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Christina Pruitt

Ready Set Birth

Peachtree City, GA Service range 30 miles additional $200 outside of 30 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2500

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2500

Birth Doula Experience

19 years and 320 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2007

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I am familiar and in good standings with several of the staff members, nurses, midwives and OBs at Dekalb Medical, Atlanta Medical, Piedmont Fayette, Piedmont Henry Medical, Emory, Piedmont Newnan, Southern Regional and Spalding Regional hospitals. Labor support ideally begins at home and will continue after transfer to the hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Proud supporter and affiliate of the Atlanta Birth Center!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Over 200 home births attended. I am currently assisting home births with multiple local midwives

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Spinning babies trained, bodywork specialist on cephalic and breech presentation, Level 1 CrossFit instructor and mobility specialist to prepare moms body for labor, Young Lives, In Better Hands, PUAH Birthing Services, Fayette County pregnancy resource center volunteer, Certified Midwifery Assistant, Home Birth and Labor skilled, NRP, CBE

Fee Details

Includes: Labor pool, 3 hr private education session, 2 bodywork seasons with Spinning Babies techniques, fitness training session, complimentary consultation, flexible payment options, unlimited communication prior to and after delivery, on call 24/7 from 38 to 42 weeks gestation Monatrice services also available.

Service Area

Peachtree City, GA Service range 30 miles additional $200 outside of 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Christina Pruitt

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Tiffany Curry



I forgot to check in on you and to tell you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH????????????

For your presence, your spirit, your encouragement, and your gifted hands????????????????

Your shirt, Fear Not  - you have NO idea how it really helped me to get through and to remember to not accept the spirit of fear through this process.??????????

Thank you so much for assisting me through the most amazing birth experience that I will never forget.

I am soooo glad you were here with me.

Christina - you are a God sent along with the team & I thank God for our experience together.

I told Crystal and Sherri yesterday during the visit, you all are practically Aunties now! ??????

May the Lord continually bless you, your life, your hands, and your business with abundance.

The best,
Tiffany Curry - Ace’s Mom ??????



Christina provided my wife and I with confidence and peace of mind while my wife progressed through labor at home and as we transitioned to the hospital. She was an advocate for us at the hospital, and assisted my wife in labor through coaching and pain management techniques. Christina helped us achieve a relatively stress free labor and delivery, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula! 

Micayla Clark


Hi everyone! If you are looking for the perfect doula to help you bring your sweet baby into the world, stop and hire Christina!! I had the pleasure of working with Christina for the birth of my second baby in November of this year. After having little to no support with my first birth in 2020, meeting with Christina and having that extra help made a huge difference in pregnancy and during delivery. During pregnancy, Christina met with me multiple times to answer questions and prepare a birth plan. She helped me with exercise techniques for pregnancy, and massage/body work to make sure my baby was in an ideal position for delivery. In the days leading up to the birth of my daughter, I was able to text Christina with questions or any changes I was feeling. It took all of the guessing and fear out of my labor process. When my daughter decided to make her very quick entrance into the world, Christina was the support I needed to get me through the contractions and give birth to my daughter safely. Having Christina as my doula for this birth made the experience of labor and delivery exactly what I had always dreamed it could be like. I was cared for, loved, and supported, and for that, I will forever be grateful! 

Lib Hargett


Christina was everything I needed to get through labor and delivery for a first time mom, my husband learned a lot from her as well and she made us feel so comfortable the entire time. She was available as soon as I felt I was having contractions and texted me until she headed over, she was a rockstar during my entire labor process and encouraged me the whole time! We are so thankful for her!

Megan Fulks


I can't put into words how special Christina is. She was not only a critical part of our birth team, but such an important part of my pregnancy as well. Her massages are out of this world and she truly gives them her all (dang is she strong)! She is so intentional with all parts of her practice and makes you feel so cared for.

This was my first baby and a home birth, so we knew having Christina would be amazing, but we couldn't have anticipated how much she would lead the day! My contractions were intense from the beginning and I didn't have many rest breaks, which meant everyone was on, the entire 10 hours the birthing team was there. She knew when to give space, when to direct and when to apply counter pressure and stretches. She prayed over me and spoke words of life and encouragement the entire labor. She also was such an asset to my husband. We both can’t imagine bringing our son into the world without her! She truly is incredible and I’ve recommended her to many friends now who have had wonderful birthing experiences. We love Christina!!!!

Casey Potts


My husband and I loved working with Christina. She is a true expert, very passionate about helping her mamas and provided me so much comfort - particularly as a first time mom. She also was a a huge resource for my husband during labor. We highly recommend Christina and look forward to working with her again in the future! 

Nolan Wynn


Christina was an absolute professional and we were so happy to have her there to help us. She was calm, collected, and in control the whole time. She was a great advocate for my wife and I knew we were in good hands.



Christina is incredible! I'm a second time mom and my background is as a labor and delivery nurse, so when I was looking for a doula I was pretty picky and I knew I wanted someone with a lot of knowledge and experience who could be a resource and support me even though I already knew a lot. Christina fit the bill. She has been in the birth world for a long time and has a wide range of experience and connections. Throughout my pregnancy she met with me a couple times, would check in on me and I loved that she was able to do a bodywork session on me nearing the end of my pregnancy to help make sure my baby was in the optimal position. She was never bothered by my little updates as I was nearing the end of pregnancy and even when she had a lot on her plate, she always got back with me quickly.

When things changed at the end of my pregnancy and I had to change my birth place and get an induction she was so supportive and helped me with a game plan to still meet my goals. With my first baby I didn't have a doula and at 9cm I ended up getting an epidural because i just couldn't focus to make it through.

This time around with Christina's support, I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted and she had so many helpful suggestions to help me along the way when things got intense. Not to mention, she also knew just how to support my physically when I wasn't even sure what I needed.  She is confident, kind, strong, level headed, knowledgeable and professional. She supported me in my goals and also worked synergistically with the staff and my husband. My husband, who at the beginning of my pregnancy said he didn't think I needed a doula, said after the birth that he loved having Christina there and she did a great job :)

anyhow, I can not recommend Christina highly enough. I would 100% use her again. You will not regret investing in her services! 


Desiree Lueckhof


I honestly don't think I could of had a natural unmedicated birth without Christina! She helped prepare my husband and I leading up to the birth and was very responsive the night I went into labor. During active labor, Christina helped with different positions and breathing techniques to get me through each contraction. My husband and I felt fully supported with Christina's help and it was comforting to lean on her expertise as we are first time parents. She is super level headed, strong, knowledgeable and calm. I highly recommend Christina to everyone!

Danielle Boswell


Christina worked with me during my pregnancy to help me be able to have a better birth than my past 4 have been. I have never met someone with her experience of how all the muscles of the body work together or against each other for baby's positioning. She is full of information that every pregnant mama should want to have a wonderful birth experience. I know she was the reason I was able to have a faster and more smooth delivery. She was a gift to have during the labor of my 5th baby and I'm so thankful I got to have a wonderful birth with her. 
She is well worth her weight in gold.  I wish I could have had her by my side with my other births! 



Christina is so knowledgeable, compassionate, and calming! I was really grateful to have her as our doula. Her bodywork skills were especially important to me - two days before I gave birth, she did some baby positioning work on my pelvis, showing my husband so he could do it also. I remember feeling so safe and supported by the two of them, and thinking, "This is my birth team! This is wonderful!" The next night, he repeated what she had showed him, I felt the baby move...AND the next morning, my water broke and I had the most seemless, smooth, and pretty quick labor! I am super grateful to Christina for sharing her skills with us. She trusts birth implicitly, and that helped us to do the same. 

Tai White


Christina is knowledgeable, reliable, and easy to get along with. I highly recommend her as a Doula.

Betsy McBrayer


We came to Christina late in pregnancy (40+3) after we needed to change our practitioner and hospital. We interviewed over the phone and after speaking to her, we knew we wanted her there. We truly feel like God (through Debbie Fulmer) led us to Christina. We were attempting a VBAC and felt complete peace after changing doctors and meeting Christina. I started contracting on Friday and did not deliver until Tuesday morning. Christina was in the hospital with us 24+ hours laboring and birthing. Both of us feel like our VBAC would not have happened if it had not been for Christina. I experienced complications with the epidural and Christina was a complete calming presence and had a steadiness that we both leaned in to. She was our advocate and is a cherished part of our birth story. I appreciate now even more the memories of all the things she did during labor: position changes, vast knowledge, her sound judgment, and her advocacy with and for us. We love Christina and are grateful that she has a heart for labor and delivery. 

