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Reanna Adelstein


After enduring 50 hours of labor followed by an emergency c-section with the delivery of my first child, my husband and I decided to hire a doula for my second pregnancy. I knew I would be attempting a VBAC and I would need additional support.  We are so happy and grateful to have found Danielle.  Danielle is quite simply amazing.  We could tell how special she was on our first introductory phone call when she patiently listened as I confided my traumatic experiences with my first labor and delivery, while validating my feelings and providing comforting wisdom and advice from her experiences that allowed me to finally let go of residual pain and guilt.  After we hired her, Danielle was first, and foremost, my advocate, listening to my needs and helping me understand and navigate the decision-making process.  She also was only a phone call or text away when I had concerns or felt overwhelmed.  She provided research and information so that I could better understand my doctor’s recommendations and advice.  She helped us draft both a vaginal birth plan and an “if necessary” c-section plan with, frankly, far more detail than we could have possibly created without her assistance.  She also trained my husband in massage techniques to help with contractions that proved essential in reducing contraction pain.  After my water broke, she provided critical advice that helped us to perfectly time the trip to the hospital.  At the hospital, she managed the labor process with an expertise and ease that allowed the doctors and nurses to truly focus on both my medical needs and that of the baby.  She was by my side throughout that day, providing consistent reassurance and making everything less stressful.  I honestly don’t believe I would have had a successful VBAC without her.  I would hire her again for a future pregnancy without question and I highly recommend her!

Monique Erickson


Danielle is such a special person, and I struggle to quantify the myriad ways she helped our family become a family. As our post partum doula for the first three months (and then some) of our daughter's life, Danielle was by our side through it all. As knowledgeable as she is kind, she is fundamentally there for you when you most need it. Having a baby in a pandemic, separated from family and friends, is no joke. In Danielle we had a cook, a confidante, a sounding board, a teacher, a caretaker for the parents as well as the child, and, most of all, a friend. I’ll always be grateful to her for what she has given us, not just to me as a new mom but also to my husband, our cats, and of course our infant daughter who loves Danielle fiercely. Danielle is, after all, her very first best friend. So thank you Danielle, for your love, your tirelessness, your support navigating lactation consultants, infant chiropractic, birthdays, sad days, fun days, and everything else that life threw at us those early days. Not only could we not have done it without you, but also you made it fun, beautiful, and full of magic. Thank you. With love, Monique, Avalon, Ethan, Benji, and Ziggy

Lynsey Rost


I cant say enough about Danielle!  She was absolutely awesome at helping me throughout my whole pregnancy and after having my son too.  I had several obstacles come up during my pregnancy and Danielle was there to help me overcome them and come up with alternate plans when I needed to.  She was so supportive when my birth couldnt go according to plan due to complications and really was there for me to talk through it all.  She was super helpful with breastfeeding tips and suggestions for working with my son's lip tie.  She also encapsulated my placenta for me and explained the entire process to me.  Danielle even explained it all to my very curious eight year old son who was super interested in how the placenta got processed for encapsulation.  Im so happy I chose Danielle as my doula and appreciate her and her knowledge so so much!  



I am so glad that I decided to work with Danielle as my doula. Her warmth and steadiness were apparent from the beginning, which proved tremendously helpful during my birth. While our pre-birth meetings were very informative and helpful, it was her mental, emotional, and physical support during labor that I was most grateful for, as well as her responsiveness and advice during the last few challenging days leading up to the birth, and the immediate post-partum period. She also struck a good balance between providing information, but then giving me the space to make my own decisions. I wish every new mom could have a doula like Danielle!

Charissa Yong


Danielle's virtual doula service was the best investment I can make! I was pregnant with my second child and she helped me figured out what I can do differently for my second birth. She provided me with some great resources and was available to answer any of my questions before, during labor and after birth via text/phone call. I had a quick birth and no postpartum blues, all thanks to her guidance and the best birth plan that works for me. Thank you Danielle for everything and the BEST birth experience I had ever had. I highly recommend her!



I can not say enough about how wonderful Danielle is and how invaluable she was during my pregnancy & birth. She was always ready to support me and supply insight and evidence based info when I had questions during my pregnancy, and she was committed to helping me have my "home birth in the hospital". When my son was born a month early during a long and intense unmedicated labor, she was with me through it all. From being the only member of my birth team that could provide the right counter-pressure during my back labor, to helping me stay focused when I was exhausted and had to make important decisions, her presence, patience, and advocacy were remarkable. I am so grateful Danielle was such an important part of my journey to motherhood.

Nicole Drost


Danielle was encouring supportive and loving through out my entire pregnancy. She helped me so much with education and all of my questions for the doctor. Because of her I was educated on my rights. During my labor and delivery she was truly outstanding! She taught my husband how he could be helpful ( many men don't know what to do) she had him do pressure points and breathing techniques with me. My labor was 20 plus hours and when my husband needed sleep at 3 am she was there. She was by side the entire time holding my hand breathing with me. I could not have done it without her. She is amazing!!

Leah Greenwald


We had a great experience using Danielle as our birth doula.  She met with my husband and I twice at length for prenatal visits where she told us about her training and all of her resources that she uses during labor.  When I went into labor, she met us at the hospital and suggested different methods and positions to try. She also spoke to the nursing staff about what would make me more comfortable.  Danielle also has the sensitivity to know when the couple needs time to themselves and also made that clear to the staff.  She came equipped with essential oils, her ipad with Netflix and music, rebozo, made sure I drank water and held my leg during pushing!  She took pictures of the baby and stayed until we were ready for her to leave.  She also works on a sliding scale and believes everyone should have a doula.  I'd highly recommend her!

AnnMarie Chionchio


Working with Danielle as our doula was such a great experience.  I knew almost as soon as we met that she was the right choice for us.  We covered a lot of info at our initial consult, as well as discuss any thoughts and expectations I might have for working with a doula.  She was very thorough, professional, supportive and comforting during our (2) prenatal visits.  We were in touch via text and email throughout my pregnancy and sent me so much helpful info on any topic that I was inquiring about.  I felt supported, she made me understand that she heard me and would do anything she could to help me have the labor and delivery that I truly wished for.  My water broke at 11:30 at night and she was there for me as soon as I called, keeping me calm, walking me through everything that I should do next, and she was there for me every 2 hours when I called her that night!  She was there for me at the hospital when it was time to go, and supported my fiance and I through a challenging labor and delivery.  Danielle stayed for a while after the birth to establish breastfeeding and gave us both a warm hug on the way out, once we were all settled with our new baby. I have and will continue to recommend her services to any friends and clients of mine in the future.  A truly caring and supportive birth attendant.  

colleen lutz


During my pregnancy I was so grateful to have Danielle. She has a wealth of information and was able to explain things to me as they came up. Danielle brings a warm calming presents to any situation. She was there for me from the very beginning. She came to my home and helped me labor through contractions. When we went to the hospital she was an incredible support. Suggesting different labor positions, helped me understand what the nurses were doing and come prepared with essential oils, a rice sock, an ice packs, a birthing ball (just to name a few things). I would recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a doula, her service is priceless.

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