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Precious Arrows Doula Services

Lynnville, TN Service range 100 miles Willing to travel further.


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Availability Remarks: Due to the on-call nature of doula work, my calendar does not give an accurate picture of availability. Please contact me to inquire about your specific date and support needs.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 145 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 130 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers or drugs,

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I desire is to help you achieve your birth plan whether you choose natural or more medicated birth. We are experienced in supporting inductions and c-section births as well.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I gladly will provide support at your birth center birth.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love home birth and would love to support your home birth attended by a midwife. I also provide first night support that can begin before your midwife leaves. If you are needing support for your children during your homebirth, our sibling doulas services are available.

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Alabama Birth Coalition, Professional ICAN Member, Nashville Birth Collective

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fees are based on services you desire and distance to attend your birth plus your financial need. Because childbirth education is important, too, we offer discounts to those who attend our Lamaze class. We would also be happy to provide a package of birth and postpartum doula services.

Service Area

Lynnville, TN Service range 100 miles Willing to travel further.

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Client Testimonials for Marcie Hadley, CD(DONA),PCD(DONA),LCCE, CLC

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Irina Davidson


I worked with Marcie throughout my pregnancy and delivery and honestly can't sing her praises enough. I wanted to do a natural birth and, as a first time mom-to-be, my husband encouraged me to work with a doula. I'm so glad I did and I was referred to Marcie... While I had done extensive research and reading before meeting Marcie on pregnancy and delivery, I felt so much more prepared and educated after our meetings with her and learned so many new things. She is so kind, gentle, and knowledgable and I truly don't think that I would have successfully done an unmedicated birth without her presence. She knew how to move me through the experience and keep me grounded and in a great headspace throughout a long 19 hour labor. She's always been available to me anytime I had random questions come up. She feels like family after helping me through such a beautiful and intense labor and delivery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Lauren Blucher Little


My friend had an amazing experience with Marcie and highly recommended her, so I reached out to her to be my birth doula for my first child! I am so glad I did because I had an amazing experience with Marcie, during my natural birth and labor. She was incredibly patient, kind, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She was by my side both at home and at the hospital, providing continuous support and guidance. She is a continual learner who stays up to date on the latest information and scientific studies, so she was able to answer every question I had (and being a first time mom, I had A LOT of questions haha). 

What really stood out to me was how she checked in frequently after the birth to ensure that both my baby and I were doing well. It was reassuring to know that she genuinely cares about our well-being and was there to provide any information or assistance we needed.

Additionally, Marcie has an excellent network of quality healthcare professionals in Nashville. If you ever need a referral, she can connect you with trusted professionals who can provide the care you need.

I highly recommend my birth doula for anyone looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable support person during their labor and birth journey. She made a positive impact on my experience. I am grateful for her presence and can genuinely say that I would not have been able to do it without her! My husband and I are both so happy that we made the investment in hiring Marcie as our birth doula. 

Christina White


I can’t say enough great things about Marcie. She is so knowledgeable in all areas of pregnancy, birth, after birth and postpartum. She is a great communicator, responds in a timely manner, and is the most caring, kind, thoughtful, sweetest lady you could have by your side during such a beautiful, miraculous time! She was referred to me by a friend and I’m so glad that I chose Marcie to be my Doula, She is a wealth of knowledge. My husband and I are so grateful to her for being by our side through our pregnancy, being a listening ear, and gave us the tools and knowledge to take care of our newborn.We absolutely love Marcie and would recommend her to anyone who is having a baby, she is the best!

Bethany Davis


We were so beyond blessed to have Marcie to support us during the birth of both of our babies. Initially my husband was on the fence about hiring a doula but now he says he is signing a “lifetime” contract with Marcie for as long as we’re having babies!

First off, She came to our home weeks prior to my due date, fully explaining how the birth could go and it helped me really visualize what I would be going through. I was prepared and knew what to expect – I knew what my body would be doing and what would be normal in the weeks leading up to it. I was preparing for a natural birth and I really wanted and needed to understand my body to do it. Also having her available 24/7 to text or call with any random questions was very valuable.

