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Rose Quintilian

My Gentle Birth, LLC

Silver Spring, MD Service range 20 miles

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2100

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2100

Birth Doula Experience

17 years and 125 births attended

Doula Training

  • toLabor, January 2007
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2008
  • toLabor, June 2023

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 7

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
We do not attend births at Sibley. Contact us to find out more.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I had my daughter at a birth center, and have attended a birth at Family Birth Center in DC, and Special Beginnings in Annapolis.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love attending home births!!

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Miscarriage support
  • TENS units rental

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

We have several packages available

Service Area

Silver Spring, MD Service range 20 miles

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Kat A.


This was our second time using Silver Spring Doula for my labor and delivery, and I'm so glad they joined us again. I can't recommend Rose and Jenny highly enough.

SSD has TENS units for clients and I got to use one for this birth (no idea if it helped but so glad to try it out!). The community classes are informative.

I went into labor at 2:30 in the morning and Rose joined us shortly afterwards. She knows what signs mean your labor is progressing and what might be helpful in reducing pain and when you need to leave for the hospital, and she knows how to let your body lead the labor.

At the hospital, Rose advocated for us to make sure we had the care we needed (e.g.: the hospital was understaffed and we were left alone and I was in no state to ask where on earth our medical team was when I was pushing). Pretty sure I'm done after kid #2 but if we do have any more we will definitely be asking SSD to join us again.

Stephanie W.


Jenny and Rose are wonderful and I would highly recommend their services and Silver Spring Doula to any expectant mother in the area. As a first time mom, it was wonderful to have their expertise and level-headed approach to pregnancy and childbirth throughout the journey - and lord knows I had a million and one questions. They are both knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely lovely people to know and work with.

Rose was the doula in attendance at my birth and her presence was so calming and appreciated. She came to our house during early labor when I was unsure of how the process was going. And from the house to the hospital, she was with us every step of the way. In the hospital, she had lots of supplies with her to support my L&D, including a much used hot water bottle that made those first few hours more bearable. And when the doctors said my son was "sunny side up," Rose helped moved me into different positions and did adjustments to help encourage baby to change position (which he did!!). She held my hand (and my leg ) during 3 hours of pushing and reminded me often to breathe, made sure I was drinking water, and reminded me to relax when possible. Truly, I could not have done it without her. It was amazing to have someone looking out for me in the L&D room. As as added bonus, she took photos when our son was born which are really special to have.

Although I think I'm a "one and done" type person with my son, if I were to have another child, I would engage Jenny and Rose again for their services in a heartbeat!



I'm a first time mom, and to deal with all the uncertainty during pregnancy/labor, I knew I wanted doula support. From the start, Rose was extremely responsive to all my questions. Rose attended my birth and provided postpartum visits. She has a very calming presence that helped me relax and just go with the flow. Overall, I felt very supported throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. I highly recommend Rose!!

Jeanne Glazer


I feel truly blessed to have had Rose attending the birth of my daughter Sarah.  She had the empathy to know when I needed her, and when I need space remaining warm, gentle, calm, and focused throughout.

Masha Sapper


Rose was so kind and supportive throughout, I really enjoyed having her with me.

Janelle Fernandez


I am so glad that I had Rose with me when I had my daughter, and for the weeks leading up to it when I was preparing for her birth. As a first time mom, I really appreciated having someone on my side that knew what to expect and could guide me through the process. When I was offered interventions, Rose was invaluable in helping me think through my options and make an informed decision. She knew the questions to ask me to help me consider the pros and cons and possible outcomes of different options, which let me feel very in control and comfortable with the decisions that I made. I can't say enough good things!

Ryan Miller


We had a great experience with Rose, I found her helpful and very good at understanding when to propose ideas and when to hang back. As the male partner, I appreciated having someone to focus on childbirth who knew the process, how it feels, when to encourage my wife to stick to the birth plan, and when let medical professionals make a decision. Despite my efforts to learn, I've never thought I understood the process and options for a birth well enough to be an independently helpful partner during birth. A doula made it easier because I could offer support to my wife in a more informed way during labor. Rose also took a lot of pictures afterwards, and that meant I could hold our new baby rather than worry that I'd missed a good picture. We appreciated the option of post-partum care because we had a difficult post-partum period for our first child. I would recommend Rose without reservation.

