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Jennifer Mendelson

Doula Seattle

Edmonds, WA Service range 18 miles no ferries

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I work up to 3 nights per week. (Usually Sun/Tues/Thurs from 10 pm - 6 am) I typically work with families for 2 - 6 months.

Postpartum Rate


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Postpartum Doula Experience

19 years and 425 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, August 2004

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

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Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Parenting consulting

Languages Spoken

  • English

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Overnights (10 pm - 6 am) $560.

Service Area

Edmonds, WA Service range 18 miles no ferries

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Jeremy Scheuer


Working with Jennifer during the first ten weeks of our baby's life was the best decision we made as new parents. She supported our family in more ways than we could have imagined going into this stage of postpartum. She provided impeccable advise, taught us so much, and instilled a sense of confidence, validation, and ease. Her vast and highly acclaimed experience is a testament not only to her skills, but also to her incredible vibe and personality. She always brought humor and lightheartedness into our home. We fell in love right away. 

In our search process for doulas we found numerous folks who were highly qualified and experienced, but Jennifer was all of that and so much more. She's someone who constantly reads her clients' needs, whether they need to vent, or check in, or ask questions, or just hand off the baby and get much needed sleep. My partner and I felt cared for and seen as much as our baby. For this reason, I recommend Jennifer for any and all families with varying needs. She sees you and meets you where you are and delivers the best support and care imaginable. We were so lucky to have found her. 

Zoe Parkman


I loved having Jennifer as my postpartum doula! Her calming and positive demeanor was so nice for me as a first time mom. I had no worries at all leaving my baby with her while I went upstairs to get a full night of sleep! We would do a little check in at night when she arrived and she would always give me a little piece of advice or encouragement. It was great to have that support, and the ability to sleep! I highly recommend Jennifer :) 



Jennifer was such a gift during the first several months of my daughters life. Jennifer supported myself and my spouse through a rough post-partum phase and made us feel so held. She also helped us get some much much much needed rest while caring for our baby. Our dogs also fell madly in love with her =). I cannot recommend Jennifer enough.



Jennifer is amazing. She helped with both our kids and is a baby whisperer. She is loving, supportive, thoughtful, and kind. We were so lucky to have her part of the family. She brought joy every time she came into our home. 



Jennifer is amazing! In addition to helping us with our son, allowing me to get some sleep at night, Jennifer also provided me with emotional support in the first few crazy months of becoming a new parent. She met me where I was, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with humor and compassion. She also taught us tricks for getting our son to sleep in his bassinet instead of on us, which helped all of us sleep better at night, and helped me develop strategies for taking him on excursions out of the house. She's also a baby whisperer - the first night she came over, our son would not stop crying. Jennifer gently took him, popped him into her sling, and he fell asleep almost instantly. Jennifer is a pleasure to work with and someone we'd be thrilled to work with again if we have another child. 



When our 3rd baby arrived in December of 2018, Jennifer came to help us during the night for 2-3 nights a week for the first few months of his little life. She had come highly recommended to me during my pregnancy - I struggled with depression during this pregnancy and me and my husband knew that we would need some additional support after the baby's arrival. From the very moment I met Jennifer I knew I wanted to have her in my home during those vulnerable first few months. She is the kind of person that exudes gentle warmth, peace, and calm - all with a sharp wit and a fun sense of humor. In some ways she felt, to me, like the older sister I've been wishing I had during these years of baby-making! My husband and I found ourselves staying up later than we probably should have on the nights she arrived to take care of the baby just to spend time with her! She took excellent care of our baby boy and I slept well (truly) knowing he was in her care. She checked in with me periodically in between visits and made me feel truly loved and cared about. She was wonderful to work with - I still miss her! - and I highly recommend her to any mama looking for tender, competent support.  

Sarah Haley


I would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer Mendelson! She was an excellent post partum doula for our family. Jen took care of our twin boys 3 nights a week for 5 months. She was always extremely helpful and I really looked forward to our "Jen nights"! She was very knowledgable about everything baby related and always helped answer any questions. Jen is very intuitive and knows how to be helpful in any way she can. If we have another baby I will definitely have Jen help us again! 



I could go on forever about how incredible Jennifer is, but suffice it to say that she is the most caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy doula you could ever find. Her support was invaluable after my son was born. Choosing to have her help was one of the best decisions I made in my journey into motherhood. 

Kara Trousdale


I worked with Jennifer 2-4 times per week, from the time my daughter was 3 weeks old to when she was 4.5 months old and I went back to work. Jennifer is wonderful babies and wonderful with moms. Not only did she provide instant help through allowing time for me to get a work out in or shower, but she really helped teach me how to be a mother. Jennifer is open minded, loving and a true expert. 



Jennifer is incredible! She has this calming, nurturing energy that immediately put me and my husband at ease. She is always on time (important when you are literally counting the minutes until help arrives) and first checks on you and your mental and physical health before focusing fully on baby. It's so rare to have someone asking about you, but it's SO needed. And not once did I feel judged - she offered compassionate suggestions or solutions where appropriate and also just listened. 

I haven't even gotten to how she is a complete baby whisperer and managed to get our baby to sleep when nothing we tried worked. I slept so well knowing she was in great hands with Jennifer, and I honestly don't know how I would have survived without those solid stretches of sleep. Plus she helped me figure out so much else like pumping and bottle feeding and so much more.

We're so thankful to Jennifer for helping us navigate those first few months and would wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking support for themselves and their baby.



Jen became our doula in April of 2018 when I gave birth a few weeks early to our first child. Like many first time parents, my husband and I were like deer caught in the headlights. Jen was our savior!

We hired Jen for two nights and then quickly requested all of the nights she could offer us :) Jen was easy to talk to, comforting, reassuring and incredibly knowledgeable. My son struggled with acid reflux and struggled greatly with nursing. In addition to providing her own thoughts/feedback, Jen connected us with a number of professionals who help our family get to a better place with his sleeping and eating.

Jen was truly an amazing support during the first months of parenthood and slowly helped me gain the confidence I needed to care for my little human. 




Jennifer joined us shortly after we experienced some postpartum complications for mama, which were also affecting care and feeding for our son. Her holistic approach to support for our whole family, not just the baby, was invaluable as we were all working hard to come back to full health, while also on the steep learning curve of welcoming a newborn. Jennifer's composure, caring, apparent expertise, and sense of humor, illuminated issues and solutions we were not even necessarily aware of. Everything from practical tips for sleeping, feeding and newborn care, to an empathetic sounding board to process all of the massive changes, and well-placed insightful questions which helped us to see new angles and possibilities in our sleep-deprived state. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have worked with Jennifer during such a critical time for our family. I suspect Jennifer is a kind of "godmother" in the doula community as her years of experience really showed up in the wisdom and complete competence she quickly brought to our home, and I'm sure to the homes and families of all those she works with!

