly as an experienced doula who works well with your doctor ( which helps us too!) and will help you achieve the birth experience you desire, whatever that is!  



I would highly highly recommend using Laura as a Doula! I was referred to her by my chiropractor without even knowing what a Doula really was. After having such a great birth experience with her I don't know how we would have done it without her. She took the time to get to know us and understand the kind of help and support that we needed - mom, dad, and baby. She explained things to us and went over different options reguards our wants/ hopes for birth. By the time laboring started we felt very prepared for our first birth experience. She stayed in constant communication with us and was always readily available to answer any of the weird questions we had. One of the best parts is that her care did not end after the birth of our baby girl. She continued to follow up and make sure we were doing ok and offered assistance in areas of need, such as breastfeeding. As a new mom it was so huge for me to have a resource like that post birth who knew me, cared for me, and knew what they were talking about. Lord willing we will use her again in the future!

Amanda Holsonback


I met Laura through a local parenting facebook group. My husband and I had been trying for our second baby with frustration due to difficulty conceiving as well as different idea on a birth plan. I reached out for advice from other mothers when Laura sent me a message, offering to provide support to help my husband see the birth center plan I envisioned. I met with Laura in her office and immediately knew I was not just meeting with someone trying to gain business, but someone who genuinely wanted to help me have the birth experience I missed with my first child and ease my soul with the frustrations that came along with difficulty conceiving.  Every month, Laura checked in on me just to say hello and inquire about my general well being. I realized at that moment I was part of a family and tribe, I wasn't "business."  

When we finally had a little one on the way, assisting through labor was just one of the many things Laura saw us through.  Laura continued to check in on me regularly and provided advice when I sought it and supported decisions I felt best for me and my family.  My beloved doula was also there to again ease my anxiety while waiting for labor to intiate as well postpartum when exhaustion took over and again anxiety and frustrations arose when breastfeeding wasn't going well. Other than my husband and immediate family, I have never felt such an outpouring of support and assistance as I have from Laura.  Having a doula as part of our birth experience was the best decision we could possibly had made for ourselves as well as our family.

Lindsey Salloum


This may be obvious to some, but it wasn't to me in the beginning... Doulas are not just for moms that are looking for the birthing center/ drug free birthing experience! My daughter was born in a hospital (Laura/hubby at my side) and I enjoyed every second of my epidural! Laura was a great resource for us throughout the pregnancy. I did not have many specific expectations abouy my pregnancy/ birth except that: I wanted to avoid a c-section, find an OB that was not part of a HUGE practice and have someone that I could pester to death with all kinds of baby questions. Lara referred us to a great doctor and I did not have a c-section! Wohoo! I appreciate her guidance through the pregnancy/birth experience and would recommend her to anyone. 


Molly Kendall


Laura came to me during a crossroad in my prenatal care. At 15 weeks pregnant, due to some changes in my health and my medical history, I was no longer a candidate for a birthing center birth. I reached out for advice on the DFW Birth Options page and she offered to help me find the perfect provider and hospital. I was so impressed with her knowledge and willingness to help that I set up an appointment with her to discuss her doula services. I had been slightly traumatized by my previous hospital delivery with my son, she listened to my story, heard my concerns, and helped put my mind at ease. Prior to meeting her I had considered the possibility of a doula, but had never seriously inquired into their services. After my meeting with her I knew I needed her by my side, she was the missing piece in my birth plan. Fast forward to the big day. She was ready and waiting by the phone for the play-by-play updates until I needed her to come in. She was just as involved over the phone as she was in person. Then when she arrived, she did everything for me that I wanted and went on to do more than I could have ever imagined I needed. She has this ability to tap into your soul and know exactly what you need at the very moment you need it. My birth plan was for a delivery without pain medication. Just as I was beginning to have doubt creep into my mind, Laura stepped in and helped me dig deep to find strength I never knew I had. I have no doubt that the only reason I got the birth I wanted was because I had her by my side. Laura far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. I had a completely different birth and post-partum experience this time around. I felt empowered, capable, and strong which allowed me to focus on my children and be a better mother to my sweet boys. If we decide to have more children in the future I will absolutely be calling on Laura again. I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel for her positive impact on my life.

Brittny Murphy


I cannot say enough good things about NDDA, or our doula, Laura. I had shopped around a bit and interviewed a couple doulas before meeting with Laura, and even from our first phone consultation I knew she was the one. Not only did she support whatever birth decisions we wanted to make, she educated us along the way. I had to change providers in my 7th month of pregnancy, and Laura was the one who recommended my midwife who I also loved immensely. She has an arsenal of knowledge, as well as so many recommendations for literally everything birth & postpartum related that you could imagine. During my birth, she supported me unconditionally, and when I kept exclaiming "I can't do it!" while pushing, she simply said back "but you are already doing it!" She was the calm in the storm that was 3 days of labor, and our family will love & cherish her forever!

Brittany H


Hiring a doula is one of those decisions in life that I know I got right! Laura is simply amazing and our meeting, I believe is kismet. I met Laura while in the midst of cyberstalking another doula and waiting for a return phone call. Of course, less than 24 hours later, with no return call in sight, impatience won and the first profile I found on this site was Laura's. =)

When I initially called Laura, she promptly called me back and set an appointment for a meeting. In the meeting, she was very detailed and informative of the services she offered and her energy was vibrant. Plus she has this effervesant red hair that I love. Though one thing I always knew for sure about hiring a doula was that I wanted a holistic approach to childbirth and that I NEEDED support during pregnancy and while in labor. I truly felt that Laura understood what I wanted and would be a perfect fit for me.

Laura armed me with lots of support and resources such as a chiropractor, books, childbirth classes, and much more. She really came in handy when I decided to dump my OB/GYN at 35 weeks. She reached into her arsenal and provided me with THE BEST OB/GYN. The new doctor had a very modern/liberal minded mindset in regards to childbirth. She believes in childbirth being your own experience and not upsetting or deviating from that unless absolutely necessary.

I ended up needing to have a C-section due to some complications, but it was still an amazing experience in which Laura was there for. The hospital BUMC is the best! Had I not found Laura, my birth experience wouldn't be as nearly perfect as it was! ?? I will say that I find myself needing Laura more after the childbirth because parenting is new territory, but she has been there for me guiding me to the light! I am very greatful.

