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Jenny Corbett

Silver Spring Doula

Silver Spring, MD Service range 20 miles Will not cross the Bay Bridge

Birth Fee

$1000 to $2000

Birth Fee

$1000 to $2000

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 240 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • toLabor - Certified Professional Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, December 2013
  • Stillbirthday, December 2014
  • toLabor, June 2023

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 3 to 6

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
We don’t attend births at Sibley Memorial or Georgetown University

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Service Area

Silver Spring, MD Service range 20 miles Will not cross the Bay Bridge

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Client Testimonials for Jenny Corbett

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We were so grateful for Jenny's presence at the birth of our first child. Her calm presence immediately reassured me when she arrived at L&D. She put pressure on my back during contractions, offered a few gentle suggestions and many encouraging words, and generally helped my husband and me feel more anchored in such an intense, new, and overwhelming experience. I think that having her there made the difference for me in being able to forgo an epidural.

Jenny's post-birth home visit also gave us a lift in confidence, and I was thankful to be able to call her with a breastfeeding question at a moment when things felt very hard. I'd love to have Jenny attend any future births. 



It’s hard to put into words how helpful and important Jenny’s presence was during our birth experience. Many things did not go as planned and in the moments of uncertainty and confusion, it was a huge relief and important comfort to have someone there who understood our preferences and needs and was a presence that helped us feel like we weren’t alone. Our son was born during a hectic time for our care providers during the Omicron wave that stressed the hospital and care teams who were caring for us but Jenny was able to give us undivided attention that we needed in those moments. This being our first child we didn’t know what was normal and what was the Covid component with each curve ball we experienced. Jenny’s knowledge and experience was our main source of help during the last few weeks of pregnancy and during the craziness of our situation at the hospital especially once we had to have an unexpected c-section. Jenny went above and beyond in the middle of the night to make sure we were cared for and took care of logistics we didn’t foresee needing. She even waited with my husband during scary moments that he couldn’t be with me in the operating room. We have said many times we don’t want to know what that whole experience would’ve been like without Jenny there and we would recommend her to anyone needing care!

Melissa Ou


My experience was wonderful with Jenny - she helped at my first and last (second child) delivery.

The workshop her group had prior to the L&D was a great refresher on the most important things to know prior to L&D.

She is extremely warm and supportive and gives great direction during the L&D process (which I was really looking for). She also is really good at working with me during the labor to make me feel most comfortable. I ended up not having an epidural for either births even though I had not explicitly planned to not have one. During my second birth, the lack of attention by nurses and doctors due to a very busy night for laboring mothers made me extremely relieved to have Jenny there to get me through the labor. It was wonderful to know that there was someone knowledgeable and experienced prior to and during the birth - helps with any anxiety about what was to come! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone that would like to feel lots of support during the pregnancy as well as during and after birth. She is also great at making sure you are fine and well after post-birth.

Lorna Quandt


I would recommend Jenny to anyone. We hired her as a labor-only doula since it was my second birth. She was easy to communicate with prior to birth, and once the day came, she was 100% supportive and calming. My birth itself was very fast, but when I needed her, I REALLY needed her. We communicated easily about what support I needed, and she provided it comfortably and naturally. Her rates and policies were clear and she is extremely professional. Thank you, Jenny!

Dahlia Ellison


Jenny was a wonderful doula for myself and my husband. Jenny met with us at our home during pregnancy and gave us helpful advice to help prepare for labor. Jenny was with us through a long labor after an induction. She came quickly after we called her at 3 AM and spent almost 24 hours with us! Jenny was calm and supportive, and had a great sense of humor which helped during the difficult moments. She helped us with the practical, such as making sure my husband took breaks and ate and keeping me cooled and hydrated,  and she helped us as we navigated pressure for various interventions. Jenny never told us what to do, but she was able to help us think everything through so we felt more confident with our decisions. Through it all, she was a steady and calming presence. Both my husband and myself felt we really had an ally through our birth experience. I would recommend Jenny to anyone looking for a doula.

