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Erin Stertz-Follett, Hypnobirthing Educator & Doula


Minneapolis, MN Service range 90 miles

(612) 564-2442

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 200 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I sit on the Board of The Minnesota Childbirth Collective. I have served as a volunteer doula at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, MN and completed a doula apprenticeship at Health Foundations Birth Center in St. Paul, MN.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I am certified as an educator with both Hypnobirthing and Lamaze. Please visit my web site for class schedules. Even if my doula availability calendar is full, classes are offered monthly! Placenta encapsulation is available as an add-on service, or as a stand-alone services for non-doula clients.

Service Area

Minneapolis, MN Service range 90 miles

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Client Testimonials for Erin Stertz-Follett, Hypnobirthing Educator & Doula

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Tani Nielsen


My experience with Erin was one I will never forget. I wanted a VBAC and sought Erin out as someone who had experience in coaching vbac births. Prior to the birth we talked through my previous c-section experience and discussed what type of support I would need for my attempted vbac. She was incredibly supportive of our decisions regarding providers and prenatal care. She was available whenever I had questions and was quick to answer them. As the birth approached and 42 weeks started to rear its head (and so did my anxiety!) Erin met with me for brunch to just chat and see how I was feeling. She checked in frequently to see how I was feeling and doing physically and mentally. Finally the day arrived that I went into labor naturally and ultimately delivered naturally and vaginally in the way I had hoped for. Erin never doubted my ability to have a vbac even when I doubted myself. She was an ecouraging, supportive, and ever present voice during my labor. She told me "You can do it!" and I did! 



we loved Erin! We used her as our doula and also took her hypnobirthing class for the birth of our second child. Our first son was born via emergency c section and we were trying for a vbac!..Let me start by saying that I can not preach enough about how awesome her hypnobirthing class was! The birth of our first child was very traumatic so I was skeptical that any of it would work..turns out my second birth was amazing! Her class helped me move forward  and come to peace with my past experience as well as the ability to relax during childbirth! I was able to do the whole thing drug free and actually enjoy it! I owe all of that to her hypnobirthing class! On top of that Erin is a awesome doula! She was very supportive through out the entire process! She listened to me and made me feel very confident! I was able to labor at my home almost the entire time comfortably (thanks to the hypnobirthing ).. but as soon as I got to the hospital and needed her she was there! From the second she walked in the door her number one priority was to make sure I was taken care of! She was also super supportive after the baby! You can tell that she is an experienced doula and that she really has a natural gift for what she is doing! We are so glad we chose her for our doula! Thanks again Erin for helping me achieve the birth of my dreams! 

Brittany Heckathorn


We hired Erin for the birth of our second child. She provided priceless support and suggestions during my pregnancy while I tried to persuade my breech baby to flip (he did!). She was also SUCH a calming presence during my quick labor and delivery, and encouraged me with hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy and birth. She helped me process my birth during the postpartum period and was able to suggest resources for postpartum depression as well. She is well respected in the birth community, very educated, and supportive of women and their choices. On top of that, she is warm, funny, and so caring. My husband and I were so happy to count Erin as part of our birth team!

Cindy Q.


After having a cesarean the first time, my husband and I were looking for a doula with VBAC experience. On the drive home after first meeting Erin, we immediately agreed that she would be our doula. She is knowledgeable, easygoing, and fully committed to her clients. Talking to her is like talking to a sister. We were hoping for a VBAC, but Erin helped us write birth plans for a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth. During meetings prior to our son’s birth, she gave us tips for getting through early labor (I did not handle the pain well the first time around).

Our second birth was a much better experience than our first thanks to her advice and guidance. She gave us the confidence to hold out past the due date to see if a VBAC would happen, and when I went into labor, we used the labor techniques she suggested. I coped much better than the first time, and even though the outcome was another cesarean, we were much more prepared thanks to the birth plan.

