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Providence, RI Service range 20 miles Can travel further if mileage is paid.

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


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Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 200 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), January 2013

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Those attended by certified midwives.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

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We love birth and think it can be a fun, funny, and transformative experience with the right mindset and guidance. It is our pleasure to help transition families into parenthood with education plus physical and emotional support for both partners. Please visit our website to learn more about us, our birth philosophy and add on services. We also offer payment plans and will assist with insurance reimbursement.

Service Area

Providence, RI Service range 20 miles Can travel further if mileage is paid.

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Michaela Cashman


We cannot say enough amazing things about Bellwether Doulas. We used their company when we found out we were pregnant with twins in the fall of 2023. It was important to us to work with a Doula because we felt like we'd benefit from the extra support while we navigated a high-risk pregnancy. Their services included a series of group classes that focused on topics like early labor, postpartum care, supportive partners, and lactation. Through these sessions, we gained the confidence to make informed decisions about our birth plan and postpartum care. We felt so prepared when it was time to deliver our babies. And even though some medical complications made us change our birthing plan, Bellwether Doulas were with us every step of the way to ensure we were comfortable. They also took great care in the initial postpartum stage to follow up and make sure we were getting all of the help we needed. The individualized attention we received was so thoughtful and made a world of difference. 

We so appreciated Rachelle and Hailey's guidance. Both used evidence-based research but empowered us to make our own decisions based on what was right for us. Their framework also provided a lot of support to my husband and valued him as a partner in the birthing experience. I would highly recommend Bellwether Doulas to anyone in the Rhode Island area. 

Leah Campbell


I'm so glad we were able to work with Bellwether Doulas for the birth of our first baby! They helped me find a great midwife and birth location (the ABC room at W&I) as we were new to Rhode Island and didn't have a community to turn to for recommendations. The meetups were incredibly helpful to prepare throughout my pregnancy, as was the Evidence Based Birth class Rachelle taught, and we worked with Lauren as a lactation support right after birth and before going back to work. They have a great team and structure for support throughout the process, we made some new parent friends in the meetups too!

But the birth experience was truly incredible. I had a super smooth, completely intervention-free birth at Women and Infants. My husband I and were fearful of the medical experience and how to advocate for ourselves and our baby but Rachelle put us completely at ease. She guided me through some position changes in labor when our daughter wasn't in quite the right position, and would have had no idea how to get through that without her help. They worked seamlessly with our nurse and midwife team and I felt so supported and in control during labor. Our daughter is doing brilliantly! Would recommend them to anyone in the area! 

Holly Haase


Where do I even begin! There are truly not enough words to thank Belwether Doulas for everything they do.  I have absolutely no idea how my delivery would have gone without them.  First just having that piece of mind that you know, no matter what, they will advocate for what you want during your birth experience.  Hailey was so knowledgeable in what to do during my delivery to get the correct kind of care, if it wasn't for her I would have been stuck down in triage for A LOT longer than I was.  She knew the things that she could ask for and do to get me up to the labor floor that I would have, without her, not known to ask for.  She also helped me stick to my birth plan in moments of doubt and gave me the strength to push forward with my desired unmedicated birth! 

Bellwether Doulas were also there for me my entire pregnancy.  In moments of fear and anxiety, Rachelle helped be my voice of reason!  She also taught an evidence based birth class which helped me gain all the knowledge needed for what happens during delivery and what to expect.  Like I said, there are truly not enough words to thank these ladies! I can't wait to have another baby with them!! 



It's been over a year since Bellwether Doulas supported us through the birth of our son, and on my list of to-dos was to find time to post a review. Life has been hectic, but it was important for us to share our positive experience. My husband and I knew we wanted a doula for our first, and likely only, child. Even though we had done a lot of research, we expected most things we read would probably not be top of mind when going through labor and we wanted someone with experience on our side to help us navigate the unknown. I felt so confident in my support team going into the birth, and Rachelle was a key component of that. During the pregnancy, she helped guide us through a change in provider and helped us feel supported in the lead up to the birth, despite everything happening with covid in 2020. 

Rachelle came to our home after I spent a night in labor, helped me through contractions and guided my husband through the preparations to go to the hospital. She supported us through many hours of pushing and then, eventually through the full-consent decision of a c-section. She was in the OR with us and took some beautiful pictures when our son was born. She was with us after to make sure we were all OK and then continued to check in. I couldn't have asked for a better support system as the birth played out differently than I had hoped. The Bellwether team definitely stands out as one of the reasons that I recall my birth experience so positively.



I feel extremely grateful and lucky that my partner and I found our way to Bellwether Doulas. The support, education, and advocacy the doulas provided was exceptional. They helped me have the pregnancy and birth experience that was almost exactly what I hoped it would be, and I really appreciated their evidence-based, nonjudgmental approach to pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and parenthood (an approach that is all too rare unfortunately and that really makes them stand out!). This was our first baby and we didn't know what to expect or how to advocate for what we wanted and needed but they helped me to feel confident and empowered. The prenatal sessions were incredibly informative and we added on the childbirth class as well as postpartum support and have continued to learn a ton from them. We also recently relocated to Rhode Island and have enjoyed meeting other local parents/expecting parents through the virtual meet-ups. I know our experience of becoming parents is shaped forever by having Bellwether on our side, and I really cannot recommend them highly enough! 

