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Jenny A


Maggie was our doula last year as we welcomed our son into the world! We are so glad Maggie was with us throughout our journey - from pregnancy, labor & delivery, to postpartum. She was so supportive during our pregnancy with expected things like helping us with our birth plan and giving us resources for further self-education, but also went above and beyond to help answer our questions and be a sounding board for us as we had different complications with our pregnancy. During labor & delivery, Maggie was our biggest cheerleader and advocate - she was thoughtful, intentional, dependable, and stuck it out with us for 24 hours for our labor. She brought so many helpful resources to assist me through contractions, met us right at the hospital when it was our time to be there, worked with the nurses in trying different positions, and overall just brought such a spirit of positivity, encouragement, and a "you can do this" attitude that made all the difference. Knowing Maggie had been a doula for so many other births brought such peace as well, and this really shone through as she navigated different scenarios with us at the hospital. She was there when our son entered the world and helped us get settled as a new family of 3. She checked in with us, answered questions, and shared different resources postpartum as we were figuring out breastfeeding, our newborn son and his sleep schedule, and all the physical changes my body was going through. We highly recommend Maggie and are so thankful for all of her support as our doula!

Janna Walton


Maggie was so helpful during my pregnancy and delivery. She quickly responded to all questions and was so helpful coaching me through my natural birth. My water broke at home before I went into labor so she met us at the hospital when I started having contractions. I was terrified of getting induced or any medications so she was able to talk me through my opinions and help me advocate my decisions for my birth.  Her exercises and movements she suggested help my body go into labor to prevention induction. When I was in transition and started to feel like I couldn't handle it any longer her counter pressure and tens machine helped get me through the last stretch. I was so grateful to have her and to have my natural child birth experience. She also came to my house and gave me my placental pills and helped with lactation. I had so much energy after birth and my milk production is still wonderful 4 months later. I highly suggest the placenta encapsulation along with her doula services! 



Short- Maggie is the best.

In the 2 weeks leading up to my son's birth, Maggie answered every grumpy/panicked/false labor start text/call. No question was too small, and I felt seen during the last weeks of pregnancy.

At my 40 weeks check in, we discovered I had gestational hypertension, so my birth plan (Birth Center) was out the window, and I was sent to the hospital. I let Maggie know ASAP that they were going to induce me, and she was ready to be at the hospital to support us the moment we got checked into our room. We asked that she come once labor really kicked off, and we called her at 1 am to come to the hospital. Once Maggie was there a CALMING energy settled on the room and my nerves were gone. I felt in great hands the rest of the evening/morning and felt that I could just focus on the task ahead. Maggie helped us with understanding what the midwives/nurses were asking and gave support during all parts of my labor. Maggie took so many wonderful pictures of my son's birth and first moments. Beautiful moments we will treasure, we are both so so thankful Maggie was there. The follow up call me with Maggie was a really wonderful and rounded out the feeling of having a very supported and informed birth. 

Kelly W


We engaged Maggie's doula services for the birth of our second child after having an unplanned c-section for our first birth. We believed that the c-section was unnecesary and I was confident with the right support team in place I could successfully give birth vaginally. Maggie had such positive reviews and when we spoke during the inital phone consultation I felt immediately comfortable with her and confident that she'd be a valuable support person during my labor and birth. 

She was instrumental in mentally supporting me during days long prodromal labor leading up to actual labor and offering guidance and advice via text to both me and my husband. When labor actually began and we were in the hospital Maggie was a very calming influence in addition to being an amazing second set of hands (an underestimated quality). She worked to setup the room while the nurses were prepping me for admission - she dimmed the lights, kept unnecessary nurses and staff out of the room if needed, started the essential oils and helped my husband to physically support me prior to receiving the epidural. 

Once in more active labor she repositioned me with the peanut ball, offered hydration often and just generally had a calming and pleasant demeanor the entire time which was really crucial. At the pushing stage Maggie and a nurse each held a leg which freed my husband up to offer words of encouragement in my ear and to (finally!) announce the gender of our baby when she came out!

Maggie was instrumental in helping both me and my husband through a very long labor and I truly believe without her support I may have ended up in another c-section scenario. She asked all of the right questions of the doctors and nurses and helped to distill information to me when it was necessary. When things were getting questionable toward the end, she kept her calm while I was freaking out. If we decide to go for a third, I will definitely engage Maggie again!

Emily Miller


10/10 recommend Maggie. My husband and I have very opposite personalities yet both of us loved her and knew we couldn’t have done it without her.

My husband loved that she was professional, decisive, stern yet soft , encouraging, understanding, supportive, dependable, and overall the perfect temperament

I loved that she was a Christian, intuitive, easy going, easy to get along with, and experienced.

We both appreciated how responsive she was. If we ever needed her she was always available.

I experienced 4 day’s of excruciating prodromal labor prior to my birth experience. Maggie kept me going physically and emotionally. She responded to every 3 AM text and came to me at the birth center to help me with baby positioning exercises. Afterwards she came with us to our hotel to get me comfortable and was willing to stay as long as I needed her. Once my water broke she came to us again and helped me to remain calm and comfortable.

