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Baby Nurse and Doula Services

Website: Https://

Phone: (310) 365-8042

Birth Fee: $1300 to $1800

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $50

Fee Details: Veronica Hinojosa –Stang, an advanced Newborn and Infant Specialist (a.k.a Baby Nurse) and Birth and Postpartum Doula; offers her Maternity care services in the Greater Los Angeles area and available for Domestic and International Travel. (Traveling Baby Nurse) Baby - Infant Private Consultations are available. We will tailor our sessions according to your specific needs. Specializing in Preemies, Newborn care and Twins specialist; supporting families with babies through adoption or surrogacy. Being your Surrogacy Doula we will educate, guide and teach you to be able to handle your little one(s). Our journey starts with Pre and Post - Natal Education. If desired, we will cover breastfeeding and Lactation education, Infant care and bottle feeding support. Infant Sleep Conditioning / Baby Sleep Coach and Sleep training are part of our specialties, where the Happiest Baby Education takes place along with Infant Massage Education. Support extended as a Night Nurturing Nanny.

Birth Doula Experience: 10 years and 20 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 20 years and 114 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: When you have a passion for what you do and enjoy helping others, there are no limitations: I can work in any environment, with any family who has a baby, anywhere on the planet and any time.
Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I love to be part of the team at the hospital and working together with only one thought in common: The well being of Mother - Baby
Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Lactation Educator Trained with CAPPA and Breastfeeding Educator

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • CHBE – Certified Happiest Baby Educator
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • LMT/LMP (Licensed Massage Therapist/Practitioner)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Baby Nurse, Lactation Educator, Professional Massage Therapist, Baby Massage Educator, Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Healt Aide.

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Home Birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Twins
  • VBAC

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula
  • Infant massage education
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep Educator

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, little bit of German and Italian

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Client Testimonials for Veronica Hinojosa_Stang

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Anthony & Angela Duran

Verionica and her team really saved us!! They were there to welcome us as we came home from the hospital with our little boy (our first child), and really helped to teach us the ropes and give us the confidence to be successful. We were so fortunate to work with Wendy and others from Veronica's team, all of them were so wonderful and allowed us to get the rest we needed to give our little boy the attention he deserved during the day. Following the initial three weeks after coming home from the hospital, we would occasionally call Veronica and she was very accomodating (even for a much needed last minute dinner date). We cannot reccommend her and her team enough!!

Posted 12/20/2019

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Danielle Orlick

Veronica came to our rescue as my Postpartum DouIa, parent educator and Baby coach. 
I was so exhausted from our 2 week old baby girl waking up every two hours with constant cluster feeding. I called Veronica in the middle of the night in desperate need of help and a decent night of sleep to get through the rest of the newborn stage. She made herself available that week and willing to go the extra mile not only to travel to Orange County but quickly immersing herself into our family. Right when she entered our door, she confidently swooped in and took charge of our little one. After quickly being able to calm her and put her to sleep, I was lucky to receive an amazing massage and snack from her. She is a great parent Educator, constantly giving tips for a parenting success to make me a more confident first time mom, helping in anyway she can around the house while she's here, and most importantly loves and cares deeply for our baby. She has really turned things around for us so that when she's here, I know our baby is in good hands and I can catch up on some zzz's and when she's not, we can implement her feeding tricks to get longer stretches. Thank you Veronica, you are such amazing Postpartum Doula and and a great human being !

Posted 6/10/2019

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Shayda Mizutani

My husband and I worked with Veronica Hinojosa as a postpartum doula and baby night nurse in April 2019.  Veronica met with us before our baby was due and already began providing value with her recommendations of the best baby products to start off on the right foot.  Beginning our first night home from the hospital, Veronica’s services were invaluable for us as new parents. She provided a wealth of baby knowledge and answers to all of our questions, as well as a soothing presence in the house for us and for our baby. 

