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Cristina Evans, CLC

Blooming Birth

Richmond, VA Service range 30 miles

(757) 729-2085

Birth Fee

$800 to $900

Birth Fee

$800 to $900

Birth Doula Experience

7 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I’m happy to attend your birth in all hospitals that welcome doulas.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We have 2 wonderful birth centers here in Richmond. I’m happy to support you at either location

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Richmond is a fantastic place to be if you would like to birth at home. I’m happy to attend your midwife supported home birth.

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

In addition to my solo practice, you can find me supporting clients with Urban Baby Beginnings. I am also a member of Open Arms Birth Collective & Richmond Doulas.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My standard birth package includes 2 prenatal visits, 1 fourth trimester prep session, labor/birth support, birth photography, 2 postpartum visits, lactation support, & an affirmation workshop. I started Blooming Birth in 2012 after feeling a pull help expectant parents realize that their pregnancy and birth experiences didn’t have to just happen to them - that they could shape them themselves. As a doula for everybody, I truly believe that when we feel heard, supported, and that we have a voice, we not only think more positively about birth (even if it doesn't go according to "plan"), but also often enter parenthood with more confidence. Full details can be found at

Richmond, VA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Cristina Evans, CLC

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This was our first birth and I was very nervous and anxious about a lot of things! I wanted to hire a doula so that I felt like I had as much support going into labor and during as I possibly could. I also wanted to try for a low-intervention delivery. Cristina was wonderful to work with. She was so thorough and thoughtful in her preparation, meeting with me and my husband several times to talk through all the birth options. She sent us example birth plans and helped us craft ours. She showed us birthing positions and practiced with us. She was always available to answer my questions in those final weeks and share resources. In the end, our labor and delivery was a bit different than we had planned. (I had to be induced and ended up getting an epidural, so not the low-intervention birth I had hoped for!) Even in that scenario, having Cristina there was so helpful, just to provide additional support for me and my husband. Not to mention she changed her Thanksgiving day plans to be with us!! And she took photos during delivery which was just awesome! Finally, Cristina was super thoughtful in following up with me after birth, asking how I was doing and checking on the baby. She provided resources on post-partum anxiety, and visited with us twice. All in all, I am really happy that we had a doula and that Cristina was our doula! She's a joy to work with and is very highly recommended. Thank you, Cristina!!

Megan Womack


There have been a few times in my life where I've felt that everything has lined up cosmically to go well for me, and I can definitively say that meeting and working with Cristina Evans was one of them.

I came late to the doula game; I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth, but figured I was stubborn and strong enough to get through it on my own with just my partner at my side. At 7.75 months pregnant, we took a low-intervention birth class at our hospital and we heard loud and clear that a doula was my best chance of having my birth desires met. 

I got home, hopped on Doula Match and popped in my due date. Cristina was the first doula to match with me, and after reading her profile and getting a general understanding of her, I had a gut feeling that she was the right person. My husband thought I was jumping the gun a bit, but I just knew. 

Cristina responded quickly, and over coffee we got to know each other. Her gentle manner of speaking and knowledge of the birthing process stood out to me right away. I felt I could trust her and was excited to have her meet my husband the next week. Our sessions at home with her, where she expertly shared her knowledge about birth, helped to set my expectations, and continued to build trust (in a very short period of time!) between the three of us were fundamental to the dream team we had in the delivery room.

While laboring, Cristina's presence was a constant comfort, whether she was rubbing my ankles, helping my husband to support me, whispering affirmations in my ear, or knowing when to step out and let us have a breath to ourselves. She intuitively seemed to know what I needed at any given time, and that didn't stop after the birth of our baby, but continues to this day, as I now have found a friend that I'm delighted to continue talking to. Cristina was essential to both my prenatal and postpartum life, and I'm grateful for her hard work and dedication.



My husband and I met with Cristina over coffee for a 4th trimester planning session to prepare for our first baby. I honestly had not thought through most of the planning that the 4th trimester really demands, but Cristina walked us gently through all of the different parts of becoming prepared for this stage without overwhelming us. She is a wealth of helpful knowledge and advice specific to what you express as your desired birthing and parenting style. I'd like to emphasize what a relief it is to speak with someone that has experienced all different types of successful parenting styles and isn't here to judge or sway our personal goals for parenting and family structure. We spent a lot of time discussing setting boundaries for family members and friends, and advocating for ourselves as new parents not just during the birth, but afterwards as well. I think this is an extremely important part of making the transition into parenthood for the first time and I really appreciate how much advice she had about how to make visitations from friends and family be beneficial for both parties. We talked a lot about different ways to make sure we continue to take care of ourselves as new parents after the new baby comes, and helpful resources within the community as well. Cristina followed up the next day with an email containing more helpful info on a lot of the products and resources that we discussed, and made sure that we know to keep an open line of communication with her moving forward should we have any more questions! Her calm demeanor put both of us more at ease about what to expect, and we know that we've got a friend and a mentor just a phone call away! :) 

Jennifer Patterson


Christina provided fourth trimester planning with my husband and I and was clearly knowledgeable about how to prepare for life after baby.  She was easy to talk to and conversational, never making my husband or I feel uncomfortable about our lack of planning in that area.  Cristina’s pleasant demeanor and knowledge would both be big reasons I would easily recommend her for either pre or post partum doula services! 



