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The Supported Birth

Southington, CT Service range 70 miles My range is approximately 1 hour, but I am flexible. NYC or Long Island.

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2250

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Availability Remarks: I do not have any daytime postpartum availability at this time.

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2250

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 131 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 41 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, March 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No daytime availability at this time.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have previously attended births at Yale New Haven Hospital, St Raphael's (New Haven), Manchester Memorial Hospital (ECHN), Greenwich Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Stamford Hospital, Bristol Hospital, Hospital of Central Connecticut (New Britain), Hartford Hospital, St Francis Hospital (Hartford), Danbury Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital (Bridgeport)Middlesex Hospital, Phelps Memorial Hospital (Sleepy Hollow), Northern Westchester Hospital (Mt Kisco), New York Presbyterian Hospital-Hudson Valley (Cortlandt), and South Shore Hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have previously attended births at the Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center in Danbury and The Birthplace at St Vincent's in Bridgeport.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I'm always happy to attend births at home!

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I'm excited to be a member of Birth Tribe, a collaborative of doulas throughout the state of Connecticut. I am also a member of the Connecticut Doula Collective which aims to promote the doula profession as part of a holistic model of maternity care in the state of Connecticut, by supporting women and their families, nurturing collaborative relationships with maternity care providers, and educating the community about doula care.

Fee Details

Postpartum fees listed are a range between daytime support for 1 baby up to overnight support for multiples.

Service Area

Southington, CT Service range 70 miles My range is approximately 1 hour, but I am flexible. NYC or Long Island.

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Client Testimonials for Jenn Edmonds

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Oliver Liao


One line review: Jenn was our overnight postpartum doula for 7 weeks.  We wholeheartedly recommend her and would use her again!

Jenn is amazing and if you hire her you will absolutely agree!  My wife and I, being naive first time parents, didn't even think of hiring a postpartum doula until a few days after our baby had arrived.  After a few brutal sleepless nights at home we desperately started a search for help and interviewed several doulas.  Here are the reasons we initially chose Jenn to be our postpartum doula:

1. She is very experienced both in birth support and postpartum support.

2. She works for herself and is the sole provider.  All the other doulas we interviewed were with agencies which meant that to cover a week it would take at least 2 doulas, sometimes 3 or even 4.  We preferred to have one consistent doula for both safety/health reasons and to build a consistent rapport with the baby.  Agencies also take a portion of the fee so you end up paying both the doula and the agency which means a higher overall cost.

3. She is an excellent communicator, whether over the phone, Zoom, email or text.  She is responsive, professional and very detailed in all of her communications.

4.  We just clicked with her during the Zoom interview.  Her gentle, warm demeanor really resonated with us.

After 7 weeks all of the above holds true but I can also add that Jenn is reliable and prompt (she never missed a night of support and was always on time), diligent in keeping records of the baby's activities, provided helpful answers and guidance to our many questions, and managed to maintain a graceful, calm and positive demeanor even during our baby's most fussy nights!

To sum it up: the nights you know Jenn is coming you feel relieved and the nights where you're on your own you feel dread!  Thank you, Jenn!



Having Jenn as our birth and postpartum doula was the best decision! Jenn is compassionate, empathetic, warm, and extremely knowledgeable in her work. She was always available to answer all our questions during my pregnancy and offered invaluable advice when my due date came and went. She made me feel safe, calm, and excited about giving birth! Jenn supported me in my hypnobirthing journey, but was also encouraging when things didn’t go as expected. She explained all my options to me (I ended up choosing a membrane sweep at 41 weeks, which was successful). I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Jenn’s support and encouragement during my long labor. Our midwife called in sick the night I went into labor, so having Jenn by our side at the hospital ensured that my birth and postpartum plan was respected. While I didn’t experience the birth I planned, thanks to Jenn, it was an incredibly positive and transformative experience.

The five postpartum weeks we had with Jenn helped us enormously. We learned so much from Jenn about child-caring. She also has a wealth of contacts she can share with you— trustworthy lactation consultants, sleep experts, etc. She helped me navigate my challenges with breastfeeding, and thanks to Jenn’s support our little girl was finally able to start gaining weight! We were able to get some sleep during the nights Jenn was with us. Our daughter now has no problems falling asleep and is well adjusted thanks no doubt to the early, warm care she received from Jenn. We recommend Jenn with our utmost enthusiasm!




Hiring Jenn as our doula was the best decision we made for our first baby's birth in March 2022. Jenn is so warm, compassionate, funny, supportive, smart, and organized. My husband and I are both very Type A and attentive to detail, and Jenn was an invaluable part of our team. During our prenatal visits, she made sure we had all our bases covered in thinking through various decisions we might encounter during birth, and she provided great evidence-based resources to help us think those through. I must have texted her dozens of times throughout pregnancy with a gazillion kinds of questions, and she even sent me an example baby registry she had made to help us put ours together. When our due date came and went, she was so patient and supportive, ready to spring into action multiple times when I thought I was in labor. 