One of my favorite memories from the birth was doing skin to skin with my son. I didn’t have that the first time around and probably wouldn’t have had it the second time had it not been for her suggestion. I just assumed I would do whatever the doctors wanted, and Erin told us ways to improve the cesarean experience. I’ll never forget hearing my son crying and then him becoming immediately calm once he was placed on me and heard my voice. I loved being able to look into his eyes as we met for the first time.

I highly recommend Erin. She will be your advocate.

Stephanie Nelson-Dusek


Erin was our doula through two births and I could not be happier with our experiences! When I first met Erin in 2013, I knew nothing about labor and delivery and nerviously told her that I wanted "as many drugs as possible"; I was so scared. After working with Erin and taking her classes, I was able to have two natural, drug-free births. That is not to say that she pushed me in a particular direction, but rather that Erin gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to birth both of my babies with confidence. She was extremely supportive throughout my pregnancy and a calming and positive presence during labor and delivery. I would recommend her services to everyone!

Rena Cummings


I was lucky to have Erin serve as our doula during both of my labors and births. She was with my husband and me every step of the way through two 40+ week pregnancies and two 20+ hour labors. Supporting both of us with a combination of tenderness, tough love, humor, and common sense. She helped me dig deep within myself, finding strength when I thought I had none left.

Brittany Kubricky


Erin is an incredible doula. We hadn't had a doula with our first two babies, but after taking Hypnobirthing with Erin we knew we wanted to have her be present at our 3rd baby's birth. Erin brought a calm, encouraging presence with her, and she hardly had to say a word to make me feel supported and strong. My labor was strong and steady, and she never left my side. Erin helped my husband take breaks from giving me back pressure, always made sure I was hydrated and snacking, and empathized with my every feeling.

Erin provided a cool wash cloth, a hand to hold, and encouraging words when things got a little tough. She celebrated in the birth of my baby with us, and when things didn't go quite well postpartum, Erin stayed to ensure we were all well and taken care of. Erin fed me, helped clean my home, and was an extra set of helping hands for anyone that needed it. Erin is an incredibly kind-hearted and giving woman, and I wish she could have been at all my births. Should we have any more babies, we would be honored to have her with us again.

Nicole Richards


Our amazing baby girl (and first born) arrived two weeks ago and I am immensely grateful to say that I was able to experience a beautiful, natural and drug-free birth. I can not imagine going into this experience without having first attended Erin's Hypnobirthing classes and having her at our side during (before and after) labor. Preparing my body and mind with the Hypnobirthing methods and education cultivated an extremely positive and confident outlook for our birth; without this foundation I most certainly would have experienced fear (of the unknown) and pain that could have been unbearable to the point that I would have asked for drugs before giving my body the chance to try without. Erin is an exceptional guide; infusing sensitivity, humor, reality and kindness just where it's needed. She tailors her approach to your specific needs and prefernces. Seeing her smiling face meet us at the hospital door on the night I went into labor immediately put me at ease and I remained that way for the duration of the birth. Attending her class was a profound experience for my husband as well; we both learned relaxation and visualization techniques that have carried over into other parts of our life. Erin provided unwavering support and comfort during the birth for my husband as well.

The amount of time, detail and effort Erin put into seeing us through the last month of the pregnancy, the birthing experience, postpartum resources and assistance was immeasurably valuable. Erin went far beyond our expectations with her efforts and completely wowed us with everything she did. I so wish that more women (and babies!) could experience this type of loving care. We really can't express enough how grateful and happy we are...

Kaitlin Johnson


My husband and I didn't know what to expect going into the birth of our first child, so we knew we needed the support of someone who had been through it before. We interviewed several doulas and immediately knew that Erin was the right one for us. She made us feel at ease from the very first meeting, a trait we knew would be important during the actual birth. I ended up with a complicated labor and eventual c-section and Erin was an invaluable source of comfort for us both.