I was especially grateful to have Veronica’s help with breastfeeding.  She helped guide me through ways to get my baby to latch better, help my baby get more milk, and prevent pain for mom. She also treated me to a wonderful leg massage at the start of every evening while I breastfed to help relieve swelling and create an overall relaxing atmosphere.  While helping me with this transition, she also provided guidance and coaching for my husband, empowering him to help me and our baby with tips and tricks and answers to all his many questions.  Her care is holistic, helping everyone in the family adjust and learn in the challenging first weeks with a newborn.

We were very thankful that Veronica’s services allowed us to get more much needed sleep.  While I continued to breastfeed through the night, Veronica’s care allowed me to get the most effective breastfeeding sessions, and then allowed me to sleep immediately after feeding, so I could be as rested as possible.

I highly recommend Veronica’s services as both a postpartum doula and baby night nurse for any parents.  Veronica helped set the stage for us to have the tools necessary to care for our baby with confidence. There is no substitute for experience, and Veronica's many years of experience as a doula are evident in her knowledge of baby care as well as care for mom. 

Posted 5/30/2019

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Chris Mizutani

Veronica has great insight into how to care for newborn babies. Not only did she give us restful nights by taking care of our 2 day old son, she taught us what products to purchase, how to deal with his fussiness, when to change, how to breastfeed, and the list goes on and on.  She's an excellent teacher/ Baby Coach, allowing us to become confident in our parenthood adventures moving forward. I highly recommend her as a postpartum doula and will be using her again for sleep training in the coming weeks.

Posted 4/19/2019

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Claudia Contreras

I was referred to Ms. Veronica by my sister and was fortunate to have the chance of meeting a wonderful woman, a mentor and a great teacher.
It was an amazing and heartwarming experience where I learned so many new things such as caring about the wellbeing of the mother and baby; how to calm and soothe a baby while massaging them using the best techniques. I had never felt so close to a teacher before; Ms. Veronica was very welcoming and had such great charisma with a touch of realness.
From the moment I started the class, I felt really comfortable and it is amazing how many things I learned in just three days. Ms. Veronica prepares you with hands on training for the professional world. I definitely recommend this training to anyone who is interested in working with the care of a baby and mother’s postpartum recovery. I am so thankful for this experience and cant wait to put this wonderful training into action and change someone’s world. Thank you Ms. Veronica for your time and knowledge that you shared with us and for trusting me tobe one of your team members. Much love!

Claudia Contreras

Posted 1/10/2019

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Scott Campbell


My husband and I found Veronica about 6 months before the birth of our twins by surrogate. We had no clue how to prepare for parenthood and she was crucial in our success! She met with us several times in the months leading up to the birth and guided us on the essentials to get, helped us set up our nursery and talked us through what to expect on the big day. She even did a site visit for the nursery to help calm us and double checked everything.

We left the hospital deliriously happy and legitimately delirious from sleep deprivation. Veronica met us at MIDNIGHT at our house to help us get the twins settled and she promptly sent us off to bed ourselves. We felt so relieved to know that our kids were in good hands and we had her guidance and expertise.

Working with Veronica as our Doula after surrogacy, has increased our confidence, made us more hands-on and has helped us enjoy the process of becoming parents. As an Infant Educator, she prepared mini workshops for us in the comfort of our residence and instilled with confidence the tricks for parenting our babies.

With gratitude, Scott

Posted 10/23/2018

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nicole faurote

This testimonial is for Veronica Hinojosa Stang as our Postpartum Doula, Lactation Specialist and Baby Nurse.

We originally hired one of Veronica's assistants to start on a Monday, but when I came home from the hospital I was in major need of a lactation specialist due to engorgement so I called Veronica. She was able at the last minute rearrange her schedule to come help us that Saturday night.

When she first got here she started with a massage, since she is a certified massage specialist, while I painfully pumped to give me some relief and help release my milk. I couldn't believe within one night with Veronica my breast were better.