Katie Sann


We view Jennifer as an extended part of our family! We cannot say enough good things about her and are so grateful that she was available to help us with our son. She is friendly, loving, nurturing, funny and even our dog fell head-over-heels for her! My husband and I were able to catch up on much-needed sleep when she arrived and our son was in great hands overnight. She shared tips and tricks for how we can make our newborn more comfortable, swaddle techniques, help with fussy feedings, etc. Additionally, Jennifer helped us out for a few daytime shifts before our daycare started. Any family that gets to work with Jennifer is very lucky - she is A+!

Kirill Sazonov


Jennifer is a fantastic postpartum doula.

She's like a superhero, and her superpower is to calm the baby down and make him the best sleeper ever. Our baby boy was pretty fussy, but all the crying and screaming used to stop 5 minutes after Jennifer took him in her arms. She was just doing magic there. Gentle and patient she was able to quickly soothe him. We've never seen our baby that happy and nice as he was with Jennifer.

Jennifer is charming, insightful, professional, she has tons of experience.

She was very good in figuring out what'd work for us. Others used to give us "theoretical" recommendation (e.g. ones that never work in real life), but Jennifer was all for "let's be real and make it work". She was very supportive and even when we were going through rough times she managed to ease it by being positive, gentle, caring.

We worked with several other doulas at first, but we never felt so comfortable as with Jennifer (that's why after a while we didn't want any other doula). She was very punctual and valued our time - two minutes after she came to our place we could leave for our business. When we came back she used to give us brief log of feeding, sleeping and playing sessions.

Her positive attitude, sense of humor and warm support helped us to go through this challenging part of our lives. We highly recommend doula Jennifer, she is the best!

Hilary Hanbidge


Jennifer was a total lifesaver when our twin girls came home. She was able to come into our home and just know what needed to happen and take care of not only the babies, but me and my husband too - and have a lot of laughs together while doing it. She is also a great resource for all things baby whether it's what carrier you might choose or how to bathe super tiny humans. I learned a lot from Jennifer, but mostly held onto my sanity during those first crazy weeks. I can't recommend her highly enough and have considered having another baby just to get to hang out with her again.

Faye Emmanuel


Jennifer was very helpful! We had her care for our newborn on a few occassions and show us some of the basics (giving a newborn a bath, stop crying techniques, and a swaddle technique that worked well!). She was trustworthy and knowledgable.

Margie Aoki


Jennifer was so helpful.  It was my first pregnancy, and she put my mind at ease.  I knew I could trust her to help us with non-medicated pain management, so I didn't have to worry so much about learning all that mysef (and neither did my husbad, which was a huge relief).  She really helped me through transition - I couldn't have done it without her.  I was able to make it through a natural labor, no meds, and I am so proud of that.  I would highly recommend Jennifer!

Jessica Iben


As a post-partum night-time doula, Jennifer helped me get through the tough, tough, tough early weeks with twin boys. We couldn't have survived without her! Jennifers' knowledge, expertise, and warm and friendly attitude were instrumental in our survival. She always went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable, fed, rested (as much as possible!) and had what I needed emotionally. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a doula!


Sabriena simon


I had the good fortune to find and work with Jennifer twice as a post partum doula when both my children were born.

She is an amazing person to have around when you need someone to help you relax, find the positivity and light in the dark/tiring days and just be yourself.

I looked forward to every day/overnight that I had scheduled with her and knew that my baby and I were in great hands.

She has an amazing and contagious energy and gives great advice on everything from what to do for sore boobs to how to clip baby's nails!  :)

For a few hours a day when she was around, I could shut off and rest, or find some time to do something for myself and know that my baby was happy and that the things I needed her to do would be done!

If you are even considering getting a doula for birth OR postpartum please do yourself a favor and get in touch with Jennifer.  You will absolutely not be sorry.

katy potter


We couldn’t have been happier with the support and guidance that Jennifer provided us as a birth and postpartum doula. Due with twins, I had a complicated 3rd trimester. Jennifer was a wonderful resource to bounce information off of following doctor’s visits. She helped arrange appointments with an acupuncturist to help ease some of my symptoms, and even came with us to one of my last OB appointments to go over our birth plan. It was reassuring to have a doula as experienced and knowledgeable as Jennifer at our fingertips whenever we had questions or concerns.

When it came time for the delivery, it was immediately clear that we were in good hands. She had a great rapport with the hospital staff, many of whom knew her by name. She faciliatated communication between me and my husband and the staff, and provided us with whatever information we needed in order to make informed decisions. She made what initially felt like a very scary and overwhelming process, surprisingly calm, smooth and natural.

During her postpartum visits, Jennifer helped us with things like giving first baths; clipping nails; swaddling; using baby carriers; and breastfeeding support. Now, almost a year later, these seem like run-of-the-mill tasks, but at the time, with two teeny babies just out of the NICU plus two clueless and paranoid parents, Jennifer’s guidance was SUCH a blessing. I always looked forward to her visits as I knew I’d be left feeling empowered as a new mama. If it weren’t for Jennifer, I’m not sure I would’ve ever mastered tandem breastfeeding, or even felt as comfortable getting out of the house by myself with two little ones. She has an amazing bag of tricks and tips to pull from when it comes to handling twins. The amount of confidence I gained from her postpartum visits is truly priceless. To this day, I credit Jennifer with a lot of the successes we’ve had as new parents.

Nicole Kelley


I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer. She is everything that we hoped for and expected in a doula - and more. We have had the extreme pleasure of working with her for two births now. She is knowledgeable, experienced, responsive and has amazing interpersonal skills - she is easy to connect with, a great communicator, fun but grounded and just wonderful in every way. She was helpful and valuable at every stage of the birth process. Before birth she did a great job in setting expectations, answering questions and pointing us towards resources (books, birthing class, things to make me more comfortable). During my birth process she was invaluable on so many levels: responding to my needs with an amazing array of coping and/or soothing techniques, anticipating my needs, helping us understand what we were being told by our midwife or the nurses and, more importantly, the meaning and implications of the interactions. Especially with a first birth, it was so important to have someone there that had experience and faith in the birth process - having her normalize what I was going through and respond with "that's normal" or "that's actually a good sign" made all the difference for me.  She stayed right with me through a long delivery - both physically and emotionally - and I'm convinced that I would not have been able to deliver my daughter drug-free without her. We have also worked with Jennifer in her post-doula role, having her do a number of overnights with our son so we could get some much needed sleep. there again, she went above and beyond in making suggestions and pointing us towards resources to make the first-few-weeks-with-a-newborn bearable. I would recommend her without reservation to my closest friend and family members - she has truly been a gift to us.