Ambree Carter


Christina is AMAZING to work with. I'm so glad we were able to have her with us for the birth of our second child. She was so helpful throughout my entire pregnancy but having her there during labor and delivery was exactly what I needed! Christina knew the type of birth I wanted and did everything in her power to help me achieve that. She answered my 1000 questions during early labor (at 2am) and helped us not to head to the hospital prematurely. She coached me during labor and reminded me that my body was made to do this. Her steady and encouraging presence in the delivery room was exactly what I (and my husband) needed. I would absolutely hire Christina for any future pregnancies! 



Christina is an absolute MUST. She was so important to my first birth that I will definitely have her at my next births as well. I had a 34 hour labor and she absolutely saved me a C section with her knowledge and was so encouraging along the way. My husband and I discussed whether to invest in a doula since we were giving birth at a Birth Center that had midwives, but I was given the advice that having a Doula was one of the most important factors in successfully having an unmedicated birth. I chose Christina because of her education, experience, and the other offerings included such as bodywork  and postpartum availability. I cannot recommend her enough!!!

Ryan Kidd


As a man, I was highly against having a doula present at the birth of our second daughter. We didn't have a doula for our first so I thought we had it in the bag. This was something my wife wanted and I was skeptical because I didn't want to share our moment with anyone. 

I was pleasantly surprised when we decided to take Christina on as our doula. She was available by phone whenever we needed her for all of our stupid questions. She was highly knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. She was in the room with us but did not over power the moment at all. Birth was still special for us and Christina was more helpful than I. Luke have thought. She coached us through the whole thing to relax my wife so that she was ready to give birth when her body was and not when the doctors told her. 

Because of Christina's insight we were able to deliver naturally with no medication and I stand by her principles and methods and firmly believe that we couldn't have done it naturally without her. Christina is the best of the best and we will be calling her if we get pregnant again! 

Gabrielle Valliere-White


I hired Christina again for the birth of my second child last month (she was an enormous help with my first child's birth). Even though I gave birth just a few years ago, each birth is different, and Christina helped in so many unique ways during this experience.  She was there to help guide me through a variety of complications, risks, and concerns during both the pregnancy and birth.  She helped me to stay committed to my birth plan as best as I could while being supportive as we had to accommodate various changes to the plan.  She helped tremendously and I'm so glad I had her support!  

Michele LoRe


I can't say enough good things about Christina!! She was such a wonderful support system not only pre-delivery through the pregnancy but of course when it mattered the most, the day of! She was there for me supportively in an emotional capacity but also in the physical needs that were needed to help maximize my comfort, keep my head focused, stay positive, make me laugh, apply a cool rag or help apply counterpressure through labor. She made my husband laugh and made my daughter laugh, she made me laugh. I felt like I had the most capable friend by my side and knew that with her on my team I would get to deliver my baby at home along side my team just as I had intended. I am so grateful to have found her!! So knowledgeable!!! So amazing!!



I don't know where to start with how amazing Christina is and how much I recommend her! Christina was my doula for our homebirth with our first baby in August 2022. We had the best experience! We met with her several times during pregnancy. .She provided exercises and stretches to use throughout pregnancy and also did prenatal body work at 38 weeks to get baby in a good position. Christina was so helpful all throughout pregnancy answering all my questions as a first time mom (there were alot). At 36 weeks I had some bleeding and my midwife recommended I go get an ultrasound at the hopsital. Christina was so wonderful and met me at the hospital to help be an advoate for me during the visit. Everything turned out fine and I was still able to have my birth at home at 40 weeks. At 39 weeks my midwife had a family emergency so I was meeting with her back up midwife during that week and Christina was so supportive during that time as I had really leaned on her for answering alot of questions and support. We had a wonderful birth at home with Christina and our midwife made it back making it a perfect experience! I 10 out of 10 recommend hiring a doula for any birth setting you are planning. There is no comparison in the support you will receive and your birth partner can soley focus on being by your side while your doula manages your comfort and positioning, setting up the pool etc. I am forever grateful for our experience with Christina. She's truely one of a kind and I cannot recommend her enough!! 

Taylor Monroe


I am so grateful to have found Christina for my second vba2c. I have a bicornuate uterus, and she helped my baby to go head down so that I could have the home birth that I desired. I also believe that all the bodywork that she did before the birth allowed me to have an unbelievably fast and relatively pain-free birth experience. I am so thankful that we were able to work with Christina. She is wonderful, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.



christina is absolutely incredible and essential to have at your birth. my baby wasn't positioned well during labor and her heart tones were dropping and christina was able to do body work to help my pelvis open and baby continue to move down. after she did her magic baby was completely fine! she has a stable, steady, and calm presence and paired with her incredible knowledge and skills, i was so thankful to have her for our birth. i know now to have bodywork done both before baby is born and during labor! 

Shai Williams


Hello all, I was experiencing hip, back, and pelvic pain. My midwife recommended Christina. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. The whole process was relaxing to me. There was some pressure, but nothing that was uncomfortable. She made sure I was ok every step of the way. The service was amazing. Ill definitely be back! 

Emily F


I worked with Christina for the birth of our second child. I planned to deliver naturally again and I wanted a strong birthing team. Christina was what I was looking for and more! She's obviously very passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced about supporting healthy, natural deliveries. I was having hip and leg pains for weeks and she gave me the best message I've had. It was deep tissue muscle work that gave me positive results right away. I also felt the baby shift to the other side of my uterus which was another one of our goals. In summary, great experience working with Christina and I would highly recommend her. :-)


Brianna Anderson


Christina was the backup doula to the doula I originally hired and she ended up being the one to attend a majority of my labor and birth. Even though I didn't spend a majority of my pregnancy connected with her, I instantly felt such genuine care and confidence from her that I gave me total peace from the start. I can't imagine having had anyone else caring for me and my husband during my labor! She was exactly what I needed and helped me feel supported through all my decisions, all the while ensuring me that I was capable even though my labor was very slow progressing (47 long hours!). I truly believe my birth would've ended much differently if I hadn't had Christina advocating for me and if I didn't have her unwaivering encouragement. My husband and I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to have gotten to work with her!

Kacie Tilker


Christina was absolutely amazing as a doula. I had a quick active labor and she contributed to it all. This was my second VBAC and first unmedicated and I am so happy I had her there to help. She was able to get me in all the right positions during labor to get baby moving along. The morning before I gave birth she came to my house and did some position on her table to help with position and then just said go relax. Later after dinner contractions started and we were headed to the hospital. 

Bethany Strevel


I am so thankful for Christina! She was recommended to us by our midwife when we went for our 38week appointment and found that baby was breeched. After an hour of body work with Christina I felt a noticeable difference in the way The baby was positioned. Tension and pain had also lessened significantly and within 12 hours the baby had turned! Christina is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable and heard. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in the situation. 

Emma Tomberlin


Christina helped me at around 38 weeks by adjusting my right hip that was tight and getting the baby into the best position for labor. She was able to locate and relieve tension in the tendons and muscles, eliminating the discomfort I had had for weeks. She was also at my home birth and if I ever have another baby, I will definitely want her there again because she was so supportive and let me squeeze her hand as hard as I wanted through the contractions! 



Laura Hull


Christina Pruitt was an asset to my pregnancy/birthing team. I began seeing Christina, upon my midwife's recommendation, after having bad hip pain and a breech baby. Christina is such an amazing resource because , not only does she have extensive knowledge on "Spinning Babies" movements and exercises, she also provides massage that targets tight  muscles to help make more space for baby. This is something that is unique about Christina and what made her such a godsend during my pregnancy! My baby did flip after the massage, exercises and inversions that she recommended and I was able to have a natural birth like I planned for. Christina is professional, kind and thoughtful. She aided my midwife in many ways and helped support me as I made decisions about my birth. Christina is a wealth of knowledge and just a fun person to be around. I definitely would recommend Christina to anyone seeking to experience a more empowering and enjoyable pregnancy and birth! 