The next thing she really helped with was my little one's sucking and latch because our baby had problems with her tongue. Veronica finger fed her and within a couple nights she had her sucking coordination perfected!

Overall we would highly recommend Veronica because without her nurturing postpartum care, lactation, and baby nurse skills our transition home would have never been so smooth.

Posted 12/7/2017

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Joana Pak

I was feeling overwhelmed by my 3 month little one as he went from easily taking the bottle to suddenly refusing it. With the days passing without much sleep, I was defeated and I needed help. My husband and I weren't familiar with Veronica's services, but we were referred to her and we have never looked back. It has been 4 weeks since Veronica has entered our lives and our little one is surely taking the bottle from anyone including myself! The stress that was once weighing on me has lifted and I have regained my sanity. I am no longer worrying about how my baby will eat when I return to work!

Veronica is a wonderful, lovable baby nurse who will take care of your little ones like her own. She is gracious to explain her methods to better help the situation. Light-hearted and a fun spirit, Veronica has been a joy to have in our home.

Posted 7/20/2017

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Alexia Guuinic

Veronica is the most efficient and caring woman I have ever met. I had planned to be accompanied by a Postpartum doula right after delivery but got let down the night before without being offered a backup help. This is when I called Veronica at 4am, in need of some help the same morning and she made it happen. She came herself in such short notice to help me with my newborn and made me feel so reassured. A true Mary Poppins who got my 3 days old daughter to laugh :) Due to the fact that she was already booked for the nights, she also found us the perfect doula for our daughter Eva that we have kept ever since. I would recommend their services to anyone. They are so professional, caring and tender with babies. Thanks again for all your help! Alexia Guuinic

Posted 2/18/2017

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Elizabeth Berl

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang, is truly an exceptional Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specalist. She was there for my family in so many ways after we brought our son home from the hospital. My husband and I were completely clueless about how to care for our newborn son so I am grateful that we were able to hire Veronica as our private Newborn Educator. She truly was beyond our expectations. The instruction and knowledge she provided us with is priceless. She put the first big smile on my face after being a bit distraught with caring for our son the first days after delivery and feeling like we were already being awful parents. First off, she helped set our son on a feeding and napping schedule. Veronica taught us how to feed, burp, swaddle, change a diaper properly and how to put on his onesies as well as many other tips and techniques to make it easier for us. She was also very loving and kind with our son which made me truly feel that we had made the right decision.

Posted 11/14/2016

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Sarah Sheppard

I found Veronica and her team when my baby girl was two weeks old. Reasonably new to America and with a Husband who travels for work regularly I was overwhelmed and sleep deprived and not coping well with the demands of a newborn. She was the first and only person I met with. Within five minutes of meeting her and explaining my situation, I am not ashamed to admit, I was crying. She put her arms around me and was so kind and genuine in her concern, I immediately felt better. I signed a contract that day, I admit, I was apprehensive at first; my Husband and I are both private people and the thought of someone staying with us overnight; especially in charge of our baby, was new for both of us but within a couple of days any fears we had were gone. Veronica is a wonderful balance of maintaining utter professionalism while feeling like a friend; the few extra hours sleep and time with my Husband was wonderful and I started to feel human again! I am learning so much from Veronica; feeding, bathing, massage and the bond between my daughter and I has got stronger. I am able to find joy in my time with her whereas before I was too tired and stressed to focus. With Veronica’s services, I have recovered from a difficult pregnancy, both physically and mentally, and now feel confident in my abilities to parent my baby and give her the best of me. My Husband and I agree that hiring Veronica was the best decision we have ever made. I consider her part of the family and hope to continue a friendship with her long after her services are no longer needed.

