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Luci Gimenes

Doula and Lactation Consultant

Port Moody, BC Service range 16 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1750

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1750

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 201 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
hope we will have a birth center in Vancouver soon.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • TENS units rental

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese

Fee Details

Every mom should have extra support by her side. My fee includes 3 prenatal visits, when I provide information or education you may need to make informed decisions about your care during labor and birth (More specifically, during the visits we will cover what to expect of labor and birth and how to prepare for it. Comfort measures, use of rebozo, TENS, a massage for mom to be and one whole visit is a breastfeeding and baby care class, including practice time with a baby model); being on call 24/7 from 37th week gestation on; being at your side through labor and birth, until 2 hrs after birth (helping with breastfeeding and until you are settled to rest) and 1 or 2 postpartum visits to help with breastfeeding and baby care. I also offer support by phone, text or e-mail whenever necessary. Extra services offered are: private childbirth classes, specialized breastfeeding consultation and breastfeeding and baby care education (normal behavior, soothing techniques, bathing,etc).

Service Area

Port Moody, BC Service range 16 miles

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Client Testimonials for Luci Gimenes

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Selma saab


Luci, Eu nao tenho palavras pra agradecer o seu apoio!

Apoio num momento aonde tudo parece incerto e fora das nossas mãos! A Georgia foi planejada e muito desejada, o que nao diminiu as incertezas de uma mãe de primeira viagem e extracautelosa!

A Luci estava sempre la! Pronta para nos orientar, sempre disposta a ligar, conversar sobre nossas duvidas e com um carinho extra gentil!

Nas visitas TODAS as duvidas eram esclarecidas e a gente ainda tinha tempo pra se divertir ensaiando como trocar fraldas e "dar banho" na boneca da Luci.

Essa é a nossa historia, e ela ficou mais linda porque a Luci estava presente! 

Taran and Mandeep


We could not have asked for a better Doula. I wasn't even sure what doulas did when I originally looked into it. After my short consult with Luci, her warm nature and confident outlook made me confident I wanted her by my family's side for this special, but intimidating time. Luci made herself so available for us and was always so pleasant to be around and talk to. She taught us so much and was just as patient when we were overwhelmed and needed to be told the same things again. Luci was a godsend during labour and delivery and her years of experience and knowledge along with her presence made us as comfortable as we could be during a very difficult and long time. After the delivery Luci checked in on us when I would forget to and she came and was just as lovely and nurturing and full of help and knowledge post birth. My husband and I will for sure ask Luci to join us in any future kids births we may have and i would highly suggest her to any friends and family.



It was great having Luci as our doula! She taught us some things before the baby was born and helped remind those things after he was here. During birth, it was really helpful that she knew the hospital and the procedures, so my husband could focus on me. The massage and changing positions (even when I said no :D) during labor helped to get a faster delivery. After the delivery she stayed a bit longer to ensure we'd be ok. She being a lactation consultant as well helped me so much to breastfeed. I was having some difficulty with the latch and she came over a few times to help with that. Not to mention all the times she answered my concerned texts and calls. Luci, thank you so much for helping us with our first baby!

Fizah Grewal


While I hadn't initially considered using a doula, Luci came highly recommended by a good friend who had worked with her throughout both pregnancies. 

Luci was the only doula I spoke to, and I knew right away she was the perfect fit as we immediately clicked. Both my husband and I felt so comfortable with her due to her calm manner, kindness and extensive knowledge and experience.  Luci was always extremely responsive, patiently answering our questions or any concerns over phone or text whenever we needed her. The pre natal visits were so informative and gave us an excellent grounding for what to expect. It was so helpful to have this as first time parents and by the time I went into labour, Luci felt very much like part of our family!

My experience of giving birth didn't end up going exactly to plan, but it was so comforting to have Luci there to advocate for us. She was able to offer her expertise while remaining objective and not influencing our decisions one way or another.  I'll never forget her dedication and unwavering support during those tough times! 

The period after giving birth was an emotional roller-coaster and I'm so grateful for Luci's help during this time. Luci reassured me that, despite feeling like I didn't know what I was doing, in fact I was doing fine, and my baby was thriving. I found the advice on breastfeeding especially invaluable and I don't think I would have been  able to feed my little one so successfully during those initial days if it hadn't been for Luci's guidance.

Our journey into parenthood was an unforgettable experience, sometimes fraught with uncertainty and worry, and often with excitement and joy, and having Luci there as a supportive and reassuring presence made an incredible difference. I would not hesitate to recommend Luci to anyone and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her! 



Our doctor passed along Luci's contact information when we were looking into doula services for our first baby and we are so grateful that Luci was available to support us through this pregnancy! We had our son at the end of October via C-Section (after a long labour), however Luci's support before, during and after labour were still absolutely worth it. The prenatal visits helped cover the basics going into labour, breastfeeding and baby care. The true moments in labour and navigating the first week or so were where we were especially thankful to have Luci's support. She has a comforting presence and seems truly enjoys what she does. We would recommend working with Luci to support your pregnancy, especially the first time moms.

Marina Pires Helal


When I decided to have a doula, I was mostly thinking about the assistance I would need during labor.

To my surprise, the support I received from Luci before and after the baby was born was equally amazing.

Luci is very calm, knowledgeable, and also so kind to the whole family, including my other kids.

I don’t plan to have more babies, but if I got pregnant again I would definitely want to have Luci by our side.



Today, we don´t have doubt, we can affirm that crossing paths with Luci was one of the greatest gifts we have received since our arrival in Canada. Her presence brought not only unconditional love but also profound wisdom that exceptionally prepared us for a completely new and challenging world that lay before us.

Even when we faced unexpected situations, Luci was our anchor, calming our restless hearts. While we knew her presence would be valuable in this moment, I truly understood her importance only on the day of childbirth when we had to reconfigure all our plans regarding the place of birth. Today, it's impossible to imagine that day without her presence and unwavering support.

We feel immense gratitude for this professional who, in such a challenging period when we were far from our families, provided us with an invaluable sense of calm and confidence. Luci, your contribution is priceless, and we can't thank you enough for embracing our family with all the love and dedication in the world. You made all the difference in one of the most special moments of our lives. Thank you so much for everything.

Luiza Palma


Luci is an amazing professional who truly puts her heart into her work. We are incredibly grateful to have had her by our side on our journey to parenthood. Hiring her as our doula was one of the best decisions we made, as she not only provided invaluable knowledge and support but also became a dear friend to us. Luci's warmth and dedication made us feel safe and cherished throughout the entire process. We cannot thank her enough for her exceptional care and the lasting impact she has had on our lives.

Hannah Sanford-Crane


Luci was our doula for our first baby, born Feb 2023. Luci was a fantastic resource befoe the baby was born, teaching us how to dress, bathe, and hold our baby along with what to expect with nursing and delivery. She answered all questions and was completely non-judgmental.

My water broke at 3:30am and Luci was immediately available and when contracts started getting regular, went with us to the hospital. At the hospital there was staff shortages & some emergency deliveries, which meant I ended up being in back-labour for 11.5 hours with just nitrous oxide before they could get me admited and have pain medication discharged. I'm not sure I would have made it through without Luci's calm manner and her talking with the staff and taking care of the minor details. The whole process took 20 hours and with Luci's assistance pushing only took 1.5 hours. She was great interacting with the nursing staff, and they all appreciated her as well. I think she is more than worth the money for hire and a great doula.

Taryn, Dan and Luca Nielsen


We would highly recommend Luci to anyone and will be doing so to any friend/family member expecting in the future! Her extensive knowledge, experience, and calm/gentle demeanor throughout my pregnancy, labour, and postpartum have been absolutely amazing. Luci really cares about her job and clientele and it truly shows! Our birth plan changed very last minute and Luci's support and calmness really helped my husband and I throughout a pretty scary situation. Our beautiful baby boy is breastfeeding like a champ all thanks to Luci's knowledge as a lactation consultant. Her guidance has helped tremendously in my BF journey! We can honestly say we would recommend her to anyone and will be hiring her again if we have another. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Luci! We are so thankful our paths crossed. Don't hesitate to hire Luci! You will be in great hands.



Luci is (and I can not stress this enough) the best.  She is worth every penny.  She was our doula for our first son, and was so wonderful and supportive that when we found out we were expecting our second child we knew we wanted to hire her again if she was available.  Very luckily for us she was, and it was a great experience this time around as well. 

Luci is excellent about adapting your support to what you need as a family, and is such an amazing resource for both new and seasoned parents.  She provided a great review of reminders and preparation prior to the birth, and was amazing during the labour and afterwards.  She is also so great about communicating with the labour and delivery crew throughout and is such a helpful go-between to make sure that your needs are being met and communicated effectively (since that can be difficult mid-contraction and in the heat of things!).  She was so supportive of both myself and my husband during a very quick labour and delivery, and was a very calming presence throughout. 

She is so knowledgeable and experienced, I would recommend her to anyone seeking a doula before, during, and after a pregnancy.  She provides thoughtful postpartum care to make sure everyone is doing well, and you can tell she really cares.  Not sure if there are any more babies in our future, but if we do have any more we would definitely ask Luci to come on board again if she's willing and able :)

Sara Binder


Luci was an exceptional Doula. We are beyond impressed and grateful for her services and care. She provides so much value, support and education with her home visits and was incredibly helpful during my labour.

It was my first Birth experience and we choose to do this at home. I truly believe I couldn't have done this without Lucis professional support, her energy was calming and nurturing. She kept reminding me to relax and breath through contractions. She also suggested the few pushing positions that I was able to make progress in after a long exhausting stall. I don't believe I would have lasted as long without her support and encouragement with the labour I was experiencing, I was very close to giving up. 

I am so grateful and proud of my birth story. It was so powerful and brought us our little miracle.

Luci was so supportive after birth as well, she kept checking in and was always available if I needed her. Within her visits she taught me so much about nursing and built me up for success. Without her breastfeeding expertise and guidance I believe it would be much harder. Thanks to Luci nursing is going smoothly and I feel pretty confident that will continue. 

We can't thank Luci enough for setting us in the right direction as new parents. And we couldn't recommend her more to support anyones birth! 

Nicole S


Luci was my doula for my first labour in 2019 and we had a wonderful experience with her! Although I chose not to have a doula for my second birth, I was experiencing some breastfeeding discomfort this time around. I knew immediately who to call for lactation support. Luci was kind enough to see me as soon as possible to provide her lactation consulting serivces. She was able to provide guidance and reassurance. She is knowledgeable, caring and supportive. She is so attentive and checked in on me in the days after to ensure my breastfeeding had improved and provide further support. She truly is one of a kind. She is not only an excellent doula but her lactation knowledge is invaluable in the early days post partum. Thank you Luci!



We selected to work with Luci for our first baby who was just born 6 week ago, and I am so glad that we did. During the end of pregnancy Luci's guidance and home visits were helpful to build knowledge and confidence. My Doctor had recommended an induction and it was a week of frustration as we were in and out of the hospital and Luci was just a text or call away to offer support. Once labour was about to begin, Luci was in the hospital with us, offering a calm and reassuring support through what became a very difficult labour that ended in an emergency C-section. I remember thinking while in labour how glad I was that she was there because without her I would have been panicking (more :)). As soon as our baby girl was born, we were so happy and spent the next couple hours in recovery. Even though it was a very long labour, Luci waited and stayed at the hospital until we came back up from recovery to meet our baby and make sure we were doing well. Her support in the weeks postpartum was what made a huge difference in ensuring our baby was fed, healthy, and growing well. Luci visited us in home and was always a text or call away for any questions that I had, and regularly checked in on us. It was a pleasure having Luci with us through this journey and she made a huge impact on making a challenging labour a much more positive experience. Her knowledge, experience, demeanor and care for us as a family was so valuable. Thank you Luci!  

Rachael Cheung


The moment I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I made sure to contact Luci to make sure she was available. Her experience, knowledge and support was invaluable before, during and after my first son's birth; and I knew I wanted to have the same amount of support this time again. 

Luci has such a kind, motherly presence to her, and knowing that she was there to support me through it all honestly made me feel comforted. As soon as my water broke, my birth escalated very quickly, just as Luci mentioned could happen. Both Luci and my Midwife acted very quickly to our change of plans to get me to a hospital in a timely manner, and with the short amount of notice Luci made it in time to my hospital room as I was getting ready to push. 