Diana Birkett Rakow


Jennifer was just what we needed for birth support - and we really had no idea what we needed until we got there!  Her calm, balanced approach prior to birth and during the birth grounded us and made us feel like everything would be OK.  She was knowledgeable and could answer our questions and tell us what was going on - this helped me a lot in setting expectations, which in turn made me feel more calm and like I could keep going.  She validated how I was feeling - when I felt like I couldn't take any more, or that the pain was a little out of control - she let me know that what I felt was normal, and actually meant things were moving along!  She had techniques to keep me as calm as possible when things got intense (reminding me to keep my voice low, moaning together in rhythm), and also watched out for my husband - reminded him to drink, eat, etc. so he could be there for me.  But the support didn't end there - from running out to get us a celebratory post-birth mean to referrals and support in the often challenging weeks following birth, it was reassuring and so great to have her ongoing wise counsel and steady support making the transition into parenthood.  Jennifer is a lovely person and a wonderful doula and I recommend her highly!

Christy Hofsess


Jennifer was a wonderful post-partum doula! She is knowledgeable, competent and has an ease about her that made us feel comfortable and assured, just what we needed to feel as new parents. She's approachable and delightful - a real gem! We highly recommend her to anyone in need of doula services.

Kristin Wilhite


Doula Jennifer was an integral part of the birth of our second child! Not only did she do a house visit to know us and our parenting plan, she was quick to text with questions, answers and bring peace of mind during the last months of my pregnancy. I had no idea how important the Doula role would be, having had one natural, unmedicated birth and hoping to have another. There seemed to be no mystery the second time around.  Yet no two births are the same and my second was nothing like my first. Jennifer was present from early signs of labor through the unfortunate C-section we had to have. She was ever so calm, positive, peaceful and empowering. I was never told what to do or how to do it. Rather, Jennifer was a wealth of information, covering all possible scenarios in so many unknown situations. She never pushed her own opinions.  My husband and I trusted Jennifer and her insight in deciphering and decoding "hosptial lingo" while we labored on and off for 30 hours.  Jennifer was by our side the entire time, giving us answers but empowering us to make our own decisions about processes.

The staff at Ballard Swedish hospital and the Ballard Swedish Midwifes love and respect Doula Jennifer. She brings with her an incredible amount of experience, balance and wisdom. There is calm wherever she is present. My pregnancy and birth experience will mostly be remembered through shared times with Doula Jennifer in the picture. Her wisdom in the weeks following my birth were priceless. I was reminded about sleeping schedules, breast feeding strategies and emotional well being through meetings with Jennifer that brought me out of some hard times following an unexpected C-section.

Doula Jennifer is present with you from the beginning to the end. I have the utmost respect for her and her work.

Monica Aufrecht


 I agree with other testimonials here -- saying Jennifer is an amazing doula is an understatement!  I would have had a completely different experience without Jennifer.  She understood the values and reasons behind my birth plan, allowing us to make faster and more appropriate decisions during labor.  I started out using hypnobirthing, and she was a great coach.  When we switched (per plan) to an epidural, she helped me decide on the timing of the switch.  Jennifer is extremely experienced as a doula, and this made a huge difference for me in how I experienced the hospital setting and, I believe, in minimizing the procedures that were performed in the end.  Doula Jennifer is highly recommended!

Priscilla Rathbone


   We met with Jennifer after the birth of our youngest son. I had actually contacted her beforehand to be our birth doula, but she was booked for our date range. However, after she was recommended by our birth doula for postpartum care, we met with her and instantly bonded. I think she actually has the skills to bond with anyone! We are wedding photographers and took her with us to an out-of-town wedding when our baby was only 3 weeks old. The drive was long and had the potential to be awkward, but instead was totally comfortable, with chatting when we wanted to and silence when we didn't, which we very much appreciated. Our baby was totally comfortable with her, and I did not have to worry about how he was doing while I was photographing.

   Doula J is an amazing listener-- empathetic and understanding. She is great at anticipating needs and making helpful suggestions (but not in a judgmental way). It really is a steal for new-Mom Therapy (and don't we all need some of that!). However, the highest praise came from our baby, who loved Jennifer. He was extremely picky and seemed to be born with separation anxiety. Only Mom or Dad would do. But as soon as Jennifer took over, he would instantly fall asleep in her cozy sling and be perfectly content until I returned to nurse him. It was such a wonderful relief to have someone I trusted and know that I did not have to worry about him overly much while I worked.

   Jennifer seems to have found the perfect occupation for her, and babies agree! I recommend her to everyone I know who is having a baby!

Heidi Blythe


On April 14, Jennifer will stand up with our family as we baptize our son. This is how important she became to our lives in childbirth and in the first weeks of our baby’s life. After months of worry about labor and delivery, I experienced the most empowering event of my life – a completely natural childbirth. Jen seemed to find the exact balance between offering suggestions or help and letting me find my own way. She knew when to speak to me, when to vocalize with me, when to be silent, when to hang back. I trusted in her completely and let the birthing experience take its course. After such an empowering, empowered birthing experience, the post-partum period was an almost literal shock. During this time, Jen took tender, loving care of our baby boy and coached me through crippling anxiety and insomnia. Her wisdom, creativity and strength - even the occasional massage – nurtured, sustained and galvanized me. I will never forget Jen saying that just as the cervix dilates in labor, the heart learns to dilate too. Jennifer Mendelson birthed me as a mother.

John Ellefson


 My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Jennifer. We knew that we wanted to have a doula present with us during our first child’s birth. However, we were uncertain about what it would be like to have stranger present during such an intimate time. We met Jennifer and were immediately at ease in her company. She is nice and easy going, and we could readily trust her and her experience. She has such a warm and caring spirit, such a pleasure to be around.
I wanted to be an active participant in my wife’s labor of our first child (as much as an inexperienced husband could) and Jennifer was great at integrating me into my wife’s support. She knew exactly when to engage and when to take a step back. Her wisdom throughout the labor and delivery were perfect and well timed. I may be going out on a limb here, but the three of us actually had fun, that is between contractions of course ?. I couldn’t have imagined sharing the birth of our daughter with anyone else. We give Jennifer our highest recommendations!



It has been a year since the birth of my son (12/2011), and I am continually thankful for the support Jennifer provided during his birth. My husband and I had hopes for a natural, non-medicated childbirth and Jennifer helped make that experience possible. During my labor, she clarified elements of the birthing process and explained all the medical "talk." She was incredibly thoughtful, encouraging, and warm. When I felt overwhelmed by the pain, her kindness and understanding helped me re-set and re-focus. My husband appreciated the ways she participated in the birthing process. She was not invasive or overly vocal, but a strong presence and one who helped give us the strength needed to endure the process. Once our son was born, she celebrated with us and continued to offer words of encouragement and affirmation. I still carry her words with me. Jennifer was a true gift. We have since moved from Seattle and I am sad to think she will not be part of our next birth experience, but I am so thankful for the wisdom and strength she instilled in both me and my husband. I cannot recommend Jennifer more highly.