Katelyn Sain


I had an incredible experience with Laura. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I knew I would need a doula since my goal was to have a VBAC. We signed a contract with Laura early on in the pregnancy.She was able to work with us on a very flexible payment schedule, which was such a blessing. Not only was she available when I texted her with questions, but if she hadn't heard from me in a while she would check in just to see how everything was going. Laura was able to connect me with other likeminded mamas, a fantastic chiropractor, and made sure I knew other doulas in her group so I felt like a part of the family. All of these things came before I even went in to labor! I was induced at 41+1 at Harris Methodist Downtown (Laura is able to support moms on both sides of the metroplex). Laure provided text and phone support during the first long hours of the induction. She provided a level head and tons of encouragement. When my contractions started picking up, Laura was there promptly, and wsa able to support me through several hours of unmedicated pitocin contractions. When I began to feel defeated, she walked me through my birth affirmations and reminded me of my options. I chose to get an epidural later that night, and Laura went above and beyond, renting a hotel room nearby so that she would be available when we needed her back. Laura returned to the hospital in plenty of time for the succesful VAGINAL birth of my 10lb 12oz son. She took some beautiful photos for us, and provided invaluable breastfeeding support. Laura also took care of the transportation of my placenta to the encapsulator. I can't imagine what the experience would have been like if it wasn't for her support, encouragement, and empowerment. She was an integral part of my healig VBAC experience. You can bet she'll be with me for the birth of any future babies. 

Shundrian Green


I had the pleasure of working with Laura Fortner, CD (DONA) before, during, and after the birth of my daughter in May 2016. It was pleasurable and delightful experience. At our introduction meeting she explained away all of the fears I had about delivering as a first time mother. We laughed and planned for all of the unexpected occurrences that I would have never thought of if I had never used a Doula. We came up with code phrases in case someone said or did something to annoy me during the birthing process, and hilarious moments like this helped relieve some of the stress that comes with the unknown of delivering a baby. Laura helped with food choices, clothing choices, birthing plans, etc. prior to the baby. And during delivery she was a constant and calming support for me. She was a gentle voice in my ear to ease pain and frustrations. I was able to squeeze her hand and depend on her as a trusted person in the room during delivery. After the delivery of my beautiful baby, Laura has remained a wonderful joy in our lives. She has answered new mommy questions, offered advice when I asked, helped to get me away from the house with the baby when I was afraid, introduce us to other new mommy’s/baby’s and recommend books to help me get through the first few months with the baby.

I believe in Doula services whole-heartedly. I would recommend Laura's services to any of my friends preparing for a new baby. Laura is a Doula with North Dallas Doula Associates, NDDA. I've used other Doula's within their practice for other services, such as an Ante-Partum Doula to help with planning a registry and offer massages prior to the baby's arrival, and a Night Nurse after the baby came home a few nights a week to help with the transition. Everyone in the practice is professional, fun, patient, and kind. Especially Laura, for whom I will always be grateful, she is definitely Heaven sent.

Teri Mitchell


Laura is a dedicated and professional doula! She is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs & desires of birthing women in her community. She partners with other doulas, chiropractors, educators, OBs, midwives, etc in order to create a network of professionals who can serve her clients. Our community is blessed to have her serving us!

Lisa Briers


It was an absolute Godsend to have Laura by our side in the delivery room! With out having experienced labor and delivery before, my husband and I wanted a little extra support. We attended several different classes in preparation. Laura helped prepare us for the arrival of our son and helped us create a game plan without set expectations. "The baby will arrive however he is supposed to." She encouraged me to be ok with whatever pathway lead us to a healthy arrival of our baby boy. She was a wonderful support through the entire process and after! She has become a friend. Not only did I gain Laura's support, but I also acquired the strength of so many other women within NDDA (North Dallas Doula Associates) 

Their love of life, and passion for fun has truly been a blessing for me and my family.

Hillary Kotwal


After feeling dazed and confused with the type of birth I wanted- because I had an unsupportive OBGYN at the time, I decided to search for a doula. Laura Fortner was the first doula to pop-up when I searched on which I heard about from MamaNatural. I knew I wanted a natural, unmedicated, vaginal delivery, but I had so many questions. I emailed Laura after discussing the possibility of having a doula with my husband. He was very supportive of me searching for one. I had a few doulas selected, but only set an appointment with Laura. Her office was so close to my work and she helped me right away via email. 

When I met Laura, she hugged me. I had never met this woman before, but I felt closer than ever. When I walked out of her office that day, not only did I have the reassurance that I could give birth how I wanted to give birth and she would be there to support me and help my husband support me, she gave me several recommendations for doctors, hospitals, and so on. She invited me to support groups online and was incredibly understanding with my timeframe to "think about it" before I chose to have a doula. We did it! I knew she was everything I wanted from the first email response, and quite coincidently her wedding anniversary was my due date. God led me straight to her. 

I went through a month of prodromal labor and Laura was there through it all. She answered my texts and questions in a way that made me feel empowered and confident about my body. She worked well with my doctor and stayed in constant communication in the last few days before birth. When it was time, I headed to the hospital and Laura was there with incredible support and knowledge of how to facilitate the birth with breathing, movement, etc. She coached my husband in a way that he so much appreciated. She affirmed me in so many ways. 

Because of Laura Fortner, I had the birth I envisioned and my little family is forever grateful. 

Kimberly Kellner


Prior to meeting with Laura Fortner, I was unaware of the benifits of partnering with a Doula for my planned natural delivery. The moment I learned of the exciting news of expecting my baby boy, I begain to prep myself in research in unmedicated natural births, was apart of weekly maternity yoga classes and did endless reading on how to be prepared for the big day! I wasn't until around 30 weeks of pregnancy when I hit that unsettling feeling of "am I doing everything I should in order to prep myself and baby for a natural birth?". 

My fiance at the time was also very unaware of the benifits of a Doula. He often thought it was silly when we spoke of it and couldn't imagine having a "stranger" in the room on our special day. That was until we met Laura. She came to our home and spoke to my fiance and I regarding our birthing plan and educated us on her services. We were blown away by her knowledge of not just the birthing process but her overall love of what she does. 

One week early from my due date, my son decided to make his debut. I had gone into labor in the morning and had reached out to Laura to notify her that I was headed to hospital. Since it such short notice and my contractions where so close together I wasn't sure if she would make it. I got to the Hospital at 12:30pm and my son was born at 3:24pm. Soon after arriving to the Hospital, I was admitted to L&D. I couldn't believe how fast my labor was progressing and I was almost at my breaking point in pain and was debating if I was strong enough to go through with no epidural. Just then Laura came in and gave me the support that I was so desperatly needing. She applyed pressure to my lower back and helped me remember to breathe. When I think back at my birth of my son, I think of her holding my hand and her calm nature that helped pull me through. 