Posted 4/5/2016

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S. Hassa

We hired Veronica Hinojosa-Stang as our Postpartum Doula and Travelling Baby Nurse and this letter is to show my appreciation for the help provided to my family during the birth of our son. I went from Washington Dc to LA to deliver my 3rd child .I conducted various interviews to find a Baby Nurse and knew that I would hire Veronica right after I met her. She is  a great professional, responsive and always eager to help.
With a new newborn, I had to travel back to Washington on a 6 hour flight. I decided to take Veronica with the family. Veronica took impeccable care of the baby at the airport during the entire check in/security (3 hrs) and duration of the flight. 
Veronica was extremely professional in the care of our baby since he was born. I really appreciated that Veronica takes her time feeding the baby and ensures that he is properly burped and stomach settled before putting him down (this can take up to 1.5 hours at a stretch every 3 hours or so!). I was also assisted by Veronica on the various ways to ensure that the baby latches on and given tremendous support on overall lactation issues. This was a difficult learning process and I could not have managed without Veronica’s assistance.
Veronica always makes sure that the bottles are properly cleaned and with the free time available, also manages to do the baby’s laundry and even helps in the kitchen and gets the time to interact with my other 2 daughters ages 5 and 2.
As a POSTPARTUM DOULA , she did a great job looking for the well-being of the whole family as a unit. She was able to share some of her time with my other 2 kids and played, danced and read some books. My daughters learned a little bit of Spanish in her short visit with us which was amazing.
Veronica is highly energized, fits her schedule to accommodate the needs of the mother and loves working with infants. I highly recommend Veronica for newborn and infant care. 


Posted 8/8/2015

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Heather Ross

My husband and I had been searching for the right Postpartum Doula for our newborn twins Jeffrey and Grace when we found Veronica. We knew right away from her experience and loving ways that she was the one. Even before the delivery, Veronica helped us in the planning - setting up the nursery, key items to have, etc. Once the babies were home, Veronica went right to work making sure they were well taken care of. The twins were preemies so extra care was needed. She helped me with breastfeeding which was a challenge because we also had to give the babies formula until my milk came in. She also quickly got the babies on a sleeping schedule that was a life-saver.

Veronica’s professional credentials speak for themselves. Her education and nursing experience were key for us and there were many times she taught us valuable information that we hadn’t read in books. But what’s equally important is Veronica’s passion and dedication. She made our babies (and us) feel loved and cared for. I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone looking for a Doula or Baby Nurse!

Posted 5/18/2015

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Jennifer Jones

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang worked as a Postpartum Doula Infant Care Specialist for both of our children. We were so lucky to find her as she was extremely comforting at a delicate time for us as new parents and she was also a great "refresher" as 2nd time parents. She was very helpful and supportive during the first few months of breast feeding on both occasions.

We were always so relieved when Veronica arrived each night to take care of both of our babies. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we have found extremely helpful. Her instructions on how to swaddle, give a bath, baby massage, etc, were wonderful. We loved her Must-Have Baby Items List when we had our first child and had the same items ready to go the second time around.

Veronica sleep trained our Son before she finished her contract. After about two weeks, he started to wake again for night feedings. We brought her back a month later and she waved her magic wand and fixed his sleep pattern in three nights.

Veronica is amazing and she was the first person we called when we found out we were expecting baby #2. We definitely recommend her to any family looking for an Infant Care Specialist and/or Doula.

Posted 4/12/2015

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Julie Riccardi Liubicic

We interviewed a number of Doulas for the birth of our first child and are so glad we chose Veronica.

Veronica's prenatal visits were comprehensive, practical, and extremely reassuring for me as a first-time mother (as well as for my husband as a first-time father). Veronica brings a wisdom and confidence to birth education that I was not able to obtain from self-study using books and videos, all of it delivered with an infectious positivity and sense of humor. Veronica made us feel extremely well-prepared for our daughter's upcoming birth.

At the birth itself, Veronica was a calming presence during my long and difficult labor. Empathy, motivation and massages were delivered exactly when needed, along with professional consultation about my different options as the labor progressed. Veronica also interacted well with my OB and the labor and delivery nurses, quickly making herself part of the team.