She was so amazing during my hospital birth and played a huge role in my mostly unmedicated birth. In early labor, she used hip squeezes to help me manage contractions and also supported my husband while he cared for me. My active labor was hard with really long contractions, and I was out of it, so I relied pretty heavily on my husband to communicate with my care team and make decisions. Jenn did a great job helping him understand what was going on and our options. I also really valued our postpartum visit, when she provided a really loving and meaningful account of my birth from her perspective, and our debrief helped me get closure.

I also asked Jenn to do two overnight visits about two weeks postpartum while my husband was out of town. I got the best sleep of the early postpartum time period during her stay! It was such a relief to hand off responsibility for diaper changes, timing feeds, and soothing my baby to Jenn, and all I had to do was feed her when Jenn would wake me. I really enjoyed talking with Jenn during feeding sessions -- she's funny and down to earth and we got along great. She is a baby whisperer!



I had an amazing experience working with Jenn! Right from the initial consultation, Jenn's experience, empathy, and love for her work were immediately evident. As we began our prenatal meetings, Jenn answered my questions with confidence and sensitivity, reassuring me that I could achieve my goals for my pregnancy and birth. I unfortunately began to experience threatened preterm labor at the start of my third trimester, which required multiple hospital visits and additional prenatal care. Jenn made herself available to answer any questions that came up over text and frequently checked in on me to help me cope with contractions and ease my worries. When I began prodromal labor--an experience that exhausted and disheartened me in my first pregnancy--Jenn supported me and helped me feel confident that I could still have the birth I imagined.

Ultimately, I gave birth to a healthy boy on my due date after 12 hours of labor without pain medication. Jenn supported my husband and me throughout the whole process, employing different comfort measures we had discussed including music, water, candles, meditation, deep breathing, vocalization, and different positions. She also took beautiful photos of my husband and me during labor and of the two of us with our baby boy. Thanks to Jenn, I had an incredibly empowering birth experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Stephanie Yudowitch


Jenn was an incredibly supportive for postpartum night support -- I highly recommend her. Very professional, punctual and responsive. She was an amazing resource for a first-time Mom especially. I felt she was a true friend during my postpartum journey -- someone who you can bounce ideas of all, assuage your concerns, and listen to your worries. There are many as a first-time Mom. She is very knowledgeable about birth, what happens after birth, and all about babies. She was also very flexible and genuinely did what she could to help parents while the baby was sleeping - clearing the dishwasher, laundry (she is a great folder!) which was really helpful. I'd definitely want to work with her again!



Jennifer was such an amazing addition to our family in our post partum weeks. After having a third girl via repeat csection I was desperate for some sleep at night and Jen gave that to my husband and me. Of course part of being able to sleep as a parent is Knowing your newborn is safe and being well cared for, which she was with Jen. She drove an hour to get to us in all weather and was always enthusiastic and timely. She's a great listener who truly understood my anxiety in having a baby with reflux and was so patient with my concerns. I highly recommend Jen!

Courtney Menking


We can't recommend Jenn and The Supported Birth enough! She came alongside us for our first baby in November, and she was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful! The fact that she was willing to meet three times beforehand, answer round-the-clock questions, and educate us while still hearing our wishes was incredible. Her constant love and check-ins throughout my pregnancy and postpartum were appreciated and she never made my husband nor myself feel like we didn't know what we were doing (even if we didn't!). My birth plan was not how the birth of our daughter panned out, but Jenn was instrumental in making us feel like we were still in control and doing the right thing when we had to make tough decisions. Her empathy and understanding was just what I needed throughout the months of working with Jenn, and her help in the room through contractions was the reason I made it so far without medication. Jenn knows what she is doing, and I would highly recommend her to any to-be mom! Thank you, Jenn!

Angela Hartnagle


It was great to work with Jennifer!  As first time parents, we thought it was a good idea to have someone work along side us that was experienced in childbirth.  Jennifer has a very calm presence about her.  I had a relatively quick labor and she showed up to my home in time to help us get to the hospital.  I wasn‘t really nervous but had terrible back labor and we had to make some tough decisions and she was there every step of the way.  We would gladly work with her again!