K Balogh


There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful my husband and I are to have hired the Bellwether Doulas for the birth of our son in 2020. As new parents expected to deliver in the midst of the pandemic, we were filled with so many worries and uncertainties, and weren’t allowed to have any family at the hospital. However, our doulas were permitted (1 at a time) and these women were AMAZING! My intense labor lasted 40 hours, and through it all, Lauren, Hailey, and Rachelle knew exactly what to do to put me at ease during each stage of delivery. Their honesty, support, encouragement, and experience were without a doubt what helped me find the inner strength to keep going as each painful hour progressed. They were incredible coaches to both my husband and I, which allowed us all to find a natural rhythm during the process. It goes without saying that these women are angels to have in the delivery room and worth every penny, from the prenatal classes to the labor and delivery. There are Doulas, and then there are Bellwether Doulas. Book them with confidence and know that your birth story will truly be a memorable and beautiful one with them by your side.



I'm so glad we decided to contact Bellwether Doulas. First, I admit that before my pregnancy I didn’t have a clear idea of what a doula even did.  It turns out that there’s a lot of unknowns in the last few weeks of pregnancy and having a support person on your side who has been through it before is incredibly helpful. A lot of the things we learned about in birthing classes went out the window after labor began.  I cannot imagine having gone through the process without them. In our experience, they are all extremely knowledgeable, caring, and thoughtful, and it was so helpful to have them with us through the pregnancy. The team model really worked for us, and each of the doulas had a role in our birth.

I had fully intended on a low intervention birth. A few weeks before my due date, I was told that my baby was measuring very large and induction was recommended. After letting the doulas know about what had happened, they scheduled a call to discuss, sent articles, and helped me feel confident that I could push back with evidence-based reasons.

Lauren answered a ton of questions and talked us through many false alarms that last week, which was so helpful for us as first-time parents.  At the birthing center, Hailey's hip squeezes were a life-saver, and as it quickly became more intense, her suggestions for changing positions and trying different things were very appreciated. She also made me laugh and distracted me with conversation. After a long labor with lots of movement, it was so helpful to have Hailey there to discuss options. I ultimately ended up with a c-section. Hailey made me feel supported the entire way, staying with us until we were getting settled with our healthy daughter in recovery, over 14 hours since she arrived. We were so grateful that she was part of our daughter’s birth. I now suggest doula support to every expecting parent I know and wholeheartedly recommend the Bellwether Doulas team.

Aaron Freedman


At 11pm on a weeknight, when the on-call OB told us our daughter Zoë's heart had stopped at 32 weeks, and that she would be stillborn, we were beyond devastated and in shock. We had absolutely no idea what to do, and Rachelle was our first call. Despite this being completely out of the blue, she was there in less than hour with snacks, phone chargers, and above all, an unbelievably calming and powerful presence. She knew that now was a good time for Dad to go home and get supplies for what would probably be 3 days in the hospital. She knew how to get us moved into a more comfortable room. When we weren't feeling totally comfortable with the provider who was going to catch Zoë, she worked with the nurses to get us a new provider. She and Susie stayed with us through the next 72 hours, providing uninterrupted support at a time when COVID prevented even our family members from being there. Rachelle (a professional birth photographer) took photos of us with Zoë that are now our most prized possessions. And the entire time, including weeks of postpartum support, Rachelle and Susie knew exactly what to say, and when to say it. At a time when NO ONE knows what to say, these two were professionals. They know the providers, they know the rooms, they know the techniques, and above all they know the emotional landscape.

We have never needed as much support as we needed then, and we have never received better service from anyone in any field. To say that Bellwether was a lifeline for us is an understatement. It felt like having your best friend in the room. We're glad to count Rachelle among the few people in the world who ever got to meet our precious Zoë. I hope this never happens to anyone reading this, but no matter what your birth experience, I have to imagine it's going to be better with Bellwether in the room.

Molly Ellis


We had an excellent experience working with the Bellwether team. The meetups were a great way to get to know the team, and I know I would not have been able to get through my birth experience without them guiding us through! Our baby was sunnyside up, and Rachelle, Hayley, and Susie walked us through a 46 hour labor, helping to persuade the baby to turn around as well as figuratively and literally holding our hands through the process. After we were home from the hospital, they remained engaged and available to answer our many questions and provide reassurance. I would highly recommend working with Bellwether Doulas! 