Before she arrived, I felt very disoriented and confused with the direction provided by the hospital team (they were amazing though, don't get me wrong!) but as soon as Luci came by my side and talked me through the pushing stage, I felt so much more in control and calm, and much more equipped to take better direction on how to effectively push. I was able to have a beautiful birth with very minimal tearing. I believe I have Luci and my midwife to thank for that.

Postpartum support is incredible with Luci. It's so helpful to have someone check up on me everyday with my breastfeeding progress and to really get into the details on where I can improve and how to effectively manage my specific challenges and concerns. In my case, I was trying to navigate breastfeeding with severe engorgement. Even when I wasn't sure what I needed improvement on, she was able to watch how I breastfed and still provide me with a wealth of detailed feedback on areas I could pay attention to better.

I highly recommend hiring Luci as your doula, she is really one of the best doulas and lactation consultants out there and you will be so grateful that you did! 

Ana Flora


I had recently moved to Canada when I knew I was pregnant. I was afraid of how it would be to navigate the health system here and I knew I needed a doula to help me during this process. In our first meeting, my heart told me that Luci was the right person to be with us during our journey. It was the best decision we made! She did a great job preparing us for the birth and the basic baby's care. During the birth, she was there to encourage and comfort me in the most difficult moments. I had a c-section after almost 24h in labour. My baby had difficulty breathing and didn't cry right after he was born. My husband could stay with me all the time because I knew she was close to the baby during these hard procedures. He had hypoglycemia and her help in our first breastfeeding was fundamental to improving his glucose levels. After the birth, she continued to support us to overcome the breastfeeding challenges. It was very reassuring to know that we could have her help. I could write pages and pages about her amazing work but the best way to summarize is: I will always be grateful!



We hired Luci as doula for our twin girls. She is resourceful, passionate, warm and a doula as no one else.   

You will notice she really loves what she does since the first second you contact her. She is also a responsible and an honest professional eager to share all her experience as mom of 4 children. 

She has made this unique experience in our lives one of the best times. Briefly, she has been a plus during this special journey.
We definitely recommend Luci.   

Dirk and Veronica 

D’Arcy Larmour


Our experience working with Luci as our birth doula was so incredibly valuable.  My labour was long and challenging and Luci was so attentive to my needs and comfort during that time.  She stayed at our home overnight to massage and compress my lower back and hips every time I had a contraction in an effort to allow me to get some rest.  After a day and a half of contractions that were not strong enough to promote cervical dilation our midwife had suggested induction.  I was quite reluctant to take her advice...I think it was her delivery (very clinical and not comforting at all).  Luci, having trained as a midwife in Brazil had taken the time to help me understand the recommendationy and how it would be beneficial for my and my baby.  I trusted Luci completely because from the moment she entered our home she felt like family.  After being induced and fully dilated my baby's head would not come down the birth canal and his heart rate started to slow.  We had to make a decision regarding a cesarean section and again, Luci was so reassuring and comforting throughout that process. My husband likely would have been beside himself had Luci not been there to explain things to him as I was certainly in no condition to do so.  We welcomed our baby boy and Luci was quick to help him latch onto my breast.  She gave thorough instruction on how to properly position him for an optimal breast feeding experience.  Her services included two in person follow ups to provide lactation consulting and she checked in with me every single day for the following week to see how I was doing.  We highly recommend Luci for anyone considering a doula for their birth experience and we'll definitely engage her again if we decide to have another child. 

Laura Boudreau


We had such an amazing experience working with Luci! From the very first interview meeting to our final home visit we had a wonderful and very healing experience working with Luci. My first birth I did not work with a doula and ended up having an emergency c-section so this time, when trying for a VBAC, I knew I wanted the extra support to encourage as much success as possible.

Luci took the time to listen to my fears and concerns going into this birth experience and helped to reassure me and make a plan for how to work through this anxiety. When I went into labour Luci was at our house very quickly and helped to support me through the pain and remind my husband some pain releaving and relaxation techniques. She rode with us to the hospital which was a huge stress relief for both my husband and I. She then supported me all the way through labour and delivery at the hospital and helped my newborn to breastfeed soon after birth. Following our delivery Luci checked in on us every day and came for two home visits where she supported me with breastfeeding and spoke about our birthing experience. 

I would recommend working with Luci to anyone! She has such a calming presense and such great experience that I felt increadibly comfortable working with her. Thank you for everything Luci! 

Emma Carlson


This was our second birth and the moment we found out we were pregnant, I sent Luci an email to see if she would be able to work with us a second time. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted her support this time around as well. Though my pregnancy, labour and birth were very different than with my first, Luci's kind guidance and support made me feel so cared for. She was essential through my labour, meeting us at the hospital as my contractions quickly progressed and stepping right in to help with active management to allow me to have another unmedicated birth. She was also an amazing post-partum support, and worked with me to help correct a lazy latch and get my new little one back up to birth weight quickly after a big drop. She was so compassionate to our concerns and she feels like family. Thank you Luci for everything! 

Dylan and Emily


After interviewing a handful of doulas we selected Luci because she was very warm, calm, and practical, and she kept things simple and straightforward.  We met with her a few times before the birth to talk about labouring and newborn care, which helped us to prepare, build our confidence, and reduce anxiety.  When labour started, Luci came over to support us, and she made all the difference.  As the dad, I'd tried to put into practice everything I'd learned from the pre-natal classes, but didn't feel like I was being effective, even with the support of our midwifery team.  As soon as Luci arrived she got right to work and helped mom get into the "flow", for lack of a better word.  This significantly eased the burden on mom, and helped us to find our rhythm. 

But the real value of having Luci present came when she recognized that labour was actually quite a bit further advanced than the midwives (and us) initially suspected, and she advised us to call the midwives back and to consider a home birth.  We took her suggestion and our son was born at home.   Though it wasn't what we'd planned for, in hindsight we couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Everything went smoothly and within two hours everything was back to normal and it was just the three of us - mom, dad, baby - in bed together at home: no interventions, no hospitals, no travel.

Although we're fortunate that everything has gone quite well for us, the first few days/nights were still a challenge and we really benefitted from Luci's calm guidance on everything.  She really helped the three of us figure out breastfeeding and always had helpful suggestions of things to try and minor tweaks.

I can't imagine how differently things could have turned out without Luci, even with all the other support we had. Can't recommend her enough :)

Rachel Oliveira


Seria impossivel descrever minha gratidão pelo cuidado, profissionalismo, conhecimento e carinho que a Luci dedicou a esse momento único e especial de nossas vidas.

Desde o começo, a conversa por telefone, depois os encontros antes do dia do parto, as explicações, tudo me passou muita segurança, além de conexão e muito acolhimento e aceitação sobre meu jeito de ser e pensar e meus desejos e sonhos.

No dia do parto me senti profundamente bem orientada, pude entender com a ajuda de Luci o que precisava e como devia lidar com cada fase do trabalho de parto, com as dores e com as dúvidas que eu tinha. Também me ajudou com todo o contato com a equipe de midwife, com a equipe do hospital quando precisamos mudar os planos para o parto hospitalar, e me apoiou emocionalmente, literalmente segurou minha mão quando as coisas foram se apresentando diferente do planejado.

Além de mim meu companheiro e pai de nossa riqueza se sentiu igualmente apoiado e orientado, e quando a exaustão chegou se sentiu seguro e calmo para descansar pois sabia que Luci estava cuidando de mim.

Disse isso a você Luci, mas repito, você foi nossa família, nossa rede de apoio nessa fase, e se mostrou ainda mais importante qdo precisei ressgnificar tantas coisas e planos. Morará sempre em nossa história. Escolhê-la foi uma das opções mais acertadas que fizemos.

Obrigada por tudo! <3




Working with Luci as our doula was a wonderful experience for me and my husband. Luci was available any time I had questions and she always responded quickly. She made accommodations for us to have our sessions earlier than she usually has them because I wanted to feel more prepared just in case baby came early. 
During labour, Luci came at the right time even though I didn't know it yet. She came by at midnight to lend support as we were unable to have family with us because of the pandemic. Luci offered a number of comfort and support measures and ensured I stayed hydrated while balancing activity with rest.
When at the hospital Luci was a great support by staying with me when my husband had to register me. I felt safe. She constantly affirmed me and reassured me that I am strong and I could do this.
After delivery I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Luci checked in with us every day. She is a big part of why me and my baby boy are doing so well with breastfeeding. She provided invaluable photos, videos and a beautiful birth story for us. I think Luci is a great choice for a doula! It was a pleasure working with her. 

Kristen Karasin


Our experience working with Luci as our doula was a very positive for us. We are first time parents and initially I was very nervous about going into labour and we were nervous about caring for a newborn. It was all so new to us! After interviewing Luci we knew she was a great fit for us. She is honest, caring, knowledgeable, reliable and nonjudgmental. Her knowledge from nursing, midwifery and as a lactation consultant were huge bonuses. She was flexible for scheduling appointments and visits with us and worked with our schedules. She was readily available when we had questions and she was always patient. Our appointments with her ahead of time made me feel confident and comfortable about going into labour and also for caring for our baby afterwards. My husband also felt confident about his role supporting me during labour and as a dad. 

When I went into labour Luci was fully available for us, to support us in any way we needed. When I was in active labour she was such a huge help! She knew exactly how to massage to take my mind off of the contractions she was so calm and reassuring, she also provided a lot of encouragement and suggestions. She helped my husband to support me as well and it was really a team effort. I felt so cared for and supported. I never once felt embarrassed around Luci and I am a very shy person, especially with bodily functions. During the pushing phase, she was so helpful! I honestly think I had such an amazing and positive labour experience largely due to her suggestions. There were times in the pushing phase when I felt like pushing and really I should have been relaxing certain parts of my body more. I had a wonderful and beautiful birth and my husband and I are eternally grateful for her support. Hiring her was the best decision and we plan on using her for when we get pregnant next. I would highly recommend Luci to any of my friends or family. 

Audrey and Abdul


We cannot recommend Luci enough to anybody on the journey to parenthood! From our very first meeting, Luci made us feel comfortable and confident in what we were about to experience -- even over Zoom. She is informative and non-judgemental, reassuring and encouraging. The emotional support she provided us throughout our journey was backed up by incredible knowledge and teaching that helped us to prepare to welcome our little one into the world. The pre- and post-birth sessions were invaluable for this reason. We don't know how we would have managed without Luci in the delivery room. She provided amazing physical and emotional support during the most difficult part of labour, coaching us through every single contraction. When the time came to push, Luci's support and encouragement was invaluable, too, as was her help in trying different positions. Thank you so much, Luci, for all your help! We couldn't have done this without you!



I have had two amazing experiences with Luci. My first child was born after a very long labour and Luci was essential during the whole process. She gave me and my husband the support we needed. Recently,  I gave birth to my second child and Luci was again amazing.  She knew that I wanted a vaginal birth this time and we did it!

She guided me during the labour and helped me with all her wisdom. Even my midwife noticed how well she supported me and how good she worked with them. 

Emily & Sam


Luci was essential at the birth of our son. She kept me and Sam calm and focused, and was able to anticipate my needs before I knew what they would be. We had a difficult birth, but Luci was there to help us make decisions and feel supported in the hospital. More than anything, the reason I chose Luci instead of other doulas we interviewed was that (in addition to all of her experience and extensive skills/knowledge) she made me feel confident in my decisions. She was also so helpful to us during the postpartum period and in breastfeeding. We cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Carolina Ferreira


I cannot thank Luci enough for all the support I had in my both of my pregnancies and labours.
I learned so much from her and part of the mother I became it's because I had her as my doula.

Her expertise and kindness made me feel very comfortable, secure and strong to live my experiences welcoming my babies to the world.

Without hesitation, I can say that she was by far the most important professional involved in my pregnancies for my well-being before, during and after I gave birth.

I highly recommend her services and I don't think I would feel so successful as a mom if I didn't have her guidance and care.



We had such a fantastic experience with Luci during the birth of our first child, before trying for our second, my husband actually checked Luci's availability first (no joke). We are so grateful we did because I cannot imagine going through the birth we just had without her. I had a placenta abruption and it was truly the scariest experience of my life. She provided a calming presence for my husband and myself despite everything that was going on. She will serve as your biggest supporter and advocate. You are guaranteed to get her undivided attention and she is very perceptive to your needs which is a quality I really appreciated.

Paula Adam


We had a great experience with Luci and would definitely recommend her as a doula! During my pregnancy she was very approachable and helped me with all my questions. During labor she was a great support for me and my husband, helping a lot with pain relief and guiding us through every stage and event during labor. She was a great reassurance through it all. After birth she also helped us with breastfeeding and continued to be available to answer questions that came up later on. I am happy I could count on her as my doula!