Emily Sama-Miller


We were so grateful to have Rose supporting us as our second daughter was born. Although my husband and I had been through a previous birth experience, each time is differnet and having an experienced voice and set of hands was valuable. Rose helped us decide when to go to the hospital. Once there, she was phenomenal at knowing what support I needed during labor. My sweet but nervous husband was worried enough about me and the baby to not know what to offer, and Rose stepped in to offer counterpressure, heat, and the right reminders (like, don't freak out and start screaming!). When, near the end of a very intense labor, I decided to have epidural anesthesia, Rose was fully supportive and encouraging. She stayed a bit after the baby was born to make sure we were settled and help make sure that my nursing position was right - reminding me of important things I had forgotten in the years since my first daughter was born. The confidence in and satisfaction with my birth experience just shows me why all the scientific studies say support from a Doula is totally worth it!

Rebekah Atwater


Rose is the best!  Upon meeting her I immediately felt relaxed and reassured in her presence.  I was in labor for 60 hours and she stayed by my side the entire time, my solid rock.

I have no doubt that without her I wouldn've had a c-section, but instead I was able to go without medication the majority of the time and have a vaginal birth.  She helped me evaluate the decisions I had to make during the birth and helped me communicate my needs to the hospital staff.

Rose worked as as a team with my husband and he loved that she was there to give him a break.  He wasn't sure we needed a doula at first, but after the birth he was telling everyone about her!!

She has training and a lot of experience with hypno-birthing and her help with it made a huge difference.  Thanks Rose!  My body recovered well after the birth and my baby is healthy and happy.  WE LOVE ROSE!!!!

Angela J Russell


Rose gave me strength, positivity and support throughout the entire birth of our first child. She was an integral part for both me and my husband having such an amazing birthing experiencing. During the birth, I immediately felt Rose's calming energy which was supplemented by her ability to help my husband stay connected with me throughout the birth. Rose not only anticipated my needs but also made sure my husband could keep me comfortable when he was unsure what to do. This made the experience truly unforgettable to share with my husband, and the birth of our first child. During birth, Rose stayed by my side and helped me emotionally by being in tuned with what I needed. Having the two of them was all I needed to get through the process. I plan on having more children, and I cannot imagine birth without Rose there by our side during such a special experience.

Nicole Rockwell


We got to know Rose well though taking her Hypnobabies course. Her calm, pleasant demeanor and the positive, relaxing influence of Hypnobabies were essential factors in our wonderful birth experience, even though it did not go as planned! During our birth, Rose was there to lean on, offer guidance, and provide wonderful support to both my husband and me. She was patient, accessible, and a voice of reason in our decision-making. Our birthing classes with Rose empowered us to ask questions of our care providers and make educated decisions about how to move forward. We highly recommend Rose as a doula and Hypnobabies instructor for anyone who hopes for a calm, positive, and peaceful birthing.

Jamie Romaezi


I recently met Rose, not as her client, but while she was serving a family as a berevement doula.  Her kindness, compassion and empathy are simply inspiring.  Before the birth, she clearly communicated needs to me on behalf of the family, made herself avalable to talk via phone and was very responsive via text.  She made it incredibly easy for me to be there for this family in my role, while continuing her support role to them as well. 

There is so much from this day that I'm leaving out, simply because there are no words.  Just know, Rose is amazing.

Matt Rice


It was my wife and my first child.  Having Rose as our doula was invaluable.  She helped keep my wife calmer and more reassured during labor.  She helped us navigate the hospital staff and allowed me to have some occasional much needed 15 min breaks.  Also, it was really helpful to be able to follow her lead, which enabled me to offer better support to my wife as well.

Thanks Rose!


Tabie Crump


I can't say enough good things about Rose and the amazing support she provided me and my husband during labor.  I contacted her at 36 weeks.  Surprisingly, she was more than willing to help me out and make herself available to us in early December.