My husband and I met with Cristina for a postpartum planning session. Since this is our second baby, we knew a lot about what to expect, but Cristina was still really helpful in bringing up some ideas and questions that we hadn't considered. For example, could our toddler stay with my parents longer than just the time we would be in the hospital to allow us to transition home a little more smoothly? What did we expect of each other, and how did we think our roles might change? How would we maintain our son's routine while caring for his new sister at the same time? To whom could we reach out to help us with meals? How could I find a better balance and stop worrying so much about all the household chores? Cristina gave us some good things to think about before our daughter's arrival, and we really enjoyed meeting her.




We found our postpartum planning session informative. It was so helpful to have a plan and to have all of the resources Cristina had sent. I have felt so supported by my husband during the last month, and I think that he felt confident in himself because we had such an effective plan made after we spoke with her.



When my wife went into labor with our son, I was not at all nervous and I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do.  That is not because we were going on child number 3, it was because of the support we received from our Doula, Cristina.  For our first child’s birth, I was not physically there and for our second, I might as well not have been because I was less than unhelpful because I had no idea what to do.  When gearing up for our third, I wanted this to be a good experience for my wife and I so I knew we needed to do something different.  When the topic of a Doula came up, I was nervous because I had no idea who this person was or if she would be replacing me in the delivery room.  I found the opposite to be true, she was there to support me and help make sure I was doing everything I could to give my wife comfort and support.  She did that through how she helped us prep leading up to labor, how she helped us set the room up once in labor and how she kept the nurses from bothering us too much.  She helped in a way that allowed ALL of my attention to be on my wife.  Because of that, not only was the experience more positive than the last two but my relationship with my wife grew stronger as well because I was able to show her that I was on her team and I was the supportive partner she needed.  I truly believe without Cristina, that experience would not even be close to the same.


Christina Kern


If you are pregnant, my first pieces of advice is to invest in a doula.

Cristina stood by my side through my pregnancy and I felt her support especially as my due date came and went. We had several conversations in the post-due date weeks which helped me to stay strong in refusing to be induced. (pro tip: get your due date moved back a week)

To prepare us for birth, Cristina met with me and my husband twice. The materials she provided were helpful and succinct. As a busy lady, I really appreciated how efficient Cristina was with our time. We used these meetings as our birth classes.

The day that I went into labor I called Cristina several times. I love that she made me feel comfortable and was so available. Although, I originally thought I wanted to labor at home, we ended up going to the hospital pretty early. It was actually nice to get there and get settled without any panic. The nurse offered us a tub room after reading our birth plan which Cristina helped us to write. That ended up being great. Cristina made sure I got to use the tub twice which along with the twinkle lights and tea candles was pretty much the highlight of our experience.

I had pretty good control over my contractions but Christina helped me to regulate my breathing and really focus on my visualization. She massaged my shoulders and helped my husband to hold me in ways that were soothing. We also did some stair climbing which sounds crazy but felt great - this is something I would never have done without her.

Once I transitioned to active labor, everything became a blur. All I know is it lasted a really long time but Cristina stayed with us throughout it all. She was tireless in what must have been a really long and tedious day. I highly recommend Cristina as an excellent and experienced doula as well as a thoughtful and lovely person with whom to share the amazing experience of your child's birth.

