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Joli Ammons

The Painted Doula


Phone: (281) 686-2877

Birth Fee: $1000 to $1800

Fee Details: Accepting Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal. All barter offers considered.

Birth Doula Experience: 7 years and 194 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Co-Creator and Educator with Rebel Birth Education

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
  • Educated by WIC, Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education, and Baby Mama.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • Rebozo Training
  • Labor Whispering, Rebozo, Spinning Babies, Acupressure, Aromatherapy

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I own Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven where we provide a community space for learning and support.

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Joli Ammons

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Brenna Forsyth

Joli has magical intuition. She somehow knew how I was feeling and what I needed before I did. She was able to shift from tender and nurturing to stern and assertive in a moment and knew exactly when I needed to laugh. When I went into labor exactly 4 weeks “early”, we were both surprised and had not had as much time to prepare as we would have liked but she was there by my side, by my husband‘s side, supporting and advocating exactly as we needed. She’s very easygoing, but takes her work very seriously. In addition to being an excellent source of comfort, strength, and support herself, she has an excellent birth education program that is very eye-opening AND has an entire network of post-partum support at her fingertips, which she lovingly offers her clients. She’ll always be a part of my family. 

Posted 1/24/2019

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Erika Slaby

Joli is an empowering, kind, supportive, nonjudgmental and loving doula. She was present for the birth of my first child and I always knew we'd want to have her present for our next baby. Our preparations for this baby encompassed conversation regarding my first birth and expectations for this baby. She helped me communicate my needs to my husband for the birth based on how things went last time and helped me find the information I needed for bettering an already positive experience. She helped me calm down when interventions I hadn't prepared my mind for were recommended so my husband and I could make level headed decisions. I can't leave out the amazing Rebel Birth postpartum support community when recommending Joli to expecting families. I can't imagine ever preparing for or giving birth without someone like Joli Ammons supporting our family.

Posted 1/24/2019

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Soledad Vargas

I cannot rave more about Joli in helping me through my birth with my second baby. She was so calming and supportive. Definitely changed the vibe in the room in the best way.  I definitely wouldn’t have make it as long as I did without any pain meds or Epidural. Highly recommend her. I had a great birth experience although I wasnt able to get my vbac I had hoped for but Joli make sure to we tried everything possible without putting me nor my baby in harm. 

Posted 1/24/2019

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Ashley Coyle

In 2017 I was due with my 2nd baby after having a c section 10 years prior. I knew I’d need to fight for my VBAC & needed a tribe that would back me on that decision. Littlendid I know she would become much more than my cheerleader for a VBAC. During my pregnancy I had lots of ups and downs with the baby’s father and struggled immensely. She consoled me and lifted me up. She helped me feel strong & brave. During my labor she reminded me so much what an incredible woman I am and how strong I was. The thing is, she didn’t just say it as a doula. She said it as a friend and someone who believes it. Which made me believe it, too. Through all of this my almost 10 yr old was very intrigued and into learning about the birthing process. Joli encouraged her and help normalize it for her too. Thank you, Joli, for being an anchor in my successful VBAC, I will be forever grateful for you and the love you’ve shown me, Aria, and Kamerin. We love you! 

Posted 1/24/2019

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naty escam

 This is my story of how I gave birth after 20 years with a c-section  with my first child. My vbac gone 100% natural with current birth thanks to my doula Joli Ammons  and  my midwife Elyse Cho and Dr. Deayala. After 20 years of finally getting pregnant I didn't believe I could have a natural birth. When I would say I wanted a natural birth everybody thought I was nuts they were like you had a C-section that's what you're going to have again and I was determined not to have a C-section I was determined to have a natural birth since when I had my daughter I was 16 and wasn't given an option to try for a natural birth. My journey took me to Rebel birth where I learned a lot and through Joli's guidance I was able to achieve a  successful vbac without any intervention not even an IV fluid. Joli  was there helping me and guiding me to get through Labor without excessive pain and was so attentive even the hours before having to go to the hospital. I  like that she treated me as family not just a client. If I would have have any more children would I want Joli again absolutely. Even after I gave birth to my son she was still there somebody I could lean on for guidance and any questions I had always concerned. I like that she always had a solution for something if she didn't she always turn to her resources and always gave me a response.  We  have become friends and the friendship has started that will last for a long time.??


Couldn't  done it without your guidance.

Posted 1/22/2019

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Dr zach Behnke

as a first time father I didn’t know what to Expect and really didn’t know what a doula did ... Joli made me feel comfortable as the father which was awesome .. I highly recommend her 

Posted 1/17/2019

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Hannah Secrist

I can’t say enough about Joli. My husband and I were expecting our first child and I had an idea of the experience I wanted and our midwife recommended Rebel Birth. We were comfortable with her from the second we met her. So down to earth, listened to us and truly got to know us. Her knowledge and experience quickly became invaluable. She was always available throughout our entire pregnancy. We put together a birth plan and she always made sure we knew exactly what decisions we were making. Her support for my husband was also amazing which as very important to us. My birth didn’t go perfectly to plan of course but Joli was there when we needed her and guided us through the hardest parts with patience and a calm presense we didn’t know we needed. She’s become a friend and I’m so happy to have met her. I would recommend her to anyone expecting no matter what birth you have in mind!! 


Hannah and Nick Secrist 

Posted 1/17/2019

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Cortney Brown

When we hired Joli, it was my second pregnancy, and I wanted to have a completely different birth experience than my first. I was having twins and knew that there was a high possibility I would have a C-section, but wouldn't know until the time came. With Joli, we met several times before our birth to get to know each other and bond as a team and write out our birth plan. Joli's expereince is so invaluable and the questions she arose prior to our birth were things that we never thought of...even after already having one child. She focused on our wants for our birth and explained her role so thoroughly, however our birth ended up unfolding. Joli's qualifications and skills are things that we knew were missing from other doula candidates we interviewed, but didn't realize until we met her. One thing I appreicated the most about Joli was being the perfect link between patient and hospital staff. She is so respectful of the hospital staff and doctors, but also advocates for her clients. Our birth was a C-section and it was so amazing, I was in tears. I solidly believe she was crucial in making what is normally seen as a "case" or procedure, our beautiful birth. Both my husband and I are so grateful for Joli and cannot sing her praises enough, for her contributions in bringing our twin girls into the world!

Posted 12/15/2018

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Diana Metz Estrella

I hired Joli for the birth of my second son. She was everything we needed! Throughout my pregnancy she listened to all our needs, tried to find solutions to any issue happening and was always willing to hear me out and help me as much as possible. When it was time to go to the hospital and my husband could find someone to take care of our older son, she was even willing to take me to the hospital. Fortunately, my husband was able to take me in and shortly after we arrived, she was there, willing to help with anything. During contractions, her hands were magical warm compression pads on my lower back. Her massages, touch, advice and encouraging words were key for me to find the strength to give birth to our son without using the epidural. I am forever thankful of Joli for helping me have the birth that I envisioned for my son.

Posted 8/4/2018

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Ava Hau-Smith

With my second child, I really wanted to have an unmedicated birth. with my first, my labor was very long and I ended up needing an epidural. My husband did great the first time round but I really wanted someone who won’t get anxious with me going through labor pains etc. We felt really comfortable with her from our very first meeting and shes been a great support throughout my uncomplicated pregnancy. My birth experience with her, I can honestly say, was the best I could’ve hoped for. She knew exactly what to do, did exactly what I needed her to do. Handled my husband, helping him stay calm through my labor. I was able to concentrate on myself and not worry about anything else. Thanks Joli! ??

Posted 8/4/2018

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Katelin Williams

When planning the birth of my second child I knew I wanted to have a very different experience than I had with my first, which ended in a csection after the typical cascade of interventions. My husband and I were not informed or comfortable enough to navigate the  many unpredictable situations that present in a hospital birth.

