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Tracy Abney

Rocket City Doulas

Madison, AL Service range 100 miles We travel to TN and Anniston for an additional fee.

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1675

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Availability Remarks: 40 hour minimum contract

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1675

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 377 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 35 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula
  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, May 2020

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 12 births and 1 to 10 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details


Service Area

Madison, AL Service range 100 miles We travel to TN and Anniston for an additional fee.

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Mallory Bell


My experience with Tracy was nothing short of exceptional. After my first birth (without a doula) I was extremely anxious about going through labor again. I knew I wanted another epidural-free labor and delivery, but I knew I was going to need support. Making the birth plan and talking through pain management helped me to lessen some of my anxieties while I was still pregnant. Tracy and I communicated closely as I approached labor, and she was readily available when things got going. Her presence during labor and delivery was so helpful. She was calming, encouraging, helped me stick to my birth plan, and suggested so many different things to help labor progress. Thanks to her I was able to reach my goal of not getting an epidural again. She prayed over me during the hardest moments and was just amazing through the whole thing. For future children I will absolutely work with Tracy and Rocket City Doulas again.  I cannot recommend her enough!



Having Tracy for the birth of our son was ESSENTIAL.  My first child was born via C-section in Alabama, and my second child was a successful VBAC in California.  We thought that we had a pretty rounded experience of births and hired Tracy to help us navigate the local hospitals and remind us of things we might have forgotten since our Bradley class ~5 years ago.  Tracy had supported us in our first birth, and we knew she'd be an asset this go-around too.  Tracy was awesome!  Tracy supported us through the labor and kept us calm for the last-minute dash to the hospital (offering helpful tips to delay pushing till we got there).  For this birth, I especially appreciated how available she was to my husband and family just after birth.  I experienced a postpartum hemorrhage which sent me to the ICU, and I was in no shape to assure others.  Tracy was a calming, positive pressence for us and our family.

Caitlin Guichard


My experience with Tracy was excellent! From the moment we signed with her I felt a sense of weight off my shoulders.  Before this pregnancy I already had a C-section and so I wanted to work with a doula to VBAC. We had 3 meetings with Tracy before and I felt very confident we could do it with her support! She made me and my husband feel like we were in control which was very different from my first pregnancy.  Long story short my pregnancy did end with another c section because after pushing for 3.5 hours my son got stuck and couldn’t fit out- it was a blessing in disguise for his safety and mine.  I left this pregnancy feeling amazing because with Tracy support I felt like I literally left everything I had on the table, tried every position, used all my resources but at the end of the day god had a different plan which I was totally at piece with because I know I tried everything! After my first C-section I had a lot of unsettled emotions but after this one and having Tracy in our corner I felt so peaceful and proud of myself (which I never thought I would).  Tracy was everything we could have hoped for in a doula! 



We loved having Tracy as our doula. She was in tune with us and was able to tailer her care to what we needed. We especially appreciated the time she devoted to keeping my husband informed as my labor took unexpected turns.

When we needed to just have rest and quiet, I almost forgot she was there. And when we needed support and information she was kind and professional.

I highly reccommend her services. I believe a doula is very helpful for every kind of birth from natural to c section. Nurses and doctors come and go as shift changes and work loads vary, but Tracy was devoted to us and stayed close.

She also did a beautiful job of documenting my labor. Time seems to move too fast or too slow when you're in labor, so to have a timestamped record of the labor was very helpful for us to remember this important day.

She took photographs that are both beautiful and helpful to remind us of everything that happened.

We love Tracy, and we are so thankful she was there for the birth of our baby!


Kristi Collins


Tracy was such an amazing team member in my birth team for all 3 of my babies.  I wanted so many things with each birth and she made me feel like I was capable and empowered to do those things.  She was able to read our family and helped my husband in the way he needed with each birth.  She knew the answers I needed to know, and if she didn't she would find out for me.  Tracy helped to ensure that my births were as close to all that I hoped.  I would not want to deliver a baby without her by my side!