Brooke Wilkins


If you are looking for a dependable, soothing, knowledgeable supporter of the birth process, you have found her in Cristina. I am so grateful to have worked with this wonderful woman throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. After a lot of research, I came across the Blooming Birth website and contacted Cristina. After an initial consultation, which never felt rushed or judgmental, I felt she would be a great fit for our family's needs. This was our first child, and my husband was uncomfortable with the idea of a doula at first. However, after meeting Cristina in our home, he quickly became at ease, and came to really value her suggestions, help with our son at the hospital, and postpartum follow-up. During my pregnancy and at our prenatal visits, Cristina provided a wealth of knowledge about birth plans, options, positions, and affirmations. She was very open-minded, non-judmental, and did everything in her power to facilitate our birth wishes and to ensure we were empowered for the birth experience we wanted. She provided a ton of resources to make sure all of our questions were thoroughly answered and that we were as prepared as possible for our birth and postpartum time. She was always available through e-mail, text, and calls whenever we needed her. She hung twinkle lights at the hospital, was present and nurturing when my husband and I needed her, and stepped back and took photos during moments that more family-focused. She was incredibly helpful with getting breastfeeding started, and checked in regularly in the weeks following our son's birth. She even made him an adorable baby blanket, and printed out an album of all the pictures she had taken at little man's birth. I'm so thankful that she captured such significant moments on film. My husband and I have nothing but amazing things to say about Cristina. She's a joy to work with, she's excellent at her profession, and she genuinely cares about her clients. Hire her!

Wyna Phonseya


Cristina was there for us even when my son decided to come 5 weeks early. She was calm, assuring and encouraging during my labor. She let my husband and I work together through most of it but quickly jumped in to assist and suggest different positions when I really needed it near the end. Cristina helped me achieve my goal of a non-medicated birth. She even thought to pull out her camera during the very quick birth to capture some priceless moments. I would definately recommend her to anyone who is looking for getnle guidence through a tough and long abor.

Rachel Slack


My husband and I had interviewed several different doulas and when we met Cristina something just clicked, she has a great presence. She is calm, comforting, and attentive. Cristina provided an abudance of documents and information to me and my husband to help us through our last few weeks of pregnancy and also gear up to be first time parents.  She called, texted, or emailed us just enough (but not too much) to check in since our baby girl came 9 days late. 

When my husband let Cristina know we were headed to the hospital, she was there within an hour. I had a GRUELING 36 hours of natural labor before getting an epidural and ultimately a c-section; Cristina was literally by our side the entire time. She was patient, reassuring, and helped me to understand we had tried every option possible to get our baby into this world naturally and it unfortunately did not happen. She dealt with my screaming, aching, labor and never flinched. She rounded out our "team" perfectly. The nurses and our doctor at the hospital loved her as well!  She was able to provide everyone updates and keep us all on track. 

Cristina provided me the strength and courage to get through the labor as long as I did.  She provided reassurance that we were doing everything possible, she provided comfort and confidence to my husband to help talk me through contractions.  She was able to remind us of our plan and be an advocate for us as needed. I never felt judged by Cristina for the decisions I made during labor and we never felt rushed, even through the night when she was unable to sleep.

Cristina photographed the first few hours of our daughters birth, including in the OR.  I never knew how special those photos would ultimately be to our family but they are invaluable. 

Cristina will forever more be apart of our story, I would highly recommend anyone else have her be apart of yours.

Aysha Washington


I had an amazing birthing experience with Cristina.  She was receptive, caring, comforting,  and overall made my experience a great one. I am a mother of two and  my birthing experience with my first child did not go at all the way I wanted.  I felt as if no one listened to anything that I wanted or needed for me to feel confident in the birth. I told Cristina about my first experience and she promised that this time around it would be completely different, it definitely was. Everything I expressed that I wanted in my birthing plan, she made sure she was 100% on board to help in any way. Shemade sure that my wants, needs, and desires were heard. During labor she made it such a calm and soothing environment.  When Ifelt like I couldn't take the pain anymore, she assured me that I was "rocking this birth" and it made me want to knock out this next round of contractions. In the midst of the chaos, she reminded me of things that I strongly wanted during the birth that I'd completely forgotten about. She stayed by my side the entire time and made sure that I was comfortable ever step of the way. After the birth, she continues to check on us even after her services were met and over. Everything that I needed and wanted for this birth happened with a very large thanks due to Cristina. She was overall amazing and I couldnt have asked for a better doula. Next time around I wouldn't want anyone else to help me through my pregnancy and birth!

Amy Washington


I hired Cristina for my daughters second pregnancy. Her laid back, calming presence was extremely appreciated.  Not only was she knowledgeable extremely caring and accomodating. What a huge difference from my daughters first birth experience.  Cristina worked very well with the hospital staff and helped the whole birth experience to run smoothly. I would definitely reccomend her and would hire her again !! 