I am forever thankful to Laura and her support! My Story would not be the same without her!

Vanessa Arias


Laura was a must have on my maternity and postpartum team.

Laura guided me with information both before and after birth. She recommended the North Dallas Doula Association's birth class to learn from. Their classes are uncensored and give you the opportunity to ask the Doula team questions. The depth of information offered even made most dads blush.

Laura made me feel comfortable in contacting her with all my questions at any time. I called her after every doctor's visit to ask questions I forgot to ask my doctor, and she always had answers. My baby was found to be transverse starting at 34 weeks. Laura help me understand that treatments may help move my baby down, but in the end she's stressed that baby knows the best way to enter the world even if it were to be by C-section.

It turned out Laura was right. We found out I had a heart-shaped uterus, I had trouble dilating, my water contained meconium and during medication forced dilation baby's heartbeat started to drop. I delivered by C-section understanding that baby was dictating the best delivery.

Postpartum Laura still armed us with information. I'm a big breasted gal and she recommended a more comfortable nursing bra , the Bravado M + +, to hold my girls up with comfort and much needed support.

Laura was great at following up postpartum, especially about important breastfeeding relationship. I mention to her that my breasts we're still being shredded at about 8 Days postpartum. Laura stopped by my house to examine my baby for a possible lip and tongue tie. She used her lactation network to verify that indeed baby had a lip and tongue tie that was traumatizing my breast and jeopardizing our breastfeeding relationship. She recommended the best pediatric dentists in the Metroplex.

Baby is doing well and feeding and gaining weight due to Laura's knowledge. I highly recommend her Laura to be on your maternity and postpartum team.

Errin Martin


I contacted NDDA on the recommendation of a good friend that was a client of the owner of NDDA. The owner (Melissa) referred me to Laura Fortner. I hired Laura in November for a March delivery. My only regret is that I didn't reach out to NDDA sooner.

Laura was amazing. Because of my situation, including being 39 with preexisting high blood pressure, I wanted someone to assist me in labor, but had no intention of having a natural (no epidural) delivery. While many people that work with doulas do so for assistance with a natural birth, Laura was wonderful at understanding my unique needs.

She was also extremely accessible both before and after the birth of my sweet baby girl for questions- for me, most of my questions came after I gave birth. I think this is a great testament to Laura because presumably after delivery, her work is done. But that is not how she approached her service at all. My delivery was relatively quick and easy, but Laura's help and guidance throughout was wonderful. And when I mentioned her name to my OBGYN (who I adore), he knew her and had positive things to say about her as well. I highly recommend NDDA and Laura Fortner, no matter what delivery plan you have.

Jessica Vesper


I can’t thank Laura enough for her support during my pregnancy and especially on the day of my delivery.

Before the big day, just knowing that she would be there for me gave me great comfort as we were not sure my husband would be in town when I went into labor. Rather than stress about it, I could focus on knowing that regardless, Laura would be there to support me and my husband would show up when he could. She reached out several times to see how my pregnancy was going and how my OB and ultrasound appointments went. She was also loaded with great resources re preparing for my hospital stay, creating a birth plan and what necessities I needed to buy before bringing the baby home.

On my delivery day, she was perfectly attentive. She addressed needs I didn’t yet know I had. For example, she would be handing ice chips to me as I thought yea, ice chips would be perfect right now. She held my hand when I eventually had to have a C Section and it made me feel safe and supported. My husband was there but he was in the middle of his own experience while Laura’s focus was on me.

She was a consistent presence when the nurses staff had a shift change in the middle of my labor. The second nurse apparently was having her first day on the job. That should have been so stressful but I could relax knowing that Laura was still with me and everything would be ok, so I could continue to concentrate on myself and the labor.

Giving birth for the first time is very scary and painful. I am so very thankful that Laura was there, like a big sister, but better, to share her experience, support and guidance.

I absolutely recommend Laura without reservation.

Adrienne Turner


I am 38 years old and had my first baby in January 2016 – at 34 weeks.

My intention was to have my baby naturally, so I hired a doula for help. My sister used Laura and had a great experience, so we hired her. In the end, I was in the hospital prior to delivery with several complications, my baby was breach and born by emergency c-section. We were in the NICU for a week.

Even though I did not need Laura’s help for a natural delivery, I am thankful we hired her. Here’s what I found most beneficial:

Constant Source of Guidance. I was in the hospital 4 times during my pregnancy and I loved being able to text Laura at any time for additional insights, guidance and words of encouragement. She always responded very quickly to my texts and phone calls.

One-Stop Shop. Laura and her team offer a one–stop shop for everything from standard doula support to lactation, baby-wearing, birth classes, nursing classes, etc. I loved that because I didn’t want to shop around.

Private Classes. I preferred private birth and other classes. Laura was able to arrange all of this for my husband and me and our home. The prices were reasonable and I loved the private classes.

Post-Partem Support. From our week in the NICU to the post-partem visit, I appreciated Laura’s thoughtfulness and encouragement. From bring me a coffee to picking up pumping supplies, those little things meant so much at those stressful times. She also provided great advice to my husband and me when dealing with the stresses that go along with a new preemie baby.

C-Section Support. Laura attended my c-section and was able to stay with me in recovery while my husband went to the NICU. Having her guidance, support and familiar face was wonderful.

I am picky about service and I cannot say enough great things about Laura. I highly recommend her.

Aubrey Robertson


I say this all the time: having a doula was the best decision we made during pregnancy.  I might talk about how great my doula is as much as I talk about how great my new baby is.  Seriously the support is that good. Laura is amazing.  Actually, so far, all of the doulas in Dallas Doulas are amazing.  They are very knowledgable, supportive and always avaiable.  It has been incredibly helpful in pregnancy and as a new mom.  
Laura has played so so many roles in the time I've known her.  She was an advocate for me. I was 35 weeks when I started working with her and did not have an OBGYN. she and Melissa Espy-Muellar worked to find one for me who would uphold my birth plan.  Laura was an amazing birth coach.  She was there to support my decisions and help explain medical decisions I needed to make, but she did so much more.  She worked as a team with our midwife to create comfortable positions for me while in labor, and act as emotional support when I really started to lose it!  She has been especially helpful as a knowleable person to call when you need advice, especially as a new mom where I find myself in a whole new world, its nice to know I have a guide if I need one.  Since delivery she has continued to provide support with my baby.  When my kid had jaundice,  Laura reminded me of the importance of my intention to breastfeed rather than switch to formula.  She was also able to give referrals to other providers from pediatricians, to lactation consultants to pediatric dentists.  Overall I have been very appreciateive and grateful to have someone to call when freaking out or needing support who I know is knowledeable and has my best interest in mind!