Carmelina B


We had an amazing experience with Luci as our doula when we had our first child, so when we were pregnant again we knew we wanted her by our side for this second birth as well. She was so helpful in the lead up to delivery answering any questions we had and reminding us of things we had forgotten after having our first. When I went into labour she was so great in her communication with us and joined us as soon as we wanted. Thank goodness for Luci as she helped so much with pain relief during labour and helping me get comfortable. Her knowledge of breastfeeding was so useful as she helped us latch and figure out the best positions for nursing our daughter. Would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula. Thanks Luci! 

Emily Smith


My husband and I decided to get a doula to be alongside in the lead up to, during and post the birth of our first baby largely due to the fact that we were living overseas with no family around to support us. She came highly recommended from friends of ours and we were not disappointed one bit.

Luci is a wealth of knowledge and baby whisperer - her kind and calming manner was both a calming influence on us before the birth of our baby. She prepared us with all the information we needed for delivery day, especially given we had a few complictions which meant our baby may be needing to be delivered by c-section, she was able to provide us thorough information on all scenarios. Luci was also a huge support following the birth of our beautiful daugther. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions and us needing a scheduled c-section, Luci was unable to be with us at the hospital but was in touch with us as soon as we were in the post-partum ward and checking in with us throughout the day/evening to see how things were going. 

She was an incredible resource, particularly around feeding, when we were getting so many mixed messages about what we should/should not be doing. Her experience as a lactation consultant sure is a huge value add to the service she provides and she was able to answer all our questions in the first weeks either via phone calls or her post-partum home visits. 

Particularly during COVID times, when we were not allowed other visitors, it was so lovely having Luci's friendly face come and visit us at home, and provide us all kinds of tips and nuggets of wisdom for us first time parents. 

We would highly recommend Luci to anyone considering a doula to support them through the birth of their baby.


Rebecca S


We were so happy to have Luci as our Doula again for our second child. We had so appreciated her as our Doula for our first baby three years ago that when we discovered we were pregnant again we contacted her right away. Luci is so knowledgeable, supportive, calm and has such a warm personality. She offers excellent advice but also tailors her support to what works for you. It gave us such great peace of mind to know that she would be with us during the labour and delivery. And we weren't disappointed Luci came through again and was exactly what we needed. We can't recommend her highly enough. Her extensive experience professionally and personally really lend itself to her credibility as well. We are so grateful to have found her!

Rei Tamori


I had the greatest experience with Luci. My partner and I will never forget what she did for us and our new family. If we have a second baby, we'll definitely hire her again. You will not regret hiring her!

As new parents, we knew NOTHING about pregnancy, labour, birth, and all things postpartum. Luci made us feel way more prepared and like we had nothing to worrry about. She answered calls and texts promptly about any trivial question I had; comforted and coached us through a 30 hour labour and delivery that started at 3 in the morning; taught us how to change a diaper; massaged me; and even clipped my newborn's fingernails. 

She helped me write a birth plan that was in line with our goals and made sure that it was actually followed while in the hospital. She even caught a mistake that the hospital nurse made while I was in labour!

We never felt like she was rushing us, was in a hurry to go home, or that she was tired. She always put our needs before hers. She was the strong super hero mother figure who took away all fear and uncertainty, which was so important for me as I had to make last minute decisions about getting an epidural and forceps. I trusted everything she said, and I was right for doing so. 

She made my partner, the father, feel like he had nothing to worry about and guided him in helping me through labour with grace, respect, and excellent communication. 

thank you Luci!



Luci is a wonderful person and doula! My wife and I decided to use a doula as we have no family near us and wanted to have the extra support. Luci exceeded our expectations in every way. From our initial visits to the birth and post partum visits, Luci was always warm, compassionate, and offered a wealth of experience and suport. With her help at the birth I was able to focus on my wife and the experience knowing that Luci would not only help during the process of labour but also advocate for us to the medical team when needed. I would highly recommend Luci to any parents to be. Thank you Luci for all of your help and for helping make the birth of our child as relaxing and smooth as possible. 



I had a very positive experience with Luci and would recommend her. As our family just moved to Canada and as it was our first baby we had a lot of anxiety around the birthing. Our midwives recommended considering finding a doula. We've got a few interviews. Luci stood out and we were super happy that she agreed to help us. It was a time of COVID-19 raging so there were a lot of unknowns. To minimize the risks of catching the virus, it was decided to have prenatal meetings online. Thus we had a few Skype calls when we got to know each other, discussed our needs and preferences, talked about getting ready and what to expect of birth, baby care, and breastfeeding positions. She showed us some comfort measures for dealing with discomfort during prebirth. I was practicing the Hypnobabies technique, but was keeping an open mind to work with whatever path birth would take. I gave birth at BC Women's hospital and was lucky that both my partner and Luci were allowed to support me there. Luci respected Hypnobabies approach and took her part to make birth an enjoyable experience. She suggested different positions to help my baby find the right way out. She was making sure I was well hydrated and supporting me during the waves. During this time Luci was applying pressure to my hips and talking about waves coming and going away, which I found very helpful. Baby was born naturally. Because he was a big baby the midwives and nurses had to help me to birth him. Then, I had to be separated for a little while, and during that time Luci stayed with my husband and baby. On top of that, she took amazing photos to capture a memorable experience and wrote an amazing birth story which is also a great gift to our son. I'm sure he will enjoy reading it when he grows up. While at home, Luci was helping me via Skype and answered all my questions on lactation and postpartum in general. To sum it up, I, as well as my husband, got much of helpful support. We give Luci 11 out of 10.



I'm short of words to describe what it meant to have Luci in our lives from the later stages of pregnancy till after birth. I never knew about the concept of Doula before getting pregnant. When me and my husband came to know, we were initially not sure if we need one. However, as things changed in Covid times, we felt we'll need support. We were lucky to find that she was available around the due date.

She was always readily available to answer any questions we had during and after pregnancy, no matter the time of the day. The one on one sessions before and after the birth were really useful as well. In some sessions we went through some hands-on 'training' on things we'll need to do regularly with the baby. Being first time parents, it made us confident on activities like safe bathing, cutting nails, changing etc. She was a great support during labour as well. As soon as saw her in the labour room, I got very relaxed. She helped me to focus better, keep calm throughout, imparted knowledge and kept me hydrated. During the labour at each step she explained what to expect at all times so that I am not surprised at any point. She took great pictures which we will cherish always. Since she is also a lactation consultant, she was able to help a lot with breastfeeding, which has been a blessing! 

I'd just want to say that believe me, having a good doula by your side during the labour makes a huge difference with your birth experience. I don't think I'd be able to have the positive birth experience I did without her. Overall, we would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula.



Luci was our Doula in June 2020.  

At our first meeting, it was clear that she was organized, experienced, and geniunely cared about our pregancy. 

She was up front about her expectations and what we should expect from her.

Her calm demeanor and wealth of experience helped guide and reassure us through labour.  

She was available always when we needed to talk to her, and was totally commited to help us even through a long sleepless night.

We feel so lucky to have had Luci by our side through the process and would unconditionally recommend her services to anyone.


Thank you Luci.

Rachael Cheung


When I was looking for a doula, I stumbled upon Luci's profile and liked that her services provided prenatal visits, birth and labour support; and post partum support, especially with breastfeeding support. When we met Luci she had an incredibly warm, motherly demeanour to her that instantly made me feel comforted. You could tell how passionate she was about motherhood and that she had a wealth of experience, having 4 children herself. We agreed on a few weeks before committing to her services and she even encouraged us to look around. Even after I did research on other doulas, she made a lasting impression and I felt there was no need to look further, she would (and was) the perfect support for us.

Hospital policies were constantly changing due to COVID-19 and that altered our plan to have Luci there at the hospital with us. However, Luci still provided us with so much support during labour and really helped us prepare for our time at the hospital. She had so many supportive tools and techniques during the early stages of labour at my house and I honestly had an enjoyable and relaxing experience and really enjoyed her company. She was also great at guiding my partner to better support me, providing lots of acupressure tips and supportive positions that could help me get through the later stages of labour at the hospital.

After giving birth, she was there to support me in so many ways. She was there to guide and comfort me through all of the ups and downs that comes with postpartum, in addition to providing lactation assistance. Her daily check-ups, phone calls, and virtual visits took away all of my anxieties as a new mom, especially during a time where we have been left mostly alone with no family support due to COVID-19. I can't recommend her as a doula enough and look forward to contacting her again in the future :). 



My husband and I were excited and nervous about the birth of our first child.  Having no family close by, we thought we would like the comfort of having someone experienced with us during the labour and delivery.  We interviewed 3 doulas and ended up choosing Luci because of her professionalism and her calm, kind demeanour. We liked that she had years of experience as a midwife, as well as being a doula, and lactation consultant.

During labour, Luci was able to suggest different positions that helped increase my comfort levels, as well as I found her massages during contractions very useful in reducing the pain. After 20 hours of labour, I ended up needing a C-section, and I am very thankful that Luci was there to be with my husband while he waited during my surgery, and to be with him and baby after surgery. Our baby ended up needing treatment for jaundice, and had multiple tests run during our stay in the hospital. She reassured us as new parents that a lot of what we were going through was not uncommon.

After we got home, she continued to be an asset, as I had difficulties with my breastmilk coming in. Luci was there to help with strategies to use, including: using piping, holds and latches, herbal supplements, and recommendations for medication.  Had we not had Luci, we would have ended up hiring a lactation consultant separately. She also was very encouraging and continually followed up to see how we were making out. 

I would highly recommend Luci to anyone considering a doula.  We all hope that our labour and delivery will be problem free, but when complications due arise, words cannot express how beneficial it is to have someone experienced, kind, and compassionate there to help relieve the stress, during a stressful time.


Heather M.



Our experience with Luci was fantastic- we would recommend her to anyone!

As first-time parents, it was very helpful to have someone we felt comfortable with who was also very informative. We read books and we took classes, but it was nice to have the one-on-one support beforehand to cover gaps in our knowledge. She provided answers to questions we didn't even know to ask!

We had hoped for a natural, unmedicated birth, however our baby was breech. Luci was a comfort as we adjusted to our changing birth plan and story. I was pleasantly surprised at how she was able to help us prepare for a c-section beforehand. She was there by our side before and after the c-section, advocating on our behalf when it was appropriate and helping me cope emotionally with some of the other challenges that day brought. 

After the birth, she was very generous with her time; checking in with us regularly and providing much needed advice and support to promote successful breastfeeding. Again, she provided advice we would never have been so lucky to receive otherwise.

Thank you Luci!



We cannot recommend Luci enough! This was our first baby and we really cannot imagine having done it without Luci's incredible support. The two pre-natal sessions were very useful in covering what to expect during labour and with a newborn. She practiced massage and rebozo techniques and even leant us tools for both of these on the lead up to our due date.

Luci is able to build such good rapport that on multiple occasions during labour, hospital staff confused her as being a member of our family. I felt extremely comfortable around her and thank her for helping us to achieve the natural, pain relief-free birth that we had hoped for.

She is extremly flexible and generous with her time - something that was invaluable to us, particularly during the first week postpartum where we struggled with breastfeeding. Luci would check in with us regulalry and was always happy to chat on the phone or text us about any questions or concerns that we had. When she felt necessary Luci didn't hesitate to visit us to help out with a feeding in person.

If you are looking for a doula, Luci would be an excellent choice!



Luci saved us! We wated a Doula becuase we had no family close and were very uninformed about birth/having a baby and felt more info/support would be nessisary. We took classes that were very helpful, but it was so nice to have Luci there as a real person to give real opinions instead of health personnel that sometimes feel like they are telling you things from the standpoint of not getting sued versus actually giving real advice that will benifit you most. Luci always felt like she was giving real advice that would be best for us. At the same time though, she never imposed her personal opinon on us and was deliberate about helping us to know what we need to know to make our own decitions. She felt just like the mom I wish could've been there but she also had the medical knowledge. 

One of the primary reasons we chose Luci was becuase of her extra knowledge in nursing. Having two sisters who wanted to nurse but stuggled so much they gave up, I really wanted extra support there. I honestly believe that without Luci's help, (along with the wonderful help from the public health nurses) I would not be nursing right now still if if weren't for Luci. She helped us discover an odd but vital problem that many others had missed and knew just how to help us work on fixing it. 