We hired Joli to help reach our goal of an unmedicated hospital birth. She was critical in allowing me to labor at home for most of my labor, as well as deciding when was the right time to go to the hospital. She is incredibly knowledgeable in positioning. She was proactive and responded to each issue labor presented with ideas and used her training and experience to find solutions or move things in the right direction.  With her help, I was able to have a very active, unmedicated labor. She also worked well with the hospital staff (nurses, residents, and OBs).

Most importantly, Joli has a calming and soothing presence that my high-anxiety, over-thinking self really needed. I felt calm and in control the entire time, which is not something I can say about my first birth experience. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone hoping to have an empowering birth experience. 

Posted 7/31/2018

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Krissy Behnke

I worked with Joli as a first time mom. And I am so glad that I did. I am a health care professional and I work closely with expecting moms but it’s a whole new experience when you go from provider to patient. Joli was such an important part of my labor and delivery. She has such a calming and caring presence which was exactly what I needed. She was able to clearly communicate with my husband to make it easy for him to help me. (Which made him more comfortabl)

my birth plan included a homebirth and my biggest concern was baby having a difficult time passing through the pelvic inlet due to a weird shaped pelvis. Joli has so much knowledge and experience with moms birthing in different positions and ability to help trouble shoot a situation and move into a more favorable position. because of that my fears were calmed and I knew she was the perefct match to help my midwife and assure I had The best chance for the birth I hopped for. 

I cant recommend her enough. And I am so greatful that she was part of my birth team. 

Posted 7/31/2018

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Jessica Bodin

This is my second time having Joli as my doula. This time around, we really wanted to have a home birth surrounded by people who loved and supported us. It meant so much to have Joli's support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

During an emotionally charged few days of on and off labor, Joli helped to ask the questions that allowed me to dig into my fears and take a look at how I was feeling to move the birth forward. She knew exactly what to say when I couldn't make sense of how I was feeling or what I should be doing.

When active labor actually began, it went quickly! I was already very much so inside of my body and wasn't registering much. Joli was encouraging, helping me put counter-pressure on my back (yay, back labor!), and helping hold that safe space I needed to birth naturally. 

After the birth, she stayed by my side while my midwives stitched me up. She brought me something to drink and eat and even helped me wash up in an herbal bath. I felt loved and taken care of which every Mom should experience.

Joli also encapsulated the placenta and created a beautiful work of placenta art to hang in my daughter's nursery. 

Having Joli by your side during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a gift and definitely helped me have the birth experience I not only wanted but needed. Thank you, Joli, for being there for us. <3 We love you!


Posted 7/26/2018

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Thiago Vinhas

There’s so much to say and to thankful for, having Joli as our Doula for the entire pregnancy and delivery process made completely re-think all my misconception about a Doula to the point that I can’t even imagine not having her there in the first place!

All her guidance throughout my wifes pregnancy was fundamental, she was there for us to help even with understanding our options and choosing how the delivery, sunch an important moment for the first time parents, would be to the smallest details. Not that it can always be as you want it, but at least there is a good plan to be followed.

I do recommend to any and everyone to have Joli as a Doula, no mather if it is your first or fifth child, it is worth it! Thanks Joli!


Posted 3/2/2018

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Polina Tsyolta

Joli was covering for my doula who was at another birth at the time I went into labour. She did a great job helping me to get through a very tough night. Her pain managment suggesitons were particularly amazing, as i totally forgot everyting what we were learning at the birth class. I ended up not using any medications at the hospital despite an 18hr long labour. I have only positive memories from my birth thanks to Joli and would absolutely encourage everyone to seek her help and guidance for your birth.

Posted 9/20/2017

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Amanda Kanitz

We had the privilege of hiring Joli as our Doula late into our pregnancy this year. Even though this was our third child, we knew we wanted someone with confidence in the natural birth experience to advocate for us in the hospital. From the moment we met her, we were sure she’d be the perfect Doula for us. We asked her a million questions on each prenatal visit for which she was completely knowledgeable and answered effortlessly. She helped us to envision the type of birth we wanted. When labor began she was there helping with different labor positions and became the calming gentle presence that we needed. Labor progressed faster than we expected and Joli’s awareness was key in getting us to the hospital in time. We firmly believe our birth experience was perfect because of Joli! We are forever grateful for her!

Posted 8/22/2017

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Lauren Boyles

Hiring Joli as our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our pregnancy and labor. We are first time parents and the journey of pregnancy is very exciting but can also be extremely overwhelming. We attended a childbirth class at the beginning of our 3rd trimester, and the more I learned the more I became interested in attempting a drug free childbirth. My husband and I felt it was necessary to find a doula to achieve this goal- and I could not have done it without her. From the moment we interviewed Joli, she educated us on so many things related to pregnancy and labor. She was able to refer us to a midwife in our hospital after we had a bad experience with our OBGYN. This was a huge blessing and great to have everyone on the same page and with the same end goal. Joli always made us feel comfortable and she always let us know that no matter what decisions we decided to make, she would support us.

I ended up being overdue (which Joli told me would most likely happen haha) and she was always a phone call away when I had questions or just needed to vent. She referred me to a great chiropractor who I still see and also an acupuncturist who I saw the last few weeks which was also very helpful.

When I went into labor, Joli was able to guide me on stretches to make my contractions more consistent and she came to the house when the pain started to get a bit intense. She instructed me on how to handle each contraction and used counter pressure, massage, and essential oils throughout my labor at home as well as when we got to the hospital. Because of her guidance, I was able to manage the pain of a drug free birth that I don't think I would have been able to do without her. You cannot put a price tag on that. We plan on using Joli again in the future and are telling all of our friends about the positive impact she had on our labor experience!

Posted 8/20/2017

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Chris Boyles

I want to start with saying that there is no way we could of had an all natural birth without Joli.  When my wife told me she wanted to have an all natural birth and to pay attention in the birthing classes because I needed to know all this stuff, I had a small freak out session.  Meeting Joli for the first time just felt right, she connected with us right off the bat and I knew that she had our best interest.  


She worked with our schedules to make it easy on us on all the appointments, gave us great advice on different things to work on at home, and really went out of her way to make us feel like we were her only clients.  Once we went into labor, she was there to take control of the situation and guide us through this awesome but very stressful/painful event.  She helped my wife every step of the way with all natural pain remedies that I think really made it possible for us to have a natural birth.  Being our first child and not knowing what to expect was hard enough but the comfort she brought us during the birth is hard to put in words.  The nurse, midwife, and Doctor that checked in on us all said that she was the best Doula they have ever worked with!  I will be telling everyone I know about her and will be using her again when we decide to have another baby!

Posted 7/5/2017

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Jason Becerra

While my wife and I are probably not the "typical" people who seek out a doula, we both felt having Joli involved in the process would be invaluable due to her kind spirit, experience, commitment, and altruism. We had our baby at a hospital in a conventional manner but really thought we would benefit from Joli's experience and advocacy for healthy, mommy-first ideals.

From the point at which we found out my wife was pregnant Joli was there to guide us through all the milestones. She met with us regularly, went over doctors' test results, gave us great insight into a variety of methods to aleviate my wife's stress and the aches and pains that come with all the changes her body was going through.

As we got closer to the due date Joli helped manage a lot of the logistics like making sure we had what we would need at the hospital. 

There was simply never a moment that either of us had a question, concern, or simple curiousity that Joli was not available to us via phone, text, messenger, or in person. 

We felt like we were her only clients even though we knew she was helping a few other couples. 

In the birthing room Joli was dialed into every need my wife (and I) had and really that I had as well. Whether that meant relaying information between us and the docs and nurses or applying massage cream to my aching back.

She helped my wife with pain management and breathing, relaxation and helped keep me at my best so I could do my part as well.

In retrospect, it really seems like everyone should be so blessed as to have someone like Joli help them through such an amazing adventure. 