Brianna Kennedy


I was blown away by Laura! First of all, she helped me find the BEST fit of a doctor for me whenever I decided to switch OB doctors. I am forever grateful for this! Second of all, she met with my husband and I ahead of time to find out my birth preferences. It was extremely helpful talking with her about my plan and of course, keeping a flexible frame of mind (since not all plan A's will work out). When the day came to give birth, my husband and I thought I was much farther along than I really was but Laura coached us through everything. She helped us decide to go back home when I was only dilated to a 1 and half. Thank goodness for that, because I ended up laboring mostly at home and only being in the L&D room for 2 hours before giving birth to my baby boy. AND, my plan A did end up working out! During the labor process in the hospital, she had various positions for me to try which was so helpful. My water broke in one of the positions and the pushing started a little after that. I hope that isn't TMI, but I just say it to mean she was a wealth of knowledge and a blessing to this first time mom! My husband and I both agree that Laura was a godsend! I honestly loved my birth team so much that I hope to keep in touch regularly with them. 

Melanie Jackson


I'm so thankful to have had Laura as my doula. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable  sharing with her my feelings, and she always had very sound advice. I ended up having an induction which was not what I had planned. Laura was there with me- calling, checking on me, and talking me through my emotions which made me feel at peace with it. The induction went smoothly, and thanks to Laura and her incredible way of walking me through things and her knowledge of how to deal with the intensity of the comtractions, I was able to deliver without any pain medication. I know my daughter's birth would not have happened as it did without Laura. Even my husband acknowledged that he felt more comfortable and at ease with our birth with Laura there. Both of us would highly recommend her to anyone. Laura helped us to have a wonderful birth experience that we will always treasure.

Loren Bassett


I had a good feeling about Laura the minute we talked on the phone. It was important to me to click with  personality of whomever I chose, and, in addition, find one who was reliable, attentive, knowledgeable, caring (but direct) and granola but not too crunchy (if you know what I mean!) in her approach to the birthing process. She was all of these things.

Our initial meeting was at her office where I sat down with her and founder of N Texas Duela Associates and discussed the services they would provide. I immediately felt I was in good hands. Laura followed up with 2 visits to my apartment. We discussed my birth plan and took inventory of everything I had and needed to be prepared and settled for my little boy. I felt organized, prepared and at ease when the time came.

I was most grateful when I had to go in for an emergency c section and Laura was by my side the entire time. She kept me warm and calm, and managed to take some amazing photos with my iPhone (with my permission of course) that I will cherish forever. Unfortunately, I experienced a complication in surgery that kept me on the table for 3 hours and prevented me from being able to have him on my chest (skin-to-skin) when he was born. She knew this was very important to me, so she brought him to me and held him by my face so we were eye-to-eye.

She continued to check in and visit me during my 4 day stay in the hospital and followed up with a home visit 3 weeks later to make sure I wasn't suffering post partum depression. In addition, she set me up with 2 wonderful night nurses for 4 weeks who are my saving grace!

I highly recommend Laura and North Texas Duela Associates. 5 stars ??


zane garrett


Childbirth can be one of the most amazing experiences, or one of the hardest experiences of a person's life. What I loved about working with Laura is that every single thing she did was to the betterment of our experience. She is a caring and loving individual who used all of her might and experience to create one of the best birthing experiences my wife has ever had. Throughout her entire labor she was with my wife telling her to breathe, and coaching her through each contraction. Truth be told she did more I believe to help my wife have her baby than our midwife. In my opinion, with my experience of Laura''s   professionalism I would never want my wife to birth without her. She was a must for us and if you ever get the chance to use her services she will become I must for you!!!

jade watson


My experience with Laura was nothing short of amazing. She was with my from 4 weeks pregnant when I was going crazy trying to find a birth center or a natural friendly ob that took my insurance. She was so helpful, supportive, and understanding. When the time came that I was in labor she came as soon as I told her I was ready. She brought her birth bag full of oils and other goodies. As soon as she got to the hospital she became my voice. She got the nurse to do things I had asked for, that I was in too much pain to bother with. She talked me through my contractions and kept me level headed. I honestly think if it wasn't for Laura I would have given up. I am so glad I didn't. Laura is incredible and because of her I was able to have the birth I wanted. I love this lady! 


Kimberly Kertsburg


I have known the magnificent Laura Fortner for six years. Laura and I are both Birth Professionals and after the past weeks, I am so moved by her dedication to her families that I must post for moms-to-be. I have seen her in action with families too many times to count and I am always left in awe of this woman.

Laura Fortner is a salt of the earth, say-it-like-you-mean-it, dynamo. She gives generously of her time, her love, her compassion. You will want those qualities as a doula. When you work with Laura- she gives you everything she has and it is clear that she loves supporting moms during this special time. Laura is fiercely loyal and protective of the families she works with and this allows families to relax and enjoy their birth experience. More importantly, she has an amazing instinct that allows her to anticipate the needs of mothers and family members so they feel safe and taken care of. When Laura works with families, she genuinely listens to their needs and guides them with grace, experience and laughter. 

It is also important to point out that Laura is very well known in most, if not all the hospitals and birth centers in the metroplex. She has great working relationships with the doctors, midwives and nurses you may encounter. She knows exactly how to advocate for her sweet moms and families. Laura Fortner is DONA certified and her skill set is exemplary. She knows a woman's body from head to toe. She will be able to tell you exactly what your body is doing and then she will support you with coping strategies, compassion and care. Laura is also passionate about maternal mental health and has been trained to screen moms for perinatal anxiety and depression and support them through that process. 

Laura Fortner is a well-rounded expert in the Doula world. I would ask her to be my doula and I would refer my sister and best friend to her. You just need to meet her to believe it. She is lovely. Truly.

Eden Grayson


My husband and I had a fantastic experience with Laura as our doula.  She was attentive, warm, professional and informative.  We suffered several bouts of pre-term labor scares and Laura assisted us each time with grace, compassion and knowledge.  One of our early pre-term labor bouts was while she was away on vacation with her family and she took time away from her holiday to make sure all of our fears were addresssed and that we understood all the medical terminology that was being used.  Unlike other doulas that we interviewed, Laura does not advocate for her mothers, rather she helped me to find my voice (and my husbands) and I was able to confidently advocate for myself.  When the big day finally did come, Laura was by our side in less than an hour because our birth went quickly.  The nursing staff at our hospital was incredibly impressed with Laura.  We were complimented twice regarding her professionalism including our physician who previously told us that he was "not a fan of doulas and their tactics".  All in all, we could not be more happy with the care we received.  We have given her contact info to several friends at our church and plan to continue signing her praises.  Although we are done having children in the foreseable future, we would not hestiate to hire Laura again should our plans change.  God bless her and the work she does. 