We are also used Veronica as our Post-partum Doula. Again, we are glad we made this choice, and we and our daughter have benefitted from her knowledge, skill and caring. Veronica has taught me a great deal about how to care for a newborn and also has taught my husband about the various roles a new dad can play in the first month of a child's life. My husband agrees that Veronica has been invaluable to us during this period.

Bottom line -- Veronica is terrific and I strongly recommend her to anyone considering a Doula

Posted 10/8/2014

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Danielle Costa

We hired Veronica Hinojosa-Stang as a night doula and newborn baby specialist. Veronica was a god-sent. We are first time parents, and when i interviewed Veronica, she said -- you will want a night nurse -- and she ended up being so right! The first couple nights, as we were fumbling our way through having a newborn, Veronica was right there helping us, coaching us, and putting our mind at ease. Also, she prepped me in advance with a "list" -- which ended up being so useful. She's lovely and pleasant to boot. Smartest thing i did was to hire her!

Posted 10/1/2014

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S. Hassa

We hired Veronica Hinojosa-Stang as our Postpartum Doula and Travelling Baby Nurse and this letter is to show my appreciation for the help provided to my family during the birth of our son. I conducted various interviews to find a Baby Nurse and knew that I would hire Veronica right after I met her. Veronica is a Postpartum Doula, travelling Baby Nurse, lactation educator and trained in sleep therapy for infants as well as massage therapy. Veronica has decades of experience in the care of newborns and infants. She is professional, responsive and always eager to help.

Veronica was extremely professional in the care of our son since he was born. I really appreciated that Veronica takes her time feeding the baby and ensures that he is properly burped and stomach settled before putting him down (this can take up to 1.5 hours at a stretch every 3 hours or so!). I was also assisted by Veronica on the various ways to ensure that the baby latches on and given tremendous support on overall lactation issues. This was a difficult learning process and I could not have managed without Veronica’s assistance.

With a new newborn, I had to travel on a 6 hour flight. I decided to take Veronica with the family. Veronica took impeccable care of the baby at the airport during the entire check in/security (3 hours) and duration of the flight. The baby did not even cry once! and seemed very comfortable on her arm for almost 11 hours straight. It was amazing how Veronica handled the entire journey with a great sense of humor.

Veronica is highly energized, fits her schedule to accommodate the needs of the mother and loves working with infants. I highly recommend Veronica for newborn and infant care.

Posted 6/22/2014

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Jen Saez

Veronica is an angel! We hired her when we learned that my father suffered a heart attack and my parents were unable to be with us following the birth of my daughter. My husband researched Baby Nurses and Post-Partum Doulas in Santa Monica and thankfully found Veronica. Even though she was already booked through the end of the year, she accommodated us on her days off and found additional help to fill in the rest of the time. Veronica is one of the most caring, loving and supportive women I have ever met. She was the first and only Doula we interviewed as I felt immediately comfortable with her and had total confidence that she was the right person for the job. She treated me as if I was her daughter as she tenderly nursed me back to health from my C-Section. She taught me how to do everything from nursing to bathing to swaddling and changing the baby, in addition she gave me a list of all additional essentials that we did not have in the house. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with Veronica; I only wish that she could have stayed longer. My time with her made a world of difference in my life, even though it was brief I felt very prepared transitioning into motherhood. I would recommend Veronica to anyone looking for a post-partum doula. Veronica asked for constructive criticism when she was leaving and I honestly couldn’t think of anything for her to improve on. It was easy to have her in my home and I truly valued my experience with her so much so that I cried when she left.

Posted 12/8/2013

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Justina Baskauskas

I hired Veronica as a night nurse and postpartum doula following my arrival home after a c section delivery of my second child. Our contract was for one month, with an option to add an additional two weeks within the quarter.

