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Shari McBurney

Deep Seed Doula

Stoughton, MA Service range 30 miles None!

Birth Fee

$1900 to $2200

Birth Fee

$1900 to $2200

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 525 births attended

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), May 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I've worked with midwives and OBs at all area hospitals, with a bent towards creating positive partnerships within that atmosphere to create safe and personal space for mom, partner and baby.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Instructor, Natural Childbirth (Newton Wellesley Hospital) | Instructor, Prepared Childbirth (Newton Wellesley Hospital) | Faculty, Boston Association for Childbirth Education (BACE) | Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator | Professional Member, Evidence Based Birth (r)

Fee Details

I have long felt that preparing for labor and birth often takes assembling the right spectrum of support. Full scale doula suite covers prenatal preparation, labor (at home or at your birthplace), birth and transition to postpartum space, and visitation at your home within 3 weeks of your birth. Cost includes Spinning Babies workshop, and option to add on postpartum belly binding.

Service Area

Stoughton, MA Service range 30 miles None!

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Chris and Courtney


I can't even begin to put into words how valuable Shari was through the entire pregnancy process, but especially during labor and delivery. We found Shari at the recommendation of a friend that had worked with her twice before, and after looking into several websites for doulas we set up a Zoom to meet. We knew immediately from her positive energy and passion that she was the right person to guide us through our first pregnancy.

We were able to take our birthing class as well as a Spinning Babies class with Shari, and we successfully turned a transverse baby to a head down position for vaginal delivery. Spinning Babies became an integral part of my pregnancy, and Shari had great recommendations for other providers to help when needed (acupuncture, massage, etc). 

It was important to me to have someone on my team that knew my desired birth plan, as well as when and how to pivot if things didn't go exactly as I had hoped. My husband was also really anxious about me being in pain during labor, and she knew exactly how to keep him as comfortable as possible and when to give him breaks. There was no way I would have had the courage or stamina to proceed with my ideal birth plan without Shari, she made it all possible and I couldn't be happier with how everything went.

I feel so fortunate to have had Shari on our team; I wish everyone going through pregnancy and labor/delivery had access to such an amazing support person! 

Zoey Welch


I just cannot say enough good things about Shari. We first met Shari in a childbirth education class when I was pregnant with my first child. I was devasated when my due date lined up with a conflict and she was not able to work with me at that time. But she did give me the name of someone great who supported me through my first delivery (which, unfortunately, ended up being a c-section). When I got pregnant again, Shari was one of my first calls and she was so amazing providing support throughout my pregnancy and during delievery. I was considering a VBAC and wanted to try to do it naturally, so I knew I was going to need some support. We got incredibly lucky and the hospitals started allowing Doulas back in person shortly before my due date. Shari was there with me and my husband throughout the labor and delievery. She worked with the nurses and midwives there, knew exactly what I needed to hear to get through the pain so that I was able to have a successful, unmedicated VBAC just as I had hoped. As if that wasn't enough, when I experienced some complications about a week after delievery, my husband reached out to her and she was able to provide information and support to him while I was in the hospital (not allowed to have any visitors). Shari is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommed her to anyone and everyone!!



My husband and I LOVED working with Shari throughout our pregnancy. When we first hired Shari over the summer doulas were allowed in the hospitals.  We were due in Jan and did not anticipate that changing so we were looking forward to having Shari's support in the hospital as this was our first baby and we were very nervous. Unfortunately the hospitals banned doulas again beginning of Dec. Shari did everything she could to try and get us an exception but when that was denied she made sure we were completely prepared virtually. I was really distraught by this leading up, but it ended up being just what we needed. Shari had scheduled a zoom check-in with us on our due date, I was looking forward to her support that day & sharing some symptoms I was having. That led to Shari suggesting that I check my blood pressure where she was able to quickly identify that something might be off and sent us in to the Dr. I ended up having labor-induced preeclampsia that I would have likely not caught without Shari’s insight. We were induced that day and Shari was instrumental in helping us make all the overwhelming decisions we were faced with when our labor plan went out the window. All of this happened virtually and we were so reassured when every time a nurse or Dr. entered our room they knew exactly who Shari was and that we would be consulting her before making any decisions. Shari was virtually present consistently when we needed her throughout the day starting with our zoom at 9:30 AM and ending with our son’s birth at 2:00 AM and the hours that followed. Shari will always be a part of our birth story and fond memories of that day and making what could have been a very stressful situation, as seamless and calm as possible. My husband and I also really enjoyed getting to know Shari throughout our time together and consider her a friend. I would highly recommend enlisting Shari to support your pregnancy and delivery virtually or otherwise!