My husband and I would have been lost without her. She knew exactly when I should get to the birth center, reminded my husband to call the photographer, asked the midwife to set up the birthing pool. All things your partner will likely forget in the heat of it. She coached my husband through the hip squeeze and other techniques I needed and would have been in pain without.

Trust me, your partner can not take the place of a doula. Maggie is worth every penny and we will use her again next pregnancy. Cut back on something else if money is tight. Maggie is a must.

Melinda Norris


I do a poor job at finding the right words to convey how I feel. With Maggie this is no different. but here it goes. . .From the first time I spoke with her on the phone I felt a connection with her, I felt a genuine care on her end about my past and my future desires. When my husband and I met with her we both came to the same conclusion that this was it, she was exactly the person we wanted to work with. It was easy to feel at ease with her, laugh with her and talk about serious subjects with her. She was professional, loving, friendly and guiding all at the same time. I had two hard births behind me and was really determined to have a birth that felt good for me, the baby and my husband. I appreciated her knowledgeable, holistic, nonjudgmental approach while working with us. I was determined to have a peaceful vaginal birth with my third child. She was very supportive with that and was as determined as I was! When the time came we all met at the hospital, I felt like this was my team, my support group, my family. She worked so well with my husband and myself. She knew what we both needed before we did. She encouraged Jim (my husband) in the right loving way that did not feel threatening. She made me feel safe and encouraged. She felt like a mother figure I needed to be with me at that time. While the birth was somewhat long she never waivered. She provided the exact essential oils I needed at the right time (thank you so much for that). She supported all my decisions and encouraged me on. Did I mention she knew what I needed as I needed it?!?! It felt so loving. When it was time to push my baby out she was there ready to help and do the work with me. She captured great photos of us!

We aren't planning to have anymore children but if we were I would hire her again in a second! Therefore I strongly encourage anyone wanting to have a peaceful, respectable birth to hire her. As my dear friend that hired her before said "she's worth her weight in gold".

Nuzhath Fatema


Maggie is an amazing doula. I appreciate her professionalism and support during my hard time. Thanks a lot Maggie for all your help. 

Laura Fine


Maggie is worth her weight in whatever is much much more expensive than gold! I would never have gotten my VBAC without her, much less an ALL NATURAL, completely UNMEDICATED VBAC! I still can't believe how wonderful of an experience she made the birth of my son and I wish above all else that she had been present at my daughter's birth.

We hired Maggie for all the big reasons: her calm demeanor, her judgement free attitude, the wealth of evidence-based knowledge at her fingertips, her TENS unit. What I didn't realize, was that the little things she brought to the table--things I didn't know to ask about or look for--would make an even bigger difference in our experience. She was a magician while I was in labor: finding things in the hospital room, or asking for them before I even needed them; teaching my husband various comfort measures so he could be an active participant; words of encouragement masterfully given exactly when I needed them. She gave me the strength, courage and information I needed to fight for a trial of labor and then held my hand every step of the way until I successfully had my baby in my arms. I could not be more grateful.

Kelsey Aguirre


Hiring Maggie to be our doula was the best decision we could have made as we prepared for having our first little one. Because of her knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and care, we had our healthy baby girl and feel thankful to be thriving, especially as first time parents. Maggie has so much passion for what she does, and it shows in every interaction. She so quickly and thoroughly answered our many questions. She eased our concerns and anxieties, big and small. And she absolutely contributed to the positive birth outcome we had been hoping for with her extensive knowledge and strategies before and during labor. She stayed with us over 14 hours through the night, and not once did she lose focus. Without her, my husband and I agreed we would’ve been lost, especially during labor/childbirth. She was with us, and for what was best for us, every single step of the way. And even after our little girl was here, she was so attentive to checking in and helping with our questions with feeding, sleeping, etc. We simply couldn’t be more thankful for her, and she will always be a part of our story. We certainly intend on making her part of our future stories, too.

Jessica F.


Do you have questions about pregnancy and delivery? Do you wish someone could help you? Then Doula Maggie Watkins is the person for you!

Maggie is amazing! We are so grateful for Maggie’s wisdom, experience, and kindness. From the very beginning, she was there for questions, insights, and assistance. With this being our first child, we had so many questions and a lot of unknowns, which Maggie quickly calmed our nerves and shared great guidance. Even during the crazy year of 2020, Maggie served us in so many ways. She provided us with numerous resources to ensure we felt as prepared as we could and was with us virtually throughout labor. In this season, the hospital only allowed one visitor, so we had Maggie on an iPad next to the bed. She coached me so well and truly helped me through the labor process. We even had a doctor make an unwise decision and Maggie was supportive, sympathetic, and helped us make the best of the situation. To this day I share Maggie’s information with friends and colleagues, and I share her wisdom with all expecting mothers.