Jaimee Mansfield


Jenn supported us during the labor and birth of my 4th baby/2nd homebirth in November of 2015.  I hadn't ever used a doula before, because I didn't believe I needed one.  I became a doula between the birth of my 3rd baby and my 4th baby, I still felt as though I wouldn't need a doula.  When Jenn offered to be my doula, I had no idea what an impact her support would make.   She provided a safe space to vent during my pregnancy, someone who I knew would be listening and providing advice and support, rather than just hearing what I said.  When my labor began, and my water broke, she was the first person to come to my home, knowing that I was nervous about the midwives potentially not coming in time and being alone with my husband.  Her gentle, yet steady, touch, and whispers of support helped me through what ended up being my hardest labor and birth yet.  Her place in the circle of women around me during my birth was irreplaceable.  I can't imagine going through my son's labor without her guidance and wisdom.  I won't hesitate to use her again if a 5th baby is in our future!

Allie Zingaro


This woman is an absolute godsend. From the first meeting, I instantly connected with her. I have pretty bad anxiety and she somehow has the ability to immediately calm me down and center me. When I called her to come over during my labor, she arrived within 45 minutes (she lives almost 30 minutes away). She has two small children herself and what we didn't know at the time was that her husband was out of town on business and she was still able to be with us, uninterrupted, the entire time. I labored 37hrs and I don't know what we would have done without her. She tended not only to my needs, but those of my husband's too, without overstepping any boundaries and while completely including him in the process. While at my house, Jenn walked 5 miles with me to try and speed up the labor, helped me ease my pain so I could rest, and even suggested/assisted with different positions and techniques to try and move the baby from posterior to anterior position so that the labor would move quicker.  After 27 hours of labor and nearly 36 hours without rest, the pain became too much for me and I decided to get the epidural.  This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. I sobbed and felt so extremely depressed about the decision, but I knew that I could not keep going like this.  Instead of judging me for my choice, Jenn helped me to come to terms with the decision and resurrected my good feelings about the labor/birth process.  When the baby was born, she stayed with us until we were in recovery. Jenn also captured pictures/video of the birth for us. She came to my home to do her routine postpartum visit when my baby was a week old. Just as she arrived, my daughter suddenly became very ill, which for a new mom is terrifying. She helped me explain to the doctor what had happened and held my hand through the entire ordeal. My husband and I want a big family and will never birth without this woman by our side. You need this doula!

Brittany Rand


My husband & I hired Jen to attend the birth of our first child as our labor doula & we could not be happier that we did!  We lived an hour away from her but she was willing to make the drive to do our 2 prenatal visits. During the prenatal visits she answered any questions we had & was very knowledgeable in her responses.  When the big day finally arrived, Jen's support was absolutely indispensible to me.  We checked into the hospital around 11pm & my son was born at 3:22pm the next day.  His birth ended up being way more medical than I had envisioned.  I had wanted an unmedicated labor & vaginal birth & ended up with artificial labor induction, an epidural, pitocin & ultimately a c-section. Each decision that I had to make took me further away from my vision for the birth & was very difficult & emotional for me but Jen was by my side every step of the way.  I did labor on my own with no drugs for quite a while & during that time Jen was fabulous.  She has a very calming presence & soothing voice & was able to encourage me gently through each contraction. She brought her own music to play which helped keep my mind focused.  She & my husband worked together very well to make sure I was comfortable. When the midwife finally determined that a c-section might be the best course of action, I asked Jen for her thoughts as to alternatives that we might have at this point.  She offered her thoughts and then gave my husband & I space to make the desicion & fully supported us when we decided to go through with it.  She stayed for a couple hours after the baby was born and helped him to latch on & begin nursing.  Jen is a very kind, gentle and supporting person & I would highly recommend her to any mama-to-be!  I will definitely be calling her to attend my next birth! Thanks for all you do, Jen!

Erin Wells


Jen was amazing throughout my entire pregnancy. She was there whenever I had questions and never made me feel like a crazy first time mom. She was nothing but supportive of all of my choices, and provided my husband and I with information and advice when we asked. During my actual labor, she was more help than I could have ever imagined. It felt like I had known her for years. She was very in tune with what I needed, providing me with both physical and emotional support throughout the entire labor and delivery. Not only was she in tune with what I needed, but also with my husband's needs. She was able to show him some things to help me, and he never felt left out. When I started to feel some negativity creeping in, she was literally right there to whisper positive affirmations into my ear when I needed it most. I truly can't say enough about Jen. She is a fantastic doula, and we look forward to having her at our future births. Thank you again Jen for all that you did!

Erin Walpole


Jennifer is a fabulous doula. She attended the birth of my second child. the intensity of the contractiona progressed much quicker than with my first child and felt very different which took me by surprise. I birthed at a free standing birth center intending to have a natiral birth. When I was swearing and begging to be transported to the hospital for an epidural she helped with talking me into staying - I'm very glad I did.

