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Elysia Douglas

North Atlanta Concierge Doula Services

Website: http://www.natlconciergedoulas.com

Phone: 470-384-9330

Birth Fee: $950 to $1150

Postpartum Rate: $30

Fee Details: 1-4 Prenatal Visits Unlimited phone, text, and email support Birth preferences discussion session Labor support by phone during early labor Continuous support upon arrival at your home and/or birth place during active labor Emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth Immediate postpartum support Initial breastfeeding support, if desired 1-2 Postpartum visits Childbirth Education private/group options available Payment plans available.

Birth Doula Experience: 7 years and 97 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 0 years and 0 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2012
  • ProDoula, February 2018
  • ProDoula, April 2019
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I attend most hospitals in the Metro Atlanta area. These include, but are not limited to, Wellstar North Fulton, Northside Atlanta, Northside Forsyth, and Northside Cherokee, Piedmont Atlanta, DeKalb Medical, and Atlanta Medical Center.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
The Atlanta Birth Center is now open and taking patients!
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend home births assisted by certified midwives. Will not attend a planned unassisted homebirth.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • ProDoula CBE Certified

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • I am able to provide you with information about breastfeeding that will help prepare your for the journey. I can assist you with initiating breastfeeding in those precious momemts after childbirth as you bond.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • My experiences in childbirth and with others in childbirth offers me the ability to view birth from many perspectives and support you in the way you desire to give birth.

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Actively involved with the Metro Atlanta birth community and participate frequently at local birth expos and meet & greets. Diaper Need Advocate and organizer of the Pamper Me, Baby Diaper Drive which takes place each September Please check my website for locations and times.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Cumming, GA
Travel Range: 30 Miles
Travel comments/restrictions: I am willing to travel for prenatal and postpartum visits, but limit travel for where the delivery will actually take place. See below.

Certifications for Elysia Douglas

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Client Testimonials for Elysia Douglas

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Justina Cheffon

Elysia is amazing. As a first time mom i didn’t know what to expect, but i quickly realized hiring her as my doula was the best decision i made. Elysia was the rock both my husband and I needed. She helped maintained my confidence and strength during a 36 hour labor. Elysia did so well; we hired her for our second pregnancy. Again she guided me and helped me to believe in my body during a 24 hour labor. I definitely recommend her services.

Posted 11/9/2018

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Loren Terrel

Elysia was awesome in every way! Her constant encouragement, empowerment, and counterpressure, during my 17 hour labor, helped me achieve my VBA4C! Thank you Elysia for helping me have a birth many consider impossible!

Posted 6/8/2016

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Julie Mervich Feicht

As I reflect on my son, Levi's, birth almost one year ago now, I can't help but wonder how that night would have been without my doula, Lysa Douglas.

I chose to have a doula because my birth experience with my first son, Lincoln, was nothing like what I wanted it to be. There are two words to sum up my birth experience with Lincoln: Fear and Disappointment. Yes, I had a healthy baby in the end. But I was left scared, disappointed, and literally scarred. I believe my unexpected c-section was because I succumed to the "slippery slope" of medical intervention. This time, I wanted a VBAC and knew I needed support (beyond what my loving husband could provide) to achieve this!

Lysa and I immediately had a connection and I knew I was in good hands. I went into labor 3 weeks early with Levi...and my husband was out of town!! While my mom stayed with my sleeping 2 year old, Lysa rushed me to the hospital. She kept me calm as she navigated the almost 30 minute ride. Thank the Lord, I didn't give birth in Lysa's van...seriously!

My husband arrived at the hospital 45 minutes after Levi was born. Lysa was exactly the coach I needed to have my successful VBAC! Attentive. Calm. Encouraging. Giver of Ice Chips. Holder of My Head. Reader of Texts from My Husband. Fanner. Doula.

I'm so glad I made the decision to hire Lysa, not knowing just how much I'd need her. She will forever be a part of my Levi's wild birth story, and I'm so grateful she is!