Robyn Brantley


I just had to reach out and thank you again for everything! My head is still wheeling from this amazing (yet terrifying and beautiful) experience. I cannot believe my husband and I created this perfect little human. Boone and I are just so thankful for you and how much you helped me and helped us get our baby girl here. Christina, you made us feel safe and supported when the hospital did not. Your calmness made me feel comfortable with my decisions when I told them I was not okay with their standard protocols because my body was doing what it was supposed to. When I changed my mind about opting for the epidural, you supported my decision and I didn't feel judged. Boone can't stop talking about how lost he would have been without you, but also how he loved that you made him feel included in helping me get through my contractions. You definitely made this experience one we will never forget ♥?♥?I cannot say thank you enough for all of your support and love with our growing family. 

Ashleigh Upson


I had a complication from my epidural with my son 10years ago and my recovery  was hard. I knew that I wanted a better experience but I also need the support. My husband was unsure about me laboring at home but Christina was able to answer all of his questions and put his mind at ease. The birthing techniques that she used on me during labor helped reduce my pain and gave me a shorter labor. The birthing plan that we created together made the transition from home on hospital so much easier. Christina's calm nature helped us achieve our goal and have our baby girl 100% natural. We  would definitely her if we ever have another . 

Heather Payne


From our initial consultation with our midwife, Crystal, she made us feel completely cared for and in control of our decisions. Her job is to provide us with evidence-based education as well as give care in every aspect of pregnancy (clinical procedures like blood pressure and lab work as well as emotional well being, etc.). Our appointments were never shorter than 45 minutes to an hour, and she always made sure to give me her undivided attention. I felt so supported in every decision we made. Post-partum has consisted of several daily check ins on me & baby as well as visits in our home. It’s such an incredible feeling to feel loved by someone who is caring for you in your most vulnerable time.

Our doula, Christina got us started off early in the pregnancy with good nutrition and stretches, and then later we worked on getting baby in the right position. I truly believe that this helped with labor being so short & easy! She was right by my side along with my husband, making sure I was comfortable. It's amazing how she knew exactly where to apply pressure for the best relief.

The support and prayers received from both women led me in to labor feeling so safe and secure. After the short hour from everyone’s arrival at our house to baby's arrival ??, they somehow managed to be in the background and give us peace and privacy with our new baby, while at the same time cleaning everything up and checking us out medically. After ensuring we were well-taken care of, we were left in our own bed with our new baby to enjoy being a family of 6.

There are a million other things I can say about how wonderful our experience was, and I plan on sharing the full story soon. But I couldn’t let another moment pass without acknowledging these two special people. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!

Isabelle McNulty


Christina was my doula for my unmedicated home birth and wow was she amazing. She helped me through every contraction with counter pressure, massaging my back, pressure points etc. and it helped so so much, i truly don’t know what I would’ve done if she wasn’t there. Having an unmedicated birth was very challenging but I am so glad I listened to my midwife and hired her. She’s such a loving and kind person as well and very thankful to have gotten to know her! Her services are 1000% worth the money! My labor was 12 hours long. She also was a great coach throughout my labor talking me through each contraction and keeping me calm. So thankful that she was there!

Leigh Anne McNulty


What can I say... except that Christina was amazing and made all the difference for my daughter while giving birth at home. 
Christina arrived and immediately got to work helping my daughter, Isabelle, with every contraction. Christina is sweet and kind, and knows just what to do to ease the pain. She was comforting, knowledgeable, and very in tune with what was happening at every moment. Christina worked tirelessly for 8 hours until my precious granddaughter was born. I am so thankful that she was here to make things easier for us all. 
I couldn't recommend her more!!

Leigh Anne

Kelly Hoff


Christina is an amazing doula! I had two C-Sections and wanted to see if vaginal birth was possible. With Christina's input she very much believed I was a great candidate for VBAC. She helped me to believe in myself when I had no idea how possible a successful VBAC would be. It was a bumpy road trying to figure out if I would be able to do a home birth vs. hospital birth, but Christina supported me the whole way trying to find the right midwife/provider. We knew I could VBAC, it was just finding the right provider/midwife to do it! Christina was a great advocate for me the whole way and I would have been so lost without the support system she provided for me. As far as my birth plan, we knew I wanted to labor at home as long as possible. Once I went into labor, I was progressing so fast and Christina made the call when it was time to go to the hospital. I was so happy to have her there making that call for me so I didn't have to go to the hospital too early or too late. She stayed right by my side throughout labor pushing on both my hips to alleviate the pain with contractions. Knowing Christina was there was so helpful for me to get through labor without medication. I was so happy she and the midwife worked together so well throughout my labor. Christina believed in me when I needed it most and I had a successful vaginal birth after 2 csections! I couldn't have done this without Christina and I am so thankful to have had this birth experience with her. I HIGHLY recommend Christina! 



This is  the second time Christina has been our doula! Both times we gave birth at the Atlanta Birth Center. She knew all the right things to say and what I needed to hear to coach me through contractions. She found the spot in my back that was aching and gave counter pressure for relief. She helped hold me up in the birth pool the way that was most comfortable for me and guided my husband on how to do it the same. They were a great team! She does house visits before and after birth. She also gave great material for me to reference and put into practice throughout my pregnancy. She was there to talk and listen when I asked to talk to her on the phone a few weeks before our baby was due. I think I was just getting anxious but she reassured me and talked me through everything I wanted to talk about (for over 45 minutes). She was there for one of the most intimate and special parts of our lives and I'm so glad it was her there with us. Thank you Christina!

Tarryn Hoff


My wife, Kelly, worked with her doula, Christina with several months & ultimately successfully gave birth to our new baby, Gracelyn on Dec. 13, 2021. At first, I had no knowledge of what a doula is or the importance of one. Christina demonstrated what a doula truly is as well as the absolute importance of their role. Our baby Gracelyn is our first daughter. She is also our first VBAC child (after two previous c-sections). Kelly expressed to me that she couldn't have done this without Christina. I echo her belief as previously mentioned how Christina provided the most professional, empathatic, encouraging, supportive, competent coaching that I have ever witnessed. Being in health & fitness as a personal trainer, I recognize the value of a coach. Christina fits that role 100% and was born to do what she does. I have met many first-class, A+ professional coaches in my career, and Christina impressed me so much that she ranks at the very top. She provided attentive help to Kelly the entire time. During the entire process, Christina was always accessible, available, and ready to help. In fact, the night of our delivery, Kelly called Christina after midnight, & she came with us to the hospital at 2:00am. Kelly told me that it was Christina's confidence that she exuded to convince her that she could have a successful VBAC. After Gracelyn was born, Kelly confided to me that she relied on seeing and hearing Christina during all of the laboring/delivery. Christina kept cool and calm, and even made me feel at ease (which is not easy)! I cannot stress enough that Christina earns the title of what she does for a living, and she has convinced me that she is absolutely the best. She is worth her value...and then some...and even more. Any mother is more than fortunate to work with her, & I strongly recommend anyone searching for a doula to team up with Christina. Christina, thank you so much for all you have done in bringing our daughter into this world!

Tarryn Hoff


My wife, Kelly, worked with her doula, Christina with several months & ultimately successfully gave birth to our new baby, Gracelyn on Dec. 13, 2021. At first, I had no knowledge of what a doula is or the importance of one. Christina demonstrated what a doula truly is as well as the absolute importance of their role. Our baby Gracelyn is our first daughter. She is also our first VBAC child (after two previous c-sections). Kelly expressed to me that she couldn't have done this without Christina. I echo her belief as previously mentioned how Christina provided the most professional, empathatic, encouraging, supportive, competent coaching that I have ever witnessed. Being in health & fitness as a personal trainer, I recognize the value of a coach. Christina fits that role 100% and was born to do what she does. I have met many first-class, A+ professional coaches in my career, and Christina impressed me so much that she ranks at the very top. She provided attentive help to Kelly the entire time. During the entire process, Christina was always accessible, available, and ready to help. In fact, the night of our delivery, Kelly called Christina after midnight, & she came with us to the hospital at 2:00am. Kelly told me that it was Christina's confidence that she exuded to convince her that she could have a successful VBAC. After Gracelyn was born, Kelly confided to me that she relied on seeing and hearing Christina during all of the laboring/delivery. Christina kept cool and calm, and even made me feel at ease (which is not easy)! I cannot stress enough that Christina earns the title of what she does for a living, and she has convinced me that she is absolutely the best. She is worth her value...and then some...and even more. Any mother is more than fortunate to work with her, & I strongly recommend anyone searching for a doula to team up with Christina Christina, thank you so much for all you have done in bringing our daughter into this world!