We feel she went the extra mile in being there for us. Always offering support. We think she was perfect for us. 




When we found out we were pregnant with our second child we contacted Luci without any hesitation.  We had a wonderful experience with her and it continued through our second childbirth. Luci is like a family member who is very reassuring to have in the delivery room, and she has the experience and expertise that helped us deliver our baby as best as we can.  I was under the best care and would not think twice on recommending Luci as a doula.

Coco R


We have been lucky enough to have Luci help us with our two childrens' deliveries. As a doula she was extremely comforting, knowledgable, helpful, and dedicated during both pregnancies and birth experiences. She stayed with us for the entire birth process at the hospital and was available for home visits after leaving the hospotal. After giving birth to our children, she was also been immensely valuable as a lactation consultant. I had many questions and concerns about breastfeeding my two children and she was always there to offer guidance and support. I would highly recommend her! 



We truly cannot recommend Luci strongly enough. She provided both myself & my husband with the individualized support we needed before, during, & after the birth of our first child. 

She ensured that she was well aware of our birth plan, preferences, & needs & catered our prenatal sessions accordingly. She is incredibly warm, kind, & supportive & was a truly calming & focused presence during a fairly stressful experience. As first-time parents we didn't really know what to expect, but luckily Luci was there to assist & act as an informed go-between with the medical staff. 

I was lucky enough to have both my husband & my mother present at our son's birth, so wasn't sure if I'd need a doula for added support. I am SO happy we decided to hire Luci- she provided support to all three of us & assisted in sharing the support roles so I always felt taken care of. My husband is quite squeamish about medical procedures, and she was immensely helpful in assisting him in being present and useful during labour with limited exposure to any of the more graphic parts of the process.

Luci also helped me through a completely natural birth with no medication, which was my goal prior to going into labour. It was tough, but I am so happy I could achieve that goal- I'm not entirely sure I could have done it without Luci. But she kept me going!

She was also wonderful about checking in with us after the birth (both in & out of the hospital & providing lactation & other support. She also surprised us with some beautiful birth photos & a birth story! We wouldn't hesitate to hire Luci again if we decide to have more children :)




Asking Luci to be our doula was the best decision I made regarding my labour. You can read and learn as much as you can, but the truth is - you can't predict which way your labour is going to go. A least this is how it was for us. I had planned for a natural delivery and ended up with an emergency C-section - something I was not ready for. Having Luci with us, first at home helping with contractions and finding best positions, going to the hospital together at the right time, making informed decisions as labour was progressing - helped me and my husband remain calm and keep going. Luci got along really well with the medical staff at St. Paul's, and I felt I was getting the best care at all times. After our beautiful baby girl was born, Luci stayed with us for a couple of hours, helping the baby latch, trimming her fingernails, and making sure we were ready for the night at the hospital.
One thing I didn't realize when I was pregnant was how much support we'd need postpartum. Being a certified lactation consultant, Luci followed up with me on the phone every single day for over a week, answering my questions, which I had lots of, helping me understand the stages my breasts were going through as milk was arriving and the ways the baby can react to those changes. Luci's loving voice was always there to reassure and direct us when we needed it. The two post labour home visits were invaluable. It really felt as if we had a family member with us at this important time of our lives.
I would recommend Luci to any family in a heartbeat!



Luci is a gifted doula and a kind spirit. My partner and I hired her to guide us through our first pregnancy. She was incredibly helpful throughout our entire journey from prenatal classes to postpartum home visits. She is a fountain of knowledge and a source of comfort. When it came time to labor, Luci was by our side every step of the way. No task was too small for her as she remained both fully present yet inconspicuous. As a first time mother I can't imagine going through this wild journey without her. Do yourself a favor and give her a call. She'll be the best guide you've ever encountered on your path to motherhood.



Every so often you meet someone that carries out their work so effortlessly and naturally that it doesn’t seem like a job for them but rather an extension of who they are as a person. Luci is one of those people and because of that she quickly became an important part of our support in the preparation, delivery and early care of our newborn.
We had taken prenatal courses and read lots of baby books with our first child but didn’t use a doula. However, nearing the end of this second pregnancy, we thought support from a doula may be beneficial, as we didn’t have as much time to prepare given most of our free time being occupied by our toddler. Relying on the expertise and support of a doula seemed like the best approach to feeling confident we would be prepared without investing a lot of our own time.
Serendipitously, a pregnant friend (who did not know we were considering a doula) told us she was using Luci as a doula for a second time. From speaking with our friend, Luci appeared to check all the criteria I would want in a doula:  excellent training and experience in prenatal and lactation services, kind, very generous with her time, good listener, works well with other medical support staff, hands on help, confident and supportive.
I met Luci for an initial consultation and instantly felt at ease and comfortable. I would typically spend countless hours researching before selecting a doula and it seemed like luck that a doula that matched everything I wanted seemed to just appear before me. However, once you meet Luci, you realize she seems to just know what to say and where to be at the right time! We are very happy we had Luci with us and highly recommend her to others!



Highly recommend!!

we hired Luci when I was about 20 weeks and she was great all the way through my pregnancy. She has great knowledge about all the exams and results, also her experience as an obstetric nurse was very valuable to us. I ended up needing a C section and she was able to be with us even in the operating room taking lots of pictures. She also helped a lot with breastfeeding. 

Thank you so much Luci!! 



Our experience with Luci was an unforgettable one.  Without her guidance and wisdom during and after labor, we would have been at quite a loss. Her assistance during the labor included various relaxation techniques, reminders to breathe and relax your body (and you really do forget to do these things during contractions!), guidance as to when may be an appropriate time to call your midwife or doctor, reminders to est and drink etc. Her calm presence was very reassuring at a time when there could be multiple people turning to you with questions. I always trusted Luci to give me her opinion. After the labor Luci stayed with us for longer than anyone else. Helping with breastfeeding and general support as needed. In the following week she visited us twice and stayed in touch by phone and text.  Thus extra support after the labor was greatly needed and appreciated for us first time parents.  I would highly highly recommend Luci as a Doula during the birth process without a doubt!



I feel so very fortunate that Luci was recommended to me by my original midwife. We had planned to interview a few doulas, but the moment we met Luci we knew our search had come to an end. Her gentle energy and confidence really made us feel at ease about having our first baby.

When it came to my birthing time Luci came at the right time. Just as things were really picking up, but not before, so I had time alone with my husband that was very special. Throughout my birthing time Luci was extremely respectful of my birth preferences and made gentle suggestions on position changes, how to breathe and relax through waves and things my husband could do to be part of the process. The way she holds space is almost indescribable. My birth didn't go as planned and I don't know how we would have done it without her. She made us feel supported in all of the really hard choices we had to make. Once our baby (finally) arrived she took photos (completely unexpected) that are priceless. I will cherish them forever. 

Luci contacted us every single day after the birth to ask how things were going. It was really nice to have someone checking in on ME and not just the baby. We had a few days of breastfeeding that were hard and as soon as Luci knew that she came over immediately the same evening and helped us. We are now very successfully breastfeeding and we owe it all to her. 

From prenatal to the fourth trimester Luci is an expert. I will miss her. I highly recommend her services. You can tell this is not just a job for her.  THANK YOU, LUCI. ♥?


Wei Lyn


My husband and I are very fortunate to have worked with Luci for the pregnancy and birth of our first baby. Luci was so integral to the process, particularly during labor and breastfeeding in postpartum, that we could not have imagined doing it without her. I don't believe I would have been able to nurse successfully without her guidance. Luci has wonderful intuition and knew how to support me & when to make effective suggestions that would help me to get through the most challenging parts of labor. Luci also has extensive knowledge and a good understanding of how to apply it to our specific needs. On top of everything she is capable of doing, Luci is simply a lovely individual who is so passionate about her work and caring for families. My husband also felt much better equipped to support me because of Luci's coaching. We would definitely choose to work with her again if we have a second child!




When my wife became pregnant late 2018 with our first child, my wife started looking into hiring a doula to help her manage the pain before and during labor.  Originally, I was a little hesitant because of the cost and frankly lots of women give birth without a doula.  But since I wasn’t the one that had to go through the pregnancy nor give birth, I reluctantly agreed to hiring a doula.

In January 2019 my wife found Luci, and shortly after meeting her my wife and I decided we liked her and that her personality fit well with ours. 

Over the course of the next few months Luci helped my wife to manage the discomfort of the pregnancy with suggestions, like sleeping positions, support belts to help my wife carry the extra weight, and other techniques to help manage the discomfort.

On the day of labor; in short, I don’t know if I could have managed without Luci being there.  During the pregnancy I tried to train myself to stay calm and focused.  But having Luci there helped a lot.  She gave suggestions, like positions and helped massage my wife during the contractions.  My wife had a long delivery and so we eventually decided on an epidural, at which point the nurse and midwife confined my wife to the bed.  With the epidural my wife felt little pain during the contractions and was able to rest.  But even during this time Luci, assisted my wife.

After delivery Luci still went above and beyond what I expected from a doula.  She gave my wife plenty of advice on nursing and caring for our child.

In short, I'm glad my wife found Luci and if my wife and I were to have more children I would not hesitate to hire Luci again! 




We hired Luci to be our doula for our first pregnancy. What we really liked about her profile and then in meeting her was that she had so much expertise from different aspects of her career, and from being a mom of four children! We felt comfortable with Luci right away, as she is a very warm and gentle person. She helped us get ready by giving us just the right amount of information to be helpful, but not overwhleming, and helped us practice changing, clothing, bathing, and holding a baby (with a doll!). When my labour came around, we kept in touch with her until we were admitted to the hospital; because of the slowness of my labour progression it never worked out to have her come over to help with that, but she let us know she was ready for whatever we needed. I'd been in early labour for over two days by the time we got admitted to the hospital, and my husband and I were so relieved to see her when she came, as she was fresh and ready to help. She helped me a ton with the physical aspects of labour - walking around, trying different labour positions, holding various parts of me - and also with the mental stress of labour. I am particulrly thankful to Luci for helping me feel okay about getting an epidural. I had really wanted an unmedicated delivery, but my labour was such that I wasn't able to continue without an epidural. She helped me think of it as using the right tool at the right time, rather than "giving up" or "failing", and I was grateful for that. You can really tell that Luci loves her job and is invested in positive outcomes for her clients. She also communicated well with my midwife, as they had worked together before. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula; it felt great to have her in our corner!

Tania and Andrew C.


Luci was an integral part of our birth journey! From the beginning, we appreciated her professional, calm, and sweet demeanour. Prior to delivery, we had a couple meetings that were very helpful, which included information on coping mechanisms and massage techniques. During labour, she was intuitive and remained calm, which helped me alot. She knew what worked/didn't work for me and was able to suggest other options and what she could do to make the experience easier for us. I had a very quick labour and we were in rush hour traffic while I was in transition! Since my husband was driving, it's clear that without her I would have had a really tough time. It really helps to have a caring, experienced person to be by your side, who is most importantly familiar with what is happening and who is able to remind you that amidst the intense pain, how natural labour and childbirth is. 

Luci's follow ups after the delivery were amazing- she would reach out to check in on us when we would forget to and when we really needed it. She also helped us with breastfeeding and reassured us with our concerns. Our baby was underweight and we were consumed with her feeding schedule, so we had a lot of questions. 

We absolutely loved having Luci as part of our birth story and we couldnt have done it without her. We miss her so much already and it's only been 6 weeks! 



Luci was an amazing support before, during and after birth. We felt safe and comfortable with her during labour. She provides genuine care and her lactation knowledge is so valuable!! I am so glad Luci was by my side during labour and would highly recommend her.

Angela W


Luci was great! She always went above and beyond during our time with her. I had an induced labor and she was fundamental in helping me manage the pain and encouraging me the whole way through. She takes the time to listen to what you want for your birth experience and she is there to support you 110%. For all the guys out there -- a doula is as much there for you as for your baby Mama's. My hubby can't rave enough about her! Also, if you didn't already know, she's also a lactation consultant which is SO useful. The baby coming out is one thing, getting the little peanut to feed is another. Can't tell you how many times I called her in a panic in the middle of the night. She is there for you and will always help in any way that she can. 

Jen I


I wasn't sure I needed a doula for the birth of my first child. However upon meeting Luci in person, I knew she was someone I wanted by my side as support during this time. Luci was knowledgable about the birthing process and in a couple pre-birth meetings, was very helpful in explaining what to expect in a way that made us comfortable with the process.