Emily George


Jennifer was invaluable to me!  She helped me through my fears of a c-section when my baby was breech.  Then at the birth, she assisted me through my successful natural birth.  I only pushed for twenty minutes, thanks in part to her coaching.  

Looking back on my experience, the most important service Jennifer provided was after I got home from the hospital. In the first days and weeks of being a new parent, there are a lot of questions - about breast feeding, newborn care, etc.  My mom didn't remember a lot of details about when I was born, and I always seemed to have questions outside of doctor's hours (not to mention, not all my questions warranted a doctor).  But Jennifer responded to texts around the clock with great advice. I felt like I always had a trusted expert I could turn to.  

Having Jennifer as part of our birth experience, including before and after, was one of the best decisions we made.  Thanks. 

Alice Scheffer


 Jennifer was our doula in 2008 with the birth of our son and we hired her again in 2012 for the birth of our daughter.  I had wanted to labor without drugs for both children and have births with as few interventions as possible.  I succeeded in doing this and I could not have done it without Jennifer's guidance.  There were complications that arose when our son had to be taken to the special care nursery due to breathing issues.  My husband was able to accompany my son while Jennifer stayed with me and gave me emotional support.  For my second birth we had many worries as I was at risk for birthing a baby with shoulder dystocia because she was large and my son had had partial shoulder dystocia.  Jennifer accompanied us to our midwife appointment and helped make sure that all of our questions were being answered.  She goes above and beyond what is expected.  She is calm and humorous and her words are soothing.  She helped ease any fears I had about the birthing process and helped me stay in the moment and go with the flow of what was happening.  I wish every woman could have a doula like Jennifer by her side during labor and birth!  

Sarah Samnick


Jennifer was our doula for the births of our daughters in 2008 and 2012. She was a wonderful support both times. For my first, I had very painful and long back labor. I labored at home for as long as possible with Jennifer's assistance. I don't think I could have gotten through it without her! When we went to the hospital, Jennifer continued to help me make informed decisions when complications arose. She made a tough labor much easier and bearable. Her pre- and post-birth visits were extremely helpful as well. We hired her again for our second daughter's birth this year. It turned into a high risk pregnancy and her emotional support was so valuable. She was there for the planned induction and then ultimately the c-section.  Her calm presence was immensely helpful. She is a great listener and is a warm and caring person. Jennifer knows how to assist you physically and mentally before, during, and after the birth. You will be in good hands with doula Jennifer.

Adi Maxwell


I feel so fortunate to have found Jennifer.  She was with me for over 24 hours in the hospital for the birth of my son and was an extraordinary help.  She has the perfect blend of knowledge, expertise, and humor.  She guided me through each contraction and always seemed to know just what to say to be of the most help to me and my husband. My labor would have gone very differently if not for Jennifer's presence. We had a few challenges during labor and I always felt incredibly confident in looking to Jennifer.  She knew questions to ask of the nursing staff and doctors that I would not have thought of, and I trusted her opinions on the best course of action.  If you're looking for a doula with a ton of experience who is also a great joy to be around, look no further. 

Aimee Golden


Warm, empathetic, open, knowledgeable, humorous, helpful, friendly, inclusive, flexible, calm, approachable-Jennifer embodies all of these characteristics and so much more. We contacted Jennifer for help as a postpartum doula because several friends mentioned Jennifer with reverence: "If you're getting a doula, you HAVE to see if Doula J is available. Saying she's awesome minimizes her greatness-she's that good!"
Our newborn was a challenge to us as we didn’t have any experience with young children. We really needed someone who could help us not just take physical care of our newborn, but also patiently educate us around the nuances of parenthood. Jennifer was that person in spades. Here are some examples of how she helped: I wanted to find a community of other like-minded moms with which I could share my thoughts and experiences, Jennifer recommended a plethora of resources which were super helpful. Breastfeeding became a challenge, Jennifer helped me mentally and physically work through the problems without passing any judgment around my decisions. We utilized Jennifer overnight but were unsure as to how to optimize her help, she jumped right in and made recommendations as to how to best optimize our sleep while ensuring the baby was fed, changed and slept. We'd never given a newborn a bath before, Jennifer was right there both demonstrating how to do it and encouraging us to jump in and not be afraid. There were several times when I just didn't think I was being a good mother and Jennifer was there to reassure me that I was.
We are better parents for knowing Jennifer and I really believe our baby is a happier baby. On top of all this, I feel like she is a trusted friend.
As my friends told me "If you're getting a doula, you HAVE to see if Doula J is available!"

Jessica Shaw


The first time I met Jennifer I felt like we had been friends forever, it was just so easy and comfortable.  Jennifer was a wonderful support for me during my pregnancy as it was very close to my first birth and I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  She even metup with me at a play area and helped with my toddler! 

During my labor Jennifer was supportive, calming and reassuring, everything you would want in a Doula.  There was a moment towards the end of my labor when I was getting really bogged down with the pain and she just whispered in my ear to trust my body and do what it wanted me to do and that was the best advice and got me through until the end.

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone and hope she is someone I have in my life for a long time.

Sabriena Simon


 We could not have been luckier to find Jennifer.  We used Jennifer for her post partum services and Both my husband and Iooked so forward to the days that she was scheduled.  As first time parents with no family in the area Doula J provided the support we needed.  Whether it was to show us how to bathe our daughter, Give me a few hours to sleep or shower, share advice and suggestions on breast feeding or just be a supportive ear to my venting, she was the best at it all.  I wish everyone was able to have a Doula J in their lives!! 

We since moved away and can no longer see or use Doula J and we miss her terribly!!

Tracy Cutchlow


Jennifer was a terrific coach for us through my labor at home, at the birth center, and at the hospital. She tirelessly breathed with me and calmed me from midnight until 3 p.m. My huband and I went to the birth classes but kind of forgot everything in the moment, so we were grateful for Jennifer's gentle presence. When I had to have a C-section at the hospital and the doctors said only my husband could come with me, I insisted that Jennifer be there, too. Jennifer visited us at home after the birth and was so loving in her interactions with our baby, essentially teaching us what to do with our baby in the early days. She has the positive, fun energy of a good friend. We highly recommend Jennifer both as a birth doula and a postpartum doula.

Amy Lakhani


Jennifer is a rare gem who truly has it all: A humble spirit, calm confidence, vast knowledge, years of experience, refreshing humor, and a songbird-esque voice that instantly puts you at ease. She was our rock -- a critical part of our birthing power team! She provided much-needed structure and support to an entirely unpredictable process, and she did so in a manner that felt positive yet firm throughout my 22 hours of labor. 