For our first baby, my husband and I decided to hire a Doula at the recommendation of my best friend, who is a nurse in a labor and delivery ward. This decision quickly proved to be priceless. The support that each doula uniquely provided was tremendous. They decreased my anxiety and allowed me to focus on the exciting parts of the pregnancy and prepare for the birth of our baby. The childbirth education we separately purchased was also worthwhile, taught by Rachelle. Our doula photo package was STUNNING. They captured our most precious, candid moments that we will cherish forever. Highly recommend Bellwether to anyone who is considering a doula, or to anyone who needs to who needs to know what a doula is. Couldn't have done it without Bellwether. I have the happiest birth story, and that is mainly because of them!! Thank you for everything, Bellwether Doula ladies! 

Stephanie Perches


Bellwether Doulas taught my husband and I so much about birth and preparations for labor, delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby wearing, and much more. Susie helped with both of my births and my husband and I are so very grateful. In September 2018 I had a planned C section because my son was breech. Bellwether Doulas helped me try to flip my son, and they educated me about a gentle C section. I learned how to advocate for myself and my baby. I was so afraid but they really helped me cope. Susie attended my C section and helped comfort and support both me and my husband. She also took pictures during the surgery and I believe these photos really helped me connect with the birth. One of my fears was not bonding with the baby immediately due to the surgery. But I was able to do skin-to-skin right away and they even tried to get my son to latch while I was laying on the OR table getting sewn up. I kept my son with me the entire time only because I learned to advocate for that. Looking at the pictures of him being delivered and my husband trimming the cord helped me feel more connected to the delivery. Susie also encapsulated my placenta and I believe that really helped aid in my milk supply and managing my moods and hormones. 

In November 2020 I had my second son naturally with a VBAC. Bellwether doulas again helped us prepare for the birth and Susie attended the very long labor and even stayed a few hours after because I needed surgery to repair some tearing. I labored without any medication and I truly don't believe I could have done it without Susie. She coached my husband on how to support me physcially and emotionally, ensured I was drinking enough, applied hip squeezes throughout my contractions to give my husband a break, and much more. I borrowed the TENS unit which I also feel helped me labor and she made the room a quiet, calm space. My husband and I both know whole-heartedly we could never have had an unmedicated birth without Susie.



A good friend of ours had recommended Rachelle as a doula. We didn't have a conversation with her until two weeks before my due date, but when we did, we had one of those "Oh, yeah, THIS is what we want" moments. She was totally on our wavelength -- straightforward, practical, a good listener, lots of experience navigating the system we were in (Lifespan / Women & Infants). We really enjoyed and benefited from the three meetings we attended before our daughter was born.

The most important part, though, was how amazing Lauren, Hailey, and Rachelle were during labor and delivery. I had to be induced about a week and a half after my due date, and after a somewhat scary prenatal visit, Lauren was absolutely amazing giving us a rational perspective, talking us down, encouraging us to have a real meal and stay calm before the challenges ahead. Rachelle was the one there for most of labor & birth and she was exactly the coach I needed. I felt supported and firmly guided based on what she knew we'd discussed about our preferences, but not judged when I said or did one thing or another. I have no idea how it would have gone without them and I do not want to think about it.

Emily & Ben


I gave birth in December 2019. My husband and I could not be more pleased with our incredible doula, Rachelle. She is everything we were looking for - informed, supportive, evidence-based, and reliable. Plus, she has a great sense of humor and is just an overall awesome person! And Susie and Lauren are incredible as well - wonderful support and advice during the group prenatal meetups, the new postpartum group, and on the phone. My labor went very quickly, skyrocketing from zero to transition in two hours. Even our midwife hadn't told us to come to the hospital yet, but as we spoke (or in my case, grunted) to Susie over the phone, she knew it was time. So, calmly but clearly, she suggested we get going. We hung up and did just that. Meanwhile, Susie called Rachelle, who was on her way to our house, worried that we might end up doing this at home. When we got in touch, Rachelle just turned around and headed to the hospital instead. She met us at the doors and got me inside while Ben parked. I was so deep into labor at this point, I truly do not think I could have made it through triage without her. Every time I could stop and rest on a bed/chair, she was already providing great counterpressure, while helping me communicate with the nurses. She was by my side through the ER, up to the alternative birthing center (Women and Infant's ABC), through all the final labor and pushing, and afterwards for quite a while. She had the best counterpressure and so many helpful words, coaching, and calming for both me and my husband. He could focus on holding me and seeing his son for the first time (and even get a bite to eat after). We now tell everyone to hire a doula! For my whole birth experience, I felt like I was in good hands and with someone who understood how I wanted to labor and how to help me do that. We cannot thank Rachelle and all the Bellwether Doulas enough for empowering us through the difficult stages of late pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We love them!



My partner and I have been so very lucky to have the support of these three dedicated women in our lives! Lauren supported us through the birth of our son; she was a steady, calm, sensitive, and reassuring presence all the way from pregnancy through postpartum, and she made all the difference. She seems to intuitively know when to step in to offer suggestions or support and when to step back and provide space. I felt truly listened to, held, and cared for, and my husband did, as well. Lauren, Rachelle, and Susie all do a fantastic job of helping women to access our own, innate strength as we navigate birth and motherhood. They also help partners to feel valued, useful, and involved. We love all three of them.