During the actual labour and delivery, Luci's experience was invaluable. She helped me through a challenging labour by providing guidance on breathing techniques, positioning/techniques for pain relief and also helped through various massage techniques. Her calm and supportive presence was incredibly helpful in managing the pain. My husband who would've otherwise felt overwhelmed, felt supported by Luci's presence.

After the birth, Luci's post-partum visits helped to establish good breastfeeding techniques and her knowledge in this area was incredibly helpful during these early stages. Overall I found Luci to be an attentive, caring and knowledgable doula, and wouldn't hesitate recommending her to any other expectant mother.

Nicole Stratton


Luci was an absolutely essential support for my birthing time. I met with her early in my pregnancy and could feel right away that she was a good fit. She was in complete support of our plan for a home birth and use of a birthing pool. Throughout pregnancy we came to learn that she was incredibly resourceful, caring and reliable. Always quick to respond and checking in, I felt cared for.

Fast forward to my birthing process, her level of communication was excellent as contractions began. She advised me wisely and helped me feel calm and rested during the early stage and that she could come at any point that I need.

When things started to pick up she came over right away. As soon as she arrived I felt safe. Like everything would be okay. Her voice, her touch, the way she held space for me to be exactly how I needed to be was extraordinary. She anticipated my needs, she coached me when I needed a boost and gave me space when I could handle space. My partner recaps the experience nicely as he mentions how wonderfully inclusive Luci was to him. She was like a partner in helping him support me. Together, the two of them made it possible for me to handle the contractions and proceed with the home birth of my dreams.

Luci encouraged me the entire way, she was my safety and security. I relied heavily on her and even though I did not know her super well beforehand, I felt totally comfortable to lean on her and knew she was there 1000% for me. I trusted her completely and appreciated her suggestions and hands on support. I believe that because of her being apart of my birthing team I was able to have a very positive birth experience.

After the birth it was clear that being a doula is more than just a job. Luci is living her passion and it shows with her level of care. She was everything we needed her to be and more. I’m forever grateful for her presence in mine and my family’s life. ??

Stephanie Ko


My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Luci for the arrival of our beautiful baby girl. Bringing on Luci as part of our support team was without a doubt one of the best decisions that we ever made.

Here are some of the top reasons Luci was invaluable to our family:

  • She is incredibly knowledgeable - because our baby was breech, we ended up having a c section. Even though Luci couldn't be as involved in the labour as originally planned, the fact that Luci is a certified lactation consultant meant that she played a key role in our post partum experience. It was so important to us to exclusively breastfeed and I honestly think we could not have achieved this without her support. I heard so many horror stories from my friends of how tough their breastfeeding experience had been, but with Luci we felt supported and informed - she would proactively check in with us so we always knew what to expect and how to troubleshoot any challenges. She always ensured both mom and baby were taken care of, and all of her advice was relevant and helpful.
  • She is respectful and intuitive - as my husband is a surgeon, he was initially very hesitant to work with a doula. He automatically felt at ease with Luci though because of her medical background (as a midwife) and she always offers her opinions respectfully, giving both our OB and physician the lead in our medical decisions especially with the c section process. She is very empathetic and can intuitively read when to give our family space versus step in and offer support which we very much appreciated.
  • She is overall a wonderful person - last but not least, Luci is an extremely kind, gentle and warm person. She makes everyone feel comfortable and loved. It meant so much to us to have her as part of the most important chapter in our lives.

Thank you Luci from the bottom of our hearts!

Kristin Willems


Lucy was a lifesaver and an absolute pleasure to share our first birth experience with. We did birth classes with her as well (which I highly recommend for any first time parent). She is incredibly informative (she used to be a midwife), calming and a very sweet lady. The moment we met her we instantly felt comfortable with her. She was by my side the whole labour massaging my back and talking me through the contractions, she supported my husband and let him rest. I ended up having to have a c section due to the babies position. Lucy waited for us and spent the next few hours helping with breastfeeding. I had my baby girl on Dec 23rd and she had offered to not go away on a mini vacation (1 Night on Christmas Day) so she could be there to help us. We insisted she spend that time with her family and that we would be okay. Once we were home she was available by text and phone at anytime with any questions. When I felt overwhelmed with breastfeeding she came over to help. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the first few weeks without her. This was the best moment of our lives and we are so happy Lucy was there every step of the way.

Ana Alonso


My husband and I were very lucky to have Luci during the whole experience (pre and post birth included). From the very beginning when we met her we knew she was the right person to help us with our first baby. Very experienced, all her support was greatly appreciated during all stages. All the visits during pre-birth were very useful to get to know her and also provided tons of helpful information that allowed us to be prepared for birth. During labour her experience as a nurse allowed to have that extra of confidence to make every decision along the way and her emotional support and assurance was also very nice to have. You can feel how she enjoys what she does even at 6am after a long night at the hospital with us.

Will highly recommend her to anyone thinking on a adding a Doula to their experience.

Thanks, Luci! :)

Christa Dakin


I cannot stress enough how wonderful having Luci at my birth was. Actually, no. Not wonderful. Necessary. There is literally no way I could have had an intervention-free birth without her. Period. I went into labour overnight, and it progressed quite quickly. We actually had to call Luci on her way in and redirect her to meet us at the hospital. Once there, she quickly took charge. She supported me in relaxing through and working with the contractions, and supported my husband in supporting me. It felt like seemless teamwork throughout. My doctor actually mentioned at my post-partum checkup how impressed he was with the way the 3 of us worked both together (and importantly, with my doctor) to birth my son.

As a FTM, I was looking for a doula who could support and calm us. As a physician, I was looking for someone knowledgable in the medical aspect of labour/delivery. I found both in Luci. My plan was to attempt a natural birth while knowing full well the various complications that can occur and the interventions required for them. Luckily, I had a smooth natural delivery, in no small part thanks to Luci. I highly recommend her to any FTM, or any mom who is looking to attempt a natural delivery.

Bronwyn Jo


My husband and I have no family nearby, so we decided since my husband often was out of town for work, or was not able to answer his phone we should have a back up. When we first met Luci, she had a distinct calming effect on both of us compared to the other doulas we had met.  she answered our questions in a very straight forward manner, and explained that she was there to support us both, not just me (the labouring mommy).  When it came to picking our doula we chose her because of her credentials as a doula but also a lactation consultant, which believe me came in handy following our horrendous birth experience. in the weeks before Luci answered my MANY texts and phone call questions about symptoms and feelings about doctor visits etc etc I never felt like a nuisance to her, or as though she didn't care.  Our time finally came, late on a thursday night i started labour.  To say my labour was not an easy or remotely typical experience would be an understatement! labour started thursday night and continued until an emergency c-section was absolutely necessary on saturday morning, we were diverted to a different hospital, had 3 different doctors, our son was placed into the NICU and tested up the whazoo, given antibiotics only to find out he was perfectly fine the whole time and experienced VERY VERY poor communication all around. However, what got me and my husband through the worst week of our lives was Luci! Although because of circumstance she was not doing what i imagine she typically does for a family during labour, she stepped up to be what we needed! she was a friend who listened to our frustration, a family member who visited us in the days after supporting us in any way she could, she was an excellent lactation consultant following the damage done by hospital staff in the NICU. Luci is an angel, and like family to us now, and if we find ourselves pregnant again we will not hesitate to hire her as our doula again!

Michelle Blown


Luci was an absolute dream to work with! When you hire Luci, you get a woman who acts as your friend, coach, medical professional, and birth and baby expert. Luci's calm and nurturing demeanor relaxed me and helped me to feel confident and safe throughout my pregnancy, labour, and birth. She is extremely knowledgeable about birthing and consistently answered all of mine and my husband's questions with care and precision. Luci went above and beyond our expectations in terms of her support during labour. She stayed with us for much of a very long (2 day) labour at home and then additional time at the hospital - only leaving my side when I said she should get some sleep while I slept. Her care and concern for us and our baby were outstanding. Without her suggestions during labour, her moral support, her motivating voice, and her knowledge of the birthing process and hospital procedures, my husband and I would have been lost! Luci took notes during my labour and presented me with a beautiful "birth story" that brought tears to my eyes. I can't recommend Luci enough!! She was a lifesaver in what can be a very nervewracking, overwhelming time in one's life. Look no further for the best birthing experience with an amazing doula :)

Emma Carlson


My birth was a wonderful and joyous experience, and that was made possible by Luci. She supported both me and my husband through a 31 hour labour, and didn't leave our side until the birth of our daughter. She was so knowledgeable and calm, giving us the comfort and confidence we needed to stick with our birth plan and birth completely naturally. It felt like we had known her for years. She was also an amazing post-partum support, consistently checking in with us, and supporting us with breastfeeding and early newborn care. Thank you so much, Luci. We hope you will be able to be our doula when we decide to have another child!

Adriana Carson


In the fall of 2015, I was pregnant with my first child, - a baby girl. We had just moved to Coquitlam from Vancouver and I was stressed out, anxious, and in a new and unfamiliar place. Late into my pregnancy, I realized I wanted to use a doula for my birth. My mom had passed in 2012 and I was really feeling like I needed a warm and reassuring female presence at my daughter's birth. Luci was perfect from beginning to end. She did amazing massage for me when I was at the hospital waiting for my room. My contractions were 1-2 minutes apart from the beginning, so it was very painful. Luci stayed by my side the whole time and helped me advocate for what I wanted from the nurses and doctors. My husband was so glad to have her. She came to visit us twice after my daughter's birth and helped with breastfeeding. I recommend her 100%!

Lindi Cassel


When I got pregnant with #2 there was no doubt that I needed Luci there for the birth. She'd been so amazing with my (very long very slow) first labor that I couldn't imagine delivery without her there. We had prenantal visits and regular phone/text contact through the last part of my pregnancy. Her calm reassurance was especially helpful when I went past my due date and was getting very stressed about being induced. Luci made sure to review my previous labor and elicited feedback about what was helpful and what we could try to do differently. When my labour finally started, Luci was there with her amazing massage, applying TENS and hear packs to my back and talking me calmly through every contraction. She was there to advocate for all the things I'd wanted to go differently this time and with her help and encouragement, managed to have the birth I'd wanted. She stayed to make sure I was comfortable, fed and nursing well afterwards and checked in regularly in the week following. Having Luci there for the birth of my second child was one of the best decisions I made. She's an amazing doula and if I have another I wouldn't hesitate to call her again!

Jasmine Nann


My husband and I were eager to find a doula to support us during the birth of our first child. We searched on doula match and quickly found Luci! The combination of her experience, knowledge and expertise stood out and once we met her I knew we didn’t need to search any further. Her supportive, calm and nurturing demenor was exactly what I was looking for! She had a great energy about her and we felt confident about our choice. Throughout the knowledgeable and practical prenatal visits, to the birth and of course postnatal visits Luci was always there. She helped my husband and I go through the labour process confidently and she helped us make some of the most difficult decisions that we would face. She was always by my side and found roles for my husband where he felt comfortable and confident. She still continues to answer my questions and calls to check in on us. i can’t recommend any other doula more than Luci! Luci was truly  everything we needed and she made the most memorable process in our lives even better because as we could focus on our new family and she supported us! Thank you Luci!

Colleen Hunter


After finding out we were pregnant with our second, we knew we wanted Luci on our birthing team again.

Our birth ended up starting quite quickly, and Luci was the first to be there.  She helped greatly through the contractions, as well as through the pushing phase.  She was aware of my husband's needs as well, and helped him out and answered his questions as needed.

After the birth, she stayed with us, making sure we were ok and that feeding was going well.  This was good as I ended up having some issues while the medical staff was out of the room.  Once we were settled in the maternity ward, she stayed with us at our request a little longer so we could use her help.

After we got home, she came and helped us out getting settled in and answering any questions.  She even came by one evening to help us as we were struggling with breastfeeding and fussiness of the baby.

Luci has gone above and beyond with both of our labours, and not only would I use her again, but I also highly recommend her to anyone else!