My husband and I do not want to imagine what labor and delivery would've been like without her. She's made for this!



Bev Schubert LM, CPM


As a midwife who has been at a variety of births with Jennifer I can whole- heartedly recommend her as a doula. The wisdom,kindness and gentle humor that she embodies imparts light and grace into every birth that she attends. Her love of birthing women and their families is palpable, and her clear and grounded approach when situations are challenging is invaluable. I am always so happy to hear when a woman in my care has enlisted Jennifer's service!

Jennifer Marrone


Jennifer is amazing! I benefited greatly from her services as a postpartum doula for over 7 months, starting from when our son was approximately 1 month old. Jennifer is caring, professional, trustworthy, empathetic, insightful, and REALLY good at her job. I did not expect to gain so much - to learn so much or to get so much helpful support as I transitioned into motherhood. I trusted Jennifer in our home, whether or not I was there. She has a special gift of being fully present and attentive in a way that feels neither intrusive nor pushy. She supported me, my husband, and our newborn in so many simple ways and helpful ways. I recommend her highly and without reservation. Thank you, Jennifer!

Anne Belk


As our doula, Jennifer added so much to our birth experience. Here is a little story of how she helped me vocalize more effectively in labor:

When I was in active labor, I began moaning through most contractions. I had never really heard of women moaning during labor and was surprised by it, but it just felt right. Making noise helped me feel in tune with my body. I began moaning in a rather high pitched tone. I remember so clearly how Jennifer came over and knelt beside me and started moaning with me. Really, I think hers was more of a hum! The fantastic thing was that as she hummed/moaned with me, she used a very low tone. I instinctively matched her low tone and found it so much more calming. I hadn't realized until she joined me in a low tone that my high tone had been vocalizing out of fear. Even now, I listen in my memory and hear the fear in my voice with those initial vocalizations. I can't even describe the sense of power I felt over my contractions once I was using a deep, low tone for vocalization. Jennifer's wisdom and guidance in this made a huge difference in how I coped with an unmedicated labor.

Later in my labor, when I was probably in Transition, my voice crept back up to those high tones. Jennifer again began vocalizing with me. At this point, I found it very hard to keep my voice deep and low, but with her voice alongside mine, I was able to make it through that very difficult stage.

Jennifer was right there with me every step of the way and offered ways to help before I even knew I was in need. We highly recommend Doula Jennifer and remember her very fondly from her support and beautiful spirit before, during, and after our daughter's birth.

Jenn Boelter, LM, CPM


Along with being a lovely and cheerful lady, Jennifer is an excellent doula! She brings a strong confidence and amazing ability to connect with the laboring mama. I highly recommend her services!

Emma Summer, birth doula


I am a doula and attended hundreds of births before getting pregnant and beginning to prepare for my own. Knowing my partner and I would want to have a doula, I very carefully chose Jennifer Mendelson.

Jen had a particular way of hearing me and always saying exactly the right thing throughout my pregnancy. She saw me through my fears of a record breaking enormous baby, my changing body image, my family's circumcision debate and a million other things. I was a sensitive, moody pregnant lady and she could always make me laugh and feel more light hearted, even as I knew she was seriously acknowledging my feelings. She managed to do all this seemingly without effort, perhaps because she is so perfectly cut out for her work.

During my labor, she came at exactly the right time, offering coping strategies I desperately needed right when I needed them. I felt such relief when she quietly made her way from my front door to the bathroom, where I stood in 2 inches of cold water waiting for the birth tub to fill. Jen made my partner feel so much more at ease with her confidence and great sense of humor - even as I labored. He and I both knew we could turn to her to ease our fears, albeit in very different ways, and she always came through with just the right look, words or back pressure (I don't know what I would have done without that!). She helped me feel strong, capable and unafraid as I pushed my baby out at home, in the water, with my man and good friends all around. I have such happy memories of her presence at the most important event of my life. 

Postpartum, even though I had a lovely birth that was gentle on my body and a sweet, easy baby, I've had so many questions for Jen and she is a wealth of information - with short cuts and solutions to almost any problem.

Jennifer Mendelson has been an invaluable resource for my family, as I'm sure she would be for yours. I recommend no one so highly. She is absolute perfection.

Corinna Calhoun


My best friend worked with Jennifer and had nothing but fantastic things to say, so I knew she was going to be a huge help after the birth of my son Tom. That said, I didn't know what kind of help I'd need exactly, or just how impactful it would be to have Jennifer working with us for the first 7 weeks of his life. From the beginning I loved the fact that she knew just the right way to check in on me, since that's the first step to happy mom and baby time. She helped us through a lot of firsts, as well as difficult challenges with acid reflux, with expert advice and without any judgment whatsoever or any one way of doing things. Neither my husband nor I have family nearby, but even if we did, having a professional who is also completely objective was what we needed to build our confidence as new parents. By the end of our time together I found myself really looking forward to Jennifer's visits not just for the hands on practical advice which we benefitted from, but as I would a super smart (and very funny!) friend who I knew had my and Tom's best interests at heart 100%. I'm now telling all the pregnant women I know that they absolutely should hire a post partum doula (Jennifer ideally). We hire experts for everything else it seems - to do our taxes, to manage our finances, even to detail our cars - why on earth would we not hire an expert to help with, while the most amazing, arguably one of the most stressful experiences in life? Hiring Jennifer for Tom's first months was literally the best decision I made related to bringing Tom home & it set us up for a very healthy & happy babyhood.

Kathi Woodside


I agree with just about everything that folks have written in other testimonials.  Jennifer really is fantastic.  We worked with a birth doula in NY when we had our first child (hoping that it would take some pressure and expectations off my husband) and were really thankful to have the doula with us throughout the delivery.  Luckily, my husband was also a great support and was very hands-on in helping me.  So it took some extra thinking about whether working with a doula for the second birth would be as beneficial.  After meeting Jennifer and learning how warm, sweet, and non-intrusive she is, we decided to ask for her help during the birth of our second child.  And boy was I happy to have Jennifer there.  Arguably, we would have done just fine with the standard medical support provided at the hospital.  But I'm certain that working with Jennifer made things much calmer and warmer.  She was such a big help to me with processing the pain and staying focused on the short term goals, and I believe I ended up feeling more empowered with her support.  Jennifer is a very easy person to be around and ultimately doesn't feel like a stranger, so it's easy to have her present for a very intense and private time.  She did not put forth her own agenda, but was supportive of our goals and intentions and really kept those in mind during the delivery.  The nursing staff at the hospital also enjoyed working with Jennifer, recognizing the valuable support she provided and role she filled that is so different and separate from that of the nurses and doctors.  I will gladly recommend working with a doula to all my pregnant friends, and will highly recommend Jennifer to everyone.  I hope to work with her again if we have another child.  Thank you Jennifer!