Matthew Maloney


Before my wife hired Shari, I didn't even know what a doula was. Now I'm convinced that no one should give birth without one, and based on our experience Shari is among the best out there.

Looking back at the birth of our son there were a dozen instances where Shari was the difference between a very positive birth experience (that we're so grateful for) and one that could have been much less so. There are a million variables that can arise during birth, and having Shari's support meant that we were prepared for all of them. Given the potential complications that can arise from negative births it is not an exaggeration to say that having her with us was life changing. From the preparations in the months leading up to birth, to the delivery room (driving through a blizzard no less) Shari's impact was immense.

Perhaps equally as beneficial was the peace of mind from knowing that someone as knowledgable, compassionate, and caring as Shari is there for you. Instead of having to think about a million different decisions, scenarios, what ifs etc. that can arise during a birth, Shari's presence allowed my wife to focus on herself and the process of giving birth. I cannot stress how important this is. 

As a Dad, it seemed at though Shari's understanding of the process, and intuition for the needs of a birthing mother were clairvoyant. For me having her there was like having a translator to tell me exactly what my wife needed. There is so much that we can't prepare for that I can confidently say that without Shari's guidance I would have been comparitively hopeless to effectively support my wife during birth. 

I don't think there is anyone who is more passionate, competent, or truly as wonderful as Shari. We are forever grateful to her. 

This review is by no means comprehensive (character limits), so I have told Shari to put anyone in touch with me that may have any questions about our experience.  

Nikita Sakhare


My experience with Shari in one word would be 'Empowering'. She empowered me with knowledge, strength, ability to push myself and most importantly with confidence to achieve the birth experience I wished for. Like most first time moms I wasn't aware of so many things that could be help you and your baby during birth. Shari encouraged me and my husband to do spinning babies exercises everyday to help position the baby appropriately for birth. She checked in with several times especially at the end when each visit with your ob is crucial and can put you in a lot of anxiety. During the labor she helped me go through the whole thing with steps i can take to ease the pain, understand what a certain thing means etc. In the hospital she was stern, your best advocate and a support for your partner. She is the reason we had the type of birth we always wanted and I couldn't stress more everyone should reach out to Shari for doula services. 

Sarah Horst


I am so glad I worked with Shari during pregancy, labor and postpartum.  The thing that I love most about Shari is that she geeks out over the details of pregnancy and labor; her enthuisasm made me want to geek out over it as well! The support she provided also proved to be an invaluable educational experience.  I gained more out of my pregnancy by learning so much about my baby in utero and the different biological/chemical processes in my womb.  It made that experience much more enriching!  In particular I enjoyed spinning babies with her, and my husband and I practiced these movements during pregnancy to try to position the baby in the optimal position for birth.  I also liked the bengkung wrap she recommended in postpartum to reduce the occurrence of diastasis recti.  I also appreciated texting her in the days leading up to labor to check in with questions.  Her presence during labor at the hospital was the best thing ever.  I was having a rough labor that ended up with an unplanned c-section.  She gently massaged me and offered words of encouragement.  I remember feeling so scared from the pain and trauma, and she provided a sense of calm and reassurance.  At one point I was shaking my arms and chattering my teeth so hard from adrenaline, and she was there to assure me that my body was going through something completely normal and that there was nothing to fear. She offered support to my husband who was then able to take a break and grab food in the cafeteria while she looked after me.  She was also great in helping us make informed decisions as we received numerous bits of information from the staff.  She took GREAT pictures of the birth and aftermath as my husband and I got to hold our baby for the first time--I look at these pictures everyday. They captured the rollercoaster of emotions we were all experiencing after an arduous labor.  



Chelsea Warren


Combine the magic of a unicorn, the nerve of a tiger, the protective, matriarchal likeness of an elephant, and the loving affection (and undeniable likability) of an otter, and THAT is Shari. Her force can't be described by basic, human attributes. The energy she exudes is raw and instinctual, worthy only of animalistic parallels.

We met Shari in 2017 through her natural childbirth class. We knew we wanted to work with a doula, but we didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, the universe took notice and from the second we heard Shari speak (which she does so confidently with her entire being), it was obvious that SHE was who we needed. We had a fantastic birth thanks to Shari's support before, during, and after labor. Fast forward 3 years with baby #2: Shari provided the resources and techniques I needed to turn our stubborn guy downward, and was the calm assurance my hubs needed to still his fear of having a “car baby”. (It was close.)