Delmis Amezquita


My husband and I are so grateful that we were able to have Erin as our doula for the birth of our son. We wanted a natural birth and after the experience of having our daughter 2 yrs ago we were very certain we needed the support of a doula in order to have a natural birth. We love Erin she is down to earth, relaxed, very professional, understanding, and in that very important time of self doubt when I felt I couldn't go on...I just looked at Erin and I knew that I was so close to having my child and everything was going to be okay. Her presence during labor and delivery was so important! Erin respected our birth plan and she also gave me some good tips to help get my baby into a better birthing position since I was having trouble with that. All in all, Erin is great at what she does and I couldn't have chosen a better doula. I'm so happy that my labor and delivery went the way I expected and the end result was a beautiful healthy baby boy! I'm still amazed at what our bodies can do to give birth and I'm very proud of myself for doing it all natural and I wouldn't be this happy without having Erin there.

Robynn Jensen


For our first home birth we were looking for a doula with lots of experience. Erin brought a maturity and enthusiasm to all our meetings, and I felt a familial connection with her right away. She was also great with my 3 year old, consciously making an effort to bond with her, as we desired them both be a part our birth team. Erin is also a passionate educator which our family greatly appreciated and respected. She raised questions which we had not thought of, and when we needed answers she guided us not only to resources, but also to use our own intuition. I am also so grateful for Erin's counseling during some very emotional times prior to our birth. Her ability to validate my feelings and help me through stressful times like a true friend is testimony to her vast experience and loving nature. Erin blended seamlessly in with our birth team during my labor and birth, and had the strength to not fall in the pool as I grabbed onto her during the final pushes :) Thank you for helping welcome Lizzie to our team!

Amber Wuollet


I can't say enough about Erin or imagine my birthing experience without her. She is so knowledgable and personable and not only helped so much during the birth but before and after as well, helping us plan and prepare and then recover and settle into parenthood. She has so many amazing tools and ideas and such a comforting presence. When my water broke on my birthing day, I began to panic at home during early labor, becoming very afraid and unsure if I would be able to have the birthing experience I wanted.

After a few hours I decided to go in to the birth center and my husband later said he saw an instant transformation the second I walked in and saw Erin. I instantly calmed as she helped me get into a comfortable position and relax with the "peace" cues we'd practiced. At that moment I knew I could do it and throughout the rest of the day Erin was a rock for my husband and I, gently supporting us as we welcomed our son into the world.

I am so grateful to Erin for helping me have such a beautiful birthing experience and look forward to partnering with her again when we give our son a sister or brother!

Kendra Nelson


With Erin as our doula, we were calm and collected as we prepared for the birth of our baby. We felt confident that with her wealth of knowledge she would be familiar with whatever situation we would face and could guide us through it. That proved to be true, and there were so many small ways she helped us during the birth that we didn't even realize until we reflected back on the experience the next day. After we went home with a new baby, I would find myself forgetting to care for myself, but Erin made sure that I did. From beginning to end, we were so thankful to have Erin by our side!

Emily Donnelly


We hired Erin for childbirth education and for doula services and are so happy we did! It was great to spend time with her before the birth and get to know each other. Erin was not only informative, but her classes were interactive and engaging. She brought a great balance of literature, activities, and videos. She has such an impressive set of credentials - we loved that she was able to bring so many birthing tools and perspectives to share with us. We knew Erin was smart, organized, easy going and caring from our first interview and through our classes and we were confident that she would be a great doula, but, it was not until the most intense moments of labor that we saw her incredible gift and skill as a doula. Our labor experience was not exactly what we had hoped for as I had to be induced early due to a complication. I was told it was very unlikely that I would go into labor from Cervadil only, but I did! My husband called Erin at 4am that morning in a near panic because things were moving along and we were not expecting it to happen so soon! Erin came shortly after and was with us until our baby girl was born. I can still hear Erin's voice so clearly in my head providing me with support, strength, and courage when I was certain I could not go on. She was there for my husband and she was there for me, never letting me give up and always guiding me with a calm, warm, but firm voice.  Besides being highly trained and talented, Erin went above and beyond for us many times: she rearranged her schedule to make sure we got all of our classes in before induction, she stayed committed to our birth even though it was three weeks early, she answered emails promptly, provided advice as she felt comfortable (to my many questions), and she reached out to her colleagues when she needed more information. She is AWESOME and we are so thankful for her presence and expertise at the birth of our daughter. We highly recommend her as an edcuator and doula!