Joli offers so much in terms of how she can help, guide, educate, and support that I truly encourage anyone and everyone to seek her out. She's found her calling in life and everyone is fortunate to have her be a part of their lives.

Posted 4/12/2017

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Mario Martinez

We hired Joli because this would be our first child and neither my wife or I knew what to expect. My thought was to hire someone who had experienced a lot of births and was exposed to many situations we could encounter. We needed someone to guide us through the birth and answer our questions when the medical team was busy with their work. Joli went beyond what I expected at the birth. She knew exactly when and what to do at all times. There were times when I just did not know how to make the birth more bearable for my wife. Joli was able to easily do this as well as keep us up to date with what was going on. Joli was flexible with the amount of help we needed and could read us perfectly when we required assistance. We will not have another birth with her not there. 

Posted 2/9/2017

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Nora Ventura

We weren’t looking for a doula because we wanted some sort of privileged or mystical birth, but we did it because we are nerdy and knew the statistics show that for optimal health and overall outcomes for baby, mother, and partners even, we really should get a doula. (I add this just in case you are undecided whether the “expense” is necessary.) She was the best investment that months after my baby’s birth we are still benefiting from (ask her about The Haven). I’m not sure how I can assure you of this in 2000 characters or less, but I can tell you that when we consider having another child, our budget plans include Joli as a top priority. From the interview we knew we just had to hire her because both my husband and I were able to open up and chat with her comfortably even though neither of us is good with strangers. Immediately I knew that if my husband could be at ease with her, then I needn’t worry about him feeling overwhelmed or alone at the birth, and I needed him to be comfortable so that I could get comforted by him. The prenatal visits with her were great and I loved hearing my baby, smelling the oils, and just bonding with my baby and husband via sounds, smells, and questions (hire her, you’ll understand what I mean). We decided to take the Rebel Birth class with her and Kathleen W. and it was just so much fun even my husband looked forward going to class. The day of the birth things got pretty crazy but I remember that as soon as a nurse told me that my husband had called Joli and she was on her way, I just felt like I got a bit of control back, because she had spent so many hours with us before, that I knew she could articulate my needs, fears, objections, and wishes if needed. A person can only advocate for you as well as they know you, and Joli will spend limitless hours (literally) giving the term “doula” its true meaning. Meet her and leave it up to your gut whether to hire her. You will.

Posted 2/9/2017

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Mark Johnson

We are so grateful for Joli. She was a huge part of our pregnancy and birth team. Joli was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and was always available to answer our questions. She knew we were expecting before anybody else and helped us throughout the whole pregnancy. Her birth class at Rebel Birth was very informative and helpful, and we liked that it was a 6 week course. 

Joli helped us so much with our birth plan and I really enjoyed our meeting with her where we got to smell all the different essential oils. She was very flexible when it came to our scheduling and even drove my wife a few times when I had to be at work.

Joli was calm and focused when my wife was in labor and stayed by her side the whole time. She even recorded funny things that were said during labor and took photographs. Joli stayed with us for a long time and was incredibly devoted to taking care of my wife. I am not sure if we could have done this without her, but I know that she made the birth of our son an amazing experience.

Posted 2/5/2017

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Friederike Graedener

We had known Joli for a while before we ever got pregnant, and when we found out we were expecting, she was the first person we callled. She put us in touch with our midife and answered our millions of questions we had early on. I attended her birth education class at Rebel Birth and between the knowledge i gained there and Joli's advice, my first pregnancy was a breeze. I tru;y enjoyed all my meetings with Joli and she was always extremely flexible when it came to scheduling. She helped us write our birthplan and was always available to answer questions.

When I was not certain if I was going into labor or not, she answered my frantic phone calls and texts early in the day, and ended up driving me to my midwife's office, since I had fooishly sent my husband to work that morning. I did not feel nervous or anxious about going into labor at all, but was confident and knew that my baby and I were in great hands. Joli was the perfect coach. She worked with me with the rebozo and took me for a walk and always made sure to help me keep going. when my labor progress stalled, it was Joli who noticed a popping in my pelvis and contacted a chiropractor for us who adjusted me got our labor going again. We may have ended up with an emergency transport if it had not been for Joli's expertise.

Joli made sure i was staying hydrated, energized, and as comfortable as possible. She was by my side all day long. She stayed well after the birth of my son. Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for Joli. She did not leave until I was well enough to see a few visitors and getting some rest and was the first to check in with us the next morning.

She also encapsulated my placenta for me and made us a beautiful placenta print with colors we had previously chosen. She will be the first person we call the next time we are expecting. She is the most caring, dedicated, strong person I know and we are lucky to have her in our lives. 

Posted 2/4/2017

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Pam Duncan

Joli is heaven sent, she is so caring, understanding and knowledgeable, she will always have a special place in our hearts not only bc she helped us prepare for this big day in our lives but bc she spent 12 out 19 hrs of our labor with us! She 100000% made our labor more relaxed,  not only she will help you while in labor but she will go to battle w staff and DRS  if she needs to, I have a large family from my husbands side and she was able to navigate thru all of them w such a positive energy, everyone loved her.

My husband did not understand fully why I wanted to have a doula and when it was all done he also agreed that hiring Joli was the best decision Joli!



Posted 1/6/2017

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Alison Balboa

I found Joli on this site and she was the first doula we interviewed and we knew we couldn't go with anyone else! We felt so comfortable with her and she is a fun and smart person who is great at her job and is always available by phone or text. You can tell she absolutely loves what she does. She came to our house three times before our baby girl was born to formulate our birth plan, review the plan and go over essential oils and techniques to get baby in optimal position. My plan was a hospital birth with an epidural when I felt like I needed it and she was supportive with any decision I made. I ended up having to be induced, which wasn't my plan and was a shock to me to get 4 hours notice to be at the hospital. Joli was the second person I called.  She had been at a long birth before ours and came up to the hospital in the morning after getting very little rest and was with us all day until baby was born at 10:30 pm. It must have been such a long day for her too but you would have never known it.  She even stayed late to celebrate with champagne! It was comforting to me to have someone who had experience there with me because I ended up being on monitors because of the induction, which I didn't want, but she helped talk to the nurses about issues they were concerned about. In the pushing phase, she was right there with the nurse, doing just as much work. One of her best recommendations was to get a labor gown instead of using the awful hospital gowns. All the nurses commented on how great mine was and I was comfortable walking around without my rear exposed to cold air! She came to visit and check on me a week after the baby came and we had a long debriefing about the craziest day of my life. I feel like I have a new friend and we will always have a bond with her because she was there for a precious moment in our lives. If we were having another baby, there's no doubt who we would use again for our doula!

Posted 11/10/2016

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Heather Cash

A friend described the Doula experience as "having the professor help you take the test" -perfect for us as first-time parents. After several interviews, we picked Joli. Right away she "fit" us- indeed our "Doula Match"! Her style and approach made us comfortable during our interview and the various prenatal visits. She was always available, helpful, and followed up later to make sure our needs were met. One morning, we called her. I'd been in labor several hours and was ready for help! Joli came to our house, as weren't ready for the hospital yet. When she walked in, her hug, presence and reassurance immediately calmed me. We were in capable, knowledgeable, loving hands. She massaged my back, guided me into different positions, got me a snack, and gave my husband a much needed break. When we got to the hospital, Joli was our rock- essential oils diffused to create a calming atmosphere; stories told to distract from the intensity; she helped "hold space" to make decisions when the doctors wanted us to take action; she gave info on alternatives; she checked in with us when we were about to make a deviation from the birth plan- simply to remind us that we had originally planned one thing and were now making a different decision; she fed me chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter; she massaged my legs and back and used oils and pressure points to change the timing and intensity of my contractions. And I know she did things for my husband and me that I don't even know about or can't remember. But I'll never forget the peace she brought me, knowing we had "the professor" with us. Yes, my husband is amazing and was great during labor. Yes, my doctor was there for my entire labor and delivery; she's terrific and I trust her. Yes, the hospital was full of wonderful staff who know what they are doing and do it well. But Joli was my secret weapon. My Ace in the hole. I cannot imagine labor and delivery without her.