Kristen Abernethy


First of all, I knew I wanted to hire Christina before I even got pregnant if that tells you anything! I had worked with her in a birth setting and instantly felt her expertise, her warmth and presence during a birth. She is strong yet soft, kind and really listens to what you want and helps to make that happen as best she can. She truly loves her job and you can tell! She is very professional, reliable, helpful and willing to honor any birthing mama's requests. The icing on the cake was her prenatal massages!! They were amazing. I felt very well cared for and she was a crucial presence during my labor and birth. She even cooked me a delicious meal after I gave birth and helped clean up our home! Very unnecessary but just shows you the type of person she is - willing to serve and help in any way she can. She is very knowledgeable and has been doing this for a lot of years. I would recommend Christina time and time again and I thank the Lord that she was here for us during my VBAC homebirth!! 

Kelly Weeks


Christina was such a wonderful asset to my birth team for my son's birth just a few weeks ago. Towards the end of the 3rd trimester we found out he was breech and Christina jumped right into action with massages, inversion help, side lying release, etc. I believe she, along with other things, helped my baby flip into head down position so I could have my unmedicated vaginas delivery! On his birth day she was strong, attentive and understanding to all my needs. She knew what to do without me even needing to say a thing. When I was stalling she helped move me into new positions that helped baby ascend and dilate my cervix! Christina has been such a blessing to our family, we'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula for their birth. Thank you friend!!

Carmen S


To say that Christina is God sent is an understatement! As she said herself, " it was no accident we met when we did!"

Hiring Christina was the best decision I made for my son and I. We met just 4 short days before I went into labor. She gave me so much confidence and eased my anxiety of giving birth for the first time. Her passionate and loving care is just a plus on top of all her knowledge. The outcome of my delivery would not have turned out like it did had it not been for Christina's support and knowledge. Lukas and I are forever grateful!! We wouldn't have had it any other way! We love Christina!!!

Jacque Malloy


I found Christina through my midwife and then funnily enough shortly after I hired her I found out that my friend was also using her for the 2nd time. So that says a lot about how great she is! Christina is the best and even though my labor was short she helped me so much throughout my labor and continued to help even afterwards when I was trying to breastfeed. I would absolutely use her again and would recommend her to anyone!  

Ashley W


Hiring Christina was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy. She heavily surpassed my expectations of a doula. She is an incredible compassionate kind and giving person. The wonderful person that she is gracefully transfers into the role she takes on as a doula. To me she's more than a doula. She’s a friend and someone who really cared about me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. There’s no doubt I would ask Christina to be my doula again for every future pregnancy and birth. She’s the best! She made me feel safe, empowered, relaxed, cared for, and confident throughout pregnancy and birth. She was incredibly supportive throughout birth and I can’t imagine having done it without her. She also put my husband at ease and gave him more confidence and peace about giving birth at home which I think was very important especially this being my first birth and choosing for it to be at home. I started this journey with some questions and hesitancies but thanks to Christina and my midwife, by the time I was ready to give birth I felt very confident, informed and ready! My home birth was the most beautiful and empowering thing I’ve experienced. To all the mamas out there reading this and considering home birth - you can do it!! 

Tiffani Adatsi


Wow! Where do I begin to share an experience that was providence from the moment I did an internet search for the best doula near me to the moment of my son's birth. Christina was more than someone providing a service, she became a friend. She provided guidance and authentic reassurance throughout my VBAC journey. I have already recommended her to friends and will certainly call upon her for any future pregnancies of my own.

Shelbe Hammer


I just had my first baby at home and I could not be happier that my hubby and I chose Christina to be a part of our birth team. She was such a fantastic resource while I was pregnant. We had multiple meetings where we made sure we were doing everything we could to help encourage proper positioning for my baby. She helped prepare me for what to expect during labor and what I should and should not do. 

During labor, she helped with positioning and comfort measures. She was literally holding me up at times. Her encouragement and support were so incredibly helpful in making the whole experience stress-free and calm. I attribute me having a successful home birth largely to her. And I so so appreciate her guidance for my husband. He didn't know what the heck to do to be able to help me. She showed him how to best support me, which meant the world to us both. 

I just love her and will use her for all future babies!! 

Mead Reed


My husband and I just had our second child and Christina was our doula for both births. She is absolutely wonderful at what she does and I can't speak highly enough about her. My husband and I decided to have a home birth this time and having Christina there made it such a joyful experience. Her constant encourage and expertise were the driving force when I doubted myself. She is wonderful!

Jordan Reed


Christina was a helpful and calming presence. Having a relationship with her from our first baby made it so comfortable because she knew us and our family. She spent time before the birth for home visits and took time with my wife Mead to make her feel at ease. She even got to give our son Hutchinson an impromptu back massage on one of her home visits. Christina is experienced, professional and loving. We would highly recommend her. 

Mercedes Martin


Doula: a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.
That’s who this is, my doula, Christina! But that’s just her title.... because she did so much more and is so much more! She guided me from the beginning allowing me to explore and make my own decisions, she gave insight when needed. And then when it was time, she put all of her personal things aside including family and put me first. She stayed up late catering to me in many different ways to allow me to move through my pain. She supported my decisions and advocated on my behalf. She allowed Jeffrey time to rest, she fed me that amazing turkey sandwhich right after delivery and she caught me when i needed help(literally). She’s the only reason i have amazing and beautiful pics and videos of my delivery and my husband cutting the cord. She helped create the euphoric delivery experience I had and I could never thank her enough! Christina, I’ve known for years you’d always be my doula when the time came but you’ll never know how much more you did for us than that. These boys will always know how you became so much more than a CrossFit friend. Thank you! We love you!!!

Jamie and Tyler


I knew before getting pregnant with my baby girl that I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth if it was possible. I found out I was pregnant right before all the COVID-19 craziness started about a year ago, in March 2020. With all the uncertainties looming, I wasn’t sure that I could afford a doula. Later in my pregnancy around the end of the second trimester, I decided I definitely wanted a doula and Christina was it! I am so glad I made that decision! Christina was an invaluable resource during the remainder of my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even the first couple of weeks after giving birth. She helped me finish my birth plan, held me accountable for stretching and other exercise, answered questions prior to birth, helped me navigate decisions at the end of my pregnancy and labor/delivery, provided great pain management strategies during labor, was an excellent advocate and source of knowledge, took some pictures during my labor and delivery between constantly working to help relieve my awful back labor pain, went to get me and my husband food after my delivery, texted me each day I was in the hospital after delivery to check on us, and helped me avoid mastitis after I got home. My midwife also mentioned several times with post delivery visits in the hospital and office that Christina was a great help. My husband also really appreciated the education she provided about childbirth beforehand and having her in the room with us at the hospital. It definitely helped make it a less stressful experience to know that she was in our corner. I’m so very happy and thankful that I decided to use Christina as my doula. She helped me to achieve the natural (mostly unmedicated other than about an hour of pitocin that probably wasn’t even necessary) birth  that I had wanted so badly for myself and my baby girl. My only regret is not hiring her sooner. I would definitely use her again if we ever decided to have another baby.


Wade Harrell


Christina was amazing!! She gave me the tools to help my wife between her visits, so I could feel part of the experience! She gave us knowledge so that we could be informed advocates for how my wife wanted the birth. Hands down worth every penny!! 



Having an advocate like Christina made a world of difference in our pregnancy experience. She provided ways to help prepare my body for labor and was there to provide support and techniques to get through labor. She educated myself and my husband throughout our journey and was always available for questions. I unfortunately ended up needing an emergency c-section. When the doctors made that decision I made eye contact with Christina and in that moment knew I had done everything I could and was able to go into surgery with no second guessing the decision. One of the biggest blessings was her being able to be there for my husband since he was allowed back with me. She also made sure he was able to get to our sweet boy as soon as possible for skin to skin contact. Hands down, especially for first timers, having a Christina on your side is an excellent investment. 

Cynthia House


Christina is a must for me to deliver my babies. Being a doula and walking mommies through birth is her calling. She comes prepared and is just amazing. She holds my hips in certain transitions which is mraculous during labor. Forever grateful for her transitioning my babies earth side forever. 



I can't say enough good thinga bout Christina. She was my doula for two labors - both were very long and very different in nature, and I simply could not have gotten through either one as I did with her support. She is one of the strongest women I know, which is essential for this job. Applying counter pressure on my hips through contractions is one of the best pain relievers, and she did just that for hours on end.