Abigail Green


From the start I knew I wanted a natural birth and I knew I would definitely need some help sticking to that plan. I met Tracey through a couple different family members who recommended her very highly. I was pretty far into my pregnancy and flying solo ( no father involved) So I was very excited to have her support. My labor did not go as I had planned. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible but ended up being induced ten days early. I also planned to go natural and ended up asking for an epidural. Fortunately for me they didn’t get there in time for me to have one. Tracey was having to tell me I did NOT want it even when they were telling me I was 10 cm and it was time to push. Overall there are things I would change about my labor process but the one thing I would not change is having Tracey Abney there helping me through it. She caters extremely well to the individual mothers needs and is very knowledgeable. My birthing experience was made so much better for having her there and will definitely have her there for my next.

Abigail Spencer


Tracy is so wonderful! We hired her for the birth of my second child. The first time around, I wanted to go natural but ended up getting an epidural after several hours of increasingly strong doses of pitocin. This time around we discussed our plans over the course of the couple meetings we had. She gave us many ideas for how to handle contractions at home. I labored at home for a few hours, then we decided to meet her at the hospital. It was right around 1 in the morning and Tracy was there with bells on (so to speak). She was excited yet level-headed. It was such a calming relief to have her there.

After some time, I started to lose my ability to focus on breathing through the pain and was ready to give up. Tracy helped me make the decision to try nitrous oxide before going all the way to an epidural. It ended up being exactly what I needed to take the edge off and rest for a bit before starting to push.

The baby ended up being OP and Tracy knew which position would be more practical for him to turn and me to push. She applied peppermint oil to my lower back and it was within minutes that he turned and came down. Without her advice and knowledge, it could have taken a lot longer or we could have ended up in a different situation all together. I remember the exact words she said to me when I wanted to quit were "This is hard. You can do hard things." I've thought about that phrase many times since that day and it's always empowering just as it was then. She's the best!!

Kaelie Wolf Harris


I knew I wanted a doula for my second pregnancy because I wanted a VBAC after a c section for “big baby” with my daughter. Tracy was highly recommended to me by both my OB and by friends of mine that are involved in the Huntsville ICAN group. Tracy made us comfortable from the very first meeting and was there to answer my questions and concerns through out my pregnancy. When my baby turned transverse breach at 38 weeks  she talked me through my options and gave me the information I needed to continue to fight for my VBAC. When I went into labor she talked me through what to expect and how to manage my labor at home. As soon as my labor was too much to manage on my own she came right over and helped me navigate the hospital. She made sure the atmosphere was calm and soothing in the labor room and helped me manage the pain of contractions. When it was time to push, I pushed for two hours and she cheered me on every step of the way. She was constantly moving to make sure I had cold towels for my face and water in between contractions and somehow was able to get amazing photos of my birth.

Tracy was amazing and I would not have been able to achieve my VBAC goal without her. My husband was skeptical about the need for a doula but now he will tell you that it was the best decision we made for the birth of our son. I just wish I knew I needed her when my daughter was born in 2015. If we decide to have another baby in the future we would definitely want Tracy to be there. Her knowledge and ability to make us feel comfortable is invaluable.

Terese Hasty


We hired Tracy for the birth of our second son. Our first birth was a homebirth, but we decided to go the hospital route with the second since our insurance didn't cover our homebirth. We knew we wanted a natural birth and were anxious about what the hospital experience might be like. When we interviewed Tracy, I explained that our plan was to labor as long as possible at home and basically just go to the hospital at the last possible moment. Tracy was completely supportive of that plan and we could tell she understood not only what we wanted but how to get it.

When I did go into labor, Tracy and I kept in touch via text throughout the morning. My husband texted her around noon when I transitioned to let her know we were leaving for the hospital. She met us at the car as soon as we got there, and ushered us through admitting. I honestly think the only reason we got to an L&D room as quickly as we did was because the staff recognized Tracy! I was so thankful for her calm presence as she explained each thing they were doing and made suggestions for positions I could be in. I instinctively flipped onto my hands and knees as my baby started crowning, and the doctor kept asking me to turn over. I was so thankful for Tracy telling me I was fine and didn't need to move. I had told her initially that I was most worried about the pushing, since I pushed my first for 3 hours. I will never forget her voice in my ear encouraging me as my baby was born. Thankfully it only took a couple pushes this time! He was born about 30 minutes after we had pulled into the parking lot.