Posted 11/10/2016

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Ren Johnson

Experiencing Joli as my doula was like being helped by an angel! In the first couple meetings we had I felt completely comfortable with her and truly felt her compassion and experience first hand. When I went into labor a month early I was an anxious and nervous wreck! However, Joli was available by phone and was at my bedside at 6am. She kept me calm and focused as we worked through the steps of my birth plan. She never once let me lose my focus and I am pretty sure she was just as active as my labor was! She even did a fantastic job of keeping my husband involved throughout the whole process. I 100% believe I would not have been able to make it through had it not been for Joli. Once the moment arrived she played iPhone photographer for me and cought some priceless first photos of our new family. 

After the birth of our son Joli followed up with us at the house to make sure everything was going well. She encapsulated my placenta and created a beautiful print which I have hanging up in the baby room. When I was having a difficult time with breastfeeding she gave me some great suggestions and referred me to an excellent lactation consultant. From start to finish Joli went above and beyond to make the birth of my son a beautiful and memorable experience. I will forver highly reccomend her services.

Posted 10/7/2016

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Jeff H

My wife and I interviewed a number of doulas before making our decision.  We both liked Joli very much, and I am glad we chose her, especially when it came time to needing her support during labor.  Joli was available to both of us throughout the pregnancy, and as my wife was entering induced labor at the hospital I was able to lean on Joli for guidance in coaching my wife through the early stage.  Once labor got going, my wife dialated very rapidly, and Joli came speeding up to the hospital around 1am to be there the rest of the way.  I was impressed with how calming she was to my wife, who had anticipated an epidural and ended up giving birth naturally.  I wouldn't have had it go any other way, and I definitely recommend Joli for your birth doula! 

Posted 9/6/2016

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Jenny Holzaepfel

We had a great experience with Joli and would use her again.  She's very smart and knowlegeable about her services and birth.  I like that she was available for several meetings prior to birth and open to several after, if needed.  She was accessible via text and phone.  She gave her all and I benefited from her support during labor, offering me just what I needed.  Her experience helped me hold on and go from being adament about wanting an epidural to getting through without one.  I needed her and can't imagine that regular nursing staff would have offered the same.

Posted 9/6/2016

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Erika Slaby

Having the support of Joli throughout the latter part of my pregnancy was one of the best decisions that my husband and I made for our mental and emotional health throughout the process of giving birth to our son.  She suggested her Rebel Birth birthing class that would credit with part of helping get my baby in the right position for a healthy vaginal birth.  Having her help create our birth plan helped to demystify the multitude of choices we could make for what was and wasn't right for what we wanted for our birth experience.  When at the end of the day I chose to throw out part of that plan and make a different choice she fluidly supported the new choice as much as she had supported the old choice.  She heard to the core of some of my fears during earlier conversations and ensured that those fears were assauged at during active labor and immediately after birth.  During our postpartum visit her attention to detail helped me to understand some of what happened when my body was more in control than my mind.  She made sure that our experience was positive and gave us opportunity to talk about and heal from anything that might have caused any kind of trauma.  I had the fortune to have a predominately positive birth experience and I regret none of the decisions that I made regarding it.  Joli helped us understand exactly what was available and helped me prepare mentally for if the plan needed to change one way or the other.  Her support to my husband helped him to be calm and get rest when needed.  We were a better birthing team because of her help.  I would hire Joli to help me through this birth again and intend to reach out to her whenever we decide to expand our family again.  

Posted 8/29/2016

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Mauricio Cavalcante

Joli assisted my wife Carolina and I on the birth of our second child. From a Father's point of view, I'm extremely happy with Joli's work. Joli is a easy going, friendly and warm person. She is also an extremely focused, seasoned and well conected professional. I feel very confident in recommending Joli as a Doula.

Prior to the birth Joli met with us several times to get to know us. She was very focused on learning as much as possible about the birthing experience that we wanted to have. So as the due date got closer we really felt confident and confortable in working with Joli.

When labor began Joli came over at about 8AM to work with Carolina. I stayed close by and participated in a few laboring positions. For the most part Joli stayed really close to Carolina making sure that labor was progressing adequately. My wife was feeling some back labor so Joli always made sure to keep contant pressure with her hands in the area affected. Around noon we headed to the Hospital. Joli followed us in her car. Upon arrival as we were checking in, normally only the patient and one person are allowed in the room during the check in process, however due to Joli's experience and connection at St. Lukes hospital they let her come in and stay with us. Shortly after that we made our way into the birthing room. There we started changing laboring positions for the next few hours. During this time Joli again was by Carolina's side making sure the labor was progressing well. Joli always made sure we stayed focused on progression, she guided us in a very warm and soft manner. Again I'm from a Father's perspective this gave me confidence that my wife and the baby were going to be safe.

At 5:04 that evening our beautiful baby boy Thomas was born weighing a heathy 9lbs. Carolina with the help of Joli (I also helped a little :) ) did a spetacular job as she delivered Thomas completely naturally. This was the exact outcome we were looking for.

Posted 8/22/2016

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Carol & Mauricio

Joli was simply amazing! She has great experience and is very resourceful. She has a contact for everything and knows lots of people in the birthing community! She was always very organized and attentive during our meetings making sure we reviewed everything and had all our doubts and fears resolved/talked through. During labor, she was fantastic! She took a very active role making sure I was moving and changing positions, encouraging me to embrace each contractions, putting pressure where I had pain, using aromatherapy, and ensuring I was hidrated and fed. I highly recommend Joli to anyone that is looking for a Doula. She made sure my son's birth experience was exactly what my husband and I wanted it to be! Thanks for be so awesome!

Posted 8/11/2016

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Natalie Nations

best decision ever ... Having Joli as my doula.  You want to regret having the best experience ever for your birth, keep scrolling.  Otherwise hire Joli.  You won't be disappointe.  Promise. 

Posted 8/4/2016

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Mikki Fox

Joli is not only a great person, but she is truly walking in her purpose as a doula. She was very nurturing and caring while I labored. She knew just what I needed without me asking.  She was ny advocate,  my friend and my support the whole time I labored and even after. I would never have gotten through my birth without her. Love love love herss my doula and my friend.

Posted 4/1/2016

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Monique Johnstone

I knew from the moment I met Joli, that if I got pregnant again I would interview her to be my doula! I didn't have a doula for my first so I knew I would have one for my second birth. When I found out I was expecting again, I set up a time to meet with Joli, and that was that! She was extremely easy to talk to, and I could sense she was an incredibly authentic, passionate, kind, and loving person. I knew she would be a good fit for us. So we hired her!

What a great decision we had made!! We were planning a home birth and Joli was very supportive of everything we wanted. I looked forward to our prenatal appointments, We laughed and hung out, and talked about the birth and all its details. It was FUN!

My labor moved slower than I had anticipated and Joli was right there the whole time. I think Joli was super in tune with what I needed. When my labor had kind of stalled a bit she encouraged my husband and I to consider taking some quite, alone time. So everyone left the house for a bit and I was really able to focus on myself and my baby. It worked, and within a few hours my labor had picked up and into active labor we headed. When things were becoming difficult for me, I remember thinking in my head "relax, let your body do what it's supposed to, release control" then Joli would say out loud, exactly what I was thinking,! but her saying it made it real, it made it easier for me to actually let my body relax. I could tell myself everything I needed to do, but her calm voice is what I really responded to. I needed her. And I'm so happy that she was there for me, she made the contractions much easier to handle. 

In the weeks postpartum, Joli called and text me to check in and she visited us a few times. I feel so blessed that Joli was there for us in such a sacred time for our family. She was the perfect person to help us through it. I'm forever grateful!

Thank you Joli!