Shari holds space. She holds legs and birthing bits to help prevent tearing. She’ll hold coffee up to your face while you get that first latch going. (She fed me pancakes while we waited for our post-birth room. Newly stitched, boobs out, sweat still dripping from my brow, goofy oxytocin smile plastered to my face, and PANCAKES are being delivered to my mouth. A GODDESS, I say!) Hire Shari and don’t look back. She supports birthing people AND their partners. She’s well-liked/respected by her co-birth workers, making a world of difference when it comes to advocating for your birth wishes. If decisions need to be made, Shari is a compassionate sounding board with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. She’s forever embedded in our children’s birth stories, and while I’ve been told that having more babies just so we can work with Shari again is “out of the question” (okay, FIIIINE), our hearts are eternally grateful for hers.

Megan Mueller


I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience working with Shari. We first met Shari when we took her childbirth class at Newton Wellesley Hospital during our first pregnancy. After a c-section with our first birth that did not go as well as we would have liked, we decided to work with Shari for our second birth, and she supported us in achieving a beautiful VBAC experience. She has a wonderful way of interacting with families; she is both a wealth of practical resources as well as a strong provider of emotional support. Our birth experience took place during the COVID pandemic, which created an additional layer of anxiety that Shari helped us manage. Due to hospital restrictions on visitors, Shari supported us virtually during our birth, but it felt like she was there with us! It happened to be a very busy day at the hospital, and she coached me through the entire labor and pushing process, especially when the midwife wasn't able to be there. Her presence made me feel comfortable and in control, and she helped my husband support me in the best possible way. 

Also, Shari is well known and liked by the midwives, nurses, and OBs at Newton Wellesley Hospital, which was hugely helpful in facilitating her participation in labor. She knew the midwives and nurses we were working with, and helped us augment their skills in the best possible way. 

We highly recommend Shari, and our only regret was not working with her for our first birth! 

Shilpa NK


Shari is an absolutely fantastic doula who helped me through the birth of my first child this past April!! I couldn't give a higher recommendation for anyone. Shari has been a great educator, advocate and friend during the birthing process. My husband and I first met Shari as our childbirth educator at a Prepared Childbirth class we took at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Shari had a great positive energy and led a highly informative and engaging class about what to expect during labor and delivery. She also had intimate knowledge about the hospital, staff and policies at NWH. Upon finding out that I would need a C-section delivery (for which I was not well mentally prepared), we contacted Shari, who immediately offered to be our doula. Shari made time to meet with us at the hospital to go over scheduled C-sections, worked with me to prepare a birth plan, and was always available via phone and text for any questions I had. I was amazed with how knowledgable Shari was about what to expect. Moreover, Shari is a prompt and reliable communicator, and via text and sharing notes on a Google Doc in the weeks leading up to my surgery, she truly calmed me down in preparation for the big day. On the day of, Shari met us at the hospital and stayed by my side for as long as I needed that day. She kept me distracted (and well massaged!) before the surgery, and was an absolute necessity during the surgery -- giving me a head massage, letting me know that what I was hearing/feeling/smelling was perfectly normal, staying by my head while my husband went to meet our baby boy, and assisting with skin-to-skin when the time came. I feel so incredibly lucky to have gone through the birthing process with someone as positive, calming, communicative and knowledgable as Shari. Her presence transformed this experience in the best possible way for me. Thank you, Shari! 

Elle hankinson


Shari is one in a million. Her caring, nurturing nature throughout our work together bought me a lot of strength & confidence, & she was never short if time for us, which I hugely appreciated. 

In addition to being hugely amiable, she is incredibly knowledgeable & skilled at her job - both in & out of the birthing suite.

During the planning process, Shari shared points of view & resources to facilitate us to make informed decisions, which in turn created the perfect circumstances for the joyous birth of our son.

During labour, Shari was instructional - allowing me to just follow & concentrate. She also thought of all the little things - like soft lights, warm water & even very subtly (& having sought permission from us beforehand), taking pictures of the birth, which have served as precious reminders since.

I can’t recommend Shari highly enough. I just wish it wasn’t just in birth that we could work together!

Maggie M


We had an amazing experience with Shari.  She is incredibly knowledgeable & skilled.  My husband & I met her thru birth education; Shari came to our home and spent 4+ hours with us helping us to prepare.  She is excellent at explaining how to prepare, what to expect, and concrete steps of what to DO when.  This was very helpful to my husband as she provided very clear advice that he needed.  We weren’t actually planning on hiring a doula initially but after this education session, we realized how amazing she was and hired her! Shari was a knowledgeable & supportive resource as we got closer; helping me navigate the last appointments with OB/midwife during the final weeks and anticipate what would happen at birth (eg vit K, eye drops, skin to skin, delayed cord clamping).  We finalized a comprehensive birth plan & met her back-up colleagues to know that we were covered whenever baby decided to come!  She is responsive & available to chat whenever I needed — a big comfort in those last weeks!