During both of my births she never life my side during labor (27 hrs with 1st baby) (12hrs with 2nd). She was so in tune with what I needed and when I needed it, things such as making sure I was hydrated, knowing the exact spot I needed pressure during contractions, helping coach me in my breathing, the things that I really needed in order to continue experiencing natural labor. I am so happy to report that I did indeed succeed in having the natural labor that I had wanted so much! I truly believe this is a testament to how beneficial it is having the support of both an amazing doula and loving partner, during one of the wildest rides there is. I sincerely recommend to any woman who is embarking on the journey of motherhood to really take the time to plan out and research the birth you want, look into the history of doulas, and all of the benefits there are to having an experienced woman at your side during your labor. It is truly priceless! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have Marcie at my birth. I know my husband agrees wholeheartedly! We love her!

Claire McP


I learned a lot from Marcie and enjoyed working with her! I wasn't able to have her in the room with me during labor because of hospital policy, but she was so helpful in prepping me for what to expect from my birth and how to work through it. I highly recommend her!




Marcie was our doula 6 years ago. When we found out that we were expecting another child, the one certainty was that we would be engaging Marcie's services again. As before, Marcie was patient and kind. She is always a calming presence and a fountain of knowledge. She is also a wonderful advocate. This time around I need more postpartum assistance than I did before. Marcie was an absolute angel. She made sure that I was nourishing myself, resting, and seeking medical attention when necessary. She came to our home and held the baby while I pulled myself together. She offered advice and reassuring words when I needed it. We are grateful for Marcie and the work that she does. She is a treasure.

Lauren Liberto


Marcie was a God send to me for my labor preparation and experience. This was my first child and I had no idea what to expect during labor. I wanted to have a natural labor without medication and also be able to move around. She was very knowledgeable from the start of my meetings with her. She knew about different positions I could try to ease the pain and what I could do to make progress. She helped me understand the hospital system and my rights during labor. I couldn’t have gone through this whole experience the way I wanted to without her. She was an angel that stuck by my side for almost 24 hours. She was patient the whole time, never pressured me to do anything I didn’t want to, was an encourager, coach, friend and truly cared for me during the whole experience. She was the calming presence that I needed and I’m so thankful to have had met her.



My husband and I cannot imagine the first week of our baby’s life without Marcie’s incredible help, expertise, encouragement and kindness. It feels overwhelming to try and sum up our gratitude for the many ways in which her calming presence positively impacted our experience as first time parents. In those overwhelming early days Marcie felt like the lifeline we so desperately needed, and we remain so thankful for her gentle guidance, the depth of her knowledge, her flexibility, and her willingness to go the extra mile to care for both our baby and us. We were infinitely better equipped for the days ahead thanks to her.



Marcie is so loving and kind; just the person I needed in postpartum. She even brought me a warming and nutritious pot of soup, which was like love in a bowl! I had a very difficult birth, and Marcie was there for the aftermath, helping me feel so cared for and loved. She took excellent care of my newborn while I was able to get some much-needed sleep. Very grateful she was part of my postpartum team!

Michaela Bromenschenkel


Marcie is a wonderful doula! We were first time parents and decided to pursue a home birth. Marcie made sure we were completely prepared regardless of the outcome and talked us through everything we needed to know. We had a 30 hour labor and she stayed by our sides every step of the way. She is incredibly kind and encouraging and made the birth process so smooth. I believe a large part of the reason we got to have our home birth, the way we wanted, was because of Marcie. We highly recommend her as a doula!



Marcie has a peaceful and confident demeanor that will bring such joy to your birth and postpartum! I am so glad I met and hired her for the birth of my second child. From a car wreck at 38 weeks to an unexpected transfer from a home birth to the hospital, Marcie kept me calm and in the right head space to have my baby. She was great at offering essential oils to smell for the nausea, encouraging different positions throughout labor, and even helping me stay informed as I was presented with different options at the hospital. I would totally recommend her for your home or hospital birth!