Not only did Tracy help us have the birth we wanted, she also took amazing pictures of the birth and our son right after he was born. I couldn't believe some of the moments she captured since I honestly don't remember seeing her camera at all. I am so thankful for those precious photos. We would hire Tracy again in a heartbeat!

Hanna Denton


Tracy was my doula for my second pregnancy and she was wonderful! I was fortunate to have had a pretty easy natural birth with my first and was hopeful for my second to go as well. Although, I knew this time would be different, I was a little nervous about managing my expectations with my first birth experience. She was patient and willing to talk with me whenever I had questions or concerns, offering her knowledge, encouragement and suggestions when needed. She always helped me feel more peace of mind whether it be discussing my fears and concerns or just knowing that she was an advocate for me to have the pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding experience that I desired.

My baby came very quickly when he decided it was time. Tracy arrived at the hospital within minutes of our arrival and never left my side. There wasn't time for any "doula tricks" but her calm presence and reassuring affirmations were just what I (and my hubby) needed. Everything happened so quickly, I'm so thankful she was there to help make that overwhelming experience a very positive one. The photos she took of my son's first moments were amazing and will help preserve those precious memories for the rest of my life.

I'm forever grateful for Tracy and the beautiful Christian woman she is. She has a kind, gentle and uplifting spirit with a radiant smile! Her compassion is driven by her strong faith and her own personal experiences of pregnancy, infertility and loss. I am proud to know her and call her my friend. I highly recommend Tracy Abney, Birth Doula to anyone looking for wholesome pregnancy and birth support!

Kimberly Gilbert


Tracy is wonderful! We just had our 2nd baby and it was our 2nd time using Tracy! I wouldn't be able to make it through my labors successfully the way I wanted w/o Tracy! She's a great coach during the labor (I almost passed out in the ER and she callmed me down very well!), she's great at helping you come up w/ a plan for what YOU are comfortable with, and she is great support when someone is giving you bad information (a bullying dr, a friend that doesn't have all the facts, etc.). I would recommend Tracy to everyone that's even thinking about getting pregnant (you gotta book her quick!) and we will continue to use her for any future pregnancies & births in our future!

Kathryn Hodges


Tracy was worth every penny, to quote my husband. I knew I wanted a doula but he was skeptical and wasn't sure it was worth the cost but in the end he admitted to not wanting to do another birth without her! It was my second pregnancy so I had a pretty good idea what to expect and yet this particular labor was nothing like my first so I was glad to have Tracy to talk to. My water broke in early labor so when I arrived at the hospital at 5:30am, she met us there and was encouraging when I found out I was only 3cm. She then set up her diffuser with sweet smelling things and music for the journey ahead. Since I couldn't go anywhere, we walked the halls of the maternity floor for 5 miles! She was amazing and talked us through some medical decisions without judgment just information.  She made suggestions along the way in line with my birth plan that I wouldn't have thought of in the moment and many of her suggestions we did! Despite a few obstacles with Tracy's help, I was able to achieve my plans to have an unmedicated natural birth and it was amazing! Oh, she also took some amazing photos along the way and after!