Charlotte Dimock


I am convinced that Jennifer is a huge reason my birth was a positive experience.  I didn't use a doula when I gave birth to my son two years ago.  That labor was scary.  I often felt out of control.  The experience left me completely petrified to give birth again.  I hadn't used a doula before because I didn't want some strange hippy birth activist trying to control my birth and not listening to me.  Jennifer was empowering, listened to my concerns, and offered advice, never criticism or judgement.  During the birth, she knew just what to do--how to help me remember to breathe, push on my body to make contractions hurt less.  She could anticipate my needs.  Her presence made it easier for my husband to just be there to support me.  Thanks to Jennifer, the birth of my second child was a calm and peaceful experience, the absolute opposite of my first.  Jennifer probably also gave us the best advice for post birth--nursing toys for our toddler-- to make breastfeeding easier.  Jennifer came over post birth one day and watched the baby while I slept, she cooked meals, and also did some light housework.  It was just what I needed when my husband went back to work.  I am now a proponent of doulas and won't hesitate to use Jennifer again if I have another child.

Emily Repperger


When I first met with Jennifer I wasn't sure she was the right match. I hired a couple other Doulas but Jennifer was one of their backups. During her first visit I quickly realized that I definitely had been wrong in the interview. Eventually she was the only one I kept using as I tried to wien myself off the help. She is very comforting and knows how to guide you without being overbearing. She is completely loving with my little one and handles all kinds of situations with ease. She was the best rounded Postpartum Doula from helping with laundry, decluttering, cooking, outings and just straight baby care. As a new Mom, Jennifer guided me through some nervous outings and always made me feel at ease. She definitely had a great affect on how I handle everything I do these days. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some help and plan to have her come back if/when I have another little one.

Steve and Lynne Seitz


Doula Jennifer is the best! I was struggling with getting comfortable & confident with my infant daughter and was referred to Jennifer by another new mom. Jennifer walked in, took one look at me and seemed to know instantly what I needed. Over a period of weeks, Jennifer taught me practical things about infant care, lots of new tricks around soothing and sleeping and sometimes just shadowed me for a lot of the 'firsts' (first car-ride alone with baby, first trip to the grocery store alone with baby, etc) until I became more confident on my own. Working with Jennifer made all the difference in the first few months for me. Jennifer is approachable, funny, kind and non judgemental. Best of all- my baby daughter loved her too. I've referred Jennifer to my best friend, who is having a baby this month as she is the best gift for any new mom that I can think of.

Casey Sheehan


Hiring Jennifer was the best thing we did for the birth of our son.  She is the greatest!  Jennifer is funny, warm, experienced and inteligent.  I would reccomend her to anyone who would like support during and after the birth of their child.  We were instantly comfortable with her - she became a part of the family.  We love her!  After the birth she taught us a lot about the cues that our baby was giving us regarding his needs.  That helped a lot! 

Kristin G


Working with Jennifer Mendelson was a true blessing and privilege after my second baby was born. She is friendly, full of humor, tactful, insightful, energetic and professional. I would highly recommend working with Jennifer Mendelson if you have the opportunity. She is a true guide through the myriad emotions and unexpected circumstances which come along with adjusting to life with a new baby. I know deeply that my whole little family is better because of the help Jennifer gave. 

Madeleine DeGracia


Jennifer is strong, wise, patient, and kind. During my very short, but extremely intense labor, she worked seamlessly with my husband, the hospital staff, and me; helping us stay informed and in charge of our decisions. Her steady manner, confidence, and calming presence made it possible for me to bear my drug free labor, delivery, and post-partum. After my son was born, she shifted gears to: grabbing our camera and taking photographs, jotting down a lot of notes about the experience, and advising me on breastfeeding techniques. Jennifer stayed with us at the hospital until we felt really confidant on our own.

Having a toddler and a newborn alone all day is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. Our youngest cried for hours day and night with colic, while our oldest became very insecure and craved my attention. I was so tired and overwhelmed that I began to loose all sense of reality. Jennifer came over and spent a day guiding me through the trials of parenting two. Just having her presence, her reassurance, and her advice changed my outlook for good.

I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for an advocate, an advisor, and someone to lean on when you are scared or need a hug. Someone who is strong and savvy and will always put your family first. I cannot imagine going through labor, birth, and the first months with a newborn without Jennifer and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Leslie Pierson & Mark Butler


I can't say enought great things about Jennifer!   Not only was she amazing before the birth but was there for our challenging experience.  I was in the labor over 24 hours and then ended up having a c-section and she was there to calm me all along the way.  We had an additional challenge tin that our son required surgery after his birth and having her there to calm both of us was wonderful!! Really amazing!   Luckily everything went perfectly and he's a healthy happy lil boy now and I really can't imagine having to go through that without Jennifer!

She's a calm gifted doula with a ton of experience.  Look no further if you are considering Jennifer as a doula.  Plus she's a post partum doula so you can even call her in for advice after you've had the baby which we did and it really made me much more confident about being a new mom. We don't have family in the area and I needed some additional guidance.  She is simply the best!  If you'd like to talk to me about our experience with Jennifer I'd be more than happy to talk to you!

She's the best!

Leslie, Mark and Alex

Kathy Harding


As my son turned one this past July, I reflected on my birth and the intense year that followed. I had a c-section after 35 hours of labor and had many hours of natural childbirth. It was a real ride! Jennifer was by my side the entire time. I treasure the memories of working through contractions and trying out the tub and eating popsicles. She knew how to calm me, guide me, position me so that I was most comfortable and present. She was easy and fun to be with, a wonderful support to my husband, and a terrific addition to the team of midwives and ob/gyns. When I went into the surgical room for the c-section, I chose her and my husband to accompany me. She held my hand during the operation and made a stressful time so much better.

Childbirth is so private and unpredictable. Jennifer was able to move right into a major support role and created a safe ground for me to do my work. I cannot recommend her highly enough -- or thank her enough.