Sara Lehtman


We are beyond grateful for Maggie, I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing she was throughout my pregnancy, labor and post partum. She was a constant support system and calming presence for us when we had none. When the pandemic hit and it was clear that the hospital restrictions would complicate things, my anxiety sky rocketed. But, Maggie knew exactly how to help us adjust and feel safe. Not only were we able to switch to having her as a virtual doula but when our birthing classes were canceled we took her virtual classes. Her passion and dedication to helping expectant moms truly shows in her genuine approach. She was kind, informative and always answered whatever questions that came up. Between Covid and the fact that both our families live out of state, we were very overwhelmed and having a rough start when our lil girl arrived. Maggie went above and beyond her role making sure we talked every week,  helping us trouble shoot issues and making us feel a little less crazy those early weeks. I honestly think I would have spiraled as a new mom in a pandemic without her support. Our beautiful girl is 8 weeks and we feel so much more confident and capable, which has everything to do with Maggie and how wonderful she was. We would recommend Maggie again and again to anyone looking for a Doula on their birth journey.



Not enough good things can be said about Maggie but this is my attempt to try. SHE IS ASTOUNDING! During prenatal visits she wants to know how you see your delivery going and will do everything to make that dream come true. She has a passion about what she does, and it shows in conversations, tools she provides, and RESEARCH she gives you. She is VERY educated on how to manage labor pains and different techniques to help position the baby. She was referred by our chiropractor when discussing changing to a home birth considering COVID. She really opened our eyes to SEVERAL different resources and techniques. In addition we took her breast-feeding class. Maggie has been there for any random questions and stayed with us until the baby latchd post delivery. Prior to us calling Maggie to head our way, we chatted about what to expect and how to help relieve pressure if we weren’t ready for her to show up yet. In prior talks we had discussed how long it would take her to get here and to factor that into when we were ready. My husband gave her a ring and when she arrived she had a suitcase full of goodies. Ladies, use the tens unit :)

Anytime I wasn’t grounded or thinking “I can’t do this,” Maggie was there. She reminded me of my positive affirmations, I CAN DO THIS, and our little girl was coming. She kept me grounded and moving forward. She was there for EVERYTHING and NEVER left my side. She was our calming factor during this process. During one strong surge I fell to the ground and Maggie was there talking me through every second. She was our rock and a great asset to my support team both mentally and physically. I literally had to push against her body to get the baby here.  This experience with Maggie was one for the books and I could not imagine having our baby without her being there. SHE IS AMAZING and we will be using her again for baby number two!

Jami Poore


As I sit down to write this review, I'm not sure where to even begin. From my first phone conversation with Maggie, I knew I wanted to hire her as my doula. I was trying for a VBAC (which I ended up being successful with, yay!!). In doing some research on my own, I felt that having a very experienced doula would increase my chances of VBAC success as well as provide me necessary birth support during labor and pregnancy. Maggie was all of this and MORE! She respected all of my wishes, helped me organize my thoughts, and then supported us through the whole process.

Even before the birth itself, Maggie met with us twice in our home and was on call for me by phone/text/email from the date I hired her. She was very responsive to any questions I had and readily provided research supported answers. And for the main event, Maggie's support was incredible. During my labor she used many comfort measures such as hip pressure, positioning with birthing balls and a portable tens unit to help me manage the pain. Maggie was also such a calming presence for me during labor, and as someone who sometimes has a little anxiety, this was the best!!! I know my husband and I were both MAJORLY put at ease just having her with us and that was absolutely priceless. She walked us through every step of the process and explained what my body was going through and how it was all normal, and what I could expect next. This helped me to relax and enjoy the birth experience. We would highly recommend Maggie's services and support to any expecting mama out there!



We went back and forth on hiring a doula and I’m so very glad we hired Maggie. We had many curve balls to our birth plan and delivery and I can’t imagine not having Maggie by our side. She provided helpful information and tips during pregnancy and was always available to answer questions with evidence-based facts. I developed a rare condition during pregnancy that she took the time to research and learn all she could about to continue to be a great resource to us. Besides her knowledge, she is warm and welcoming and exactly who you want by your side during pregnancy and birth. She was a huge source of comfort to our whole family. We also used Maggie for post partum care and she was again a God send. Helped us a lot in those first few weeks on figuring out everything with our sweet newborn. We love Maggie and I could not recommend her enough!



Maggie was such a blessing as my family’s Doula during our son’s birthing story! A back up doula can sound uncertain but I left the unknown in God’s hands! Our experience exceeded our expectations. Maggie immediately made herself available to us the moment she got notice from our primary Doula. I felt at ease chatting with her over the phone as she made her way to our home. There was an instant organic connection when she entered our home! We felt safe, supported and rested (ironically) throughout our 16+ hour journey together. It felt nice to see my husband rest a little while Maggie tended to my many needs. She even took lovely pictures!  Thank you Maggie for your wealth of knowledge and love you share! Words cannot express our gratitude! 



From the start Maggie instilled in me the confidence I needed to achieve a natural birth. I shared with her my traumatic first delivery and all the fears I had going into my second delivery. She provided me with facts, stories and so much support from the beginning. I was impressed by how much she was invested - I needed someone who was knowledgeable and cared and that was Maggie. She was available literally 24/7 and visited my home for multiple visits to prepare for my birth. I loved all of the articles, documents and videos she sent to prepare me. Without her support I don’t know if I would have been able to have an epidural free birth! I wish I would have had her during my first birth. It was also a huge relief for my husband to be able to focus on me! My birth ended up being everything I dreamed of. My daughter was born on Maggie’s Birthday - a day that will be special to me forever! Thank you, Maggie!