Jennifer Hsu


Jenny was a warm, caring, and very supportive doula. She took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. She taught us strategies on how to prepare for our birth and helped us with questions we had during the pregnancy. She was responsive and very helpful during the birthing process. She gave us information and helped talk us through ideas to help the birthing process go smoothly. She was flexible and respectful of my husband and my wishes. She was also very willing to follow up after birth and assisted us with further questions and concerns.  I highly recommend Jenny and would love to work with her again for future pregnancies!

Jessica Brown


Jenny was a fabulous doula and I really don't think we could have gotten through the labor without her. She helped us every step along the way, from the very start weeks before the labor, when she taught me the best positions to get into for laboring, and during the labor she was amazing, all the way to weeks after the labor. During the labor, Jenny helped keep me and my husband calm. She was a great advocate for us and helped push back on the doctors if we were ever unsure about any of the interventions they were pushing. Jenny helped us stick to our birth plan as much as possible, and was so so helpful to my husband, who was a bit of a wreck! Im so glad we had Janny during our labor and birth and would definitely use her again. Jenny came over a day after our son was born and checked in with us, and also turned our placenta into placenta pills, which I took as a supplement after the birth.

I highly recommend Jenny. She is a fabulous Doula and we would have been lost without her!

Lindsay Harris


Jenny is fantastic. She has a real passion for this work and is very down to earth and knowledgeable. We interviewed several doulas and felt most comfortable with Jenny, in part because we found her very easy to relate to. She is very professional and client-centered; we never felt like imposing her own views on what our birth should look like. Jenny is available by phone and email and is very responsive. On the night/morning I was in labor, she came to our house upon request and assisted us with comfort techniques and, most critically, helped us figure out when to go to the hospital. She came to the hospital with us and was fantastic in the room - she’s a very funny, lively person in normal conversation, but during labor she was absolutely calming and just a wonderful presence in the room. She deferred to us, let my husband lead the way and gave him breaks when he needed them. We couldn’t have been happier. Jenny is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, newborns, etc, and she made herself available by phone/email to us for six weeks post-birth at any time day or night.

We can also highly recommend Jenny's placental encapsulation services. This takes about 1.5 hours for two days in a row and takes place in your home. She brought all her own equipment, etc, and made sure she wasn’t in the way, didn’t impose at all, etc.

Ultimately, our goal was a natural birth in a hospital setting and we couldn't have done it without Jenny. I look back on my birth experience and describe it to friends as "amazing" and "empowering" -- Jenny was a big part of that. I will forever be grateful for the role she played in bringing our daughter into the world in the most loving, peaceful environment possible.

You couldn't regret choosing Jenny as your doula.

Amye Rosa


Jenny is a rockstar of a doula!  I had a long, long, LONG labor, and to top it all off, it was a VBAC. I gave birth with the GW midwives, amd was at the hospital almost 48 hours before my daughter was finally born. Things didn't go exactly as I hoped (I mean, who hopes to be in labor for multiple days, right?) and I ended up using pitocin and an epidural.  Jenny was so supportive of me as I made these decisions.  My baby was really high up despite the long labor, and not only did she help me with all kinds of techniques to get the baby moving down, she also sought out even more advice from the doula community about what else she could do to help me.  I felt empowered and in charge when I decided to move forward with interventions I hadn't originally wanted.  It was a night and day difference to my previous birth.  Jenny stayed with us almost the entire time we were at the hospital, until we asked her to go home and get some rest.  She never wavered in her support; she never made me feel like she doubted my ability to give birth.  Jenny's support was invaluable, and I highly recommend her.