Posted 2/16/2016

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Shannon Speer

Joli was a great partner and absolutely contributed to me having a great birth experience even though things didn't go as planned. Upon meeting here I appreciated that she had no issues with what I wanted and that was a big concern of mine when hiring a doula. She always listened and helped guide me. Joli responded to any texts or emails right away which became quite a few at the end of my pregnancy due to some medical issues. She was a great partner to my husband and I, we are so thankful to have found her. 

Posted 2/5/2016

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Joli helped me visualize the ability to have a natural, drug free childbirth. I was very apprehensive based on having interventions with my first child, but she reassured me and provided me with the tools and resources to overcome my fears. I'm so happy I worked with her as she empowered me to be prepared for whatever could happen with my second child. I had a drug free birthing experience that was far easier to recover from than my first time, and I owe a lot of that to her teachings.

Posted 1/28/2016

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Mica Blackwell

I got pregnant in Jan of 2014 and did the traditional doctors office and all that jazz, untill my doctors started to hyjack my pregnancy.  Telling me what I was going to be doing and this and that.  Being this was my second baby, I was not having that.  So at 28 weeks, I began the search for something different.  Boy howdy, did I find it!!! I went to a birthing center, naturally my next step was a doula! SCARY! I met with two women and talked with one on the phone.  Not one, compared to Joli. NOT ONE! She was real, down to earth, funny, included my other child and listened to my husband dorky jokes.  I loved how comfortable she made me feel about my delivery and that we would be doing it together.  She asked questions that I had never even thought of.  When my little guy decided to be difficult and turn BREECH right at 37 weeks, she was right there to guide me on how to help him turn and came to show us what to do, walked my husband through it all, so he could do it when she was gone. Then the day after I said I would be pregnant FOREVER (we all have been there), my water broke! My husband was over an hour away, he was still breech, my mother was sick and making a doctor appt, my grandmother was going to social security office, my aunt was dropping kids and wouldn't be available for a couple hours.  And then Joli, when I called her, was calm and reassuring, she said she was there for me and was ready to come directly to me. She followed me to the birthing center then to the hospital for our c-section.  She assisted me for 9 hours while I labored, rubbing my forehead and my back.  Talking with my like an old friend, telling me how good I was doing.  Now all this, while dealing with a huge personal crisis.  But NEVER let my side!! She was by my side even into the OR with her peppermint in hand, in case, I got sick my stomach!!!

2000 characters isn't enough!!!


Posted 1/26/2016

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Emily Hollister-Branton

From the moment my husband and I first met Joli, we knew that she was the doula for us. We loved her friendly, easy going, nonjudgmental style and appreciated her willingness to share resources and information (even before we'd committed to hiring her!). She's well connected in the birth community and is an absolute wealth of information! Joli helped us craft a thorough birth plan, challenging us to think about scenarios and issues that we'd not considered previously. We even received compliments about the plan and its contents from our labor and delivery nurses! Joli was readily available by phone, text, and email from the time we hired her to well beyond delivery. Joli was by my side as I recovered from emergency abdominal surgery and 24 hours of preterm labor at 33 weeks (while my husband was out of the country!), and she supported us again when delivery day arrived 7 weeks later. Joli assisted us through several hours of unmedicated labor, and she was with us in the recovery room, helping us get started with breastfeeding, after a placental abruption created the need for an emergency C-section. I highly recommend hiring a doula to anyone who is on the fence about doing so, and I wholeheartedly recommend Joli to fill that role for you. She's an absolute gem!

Posted 1/26/2016

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Marline Duncan

Joli is amazing. I had a great experience. Before I gave birth to my daughter, I fell and was checked into the hospital. The staff was trying to induce me and deliver me early since I was 38 weeks. I continued to say no but they weren't listening. Joli continued to support me and listen to me. She assured me that I should follow my instincts. I did and I left. The following week I gave birth to a very healthy baby on my terms. Joli is fun and she tells you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear. My husband and I are excited for our next one and for Joli to be by our side.

Posted 1/26/2016

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Jessica Bane

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOLI AS A DOULA FOR ANY WOMAN GOING THROUGH THE PREGNANCY / BIRTHING PROCESS.  I recently gave birth to an amazing healthy baby boy on Jan 12, 2016 and was lucky enough to have Joli by my side throughout the process.  She exceeded every expectation I had of what a doula is and does.  I was told my baby would be around 10 pounds at birth.  I am a first time mother and this scared me to death!  However, after meeting and working with Joli she helped comfort my fears and anxiety finally allowing me to relax and enjoy pregnancy without the fears.  Joli is extremely resourceful providing me with the care and support I needed for any questions or issues I had.  If she couldn't help herself, she provided me with someone that could, for example, she introduced me to an incredible maternity chiropractor and an herbalist to help with my pregnancy issues when medicines were not allowed.  Joli really made my pregnancy and birth experience the smoothest, easiest and most comfortable as possible.  She was always on call ready to help via text, phone call and/or in person...whatever i needed.  I don't think I could have done it without her.

Posted 1/26/2016

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T Adesina

I first met Joli through my midwife. I was looking for somebody who could offer support throughout my pregnancy and also to help me with ways of dealing with pain through the birthing process. When I first met Joli she was lovely, kind, and just really easy to get along with. My husband and I felt very comfortable with her. She was there and available for any questions I had and even though I worked in the medical field she didn't make me feel incompetent with questions that I asked about anything related to the pregnancy. When I went into labor, Joli was there as quickly as she could and she helped me throughout the entire process. I had to have the baby at the hospital though I start at the birthing center. I had some complications and Joil was there as I was being transported to the hospital. One of things I really loved about her was that she acted as my advocate telling the doctor on call that I did not want to have a C-section despite the fact they wanted to do it. Many times you may be too tired or feeling the effects of the anesthesia and having somebody there to be able to serve as an advacate for you is so crucial. Had she not been there I may have had a C-section which would have totally crushed me- she was able to point out to the nurses that the baby monitor was not on properly, which led to a false reading of frequenct decelerations. Even my mother who sometimes is very difficult to please loved Joil, so in my book she is a WINNER!! I will definitely use Joli again if I am blessed to have another pregnancy.

Posted 1/25/2016

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Elizabeth Salathe

I first heard about Joli through my midwife. She came highly recommended as a doula not afraid to stand firm to make sure my birth was all I wanted it to be. I was 39 weeks and 4 days when we first met at the birth fair and she came over the next day to meet with my husband and I - we loved her and hired her on the spot. It's a good thing we did because I went in to labor 12 hours later! Joli talked me through realizing it was real labor over the phone while she was on the way over and even gave the correct suggestion to help Olivia roll in to a better position. She's such a great doula she could tell what problem I was having and how to solve it by just listening to me through the phone! Skills, she has nothing but skills! If there's one thing I wish I would have done differently it's finding Joli sooner. My labor was only 6 hours and I absolutely believe she was worth it. Even though we only had a short time to get to know each other ahead of time I felt completely comfortable with her. I have a very distinct memory of her consoling me and me locking on to her and feeling this peace. She's wonderful, hire her! You won't be disappointed. :) 

Posted 11/13/2015

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Laura Johnson

Joli was our doula in September 2014. At first, we weren't sure that having a doula was the right choice for us. My husband and I are pretty independent and we thought that we could trudge through the birthing process on our own. After hearing about many other positive experiences our friends have had with doulas, we decided to give it a go. Joli came to us through the recommendation of a colleague. We interviewed her in the 11th hour (at 38 weeks) which made me a little bit anxious to be so late in the game with such a major decision up in the air. Joli was completely confident and incredibly accommodating -- we had to schedule all of our consults within a relatviely short amount of time but we did so with ease. Joli is a great communicator and facilitator. She was fully supportive of our birth plan and helped educate us about several issues that we had not previously considered or made decisions about. When it came to the birth itself, Joli was there when we needed her but also allowed me and my husband to experience the moment together as a couple. She was really good at hearing what we wanted out of the experience and then adjusting accordingly. I would highly recommend Joli to anyone who is considering a doula and I would also recommend her to anyone who is on the fence about a doula like we were -- I'm so glad we had her to support us throughout the birth!