Marcie was my doula. I was going to be a first time mom and wanted to have a natural hospital birth at Vanderbilt with the nurse midwives but felt like I needed someone to help advocate for what I wanted for myself and my baby. Marcie was there every step of the way and advocated for us. Her morals were very similar to ours and I knew when I met her she would be the perfect doula. Her sincerity and warmth made me feel so comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and if I needed help finding information on a topic she was always able to help. She was always sending me great information to help me leading up to the birth of my baby. Her birthing class is very personal and informative. Marcie is very experienced and has been a doula for over a decade and I knew if she was by my side that I would be okay during childbirth. When I was in labor I didn’t feel fear or worry about my health or my baby’s health because I knew I had the most competent doula and midwife I could possibly have. I will definitely hire her again for my future children. I knew my first time experience was such a great one due to Marcie being there for me. I knew I was in good hands and that if anything wasn’t quite right she would be able to alert my midwife. I know for a fact the level of comfort I had during labor helped me have a short productive labor and to have someone help me through my contractions so I stayed ahead of them helped me have a 6 hour labor instead of 24+ hours. I felt so cared for and safe when Marcie was with me. She is so special to me and I highly recommend her. I don’t think it gets any better than having Marcie Hadley as your doula.



Wow. There aren't really words to write to express how amazing and supportive Marcie was for myself and my husband. To start, she was an incredible resource while I was pregnant! And when it came to labor support, knowledge and (most importantly) her empathy and compassion- she was phenomenal! We had a pretty difficult labor and I'm so grateful for her help because I was in active labor for 62hrs before we were transferred to a hospital from a birth center for an elective epidural and she was with us the whole time, caring for us and encouraging us both. She helped me with positioning, movement, breathing, and so so much more! She was also very supportive & helpful at the hospital- which I am so grateful for because we were exhausted and really needed our advocate! Our birth wishes didn't exactly go as we hoped, because I ended up with an emergency c section due to fetal heart decels, but every part of our labor leading to it was chosen BY us (she helped me walk through my choices too!) and supported by Marcie! All I can say is HIRE HER! You won't look back!! She is worth every single penny and more!

Lindsey Greene


I truly cannot say enough good things about Marcie and Precious Arrows Birthing. Thanks to the lessons and support Marcie provided me I was knowledable, confident, and comfortable going into labor and was able to have the completely unmedicated birth of a 9lbs4oz baby boy that I wanted. Marcie fully embraced my image of how I wanted the birth process to go, and didn't pressure me. She also provided invaluable information about stuff I simply didn't know. My insurance restricted me to a hospital I wasn't thrilled about, that didn't typically conduct unmedicated births. I believe if my husband and I weren't as confident and comfortable with my birth plan, thanks to Precious Arrows Birthing, it would not have gone as we wanted. If you're on the fence about a doula, I encourage you to take the leap. It's so comforting for mama and partner alike to have another person in your corner, and Marcie was truly the best sideline coach and cheerleader throughout the process! 

Mandy pearce


I used Marcie for sibling doula services and she was beyond amazing! I knew my toddler was well taken care of while I was delivering my daughter. She sent me pictures & updates regularly. She also answered any questions I had about labor and delivery and checked on how I was doing at the hospital. She went above and beyond for her services. I would recommend her for sibling care! 

Tressie Dubois


We hired Marcie as our postpartum doula after having our second child and she was wonderful! She is very kind and nurturing and she was so great with our toddler who needed a little extra TLC during the transition.  My husband would get up with our toddler and then Marcie would arrive and play with him so my husband could get to work and I could sleep in with the baby. Having those few extra hours asleep with the baby was so important for us. She jumped right in wherever we needed her and she even kept her cool when the cat brought a squirrel in the house ??. 

Leah M


When we found out we were expecting our 5th baby in 8 years I was a bit shocked and one of the first things I told my husband was: "I'm going to need help". We interviewed Marcie & Katie when I was around 32 weeks pregnant. They both have such a sweet spirit and I could tell they were the calm presence my children would need when welcoming in another new sister. 

After baby came Marcie was with us from 3 weeks postpartum until 8 weeks postpartum. Marcie was so thoughtful with all of her questions and suggestions throughout her time with us. My children who are typically shy were quickly running to Marcie and hugging her when she arrived. Marcie could see what needed to be done and just do it while also looking to me to lead the day-which was an important part of me needing to "wean off" of pp care. 

I have told all of my friends who are expecting or plan to be expecting at any time to hire a pp doula and if they are in Nashville to hire Marcie. I have felt better and bounced back more quickly (physicaly and mentally) than I have with any other baby. (and I just had baby #FIVE!)  I told her I wish she was our "Nana" so we could keep her forever. I'm so glad that she is able to serve other families like she did ours, she is truly a gift. 