I called her when I thought it was time to go and based on how I was feeling she encouraged me to go to the hospital very soon and she would meet me there.  Turns out i was already 9cm and thought things were going to progress very quickly.  She knew exactly what I kind of natural birth I was wanting to have and when things slowed down and got difficult, she stayed by our side and suggested other positions to help me through the contractions.  She captured on camera some great moments of my husband being an awesome support to me during the contractions.  I'm forever grateful for those moments! She also had her phone ready to play some music that I had requested.  She knew the cue words to say to me to help me relax and stay as calm as possible throughout the contractions.  She really was a tremendous blessing.

During the pushing, she was on one side, and my husband was on the other.  They worked together wonderfully to help me stay focused and not lose control when I was beyond exhausted.  I was so grateful that she was there to stay in the room when the midwife or nurses had to leave.  I never felt like I was alone.  She helped me make some crucial decisions during labor that I wouldn't have wanted to do on my own during that time when I wasn't in the state of mind to do so.  After our baby was born, she snapped some great pictures of him.  I'm so thankful I have those now. :)  I would recommend her to anyone.  Especially if you're doing hypnobabies.  She knows what to expect! :)

Stephanie Rice


I feel like I can so well echo the sentiments I have seen here.  I also had a long-ish labor and was unprepared for just how painful the contractions would be.  But - enter Rose!  We ended up making it through 27 hours of the worst pain I have ever felt and still having a natural birth, and Rose was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and very instrumental in preventing me from losing sight of my goal.  I don't know what we would have done without her, especially when the nurses and midwives were busy and had to leave the room for long periods of time.  Throughout the whole ordeal, Rose provided excellent advice, caring support, and a literal shoulder to cry on.  I also found that prior to going in to labor, I referred often to the awesome purple folder of informative material she'd provided, which was honestly much better than Google :)  She's just an awesome Doula and a lovely person, and I too will treasure the photos she took forever and be grateful that we had someone so capable and kind by our side for the whole childbirth experience.

Elissa Dines


Rose was absolutely fantastic support before, during, and after the birth. I strongly recommend Rose as a warm, caring, and crucial member of my birth team! I had an unusually long labor and Rose stayed with my husband and I for the entire time I was laboring in the hospital (50 hours) - she and my husband took turns by my side, getting food, and sleeping on the hospital's pullout chair. At every step along the way in my labor, Rose thoughtfully helped me weigh my options and advocated on my behalf. She was the extra support I needed when the birth didn't go as planned and I had decisions to make that I hadn't considered before. Beyond just knowing a lot, Rose is just a genuine and deeply caring person. The emotional support she provided my husband and I during the birth and since the birth has been so important. A deep heartfelt "thank you" to Rose!

Meghan Mulkerin


Rose was an absolute lifesaver. My husband and I had always wanted a doula, but were unsure due to cost, and delayed finding one. We found Rose and met her the Wednesday before I went into labor, which started around 10pm the following Monday! I don't know what we would have done without her. I had terrible back labor and was not coping super well with the contractions, which continued to get stronger and stronger. After Rose arrived, my husband said he noticed a definite change in the way I was coping due to how she was talking me through relaxing. It was still a pretty terrible experience; I was not prepared for how out of myself I would be due to the pain and exhaustion. But Rose helped me acheive my goal of a natural birth, and kept comforting me. By the time I got into the tub at the hospital to start pushing,I felt much more in control of myself, and Rose took some wonderful pictures that we will always treasure of our baby's entrance into the world. After my baby was born, I had problems with my placenta, which would not detach. I had to undergo a painful process to have it manually removed, and Rose was right there for me to hug the entire time. It was like having my mother there, if my mother could have handled seeing me in so much distress, which she could not have! Rose was calm and comforting throughout, and I can't recommend her (or doulas in general) enough. I will definitely be contacting Rose the next time around. Besides her professional skills she is sweet, funny, kind and easy-going. We very much enjoyed getting to know her.

Dahlia Ellison


I would recommend Rose to anyone. She is calm, down to earth, empathetic and caring, and she would enhance any birthing experience. I met Rose during my birthing time in the hospital. She was a back up doula for my doula, who had to leave for a few hours. Rose came in at a challenging time during my labor. Although we had never met, she stepped right in and was competent and supportive but not at all overwhelming. My birth experience was not going as I had planned or imagined, but having Rose there helped support both my husband and myself through it. Rose seemed to know when a quiet, supportive presence was needed and when she needed to step in with encouraging or comforting words or helpful images as my labor progressed. Rose stayed for my entire labor and delivery even after my original doula returned, and took beautiful pictures of our first moments with our new baby which she emailed to us. I was also very impressed that Rose contacted me after the delivery and did a follow up visit at my house, even though my doula was already following up with me.