Posted 11/13/2015

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Alicia Chappell

For the birth of my first child, Quinn, I was in a hospital and I did not have a doula. However, Joli Ammons was still present for the entire birth. As my sister, before she became a doula, Joli provided me with the love and support that I needed in the delivery room. I was able to deliver vaginally but the hospital rushed into induction because my water had been broken for three hours, wouldn't let me get out of the bed or eat or drink, pushed a small dose of pain killer on me when things got serious, among other things which may or may not have contributed to my son ending up in the NICU for 7 days. Joli's presence even then helped. But I have the experience of the birth of my second son, Simon, to compare. This time I delivered at Nativiti with my sister, Joli, and Kathleen Wilson as my doulas.  I cannot even put into words how much better things were the second time.  Joli provided the same kind of calm, loving, soothing, support that she did for Quinn's birth, only this time she had doula training and was able to do physical things that helped too. Simon was positioned slightly wrong, and Joli was able to help get him in the right place with these amazing exersizes that also made the labor pains easier. I felt like I was wrapped up in a cocoon of warm light and energy. Joli made me feel safe and calm at all times. Because of her, I knew I could do it. It's hard to explain, but Joli just has this quality about her that makes anyone feel comfortable, strong, and happy. She will help you do exactly what you want for YOUR birth, even when you forget what that was, and she does it with out judgement. I remember a moment where, mid-contraction, I was thinking about how proud I was of my sister for finding her passion and being so darn good at it. She will treat anyone like her own sister. No doubt that her wonderful energy helped Simon arrive with no compliciations and he was able to go home with us a few hours after birth. Happy Days!


Posted 10/19/2015

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Ashley Denton

Joli was and is amazing.  She kept me comfortable and helped keep my anxieties and worries at a minimal.  She let me make my own decisions and had very a lot of great information to help me with my birth plan.  I loved her and would definitely suggest her to others as well she's amazing! 

Posted 10/11/2015

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Andrea Rafiei

Joli was my back-up doula and was an awesome support person when my primary doula, Kathleen, was unavailable. Most critically, when Kathleen became sick, Joli took her place at the hospital in the middle of the night right when we were about to start pushing. Without Joli's support, we might have been forced into having a c-section. I'm so thankful that she was there to encourage me and back us up so that we could achieve our goal of a vaginal birth!

Posted 10/7/2015

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Kira Ramdas

We were so lucky to have Joli help us out on Dday with our twin delivery when our Doula was on vacation. I had a terrible pregnancy rash that was seriously painful, and Joli came prepared with everything she needed to distract me. She massaged me with coconut oil and helped move the swelling out of my red legs and made labor much more bearable. She was a huge support for my husband, and we enjoyed talking with and connecting with her the whole time. She advocated for me when medical students and residents came into our room to make sure they only did what I wanted. It was a long labor and she supported me even when my husband slept. We are so grateful for her and I highly recommend her to anybody looking for labor support

Posted 10/2/2015

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Emily Feinstein

I am so incredibly happy that I hired Joli to be my doula. I was planning for a VBAC with baby #2 and no matter how much I believed I could do it on my own, I was not as confident as I would have liked to be given my particular circumstances. As my mom put it, "I was covering my grounds" by hiring her. The moment Joli walked into my home for an initial consultation, I knew I liked her. Over the course of just a few months and a handful of meetings, she became my friend. Joli was so thorough, patient, informative, helpful and open to all of my thoughts and ideas. She tought my husband and I lots about natural forms of pain and pressure relief with the Rebozo (I renamed it the Garbanzo, haha). We played with aromatherapy scents and went over my birth plan several times to feel completely prepared for everything a VBAC entails and what sorts of things to anticipate at the hospital. When it came to the actual day, Joli was the one who figured out my water had broken (it was very subtle and I thought it was something else). I wasn't in labor so she came over to help try to get things going. We tried several things but ultimately baby just wasn't ready to make the descent. After a low-dose pitocin induction, things got underway and Joli worked her magic as I was attempting a natural labor. She labored along with me for a grueling 15 hours and in the end, I had to get an emergency C-section due to severe complications. We had a traumatic birth that no one could have anticipated and it took a long time to get over how it all went down. Thankfully, both my baby and I survived when it could have easily been a different story. Although Joli couldn't be present for the actual birth of my daughter, she was so supportive the entire time leading up to it and stayed long past the time she needed to in order to make sure we were all OK. Looking back, my husband and I agreed that we could have never attempted a VBAC or at least get as fas as we did without Joli. We love her!!

Posted 7/29/2015

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John Busa

When my wife and I learned about her pregnancy we were thrilled. We had been trying for a while and finally we were having our first child. Like most new parents we started doing research… LOTS of research. One thing we found out pretty quickly was that we didn’t know very much about having a baby. Between the medical jargon and the overwhelming amount of information, it was clear we needed help. My wife originally posed the idea of hiring a doula early on in her pregnancy, but to be honest the idea of a stranger coming to be a part of our first birth was a little overwhelming to me. All I knew for sure was I wanted my wife to be as comfortable as possible and if a doula could help with that I was completely supportive.

My wife and I searched for a doula; someone that could translate and guide us through all the decisions that we needed to be make, who was easy to talk to, and had my wife’s best interest in mind.

Joli was the perfect fit for us. Not only was a connection built from the first meeting Joli, she did an outstanding job of making both of us feel relaxed and confident in our decision making process.

Joli was able, willing, and ready to answer all of our questions and in my opinion went above and beyond all of my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with our choice of including Joli in our birth. She was great with relaxing my wife during labor and overall a joy to be around.

I cannot recommend or thank Joli enough for her support for my wife, myself and of course my son pre-birth and during labor.

Posted 6/3/2015

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Jaclyn Busa

When I first considered using a doula to help me with my childbirth experience, I wasn’t sure that my reasons for wanting one were on point with the service they provide. I really wanted someone to advocate for and help educate my husband and me about our childbirth options. I knew I wanted to give birth in a hospital and get an epidural. I was a little self conscious that I might get judgment for not wanting a completely natural birth. but Joli never once made me feel judged. Joli made me feel confident in my decisions by helping and discussing my options to determine what was best for us.

The most important thing to me when narrowing down our doula options was to pick someone I knew my husband felt comfortable around. We felt right at home with Joli from the very first meet and greet. We talked about her doula services and then just sat and chatted to get to know each other. She really came to mean so much more to us than just a labor support professional – she is a good friend we are so grateful to have involved in our child’s birth. I can honestly say that our birth went almost completely to plan and we were so happy with our experience. Joli played a critical role to help educate us, relax me during labor and push for my needs. In the hospital, Joli was great about reminding me of what I wanted, but also reminded me it was ok if our plans needed to change. She really helped to ensure nurses were following our birth plan as closely as possible, without being pushy.

All in all, I would recommend Joli to anyone wanting a down to earth, highly knowledgeable and overall loveable friend to include in their birthing experience.

Thanks so much Joli!