My wife and I came to Rhode Island when I was five or six months pregnant and we didn't have much of a local support network. We first met Susie, and then the rest of the team, and we are so grateful we did. Lauren and Rachelle attended the birth, which was unexpected in a number of ways (I had to be induced, our baby came early, etc.) and they were wonderful. Lauren stayed with us through a very long night of labor and well into the next afternoon, and she was incredibly supportive. Rachelle then took over for the birth, and then stayed for nearly five hours after our son was born as I had several complications. She was an incredible advocate for us and for our son, and she didn't leave until the various interventions were over and we felt comfortable. Once we returned home, Lauren provided invaluable support with postpartum and lactation issues. If we ever were to have another baby I wish we could return to Providence just so that we could have the Bellwether Doulas again. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Molly D.


I had Susie and Rachelle as my doulas, and they were wonderful. They were there for me when we received hard news at week 39 and continued to be there during the long labor and postpartum period. Both Susie and Rachelle guided me through many positions, offered hip squeezes, and were able to keep me informed of all of my options and their pros/cons throughout the labor. I was very scared and physically sick during my emergency c-section, and Susie was able to be there with me. She stayed with me after my husband had to go be with the baby. She also made sure that the baby had a good latch and that I was doing well before she left the hospital. Both women were completely supportive of all my choices and really made a difficult birth experience much better. I was delighted when they brought over a newspaper from my daughter's birthday during a postpartum visit and when they emailed me my birth timeline. I definitely couldn't remember all of those details myself, and I treasure having that! I'm already excited to work with these doulas again for my next baby. 

Kate and Mike


We came to Rachelle and the team late in our pregnancy,  but we are so glad we found them! After taking their prenatal workshop we began to rethink our care providers. Their insight into the care community really helped us find a doctor who truly met our values. We realized having a doula would be an important element of consistency in an unpredictable process.

Rachelle and Susie were so responsive and attentive throughout our delivery. Despite many unexpected changes,  they helped us focus on what was important and advocate for ourselves when possible. Even though we had to divert from our birth plan in some ways, we still had an incredible experience and a healthy family. The doulas were a key part of our birth team and I couldn't imagine doing it without them!

Sarah Killeen


I can’t recommend Rachelle and Susie enough. They were professional and organized, but also have incredibly calming and comforting demeanors which were so critical during my labor.  Their years of practice is evident, and they make your birth an incredibly empowering experience (even if birth doesn’t go as planned). 

Carolina Brooks


They’re an amazing group of women. The monthly meetings offered were great to be surrounded by mindful doulas and other pregnant women. My labor and delivery was especially difficult with my husband being away and some complications. Rachelle and Hailey were amazing and advocated for me. They were able to ground me when I felt overwhelmed. I’m so glad I found this tribe of doulas. ♥?

Katelyn Caddell


Rachelle's group prenatal meetings & GentleBirth workshop were the best thing my partner & I did in our preparation for our natural, drug free birth. We learned so much & felt more than prepared, we felt excited to birth. With her help & brain training via GentleBirth, there really was no fear or stress- only empowerment through fact-based knowledge. During birth, it was like having a best friend with the wisdom of many births under her belt to help coordinate the myriad of decisions to be made & to help my husband & I feel strong & focused.

Unfortunately we lost our son but Rachelle was there with an abundance of resources, support & love which is still ongoing. The photos of our son she took are invaluable. She has helped in such an intimate way that to say she goes above & beyond is an understatement. We plan to have Rachelle be a part of all our birthing experiences & you should too. They say it takes a village & this is the best community to join as you venture into parenthood.

Ruth Wartenberg


My boyfriend and I cannot say enough about the care we received from Rachelle. She was there from the moment I got to the hospital and stayed until my uterine hemorrhage was under control. She provided us with wonderful emotional support. She knew so many different tricks to help me cope with contractions and re-position the baby. I did not have a doula for the birth of my five year old daughter.  The difference between the two births is astounding.

Rachelle also visited us at home post-partum to make sure everyone was doing well. I consider her to be a friend.

Angela Nichole


I would not have gotten my VBAC if it was not for Rachelle’s knowledge,techniques and patience! i went into labor a month earlier and despite her very full schedule, she was there for me throughout my very lengthy labor! Rachelle also offers many educational opportunities to help educate expecting parents, which are super helpful & informative. I feel so lucky to have had her as a part of my birth team. She guided me with provider choice, was up on the latest research, and knew lots of tips and tricks to help as I labored for what seemed like forever! Hands down, the best doula in my opinion If I have any more babiesI want her there!

Amy Forbes


My experience with Rachelle was unforgettable. Her knowledge and calmness allowed me to have a positive and healthy birth. Attending the workshops and visualizing what was ahead was very helpful.  These first steps helped make birth feel more familiar to a first time mom. Also, having her familiar face at the hospital was reassuring that my birth plan was already going as “planned”. When we‘re ready for number two, Rachelle will be getting another call!