Anna Jane


Rose was a wonderful support during my labor. She was with us for almost 18 hours and braved beltway traffic at rush hour to be there. She was warm and comforting, holding me when I needed to be held. She was also extremely supportive of my husband, making sure he napped and ate. She even brought pictures to our families in the waiting room while the team was finishing up with us. I had hoped for a medicated free birth, but after 24 hours with no sleep, we decided on an epidural. Rose supported that decision, but I know without her I would have never been able to go that long. We couldn’t have done it without her, she was an excellent dula.

Michal Boyars


Thank you Rose for a wonderful birth experience! Your skills with relaxation, meditation, and massage were incredibly helpful. Moreover, you made a great team with my husband to support me. You helped me go through the experience calmly and confidently - I look back at the day as one of the best in my life!

Barbara Benyo-Habash


Rose was a fabulous doula throughout our entire birthing journey! What I loved the most was that she was also a hypnobabies instructor as that was our chosen birthing method and I ended up needing her to step in as my primary coach. Rose was phenomenal in staying with us through our very lengthy birth - she arrived at our home Wednesday late in the evening and followed us on two trips to the hospital! When the time came, I wasn't able to listen to any of the hypnobabies recordings as I needed a more live & tailored script...Rose was able to provide that for me throughout the entire birthing process. I was told that Rose even fanned me manually and kept me hydrated for quite some time towards the later stages! I was actively pushing for several hours and Rose was with me the entire time. Rose's support was priceless and we could not have had such an amazing experience welcoming our daughter into the world without her. Baby girl finally arrived Thursday evening at nearly 8pm. Rose went above and beyond in so many ways - she was even our photographer - I truly believe that we would not have had our precious moments captured on film if Rose hadn't stepped in to take pictures. We were so lost in the moment that it barely crossed our minds. If we were to have another child, we would certainly hire Rose to see us through another journey!

Kaitlyn Bell


Rose was wonderful. She was also our Hypnobabies instructor so we were already comfortable with her and knew she really knew what she was doing. She was very hands on and I needed a LOT of touch the entire time I birthed. She was always giving me positive reassurance and helping to make sure I had everything I needed (water, a cold washcloth on my forehead, etc). She used different Hypnobabies cues, suggested different positions, and was really there for me the whole time, completely tuned in. We called her very early on in the morning when my contractions were still mild and she came as soon as I said I wanted her there. She was in our home with us and walking around outside with us to try to get things moving for a while before heading to the hospital. She actually rode with us in the car to the hospital and did a relax cue for me the whole way there which helped me so much during the bumpy drive.

My husband would tell you he was really nervous about the birth and having all of the partner responsibility in having a successful natural childbirth. He felt way better about things once we hired Rose and knew that she would be there for me and also advocate for me.

She kept track of times and what was going on at each time and gave me a run down of my birth afterward and it is something I truly cherish to this day!

I trained as a doula about 10 years ago and pregnancy and birth have been long-time passions of mine. Before I had my baby, I had also seen a natural childbirth and watched another doula in action and knew what I wanted in my own doula. Let's just say I had very high expectations. Rose exceeded those very high expectations. She is truly special. Rose was a major part of our positive birth experience. If we have another baby down the road, there is no doubt in my mind: we will be hiring Rose!

Sara Shepherd


Rose was an awesome doula.

She helped me achieve my goal of a VBAC birth.  We were able to stay home and labor there with her support. She had many tricks up her sleeve to help me cope with a long and intense labor. She also was able to guide my husband to better support me and we made a great team.  I also made a great friend as we bonded and laughed over movies and Gatorade flavors as time passed.

I have a number or regrets with my first birth experience and even though I had planned for a medication free birth this time as well, I feel empowered and successful with my daughter's birth with an epiepidural.  Her calm gentle words got me through some dark times in this labor and her strong hands encouraging cheering voice got me through delivery.

Amy Gold


From my husband: We would not have been able to achieve the birth that we wanted without Rose. She truly knew the right things to say at the right time. Her warm but assertive demeanor supported and directed my wife as well as served as an advocate for us to the hospital staff. I would truly recommend Rose as a Doula to anyone!