Posted 5/31/2015

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Chris and Chrissy Sechler

      We can't say enough about Elysia as a doula and as a person!  She is courteous, friendly, open, professional, strong, calm, knowledgable, confident, intelligent, intuitive, experienced, well-prepared, supportive, thoughtful, kind - a glowing and caring soul full of positivity with a sincere and personal committment to each client/family for which she works.  We were impressed with Elysia from the minute we met her and the more we got to know her, the happier we were to be her clients so she could help us welcome our first child to this side of Tummy World!  I recommend her to anyone I know who is expecting, or is planning to conceive.  We would certainly love to utilize her services and abilities if we are lucky enough to have another Bundle o' Baby Love in the future!   

Posted 1/16/2015

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Lisa Jones

Elysia was amazing! We hired her for support with the birth of our first child, Vivian, born in September of 2014. Elysia helped prepare us for the delivery with pre-natal visits to our home. Having her present for my delivery was invaluble. My delivery did not go exactly as planned (whose does?), and Elysia was there to advocate for me and calmly explain my options each step of the way. In addition to helping me through my labor, I was especially impressed at how she was able to keep my husband calm and expalin what was happening, during the times that my midwife and nurses were focusing on me. This really kept him from feeling like an 'outsider' to the process. After the delivery, she was there to answer all my questions about the baby, breastfeeding and recovery.

I would HIGHLY recommend Elysia to anyone, and will definitely hire her again should we decide to have another!

Posted 1/3/2015

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Linda Loo

We were about 7 months along when we hired Lysa. My husband was on the fence whether or not we "needed" a doula. Thankfully my nagging persistence paid off and he agreed to meet with Lysa. They hit it off like they'd known each other for 10 years. She's just like that, easy to be around, comfortable.  We left that meeting knowing Lysa would be sharing our birth experience with us. The day of the main event, was a whirlwind. Though we had taken Bradley classes and felt overly prepared for the delivery beforehand, we were both, none the less, caught off guard by the labor. Lysa was instrumental in helping us achieve the labor and delivery we so very much wanted. Later I would say I couldn't have done any of it without my husband's support. He always follows that statement with "I couldn't have done it without Lysa!"

The experience and calmness that Lysa brought to my labor allowed me concentrate on my labor and manage my pain drug free. We had no medical interventions and I attribute it to the support of my doula, Lysa. So many times she reminded me of all the things I'd been learning for 13 weeks but just couldn't seem to execute in the moment. So many times she'd make a suggestion that was the exact right thing for me to do in that very moment.  It's like she could read my body's cues and anticipate my needs before I had any idea what I needed, or wanted. I think we seriously underestimated just how exciting and emotional our labor and delivery would turn out to be. My husband was amazing, but Lysa's calm rational presence helped my to relax and allow my body do the work it was built to do.

Posted 12/31/2014

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Tierra Ponce

Eylsia is everything that I wanted in a Doula! She was kind, patient, understanding. She provided me with everything that I needed for my first experience giving birth. She made me feel safe and was always easy to contact. Before giving birth I was adament about not wanting to get an epidural. But during the pain of labor, I begged Eylsia to let me get one. She was patient with me and reassured me that everything would be ok and that I was strong and could do this. Because of her, I arrived at the hospital at 8cm...ready to push! Everything went exactly how I visioned. I don't know what I would have done without Elysia! She's the best!

Posted 11/25/2014

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Kirillova Jenya

If not for Elysia I would have ended up with a C section most likely. My labor lasted for 65h, 30h of which at the hospital where Elysia was supporting me and my husband in all possible ways- advice, massage, keeping me cool and comfortable. After so many exhausting hours I was ready to give up on natural birth, but we pushed through, without epidural! Thank you so much Elysia!!!!