My first labor came naturally at 42 weeks and went on for nearly 30 hours. Baby never descended after hours of pushing, so I elected for a c-section, which was family-centered and very peaceful, which I am grateful for.   

During my next pregnancy, Christina showed me a few spinning baby manuevers and massage therapy pressure points to loosen up my hips and pelvis to help move this baby down. Labor didn't sart naturally after 42 weeks, so I went in for an induction. Christina advocated to the nurses to not continue increasing pitocin every hour, as we were trying to mimic natural labor, and conractions every 2 minutes were wearing me out too early. Around 24 hours after being induced, I pushed my 9lb 12oz baby boy out!  There were times that I doubted myself, and was unsure if induction or another c-section would be the right choice. Through much love and support of my husband, Christina, and our midwife, I was able to have the VBAC I had hoped for. <3





I can't say enough good thinga bout Christina. She was my doula for two labors - both were very long and very different in nature, and I simply could not have gotten through either one as I did with her support. She is one of the strongest women I know, which is essential for this job. Applying counter pressure on my hips through contractions is one of the best pain relievers, and she did just that for hours on end.

My first labor came naturally at 42 weeks and went on for nearly 30 hours. Baby never descended after hours of pushing, so I elected for a c-section, which was family-centered and very peaceful, which I am grateful for.   

During my next pregnancy, Christina showed me a few spinning baby manuevers and massage therapy pressure points to loosen up my hips and pelvis to help move this baby down. Labor didn't sart naturally after 42 weeks, so I went in for an induction. Christina advocated to the nurses to not continue increasing pitocin every hour, as we were trying to mimic natural labor, and conractions every 2 minutes were wearing me out too early. Around 24 hours after being induced, I pushed my 9lb 12oz baby boy out!  There were times that I doubted myself, and was unsure if induction or another c-section would be the right choice. Through much love and support of my husband, Christina, and our midwife, I was able to have the VBAC I had hoped for. <3



David Thompson


My wife has hired a doula twice now for our children's births. Christina took the stress off of my wife and I during the pregnancy, knowing we had a birthing professional who knows our birth plan and can help with medical decisions if things were to go a different direction. Christina has back up doulas set up in case she could not be there, to make sure you get the support you need. We highly recommend her and having a doula at birth. 

Mary Taylor


Having a doula at my birth was considered an essential for me.  Having someone who can intervene and be my advocate and support during the birth is so helpful and Christina is very knowledgeable and has good relationships with the doctors and midwives at the local hospitals. Christina set up the room for me with "candles" dimmed the lights, toned down all the beeping machines, had essential oils and made sure I had hip squeezes and massage during and in between contractions. She even stayed with me overnight and stayed up to make sure the baby and I were doing well.  Having a doula takes so much stress off of the whole process and her support and recommended excercises before the birth helped a lot too. My husband wasn't able to attend the birth unfortunately but he even said, it took so much stress off of him knowing I was being well cared for!

Paul Kang


Christina was awesome to work with.  In searching for a doula, my wife and I were looking for someone who most importantly would support my wife, but also someone who would also consider the husband's concerns and thoughts as well.  She did this and beyond.  During the sessions before the birth, she always was willing to listen and answer any questions that I had and she answered them with grace and kindness.  Due to difficult circumstances, Christina had to labor the entire time with my wife and she was amazing at keeping me up to date on what was going on.  Christina understands that the birth of a child is not just an experience for the wife, but also for the husband and she went above and beyond to help me experience it the best I could.  Christina is the real deal.  She will advocate for you and be your defender when you are in need.  She will be your encourager when you need a lift.  She will be this and more.  We are so very thankful that we chose Christina!

Hannah Rawson


I do not want to go through labor again without Christina alongside me. I highly recommend her! She was and still is an incredible support person for me. Finding Christina was truly a gift. Walking through this time of COVID has been a unique experience for both pregnancy and birth, especially for my first. When I knew that Christina would not be able to be with us at the hospital, we switched to a home birth. That speaks to who she is as both a person and a doula. I did not want to do this without her. We are so thankful for Christina’s support through all the parts and pieces even leading up to labor but especially the day of. My labor was not easy, I will just say that--and Christina was integral in me being able to endure as long as I did. She was so encouraging, her demeanor so calm and her presence alone just gave me confidence. I was able to labor in the comfort of my home with incredible support. 

I experienced back labor early on that lasted throughout my entire labor and she was able to alleviate the pressure on my back and give relief. She also coached my husband on how to help me through that. She was not only an incredible support to me but also to him. We ended up having to transfer to the hospital at the end of labor. If Christina was not with me, I would have had to transfer a lot earlier and my experience could have been very different. Because of her help in putting together a birth plan and helping me educate myself in the goals I had for my birth experience, we were able to advocate for ourselves during that time. She even talked with us on the phone and helped guide us and encourage us through some chaotic moments and decisions once at the hospital. I am so grateful for her and I know that anyone who has her as their doula will feel the same way.

Christina started as a doula I was referred to and is now a forever friend to our family!



I cannot say enough good things about Christina! She was my guardian angel throughout my labor. I've had some traumatic birth experiences and honestly have trust issues with doctors and nurses. This was my thrid birth, my first time hiring a doula, and I'm so thankful to God I found her. Christina was not only by my side during my 24+ hours of labor but she advocated for me in every possible way at the hospital. When I was faced with tough decisions she made sure I was given time and space to decide and did everything to help make me comfortable and able to focus on laboring...down to the smallest detail. One of the most touching and grateful moments during my labor was when I had to get an epidural (due to unforeseen circumstances), and as I was in and out of sleep I expected her to sleep as well because by this time we were about 20 hours into labor, but instead, she was chekcing on me and the baby's heart monitor the entire time! Christina is hands down one of the best doulas around and I can tell that all she does is not just because it's a job for her, it's truly who she is as a person. She is knowledgable, attentive, caring, motivating, and strong! Don't hesitate to hire her as a doula, you won't regret it :)



This is my second birth with Christina. When I decided I was going to have natural unmedicated births, I knew I was going to need more support than just my husband.  She is the perfect combination of present and absent during the birthing process. My husband would be lost with out her instructions on how to support me. Having a baby during the Covid-19 epidemic was extremely stressful and I am thankful I had Christina as a voice of reason leading up to  the birth.  I couldn’t imagine having anyone else on my support team.

Meagan Moseley


Christina was an intrigual addition to our birth team. Her knowledge, recommendations, and support were invaluable to the success of my VBA3C. She was extremely encouraging throughout the entire process from our first meeting, to home visit, to birth, to postpartum and working through mastitis. Her presence during check-in at the hospital was beyond helpful! She was well-known by the staff, and when they saw her, they were moved to action. So many of my birth memories are of having my eyes locked on her and drawing strength from her encouragement! She also captured priceless moments of our son's birth in photos and video that we will cherish forever. I highly recommend Christina! 

Niya and Brian Davidson


I had the most amazing experience that I could imagine out of a very unexpected early birth.  Christina calmed my fears and spoke up for me when I needed it.  She is very knowledgeable on all the different parts that come with pregnancy,  delivery, and post partum adventures.  She captured moments that will never be forgotten.  I am so happy that she was by my side. 

Bill Jestel


I highly recommend hiring Christina. She does so much more than just moral support. Repositioning my wife so the baby became more comfortable is something I've never seen or heard of, but it worked. She kept me in the loop and calm as well.

Jennifer Jestel


Christina’s guidance from our first meeting through post partum was instrumental in my journey to bring my sweet girl into the world safely while striving for only necessary/ minimal medical intervention.

She went above and beyond providing a tranquil environment, working with relaxation techniques all while watching for signs of distress from my baby during labor and knew how to intervene with position changes to alleviate distress. Then knew signs of my labor progressing quickly and stayed on top of comfort measures which included manual therapy and encouragement. 

As a 42 year old, I endured all the extra monitoring during pregnancy then complied with an induction at 41 weeks. A medical induction was not what I was expecting but we made the best of it while trying to mimic natural labor as closely as possible. In the end I was fortunate to be the first to hold my baby’s head and bring her to my chest with such relief and gratitude. 

Now I’m one week post-partum and my healing this week has been so much smoother than my first in which everything was the opposite 6 years ago. I greatly thank Christina for this. Both momma and baby are doing great!!! 