Beth Kennedy Venit


Jenny was a wonderful doula. She met with my husband and I for an initial meeting to see if we were a good match. Right away we felt incredible comfortable with her. My husband and I had taken a Bradley Method birth class and we really liked that Jenny had experience working with other Bradley couples. She did two pre-natal meetings with us. She brought lots of helpful information to these meetings including a list of items to bring to the hospital, things to consider/discuss before the birth, labor positions, and much more. During the second meeting we went over labor positions. She was also really helpful suggesting different spinning baby positions to help get baby in a good position for labor. During the end of my pregnancy I had a lot of pressure to be induced due to preexisting high blood pressure. Jenny was available to talk to me about this and help me in making my decision. She went over how to calculate our Bishop Score (which tells you how successful an induction might be) and really helped me feel like we were making an informed decision. She also helped give different ideas on how to induce labor naturally since we knew we couldn't hold off the induction for too long. When I was in labor Jenny's help was invaluable. She was really great about helping me stay focused and breath during contractions. She really helped my husband with different things to do for me to help me through it and also with different positions for us to do. I know that I would have been able to labor naturally for as long as I did without her assistance. She was amazing! If we have another child we will definitely have Jenny be our doula again.

Jenny met with us for one post-partum appointment where we went over how everything went and see how we were dong. She also encapsulated our placenta for us.

I can't say enough good things about Jenny! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Sara England


Jenny was the single most pivotal person in helping my birth experience turn out as successfully as it did.  My husband and I were hesitant to hire a doula.  It seemed like an added expense we wanted to avoid, especially since a C-section was a real possibility, but we were really hoping for a successful VBAC.  My current OB seemed supportive enough, but started to change his tune inexplicably as we got further along in the pregnancy.  We met with Jenny and really liked her.  She recommended a different practice which was also pivotal in our VBAC process.  Jenny provided me with advise and support along the way and was really there for me during labor in ways that I can't explain.  My husband and I both wanted him to be my coach but having a woman who has been through all this before and really knew how to support me and show my husband ways he could support me was invaluable.  She went out of her way to follow our wishes and go with the flow during chaotic moments, she was my rock and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Jenn Chucoski


Jenny was AMAZING!!!! Hiring her was one of the best decisions I could have made, and I plan on having her at all my future births. I told my husband it was the "best money ever spent." Not many doulas I interviewed provided the care and attention she offered. I felt comfortable asking her personal questions, and I loved that she answered me promptly and honestly. My labor was extremely long, and not once did she complain or look bored. Instead, she was fully attentive the entire time (though I know she must have been tired!) and offered her full support. I think my husband would have died trying to do everything alone.

Prior to labor, she came to our house and taught us relaxation techniques and answered all my questions and provided a lot of information. She was so helpful that I learned more from her in our pre-labor meetings that I learned from all our birthing classes at the hospital.

Do yourself a favor and hire this woman. :)

Amanda McPherson


When I welcomed my third son into the world back in November 2013, Jenny was right by my side. She let me squeeze her had with each contraction; whispering calming words of wisdom into my ear. Jenny truely believes in the power of the femal body and its work. She helped me feel improwed, educated, and relaxed when delivering. Her faith gave me power and I appreciate Jenny's passion!

Since I had complications postpartum with my first two sons, when I found out I was expecting for the third time, I was scared. I knew I needed help and support this time. With the first two experiences I felt uniformed and out of control and I really wanted this time to be different. I needed it to be!

Jenny was always professional. She provided me with a packet of information and we had several meetings regarding my birthplan. I had post partum hypertension, c.diff, and depression, prior to working with Jenny. So she worked extensively with me, other health care professionals, and Doulas, to come up with a plan that would prove extrmely effective. She supported every decision I made and worked hard to answer any questions I had. Jenny also help educate my husband without making him uncomfortable. He really felt apart of the whole proccess.  She took all the worry off of us in the delivery room. Jenny was able to interact with the nurses (who loved her) and be a voice for me, when I was in the toughest hour. She helped me stand srong when the on call OB wanted to preform a c-section, because my induction wasn't scheduled and it was holding up her dinner plans.

For any women who is considering using a Doula, I strongly recommend Jenny. I was finally able to have the stress free birth I wanted and deserved. I'm proud to say nearly six months have passed and my son and I are healthy. Words can't describe the gratitude I have for Jenny and her faith in what she loves. My life is forever changed. Thank you Jenny!