There are no words to describe how essential and import Jennifer Mendelson was as our birth doula. I have PTSD and was very fearful of the birth process. Jennifer provided deep, patient and meaningful prenatal support. She exudes a calmness and confidence that gave me resolve and strength. In the end my son was born premature. He came very quickly and labor was extremely intense. Of all the people in attendance (my wonderful husband included), HERS was the voice and touch that carried me through and guided the way. Our birth went smoothly and required no medication. It ended up being a very empowering and life-changing event. I attribute so much of that to Jennifer (and just a little bit to me ;-) Postpartum our son had some health issues and ended up in special care for 3.5 weeks. It was an anxious, stressful and worrisome time for us. Jennifer went above and beyond - visiting us in the hospital, helping with breastfeeding, consulting with an overwrought and distressed Mommy. Our little guy is now 7.5 mo, healthy, fat and happy. I always say Jennifer "helped make him." It truly takes a village.

harley sitner/cathy summers


Jennifer came highly referred to us as an amazing post-partum doula and we can say little more than she exceeded those high expectations.  In many ways a post-partum doula enters your home at the most stressful and overwhelming time and the skills required are immense - patience, intuition, caring, support, nuturing, strong and smart.  all characteristics of jennifer.  To trust someone with your child at that stage is difficult, but within moments my wife and I were able to steal away moments for ourselves knowing that Eden Peach was lovingly cared for by jennifer, and that some of our most basic needs were being taken care of (laundry! dog hair sweeping! lactation support and more!).  She would pick up things for us on her way over and make sure we were all cared for.  She taught us how to use our vast assortment of carriers, the swaddle blankets, the pumps, the seats, chairs, swings and clothes and all the other crap/stuff we now find ourselves surrounded by!

When we were at our wits end, Jennifer would show up and walk us back form the edge - assuring us we were actually doing everything perfect, and giving us gentle hint where some adjustments would vastly improve our lives.  We lookd forward to her visits and were sad when they ended.

We knew we wanted a post-partum doula and we look back and think it was one of the best decisions we made.

We thorougly endorse Jennifer in this capacity and can only imagine she'd be just as lovely and perfect as a birth doula as well.


Meghan and Mark


I would definitely recommend Jennifer as a birth doula. She was with us for the birth of our second son at Swedish on First Hill, and even though I was induced with Pitocin, we had a successful natural birth. My first son was also induced, but without a doula, my husband and I were unprepared for the intensity.  We didn't feel very supported or reassured, and I ended up having an epidural. Having Jennifer there for our second birth made a huge difference. She did a great job of helping me find different positions to get more comfortable, and more than that, she was continually reassuring me that what I was feeling was normal and nothing to be afraid of.  She breathed and vocalized with me through each contraction, and I didn't ever feel panicky or unable to go on.  Somehow, contraction by contraction, I made it through the birth without any medication.  It was incredibly painful, but a beautiful experience, and something I will treasure always. If we have another baby, I will definitely want to have Doula J with us again!

Sara Levin and Jeff Davis


From the moment we interviewed "Doula J" we clicked. We were looking for a doula who would support both of us through the birth, be open to use of medication, and who had a style that combined direct and nurturing. Jennifer is all that and more. She met with us before the birth to learn more about our expectations, desires and fears. As the due date approached, she checked in frequently, giving great encouragement and support. Her presence during labor was incredible and invaluable. She was front and center when appropriate, and hung back and let us focus when appropriate. Her suggestions for ways to cope with the contractions and gentle reminders of what we'd discussed ahead of time were always right on. She was warm, funny when we needed funny, and strong when we needed strong. She connected immediately with the friends who were there with us, and helped them help us get through it all. It was a joy to have her there with us at our daughter's birth, and the experience wouldn't have been the same without her. She was a key part of the "village" that welcomed our daughter into the world. Her followup visit and advice were also invaluable. Jennifer is an incredible doula and great role model mom. We were lucky to have found her and recommend her highly.

Sarah Peterson & Ash Warren


We worked with Jennifer as a birth doula for our first birth.  We are a same sex couple with a few unique concerns about how we might be perceived and treated by hospital staff and Jennifer was very comfortable working with us, open to learning about the particulars of our situation, and committed to supporting us as needed in every way throughout the birth.  As is true for many women, our birth did not go according to plan, and Jennifer really helped us process each deviation (induction for postterm, internal monitoring, epidural, c-section...) so that when all was said and done we were thrilled with our new son, at peace with our birth experience, and felt like we had really done everything we could to avoid a c-section given the circumstances.  She deserves special praise for keeping us together during the 2 hours (!!) between when I asked for an epidural and when I got it.  She helped us get breastfeeding going in the hospital and helped me process the stress of a low milk supply at our postpartum visit.  As others have said, she exudes a sense of calm and has a wry sense of humor - both essential in navigating the challenges of birth.

Lavanya V


Jennifer came to us as a postpartum doula when my little girl was about 6 weeks old, and supported us through her 4th month. I wish we could have had her come sooner, and stay for ever! My "high-spirited" baby and I were struggling with acid reflux and sleep problems, and it was a very exhausting and tense time for me. Jennifer brought a sense of calm and confidence into our lives. She was practical and yet sensitive, hands-on and yet empowering, wise and non-judgemental. I could trust my baby and my home with her and catch a much needed break, or turn to her for keen insight into a question, or simply relax and have a mom-to-mom chat. Her songs, humor and playfulness allowed me to discover that being a new mom could actually be glorious fun!  She encouraged me to go out and explore the world with my daughter in all kinds of ways, from going for walks with our Moby wrap, to visiting a new parents class. I'm a more confident mother thanks to Jennifer, and I would recommend her without hestitation.

Mina Kirilov


We had a great experience having Jennifer Mendelson as our postartum doula. She helped us twice a week as a night doula (10pm to 6am) and also 2-3 times for 3 hours during the day. She has very good energy and a very calming presence and works wonders with babies :). She also gave us a lot of good advice about taking care of a newborn and made our transition to parenthood much smoother than it would have been otherwise. Overall she is a great person, very easy to talk to and comforting to have around during the most difficult early days and weeks after giving birth. We recommend her wholeheartedly.

Abigail Klingbeil


When my husband and I first met with Jennifer, she sat across from us, making us laugh and opening a window into the huge unknown of childbirth. We instantly felt her warmth. We benefited from her vast experience, competency and good humor during that long night of labor, then long morning of pushing and eventually a C-section. My birth story wasn't what I expected, but it was certainly complete. I had many different experiences, and Jennifer helped me at each step. She helped me find comfort during those many hours of labor, then she supported my choice to get an epidural when the contractions stacked up and I wasn't progressing. She helped me push for a long time, then stood beside me in the operating room, reassuring me, explaining what was happening and then taking amazing pictures of the moment we first met our precious little girl. Jennifer was a huge comfort to both my husband and me before, during and after childbirth. We've recommended her to many people and would certainly work with her again.  

Dawn Noel Chen


I believe that having Jennifer as my doula was the single most important reason I was able to have the natural birth I wanted.  I can't say enough about how important it was to be able to have her come to our house while I was in labor, to coach me through the contractions, and to help my husband and I make decisions, such as determining when to go to the hospital.  I felt very comfortable with her during my labor, and would highly recommend her, no matter what type of labor (medicated, unmedicated) a woman opts for. 