Kristin Bock


We are so grateful for Marcie! Having her as a part of our birth journey was the best decision we made in my pregnancy. The pre-natal meetings alone made an incredible difference in my experience. I felt informed and safe as she addressed my biggest fears and helped me understand what to expect in the coming months.

Our birth went exactly as we hoped. Without her I don't know if it would have been as calm or if I would have felt as empowered. She coached me throughout with encouragement and guidance to ensure my labor progressed. She built confidence in my husband so that he could be a support to me.

After our baby girl was born she checked in regularly, was a shoulder to cry on, made phone calls on our behalf when we needed to bring in specialists and even stayed the night to get us through some of those first days when we hadn't slept and were feeling discouraged. Her personal investment in our family made us feel so loved and cared for. I cannot recommend Marcie enough!

Jamie Revell


Marcie was my doula when I was having my first baby. She was a wealth of information and helped me think through some major decisions that were coming my way (some I had no idea I would face). She was so supportive and encouraging for both my husband and I, giving us the tools to help him help me birth our 9 1/2 lb son naturally. Marcie was coaching me the whole time, and I believe that had she not been there, I would have given up and gone down a route I didn’t want to go (lots of interventions). She truly was peace in the storm and brought comfort in our home after my son had arrived. I wanted to have her with us the next birth, but my labor was too fast, so instead my husband took care of me with the tools she equipped us with! We love her and are thankful to have found her.



Marcie was absolutely fantastic with our newborn baby girl! We hadn't planned to use anyone postpartum, but I was in desperation for sleep and couldn't sleep when my baby slept. I called Marcie through a recommendation and at the last minute, and I was so pleased that she is one of the only services here in Nashville where it is actually her or her daughter who comes to watch the baby and not whoever is on call that night. She showed up, and I immedaitely felt comfortable letting her keep my baby overnight. It was such a blessing! She went above and beyond to make sure I was doing ok in my postpartum troubles and even stopped by our house/made food for us out of the goodness of her heart. I would highly recommend her!



Marcie was an amazing doula!! I so desperately needed her help and guidance as I struggled to navigate postpartum depression and becoming a first time mom. She supported me when I switched from breastfeeding to formula. She had the knowledge and resources to help me decide which formula and bottles to use for my son. She also was the one who noticed my son had a lip tie (which prevented further breastfeeding). She gave me a great recommendation for a pediatric dentist to correct the tie. What I loved the most about Marcie was her empathy. She cared so much about what I was trying to do as a first time mom, she listened so well! She was so supportive!! Never shamed me for decisions I made. She taught me how to position my son to help with burping/gas pain; she cleaned my kitchen, she made me lunch, put laundry in the wash, held my son so I could nap or shower!!  These acts of love and care meant so much to me!  she had much knowledge and resources to help through those first exhausting months of motherhood! I would absolutely use Marcie as my doula again!! 

Victoria McNulty


Marcie was wonderful. We were in Livingston picking up our adopted daughter after her birth. She was born addicted to  subutex and had several rough days of detox at the hospital. We were sending her down to the nurses station to get an hour of two of rest and the nurses were just letting her cry. We brought Marcie in to help us at the hospital as baby girl basically needed to be help 24 hrs/day to get through her symptoms. Marcie was wonderful. She was gentle and loving towards our girl. She made suggestions to us when we asked but always followed our lead. When we got out of the hospital she came and helped us a few days at our hotel before we were able to return home. She was commuting almost two hours to get to us and was always pleasant and sweet. She continues to keep in touch and our daughter is now 5 months and healthy and happy at home with us. I would highly recommend using Marcie as a postpartum doula. 

Claire Veraluz


Marcie was very supportive and attuned to my needs before, during, and after my birth. She was a calming presence and it gave me confidence to have her support throughout labor. Communication and expectations were always very clear, and she was very reassuring and knowledgeable. Marcie also was a wonderful facilitator for my husband to be present and involved as we had hoped he would be, which made my experience so much better. She helped us advocate for our wishes throughout, and clearly had our best interests at heart. She has continued to check in with me in the months past delivery, and I’ve appreciated her warm and kind concern. I would absolutely work with Marcie again and cannot recommend her enough.