Teresa Iketsuki


Having Luci as our doula was the best choice we made for our labour and delivery. Even throughout pregnancy, Luci was available via text and phone to answer any questions we had. She is approachable and very motherly, which is exactly what I needed when I felt unsure about things, as it was my first pregnancy. Her flexibility for home visits was incredible, and she instilled so much knowledge and reassurance in us that we did not have to take prenatal classes. When labour started, Luci was there for every step of the way, even though I phoned her in the middle of the night and my labour went on for 31 hours from there. She knew exactly what to offer at what stage, which was also very helpful to my husband. I honestly don't know how women go through labour and delivery without a doula - Luci and my husband both kept me strong for as long as I did. Her counter pressure, massage, and breathing techniques were key to keep me calm throughout the whole process. She also took really valuable pictures right after she was born. She obviously does not do this job for the money - her passion shines through her work. Thank you Luci, for helping us welcome our little girl to the world! It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Juliana Negreiros


This was the second time that Luci supported us in the birth of our second daughter. Based on our previous very positive experience, both my husband and I had no doubt to contact Luci towards the end of my pregnancy to request her help again. Although this was my second pregnancy, I was still anxious about labor. During our prenatal meetings, Luci was very reassuring and optimistic. She was available and consistently checked in prior to my due date when I had false alarms and also after our daughter was born. We felt extremely supported and confident throughout my labor and cannot think that we would be able to have such a positive experience if it wasn’t for Luci’s help.

Cally M.B.


We had a couple doulas selected for interviews; however, upon our first meeting with Luci we knew she was perfect for us. Luci is knowledgeable, warm, and kind. We only ended up having one prenatal visit with her as the baby came early! Instead we had two postpartum visits. During my labour we were able to implement some of the techniques she showed us during our first visit and it was amazing how much a difference it made during early contractions and my husband was able to provide that relief to me until Luci arrived. My immediate postpartum at the hospital was a little traumatic and Luci helped by explaining what was happening to my husband and mother. The postnatal home visits were invaluable as I was having some difficulting with the proper latch and experiencing some pain and discomfort during breastfeeding. With Luci's help I was able to try new positions for holding the baby and how to correct the latch once baby was on.

She's very responsive through text and email. It's very easy to contact her with any questions and she always replied in a reasonable time. I highly recommend her as a doula and should I have another child, I'll be seeking her aid again.

Rebecca Bailey


Luci is incredible! As first time parents, my husband and I decided to engage a doula to assist us in preparing for and surviving through labour. We also specifically looked for a doula who is a lactation consultant as we had heard from other new parents how difficult breastfeeding can be at first without the right support. Luci was all that we hoped for and more.Her calm, knowledgable presence immediately put us at ease and we knew she was the doula for us. Her prenatal visits were super informative and helped us feel as ready as we could for labour. Our little one was 10 days overdue and Luci checkedin often to see how we were doing and provide advice as needed.We had a very intense 8 hour labour and Luci was there each step of the way. We honestly could not have done it without her. Luci was very responsive to what worked for us rather than using a formula of one-size-fits-all. My husband provided the emotional support I needed during labour but Luci provided the mental and physical support. Having someone by your side with that level of expertise really makes all the difference -- to not just me but my husband as well. Looking back we both reflected how much we appreciated her there. As soon as baby was born Luci provided guidance on the first feed and once we were settled in she left us to rest. She confined toc check in on us while we were in the hospital and offer advice as needed. Once we got home and settled she came for two post-natal visits, focusing on newborn care and especially on breastfeeding. We had some difficulties latching and she guided us through those with really helpful and practical advice. She continued to check in and came for a second follow up visit and gave us a typed out account of our birth story - such a precious gift to have those experience written out for us to remember. I honestly can't recommend Luci enough, we are so grateful to her and found her professional and knowledgable but also so caring and warm.

Agatha Ding


My pregnancy and birth experience with Luci was absolutely wonderful.  She answered all my questions and gave me lots of good advice and information during the pregnancy.  The two appointments before birth were loaded with reminders and things to prepare for birth.  During my birthing experience we stayed in touch with Luci, and she even came to the hospital at 3am and stayed till baby arrived.  She talked and massaged me through every contraction and gave me advice on positions to push at the end.  After birth she came to visit and answered all our questions, helped us prepare for taking care of baby at home and stayed in touch via texts when she wasn't around.  I don't think I would have asked for a more caring and loving doula who took care of me as if I was family.  Thank you again Luci!

Kasia Ropel-Fryzel


There are no words to describe how grateful we are for having Luci as our doula ...

My labour started with strong contractions that were few minutes apart. I didn't have to wait long for Luci to arrive at our place. She did everything to help and comfort me. Her soft voice was very soothing and  she was reassuring me of how good I was doing. She spoke for me when I needed her the most.

After giving birth to our baby girl I was able to text or call her. When I cried over the phone because breastfeeding was overwhelming she would come and help. Even few weeks later when something troubled me she would call and give advice.

I can say that Luci is like family to us and I would always recommend her!!!

Sarah Baker


Luci was our doula for our second daughter. She brought us so much comfort throughout our pregnacy. She always listened and knew what to say in a calm and reassuring way. I was trying to have a VBAC and she was very supportive. She did everything possible to make it happen and went above and beyond (both in person and on the phone) in the weeks leading up to the birth.

Due to some compilations we were sadly unable to attempt a VBAC. Without Luci's support I don't believe I would have had the beautiful and healing second c-section that we had. She Luci is very knowlegable and has a very calm demeanour. Her support in the hours immediately following the birth allowed my husband to come and visit me in recovery, which was a great comfort to me.

She also made a huge effort to bond with our older daughter and make her feel special when the baby came home. She became a welcomed visitor in our home during our pregnancy. Luci isn't fancy and technology-focused. She is caring and patient-focused. She is always present when she is with you and wash exactly what we needed.

Danielle da Silva


Luci was genuinely caring and an exepcional professional since we met. She was very instructive about labor and although our process went pretty fast, her support helped with the outcome that we dreamed for (natural /non intervention). She was outstanding and her follow up was crucial  to succeed with breastfeeding  (the most challenging part for me). If we decide to have another baby, we definitely gonna get Luci's support once again.

Monique Hallee


My husband and I were expecting our first child. Because I don't have a lot of family in the area we decided to invest in a doula for added support. This was the best decision we could have made and went far beyond our expectations. We were able to meet before the birth to learn more about baby care and to also try out methods of pain management for the labour process. The labour itself was planned to take place at home in our apartment. When contractions started to get too intense we called Luci and she came and stayed with us for hours, but unfortunately my contractions started to fade (and my water had already broke) so I ended up having to go to the hospital to be induced with oxytocin. These types of contractions are much stronger than natural ones and many people end up having to get epidurals because of it. Thankfully Luci was there to give me courage to press through the pain (and also comforted my hubby who had never seen me in such an exhausted and tortured state). I was able to have the vaginal birth I wanted with an alert baby that took immediately to breast feeding. Luci then stayed with us until we were settled in our hospital room and later visited us at home to make sure that we were making out ok. She also took lots of photos of the birth and precious moments afterward. This meant that my husband could remain by my side 100% and soak up the moment too without having to look at the most memorable event of our life through a lens.

I would first highly recommend getting a doula in general if you are unsure about the investment. And second I highly recommend Luci. Her background as a nurse and in midwifery care give her a unique set of skills and understanding that she brings to a birth, but she is also knowledgeable about alternatives to standard practices and the fact that she has 4 children of her own is also great comfort.



Luci was the only doula we interviewed, because we knew once we met her that we wanted to work with her. She is so knowledgeable and has a calm demeanour that puts you at ease instantly. Her prenatal visits were so helpful, we learned pain control and massage techniques as well as information on things like what to bring to the hospital and what to expect during labour. She was always available to answer questions via email, text, or phone and checked in to see how the pregnancy was going. When I was overdue she used some acupressure techniques and showed my husband how to do them to hopefully kickstart labour. During labour, Luci was amazing. I had intense contractions coming close together for hours and hours and she continued to use counterpressure on my back to help me through them. She also helped me to breathe in a calm manner, as I was finding it difficult to do so while in pain and suggested different labouring positions. When I decided that I needed pain relief, she was supportive. When our little one was born she even took some great photos as baby girl was placed on my chest. Her postartum visits were so helpful with breastfeeding, it was great that she is also a lactation consultant.

I would highly recommend Luci to anyone considering hiring a doula.

April Laurel


We were very comfortable with Luci from our first meeting with her. She is very warm and has a nurturing presence. Luci was invaluable during labour. It was a difficult labour and even though she helped and "trained" my husband on what to do in our meetings throughout the pregnancy, all I wanted during my labour was Luci. I had terrible back contractions and she was the only one that was able to provide me any relief. I believe Luci was a big part of why I was able to have a natural birth. My sister is due with her first child next year and she’s going to use Luci too!

Kai Yang


He had interviewed 3 doulas and they were all great people, but Luci's passion and the loving way of communicating connected with my wife right away. We never regretted our decision every since.

Luci offers two pre-delivery sessions at 36 and 38 weeks, offering very helpful tips and dry runs for pain relief. She took her time to give us very practical information on how to relief and manage pain and discomfort, not only for labour but also for the weeks leading to it. The second session was focused on baby care and various ways of massages. The baby care proved to be very helpful during the first days after the labour. The massaging was a very thoughtful way of finding out what pain relief method works for our case. All this preparation made us more confident towards the upcoming labour. Bear in mind that we had gone to an excellent child bearing class, and we still find Luci's prenatal sessions very helpful and spot on for what we needed to prepare.

During active labour, Luci mostly went along with what made my wife most comfortable and helped tremendously in pain relief. Luci was also very assertive when it's needed so we made all the good calls leading to going to the hospital. Luci was very caring and helped us in every aspect both at home and the hospital, but she kept a very professional so the midwife and nurses were having great assistance but not getting overstepped at the same time.
For postpartum Luci visited us twice in three weeks after the delivery. She gave us helpful tips on breast feeding and baby care, which made our first few weeks a lot easier than it could have been. My wife would still call her even after for breast feeding tips. We are very happy to know Luci and she will forever be part of a very sweet and special memory.

Angie Ng


I decided to find a doula to maximize my chances of having a natural birth. I am so glad that I made this decision as there is no doubt in my mind that my experience would have been very different otherwise. I ultimately decided on Luci after contacting other doulas because I liked that she did not take too many bookings per month, she had midwife experience, and she was a certified lactation consultant. Luci was so calming and made me feel self assured upon our first meeting! Her prenatal sessions were very helpful and she answered any of my questions thoroughly, even making sure to call me to give me more information. This was our first baby so having another resource like Luci who understood my fears/goals was priceless.

When my water broke and we went to the hospital, Luci arrived very soon after our call. My labor progressed very quickly and I felt so much relief the moment I saw her. My husband was an amazing birth partner; he was definitely my emotional anchor and never let go of my hand. Luci helped me in a way that complemented my husband; she kept me focused on breathing, something that is much more important that I would have known. She used counter pressure effectively and the TENS machine was great! Luci was the perfect advocate for my birth plans and the three of us felt like a team.

After my baby was delivered, Luci did not leave for hours because the hospital did not have a room available and she wanted to make sure we were settled. I'm beyond grateful for her dedication. My nurse left me alone and when I was leaving the bathroom, I fainted. I can't imagine what could have happened if Luci did not notice something was wrong and ran to catch me (she even hit some equipment on the way resulting in a huge bruise!). Afterwards, Luci came to my aid right away with lactation issues. Her follow up meeting was also a lifesaver for sleep deprived parents!

Beth Larssen


Luci was an invaluable support during my labour and delivery and immediately postpartum.  I had a very long labour that ended up as a caesarean section and Luci was there to support me through it all with her calm presence. My husband was initially skeptical as to why we needed a doula, but after my difficult labour, he doesn't know how he would have made it through without her help! Luci's gentle manner and calm, professional demeanour helped put me at ease in spite of a difficult abour and a challenging recovery immediately postpartum. Luci continued to visit and touch base to make sure we were okay after the baby arrived, giving us helpful advice throughout.

If we have another child in the future, we would absolutely hire Luci again -- I highly recommend her services.

Jeff Pickerell


Since it was our first pregnancy, my wife and I decided that we wanted as much support as possible and I wanted to be able to help my wife the best I could during labour.

We met Luci at Starbucks and immediately felt at ease and that she was the one to help us get through it.
She is extremely knowledgeable and yet very easy going.

We had a few meetings with her as labour progressed and she was always there to answer any questions we had. She gave us helpful massage tips and counter pressure points to help relieve some of the stress.

The day my wife went into labour she came over to the house to help time contractions and keep my wife focused and calm. She rode with us as we drove to the hospital and continued to help my wife with her breathing.

Once we arrived she was never far from my wife's side. It allowed me to focus on helping her breathe as well as take needed breaks to get her ice chips or use the washroom.