Jessica Beadles


I am still in awe of the care and unadulterated LOVE that I was treated with having Laura as my birth doula. I had an unmedicated water birth at a birthing center, and not only did Laura come when I asked her to, she helped me immensely in regards to making sure that baby was engaging properly (which early on in my labor was a clear problem that was inhibiting my progress), and made sure my husband was included in my care as well by explaining the certain exercises we were using to help baby engage. She re-centered my focus many times during my very short, intense labor (3 1/2 hours from the time my water broke), reminded me to breathe properly (I'm a unknowing breath holder) and to maintain my relaxed state even during the hardest contraction. Laura is such a gift to the birth world and I would not have been able to complete this journey without her by my side! 

Lauren LaRocca


Laura is a fabulous doula and was such a blessing to me and my family during my second pregnancy. After much research of DFW doulas I was excited to find NDDA, specifically Laura. She was attentive and listened to my both my wishes and concerns for my birth experience. Laura made time to meet with my husband and I multiple times prior to my daughter's arrival, always ready to answer our questions. I had a great birth experience with my son, but a difficult postpartum period. Laura was empathetic and offered solutions, including the wonderful suggestion of having a postpartum doula. The day I was in labor Laura was calm and patient during my multiple phone calls, and offered effective methods to manage the strength of my contractions. My daughter was in a hurry to arrive with less than 5 hours of labor so Laura missed her birth by only by 5 mins (!), however she stayed with us at the birthing center until we were ready to go home. She assisted me with the first attempts to latch the baby which was my biggest concern and source of anxiety. She put me at ease and was such a blessing in those first few hours. The weeks following the birth she was a source of support and encouraged me in many ways. Laura was wonderful and I highly recommend her!

Patrick Wargo


My experience with Laura started about 3 months into the pregnancy when my wife asked me if I knew what a doula was. Personally I thought it had to do with the brain.

After meeting with Laura for an hour, I knew she was going to be a good fit for my wife and me. She showed a superior knowledge about everything having to do with the birthing process which gave us confidence in her.

Being a man you are unsure exactly how a doula is going to fit into the birth and birth planning. I never thought that Laura would replace me or fill in during delivery. When delivery day finally arrived, I was able to see how she fit in.

Laura and I were in contact from early in the morning until she met us at our home. Her being there gave me a sense of satisfaction that everything I was doing to comfort my wife was for the best.

Looking back on the entire experience, I couldn't imagine going through the process without her being part of our team. She was a perfect match for us.

Also, she does a pretty good job of capturing those intimate moments during the delivery. 

Breighan Long


Laura was wonderful!  Inthe initial conversation she answered all of my questions and sounded like a perfect fit over the phone. When I met her in person she was exactly how I imagined.  She met with us at our home and gave us very insightful information in regards to the hospital and to the doctors who were in my medical group.  Laura checked in frequently via email and on the day of delivery she checked in via phone, text message and finally in person. My family and I has since moved out of the the Dallas area however if we were still living there I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a Doula

Jennifer Pace


I cannot even begin to explain how invaluable Laura has been to my husband and I throughout this entire pregnancy.  She is such a fabulous resource to have when beginning this amazing and crazy journey.  From the moment that I first met her, I felt like Laura was a dear friend I had known for many years.  She has a warmth, calmness, and understanding spirit about her that make her easy to discuss all aspects of pregnancy with and, as a first time mom, this was what I needed since I often felt silly for having so many worries and so many questions.  Laura was quick to make me feel empowered, educated, and, most importantly to this new mom, completely normal for asking so many questions.

I gave birth to my sweet son 5 weeks early and Laura helped tremedously to calm nerves that come with a preterm birth and also helped to coach me through my unexpected (and opposite of the hoped-for birth plan) labor to make my son's birth as wonderful of an experience as it ever could be.  She stayed with me as treated me as a friend when I needed it most and I know my husband and I could not be happier to have had such a wonderful person with us and with our son for his first moments in the world.  

Her constant concern and care for our entire family has been such an incredible experience: calming fears and worries during pregnancy, empowering me through an early labor, and helping to ease my husband and I into new parent mode still being very available for any and all questions we may have had.  I am so grateful and happy to have met Laura and cannot recommend her and her services enough.

Julie Turner


I gave birth to my first child, a precious baby girl, at Baylor Hospital in downtown Dallas in September 2015. At the advice of a colleague knowing I wanted a natural birth, I researched doula practices and filled out the "contact us for more info" box on North Dallas Doula Associates website and in less than a minute (no joke!), I received a follow up phone call from Laura. I was impressed with her quick response, flexibility and professionalism. My husband got home from work about 10 minutes after my call with Laura ended, and he had no idea what a doula was - he thought I was talking about some anatomical part of the brain! That quickly changed...we set up time for both of us to meet with Laura when I was 6 months pregnant, and after a 1 hour meeting filled with all of questions and anxieties, quickly decided she was a great match for us.  While she is crunchy, natural-minded and knowledgeable, she is business-minded and professional - something we found to be a rare combination in the doula/birthing industry. For many husbands, doctors and nurses, hiring a doula seems superfluous - and they couldn't be more wrong. Laura did not take the place of my husband, OB doctor or the nursing team - instead, she was a critical addition to the team, not only when I went into labor but the weeks leading up to it. On birthing day, we were in contact with Laura from the time contractions started to when she met us at our house before heading to the hospital. She called every 30 minutes to check in on us. While my husband was provinding me the critical emotional support, Laura offered practical labor support and was an expert throughout the birthing process. She believed in me when I was struggling most and encouraged me. She liased and had a great relationship with the nursing staff and answered questions I had throughout the process. Without the support of Laura and my amazing husband, I'm 100% positive I would not have succeeded in having my dream birth honored.

Linsey Francis


I hired Laura as my doula for the birth of my 4th child. Upon meeting her I felt like I had known her my whole life! We were on the exact same page as far as our views of birth and parenting go. It was very easy to express to her my wishes for my birth and she was extremely supportive. 

During my labor, Laura was very attentive and reassuring to me that my body was doing exactly what it was supposed to. I believe my laboring experience would have gone completely different if I hadn't had her by my side. 