Justin Murray


Jenny was everything we had hoped to find in a Doula -- and much more. She was well-informed and highly knowledgeable about the immense array of information out there about pregnancy and childbirth. She was highly sensitive to our needs throughout the childbirth process (including prebirth preparation and postpartum), even though our needs were constantly changing. In one moment, she could be calming and entrancing, and the next moment energetic and invigorating, as the unpredictable and extraordinary process of childbirth demanded from us (and her) at any particular time.

She's highly personable: when we interviewed her, we almost instantly knew we wanted to work with her, and our instinct was right on the money. In addition to the classic doula qualities -- which she possesses in abundance -- she's also funny, interesting, and makes for good company. I couldn't recommend Jenny more highly. If we are fortunate enough to have another child with Jenny in the area, there is no question in my mind we would choose to work with her again.

Ximena Paz Boyles


What a wealth of knowledge Jenny has on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding! I felt much more prepared after meeting with her. Specifically, she really helped me focus on relaxing between contractions. without her I would of never realized that there were some breaks. She dealt with the nurses and midwives when I wasnt able to. She knew my preferences and did a great job of helping me stick to them. My husband says her calm, professional demeanor was a benefit to us all. I highly recommend her caring doula services.

Sarah M


Jenny is awesome!  I could not have asked for a better doula for the birth of our son.  From the first moment my husband and I met her, we knew she was "the one." She is warm, smart, and wise, and she has a joyful sense of humor that helped to keep us grounded throughout the process. We desired and prepared for a natural birth, which Jenny helped us achieve, despite an almost 10-pound baby!  She supported us well in our use of the Bradley method.  She was such a rock of encouragement (and massage techniques!) during labor and also really empowered my husband to take the active role we had envisioned.  I felt so cared for.  As a physician who, before our birth, already had a favorable opinion of doulas in general from the data I'd seen, I must say that Jenny took this appreciation to a new level.  She has my most enthusiastic recommendation!

Megan Newell


Jenny was a fantastic doula. We had an exceptionally long and difficult labor that did not go at all according to plan, however Jenny was incredidbly helpful and supportive to both me and my husband the entire time. She gave us recommendations for comfort measures throughout labor, helped us with decision making when we faced tough options, and provided overall encouragement during some of the more challenging moments. In the end, she ended up being by our side for over 24 hours straight and never missed a beat. We couldn't have asked for a better support partner during one of the biggest events in our lives. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for support during their labor.

Ashley Rice


We interviewed a handful of Doula's before choosing Jenny and many had more experience. My husband kept saying, "Give the new girl a try!" We are glad we did! Jenny was helpful from the beginning suggesting websites with information and helping us think through our birth preferences. When my husband finally called her the day I was in labor, she showed up pronto. This was after attending another birth earlier that day. Jenny was calm and soothing. She was very helpful in trying to keep me comfortable throughout the toughest part of the labor and delivery. She stayed with us after the birth to make sure we felt settled and then went home as it was something like 4am and she had to have been starving! She checked in the next day and visited two weeks later. At that time I thought there wasn't much more to help with, but she brought her different baby wearing devices and troubleshot breastfeeding issues with us. Jenny is a jewel to have during your labor.

Brittany Fry


I'm more than happy to write a testimonial about our experience with Jenny. My husband and I feel we couldn't have had a better person attend our birth. She has such a comforting & familiar energy about her. Jenny was thorough and informative at our sessions leading up to labor, and took the time to familiarize herself with my individual needs. During labor, she was right there, doing what the nurse and midwife couldn't. It felt like I had a best friend there, encouraging me to give it my all, and comforting me whenever and however I needed. She went to the store to get items we needed since our baby was early and we arrived at the birth center poorly prepared. Being a mother herself, it was nice to have someone around that had already been where I was. We can't think of anything she could have done differently, simply because she was fantastic from our first interview with her, to the home visit to check on me and baby. Her services were priceless.

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