T. White


Christina did a great job, she was very helpful. She has a great personality and is a wonderful support for the father as well as the birthing mother. 

-Dr. T. White 

Grace D.


Christina was an easy person to talk to from the first interview, very warm, calm and friendly! She helped me and my husband so much throughout the pregnancy, going to doctor appointments, labor and delivery with her reassuring manner. She was very quick to answer any questions and was a wealth of information. I texted her at 2am to tell her I was in labor and she immediately texted me back so I knew she was waiting for me by the phone. My husband never knew how to help me in labor with my first baby but Christina helped him help me for this one. She definitely went above and beyond anticipating my needs before I even asked! I have had two doulas before with a previous birth but Christina was the absolute best in my experience. I will recommend her to all of my friends who are pregnant in the future. If you want to feel like you have an very old close dear friend with you during birth, bring Christina along. 



When considering hiring a doula for our daughter's birth I knew I wanted someone with a calm demeanor who would play an active role and provide as much natural comfort as possibly during the labor process. Christina was just that for us. From the time she arrived at the hospital she made the room warm and cozy and was such a great encouragement as we went through the waves of contractions. She saw a need before I asked and was there to fill it, such as rubbing the knots out of my neck and back from a pinched nerve I've had for years and massaging my feet as I rested. It was very apparent her greatest goal was my comfort and the safety of both our baby and myself. Unfortunately, our birth did not go as planned and after about 50 ours of labor I chose to have an epideral. It was not the way I had planned but Christina was so supportive of our decision and continued to help set an atmosphere of peace for us and for our baby girl to arrive in. She truly was a source of comfort throughout the whole experience. 

My husband also really appreciated her presence and knowledge as we navigated a birth we did not plan on. She helped give him the confidence to know what to do to help me through the contractions. He also was impressed and thankful for the knowledge she shared with us so that we could make wise and healthy decisions for our baby girl during and after delivery.

I also appreciated the way she interacted with and treated the nurses at the hospital. In a setting where Western Medicine meets holistic health it can be tricky to navigate but she does it with ease and actually ends up getting nurses excited about new things she shares with them. 

I would 100% have her at our next birth if that so happened to be God's plan for our family! 

Gabrielle Valliere-White


I don’t know what we would have done without Christina. As a medical professional, I felt very informed and prepared to give birth, but Christina was the missing link. I initially gravitated towards her because of her fitness background and due to the general positive vibe I got from her when we met. She is very knowledgeable and competent yet unobtrusive and caring. She was supportive during the various stages of my pregnancy and birth and was particularly supportive of my desire to remain fit during my pregnancy (I truly appreciated that). Her knowledge, professionalism, and creativity were key during my birth experience. Without all of her knowledge and ingenuity, I’m not sure how well my labor would have progressed and I don’t know that I would have been able to stick to some of the aspects of my birth plan. I definitely have her on speed dial for our next baby!

Gabrielle Valliere-White


Michael Neill


My wife and I hired Christina to be our doula for our planned hospital birth to ensure we had our birth in a relaxed environment as natural as possible. From the moment we met Christina we felt instantly comfortable and discussed her expierence and the topic of a home birth came up as she has worked on several. My wife and I began to research the idea and ended up decididing to change our planned hospital birth to a home birth with Christina on as our home birth doula! Wow was that the best idea we made and had an absolutely fantastic experience as this was our first baby. Christina really allowed me to be Dad and catch the baby and take the moment in to emotionally be there for my wife as she was physically there for my wife, numerous holds and help along the whole way. We sing Christina’s praises and recommend her for your doula as we had such a great experience with her from start to finish! 

Michael Smith


Christina was an integral part of my wife's delivery! Her coaching,  encouragement and soothing manner helped my wife through an extremely difficult labor.  I would highly recommend Christina as a Doula for any couple that truly care about a quality birth for their child. 

Jessica Smith


Christina made the absolute difference to us in bringing our sweet baby into the world! We struggled with infertility and were high risk.  When my water broke and they kept trying to up the Pitocin,  despite me being in crazy labor,  she was able to get them, the nurses and midwife,  to back down. I had excruciating back labor and she tried to get me to relax and work through the pain and used massage and techniques the Drs would never have done.  After, when I went into distress, she was right there,  getting me help and keeping me calm. 

I could never have done it without her and am blessed that she'll always be part of this experience and be there for us and our little man.  My husband,  who is very traditional is very converted and recognized how extraordinary Christina and Doulas are. He too is writing a testimonial.....



I cannot say enough wonderful things about Christina! Christina will be the first person I contact when we are pregnant again, becuase I cannot imagine having anyone else as a doula- she is truly phenomenal. She was such a light for my husband and I thru the whole prenatal and birth process. Christina has such a calm and sweet demeanor, which is very reassuring thru the prenatal and birth process. The prenatal education she offered was very helpful and made us feel at ease with the upcoming birth. During the birth she was so strong and calm. She made me feel very safe and reassured. Christina truly cares and is amazing at what she does. Even the hospital nurses commented that she was the best doula they had ever worked with. We love Christina and feel so lucky and blessed to have had her be with us for one of the biggest days of our lives! 

Hillary Mitchell


Christina was nothing short of amazing, I have no idea what we would of done without her. Our son was 5 weeks early and we were a panicky mess. She stayed calm the entire time and kept us calm. We chose to go to the hospital with him being early and she was there the whole time. I personally get nervous at hospitals and the things Drs. advise I don’t fully understand and sometimes I felt weren’t in our best interest. She was phenomenal for that, she was like an encyclopedia of information and she personally gave me the confidence and courage to say ‘No’ when I was not comfortable with things that were suggested. She did so many things to relax my body and mind and make the contractions so much easier. My labor was 36 hours and she was there the whole time and never left. She was everything and more during those hours, a friend, a confidant, a coach, and her personality, sense of humor and positive attitude was so needed during this entire situation. We plan to have a second child and without a doubt the moment we find out we’re pregnant, she will be one of our first calls so we can have her by our side again. She was available anytime I needed her through the whole pregnancy and I loved that she would send over information or videos to help us out while I was pregnant and after we gave birth. We have no family here and this was our first child. She made the entire situation so easy and a memory we will cherish forever. Without her I have no idea what would of happened and I’m glad we will never have to know. There is no way I could ever give her the praise she deserves or recommend her enough. She’s amazing and I guarantee anyone she helps bring a life into this world feels the same.

Brooke Koenig


Our experience with Christina has been that of a friendship and professional doula. She had a warm, confident presence from the moment we met her. She was available to talk and offer assurance or information I needed through pregnancy. I loved that she attended one of my appointments towards the end of the pregnancy. This was my second child and labor as fast and we barely made it to the Atlanta Birth Center to deliver. My husband called Christina on the phone while we were on our way to meet her there. It was great to have her talk me through contractions and give me direction as I was in transition in the car. She helped me out of the car when we arrived and she knew exactly what I needed before I did to support me. 

One thing that was important to me, was having a few pictures if possible. I didn’t want a photographer or extra family members in the room to do it. I know this isn’t the primary job of a doula but she took tons of pictures as our daughter was being born and afterwards. I am so grateful for that since we didn’t have any pictures from our first child’s birth. 

Also, while we were resting and bonding, Christina went out and got food of our choice and even made a special stop to get me a nutritious smoothie. 

We are so happy we chose to have Christina as our doula!

Megan Stevenson


I had not idea what a doula was when I had my first child. When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted a different birth experience than with my first. Several people recommended a doula, specifically Christina,  and so I reached out. Christina was a valuable resource who helped me formulate a birth plan and talked with me about my different options post-birth. When my labor started, Christina was with us every step of the way. Because of Christina, I was able to have more freedom during the birth of my second child then if she had not been with us (my doctor is typically traditional in his approach to childbirth). I was able to have the natural, self-directed birth that I had hoped for with Christina's support and I do not think I could have done it without her. One of the best parts of having Christina as our doula was that she made my husband feel part of the birth process, as opposed to just a bystander. We are forever grateful for her support in welcoming our child into the world. 

Colleen Laura


My husband and I are so happy we found and hired Christina to be our doula. Having her support made such a positive impact on my pregnancy & birth. Christina helped us to shape an otherwise stressful 32 hours into a birth experience that we will remember fondly. She is professional, thoughtful, experienced, and just so good at anticipating the needs of her clients! She often knew what I needed or wanted even before i did! We are forever grateful for her help and support at the birth of our second son.