This may have been my 4th birth but it was my first one with having the support of a doula and it was by far the most memorable of my labor/birth experiences. I feel like I have made a lifelong friend. 

Hiring Laura as my doula almost makes me want to get pregnant again just so I can experience one more birth with her, but after 4 babies, this factory is closed! However, I'm incredibly happy I was able to share my finale with her.

I love you, Laura! 

Katie Curler


Working with Laura really helped me have my best birth experience. She was responsive with prompt answers to any questions I had throughout my pregnancy (it was my first, so I had a LOT of questions) and really made me feel like I had an expert in my corner. She put my husband at ease and didn't overwhelm him with complicated labor support techniques or language. She allowed him to participate in the process in the way he felt comfortable, which was really important to us in choosing a doula. She was supportive and encouraging throughout my labor and delivery, and helped me take it in stride when things didn't go exactly as planned. She has continued to be a great resource after the birth, checking in with me and my little one and helping me navigate the waters of new motherhood. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any mom-to-be! 

Rebekah Allen


My experience with Laura and NDDA is one that I will always cherish. Laura not only provided me with the knowledge and confidence to prepare me for the most natural hospital birth possible, but she became a person I could count on for emotional support both before and after the birth of my son. It is obvious how much Laura loves her career as a Doula, as her love shines through with how much she truly cared about my son and me. I honestly cannot sing her praises enough! As a first-time mom, her support as my Doula was invaluable to me, so much so that I intend to use a Doula for any and all future births! 

Katie Lovitt


Laura was fantastic. As a new mom, I didn't know what to expect and she was always available via text and phone leading up to delivery. On the day of delivery, I had a really crazy fast labor, and Laura hung in and advised us on what to do since the typical advise was not appropriate for us. Laura continued to provide support after our baby was born, and offered advise and found information for us from specialists when our baby had trouble gaining weight. She genuinely cares about the well-being of the families she works with- I look forward to her being there to help bring our next child into the world.

BOB Guthrie


Hello All, 


We utilized Laura Fortner and her vast knowledge during this ever changing pregnancy. I personally hold high standards for services and Laura was able to exceed my expectations. Her high availablitiy for questions and answers was a great benefit as well. I would personally recommend Laura or her team to be part of this amazing new chapter of anyones life. Our pregancy from FAR from "normal" and if Laura was unable to answer the our questions, she has a vast network of healthcarre professionals to assist with best practices and informational support. I thank her for setting the ever changing expectations and even following through after the baby was born and we went home. After 8 day in the hospital Laura showed continued support and concern even after her "business duties " were fullfilled. I would invite anyone that is looking for a Doula, look no where else.  Laura than you personally for setting up a bsuiness that myself and others can benefit from. 


Thank you and Thank you again



Hedish Amir


I recently gave birth to my first child and I cannot imagine going through the birth experience without Laura! From the moment I first met with Laura, she has been a constant source of encouragement and knowledge -- not only during the birth, but also the weeks before and after. Due to some health issues, my birth plan changed to a medically required induction. Laura met with me several times to walk me through the process and provide valuable insight on what me and my husband may experience. Because of her, a birth experience that could have been traumatic was a very positive and empowering one! Not only that, her support following the birth and those early days of sleepless nights is something I cannot thank her enough for. Thank you, Laura, for being part of my tribe! 

Brian Nelson


 When my wife first approached me on hiring a doula I was very ignorant on what thier purpose was. After meeting with Laura for the first time to discuss what she would be helping with during this experience I felt like this only made complete sense. There are not enough positive words that could describe just how awesome and wonderful Laura was on helping me and my wife before, during, and after the birth of our first child. Having her was absolutely vital during the whole entire process. I cant imagine this experience without her. We were even lucky enough for Laura to bring another doula partner of hers during the birth of our child named Melissa. She was also spectacular. There is no question that Laura absolutely LOVES her job. She is so compassionate and loving but also totally cool and down to earth. We consider Laura a family member forever. I cant thank her enough and also north Dallas doula associates for providing me and my wife with such an awesome person and the best doulas in the world..Thank you Laura, Melissa , and North Dallas doula associates. 

Sheryl Peterson


Laura was incredibly helpful in my pregnancy and birth experience.  My husband and I decided to use a doula for our sons birth, as we had a less than ideal experience our first time around with our daughters birth.  Laura met with us before our son was born to help us think through our birth plan and was able to offer insight based on her extensive experience.  Laura was able to offer support to both my husband and I as I labored - and I truly believe that without her encouragment I wouldn't have been able to have the natural birth that I was hoping for.  My husband and I both agreed that if you are wanting to have a natural birth doing so without a doula is nearly impossible and Laura was crucial.  We are forever grateful for you Laura!    

Elissa Vassilakos


This was my first birth, and my first time using a doula.  Laura was so supportive from the beginning, she would inquire about my prenatal checkups and was there anytime I needed her for a question or concern.  She was warm and empowering and really helped educate me about the birthing process so that I could advocate for myself when my labor started.  I was so grateful to have her there to support, coach and comfort my husband and I during my labor, and even though it lasted about 30 hours she was guiding me the whole time.  I would not have had the same birth experience with out her!  I highly reccomend Laura, I feel like she has imprinted on our family in a profound way and will be reaching out to her again when the time comes in the future.

Shelly Clements


Going into my first pregnancy, I was extremely nervous about labor and delivery. I knew my husband and I needed support throughout the process and with our stress levels. When meeting Laura, my husband and I both knew that she would provide the support and comfort that we needed. Laura was always available for questions I had throughout my pregnancy. During labor and delivery, it was comforting having her by my side the entire time and for her to help us understand what was going on. Laura's coaching was motivating and reassuring. Her knowledge of techniques and birthing positions were incredibly helpful. Laura is a fabulous doula, and I would recommend her to anyone. I can't imagine what our experience would have been like without her.

~Shelly and Michael

Natalie Wasmer


Laura made our birth experience one that we will never forget. I went into labor 1 week early, and she met us at the hospital at about 1 AM ready to go.  By then I was 7 cm dialated and had opted for the epidural. It wasn't my first choice, but she did not make me feel bad about it. I labored with her coaching me and my husband the whole way. She was a cheerleader, a guide  and wise council for the whole wild ride. (Even with the epidural I was able to have active labor and feel my contractions. Just a note for those who are totally against it like I was.)

My husband and I are forever thankful for all the wonderful encouragement and support she offered the whole way through. She was there the full 12 hours, up until my little one latched on for the first time. She is also an expert in lactation as well  which is very helpful. 