Posted 6/3/2015

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Robin Paige

Along with my loving partner and a great doctor, Joli made it possible to have the birth that I had hoped for. This was my first pregnancy and due to land-standing health problems it was suggested to me early on in my pregnancy that I consider having an elective cesarean section. My partner and I were seriously considering this option when we started looking for a doula. We were shocked at how many doulas refused to work with us just because we were considering the cesarean section. I felt judged and misunderstood. Joli however made it clear from the beginning that she was there to support us through a pregnancy and birth that would be the healthiest and best for me and the baby – physically and emotionally. As my pregnancy progressed my doctors said that my pregnancy was going so well that they would support a vaginal birth. After weighing my options and talking it over with my partner and Joli, I decided to have a vaginal birth. On the day of my baby’s birth, my water broke at 5am and I was admitted to the hospital at 9am and I had my baby in my arms at 3:10pm. Joli provided amazing support to me and my partner during the labor and birth – understanding my personality and knowing what to say, do, and suggest at critical points during the labor. For example, when the administration of Pitocin resulted in contractions with no breaks in between she talked to the nurses about turning it down to the smallest amount possible and that helped me continue to labor without pain medication. After the birth I was so proud of myself for remaining strong and being about to really experience childbirth the way I wanted to. Joli was instrumental in making that possible. Her understanding and lack of judgment made it possible for me to feel empowered to make an informed decision about my baby’s birth and in the end have the birth I wanted. She is a great Doula and a wonderful person!

Posted 5/9/2015

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Jessica Bodin

Joli was and still is an absolute blessing to my Husband and I. She was attentive, available and informative throughout the entire experience. She visited with us many times before our Son's arrival and was always warm and welcoming. I looked forward to our meetings! During the labor and delivery experience, I like to think that she was our doula-warrior. She helped us keep a clear head and realize that we had choices, not just blindly following all of the augmentations they wanted to do with my labor. She defintely gave us confidence just even by being present! Also, I had intense back labor, and Joli has a pressure technique that saved me for hours! We had her encapsulate my placenta and that too has been amazing! No baby blues. I would recommend Joli to any woman/family looking for support during their pregnancy, L&D and postpartum. She's the best money ever spent!!!

Posted 5/6/2015

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Pamela Nguyen

Joli was amazing!  She helped me through the vaginal birth of my girl twins, my firsts, in January 2014.  I decided on a doula only weeks before my expected due date, so I did not have the full experience.  However, we did a rush job on things I would want during the labor and creating the birth plan.  Just being prepared made me more relaxed.  Joli helped with the labor pains with counterpressure and relaxed me with aromatherapy and massage.  She also helped when I was pushing!  I only wanted my husband and Joli there in the room, and I definitely used all three persons (including the nurse) during the pushing. You don't realize how exhausting pushing can be.  She was unable to be present during the delivery since I needed to be in the surgical room just in case a complication would happen. 

Then after the birth of my twins, my husband was so engrossed in our new babies, that I was neglected.  Joli got me food and drinks since I was parched and starving.  She helped me while I threw up and helped me to the restroom.  She was willing to be in the restroom with me also (thank goodness I was strong enough!).  She only left when she thought we were comfortable to take care of ourselves. 

I had a great birthing experience, a fantastic beginning to being a new mother. 

I strongly recommend Joli!  She's an agreeable, kind and peaceful person.  Do not be deceived that she is not a parent herself (at the time anyway...) because she's a natural at being a doula! 

Posted 3/3/2015

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Rebecca Ray

Joli walked right in calm and ready to be my rock. She was patient, offered deep pressure on my lower back and stayed close to me throughout my labor. Joli is kind, personable and professional. I would highly recommend her.

Posted 2/11/2015

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Ashley Newman Photography

Joli has been a part of our family since our second child was born. She assisted our birth mom in her delivery and it was an incredible experience. Shortly before our daughter was born we found out that we were pregnant even though we had been told that it was not possible. We immediately hired Joli to help us with our pregnancy. My wife wanted a VBAC since our first child was born via an unplanned and forced c-section. Joli was there every step of the way and helped educate us on our options. My wife wanted an unmedicated birth, but I wasn't so sure how that would go and we had trouble finding an OB who would help us. Joli got us in contact with the right hospitals and doctors! When the day finally arrived, I was actually out of town. Joli played a HUGE roll in making sure my wife got to the hospital safely. Once I arrived, she was already in full on doula mode- essential oils, massage, walking...she really helped me feel at ease with the process. When my wife got stressed or upset, Joli was there to step in. I worked hard to be my wife's birth coach, but Joli helped to direct me which took a lot of pressure off. In the end, my wife attained the birth she wanted and we couldn't be happier to have had Joli by our side. To this day, we are still in contact with her. 

Posted 2/1/2015

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Stella F

Joli partnered with my other doula, Kathleen, for my prenatal visits and during the final prenatal period at the hospital. I always looked forward to their visits. My husband and I really clicked with Joli from the start. One of the most useful conversations at our house that we had was around my Birth Plan. The template provided had just the right amount of detail to be very helpful, and thinking it through with Joli's help made the hospital experience go much smoother. She would drive for well over an hour to come to our house for the visits, which I really appreciated. My husband was in touch with her when I was induced in the hospital, and when she arrived she immediately helped me relax by giving deep massages of my shoulders and back, and she was just a very calm presence who was also a great resource for my husband and me to talk to. Especially in the period when I was just about to ask for an epidural, Joli's massages were extremely calming, and she helped me remember to relax and take deep breaths. She is part of the wonderful TLC Doula Group, which definitely adds to her experience because she is partnered with other very talented doulas and other pre and postnatal professionals. Through FB she has also been very open with her own special path, and she is an all-around great person with a dazzling fun personality. I would definitely recommend her to anybody!

Posted 1/27/2015

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Theresa Cole

First, this testimonial is long overdue.

I have known Joli for many, many years.   She had been working as a doula and I knew that I wanted one for the home birth of our first (and only) baby.   I spoke with a few doulas, but my mind kept drifting back to Joli.  I was hesitant to hire someone I had known in such a social setting and who shared many friends.   However, after I talked to her I felt extremely confident in her doula abilites and her privacy protection.

D-Day:   I knew I wasn't going to be one of those moms who relished labor and felt it a spiritual and special time.  I knew it was going to hurt like hell and I would want to quit.   I was right.   My husband, mid-wife and Joli were the exact support system I needed to remind me of why I wanted a home birth without any unnecessary interventions. 

She was there with me, trying to get me to eat (a LARGE TASK), keeping me hydrated since my water had been broken for quite a while, and helping me remain as calm and determined as I could.  She used her knowledge of essential oils and was able to help rub my lower back when my husband was sent off to do another task.

She also helped coordinate food for the three of them since I never prepared anything in anticpation that I would go over my due date and not have the baby a day before it.

She was softly firm when I needed her to be and incredibly compassionate the whole time.

She took some photos that I cherish because my husband and I were a bit distracted.

If I go crazy again and decide to have another baby there is not a single doubt in my mind that I would have her by my side.  Her patience, knowledge, passion and truly joyful personality make her a perfect fit for any type of birth and any type of mother.  I am confident that no person would regret having her with them during the birth of their child(ren).

Posted 12/31/2014

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Nicole S.

My experience with Joli was amazing. She helped my husband and I through the birth of our daughter (first time parents). She was such an amazing resource prior to the birth and I can't imagine getting through my natural birth without her. She was a great coach and seemed to know exactly what I needed during the process. She also worked really well with my husband and by Joli taking the role of applying counter pressure, it enabled my husband to be right there in front of me supporting me throughout the process. As this was our first birth, I'm so grateful that Joli was there and I would absolutely want her there when it comes time to have our second!

Posted 12/8/2014

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Jenn Skinner

I had a home water birth with my third child. Joli never left my side. She supported me with strong words of encouragement, reminders to breathe, and wonderful relaxation techniques. She would pour water down my back through each contraction, backed off when I got super cranky through transition, and used essential oils to help my environment feel more relaxed. After the birth she continued her amazing support by helping me with my herbal bath, and two days later brought me my placenta pills! Because of her amazing support, my recovery time has been expeditious. My body feels amazing because I was able to effectively relax through each contraction and between. This birth has been an amazing experience in my life and I am so happy that Joli was a part of it. 

Posted 8/7/2014

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Alexis J.

Joli was a fantastic resource for our birthing experience. During the birth plan development, she provided excellent research for us to use in educating ourselves as we formulated our preferences and acted as a sounding board for us as we evaluated tradeoffs of options.