Paula Schultz


When my husband and I first got pregnant we knew we wanted to do everything possible to achieve a VBAC. Everyone I spoke to recommended a doula, but we weren't sure a doila really fit "us." I knew I wanted an epidural and was concerned that a doula would discourage it or question decisions I made in labor. Tracy put all of my fears to rest from our first meeting. It was obvious to me that she would be an advocate in the delivery room and had no agenda other than helping me to have the birth that I wanted. During my pregnancy she provided reassurance when I began to second guess if a VBAC would be possible and encouragement when it looked like my body may not cooperate with my VBAC plans. When I finally did go into labor she helped us to decide when to head to the hospital and made sure we had the best nurses. There were 26 babies born the same day  as my son, but Tracy created a calm environment so I had no idea the chaos that was going on outside of my room. She let my husband take the lead to help me through contractions but was right there with us for every one. When I wanted to get an epidural she encouraged me to find out if I had met my goal before asking for it. I still felt contractions after the epidural  so she made sure my nurse knew and helped me to speak up when I may have been scared to otherwise. I was able  achieve a VBAC and Tracy was genuinely excited for us. After delivery and even at home she helped with breastfeeding and even baby wearing questions. It was so great to have someone I could text  call to ask  'is this normal?' She was a huge blessing to our family and I am so grateful  to have had her support.

Sarah Thompson


Tracy was so friendly and easy to talk with from our first meeting. If I had any questions or updates during the pregnancy, she was fast to respond and great about talking me through what something meant or what I could expect soon. When I realized my sons birth day wasn't what I had planned, she calmed me down and made me realize that everything would be okay (sounds silly in retrospect but I was very emotional and felt like I was losing control at the time). Before and after his birth, she took photos that I love to look back and reflect on our big day together. I highly recommend Tracy and am so glad she worked with us!

Sarah Yaw


Tracy was my doula for my first birth and I couldn't imagine not hiring her again for my second. During my pregnancy, she was once again a wonderful source of information and encouragement. I wanted to try for a natural birth this time around, and during labor and delivery having Tracy there was invaluable. She helped keep me calm and focused. Tracy seems to have a wonderful sense for what her client needs right that moment. She has a very comforting, reassuring presence. I am so very thankful that we chose to hire her again for our second birth and I know that she was a huge factor in me achieving the natural birth of my dreams! No matter what type of birth you are planning, I highly recommend all moms hire a doula and you will not be disappointed if you hire Tracy. She is truly a treasure! Words can't adequately express how thankful I am for her, and should I be blessed with more children, I would definitely can't imagine her not being at those births.

Lindsay Giddens


We hired Tracy in our first trimester with our second baby. I was preparing for a VBAC this time around and I knew that I wanted to hire a doula in hopes of attaining a natural labor and birth. Tracy was always nice, friendly, and available via text or e-mail. She traveled with us to Anniston, following our car on the way, and stayed with us while we were in labor for two days! She is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. She cried with me when my water finally broke on its own! :) I ended up with another cesarean, but she stayed with us the entire time. I could not have made it through 36 hours of natural labor without her!! She was there trying to do anything she could think of to help me progress. She went to the OR with us and stayed with us a while in recovery before heading home after a long weekend. She took a lot of pictures for us through the whole process as well. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a doula, and we would definitely hire her again if we were to be blessed with another child.

Katie Bradford


WWe were lucky enough to be able to hire Tracy in my third trimester. She was incredibly parient, compassionate and understanding. I was pursuing a VBAC and the resources she passed on to me in preparation for labor were invaluable. I ended up with a cesarean birth and cannot imagine having done it without her there. She took tons of photos for us so we could focus on the birth and baby all while maintaining a soothing presence throughout the procedure. She stayed me with through the entire surgery, which was huge to me, and returned during our hospital stay. I wish so much I had known herror for my first pregnancy and birth. Anyone would be lucky to have Tracy as her doula!!

Leslie Thomas


Of all the childbirth classes we took and of all the books on pregnancy we bought, the single best thing my husband and I did in preparation for the birth of our daughter was hiring Tracy.

Professional and compassionate, Tracy provided us from the very beginning with a clear picture of her role in our daughter's birth. Her primary part was to be supportive, and she absolutely was, not only the day of our daughter's birth, but also in the weeks leading up to it and in the weeks after as well.