Tameka hollie


Thanks to Christina I had a the upmost support during my VBac. She’s very good at what she does and talks great care of her clients! I cldnt Have had a better person by my side through my tuff labor experience. With her you can’t go wrong at all. If I had to do it again she will def be by my side.

Aubrey Dixon


I can't say enough good things about working with Christina. I was always the one to want a medicated birth and not feel a thing. That all changed when I became pregnant with my first child and my husband and I decided to hire a doula. We both felt completely unprepared for childbirth and felt it would be a good idea to hire a doula.  We contacted Christina after a friend recommended her to us. After meeting her, we knew it was a great match. She was always available to answer any questions we had and made me feel a lot better at the thought of giving birth.  On the day my water broke, it was so nice to have her expertise keeping me at home as long as possible. We stay home until about 4:00 the next day. I'm so greatful that I was able to stay out of the hospital so long. She advocated for us in the hospital and I ended up with a natural birth.  It was not the type of birth I ever thought i would have, but it was definitely an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I'm eternally grateful to Christina for helping us welcome our long awaited miracle child into this world.

Jordan Reed


Christina was a great resource. She knew when to make suggestions and when to give us space. I appreciated her professional confidence. It’s helpful as the dad to have a backup so there can always be someone present during the birth.

Mead Reed


I always thought I wanted to have a natural childbirth but was scared of how painful it might be. My doctor encouraged me to hire a doula for the childbirth.  My husband and I interviewed three other doulas but Christina Pruitt was by far our favorite. Her warm, compassionate personality coupled with her confident knowledge, encouraged and strengthened us that we could have a successful natural childbirth. I am so grateful for her coaching my husband and I both through the birthing experience to make it one that was peaceful and smooth.  We feel so bonded and connected to our baby after this amazing experience. It was incredibly reassuring and helpful to be able to text and call Christina numerous times before the birth help answer questions that popped up. During the birth, she made sure that the birth plan we came up with together was honored as much as possible. She was a strong advocate so we could have the best experience possible.

Katrina Phillips


Christina was a lifesaver for us! I am certain I would have had a C section if it wasn't for her being an advocate/so supportive to what she knew I wanted.. .and for her strong encouragement and reassurance during many times of our process. I had terribly back/hip pain during my labor, and the counter pressure she offered for hours throughout my delivery made all the difference. I am thankful that she values staying fit and strong, as I don't think most people would have had the endurance to be able to do that for me. She also helped ground me and kept me from falling into panic mode and assumption at times in my pregancy where there were certain concerns that came up. Through it all, even though I had kind of a complicated pregnancy... I made it full term and we have a beautiful baby boy who we love more than life. Thank you, Christina, for who you are and all that you do! I'm hoping I can get you for baby #2??

Brian Dixon


Christina went above and beyond for us. She was there for us every step of the way when we needed her without hesitation and we definitely feel that she helped us very much regarding the direction we wanted our birthing experience to go. Would not hesitate to use her again and highly recommended for others.

Aubrey and Brian Dixon

Chris Will


I had no clue what a doula was when my wife first mentioned the idea. I’m not sure if I was skeptical or just uniformed at the time. This was the best decision we could have made and she tremendously assisted in every stage of labor/deliver. The doula is not only a birthing coach to the mother, she helps the father understand how to play a positive and productive role in the process. I would recommend Christina to any couple looking for some guidance and assistance in their child’s Birth.

Jennifer Harris


There are not enough words to truly descirbe how thankful my husband and I are for Christina and her services.

My husband decided we needed a doula after reading about them in "The Expectant Father." When inquring with friends, Christina's name continued to come up. Before I contacted Christina I actually visited this site and read her testimonals, needless to say I knew I needed her by my side. My husband and I met with Christina in February and while she already had another client with my same due date we moved forward with our fingers crossed that me and her other client wouldn't go at the same time. In our short time with Christina we could tell how passionate being a doula was to her as well as teaching her clients on how to come up with their own birth plan and also the importance/benefits of natural child birth.

Three weeks before my due date my water broke. Since baby was not considered full term my doctor suggested that I check into the hosiptal right way. The Friday before my son was born I arrived at the hositpal about 5:00pm - Christina met us there within the hour and walked us through breathing execrises and execrises for me to do on the birthing ball. Around midnight I was about 5-6cm dilated with my contractions getting stornger and then around four in the morning my contractions were in full force. Christina was be my side massaging by back and directing me in hip sways (which felt amazing) and breathing exercises. She was also coaching my husband on what he could do to help during labor and a couse to keep him calm. At 7:26am we welcomed our son into this world with a natural birth.

I know a 100% that if Christina had not been there, I would have not been able to follow my birth plan and have a natural birth. Christina is an absolute treasure and I am not lucky to call her a friend. If my husband and I decide to have more children she will definitely be one of our first calls!   Jennifer & Rusty

Greg Rementer


As a first time father, having Christina at our side was priceless. When we had questions, she has answers. She was calm and confident and there when we needed her.  During the birth, she was there in a moment's notice.  She was knowledgeable and calming. There's no question whether or not I'd recommend Christina because she's the best.

Rachel Farren


Christina is an amazing doula with so much relevant experience.  I have known her for years and it was wonderful to have her assist me through both of my labors.  She is very much involved throughout the entire process, attended doctors appts with me, helped me with a birth plan and was there for every question I had throughout my pregnancy.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is very well respected for what she does.  (My doctor who is very natural minded has worked with her on many pregnancies and was very happy to see that she was my doula.)

I had a very long labor and Christina was there for the majoriy of the time.  When we had to transition to the hospital, she stayed with me rubbing my back and legs and even slept on the floor of my room.  She is unbeleiveable.  I have to think that this level of service is not typical and sets her apart from other doulas.  Ultimately my labor led to a medical delivery but I felt comfortable with this because we had done everything we could to help the baby progress.

I highly reccomend that you hire Christina to assist you through your delivery.  She is a very special person.

Erin Rementer


Christina was an amazing doula! Very knowledable, always available any time of the day to answer questions, and invaluable once labor started! What makes her stand out is her positive attitude and endless energy, light hearted personality, and her genuine love of the process. Highly recommend!

Hannah Chambers


Christina is a God send, especially for first Time moms, but also for anyone who is looking to have a very healthy happy pregnancy and delivery. She was with me every step of the way from10 Weeks on, answering every question and offering tips and advice appropriately. She calmed my fears when I went over due by two weeks and was was an integral part of my birth team during a very difficult labor. Without her there to keep me focused and to offer ideas, the day may have gone very differently. I am forever appreciative and she has a special place in my heart for helping me attain all the goals I set for my pregnancy and delivery.

Andrew Mckinley


From the moment my wife and I found out she was pregnant we both knew we wanted Christina.  I knew how important it would be to stay home as long as possible during labor before we headed to the hospital, and we knew Christina was just the person to use. My wife's contractions started around midnight on Monday, we contacted Christina and she was at our house within the hour. Our house was soon transformed into a labor/relaxing atmosphere. She had an almost endless amount of positions  and techniques to help comfort and relax my wife during contractions.  Christina also helped me to feel more useful throughout the process, because seeing my wife so uncomfortable and in so much pain and knowing there was nothing I could do was nothing short of torture. She did an amazing job keeping not only my wife, but me calm as well. Having somebody with us so knowledgeable was so comforting and kept us from racing to the hospital after her first contraction. My wife did not have the typical labor and delivery, she labored at home for a full 24 hours before we headed to the hospital, and 16 hours and 3 epidural later our doctors told us our baby wasn't making any progress and a c section was our best bet. Christina was right there with us the entire 40+ hours except a few breaks for food and sleep.  My wife wanted to have as natural a birth as possible, and despite it ending with a c section, because of Christina my wife knew she had come as close to natural And fought as hard for her natural birth as she could,and we will both forever be so greatful to her for giving us and sharing that experi with us.  There really is no dollar amount that could equal what she did for us, and I cant imagine how different an experience it would have been without her.  Having somebody in your corner that isn't intimidated or scared to stand up to the doctors and nurses and tell them no when they were pressuring something made a world of difference. Thank you CP

Emily McKinley


When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew that I wanted to go as natural as I could and that Christina was going to be our girl to make that happen. Fast forward 9 months later and it was time to get this party started. Thankfully enough I was able to allow my body to go into labor on it's own right at 40 weeks. Christina stayed with us through the whole early labor process. She coached not only me but was also there for my husband the whole way through. This woman even had a hot tub set up for me in the middle of our kitchen-and it was by far the best thing ever! Long story short, I had a pretty rough labor. I was in early labor for about 24+ hours. I wound up deciding I needed an epi just because of pure exhaustion and I knew I needed sleep and rest so I had the energy to push. After about 15 hours I was only at a 6, and my doctors were very confident that his head was stuck and it was swelling and that I needed a c section. I was so upset and felt that I had done everything I could to have the birth I dreamed of but I knew deep down it wasn't going to happen and at that point we were just ready to have our sweet boy in our arms. Christina had done everything she possibly could for us to have that natural birth and she was so supportive and there for us when we decided on the c section. Before we went to the OR, Christina prayed for us and I will never forget that prayer. It meant everything in the world to us. If I had had it my way, she would have been on the other side of me in the operating room. My husband has said a thousand times how thankful he was Christina was there with us and despite what we went through. I can't even say she is worth every penny, because she is priceless! Thank you again for everything, we will never be able to repay you for helping us welcome our sweet boy into the world.