We chose Joli in large part because of her easy, approachable manner. She is someone I knew that I would feel comfortable discussing the most intimate of matters without judgment. At the end of the day, you want to select a doula who you can develop a trusting relationship with, and who can help you be an advocate for yourself, bringing a stronger voice to preferences that might be otherwise drowned out in a hospital setting. 

Unfortunately, as my water broke nearly 4 wks before my due date and my son was still in breech position, I ended up with a very quick emergency c-section, and was not able to put to use the birth plan we developed.

Still, the discussions we had about the birth helped prepare me mentally for what was ahead and be more confident and knowledgeable about my various scenarios going into the birth. We would highly recommend Joli as an incredibly value member of any birth team.

Posted 8/6/2014

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Ashley Newman

Joli was our doula for our adopted daughter born in the summer of 2013. A week before she was born, we found out we were miraculously pregnant on our own. Joli was amazing to watch with our daughter's birth mother- we knew instantly that we wanted her for our birth. I had already had a c section back in 2012 with our IVF pregnancy. I was determined not to repeat the same situation. Joli began working with us right away to develop a plan. She was 100% supportive of all our ideas and even helped us with options we didn't know we had. She encouraged me to fight for my VBAC even when my OB was not supportive. Eventually, I realized my OB wasn't going to support the birth I wanted, so Joli out together recommendations for doctors that would support me. With her help, we found a new OB and began to wait for our sons arrival. Her prenatal care was above and beyond the call of duty- offering rebozo, emotional support, massage and essential oils support. She gave us VBAC facts and supported us when one of my doctors suggested our son was too big for a VBAC delivery. When I went into labor, my husband was out of town. Joli checked on me throughout the night while I labored and then helped me get to the hospital. She was by my side the entire labor, intinctively caring for all my needs (even ones I didn't know I had!). From encouragement, to massage, to helping keep my labor progressing or relaxing me during painful contractions, she was amazing. At one point I thought I wouldn't be able to have my unmedicated VBAC birth, but Joli encouraged me so much and I did what I thought was impossible! My son was born just 7 months after my daughter via unmedicated VBAC. Joli is more than our doula, she is our dear friend and forever a part of our family's story. 

Posted 4/1/2014

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Tina Bullard

Joli was an amazing asset to my birth experience! This was my first birth, so I had little experience with what to expect. Joli was an excellent source of reassurance and calmness. She listened and anticipated my needs throughout my birth. She was also a great support to my husband. She was a fantastic advocate for my birth plan during a time that I could not be. She also helped to encapsulate my placenta which has been very helpful during my recovery. I would highly recommend Joli to anyone looking for an experienced doula to provide them with amazing care and support. 

Posted 2/10/2014

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Kila Savoy

Joii attended the birth of my last daughter. She was a wonderful asset to my birthing team. Even though it spanned over 2 days she was there for every minute to guide and support me through my birth. She stepped in to do whatever was needed at exactly the right time. We loved having her be apart of our birth!

Posted 12/16/2013

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Kim Raben

From the moment I met Joli, I knew she was going to be AWESOME and that's exactly what she was!  She is extremenly easy to talk to and has a wealth of knowledge ranging from the birth process to various pain management and relaxation methods using essential oils. She answered every question I had and addressed my every concern.  She was very thorough and really took the time to learn what my ideal birth plan would look like.  Unfortunately, my birth didn't go as expected (they seldom do) due to high blood pressure, so I was admitted into the hospital a week early for what turned out to be several induction methods.  I was there for eight days, what felt like an eternity, and she was with me every step of the way.  She even held my hand during the most difficult procedures.  She also served as my photographer/filmer during the precious moments right after the birth of my son.  She took awesome footage that I will cherish for a lifetime and captured the expression on my dad's face when he met his grandson.  My husband feels indebted to Joli as well for all the ways she helped him too.  Joli was not only my doula, she also became my friend.   I went to her after my birth to get a new "do" and she does fabulous hair too!  And she even did my belly cast which was really cool! She's funny, smart, creative, caring, dedicated, and a whole lot of fun!  I would highly recommend hiring Joli as your doula! 

Posted 11/25/2013

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Ashley Newman

With my first pregnancy I had wanted a midwife and doula but when we found out that our son would be coming to us with DS we were told that was not an option by our OB. Our son ultmately came via c-section because he was breech and we were afraid of "complications". I was frustrated by that experience and knew I wanted something different the next time. Our second child came to us via adoption. We partnered with a birth mom and Joli to support the pregnancy and birth plan. Joli was excellent- I immediately felt connected and conformtable with her. She had a plan, but was relaxed and flexible at the same time. She helped the birth mom to make good nutritional choices and informed her of all her birthing options. She was involved with the whole pregnancy. Joli was instrumental in forming the adoptive parent birth plan too- allowing us the opportunity to do some amazing things we never thought possile. When it came time for our daughter to be born, she was on call/readily available to us. She came to the hospital when we called- she offered amazing support. Always asking if the procedures being performed were something that the birth mom wanted. She sat diligently by her side, tending to everything she needed. It was such a relief to have her in the room with us. When labor had come to a stand still, the doctors began to talk about a c-section. Joli set to work immediately, repositioning the birth mom and encouraging her. She worked with the nurses, asking how they felt about different positions and always listening to what the birth mom was feeling. Within 30 minutes, she had gone from 5cm to complete! She was ready to push! Joli helped coach her through the entire process, and in 15 minutes we had our daughter! Using Joli's plan, we were able to catch our daughter when she was delivered, cut the cord and have bonding time. It was incredible! Joli prevented unnecessary surgery and made our experience unforgettable. Thank you, Joli!

Posted 8/14/2013

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Brittany Newman

My experience with Joli has been completely amazing. She has been very helpful through my pregnancy. She has given me extremely helpful tips during my pregnancy to ensure the baby came out healthy (and the baby did come out healthy). She has been there when I needed her and she still is (which is awesome). I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula. 

Posted 8/7/2013

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Amanda Felton

Joli Ammons was there for me and my hubby at the birth of our son, March 2013. I chose to have a doula with us because all of my family and friends lived out of state. The birth of my son was something I have been dreaming of for years! It was the most important day of my life. If Joli had not been by my side that day would not have been as wonderful as it was. I was in labor for a very very long time and stayed natural for the majority of it. Joli was there every minute. She did a wonderful job of doing everything I needed her too. We had only met twice before I went in labor, but she was so intune to mine and my hubby's needs. She is very knowledgeable with essential oils, something I knew nothing about but turned out to be something very helpful for me. I cannot imagine what that day would have been like had Joli not been there. On top of the actual birth of my son, Joli was there for me beforehand. If I was feeling anxious or worried, or just had a question I could call her or text her anytime. And she has been there for us after the birth. She also encapsulation my placenta for me, and of course did a great job! I got to know a lot about Joli, she is a very caring person; she has the ability to look into people and feel what they are feeling and give them what they need. Joli has a natural talent for helping, supporting and loving people. I consider myself so blessed to have had Joli as my doula. To any moms to be, Joli would be a wonderful person to have with you at your birth. Joli may be a new doula but she certainly is NOT inexperienced! Oh and she’s also a hair stylist, so if you can count on good looking hair or having your hair out of the way!

From Hubby: My wife probably would not be speaking to me had Joli not been there to help me and her.



Posted 4/21/2013

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Lanie Massey

Joli attended the birth of our daughter on December 17, 2012. It was a day full of excitement and wonder, and naturally some apprehension and fear on my part. Joli was such a wonderful and calming influence in the delivery room throughout the day. After finding out that I would have to be induced I was worried that my plans for a natural child birth might be unrealistic, but with Joli's help, I was able to to deliver Margaret without the help of any pain medication! I wouldn't have had our daughter's birth happen any differently and I would recommend Joli to anyone!

Posted 1/29/2013

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