I was induced & Shari was virtually supporting me thru every step.  We were at Newton Wellesley which she knows “inside out” — incredibly helpful and gave us confidence.  I went into labor and progressed pretty quickly; Shari arrived JUST at the right time.  She came in & immediately began massaging my back in a way that was SO intuitive to what I needed and was so helpful.  She integrated seamlessly w/ the midwives & nurses, and my husband, and was an integral part of the team that got us to a successful, healthy, happy birth!  She coached my husband & shared supporting me w/ him in a wonderful way, for example providing counter pressure on my hips / back as I had contractions (she’s strong!).  I coudn’t imagine my daughter’s birth without Shari there and am so grateful she was with us!

Jamie Cascio


My husband and I met Shari during a childbirth class. We immediately knew that we wanted to speak to her about being our doula. She is very knowledgeable, calming, confident, and supportive. During the labor process, it was invaluable to be able to consult with Shari about techniques to get through contractions, explanations on what was occurring in the moment, and options with any decision making needed. She remained by our sides the entire time in the hospital through labor and delivery. I felt very supported by her and my husband. My husband also felt that he was very much a part of the experience as Shari coached him throughout the process as needed. It was also nice for him to be able to take breaks and know that Shari was with me. I very highly recommend Shari!

Rebecca Ciampa


We feel so incredibly lucky to have met Shari. Her experience, depth of knowledge and ability to answer all of our questions are just some of the reasons we loved working with her. More importantly, Shari's calm, warm and caring nature, made both my husband and I feel at ease right away. I didn't think I could be so comfortable with someone I had known for only a few short months, but I was comfortable with Shari immediately. Her guidance and support during labor and delivery were invaluable. Not only did Shari help my husband and I to feel confident, her presence allowed us the opportunity to be more focused on each other during the birth. It was so nice to have Shari to defer to when we weren’t sure about something and also to have her there to help implement our birth plan with the hospital staff. We will forever be grateful to Shari for helping bring our baby girl into the world and we will not hesitate to call her when we are pregnant with our next baby!

Megan Scarborough


Shari was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and during my birth. My husband and I were lucky enough to take her childbirth preparation class at Newton Wellesley Hospital, which gave us a lot of tools and information to know how to proceed when I went into labor. I happened to go into labor 3.5 weeks early, and Shari was there every step of the way - lending support via text when my water broke, guiding me through decisions about when to go to the hopsital. She met us in triage and helped me navigate some choices I needed to make in the early stages of labor, and then returned as soon as I went into truly active labor. I was fortunate to have a relatively fast and uncomplicated labor and delivery, and Shari made sure I was as comfortable as possible and that I was able to achieve an unmedicated birth. She prepared the tub, used massage and touch and words of encouragement, and was very hands on during the delivery. She made me feel safe and secure and able to birth my baby the way I wanted to. The nurses and midwives all clearly had a lot of respect and affection for Shari as well, which helped to ensure that my hospital experience was as calm and positive as it could be. I can't say enough good things about Shari! Forever grateful for how she helped me bring our child into the world.

Bethany Davies


We met Shari at our natural childbirth class and felt comfortable with her philosophy and that of the class, that the human body knows best and the optimal outcome is to let nature take its course with a minimal amount of medical intervention. We wanted to attempt natural childbirth while remaining open to alternatives, especially if medical circumstances required. That said, Shari was supportive of any direction we wanted to take with our labor.

As first time parents we obviously weren’t familiar with the birth process and decided to also enlist Shari as our doula. It’s an odd scenario, that the medical professionals at the hospital are more inclined than the evidence based class instructors to advocate for unnecessary interventions. We were informed many times in our classes to go to the hospital as late in the process as possible to avoid being pushed towards various methods to speed up the birth. Shari was our sounding board and advocate to help us with explanations and advice. We were able to check in with her throughout the last trimester with any questions and concerns. The decisions were of course ultimately ours in partnership with our doctors, but having her there as a soundboard was invaluable.

Shari was always cheerful, positive and high energy (even if it required some strong coffee after a long night assisting a mother in labor and birth!). Shari met with us in advance at our house to get to know us and understand our preferences, and again at home afterwards a couple of weeks after the birth.

Our birth was a lot faster than expected, less that 6 hours from the first twinges of labor until the actual delivery, so there was little time for all the labor techniques we practiced. Shari was totally attentive to Beth during the birth process, cooling her off, keeping her hydrated and talking her through it all, while still advocating for her wishes.

Kim C


All I can say is thank goodness for Shari. Had it not been for her, I may have given birth to my baby on my bathroom floor...but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Shari was recommended to me by a friend who had worked with her and had a great birth experience. Given how everything was unchartered territory, my husband and I decided it would be a good idea to hire a doula so that we'd have someone alongside us who was a knowledgeable advocate and could help us through the labor and delivery of our baby.