As a single mom, it was important to me to have reliable, professional and nurturing night and morning help for me and my daughters following my c section delivery. I was looking for an experienced professional to assist with bringing the baby to me for night feedings, burping and soothing the baby after the feedings and putting the baby down for the night as my mobility was severely limited. I also needed someone who would make sure I rested and recovered and received ample food and liquids. I needed someone who would make breakfast for me and my elder child, take my dog outside if needed, be available in case of emergency.

I interviewed many night nurses and doulas, explaining my situation in detail. Most other candidates wanted to focus only on the baby. Veronica was the only one who understood my situation and was able to care for my whole family, including an aged dog. Veronica took excellent care of me, my newborn and my elder child. She was nurturing, helpful and went beyond the call of duty. In addition, she gladly shared many tricks of the trade in terms of newborn care, things that I wish I had known as a first time mom. While sleep training was not part of our month together, I have confidence that Veronica is excellent in these capabilities. I recommend her without hesitation

Posted 9/19/2013

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April Lee

As a new mom there are so many tips and products out there that you easily get lost/ confused. Veronica's tips and advice as well as her presence helped me find ways to help my baby. Also her assistance with developing a schedule will be beneficial for the months to come.

The most benefitial aspect of her services was that I got the rest after months of interrupted sleep. I learned trick on how to put my baby to sleep for longer streches and how to swaddle so my baby does not scape!

Veronica would speak with my baby as he were her own!

I wish she could charge less so I could have keep her forever

Posted 12/30/2012

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Brian Worden

Veronica served as a part-time baby nurse and postpartum doula for us in July and August of 2012. We found her to be very knowledgeable, capable, hard-working, and friendly. When there was not baby care to be done, she would find various other ways to help us during the hectic transition period of welcoming home our newborn. She also took time to teach us some basics of newborn care including swaddling and infant massage.

Veronica even traveled with us on a weekend away from home and did a tremendous job of caring for our little one while we were attending to other duties. All of our friends and family who met Veronica were very impressed with her skills and amiable demeanor. I have no reservations in recommending her to others.


Brian Worden

Posted 9/19/2012

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Cynthia Cheung

We called Veronica when our 3-week-old daughter was having trouble with reflux and not sleeping more than 45 minutes a stretch. We were exhausted and not able to fully enjoy this wonderful time. Veronica has a career that spans more than 10 years and more than 100 babies, including multiples. She is well-read in the newborn literature and is probably more qualified than anyone to handle any situation. She is a postpartum doula, certified newborn care specialist, lactation specialist, and massage therapist for adults and infants, to name a few of her many hats. She has gone the extra mile to acquire not just extensive certifications but the knowledge and experience to excel at what she does. My wife and I are both physicians (type A personalities!) with particular concerns about safety and trust. Veronica quickly earned our trust and allayed our fears about letting someone else help care for our first and only child. Though she has admitted to me that my daughter is one of the most spirited babies she has ever cared for, I am thrilled to report that she is now consistently sleeping 3-5 hour stretches between feeds. Veronica is nothing but professional, kind, friendly, loving, and a great communicator. She treats our daughter as if she were her own. I give Veronica my highest recommendation. Hiring her was a great investment and has allowed me and my wife to be well-rested and to give our daughter 100%.

Daniel & Cynthia

Posted 6/16/2012

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Tracy Sternhell

 Veronica worked with us for one month and was extremely helpful to me. She provided me with the security of knowing my baby was in good hands while I slept which was so important . She assisted me with nursing techniques, gave good advice, and was very loving with our son. I thought it might feel weird having someone stay over in our home, but she put me at ease right away and was very professional and comforting. I was impressed with her organization and professionalissm. I would highly recommend Veronica and definitely use her again in the future.