Rachel Pelisson


I can't say enough about how amazing Rachelle is as a doula (and as a human in general!). When I met Rachelle, I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. I chose Rachelle, because she has a no BS approach. She gives direct, straight forward answers to all my questions based on sound scientific evidence and her own extensive experience. (I found some other doulas to be a bit too wishy washy and vague in an effort to respect individual wishes. Rachelle just gave me answers, which I liked!) She is also very well respected and has a great relationship with Dr's Morton & Magee at Landmark Hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital, Rachelle made sure that everything in my birth plan was implemented. She was hands on throughout the entirety of my labor (literally put counter pressure on my hips through every contraction for hours and hours). I'm not sure how I would have gotten through labor without her. She was my advocate and supporter both physically & mentally. I was in labor for about 20hrs (first baby), used a tub and nitrous oxide, but otherwise had a natural birth of a 8# 13oz baby at 41 weeks + 1 day. I couldn't have asked for my birth to go any better and I'm certain that Rachelle's support was a HUGE contributor to my success.
As a bonus...Rachelle did our birth photos and they are worth every single penny!! They captured so many powerful moments that I'm so grateful I will have for a lifetime. A spouse or family member could never have captured all those moments. Absolutely get birth photos!!!

Colleen Connolly


Rachelle helped guide our family to the pregnancy and birth experience we wanted.  We met her late in our pregnancy, and after just one meeting, she had recommendations that changed the course of the rest of our pregnancy (and birth). With her support, we not only had the courage to change practitioners, but we were also introduced to a midwife practice and hospital that felt right for us. (We adore the staff at both our practice and the hospital - and for them alone, we are incredibly grateful to Rachelle). With Rachelle, I had felt we'd tapped into this supportive and personalized community that had been missing since day 1. Rachelle is a wealth of knowledge, resources and connections, which she generously shares. Her down-to-earth,  relaxed (yet firm when needed) style is exactly what our family needed. We always trusted that she'd be candid with us; that she sincerely wanted to ensure we experienced the birth our way; and that she'd advocate for us along the way. We were lucky to find a doula who cared so much! Thank you, Rachelle!

Betty Heppner


Rachelle was an amazing doula, she was always quick to respond to my nervous first time mom questions. She was incredibly helpful when I couldn't find a Dr./Midwife I liked she made several great recommendations. I could not reccomend Rachelle highly enough, she advocated for me, worked incredibly hard (she was with us for 24 hours on delivery day) she not only helped me so much during labor and delivery but she was also very helpful to my husband. We can't imagine labor and delivery (and pregnancy) without her. She made my (long and hard) labor and delivery an incredible and beautiful experience. She will be one of my first calls next pregnancy!

Natasha Southworth


It was really by chance that my husband and I ended up attending a meet-and-greet for Doulas of Rhode Island (we live in MA) but I'm so thankful we did! Right away we were excited to find out that Rachelle was trained in Hypnobabies. We used many of those techniques for the birth of our first daughter and hoped to try again. At that meeting, Rachelle was engaging, knowledgable and full of positive energy - we decided she would be the one to help us welcome our second daughter and see us through a VBAC. I'm THRILLED we chose her and am incredibly thankful she assisted with Lucy's birth, which turned out to be the experience I had always wanted.

Rachelle was fantastic during my prenatal visits - drove 45 min. to our home - and supplied us with information, encouragement and just the right amount of relaxed birth chit chat to make us feel at ease and well cared for. Throughout our time together, Rachelle followed my lead and made me feel empowered to try for a VBAC. When I found out my baby was transverse, Rachelle did not miss a beat, she immediately showed me Baby Spinning positions to help turn the baby and recommended an amazing chiropractor. She even attended my ECV appointment and cheered during the ultrasound when we found out I didn't need the version. During those unnerving moments when labor began, Rachelle was there for me, on the phone helping me determine if this was the real thing or not. When I arrived at the hospital she practically carried me from the front seat, whisked me away to triage and from then on was by my side working as a team with my husband. I am thankful for every ice pack, counter pressure, oil massage and words of encouragement. She helped boost my confidence to continue without an epidural and when the time was right she told me, "reach down and grab your baby" - an experience like no other. I will always be grateful for those words. Rachelle is a wonderful doula and I whole heartedly recommend her!

Susan Krzyzek


Rachelle was extremely knowledgeable about the labor process, delivery, and post partum course.  My goal was to stay at home as long as possible and go to the hospital as close as possible to delivery.  With Rachelle's expertise this was possible.  I delivered within t he hour.   With her and my OB Dr. Morton's guidance I was able to deliver my first baby with no pain meds.  They both made it possible.  Rachelle, also is not only a caring doula but, an amazing birth photographer.  She presented me with our "birth story" that was absolutely stunning.  The photos made family and friends cry that's how gorgeous the album came out.  Choose Rachelle for an unforgettable and positive birth experience.  You and your family will not be disappointed.