The Preston Family


Choosing Maggie as our doula was the best decision we made to achieve our goal of a natural, unmedicated birth. During my pregnancy she provided us with so much useful information and guidance. She was very knowledgeable and was always available for any questions that came up. She gave us the facts and research, but let us make the decisions that were right for us. When it came time for our baby girl's arrival, Maggie was there every step of the way (10+ hours). We walked into the hospital feeling confident and prepared because of Maggie. She anticipated my every need during labor and was handing me ice water or a washcloth before I even had to ask. She is absolutely amazing at what she does! She worked seamlessly alongside the nurses and doctors, and made my hospital delivery room a peaceful, calm space. I had such a positive birth experience, and I have Maggie to thank for that! Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Maggie as our doula!

The Fulton Family


We are so thrilled that Maggie was a part of our first birth experience! We wanted our birth experience to be as natural as possible, so we decided we needed some help. We met Maggie after reading about her experience. We wanted her to be a part of our birth team after meeting her! Her calm presence, confidence, and positive attitude were just what my husband and I needed. Due to low amniotic fluid, we had to be induced, but Maggie was flexible and helped us stick as close to our birth plan as possible (no epidural!). She showed up in the middle of the night and stayed with us till our little girl was born. While in labor, she helped me stay comfortable - or as comfortable as you can during contractions! My mother and my husband were also a part of my birth team. Maggie did an incredible job of supporting me physically while my mother and husband supported me emotionally. I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for us!  

Alyssa Whaltey


Maggie was such a blessing to our family. I remember being very nervous about the birthing process all the possible outcomes. Maggie was so sweet, calm, and very educated about the whole process. When I found out my baby was breech, Maggie was there to provide resources and comfort to try to turn the baby and was a calming presence during my ECV procedure. Even though I had to have a c-section due to the babies position, Maggie was there every step of the way guiding me and keeping me calm. I had the most amazing birth experience and I know it is all because of Maggie. I would highly recommend her.

Keitha Walters


We are so grateful to have selected Maggie as our doula for the birth of our first daughter.  It was truly the best investment we could have made for our birth experience.  From the moment Maggie entered the hospital room, she took charge and made both me and my husband feel at peace.  Maggie was calm, in control and comforting during our crazy birth experience.  Without Maggie in the delivery room, the outcome of our daughter's birth could have been very different.  Throughout my entire pregnancy, Maggie was always available to support and answer my questions no matter how insignificant they seemed at the time.  And even months after the birth of our daughter, we stay in touch both as friends and as a mentor as I navigate motherhood.  Maggie is the most wonderful asset you could ever have for your birth experience.  I can't recommend her highly enough for her professionalism, knowlegde, support and genuine kindness!





Having Maggie attend our birth as our doula was the best decision we could have made. She helped create a safe environment and positive experience while attending our hospital birth. Not only did she help make me more comfortable with her “bag of tricks” and techniques, but she was able to help my husband and my mom in keeping them calm during crazy situations and helping them learn how to make me more comfortable. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to keep up my strength and moral when things started to get a little scary and emotional, had Maggie not been there with us.
She’s not just a doula, but becomes a friend and part of your family. She’s there to answer any questions that come up durning/after pregnancy, and is truly a wealth of knowledge. We will definitely be inviting Maggie to our next birth experience!!

The Andrew Family


Maggie will be an asset to your final few weeks of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Looking back on our experience, having a doula with us for our first childbirth was a resource I never thought we needed, however it is a resource I now realize I couldn’t have gone without. Maggie stuck with us for nearly 24 hours straight through a labor and delivery that had its share of drama and challenges (and even more hours at home through Memorial Day Weekend).

If your on the fence about hiring a doula, stop what your doing and hire Maggie. You will be very happy you did.

Sonia Wu


My OB/GYN advised me to have a doula for my labor, so I and my husband interviewed several doulas and decided to have Maggie asour doula because we could feel her passion and energy. Looking back, that was a great choice. Maggie is patient and knowledgeable. During our first meeting, she came well-prepared with a detailed birth plan. As a first-time mom, when I came up with questions about a specific procedure or practice, she provided valuable information, based on her experiences and researches, which prepared me physically and mentally for the labor. In addition, Maggie is professional and client-oriented. When my scheduled labor was brought forward, despite the short notice, she visited us again to walk us through the updated birth plan and address any issue that might arise during an induction. During my labor, she was encouraging and supportive - she offered effective pain relief and stress coping measures. She was around like a family member and proactively advocated for my best interest in a hospital birth setting. After delivery, Maggie also provided us preciousadvice on breastfeeding and newborn caring. Overall, it was wonderful to have Maggie for my delivery and it was a great pleasure for us to recommend Maggie to anyone expecting.

Callie Cooke


Maggie was an absolute rockstar from the day we met her and still continues to follow up/check in with my husband and I and our new daughter. I had an incredibly long labor (24 hours) and Maggie was present the entire time! She showed incredible support and played such a large role in getting my husband and I through the entire process. She's a wealth of information and is ALWAYS on call to answer any questions or simply to be there for support!