From my husband:

Marcie Hadley is a terrific doula who worked closely with my wife and me to make sure that delivery of our baby was the experience we wanted it to be. She is respectful, patient, and kind; she is also well informed about different techniques and practices for relaxing, stretching, and laboring. Speaking as the one who did not give birth, I can say that Marcie did all the things we could have hoped so that I could be present and attentive to my wife and our baby on our special day. I warmly recommend Marcie Hadley to anyone looking for a doula.

Neeley Kolsch


We hired Marie for a labor Doula and Postpartum after our first child.  I was nervous about the whole labor process and she was very helpful and educational. We also committed towards the end of my pregnancy for the labor doula service and she was very accomidating and made herself avaliable for education classes. She also was helpful in helping me write a birth plan. While my desire for a natural birth did not go as planned, Marcie was still there to help support me along the way.  She also made sure to have a back up plan for herself and had Katie on standby if another birth came up or there was another emergency.

My most favorite service was the postpartum services. We had Marcie for the first two weeks. We don't have any family in the area so it was so nice to have her to help during my recovey time. She was also very knowledgable and gave me daily tips as I healed. She made sure I didn't over do it, and was available to serve in anyway we needed.  Honestly, I ddin't even know what I needed being a first time mom but she gave me the freedom to navigate through this process. She cooked, watched the baby while I showered, came to Dr. visits and much more.

Her approach is natural, compassionate, and Chrisitan based.

I would recommend Marcie!

Hanna Tapp


Words can not describe my experience with Marcie! She was the most relaxed, motherly, tender, and encouraging doula. She educated me all along the way during my pregnancy, willing to take phone calls and texts at almost any point in a given day. She attended my birth, which was the main event, and was a game changer for my husband and I. While I wanted my husband to be right near my face encouraging me, Marcie was very practical to have with us during the birth. She educated me along the way with the hospital's policies and my rights as a laboring mother. She was there for me during labor emotionally, spiritually, and physically, praying for me and with me, encouraging me, and physically supporting my body during many contractions. Marcie brought a unique presence of peace and relaxation to our labor room, and I am so grateful we hired her to help us! She is now a wonderful friend, encourager, and prayer warrior! We love Marcie. Anyone would be incredibly blessed to have Marcie as a doula.

Tara Morgan


Being far from family and overdue, my husband and I decided at the last minute it would be wise to have a post partum doula for after the birth of our fourth child. I'd had a birth doula with my first some years before but never a post partum doula. Oh how I wish I'd done it with all of my children! Marcie was a God-send. She was gentle, insisted on my thorough self care, ensured my older children were managed and well directed, my house was kept tidy and she ensured that I was eating nourishing meals and getting the rest and recovery I needed. I would not hesitate to hire Marcie again as either a birth doula or post partum doula. She is extremely knowledgable and has a gentle demeanor yet is still very professional. She didn't hesitate to help me find any information I needed to help assist in recovery or be a sounding board as I was recovering from birthing. She is truly a treasure and an asset to moms-whether it's their first birth or their fourth!

Laiza da Silva


After I had my baby I realized all the sudden that I needed help as soon as possible. I had to take care of my newborn and my 2-year old, and all my family and most of my friends live Brazil. I called Marcie and she sounded very nice. We set up a day for her to come to my house. At first, I was worried about bringing someone that I didn’t know into my house. However, when Marcie arrived at my house and started talking to me I felt very comfortable with her. She listened to me. She cleaned and organized my house and helped me with my baby. She was what I needed at that sensitive time. I didn’t have a good birth experience, but just having Marcie there really helped me to heal emotionally. My experience with Marcie was very heartwarming and amazing.

Kay L


Marcie and Katie came highly recommended to us by friends and they were everything that our friends said and more! They  were angels throughout the pregnancy. They were knowledgeable and patient. They answered all of our questions and reassured us every step of the way.  During the delivery, Marcie knew exactly when to step in and help and when to step back and provide moral support. My husband and I were both grateful that she was there with us and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Of course, the labor and delivery deviated from our plan but Marcie was flexible and accommodating. After coming home from the hospital, Marcie and Katie were still invaluable resources to our family, providing assistance and advice that can only come from a wealth of experience and truly loving what it is that you do.

Sharon M


I worked with Marcie from early May to Mid June 2016 after a friend recommended her. I was immediately drawn to Marcie from the first time we met so that we could establish whether we could work together. She had previously worked with women in Uganda, our neighbouring country back home,  which made it easy for me to work with her. Her experience was on of the reasons I was confident to work with her. She has such a sweet spirit and easily accomodates everyone making us feeling welcome.