Matt Olson


When preparing for the birth of our little boy (our first child), I wasn't sure about the need for a doula.  As the husband, I thought a doula was unnecessary because I would be there the whole time.  However, a coworker ended up talking me into it (she described birth for a husband is like being asked to coach a super bowl team when you only happen to be a casual fan).

Now, I sing the praises of doulas, and highly recommend them to any and everyone that will listen.  Erin was fantastic for many reasons:

  • Even though she had her own opinions on child birth if we asked for them, she fully respected and supported us 100% on any decision we made, regardless if it matched her thoughts
  • She was great at reading my wife's emotions and needs. For example, she could see when she was tense, or knew what words of encouragement to say in a given situation (my wife mentioned that Erin's words of encouragement/soothing where better than mine, which I don't doubt for a minute)
  • She was a constant support and comfort for me (the husband) as well.  I was able to rest, take breaks, get food, take a nap, etc and know that my wife would still be fully supported and in great hands.
  • When times got tough, it was so nice to hear Erin's perspective and learn if it was normal, or when an issue should be raised up to the nurses
  • I could tell that she really cared about our birth preferences and helping ensure that we were as prepared as possible to make as many of them come to light as possible

So if you couldn't tell by now, Erin was outstanding, and I whole-heartedly recommend her!

Denise Gagner


We are so grateful that Erin helped us bring our little girl into the world! We were excited about Erin from the very beginning because she had a fun, easygoing attitude, but was also very organized, passionate, and detailed about her work. Whenever a concern came up during the pregnancy, Erin was always able to give us helpful and supportive information that would put us at ease. During our birth, Erin was truly integral. It was only after, in reflecting on the birth, that we realized what a huge difference she had made because she had integrated everything so effortlessly and seamlessly. Erin took care of all of the details so that I could just focus on giving birth. I never had to think about our birth plan and only occasionally had to answer questions from the hospital staff. Erin was always one step ahead, making sure that my needs were met and advocating for our birth preferences. It felt wonderful to be cared for in this way and it allowed me to truly let go and immerse myself in the birth. We can’t imagine our birth without her!

Rebekah Doyle


Ten seconds after meeting Erin, I knew she was going to be my doula.  I had done my research, read her profile, and read pretty much her entire website.  We were kindred...  I contracted her to also provide childbirth education - I figured with all those letters after her name, she knew what she was talking about - and I hated the hospital class we went to with our first child (I'm not a group person, I need time to process information, and I don't like asking questions about my lady-stuff in a room full of people).

Getting Erin's personalized attention, in our own home and with our older child present for some of it was the best thing we ever did.  My labor and delivery was not ideal (it was awful) and pretty fast, so there wasn't a lot of opportunity for the hands-on support.  Erin's childbirth education and prenatal visits prepared me and my husband to advocate for ourselves, to ask questions of our health team when we didn't understand what what happening, and to know *why* we had made the decisions about our birth plan that we did (seriously this was one of the hardest exercises she did with us; I hated it at the time and yet it proved vital to our birth experience).

All of that preparation and planning was infinitely more valuable than the entirety of her well-stocked doula bag (though had things gone as planned, I'm sure that half of that bag would have come into play at some point).  And before I forget - her educational stuff is both fun and educational - the exercise with a balloon and a ping-pong ball is not to be missed - you (and your partner) have a new (and accurate) understanding of just what that uterus of yours is doing!

If I were to have another child, I would definitely call Erin first.  And I recommend her to every mom I can.  My four-year-old even recommends her because, in his words, "I love her.  She's so nice."