Amy Bassford


Rose was the first doula I interviewed and I felt an immediate connection. During my pregnancy, she checked in with me after midwife appointments. I was touched when she wished me a Happy Mothers Day (even though I wasn't due until August). We signed up for her Hypnobabies class and met with her weekly which further strengthened our doula/mom/dad relationship.

When it came time for our baby to be born, Rose was available and attentive. She was willing to come to our house in early labor which was important to us in choosing a doula. However, early labor progressed so quickly that we asked her to meet us at the hospital instead. Rose was a strong and supportive presence during my entire birthing experience. She never left my side from the moment she arrived (it was fast- 4 hours?). She knew all the right things to say and all of the right places to apply touch and pressure. She advocated for me with hospital staff while I focused on myself.

My husband and I are grateful to Rose for our wonderful birthing experience. She helped us to have the birth that we wanted.

Amelia Dodson


My husband and I worked with Rose both through her Hypnobabies childbirth prep class as well as hiring her as our doula. It was great to have her on hand to assist with the techniques we learned in class as well as for general support. Rose was a calming presence and 100% supportive of all of our choices. As is often the case, our birth went nothing like we "planned" and was a much more medicalized experience than anticipated but the atmosphere remained calm despite the bumps in the road. I am able to look back on it as a completely positive experience and appreciate Rose's kind, nonjudgmental assistance. She worked well with my husband and together they made my birth experience wonderful. I credit them both with helping make our goal of a vaginal delivery possible. I knew I could do it and so did they. If you have the opportunity to work with Rose, I highly recommend that you do so!

Laurie Ashley


Rose was an incredibly positive part of our VBAC birth experience.  She supported my partner and I both with great suggestions and amazing hands that channelled calm and relaxing energy right when and where I needed it.  She was there for us before, during, and after our daughters birth in just the right way.  I can not recommend her highly enough.

Wendy Bergonse


Rose was there for me at the drop of a hat, both when I was unsure if I was starting labor and at a later date when I really was in labor. It really felt like a friend whom I could count on. I took her Hypnobabies classes and they allowed me to be completely calm while in labor and to arrive at the hospital already 8 cm dilated! I had a very positive experience with Rose and would recommend her services. She is very caring and truly wishes the best for mom and baby and to be of service.

Zsofia Paizs Greenbaum


Rose was our Hypnobabies class instructor, so we felt comfortable asking her to join the birth of both of our sons as our doula. Rose has a very calming, supportive presence and I (we both) felt very comfortable sharing these very intimate and private moments with her. She provided a tremendous amount of support before, throughout and even post birth.

Prior to the birth, Rose came to our home to learn more about our birth plan, our unique needs and to discuss how she can best support us throughout. During the birthing time, she spent hours supporting me to use hypnobabies techniques at home, making it possible to minimize our time in the hospital and helped us transition to the hospital and continue to support us (while hospital staff was providing medical attention) having a natural, medication free and unnecessary intervention-free birthing time. Post-partum, Rose stayed with us for several hours, helping with anything we needed, including getting some rest, and providing breastfeeding coaching. She even came to visit us again in our home to ensure all is well with my post-partum recovery and to offer her continued support should we needed anything.

We were able to have a completely natural childbirth in both cases, though my babies were 9.8 and 10.11lb respectively. Not many people can say that they had a beautiful birth experience, but we had two unique and beautiful birth experiences; and Rose's support made all the difference to make it possible.

M. Franklin


Rose is the type of doula you want on your dream birth team! I am a firm believer that, with the right birth team, you can achieve the type of birth you want. Rose attended my in-hospital, unmedicated VBAC in May 2011. It was her nurturing, encouraging presence that got me through some moments of a long labor when I may have been discouraged otherwise. Rose incorporated calming, reassuring Hypnobabies code words into my birth experience. She worked tirelessly with my midwife and my husband to help me bring my beautiful baby into this world. Rose has a very special place in my heart. I had been a bit concerned that my mother wouldn't be able to attend my birth because she was out of town, but Rose filled that void as closely as anyone possibly could, I think. I recommend Rose as a doula without hesitation.

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