I am so thankful to have found Maggie in our search for the right doula. Her professionalism, her calm and respectful manner and her vast knowledge impressed us from our first meeting. The support she offered was such a comfort during the final months of my pregnancy, labor and postpartum. In speaking with Maggie, you can tell she really loves her work and is fully dedicated to her families, no matter the hour. 

At the hospital, Maggie was on watch and eager to jump in with a massage, a change of position, a birthing ball - even when I didn't know I needed it! I am sure that her attention and her tools sped up my labor and made my experience much smoother. 

I initially chose Maggie because I believed she'd be a strong advocate and diplomat for us during the L&D process, but in the end what really stands out to me is how much she cared for me and my little family and helped us feel at ease during what would have been a more stressful time. We love you, Maggie!

Brittany Scarborough


Words can't describe how grateful my husband and I are that we hired Maggie. It was the best expeierence we could have asked for. This was our first baby that we conceived through a journey of IVF. He is our little miracle baby.

We were told we did not need a Doula if we get an epidural but they were WRONG. By the time it was time for me to push my epidural had already wore off. I believe even if it hadn't worn off I would of still needed Maggie there to help me through the process. I dont think I would of been able to deliver Vaginally without Maggie's words of encouragement and knowledge. She knew I did not want to have C-section. She was empathic yet strong with her words to help get me through everything. Maggie was the only support I had in the room during the delivery.

Also, the pictures she captured were perfect especially since my family was not in the room during the labor.

Words from my Husband:

"I am so grateful for Maggie. She was incredible and there for both my wife and I as we brought our son Hayden into this world. She was so knowledgable about the monitors and how to help my wife when she was in pain. I would not of picked anyone else to be in the room with my wife during her labor."

Thanks so much Maggie. We could not of done it without you!



Maggie was our doula for the birth of our first son. Before becoming pregnant I was not familiar with anything about labor and delivery and I knew I needed some education. My husband and I met with Maggie when I was 6 months pregnant. We immediately decided that she would be a great person to work with. She is friendly and personable, but also very professional and knowledgeable. The information she provided during pregnancy to prepare for labor was invaluable and I truly believe I would not have been able to have the birth I wanted without this preparation. My water broke at 38 weeks however contractions did not start by themselves. This meant 40 hours in a hospital room and lots of negotiating with the doctors to find a compromise that allowed me a shot at my natural birth plan. During that long process, Maggie was a pleasure to have with us - she was insightful, dedicated, patient and gave me the confidence to advocate for myself. Since the delivery, Maggie has continued to support us and provide information on caring for our baby boy and help with breastfeeding. My husband and I were so glad we chose to work with Maggie and would recommend her without reservation.


Beth Ann Roth


Maggie was such a blessing to our family during the birth of our first child. We were on the fence about hiring a doula at first but everyone in our family (my mom, dad and husband) all agreed she made what can be a scary process wonderful and peaceful. We would never want to give birth again with out her. She feels like part of our family now. We’ll be telling all of our family and friends they have to hire her.

Kacie Edwards


My husband and I were undergoing IVF treatments when Maggie 1st came into our lives. From the very beginning she was there and we cannot imagine what it would have been like trying to go through this journey without her. From the moment I received the news that we had finally conceived to the very last picture at the hospital when my daughter was born Maggie was a huge blessing to our family. She went above and beyond to explain every aspect of the pregnancy and birthing processes in a way that was understandable. Maggie was extremely knowledgeable, relatable, patient and compassionate. I endured a hard labor totaling 53 hours and Maggie never left my side. She was there for the entire process to comfort and encourage not only me but my husband as well. Having a Doula was the best decision we made and I am so glad we found Maggie!

Jonathan&Carmelita Laws


Maggie is a wonderful Doula, and I am so thankful
That she was there to add her knowledge and helpfulness at my daughters birth!
Through the pregnancy it brought me much peace of mind to know that we would have someone there to support, encourage, and help me through a natural labor, even if the nurses were busy or not very supportive of natural birth or if labor turned into a long marathon of unplanned events.
Even though this was my fourth natural birth, it was my first with a doula. I appreciated having her ideas for pain relief and positioning and the tens unit was amazing for pain relief through contractions. She worked really well with the hospital staff and truly helped things to go much much more smoothly and peacefully for me.
I highly recommend her to anyone!

Stephen Ayotte


Maggie was exactly what we were hoping for, and I'd recommend her to anyone. She is warm, skilled, professional, and experienced.

Specifically, we hired Maggie to be our post-partum coach and pressure-relief valve. Neither my wife nor I had ever cared for an infant before having one of our own, and we didn't have close family nearby to help/teach us. So we read books, attended classes and so on, and learned the essential skills. But we still had a big gap around the practical realities of taking care of a baby, all day every day. A few examples:

  • how can we establish a daily/nightly routine that is reassuring/comforting to our baby? what does that need to include?
  • I'm overwhelmed by the idea of running errands with the baby-- help!
  • how do I change a diaper in a public restroom if there is no changing table?
  • can you show me a better way to hold the baby, given my physical size?
  • how can I make bathtime nice, rather than traumatic, for my baby?
  • my partner is freaking out and I want to help, but everything I say seems to make it worse-- help!
  • am I wearing this baby-carrier correctly? why does it still feel so weird?