Neal Strand


In becoming a first time father and now on the other side of labor and birth I'm writing this to share our doula experience from my perspective. Erin used an unbiased, accepting, and thought out approach to help my wife and I design a plan that would achieve our birth goals. The effort Erin put in leading up to the point labor began, support and reassurance through labor, pushing, and the moment of birth went beyond what I imagined. Erin’s passion is to help YOU deliver a healthy baby according to YOUR plan. Don't have a plan? Well don't worry because Erin can answer all of your questions and help you decide for YOURSELF the direction you want to take with CONFIDENCE! For the dads to be (first time, second time, etc) I would consider hiring Erin the coolest gift you could ever get your wife (and yourself really) because labor gets real in a hurry. My wife accomplished her goal of an all natural birth which is the most intense display of physical exertion I have ever seen, coupled with the longest mental game I could ever imagine enduring. I had doubts about whether or not my wife would keep pushing through at times but Erin helped us BOTH to remember our plan and layered in all the massage, breathing, and aromatherapy techniques that we practiced leading up to the big day. My wife and I approached this as a team and we thought it would be a good idea to have a coach, just in case... Choosing Erin as our coach is the best decision I've ever been a part of. Our plan was ambitious and every time things got tough Erin was there to get us over the hurdle. There were many decisions we faced in the hospital that Erin helped us through, and there were many physical and mental hurdles where her confident reassurance was crucial. Without Erin we might not have achieved a 100% natural birth, and the stress levels would certainly have been amplified. My wife and I look forward to working with Erin in our next pregnancy.

sarah ashton


We were so blessed to have Erin as our doula for our daughter's birth. We met Erin when I was 33 weeks pregnant and knew pretty instantly that we wanted her to be a part of our labor and delivery. I told Erin in our first prenatal meeting that the reason we hired her is because it was evident upon meeting her that she took her work seriously but did not take herself too seriously, and that was huge for us! Erin has a great sense of humor and is extremely relatable. She brought a wealth of knowledge about all things "birth," which we really appreciated. Our labor and delivery was a unique experience, in that it happened just under 37 weeks pregnant, went very quickly from first contraction to final push, and my husband was out of town on work travel unfortunately. For all of these reasons, I cannot express how grateful I am to have had Erin by my side. I would truly have been lost without her guidance and support. Erin was my labor coach and she was also my lifeline to my husband, acting as a phenomenal communicator throughout the morning. My husband was able to be a part of the experience because Erin made it a priority to engage him. She even shared the first picture of our daughter with him! Thank you, Erin, for your knowledge, calm demeanor, support, and love! We are so glad we welcomed you into our pregnancy and birth experience!

Rena Zuidema Cummings


It was a pleasure working with Erin and I highly recommend her. I sought out a doula becuase I wanted to have a drug-free labor and delivery, and I had read that having a doula makes this goal more likely to be acheived. In hindsight, I know that I could not have accomplished my goal without Erin as part of my birth team. But more than that, Erin went above and beyond my expectations during my pregnancy. She recommended other service providers to help with problems I was having during pregnancy. She quickly answered any question or concern I had via text, email, or phone. The following story illustrates how much Erin helped me. I was over a week past my estimated due date and my midwife was beginning to push for an induction. I wanted to avoid having an induction becuase it would make other interventions more likely. When I asked my midwife if there was anything I could do to help "get things going" she said no. I asked Erin and she not only had suggestion for different things to try, but came over to my house and helped me do them. She also connected me with an accupunturist and chiroprator and went to appointments with me when I thought labor may have been starting.

I ended up having a very long labor and Erin was there every step of the way. When I thought there was no way I would have the energy to carry on, she helped me find the strength within myself with a combination of encouragement and tough love. When I told her I wanted an epidural, she reminded me why I had said I didn't want one and helped me find other ways to cope with the pain. When I puked (repeatedly) she was there holding the bag.