Tracy was available and interested in whatever would help us make the best decisions for our pregnancy. She corresponded with me via text message throughout to answer questions and to address concerns and always inquired about our doctor's visits. The day of our delivery, I texted her at 2:30 AM, to confirm that my water had broken. She answered me right away, talked me through the next steps, and asked we give her a 30 minutes heads up for when we needed her at the hospital. When she arrived, she began to create a safe and peaceful space for our labor. I uonderstand from my husband that she never stopped moving, never stopped being tuned in. Her presence and knowledge was a huge comfort to me. She was never obtrusive. She was nonstop encouraging of me and made sure my husband was supported as well.

After our daughter was born, Tracy helped me to get her latched on, she made sure everyone who needed to be in the room was, and then she slipped out as quietly as she had come in.

Tracy is genuine, kind, and extremely knowledgeable, with vast expertise in her profession. She is levelheaded and reasonable, and highly respected among professional peers.

It was a privilege to work with Tracy and it is an absolute honor to recommend her. We could not feel more grateful for having her in our lives and for her role in the birth of our daughter, and I will forever consider her to be a dear and true friend.

Libbie Dineen


We had a great experience with Tracy.  When my previously reserved doula backed out, Tracy was able to fit me in due to a change in her availability.  Compared to a few of the other doulas I contacted, Tracy was quick to respond and was very organized and professional which made us feel confident she would be there for us.  When I went into labor almost three weeks early, we met Tracy at the hospital in the middle of the night due to labor progressing so quickly.  We forgot to bring a print out of our birth plan but Tracy helped us ensure we got the natural birth we hoped for. She was very familiar with the hospital, what they offered, and was even familiar with some of the nurses and my OB. Throughout labor and transition, she was supportive and suggested different positions to help manage pain.  After a few hours we had a baby and Tracy took some photots of our precious newborn.  After being home for a week or so, Tracy checked in and was supportive and helpful when it came to questions about babywearing, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding.  She also had a typed out timeline of how labor went which will be helpful if we decide to have other children, we'll ahve an idea of how quick my labors go.  Definitely would recommend.

Brandi Ashmore


My experience with Tracy was amazing! After the initial contact, we met for coffee and we hit it off right away. She asked me several questions so she could gauge exactly what my goals were for birth. I felt like she was really listening to what I wanted and answering questions based on her own experiences. We met several times, just to talk, before baby's birthday. The night I went into labor, she communicated with my husband while I was laboring and met us at the hospital because things were moving fast. She was there by my side, helping me through each contraction.  She was great at suggesting different pain management techniques that I would have never thought of. She took notes throughout the labor so I could know exactly what happened afterwards. Tracy was so attentive and the nurses even commented on what a great job she did. As Ava was born, my husband and Tracy were both there  to support me and my birth was one of the best experiences of my life. I dare say enjoyable! Thank you Tracy for helping me achieve a dream natural childbirth!

Mallory Rhodes Clemmons


I contacted Tracy Abney and met with her during my first trimester. I was pursuing a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and knew that having a doula would increase my chances of success. I like that she has personal and professional experience with VBACs. I knew immediately that Tracy's personality was compatible with mine. I like that she is straight forward, friendly, and genuine. I'm happy I ended up contacting her early on because she became imperative to me during my pregnancy. She was always available for questions and advice throughout my whole pregnancy. I ended up switching to an out of town OB and she was still willing and excited to come along! We happily paid her for her additional travel time. It was well worth the investment having someone local that would be a support person when we were also out of town. She came to the hospital armed with supplies, knowledge, and a wonderful demeanor. When I'm in pain I like to be alone and not touched. Tracy was still able to help me tremendously by making sure I stayed in control of my body. She would notice when I started to get overwhelmed and was capable of bringing me back in control by helping me focus on my breathing. I loved having her support throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum times. Tracy was just as helpful for my husband. He loved having someone there that was educated in birth that was also able to dedicate their time to us during the entire labor and delivery. I can't say enough good things about Tracy as a doula and a person. I 100% think every woman should have a doula! Please put Tracy on your list to interview!