After the birth we had some trouble with my being able to sleep and she came to the house for a postpardum visit, she helped me with some feeding techniques where I was able to rest. She also stayed overnight so we were able to finally get a good clip of sleep since the baby was born. That really helped with our family's overall well being:)

I highly recommned Laura to anyone who is about to embark on this amazing journey. She is the perfect guide. No matter how much you think you know-- having her by your side will make this experience even more unforgetable. 

Andrea Mcfarland-Rogers


Laura was heaven sent at my third daughters birth. She was incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy, and very responsive to my texts, calls and emails. She arrived at the hospital before we did and worked professionally and respectfully with the less than supportive nursing staff. She walked the halls with me for hours before I was sent back home. She quickly returned to the hospital (less than two hours after I was sent home) when my water broke. Laura had several suggestions for keeping me as comfortable as possible and encouraging me when I was exhausted and ready to give up. Laura was wonderful after the birth, she stayed until nursing was established and helped me contact an encapsulation professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth doula, her confidence and experience make her an asset to a birthing family. This birth was incredibly healing for me after my second daughters traumatic birth, I give much of the credit to Laura. She listened to my birth stories and worked to understand what was triggering for me, then helped us form a concise birth plan to avoid those triggers this time. 

Tiffany Nash


Laura is a hero. Since my second pregnancy was so traumatic, (severe preeclampsia AND Whooping Cough which landed me in the hospital for several days before and after birth) I wanted more support this time round should anything like that happen again. Luckily, my pregnancy was fairly uneventful. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was in a lot of physical pain and not sleeping well. Laura was so thoughtful and kind with her advice. It was really nice not to have to leave a message at my doctors office and wait for a call.

She was fantastic during my labor and birth- so calming and reassuring. After Kendall was born and we were home, she continually checked in to make sure I was doing ok. She helped problem solve the breastfeeding issues I had like a champ! I highly recommend Laura for her professionalism, compassion and above all, sense of humor.

Jennifer MacWilliams


Laura is truly amazing! When I got pregnant with my second baby, I had the "I don't need a doula, I've done this before" attitude. I ended up being induced at 40 weeks, my son hadn't dropped and they couldnt get my epidural in. I was in excruciating pain - back labor and the baby was laying sideways, trying to come out. Laura, even though she was not with me at the birth, was extremely helpful over the phone. She was willing to go the extra mile for a mama in pain. I will never forget that!! Laura even came to check on me in the hospital later that day.

Thank you Laura!

Stephanie Reid Budge


Laura was a great resource for my HBAC! I had two previous traumatic birth experiences and was looking for some redemption with my home birth. Laura provided me with some books to help me prepare and made herself available for any questions I had. When the time came, she provided my husband and I with great labor support - massage, encouraging words, beverages, compresses, rebozo, and suggestions for helping things to get going again when labor stalled. After my baby was born she also helped with emotional support and even a baby scale when my pediatrician was concerned with weight gain. When you meet Laura, you can tell that she is passionate about her work. It is a very special job, but not something that everyone would be good at - this really seems to be Laura's calling, though!

Loana-Noemi Morales-Basquill


I have always been afraid of childbirth.  I was thrilled to learn that I was going to have a baby, but the thought of childbirth gave me such anxiety that it rivalled the nausea of morning sickness. 

It was time for me to embrace the inevitable.  Like with all things that have given me fear over the years, I did research on giving birth.  I realized that what scared me was the fact that giving birth in a hospital meant that I would experience labor in a cold hospital room, freezing and hopped up on chemicals that could potentially hurt my baby. It would be an environment that was slate gray and antiseptic.  THis was not the first atmosphere I wanted my baby to experience when coming into the world. 

My dear friend Laura was one of the first people I called to give the news of my pregnancy.  As a close friend, she had experienced with me some of the many stages of life and had been a great source of support for me though them all.  Not to mention the fact that I wanted her to be my doula.

She had always been an advocate of natural birthing, and had given birth to two of her children with the help of a doula.  Her experience moved her to what I feel is her true calling.  She felt so strongly about these experiences that she became a doula herself.

Through the months, she provided me with any articles and videos that would help me to get over my fear of the "Big Day".  Laura's commitment to education really helped me to convince my husband & family members, whom I wanted to accept my wishes, that this was a safe and common choice for women.  She eased them into it, in such a way that when Taissa was born, they could not imagine the birth going any other way except with loved ones surrounding her.  They acted as if it was THEIR idea, but it was really Laura who helped them come round.

I wasnt scared when the day came because she helped me be brave.

Hannah Brown


My wife and I met Laura through mutual friends.  We were scheduled for a c-section because of health concerns and I was skepitcal of how a doula could help with this type of birth.  I was quickyl proved wrong! She spent hours with us before preparing us for what to expect, took calls from nervous first time parents in the middle of the night and armed us with informationahead of time.  She never left my wife's side in the operating room which allowed me to greet our daughter and be with her.  She was with us for four hours in recvoery when minor issues arose and helped us to understand some of the procedures.  Laura was great handling a same sex couple-knowing both when we needed to be as all other parents and when we needed the distinction of being two women.  We would encourage all parents to hire a doula like laura.  We are incredibly pleased with her services and plan to hire her again.

Keisha Movius


I knew I wanted extra support with my third baby & first home birth, as my first two were hospital & left me feeling like I had no voice. I knew I needed a healing birth. I met Laura in my second trimester via - She was amazing from our first meeting; willing to help with any information or questions I had. She offered to share several books from her library with my husband & I. She also emailed me links to home birth stories & videos to share with my two boys to help them prepare for the birth of their sister. During the late stages of pregnancy Laura was very helpful with techniques to help with pain management due to pelvic pain & offered words of encouragement as I dealt with false labor. When I actually went into labour I felt like I could call when I needed and I was very supported. When I went into labor, Laura arrived & helped me by saying aloud some of the birth affirmations I had on my wall in my birth space. She held my hand & reminded me that I was made for this moment! It made me feel safe, confident & cared for. She was amazing!! And still is, coming by for my postpartum check up & remaining in touch. She was made to doula! If there are any more babies in the future, my husband & I will certainly call on her again. We highly recommend her! 