Posted 5/16/2014

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Dania Mercado-Acosta

Elysia Douglas was the best doula I could have asked for. She was understanding and at the same time firm with me so I didn't give up. She was easy to reach on the phone, facebook and in person, not only for labor but for other concerns. Thanks to her I arrived at the hospital at 7cm and didn't have to wait long to PUSH. She made my birth experience although not an easy one a positive one. 

Posted 5/16/2014

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Ashley Jones

Lysa was amazing as a doula! After having a chaotic birth experience with our first, my husband and I were really hoping for a more peaceful experience with our second, and we felt like a doula would help accomplish that goal. Lysa was wonderful the first time I met her and I knew by her calming presence she was the perfect match for my typically anxious personality. :) Lysa was always available for questions throughout my pregnancy and was incredible during my labor. She made EVERYTHING easy for us that day. She was supportive and encouraging and also took care of practical needs (like calling the midwife for us). My son's birth was everything that I had hoped for, and I know a lot of that is because we had Lysa there with us that day. So thankful for Lysa, and that, with her help, I was able to have a beautiful, peaceful birth! 

Posted 5/15/2014

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Pamela Ward

Elysia is an amazing person and Doula! There are no words to tell how instrumental she was in my last trimester and blissful delivery of my first born! She literally and unselfishly gave of herself and time to me freely. Going above and beyond in providing all the services she advertised to some she didn't. Her active relationship within the Doula community allowed me to change Dr.'s at 33 weeks and have a natural delivery with option of a waterbirth experience with a midwife that I so desired. My son's darling Daddy was unable to attend my Dr.'s appointments or our son's birth as he was undergoing treatment oversees for cancer. Lisa was professional, caring, supportive, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgable. I thought I would've okay on my own for D-day however knowing she was such a blessing! As I am more than sure choosing her would be the same for you. A million thank you'd too you Elysia!!! 

Posted 12/17/2013

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keisha atwater

My husband I were intent on having a wonderful and calm water birth experience to welcome our second child.Upon meeting Lysia at our midwife's office at a Doula meet and greet I immediately noticed her calm and matter of fact demeanor. She impressed me with her knowledge, but more so her interest in my ideal birthing experience. We talked in depth about what I thought I needed and despelled any myths or fantasy that might set me up for failure. My husband (who was secretly terrified), was put to ease after our in home visit prior to birth. Lysa went over natural pain relief techniques, showed use her doula kit, and even went over the birthing chant I found. We discussed my at home plan and packed my hospital bag together.

 Unfortunately, I went into preterm labor at 33 weeks and was put on bedrest. Lysa was extremely supportive offering to come to the hospital or visit our home. She reminded me daily that it was about the health of the baby and myself. What I truly appreciated was the constant contact and willingness to share information.

When I finally did go into labor, at full term and my labor pains were unbearable I distinctly hear Lysa's voice telling me to rock on all fours. When the water was humid and seemingly suffocating in the birthing pool I remember Lysa fanning me and pressing cool rags to my head. As I felt the baby crowning and thought I would faint from exhaustion and pain I remember Lysia whispering," It's almost over, bear down." It seems so trivial, but it was those little things that helped to make our birthing experience beautiful and serene. Plus she took nice photos.

Weeks later at our in home postpartum visit I couldn't help but feel like I was being visited by a good friend. A very knowledgable friend, with a calming aura. And as we reviewed the birth and the following events it solidified the fact that we couldn't have done it without her.

Posted 11/19/2013

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Rachel Lewis

Elysia was instrumental in my birthing experience being positive. When I first met her, I immediately knew she was the person I would want to be my support, informative resource, and ally during labor & birth. She was able to listen to the role that we needed her to play and fulfill that role immaculately. As a first time mom with a background in biology, I had done a lot of research and made a number of decisions regarding the birth I felt was best for my family and for me. That fact, coupled with my personality, assured me that we needed the support of a doula and would not do well someone very overbearing. Simply stated, I needed the space to experience my labor and the delivery of my child, in my way, but still wanted to feel supported in my natural birth choices, especially in a hospital setting. Elysia was able to answer any questions, offer reading materials, and connect us with additional resources. She respected any decisions we had already made, and during labor, she supported both of us while still giving us space.