We didn't meet with anyone else, and in my opinion, we didn't need to. Shari was a perfect fit for us. She is very positive, realistic, professional, laid back, and fun -- great traits that everyone should look for in their doula. We found her to be extremely helpful leading up to the birth (she provided great resources to us and even taught our prepared childbirth class at our hospital). On the day of, she was instrumental in helping us read the signs of contractions and all of the fun leading up to labor in order to figure out the right time to head to the hospital. She was also amazing during my labor, both providing support to my husband and me. She has a great relationship with my hospital and our doctors which made our experience that much better. This meant she worked seamlessly with them during my labor and delivery – leaving my husband and I to focus on the pushing. I had a speedy labor and was so grateful that Shari was able to provide guidance and information so that we made the right decisions based on our previously agreed upon beliefs, preferences, and goals. To anyone looking to find a doula, look no further than Shari!

Corey Tedrow


I chose Shari from a list of more than 30 doula's that my midwife had given me. I knew nothing about how to choose a doula, so started by looking at each doula's website. Some doula's didn't have a website, some had a site, but it didn't have much more than their name and contact information. Then there was Shari's site - it was loaded with information and resources. This is what initially drew me to her.

To me, the role of a doula is not only to support you, but also to guide you. Shari is the embodiment of this - she is very down to earth, gentle, caring and compassionate, but also very no nonsense and will get straight to the point when necessary. This was exactly what I needed at 2 am when my birth was not at all going as planned and I needed someone to reassure me, but also to answer my questions about all the medical interventions that were being suggested for me.

After my birth, Shari was there for me in every way that I needed - both with encouraging words, and a care package of nourishing treats. She was also perfecly adept at being present and available for me and my husband without being too intrusive. She has continued to be a resource for me postpartum and I am so glad to have found her! I highly recommend her.

M Goldman


We are so grateful for Shari's expert, empathetic care. Doula services are a big investment, but it was absolutely the best choice we made for a safer, more humane, empowering birth. There's a good chance I'd have wound up with a c-section without Shari's support, even with great providers at my hospital.

Shari has a real gift. She's a superlative listener. She understood our goals and values quickly. Her communication was easy to understand even in complex situations. She supported both me and my spouse through a long, complicated birth, helping him to be the best birth partner he could be. Shari's extremely present and able to attune herself to different situations and moods—it's a rare quality and so critical in the intensity of birth.

It was so valuable—and a relief—to have someone on "our team" with deep knowledge of normal childbirth and navigating hospital processes. When medication became our best choice, she was supportive, non-judgmental, and helpful in keeping the things from spiraling. Shari understood how to work collaboratively with our midwives and nurses. With experience at many hospitals, she knew the best practices to push for. I delivered at Mt. Auburn, and she had solid knowledge of the staff and procedures. She draws on her experience as a doula and also as a childbirth educator, with evidence-based advice as well as traditional knowledge at her fingertips. She's always learning more, and it shows.

Initially, I was concerned that I'd need more support at home in early labor without Shari present, but it was actually very valuable to have her available remotely through early labor and in the weeks leading up. She was super easy to reach and always responded very quickly. She also told us that she'd come in person if that's what we needed. I liked that she had the technology to be reachable remotely (Facetime, text, photos, etc.).

I'd happily work with Shari again and heartily recommend her!

Ivan O'Garro


Shari was the perfect doula for my wife and me. We interviewed several candidates looking for the right balance of communication style and personality. Shari definitley stood out as the person to join our birthing team because of her professional, research based approach, her willingness to listen and adapt to new parents' birthing choices, and her ability to keep parents-to-be informed of their many options while in the delivery room (they can change very rapidly).

Shari has a calming presence and really felt like a natural extension of our team. We worked through the birthing process as a group and she stayed afterwards to make sure that Mom, Dad, & Baby were doing well.

Having her in the labor and delivery room was the best decision we could have made as first time parents.

Rachel Taft


My husband and I had prepared and hoped for an unmedicated birth, and enlisted Shari's help in helping us acheive that goal. Shari was so helpful and available while we were laboring at home, answering our countless questions quickly and compassionately. She helped us by suggesting different laboring positions and tools, and gave us guidance in deciding when to go to the hospital. When it was time to go to the hospital, she met us there quickly and was an instant source of calmness and support. My husband was exhausted, and her kind, reassuring presence by my side allowed him to rest and refresh. Not only was she encouraging, calming, flexible, and knowledgeable in her support of me as I labored, but she also was helpful to the nurses and staff, anticipating all of our needs. Despite laboring through the night and into the morning, Shari was untiring and selfless, staying until our beautiful daughter was born and we were all settled. Thank you, Shari, for being a part of our wonderful birth, giving me courage and strength, and for making us all feel empowered and in awe of this amazing experience.