Micah Wolf


We used Christina for our first baby 4 years ago, and as rookie clueless parents we were so thankful for her help. Her knowledge and patient, yet honest coaching was well worth the expense, and in fact was priceless. My labor and delivery journey with my son was long, and Christina was there almost every second of the those 35 hours. Her knowledge followed us and we were able to go back and use what she taught us when delivering our daughter, 4 years later, just 5 days ago. We would have used Christina again, but we moved to MO 3 years ago. The memory and the things we have learned will forever stay with us. Thank you Christina. I highly recommend using her

Shanda Smith


Waverlee is a whopping 2 weeks old today. She is healthy and happy and sleeps 4-6 hours straight each night! She truly is a joy!

I have to give a huge thank you to Christina Pruitt the best doula and friend any pregnant gal could have! With her knowledge, guidance and support we were able to labor at home with natural pain management and some amazing massages. We showed up at the hospital at 9 cm dilated ready to rock. I was able have Waverlee completely medicine free weighing in at 9lbs 9oz! I'm 100% sure I would not have been able to do so without Christina guiding us. Drew was such an amazing partner and I'm so thankful we were on the same team and both trusted her. I couldn't have done it without both of them by my side! Love you both!
She's in high demand, but if you're able to hire Christina to be on your team, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Lissa Marie


Christina was great to work with. I hired her very late in my pregnancy, but instantly felt at peace that we had made a good decision. She kept in contact with me and checked in on me leading up to our birth. She arrived shortly after we did at the hospital the day I went into labor. My labor was intense and I ended up delivering a 9 lb baby which was very different than delivering my first born who was only 5 lbs. There were so many times I felt myself losing control and in those moments, Christina would either massage, grab a hand, suggest we change positions , or get my attention to bring me back down and help me get through the next contraction. I was able to deliver naturally without medication in a hospital setting. I felt like things went smoothly, I felt "heard" as far as my desires went and we we're blessed with a wonderful outcome of a beautiful baby boy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula!

Diana McFall


What a joy it was to work with Christina! From the prompt replies to texts and phone calls to the encouraging words during early labor (and beyond!) we could not have been more satisfied! When our original birth plan to deliver in Atlanta was thrown off by a baby who decided he wanted to make a much quicker entrance to this world, Christina calmly and quickly got us diverted to a local hospital where she did not hesitate to advocate on our behalf when the staff was less than open to our birth wishes.  After our speedy delivery, Christina brought in our bags from the car and picked up dinner from a local restaurant before leaving us.  She is a sweet, strong, calming force and is at the top of our doula list if we are blessed with another child!

Tiffany Boal


As a fellow birth professional, Christina is the first doula I recommend when asked by prospective clients. I was finally blessed to have her at my own birth and she more than earned every recommendation! She was more in tune with what I needed and wanted than anyone else in the room. She wasn't pushy but didn't wait to be asked for help, she just took initiative and took care of me. Christina didn't try to manage my birth to be easy for her, but she jumped in where I was and molded herself to fit my needs instead. She listened to what I said and tried to make sure those things happened, without being rude to others who wanted differently for me. Her calm demeanor was soothing and yet she was fun and supportive and kept things light. I knew she was great, but I didn't know how great. I truly couldn't have asked for a better doula! And she is still my number one recommendation, both professionally and personally!

Rebecca Pruitt


Christina is AWESOME at being a Doula!!  I was able to follow through with my birth plan (vaginal delivery with no pain medication) for both of my children and it was because of her help. Christina has a calming spirit during labor and delivery, she is able to keep you focused on your task, she answers questions and will be an advocate for your birth plan, she helps keep the father and/or family calm and focused as well, and I can't forget to mention the wonderful massages with oils that make you feel better. It is nice to have someone in the room with you at all times and to help guide you through the exciting but scary process of labor and delivery. We could not have done it without her help!  She is great at her job and you should pick her to be your Doula!

S Todd


Christina was such a amazing person to have by my side during my labor and birth!  She helped my husband be my main source of strength, but guided us through the stages of labor with comfort and peace.  She always had suggestions, but never pushed. Her calm manner and reassurances helped keep me clear-headed. She knew EXACTLY when to leave my home for hospital, and kept reminding me to relax during birth. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Christina.

Leanne Hallmark


Christina Pruitt was everything I needed her to be at one of the scariest yet most exciting times of my life! I'm so glad that she was there to see me through labour and delivery!

Ginger Jackson


Christina was a huge support in my labor process. She knew so much about every step of the labor. She was able to help me get thru the pain to a much further point, than I was able to do with my 2 previopus children without a Doula. Especially, for us women who's husbands are clueless in the delivery room, she was a God send for support...



Christina is a wonderful doula! Her calm and skilled presence was appreciated and needed. Christina was there alongside my midwife to assure beautiful and peaceful births for both of my daughters.

Kiersten Scheule


I became aquainted with Christina Pruitt six months prior to the birth of my son, when I attended the birth of my niece (my younger sister delivered at Fayette-Piedmont).  I was so impressed with Christina's skills and soothing presence that I asked her if she would consider being my doula at the birth of my second child (which was going to be a VBAC).  Christina agreed to be my doula and checked in with me throughout my pregnancy to see how appointments were going.  She met with me and we discussed my birth plan and she advised various excercises to help me prepare for labor/birth and answered all of my questions.  When my real labor began, Christina came to my home to offer support and encouragement and advise me when we should leave for the hospital (which was an hour away).  Christina followed my husband and I to the hospital, and supported me throughout a grueling 36+ hour labor.  During that time, she advocated for me with hospital staff, educated my husband and sister on techniques to help ease my back labor, suggested different positions, helped keep me hydrated, and reminded me to breathe/moan through contractions in a constructive way.  Additionally, Christina took several labor and birth photos that I absolutely treasure.  She never seemed to be concerned about the amount of time that she was away from her own family and I felt she was completely focused on me and my birth experience.  I am SO GLAD that I hired her as my doula, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking doula services!!!!

Raven Bradford


I cannot begin to express how impactful Christina was for my husbabnd and I during our birth experience.  This was our first child together and we, like most first time parents, really didn't know what to expect.  I had read lots of books, but I still had no clue what it would all be like.  Christina met with me in person and talked with me on the phone numerous times before my due date and always knew just what I needed to hear when doubt and uncertainty crept in.  Because I went over my due date I was sort of pushed (by my midwife) into being induced and was really unhappy about it.  It just wasn't in my plan.  But Christina met us at the hospital and stayed with us for the beginning, letting me know just what to expect next.  She stepped in when she felt that the nurses were rushing things and backed off when she felt things were going well.  She always had my birth plan in mind and tried to make my experience as close to my desires as possible.  She helped me get through some of the most intense pain my body will ever feel.  She guided my husband into helping wherever he could.  She was my voice when I didn't have any idea what to say.  And she listened to me when I had met my match in pain.  Our entire experience was so much better by her being there and supporting us.  I have recommended her to many of my expecting friends and family and my sister used her services just last week.  She has really become an important person in my life and always will be.  I will use her for as many babies as I have in the future.  My husbabnd brags about her still to this day and tells all his friends how different his view of the need for a doula is now.  Christina absolutely rocks!!!

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