Jennifer also prvoided physical support - applying pressure to alleviate pain in my hips, letting me squeeze her hand tightly, and fighting my ever stubborn legs that did not want to stay in a good birthing position.

i highly recommend Jennifer as a doula. In fact I have already recommended her to a friend who is due in a few months.

Karla Hernandez


Giving a testimonial was very important for me, I thought it might help other women who are going through the same feelings I had a couple of weeks ago. First I would like to begin by saying that I didn’t know what a doula was until my Yoga teacher mentioned the importance of hiring a doula. I was very nervous towards the last couple of months I didn’t know how my labor was going to be. I did some researches for doulas around the area and found a couple ones. I called two other doulas, but I didn’t feel a connection with them. My third called was Jennifer, right from the beginning I knew it was the person to hire. Jennifer guided me from the beginning to the end, she was there for me physically and emotionally when I most needed her. When I was going through the hardest stages of labor she was there supporting me giving me advice. Overall my husband and I are very satisfied with her service, I hope she continues doing this profession and helping many women as she did with me. Thank You Jennifer

Jamie Wilson


I decided to go for a natural birth and the best thing I did to support that decision was enlist Jen Edmonds as my doula.  I didn't know exactly what that would entail and wasn't 100% sold on even "needing" a doula but her knowledge and ability to implement massage, breathing techniques, and her calming presence set the whole tone for my labor & delivery.  Now that may seem a bit much, but when I hit transition and thought I was going to die having Jen there completely focused on me (while the midwives took vitals, my husband talked with my mom) was beyond words.  I stared into her eyes begging for help without saying a word, and she understood and spoke back with and without words that my body could do it.  She gave me her strength and energy to surrender to my body through the pain.  I HIGHLY RECCOMEND JEN EDMONDS for any birth: natural, medical, c-section.  I PROMISE you're money will not be wasted!  Thank you, Jen!

Patrcia Santagata


I met Jenn about 3 years ago when my family and I started attending the church that Jenn and her family attend. Jenn was always so warm and friendly making my family and I feel very welcome and we quickly grew to be friends. When I got pregnant last January (2012) Jenn had just started her Doula training and we had talked about how I would love to know more about her training and have her be a part of my pregnancy. Jenn was so excited when she received her training material and would check in with me regularly and tell me all about what she was learning and how it could help me. When it got closer to my due date we got together and Jenn told me all about how she could support my husband and I during the labor and delivery of our son. Jenn was fantastic having lots of information for us to read, helping us to not be nervous about what was going to happen when I went into labor and answering any questions I had and if she wasn’t sure on the answer she would look it up or show me where I could find more information. As the last 2 weeks closed in we spoke almost daily and Jenn would give me lots of great support and advice. The night I went into labor I let her know early on and she was prepared and ready to go whenever I told her to come. As my labor intensified I called her and told her I was ready and she was here within 40 minutes (about the time it takes to get from her house to mine). Jenn had many things prepared to help me relax and for my labor to be as pleasant of an experience as it could be. Once we arrived at the hospital and we were all checked in she played the music in which we planned, she kept reassuring me that I was doing and great job and checking in with me to see if there was anything she could do. Jenn has such a warm and calming way about her that she helped me to feel relaxed as I could be. (Continued below)

Patrcia Santagata


(Continued from above) I was having a long labor and my body was not reacting as I hoped it would so we were not able to try many of the calming techniques out of bed that we planned. I had planned for an all natural birth but after 3+ hours of my body shaking with every contractions which were doubled up and coming every 30 seconds or so lasting 2+ minutes, I couldn’t take the discomfort anymore and was thinking about getting an epidural. I was so scared about having the epidural and the procedure to receive it. She helped me to remain calm and reassure me that I had done a great job thus far. She consistently gave me the support I needed. When it came time to push Jenn was right there, helping hold my leg while my husband held my head and then when our beautiful baby boy made his grand entrance she quickly grabbed the camera and snapped as many pictures she could of me and my husband meeting our baby for the first time. I also planned to bring home the placenta as I was having placenta encapsulation done and she made sure the nurse packaged it up and put it on ice. She was there for us for a few hours after the birth of our baby to help us get settled into the recovery room. Shortly after we brought our little boy home from the hospital Jenn came over to check in, talk about post labor and to help me out for a few hours while my husband was working some overtime. She hung out with the baby while I showered and got a snack and she helped answer any questions I had about nursing. Jenn also bought our son, Lucas a beautiful letter about the day he was born through her eyes, which of course made me cry! I was so sweet and it now sits in a frame on his dresser. Thank you Jenn, from the bottom of my heart for your support, warm, caring and compassionate nature. I am so thankful for our friendship and will always support you on your journey to become an amazing Doula. I see you doing wonderful things for many families for many years to come.

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