Irina Manelis


I am so grateful to have had Cristina by our side during the last stretch of my pregnancy and particularly through the labor and the delivery of our first child. From our first meeting, Cristina’s warm, engaging, easygoing manner and quick smile put us at ease. She never made us feel rushed and constantly offered to provide helpful information and resources, following up diligently. My plan was to labor naturally for as long as I could sustain it, to hopefully avoid a c-section and unnecessary interventions, and to ultimately have an epidural when and if I felt that I needed it for the final stretch to be more present to enjoy our baby’s arrival. I really appreciated not feeling judged by Cristina for my choices (and indeed was fortunately able to avoid a c-section). Cristina’s presence and assistance were invaluable during my labor, which ended up lasting over 24 hours and included a lot of painful back labor. Cristina arrived at the hospital after we had asked her to come and stayed with us the entire time for many, many hours until after the baby was delivered. She was amazing! Cristina brought a bag of tricks which were both creative and helpful. Her voice was extremely soothing and guided me as I worked through my contractions. She continually helped me by suggesting position changes and coping techniques, massaging, and being extremely attentive to my body’s needs. As an unexpected but deeply appreciated bonus, during her follow up postpartum visit, she brought a thoughtful and detailed birth story and wonderful photos capturing the labor and, critically, our first moments with our baby boy, which I love and will always treasure. Cristina is extremely talented at her craft, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any expecting parents!

Margaret Smigo


We met Christina and instantly clicked and felt at ease...the conversation flowed like we were old friends. Her demeanor, even though she was on an interview was warm and laid back and the confidence she had about her work was appealing. During our first consult with Christina as our doula we discussed the birth plan and what concerns we both had. We noticed  she would frequently jot down notes as we spoke.  Our initial consult was about an hour and a half and she never seemed like she needed to get going or look at the clock. She tolerated our pups jumping up on her and checking her out, they liked her too. Christina frequently sent us links on info we'd discussed and she would text me to "check in" leading up to the due date. During our 2nd visit she brought us material about some of the medical choices we may need to make, we talked about  the birth plan, and what our post-partem plans were. We practiced birthing positions and talked about laboring at home...we felt as prepared as we could be! The day we went into labor we communicated by text and phone throughout the day - though she would have come to our home if we needed her to. We made our way to the hospital at 2am and Christina met us there shortly after. Christina's voice became a focal point as she counted breathes slowly. I strived to meet her counts and aside from the hot tub, it was probably the most helpful thing to me during transition! During our follow-up visit Christina gave us the pictures and we were so thankful we'd asked her to take them, they were amazing. The extensive birth story was very touching, something we will treasure dearly!! So many of the details she was able to capture when we were in the heat of the moment, things we may not have remembered. Christina and my husband were the best team and she helped us to have the birth we dreamed of having. To couples "on the fence", don't consider it an option, you truly need a doula - and Christina is a great one:)

Candace Hollender


    Cristina is an amazing doula! My husband and I could not have chosen anyone better. Our birth experience with our third child was absolutely amazing thanks to Cristina. Cristina was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. I had intense back pain through labor and Cristina was with me every step and constantly helped me with hands on massage. Cristina was the only way we achieved a natural childbirth with no medication.

     What Cristina was able to do for my husband and I will never be forgotten. My husband thought a doula unnecessary, and now he will tell you how valuable she was, not only for myself but for him as well. She guided him to help minimize my pain and enabled my husband to really be present. I have two other births to compare to, and this one by far was the most emotionally involved in so many ways. I feel so complete in how our son came into this world. I only wish I had found Cristina before my first child was born. Cristina is awesome! We highly recommend her! We cannot fully put into words what she has done for us.                   


deana spundarelli


We had an AMAZING experience with Cristina. I met with Cristina about 2 months before I was due, and I knew immediately that she was the one. I went home and spoke with my husband, and we agreed to hire Cristina, even though we had been on the fence about getting a doula. It was the best decision we made for our birth. She came to our house twice before our daughter was born, and showed me positions, exercises, and answered any and all questions we had. On the day we went into labor, she was available all day, and met us at the hospital. She went above and beyond, even bringing flameless candles, which I had forgotten to get! Her calm demeanor was perfect for the situation. Even though we had taken a Bradley Birth class, some of the the info is forgotten in the heat of the moment. She was there every step of the way to offer reassurance, and advice, often suggesting things that my husband could do in a way that made him feel totally helpful, and not at all out of place. She would remind me of things in the most gentle way, and I think she also massaged my back for 3 hours straight! After the birth was over, she visited to make sure everything was ok and see our girl, and even brought over pictures that she had taken of everything. It is awesome to see our first moments together as a family - a priceless gift. Any family lucky enough to have Cristina at their birth will find that they made the right choice!

melissa owens


i had my first baby on november 22 2012, and had no idea what i was doing! Cristina helped me with deciding on what i truely wanted during giving birth.. she helped me think of thinigs i never thought would be a decision or even a option. When labor started she was by myside helping me breath and calming me down. she also helped my boyfriend understand what was going on and calm down. She was never pushy with anything and very layed back. i couldnt have asked for a better doula! 

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