In the end, our natural hospital birth did not go quite as we had planned. After 3 days in labor in which Elysia helped me exhaust all avenues to encourage labor along and avoid interventions, we ended up with a caesarean, but I never felt that I lost control of my experience. Elysia was there to make sure things did not go too fast, nothing happened without our informed consent, and we were not under any pressure from hospital staff. She was the advocate for the experience of which I had been dreaming. Caring, informed, supportive, intuitive, and a great personality, I have to say that Elysia is fulfilling her calling in being a doula.

Posted 9/27/2013

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Michelle Halford

Elysia is an excellent doula! She's very personable and easy to like. So much that my husband, who doesn't really like anyone, was the one that insisted she was hired before we even finished our meeting with her. She was very informative and she was essential in our decision making every step of the way. We had recently moved back home to the states from overseas. We were around family however; we didn't feel like we had someone who was fully supporting us and our decisions for the high risk pregnancy. Elysia was there to help us with facts instead of opinions. She became more than a helper with the pregnancy, she became our friend. Even though, due to matters beyond our control, our birth plan changed, she never missed a beat. I can't wait until our next pregnancy, she's our number one choice...actually she's our only choice. Elysia Rocks!

Posted 6/22/2013

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jessica lewis

Upon meeting Lysa I was very impressed. She is warm, compassionate, shares the same beliefs and is nonjudgmental. She is knowledgable about all things birth, pregnancy, providers and has information about practices and hospitals. Before I had even officially hired her I had a question about my pregnancy and while I was waiting for my midwife to return my call, she answered the question and calmed by anxieties. Before and during my delivery her calm approach is one I really desired and needed. She is encouraging, sweet, funny and down to earth which are characteristics I looked for and needed in a doula. She fit our needs perfectly.

During our labor and delivery she came to our house and spent time with me while I labored, she followed us to the hospital and didn't leave us until we were settled in the post partum room and we all knew our son was going to be ok (he was in the NICU for a brief stint) When we arrived at the hospital and realized that the water birth I had planned for was NOT an option due to a nurse shortage, Lysa sweetly reminded us that the ultimate goal was healthy mom and healthy baby. Throughout my extremely fast delivery we had an unsupportive nurse and Lysa was constantly in my ear radiating her positivity and encouragement while the nurse was not listening very well to our requests. Lysa stayed constant reminding me of our ultimate goals and helping me to mentally push past the fact that my birth was not going as planned. Even though I was not able to have a water birth, my birth was perfect and it was due completely to Lysa and my husband working as a team and reminding us of what was important.

I have recommended Lysa to multiple friends now, some pregnant and some trying to conceive. I highly recommend her as your doula!

Posted 5/2/2013

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Having Elysia as my doula is one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. She was professional, yet personal, very supportive, knowledgeable, accessible and last but not least… affordable. I was able to text her, call her and always got a helpful response. She assisted me with my birth plan, was extremely helpful during labor and very supportive postpartum. I really appreciated the home visits, her willingness to come to us wherever we were and her capturing my birth story and pictures. I highly recommend Elysia!

Posted 3/7/2013

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Stephanie Mccorkle-Gale

 Lysa was very supportive during my pregnancy, labor and postpartum experiences. She really listened to what I wanted and my concerns about how I wanted things done during my birth experience. She was very calming and reassuring during my labor even when there was no time to fill the tub for the water birth. My process was unexpectedly too fast for the water birth, but she was there supporting me and my husband, making sure that I was comfortable. She helped me with breastfeeding shortly after my son's birth and i really appreciated that.Our postpartum visits were informative as she provided me with a very thorough and detailed copy of my birth experience. I was very pleased with her services and would recommend her to any expectant Mother looking for a Doula.

Posted 1/30/2013

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