Maia Weinstock


I am so lucky to have found Shari and would recommend her to anyone considering using a doula as part of their birth experience. Shari provided excellent consultations before my daughter's arrival — including two in-person meetings, a slew of emails, and the occasional text. In addition to the usual guidance, including answering all of my questions, reviewing procedural options, and helping me form a comprehensive birth plan, when my daughter was shown to have breech presentation as we neared term, Shari provided a ton of additional guidance and information on both the possibility of attempting a manual cephalic version (which I ultimately declined) as well as info about Cesarean delivery, which became much more likely as the weeks progressed. In the end, I did deliver via scheduled Cesarean, and Shari was wonderful throughout. She provided moral support in pre-op and especially in the OR as there were some minor complications along the way, and she served as an advocate when I was focused on the task at hand. As a single mom by choice, I can't imagine having gone through this process without Shari — she was absolutely invaluable. In addition to her professional expertise and guidance, she was a warm and caring presence throughout, from the months leading up to my daughter's birth right through my hospital stay following delivery.

Erin Murphy


Shari was truly born to be a doula.  Compassionate, professional, warm, natural, skilled, funny, and inituitive - she is all of these and more.  Shari was my rock during a long (34 hour!) labor and I am so glad she was there for my husband and I during the labor and delivery of our beautiful baby girl.  She helped interpret "doctor speak," encouraged me to trust my body and my baby, and coached me to deliver how I wanted to deliver.  She is amazing and we were blessed to meet her.

Jillian Kelton


When I got pregnant I wasn't even thinking of getting a doula, not because I didn't want to, but because the thought hadn't even crossed my mind.  There were way too many other things spinning around in my overactive pregnancy brain.  However, we met Shari at our birthing class and when she brought up how she was a doula and the things doulas provide, my husband and I became very interested in finding out more.  We talked to Shari after class and when we went home we were sure we wanted a doula...and we were sure we wanted Shari.  The thought of having someone else who could support us and remember the little (and BIG) things was so comforting during a time when there was so much unknown.  Fear of the unknown was the overarching feeling for me during my pregnancy and knowing that Shari would be there looking out for me, my husband and our baby was an invaulable support and comfort.  I could stop trying to think of everything and just enjoy being pregnant.  I could stop worrying about all the "what ifs" because of Shari.

When I went into labor, it was 2 in the morning.  I texted Shari because I wasn't sure...and she texted right 2 in the morning :)  From there on she was our guide!  I got to the hospital and when she came to meet us, I knew everything would be great.  She listened to me and respected everything I wanted or didn't want.  She was able to navigate the logistics and "administrative" things for us so we didn't have to worry.  I can't tell you how amazing it was to have someone in the room who knew what they were doing (aside from the hospital staff :)).  She was an amazing cheerleader who stayed with us through 30 hours of labor and 25 minutes of pushing!  During the most chaotic and beautiful moments of my life, Shari was there and for that I can't thank her enough!

Beth Dietz


After my twelve week ultrasound with my 3rd baby one of the first people I called was Shari. It was an absolute no brainer to me and my husband that Shari would be apart of my birth experience again. We first met Shari when I was pregnant with my second baby and seeking a doula to help me have an unmedicated VBAC after a planned c-section with my first child.  Shari was absolutely amazing during my pregnancy and my very long labor and she helped me successfully have a non-medicated VBAC with a large baby. I'm convinced that I couldn't not have done it without her support. She was well-prepared and knowledgeable and a constant calming presence.

With my third baby and second labor, Shari was again a necessary support. Whenever I was asked to make a decision during my labor I turned to Shari for her advice. I had absolute trust in her judgement and expertise and I knew that she had my best interest at heart. She was a constant motivator and support during my labor. For the second time I was able to have an unmedicated VBAC with a large baby and again I am not sure I could have without her!

I would highly recommend Shari to anyone looking to hire a doula- simply put she is amazing!