Stephanie Hague


Rachelle was such an amazing resource and support for us as we welcomed our first child in March. Her first 2 prenatal visits, emails and texts were so helpful and reassuring, and helped us prepare for our the unpreparable, welcoming a child!
She was there with us during a 50+ hour labor, meeting us at triage in the middle of the night, coming back to our house with us and then returning later again 12 hours later. Having her to support my husband and me was irreplaceable. I highly recommend Rachelle to anyone, regardless of the birth you are planning or expecting. She made the whole experience more comfortable, supported, informed and overall pleasant.

Victoria Templer Rotkow


I could not have done by first childbirth experience without Rachelle. With her help i was able to have a completely natural childbirth. My husband was hesitant at first because he likes to be in control, but she helped him learn how to help me (e.g. how to push on my lower back during contractions) so that he felt a part of the process. Otherwise I think he would have been scared by the whole process and would not have known what to do. For our personailities, she worked well because she is strong and not shy. I wanted someone to tell me what to do for making myself be more comfortable. She guided me perfectly, but was not forceful in anyway. I cannot say more good things about her personality, experience, professionalism, and compassion. Reserve her early though, because she books up fast!

Morgan Jones


When I became pregnant I knew I'd want extra support through the process...start to finish. Not becuase I'm weak or uneducated, but becuase I knew I'd greatly benefit from another empowering, supportive female figure by my side. Rachelle was just that and more. Not only is she affordable, available, and 100% forthcoming about who she is and what she can offer, she is also intellegent, non-judgemental, and just really cool. She provided stellar guidance to both my husband and myself as first timers, and eased our minds through lots of ups and downs. By sharing first hand experiences, helpful links and articles, and one-on-one support on various occasions, she really stood up to her role as a pregnancy/labor/birth coach and advocate. When I finally went in to have my babe, she was there the whole way through. I owe SO MUCH of my success to her, even though my labor didn't quite go to plan (as they often don't). My baby was posterior and not engaging, so I wasn't fully dilating as I should have been. Rachelle practiced specific methods to open my hips/pelvis and get that baby to turn and drop. She did and I dilated to 10! I truly believe that without her, I wouldn't have gotten there. She pushed me and aided me in all the right ways. I ended up with a C-sec after many hrs of labor and 2 hrs of pushing, but she did not let me believe for a second that I was a failure. She made a point to tell me my pushing was very effective and that I should opt for a VBAC next time around. I'm not sure I was able to tell her how much that meant to me and how strong it made me feel after experiencing a labor/birth that was pretty much opposite of what I thought it'd be. My doula was a great support to my hubs through the whole crazy process as well, which I am totally grateful for. A huge plus - Rachelle is a talented birth photographer! If I had to do it again, there's nothing I would change. Rachelle is an amazing doula and person and I highly recommend her to any momma-to-be.

Abygail Ollila


I would highly recommend Rachelleas a doula. From the moment I met her, it felt like we were old friends. She is a very warm, easy going and genuinely happy person. Despite having two kids herself and several births around the same time as mine, she never wavered in her support and ability to be where I needed her, when I needed her - with a smile on her face.

I had an amazing birth and I owe it all to Rachelle. I didn't even know there was a Birthing Center in RI until I met her! She led me to the hospital and doctor that I ended up choosing and it made all the difference throughout the entire pregnancy and birth.

I practiced Hypnobirthing and Rachelle, being trained in this technique, was able to answer all of my questions and keep me on track with the program during my pregnancy. She also did an amazing job of making everyone at the birth aware of the techniques, so that I could focus on and have the space to do what I needed to do during my birthing.

I will admit I was a bit nervous about having someone in my community who I hardly knew be a part of such an intimate part of my life. What if I something CRAZY happened and I couldn't face her again?! LOL. Rachelle assured me many times that she could handle ANYTHING. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened and now I consider her a friend!

I couldn't thank her enough for everything - she is an amazing person!

Gwyneth Jones Preu


Rachelle was so helpful as we prepared for our birth, providing encouragement and information.  I appreciated being able to call or text her with questions leading up to the birth.  When we called Rachelle about being in labor she came to our home quickly and was with us at the hospital through the birth and providing support afterwards.  Habing Rachelle as a doula helped us feel more informed and prepared for the birth experience!

Jessica Medeiros


Having a baby is scary! I have to say, however, that having Rachelle by our side made it seem less so. Imagine peering out into this dark abyss of uncertainty, and then Rachelle shows up with a flashlight and a calm confidence that lets you know that things are going to be okay, even if they don't go according to your extremely detailed plan.

Prior to the birth of our son, Maxwell on January 4, she provided us with a ton of useful resources and information during our prenatal visits, and was super supportive during our endless three days of early labor. She helped me do some stretches and poses to help the labor progress, and then checked in periodically in a way that was not obtrusive or stressful. During labor, she was an awesome coach, gently advising Phil on how to support me, requesting cold compresses and straws from the nursing staff, giving killer hip squeezes, and providing much-welcomed encouragement to me as I labored and pushed.