Luci was a rock for us to lean on and we could not imagine having gone through that without her.

After we got through it all she was available to us with any questions or concerns we had and came by to see our progress.

If you are on the fence on hiring a Doula then I definitely say go for it. If we get pregnant again I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again.

Jennifer Wiebe


Luci was a huge part of our story with our baby boy - and we wouldn't have it any other way! At our 20 week ultrasound, we found out our baby hadoll a heart defect and would need open heart surgery at birth. We were transferred to BC Women's for delivery and decided that since our midwife wouldn't be there and we wouldnt know the team delivering the baby, that we would hire a doula for a constant support and because I was afraid of needles and didn't want an epidural.

Fast forward to meeting Luci - when we first met her we were impressed with her medical knowledge and her prenatal visits - showing us different techniques to ease discomfort in the third trimester, including Robozo techniques.

At 40 weeks, I had to be induced 3 times over 4 days. We called Luci after the 3Rd induction, and she stayed because the 3rd induction was incredibly painful - she even slept at the hospital that night to support me. Contractions started at 3am and Luci was there to walk with me and support. Around 11am the contraction pain wasn't stopping and finally they took me to a delivery room, I was only 1 cm dilated and they wanted to induce me again. Luci suggested asking them for an epidural anyway for the pain and to reevaluate their plan. We called the doctor back and because of Lucis support we were able to move forward with an epidural, I dilated and I was in active labour!

When I had to take the epidural, I felt like I had failed. Luci reminded me that it takes strength to be in labour for 3 days and my body needed rest. She was there all through labour,à staying even until I got back to my room after our baby was born. I wouldn't have another baby without her support - seriously! I have trouble remembering but she was at the hospital with us for over 36 hours.

Since then she's been available to help with breastfeeding and even provided us a birth story! She is thoughtful, supportive, and incredibly knowledgeable.

Maggie Brennan


We are so happy we sought Luci's services. She was invaluable throughout my delivery and helped me to relax, stay grounded, manage the pain and have the natural birth I had hoped for. Whenever the pain began to feel like too much she knew of a new position to try or a new strategy to help me work through the pain. She also helped my partner to be able to best support me, which we both really appreciated. Luci's assistance after the birth was also extrememly helpful. She helped us to figure out breastfeeding right away and was able to answer a lot of questions we had about caring for a newborn. We would without a hesitation recommend Luci!

Jocelyn Webb


We found Luci through Doulamatch in Sept of 2015 when I was entering my third trimester. Since this was our first baby and both of us were nervous about what to expect we decided to hire a doula. After interviewing Luci, we knew almost immediately that she was a perfect match for us. Luci was so kind, loving and incredibly supportive throughout my third trimester and through the birth. She went way above and beyond our expectations. She was there for us when I needed her and even gave me her tens machine a few days before Christmas in case I went into labour and let me keep it until Jan 11 when my baby was born. Luci made me feel so comfortable and responded to texts and phone calls promptly. Her nursing background made us feel confident in her ability. This woman is incredibly strong. She was with us for over 24 hours without sleep or rest and she didn't even seem tired by the end. Throughout my labour she would push on my back throughout the contractions and it really really helped me cope. She did not stop massaging. Contraction after contraction she kept going. After our babe was born she helped me get breastfeeding going and came back to our place for a follow up visit and wrote us a beautiful account of my birth experience. We are so so grateful for Luci and hiring her was the best thing we could have done. If you choose to give birth in the hospital, don't be fooled that you will be fully supported by a nurse. Your nurses job is to care for the medical side of your labour. That is their priority. Luci is here for you and will do all she can to help you have best birth experience. WE LOVE LUCI! Sincerely, Jocelyn, Justin and Ava Much :))

Jane Oliveira


My husband and I came to Luci as friend's referral, and we couldnt me happier with the decision we made to have her by our side on this special moment. Luci has this special gift of loving what she does, making us feell so comfortable with her presence like it would be with a family member. Also, she has a lot of experience as pediatric nurse, which made us feel secure in following her advise prior, during and after the labor. As it was our first baby, her presence and assistance during labour made us feel secure and calm, making a even more unique experience.

Thank you very much Luci! Trully, you are the best!!

Jane, Onofre and Alissa Oliveira

Devin Wong


When my wife and I received the news that we were expecting our first child we sought as much information about pregnancy and child birth as possible.  Using a doula had been recommended to us by more than a few of our friends so we searched doulamatch and found Luci.  From our first meeting through to post partum Luci has been the best support for my wife and I.  Her wealth of knowledge was tremendous and we benefited from it all of the way.  In the weeks leading up to labour Luci met with us and gave us techniques to relax my wife (and therefore child).  On the day labour started all of the advice, help, and support that Luci gave us worked to a tee and made it a very enjoyable experience.  This being our first child we didn't know what to expect and it was Luci's expertise that got us through it all.  She also met with us post partum to ensure that all three of us were doing well but most importantly mom and baby.  We are happy to give Luci Gimenes the highest recommendation if you are looking for a doula to assist you in the birth of your child.

Ashley Nwaogwugwu


I gave birth to my first child in April 2016.  Luci played a very important role in my labour preparation, labour process, and post partum experience.  My husband and I highly recommend Luci's services because she has a strong medical background, is very supportive, and is a geuninely caring person.

My husband and I hired a doula because it is our first child and we don't have close friends or family members that have recently given birth.  We felt that we needed the support and knowledge from someone with a lot of labour experience.  Hiring Luci turned out to be a very good decision.  Luci provided two prenatal visits to prepare us for labour, baby care, and also provided a prenatal massage :)

I ended up having a very long (58 hour) and painful labour which my husband and I could not have managed without Luci.  She provided us both with support and comfort throughout the labour.  For example, she came to our home when I was in early labour and helped to coach me through my contractions.  She accompanied us to the hospital when my contractions got stronger and closer together.  She continued to coach me through my contractions at the hospital, helped to advocate for me with the hospital staff, and educate me on my medical choices.  After 36 hours of labour my contractions were very strong and close together, however, I was not dialating more than 2cm.  I ended up needing multiple medical interventions such as having my water broken by the doctor, an epidural, and oxytocin.  Luci helped to educate me on the benefits/risks of the interventions.  I felt confident in my choices because of her knowledge and support.  After my sons birth she stayed with us until we had our first breast feed.

In the weeks following his birth she also did multiple follow up visits at our home to assist with breast feeding and help with other questions we had.

Karolien Soylu


I immediately felt comfortable with Luci when I met her and wanted to hire her right away. We didn't even interview any other doulas - it just felt right. My intuition was absolutely accurate. Luci was so warm and accomodating. From the pre-birth prep to the birth itself, she was amazing! We had been taking the hypnobabies classes and had decided to use hypnosis as a means for pain reduction. Although this method was new to her, Luci was really open to learning about the technique and accomodating us.

In the week before I gave birth, Luci was checking in frequently, and even came to my house to give me a leg massage because my legs were so swollen. She also came to take me for a walk because I was over a week overdue and I was worried about having to be induced.

I went into labour at 11 pm, and Luci was with us by 1 am. We had decided on a home water birth, so while my husband was setting up the birthing pool, Luci was giving me a back massage. I had very bad back labour, and the massage and pressure on my back was sooooo helpful. I don't know how I would have gotten through the 9 hours of labour drug free at home without her.

Thank you so much, Luci!!

Jessica Kromhoff


From the moment we met Luci, we knew that we wanted her to be our doula. Luci was very friendly, warm, and open. During our prenatal meetings Luci was very thorough and took time to any questions that we had. She was responsive to any questions that we had between our meetings. I felt very prepared for labour and comforted knowing that Luci would be by my side to help guide us through the process of labour.

My labour progressed very fast. When Luci arrived at our house we immediately had to leave to go to the hospital. While we did not get to use many of the techniques that we had practiced or the tools from her fantastic birthing bag, I would not have made it through labour without her. Luci kept me focused and calm through each contraction. It was very comforting having her at the hospital with us as knew us and was able to advocate for the birth experience that we hoped to have.

After labour Luci stayed with us at the hospital until we were settled for the night. Luci was phenomenal in helping with breastfeeding. As well, Luci was available for some time after we went home to answer any questions that we had.

When I saw my doctor for the first time the next morning after our daughter was born she told me that when she met Luci she first thought that she was our family member because of how caring and attentive she was. The doctor said how much they enjoyed working with her. That says a lot about Luci and how much of a wonderful person and great doula she is!

Colleen Hunter


My husband and I had been talking about having a doula at the birth of our baby, and Luci came recommended by a coworker of my husband who had had her at their birth.  We met and hit it off immediately.  Luci went over what we could expect during the birth, giving us tips and tools to prepare in the coming weeks.  She was instrumental in supporting both myself and my husband during the whole birthing process, from applying counter pressure during contractions, helping me with breathing through the pain, to providing moral support for my husband when things got tense and when he was left alone with our baby while I recovered. She was there to answer questions and give suggestions post birth to ease us into being a new family, following up to make sure everything was going smoothly.  When our next comes along, we will definitely be using Luci again!

Georgiana Petraru


My husband and I felt at ease and comfortable with Luci from the first meeting. In fact, we decided not to interview other doulas and hire Luci right away. She was very supportive throughout the very long waiting period until labour, as our baby was 2 weeks overdue. During labour, she helped both of us stay focused and as calm as possible. Her pain management techniques were a great help. She also helped me get breastfeeding going and have the baby latch properly. I cannot say enough good things about Luci...she is truly amazing and we look forward to having her assist us again, when we have a second baby.

Ruth Pedersen


We are so thankful for Luci. Luci had been our doula with the birth of our first child. When it came time to plan for the birth of our second child, my husband and I agreed that Luci had been such a positive part of childbirth for us that we didn’t want to go without her. I am so glad that we decided to have her join us for the birth. Although we had been through childbirth once before, the second birth was so different. Everything happened so much faster, was more intense, and gave us less time for making decisions. Luci came to our house while I was laboring and helped us decide when it was time to transition to the hospital, ensuring I was able to labour at home for as long as possible. She was by my side whenever I needed her, helping me get through each contraction, reminding me to focus and breathe when everything felt overwhelming. She remained a calm and strong presence through the whole birth process and, brought both my husband and me such encouragement and peace in the midst of what seems at times the organized chaos of childbirth. The care we received before, during and after the birth of our son in 2013 and, most recently, our daughter in 2015, was more than we could have hoped for. Luci is such a warm and caring professional, and well experienced and qualified doula. We would recommend Luci to any soon to be parents and second time-to-be parents as well!

Melissa Keung


As a first time mom who was anxious about giving birth, I figured my best bet was to get myself a knowledgeable doula who could coach me through the process. I found Luci on doulamatch and liked the reviews I had read. I just had a good feeling about her, so my husband and I asked to interview her. She put us at ease immediately and we both knew very quickly that Luci was going to be a great choice. I had a rather quick but intense labour that ended in an emergency c-section, but Luci was there every step of the way and was a great support to not just me, but also my husband. While I recovered from surgery, she stayed with him and the baby to help them get settled, and she then checked in on us several times over the next few days to make sure breastfeeding was going well and we were all adjusting. If you are looking for support before, during, and after your baby's birth, I highly recommend asking Luci to be your doula. She was amazing and I know I wouldn't have been as confident and comfortable as I was without her help.

Josh Kunder


Luci was an indispensable resource to us. Luci gave very helpful recommendations while at the same time respecting our preferences and values. Luci shared important information in a structured and easy way, and gave us many super helpful tips for breastfeeding, nail clipping, burping the baby, baby sleeping, and more. During labor Luci helped Stacy feel more relaxed, confident and comfortable, and as a result we were able to labor longer at home before going to the hospital. Luci stayed by Stacy’s side through her whole labor and birth, which allowed me to handle other tasks while knowing that there was a caring attendant by Stacy’s side. Luci’s encouragement and reassurance helped Stacy focus and relax during contractions, and Luci suggested a variety of laboring positions that were very helpful to Stacy. Luci’s support and soothing helped Stacy to embrace her labor and work with her contractions rather than fighting against them. We felt like Luci was a part of our extended family and we're really glad Luci was a part of our daughter’s birth.

Carolina Ferreira


As a first time mom, I couldn't feel more secure. Luci is a caring, respectful and very talented professional who gave me support throughout my hard pregnancy, encouraged me during the labour and helped me with the baby, teaching about breastfeeding and a lot of other things that we must know to be good for ourselves and for the baby.