Plus a bunch of other things we didn't know to ask about. My favorite example: "I think the temperature in the house is just right, but I think the baby will sleep better if you double-layer the swaddle"--- our baby literally started sleeping through the night RIGHT THEN. Not to mention the immeasurable value of getting a solid night's sleep now and again, after handing the baby off to someone who we trusted deeply enough to simply not worry until morning came.

Having a baby has been transformative for us and I wouldn't call it "easy", but having Maggie on our team really boosted our self-confidence, and that's really helped us enjoy things. I wish every set of parents could have a Maggie-- we feel very lucky to have found her.

Andrea Huffman


My husband and I highly recommend Maggie Watkins as a wonderful labor doula. She is experienced, kind and professional. Her support throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery was invaluable. Since bringing our son home, she continues to be a resource for breastfeeding and all other newborn questions. If you choose Maggie as your doula, you will be in very good hands!

Ashley Fortman


From the moment we met Maggie we knew she was a perfect fit for our family with her calm demeanor and seemingly infinite knowledge. In preparation of our birth plan, Maggie answered every random question I had with evidence based information and thoroughly reviewed the plan to ensure we were articulating our wishes clearly. She spent the entire 24 hours of labor with us all while keeping the energy in the room calm, supporting both me and my husband and helping to ensure our birth plan wishes were met. My OB and the hospital staff said Maggie was the best doula they had ever worked with. Maggie also helped us in the first few nights we were home from the hospital, providing breastfeeding coaching and care for our little guy so we could get some sleep. Maggie was such a special part of our lives during labor, delivery and postpartum. She has a passion for her work that is rare and worth every penny!

Erin Smith


My husband and I agree that hiring Maggie as our birth doula was one of the best decisions we've ever made as a family. Right away, Maggie was an invaluable resource for questions and concerns about our pregnancy. She always made sure we knew all our options, and while she would give her opinion when asked, she always reminded us that this was our birth and she was there to support us whatever we decided. Her presence was always so calm and reassuring. She accompanied us to the hospital for two false alarms and always remained positive and comforting, which I am so grateful for. She also provided excellent lactation support after birth that was way better than what we got in the hospital.

I have to say though that the biggest gifts Maggie gave us were the tools to advocate for ourselves in the birth process. She helped us create a birth plan and coached us on how to talk about what we needed with hospital staff. My husband and I had the confidence to ask the nurses and midwives for what we wanted -- and we got it. I felt like a rockstar after my birth and felt so much more relaxed and prepared for motherhood, and I owe a huge part of that to Maggie.

Oh, and spring for the placenta pills. They work! (And you get a neat keepsake!)

Catherine Pargeter


Maggie was incredibly helpful to our family when we first brought our little girl home.  Maggie, our post-partum doula, started off giving helpful advice before we had gone into labor, and came over that first week once we were all home.  She gave non-judgemental, helpful things to try, ideas that she had for us to make things easier.  She knew exactly what we needed and didn't pressure us into services or sessions that we didn't need.  Especially as we were new to the area with no family around, we really appreciated having her come over and give us guidance and a little bit of much needed sleep!!

Yvonne Manders


We are eternally grateful to Maggie for helping us out during the first weeks with our baby girl! Her knowledge is priceless!

It makes such a huge difference to have a doula in that period, and Maggie is great! I ended up getting a planned c-section (breech baby), and therefore Maggie wasn't our birth doula, but she turned out to be even more valuable as a postpartum doula, since I couldn't do a lot after surgery.

You can follow all the courses about breastfeeding, baby basics and other things, but it's different in real life. Maggie can look at a baby and see what is best for him/her. In the hospital they told us to keep nursing our baby girl every 3 hours. The first day Maggie came to us she saw me nursing her, and told us to nurse every 3 hours during the day and at night only when she woke up. We did and we slept for 9 hours with 1 feeding in between! And we have been ever since. Besides that, Maggie could see if our baby was too yellow, had tips for that, helped us bath her for the first time, could keep an eye on her umbilical cord and her diapers, etc. She took away so much worries that you have as a first time parent! Like I said, that's priceless! Besides that, she also helps around the house, so you can focus on the baby or sleep a little.

So don't doubt, just contact Maggie and hope she is available for you!

Koqunia Forte


Maggie was a great match for my postpartum needs. It was easy to connect with her instantly. She handled my son with care, and he was comfortable while she consoled him. I had lots of questions, and I appreciate how she had several options to try or resources to review. She was hands on, and willing to help me with organizing, cleaning and setting up new baby furniture. I appreciate that she responded quickly to texts and/or emails when I needed to reach out to her between scheduled visits. Maggie was the right choice for my family, and came along with a great attitude and lots of knowledge.