Jay Bartlett


On 12/4/2014 my wife and I welcomed our son into the world. Shari McBurney was a HUGE help throughout the pregnancy and delivery of our child. We first met Shari at a series of natural childbirth classes that she was conducting. The breadth of her knowledge and the energy she brought to each class was truly impressive. With each class running around 3 hours and a total of 4 classes we had a good amount of time to get to know Shari and appreciate her experience with childbirth process. Prior to the start of the classes we had no plans to use a doula. Before we were done taking the classes though we decided that it would be a good idea to use a doula and that Shari was whom we wanted to work with. Our reasons for wanting to utilize a doula were based around the desire to have additional support throughout the labor especially since we had a goal of having a natural childbirth. The comfort level we had with Shari made the question of which doula we wanted to work with an easy one. Prior to the day of delivery Shari made herself available to respond to questions or concerns we had. Her responses were always informative and positive. She never made us feel like we were asking a question that wasn’t worth asking. As the due date got closer our anxiousness started to increase but Shari was great at calming our nerves. When the big day finally arrived she promptly arrived at the hospital. Her presence in the delivery room immediately made us feel more at ease. From that point on she did everything she could to not only help my wife but to even make sure I was doing ok. Ultimately due to some complications we were not able to have a natural childbirth but Shari had prepared us for this during class. Looking back at the whole experience we couldn’t imagine Shari not being a part of our story. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula. She has a huge heart and was incredibly supportive throughout our whole process.

Beth Dietz


I am so happy to share my experience working with Shari. With my first baby, I ended up having a planned c-section after I went past my due date and an ultra sound revealed that I was having a large baby. While I was so happy to have a healthy baby, I immediately knew wanted to seek a different birth experience with my next child. So when I became pregnant with my second child, I switched to a midwife who suggested hiring a doula and referred Shari to me. When I reached out to Shari via phone, I immediately liked her positive energy and spirit and after my husband and I met with her in person we knew she would be a great fit.

Prior to giving birth, Shari was great about being in touch and met with us to talk about how her role in our birth story. Whenever I had a question and reached out to Shari, she provided helpful information and in one case even sent a podcast to help. She was a wealth of knowledge and with all the information she provided it was so clear how passionate she is about what she does.

During my labor Shari was absolutely amazing. I had a very long labor and Shari was excellent at coming up with suggestions on how to move things along. While she was an integral part of my birth experience, she did not step on the toes of my husband, midwives, or nurses- she stepped in when it was needed and stepped back when it was appropriate. Shari was a constant support and gave me confidence and help that I needed to achieve an unmedicated VBAC. I cannot thank Shari enough for helping me achieve my goal and I dont think I could have done it without her!

My second night in the hospital, one of the nurses who was with me during my labor came to visit me and remarked on what a great and supportive Doula Shari was. I would highly recommend Shari to anyone who is looking for a Doula.

Yehuda Kovacs


Working with Shari has been the best thing we did for the birth of our first. Way before the baby was born we met and Shari explained and taught us everything we could have wanted to know. She has been extremely sensitive to our particular needs and customs and was so respectful. She found a way to make my husband feel very comfortable and gave us both the feeling that i was in 'good hands'....and i was.

Shari always wanted to hear updates from my dr.s visits and explained any questions that i had.

she came to our home for labor and helped my huband prepare the car for a smooth drive for me with her helpful tips.

we met up in the hospital again and from then on this great doula took charge (because that's what we wanted, she would never take over for someone unasked-very respectfull!) I felt so safe! She then spent the night with me through labor, always coming up with new tricks to make me more comfortable and even tough labor is hard, i never felt that it was too hard, thanks to Shari. By the morning our beautiful baby was born, all natural thank G-d.

After the birth Shari stayed with me till i was comfortable with her leaving.

Also after we came home we received visits, calls, emails checking up on us and she always made us feel like we were the only ones that mattered in her life.

We recommend Shari 1000000% Anyone who ha specific questions about taking Shari for the job she is meant to do-i'll be happy to talk to you, just ask her for my number.

As my mother said:'when Shari walks in you just feel good.'

Stephanie Crement


Shari is an amazing doula, and I cannot recommend her enough!  Her wisdom and support were invaluable to us before, during, and after labor.  We hired Shari when I was pregnant with our second child.  My first child was born via c-section, despite every attempt for a natural birth.  I knew I wanted to have a natural VBAC the second time around, but I was not confident that I could be successful.  Shari was so incredibly supportive and encouraging that she gave me confidence that a VBAC was possible.  She is knowledgeable about preparing for a successful birth and recommended several resources to me.  She also checked in with me often during my pregnancy and offered helpful advice and kind words when I updated her on my prenatal doctor's visits.

During labor, Shari was a wonderful support to me and my husband.  She anticipated our needs, and I do not think I could have had a natural VBAC without her.  She seemed to say all the right things, and she was a true advocate for me in the hospital.  She came to visit us after our son was born and continued to be very helpful with her knowledge about baby wearing and nursing.  I highly recommend Shari with deep respect and great enthusiasm.