Postpartum, it was great to know that I could reach out to Rachelle anytime with questions, especially about breastfeeding, which was/is a major struggle (we're just shy of three weeks in, so I'm cautiously optimistic that things are improving). Lastly, we've only seen a few of our birth photos, but the ones that we have seen make me want to cry- I'm so happy that we went with the photography package, and would highly recommend going for it. You will end up getting to experience such amazing moments that you will otherwise never remember (at least I would say this is probably true for any laboring moms...I feel like I was totally tunnel vision and was not truly aware of what was happening).

Lots of love to Rachelle- thanks for being there through such an intense, awesome, terrifying, beautiful experience!

Brooke Werley


We were pleased as punch with Rachelle. She has a very calm, reassuring presence, and we felt at home from our first meeting.

She answered all of the questions we didn't know to ask and helped my husband and I maintain the confidence to enter into parenthood through a beautiful birth experience. Even though we had more than our share of complications arise during labor and delivery, she was an experienced voice, supporting and informing on all of the decisions I was making that were off-plan, helping us to feel ok with several unplanned interventions.

Rachelle made it very clear that she was available to answer any questions during my pregnancy and postpartum. She is especially passionate about building a community around childbirth and parenthood and we are so happy we found her to help bring our little boy into the world.

Briana Taylor


Rachelle is amazing. One of the first things my husband and I said to each other after the birth of our son was, “Rachelle is a rock star.” We had never been through it before and really wanted someone that would tell me what to do (suggestions on positions, etc) and tell my husband what to do to support me. Rachelle, however, was so much more than that. At our prenatal visits she shared all of the information she had (which was a lot) on pregnancy and labor, plus things I hadn’t even thought about. She made sure that we had our birth plan ready to go way in advance and how to prep our friends and family for our wishes after the birth. I was sad at our postpartum visit because I knew it was the end of our journey together for now, but I know we’ll be seeing her again.

I can’t imagine experiencing childbirth without Rachelle and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive birthing experience.

Christine Berg


Rachelle was the perfect doula for our family.  I was so thankful to have her by our side before, during, and after the birth of our daughter.  From the very beginning Rachelle put us at ease.  We met with her twice before my labor.  She provided all of the resources that we needed before the birth: breastfeeding, cloth diapering, placenta encapsulation, labor tools and education, what to expect during labor...everything.

During the labor and birth, she was by our side, offering words of wisdom and  encouragement.  She was always two steps ahead, predicting what we would need and what to expect.  She tirelessly provided counter-pressure hip squeezes for me.  I can't imagine my labor without this - it really helped alleviate a lot of the back pain I was feeling.  She offered me cool cloths, sips of water, back rubs, and allowed for my husband to go grab a bite to eat amidst the long labor.  She held my hand during those long pushes, cheering me on when I needed it, but also knowing when I needed a moment of quiet.  Rachelle hung in there with us for many hours, late into the night, somehow remaining energized and ever-ready.

After my daughter's birth, Rachelle came to our rescue yet again.  Several days postpartum, sleep-deprived and hormonal, Rachelle came to our house late in the evening to help me when my milk came in (and boy, did it come in).  I was having a hard time with breastfeeding, and she was able to give me some tips, encourage me, and provide much-needed emotional support.

Rachelle was invaluable to us, in so many ways.  She also captured some amazing moments on her camera for us - photos that we will always cherish of the arrival of our daughter.  We recommend her most highly!

Megan Zemke


I am so so happy that we hired Rachelle to be our doula! Having Rachelle was like having a knowledgeable, calming big sister who knew a lot about the process of pregnancy and childbirth to guide me. Whenever I had a question or a doubt, I knew I could call Rachelle and she would give me her best recommendations! During her visits she set my husband and I at ease about the entire birthing process, from what to expect to what my husband could do to help me relax. when our big moment came (early and completely unexpectedly) she was there immediately, and helped my daughter and I get the perfect latch to start us on a great breastfeeding relationship! She was worth her weight in gold from the moment we hired her!

We also hired Rachelle to do hospital pictures for is and I'm so glad we did! Her talent and eye clearly shows as she captured some of the most precious moments of our lives. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to have Rachelle capture these memories!

Megn Zemke

Suzy Gourley


Rachelle was amazing.  She was available to answer all our questions leading up to the birth of our son and during the postpartum period (sometimes texting late at night).  She offered us great resources on everything we needed to know as well as encouraging words.  During the birth, Rachelle was instrumental in helping us navigate the tough decisions.  She was with us during the 24 hours of labor, both at home and at the hospital, offering physical and emotional support the whole time.  Rachelle took some wonderful photos as well, ones we will cherish forever.  We are so grateful to have had her with us through it all.