Although we had limited time together, Marcie helped me alot in terms of creating a link to the hospital jargon, being the in-between person for any clarifications, providing great resources including a birth book and sample birth plans. She was eager for any questions that I had and also was accomodating even when I was hesistant of some of the exercises suggested.  She afforded us a lot of help especially during the labor process at home and at the hospital. Without her, I would definitely have had more invasive practices at the hospital but she was quick to point out what was necessary and what was not.

Marcie was there throughout the laboring and birthing process even though she was not allowed in the theatre, she later stayed with me in the recovery room until we bonded with the baby. She come back to visit when I went back home and we enjoyed having the baby and her daughter there. I was very happy with Marcie's help that I recommended her to a friend and a colleague who was having a baby later in the year and they agreed to work together, seeing we had such a lovely relationship. Overall, having Marcie as our doula was on of the best decision that we made since she made our experience a great one to remember.  I would not hesitate to recommend Marcie again to other parents and parents to be.

Rebekah Joy


I gave birth at The Farm and was planning on staying there a week in their cabin. I wanted to make sure I had help afterwards so I looked for a postpartum doula. I knew I wanted a mature woman with experience. I also wanted someone who could anticipate my needs but also knew when I needed some space.  Marcie Hadly was exaclty what I was looking for.

She arrived when she said she would. I felt very comfortable with her through out the whole time. She made wonderful meals for me so I didn't have to worry about cooking. They were delicious! She even stopped by the grocery store when I felt like having a salad but didn't have any of the ingredients for it.

She made sure I was drinking enough and refilled my glass when needed. She also reminded me to take a sitz bath to help my recovery and even prepared the bath with the herbs I had bought for it.

This was my eighth baby so I didn't need any support with breastfeding or infant care. I am sure she would have been wonderful if I needed it though.

She also made sure the kitchen was clean before she left and a load of laundry was completed.

We loved Marcie so much we ended up using her later on for some other support our family needed through a health crisis.

I highly recommend Marcie and I know you will not be disappointed.

Oslyn Rodriguez


My experience with Marcie Hadley was simply phenomenal. From the moment we met, my husband and I felt that she was the best fit for us. She is the perfect combination of knowledge and compassion. Her calming disposition enabled us to confidently navigate some unexpected turns during labor. She stayed by my side from beginning to end, and surpassed all my expectations. I felt genuine love and support from her, and knew she wanted me to have the best birth experience possible. And that made all the difference. I highly recommend Ms. Hadley to any expectant mother.

Anna Cates Williams


Marcie and Katie were absolute essentials for helping me reach my goal of natural childbirth.  This was my first pregnancy and they supported me from the moment I found out I was pregnant until we were resting peacefully with our new little girl after an amazing labor and delivery.  Among so many things Marcie provided, here are a few of the things that helped me most:

-helped me find a low-intervention OBGYN

-taught me nutrition and natural remedies for the trials of pregnancy and labor

-taught my hubby and I comfort measures during labor

-listened to my needs and wants for my birth plan and helped execute down to the last detail

-provided the most calming of presences and labor support from the start of labor until final pushes

These women are a dream come true. What I liked most was that they listened to me and then helped me navigate the health care system to have the birth I wanted. My hubby and I talked about how much we didn't realize we needed a doula until we were IN labor. I don't know how people have babies without one! Marcie is one of the best. Words can't describe how thankful we are to have had Marcie and Katie with us on our journey to parenthood. Thank you Marcie and Katie!

Savannah Armstrong


When I first got pregnant, I was very unsure about having a doula. I'm a private person and I was worried about having someone else in the room. I hated for anyone to see me in pain. However, when I talked to Marcie I knew I wanted her there. Her calm, sweet-spirited personality was so refreshing and I was at peace knowing she would be there to help me out.

She showed up at the hospital and right away, I was relieved to have her there. I would be going through a horrendous contaction and I would look at her and this may sound strange but looking into her eyes I could see that I could go on. She showed a strength that I did not have at the time. She was quiet when it needed to be quiet, and she spoke and encouraged when I needed it. It was a blessing that Marcie was there. I honestly do not think I could have gone naturally without her.