Sarah R. Sandridge


Deciding to hire Tracy was a great decision for us.  Early on, she was a link to all the pregnancy/birthing resources in Huntsville.  She helped us find a childbirthing class and gave book recommendations, and she knew the ins-and-outs about hospitals, doctors, and chiropractors in our area.  My husband and I really wanted to have a natural birth, and Tracy was so supportive!  She helped us to develop a realistic birth plan and had a great attitude about entering into the unknown that is childbirth.

However, what we are most grateful for is how supportive Tracy was when our best-laid plans for a natural birth didn't work out, and we had a c-section.  In reflecting on our baby's birth, I don't think the hardest thing was the unplanned earliness, or the recovery, or the feeling that I was letting myself and our baby down, or that I was disappointing those who supported me. It was the lack of transition. One minute, I was terrified of being cut open. The next minute, there was a baby! It was great to have Tracy there to keep my husband's and my mind more focused on meeting our new baby than we ever could have been on our own. I am so grateful to be able to remember some of the special moments of that day that weren't the surgery: first meeting our baby, first nursing, being so afraid of holding our baby wrong, etc.  And, I credit Tracy for helping to create a space where I could take a minute here and there to focus on that day rather than the moments leading up to it and the moments to come after it.

I highly recommend hiring Tracy, regardless of your expectations for childbirth.

Leslie Lovelady


Tracy was amazing throughout my entire pregnancy.  She was always available to answer questions or discuss any concerns that I had at any time.  My labor and delivery was fast, but she was by my side the entire time offering words of encouragement and telling me that I could do it.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing doula and friend.

Jennifer Davis


Being a first time mom, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my daughters birth.  After researching several options, I decided that I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible and I wanted a doula.  We met and interviewd Tracy and felt she was our perfect fit. My husband was a little skeptical at first, but now he tells guys he works with that are pregnant they should hire a doula and that they won't regret it!!  They not only are providing support for you, but also for your husband.

During pregnancy she gave tons of tips to aid during that time, and also a list of things that we would like to have after our birth that we never would have thought of!

Labor and Delievery: I started contractions around noon on August 7th.I let her know and told her I would keep her updated.   Around 5:30pm the contractions were becoming harder.  I called her and said things were progressing, but we were handling it okay at that point.  At around 10:00 or so, we called and said we were ready for her.  Things were becoming more painful and closer together. Tracy came to my house and helped us labor at home until about midnight.  She was so supportive and giving different things to help during contractions.  Around midnight we went to the hospital. My daughter was born aorund 10:30am.  During this time Tracy was such a huge support for me and my husband.  She talked through contractions, provided positive support, massage, aromatherapy, we got in shower, tub, counterpressure during contractions, relief for hubby to go get coffee and bathroom and not feel bad about leaving. She was very knowledgeable about labor, stages of labor, interventions, decoding what the doctors/nurses said, ect.  If we decide to have another one, after I tell my husband we are pregnant my next phone call would be to Tracy no doubt!

Lindsey Zinser


Tracy recently assisted in the birth of our second son.  I can not imagine it going any better!  I had a difficult delivery with my first (pitocin, 2 failed epidurals) so I was really looking for a different experience.  I was able to completely labor at home, which was my biggest goal.  Tracy helped me through each contraction phsycially and emotionaly.  She was extremely knowledgable of the stages of labor and how to help make me more comfortable. I was able to arrive and the hospital and deliver an hour later!  I can not imagine doing it without her!

Sabrina East


My experience with Tracy was extremely professional and positive. From the very beginning, she was warm, kind and put my husband and I at ease with the birthing process. Before the birth, she answered numerous questions, provided helpful resources, and was emotionally supportive.

As the birthing process began, she talked me through contraction after contraction.  She massaged my back and comforted me through the pain.  She was a great source of comfort and guidance to my husband throughout the entire process.

During the birth, she helped  to calm me with prayer through really intense moments and she was with me for approx. 20 hours.  Her knowledge of the process, her patience and presence with me were critical to me during my birth.  She made me feel safe at times when I felt the hospital didn't have my best interests at heart.