Lindsay Jones


From the first meeting with Rachelle, my husband and I felt comfortable and reassured. I loved when she said she would be there to support me... but also there to help my husband support me... which was important to me. Several prenatal meetings with her really eased my mind, she helped me develop my birth plan, and prepare both of us mentally and emotionally for the birth. She offered resources on breastfeeding, pediatricians, cloth diapering, post-partum information, and anything else we needed. She was always available through text, email, and phone calls (even when not technically in the "on call" period).

When I went into labor, I knew I wanted to stay at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. At one point, I started to feel panicked, and although we had originally planned on Rachelle meeting us at the hospital, we asked her to come to the house (at midnight). She came quickly and helped us pack up and even drove us to the hospital. After a few more hours of labor and about 2 hours of pushing, our baby boy arrived. I was able to have the natural labor and birth I wanted ... and I cannot imagine going through the experience without Rachelle. She was so supportive -- helping with changing positions, massage, relieving my husband for breaks, hip squeezes (lots of those!). She also took amazing pictures that we will cherish forever. She has remained available after the birth, checking on all of us and offering advice and reassurance -- so important in the post-partum period and very helpful for a first-time mom like myself.

I know that I will definitely have Rachelle as part of our birth team if/when we have another baby. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a doula!

Ryan Pupa


Rachelle helped my wife and I with the birth of our first child at MCV in June 2013, and both of us cannot imagine the experience without her. Even before the birth, we always found that we were comforted and more informed after each of her prenatal visits.

From the very first time we met her, she was warm and easy-going - exactly what you need in a doula. She was an amazing resource of tips and ideas, and for nervous first time parents, she helped to calm our nerves and set our expectations. Along with the help of Bradley classes and the pro-natural birth labor and delivery unit/midwives at MCV, we felt fully prepared and supported by a great team to help with a natural birth for our daughter.

During our long, difficult labor, Rachelle was absolutely vital to help keep us calm and focused. As I was the partner/coach for the birth, she was especially helpful to make me most effective for wife - helping soothe my nerves so that I could be there for her entirely. We were all sleep-deprived and tired, and somehow Rachelle was still upbeat and supportive throughout the entire process. When we hit some really difficult decisions very late in the labor, Rachelle was so important to give some perspective and insight as to our choices, without pushing in any direction. While we weren't able to have a natural childbirth due to complications, we were able to avoid a C-section, in no small part thanks to Rachelle's help.

We now have a beautiful, healthy girl, as well as a new friend in Rachelle. When the time comes for our next child, we will absolutely include Rachelle as part of our birth team!

Scott Thow


Baby testimonial - Baby Isla

Birth is a messy experience. Not just physically, but in an emotional and psychological sense too. Even though people have been giving birth since the dawn of time it is still very confusing for most men, and women too. Emotions run very high, exhaustion is always in the back of your mind and your basic human needs like eating and resting, have to be put aside. On top of that you will be bombarded with medical jargon, will have family members to juggle and finally a screaming partner who you would do anything to take the pain away from.

Having someone there is one of the best decisions my wife and I made concerning our birth. Our doula helped us to understand all aspects of our birthing experience. She helped us to control our emotions, to control our families, and to manage the pain and discomfort. She helped us to understand all of the medical information we had to deal with.

Some people might feel that having yet another person in the room along with the family and medical staff could be one person too many. But at no point did either of us feel that our doula was in the way or being intrusive. In all honestly we could not have done this with out her. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Amanda Paige


I met Rachelle at a birth group when I was nearly 38 weeks pregnant.  She provided me with great resources although she was unavailabe for my due date.  After learning that I was high risk and would have to deliver that weekend, I immediately text her, hoping she could reach out to other doulas.  She actually met me that night and agreed to work with us!  I was so relieved to have her support when I felt like my birth plan was falling apart.

We were able to naturally induce my labor with the support of my midwife, avoiding pitocin and epidural!  Rachelle stayed with us through a grueling 15 hours of labor, coaching not only me but my boyfriend as well.  After discovering that I would need a c-section due to the baby's positioning, I was devastated.  Rachelle truly helped me handle all of the unexpected challenges surrounding my son's birth.

Since birth, she has provided ongoing support and resouces.  Her post-partum visit, texts and emails have helped me cope with the challenges from birth and those surrounding new motherhood.  We remain in contact and thanks to her I have joined great groups in Richmond.

Hiring a doula turned out to be the most valuable resource throughout my pregnancy.  After interviewing 4 others, finding one that we actually clicked with at such a critical time was such a blessing.  Rachelle is intuitive and down-to-earth.  She exceeded our expetations and she obviously loves her work.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking support during or after pregnancy.

Kate Rowe


I was unsure about hiring a stranger to be in the room for my birth at St. Francis but Rachelle makes it impossible to feel anything but comfortable.

I think it gave my husband a huge relief to know that she was there for breaks for him to grab something to eat or keep the family updated. She definitely kept me at ease during the entire birth, starting before I even made it to the hospital. Her experience and birth knowledge was exactly what we needed.

In addition, she took amazing birth photographs of our son and our family after the birth!

I couldn't have chosen a better person to share this important experience with!

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