Ariel Weiss


Maggie was so helpful throughout our entire birth experience. The meetings we had beforehand were great because she asked us questions that I wouldn't have thought of regarding our birth plan. She emailed me regularly to see how I was doing and sent loads of information to make this process as smooth as possible. Our birth did no go as planned but in the end we got what we wanted, a healthy baby boy. I was in labor for close to 43 hours and could not have done it without the support of Maggie and my husband. My husband says that Maggie helped him with techniques to help me with pain coping. It was a lot of work for him and having Maggie there for support gave him some confidence and time when he needed a break. Maggie also gave me some background information on suggestions that the doctor was giving me in the labor room. She did not push me in one direction but just gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision with my husband. I would recommend Maggie to any of my friends.

Katie Barnes


We hired Maggie for our first birth. Maggie is knowledgeable, kind, down to earth, and always a text or phone call away. She met with us in our home a couple of times prior to the delivery to discuss our birth plan and answer anything we had questions about. She was a fountain of knowledge as well as provided us with lots of resources, videos, etc to help us prepare for delivery and once we brought our baby home. Maggie was a positive source of encouragement throughout the entire process, especially during labor and delivery. My delivery did not go how I originally planned, but Maggie was there to guide us throughout each phase of labor, and was very supportive of each decision we made. During delivery she asked the doctor if we could try one more technique/position when the doctor suggested a c-section, and it worked!! I was most thankful for Maggie during that moment. Without her knowledge, my birth story would have had a different ending. She visited us the following day at the hospital as well as came to our house for a postpartum visit once we were home. We highly recommend Maggie if you are considering a doula for your birth! We would definitely use her again in the future and have already passed on her contact information to several friends who are expecting.

Robin Magyar


I just had my last session with Maggie as our postpartum doula, and I wish I could keep her forever! She was such a positive source of support and encouragement for our family, especially for me. She was a fountain of knowledge on countless baby and postpartum mom topics, and if there was ever a question she didn't already have an answer to, she quickly and diligently worked to find one or find research to share. She was always responsive to texts and emails and encouraged me to keep the questions coming as our baby grows! I'm so glad Maggie moved to the Atlanta area recently, I can't imagine working with anyone else, and I would highly recommend her as a doula! Thank you, Maggie!

Kerry Fleischer


We hired Maggie as our birth and postpartum doula. She met with us several times before our daughter's birth to review our birth plan and answer any questions we had. Having Maggie help us for six weeks postpartum was a lifesaver. She watched our daughter (also named Maggie) so that I could shower, nap, eat, etc. She taught me how to swaddle, give the baby a bath, breastfeeding techniques. I struggled with low milk supply and our daughter had to initially be fed with a supplemental nursing system. It was very stressful as a new mother but Maggie was a huge source of support and encouragement. A few nights a week, Maggie would do an overnight visit, allowing us uninterrupted sleep between feedings. These nights were key to keeping us sane! I would highly recommend Maggie for anyone needing a birth and/or postpartum doula.

Jenna Fransioli


We absolutely love Maggie ! We met her multiple times before the birth to discuss the birth plan, answer any questions and allay fears we had about the birth. She met us at the hospital was there from start of labor until after the birth. She was incredibly supportive and knowledgable which was fantastic when things did not go as planned. She was also our postpartum doula as well and helped keep us sane through the first 2 months of our daughter Parker's life. Our little girl was a bit high maintenance in the beginning but Maggie knew all the tricks to make things easier on all of us. We look forward to having her back in the future!

S Morin


I hired Maggie for my third birth, and I'm so glad we did. This was my second VBAC. From the meeting, we knew she was a great fit for our family. She was personable, down to earth, and very knowledgeable. She was always there (in person, text, phone call, email) when I had questions. She made sure we were all on the same page about our birth plan, and stuck to it. I gave birth on the morning of Christmas Eve 2016 (can you say dedication?!?!?) She met us at the hospital at 12:30 am and gave complete support even after baby was born. During my birth she even suggested position I didn't think of. I honestly believe those positions really got things moving along. She was also a big help for my husband. She suggested things he should do and gave him plenty of opportunities to be involved in the birth. I am so grateful to Maggie for helping me have the birth I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a doula.

Leilani Wilde


Maggie is warm and caring and is really good at what she does. her passion to help women during one of the most important days of their lives exceeds her families expectations. I have had the pleasure of working with her and have spoken to many of her clients who absolutely love her and loved being taken care of by her. She is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond for you!!

Abby Laurent


We met with multiple doulas before deciding on Maggie. As first time parents, without the benefit of family nearby, I wanted to have someone there for support. We selected her for her large amount of experience and the sense of calmness I felt from her. She helped me think through my birth plan, asking questions and letting us come to our own conclusions and decisions. I dearly wanted to have an un-medicated, vaginal birth and Maggie worked with us to stay as close to that as possible after I needed to be induced. I labored for a long time with Maggie’s constant support until it became unsafe to do so. I felt comfortable with our decisions and proud of my efforts when our beautiful, healthy baby boy was born via C-section approximately 40 hours after arriving at the hospital because we had discussed things at our two pre-natal meetings and tried everything we could. If/when I have another baby, I will definitely call on Maggie again.