Despite I had made a lot of researches about being pregnant and about how to deal with babies, of course I needed to be guided for someone with experience. Since my family does not live in Canada, it was a big concern if I would be successful as a mother. But since I first met Luci, and I saw how passionate she is about her job, how kind she is while dealing with women who can be really vulnerable in this important moment of their lives and how expert she is, my fears was  gone and I could actually embrace the motherhood in a beautiful way, specially after my baby was born.

Luci helped me to trust myself and realize that I am capable of giving birth and taking care of my baby. This stronger me will, for sure, affect my baby in a really positive way, and I own a big part of this change to Luci and her amazing work. I cannot express how grateful I am.

Irina Presnyakova


This is our first baby, and Luci's help was invaluable! We had good prenatal visits where Luci talked to us about labor and comfort measures and showed what to do. She also gave me a great massage and taught my partner some of the techniques. We called her and asked her to come several hours into labor. She arrived very soon and stayed with us untill the very end. She was giving me back rubs and the hip squeeze that turned out to be the best for me to ease the contraction pain. Once we were at the hospital, Luci continued to provide me with comfort measures together with my partner. They worked as a real team!

My partner and I both agree that Luci's knowledge of the medical side of things is really a great advantage.

She was very supportive but also very non-intrusive, allowing us some privacy. She was making suggestions and keeping my partner busy with things to do while not compromising our direct experience of the labor and birth process.

Our doctor later also praised Luci's performance during the labor.

Luci also came to help with breastfeeding and gave us so many pieces of advice on handling the baby.

We are extremely grateful to Luci and happy to have chosen her. We will definitely use her service with the second baby! :)

Natalia Stratulat


As a first time mom everything seemed to be unknown and scary, even with all the classes and books I’ve read on pregnancy and labor. With her expertise, Luci explained and guided me through the mid to late stages of my pregnancy, giving me confidence and comfort to experience the most important event of our lives as a couple. She comforted both of us leading up to and during the birth; massage and birth techniques for me, while providing informational and emotional support for my husband. We are very thankful to Luci, especially because of her example and enthusiasm in ensuring that the both of us were involved in the entire process of birth. Her support provided us both with the courage to persevere through the time it took our miracle to arrive. We witnessed the wonder which was Luci’s attention to our needs and responsiveness to our concerns. We wholeheartedly recommend her services for any couples who are in need of support, whether it be emotional or informational. She goes above and beyond, and we wish the same for any couple who brings Luci into their lives.

Lindi Cassel


With all the expenses associated with having a baby, we weren't sure a doula was a 'necessary' expense. But the moment we met Luci, I knew I wanted her there during the birth of my first child (and my husband agreed!) She has a very warm personality and calming presence - both were much appreciated by these first time parents. During our prenatal visits, she patiently answered all our questions, and she was quick to reply to texts and emails with thoughtful, informative responses. The massage session was a great preview to the over 12 hours Luci spent massaging my back when I was actually in labour!! (I remeber dreading going through a contraction without her amazing counter pressure - luckily I never had to as she was at my side the whole time.) The TENS machine was also really helpful. We appreciated that Luci was non judgmental, and supportive of all my choices for my birth. She reassured me that the choices that I made were the right ones for me (ie to have an epidural). Her additional experience in midwifery also really came in handy - she realized the monitor wasn't working and she advocated for me to avoid further interventions I didn't want, by continuing to time my contractions and telling the nurse what was really happening as opposed to what the monitor was showing. After my daughter was born, she helped us get off to an excellent start with breastfeeding and stayed with us until I felt comfortable with it. During the follow up home visits, Luci provided so many helpful suggestions around breastfeeding and overall baby care. She even wrote our birth story and shared pictures she took at the birth. We were all really sad to say goodbye at the end of our time together. If you're on the fence about having a doula, I would highly, highly recommend Luci for her fantastic mix of skills and personality. She's the best!!

Meghan & Jeremy Watton


Having Luci as our doula was life changing for my birth. It was my second child and I was really wanting to avoid another emergency c-section and any emotional trauma that might accompany my birth experience. She became apart of our family. The emotional support even leading up to my birth was very helpful. She was able to keep my whole family calm and direct us as needed. I especially felt so cared for while in labour. She never took her attention off of me, and was my number one cheerleader the whole time. Luci was able to get me to relax in between contractions and utilize each contraction to it's fullest to be able to push my baby out. I successfully had a v-bac and I owe much of that to alot of work on my part, but also to Luci. The breastfeeding support we received after my baby was born was extraordinary as well. One of her home visits was just holding my crying baby while I had a shower. She was constantly texting me to make sure I was ok. She continued to encourage me even when breastfeeding was very challenging. We were truly sad when our time with her ended. She made myself, my husband and son feel so loved and taken care of. I highly reccommend her.

Rafaella Petrolacci


Hiring Luci was one of the best things we did surrounding our son’s birth. She was initially our birth doula and her prenatal services were absolutely perfect, especially her massage skills. We ended up having an elective c-section as our baby was breech, which was a very difficult experience for me, as well as the fact that breastfeeeding didn’t work out. I chose to bottle feed after two days, partly because I was in a lot of pain post-op ; as expats, we were also away from family and I found myself needing a lot of emotional support, and Luci provided guidance, comfort and answers at a time when I felt completely lost and vulnerable, and very intimidated by the challenges of early parenthood. She never imposed anything but was very supportive of my choices which was so comforting because I did feel judged a lot for choosing not to breastfeed. She also took care of our baby boy overnight as a post-partum service, which allowed us to catch up on sleep while knowing that he was in wonderful hands, and helped us bond with him in the sweetest way, constantly reassuring us and answering our questions. She truly eased our way into parenthood and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her help and wisdom.

Mike Chandler


Hiring Luci was the best choice we made for the whole birth experience. She is a very confident doula, extremely calm under pressure and understands the process very well. She was very responsive and was there as soon as we needed her. Her massage techniques and support throughout labour allowed us to have a drug-free birth (except laughing gas); with the hospital staff rotating shifts, her presence from the start to the finish reassured both of us. Her follow up visit after the birth was very valuable, getting us on the right track with breastfeeding and care for the child. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone, and would hire her again in a heartbeat!

C & T Wakefield


We were pleased to work with Luci for the birth of our first child (daughter). We chose her for a variety of reasons, including: two pre-labour visits (others would just schedule one); her past midwifery experience (thought it would be handy); her lactation consultant experience (we believed that would be useful); and her massage expertise. We were so glad with our choice. Luci was wonderful and helpful - massaging my wife constantly through day-long back labour and then through actual labour; helping to calm and focus her while managing contractions; and working collaboratively wth me to support my wife through the process. When we faced complications, she helped us ask the right questions to make informed choices about how to proceed. My wife ultimately had to have an emergency c-section (wrapped umbilical cord wasn't allowing baby to fully descend) but Luci stayed through that too, visiting with her in the recovery room (while I was with baby in NICU). Since the birth, Luci has only been a phone call or text away, playing a reassuring and coaching role as we transition from hospital to home (we've been grateful for the visits). Both my wife and I feel we could not have picked a better doula for our first born.

Juliana Negreiros


We have no words to express our gratitude to Luci's service. I am sure that I would not be able to have coped with my contractions and delivered my baby vaginally if it was not for Luci's sensitivity, expertise, and support.  From sharing a similar background and speaking Portuguese to being 100% present during my 20-hour labour, Luci did an outstanding job helping us have an unforgettable birth experience. We strongly recommend her services.

Rebecca Towning


Luci came to us as a postpartum night doula after our daughter was born. She was so helpful and knowledgeable with my endless  questions And I trusted her With my daughter which is huge for a first time mom. With her my husband and i were able to get a good nights sleep knowing our daughter was in great hands. I recommend Luci to all my friends who are looking for birth doulas and postpartum care.

Karen Carey


Luci was our Doula for the birth of our first baby, Evelyn. Having spoken to other couples, my husband and I felt that having a doula would be very beneficial. Luci came highly recommended to us by Karen’s GP. Throughout our pregnancy, Luci was very helpful in providing guidance on everything from pain management techniques in labour to postpartum care. Having an extra support person along the way was so comforting and reassuring for both of us. She was an amazing help during Karen’s back labour, using counterpressure/massage and positioning techniques. She was also very supportive throughout Evelyn’s stay in the NICU and follow-up after Evelyn came home. We are so thankful for Luci’s support and guidance during the pregnancy, labour and delivery, hospitalization of our baby girl, and postpartum care as well as help with breastfeeding when Evelyn came home. We are over the moon with our little miracle baby and are thankful Luci was there to help bring her into the world!

Ruth Pedersen


Luci was a source of warmth and assurance for my husband and me through the most difficult hours of the birth of our first child and through the challenges of the first week of parenthood. She was our back-up Doula so we hadn’t actually met her until she joined us at the hospital around midnight to take over for our other fantastic Doula. My husband and I both felt so comfortable with Luci right away. When she arrived I was about 4 cm dilated after labouring at home for 24 hours. I had decided to not take anything for the pain and Luci was great at giving us suggestions to help get through each contraction, but without invading our space. I was experiencing severe back labour pains and Luci was AMAZING with using counter pressure through the contractions for the 12 hours she was with us before our son was born. Tough woman! She knew exactly where and when the pressure was needed and it helped so much. Luci was a source of strength and comfort, so experienced, confident, and helpful through the entire labour, putting us both at ease. Her prior experience in brazil as a midwife with over 200 births showed and gave us great confidence when dealing with medical staff and making important decisions when they arose. Both my husband and I feel that we couldn’t have gone through it without her. Luci gave us time to rest after the birth but was eager to follow up with us both in the hospital and in our home. She talked with us about the experience, answered any questions we had and gave me very helpful advice to make breastfeeding go easier. Luci was a constant professional from the moment we met her, but her presence felt more like a caring mother as she journeyed with us through one of the most exciting and challenging moments of our lives. We highly recommend Luci!

Richard Phillips


We hired Luci as a lactation consultant 4 weeks after our first wee boy was born.  We had been bottle feeding breastmilk to help ease the burden on my wife as he wasn't latching too well. Problem was, he refused to go back to the boob and this was caousing lots of stress to my wife as she wasn't producing enough. Luci was fantastic and visited our home in the evening on the same day we contacted her...which was great because my wife was at her breaking point. Luci gave us heaps of tips on how to get our boy back on the breast. Her calming approach and knowledge were second to none. 2 hours flew by and when she left we felt so much more confident. After only 1 hour of screaming our boy was back on the boob and latching properly. Luci kept in touch with emails to see how my wife was doing and also promptly answered any questions she had over the next few weeks. Luci made such a difference to us and relieved so much stress from our lives. I would rate her 10/10 and recommend her to anyone. Her approach is genuine and trusting and what she told us works! Easily the best $80 we have spent on our kid.

Rosanna Lyman


Luci provided me with the birth experience I had wished for with her calming, relaxed presence and knowledge. I had started labour at 1am but it was slow during the day; when things started to pick up Luci came to our house at around 4pm and immediately started accupressure techniques which were incredible to help open my pelvis, which also provided natural pain relief. Luci also has access to a TENS machine which was helpful. Luci partners with another excellent doula so I wasn't too sure at first who would attend my labour, but I knew either way I would be in great hands! Luci was so helpful in helping me move around and timing contractions so that we called the midwife at the optimal time. My spouse was less stressed as he knew I was in good hands. Luci encouraged him to help me during labour so he felt very involved and useful. Luckily, with the calming support I only spent 1.5 hours at the hospital before our little girl was born and did not need any pain medication or intervention which I definitely put down to Luci's ability to ensure baby was in best position in labour and I was calm and focused. Luci is a Mum of 4 so she has been through it all. She also provided great postpartum and breastfeeding support as she is a lactation consultant too. Overall, an incredible experience that surpassed my/spouse expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Luci as a doula.

Rachel Paterson


Luci was the Doula for the birth of my second child. Luci's great support and guidance were instrumental in having a birthing experience that was low in stress. During my pregnancy Luci took the time to get to know our wants and needs for the birth of our child, and was always available to answer questions and concerns. While I was in labor before we went to the hospital, Luci's knowledge and practice of pain management techniques were very helpful. Both my husband and I benefitted greatly having Luci by our side as she was able to keep me calm and relaxed, and communicate to us what was going on around us in the hospital room during the birth of our child. I highly recommend Luci as a Doula, she is very respectful of boundaries, and able to work around the temperament of a difficult client in labor with great skill and patience! 

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