Tracy worked hard to give me the birth experience I wanted.  Having her with me throughout my childbirthing experience was invaluable to me.

Laura Corbell


This was my first pregnancy, my husband and I wanted to have a natural childbirth but had never been a part of a childbirth experience. I had the desire to hire a doula, my husband was skeptical of hiring one, but decided to humor me. i set up an interview with Tracy and we met with her and ended up hitting it off. I tried to interview a couple of other doulas and our schedules never matched up, my husband and I felt that was the Lord's way of confirming our choice with Tracy. My first labor pains started when I was at work on a Wednesday afternoon, I texted Tracy to let her know that things were probably starting soon. She told me that what I was experiencing was normal and to keep her posted. We called her to come to our house at around 2 am Wednesday/Thursday night/morning. She came over and immediately started coaching and encouraging me through the contractions. We labored at home as long as possible. I had a very long labor, my baby boy was not born until Friday at 3:44pm, Tracy was with my husband and I the entire time. I was able to have my natural childbirth, no epidural or pitocin and I was in labor for a total of 52 hours! Not normal at all, but I could not have done it without first of all God's help, and then Tracy and my husband. My husband who was skeptical at first about hiring a doula, would recommend her to anyone and she is worth every penny!

Sarah Yaw


I had a great experience with Tracy, especially since I am a first time mom. I hired her pretty early on in my pregnancy, so she was there for me nearly the entire time. I didn't consider myself the "typical" client of a doula, and was only vaguely familiar with what they did when I met Tracy. However, I knew I wanted someone there to help support and guide me through pregnancy and childbirth since it was my first time, and I natrually was nervous about the experience. When I met Tracy, I knew we'd be a good match. She was warm and compassionate, and always responsive to any questions I had. She checked in with me prior to and after my OB appointments to see how I was doing and help me remember what to expect and what questions to ask. She came with me to a couple of appointments later in my pregnancy, too.

The day of labor and delivery, she was invaluable. She really helped me stay relaxed and focused. She knew a lot of techniques to make the pain more bearable. Hiring her really was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my baby, and even my husband also said he couldn't imagine our birth without Tracy there. She made my birth experience so much more enjoyable and wonderful. After delivery, she and the nurses helped me get started with breastfeeding. She also took pictures during the birth and took detailed notes, which is so wonderful to have since I forgot a lot of small details. She has also checked on me a couple of times in the postpartum period and provided emotional support and reassurance during that fragile time.

It is my belief that every woman should have a trained doula to support them during their pregnancy and childbirth, no matter what kind of experience she desires. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Tracy to anyone.

Kathy G


Hiring Tracy as my Doula was the most important thing I did for my delivery and my child.   I was terrified of the experience and Tracy made sure to keep me calm and provided me with excercises and massages to ease the pain. The delivery was flawlessly natural and requied no intervention whatsoever from the doctor.  I also appreciated a lot of the advice she gave me about the experience.  I was having a hard time talking to  my doctor and Tracy filled the gap and gave me critical information. She's very knowledgable in the medical aspect of childbirth and does her research.  She helped guide my decision every step of the way.  But the most important thing is that she brought a camera and took lots of good pictures and documented my delivery. My mom had forgotten my camera at home.  If it hadn't been for Tracy,   I would have missed the pictures of the baby after birth which would have been a disaster for me.

My advice to any pregnant woman would be to always hire a Doula, even if you have the most supportive husband. Husbands are not child birth experts and will not do the job a Doula can during delivery.  Get a Doula that really cares about their work like Tracy. They will make the experience so special and easy for you.

I truly owe Tracy for being there for me during the most important event of my life and hope to be able to repay her some day.  Thank you Tracy

Devan Workman


Tracy made my birth with my 3rd son a wonderful experience! She was an advocate for me, and spoke up to the nurses about what I wanted even when I couldn't. She made me feel like I was doing a great job and also helped distract me from the pain at times. Although my husband was there through the whole thing, it was a blessing to have someone who had been through labor herself in my corner as well. I would most definitely hire her as a doula again, if I were having any more children.

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