She also helped support my husband and I in ways I didn't even know I would have needed. Making sure that a dinner order was placed before the kitchen closed and a breakfast order was placed as soon as it opened. Laughing with me about a nurse with some distrinctive character traits.

In short, I highly recommend Erin.

Katie Kroulik


 Erin attended the birth of our daughter and we would not have had it any other way. She was simply amazing! We first met Erin while interviewing doulas. She impressed us with her warm, caring nature, lack of judgment and openness to our birth plan. By the end of this short time together, we knew we had found the right fit. During pregnancy, we attended Erin’s awesome childbirth class. In addition to that time together, Erin visited our home to get to know us and our home in preparation for the time early in labor when we hoped to labor at home with her assistance. This extra time together allowed for us to get to know each other further, build a trusting relationship, and discuss any lingering questions about childbirth. When the big day arrived, we were so relieved to have Erin with us. She was fully prepared with everything from kind, reassuring words and soothing touch, to honey sticks for nutrition and essential oils for to calm and aid pain relief. With my mind elsewhere, I was grateful for Erin’s suggestions of movement and positions for laboring, and reminders to drink and eat. My husband was thankful for Erin’s reassuring words and guidance regarding how to assist me during labor. Also, Erin made sure we understood the medical jargon and encouraged us to advocate for our wants and needs during this life changing event. Erin stuck by us throughout labor and was an essential piece in creating a safe, calm and supportive birthing environment. After the birth, Erin stayed to make sure we were comfortable and that breast feeding was underway. Erin is truly a kind, remarkable person and her work as doula exceeded our expectations. We strongly recommend Erin as a birth doula and know that she will be one of the first people we call with our next pregnancy.

Sara A.


My husband and I were so glad to have Erin on our birth team. From the start, Erin was very professional and knowledgeable. During our pre-labor meetings, she answered all of our questions and even showed us her labor kit which included all of the necessities. Even though my husband and I felt prepared, when my contractions came on quick and strong, we felt completely out of sorts. Erin, however, was calm and helped direct us on what steps to take; she tracked the contractions, told us when to call the midwife, and helped us into the car. Once we were at the birth center, she continued her support; she helped me breathe through each of my contractions, helped me move into different positions, put on soothing music, and even held my hand through each push. After the birth, Erin stayed with us to make sure baby and I were all okay and then quietly stepped out. After settling in, Erin stopped by the house for a postpartum visit. It was fun to reminisce about the birth; she even reminded me about some of my memorable labor quotes. We would definitely recommend Erin to anyone looking for a great doula.

Antonia Sousa



Erin was wonderful. My partner and I got to know about her through her Lamaze class, and that gave us a lot of time to learn about her and how she could help us.
Erin kept in touch with us pretty regularly up until the time I went into labor. Once in labor, she would call every few hours to see how I was doing and if I needed her to come help with pain management yet. When we called her over to our house, she helped remind me to drink between contractions and to use the bathroom regularly.
When we went to the birth center she was also a big help to calming my nerves through the different procedures and helped me through the more intense contractions.
During and after the pushing, Erin just kept telling me how strong and wonderful I was, which helped me go forward with everything.
She is one of the first people that we will call with our next pregnancy.


Brook Kleiman


We were so glad to have the privilege of working with Erin.  Being first-time parents, we felt like we had lots of information about labor and delivery, but no first-hand experience or know-how.  Erin was wonderful to work with - she was friendly, laid-back, and always willing to help in any way.  We had a couple meetings with her before the birth so she could tailor her care to us personally.  She responded very quickly whenever we called or texted with questions or updates as labor began.  Having Erin during labor, especially as the intensity increased, was an absolute lifesaver - we honestly don't know how we could have gotten through it without her!  Her calm demeanor and helpful suggestions were such a welcome presence in the birth room.  She stayed afterwards to make sure we were all set.  We would recommend Erin 100%!

Kevin and Brook Kleiman

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