Rebecca Stokes


I knew that I wanted a birth doula as soon as I got pregnant, and went searching for someone who was the right fit for myself and my husband. Shari is outgoing, informative, energetic, and wise. She was willing to work with us and our budget in order to give us the birth experience that we wanted. She was always available for questions and concerns via email and phone, which is very helpful to a first time momma! During the actual birth, she transformed into a calm and peaceful presence, who was always there with various techniques and assistance. She got to the hospital quickly and even though I was in active labor and in some discomfort, I remember her saying she was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug, which was so genuine and appreciated (even though I don't think I said thanks at the time :). She guided me through the different stages, and was an incredible help and support to my husband, whether it was getting him a snack, providing him with a stool just as his legs were about to give out, or showing him how to position me on the bed or in the bathroom. I was wary about having a hospital birth but Shari made the hospital room feel a bit more homey with some special touches. Her background in hospitality only enhances her skills as a doula and we would definitely recommend her! She stopped by a few weeks after our daughter was born to visit, which tied our whole experience together. We look forward to her being at the birth of our second babe, whenever that may be :)

Liza Alwes


We hired Shari to help with the birth of our first child.  She was worth every penny and actually considerably more.  During my pregnancy she was very accessible and communicative.  She visited our home multiple times and was always warm, open, informative, and supportive.

She is very ebullient and outgoing, which is not how I am at all -- I'm reserved and quiet.  However, her personality and her enthusiasm put me at ease, and when it came time for labor, her manner was perfect.  She was engaged in my labor but not overwhelming.  She was very supportive both to me and to my husband.  He and I did a Bradley class so we both wanted him to be very involved.  Shari did an excellent job of balancing being attentive to me and stepping back to support him in caring for me.  Having her with me during my labor was like having a very well-attuned, non-invasive friend.

She also was very available to me to help at the point in my labor when I wanted help.  She came to the hospital when we asked and not a moment before.  She was very respectful of my personal needs and boundaries with regards to my body and what I wanted for the birth.

One of the best things she did for me was to write a beautiful email in the last couple of days before my labor started.  I was facing an induction (I was approaching two weeks past my due date) and really anxious and upset since that's not what I wanted.  She was extraordinarily sensitive to my feelings at the same time as she helped me prepare for dealing with an unwanted outcome.  In the end I didn't need the induction -- I went into labor naturally at the last minute, maybe partly because support I received from Shari and others helped me feel more accepting about the birth. Shari was an extremely important part of our birth experience.  I definitely recommend her.

Ken Dang


I have nothing great things to say about Shari. From the moment we met her, we fell in love with her perfect balance of charm and professioanlism. My wife and Shari had great chemistry from the start and we knew we found our Doula.

Having Shari on our side gave us the strength and endurance to push through a very long and intensive labor. Shari's presense and resourcefulness empowered us to make our own informed decisions with great confidence. In hindsight, we are very proud of every decision that we made to have a healthy baby and mommy.

Thank you Shari!

Ken D.

Maria Heiniluoma


Shari is an amazingly warm and compassionate person, and a very knowledgeable and empowering doula. When I first met her, I was impressed by her calm, reassuring manner and deep knowledge of childbirth. She was always easy to reach via e-mail, text messages and phone, and I felt she took all my questions and requests seriously and provided thorough answers to them. I found her website also very informative, especially the link about Spinning Babies (I had suffered from back labor during my first birth, and now learned it had probably been caused by the baby’s posterior position – which can be treated with different techniques). Shari really wanted to know our wishes about the upcoming birth, and offered to help in many different ways; she ended up supporting me during active labor at home, and driving me to the hospital when my husband took our toddler to grandparents. She stayed with me the entire time I was in labor at the hospital -- holding my hand, giving me words of encouragement, cooling my forehead with cold wet towels, giving me sips of water between contractions, supporting my leg during the pushing stage, taking pictures after the birth, and helping us settle in in the postpartum room after delivery. I doubt that I could have done it naturally without her encouraging words, which I needed so badly then: "You can do it, and you are doing it"; "You will see your baby very soon"; "You are doing an amazing job".

Overall, I felt I was in very good hands with Shari as my doula – an integral part of my birthing team. She was there by my side, no matter what happened. Her support was different from my husband’s, who didn't have the same woman's intuition and experience of having gone through labor and natural childbirth herself. I can’t recommend her enough.



Shari was such a huge help during my pregnancy and labor process.  She helped with anything I needed during from her before the birth day came, helped me take care of details such as how we would get to the hospital, how we would communicate, backup plans, what kind of a birth I wanted, how involved I wanted her to be, the role of my husband and how she would complement him, code word to let her know if I really really wanted an epidural, etc. etc. and on top of that was an immense emotional support throughout (as well as physical support during labor and after), and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you Shari!!

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