Barbara Boyd


I can't thank Jennifer enough for all her support during the birth of my son. I had dreamed of giving birth naturally, but when my pregnancy became complicated, the birth required multiple interventions, all of which where not "part of my plan". When she says she doesn't have an agenda on how you give birth, she really means it. I only felt her support and encouragement, never judgment. I will, without a doubt, ask her to be my doula again. Even my doctor commented that she hoped to see Jennifer in the future, she really admired the way she coached me during the pushing. I don't know what I would have done without Jennifer there, she is priceless.





Getting to know Jennifer was a true joy and our experience with her was wonderful.  She is very peaceful, fun to be around and gives you the support, confidence and warmth you need to make the adventure of having a baby the best experience it can be.  Jennifer gave amazing advice and was there for my husband and I every step of the way.  I highly recommend her and her services.



Jennifer was a joy to have as a part of our family during the transition to parenthood. Her calm, experienced demeanor, coupled with an awesome sense of humor, makes her wonderful to be around. She helped us prepare for and attended our son’s birth, and then assisted as a post-partum doula for several months afterward. When the birth plan suddenly went out the window due to discovery that our son was breech, her presence in the OR during the cesarean birth was invaluable to me and my husband. She provided excellent breastfeeding support in the postpartum period. One of the fundamental elements of Jennifer’s doula skills is to truly listen to your family and to support your wishes without any judgment. I highly recommend her to any family looking for doula support!

Victoria Pena


Jennifer is wonderful! As a first time mom I was very anxious with the arrival of our son. I didn’t know what to expect and Jennifer helped me tremendously in finding ways to become a more confident parent. She is kind, knowledgeable, thoughtful and very well-regarded. I could have not chosen a better birth and postpartum doula. I really miss spending time with her and receiving her great advices. She will always be remembered as someone who made our transition to parenthood so much more easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Veronica and Dan Rogers


Jennifer has been a wonderful help after our first baby was born. She is a type of person with whom it is very easy to connect, she is empathetic, was very loving to our baby and very calming. She has been particularly great with helping us with a challenging breastfeeding situation. We would highly recommend Jennifer as a postpartum doula. Although we did not have Jennifer as our birth doula if were to have another baby we will have her support us during birth with no reservations at all. She is simply wonderful; we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Seanna Orrison


Jennifer Mendelson is a wonderful woman and doula.  We both knew right away we wanted a doula, and she came highly recommended to us. Little did we know how much we would connect with her and how much her presence made our experience that much more wonderful. Upon our first meeting we knew right away that she was a perfect match for my husband and I. Jennifer was able to answer all our questions, and help ease any concerns. She listened to what we wanted for our birth, and supported every decision.When I went into labor she was so amazing helping me get through the contractions, and she also guided my husband to help me as well. She got along so well with the nurses and my midwife, it just felt right.  During labor I ended up having an unscheduled c-section. I wasn't worried at all with Jennifer there. She talked me through the procedure and put me at ease. While my husband was with our daughter she stayed with me explaining everything that was going on. I feel so blessed to have had her there, and can't imagine going through labor without her.  My husband and I are happy to recommend her as a doula. You would be lucky to have her, I know we were.

P&D Culler


We had not made arrangements with a doula prior to the birth of our son, so when we realized we needed help we were lucky to find Jennifer. She came in and immediately bonded with our new family. She was all at once calming and very capabily in charge. My husband and I were as pleased with her attention as was our son. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Jennifer to other families.

Rebecca Swanson


 I am a Labor and Delivery RN at a very busy hospital and Jennifer Mendelson is a fabulous asset, not only to the laboring woman, but to the RN as well.  She interacts well with medical staff while keeping her focus on the emotional needs of the patient.  Her grace and humor provide a calming presence to the childbirth experience which can at times be intense.  She approaches the hospital birth experience with a cooperative, positive and non-judgmental attitude that supports the laboring woman and her partner.  I love working with Jennifer!

Rebecca, RN

Lisa and Paul Greatorex


Jennifer is truly in the business of "launching" new families. With Jennifer's help, we went from being two working professionals with no previous babysitting experience to loving, confident and capable parents who can now read our baby's signals and meet his needs. Jennifer helped us take the guess work out of first time parenting and provided a calming presence when we were in the midst of adjusting to life with a newborn. Most important, she always offered options in an open-minded, non-judgemental way (i.e. no "you should's") that encouraged us to discover the choices that felt right for our family. Thanks to Jennifer's coaching, our first born is a very happy, healthy and smiley baby and we are forever grateful for her help in achieving this accomplishment!

Jessica Grimes


Jennifer Mendelson is extremely knowledgeable about the birthing process and infant care. Her calm temperament combined with expertise makes her an incredible doula. We felt peace-of-mind knowing she would be there for any questions and present for the birth of our first child. She took tremendous care to learn what we wanted and what was important to us. When it came time for the birth, she helped me exceed my goal of 5 cm prior to receiving an epidural (we made it to over 7 cm)! She was so helpful at guiding my husband and me through the birthing process; we would both highly recommend using her services!

Allison Singleton


Jennifer is the best!  I would not have had the birth experience I did without her by my side.  The combination of a supportive husband and stellar doula like Jennifer allowed me to accomplish things I never thought I was capable of.  She walked us through labor and the birthing process with knowledge, grace and humor.  Even though we had only met a few months before, it was as if one of my closest friends was there with us.  Jennifer is extremely personable and can meet you where ever you are.  She listened to our hopes and dreams of our ideal birth and helped us get there.  She was able to tell us what were realistic expectations and what things we could insist on.  She helped me to feel empowered and calm, even in my most un-calm moments.  Jennifer is great, and comes very highly recommended!

Karen Emmerman Mazner


Jennifer Mendelson was the best thing that ever happened to my labor and delivery. She is the perfect combination of expertise, compassion, calm, and humor. When Jennifer walked into my hospital room she walked into the kind of situation that would put any doula to the test. I had gone into labor prematurely, at 33 weeks, the medications given to attempt arresting my labor made me immobile, unable to see, and unable to breathe well on my own. My OB was out of town and the doula I had hired was out of town. Jennifer walked into my room and, without knowing me or my husband, immediately got to work. Through her amazing talents and warmth of personality she was able to establish a rapport with me that proved to be the key to my getting through the delivery of my son. Jennifer has no agenda for what qualifies as the "good" or "perfect" birth. She hears what you want, takes that seriously, and then helps you cope if things do not go according to plan. She does all of this while somehow managing your partner and his/her needs as well as providing keen insight into the birthing process. Having Jennifer Mendelson by my side during labor and delivery was the only reason that I made it through a very difficult birth with any kind of well-being. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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