Rochelle Gaudette


I chose Maggie as my Postpartum doula, and could not

be more glad I did. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, kind and most importantly, supportive. As a first time mother, i am continually worried that I'm doing everything wrong... that i am not a good mother because I don't intuitively know things. Maggie was so supportive, and didn't make me feel bad for being so new and clueless. She helped comfort baby, show me tricks to keep baby happy, babies first sponge bath, and had great recommendations for lactation advice. If I have more children, I will be asking Maggie back at our doula. She's an absolute blessing.

Gail Nicholson


I don’t write many posts, but my experience with Maggie warrants me taking the time to express what an amazing doula Maggie is and how grateful I am that she was a part of our journey to bring our daughter into the world. Being a first time mom I knew that I needed someone to help me through the delivery in addition to help afterwards. Maggie took the time to understand what type of birth experience I wanted, she wasn’t pushy nor did she try to steer me into a certain birth plan, it was about what I wanted and how she could facility. She was available if I had any questions and made me feel calm (as one could be) about the pending birth of our child. Our daughter decided to come early into this world and when my water broke at 4 am and I called Maggie – she was ready for the upcoming adventure. Maggie was there every step of the way being my advocate and making sure my labor was as smooth as possible. When I thought I wanted an epidural (my goal was a natural birth) Maggie was there encouraging me and letting me know I was almost at the finish line (that encouragement and knowing that I was nearing the “end” was what I needed to push through and deliver my daughter without an epidural). While my daughter’s birth didn’t go as exactly as plan having Maggie but myside made me feel confident, calm, and relaxed, which in my opinion made my delivery much easier. Maggie was also our postpartum Doula, which was crucial for my sanity the first 6 weeks of my daughter life. Making sure I took care of myself helped me be a better mom. Being a first time mom and dealing with post pregnancy hormones can be difficult but Maggie navigated me through the experience. I really cannot say enough wonderful things about Maggie, she is truly amazing and I am extremely blessed to have been able to have her as a part of my daughter’s birth story. She will definitely be a part of our next journey.

Janine Smith


Maggie's support during the labor and delivery of our firstborn was so valuable. My husband and I were anxious about the birth beforehand, since neither of us knew what to expect or how I would react to the pain. Knowing that Maggie would be there through the delivery was helpful right from the start. In the weeks leading up to my due date, she met with us to review our birth plan and fully understand our preferences. Maggie was very responsive by text and email anytime I had a question or concern through the end of my pregnancy. I felt comfortable with her from the start - she is knowledgeable and had great recommendations to help me prepare for birth and postpartum care.

Once my water broke, Maggie beat us to the hospital room, despite the rush hour traffic. I appreciated the respectful way she communicated my birth plan to the nurses. During labor, she advised me to move into various positions which allowed my labor to progress quickly. Without her suggestions, I probably would have gotten too "comfortable" which would have prolonged the birth. The nurses came and went, so it was Maggie and my husband who were at my side the whole time.

My husband and I expected that the doctor would require me to lay flat on my back for the delivery, but Maggie spoke up to ask if I could stay in a squatting position. It turned out that the doctor was okay with that - I'm glad Maggie was there to negotiate with the nurses and doctor so I could remain in the position most productive for birth.

Maggie's experienced care played a huge role in making my hopes for a natural birth a reality. I highly recommend Maggie's services, no matter what your birth plan includes.

Megan Bowes


I had already achieved my goal with my son of a non-medicated natural birth and wanted desperately to repeat this with the birth of my daughter. With this in mind, we hired Maggie to help us achieve this goal. Maggie is such a warm and friendly person and right away I felt comfortable with her. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable yet very humble considering her breadth of experience. When I went into labor, we called Maggie in the middle of the night to ask questions and decide when it was time to go to the hospital. She offered to come to our house immediately, but I wanted to be alone. As soon as we reported we were leaving for the hospital (at 2:30AM) Maggie was in the car and there at the hospital when we arrived. My labor had progressed significantly and I was already 8cm by the time I was admitted to the hospital. At this point I was unable to communicate with nurses during my contractions and Maggie was a huge help with communicating my birth plan (which she knew by memory) and helping me find comfort and relaxation between contractions to save energy. She was also a huge support to my husband encouraging him and making him feel supported. The delivery happened very quickly and Maggie was there to keep me calm and in the zone. We couldn't have asked for a better birth experience and are so grateful that Maggie was there with us!

Molly Rightmyer


I had a fantastic experience with Maggie.  She is such a calm, encouraging presence.  She met with me twice before the delivery (which I initiated late in the pregnancy), listened carefully to my concerns, and brought up several aspects of the upcoming delivery for me to consider that I wouldn't have otherwise thought through.  On the day of my delivery, I texted her in the very early morning to let her know that the contractions had started and she responded immediately.  She arrived at my house right away and stayed with me throughout the delivery and for several hours afterward.  She helped me assess when to go to the hospital and continually helped me to relax and stay as calm as possible through each contraction, pressing on my lower back and helping me relieve the pain I was experiencing there.  She remembered my birth plan (which I had forgotten at home), and was a fantastic representative for me with the hospital staff-- assertive but also respectful.  I truly don't think I could have met my goal of a natural birth without her support.  I highly recommend Maggie!

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