Amber Nielsen


I am certain my birth experience would not have been as close to what I hoped for without Laura's presence and help. She made it to the hospital almost as soon as we did, had me up and walking all through early labor, helped me during contactions by applying pressure and a hot pack to my lower back, showed my husband some ways he could help, and offered constant encouragement, which bolstered my resolve to stick to my plan. Even my husband, who was skeptical of why we needed a doula, saw the value of her role in the end and told me how much she really helped me through my labor. She even let me squeeze her hand to death while they were stitching me up. Laura is punctual, prepared, thoughtful, supportive, and dedicated to doing what she can to help you experience the birth of your child in the manner you desire and keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout that process. And she doesn't stop after birth. She is a wealth of knowledge for postpartum issues and continues to offer support and encouragement. Our son was severely tongue-tied which made nursing excruciating. She provided lactation resources and has followed up for weeks, checking in to see how things are going. I am so glad I convinced my husband that we needed her (I'll bet he is too) and I would certainly recommend her to anyone else seeking an extra support person for labor.

Jacquie Gabaldon


From out first meeting, I knew Laura was my perfect doula match. She was so informative and answered all my questions. I felt extremely comfortable and confident that I could get rhough this with her by my side. If at any time I got nervous about my upcoming birth, she had reassuring words and helped give me a boost of confidence. Once my due date neared, she was always checking in on me, asking how I was feeling, and letting me know she was ready when I was. I gave her the updates after all my checkups, and I could tell she was getting as excited as I was to welcome my baby. As my labor started, it was night time, and she was there for me to report the changes I was feeling, as well as asked how close my contractions were,, and asking me if I thought it was time to go. My labor was extremely quick, only 3 hours, but as soon as I arrived at the hospital, she was there. I was quite advanced in my labor, so a lot of pain relief techniques weren't going to apply to me, as I was about ready to push once I arrived. Laura was at my side, holding my hand and helping me breathe, talking to me and letting me know that I could do this! Once baby was here, she stayed to make sure nursing went well and that I was feeling good. After my birth, Laura kept in contact me, visiting and messaging me. She also has helped me find a postpartum doula, and helped find a lactation consultant. I know that even though my baby is here, I still have a friend and a very helpful resource for life.

Emma York-Jones


Laura was an excellent addition to our birth team. She was supportive from the moment we hired her. During labor she suggested many different techniques to cope and get things moving. She was right there with us the whole time, but really let my partner and I cope and use the techniques that worked best for us. Once Laura noticed something needed to change or it was a good time for a position change, she would suggest something without forcing anything. 

When labor took an unexpected turn, Laura had a plethora of ideas to help us continue to progress with labor. And was supportive with our decision to get an epidural, while still helping us stay as close to our birth plan as possible. 

Even after the birth, Laura checked in with us to make sure our adjustment to home was going well.

We highly recommend Laura to be a part of your birth team!

Jill Bysegger


I met Laura Fortner last fall when I was interviewing doulas to attend our birth at our local freestanding birth center. My husband was wary of hiring a doula, as he felt he didn’t need support during our birthing experience, however he indulged me since I felt so strongly about it. Within seconds of Laura walking into our home, she immediately warmed her way into both of our hearts. Her personality, knowledge, and calming presence made the decision to have her attend our birth an easy one.

When overnight, my care was transferred from our local midwives to a hospital for an induction due to pre-eclampsia, she supported our decision to travel an hour to the doctor of our choice. Laura was always there to remind me to take my time to make important decisions regarding the health of my child and myself. She was able to show my husband different supportive and pain relieving techniques and was there to give him much needed breaks. There were times during my 42 hours of labor when I wanted to give up, but she knew how important having a birth without pain medication was to me and had the perfect balance of encouragement and nurturing to allow me to have the birth that I wanted. Her presence humbled my husband when he found Laura to be beneficial in both her guidance and support. He and I have already decided that when we have our next child, we both would love Laura to be a part of our birthing experience again.

Since the birth of our son, Laura has also become a dear friend. Her passion for helping women and families has been apparent from day one and she is someone who I’m blessed to have met in both a professional and personal capacity.

Jill Bysegger

Christina Miller


Laura was recommended to me by a mutal friend and I could not be more thankful the two of us met. I am one to do more than enough research on my own, so I knew I wanted a doula present for my first birth, but "clicking" with someone was going to be a whole new challenge. Once I met Laura and talked with her, I knew we would be a great match. She provided me right off with some books from her personal collection along with handouts to make sure I was informed as possible. She talked with me for months to make sure my husband I were both prepared for our baby's arrival. About 3 weeks before my due date, I went into early labor and she was right there to support me through it. That one day turned into 2 weeks of prodromal labor and Laura checked on me regularly throughout this waiting period. How much more caring could she get? When my water finally broke, it took a little bit for things to get started, but Laura was right there, comforting me from over the phone, then in person when I was finally in active labor. As things progressed in a way I had not anticipated, Laura comforted me, assured me that my decisions were okay and supported us as we made some very difficult decisions. She even made sure my husband took time and ate dinner after being by my side all day. I will definitely make sure we have her again for our next baby as I cannot imagine not having her there telling me I was doing great and everything was okay. Just having that voice of reason in the midst of chaos makes all the difference. The best part of this whole experience? I feel like I have gained another friend in my life, not just a doula who was there for the birth. 

Alex Coggins


right form the start, Laura was able to help kelly with pain management as we were trying for a natural child birth, from Sunday December 8th all the way to the birth at 12:46 am on the 11th Laura never left our side and was able to break down the medical lingo so we were able to make educated decisions as our birthing plan went in unexpected directions. we ended up needing to have a c-section but because of her constant support, we were able to feel accomplished rather then disappointed. We feel that without Laura our experience would have been a negative one. Her dedication and knowledge were invaluable to us and we are forever thankful. Everybody that is preparing for their first birth should have a dula like Laura.


Jill Bysegger


My wife was fairly well self-educated regarding the many facets of childbirth. I, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Attempting to support my wife throughout forty-two hours of labor was far more draining than I had ever anticipated. This is one of the places where the doula truly shines. Laura Fortner entwined many invaluable aspects into the fabric of our birth experience. Laura's support by taking over while I caught a quick nap here and there was worth its' weight in gold. She offered up different laboring positions for my wife to experiment with, and she was always there to ensure I was being utilized to the best of my abilities and potential. Her calm demeanor and level-headed attitude lent itself graciously to our entire birthing experience, and she absorbed some of the stress and lent us peace-of-mind when things got hairy. She was even able to grab our camera several times to capture the journey as we were both immersed in the midst of becoming parents. As a first-time father, I cannot imagine having to go through that entire process without the support, coaching, and guidance of a competent doula like Laura. She has forever earned my thanks and gratitude.

-Ryan Bysegger

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