I would highly reccommend Marcie to anyone! She is such a sweet, confident, understanding woman and she truly knows what she is doing. I was glad to have her by my side. It was an incredible experience that I know would have been extremely difficult to do on my own.

Allie Dowling Mitchell


Marcie served as our doula when the original doula we hired was out of town. She came to help in the birth of our daughter very quickly and with very short notice. While it was a little nerve-wracking to have a doula change last minute, we were so happy to have Marcie to support us on the biggest day of our lives! Marcie is a gentle leader who made sure my comfort and success were of utmost priority during the birthing process.  She provided me with beneficial suggestions for pain management and for enhancing the labor process.  Marcie guided my husband and mother, who also attended the birth of our little girl, to help me throughout labor.

My husband and I felt as though Marcie had been a part of our plan the entire pregnancy though I was already 5 centimeters dilated by the time we met!! Marcie's presence alone was calming and reassuring. I felt a continuous sense of security having her by my side as I delivered my child.  I hope Marcie will be a part of future births for our family.

Kathryn Herring


We had such a great experience with Marcie! She was such a calm and warming spirit to assist with our birth. When we had uncertainty about what phase of labor we were in, she gave us realistic and rational direction as to what to expect and what to do. Our son's birth was an amazing experience and we are so grateful to have Marcie as a part of this memory!

Jeniffer Smith


I loved having Marcie as my doula! She was such a calming presence, especially since I was induced at 11 days past my due date. Even before my daughter's induction (when I was having prodromal labor), she drove over an hour to sit with me, encourage me in my labor, calm my husband's nerves, and help around the house. I loved her visits, too. I had hoped for an unmediated birth, and she and her daughter went over several pain management techniques that could be used.

Unfortunately, due to the induction, I could not leave the hospital bed. However, because Marcie was there, most of my birth plan was carried out {despite my doctor's preferences!} She worked with the nursing staff to make sure that my birth plan was carried out as much as possible. Once again, her calming presence helped my husband and I to relax even in the hospital atmosphere. This was especially important for me because my husband's grandfather had died the day before I was induced, so there was a lot of added stress. She also asked if she could pray for us because she knew that we had been stressed before the birth {and she knew our beliefs as well}. She was genuinely concerned for us, and it showed.

I loved having a doula for this birth {my second}, and I will definitely use one if I have another baby. I honestly wish I could have Marcie again, but Birmingham is a bit too far now. ;) As far as unmediated births go, I know Marcie was ready to support me through mine. At the same time, when I made the decision to get the epidural, she didn't make me feel like I had failed. I would have been fully supported either way, and that's what makes a good doula.

Laura Herring Crook


Marcie was an integral part of the wonderful birth of my daughter in November! She provided tons emotional support in the weeks before our birth and her calm, assuring demeanor played a key role during our labor and delivery. Marcie has a wealth of knowledge on all things related to birth - nutrition, oils, teas, natural relaxtion techniques. She did all of this for us while still allowing my husband to play his role as my main source of support. Katie was also a huge help! She provided informative resources, helped to entertain my 2 year old son during meetings and even took some pictures during our superfast birth! I am so thankful for these two women! My husband and I have already recommended them to other friends and family that have also had wonderful experiences!

Nychole Ball


Marcie was my doula with my youngest child. She agreed to take this journey with me when I was about half way through the pregnancy (which is about normal time for a doula). We got together a couple of times for getting to know each other and to discuss ways she could help me during labor. I called on her when I thought I would be going into labor one time, and though nothing came of it she stayed with me, walked with me, and gave suggestions. Before my daughter came she went with me to my last midwife apt, and help ask some questions I had not thought of. When I went into labor (for real this time) I gave her a call to give her a heads up, and told her to wait a while because it was not quiet time for anything to happen. When my water broke I called her again to let her know we would be heading to the hospital. I waited in the parking lot to go in till the last moment. I was speaking with her on the phone with her on and off till she got there. Once I got in I ended up with a dr that did not know how to deliver a breech baby (which we didn't know before hand she was), and I ended up with a c/s. Marcie was great. She stayed a little while with us to talk and help. We ended up being in the hospital for several days. During this time Marcie was kind enough to help with my other three children at my home. I would recommend Marcie to anyone looking for a kind, gentle spirit that is willing to help in anyway they can.

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