Posted 3/21/2012

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Roli Katthar

I called Veronica the day I came back home after c-section. I was in so much pain with my swollen feet I was not able to get up from the bed. I was in tears when I called her because I had no help at home. Veronica was so kind and nice, she came right away. Her massage made me able to walk within 4 days. She also taught me how to bath the baby, swaddle the baby, and techniques to calm down the baby. She is also a great cook. She is very professional, kind hearted, and caring. The value of Veronica's time and teaching was invaluable to us. I can't say enough good things about her. Veronica is very kind and caring and wonderful with the babies in her care.
She even went on coloring my hair because I was unable to get out my apartment. She is a great person, like a mother.
I wish you all the best!
Roli Katthar

Posted 6/30/2011

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Heidi Lieberman

 Veronica HInojosa-Stang was my doula for the birth of my son Benjamin.  She helped keep me calm, helped keep my husband calm and aided in a very pleasant birth experience.  I would recommend her to anyone about to go through the labor process.  She cares about you and your well being and always listened to my needs.  

Posted 10/27/2010

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Jessica Morrison & Gary Blau

July 31, 2009

It is with great pleasure that we recommend the services of Veronica Hinojosa-Stang. From the time we signed our contract with her she provided us with information, tips, and suggestions to help us prepare for our little one. In the weeks leading up to our daughter’s arrival, Veronica coached us in birthing techniques and educated us in the stages of Labor. Because of her labor support and valuable information I was confident and calm enough to have a drug free all natural birth. My labor lasted less that 5 hours and I was able to spend most of the time in the comfort of my home and not the hospital.

My husband and I especially appreciated the time Veronica provided us to recover and rest after arriving home. By the end of our time with her, Veronica had established a routine of feedings, naps, baths and, play time leaving us feeling like confident, experienced parents.

I cannot imagine trusting anyone other than Veronica to come into our home and be a part of such special time in our lives, Not only is he the best at what she does, she is warm hearted, sincere and loving. We wouldn’t have done it without her and she is always welcome in our home.

Jessica Morrison Blau

Posted 9/10/2009

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Andrea JonesRivera

April 21st, 2009

On Behalf of Veronica Hinojosa-Stang
Baby Nurse and Doula Services

To whom it may concern:
My husband and I employed Veronica Hinojosa-Stang as a Baby Nurse for our newborn son.
Following a complicated delivery at Cedars-Sinai Hospital that left me on bed rest for several weeks, we selected Veronica to help care for our infant son. She has cared for Wil as if he were her own son and she has become a part of our daily life and part of our family.
We interviewed countless people and Veronica quickly set herself apart from the other night Nurses and Doulas with her professionalism, services and the advice she offered. She has taught me a great deal about caring for my son and caring for myself while I have a newborn.
Veronica is an intelligent and motivated individual. One of her services Veronica provides is massage therapy. After a long day caring for my son, a massage is just what a tense new mother needs but the very last thing she has time for during her hectic day. Veronica makes the massage possible by offering it at one of her services. I consider myself an expert in massage, having enjoyed massages at spas across the country and, indeed, around the world, and would rank Veronica with the very best. That I was able to have the massage with Veronica in my home with my newborn son a feet away just a few weeks after undergoing a difficult c- section is a remarkable gift and I feel blessed to have Veronica in our home.
There is nothing more important than caring for your newborn child and in order to do it well, you have to take care of yourself. Veronica has helped me do that. She has taken the time to give excellent care to our child and has extended that level of care to me as well.

Andrea Jones Rivera

Posted 6/30/2009

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Angelica Chapman

My #1 tip for new Moms - GET A BABY NURSE! After spending 8 days in the hospital, I came home to an angel named Veronica who has expended endless amounts of energy on taking care of me and my baby. She has helped me feed her, burp her, change her... she has cooked, cleaned, shopped for food and baby supplies, given me heavenly massages and kept me informed, educated and most important - showered! . I don't care if you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to pay for it - it's worth it!

Here is Veronica's website, check it out and tell all your friends:

Posted 6/3/2009

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